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====Originally Written June 2011=====EQD Link====

There is a shadow to all of existence, a place that all worlds are shielded from by a thin veil. A Dark Place, where a single presence plots and struggles to consume all creation with its darkness. The author Alan Wake is one who has defeated this Dark Presence, but to save his wife and his world Alan had to remain trapped in the darkness.

Now, through his struggles to return to his wife, Alan has unintentionally released the Darkness and an old villain upon Equestria. To fix the mistake, Alan starts a new story with Twilight Sparkle as the protagonist. Can the unicorn find the strength to face the darkness, or is all of Equestria doomed to be the victim in the dreadful horror story?

Note: Story assumes no preceding knowledge of the game Alan Wake. Written for any MLP:FiM fan to enjoy.

First Published
2nd Jun 2012
Last Modified
2nd Jun 2012


A fic that's complete upon being put up!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Finally, the story that got me playing an amazing game is here! Thank you Pen Stroke!

I have an idea about a sequel: Mr. Scratch in Equestria.

An Alan Wake crossover? I for one loved that game, and look forward to reading this.

If you've never played the game (directed at person who might read this comment) i'd recommend playing it. It's quite fun and has a great story.

The story that got me into this amazing part of the fandom :pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

This was a perfect cross-over :twilightsmile:

about time only 1 left



Ohai story that I loved.

Good to see this one here! I read it right after playing "Alan Wake", I and I have to say I was impressed by how well you preserved the atmosphere of the game in this.


I still think this is the best one XD


Just like all of his fics.

On FiMfiction at least

This is in my top five favorites. Number three, topped by Past Sins at number one, and Through the Eyes of Another Pony at number two.

This was the story that fully introduced me to MLP:FIM and how awesome it is, and Alan Wake too. :pinkiehappy: Glad to finally see it on here.

Next will be Past Sins....i hope

This story made me want to play Alan Wake, but computer doesn't like the game :applecry:

Nice! I remember reading this on EqD! :pinkiegasp:

This is getting featured if not already done so.....

It's been one whole, solid year since this was released?




One more addition to my read-later list. Let the nostalgia commence!

Yea, now I can read this over again.

OMG this fic... :derpyderp1: I just finished American Nightmare, and I remember reading this right after beating Alan Wake last summer... So good... and it makes me feel old! I hope gems like this start popping up more often like they did last summer.

May I now call you "God of the Pen"?



Are you aware that you're awesome? Cause you are.

>>687411  Thank you, but clearly I am not as awesome as you are.  Can you not see that?  :rainbowderp:


*bows deeply* thank you. I try.

and thus, we creep ever closer to  Past Sins...

This story has been live for almost five hours now. WHY hasn't it hit the Feature box yet? :rainbowhuh:

and with that, one step closer to the past sins. Alan wake; the america nightmare has came to the store. I missed the scary woods in Alan Wake.

"Alan, wake up!" Alice

That comment was mind blowing.

Pen? You do realize this is the sort of writing material that should be on the shelf of a bookstore as a must read or best book. ITS F***ING BRILLIANT!!!:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

nyx is born. Soon the real story will come.

Yes! It's here! This is one of my favorite fics! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and I just have to add that you did an amazing job of mixing the two universes!


BUT...could this mean...the next

PAST SINS!?:pinkiegasp:



I think he will post just the season 2 version of "past sins"

What in the... this isn't meta, yet it comes so close... ah well, entering geosynchronous orbit of this fic, and begin scanning. Prepare away teams.

#41 · 129w, 1d ago · 1 · · Taken ·

Note to self: do not read any form of grimdark past 1 AM if need to sleep...  

Ill read this when i have the time :yay:

Daaaaaang... the initial plot similar to this story and mine is kinda hammering. Now that I read it I may have to re-write mine.

talk about game-breaking power there... Twi when mad enough is a WALKING BONFIRE!

How is this horror if the protagonist canonically is a walking WMD to these taken?

Not even halfway and all hope is lost? These things must be worse than I have been thinking if they are THAT nasty...

How are fireworks macro-scale light producers? They don't produce THAT much light...

Heroic sacrifice enabled. May it not be in vain.

And so the adventure TRULY began. All that came before was nothing but a single stone as compared to the avalanche.

Here my little mare... you will truly know darkness. How fitting your name is Twilight Sparkle.

Wait... how EXACYLU does this relate to Past Sins? Is this the BUCKING PREQUEL!?

I do believe they just cheated Cthulhu, then stabbed him in the back. So this IS the prequel to Past Sins?

Also, I don't think I fully understand what it's a crossover of. I know it IS one, that much is obvious, but still...

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