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  • 78w, 6d
    The Warden Cerberus Takes Roll

    I'm sure you all have realized by now I haven't updated Static World in over two months.  So first off, I apologize for that.  I most certainly am still working on it.  I just got a new job and things have been hectic.  I am also currently in the process of moving, but I expect things to settle down soon.

    However!  The chapter is coming along nicely and I might be posting it Soon(tm)!  Until then though, enjoy this snippet from a future chapter of Static World:

    Beyond the endless fields of gold

    In windswept crags and ruins old.

    The wise heed: "Stray thine gaze away,

    For, nay, the gods are not so bold."

    His prison strong; the guard stands tall,

    While the beasts below growl and call.

    They bear crook'd claw and open maw,

    A day for when the gate will fall.

    The Warden Cerberus takes roll.

    His roster full of demons' souls.

    Hear now the fame of all his names:

    Speech that rots the bones of foals.

    The Bellows Hag, her Hallowed Gust,

    She waits for cage of flame to rust.

    Should she ream thy ears with scream,

    She'll feast upon thy brittle dust.

    The Levin Testudine brings death.

    His right limb tricks, claws on the left.

    The lightning shell shaped like death's bell,

    All that touch shall breathe last breath.

    Fear now the mighty, tall Treant,

    The power source Timberwolves rent!

    Its stance is strong; its roots reach long.

    It calls claim to the lands it lent.

    The fabled Debtor, demon prince,

    His grin makes betters shake and wince.

    His laugh so shrill, he begs to kill.

    He haunts them now from Time knows since.

    Malroth the Horrid sits in wait.

    His calming eyes are tempting bait.

    His jaw unhinged cause meek to cringe,

    These fools soon meet their final fate.

    The Bone Dragon's size was unmatched.

    Its blood-lust whelmed from time it hatched.

    Its severed maw roams through the halls

    'Tis seeking to be reattached.

    Beyond the endless fields of gold

    The gates of Tartarus lay cold.

    We plead to thee now run and flee

    From cavern deep and dungeon....

    "Must you be so melodramatic, Luna?"  The pink pony sighed.

    "Leave her alone."  Twilight said as she approached the tapestry.  "Though Cadence does have a point; this place is creepy enough without you singing... was that Clover the Clever's Nocturne of Tartarus?"

    Princess Luna nodded slowly.  "Take heed, Twilight Sparkle, for this is a dangerous place.  There are things around here that give even Discord pause."

    Twilight took a determined step forward.  "Well I wasn't going to brag...."

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  • 94w, 5d
    I don't always recommend stories, but when I do....

    So, if you haven't already, go read Liberate the Sun by Seether00.  You probably already have, haven't you?  You all have excellent taste in stories.  You read Static World after all.

    But if you haven't, well shame on you.  Bask in your shame.  Then go click that link up there and read it.  Because it's good.  How good?  EqD already thinks it's good.  I think it's good.  So it's probably pretty good.  Great, one might say if they had access to a dictionary.  Or a Sweetie Belle.

    Oh, and apparently it was written after Seether00 read the chapter titled "The Sun Hath Forsaken Thee" in Static World.  (So first off, that's ridiculously flattering.)  And it also means that if you like Static World, you'll love Liberate the Sun.  Why?  Because it's a better written, masterfully edited piece of literature.

    So yeah.  Click that link up there and give it a read.  That's what I always liked about you readers.  Your ability to read stories and click links.  So go do what you do best.  What you were born to do.

    Stay friendly, my friends. :scootangel:

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  • 97w, 1d
    Sneak Preview!

    Hey guys!

    So those of you who follow my blog posts, all three of you, know that I have had some technical issues.  Well those are getting closed to being resolved.

    But it's been a while since I've posted anything Static Worldly.  So here's a sneak preview of the next chapter:

    Again the world faded into a brilliant flash of light.  Twilight blinked her eyes rapidly; her vision was a mess of colored spots from the brightness.  She frantically clutched to the flying book, scared she would walk off the side in her blindness.  She felt Discord’s claw lift her chin up.  Her vision returned to Discord’s smiling mug, staring at her with the happiest expression imaginable.  She felt uneasy.  “Now this little number,” Discord began, “used to be Trottingham.”

    “Oh for pony’s sake!  What did you do to the pigs?!”  She cried out as she frantically surveyed the city.

    “Pigs?  Why would I…?  Oh!  Oh!  Because it’s Trottingham?  That’s brilliant.  Let’s file away that for future use.  But seriously, no this place I’ve actually done something much worse.  Something special.  Take a look….”

    Twilight’s lip twitched as she leaned over the edge of the floating book.  She glanced around the city looking for anything unusual.  After what she saw with Manehatten and Cloudsdale, she was not sure what to expect, but she certainly did not expect this.  “I don’t… I don’t see anything….”

    “Oh this is one of my favorites.  I’ve placed the city in a special magic field.  Anything within the city bounds is instantaneously increased to one million times its original size.  A whole city of giants!”

    “But… everything looks the same….”

    “Well, like I said, everything is giant.  So by relative comparison, everything looks the same.  But just try to buy fruit by the pound!  And don’t even get me started on what your dress size would be.  Fatty.”  Discord poked Twilight in the stomach; she felt a giggle burst out of her despite her dour mood.  “Moving on!  Andiamo!”

    Discord snapped his fingers.

    Also this weekend has a new episode.  Apparently starring Discord.  I highly doubt that will agree with Static World's version.  So I've added the AU tag to this story and a brief line in the description saying, officially, on record:  Season 3 is outside the scope of this story.

    Later, peoples.  :scootangel:

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  • 98w, 16h
    And the Compy peed on the floor....

    Hello Readers!

    First off, quick disclaimer:  please excuse any typos as I am currently posting this from my phone.

    Which leads to a very important question:  Why am I using my phone to post?

    Because my computer decided that it no longer likes power that comes out of an outlet.  Yes, it absolutely refuses to power on anymore.

    Now I'm not sure how many of you are good at maths.  But... I don't have a computer currently.  Ya know, the one with my editing software and chapter drafts on it.  So....

    This is kind of awkward.

    Basically, bottom line:  the next chapter is going to be a while, but rest assured I am most certainly not giving up on it.

    Anybody want my old computer?  It's only slightly-shotgunned.

    4 comments · 111 views
  • 107w, 4d
    Long Chapter is Long

    Hello!  It's me again.

    It's that time again.  You know when I tell you I'm not updating.  Which you probably know.  Since I'm pretty sure you guys only read this if you really like Static World.  Which is great and all, but lack of updates really isn't something that's news to you.  If it is, you must be new here.  Welcome.  I don't serve drinks, sorry.

    Anyway this blog post is going to concur with an update.

    "A long one?"  You ask.  (No you didn't, but just go with me on this.)

    "Why, my stars!  How did you know?"  I say, with a puzzled expression.

    "I read the title of the blog post."  You say deadpan.

    "Oh right...."

    So yeah.  This update is like... 16k words?  Which is the largest so far and that's for three distinct reasons:

    1)  I promised I'd finish up the flashback in the next chapter.  And I did.  It was about 16k words from finished from the last chapter so...

    2)  You guys are awesome!  I have over three hundred favs!  And almost two hundred likes (seriously... it's at 199.... some one go click the thumbs up...!)

    3)  (This is the bad news...)  This chapter is going to have to probably hold you guys over through November as I'm attempting NaNoWriMo this year.  That's not to say there won't be an update, this is still where I remove writer's block, but I wouldn't count on it.

    Again, thanks to all of my readers.  You guys are the best!  I don't have empirical data to prove that.  But statistically speaking one of you has to be the best at something.

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  • ...

To commemorate the imprisoning of Discord one year ago, the first annual Celebration of Harmony is starting off with a grand party in Canterlot, something Twilight Sparkle has been looking forward to after many sleepless nights plagued by nightmares.  After a chance glance at the party, Twilight and Princess Luna rekindle their friendship sparked on Nightmare Night.  Meanwhile, Princess Celestia grows worried over the state of her kingdom, her sister disappearing at odd times, and the seal placed on Discord.  Are the princess's worries well founded or is her sister's oddly secretive behavior taking a toll on her nerves?  Twilight gets caught between the sun and moon as both royal ponies reveal that there is much that history has forgotten about the nature of the alicorns and even the draconequus.

AU for not taking into account Season 3 canon.

Amazing cover art by Sai, check the image source for more of his great work!

First Published
6th May 2012
Last Modified
4th Aug 2014

Color me interested. I always like it when authors try to write Discord as a cerebral presence, or something that can still be dangerous with just his silver tongue and a few mind tricks.

Greatly looking forward to this.


lord discord will have revenge...

Oh god I laughed at Fluttershy. I am loving this story more and more with each chapter!

This is really quickly becoming one of my favorite stories. And you write remarkably quickly and with such great quality! I can't wait to see more of this story.

Sneaky luna. Also the mare please face:trollestia:.

Another decently long, wonderfully written, and quite funny chapter written in such a short time! What black magic is possessing you and where can I get some of that?

And the "mare, please" bit made me snort. It's a good thing that you get these out so fast, because I'm always left dying for more!

Discord is just delightfully devious in this.  I like it.  Tracking.

#9 · 132w, 6d ago · · · 6: Journeys ·

“Oh, very clever, Twilight.  Eat any good books lately?"

Oh, references~

Another good chapter. A few more typos here and there in this one, though. Nothing large enough to detract from the rest of the chapter, but enough that it started being a little noticeable. You may want to try to give the chapters an extra once-over before you publish it. Still, I can't wait to see how everything plays out. And I'm especially anxious about seeing what Discord's got brewing.

I love this story. :yay:


As a fan of Star Trek it was bound to happen.  There's a few other lines like that earlier in the story.  As for the typos, yeah.  This one was a bit rushed and I hit publish before I even had the last part up.  So it got a lot less proofing than normal.  As for Discord's plans.... well I don't want to spoil it.

Luna, you sly dog...

Lyra isn't blue; she's green!  Did an animator mess up again?


Minty-blue.  That's like green-ish... Plus it was dark in the inn, maybe.  I'd like to think it was fire lit, after all she was enjoying a book to soft harp music.  So it was probably hard for Storm Dancer to tell.

Or maybe that's just a cop out.  :scootangel:

FFFGGG SO MANY QUESTIONS! I can't remember the last time a story hooked me quite like this.

Dang.  I don't know what hit harder, Discord's game or Luna's babbling

A slightly dark beginning to Equestria, perhaps? Hopefully we'll get to see more of the alicorn sisters' past as the story progresses. :twilightsmile:


Eeyup, for sure.  That's why the last line of the story description is what it is. :scootangel:

is it me or Luna knows some way to not let Twi "fade":twilightsmile:

I wonder if Twi finds out about Luna duality?

it would be interesting if Twi instead of the expected ":twilightoops:[scream] you're a monster be gone," which would be predictable:facehoof:

instead actually has accepted her:twilightsmile:

which would be more interesting in my opinion

but this is your story so do with it what you think is right and what is best for character

btw what do you say that your story is in my personal ranking before "eternal"

Celestia kind of went off the deep end for a bIt, huh?

The bit with Storm Dancer crying wolf made me grin. I'm really loving his character, he's so weasely.


Why does everyone (including Luna herself) seem to think that Luna is a monster just because there's more than one side to her? :rainbowhuh:

Wow.  We found out last chapter that Luna had some kind of duality, but I didn't think it was this bad.  It's like Bruce Banner talking to the Hulk in the mirror.

And Storm Dancer is a bit of a psycho. :twilightoops: Yikes.


:unsuresweetie: Interesting analogy, because half this story is Discord talking to Twilight in a mirror.


I think the reason is not that she has more than one side to her

but who that other side is

but I hope that Twi will accept Luna instead of thinking that she is a monster

(Twi originally wanted to save both Lana and NM in the dream, this is a good sign)

I do not know why but I imagined Twi defending Luna against somepony who thinks she is a monster

and whether it was intentional that I hate Storm Dancer?

btw I want more

where the next chapter?


Honestly, the mirror bit is a classic form of exploring duality.  If you look hard enough, you might even find a shred of it in "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," the ORIGINAL duality story.  One could even say that you are mirroring the Luna/Nightmare thing with the more obvious Twilight/Discord conversations.  For all we know, Discord could be latching onto anything he can dig out of Twilight's mind, from her insecurities to any monsters she has in her id.

In fact, I wouldn't put it past him...

so I was thinking

in chapter "Canterlot Morning" Luna said that she needs to check something before she goes with Twi to talk with Celestia

I was thinking that maybe she then decided to speak with her other half?:pinkiecrazy:


Not to shatter any theories on the story but to be completely honest, Luna needing to "check something" was a (poor) writing excuse to separate her from Twilight so Shining Armor would not see the both of them together.  Not that I might not plan something for that to turn out to be something later.  However, knowing how Luna is written in this, her talking to NMM is unlikely.  Luna wouldn't risk Nightmare Moon being seen anywhere near the castle, not with Storm Dancer around.  Even Celestia might not appreciate NMM showing her head, for at the very least, political reasons.  And well, Twilight was still close by...  Luna ran deep in Everfree Forest to have her talk first.  Which might explain why she was a bit stir crazy (As Storm Dancer said) at the start, she had been confined to the castle and was unable to converse with her "friend".


a few counterarguments

Luna went to the room where she was alone and closed the door so there is no concern that someone would see her

she could put something like a soundproof spell so Twi did not hear her (this also explains why Luna did not react immediately when Shining took Twi (barrier block sounds in both directions))

Twi library is small and has no place in it where Luna could to hide away

but that's just my theory, I wonder what you come up with:twilightsmile:

I think that Luna could easily talk to NM in her room (the one that only Alicorn can open)

I say this from experience of someone who all the time sits alone with himself in his room:twilightsmile:

I have a question Celestia know about Luna duality?:trollestia:

#31 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first chapter that doesn't have Discord in it.  Rest assured, Discord and his plot to turn Twilight Sparkle into a bowl of pumpkin flavored popcorn will be back in force soon enough.  :derpytongue2:  Drat did I spoil the ending?

#32 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


Totally called that ending.

But I wonder how much farther the shipping will extend. We got Twiluna, some AppleDash in the background, some hints of Dislestia...

#33 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

I can not wait to see what face Luna will do when she returns to Twi with an apology

and Twi tells her that she actually liked it

and why does everybody have to resort in such situations?

#34 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

I love this story. :yay:

Need more! :flutterrage:

#35 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


I agree with him completely


#36 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


Because it's both easy to write and capable of opening up vast possibilities for the standard emotional scene.

#37 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

Nice.  I chuckled at that romantic bit (good sign) and the Luna/Nightmare conversation was better than the last.

#38 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


Don't forget those three paragraphs with Lyra/BonBon as an old married couple!  That was the whole reason for the Romance Tag on the story! :trollestia:  But yea, this chapter was primarily to work at removing the romantic plot tumor and to give Storm Dancer time to spy.  We'll get back to your regularly scheduled Discord mind games soon enough.

Surprised no one has commented on that throw away line in Canterlot Mornings about Luna brushing Twilight's mane....  Or the ramifications of Luna and NMM's conversation at the end of this chapter.

#39 · 132w, 2d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


Discord does not appear in Chapter 5, but was mentioned

So this is the first chapter entirely free from Diskord

#40 · 132w, 1d ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

I'm wondering if Celestia has possible romantic feelings for Twilight?

#41 · 132w, 23h ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·

I like where this is going so far. Your use of Discord is quite interesting here, as well as the idea that's brought up regarding the two different "sides" to both of the Alicorns (and it seems like I'm quite susceptible to TwiLuna stories...). You're getting these out pretty damn fast too, which is impressive.

Also, I've been noticing  fewer errors in the later chapters compared to their frequency in the earlier ones, but they are still there. I'd suggest maybe getting someone to have a look over the chapters, if you don't already. It could just be me being extra-picky, but I get a little thrown off every now and then.

That said, I'm still very much enjoying the story so far, and I look forward to more updates.

#42 · 132w, 19h ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


Thanks, I like my use of Discord here too. :scootangel: As for the errors, I don't actually have anyone to proof-read.  The reason it's worse in later chapters is that the first chapters were written before this story was posted.  So they had a lot longer for me to constantly reread and fix them.  Later chapters were written a day or so from post date.  It's really my fault for publishing them so quickly, but eveyone keeps saying they like how fast they are released so I'm a sucker for peer presser :applejackunsure:.

#43 · 132w, 17h ago · · · 9: Cloaks ·


I'd offer do so, but I see your point about the update times; I don't want to get in the way of anything, I just like to help out a bit. Maybe retroactively editing instead would be more suitable. Y'know, unless you were going to do that anyway.

Either way, I'll just stick this in my favourites and wait patiently for the surprise pumpkin-flavoured twist ending. :twilightoops:

#44 · 132w, 13h ago · · · 10: Truth ·

Oh god.  It was such a bad idea to make this story a romance.

I'm so done with romance now.  Like for the rest of the story.  This was such a stupid part to write.  I should have just had Discord turn Ponyville into a giant teddy bear and moved on.

Seriously, get out your microwaves, because its time for Discord to get back on track with his pumpkin-flavored popcorn plot.

#45 · 132w, 13h ago · · · 10: Truth ·

The romance DID seem a bit awkward at the last few moments.:unsuresweetie:  Don't get me wrong, the preceding lead-up was good, and I like the character development.  It would have made a very nice platonic relationship, close, but platonic.  With a bit more work, it COULD have been swung into a romantic sense.

But, what's done is done.

Loved the bit with Rainbow, and Wind Strider is reaching new levels of crazy.:pinkiecrazy:

Now, let's see what Shining has to say about all this...

#46 · 132w, 12h ago · · · 10: Truth ·


Well, "awkward" was exactly what I was going for seeing as they both are completely clueless in this area.  But you're completely right it was rushed mostly because I just wanted this part done and didn't know what else to do to make it better.  Oh, and I assume you mean Storm Dancer.  But Wind Strider would have been SUCH a cooler name for him.  (Begin retroactive edits....)

#47 · 132w, 12h ago · · · 10: Truth ·


but the romance between Twi and Luna are the most interesting part of this story

I wonder if they will explain everything to Shining?

I hope that Storm Dancer will not do something stupid like to deprive Twi magic

#48 · 132w, 11h ago · · 1 · 10: Truth ·


#49 · 132w, 10h ago · · 1 · 10: Truth ·

Hey Storm Dancer. "Eat shit and die slow!":pinkiecrazy:

NMM is best pony.:yay:

#50 · 132w, 10h ago · · · 10: Truth ·


I agree with him completely

Kendandra please don't discard the romance

btw if Twi is now with Luna

and Luna is also Nightmare Moon

does this mean that Twi is in threesome?

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