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  • T Lunar Dawn

    When war comes to their hometown, nine notable friends must use their Frienship to fight a new war.
    54,800 words · 619 views  ·  18  ·  2 · gore
  • T Revenge

    The Sequel to Lunar Dawn, three different players race to achieve their goals and end the war.
    10,191 words · 404 views  ·  6  ·  2 · gore

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  • 114w, 1d
    New Fics & More Updates


    The Unknown Writer is back, giving you a recap of what's behind what me and Joe Amethyst write. No spoilers, but a few announcements I'd like to make!

    New Fics

    Yes, indeed, new fics! New fics in development!

    Right now, I have four planned, all unrelated to each other

    - A story set in an alternate universe and WAY back in time to the time when six families that are the ancestors to six rather notable females compete for power in a long saga that is based on Roman History from 80 - 32 B.C. Keep an eye out for these families and learn a bit of Latin. Most of the names, if not all, are in Latin, including city names and family names. A reader's guide will be provided to help translations and so you know who's who and what's what, and it will be updated as the story progresses.

    - Changelings! Yes changelings, and smarter changelings. A story where a more well-thought out plan is put in motion by Chrysalis and her changeling army as the Royal Couple prepare to get married. Yes, alternate universe once again. Canterlot will never be the same!

    - Brace Yourselves! Twilight and Spike get stranded in the valley of the north mountains...and where its freezing. Snow, ice, and rock. That's all there is. Nature at its harshest. A story how a practical joke can get deadly, especially when it causes your two best friends to have to fight for survival, and a story of how companionship is necessary for survival.

    - ...and the long awaited LUNAR DAWN sequel! Story is not based on anything, its made originally by me, and it promises to entertain.

    Set mere months after the conclusion of Lunar Dawn, the war draws to a close, the Lunars having enough, and the Solar counter-attack slowed at the border, causing an unnecessary stalemate. Luna folds and agrees to the formation of a treaty and ceasefire, and delegates from both sides will meet in a neutral town to discuss.

    But then all plans go to tatters when during the ceasefire, Lunar forces behind the border come under attack...but its not from the Solars. Someone else has taken the field...and these forces have only self-interest in mind

    Who is this new enemy?

    Who will come to the aid?

    Will the Lunars and Solars cooperate?

    What of Pinkie and the surviving CMC?

    Answers will come...but there are three during this crisis. Three people, with different goals

    One wants to clear their name

    One wants to ease their conscience

    One wants to make their enemies suffer

    All three will come together in this time of war...but who are they?

    Time will tell...


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  • 118w, 3d
    Revisions to previous statements:

    With the success of Lunar Dawn and Sunset, and my devotion to writing Red Light City with Joe Amethyst, here's the analysis:

    - There's only one more in the Sunset universe of fics. It's in development

    - Red Light City is consuming much of my time  (  )

    So be on the lookout for those. I'll also probably drop a few short stories here and there, set in various universes, alternat or canon

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  • 134w, 5d
    Idea becomes Four-Parter

    The idea for the MLP/Red Dawn crossover has mutated into an idea for a four-part series at which Lunar Dawn (the original concept) will be a part of.

    The series will all surround an alternate history Equestria at which Nightmare Moon, who spent the thousand years seething and growing in power, is able to resist the Elements of Harmony back in the beginning of SE1, and Celestia intervenes. Though Nightmare Moon is reverted, the Elements are practically destroyed as a result and Luna is not offered at first (nor accepts later) Celestia's offer to rule with here. Later, Equestria divides itself into two kingdoms: A Solar Empire, Ruled by Celestia, and a Lunar Empire, ruled by Luna. However, in the five-year gap between the setting of most stories, both sides start stockpiling new weapons in case one decides to attack the other, and eventually, Luna makes the first move. The stage is set for conflict.

    All four fics are currently in development

    The Fics in order of release are:

    Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead!

    Sunset- composed in two parts (though released as one), Sunset is the story immediately before the events of Lunar Dawn. It stars Celestia as (in the first part), she remembers her moment of defeat and shame five years ago at the hands of her own people and Luna, and the origins of both the Solar and Lunar Empires. The second part is in the present time of the story, and deals with some unexpected news...

    Lunar Dawn- The Mane 6 and the CMC (a bit older, but not much), team up in a Red Dawn style to combat the invaders of their land, and learn that their friendship is now not just magic: its necessary for survival.

    Wings over Equestria- Soarin' oriented fic that deals with the events during the five-year gap and also, the dawn of the invasion. The fic also goes into detail on the development of most of the advanced technology seen in Lunar Dawn (gotta explain how they go from swords to guns in five years). Expect some Spitfire too...



    This fic deals with Shining Armor, and his background as a result of this whole situation is discussed in the beginning.

    In this universe, he does marry Cadance, but a year or so after the marriage (two to one years before the invasion), Cadance is killed tragically in an insurrection of pro-Lunar fanatics in the Solar Empire.This breeds a hate for all Lunars in Shining Armor, and after news is brought about his sister, he goes rogue in a personal war against Luna. At the same time, the war's been dragging for months, so Luna and Celestia are considering a peace treaty at a summit in Canterlot. However, Shining Armor's war will not end so easily...

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  • 136w, 5d
    My first fic for the site in the works

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  • ...

The first in a three-part series, Sunset explores the origins of the Lunar Empire in an alternate universe where the Elements of Harmony failed to stop Nightmare Moon.

Five years after Luna's return, Celestia takes time to remember how Equestria became divided, and how her mistakes from eons ago greatly affected her in the future.

Meanwhile, something is brewing across the border, and its a matter of time before it is revealed...

This story is an introduction into the universe at which the rest of the anthology takes place. It explains the origins of both nations shown in the anthology.

The story makes reference to the 2000 Westwood Video Game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 at points.

Art made by BlockEraser (aka Gigatoast)

First Published
30th Apr 2012
Last Modified
30th Apr 2012


Glad  you liked it. Second part of the series is coming out withing the next two months, so be prepared.

The next one's gonna be nearly twice the size of this one. :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty awesome series, cant wait for more. Heck if its going to the twice the size its going to be mega awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Some stuff isnt really bothering me but i dont really want to think about it to much, like the day night difference (there is some land between them that is in eternal twilight then?) the sudden jump in technology, 5 years being enough to exterminate half the world for the Lunars.

I guess its all been "rushed" so that Twilight gets to still be alive, but shes not in the main character tags so doesnt have to be that.

Im disappointed that Celly didnt keep a closer look at the situation with Luna, if she didnt trust her she should have done that and heck a mass scale invasion isn't that hard to read.

Luna obviously did the spying  if she knew the exact locations of all/most bases, cities(more obvious then bases) etc.

Sunset? Are you talking about Sunset Shimmer?

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