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What can be remembered by a soul that has been lost in the darkness of time through the power of love?

First Published
15th Apr 2012
Last Modified
15th Apr 2012
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I will find whoever disliked this....

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"but bare with us" - bear

Otherwise, good job. :twilightsmile:

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Better be a sequel where he's freed, dammit.

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Two people have daddy issues...

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Congratulations on being read on Reading Rainboom!

Author Interviewer
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I heard this on Reading Rainboom and was rather surprised. Given the pat "I am immortal and everyone is dying around me and time and sad" opening, I was all set to hate this. But after being thoroughly confused by the identity of the narrator (first I thought it was Celestia, then Discord, then was disappointed to learn that Discord was not Celestia's father), I actually found myself enjoying the story a bit. Though, just a hydra, really? That seemed a little disappointing.

Though I really would have loved you forever had you made Discord Celestia and Luna's father. Seriously.

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Well, what a coincidence. Today I wrote something similar. Immortal pony is telling how he loved one mare and he promised her to love her forever. It has also same names :D My fanfic is quite good, but your story is much better. You are awesome :raritystarry:

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