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  • 38w, 6d
    A Timeline of MPLT's Equestria

    This is the general, personal canon timeline surrounding the stories of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight, covering the past of Equestria. All years are given in BD (Before Discord) or AD (After Discord), given that Discord's reign over Equestria is one of, if not the defining moment that divides Equestria from being ruled by ponies to being ruled by the god-like Princesses. A general description of each era will be included.

    BD 1000(?)-600  - The Pre-Classical Era

    Though many documents have been lost to history, those that remain describe the early Pre-Classical Era as a harsh time, as the Three Tribes of pony-kind were greatly at odds with each other. Around the mid-point, however, the Time of Ice occurred, as the Windigos assaulted the old pony lands and froze them under a blanket of ever-lasting winter. This lead to the expeditions commonly depicted in Hearth's Warming Eve pageants, as well as the kindling of the Fire of Friendship and the subsequent banishment of the Windigos. Those that remained of the Three Tribes founded Equestria, carving out a country out of the bountiful, but untamed land they had discovered.

    BD 599-1 - The Classical Era

    The time before Discord's arrival saw the flowering of early pony society, as the three tribes were merged into a single conglomerate culture due to both proximity, intermarriage between the tribes and reaction to the events of the Time of Ice. The resulting mish-mash of Unicorn courtly culture, Pegasus military tradition, and Earth Pony agrarian aristocracy lead to a curious society that was simultaneously feudal but oddly egalitarian. Given that there was a great deal of land up for grabs, many would-be nobles could easily acquire large estates, provided one had enough followers to hold it.

    The major ruling organization of this time was the Equestrian Triune Council, a deliberative styled after the Pegasi Senate and the Earth Pony’s Field Congress, though only open to property holders as per Unicorn tradition. The Triune Council was where debates of policy were held and grievances could be aired in an open forum. Many prominent philosophers such as the pegasus brothers Socratic Question and Platonic Ideal became famous in this era. Meanwhile, brave adventurers and knights errant wandered the land and sky, establishing contact with numerous other civilizations such as the Gryphon Clans, the Minotaur Primarchy, the Zebrican Tribes, the Caliphates of Saddle Arabia and the (now long defunct) Diamond Dog Empire.

    Sadly, the later portions of the Classical Era were marked by increasing social stratification and infighting, as smaller nobles were integrated into larger dynasties by either force or marriage, the numerous bloodlines forming the basis for the Noble Houses of Equestria. By the arrival of Discord, thirty noble houses dominated the Triune Council, equally representing all three breeds of pony-kind.

    ??? - The Discordian Era

    Records of this time make it difficult to determine how long Discord’s reign actually lasted. What few intact records remain speak of the draconequus’ sudden appearance in central Equestria and subsequent domination of all those who dared oppose him. Those  who did not manage to flee the country or take refuge were left to Discord’s mad whims. The Era came to an end, however, by the equally sudden and miraculous appearance of Celestia and Luna, and the subsequent sealing away of Discord.

    AD 1-242/253 - Post-Discordian Era / The Early First Diarchic Period

    This time, formerly referred to as the Post-Discordian Era, was a time of strife and change. With the appearance of Celestia and Luna, pony society found itself beneath the hooves of a pair of powerful, but benevolent leaders. However, with enemies closing in on all sides and the population still wracked by Discord’s malfeasance, Equestria was forced to trust in the two alicorns. Thankfully, the two sisters quickly set about fixing the many problems besieging the land, eventually becoming recognized by the remaining Noble Houses and granted stewardship of the land. In addition, contact was made with the ponies of the Crystal Empire, whose patronage and alliance with Equestria helped to stabilize the healing country’s northern borders.

    Politically, however, the Noble Houses retained much of their power in day-to-day affairs. The nobles of the time often exploited their connection to and relations with the Princesses in order to expand and maintain their personal control over their domains. Pony society became increasingly stratified, forming a roughly pyramidal shape, with the Princesses at the top, followed by the nobles, and then the common pony-folk below. Contrary to common belief, not all of the commoners were Earth Ponies; unicorns born to laborer families and pegasi of lower status were also commonly exploited by the nobility of all breeds.

    The era’s boundaries with the following era are often debated by scholars. Some believe that the era came to a close after the signing of the Concordian Covenant and the establishment of the Common Laws. Others believe that the founding of the new capital at Canterlot marks the end of this era. The distinction is largely academic.

    AD 254-354 - The Concordian Era / The Late First Diarchic Period

    The relatively brief Concordian Era is viewed by romantics as a golden era in Equestrian history. With the many threats to Equestria banished, the lingering effects of Discord’s reign gone and much of Equestria’s territory tamed and managed, stability had finally reasserted itself. However, while the Concordian Era was a time of peace and safety, it was also a time of corruption and decadence, particularly amongst the ruling classes. With social classes becoming progressively more rigid, social mobility became something of an impossibility for the lower classes. Meanwhile, the nobility indulged in revelry and idleness, their lavish estates often the sites of many parties and fetes.

    Many traditions, particularly those surrounding modern holidays such as Nightmare Night and the Summer Sun Celebration can trace their roots back to this time, whether they be folk traditions of the peasantry or the more opulent festivals of the wealthy. However, it was also this era that saw the disappearance of the Crystal Empire, and the rise (and subsequent banishment) of Nightmare Moon. Though whether it was this event, or the later pronouncement by Princess Celestia to the public (commonly titled as ‘I, The Rising Sun,’ by historians) that lead to the end of the Concordian Era, pony-kind would soon find itself thrown into discord once more.

    AD 355-440 - The Interregnum

    The period known as the Interregnum was a time of strife not seen in Equestria for generations. Having been ousted from their positions of power, the Noble Houses of Equestria turned on Princess Celestia, attempting to regain their original statuses by force. Some attempted assassination, while others sought aid from forces outside of Equestria. No matter the source, Equestria found itself in a state of civil war.

    Unfortunately for the traitors, Princess Celestia was quite intent on keeping the country and the common ponies in one piece by any means necessary. By the end of the period, only a small hoof-full of ponies with noble blood remained; those who had turned traitor were either publicly executed or exiled in perpetuity, while Celestia beat back invasions and assaults with the raw power of the sun and a newly reformed Royal Guard. The scars of this period still remain in some places, and Celestia’s wrath fell quite harshly on some lands.

    By the end, however, Celestia stood supreme and unquestioned over a unified Equestria.

    AD 441-500 - The Early Solar Monarchy / The Solar Tyranny

    The transition from the Interregnum to the monarchy was difficult. Initially, Princess Celestia stood as the sole governing authority of Equestria. As absolute monarch, Celestia’s word was law, and with the fires of the civil war still fresh in the populace’s minds none dared oppose her or her forceful reforms. Many of the practices commonly exhibited by the common pony towards Celestia have their origin in this time period as a way of not offending the Sun Princess; an act that could have very well invited destruction upon a foolish pony at the time.

    Modern ponies unfamiliar with the history of their ruler would find Celestia’s practices of this time to be quite discomforting. Dictatorial control was the order of the day. Many historical documents were either heavily censored or archived away from the public eye. The punishment of criminals was often harsh and public, and often at Celestia’s own hoof. The Concordian Covenant was completely forgotten, and the Common Law was held at Celestia’s mercy. Over time, however, Celestia began to move away from these practices and towards the more merciful ruler we now know.

    AD 501-1000 - The Middle Solar Monarchy

    This era is what many ponies think of when one mentions Celestia’s reign. After the initial state of tyranny, Celestia began establishing many of the offices of the Royal Bureaucracy, many of which still exist today. Royal investitures into education allowed for the rapid spread of universal literacy and the establishment of schools and universities, including Celestia’s own School For Gifted Unicorns. Meanwhile, the re-development of the mercantile class laid the groundwork for the modern Equestrian middle class. Many national holidays and days of service, such as the Winter Wrap-Up and the Running of the Leaves were instituted in order to inspire a sense of civic duty and camaraderie between fellow ponies, with Celestia often leading by public example.

    AD 1001 - 1354 - The Late Solar Monarchy

    The most recent era (outside of the current era) still remains in living memory. With the development of new technology and advancements in magical research, many common chores and tasks became much easier to handle for the modern pony, particularly with the development of magically powered machinery. In addition, this time saw the founding of several settlements, such as Dodge City, Appleloosa, and (most notably) Ponyville.

    During this time, Celestia partially withdrew from the public eye, investing more power into her bureaucracy and serving (for a time) as a political leader only when necessary, focusing more on a long line of personal protégés culled from her School for Gifted Unicorns. Scholars now reason that this change in behavior was due to the approaching time of Nightmare Moon’s return from exile, a piece of knowledge that only Celestia was truly privy to. The waning years of the era saw the appearance of numerous unique events: the first recorded Sonic Rainboom, the appearance of a giant dragon in Canterlot Castle, and most importantly the return of Nightmare Moon and her subsequent defeat and redemption at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

    AD 1355 - Current Time (AD 1367) - The Second Diarchic Period

    The current era of Equestrian history has seen more than its fair share of world-shaking events. The sudden reappearance of the infamous Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord, was one such event, only rivaled in scope by his re-sealing and eventual rehabilitation at the hooves of the Elements of Harmony. The sudden reappearance of the long-lost Crystal Empire was the second, heralded by the appearance of the terrifying monster Sombra, who was defeated by the now Crystal Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

    However, the third event is the one that many historians feel will mark the age; the arrival of and alliance with the extra-dimensional beings known as humans. The arrival of these strange creatures has already lead to massive changes throughout Equestria, not only economically and technologically, but culturally and socially as well. Some older ponies are worried about how this new species, lead by the Time-Space Administration Bureau, will change and influence their once-peaceful country. Others, however, are excited by these new opportunities and the possibility of leaving their own world for strange new lands. Whether for good or ill, Equestria will no longer be the same.

    2 comments · 317 views
  • 47w, 6d
    What's Canon in MPLT? (Updated)

    There's been some discussion and curiosity as to what episodes from FiM are canon in Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight. But fret not. Herein lies my 'word of god' from the series bible I have for this fic. Since this is an AU, some episodes will be considered non-canon for the purposes of this work. For now, here's the basic list.

    Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight: The first 'season' of the fic takes place between the events of The Best Night Ever and Return of Harmony. As such, the Jewel Seed Incident occurs before Discord's escape.

    Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's: The second 'season' occurs during Season 2, but before the events of A Canterlot Wedding. By the time the Wolkenritter attack, Discord is sealed away as a statue. Until A Canterlot Wedding, the episodes proceed as normal.

    After A's, the following changes are in effect.

    A Canterlot Wedding -Heavily Changed. There is no Changeling attack on Canterlot. The wedding goes off without a hitch.

    The Crystal Empire - Mostly unchanged, though Yuuno and Princess Luna are involved in the events in the Empire.

    Too Many Pinkie Pies - Mostly unchanged.

    One Bad Apple - No Change.

    Magic Duel - Non-Canon. The Alicorn Amulet is still at large, however.

    Sleepless in Ponyville - No Change

    Wonderbolt Academy - No Change

    Apple Family Reunion - No Change

    Spike at Your Service - Non-Canon. No real relation to MPLT, I just greatly dislike the episode.

    Games Ponies Play/Just For Sidekicks - No Change

    Keep Calm and Flutter On - No Change. Discord will likely show up later in StrikerS.

    Magical Mystery Cure - Non-Canon. This is primarily because of how alicorns work in the MPLT-verse. There will be no Twilacorn. The only reason Twilight is called 'The Alicorn Ace' in StrikerS is because her flight spell gives her magic wings, thus making her look like one of the alicorn princesses.

    Equestria Girls - Heavily Changed. Twilight may have experimented with being human, but not in high school. Sunset Shimmer is still around. She just didn't jump through a magic mirror into the human world...

    Princess Twilight Sparkle - Heavily Changed, though the Elements were still given up. They also receive the Mysterious Box of Harmony (tm).

    Castle Mane-ia - Mostly Unchanged.

    Daring Don't - Non-Canon. I'd prefer Daring Do to remain a fictional character.

    Flight to the Finish - No Change

    Power Ponies - No Change

    Bats! - No Change

    Rarity Takes Manehattan - No Change

    Pinkie Apple Pie - No Change

    Rainbow Falls - No Change.

    Three's a Crowd - No Change

    Pinkie Pride - No Change

    Simple Ways - No Change

    Filli Vanilli - No Change

    Twilight Time - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn.

    It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Still Canon, but... ugh...

    Somepony to Watch Over Me - No Change

    Maud Pie - No Change

    Trade Ya - Still Canon, but no Twilacorn

    For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls - No Change

    Leap of Faith - No Change

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - No Change

    Inspiration Manifestation - No Change

    Equestria Games - No Change

    Twilight's Kingdom - Pretty much non-canon. No Twilacorn as previously mentioned, and I'm not sure what to do with the Box of Harmony quite yet. However, Tirek's magic-eating does fit in with the Book of Darkness. As an aside, I'm pretty sure the Wolkenritter would try to kill Tirek almost immediately if they found him.

    16 comments · 666 views
  • 125w, 1d
    Chapter 5!

    Politics! Drama! Foreshadowing a-plenty!

    Finally, the owner of the Book of Darkness is revealed!

    All this and more in Chapter 5 of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's; Shall We Take To The Stage?

    0 comments · 187 views
  • 134w, 5d
    Chapter 3 Updated

    Yaaaay New Chapter of A's! Yaaay!

    1 comments · 127 views
  • 138w, 1d
    Where's Chapter 3?

    I bet everypony is wondering where the next chapter of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's is. Mea culpa. I haven't exacty been very creative recently. I'm also prepping for a presentation on the fandom that I'll be giving in two weeks. I haven't been in a writing mood, to say the least.

    I'll try to have MPLT A's up sometime soon, but I'm not sure when.

    3 comments · 104 views
  • ...

The lost children...

Ten long years have passed since the Book of Darkness Incident. In those ten years, Equestria has come into its own as an allied world with the Time-Space Administration Bureau. Though diplomatic interactions between the two are still rocky, cultural, technological and academic sharing has helped to smooth over the bumpy relations to some degree.

In an attempt to foster better relations between the two worlds, the Bureau has established a special joint training task-force, bringing on some of the brightest and most talented mages in all of Equestria. A group of young humans, ponies, and... others have been selected as candidates for this new, experimental group.

Unfortunately for the humans and ponies of the Resolution Instructional Operations Task Force, things are not all they seem. A new threat is brewing; one that may destroy the fragile peace the Bureau has long sought to maintain... and dredge up secrets of a past long, long forgotten.

Thank you to ArtoftheDerp for serving as my pre-reader.

This fic is set after the events of Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight A's. Familiarity with this fic is essential to understanding this story.

Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight by PurpleProse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

First Published
25th Dec 2013
Last Modified
7th Oct 2014

FIRST! Thank you for the Christmas gift! And I was curious if they ever did the English dub version of StrikerS?

Oh god yes!

Best Christmas Eve present ever.

:pinkiehappy: < A decent approximation of my face when I noticed the Scootaloo and Spike story tags.

And they turned out to be pretty awesome, too. I'm a big fan of a more magically capable Spike, so I'm very pleased to see him on display here.

This will be interesting and I'm glad to see you started it. also Happy xmas or what ever current winter holiday you intend to celebrate :pinkiehappy:.


Not to my knowledge, no.

As a side note, I do enjoy getting comments from readers. Please feel free to comment on my stories and share your thoughts/criticisms.


Not to mention it's bloody hard enough, just trying to get your hands on the first two seasons! :twilightangry2:

Just out of curiosity, does Twilight have to wear a limiter like canon!Nanoha did? And what's her current mage rating, with or without it?

>>3679550 What should happen is that Sentai get the rights to Nanoha and rerelease it just like they did with Fate/Stay Night and also get some English VA for StrikerS.

I'm tempted to read based on "bigger lasers" alone, but I fear that I have too much catching up to do.

I find the way in which original Nanoha canon has been adapted to fit Twilight, and what things have and have not changed to be fascinating.

Like, Subaru and Tea's side is almost unchanged, except for minor touches like the checklist thing, and that is brilliant.

A nice little gift this Holiday. Already opened, devoured, and favorited!  Thanks :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the christmas gift!:pinkiehappy:

Now I found very significative that Rainbow Dash didn't attend Scootaloo test, some tension between sisters maybe?

And what the hell happened to Chrono!?:pinkiegasp:

Twilight is quadruple S ---> SSSS

Simply because she is a quadruped :pinkiehappy:

I'm really really curious if the "Alicorn" Ace isn't also foreshadowing... :twilightsheepish:

I decided to wait on reading this until Christmas Day, and I'm really glad I did.

I've been following this series since it began, and I can't wait to see what sorts of twists you'll throw in here.

Omigoshomigoshomigosh! :rainbowkiss:

Talk about Merry Christmas! So, does this mean Spike and Scoots are replacing Erio and Caro? Or are they going to be in addition to? I hope the latter, honestly - Caro's Summoning magic is pretty awesome and I'd love to see Spike's reaction to her dragons.

Also, I may die of laughter at Subaru. :rainbowlaugh:

>>3679594 Bigger lasers is solidly true of both the source anime and all three of the crossover stories. This is the magical girl show where friendship = giant magical beams of destruction.

Also, congrats on the (non-mature) featured box!

I hope you have a meeting between Spike and Caro planned.

Great start. Can't wait to see what the latest story in you're series has in store. I wonder why Teana doesn't like Ponies.

I'm curious what from MLP canon happened and what didn't happen during the time skip? For example has Discord break free and been reformed by Fluttershy? Or has he yet to break free from his prison since Celestia and Luna defeated him?

I was actually hoping you would have fully diverged from the Nanoha universe by now. You have more than enough elements to create your own timeline by now that is not reliant on the pre-existing story.

I was very impressed by how you merged the first story. And while I was disappointed when you started the second one with the fact that you basically used the same formula with A's; again, you used the story well.

But to repeat that process a third time looses it's charm. By all rights, this story should not exist. The differences between earth and Equestria, not to mention Twilight and Nanoha, are too great to really justify a Twilight Strikers.

From the end of your first story, you have had the material to branch off into a truly original storyline. I truly feel that your continued use of the Nanoha story is crippling you.

Well, I guess I'll be the first to say it. Needs more Rainbow Dash.:rainbowdetermined2: For me, she stole Twilight's thunder by the end of A's.


Its unlikely that Twilight has to have a limiter.  Halfway through StrikerS the "Multiple S-Rank mages on the same team risks a dimensional collapse from too much magic unleashed at once," reason for the limiters was revealed to be BS and it was actually a political concession made by Hayate to parties who didn't like having that much power concentrated in a single TSAB unit.  This unit wasn't formed as the pet project of a single TSAB officer (awesome as Hayate is) it's the joint effort of TSAB high command and Equestria's princesses.  Celestia and Luna wouldn't stand for that kind of nonsense.


I assume that the botched mission that almost crippled Nanoha in regular canon had Chrono take her place in this one and he wasn't as lucky.


I'm not so sure. That incident supposedly happened when Nanoha was around 12-13, which would have been 7 years before.

The eyepatch is one thing, but if his arm's in a sling like the scene shows, then I think whatever happened must have been more recent. (Chrono's far too pragmatic, I think, to accept something so limiting as a crippled limb, especially for so long – he'd either undergo the necessary surgery to get it fixed, or else get the limb replaced.)


While I appreciate your comments, I think your assertions may be a bit premature. True, this will still be StrikerS, but it's an entirely different beast than canon.


Actually, the incident in question isn't really explicitly dated in canon, only approximated. I took the liberty of moving some dates around for StrikerS, i.e everything is moved one year up because of this version of A's.

As for surgery, it depends on the severity of the damage, as well as... other factors aside from simple surgery.

Yessss, I was waiting for this!

Okay, so RIOT Force is going to have all of the Forwards from canon Riot Force 6, along with Spike and Scootaloo.

Speaking of Scootaloo, I can't wait to learn about the incident that Rainbow Dash and Twilight were talking about. It would do wonders to explain why Scootaloo has been acting pricklier then a porcupine.

And Big Mac's getting married? I wonder who the bride is? Of course, with it being a crossover of My Little Pony and Nanoha, there is no way the wedding is going to go without an incident of some sort. It's just not physically possible.

I have a feeling that what happened to Scootaloo and Spike will be relevant  later on in the story considering that Rarity is marrying Big Mac.

#26 · 47w, 4d ago · 3 · · 2: RIOT Force ·

Big Mac isn't marrying Rarity.

Another factor for a lot of the "boys vs. girls" issues with the Guard is an issue with Equestria-just how many fillies there are in comparison to the colts.  Even if you go for the whole "we're only going for the best candidates" thing, colt candidates get drowned out by the sheer number of fillies applying.    Having access to a job market where they know they will get a job, in some form, means you want to keep it so your foal can get a job in the future.

And, in a military posting, a tradition of "men/colts are expendable, but women/fillies are not, as without them we won't have another generation" makes fillies in uniform unacceptable in most circumstances because "we serve to protect them from the horrors out there."  That military duty, for all of it's horrors, is an honor because they serve.

Of course, this is all thrown off on the simple basis of the author's opinion on Magical Lesbian Spawn and how that alters the equations of reproduction in Equestria.  Even so, I can't see Celestia not interfering in some way to ensure that it doesn't become an all-girl world in short order (and, soon enough to extinction if Something Goes Wrong with the magic).

(That, and it doesn't help that the only canon male ponies with speaking lines that are nice is Big Macintosh, Rarity's Dad and Twilight Sparkle's Dad.  Off the top of my head-King Sombra was a hungry monster, the Flim Flam Brothers were con artists, and Flash Sentry only showed up for a few scenes.  The only nice male character that is a regular in canon is Spike, and he's not even the same species as the Mane 6.  And doesn't that say something horrible about the perception of males by the creators?)

#28 · 47w, 4d ago · 1 · 1 · 2: RIOT Force ·


There's also Soarin', Filthy Rich (Diamond Tiara's dad who seems to be the decent sort), Braeburn, Fancy Pants, Hoity Toity (I count him because his initial jerkishness was based on the dresses, not on some inherent personality trait), Shining Armor and Mr. Cake, just off the top of my head. Heck, Twilight's Dad didn't even have a speaking role.

As was mentioned in the fic, the Equestrian Guard's whole beef with fillies is that the Guard was seen as a 'stallion's only' thing for a very long time. Celestia used a lot of the old fashioned stories as propaganda to lure stallions in since they're usually larger and more imposing than mares, and Celestia needed a large and physically intimidating force during the early years of the Solar Monarchy. However, it ended up unintentionally creating a very 'hyper-masculine' culture within its boundaries, a no-girls-allowed club where men could be men, so to speak.

We got a hint of it during A's, where the pegasus quartermaster was trying to put the moves on Rainbow Dash while on duty, which Shining Armor put a stop to. The Wonderbolts don't have this problem because they're a relatively recent outgrowth of the Guard and are a 'stunt team,' ala the Blue Angels.

>>3692179 I stand corrected.  And, for some reason, they're the first that came to mind.

And, I saw the teasing of Rainbow Dash in the previous story as the same sort of thing as the dynamics of a (good) firehouse, construction crews in exotic locations (oil ring workers, etc, etc), or a military special operations unit.  How do you handle the jokes?  How do you handle stress?  Can you play with the rest of us?  And, if we put pressure on you-are you going to fold, or are you going to pony up and handle it?  We need to know now, when it's just us teasing, rather than when the spells are flying and it's life or death.  If you fold there, you'll get yourself-and other ponies we might actually like-killed.  And, since it's an environment where you have to be aggressive and "better to restrain the ferocious lion than prod the reluctant mule", that you are willing to stand up for yourself and handle the issues-and how you handle them-is very important.

(Hell, all you need to hear is how special forces "operators" and military pilots get their "handles"-with very few exceptions, it's almost always an embarrassing in-joke...  And, there are stories about how the "Silent Service" handles things-submariners are some of the worse practical jokers, they're almost always very smart, and they can and will drive somebody they want off a boat they don't like.  Even if that means driving them insane...  Or the ever-present challenge of Finding The Door for a new XO...)


True, however as approximates go, there's remarkably little margin for error – StrikerS episode 9, Shamal comments how "an accident happened, the winter two years after [Nanoha] came to the Bureau", which itself is explicitly stated as happening half a year after the Book of Darkness incident. Which itself occurs on Xmas Day 0065.

All told, this means that said accident cannot have occurred any later than early 0069 (Nanoha would have been 13, at the oldest). Even with MPLT StrikerS pushed forward a year, as opposed to the MGLN version, that's still at least 5 years ago, at minimum!

#31 · 47w, 4d ago · 1 · 1 · 2: RIOT Force ·


Fair point, I cede to your observations vis-a-vis the incident in A's. However, it's not hard to think that some of the other guardsponies are going a bit beyond the standard barracks hijinks in some cases.


Ah. It's been a while since I last watched that episode; it's a bit difficult to find StrikerS on Youtube. However, I reserve the right to tinker with the timeline at my discretion.

Great chapter.

>>3692669 That's when the CO comes in with all four hooves and spiked horseshoes.  If that doesn't work, there's always the IG's office.  There's a difference between joking and being a filly-flanker.  You kick the filly-flankers out, the ones that use it as an excuse and will do it because they don't want to play with the girls that can make the standard.

But, you got to make the standard.  Worse thing to do for a girl in that situation is for anypony to think that they made it there just because they needed to have a certain number of girls there.  Or they're belly-rubbing somepony important.

>>3692669 I know a site where it has the complete StrikerS series if you're interested: Animehere

Fus Ro DAH!

Ooooo, an Equestrian made Device for Yuuno? And kids for Cadance and Shining? Neat.

Oh, I'm betting that the mentioned gender integration issue in the pony armed services is the source of Scootaloo's troubles.

“Friedrich is… well, he’s my summon, Miss Sparkle.” Caro shifted nervously, hiding her hands in the sleeves of her dress. “He is the Soaring Silver Dragon, Friedrich.”


A dragon summoner on the same team as an actual dragon, that ought to be interesting.

Peace at last.

Interesting technology now Equestrian...what other wonders await?!

Though the darkness remains; so very much still present.

I shall read on.:pinkiesmile:

#38 · 47w, 3d ago · 1 · · 2: RIOT Force ·


Possibly more than "interesting," IIRC there's some stuff in the supplemental Manga about Freidrich's and Voltarie's species being highly territorial towards other dragons and Caro has to be very careful when both are out at the same time.  Speaking of, Voltaire is supposed to be extremely ancient and has been in to all kinds of conflicts for his summoners I wonder if he knows anything about Equestria and its princesses.

There is a rift.

Perhaps the darkness lay in wait for Harmony to shatter.

Magic and friendship—

these forces must be practised before the dream of utopia falls from its heavenly peak.

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

I'm so glad to see this story continuing, I wonder what happened to Scoots and I would love to hear exactly what TS had to say to both Spike and Scoots after the test, but at the same time I look forward to hearing more about it in future chapters, thumbs up watched and all that jazz!

just finished As, starting your StrikerS story now

absolutely LOVED it, especially the Celestia/Luna flashback

one thing though - will Discord have a semi-active role in StrikerS ? I understand including him may present challenges since he wasn't in the original, but I can't really imagine why he wouldn't be involved in something as big as this now that he's reformed and seems to be living with Fluttershy .. his powers and assistance in crisises like this are kind of what they reformed him for :trollestia: and more Discord is always awesome :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

also I hope you explain how exactly did MMM and the S4 premiere run in this universe .. no Twilicorn is a given, but what hapened in S4 premiere then and why were the Elements given up ? Or did the whole seeds/evil plants still happen as it did in canon and they still went to the Tree of Harmony and gave up the elements, the only difference is that Twilight is a unicorn with a device instead of an alicorn ?

also, Examia is the Crystal Heart, right ? they're the same thing ? I wonder if it'll be used in the future again, since it was my understanding that all of that monstrous Book of Darkness energy (or at least a lot of it) that eclipsed even the Princesses power came from just a shard of Examia .. imagine what the whole thing can do :pinkiegasp:


As I mentioned in the blog post, the incident with the Tree of Harmony and the seeds still occurred. Of course, we'll see how much of it remains canon for MPLT when the season finale rolls around.

As for Discord:  yes, he's going to show up later. Can't go into further details because of spoilers.

And yes, the Crystal Heart is the Examia. That's why the energy of the Crystal Empire is able to cover such an enormous area. We'll be seeing the Empire later as well.

thanks for the answers

now, this isn't really a plot-related question, but more of a curious inquiry

is Fate pretty much in pony form 24/7 now ? I mean I know she lives in Equestria and was adopted into the Sparkle family, but still - she was "born"/cloned/created as a human, so I wonder if she ever changes into human form at all

I wouldn't mind mixing it up a bit, I always thought her S1 and As appearance was cute and in StrikerS she's just plain hot :pinkiehappy:

so, will we see human-form Fate again ?

also, if she finds a special somepony/someone - will it be a human or a pony ?

#44 · 45w, 3d ago · 1 · 1 · 2: RIOT Force ·


Most likely, yes. Fate's more comfortable in her equine form. After the events of MPLT, Fate chose to remain as a pony since it was a way to establish her own identity, a very overt breaking away from her origin. Think of it as her saying 'this is me, I am not Alicia, I am Fate.' Since then, she's grown up and lived in Equestria around ponies instead of humans, so it makes sense she'd prefer to stick with her pony form. Besides, it'd raise a few questions if a high-ranking officer int he Equestrian Guard showed up on two legs instead of four.

And yes, Fate is quite a beautiful mare now. That'll come up some much later.

>>3776776 Aah, makes sense

but I was reaaally hoping to see human Fate .. maybe as a cameo at some point if they're not on Equestria ? :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

I started reading, thinking, :trixieshiftright:¬"Hmm, I hope you'll cover some new territory in this sequel." The too-long StrikerS training arc was what turned me off from the original, and lightly dusting that with pony wouldn't improve it much. Then along comes Scootaloo and Spike, the-not-quite-as-teamworky as Tea and Subaru. And you've kept to the AU you've established. My interest is piqued. Now I'm thinking,:moustache:¬"Good sir, if you continue along this path of adding new stuff, and also develop those two characters, you will have a better story." Faved!

Okay, liking this so far. Continue!:twilightsmile:

Man, Scootaloo issue were worst than I thought, now I understand why Rainbow almost got in trouble for her.:fluttercry:

And I surprised that Fate and Signum didn't blow the entire place, looks like the fireworks will have to wait.:rainbowlaugh:

And if Friedrich thinks that Spike is a commoner, I don't want to even imagine what will happen when Spike meets Voltaire.

Great chapter.

Trixie! :pinkiehappy:

If only Gais knew the amount of firepower I had in this room right now.

Shesh, no kidding.

Hmn, so Trixie is locked down harder than Twilight or Fate, I'm guessing that means they are S rank at the moment?

Huh, that introduction between Scoots and everyone else could have gone better. Same for Spike meeting Friedrich.

“Yeah. Hopefully they’ll retrain themselves. Anyway Shari,” Twilight continued, “how has your progress been on the Devices we talked about?”

Shari smiled, clearly thankful to be on a different topic. “I’ve been reviewing the logs you and Captain Harlaown sent me. I’ve already got the basic designs planned out, but I‘d like to get some more combat data before I start constructing them. Give me a week or two, and I should be able to start prototyping.”

Oh yeah, I cannot wait to see what Twilight is planning regarding the squad Devices.

Oooo, a pilot with a Device copilot. Neat.

Awesome sparing match.

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