The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1)

by TheMareWhoSaysNi

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Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

Fact number 1: Canterlot High is hardly a bed of roses. Fact number 2: if girls are roses, don't forget that every rose has its thorns - sharp and even harmful. These are things that everyone should know, and yet it still appears not to be that clear for many. Seeking for the truth behind the facts? Follow Rainbow Dash and her friends as they have to overcome the hardships of what it means to become an adult.

Inspired by manga "Gals!"
Tagged "sex" for innuendoes and serious-related topics

Prolog: Dad has taken his plane

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Rainbow Dash made her straw turn inside her glass, watching the bubble from her reddish beverage going up to the surface and rubbing against the plastic. Why did her father insist for her to come with him at the airport, she had no idea. It wasn't as if he was away all the time.

The other times, he didn't bother to ask her anything... He partially opened her room's door when she was still asleep and let a note with a credit card, and he was gone silently at the break of dawn.

She took a glimpse at him, standing next to the counter in his pilot uniform, busy chatting with the cafe's employee. Even when she was by his side, he was doing his best not to look into her eyes, and barely told her a word. What could she do about the fact that she looked like her mother so much?

It has become some kind of routine. Him trying hard not to spend time with her, and her behaving as if she had no parent - at least, as if she had not the remaining one - and handling things on her own, the way a seventeen years-old girl could handle things on her own.

"I'm probably expected", he said turning around, his eyes rather staring on the shoulders of her denim jacket than inside her own irises. "I'll see you soon. Your drink has already been paid."

Rainbow Dash nodded speechlessly, while his mouth twisted in a kind of fixed grin, right before he put on his cap and left the cafe hurriedly. In the end, everything had been going on fine, though they hadn't said a lot. They didn't say a lot to each other since already too many years...

She sighed, and pushed away her glass. Searching through her bag, the teenage girl grabbed her phone, and patted a message on the touch-sensitive screen, that she sent to her four friends at the same time. Tonight, she didn't really feel like being all alone in that immense cold house, and invited them to join her for a movie and pizza party, like they liked to do sometimes.

Without even finishing her soda, Rainbow Dash left the cafe too, and hands in her pockets, her favorite band to the max in her headphones, she rushed into Canterlot airport's swarming crowd. Head low, she hurried straight forward, not daring to look around her... but cannot help herself feeling attracted when seeing a plane taking off through the huge bay window.

Until not so long ago, her dream had been to integrate a famous professional aerobatics troop, to follow her mother's steps, who was a pilot known for her exploits in the air. It also was "because" of her that she had given up on this dream. Since she was gone, the iron monsters which had fascinated her so much as a child, and which kept on captivating her in a certain way, though it all, made her feel dizzy, if not nauseous.

Once her dream vanished away, Rainbow Dash had made a promise to herself that she had swore never to betray, whatever might be on her way - to make the most of her adolescence, and never to hold herself back to do anything she wanted to do. Too bad if some adults could hardly understand this theory so dear to her... It wasn't her problem.

The Other Pink-Haired Girl (part 1)

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Twilight Sparkle put three plastic cups on Rainbow Dash's table, where they all were. They had sent her to get water for them, saying their heads ached too much for them to even be able to walk, and just by looking at their baffled faces, that even makeup hardly was able to conceal, it was easy to understand this was not completely wrong.

Last night, Rainbow Dash had called them for a ladies' night at her home, right after her father was gone. Each of them had arrived with something to eat and drink, though it wasn't absolutely necessary. They didn't want to let their friend think they only came to make the most of the large amount of money she was granted.

Everything could have been nice and quiet if Rarity, older and allowed to buy alcohol, hadn't come back with things to make cocktails with. Twilight, as quite often, had been the only reasonable one, what also made her the only one without a headache this morning.

Anyway, she often was the only reasonable one of the band. Not that her friend kept on doing stupid things all the time... But they were likelier to try things which didn't fit the strict frame she imposed herself.

Pinkie Pie gave each a yellow-colored pastille. Without further delay, the three young girls threw it in their cups, and a concert of efferverscent bubbles started to resound. How would they be able to be good in class with their hangover, Twilight didn't know. And she didn't want to know. She really liked best being too serious than having to suffer such a commotion.

"Feels like my temples are about to explode", Rainbow Dash said after she had swallowed her content of her cup in one gulp.

"Don't talk 'bout it, please", Applejack went on, trying to hide her face with her cowboy hat which yet she was forbidden to bring at school.

"I'll never touch a Raritysmopolitan again", Pinkie Pie added.

"You always say that", her rainbow-haired friend pointed out at her.

"This time's real."

They all knew it would never be the case. Each time it happened, Pinkie Pie would say the exact same thing, and each time, her very festive nature would catch her back. It was inside of her and couldn't be helped. At least, it was her defense when she was caught in the act of intoxication.

"If you all had done like me and only drank soda last night, you wouldn't be in such a state."

"But you're serious rotten, it's not the same!", Rainbow Dash declared pointing a finger at her.

"I can be fun and spontaneous sometimes..."

"Oh really, when? On public holiday?"

Her cheeks crimson, Twilight saw Pinkie Pie getting up, and messing up with what was on her fellow's desk - putting her pen aslant, her notebook in the opposite corner and spilling the content of her pencil case. The curly pink-haired teenager sat back with an overjoyed smile, and watched her friends' reaction.

Like they all sensed, it didn't take much time before, unable to resist, she turned around and put everything back in place. Her friends laughed at her, what made her cheeks' color increase, if possible.

They all were fond of annoying her, since the young girl often was a bit stiff when compared with her other friends.

Their small group was well-known in Canterlot High, because they've known each other since junior high where they had become friends despite their difference. In fact, they each were popular in their own manner and for reason as varied as their own personalities.

Twilight Sparkle always had the best school grades and was part of the Students' Board. Applejack was a real star of bull rodeo, whom family possessed a huge fortune thanks to their famous apple-flavored brand - she was the muse of all the ads. Pinkie Pie organized the school's official parties, but also the most appreciated ones, under request of the pupils. As for Rainbow Dash, well… She was easy to notice, as the captain of the female lacrosse team, but also a member of the athletics and basketball team. All the more with her unique hair color that always caught the eyes.

"Attention, please, everyone", Vice-Principal Luna's voice said. "We got a new student..."

Not even going back to their respective tables, they all turned around to the reading desk at the back of the room, where their vice-principal was, and close to her, there was a young girl not wearing the school's uniform yet, with long pale pink hair hiding a part of her face.

Just by seeing her somber outfit, and the way she stood, wriggling, looking straight in front to make sure she would meet no one's eyes, the four friends came to the conclusion that she was going to be a punching bag if she didn't quickly get integrated inside a circle protecting her.

Canterlot High was a very good high school, one of Equestria's most popular, with its eternal rival Crystal Prep, but it never stopped misbehaviors. Some adults said it was because today's youth lacked the points of references of yesterday. In reality, it was because things had changed a lot, and too fast, and low blows happened in a different way, less discreet than before.

"Her name is Fluttershy, and she comes from Cloudsdale. Maybe you'd like to introduce yourself, Fluttershy..."

"I'd rather not, well, if you don't mind that I don't introduce myself, of course", the young girl said with a reedy voice, that most of the pupils never heard.

No doubt. Rainbow Dash could already guess the schemes against her materializing in some heads. She couldn't let such a thing happen, so that the new girl, from the same city as her, wouldn't think everyone in Canterlot was unbearable and mean.

Once the class over, she gathered her friends around her table again, for a small whispered friendly council. The other students didn't even pay attention anymore to their schemes and private discussions...

"Hey, what do you think of the new girl? Shall we help her?"

"Why dya think she needs our help?"

"Well, look at her..."

As discreetly as possible, they all glanced one by one at the target of their discussion. Sitting at her table in the front, she seemed to be bent over so much they easily guessed her face hidden by a thick curtain of hair. She nervously twisted something between her hands, trying to stay focused on an opened book.

"She's going to get her head bitten off", Pinkie Pie said, shaking her head with a knowing attitude.

"That's exactly what I meant. We got to talk to her... Twilight, go and talk to her!"

"Eh, why me?", she said opening her eyes wide.

It always was the same. It had to be her, Twilight Sparkle, to go and speak to Principal Celestia when they had ideas about the school, or for whatever needed a bit of discipline. She should have been used to it by now, yet it never ceased to astound her each time they did it, and they did it very often.

"Ya'll scare her less than us, dat's clear."

"And, you're the only one who wasn't drunk last night, and who doesn't look like a clone of my Gummy..."

All her friends nodded, and she knew she couldn't do otherwise than going and talk to this poor new girl. And though she did it complaining, Twilight had to admit that, as nice as they were, her best friends could be impressive with their ease, and their sometimes too frank manners.

Wary, she went to Fluttershy's table, under the grasping and not really discreet glances of her band of friends. Just like they had guessed, the young girl dressed in black pants and grey sweater was hiding her face with her hair, and hardly could conceal her nervousness despite her efforts.

When Twilight called out to her with a shy "sorry", she had a jump on her chair, as if she had been violently aggressed, which didn't miss to draw attention on them both.

"I didn't want to scare you, I'm sorry..."

Fluttershy didn't answer, and lowered her head even more.

"My name's Twilight Sparkle, and my friends and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for lunch..."

Not without some slowness, the young girl lifted up her face, which allowed Twilight to have a glimpse at very pretty turquoise eyes. Behind them both, the small group pretended not to pay attention to their semblance of conversation, but the relative discretion they brought to their attitudes seemed to scare Fluttershy, who lowered her head immediately again.

"It's nice of you, but I'm fine. I prefer to be alone. Thank you, Twinkle Sparkle."

"Twilight Sparkle, my name's Twilight Sparkle."

No answer. She was listless again, and acted exactly as if no classmate was standing in front of her. Twilight beat in retreat because of this lack of enthusiasm. Maybe she really liked to be alone best than having friends. She could understand, she had been this way too... There was no need to insist, or she would probably be even more scared.

The second lesson began shortly after, and they all went back to their big efforts to laugh in the face of their still present headache, in order to focus at least on what was being said.


At the beginning, there were only rumors. A few whispers here and there, exchanged as if nothing between students. And little by little, the rumor had swelled, and swelled, like a giant wave before a storm. When it was time to leave class, it had become a certainty. The internet site Canterlot Street Style was about to resume work.

It wasn't your typical fashion site, or it would never had interested anyone else than their friend Rarity, who had started her own clothes brand. No. It was a real pressure gauge of who was popular and who was not. Not to appear in these pictures taken in the streets was being a no one.

And this, for Rainbow Dash, it was impossible. Since her last years of middle school, when she had understood she could gather more attention by going against what was expected from a girl of a wealthy background like her, she made a point of honor in having a flamboyant reputation.

A lot of older persons made her reproaches about it. It wasn't really her eagerness for attention that was a problem. It was the fact that, being a girl, according to them, she would better have to be discreet, and not to say out loud how much she thought she was worthy of interest.

This all had an impact which made her want to stand out even more, and to be noticed even more.

Right after the end of classes, she had brought Applejack with her on her scooter, heading to Rarity's apartment where she had sewed for them, Twilight and Pinkie Pie, brand new outfits that they had hurried to wear before going to the attack of the city center.

Her goal was simple - to look for the photographers from the site, and to make sure they would be amongst the first one to appear on the new pages.

"Ah can't see why ya needed to bring me, precisely. Ah don't need to be more popular."

"Your brother's a photographer for Canterlot Street Style, isn't he? We'll have more chances to have our picture if we meet him..."

"Ah see, in fact, it's out of interest. Yar horrible!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. In reality, Applejack probably knew it wasn't a hundred percent out of interest. Of them four, she was the one she had known for the longest time, and it was something she wanted to share with her as a priority. Some kind of weird thanks...

She draggd her friend by her wrist, without her to display a particular reluctance. The most important passage of teenagers and students was in the main Grand Rue, with its succession of small cafes, vintage boutiques and its huge bookstore. If photographers from the site really strode across downtown in order to meet young trendsetters, she was sure it was the place they would choose.

A wide smile brightgened up her face when she had a glimpse at Applejack's brother, Big Macintosh and his large figure, busy fixing the lens of his camera. By his side, there was a tall and rather thin boy, with a hipster style, long blond hair in a bun, along with a designer stubble, who seemed to be trying to spot potential models.

In reality, Big Macintosh didn't need to work for the site. He could easily have contented himself with his trade studies, without a care about having a secondary income, in light of his family wealth, but he did it anyway because he liked the idea of behaving like any other students. It suited Rainbow Dash who counted on the fact she knew him to increase her chances to appear on the site.

Sure of herself, she walked toward the tall blond boy with freckles, when suddenly three girls wearing her own school's uniform blocked her way. Everyone knew who they were, since they were part of the Students Board like Twilight, and embellished the gymnasium each time a big event took place there.

"Not a step forward, you moron Rainbow Dash!"

"What?" she asked, offended.

"We don't want you on the Grand Rue", the second girl, Lily, went on.

"Yes, go back where you're from", the third girl, Rose, finished with her arms stretched out.

"Can I at least know why?"

"You came here to steal Breezie to us, don't you? Well, it's not going to happen."

"Who?", Applejack questioned.

She and Rainbow Dash looked at each other, discountenanced. Obviously, there was no reason why the well-known trio from Canterlot High would nickname Big Macintosh this way, and no reason for them to stop them from granting access to the eldest of the famous Apple family. Quickly, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to protect the tall thin boy with the hipster style.

It didn't miss to make Rainbow Dash laughing out loud, from her hoarse and sometimes childish voice.

"We don't give a care about that guy! All we want is to be on the site."

"Huh, huh, this too, no way", Daisy claimed crossing her arms, her blonde curls shaking against her shoulders.

"What? Why that?"

"You're already popular enough, you both. Let the others shine too!"

What the trio had not foreseen was that their little whim would finally draw more attention than the plain presence of Applejack and Rainbow Dash on the Grand Rue. Around them, a small group had gathered, curious to know what was going on like each time something a bit unusual occured, and this group also drew the attention of the two boys who weren't expecting so much.

Big Macintosh immediately recognized his little sister, and stepped closer to ask her what was wrong. Her explanation made appear a slight smile on the green-eyed young man's face. Nothing was surprising in the fact Applejack's best friend wanted her fifteen minutes of fame, he even would have bet she would ask him as a favor to take her picture.

What he didn't understand, on the other hand, was all the fuss around the new boy from his editorial board, who had been sent here as a test, in order to see whether or not he was as good at fashion as he had told them all. In all likelihood, he had caught the three teenager girl's hearts. They were still arguing with Rainbow Dash because of him, despite the girl repeating that she didn't care.

In the background, he noticed his inexperienced coworker coming closer, as if he wasn't aware he was the main topic of all this dissension.

As soon as Zephyr Breeze came near them, the trio stopped to bother Rainbow Dash and focused instead on the former student whose strand of hair was out of his impressive bun, falling in front of his eyes, and each of them hung at him the best they could.

"Tell this moron once for all that you don't fancy her at all..."

"But I've told you I don't give a care about that guy! All I want is to be on that f***ing site."

Smelling a good occasion to have a bit of fun, he freed himself from his three groupies, and slowly came closer to the rainbow-haired teenage girl. She really had an interesting style, with a little something impudent a lot of boys probably enjoyed. Not knowing she was connected with his coworker Big Macintosh, he put his forefinger under Rainbow Dash's chin, who had a slight disgusted wince.

"You really want to be on this site, do you? Tell me... How far would you go for this?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well, that's easy", he said slipping his other hand along her hip. "What would you be ready to do to have your picture on Canterlot Street Style? You might be this kind of girl aren't you?"

She didn't need an explanation. She knew what innuendo was hiding under the "this kind of girl" Zephyr had said. So, this boy from out of nowhere really thought there were girls so vain they would lend him their bodies just for a picture on the web? He had to come back on earth.

Rainbow Dash removed the young man's hand from her hip, and didn't hesitate to kick his shin, with the immediate result of getting her rid of this disrespectful lad.

"You still have a lot of things to learn about women. It's about time for you to stop indulging yourself in wishful thinking that reality is like movies you find on YouClop. And, with it, I'm demisexual and proud of it!"

Some kind of weird silence started to float inside their little circle. The Grand Rue's hubbub yet was going on behind them, but this statement let more than one astounded. Of course, it wasn't a discovery for Applejack, informed about her friend's special kind of sexuality, but she couldn't help herself putting a hand on her forehead when she realized she had said too much once again.

A few seconds later, one of the three girls burst out laughing, pointing her finger at Rainbow Dash. She didn't seem to understand what this slightly different kind of sexuality was, and it bothered the teenage girl who was her target, but didn't miss to make Zephyr forget about the small pain from her well-placed kick. He hadn't expected something like this at all.

The sound of a policeman's whistle made everyone jump, and brought each of them back to reality. Once again, the public order had been disturbed, and if they didn't hurry to run off from here, Applejack and Rainbow Dash would again be lectured at the police district by Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor.

They both fled as fast as they could, like the trio Daisy, Rose and Lily, and Big Macintosh and his coworker, who was really amused, and all the more intrigued by what had just happened.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash ran breathlessly, not really looking where they were going, and finally hid, after minutes of a frantic race through downtown's streets, behind the door recess of the huge shopping mall's building.

"Seriously... Why dya always get us into trouble?"

"Do you think I do it on purpose?"

They were trying to catch their breath, hands on their knees, when something, or rather someone caught Rainbow Dash's attention. She pulled on her friend's sleeve, and pointed this someone with her head.

"Hey, isn't that the new girl?"

Applejack rose her eyes, and took time before noticing Fluttershy's pale pink hair, while she seemed to be expecting someone near a restaurant. Her outfit had nothing in common with the somber clothers she had worn on the morning. Her blue and white checkered dress had short sleeves despite the cold, and the length of the ruffled skirt was largely above knees. She wore it with yellow pantyhose and black leather low boots with high heels. Yet, it wouldn't have particularly called out to them, if the young girl hadn't been joined by a man who was much older than her.

The latter introduced himself to her, as if he wasn't sure of who she was. After she had nodded shyly, not really looking into his eyes, Fluttershy left the place where she was, arm in arm with the man, and they both went into the restaurant.

"That's weird", Rainbow Dash said, now half hidden behind the recess door, with Applejack a little lower.

"Maybe dat was just her father..."

"Yeah, maybe."

None of them were convinced by the words they had said. This man didn't look like her at all, and didn't really seem to know her at all. Although Rainbow Dash didn't maintain a real father-and-daughter relationships since long ago, and although Applejack's parents had passed away as well, they both knew that in their behavior, there was something strange, a bit... criminal.

Curious how appearances could be misleading. A young man had just taken Rainbow Dash for an 'easy girl', though she could not be sexually attracted by a boy with whom she hadn't a real deep and stable relationship, just by being judged on her overly self-confident and depraved style, and the very shy new girl, Fluttershy, whom anyone would have swore she was the purest innocence alive, was meeting older men who brought her to restaurants. It was a topsy-turvy world...

The Other Pink-Haired Girl (part 2)

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When Principal Celestia came in class to make an announcement, Canterlot High's students could expect something very important to be about to happen.

Since this morning, where this general round had been pinned on the information board, rumors were rife. Each gave a little forecast. Bets on the coming of a royal personnality, of a new festival or contest. Some were starting to say that the school had lost too much money and would close. This was hard to believe.

While her friends were trying to guess what this announcement was about, Rainbow Dash kept on dwelling on how she couldn't get to have her picture taken for Canterlot Street Style. The others had to understand... It was about her reputation of 'coolest girl in town' - a self-proclaimed reputation.

However, she was obliged to stop mumbling when Principal Celestia entered into their classroom, dressed with a very smart white woman's suit their friend Rarity wouldn't have denied.

She almost served as a mysterious and secret deity for the students, though each already had met her in the corridors or during many organized events. Slender, her hair flapping her small of the back, she inspired without efforts, just by her gracious and charismatic presence. They all had a great respect for her.

In the most complete of silence, almost religious, she climbed the teacher's dais and smiled to the students standing in front of her. Though the uniform was mandatory in Canterlot High, everyone wore it in a personal way, reflecting the verious characters. For her, it meant what she asked to her teachers, to let those characters developing and displaying as much as possible, was listened and applied.

What a shame that the announcement she had to make was not very pleasant. It added one more dark spot to some of the issues the staff hardly could restrain.

Principal Celestia cleared her voice, and spoke in the calmest pitch to the audience of students all ready to hear what she had to say.

"I've been reported some unfortunate facts lately. It's not only unfortunate, it's also very serious and dangerous, and it could ruin the future of those who are affected, but also of our dear school. Some students, girls and boys, belonging to Canterlot High, would have been seen in town recently, accompanied by older women and men. Know that Equestria's School Higher Council is really interested about facts of this kind in the other cities, and that investigations are going to be made in Canterlot. If, by misfortune, one of you would be caught in the act in the middle of the practice of this very little commendable activity, it could have serious consequences."

Applejack cast a glance at Rainbow Dash, who was looking at her as well. What they had witnessed a few days ago could be no coincidence. In the front, their classmate Fluttershy didn't seem very impressed by the Principal's speech, but the two teenage girls knew she wasn't advised to let anyone think she could meddle with this "very little commendable activity".

Usually, they wouldn't have cared about the whole matter. What the others were doing to pass time was none of their business. But this time, it was different. As the Principal had underlined, it could be dangerous, and, the school's reputation could suffer from it. They both felt good here, and had no intention of leaving Canterlot High for a school with a better reputation if something had to happen.

They had to find a subterfuge to dissuade Fluttershy to go on with her occupation, if the speech hadn't been enough. And they knew right the person who could help them... even if, of course, it meant to let the others into the secret.


Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle's older brother, didn't work at the big central police precint of Canterlot, but in a depending police station of the student district. He was a policeman since a few years already, and after he had worked a moment as a plain officer, he finally had climbed the ladder to the rank of detective.

He was only at the investigations division, and led no big first plan inquieries as if he had been at the vice squad or at the criminal section, but it suited him better. What kept him going everyday was to protect his city's citizens the best he could. And in this, he was rather good though a little young.

His office wasn't a cold and little welcoming open space as he had many occasions to see during his training, but a small room with white walls and a table, two archives closets, and a huge window with a view on the streets.

The place felt really warm for him and the very young officer at his service, but especially for the potential plaintiffs whom he would have to deal with would feel at ease, because he was aware that talking to the police wasn't an easy task to accomplish.

Yet he never would have imagined the place to feel so warm that his young sister and her flamboyant group of friends would spend so much time here. He well might find them very likeable and enjoy that his antisocial little sister had found long-term friends, sometimes it was quite tiring, especially as they took his police station for the latest trendy café, and came around with their lattes, school stuff and sport equipments.

One of them, the aptly named Rainbow Dash, was sitting on a corner of his desk as if they were intimate, beating her leather low boots against the table's wood. She said it was important, that it was connected to the future of their school, no less, but couldn't act like any other person asking for a favor...

He had taken a look at all the recent files he had recounting the said facts, and matching the description she had made, but his search wasn't very profitable.

"I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash, I have no report for a middle-sized girl, with pink hair and blue eyes... Well, I do. But it's her!", he said pointing Pinkie Pie, sitting on a chair beside Applejack.

It was an old story dating of the last year of junior high, and how the little band met the teenage girl. Shining Armor was only a very young rookie officer, and she had gave him a lot of cold sweats, all the more so as she had been one of his first matter.

"Hey, but I've never been with old men in restaurants..."

"No, ya, ya shredded 'em in pieces, dem fogeys, Ah dunno if da was better."

"Applejack! It isn't nice to remind Pinkie Pie of this. She wasn't to blame, she was feeling very low."

"But Ah just tell da truth, ya know."

"Thanks, Twily", Pinkie Pie said hanging at her friend's shoulders for a cuddle so strong it could have make her suffocate. "You're the best friend in the world."

This all was touching, in some kind of way, but it didn't settle the problem they were exposed to. If someone caught Fluttershy in the middle of a strange rendezvous, it wasn't only her reputation that would suffer from it, but the school's in entire. They had to find a way.

Two knocks resounded at the door, and for a second, Shining Armor was scared it would be for a grievance, and that the person would wonder why there were these teenage girls in his office, but he quickly understood seeing another of his little sister's friends arrive, Rarity - who he knew very well - with loads of bags in her arms.

Behind her, his very young assistant, the one who always made Twilight blush strangely each time he appeared, seemed to be very embarrassed. Shining Armor made him a sign to show he could handle it, though he didn't know what to do in front of this new intrusion.

"Girls, you'll never guess... I was going out of a fabric store where I've found marvelous muslins, when I saw a girl with Canterlot High's new uniform with some kind of old paunchy man. It surprised me, especially as she looked looked like a little shy mouse."

Immediately, Rainbow Dash bounced off the desk on which she was still sitting, and stood in front of Rarity, grabbing her shoulders with serious eyes.

"Did she have baby pink hair with turquoise eyes?"

"Turquoise eyes, I don't know. But I'm sure about her hair. She had an adorable butterfly-shaped barrette in it."

It was Fluttershy, no doubt. Not only Principal Celestia's speech hadn't discouraged her, but with it, she pushed the provocation as far as doing it with the school's uniform on. Even Rainbow Dash had never dared such an insult to adults, yet she was regarded by many of them as a champion in this field as well.

She absolutely had to stop her. Without further delay, she took back her comfortable sleeveless fake fur jacket, grabbed her scooter's keys in her pants' pockets, and rushed outside. The others of course followed her, though they would each take less fast means of transportation - their legs.

Rarity, who didn't know about the whole story, stayed standing without understanding what was going on. She would have liked an explanation, but it wouldn't come from her friends, already all gone to the attack of she didn't know what. The young fashion designer turned to Shining Armor with an angel smile on her face.

And to say that himself wasn't that sure he had understood...


Rainbow Dash rushed through the city, with a single idea on her mind. She absolutely had to stop the new girl from commiting something irrevocable. She couldn't already spit in Canterlot High's face, while she was there only since a couple of days. This city and this school had a lot to offer, and whatever was the reason for the teenage girl to devote herself to such an activity, her friends and her could help her to get through it without appealing to a method so extreme.

She passed by Big Macintosh's car not even noticing. The latter had just gased up, and was about to go back to his vehicle. He wasn't the one who recognized her, but Zephyr Breeze, with who he was still skimming the streets in order to find young trendsetters to take a picture of. Without asking the owner's advice, he hurtled off to follow the mysterious teenage girl going at full throttle.

They barely had made a few inches when they saw showing up in front of them Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. The three young girls climbed in the car as well, and demanded them to follow Rainbow Dash's scooter… still not asking Big Macintosh whether or not he agreed for this little car chase through Canterlot's streets.

Rainbow Dash parked her scooter a little haphazardly in a bike's garage, and ran to the restaurant where she thought Rarity had seen Fluttershy. This latter still was there, wearing her uniform, waving at an older man in tie and suit, hanging at his phone, who was going to a cash dispenser.

When she stood in front of her, the shy teenage girl slightly jumped. It was impossible not to know Rainbow Dash when going to Canterlot High. Her appearance and athletic exploits made her some kind of mini-star, and Fluttershy knew her and her friends had tried to integrate her within their small circle - that she regarded as a bit strange and scary.

"Freeze! I don't know what you wanted to do, but don't do it. If you get nabbed, you'll pay the highest price."

"I—I", Fluttershy muttered. "I don't know what you're talking about. And, it's none of your business."

After all, they both didn't know each other, and had never talked until now. For her, it was clear, the girl in front of her didn't care much about what she was doing or not with disgusting adults, she only wanted to play tattletale.

"When you're doing this with Canterlot High's uniform, yes, it's my business. Whatever your problem is, it's not going to be settled down this way."

"You don't know anything about my problems... You're the kind of person who never has any problem for anything, never. My parents are always behind my back, wanting me to go out, to befriend with people, but I hate it. I don't know how I should do this."

"So what? Do you think you'd change your situation by sleeping with old sleazy guys?"

"I haven't slept with anyone yet. I only go with them at restaurants. But if it can help me to become more in compliance with what's expected from me, then I'll do it... But that's something you can't understand. You are normal, and popular."

Obviously, Fluttershy wasn't really good at judging people she barely knew, not more that she was to understand how harmful her decision was. In harmful matter, Rainbow Dash had a good knowledge. As for her supposed normality... It was laughable when she was better known.

"Do you think it will help you in anything to fondle their flabby buttocks? All it will give you is even more disgust about yourself. Listening to you, it sounds like you have no heart, no brain, no will. Aren't you a person? When you're pushed, when you're harmed, aren't you hurt? If that's the case, well, come on... Do it. But it's going to mean you're nothing but a zombie, or worse, good to bury. We'll send you flowers and a pretty commemorative slab."

She was aware that everything she had just said to Fluttershy was rather hard to hear. But she also knew that sometimes, it was necessary. It pleased no one when being shaken some cruel reality under nose. That was how life was. It was impossible to block ears and close eyes as if nothing.

The pink-haired young girl lowered her eyes and a few tears roll on her cheeks. It wasn't really what was being said that hurt, it was all these eyes on her. Rainbow Dash's group of friends was here too, and they had seen a part of the scene. Fluttershy was feeling so ashamed...

She suffered a jump when the three girls stepped to her as well, and took her in their arms. Until now, she never would have thought someone would show a ounce of compassion towards her, all the more so when she was exposed this way. This momentum of affection was so unexpected that she burst out crying again.

There was no need to add anything. Rainbow Dash knew she had won the game. The way Fluttershy was crying against her friends' lenient shoulders made her think she had realized the mistake she was about to commit. Never deny your own nature, her mother used to say, especially not to fit with the others' expectations.

Suddenly, from behind, Big Macintosh's coworker, the one with the hipster look whom the school's trio was fan of, stepped to them, and Rainbow Dash was about to point out to him that he didn't have to meddle with this story, when she noticed Fluttershy registering another jump as she saw him in her field of vision.

"Big brother", she whispered, incredulous.

"BIG BROTHER?!", the three other girls yelled.

However, seeing them face to face, family likeliness couldn't be ignored, even if according to Rainbow Dash, the called Zephyr Breeze really looked like a weekend lame womanizer compared to the youngest angel appearance. Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle moved aside to let him come even closer and take his little sister in his arms in his turn.

"I didn't know you were suffering so much... But you can't stay in silence like this, Flutty… You have to say it when you're feeling low. And most importantly, you have to stop believing we don't love you the way you are."

"Alright", she whispered against his shoulder.

Zephyr was very proud of himself. If he really thought what he had said to Fluttershy, he also was convinced his perfect big brother performance was going to touch the mysterious Rainbow Dash's heart, on whom he had a crush for her shameless attitude and her hoarse voice. It was the kind of thing which moved girls, after all... Well, according to him.

When him and his sister parted, he could only note how much the teenage girl was different. Arms crossed, she rolled her eyes when he tried to mischievously wink at her.

"I promise, I won't hide anything again... I'll tell everything to my new best friends", Fluttershy finished, turning to the girls.

"Really good choice",Twilight said with a smile, while she trotted toward their arms.

All was well that ended well, like the saying said. A disaster had been avoided, and a new friend had integrated their privileged circle, with all the rest.

Except for Zephyr Breeze, who never had bore his name so well, as he had to face the coldest breeze ever when he tried to come back to Rainbow Dash, already busy to gambol with her friends, her scooter helmet still on her head - after all, what was the point of glamour in all kind of circumstances?

Wrong Number (part 1)

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Already, when she'd got changed, with her garage's door opened wide, people from her neighborhood passing by walking their dogs or taking out their garbage had put quite a funny face. Now she was flying by friskly on Canterlot's downtown sidewalks, it was the rest of the city who turned around on her way in the most skeptical way.

It didn't move Rainbow Dash in the least. She was used to being noticed, and even enjoyed with proud to shake up those who were very narrow-minded. And looks wore by roller derby's players are to be noticeable, if not disturbing.

Even so, for those who knew her well, it could be surprising to see her parading in such an outfit in front of everyone. She was not really famous for being the kind of girl liking to draw attention from males with sexy and alluring styles. If she happened to wear skirts and shorts, it was first of all to look pleasant for herself.

When two masculine voice called her out once she reached the Grand Rue, her first reflex was to think it probably was two clumsy males shooted across to her outfit, who wanted to "compliment" her - which meant, according to her own definition, to saddle her with degrading nicknames while trying to coax her to some bar. She'd have hit the road without looking back if, from the corner of her eye, she wouldn't have recognized Big Macintosh's tall figure and freckles.

She checked out what time it was on her wrist watch and claimed that she could stop for a few minutes in order to chat with a friend. If only he wasn't accompanied by Fluttershy's boring brother...

Since his little sister had integrated her friends' circle, the latter couldn't stop following them as often as possible. He happened to have dropped his fashion school and that his work for Canterlot Street Style was all he could found, thanks to one of his uncles insisting near the site's CEO, who was a friend of their family. He was a boy with no ambition except hitting on girls... How could sweet and kind Fluttershy be connected with such a loser?

Rainbow Dash didn't like at all how he looked at her, from head to toe, with a dirty something in his eyes which made her feel as if he was insidiously taking off her clothes in his mind. When it was about offending some kind of uptight persons, she had no problem with her outfit, but when it came to this kind of attentions, it had the annoying knack of making her feel uncomfortable.

It was true what she wore, despite her cyan helmet, her wrist pads, elbow pads and knee pads, showed a lot. The dark blue lined with red frillies shorts of her "uniform" almost matched the "knickers" kind of clothes, her white t-shirt with the name of her team - the Blazing Angels – and her number – 472 – in the back was so close-fitting it let the sports bra she was wearing under it show, and along with high-knee rainbow socks, she had worn what was the hallmark of her team: a paire of stockings with apparent seams at the back.

In spite of the cold outside, her jacket still was in her gym bag, and she didn't feel the need to take it out, warmed up as she was by her little race through Canterlot's streets.

"Where are you going, Rainbow Dash?", Big Macintosh questionned her, while not being surprised much by her outfit extravaganza.

"Dressed like this? To my roller derby practice, of course!"

The young man rolled his eyes as if underlining the evidence of it although he had asked the question. It seemed to him that a few weeks ago, she had tried to get Applejack into this sport with a female predominance, but his younger sister had declined, only wanting to be involved in rodeos.

Conversely, Rainbow Dash was involved in many athletic disciplines, even outside of school. He admired her dynamism and the committment she put in each of these disciplines. This was the kind of person to inspire him respect...

"What is this, roller derby?" Zephyr asked as well.

Since Rainbow Dash didn't seem very enthusiastic to answer the question, only focusing on Big Macintosh, this latter felt obliged to explain instead.

"It's a sport almost exclusively practiced by girls..."

His coworker's eyes started to shine. He probably was imagining sexy or cute things, made to draw masculine's attentions. The shock was going to be rude.

"You have to go past the opposite players without being thrown on the floor or taken out of the track..."

Zephyr Breeze's mouth took the shape of an odd 'o', and both Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh couldn't help burst out laughing in front of such a reaction. Because what the explanation included was the fact that some of the players were being pushed out of the track in a way that was neither charming or sweet. Obviously, it wasn't at all what had been through his mind when he had heard about a sport almost exclusively practiced by girls.

Once again, the teenage girl checked out her wrist watch. Though she really enjoyed talking with Big Macintosh, if she didn't hurry, she would be late at her practice and her captain didn't like that at all. If there was something Rainbow Dash hated, it was to be scold off.

She was about to open her mouth to say it was about time for her to go when suddenly, coming from behind like an arrow from a bow thrown briskly, someone wearing a woolen bonnet was able to steal her gym backpack.

Without further delay, Rainbow Dash chased after the robber. She was very fast at races, and unluckily for him or her, she was as fast when with roller skates. She wasn't a feared jammer for nothing.

Her bag didn't only contain her gum-shield, her house and scooter keys - it had refused to start - as well as her changing clothes, but also her wallet with the debit card her father gave her each time he was away, which meant three weeks a month. Just because they didn't talk a lot didn't mean she wouldn't face a heavy sentence if she couldn't get a hold of it again. Most of the time, when he had something to say to her, it was a reproach...

The robber wasn't afraid to bump into people on the way, as well trying to be fast than to hinder her path, but Rainbow Dash was doing her best to avoid them, apologizing at the same time. As if she were on the track during a session, she bowed her back to go even faster, and succeeded to pin her opponent against the ground.

It wasn't a really strong person, she observed, pulling her bag off their hands. The other one was struggling as much as she could, intimating her to let her go. This voice... It was familiar. Sure she had already heard it before.

With no hesitation, Rainbow Dash took off her assailant's bonnet. She discovered fire and flame hair and a paire of hostile blue eyes. Yes, she was sure she already had seen this girl - since it was a girl - somewhere.

"Hey, I know you, right? Are you from Canterlot High ?"

The girl made the most of the question and of the fact the one holding her had lowered her guard, and she punched her in the face, in order to get off her control. Rainbow Dash fell on her bottom and placed her hand on her cheek. She felt as if someone had smashed her jaw with a brick of something like that. She had practiced boxing as an amateur and thought this girl had one hell of a right hook - and that, even so, it seriously hurt.

The girl in question had already fled far when Big Macintosh and Zephyr Breeze arrived to help Rainbow Dash to stand back up. Thankfully, she didn't bleed yet she could feel her cheek had swollen and was likely to display ugly colors in no time.

It would be a lie to say she thought she was pretty, conversely, but even so, she wanted to keep a certain picture. She didn't like at all that the others could think she could be surprised and knocked down by someone else. What she wanted the others to say about her was that she was a tough cookie against who it was no good rubbing shoulders with, and not that she was easy to get rid of.

She would learn who this girl was, and have her revenge. Though she wasn't sure of what kind of revenge. It was a matter of reputation...


Well, here she was. In a single morning, everyone knew and only talked about it. Although Rainbow Dash had lied in good faith and said she had fell at the roller derby, they all were thinking that one of the scary jammers from her team had got the best of her.

As a result, if her friends had moved on to something else and talked with joy about various things, she stayed a bit in the background, lips closed and frowning permanently. It was undoubtedly why, during this lunch, no one at the refectory had dared to sit close to them. Between the group and the others, there were something like a separation.

No one had asked questions when Fluttershy had joined the small group already formed since the beginning of the year - their friendship was dating back from Middle School, a disturbed period if any. Her very timid nature contrasted quite a lot with the rest of the team, but it also brought some kind of balance they maybe had lacked until now. Quickly, it had become almost natural to see her with Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

What was sure was that, thanks to this, no one had tried to tease a little too much the pretty and shy new girl, that she wasn't exactly still.

However, some things were a little bit new for her. For example, Applejack and Rainbow Dash's diet. The other girls often treated themselves with little sweet things, fried dishes, that almost never happened to be on their own trays. Their desserts often consisted of fruits and cereal bars, and they asked their vegetables to be cooked steaming, with the least sauce possible.

What the rainbow-haired girl had more than her best friend was these odd black cans she drank permanently. It intrigued Fluttershy a lot, and she always wondered how it tasted like but never dared to ask.

She dared even less seeing how Rainbow Dash didn't seem about to loosen up. In fact, this grumpy attitude was starting to bother the rest of the band. Someone needed to do something...

"Hey, won't ya stop bein' in a huff? Ya look like a scaresow in a corn field!"

To root out the evil, one could always relied on Applejack. Doublespeak wasn't her native language, quite the reverse. With her, things always went out in the loutest way ever, torrent of words like non-filtered water.

"I'd like to see you there... Imagine you're falling from a bull in the middle of a competition, would you be smiling? I don't think so."

"It's not da same. Ya know it's not da same. And yar scaring Fluttershy."

The young girl opened her eyes wide, surprised to be so suddenly meddled with this conversation though she was doing her best not to incur the wrath of her friend. She saw Twilight putting her hand on her face from dismay. It was a chorus she knew too well. Even if it was clear that Rainbow Dash and Applejack were very close and adored each other, their strong characters often made them have confrontations.

Of course, it never seemed to shake Pinkie Pie up, but Twilight always felt some torment when it happened in front of other persons. She still found it hard to handle curious glances from outsiders, and wondered what they were thinking about it.

And so, Twilight realized that, without knowing it, she also cared a lot about her repuation - the one of a quiet and reasonable girl - and that her friends, with their very peculiar exuberance , always jeopardized her a little.

They both were busy arguing when suddenly, Applejack saw Rainbow Dash breaking off with a surprising suddenness, and rolling up into a ball on her chair.

They all exchanged glances, startled. It wasn't Rainbow Dash's kind to put an end to a dispute without trying to have the last word, neither by camouflaging herself this way. What happened next baffled them even more when she left her chair hiding under her table.

From their eyes, they followed her walking like a toad towards the table of behind. A group of girls were sitting there, and savored their lunch while chatting. Although she had told them the truth, her friends didn't immediately made the connection between this band and the other event of the day.

Quickly, the knot of four girls noticed Rainbow Dash who, always crouching, had come closer to one of them in particular. To be honest, no one in the refectory had missed this new eccentricity, and many whispered as if none could see them, wondering what was going on.

There was no need to precise: Twilight was red from shame, and tried to hide her face with her bangs and her long blue hair.

Squinting, Rainbow Dash gazed at the girl in uniform, looking innocent and most importantly very disconcerted by this tactless inspection. There were not many hair colors like this in Canterlot High, even though some of them were really fanciful... starting with hers. And the color of her eyes... It made no doubt.

"I knew it!" she said standing back up. "You're the girl who stole my gym bag, yesterday."

The other tables probably hadn't heard it, but nothing was so sure about the closest ones. It was undoubtedly the reason why the accused one didn't speak at all, and lowered her head toward her tray, slightly blushing, like a child caught with her hand in a bag of candies.

One of her sidekicks, a tall skinny girl with hair blue like ice cold water, talked instead of her.

"Sunset Shimmer would never do something like that. Aren't you ashamed to accuse someone of such a thing without any evidence?"

"I don't need evidences, I know it."

"Are you dumb or what?", a second girl took part in the discussion, this time her hair like lavenders in bloom, styled with pigtails. "We're telling you Sunset Shimmer isn't a robber."

"I don't care about the theft... All I care about is the punch she gave me!"

The announcement had a strange impact within their small group. Although the four girls seemed to be close, some kind of tension was floating in the air, and echoed in their attitudes, a little less relaxed. The girl named Sunset Shimmer in particular looked as if her neck was disappearing inside her shoulders.

Something was wrong, of this, Rainbow Dash was sure. Her certainty was strengthened when the third girl who hadn't said anything yet, a girl with massive curly strawberry blonde hair, started to stroke the teenage girl's red and fire hair. She was still sitting. Her gesture looked soft, but there was something sneaky in the enactment that smelled really bad.

"We've told you she has nothing to do with it... If you don't immediately stop this harrassing, we won't hesitate to tell it to Principal Celestia."

Without even finishing their food tray, the small bunch left the table they were at, and Sunset Shimmer followed them speechlessly, her head so low her face was invisible. Yet, it had seemed to Rainbow Dash that she was someone with disposition, given the way she had struggled to outrun her. This extremely fearful attitude, and the muddled behavior of her classmates made her think something strange was going on, and if she insisted, she would take the risk to add more alcohol to a burning down building.

She wasn't the only one to notice. Behind her, all her friends were feeling it too, and none of them could help but watch the bunch until they disappeared behind the doors.

Alright, what happened under the others' roof was none of their business. All the same, they all were intrigued, and worse, they thought it announced nothing good. When they went to sit at their favorite spot near the stadium, to wait until the afternoon classes, they kept discussing about this event. They came to one single conclusion that they had to beware, if not to expect some blow lows to come.


Since a few years now, the small group had chosen a second meeting point downtown, out of the police station where Shining Armor was working. In fact they've known this place thanks to him. On weekends and when her schedules allowed her to, Pinkie Pie was working there and could even rent the main restaurant to organize a few parties.

Sugarcube Corner acted as a tearoom and a bakery. A lot of students from Canterlot High and the rival school met there around ice creams, milkshakes, cupcakes and other pastries and hot drinks. The owners, nicknamed Mr. Et Mrs. Cake, were a couple of thirty-year-olds pleasant and smiling, always swift to pamper their little blue-eyed girls.

The inside was embellished with lovely round tables with pastel colors, wrought iron chairs and velveted bench seats, and the counter of the back displayed behind its window handcooked mouth-watering cakes, prepared at morning by the couple.

It already had happened to their group to settle here just after lunch and to stay until the night had fallen. Time seemed to go by smoothly there, like a mellow break in the middle of the teenagers' frantic lives.

Gathered around a generous after-school snack, they were talking while reviewing, and taking breaks by leafing through magazines.

For Zephyr Breeze, sitting here was like living a dream. The fact that he had pushed himself on them and had pushed Big Macintosh on them as well, who kept on saying they should go back to work, didn't seem to move him much. Here he was surrounded by girls that he thought were all lovely, though he had a strong and obviously not shared preference for one of them.

He was feeling disconnected from reality, and watched them as they smiled, laughed, brought their spoons to their mouth, drinking in their cups, and exchanging what he thought were impassioned confidences.

"I think I'm in love", Rainbow Dash said, with starry eyes in front of a magazine centerfold.

Immediately, Zephyr imagined she had fell for some fashionable dress, or maybe the most popular actor of the period... And felt as if hearing the CD of the sweet melody playing in his head skip when she lowered the magazine, and he distinguished a racing bike, black and gleaming.

Then followed a conversation he just couldn't believe.

"That's exactly the kind of machine I'd like to have once I'll get my motorcycle license. Do you think my father will agree to buy it?"

"Don't ya want a car like anybody else?"

"I hate traffic jam, there's no risk with a bike."

"Well, dat's safer, still..."

"Depends on who's behind the wheel. Have you ever climbed in Pinkie Pie's big pink candy?"

"Pussy isn't a candy. She's a Beetle", the main affected one answered with a wide smile.

"Neon pink. Looks like a dolls car. And who gives a name to her car?"

"Especially a name like Pussy", Applejack cried. "As if Ah called my SUV Peter… or Dick."

"Pussy, it's cute, it's a little cat. Purr."

"Personally", Rarity suddenly took part to the conversation. "I prefer how comfortable my coupé is. It's garantee free of a nickname and as elegant as it is sober."

"Yeah and ya never drive it. Ah don't know what's da point of having a ride if she's sleepin' in your garage."

"My darling, roads of this city are like hell. I like it best when it's the taxi driver who loses his faith rather than me."

"Am I the only one taking the bus? No... The real question is this: am I the only one reviewing?"

"I take the bus too, Twilight", Fluttershy answered with a smile. "And I'd like to review as well... But I don't want to bother anyone."

Zephyr took a glimpse at Big Macintosh, sitting at his right. He wasn't surprised. Conversely, he listened to them talking about bodyworks with a wide smile, livening up their arguments with "eeyup"s and "nope"s. This, he couldn't understand...

It was as if the world was topsy-turvy. The complete opposite of what he had dreamed since his first excitements as a boy. Here he was with a bunch of blooming teenage girls around him, and they didn't pay a single attention to him. With it, they didn't have at all the kind of conversation he had expected. Maybe he really was dreaming... or having a nightmare.

"But", he dared muttered. "What kind of girls like to talk about cars and bikes?"

"What kind of girls?", Rainbow Dash asked raising an eyebrow. "I don't know... those who drive cars and bikes?"

"That's not what I meant. I meant... shouldn't you all be talking about shopping sprees or handsome actors?"

"I'd like to talk about pastries and party supplies. Oh, it makes me think... We have a new uniform at lacrosse, Dashie?"

"That's what I heard. I don't give a care, as long as we got new sticks and new nets. I can't break the records with a lousy equipment! Well, I can because I'm the best but well... You got it."

"You do this again", Zephyr said putting both hands on each side of his head.

"My dear, like everyone, at least I hope so, our discussions are very diversified. I'm fond of talking about the latest trends, but I also like talking about the price increase of raw materials, because I'm concerned as a freelancer."

That even elegant Rarity had in her mouth words as uncouth as "prices increase of raw materials" was for Zephyr the ultimate heavy blow. His dreams had just been crushed with high heels. Yet, he was sure, he knew womankind very well. There always was this trio of girls following him around, almost all those had had hit on seemed to be sensitive to his charms, and above all, he had a shy little sister, soft and adorable, who like animals, quietness and reading of sentimental novels.

So, where had he been wrong?

Two adults dressed with long raincoats stepped into Sugarcube Corner, and glanced all around the room. When Mrs. Cake came to them, and they told her who they were looking for, she opened her mouth wide, before reluctanly showing them the long table where the whole bunch was.

They came closer, their faces serious and shut, and they all raised their heads toward them, not sure of what to expect.

"Are you Miss Rainbow Dash, from Canterlot High?"

"Well, yes, what's happening?" she asked chewing a bit of vanilla ice cream.

"We're from the Juvenile Squad. We need to ask you a few questions. Follow us, please."

"Uh? But... What did I do? Is that because I ran a red light the other day with my scooter? I swear, when I passed it by it was orange, I didn't have the time to brake."

"It has nothing to do it a traffic problem. You're accused of soliciting and raided aggression."

Rainbow Dash almost strangled with her saliva. She was agree to take the red light run upon herself, it was dangerous not to respect Driver's Manual at a moment where streets were busy. Alright, she had a fake ID card to get into nightclubs and to order alcohol. Well, and she had bought aerosol paint because she wanted to try street art. But soliciting... Her? Until recently, she was still believing Jack Rabbit was the character from a cartoon - and his wife's name was Jessica.

Wrong Number (part 2)

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The Juvenile’s Squad building had nothing in common with the small police station where Twilight’s brother was working. Located in the suburban of Canterlot, it was a gloomy place, with gray stones and dark rooms.

The Detective’s office where she was questioned had no windows, and the old wooden and carpet chair on which Rainbow Dash sat was itchy against the back of her thighs. Even Green Haven’s psychiatrist’s office looked warmer. Yet it was the last place on earth where she wanted to go back, even for a courtesy call.

Here was what she was accused of. Via internet, she’d let a classified ad in a not very commendable site, along with sexy pictures of herself, alluring older man while promising them a moment of ecstasy. When these men were going to the rendezvous spot, a motel way out of the center, they were welcomed by a bunch of teenage girls who beat them and stole them their wallets.

It was absurd. She had no problem with money. Her father gave her a business debit card, limitless, each time he was out for business, which means almost all the time. As for beating middle-aged men… She unburdened herself enough aggressiveness at the roller derby, lacrosse and even at basketball. And, the sexy pictures of her were poor photomontages, as easy to spot as a castle in the middle of a wasteland.

“Since I’m telling I’m not the one who posted this ad! On the pictures, it’s easy to see my face had been added to another body. Since when do I have such shells instead of boobs? Did you check the IP address?”

“It comes from a cybercafé. Of course, you’re smart enough not to do this from home.”

“I’ve told you I’ve done nothing of that sort! Haven’t you heard about presumption of innocence?”

“We know you have some self-destructive penchants… According to what’s been reported to us, your father is never here. It might be difficult for you, so you’re trying to get his attention, maybe?”

“Am I dreaming?! Don’t you guys never hear what the others say? If you insist, I’ll call upon my right to stay silent.”

Rainbow Dash crossed her arms and looked away. It was clear she wasn’t the girl on the pictures, anyone could see. It seemed like they refused to look further, satisfying themselves with facts from her past as a good explanation. A past that was over, dated of something like five years ago, against which she regarded to have won most of the battles.

They had spoken about her father… For such a long time now, she had stopped hoping he would take some time to care about her. She had won trophies, had appeared inside the local newspaper for her athletic exploits, the number one channel about High School and University basketball had even blessed her with a short report, and nothing of this all had particularly made him proud of herself, or solicitous about her existence.

Arousing men, beating them and stealing them… It would be the best way to be directly going back to the Green Haven square. As if she could want such a thing…

One of the detectives kept on asking her questions to which she kept on refusing to answer, while a third one had knocked at the door in order to speak with his coworker. Rainbow Dash didn’t hear what they said but saw the tensed face of the second detective.

A man dressed in a gray suit, wearing glasses, then arrived into the office, and immediately, the detective questioning Rainbow Dash got up, his face as tensed as the one of his fellow policeman.

“Mr. Hasbod”, he cried between his teeth.

“The defendant’s father, Mr. Rainbow Blaze, CEO of Canterlot Airlines, had make me responsible for her defense. It happens that you have arrested my client without a warrant signed by a judge, which is mandatory when an ongoing investigation includes a minor. Consequently, you had no right to bring her here for a questioning, and this, without letting her call a lawyer, a parent, or a legal guardian. In retrospect of that, this questioning is over and my client will stop answering your questions. Follow me, Miss Dash.”

How did her father happen to know, Rainbow Dash ignored it, but what was sure was that those two detectives would surely think their instinct had been right, and she really wanted to draw her father’s attention with these attacks. The intervention saved her for now, but that wasn’t going to help her in the end.

Mr. Hasbod accompanied her speechlessly out of the building, and she then had the surprise to see that her friends all were here, and were waiting for her inside Pinkie Pie’s big pink candy.

They had to drop off Fluttershy in front of her house, since her parents had established a curfew for her during weeks of school, then they went to Rainbow Dash’s in order to think about this matter around cocktails made by Rarity, who thought it was the tonic they all needed – except Twilight, who only drank sodas.

To enliven their beverages, Rainbow Dash took crackers and diet peanut butter, the only sweet treat there was in her closets, loaded with cereal bars, and bags of rice and noodles. In her fridge, piled up fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as bottles of milk and energetic drinks in the shelves of the door.

“The person who did this can’t really master IT tools”, Twilight claimed after she had studied the photomontage, not without a certain amount of embarrassment.

“No matter, it looks believable for the cops.”

Lying spread-eagled on her couch, Rainbow Dash chewed on her cocktail’s straw, still upset because of her humiliating arrest in front of everyone in Sugarcube Corner.

One of the things that made her mad the most was that people thought she was able to do things so deceitful. When she attacked, it always was point-blank. Maybe this attitude lacked sobriety and wisdom, but that was how she was made.

And in her mind, it was more filled with dignity than taking the others for fools.

“You do know you’d never do such a thing, and we all know it too. You have to trust justice.”

Rarity meant no harm. Yet, her remark made Rainbow Dash become even more withdrawn. When her mother had died, there had been an inquiry… Irregularities had been detected, and yet the agents in charge of the investigation hadn’t gave rise to them, and everyone kept on saying it had been nothing but a terrible accident.

“What Rarity means, sugar cube, is dat ya have to tell yerself dat things ain’t goin’ to go downhill. Ya won’t go back there, Ah promise.”

That was the magic thing about Applejack. Rainbow Dash didn’t need to tell, her friend knew. After all, her and Twilight had been there already in her worst hardships and they both knew the hell she had to go through.

Maybe she couldn’t really trust justice, but she knew she could at least trust her friends. They always were here for her, as she always was there for them too, no matter the circumstances. In fact, Pinkie Pie came to try to cheer her up by making faces, and she had just received a message from Fluttershy telling her not to lose hope.

“Since we all know it isn’t you, we could try to search together who would have tried to frame you”, Twilight took part again. “There are plenty of persons who don’t like you because they think you’re arrogant or self-centered… Can’t you see someone more particularly?”

“I don’t. Got to be seriously hateful to make such a disgusting thing!”

“It could be an opponent you fought at sports and who’s mad at you for this reason.”

“One thing’s sure, it ain’t for a dude since ya never hit on anyone.”

“Or not on purpose”, Rainbow Dash said shrugging.

“Oh me, I know what to do”, Pinkie Pie cried.

She had put her arms in the air, as if no one could see her, half sitting on Rainbow Dash who was still lying on the couch, and sipped on her cocktail with the straw like it was a simple fizzy drink.

“What if we’d be the one to frame this person this time? Let’s pretend to answer the ad, go there and there you go! We discover who it is. After, all we’ll have to do is to bring this person to the policemen.”

“And how do we do dis, Shadow Spade?”

“Well, Twilight’s brother is a policeman…”

“Pinkie Pie, this is a wonderful idea. I personally always dreamed to be Shadow Spade. And to have her wardrobe.”

“But Shining Armor isn’t in charge of this investigation. I don’t think it’s going to be possible.”

“Can’t we call the detectives who had arrested me, and tell them we got a track?”

Twilight wasn’t completely convinced. Police had very precise rules to follow, and she didn’t like not to follow the rules. More than everything, she didn’t like to include her own brother in a clampdown that could be dangerous.

Nevertheless, Rainbow Dash was one of her best friends. Thanks to her and Applejack, who immediately had accepted her with them when she arrived in Middle School, she could have gone out of her shell, she had socialized, and had finally been able to feel more at ease around people, to love herself the way she was.

For her friends, Twilight was ready to do anything. Even the biggest concessions.


Shining Armor hadn’t been happy to learn that a whole plan had been established around him without his express consent first. His little sister had apologized many and many times, asserting that it was one of the simplest, fastest solution they’ve found that more or less limited damages.

He knew yet that there were investigations that could take a lot of time before being solved, and that during this amount of time, the accused person could suffer from a few wrongs.

Rainbow Dash was one of Twilight’s best friends, a teenager who had been through a lot, and for whom he felt sympathy.

That was the reason why he had agreed to their plan, at the condition that he told about it to his hierarchical superiors. Evidences that were found in a particular way could be refused in case of a trial, and that was a risk he didn’t want to take.

Even him had been able to detect the coarseness of the photomontage when he had read the ad in order to get the number of the fraud. All the same, the finale result had been a bit disturbing. It really was the face of a teenage girl he knew well that had been stuck to this mature and half-naked body.

The voice answering on the phone when calling the number wasn’t at all Rainbow Dash’s. It wasn’t necessary to do a lot of research to understand that there were strange things about all this, a gap between reality and the first conclusions of the investigation.

Rendezvous at the motel The Enchanted Lot, room number twelve.

The place was in no way an enchantment. Located on a dark and almost desert parking lot, it consisted of a succession of wooden-copy bungalows, more looking like containers repainted to hide misery. The paint of the doors was cracked, and the floor in front of each door was layered with blackened fall leaves. To go in such a place without batting an eyelid or wanting to go back, according to the young policeman, it was to be cruelly missing feminine affection – or to be one hell of a pervert.

Shining Armor arrived alone at the room twelve. He had dressed in a man’s suit a little worn, and glasses borrowed from his fiancée Cadence, that made him look older than his twenty-nine years-old. In the few cars of the parking lot were Applejack, Twilight and Pinkie Pie in Shining Armor’s vehicle, along as one of the two detectives in charge of the matter.

He knocked two times at the door, waiting. Not to arouse suspicion, a bit of an act was necessary. The assailants had to think he was nothing but a harmless office worker looking for forbidden sensations. It wasn’t easy for him, former bright and serious student, faithful to the same woman since years, and whom quest for truth and justice had been one of the deepest aspirations.

After a few seconds, a teenager wearing a black sweatshirt, black jeans and sneakers opened the door, the face completely hidden by a hood and a surgical mask.

Without a word, she let him step into the room.

Brown carpet stained with wine, badly made double bed, an old TV set hanging at the wall, walls which white tapestry had turned into beige because of the smoke from cigarettes. On the side, could be distinguished, one barely wholesome bathroom, lit by a neon with rude and aggressive light.

“The girl from the ad was named Rainbow Dash… Where is she?”

“She’s coming”, a female voice answered, her face stuck to what was happening in the parking lot.

Shining Armor saw she was tapping her left foot nervously, hands in her pockets, and that she avoided his eyes. It was obvious that this was up to no good, but he needed to catch her in the act if he wanted to prove anything.

Yet, he was wondering how the aggressed men had not smelled the awful scent of this whole masquerade.

Sounds of feet resounded on the doorstep. Soon, he saw a shadow passing by the window, after what the young girl who had welcomed him quickly hid in the bathroom and locked her door.

Appeared then to Shining Armor three young girls dressed exactly like their fellow, who had in their hands baseball bats and wore knuckles.

“Give us your dough, fogey, or we beat the shit out of you!”

Elementary… Ignorant pigeons were lured here, then threatened and dispossessed. Undoubtedly, even in the case they willingly agreed to give their wallets, they had the right to be beaten anyway, in order to make sure they wouldn’t follow the culprits.

He hoped his recording would be a sufficient evidence to exonerate Rainbow Dash, who might be impatiently waiting for them in the Juvenile Squad’s building with her lawyer. To make sure it would be good enough, Shining Armor tried to push his act a little farther.

“Where’s the girl from the ad, Rainbow Dash?”

“This moron doesn’t exist, you old pervert! Tonight’s not the night you’re going to have a taste of teens in heat.”

“Come on, cough up!”, yelled another of the assailants.

Perfect. The evidence he needed was here. Now he could lead the rest of the operation like it had been decided. In no hurry, he plunged his hand inside his suit jacket’s inner pocket in order to grab his wallet. But instead of giving it to them, he opened it on his badge that he brandished high.

“I’m Detective Shining Armor. Another detective from Juvenile Squad is waiting for you outside, to arrest you. It would be better for anyone if you cooperate.”

The three girls looked at each other, their eyes restless. They quickly left their weapons… but instead of surrendering, they turned around and hurried outside, running.

Shining Armor’s first reflex was to try to run after them. Then he remembered one of them was locked inside the bathroom. If he ran after the others, he probably would let this accomplice go.

And indeed, quickly after, the door of the room was opened. The other teenage girl was about to flee as well. Shining Armor didn’t let her. He grabbed her hood, revealing red ribbed yellow hair… very uncommon.

“No, you won’t be going nowhere.”

It wasn’t his investigation, of course. He only was here as a backup. Yet, no other solution came to his mind. He took his handcuffs and tied the young girl struggling with all her might, one bracelet around her wrist and the other one around his own. This way, he was making sure she wouldn’t run off like the others.

When Shining Armor looked outside, he witnessed something he wouldn’t have thought about. Twilight was standing next to his car, hiding her eyes, while Applejack and Pinkie Pie, gone after two of the accomplices, pinned them against the wet and cold ground, like real rugby players after a scrum. As for the detective in charge of the investigation, he was holding the third one by the hood of her sweatshirt, bringing her back to the parking lot.

As amazing as it seemed, the scheme prepared by his little sister and her friends had worked, although it had been close. It was a crazy, a bit stupid and risky bet, but the stake had been won. It made him understand he still had quite a lot to learn about his job…


A tall skinny girl with blue hair, another girl with mauve hair and the last one with puffy strawberry blonde hair, plus the bag stealer, known as Sunset Shimmer. Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe it… How hadn’t she think about them?

Usually, she wouldn’t be allowed to witness these questionings, even behind a one-way mirror. She had been granted it exceptionally because she’d been falsely accused, on her lawyer’s demand, as a ‘compensation’.

However, the three other girls refused to talk and she hadn’t learned anything about why they had done this to her.

She hoped that this time, she would win the case. After all, it was her right to know why these girls had decided to put her in such a delicate situation.

The young girl behind the mirror’s court-appointed lawyer wasn’t like Mr. Hasbod, a wolf used to wriggle out. His attitude of a rookie made him look unsecure and a little scared to have to defend so young a delinquent.

“I can give you a chance to get away with it”, the detective was saying to Sunset Shimmer. “You’re not heard on the recording as being one of the assailant, but as an accomplice, there’s a risk you directly go to the reformatory. This isn’t what you want, isn’t it?”

“Maybe that’s what I deserve”, she answered, her head low.

Her reply baffled the detective as well as Rainbow Dash. Of course, she had felt when she had met her at the canteen with her ‘friends’ that something was going wrong, yet the girl had an attitude a bit insolent, and a rebel-kind of look that didn’t match with the lowering head poor victim behind the mirror.

“Don’t talk nonsense… You’ve done nothing too serious. That would be stupid to pay for the others. If you tell me what I want to know, we’ll make a deal. You could do nothing but community services.”

“I can’t do that to my friends. I’m not a stitch.”

Deep down, Rainbow Dash could understand Sunset Shimmer’s reaction. She probably didn’t want to betray her bunch’s trust, because it would wipe out their bonds forever. On the other hand, what she didn’t understand was why these so-called friends had run away without the least care about what could have happened to her. At no moment did they seem to worry about her fate.

The teenage girl didn’t know what her friends could have said or done. They had been separated when they had arrived at the police station, and were forbid to communicate. It was a detail in the favor of the detectives. If this was necessary to save her, the one questioning her didn’t hesitate. In fact, it was a quite current technique.

“Well, too bad for you. Tomorrow morning, you’ll be presented to a judge with your dear friends. Your parents already know… To your file are linked testimonies, and let me tell you your friends didn’t have so many scruples. They’d laid all the responsibility on you. According to them, you’re the only one at the origins of the project, and you’ve bullied them so they would rip off middle-aged men…”

Something told Rainbow Dash, still hidden behind the mirror, that things hadn’t happened this way at all.

Sunset Shimmer looked completely puzzled. She was twisting her fingers between her thighs, eyes going everywhere. The young lawyer was as lost as she was, silent on his chair…

Quickly, tears emerged on the young girl’s blue eyes and her mouth became distorted against her will.

“No, it just can’t be… Why would they do that?”

“Maybe because they think more about saving their skin than they think about solidarity spirit.”

The detective’s lie was a bad thing, that was for sure… And at the same time, what had happened at the refectory, the way those girls had talked instead of her, how Sunset Shimmer was looking afraid, all the while apparently thinking that was nothing special to be treated this way, all this showed that if they started to talk, those words probably would be the first out of their mouth.

The young girl put her elbows against the table, and spoke while hiding her face. Her voice was shaking at each words she said, and that was enough to make everyone understand which state she was in.

“When I’ve arrived in High School, I did all kind of bad things. I hurt a lot of people… I only wanted the others to have respect for me, I only wanted to be admired and I thought the only way was to inspire fear. But in fact everybody just hated me. And then the girls have arrived. They took me as one of theirs without questions. At first, it was so fine… I was finally feeling accepted. Worth of being a friend.”

“When did things turn out differently?”, the detective asked, now a bit more lenient.

“A little after summer holidays, when they came back from a trip together. They started to say I wasn’t trustworthy, that I was a threat for the group, that they didn’t feel good when with me. First it was just innuendos and then it became insults. The more I was trying to be nice, to show them they could lean on me; the more they were cruel. I was thinking I was the blame, that I had to do more efforts. A few weeks ago, they’d started to ask me to do things in order to prove my loyalty… Like stealing in stores, or purses and bags of passersby.”

An event Rainbow Dash had forgotten since was reminded to her suddenly. That was why she remembered Sunset Shimmer’s face when she had tried to steal her gym backpack.

A student had been expelled for a month, after she had gone to disciplinary hearing and on advice of PTA, for repeated bullying on a bunch of girls. Everyone had talked about it then.

It probably was her. Once back, changed, she had tried to integrate the athletics team, in which Rainbow Dash also was, but she had been refused because of these antecedents, in fear she would ruin the team spirit.

Back then, she was nothing but a nine-grader, but if she had been in her current powerful position as the leader of the running sub-team, Rainbow Dash knew she would have given a chance to Sunset Shimmer. Just like her, she knew how difficult it was to leave behind a past made of hardships…

“I didn’t want to do all this, but I also didn’t want to lose my only friends and to end up alone. So I accepted everything they asked me. And, the other day, when they bet I wouldn’t be able to steal Rainbow Dash’s stuff, I got caught. So, to make it up to them, they told me I had to organize this scheme. They forced me to make the photomontage and to post the ad… Even if I didn’t want to do that, even if I wanted to tell them to go to hell, I did it anyway. Because I was scared.”

The thick layer of smoke around this story had just disappeared, like dissipated by a huge gust of wind. Rainbow Dash didn’t need to hear more. She asked to leave the room and met Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Applejack who she told everything to. Once back, she would send a message to Rarity and Fluttershy where she would explain them what she had discovered.

Although she had been exonerated definitely, she wasn’t feeling better. Sunset Shimmer’s story had moved her, though she never said it out loud. To her friends, she simply explained she thought that would be a good idea to give the student the second chance she never had, in order to show the example, to prove her that brighter days were in store, even for her.

She was interrupted in her conversation with her friends by the three accomplices, out of their questioning rooms. Now aware of the charges upon their shoulders and of the deal agreed to Sunset Shimmer, when they met their ‘friend’ who was able to go out free – to the condition that she would see the judge tomorrow in the morning – they doubled threats and insults, while moving about from rage.

In front of this pouring of hate, it was easy to see that she wasn’t sure about how to behave. Cheeks crimson, she was trying to avoid the eyes of the other policemen… and her eyes fell upon Rainbow Dash, standing with the girls.

Sunset Shimmer opened her eyes wide when she saw her waving in her direction. She looked to the left, then to the right, and slowly and shyly, her head low, walked to the small bunch.

“Are you going to insult me as well? You’d be right to but well…”

“No we won’t insult ya, whadya take us for?”

“As Applejack says, I didn’t ask you to come to insult you. I just wanted to say that… if you’re looking for a real bunch of friends to have fun with, don’t search no more. We’re here.”

Sunset Shimmer rose her head, skeptical. With what she had revealed, it was impossible that not only Rainbow Dash wouldn’t hold a grudge against her, but also that she gave her a hand and accepted her as a friend as well. She had put her into a very serious and delicate situation. In her shoes, she would have spit in her own face.

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

“It would be a lie to tell you that I’m not upset that I’ve been arrested and taken for a prostitute because of you, but I’m going to try my best to forget about this whole matter. See, I think anyone deserve a second chance. I’m sure if you’d be around the good persons, which means us, you’ll be able to show that you’re better than that.”

“And we’ll never tell ya bad things and will never force ya to do illegal things.”

“Or cool illegal things like drinking margaritas at the Bellehorse Bar.”

“Rainbow Dash, don’t give her such ideas!”

“You really need to be a little less uptight, Twilight Sparkle.”

“And she’s da one who says dat”, Applejack underlined with irony.

While her friends were bickering again about trifles, like often, Pinkie Pie wrapped an arm around Sunset Shimmer’s elbow.

“You know; you can trust them. I also did very bad things when I was younger, and they accepted me with no fuss. Look where I am now. I’m their favorite Pinkie… even if they say nasty things about my Pussy.”


The comment, clumsy, had what it takes to make Sunset Shimmer jump, but Pinkie Pie didn’t bother to explain her she talked about a car, and went instead to put in two bits in the conversation of her four friends.

Once the shock passed, yet, Sunset Shimmer let a smile appear on her face. What was under her eyes, no doubt, it was a real bunch of good friends, just like Rainbow Dash had said. Everything didn’t look perfect between them, but the evidence she needed was right in front of her… They all were here despite the fact it was late, in order to support one of theirs. After the small arguments, the next morning, they would meet each other with pleasure, and would spend all their moments together, to laugh and share, enjoying each other company.

Now and for the first time, Sunset Shimmer hoped she would find her place in a bunch like this one… and why not, even, like it had been said to her, her place in this bunch. Despite her mistakes. Despite her past.

Applejack's Secret Admirer (part 1)

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Rainbow Dash opened her eyes suddenly, her breath short and her forehead trickling with sweat. Her room was pitch black, except for the small cloud-shaped night-light she always kept at the back of the room. The digital screen of her alarm-clock displayed three in the morning.

Like each time it happened, her heart beat so hard in her chest that she had the impression any movement could exhaust her. She didn’t try to wipe the cold tears along her temples until the pulsations hadn’t quieted down.

Almost five years… Almost five years and yet, memories from that dreadful day when everything had crumbled were still coming to shake her in her sleep. The nightmare no longer haunted her nights each time she closed her eyes, however it didn’t mean that when it did come back, it had no impact whatsoever on her emotions.

It was early, but Rainbow Dash knew… She wouldn’t be able to fall asleep immediately. She groped around in the dark, found her bedside table lamp’s button. The room went from the complete darkness to an almost blinding light, and she had to blink before she could get used to it.

The big house was plunged into silence, a silence to which she forced herself to get used to as well, though it sent her back to her loneliness, again and again. Even her tortoise Tank still was absent, hidden under a pile of leaves in the huge aquarium where he carried out his hibernation. There still was her old favorite plushy, but she knew the comfort it would bring wouldn’t be enough and could even make her cry.

Not really sure of what she was going to do, Rainbow Dash slipped her feet inside her sleepers and took her white robe, the one which made her think about some big fluffy cloud. At least there was something a little cozy in that house too big for herself alone.

Darkness once again was what welcomed her when she got out of the room. Some strange urge took over her and she turned on each and every lights of the floor, as well as in the bathroom, the one for the wooden staircase, the huge living-room and the opened kitchen.

Nothing had changed since she had moved in Canterlot by the age of ten, after her father had purchased Canterlot Airlines, threatened of clearance sale, and that her mother had integrated the royal fleet of stunt flying in order to be with the rest of the family. Of course, everything was embellished with taste, but for Rainbow Dash it lacked soul in the whole with its high-end model hi-fi and cinema set, its very modern cream-colored furniture and this huge suede couch.

In the kitchen’s fridge, she picked a fresh bottle of water and sipped long swallow directly at the neck. Her mouth was dry and furred, her throat scalding, with some kind of ferrous taste going up. This unbearable silence buzzed in her ears, and she suddenly felt that if that whole house would disappear, her life would get better.

Usually, she would have go down at the private gym her mother had installed in the basement, but even this Rainbow Dash didn’t feel like doing. She just wanted to take refugee between her mother’s arms, and knew very well that was a wish impossible to get granted.

One by one, she turned off the lights, in the opposite way than earlier. Bit by bit, disappeared behind her the freezing gusts of a blizzard. Back in the small cocoon that was her bedroom, that she had tried her best to decorate in order so it would fit her usually dynamic character, when the past didn’t come and dragged at her ankles, she sighed deeply.

Throwing herself on her bed, she hid under the blankets which reminded her of the caves she used to build with her childhood best friend, before she went through her phone directory, looking for a good soul to bring her the human warmth she lacked.

Twilight needed her uninterrupted eight-hour sleep, Fluttershy could be scolded off by her parents if they surprised her on the phone so late at night. Pinkie Pie would probably be a little too restless for what she wanted… As for Sunset Shimmer, they both weren’t close enough yet for Rainbow Dash to confess her about something as personal as her nocturnal frights.

Out of the seven, Applejack for sure was the most likely to understand. Shortly before Rainbow Dash, she also had to go through the dreadful ordeal of mourning, as her parents had both died in a car accident. Although their stories and the way their respective family had dealt with the grievances of the after were different, of course…

From another point of view, Pinkie Pie also had to learn how to live away from her parents, nevertheless, Applejack had been a witness of what had happened in Rainbow Dash’s life after Firefly passed away, and knew best what had been the consequences of it.

She first sent a message, in order to take the temperature… If Applejack didn’t answer, she wouldn’t insist, and would try to find any other way to find comfort, like reading for the fifth times the latest adventures of Daring Doo.

*Are you sleeping? *

Her eyes staring at the bright screen, Rainbow Dash whispered a series of “please”, as if it was some lucky incantations. Her heart beat inside her chest like in the middle of a suspense scene in the most gripping of thrillers, and she thought she felt new tears on the edge of her lashes when less than one minute later, her phone’s ring echoed under her blankets.

“Let me guess… Ya did dat nightmare again?”

Applejack was speaking in a very low voice, probably not to take the risk to wake her little sister up, Apple Bloom, sleeping in the nearby bedroom.

“Yeah. Sorry I wake you up… again.”

“Dat’s nuthin’, c’mon. Ah wasn’t sleepin’ well anyway.”

“Is there something wrong?”

Rainbow Dash felt some kind of hesitation from her friend, but quickly she answered everything was fine and she just worried about her future rodeo competitions.

“Where are yar Pa dis time?”

“I can’t remember, some island… Tax heaven type. Well, we also are the tax heaven type, but... Anyway, one day, maybe bailiffs will come and strip this house entirely. That would be pretty cool, actually.”

Each time she said something like this, Applejack knew she was only half joking. Her father was away so much and so often she probably spent much time with the house-cleaning lady than with him. By dint of loneliness, she permanently dreaded the moment when she would have to come home, face to face with her own person.

Unlike her image and what her dear reputation let the others think, Rainbow Dash wasn’t in love with her own reflection. She wasn’t really different from most of her friends and of the people surrounding her.

“Hey, Applejack… Do you often think about the future?”

“Like anybody else.”

Like anybody else…”, Rainbow Dash repeated dragging on every syllables.

She had been living for today for years, worrying about the future only when it was an absolute necessity, like when an important exam came closer, for example. What was in store for her she had no idea, and each time she tried to envision it, a fear of emptiness clasped her throat and made her want to do something crazy just to put immediateness back at the center of her preoccupations.

What was strange was that sometimes thinking about the past had the same effect. Sometimes she even thought she was a lost cause.

“Ya still have time to think ‘bout it, ya know. Don’t ya worry yerself sick wit it.”

“Me? Who said I worried about it? That’s for boring people!”

What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh, like the adage was saying.

“Yup, of course… Dya want me to stay on the phone til ya get asleep?”

“That would be great.”

“C’mon, close yar eyes, I’mma sing ya sumethin’”

Rainbow Dash put her phone on her pillow and obeyed, still hidden under her blankets. Applejack’s melodious voice, with this Southern accent smelling good of sun and hay resounded through the speakerphone. The lullaby was the one she sang to her own little sister when she had bad dreams, and she hummed the lyrics with the same affection, though both friends were the same age.

When her own parents had died, Applejack had to grow up faster than the others. Brand new responsibilities had weighed upon her shoulders, and if she had been through her moments of great sorrow and pain, everything had been going so fast she had been able to get her head out of the water quite quickly. And she hadn’t been alone, her grandmother and her brother had been there to give the love she needed, to tell her she was beautiful and cherished.

At her mother’s death, Rainbow Dash’s life had collapsed completely, and her relationship with her father had been wiped out overnight. Only child, whom grandparents didn’t want to hear about since they’d been against Rainbow Blaze and Firefly’s marriage, there had been no branches to which the very young girl she was then could have hung to.

Powerless, Applejack and Twilight had witnessed the slow declination of their best friends, down toward the unthinkable, toward hell.
Bygones were bygones, yet it kept on hovering over her at times, as a pernicious version of the musical mobiles. It was a cursed period, but which had contributed to strengthen their friendship like nothing else did.

Once sure Rainbow Dash was sleeping, Applejack pressed the small red phone on her screen. The digital clock in the right corner showed almost four in the morning. Yet, her phone vibrated again.

Ten unread messages. How this person had got her number she didn’t know, and to be honest, it started to scare her just a tiny bit…


In the rearview window of one of the cars parked along the sidewalk, Sunset Shimmer replaced the midnight blue ribbon of her uniform. Now she had redeemed herself, she wanted to give an irreproachable image of her, and if she took example on Twilight Sparkle, who was respected for her intellect and not because she inspired fear, it also went by an implacable presentation.

She was almost done with her community services, and finally started not to dread to meet her former friends in Canterlot’s streets. They had been expelled from school and forced to go in a Juvenile Center, but one day, they would be free again. At this moment, Sunset Shimmer hoped they would have forgotten about hating her for her denunciation.

In the schoolyard and classroom of Canterlot High, she was treated with an indifference she thought was comforting. For some persons, it was the worst thing that could be happening… For her, it was the sign that her past of little brute had been pushed aside and she was treated like any other students, concealed among a crowd of other anonymous persons.

In the course of a corridor, she was surprised to see Pinkie Pie waving to tell her to come nearer. It wasn’t exactly the start of class, and a lot of students were still hanging around outside chatting or finishing their breakfast. The bunch of five were sitting directly on the floor side by side, their bags at their feet.

When Sunset Shimmer stepped closer, she caught sight of Rainbow Dash busy writing in a notebook on her laps, a book of mathematics and a calculator in front of her.

“If you had done your exercises when the teacher had given them, you wouldn’t be here today, Dash”, Twilight lectured her.

“Everyone’s not fond of homework like you.”

“I’m not fond of homework. I only like to do my work all in good time.”

“I haven’t done anything in maths”, Pinkie Pie said with pride. “I’ll copy on Dashie. How are you, Sunny? Have you done your math exercises?”

“Sunny?” Sunset Shimmer asked opening her eyes wide.

It was the first time she was given such a nickname. In fact, although they let her to hang around with them occasionally, she never had felt she was a part of the band until now.

Once the surprise was over, she answered with a smile that, indeed, she had done her homework and that she had found it laborious at times.

“Laborious? It’s canned dog’s wee, that damn thing! Who’s the moron who invented this?”

“Thales. And he wasn’t a moron, Rainbow Dash, the opposite.”

“This is what you say because you’re fond of homework.”

“I’m not fond of homework!”

“There we go again”, Applejack said shaking her head with consternation.

This restless atmosphere early in the morning would scare some, Sunset Shimmer knew it. And nonetheless, she was feeling very at ease among all this turmoil. It never failed to make her smile, and to make her think the day waiting for her would not be as bad as she’d have thought when she had opened her eyes.

She knew the five girls shared a very strong friendship and that it would be a little complicated for her to get integrated. They had a past in common, made of secrets she had no access to yet, and of ordeals crossed together, that she was in light years away from knowing. Even Fluttershy who had been accepted in the circle only since a couple of months, seemed to share with the others a bond of a certain intensity.

No doubt what she had made Rainbow Dash go through a few weeks ago should have strengthened their solidarity even more.

What Sunset Shimmer regretted a bit, it was not to be in the same class than the rest of the band. If they had been together, it probably would have contributed to make her feel legitimated among them.

When it was time to separate, Applejack invited her to have lunch with them and the fact that each seemed to be enthusiastic about this idea, smiling and waving at her, added warmth to her heart.

It helped her to face the hours of class spent with no one to talk to. At least, she wasn’t completely alone.

Pinkie Pie was the first one to step inside and the first to spot something unusual on Applejack’s table, located right behind her. An envelope with nothing written on it had been put right in the middle of the wooden desk. She waved it in the air as if it was a flag.

“Hey, AJ, you have mail!”

The young girl froze catching glimpse at the envelope between Pinkie Pie’s hands. If she didn’t want her friends to see what worried her since now days and days, if not weeks, she hadn’t to let anything show. Before they could spot it, Applejack came together, and acted as if she wasn’t shaken by it when she took back the envelope from her friend’s hands.

“What is it? A letter from administration?”

“No way”, Twilight claimed, unequivocal. “It’s not at all a habit for the school.”

With the calmest of behavior, though her heart thumped in her chest like an overexcited tambourine player, Applejack unsealed the blank envelope, inside of which there was a paper clumsily folded in two.

The writing with a black pen was irregular. The letters weren’t formed completely and sometimes taken with jerks. It gave the sensation that the author had been submerged by an urgent feeling when writing.

All four gathered around their friend in order to read the content in their heads.

I see you every day at school and in TV commercials and I think you’re really extra cute. You don’t know who I am, I know yet I am your biggest admirer there’s no one who’s interested about you more than me. Each time you are on my screen I think it’s sure you’re the girlfriend I want to date with. I know everything about you absolutely everything and I wanted you to know that I love you, I love you and if you become my girlfriend I’ll never cheat on you I’ll never let anyone be cruel with you I’ll do anything you’d asked me, anything for you so please, please, please, say yes and become my girlfriend.
Your number one admirer.”

For the girl in question, there were nothing new in this letter. It roughly matched the content of the messages she kept on receiving on her smartphone which was in fact vibrating in her bag. She went around the room with her eyes, trying to have a glimpse whether this mysterious admirer was in her own class or not but she saw nothing unusual.

Not to panic them, she hadn’t said anything about the messages to her friends. As long as it remained clumsy confessions, Applejack tried to convince herself it wasn’t that bad and that she could deal with it. But the letter brought about major changes…

“It could’ve been cute if it wasn’t a little creepy”, Pinkie Pie claimed at the end of her reading.

“It almost sounds like it’s been written by an 8th grader”, Twilight outdone.

“Who’s that guy?”, Rainbow Dash questioned.

As her only reaction, Applejack just shrugged. She had the answer to none of these questions and wasn’t sure she wanted to look for them. Maybe things were going to calm down as fast as they had begun and all this story would soon be forgotten. She certainly didn’t want to spend all of her days scared to be followed by someone obsessed by her. It was the kind of detail which could drive anyone crazy.

She was a person with her feet on the ground and the one who would make her lose her grip wasn’t born yet, of this, she was convinced. Or at least, she tried to convince herself it was the case.

Applejack's Secret Admirer (part 2)

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Their training had been intense this afternoon. Because she was the captain of her team, their coach asked Rainbow Dash a stronger commitment than what was expected from the other lacrosse players. In the run-up of a match of a higher-importance, all the odds had to be stacked in their favor in order not to miss out on victory. And although her and Pinkie Pie were first-class recruits, it didn’t go the same way for the whole team.

Twice a week, she had lacrosse, basketball and athletics, where she was a runner. Sometimes one of her discipline came after another. The other students, most of the time, didn’t accumulate extracurricular activities but she liked being busy and not only because it gave her a reason to go home the later she could.

Out of the lacrosse team, Pinkie Pie took part in the cooking club, where she specialized in pastry. Twilight Sparkle only dedicated herself to the Students’ Board so she would have more time on her hand to work. Too shy, Fluttershy had subscribed to no activities at all, but spent a lot of her spare time trying to raise awareness among the others to the animal cause.

As for Applejack, since she was a professional athlete, her status was particular. She was allowed to use some of the sports equipment as she wished, though most of her training happened at home, under her brother, little sister and grandmother’s caring gazes, in a room that was made for that…

These activities let them have additional free time that they liked to spend together.

When Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had left for lacrosse, and they had asked Fluttershy and Applejack to wait for them so they would hang around in town after that, where they were almost sure to meet Rarity and Twilight, Sunset Shimmer had been surprised to hear them ask her to come as well.

She took part in no clubs and was used to go back home immediately after class since she had got back on the right track. Today, she had sat behind the bleachers of the school’s stadium, where the little bunch liked to gather, and she had chatted during the whole hour and a half with her brand new friends.

However, the young girl had not helped but noticed there were something tensed about Applejack that she had never caught a glimpse at before. Her phone couldn’t stop vibrating and she never checked on the messages, and unceasingly watched behind her back at the least suspicious noise.

Now, she was walking by her friends’ side, who all had changed into civil outfits, and she was acting in a more casual way, and it perturbed Sunset Shimmer a little. For this reason, she said nothing of what she had noticed.

After all, she didn’t know them so well. There was a way for her to be mistaking about her impressions.

“Do you always leave your cars and all at the school’s parking lot when you’re going downtown?”, she asked, curious.

“Yeah”, Rainbow Dash answered while stretching out. “Because it feels like hell to try to park in there. I can’t feel my muscles anymore; I hate the coach!”

“Really? I’m still full of energy”, Pinkie Pie said bouncing.

“But you, you got an ultra-long-term solar battery connected to your veins that’s hidden in your hair, it’s not the same.”

Her friend replied with a little high-pitched laugh, not the least bothered by the analogy she was a victim of. It felt as if there was nothing that could ever spoil Pinkie Pie’s cheerfulness. Always, she smiled, bounced, got enthusiastic. Yet, she had confessed Sunset Shimmer that she had done nasty things as well in the past. It was hard to imagine, that this adorable pinkish energy ball could ever harm anybody.

“T’would be good if we speed up cuz there’s Twilight gettin’ overexcited on da phone.”

“That girl… She’s as impatient as can be!”

For certain kind of things, Twilight Sparkle could reveal rock solid placidness, but sometimes, she got carried away by her anxious and nervous character. They all knew her very well, and knew very well the way she worked, but for those out or new to their circle, this dichotomy was a bit unsettling.

Indeed, it had seemed to Sunset Shimmer that the young girl was calm and collected… that the water never overflowed the cooking pot.

The small bunch had stepped in the Grand Rue, aiming for Sugarcube Corner where Twilight and Rarity were waiting so they would share an after-school snack and help Rainbow Dash with her mathematics exercises, when they were called out by a male voice.

Big Macintosh and Zephyr Breeze were positioned at their favorite spot, where they stopped young trendsetters of Canterlot in order to take a picture of them. They had just photographed a couple with matching outfits, which look was a mix of modern and vintage, all peppered with homemade items. It wasn't Applejack’s older brother who spotted them but Fluttershy’s, who hadn’t lied about his expertise to recognize the most attractive styles.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash… Dya still want to appear on the site? Ah could take care of dat right now if ya like.”

As extraordinary as it seemed, since Canterlot Street Style’s resurgence, the teenage girl’s occasions to pose behind “Big Mac” lenses were rare, and she hadn’t had this chance yet – it wasn’t for a lack of trying. The origin of the problem? The girls nicknamed the Flower Trio who couldn’t stop following Zephyr Breeze around and who always mistakenly thought she was trying to get closer to him by this way.

They weren’t there today. Probably for the same reason why there were no many girls in the streets this afternoon. The latest fashionable boysband was performing at Canterlot’s Olympic Stadium and most of them females had been able to buy a ticket.

It was now or never if she wanted to take an advantage of it. She wasn’t going to deprive herself, now she finally had the chance to give her reputation the publicity she thought it deserved.

No need to check out whether or not her style was good enough in the whole to appear on the pages of a fashion site. No matter what she wore fitted the bill, and anyway, she had no time to go and change her clothes.

Without hesitation, she positioned herself in front of the lens, not without wrapping her arms around Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie and Applejack’s neck – Fluttershy had rushed to meet her brother behind the camera.

“If that’s the way it is, let’s go… But not without my best friends!”

It wasn’t that she didn’t regard Fluttershy as a good friend, but she knew that because of her shyness, she wasn’t about to accept to pose and to be likely to be exposed, and so judged, on the web.

It was a pleasant surprise for Sunset Shimmer. Rainbow Dash could have not included her or could have rejected to be seen with the one who almost gave her real troubles with justice. Perhaps that she had offered that comment not to be mean and not meaning it. It didn’t matter. She had said it anyway, and in front of witnesses.

The three girls had already started to strike a pose yet they saw Big Macintosh lowering his lens.

“Sorry… Ah can’t photograph ya with my lil sis. Ah don’t want to be said to play favorites.”

“What? It makes no sense. Everyone knows Applejack’s my best friend; it amounts to the same things at the favorites level.”

“Everybody knows she’s my lil sis as well and she’s already famous.”

“Say it dat yar scared fellas would eye me up. Ya know it’s moronic… They already eye me up in the ads on TV!”

Applejack hadn’t made that comment to her brother for no reason and her friends knew. As a little girl, she had promised her parents something she wanted to keep whatever the cost, in memory of them, and because of this promise, her older brother often made remarks about what she wore. He feared some boys would try to take advantage of her…

Yet, he knew very well she was endowed with an iron will, and not the kind to give in easily. But he just couldn’t help it, he had to let his protective older brother instinct going up to the surface and she judged it as unbearable. How many times did she need to tell him? She was old and strong enough to defend herself.

“Now it ain’t the same if am the one takin’ the picture, AJ… It’s worse.”

“Tsk! Ya know what? Drop it! Ah don’t wanna be on yar damn site. Ah got more important stuff to do. No offense, Dash.”

With that, without another word, she picked up her bag and her hat dropped when Rainbow Dash had grabbed her neck, and went to climb back up the Grand Rue on her own at full throttle.

After a few seconds of wavering, when they all tried to take in what had just happened, her friend apologized, picked up her things as well, and went away promising she’ll take a raincheck. Yes, she really wanted to appear in Canterlot Street Style, but she cared about her best friend even more, and regarded as more urgent to comfort her than to pose for the web.

As for Pinkie Pie, still holding Sunset Shimmer by her neck, she regarded as possible to have a cake and to eat it too. She made a victory sign with her fingers, displayed her brightest smile, and with a folded leg, struck the pose – along with her classmate.


Luckily, Big Macintosh was quick enough to take the shot on the spot, before the teenage girl to pick up her things as well, bringing Sunset Shimmer with her, holding her by her hand.

He couldn’t help an amused smile. The young girl was permanently dynamic, and full of drive, and he liked this energy, him who was of the shy kind in everyday life. A bit like his coworker’s little sister, Fluttershy, standing by his side – but to a lesser extent.

The teenage girl sighed deeply, and started to go in order to catch up her friends… if she could. Of course, she adored them, and would always be glad they stopped her from doing a horrible mistake, but sometimes, it was difficult to follow. Everything moved very fast when she was with them and it sometimes was trouble for her to keep up with what was going on.

She registered a little jump when Big Macintosh softly held her by the wrist, while Zephyr Breeze had gone to approach new girls, after he had cried for the rushed departure of his heart’s desire – a one-way heart’s desire – that was Rainbow Dash.

“Ya can stay with us if ya want. We’ll drive ya home as soon as ya decide. Am not bothered”, he said anticipating an eventual refusal from her under this excuse.

As her only reply, Fluttershy nodded with a slight smile, her cheeks suddenly warm. It was more than she ever hoped for, and she couldn’t hope for even more. And yet…


In a sense, Rainbow Dash was rather glad Applejack never wanted to join the athletics team. This way, she remained the unquestioned star of it. She had to admit it – her friend was gifted for races. She had sped by so fast it had been more difficult than expected to catch her up.

She wasn’t the kind to make sensational and a bit dramatic outbursts, which rather were Rarity’s privilege. Generally, once she had said what she had to say, she felt it was her inalienable right to stay where she was if she liked that. For her to leave a place this way, it meant there really was something going on.

Right after the Grand Rue, overhanging by the Royal Palace, there was a park liked by nature’s lovers, seeking for a green spot in order to escape noises and restlessness of the big city. This place also was a favorite of lovers (period), who had dates and rendezvous here for a romantic picnic on the lawn, or a little walk on the banks of the artificial lake where ducks and swans grew up.

As the resident of the only farm of the surrounding area, raised in a family of agricultural origins, Applejack really enjoyed to go under one of the trees of the park when she needed to think something through sheltered from the rest of the world.

There was one tree in particular that she liked the best, an apple tree known for it no longer gave fruits but kept on flowering in Spring. It was naturally the place where Rainbow Dash found her, a bit out of breath and whom cheeks had taken a few colors, her whom skin very thin and pale had to be protected by the least rays of sun.

Applejack had sat under the tree, looking in the opposite sense of the park’s entrance, and had put her school backpack between her back so she could lean against the trunk and not get too much uncomfortable.

“A bit more and ya’ll look like a Red Delicious.”

“It’s not funny, AJ! You’ve made me trudge through all Canterlot.”

Raise of eyebrow. Like often, Rainbow Dash had ways and means to exaggerate her statements. Downtown was quite much more immense than their usual link of Grand Rue-Sugarcube Corner-police station-Canterlot High-Carrousel Boutique but it was rare they ventured beyond these parts of the city. It would have been like trying to be allied with Crystal Prep, the eternal rival.

“Well, I’ve found you, that’s what matters”, she said sitting by her side.

During a few seconds, they both remained silently looking at walkers and a bunch of friends playing soccer. Applejack knew what her friends wanted to say to her, and at the same time, she also knew she had things to confess, something she hadn’t told anyone yet but which had taken incredible proportions in only one day.

To be perfectly honest, she was really starting to feel scared.

“I agree with you that Big Mac sometimes has excessive reactions when it comes to boys, but well, you won’t remain upset…”

“Dat’s not only becuz of dat, Dash. Feels like he doesn’t trust me. Plus, it’s only a picture, what’s the big deal?”

Obviously, it wasn’t Rainbow Dash who was going to answer her question in any other way than “yeah, what’s the big deal?”. She had had a few boyfriends, and even already had ‘taken the plunge’, as they say, but in that matter, a lot of details were beyond her. In her mind, this thing called sex was a notion a bit strange which she couldn’t understand the enthusiasm of most of the population, and in a certain extent, she was way too naïve to imagine what was going through the minds of the other teenagers of her age.

Like Applejack expected, she shrugged.

“I don’t really know. What I know is that family, when you got the chance to have one still standing, it’s important. You must tell your brother how you feel, so you both get along together again.”

“Don’t worry, we ain’t goin’ to be in a huff forever if dat’s what’s scarin’ ya. Just, on the moment, it upset me stiff.”

Since they were at confidences, it was the right moment to confess to Rainbow Dash what had been bothering her lately. The solution to her problem, she realized it now, she wouldn’t find it on her own. With her friends by her side only would she be able to go through this trial.

In the distance, the two friends heard Pinkie Pie’s sometimes ear-splitting voice calling Rainbow Dash. When she turned around, she saw the young girl waving like a sailor on a boat in the middle of a shipwreck, with Sunset Shimmer next to her, always looking all around her with a forced smile.

Rainbow Dash got up, after she told Applejack she would go and get them, and she walked in their direction. Why they didn’t meet them straight, she didn’t know. It wasn’t always easy to follow Pinkie Pie’s very personal logic, and though she knew her well now, at times it still was complicated for her to understand her reactions.

The rainbow-haired girl felt her phone vibrating in her pocket, and took it, still waving at the two girls. At the end of the line, a Twilight between anxiety and impatience asked her what was taking them so long and why Applejack no longer picked up her own phone.

The latter watched them from afar, then grabbed her bag. The best would be for her to meet them there, now that she felt a bit soothed. They were expected by their other friends since quite a long moment, after all…

But before she could have made one step, she felt someone grabbing her wrist and pulling her. Surprised, she lost her balance for a few seconds, and had to lean against the person who’d stopped her from meeting her friends. When she turned around, and she saw a tall boy with hair so fair it almost looked white and glasses, she understood, even before he uttered a word.

“Applejack, finally, we’re alone. I’ve been waiting for so long.”


“Don’t you worry anymore; we’ll be here in something like ten minutes… I’ve spoken to Applejack and I think she’s feeling better.”

She had to comfort Twilight. The young girl perhaps was used to the unexpected developments punctuating their daily life, at times her anxiety took over, and she was scared something really horrible would happen to one of her friends. Of course, by dint of seeing no one coming to Sugarcube Corner and Applejack – that she regarded of the most reasonable one – not returning her calls, panic had started to win her over.

Now, Rainbow Dash thought, there will be no more problems… She even was convinced their friend was right behind them, at a few inches away.

When her and her three other friends turned around to see her progression, what a surprise they had to see an unknown boy, wearing Canterlot’s uniform, having a firm grip on Applejack.

“Haw, Applejack’s being assaulted by some guy! Got to hang up!”

“What? Applejack’s being assaulted?!! Rainbow Dash?!!”

She already had thrown her phone in Pinkie Pie’s hands and rushed at full throttle to the place where the young girl was. Her bag and hat had dropped on the floor, and she looked like struggling.

Applejack was stronger than some of the boys, by dint of working at the farm and training and competing for rodeos. For this one to be able to hold his grip without her capable of getting out of his clasp, it meant he probably was more robust than his slightly feeble appearance could make believe.

It didn’t matter. Rainbow Dash, always sure of herself and her abilities, was convinced that she would be able to make him let her friend go. It was hazardous, but it also was her only chance.

As soon as she was near them, she soared up and was able to kick the assailant’s face… not without hurting her thighs, but of this, of course, she didn’t utter a word, acting as if it all had been very easy for her and deprived of consequences.

Moreover, she was proud since her strike had made the boy let go of Applejack, who fell on her back by dint of being pulled back and forth. She was red all around her wrist, which seemed to be pulsating like a crazy heartbeat.

No need to precise to Rainbow Dash who was the person who had tried to abduct her best friend. She had understood instinctively.

“You, get lost!”, the boy ordered her. “You have no right to take me away from my Applejack…”

“Your Applejack? Applejack doesn’t belong to anyone except herself.”

“Would be a surprise if someone like you could understand this kind of things. You know nothing about love.”

“Someone like me? Why does everyone assume things like that about me?”

“Because you’re dressed like a slut!”

Rainbow Dash clenched her teeth and fists. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to make him understand how these kind of clichés about her were starting to push her on the edge. But it wasn’t about her today. It was about Applejack, her friend, even the first friend she ever made when she had arrived in Canterlot.

“You’re right, I don’t know a lot about love but among what I know, there’s the fact that feelings cannot be forced. If you really love Applejack, you’ll have to care about how she’s feeling as well.”

Now she was back to her senses after she had been forcefully dragged while struggling, and that she knew she had her friends to help her in case of a misbehavior, the person in question could allow herself to meddle with this conversation, which, after all, particularly was her business.

“It’s true… Ya don’t know nothing ‘bout me. Not what Ah like to do when alone, ma favorite dish or the books Ah like to read… For example, dya know Ah promised ma parents Ah’ll never sleep with a boy until Ah get married? Would ya be ready to love me knowing sumethin’ like dat? In reality, yar in love with an illusion. Not with the real Applejack.”

The latest revelation from his heart’s desire seemed to be a shock for the young man, who didn’t dare to answer. What the two teenage girl had said was pure truth, there was no doubt. He had no idea about who Applejack was in everyday life. All he knew about her was the image of the girl praising the goods of apple-flavored drinks and pastries on a TV screen or in the pages of the magazines.

“If you really want to date Applejack, you’ll have to know all this first… And you have to accept the fact she probably wouldn’t be able to reciprocate your feelings.”

“Are you kidding me?”, he answered with a strange smile on his face. “Who would like to date an abstinent bigot? I let her for others without regrets!”

Without further ado, the young man left running the patch of lawn on which they stood.

His statement left the five friends flabbergasted for a few seconds – Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer, as well as Twilight still out of breath from her race through the Grand Rue, had arrived in-between and attended a part of the conversation. Here was someone about to abduct a girl he supposedly loved with all his heart, all this to repudiate her at the first deception.

Unnoticing, he had proved right the arguments the two teenage girls had said, demonstrating their speech wasn’t deprived from truth.

It left that a lot of harm would have been saved if Applejack hadn’t kept to herself the moral and sexual harassment she had been a victim of. Rainbow Dash turned around to look at her, both hands on her hips.

“Did this moron pursued you a long time?”

“Eeyup. I’ve hid it to ya, am sorry but Ah thought it would calm down after a lil while.”

“This kind of thing never calm down; it escalates very quickly. We could have helped you…”

“It’s true, Applejack”, Twilight said getting closer as well. “Whatever happens, even if it’s very serious, we’re here for each other. We’d never let you settle something like this on your own.”

“Yes. When we’re together, we can go through anything”, Pinkie Pie added.

“Am sorry, really… Ah won’t do it again. From now on, if Ah get all worked up ‘bout sumethin’, Ah’ll tell you right away.”

“Would be a good idea. Or else, I’ll kick your butt.”

Sunset Shimmer remained a bit in the background and didn’t dare to take part in anything. She wasn’t close enough of the group yet to think she could deserve to be included in such a friendship confession. Deep inside, she hoped she would be integrated for good one day, and to have her own friendship bracelet. It was a thin silver chain each of the girls under her eyes wore at their left wrist – Fluttershy didn’t seem to have hers yet – at the end of which hung five small items supposed to represent each of the five friends.

“Do you know what it means?” Pinkie Pie chanted enthusiastically. “Group hug!!!”

She grabbed all the girls, even Sunset Shimmer, and they all held each other tight, the famous bracelet clicking at their wrists. In view of how much they were, their so-called hug only had the name of it, but it was some kind of tradition they never tried to escape from, even when it happened in front of the others and could go against the dear reputation of some of them.

Something, suddenly, struck Pinkie Pie, and she opened her mouth wide in order to take a long horrified gasp.

“Where’s Fluttershy?!! We’ve lost Fluttershy!!!”

Caught in the action of what had happened to Applejack, they hadn’t noticed the shy young girl hadn’t followed them and only now did they realized she was the great absent one… None had noticed she had chosen to stay with her brother and Big Macintosh. Everything would get back to normal once they would call her and learn the truth, but for now, panic prevailed.

At a less than a mile from here, at Sugarcube Corner, it was a danger of another kind that was about to begin. Applejack’s secret admirer had taken refuge in the tearoom hoping he would escape the ones he called now ‘the bunch of lunatics from Canterlot High’ and had met what he called ‘a divine apparition’: Rarity, sitting at the group’s favorite table, busy talking on the phone with a supplier.

The week had only begun…

The First Pink-Haired Girl (part 1)

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In a corner of the room, Pinkie Pie was busy doing a headstand, after she had bet with Rainbow Dash she could keep the pose longer than she. As soon as she was challenged to do something, of course, the teenage girl couldn’t resist the will to prove she had what it took to win, and this, although the opponent was someone overflowed with energy in any kind of circumstances.

Watching them, Fluttershy couldn’t help but thinking about how they had welcomed her inside their circle yet formed since ages, along with Sunset Shimmer. It had seemed so fluid, so easy… Never would she dared to think she would have been able to integrate like this inside a group of persons who already knew each other so well.

She knew Rainbow Dash and Applejack met during the first year of Middle School, at the young age of eleven, and that they had made Twilight’s encounter the next year, a little before the tragic accident which had cost Rainbow Dash’s mother life, even if not in the details. On the other hand, Pinkie Pie’s story was still a mystery to her and Sunset Shimmer, freshly integrated too.

Secretly, when her parents had agreed she could come to this slumber party with her new bunch of friends, too happy to see she finally had overcome the legendary shyness that stopped her from meeting people, what she had hoped for was them to tell her this story. And, for now, it still hadn’t happened.

So, while plunging her hand into the sack of vegetable crisps on the bed, she cleared her throat to make sure she would be heard without being obliged to repeat her request.

“Well, em, girls… I was wondering if you could tell us how you met with Pinkie Pie… Well, if it doesn’t bother you, of course…”

“It’s true”, Sunset Shimmer added with a wink toward Fluttershy. “I want to know as well.”

“Oh, that’s really simple”, Pinkie Pie answered, still head over heels. “I’m going to tell you everything…”

On her hands, she went forward until Rainbow Dash’s bed and let herself fall on it. Behind her, her fellow complained that she had broken their challenge before she could even prove that she was able to stand the longest, then resigned, stood back up.

I am going to tell you everything. Because no offence, Pinkie, but if we let you, it’s going to take, like forever.”

“No problem. It will be fun if you tell it as well.”

Rainbow Dash settled on her bed, leaning against the headboard, and took in her arms her favorite cloud-shaped plushy, a gift from her mother for her sixth birthday, and quickly, all the girls came and sat in circle around her, even Twilight and Applejack who had been witnesses and actresses.

“It all began around the middle of the last Middle School semester, a bit before my birthday. Back then, Twilight still wore glasses and Applejack already wore her legendary hat, and every morning on the school bus ride I tried to hide that I had shaved a side of my head…”

A serial of attacks by gangs of teenagers was the talk of the town. These gangs were composed of girls and boys, wearing knives and brass knuckles, who assaulted adults and other teenagers, often in order to steal money to them, and sometimes for the plain pleasure of creating a terror over the city.

For this reason, each of Canterlot’s Middle and High Schools had settled security guards at their entrances, to search through the pupils’ bags and to hunt down those who would wear any kind of items showing an affiliation with a gang. As the school staff and the teachers most of the time ignored what really were these affiliation items in question, anything looking a bit suspicious was taken as such.

Right from the bus descent, Rainbow Dash spotted the two mountains of men positioned at Middle Canterlot’s entrance. Before they could step closer, she grabbed Applejack by the sleeve of her uniform.

“What? There’s Twilight waitin’ on us inside. Ya know for her bein’ on time is already bein’ late.”

“But I put my red sneakers on instead of my mandatory shoes. If they nab me, they’re going to send me in Harshwhinny’s office. And they’re going to seize our MP3 players, comics and pencil-sharpeners.”

“Why they takin’ our pencil-sharpeners?”, Applejack cried with indignation.

“Because it’s like a bladed weapon, they say!”

“What if I have to sharpen a pencil?”

“They’ll tell you to use a mechanical pencil.”

The said reasons for these seizing often were mundane and a little overreacted, but that was how adults beyond a teenage problems responded most of the time, according to Rainbow Dash.

The fact remained that she really didn’t feel like being in Miss Harshwhinny’s office once again, since she always wanted to warn her father at the least misconduct and always thought that if she defied her authority it was because she wasn’t “quite healed yet”, and above everything else, she didn’t want to be taken her brand new comic book still under its plastic wrap she hadn’t read yet, and kept for the minutes before classes began.

They were standing on the sidewalk in front of the school, wondering how to hide this or that detail, when another student bumped into Rainbow Dash’s shoulder, then crossed the road without a care about the cars, not without glancing at her with hostility.

Her long pink hair was as straight as the bamboos growing behind the school’s gratings, and her eyes were as cold as snow. She wore a cotton and silk jacket, of the same kind of the ones that only the members of the soccer team were allowed to wear, instead of the mandatory blazer. Instead of the also mandatory socks and shoes, she had boots with buckles which would not miss to make her notice.

Just a look at her was enough to think she was part of the bad eggs, to the extent that it felt strange to see her going to class. While the others hurried shaky in front of the gate and security guards, she walked a little farther, and threw her bag on the other side of the railing.

Immediately understanding what she wanted to do, Rainbow Dash had an idea… an idea that would permit her to keep music and comic book, and not to go to the Miss Harshwhinny’s case.

“Come on, AJ, I know what we’re going to do!”

Without questions, Applejack followed her until they’d crossed the road and she saw her following the other girl with pink hair, already busy climbing the fence.

“Oh no, Dash, Ah won’t do dat. They can take ma pencil-sharpener; Ah’ll find sumethin’ with Twilight!”

On those good words, Applejack went to the other side, and positioned herself behind the other students queuing to have their bags searched. It didn’t discourage Rainbow Dash who was determined. Sometimes she couldn’t help her risk-taker side to take over, and sincerely thought keeping her music and comic books safe were worth such an endangerment. She had seen worse than that, after all.

Unlike the other girl, she kept her bag on her back. As soon as she started to climb as well, her classmate’s feet right in front of her face, the familiar sensation of adrenalin before an in-door rock-climbing session displayed within her, and she knew she would never turn back, although it was a little more difficult to go upward without real gripping plugs.

“Hey, who said you could follow me?”, the other teenage girl asked with venom in her voice. “Drop dead!”

“The railings don’t belong to you, for all I know. And go faster, or there’s going to be a gridlock.”

“You didn’t have to follow me!”

They would reach the top almost at the same time, but the body of the girl with the jacket, boots and pink hair blocked the access to the other side. Both were arguing while climbing, with the effect to create a loss of balance, making the first girl fall flat on her stomach, but first on the other side.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t luckier, since a part of her skirt became entangled to the fleur-de-lis-shaped point of the railings, ripping entirely when she tried to escape this trap by complaining in a rather unsubtle way. She pitched forward, and thankfully – or not – was able to cushion her fall by landing on her classmate who had just stood back up and slipped again on the ground.

“Push off, push off, you batty!”, she yelled. “You ruined my back, moron!”

“I can’t… My skirt… Everyone’s going to see my panties.”

“You just had to enter by the front like anyone else, you butthead!”

A shadow suddenly stood in front of them, and both teenage girls raised their head at the same time. They immediately recognized the slightly old-fashioned haircut and the strict women’s suit of their Principal, Miss Harshwhinny, was looked at them with some kind of pleasure, the pleasure to have been able to frame two of what she regarded as her worse troublemakers.

“Here, look what we got… The famous Rainbow Dash and the equally famous fake new girl, Pinkamena Diane Pie…”


The most embarrassing thing wasn’t to go to the Principal office, or even that the other students would see her go there again, along with what seemed to be a notorious delinquent… No. The most embarrassing thing, for Rainbow Dash, it was to go through the whole school obliged to hide the rip of her skirt so that no male student would have a glimpse at her panties.

It was the age where some girls started to be judgmental, the age where boys’ hormones started to race. Hearing her classmates’ conversations, she already had noticed a difference between what she felt and what the others did, though her both friends, as much Applejack as Twilight, weren’t asking themselves too many questions, one focusing on her studies and the second one on the rodeos.

Despite this, Rainbow Dash knew many of them were already concerned about sex and that the sight of panties could have devastating effects on many subjects. Her reputation had started to build after her return from Green Haven – the reputation of a cool and relaxed girl, a small tough cookie who wasn’t really into cute or sappy things.

Showing her undergarment to the whole school after a measly fall from the entrance’s railings wasn’t the best to go along with.

Now she was sitting her embarrassment was different. First of all, Rainbow Dash didn’t like the fact she had been caught in the act, and obliged to be accountable for her actions. Secondly, she hated to receive scolding, especially from adults, and particularly from Miss Harshwhinny who, she was sure, was a control freak.

“Isn’t it enough that you accumulate tardiness and detention hours, Rainbow Dash? Now you also have to hang around with black sheeps.”

“I don’t hang around with her, we’ve just met.”

“And I’ll never want to hang around with such a loser.”

“To lie won’t make your situation better, trust me…”

She could admit it – she often was late, because she stayed for too long inside her shower or under her blankets, missed the school bus and had to take her bicycle. It would be fixed once she would have a bike of her own, she knew. Also, as she judged there were more important things to do than homework, she spent a lot of afternoons in detention hours.

But being friend with someone like this Pinkamena Diane Pie was a little too much to asked. There were things that even Rainbow Blaze could not sleep on, and this would be among them. It gave her the impression that Miss Harshwhinny ignored what kind of impact such a situation could have in her life.

“I’m not lying. I didn’t even know her name before you said it. I only wanted to save my com… my sneakers.”

“We’ll talk about it later, Rainbow Dash. As for you, Pinkamena… It’s a good thing you’re going to school but the least you could do would be to wear your uniform correctly. Signs of membership from any kind of group are forbidden and…”

“I don’t care. If you don’t like the way I look, I’ll stop coming, that’s all.”

Obviously, this conversation would lead nowhere. For Middle Canterlot’s Principal, both teenagers in front of her were stubborn as could be, one more prove that they probably knew each other and were scheming together. If only Rainbow Dash could take a leaf out of Twilight Sparkle’s book, instead of being around the wrong persons…

However, Pinkamena’s threat not to come in class again worried her a lot. Her parents had specified when they enrolled her here that they wanted their daughter to get a real stable education so that she would be ready for anything life would put along her way.

Her case was worrisome, of course, it didn’t change the fact that for the Principal a strict discipline was necessary to the good growth of teenagers’ minds, especially those as restless and mistrustful…

“Fine. Give me your bag so I can see if you got forbidden items.”

“No, please”, Rainbow Dash cried helplessly.

It was worse than anything else. Not only her skirt was ripped and Miss Harshwhinny thought she was a friend of that girl, but also, she was probably going to seize all that made her bear a long day of school. That was definitive – she was doomed.

Her mate, sitting at her left in the impersonal and austere office of the school’s Principal, didn’t have such a ‘cool’ reaction. Cursing and screaming they had no right to pervade into their private life the way they did, she got up and swept away with her arms everything on the front of the desk behind which Miss Harshwhinny sat.

If the Principal didn’t seem to be surprised by this outburst of anger, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but jumping, and even felt for a few second some kind of muffled anguish clasping her heart, that she thankfully was able to swallow back.

The young girl picked up her bag covered with leaves from the small bushes and left the office at full throttle. Miss Harshwhinny didn’t try to catch her. It was useless, all the more so that it could be dangerous in view of her high level of rage. It was preferable to let her go for now.

“Fine”, she said while correcting her glasses. “Rainbow Dash, your bag.”

“For real?”

“Yes, for real. Come on, quicker than that.”

She sighed and stretched out her bag to the adult in front of her, not without some reluctance. How she wished she was able to get carried away like the other girl and to slam the door without further ado. It didn’t mean she was afraid of violence and she could even fight when necessary, it was sudden and impetuous blowups that had something scary for her, since they still were too much connected to a bad experience that wasn’t that old.

Frowning and her glasses firmly glued on her nose, Miss Harshwhinny foraged the blue backpack with a cloud and a tricolor bolt sewed on it of the young teenage girl. Quickly, she put on her desk all the things she could found that were forbidden inside her school – MP3 player, makeup (gloss, mascara and primer only), sports and bike magazines and of course, the comic book under its plastic wrap.

“Not my ‘Power Ponies’, please, ma’am…”

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash but you know the rules. By the way, if tomorrow you come back with these shoes, you’ll be sent back home immediately. And you don’t want to be sent back home, do you?”

“I don’t”, she said pouting, her elbow leaning against the arm of her chair, her chin against the palm of her hand.

An expulsion would undoubtedly result in a show of reproaches from her father. Although, in all likelihood, it would happen over the phone, she knew perfectly that once back, he would find a way to talk about this in the middle of a conversation, and they would argue – again.

“Sometimes I really wonder what’s on your mind. I can see things still are difficult for you. Your mother’s death remains recent after all, but Rainbow Dash, you have to understand that school isn’t a place for fun.”

“I know; I know… Can I go now?”

She would rather show her panties to everyone than staying here, listening at the same discourses again and again.

“One last thing. You say you’re not a friend of Pinkamena Diane Pie…”

“It’s true, I swear. Please, don’t tell it to my father.”

Miss Harswhinny lifted her hand in front of her, as if to indicate that she needed to go all the way.

“Let’s say I’m willing to believe you. You’ll have to prove me your good faith. It you want to get back your ‘Power Ponies’, that’s the only way.”

“How the hell do you want me to do such a thing? You know very well my real friends are Applejack and Twilight, not this Pinkamena I-don’t-know-what Pie…”

“I know what it is in here, maybe. But what proves me this is still the case once out of class? Nothing. And your behavior, most of the time, is likely to let everyone think you both know each other very well, in reality.”

A few minutes later, it was a dawdling Rainbow Dash that Twilight and Applejack met. She had skipped the first hour of class because of her conversation with Miss Harshwhinny and her friends were worried.

“I’ve been able to get a new skirt for you through the intermediary of Rarity and my brother. He’d made believe this was my lunch that I’ve forgotten”, Twilight told her while giving her a brown paper bag. “Are you okay?”

“What do you think?”

“Why did ya do such a thang? Now ya don’t longer have your comic book and ya once again been haul over the coals like a Sunday barbecue.”

Applejack’s personal idioms were always to sketch a semblance of smile on her face. Yet, Rainbow Dash didn’t really feel like laughing.

“She thinks I’m friends with this girl, Pinkamena Pie.”

“Ah heard she could be part of a gang of teens hangin’ out in town.”

“I know. Because of that, I’m up sh*it without a creek. If I can’t prove I’m not friends with her, Miss Harshwhinny will warn my father. Do you know what it would mean?”

Yes, they knew. Rainbow Blaze didn’t know how to deal with the daughter growing up under his eyes and who looked so much like her mother in what she looked and how she behaved in life. To make matters worse, he often thought that if she wasn’t really into discipline, it meant she was still in the middle of her depression.

“I won’t go back there because of that b*tch!”

“We won’t let dat happen.”

“Yes, you have our word, Rainbow Dash”, Twilight said nodding.

“Fine. Because I think I have an idea…”

The First Pink-Haired Girl (part 2)

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‘Idea’ was the right word. It couldn’t be told it had anything in common with what’s called a plan – neither organization or reflection about the procedure to follow. It was an idea and they still had to determine whether it was a good one or a bad one.

As far as Twilight was concerned, no doubt, the balance weighed against the good. She couldn’t understand in what following this Pinkamena everywhere she went would help them to prove she and Rainbow Dash had nothing to do with each other. Even, if someone from their school caught a glimpse at them, it could be taken like a detrimental testimony and to draw them, Applejack and her, in all this shady matter.

“Err… Are you sure of yourself, Rainbow Dash?”, she dared to ask.

“She’s goin’ to tell ya she is even if she got no idea of what she’s doin’”

“Don’t fret, Twilie and put a little faith in me.”

The fact she called her in this unusual nickname didn’t exactly fill her with confidence. Conversely, the impact it had on her was to confirm what Applejack had just assured. Her friend wasn’t like her, attached to order and organization. A lot of her actions were guided by the flow of the moment, and she too often acted before she thought.

Despite it all, because it seemed to be important for her and that she herself didn’t have other ideas, though she’d read many books about how to exonerate an innocent person accused of a crime, Twilight decided to follow Rainbow Dash without turning a hair.

The three young teenagers only followed the fourth wherever she was going, and for now, her process seemed to be completely incoherent. She never entered into any building, and kept on looking all around her in a distrustful manner, what forced her stalkers to hide in the first place within reach to escape from her piercing blue eyes.

She had spent quite a time with her head stuck through the window of a bakery inside of which a girl was celebrating her birthday surrounded by her whole family, then she had turned around the main department store of the Grand Rue, before she went to a costume boutique, then waited near the skate park where a lot of yobs were hanging around and finally admired another window top-full of party accessories.

To be completely honest, none of the three girls knew exactly what Pinkamena was up to, and why it seemed to have so many contradictions in her choices, as if she was unceasingly hesitating between coldness and light-heartedness.

Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Applejack stopped behind a set of leafy bushes to hide, while the pink haired-girl walked in the direction of a small alley beside a bank. It was a place where it was best not to be seen when considered someone good, a place known by anyone in Canterlot to be the landmark of the city’s worst troublemakers.

“Ah, here you finally are, Pinkie Pie…”

The latter jumped, then did a double take, her hands in her pocket. A very few persons were allowed to call her this way. In the alley’s half-dark, she had to squint after she’d turned around to make sure it wasn’t her surly of a big sister, Limestone.

The illusion only lasted for a couple of seconds, and she quickly saw jumping off the trashcan she’d been sitting on, Minty, the leader of the rival gang, with her deep and dark violet eyes. Against the wall, at the back, were leaning some of The Rebellious, the gang which she was a part of, but the enemies weren’t far, of this she was sure. The Crushlotters never come out on their own.

It smelled a rat but she wasn’t scared. She knew she wouldn’t hesitate to fight if necessary, and even had convinced herself no one would miss her anyway.

“What do you want?”

“You dare asking me that!” Minty answered, her bleached hair not matching her pastel name. “If Berry Twinkle’s in the slammer, it’s your fault!”

This information made Twilight jump behind the bushes, and her both friends had to hold her back so she wouldn’t try to run away. Indeed, the sound caused by her hiccup had alarmed the two girls who were looking beyond their shoulders with distrust. Applejack and Rainbow Dash stuck their forefinger in front of their mouths intended for their friend and ceased any movement until the conversations were resumed a little farther.

She had to type a message on her phone that she showed them in order to explain the girl named Berry Twinkle was the leader of one of teen gangs that raged lately, and that her brother Shining Armor, a rookie officer then, had taken part in her arrest.

It gave a new and little encouraging clarification about Pinkamena – that the other girl had called in another way… She really was a part of a gang as well.

“Where is Wind Wisher hiding? I thought The Rebellious had the most loyal of all the leaders of Canterlot. Yet, she’s been hiding for days and leave her Second-in-Command in charge of everything. Talk about loyalty, come on!”

Minty alluded to a fact they all knew about, among hers and the rival gang. Since Pinkamena’s “superior” had beat up the boss of a famous law office on a simple impulse, she made herself so scarce that she had given up on each members of her own mob, to whom she refused to answer.

She played dead because the circumstances stopped her from showing in broad daylight, but she would come back, Pinkamena wanted to convince herself of this fact.

Immediately, the provocation created an uproar within the members of the gang who all arrived in order to defend the honor of their leader. Minty wasn’t impressed at all, smiling with cynicism with her arms crossed. Quickly, the rest of her own team appeared like by magic.

They were up to nothing good, no need to be a mentalist to guess. Nonetheless, if they went out of their hideout now, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight would take the risk to be seen by both enemy mobs and to get meddled with their quarrels, which was precisely what they were trying to avoid.

No other choice was available. They had to stay where they were and to be attended to a fight that probably was going to be more dangerous than the only one they’ve been involved with until then, when Rainbow Dash had fought with this snotty girl who had made fun of Twilight.

As if to confirm one more time what they were thinking, when each side was preparing to attack, they saw with quite a surprise Pinkamena taking out of her boots a gleaming switchblade, that she opened with a half-smile.

“If you got guts, Minty, come a little closer… I’ll show you how superior The Rebellious are.”

“I can’t wait, b*tch!”

It smelled bad… Really bad. If they wanted to escape, it was now or never. Caught in their brawl, they wouldn’t see them running away. However, Rainbow Dash was bothered to leave someone from her school in such a situation. There were going to be injured persons, maybe dead ones… It was exactly the type of violence she was trying to flee, the type that brought her back one year ago, back at her personal definition of hell.

A miracle would be necessary for everything to end well, and she no longer believed in miracles since that gloomy afternoon of September…

As if some deity had listened to her, the siren of a police car resounded farther. In a few seconds, agents were going to arrive and to separate all these low society folks, out of necessity – or of arrests, rather. Someone probably had warned them… But this someone wasn’t Twilight, who shook her head no when Rainbow Dash glimpsed at her in interrogation.

Two choices were in front of them… To stay on the spot, at the risk of being taken for members of the gangs, or to run away. The second option was the one they chose, almost without hesitation… Though all three couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Pinkamena – and in which all this was going to help Rainbow Dash to avoid a probable return to Green Haven for nothing.

The three teenagers ran at full throttle, in order to take refuge in the first place they would find and that wasn’t the bank nearby where they could be seen by the police or the members of the gangs. Seeing a door standing out on the horizon, they went towards it, always at the double.

They weren’t expecting, yet, to meet face to face with a raft of half-naked men with towels around their waists…

“Hi”, Rainbow Dash said with a forced smile, waving.

There were rumors about a gay sauna somewhere in Canterlot. Rumors that were now confirmed, obviously. It felt as if being three Alices that just happened to have fallen into the lecher rabbit’s hole.


As soon as the sirens had roared, the members of The Rebellious had fled without further ado. Pinkamena and Minty had been the only ones remaining, busy to fight knife to knife. It wasn’t out of a deep-rooted hate… It was a question of honor.

It took Shining Armor as much as his coworkers a lot of grips to control the two enraged teenage girls. Never again one of them, yet used to arrest the tough cookies with protruding muscles calling the shots in the shutdown areas, would have thought it would be so hard to overcome young girls of barely one-hundred and ten pounds.

Because he needed to get trained for more difficult questionings which he could be confronted in the future, his boss had summoned Shining Armor to take care of one of these two “shrews”. He was nothing but a rookie officer, but major from the Academy, they kept on telling him he had a brilliant future ahead of him. Henceforth, it was up to him to show that the hopes invested in him weren’t unfounded.

Of the two, he’d been assigned with the one with a student card from Middle Canterlot, since they all knew his little sister Twilight was in this school and they probably had the same age.

This detail, obviously, was the most unsettling for the rookie officer. All the time, he kept on wondering what could lead such a young girl to these extremes, and how as a big brother he would react if Twilight would fall into something of this type. At the same time, he knew very well the latter was way too hard-working, if not a bit too serious for this to ever happen.

In front of the awkward attitude of the young girl, he said to himself the best to do still was not to behave with her like a policeman but like the older brother he was, and too bad if his coworker accused him of being too much of a push over, or too soft with teenage troublemakers.

It wasn’t a common lost cause crook facing him, but a young and suggestible person, who still had chances to emerge greater, should she be helped.

The first thing he did was to unlock her handcuffs and he immediately was struck by the fact that conversely to her rival at the nearby desk, she behaved herself like a girl raised in an appropriate manner, despite her menacing glances and the way she crossed her arms in front of her chest, which showed she wasn’t in the mood for an openhearted conversation.

It didn’t matter. He wanted to talk and he would make sure she would talk as well, somehow.

“So… Pinkamena”, he asked after he thumbed through her file. “It’s been a while we’re trying to get in touch with you. You’re not an easy catch.”

“Do I look like I want to get pinched?”

“You tell me… I know you’re the one who called us.”

Their unit hadn’t intercepted a call strictly speaking. The phone had rung and when one of his coworkers had picked it up, he had heard a part of her conversation with the girl called Minty. Quickly, they had understood they had laid hands on the rest of the gangs they looking for with frenzy, and had sent Shining Armor and a few more experienced agents to arrest each and every of them.

One of the first things he had done before he started to question her was to verify with the telephone company who had made this mysterious call, and Pinkamena Diane Pie’s number appeared, the one of the teenage girl in front of him wearing a pale pink sport jacket and a denim mini-skirt with buckled boots.

“I never wanted to call you. It was an accident.”

She hadn’t said this just to annoy the rookie officer or under the influence of a hesitation forcing her to deny the obvious… Her phone was in the pocket of her jacket and rubbing it against her hand probably had called the police haphazardly since it was the first emergency number of her phone directory.

“Maybe… Or unconsciously you wanted to avoid what was about to happen.”

“It’s stupid… I don’t care about what’s going to happen to me… In fact, nobody cares”, she affirmed looking away, as if to hide the shards of tears resounding in her voice.

Under the shell of tough cookie that nothing ever offended, Shining Armor was sure, a young girl in painwas concealed. She forced herself to play hoodlums in order to hide something, some kind of crack pushing her to self-destruction.

This story, it was undeniable, reminded him of another one, different yet similar. More than ever, he thought what she needed was to lend her an ear and a hand to reach to help her to emerge greater somehow.

“I think you’re wrong. You’re not a bad person, and I also think you got nothing to do with this bunch of troublemakers.”

“Do you want me to think you care? You say that to worm everything out of me about The Rebellious, but your tar with the same brush than the others. As soon as you’ll get what you want, you’ll let me rot all alone.”

Once again, despite the aggressiveness of her discourse, she had let him guess a flaw in the middle of the iron and ice shield she wore in order to protect herself. It was a disenchanted teenager, convinced her life mattered for no one that was in this seat. To be a part of this mob should have been all she had found to feel as if she was alive.

Yes, it reminded him of someone the same age he knew very well.

“What if you put a little trust in me? I can promise you’ll want for nothing if you promise you’ll stop having so bad a company.”

“They are my friends… I can’t do that to them.”

“Friends? I got friends and they don’t let me down when I’m in trouble. They give me news when something bad happen to them.”

She knew very well he alluded to Wind Wisher. That this cop was informed meant one thing – Berry Twinkle had talked. Yet, Minty sworn her loyalty was every bit as good as the one of her own leader.

That was started to involve doubt inside Pinkamena. Until then, she had repeated to herself The Rebellious’ leader was the most upstanding person she had ever met since she had arrived in this city in which she had felt lost and abandoned. After all, she had welcomed her inside her mob with so much ease and generosity…

She didn’t want to believe in the words of an adult, had he been as young and as apparently benevolent as that Shining Armor whose ridiculous name made her think about the character from an unrealistic fiction. Yet, he had tugged a heartstring, and she hoped something would save her or this compassionate discourse would get the best of her.

She didn’t want to be the one to bite the hand that fed her, all the more if it meant she probably would be wanted by all of The Rebellious, who wouldn’t miss inflicting her the good beating she’d deserved.

“Hm, excuse me…” a male voice said patting Shining Armor’s shoulder.

As a simple rookie officer, he wasn’t granted access to the questioning rooms and had led this whole discussion in the middle of his other coworkers, in the wide main office of the police station, where the delinquents of lesser importance were brought or where complaints for small theft were taken.

When he turned around, he noticed one of his promotion comrades working at the reception desk, obviously embarrassed.

“I’m sorry to bother you in the middle of work but a young woman wants to see you… and she says she’s your girlfriend, but…”

Beyond the other officer’s shoulder, Shining Armor caught a glimpse at Rarity, dressed with an elegant flowery pencil skirt and a strapless green bustier which highlighted her breasts. The other agents and officers around didn’t bother to ogle at the one who, back then, actually was his girlfriend.

They both had met during a party when he had just got into the Academy of Police, back when Rarity still was a teenager going to Canterlot High, through a friend who knew her family. She was the prettiest girl of the reception, and quickly, an attraction had bloomed.

Since he had started to work and the young woman had entered in her fashion design school, however, their schedules rarely coincided. Each time they saw each other, it either was briefly either in the most awkward of situations.

Moreover, it seemed she had developed for Twilight and her fellows a friendship of the entwined type which had surprised him, but which also made their relationship a little complicated. It had become harder to know how to behave with her.

He really loved her, but right now wasn’t the right moment.

He got up and hurried to come in her direction. As soon as she would have left and he would have been done with Pinkamena, he knew it, his coworkers would tease him again about Rarity, praising her amazing figure and her refined manners. He had to admit that he hated it.

“Since you’re working so hard all the time, I thought I could bring you coffee and cupcakes from your favorite bakery to cheer you up”, she told him, proud of her action.

It was adorable, a gesture of a generosity as her only knew how to dispense, and usually, he would have been more than happy to share this surprise snack with her, but he dreadfully feared the teenage girl he wanted to save from delinquency would start thinking again he didn’t care about her fate, as she had implied.

“It’s very nice of you… Unfortunately, I can’t take a break now. I’m in the middle of a questioning… Can we see each other later tonight?”

Rarity opened wide her eyes as blue as sapphire, and fluttered her eyelashes, simpering. She didn’t seem to understand what he had just said, as if he had talked to her in a foreign and exotic language he were the only one able to decipher.

“Which questioning? There’s no one at your desk. If you don’t want to see me, just tell me.”

She probably had mistaken his desk for the one nearby of their common acquaintance, who also worked in this police station. To draw from this the conclusion that she did it grudgingly, that is another part of the story.

“Why, no one at my desk? Can’t you see that…”

Arms wide opened, he turned around and jumped discovering the chair in front of him, empty.

His coworkers had been so monopolized by the entering of his charming girlfriend none had noticed the young Pinkamena Diane Pie had left, probably going out by the bathroom’s window that it was about time to seal off.

This was what happened when surrounded by males. A female presence would certainly had saved him from a disaster.

To think he’d been that close to succeed. Now the young girl was left to her own devices again in the big city, free to circulate and to keep on ruining the chances life had in store for her.

If only he hadn’t taken off her handcuffs thinking it was a blessing in disguise… He was going to be the police station’s laughing stock.

The First Pink-Haired Girl (part 3)

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Each time he was back from work, Shining Armor talked about his day, like Twilight spoke about what she had done at school. It was a ritual in her home. Dinner was the occasion for their parents to know which important events punctuated the life of the offspring they were so proud of.

Usually, she would listen with interest but would forget most of the cases his brother took care of since they especially were insignificant thefts or settling a conflict between neighbors. This time, not content with giving all her attention to her older brother’s speech, Twilight also had asked him an abundance of questions, at the extent that he had wondered why she had so much interest into gang matters.

Before her last reviewing in the warmth of her bed, she had sent a message to Applejack and Rainbow Dash to tell them she had news about Pinkamena and that she had been able to gather information that could be useful.

Fortunately, on the next morning, their literature teacher was late and though a supervisor was here to make sure their class would be quiet, the three friends made the most of it to talk about the problem they were concerned with.

“According to Shining Armor, she doesn’t have the past of a delinquent, she even was known in her former schools as a girl nice with everyone. But now she would keep on saying nobody cared the least about what could happen to her.”

“What could’ve happened for her to have a fit like dis?”

“I have no idea, and Shining Armor doesn’t know either, but according to him she would be faking it…”

“Whether she’s faking it or not doesn’t stop her from being in a gang and getting me over my head.”

Of course, Rainbow Dash was sensitive to the fate of the girl who, like her, had declined to the extent of doing insane things just to make sure she was alive. It didn’t change the fact she still was likely to have problems if anyone thought she was connected with her and most particularly with these charming friends of hers who let her down.

It was painful to discover those on whom you relied the most had no more regard for you than for an unknown person in the streets and, in her shoes, she probably would have felt sad and angry.

This didn’t indicate her how she would go through it all or even how she would help the young teenager, supposing that she had the least desire to be helped. Sometimes, one needed to bottom out before being able to go back to the surface…

“Well, Rainbow Dash… You don’t know what’s worse yet. Shining Armor called Miss Harshwhinny to talk about Pinkamena.”

“I must be doomed!”, she cried pressing her face against her both hands. “Now she knows for sure she’s the Second-in-Command of a gang, she’s going to tell my father and I’ll be up to visit Dr. Horses again.”

Now she was sure there was no way her and her friend could bring any help to the young girl. It had become too dangerous to have a contact with her of any kind, especially since it meant putting Applejack and Twilight in a delicate situation such as hers. If she had thought aiding her would be everybody’s solution to the problem, it wasn’t the case anymore.

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash… but maybe we still have time to keep up appearances. I’m ready to testimony we spend all our days together and that you’re no part of a gang.”

“We’ll testimony together”, Applejack confirmed.

“No. I can’t ask you such a thing. Even if Harshwhinny calls my father and he sends me back to Green Haven, since I’m feeling a whole lot better, I’ll do my best to make the shortest of stays there.”

It was the worst of the conceivable scenarios, but Applejack as well as Twilight were in their Principal’s good graces, and in no way she wanted to take the risk to stain their reputation to fix her own mistakes. She had given them enough hard time one year ago with her identity crisis, she judged.

Suddenly, a roar of tables, chairs and glass breaking was heard in the nearby classroom. All the students looked at each other, not sure to understand what was going on. Their supervisor asked them to keep quiet while she was going to check what was happening, and of course, as soon as she had left the room, they all rushed behind her, way too curious.

Usually, the three friends wouldn’t bother to check out as well, but they all three had a bad feeling at the same time. Frustration and loneliness could sometimes lead to thoughtless actions; which serious consequences weren’t blindingly obvious.

They were able to go past all the other classmates, in order to be in the front stage. Like foreseen, Pinkamena was here, once again, not wearing the mandatory uniform. Her teacher, a very young woman barely out of university, was hiding behind her desk, shaking from head to toe.

The other students were staying away, between dread and questioning. She might have violently kicked the tables in front of her, since they all were knocked down and piled in a mess on the chairs. On the side, close to where Pinkamena was standing with her fist bloody, one of the windows displayed a big hole and shards of glass were shattered all around the floor.

No one knew what the teacher had told her, but whatever it was, it should have aroused her sharp anger.

“Why do you stare at me this way, you bunch of rubes? Do you want a hole in your skin?”

In her aggressiveness, Rainbow Dash thought she could perceive traces of despair. Something in her rather anxious attitude let her think she was about to have some dreadful actions she probably would regret afterward. She knew it well, this very special nervousness. It was the same she had felt when she had turned on the lights of her bathroom, a bottle of whisky in her hands, with the medicine cabinet as her main target.

And she was so close to the window…

An idea came to her mind, something she would have liked to be done for her back then. Maybe in fact she could really help this injured ego, helping herself at the same time.

All she needed was to upset her in another way, and too bad if another problem occurred with her intervention. It would still be less horrible than what could be happening if no one did anything.

Rainbow Dash stood up, and took a step forward, to enter into the classroom. Students of both class held their breath, and her friends tried to stop her, but she was determined. It was the only solution – or at least, the quickest one.

The teachers would probably think she was insane, and in all honesty, it wouldn’t make much a difference. And it wouldn’t be news…

“Enough now. I sat by it until now but this time, you’ve gone too far…”

“What’s it got to do with you? Now you’re the teachers’ puppy… I knew it.”

“I’m nobody’s puppy. I’m just like everyone else here, fed up with your bullsh*t, Pinkamena Pie.”

“Who do you think you are? One of your crappy superheroes from your silly comic books?”

“It’s you who think you’re someone you’re not. You act like you’re a great villain but in reality, you’re a phony. Some mommy’s baby. You’re as lame as the day is long.”

She knew her words would have a certain impact on her, because they would have some on herself. All those who were in these classrooms knew that one year ago, the girl who appeared as everyone’s savior today was crying several times a day without apparent reason, because she missed her mother and was feeling lonely and abandoned.

She was ready to take a bet – this Pinkamena was like her, a person whose family was absent and who had never learned how to do without it, who counterbalanced by causing harm to everyone. The only difference was that Rainbow Dash had chosen to harm herself.

“It’s you I’ll snuff, b*tch!”

Bingo. Now it was up to the adults to clear the air because in order to do what was on her mind completely, she had in no way to stop after such a good start.

She settled herself in the position she had learned at boxing, not forgetting to highlight her limitless self-confidence so she could keep on fanning the embers on which she had blown.

“Here we go, b*tch second.”

Like expected, right when they both were going to go for their throats, the teachers who had been called in by their supervisor rushed to separate to two teenagers. Pinkamena was furious, and kept on insulting Rainbow Dash and whoever dared to look at her – which meant most of the school.

The worst had just been avoided.


In order to calm down, Rainbow Dash had been sent in one of the two rooms where detention took place. The goal had been reached quicker than with her classmate… She wasn’t really angry but had provoked her on purpose to stop another disaster from happening.

As for Pinkamena, she had been brought to the sickroom in screams, kicks and tears, so her wound would be cleaned. The hysteria she had displayed; she knew it well… It was the same that reached the most desperate of souls when on the verge of a precipice.

Now the two teenagers were in the same room, after an interval of a few tables. There was no one to watch out and the door was closed yet somebody was standing in front of that door in order to take actions if they started to fight again.

It was the usual ground rule in Middle Canterlot. Once the pressure fell down, the students that had argued were confronted to each other so they can have an explanation and why not, find a compromise.

Hard to accomplish with Pinkamena, definitely obtuse, who stayed with her arms crossed and her jaw tensed, watching through the window.

At least, Rainbow Dash knew that Miss Harshwhinny had understood they weren’t friends. She had barely avoided to let her father think she wasn’t healed yet, even if in this prospect, she would get new kinds of reproaches from him since the Principal probably had warmed him she had fought at school – if he weren’t flying and so, unreachable.

Or at any rate, since excess of anger had been many during her depression, all she had to do was to keep her fingers crossed for the final result not to be the one she had tried to avoid.

There was nothing else she could do now, anyway.

At least, she’d have liked to stop her classmate from terrorizing her whole school, or worse, from killing someone. All the more so now she had understood her aggressiveness hid more fear than anything else.

Their allocated time to get things straight was passing by slowly and if none of them tried to open to the other by the end of the hour, this would have been energy spent for nothings.

Too bad. Rainbow Dash decided to sacrifice herself. To act kind and comprehensive would probably not work much so she chose an angle of attack a little more aggressive while still being personal, that would permit her to slide toward more important things step by step.

“Do you know the sh*t I’m in because of you? Harshwhinny had warned my father.”

“What does it have to do with me? You just had to mind your own business. And, be grateful, at least there’s a father taking care of you.”

“Idiot! Where did you get this piece of information? He only cares about me when I’ve made a mistake. All he’s going to do now is to get rid of me by sending me back to the lunatics. And you’ll be the one to blame.”

At any moment, she was expecting her classmate to vent her spleen right at her face, but a strange silence started to float between them, and when Rainbow Dash turned around, she saw Pinkamena staring into space, like disconnected from the rest of the world.

As soon as she realized her fellow was eying her, however, she put her mask of sour back and rose her chin in defiance.

“You think it’s going to move me?”

“I don’t. Just telling you the truth…”

“Once again, you wouldn’t be here if you had minded your own business. You can blame me for that as much as you want, it won’t change the facts.”

“Sorry I have courage and a sense of justice. If you want to piss off the adults because you’re feeling abandoned, do as you please, but you don’t need to attack everyone. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. To piss off the adults is one of my favorite activity.”

“How do you know I feel abandoned?”, Pinkamena asked with a sudden calm and a hint of anxiety like from out of nowhere.

“Please… You can try to make the others think your anger comes from nothing special but not to me. Everything you do cries for attention. You might be telling you that if you don’t hurt anyone, there will be no one to remember you. It’s better to inspire dread than pity, or indifference.”

For the first time since her mother’s death, Rainbow Dash expressed to someone who wasn’t a psychiatrist, or Applejack, Twilight and Rarity, how she had felt after this terrible tragic accident. And her sincere speech free of any artificiality seemed to have an effect.

She had to open her heart a little more, for her to understand how they weren’t that different, and there were many other ways to feel alive. If it had worked for her with all she had been through, there were no reasons for it not to work for Pinkamena Diane Pie.

“Did you go through that as well?”, she asked to Rainbow Dash who had settled closer casually.

“You can say that. But unlike you, I’ve harmed myself instead…”

If she played her cards, the rest of the game would be as easy as pulling on the shaft of a broken slot machine. She needed not to let her spectator switch off from her arguments. It was a good job that her natural qualities of leadership made her able to keep an audience hanging at her every words. The only noticeable difference between this setup and the breaks of a match was that the team she was speaking to was made of just one person.

Actually, no, it wasn’t the only difference. Usually she wouldn’t open in front of others wounds that were barely healed…

“My mother died last year, in a plane crash which I've been a witness of. Because of this…”

Sigh. She was taking shortcuts in order not to wake up too much things, but even like this, it still was difficult for her to talk about it without having her throat clenched and tears burning her eyes. The memory was too fresh, too intense.

“I’ve been through a very hard time and I’ve tried to kill myself with pills and alcohol… Two days of coma. I can’t clearly remember the details but I know it damaged my stomach and liver and ever since I have to pay attention to everything I eat or drink or I get sick in the blink of an eye. I also have a scar at the back of my head because of the fall I made in my bathroom that gives me migraines each time it rains or the weather’s too cold…”

Of course, this time again, she overlooked other consequences brought by her action of despair.

Later, maybe, if they both could become close friends, she would tell her the complete story but for now, Rainbow Dash only gave essential information so that Pinkamena could understand they were nothing but the same distorted reflection of each other.

“But your father…”

“My father? He can’t even look into my eyes because I look like my mother. Since the accident, as I said, he only pays attention about me when I do something wrong… it happens a lot, it’s true, but all I get from him are reproaches and no love or affection. And not even face to face, with it. Most of the time, he scolds me over the phone. He’s never here for me and only can give money. Yeah, right, I got anything I want… except the essential…”

No longer did she need to add anything. She knew she had hit the spot by opening her heart to the pink haired-girl.

Sometimes, to tear off the mask and to let weaknesses show could happen to be necessary although it was always something difficult to do for her.

Pinkamena put her crossed arms on the small individual desk in front of her, and leaned her chin against her wrist. She no longer felt angry deep inside her stomach and even felt emptied from energy, as if someone had sucked all her blood and her limbs could not support her anymore. Her hair that she straightened every morning with care had started to get frizzy without her being able to control it.

Rainbow Dash’s story wasn’t like hers, and she even felt she had no right to feel so upset about her two parents who were both alive, and her three sisters that she adored. However, she had to admit it, she recognized herself in the way she expressed her loneliness and anguish.

“My parents are lithologists. They study rocks and go everywhere around the globe for their researches. All my sisters are fond of rocks and want to do the same thing when older, but I like parties, pastry and having fun. They thought it would be best for me to settle down somewhere I could get friends, where I could make studies in a true school… but I’ve felt as if they’ve abandoned me because I’m nothing like them. I thought it was unfair my sisters could stay with them while I was sent in Canterlot on my own. I know they’re doing it for my own good, but I can’t get to convince myself…”

“Is that why you’re hanging around with members of a gang?”

“Yes. They took me in without questions, and I’ve felt I was worthy again thanks to them. I was finally important… At the same time, it gave me the occasion to unwind my anger that I transferred on the others. Tell me… How did you get rid of your pain? You said your mother died last year. It’s pretty fresh.”

Two solutions were now in front of Rainbow Dash: she could tell her everything, but would take the risk to fall back into tearful speeches that she wanted to avoid, or she could take one more shortcut which, anyway, would lead them back where she tried to go.

She didn’t ask herself too much questions before taking the second option.

“Thanks to sports. I’ve focused all my resentment and aggressiveness on off steam sports where at least, I wasn’t harming myself or anyone. And most of all, it was thanks to my friends. They were here from start to finish, they haven’t given up on me, even if it would have been much easier for them to. Because this is how real friends are: they’re here even when you’re at rock bottom. They don’t run away when you’re deep down in it.”

Pinkamena knew what she implied. Wind Wisher, the leader of her gang, was still hidden, the leader of the rivals the Crushlotters had been sold out to the police against her liberation. Members of her own gang had let her down when she had been arrested and none had taken time to ask her how she was, though they all had her number and knew how to use it when they needed to be defended.

“You’re lucky”, she said hiding her face. “I got no real friends.”

“It’s wrong. You got me.”

“We barely know each other and I wanted to beat you. And you’re going to have problems because of me.”

“I would never tell the things I told you to anybody. If you want friends that would be there for you, to have fun with without beating the sh*t out of others, my friends and I would be more than happy to take you under our wings. You’ll just have to… stop being in a gang.”

It was a choice Pinkamena had to make. To have this cake and to eat it too was in no way possible. Either she decided to give Rainbow Dash and her friends a chance and then forget about these bad habits harming her more than doing good, either… No. No need to choose. There was only one way.

As for the members of her gang… Well, because of Wind Wisher’s disappearance, it could be considered like wound up.

“Alright. I swear I’ll leave The Rebellious if you swear not to let me down.”

“I promise”, she said stretching her hand in front of Pinkamena, whose pink and curly strands kept on pooping out of her abundant hair.

It was necessary to stay focus not to jump from scare seeing this more than strange of a phenomenon.

“Pinkie Promise?”

“Pinkie Promise?”, she repeated, her eyes wide opened.

“Yes. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye”, Pinkamena finished by putting the flat of her hand against her eye."

Rainbow Dash repeated the pattern and the gestures, not really understanding what it meant, though she thought it might be something sacred in her family.

Before the end of the following week, the gang of The Rebellious had been wound up by Wind Wisher in person, who only sent a message to her former members, without any apology but the precision that there was no need to go and look for her since she had moved on to Hoofington.

Whether this was true or false didn’t matter. Canterlot never again heard about this teenage gangs which had disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

It didn’t mean the city was done with juvenile delinquency, but that the way of doing things was now different, more discreet if not sneaky.

Pinkamena, nicknamed by everyone Pinkie Pie, her hair curly again, had quickly become the life of the party everybody loved, and had found in lacrosse with Rainbow Dash the punch bag sport which allowed her to pour out both her anger and frustration in a sane way. Of course, she had understood her parents’ point of view and was now glad of their decision to send her in Canterlot for her studies.

Without them, she would never have met the most extraordinary friends on earth, the ones she loved as much as her own sisters, for whom she was ready to any sacrifice. Without them all, she would never have become the adorable person she was now, indeed a little tiresome from times to times but so devoted to the others’ happiness that everything was easy to forgive coming from her.


Sunset Shimmer as much as Fluttershy couldn’t believe their ears. It was so difficult to imagine Pinkie Pie as a gang member, fighting with a knife, that they felt as if the story which had just been told was about someone else.

Yet, the person in question herself had confirmed all the details bit by bit, and even brought a few precisions.

“I know it sounds strange yet nothing’s been invented.”

“Ya’ll can believe it, we all been witnesses. Aint’ we, Twilight?”

“I have to confirm. It was a bit scary at start…”

“Yeah but who can remain upset to such a sweet lil’ face?” Applejack added pinching Pinkie Pie’s cheeks, which made her laugh a lot.

She hadn’t lied when she had said Sunset Shimmer she had done very bad things in the past. When she compared with what Adagio, Aria and Sonata had forced her to do with what Pinkie Pie had done of her own free will, she almost thought she was ridiculous.

“Anyway, the story made me feel thirsty… Do you have things to drink, Dashie?”

“Take a look in the basement. There’s cider I think.”

“Oki doki loki. I go right now. But be gentle with your tummy, Dashie…”

“You say this now, and after three Raritysmopolitan, you always try to make me drink more with you.”

“Oh yes, sometimes I really am a bit silly”, Pinkie Pie concluded, while leaving the room in order to go down.

It was the kind of comments which Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were used to, but which could surprise those for who Pinkamena Diane Pie, nicknamed Pinkie Pie by the ones she loved the most, was some kind of undecipherable mystery.

They knew that when a frontage was looked from a different angle, new perspectives were in store. It was better not to wake the young girl’s bad instincts but fortunately, like Rainbow Dash said to Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer, still a little knocked down by what they had just heard, her dark side was in a hyper-long hibernation, and with the love from her family and friends, there were very little risks to be revive soon.

Friendship For Dummies (part 1)

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Rarity arranged her glasses on her nose, and settled the end of her measuring tape at the indicated spot. All smiles on the podium in the middle of Carrousel Boutique’s backroom, Pinkie Pie kept her arms opened and didn’t seem embarrassed the least in the world that she was standing in underwear in front of her other friends.

It hadn’t been the same for each of them. If Applejack didn’t really have complexes, and Rainbow Dash was used to see girls in undergarments if not naked in the lacrosse, basketball and roller derby’s locker rooms and it didn’t have any particular effect on her, both Fluttershy and Twilight had displayed an incredible modesty.

As for the young fashion designer, there was nothing to be ashamed of. They weren’t here to be judgmental, and they were between themselves, sheltered from the public’s eye. And, for her to be able to measure each of them up, there were no other solutions.

Of course, she had already taken their measurements in the past, in order to tailor them outfits and dresses as she pleased, however, she was aware that bodies of the teenagers are changing all the time and didn’t want to take risks.

The annual CHS Spring Ball was coming, and in this instance, Rarity had proposed her friends to make them all new dresses.

Unlike Prom Ball, Winter and Spring Ball was opened to the students of any grade, and it was free, students from other schools being forbidden. Girls who had no boyfriend inside Canterlot High would come alone, which made of these events more an occasion to have fun with friends.

It was years now since Rarity had left High School, and sometimes, when they told her their stories from CHS, she felt nostalgic of this time.
She had been elected Queen of the Ball, the most beautiful girl of Canterlot High three years in a row, a member from the Students Board, captain of the cheerleaders, and even the model of her first creations, that she had worn at any given occasion and which caught the attention of many.

If she had only one regret it was that she had not met her friends earlier. The five years gap that separated them made that they never went to school together… All the pals she could have had in the past had left her behind little by little when she had integrated her fashion school – of which she had graduated last year major of her promotion.

The first time they met, Rarity remembered as if it was yesterday…

It was a winter night. Shining Armor had brought her home, where he thought they would be alone. In reality, his little sister had also come home, a little earlier because a teacher was absent, and she had invited the whole bunch. Because of wind and snow, she had preferred them to stay for the night – with her parents’ consent, since Twilight never did anything without her parents’ consent. Instead of spending her time with the one who still was her boyfriend, she had chatted all night long with the teenagers who were in the same school as her former one.

One thing leading to another, a solid friendship had started between them, and they never parted ever since.

Even when Shining Armor and her decided to go their separate way, she had warned – she would still be friends with Twilight and the other girls.

Fortunately, their breakup had been calm. They both agreed to stay on good terms with each other, and were even able to be in the same room with no shame or embarrassment.

Back in the present, she wrote 37,10 inches on her little notebook, a bit jealous of the more than generous measurements of her friend, her who always had thought she had nothing to be envious of. In comparison with the small 32,77 inches of Rainbow Dash, of course, what she had wasn’t that bad, but even so…

With such a body of superstar, it was surprising that Pinkie Pie didn’t have a boyfriend, or at least some boys who were fond of her.

“We’re done, Pinkie Pie, you can redress”, she told her with a smile.

“Hooray! That was fun.”

The pretty teenage girl bounced off the podium and went gamboling to the dressing room where she had undressed.

“It’s really nice of you, Rarity, to create these dresses for nothing… Especially since we could have handled it on our own.”

“Yeah, might not be very good for yar business to make us dis favor and to give us frills gratis.”

“I’m very embarrassed by this gift”, Fluttershy said blushing. “It’s a lot of work.”

“Girls, come on, don’t you worry. It’s a pleasure.”

“Yeah, our Rarity is generosity incarnated”, Rainbow Dash claimed wrapping one arm around her neck.

“It’s nothing at all, I assure you… By the way, where is your new classmate? Why hadn’t she come? I’m sure I could have created something very interesting for her.”

“Dya mean Sunset Shimmer? She’s sloggin’ on weekends, in a tattoo workshop so she wasn’t free before a certain hour.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe you could bring her next time. It would be stupid if she couldn’t have a nice new dress as well.”

“We could bring her after class”, Pinkie Pie said getting out of her dressing room.

She sat beside Twilight who seemed preoccupied and hadn’t take a lot of part in the conversation today, and made a series of funny faces in order to make her smile. The expected effect was reached, but was cut short, since as soon as Pinkie Pie had stopped, joining Fluttershy who was looking at Rarity’s sketches, she plunged in her thoughts again, her heart clenched and knots in her stomach.

“I don’t want to sound paranoid”, Rainbow Dash suddenly claimed, catching each of her friends’ attention. “But since we arrived I have this strange sensation of being observed.”

Rarity burst out laughing. Was it Applejack’s admirer’s memory, who became Rarity’s then, and disappeared as soon as he had appeared, who made her feel this way? She had undressed in front of everyone with no modesty, completely at ease with her own body and deprived of any kind of ulterior motive, and now the measures were all taken and there had nothing left to watch at, she was feeling spied on. Her mind probably was tricking her.

“I had that feeling as well”, Fluttershy said. “But I was scared to tell and sound stupid.”

“Come on, girls, you’re like home here. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Who could be spying on you? Unless…”

Suddenly, it was as if she had been hit by a lightning bold. There were, indeed, persons likely to watch her friends in secret. She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought about it before, but it was an eventuality more than probable.

On her tiptoes, Rarity walked to the closet where she placed her cleaning items, which doors looked like wooden shutters. All she had to do was to yank on the handle, and from the piece of furniture fell three young Middle School pupils, whom two of them were particularly known from the group.

“Sweetie Belle!”, Rarity cried with a scolding voice.

“Apple Bloom!”, Applejack said the same way.

The three guilty girls stood back up, red from embarrassment, hair messy and clothes rumply. One of them had made fall a disposable camera and another one a notebook. Drawn faces, they stepped to the older girls, their hands behind their backs.

“Still snooping for your school newspaper, eh? I really wonder how what’s happening here can be interesting for the Kid Free Press?”

Lately, Sweetie Belle, Rarity’s little sister who happened to be friend with Applejack’s, Apple Bloom, along with their fellow Scootaloo, had decided to find their special talents, and had fun trying all kind of different things, in which journalism.

That was how they had started to follow their elders all around, with a very special kind of temperance. Until then, the other friends hadn’t felt bothered by this lack of discretion but it seemed the reprieve period had just came to an end today.

“You’re all former famous students… Our readers love gossips.”

“It seems I haven’t given you my authorization for you to divulge gossips about us. Girls neither.”

“Sorry, big sister”, Sweetie Belle answered lowering her head.

“Me neither, Apple Bloom.”

“Sorry too, big sister”, the young girl replied with the same face of penitence than her friend.

Sweetie Belle was a lovely preteen with a porcelain skin, the face of an angelic doll with wide green eyes and a pug nose, surrounded by curls falling like a waterfall on her shoulders.

As for Apple Bloom, it was easy to recognize which family she was a part of just by hearing her speak. Her and her siblings shared the same Southern accent that some found irresistible and other ridiculous. But unlike Applejack and Big Macintosh, on her slightly tanned complexion, there was no freckles. The most stunning about her were her golden and coral eyes which, for sure, would hypnotize more than one boy in the future.

It was necessary not to trust the adorable voice and the angel faces of the school girls. Not that they were little demons, far from it, but they did a lot of asininities by trying to experiment many things. There was some kind of innocence inside of them that made them different than what their eldest had been when they were their age, less restless, less tortured even, what didn’t stop some damages to be done by these white geese.

“Come on, AJ, Rarity… It’s not that bad…”

“Yes, it’s kind of fun, even”, Pinkie Pie assured bouncing their way. “You’re all so cute. You’ve grown up so much since kindergarten.”

“Err… They were in elementary school when we met her, Pinkie…”

Beside their two little sisters, the third schoolgirl opened her mouth wide, as well as her mauve eyes which color was a bit clearer than the one of her short hair, and she seemed to be like paralyzed in this overjoyed state.

Rainbow Dash looked at her friends, so she could understand what she had said that sounded so extraordinary. Of course, she knew she was awesome in any kind of circumstances, but didn’t think she was to the extent of stunning preteens.

“You’re—You’re Rain—Rainbow Dash”, she asked from her voice a bit hoarse.

“The one and only”, she replied proudly.

“Wow, you’re my idol! I saw you playing lacrosse last year and I’m your biggest fan. No one shoots stronger and faster than you.”

“This kid’s great.”

General burst of laughter. When Rainbow Dash reacted this way, it meant she was in a good mood. The boastful side was a part of the character, and if she really enjoyed praises and compliments, it was half in order to satisfy her well-developed ego, and half in order to comfort herself about her worth.

It wasn’t provided that Rarity and Applejack were going to accept their little sisters to spy on them, and to tell their personal stories in Middle Canterlot’s gazette, and this although no one or almost no one was reading it.

They gave them each a bill asking them to go out and to eat an ice cream, or another thing which wouldn’t include to stay under their feet. Backwards, the young teenagers agreed to leave Rarity’s boutique.

“Fine. And what if now, we have a tea upstairs? Sassy can take care of the boutique on her own for fifteen more minutes.”

They all nodded, and followed their friend in the stairs leading to the apartment above.

Rarity’s family wasn’t as wealthy as Applejack’s or Rainbow Dash’s, but her parents stood as guarantors for the loan she had taken in order to buy Carrousel Boutique. She didn’t design prêt-à-porter, and didn’t sell as would a brand in the huge Department Store, but she had a few faithful costumers who helped her to do well without being chocked by debts.

In a few months would be held Canterlot’s Fashion Week where Rarity had succeeded to get a date to display her latest collection. Her friends had already promised to catwalk for her – which helped her save money by not hiring professional models.

The apartment upstairs was under the roof, and round-shaped. It wasn’t as large as the boutique but its owner had done her best to make sure it was cozy despite the lack of space.

Many mirrors hanging on the walls made the whole look bigger. In the room where she entertained guests and which served as both bedroom and living-room, she had settled a beautiful twin bed with red canopies all around. Her dressing table in real ebony with elegant moldings stood nearby, along with a vintage chair she had found at a small antiquity shop. A big long-haired carpet which meddled with her white cat Opalescence almost covered the whole living-room part where she had installed two beige silk velvet couches in perpendicular angle, with a little glassy low table in the middle.

This mixture of old and modern gave the whole a cachet to what Rarity called her small cocoon. Each time the group came here, they were feeling so good it was rather difficult to go home. Twilight in particular was more than at ease in this ordered and clean place where a jasmine fragrance was always floating.

Yet, this afternoon, she could focus long enough to really enter into her friends’ conversations. Her eyes lost somewhere, she always requested to be repeated the questions asked to her, and spent all her time fingering her friendship bracelet, making bounce against her forefinger the items supposed to represent each of them.

If until then they had been focused on other matters now they were gathered around the low table for hot tea cups and small cucumber sandwiches, they all finally noticed that really, something was wrong about her. When they asked Twilight what it was, she sighed deeply, thinking it probably was for the better to tell them the truth.

“It’s my Monday appointment with Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna…. I’m scared of what they’re going to tell me, especially in front of my parents.”

For a few seconds, everyone put their actions on hold, and the five young women started to laugh at the same time. It was as if Applejack had told she was scared someone else in Canterlot was more skilled than her to gather of cattle of beefs… Ridiculous. Everybody knew Twilight Sparkle was Canterlot High’s pride, envied even by the most prestigious private schools of the country.

“Yar frettin’ ‘bout nuthin’”, Applejack announced giving her an elbow blow.

“I’m sure you’re going to get nothing but compliments”, Fluttershy replied softly.

“But… Students aren’t called out for such reasons…”

“Except for you, Twilie. You’re the smartest girl of all Canterlot… Maybe even of all Equestria.”

Pinkie Pie’s sense of exaggeration made her smile and even relax a little, however it wasn’t enough to make her lose this lump which kept on squeezing her stomach inside out. She couldn’t even enjoy her tea because of this.

“Pinkie’s too much as always but I kind of agree with AJ and Fluttershy. You’re our best students, with only A grades… And both Celestia and Luna are fond of you. You don’t have to worry”, Rainbow Dash finished.

“I’m more than certain they’re right and this appointment is only a manner to congratulate you. The end of school year is close and maybe they only want to talk about the Top Students’ class for next year”, Rarity finally comforted her.

“Yes, you’re probably right.”

In the end, she was glad she had been able to voice out what was bothering her since yesterday, when Vice-Principal Luna had given her the convocation. Immediately, she had envisioned the worse, since this was the way she was. When it came to studies and friendship, she quickly was anxious.

Twilight wasn’t the kind to think as herself as the best and in order to achieve this result, she was working really hard, spending most of her free time reviewing in order to leverage each minute. Even when she hung around in town with the band, she tried to keep on studying in her mind.

Nevertheless, all these encouragements had been able to comfort her enough so she could enjoy the time she spent with those who were so important for her. Before she met them, she remembered clearly what her days looked like… They followed up and centered on books, stars and calculating machines, and if she never was bored, she had to admit now, it lacked the spice of being alive…


Right after lunch, Twilight had gone to her appointment with a smile, under her friends’ encouragements. The bunch had let Sunset Shimmer going back in her class, and had settled around Pinkie Pie’s table, as always in charge of the Spring Ball organization, that would happen a little before Rainbow Dash’s seventeen birthday.

To draw from this conclusion that this event had become the main conversation topic, only one step was needed. Of course, they still liked to talk about many various subjects, far from well-trodden paths and stereotypes around teenage girls, but this fact was so much expected it took precedence.

That would be the first time Fluttershy would attend a High School ball. In Cloudsdale where she lived before arriving in Canterlot, there were only the students from the last year of school that were allowed such an honor, and because of her huge shyness, she had thought no guy would ever invite her.

Although she didn’t show, she really couldn’t wait to be there. The whole bunch would go there with Applejack’s SUV, the only car that could handle a pack of six young women. They would get prepared at Rarity’s, and would thanks to her have unique dresses, matching their personalities. And that would be the perfect night for her to get this friendship bracelet she longed for so much.

Since she had met them all, she was feeling as happy as ever. To have friends on whom she could relied, as close as them, it was a gift from above, and sometimes she wondered if she deserved it.

Fluttershy couldn’t have said which one she loved the most. Rarity fascinated her by her elegance and experience of life, she thought Twilight always said smart and relevant things, Applejack was the most down to earth and honest person she’d ever met, Pinkie Pie never missed to make her smile or laugh, and Rainbow Dash represented strength and courage she was envious of… Even Sunset Shimmer happened to be a trustworthy girl with who she enjoyed spending time.

In reality, she would never be able to choose one over the others. They all were precious in her heart.

“Hey, Pinkie Pie, do you think you could ask The Eighteen+ to come and sing at our Spring Ball? That would be so sweet!”

The Eighteen+ was a girlsband who sang a mix of electro and hip-hop, along with feminist lyrics on topics both light and serious, the whole dressed with a look half-smart and half-punk. Rainbow Dash was a fan since eighth grade and never missed any of their concerts.

“That would be great, Dashie but they’re too famous and it would be too expensive for our school.”

“How much in Equestrian dollars?”

“Rainbow Dash yar not the only one dat will go to this ball. Maybe the others don’t like Eighteen+. And maybe Fluttershy don’t like Eighteen+!”

“Oh, I get along with anything”, the young woman answered shaking her hands, her cheeks pinkish.

“It’s too expensive, anyway.”

“Well, then… Let’s reunite The Rainbooms, singing Eighteen+ songs our own way. Wouldn’t cost a dime.”

“Who’s The Rainbooms?”, Fluttershy asked again.

“That’s our band… But since this year, we abandoned it a little because we’re too busy, especially Rarity.”

“You girls have a band? That’s amazing!”

“Yeah, really amazing… I play drums! I looooooooooove drumming!”

It was by a hair’s breadth for them to argue again, because of non-serious disagreements, fortunately, the conversation had bounced before reaching this eventuality. Though in reality they never quarreled for more than twenty-four hours in a row, and even this scenario was something rare.

The two hours of break for lunch were almost over, and Twilight still wasn’t back from her interview with Principal and Vice-Principal Celestia and Luna. None worried, all as convinced that there was nothing to worry about, quite the reverse, they thought it was nothing but a formality for the young woman, a little reminder of how her academic excellency was a pride for Canterlot High.

It couldn’t be otherwise. Even in Middle School, Twilight had been the smartest of all students, buzzing with ideas, distinctive tastes in literature as well as mathematics, History, geography, physics and chemistry. The only subject in which she was more than average was sports, but her grades anywhere else loosely compensated for this only learning gap, and this even if sports were very important in the Equestrian educational system.

When she finally appeared on the doorstep of her classroom, the girls welcomed her with big smiles, and a rain of “so?” which received no echo from her. Eyes lowered and face gloomy, Twilight only walked to her desk next to Rainbow Dash’s.

Seeing she wasn’t ready to speak to them, the four girls looked at each other, worried. Something seemed to be wrong, since the sunny mood their friend displayed in the morning had melt down like the last snow of March. It was hard to believe yet they had evidences right in front of them.

They gathered around Twilight’s table, her head still low and her eyes lost somewhere, so they would get more information.

“What’s happening, Twilie? Did you have words with them?”, Pinkie Pie questioned first.

“Eeyup, ya look like yar bum’s been bite by some coyote.”

“Tell us what’s wrong”, Fluttershy said softly rubbing her back. “We’re all worried for you.”

As soon as she had left Principal Celestia’s office, Twilight had sworn to herself not to tell them anything, and to do her best to avoid any kind of contact with them until she would be able to put her ideas back into order. This way, things would be for the best. In front of their insistence, however, she was forced to change her plans.

They were the ones who asked, after all. Too bad if they didn’t like what she was about to say.

“In fact… Compared with my grades and credits of last year at the same period, I’ve lost points… 0,5 points to be precise.”

At the same time, the four girls sighed in relief. They had expected something horrible or irreversible, like a relocation or a real comedown in her grades, although this last part sounded improbable.

This was just like Twilight… Always worrying about nothing, envisioning the worst scenarios. They should have been used to it by now, yet they were still surprised when something of this kind happened.

“You scared the crap out of us!”, Rainbow Dash replied. “We were thinking it was something hyper serious.”

“Ah, because you think this isn’t hyper serious? You haven’t seen my parents’ eyes… I’ve never saw them so much confused.”

“Well, yes, I do. You still got a couple of months to make it up.”

“I’m not like you, Rainbow Dash. I think about my future, not just to do anything I want whenever I want. Some have to work hard to do well, we don’t all have a father who’s in charge of his own company, with millions of stocks at the Bourse.”

“What does this mean?”

“You know what it means.”

Because Twilight was a precious friend in her heart, she stopped herself from replying anything she would regret later. Rainbow Dash swallowed her pride and hid her damp hands in the pockets of her uniform’s skirt, but deep inside, it didn’t stop her from thinking.

Never until then, neither she or the others had spat in her face the fact that there was a difference of social status between them, all the more so she thought she did her best not to make them feel they didn’t come from the same milieu, though none of them were in precarious familial situations.

“Anyhow, I’ve taken an important decision”, Twilight followed up seamlessly. “I have to focus back in order to better my grades and I don’t have so much time. The best for me would be to distance myself from you all…”

“Distance yourself from us, like… quit hanging around with us?”, Pinkie Pie asked with a quiet voice and puppy eyes.

“Just for some time.”

“How long?”, Applejack said.

“I don’t know. There’s always one million things going on when I’m with you, it’s grueling and I think that’s what stops me from being as good as before. It would be better for me to be on my own, so I could focus on what really matters.”

“So all the blame is on us, uh? This I just can’t believe!”

This time, Rainbow Dash couldn’t hold back anymore what was boiling inside her veins. She hadn’t even looked in their eyes while hammering them with her heavy blow. She was feeling as if they had just been stabbed in the back… not her only, the whole bunch.

“As far as I know, we never forced you to follow. You have freedom of movement, it seems. Listening to you, that’s as if we were keeping you on a leash, or worse, as if you were in shackles. Maybe I don’t think a lot about my future but I don’t accuse the others when I do wrong. With all we’ve been through together, I thought our bond was stronger than this. We could’ve stand by you, helping you going through this crisis as we always do, but it seems like solidarity isn’t something that matters in this dear Twilight Sparkle’s life. Fine, but if that’s the way it is…”

Her hands trembling and her heart racing at speed of light, she lifted the sleeve of her uniform jacket, that she for a once wore correctly, and unclasped the fastener of the chain hanging around her wrist.

“Here is what I’m doing with your friendship bracelet!”, she cried throwing it so strongly against Twilight’s table it almost bounced back on her face.

Without a word, she picked up her bag on her desk, and left the room. Applejack tried to catch her up, horrified to think she was going to skip a class for the first time since High School begun, but she chose not to chase after her, scared she wouldn’t be able to be back before the History teacher arrived.

“Ya can’t stay angry like this, Twilight. Gotta talk to her.”

The latter remained dumbfounded, and chose to ignore her friend’s good advice. Things were clear… It was no use of insisting or hoping she would change her mind. She had made up her mind, and was determined to distance herself from the group.

“C’mon, girls, let’s sit before classes begin.”

“But… What about Dashie?”

“I think it’s better to leave her alone for now.”

“Yeah, like Fluttershy said. C’mon, Pinkie.”

The pink-haired teenager followed her two friends, unable to keep her eyes off Twilight still at her desk, who kept on staring at an invisible point in front of her as if they didn’t exist and never talked near her table. She noticed, yet, that she had taken back Rainbow Dash’s bracelet which silver chain stuck out of her pencil case. This twist had ruin everyone’s mood, and even Pinkie Pie didn’t really feel like thinking about the party she had to plan for Spring Ball.

The bell had rung since at least five minutes when Rainbow Dash reached the back of the bleachers. A class of twelfth grade was playing soccer on the school’s stadium lawn, yet she sat with her back on them. Her goal was for no one to see her and her to see no one neither.

It was a place where the girls and her liked to hide after lunch, or to wait for each other when they were busy with their extra-curriculum activities. The place was steeped in history and memories for her, but she hadn’t found any other place to take a refuge in order to get the stillness she sought.

Too many times had she cried in front of others since her mother had passed away, betraying the oath she had made to always shed her tears in secret and since her depression seemed to be over, she had promised herself to honor these words full of wisdom.

However, it wasn’t a river of tears she came here to hide. Although her sobs were quiet, silent, and rolled along her cheeks without the least of cries, it didn’t mean she wasn’t hurt.

Never had she thought one of hers would abandon her, especially not Twilight or Applejack. Her disillusions were high, and though she knew how studies and pride from her parents and adults were important for her friend, she couldn’t help but holding a grudge against her, to try to separate from them with so little remorse.

Friendship For Dummies (part 2)

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Fluttershy lived in the residential area of the Moths, a peaceful middle-class estate. Though each houses had to respect very precise rules about the colors of shutters and walls, the heights of hays and fences, as well as the mailboxes aspect, the whole didn’t give the impression that no habitation was different from the other.

Her family had found a cottage a little in the background, nearby a charming little wood where lived all kind of critters, which ravished Fluttershy’s heart. One of the advantage of this house was its wider garage, able to take in many vehicles without being overcrowded.

Zephyr had no means of transportation, and always relied on his parents or Big Macintosh to go to the city, and Fluttershy had chosen bus over the stress to drive on her own, and to be exposed to the unmerciful eyes of the other chauffeurs. In the familial garage, there only was her mother’s Mini and her father’s Sedan, which let enough room for both Pinkie Pie’s Beetle and Rainbow Dash’s scooter but obliged Applejack to leave her stately SUV in front of the house.

If they had chosen to go at their friend’s place, it was for very practical reasons. Time on their hands after class was not that long and each spot they usually liked to hang around sent them back to memories they wanted to avoid.

It wasn’t the slumber party Fluttershy secretly dreamed about, but that was already fantastic…

Each time her gang came to spend time with her in her house, she was feeling proud and happy. After she had spent almost seventeen years never rubbing shoulders with anyone, because she was too daunted to make acquaintances and that all the ones she had spoken with had abused her kindness one too many, she finally felt she belonged in a tight band.

Well… Tight is what she always thought they were until this morning. Though they were acting as if everything was fine and nothing special had happened, they knew things weren’t the same. Without Twilight by their side, they were like an amputee still having the sensation of feeling the gone limb.

When they went past the doorstep, they all were welcomed by a cheerful smile from their friend's mother, that they liked to call Mrs. Shy. It was a woman as reserved and delicate as her daughter, and if no one had met her father yet, she herself said he was the nicest of men. For a long while, they had insisted that their daughter should go out more, to meet many other people, which had led Fluttershy to the drastic decision they all knew about, but the team had quickly realized she had probably overstated this point in her mind.

It was a proof that she truly was worthy of belonging to this group…

Fluttershy came and kissed her mother on her cheek, then warned she took juice and a few cookies and that her friends and her would climb upstairs in order not to bother her more.

“I’m not bothered at all to hear about your adventures… It reminds me of when I was younger.”

Unable to restrain, Fluttershy felt her cheeks burn, while her friends laughed of what wasn’t entirely a joke. Indeed, her mother was keen of hearing young people speak, saying it was comforting, especially in view of the future of the world.

Nonetheless, Fluttershy was always afraid that a potentially embarrassing word would accidentally cross one of the girls’ lips, and that her mother would be shocked.

Not that she didn’t trust them. That was just what she was made of – always too easy to scare.

“We’re going upstairs, mom, don’t worry. We’ll be more comfortable in my room.”

“Well, as you wish… But wait… There’s one of you missing, isn’t it?”, she asked as everyone had started to climb the stairs.

Obviously, the one she should have beware of was her own mother, because she had just planted her knife inside a sensitive spot. She feared the worse…

“No, no one’s missing. We’re whole”, Rainbow Dash assured.

“Oh, really? I thought that…”

The announcement let Mrs. Shy a bit lost for words since it had been said with such a confidence. At the same time, as if avoiding as much as possible to go into detail about this subject, Rainbow Dash had hurried to reach the upper floor.

However, she didn’t really take offense and went back to her reading of Canterlot’s number one daily newspaper, the way she did every day when she was back from work. After all, her daughter’s High School stories were none of her business, although she often took pleasure in hearing them.

As soon as they were in Fluttershy’s room, they all settled on her green carpet looking like a patch of luxurious lawn, sitting around the plate of cookies and juice briquettes she had brought upstairs with them. Of course, though they had chosen to come here partly hoping it would help them thinking about something else, Twilight was the main subject of the conversation that followed.

“Maybe ya been a lil’ too harsh here now, Rainbow Dash”, Applejack started.

“It sounds like we’ll never talk to Twilight again”, Fluttershy added giving everyone something to drink.

“It would be really, really, really, really, really too sad!”

“I’m sorry, girls, but I’m not the one who decided we were better off without her. She’s the one who rejected us. If she misses us, it’s her who’d have to come and ask us to forgive her and not the other way.”

“Don’t ya think we should think things through? We’ve known each other for so long.”

“As you say, AJ. We’ve known each other for so long. That’s why it left a sour taste in my mouth. What? She was glad we were here until now.”

It had to be acknowledged. In view of her aggressiveness and bitterness level, Rainbow Dash wasn’t about to renege on her words, just like Twilight seemed to have made up her mind.

“But we were so tight”, Pinkie added once again, biting into a cookie unenthusiastically – that was a first.

“We might not be as tight as we thought. 0,5 points are enough to say goodbye to all these things, obviously.”

“It makes me feel so sad I could cry.”

“Don’t ya weep, Fluttershy, ya still got us.”

From sadness and anger, though she had to beware not to eat too much carbohydrates in order to stay fit and more particularly not to get sick, Rainbow Dash gobbled two white chocolate and cranberries cookies at the same time. They all looked at her, flabbergasted, and her cheeks full of cakes, she only shrugged and looked away.

Talking about Twilight systematically created a lump inside her stomach which she wasn’t able to get rid of, even if she swore she didn’t care or that she didn’t deserve her grief. Twilight had been there in the worst moments of her life, and even had been the one at the start of the friendship bracelets… She was her friend, although everything seemed to separate them, this plot twist was one more deception, and the pill was hard to swallow.

With Applejack, after a rivalry of a few weeks, they had turned inseparable since sixth grade, and Rainbow Dash had often felt very sorry about the fact her friend had lost her both parents, unaware that she herself would lose her mother then.

During seventh grade in Middle Canterlot, they had made acquaintance with a class almost entirely composed of students they never talked to before. Twilight, with her glasses, books and painstaking character, had quickly appeared to be labeled as the Egghead HQ. Her awfulness at sports hadn’t helped her popularity, and on a regular basis, she had become a punching bag for a handful of girls, and this despite the fact she could defend herself with words.

Unfortunately for her, it was in action she didn’t know how to defend herself, and bullying had turned to be as much verbal than physical. First, the two young girls had only stayed where they were not sure whether yes or no they had to help the bullied.

One morning, a speaker had come to visit each and every classes to talk about moral and physical bullying at school. Applejack as much as Rainbow Dash, unlike many other persons from their own class, had a brain wave. Not to intervene was being accomplice.

From then, they had reacted and defended Twilight. Rainbow Dash had even gone as far as fighting with the girls, which had given her detention hours, and a lot of reproaches from her father – as well as a reputation of tough cookie.

It was a bit later that Twilight had arrived with a bracelet for each of them, that she had called the friendship bracelet. The goal was to choose an item representing each of them. It was supposed to work like a secret deal, like an invisible bond between them.

After her mother’s death, during the Green Haven period, Rainbow Dash had held onto this small silver chain, spurred on by desperation, or rather by expectation. It had represented the light at the end of the tunnel, the prospect of a new brighter day, by her friends’ side, that she regarded as the sisters she never had.

This all, struck out like silly mistakes on a notebook stained with ink. Maybe it was just on the spur of the moment, and that Twilight was going to change her mind the morning after, but the fact she had decided to part from them was unbearable. She felt it like a treason.

Yes, she still loved her like her own sister, yet even in the tightest of families, there could be truncations. The change had to come from Twilight and nobody else but Twilight. It was up to her and no one else to get things straight by apologizing, of this, she wouldn’t relinquish.

It probably wasn’t the best moment to choose to pester her. Unfortunately, that was the moment Zephyr Breeze chose, on day off and having learned by his mother of Rainbow Dash’s presence under his roof, to try something with the one he was determined to seduce.

Not even knocking, he stepped into Fluttershy’s room while the girls still were talking about Twilight and rushed to back hug Rainbow Dash.

“How’s the most beautiful girl in the world? I’m so happy you came to see me. What if you visited my bedroom?”

The multicolor-haired girl clasped her jaw. She knew she wasn’t home, and that it was of a peculiar rudeness to get angry after the inhabitants of the house she was invited to… Except Zephyr held her so tight against him she could hardly breath and all her friends looked at her with a mix of anxiousness and hilarity. She didn’t need more to explode and to be trapped by this impulsiveness that sometimes scared her.

She grabbed some teddy bear within reach and started to hit the young man’s face. The worse was that no one picked at it, even when she accompanied her actions with scowling words. Which, mentioned in passing, wouldn't discourage Zephyr from making advances. The more aggressive she was, the more he thought she was crazy for him unawares.

For their part, the three girls agreed on one fact. For her to react this way to something she would have chosen to ignore usually, she might be really concerned about what was happening with Twilight.

There had to be a way to fix things. But what way? When Twilight was determined, especially about something as crucial as her academic future, it was really hard to make her change her mind. As for Rainbow Dash… As stubborn than a mule, she would refuse to do anything in order to prevent the situation to linger on.


It’s been a few weeks that, when Sunset Shimmer left her classroom, she was lighthearted. There was not a day when Applejack, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash didn’t wait for her to come and have lunch with them. When classes were over, same thing.

In her own classroom, no one took her into consideration. Their indifference remained deep, even after all this time, and if she dealt with it with the same confidence, she had to admit that meeting her little bunch of friends did her a world of good, though she wasn’t sure whether or not they considered her as one of them.

She wanted to believe that if she didn’t rush things out, if she let them get used to her softly, and if she showed them how much she had learned from her past mistakes, one day, they would give her the sign she was waiting for.

Not to see anyone waiting by her classroom like every day made Sunset Shimmer feel blue as she never had felt since a long while.

The evening before, the same phenomenon had happened and she had said to herself that maybe she had missed them and that a part of them might already be at their extra curriculum activities, but when she had reached the usual spot where they met each other, she hadn’t seen anyone. A little dejected, she had gone back home like in bad old times, hoping it was nothing but a missed opportunity.

On her way to the cafeteria, Sunset Shimmer couldn’t help asking herself questions. Had she said or done something wrong? That was how things had started to go astray with her former bunch of friends…

No, she had to stop thinking stuff like that. The band was different, they had a real connection and sense of friendship, they would never do something so little, especially with Applejack’s sharp honesty.

When she went inside the queue with her tray, her first reflex was to check out whether one of the girls weren’t waiting as well. All she would have to do was to follow her in order to meet the others, but if it wasn’t possible, she would have to find their table on her own. Maybe they would even spot her by themselves and would call her so she would join.

Between the tomato, cucumber, cheddar salad and the grilled avocadoes with parmesan, yet, she had the chance of intercepting a conversation between the two chatterboxes Lyra and Sweetie Drops that, although it was none of her business, brought a different light on the mystery that was haunting her so much.

“I swear, my friend Octavia who’s in their class told me this morning they argued yesterday, and that Rainbow Dash had left and skipped classes after that…”

“What could have happened?”

“Don’t know. They’ve been in the doghouse ever since. The whole bunch had gone to have lunch at the stadium’s bleachers with a lunchbox instead of eating here, except Twilight Sparkle, on her own…”

“It’s not a surprise that the whole school talks about it. Everybody thought those ones were like sisters.”

An argument… If she had to be completely honest, Sunset Shimmer had to admit she had seen more than once girls of the group squabbling, often on trifles. Until then, none of these disagreements had been serious to the extent of creating a split. Conflicts were eased as quickly as they sketched since in the end every of them knew their differences was the spice of their friendship.

If they didn’t want to talk to Twilight anymore, it meant that something very serious had happened. Of course, she wished she’d have been told yet she knew the fact they had received her in their circle didn’t mean their deep friendship was acquired. It was the kind of bond that were forged with time, and was tested through thick and thin.

Perhaps they had thought this would be too delicate a situation for her, to be caught between two stools.

Whatever it was, Sunset Shimmer knew she couldn’t stand idly by her friends in a huff. There must be a way to reverse the trend, to make sure the five friends would remain as tight as they ever been. She was nothing but an honorary member and couldn’t pretend to be an ace in psychology but in all honesty she hoped to help things to change.

Since Twilight was the only one having lunch at the cafeteria, she was the one Sunset Shimmer decided to find and speak with. The young woman wasn’t that complicated to spot, since she insisted on an almost regular basis to go to school with her hair tied in a bun.

She had withdrawn in a corner of the canteen, at the end of the table where no one paid attention at her, and with a book opened in front of her, she was reading while sipping an apple juice – from Applejack’s family brand.

When Sunset Shimmer sat in front of her, first, she didn’t notice her, in all likelihood plunged into her reading. What she read, the young fire-haired woman didn’t know but it looked so fascinated she had barely touched her sweet potato and beet burger.

“What are you reading, Twlight?” she asked with as much benevolence as she could.

The teenager rose her purple eyes to look at her fellow, surprised that someone talked to her in a way so nice.

Since yesterday, Twilight had the bad impression that no one cared about her anymore, now she wasn’t hanging around anymore with those who always been her best friends. As if she wasn’t interesting when by herself. It was a shame, especially as she regarded herself as worthy with or without the group. They weren’t one and only entity after all, but a bunch composed and diverse and various characters. In fact, it even was the particularity of it.

She might well say or do anything, she would always go back to them…

“What I’m reading? Some book for school.”

This answer wasn’t anything like Twilight Sparkle. Books were her very first love, the most important of her life, no matter which boy would step into her world. She had read before anyone else, and always read more than anyone else. Novels, poems, essays, biographies, scientific articles, she liked everything and tried everything. For her, a book never was “some book”, it was a universe full of lessons about life and data to remember.

She had to find a way to address the topic that truly was important. In order for it to work, it was necessary that she wouldn’t hurt Twilight’s feelings or that she wouldn’t be too coarse or too subtle. The balance wasn’t very easy to find.

How would one of the girls do? Fluttershy would probably intersperse her request with polite formulations that wouldn’t quite invite to confession… Pinkie Pie wouldn’t even realize when she’d put her foot in her mouth… As for Rainbow Dash and Applejack, with their similar characters, they would not beat around the bush, and would get results, but this wasn’t the way Sunset Shimmer wanted to take. She didn’t know Rarity so well but it seemed to her she would say what she wanted to say with an elegance likely to sweeten the pill.

It wasn’t sure that she would be able to do such a thing. Maybe the best was to use her own method. If she wanted to be integrated, she had to stay true to herself, and not trying to borrow a style to the others. It was one of the lessons of friendship she had learned with the group.

“Don’t take it personally, Twilight… I’ve heard rumors about you and the other girls…”

“Uh, uh”, she answered staring unenthusiastically at her plate.

“And since you’re on your own, and I haven’t seen the rest of the band at the end of morning classes, I was wondering…”

“How true the rumors were?”

Sunset Shimmer nodded. It wasn’t the ideal way to get it started yet it was hers, and it seemed the method paid off. At least, she hadn’t upset her fellow, who sighed long and deeply, never taking her eyes off the barely eaten food on her tray.

“My grades are a little lower than what they were last year and I’m utterly convinced that I focus less on my studies than I did before that’s because I’m hanging around with the girls and that a thousand of things always happen with them… So, it’s more than probable that I’ve provoked the situation by telling my friends it would be better for me to stay all alone for a while.”

At least, no doubt could subsist. From the little she knew about the personality of each, Sunset Shimmer wasn’t that surprised that Twilight’s decision to go solo wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

The young women could have satisfied herself with this answer and to stay in the background, but in front of her friend’s gloomy and discouraged face, she understood her choice wasn’t as satisfactory as she would have thought. She didn’t have the cheerful attitude of someone unburdened from some heavy load.

It was in situations as such that true friendship manifested. Good moments, joys and laughs could connect people together. Ordeals shared together were the cement which reinforced the whole.

“I’m maybe wrong but I don’t feel as if you’re fine with your decision.”

“In fact… When I took my decision, everything was clear in my mind. I knew what I was doing. I don’t want to disappoint those who believe in me, like Principal Celestia and my parents… My brother had had a royal scholarship paying his whole tuition fees and everything, what has allowed him to choose the career he always dreamed of, and that’s my main goal. But for this, you have to be at least in the top three of your promotion, to have reference letters from every teacher… It’s very tough, when you’re someone like me, who’s awful in sports.”

“Do you really think this solution’s the best?”

“Yes, that’s what I thought. Now I’m no longer that sure. I’m lost. For example, I’ve been reading the same page since I’ve begun lunch. Last night I haven’t been able to memorize half of my notes. I can’t stop thinking about my friends, about our arguments, and so I’m unable to concentrate… or to eat anything.”

The gap between what the rumors said and the truth was striking. It wasn’t a simple gossip exchanged between two classes, which could be mocked for its triviality. It came from a real awkwardness and each part in question suffered from it.

Sunset Shimmer was glad she asked Twilight and satisfied of the open-hearted answer she got. She was utterly convinced she wouldn’t have confessed this way to someone else, someone for whom she had little to no consideration. It wasn’t like getting the bracelet yet, but it already was a great step forward.

In fact, she quickly noticed her fellow hadn’t taken her chain off her wrist. This dispute couldn’t go on. There still was a lot of love between every of them.

“I’m probably not the best to give lessons of friendship, but it seems it really hurts you and it doesn’t help in your studies, so maybe you should go and speak with the girls, shouldn’t you?”

Once again, Twilight sighed deeply, nonetheless for the first time since their conversation had begun, she looked into Sunset Shimmer’s eyes.

“I’ve thought about it… But I’m afraid it wouldn’t change a thing. You don’t know how stubborn Applejack and Rainbow Dash can be. Let’s imagine Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie chose to forgive me, but not the two others. What would I do? I don’t want to break the band even more. Maybe it’s best things stay the way they are. Too bad for me.”

Twilight’s point of view was valid, which didn’t stop Sunset Shimmer from thinking it was a waste of time. Deep inside, she was convinced that despite the teenagers’ obstinate sides, they would be able to make up with their friend, to forgive her for trying to go her own separate way.

Might it be how they have met Pinkie Pie or even the way they accepted her as a part of their bunch though she had taken part in illegal actions that could have had very serious consequences, they had proved to her many times they were endowed with a will to forgive and to give a second chance to those who deserved it.

Twilight had made a mistake and was now regretting it bitterly. If she explained precisely how she felt, for sure, her friends would take her back.
Twilight thanked her for listening, and admitted it felt good to confess to her, nonetheless, when Sunset Shimmer proposed to go back to class with her, the young woman insisted to go alone. She didn’t want to put her in a delicate position with the others, as if they were two separate clans, and she had chosen hers.

A bit later, as she was still ignored by her own classmates, Sunset Shimmer thought about the whole matter again, inevitably, she started to think about what she could do to get lines of this new status quo moving, because it was of an incredible sadness.

If she also was convinced of something, it was that such a beautiful friendship couldn’t be broken like a fragile branch under the autumn wind. There had to be something she could do to fix this problem. It was her duty as a friend, of this as well she was certain.

Friendship For Dummies (part 3)

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By taking example on their sisters and role models, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo had decided to gather in order to find out what could be their special talent. After a few researches, they had decided to call themselves The Crusaders, and had started to diversify intellectual, artistic and athletic disciplines so they would find what made them unique, this gift that would make them stand out in a crowd.

With this in mind, today like every day after school, the three girls roamed the city in the quest of this gift. Since for now, their career as journalists seemed to be at a standstill, they had decided to become Canterlot’s greatest superheroines, and in that to unburden workload of Twilight Sparkle’s policeman of a big brother.

By any chance, the Grand Rue was so quiet they judged it as unusual. Sitting on one of the high brick rims surrounding the trees planted all along the avenue, they were scrutinizing each of the passersby, hoping they would find someone to save.

“We’re wasting our breath”, Sweetie Belle said, sighing. “No one’s going to help us to become the Crusaders Superheroines.”

“It usually always happens sumethin’…”

“That’s because Rainbow Dash isn’t here. Where is she, by the way?”

“She’s at my sister’s boutique with the others, trying on her dress for the ball.”

Once again, sighs, but this time, from each of the three preteens at the same time. Maybe the best to do was to change their goal, or to have fun together instead, but none of them dared to demur. Capitulating wouldn’t be any help, and they stopped insisting only once it was clear they had truly failed.

It wasn’t the case right now. They didn’t even have the occasion yet to test their skills as superheroines.

A familiar silhouette dressed in a midnight blue dress with a bun, holding in her hand a bag from a famous stationery store passed them by unawares, and Sweetie Belle had something like an epiphany. What could Twilight be doing on her own on the Grand Rue while all her other friends were gathered at Rarity’s to try their dress?

It was a mission for The Crusaders…

“We have to get more information”, Sweetie Belle told her both friends.

“How dya think we should do dat?”

“Let’s just follow her discreetly”, Scootaloo suggested.

“That’s a good idea!”

Without a second thought, the three young girls went from tree to tree pursuing Twilight, and though they weren’t as discreet as they thought, they were able not to get spotted.

As for their target, she wondered whether she would take the bus to go home as she wanted in the first place or she could stop by Sugarcube Corner to have a milkshake, at the risk of meeting her friends – or former friends, she didn’t know how to call them.

A lot of work was in store for her, and though it was the main reason of both her loneliness and her visit here, she really didn’t feel like locking herself up in her room to have her nose stuck in notes and reviewing. She was feeling something like a hole in her whole being, and this sensation of emptiness was scary even if she didn’t want to admit it.

When she was honest with herself, Twilight knew this unpleasant sensation had no other rational explanation than the lack of presence of the ones who were so dear to her heart. Her conversation with Sunset Shimmer had opened up her eyes, though it never stopped her from having some reservations. She really feared she had broken their special connection forever.

Meeting Big Macintosh packing up his photography supplies, she was expecting him to ignore her because of her quarrel with his sister but he called on her the same way he would if she were accompanied by the others.

He probably was aware of what had happened, but had chosen not to meddle with this, and it wasn’t a big surprise for Twilight. Big Macintosh was as righteous as his sister. Integrity was a common character trait in the Apple Family.

“How are ya doin’?”, he asked her benevolently while snapping shut the bag in which he put his camera. “Yar lookin’ pale.”

“Ah, is that obvious?”


Unable to start her breakfast and lunch, she had barely eaten since yesterday and wasn’t feeling at the best of her shape. Though she tried to convince anyone else, especially in class where the four girls were only at a few tables away, that everything was perfectly alright and that her decision never made her suffer in anything, it was clear all this was nothing but a pathetic act.

“Zephyr Breeze isn’t with you?”

“He is. He just went to look for another spot. Our boss complainin’ we stay too much on the Grand Rue.”

“I see. I came here to buy a new notebook… I thought a brand new one would help me reviewing.”

“Dya think it’s goin’ to work?”

The question might look innocent yet Twilight knew what it implied. It seemed like it was obvious for all those who knew her that the decision she had taken on the previous day had none of the expected wholesomeness.

She had confessed to Sunset Shimmer and had enjoyed her precious and positive help, however she still needed to express herself about this topic with someone who knew her friends as well as she did, just to be sure as for the path forward.

“I can’t get off my head the girls’ expressions… Each time I try to focus on my lessons, I see their eyes. They never looked at me like that before.”


“With disappointment. I care so much for my parents, Principal Celestia, Cadence and Shining Armor being proud of me that I’ve forgot how much my friends’ support was important too. I know I’ve made a mistake, but I don’t know how to fix it.”

Big Macintosh was two years older than his young sister Applejack. At their parents’ death, just like her he had to learn how to grow suddenly, and this sad experience had made him more mature and thoughtful than many boys the same age. One could confess to him and be sure to find a reasonable and serious advice.

“I know Applejack can be as stubborn as a mule, but don’t ya fret ‘bout that. Yar someone who can talk, I’m sure ya’ll find how to fix this.”

“I’m not only worried about Applejack. Rainbow Dash looked really mad at me and I don’t think she would ever forgive me.”

Out of the four, she had been the one with the most thunderous reaction, to the extent of giving up on her friendship bracelet, that Twilight had kept in her pencil case hoping one day their quarrel would be eased.

It was unquestionably a sign that she could never take on board a renunciation of her friendship with the bunch, despite what she could have said in the beginning. Otherwise, she would never had kept this piece of jewelry and would have jumped to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth worrying about.

And so, Big Macintosh didn’t even have to encourage her more. Her mind was made up. Sunset Shimmer was right. She had to talk to them, to tell them. Even if they’d take time to forgive her, she would do her best to show them she knew she had been wrong and that she didn’t want to be parted from them at all.

She had been wrong to think she could get used to it and go back to her former loneliness. Her friends had taken too much room in her life, and in the end, she had no wish to go back in time.

As for her grades, it wasn’t worth blowing it out of proportion. The gap was very small, and would never stop her from getting the scholarship she wanted so desperately. She only had to keep focus on the top three that still was within her reach, with or without the daily frenzy.

“Thanks, Big Macintosh.”

“What? I haven’t done anything special.”

“You did more than you think. Thank you again.”

As if to show him her gratitude one last time, Twilight squeezed him for a few seconds, before going to Sugarcube Corner hoping she would find the group there, talking around beverages, notebooks and magazines like they usually did.

The young man was so surprised he didn’t really reply to her hug, and realized unawares he wouldn’t be bothered that another girl from the bunch to embrace him this way – a pink-haired girl…

Anyway, Twilight already seemed to be feeling better than when he had met her walking along the Grand Rue a few minutes earlier. He hoped things would be fixed soon for her and the rest of the band… What he would know for sure once back home. He always knew everything, somehow.

The young blue-haired teenager had already started to hike up the main avenue at the double when he went to join his coworker a little farther near the department store. The Crusaders were the only ones who kept on following Twilight, though no threat apparently weighed on her weak shoulders.

Or at least, until three boys started to walk behind her. They went on the same rhythm as the young girl and soon, surrounded her completely. If she ever tried to escape, her only solution would be to run as fast as she could straight in front of her… if they couldn’t catch her back.

At any moments, The Crusaders knew they would have to intervene, but the more what was going to happen next became evident; the more they had trouble making up their minds. They were three as well, of course, but they also weren’t fourteen yet, after all and didn’t have the same type of body than those guys.

The first of them, very tall and stocky, wrapped an arm around Twilight’s neck who jumped from surprise.

“Are you on your own?” he said with a voice that tried to be seductive.

She raised her eyebrows in front of so much foolishness. It was obvious. What the other boy by her side that she hadn’t even noticed said, on the other hand, surprised her a bit.

“Why are you crying? This dude was your boyfriend and he dumped you?”

Indeed, she hadn’t taken note of the silent tears that had started to roll along her cheeks. It didn’t mean she was sad, no, since for the first time since yesterday she was feeling light. As it was rare her emotions were in a roller-coaster, she drew the conclusion that these sobs were the result of a weight unburdening off her shoulders, the same weight which turned into emptiness once penetrated inside of her.

For this reason, she had no intention of letting these three party poopers ruining her feeling of liberation. During Middle School, she had learned how to defend herself with firmness, and there was no way she would let anyone walking over her.

“He’s not my boyfriend”, she declared with composure, taking the other boy’s arm off.

“He doesn’t know what he’s missing, because you’re extra cute.”

“So it means you’re single”, the third one intervene. “You can come with us in a karaoke booth, then.”

For this kind of persons, Twilight knew precisely what it meant when they asked a girl to come to a karaoke booth with them. Their intention was to make their victim drink alcohol before dragging them to a hotel room once too in a daze to react, and then to be able to rape them unawares.

She didn’t know anyone who had been through such an ordeal, but she had read a lot about it and knew what to expect. They wouldn’t take “no” as an answer and often, the victims had to display an iron will to get rid of them.

That was perfect timing, she had rage in spades by this end of the afternoon, and felt galvanized by her personal mission, which was to do her best to regain her friends’ trust. Nothing could turn her away from this goal, and especially not a bunch of fools wearing short-sleeved shirts and Bermuda shorts in March.

“I’d rather walk barefooted on a road of crushed glass!”

“Oh, one girl with wit. They are my favorite ones. They’re trying to struggle with words, as if it was enough”, one of them claimed, stealing by the way the barrette which held Twilight’s hair into a bun.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing now?” she cried while trying to get her item back.

But the boy threw it into a trashcan on the way and it was impossible for her to go back because of the human wall they had created. The third one, walking right behind her, attacked the inside of the paper bag she held in her hand. She hadn’t been on a big shopping spree, since it was for her reviewing, but all the same, this intrusion in her private life seriously started to get on her nerves.

“I guess you’ve found ourselves one little egghead! She’s only bought a notebook and highlighters.”

“Eggheads always are goats on the sly, we hit the jackpot. Get her.”

Without warning, Twilight felt her feet getting tangled and quickly noticed one of the boys tried to get her out of the Grand Rue, to a passageway leading to ill-famed karaoke boothes where a lot of juvenile delinquent liked to hang around.

She might as well be fighting as much as she could, she couldn’t get off the two young men’s clasp. Immediately, what had almost happened to Applejack a few weeks earlier went through her mind again, and she swore she would give anything to see Rainbow Dash helping her the way she had done for their friend.

The only problem was they were still quarreled and that she hadn’t have time to apologize and to do her best in order to be forgiven by the band, so she doubted anyone would come and rescue her.

With no consideration for the three young Crusaders who had seen almost everything, not daring to intervene by fear they would be taken in the middle of something too dangerous for their young age… All the same, before the situation to worsen, they had decided to tell it to other persons, as no passerby from the Grand Rue had the guts and nerves to stop what could be considered as a sexual assault.

While Scootaloo called the police hoping her brother Shining Armor would be available to do something, the two others went running to warn those they regarded as the most competent to quickly help their young fellow – her best friends.

Of course, they were in a huff since yesterday, but in such circumstances, they thought the five girls would put their quarrel aside in order to stop another trauma from happening. Sometimes outstretched hands were the only possible alternative, and this was one of these moments.


The fittings were barely over, and Rainbow Dash still was inside the Carousel Boutique’s dressing room, slipping herself into her long brown woolen jacket, when the bell of the main door rang.

The rest of the group was at the front boutique with Rarity, busy wrapping their dresses inside garment bags so they wouldn’t end up being crumpled or ruined for the big day.

The young fashion designer had been disappointed she had worked so hard for Twilight’s dress and hadn’t hidden her disillusions when she had learned about the quarrel with the other girls. She wanted to go and try to reason her… Until then, she had focused on the designs of those who were here, and was rather proud of what she had prepared for them.

Her first reaction when she saw who had just stepped inside her boutique was a deep irritation. Only once they spoke Rarity understood…

Some little restlessness then shook the boutique, and Rainbow Dash slipped her flat boots hopping before dashing where the things were happening.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were panting, their cheeks colored of a crimson red. They would never go all the way to here in such a state for frivolous reasons… Something serious might had happened, especially as they all quickly noticed their third fellow, Scootaloo, wasn’t here.

The elders started to fear she had an accident with the toy scooter she was using to go everywhere and that she never easily left.

Yet, when the two preteens finally opened their mouths to speak, the shock of the revelation was different, although quite resounding.

“It’s… Twilight!”

“Three boys… with her… They want… Say it, Apple Bloom.”

“They wanna bring her to a kara-I-don’t-know-what and they’re forcefully draggin’ her along.”

At the same time, the five girls gasped in fear. There was not a person unaware of what was a dreadful social reality, which tarnished Equestria Kingdom’s reputation in the world.

Karaoke booths were known to be unwelcoming places, where prostitution and drugs were wreaking havocs, and where bad boys who didn’t know how to seduce girls any other way often brought defenseless young women here in order to achieve their ends in a twisted manner.

Twilight wasn’t some frail creature. Her wit and intelligence even were redoubtable weapons, not to mention her convincing abilities. The only problem was that this kind of bullies probably couldn’t understand the language of reason. It was widely known their interests were the only ones that mattered and that nothing could make them change their minds – except when talking the same violent language.

In practice, she and the rest of the bunch still were in a huff. But as far as they knew, it didn’t mean they had to let something that horrible happening, especially if there were things they could do about it.

“Scootaloo has called the police but maybe they won’t be here on time”, Sweetie Belle cried with tearful eyes. “You won’t let her down, will you?”

For a wavering second, all eyes conveyed toward Rainbow Dash. If it was clear they had to act, her friends wondered how she would react to something this serious.

Namely, her relation to violence was ambiguous. When it was about defending some virtues, and in a certain measure, she never hesitated using punches and kicks, but at the same time she had been through traumatizing experiences that could make her think twice about acting.

“Why are we still standing here like lemons? Twilight needs us!”

If everything was going according to their plans, Scootaloo still was near the spot the three rascals had lashed out at the young woman, and they all hoped they would be right on time. Of course, Twilight had many heart and brain virtues yet she wasn’t famous for her physical strength – the opposite, even.

However, it was a little underestimation to suppose that because of this, she wouldn’t be able to use other type of methods in order to resist.
She might hadn’t stopped her assailants from dragging her out of the Grand Rue, on the other hand, she had been able to slow down their headway.

After they had thrown her barrette in a trashcan, they had fun tearing leaves off her brand new notebook, spreading them behind in the street. Unawares, they had allowed Scootaloo never losing sight of Twilight’s path.

So, when the five girls came running in order to rescue their fellow member, they were able to trace her effortlessly.

It didn’t stop them from being surprised to find her with her arms firmly wrapped around a trunk, screaming flowery words that usually rarely crossed her lips while the three boys tried to pull her.

Some could have said Twilight had the situation under control, and it would be drawing too hasty and coward a conclusion. And cowardice was unknown of the band who always went for any kind of challenge, especially when it was about intervening to rescue someone they had a high opinion of.

Rainbow Dash was the first to jump on the brick edge around the tree in question, the same kind of the one where The Crusaders had sat before deciding to follow Twilight.

For once, it had been a bright idea…

“Stop!!! Stop everything!”, she yelled with her most threatening face on.

“Who’s that new skank?”

“Go back from you’re from, you lesbian…”

“I’m really starting to be fed up with EVERYONE deciding for me who I am. And that would be better being a lesbian than being a complete jerk. Now hands off. This girl’s one of my best friends and whoever try to hurt her would have to deal with me!”

She took notice of the enthusiastic gasps behind her, but Rainbow Dash tried to act as if she hadn’t heard. Though she said she was through with her for trying to get them out of her life, in reality she hadn’t given up on things to be fixed eventually.

It comforted Twilight as well as the rest of the band. Nonetheless, it wasn’t the right moment for outbursts of joy. She had to stop these three jackstraws from hurting the young woman, and the situation to worsen.

“Do you think we’re impressed by your small build?”

“I don’t think so… I know so”, she said making her knuckles crack.

“Ya guys should be impressed”, Applejack took part in the conversation, stepping closer. “Ya guys don’t know who she is.”

“Some showing off butch?”

“Ok, now, enough is enough… I. Am. Demisexual!!!!”

And at the same time, she bounced forward and with all her weight, threw herself on one of the boys who, not expecting this, crushed flat on the floor. Applejack took an advantage from it to intervene as well by kicking in the second boy’s private parts, while Pinkie Pie crushed drum cymbals like from out of nowhere between the temples of the third.

“Best jammer from the Blazing Angels! How about that, you schmuck?!” Rainbow Dash chanted with her fist in the air.

As always, she withheld the fact her fell wasn’t the soft kind and that she almost had dislocate her shoulder. The truth didn’t really matter in cases like this – what mattered was the final result.

And the final result was that these three robust fellows had been punched out by three girls half their size and weight, no sooner said than time needed to drag Twilight along with them.

The latter, in fact, had taken refuge between Rarity and Fluttershy’s arms who had quickly enquired about her general state.

She was okay… And as glad as ever. If the girls hadn’t come along, she didn’t know how long she’d been able to resist before they would forcefully bring her where they wanted to.

Reasons for her to be glad were multiplied when she heard the sirens of a police car and she understood her friends weren’t the only ones who came in her rescue.

As soon as he was out of his vehicle, Shining Armor could only notice how the situation was under control for the three girls still keeping the assailants at bay, them being too stunned to even dare fighting back.

Him and his coworkers gratefully arrested the three boys. To have a brother who’s a policeman could be useful, especially when, like her, being used to attract mishaps, like a butterfly attracted by the light of a fire.

Shining Armor would’ve liked to be able to know more about his little sister’s emotional and physical state but duty called and he couldn’t allow himself to stop. He knew Twilight wouldn’t hold a grudge against him…

Moreover, there were details she needed to talk of with her friends, all here, except the young teenager he had arrested a little earlier during the previous year.

Quickly, Twilight was alone with her rescuers, to whom she hadn’t had the chance yet to speak with in order to be forgiven.

“Where are dese cymbals from, Pinkie? And when did ya get the chance to grab ‘em?”

“Heehee, that’s my little secret”, the teenager answered, giggling.

“Anyway, I’m really tired of people taking me for what I’m not, just because I either wear a sportswear outfit or a mini skirt”, Rainbow Dash claimed dusting her black jeans out.

“At worst, how does it matter what the others think? S’long as yar best friends know the truth.”

“Yeah, right. But that’s annoying.”

They all stepped to Twilight who left Fluttershy’s comforting arms to face the others. That they had rescued her and that Rainbow Dash had told the three boys what she had told didn’t change the fact they were still mad at her, as far as she was concern.

Her head low, she was expecting her sentence. Whatever that would be, she knew she would do anything in order to get back the membership she coveted.

“Don’t you ever do this to us again”, Rainbow Dash claimed taking Twilight in her arms as well, quickly imitated by the rest of them.

“It’s true, you really scared us”, Fluttershy added softly.

“But… With how I’ve treated you…”

“Sunset Shimmer came and she told us everything”, Pinkie Pie bid proudly.

A little earlier, when a part of the bunch was going to their extracurricular activities, she had called on them and told about Twilight’s anguishes, and why she hesitated coming back to them though her mind was already made up. The girls had invited her to stay with them, but Sunset Shimmer had chosen to stay on the background until the situation was fixed, in order not to take too much room.

This way of thinking had the merit to be regarded as a respectable humility by the girls. Unawares, Sunset Shimmer had won a high score with those who she dreamed of being a hundred percent integrated with.

Notwithstanding, more time had been needed to convince the most stubborn ones – like expected Applejack and Rainbow Dash – to try to fix things.

“So, you’re not holding grudges against me? Because even I doubt I would ever forgive myself.”

“Don’t be silly, Twilight”, Rarity intervene. “They may be as stubborn as mules, but they love you way too much to keep being mad at you.”

“She’s right”, Applejack finished. “Ya get yarself into quite a fix!”

“After this, dare saying that’s because of us mishaps are always happening.”

They all laughed at the same time. A little more and they would have cried, but by chance the worst had been avoided.

Twilight had to admit it – the simple fact of being outside could lead to brawls, be it with or without someone in particular. A few years ago, she had chosen to leave the comfort of her room to confront with the world, and though it wasn’t always like navigating on glassy waters, it was a risk she had to take if she wanted things to happen in her life, whether or not these things were worthy of being lived.

The experience given by practice was always useful to complete the knowledge given by theory.

“I think you have something that belongs to me…”

“The bracelet? It’s in my pencil case. I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.”

“That’s perfect.”

There were no words to describe how Twilight was feeling right now. The quarrel hadn’t lasted for more than twenty-four hours, what never stopped it from being full of consequences and from causing a lot of harm. To have the friendship of her sister figures back was the greatest gift of all and she would trade it for nothing in the world.

“Speaking of the bracelet”, Applejack said. “Ah think we have sumethin’ to give to someone.”

“Oh my goodness!”, Rarity claimed. “With what happened I completely forgot.”

The young women had brought her handbag with her. She never gave up on it even in the most desperate situations. You never knew what could happen… She could have an urgent need to powder her nose, to cut threads sticking out or to have an emergency call.

Inside her wallet, she had slipped the purchase her and her friends had done secretly, like their personal tradition dictated. The item chosen was always in the absence of the concerned girl, and after consultation of other members of the circle.

Then appeared a thin silver chain for wrists, where hung emblems representing each of them, among which the butterfly-shaped new one.

“Fluttershy, from the whole group to you, this is your friendship bracelet. You truly deserved it.”

She hadn’t expected it. As the whole attention was on Twilight, Fluttershy had first thought they had something for the other girl, not for her. Her hands crossed in front of her heart, she couldn’t help blinking uncontrollably in order not to cry from emotions while Rarity hung around her wrist the sign of her belonging with the crew.

It was the perfect way to start this week already full of plot twists. Now back together and stronger than ever, they all gave the image of an indestructible union that was really inspiring for their three fans, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, who had seen the whole scene without a word.

One certainty remained. Their career as superheroines wasn’t on the verge to start, on the other hand, as journalists, they had a promising future ahead. What had just happened would be a really entertaining article of the Free Kid Press, they knew… Enough to put The Crusaders back on track, in short…

It's A Wonder, Colt (part 1)

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Barely arrived behind the bleachers where everyone already was, Rainbow Dash threw her bag at her feet, and crumbled onto the grass.
Like on every Thursday, her basketball training followed up her athletics training, and she swore she could no longer feel her joints.

Yet, it wasn’t just an ordinary day… Since the morning had begun, and officially, she was now seventeen, though she said she already was all around her, claiming that a few months didn’t make any difference.

It wasn’t a reason for her not to be affected by her coaches’ orders. She could even swear they had spread the word and had tried to tire her even more than the other days. How lucky she liked these two disciplines so much, or else her legendary laziness would have made her give up long ago.

“I’m going to die”, she cried while cracking the joints of her neck. “Coach Scald was always behind my back at basketball. I know I’m not tall and it’s not an advantage, there’s no need to tell me over and over again.”

Out of all the girls in her team, Rainbow Dash was by far the smallest. When she had come to integrate the Wondercolts on the first day of High School, Coach Scald had looked at her from head to toe with perplexity, not that used of seeing girls that small trying to get in. She had to prove she compensated this height issue with skillfulness and strategy before being accepted.

Because of this advantage she could never had postulate to become point guard, unlike in lacrosse and race, where she was captain and leader. It didn’t mean she was left alone. For all that, she had to work even harder than the others.

“There’s a three-day weekend coming, you’re going to have all the time to rest”, Twilight submitted, patting her shoulder.

“Likely story! I’ve promised Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo to teach them the basis of in-door climbing tomorrow, and tonight, I have this dinner with my father… I just can’t wait…”

It was a ritual between them since her fifteenth birthday. Each year, Mr. Rainbow Blaze made sure he was in town on her daughter’s birthday. It was the only moment when he made her feel as if he was interested by her and what she did outside of her potential mistakes – though she had quieted down since Middle School and almost no longer had to stay in detention because she was late or worse, absent.

After taking her to a gourmet restaurant, he would give her a very expensive present and sometimes even a little additional envelop, then would disappear noiselessly in the night. She had suspicions that he never spent these nights at his office but in charming company, according to women’s perfume permeated on his clothes on the day after, before he would leave for another round of trips and business.

“Ya know, nothing obliges ya for Apple Bloom. Just rest and Ah’ll explain ‘em if ya want.”

“No, AJ, I’m going to do it. A promise is a promise. But I’ll sleep until midday on Saturday to catch up.”

“BEFORE OUR PARTY!” Pinkie Pie yelled with her arms in the air, without anyone except Sunset Shimmer to display even the least raise of an eyebrow.

The latter might well be huddled up to the little bunch almost all the time since their Spring Ball two weeks ago, she still wasn’t used to the former gang member’s eccentricities, which she could display at any moment, and especially those when no one was expecting.

It was no secret – they all couldn’t wait for this party, but the teenager with hair like fire and blood was in a very particular state of excitement. Pinkie Pie’s parties were famous in all CHS and it was the first time she would be able to attend one. Of course, there had been the ball, but it wasn’t the same. It was within the compass of school, and it was impossible to chill like in a private party.

In reality, half of CHS had been invited. The only difference was that she had received her own invitation by the person in question herself, who also had invited her for a sleepover with the other girls.

“It’s the first party I’ll ever go to”, Fluttershy announced. “I can’t wait… and I’m a bit scared too.”

“Everythin’s goin’ to be just fine, Fluttershy, Ah promise”, Applejack tried to comfort her, slightly elbowing her arm.

It had been nothing but a friendly gesture, nothing aggressive, yet the young woman discreetly rubbed her limb. Applejack was likely not to know how strong she was, and if Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash knew how to bite the bullet, it wasn’t the same story as far as Flutterhy and Twilight were concerned.

“Yes, it’s going to be amazing! There’s going to be balloons, music with our Canterlot Number One DJ, a lot to drink and eat, and an enooooooooooormous delicious cake.”

“And boys?” Sunset Shimmer asked.

“Of course, duh! It’s opened to everyone.”

Once again, Pinkie Pie had just missed the point, but instead of trying to react, Sunset Shimmer held herself back and chose to talk about ‘something else’. She could see her friend’s statement didn’t reassure Fluttershy who always was a bit scared when it came to being around people she didn’t know, and unfortunately, what she wanted to ask wouldn’t help her to feel more comfortable.

The answer would probably be of a complete limpidity, yet she asked the question anyway. Perhaps none had said a word until now out of bashfulness, or maybe because it wasn’t their habits to talk about this kind of topics.

“Will one of you come with a Plus One on Saturday?”

“A plus-what now?”, Applejack questioned with her head tilted.

“A Plus One, a guest of the opposite gender… or not, in fact, according to the preferences of each.”

Silence. It was as if she had asked a question about criminal law to a parquet of inorganic chemistry students. Something like this…

“None of you have a boyfriend? Not even a crush?”

Sunset Shimmer had felt some kind of tension, while not being sure where the problem came from. It wasn’t as if no male representative gravitated around them. In fact, the fact both Twilight and Fluttershy had blushed when she had said the word ‘crush’ was a sign they probably had someone in mind. Even so, they didn’t answer in a positive manner.

“Rarity will surely have someone. Rarity always has someone.”

“Since Ah’ve been harassed by a stalker, Ah must confess am even more likely to beware.”

“I’m chatting on internet with a boy which name I always forget and who likes to plan parties as well but he doesn’t live here and I never met him. Does this count?”

“I don’t think so… What about you, Rainbow Dash?”

The young woman had expected her friend to ask the question to her and feared this very moment. It always was a difficult detail to explore, because she had to explain she didn’t really have the same conception of sexuality and love than the other girls of her age – she only knew internet correspondents in the same situation as she, on a discussion group where she liked to chat. It often led to questions and doubts from the others.

Right now, she didn’t feel like talking about this topic, not because she couldn’t trust Sunset Shimmer, rather because she was too tired to start a complicated explanation about the asexual spectrum.

“Last year I had two boyfriends”, she said shrugging. “It had ended quite badly so I’m on a break about relationships.”

This justification was enough for now. A bit later, when the context would be better, she’ll explain to the teenager in front of her. All she wanted now was to go home and to crawl in her bed in order to sleep until the next day. It was impossible, because what was in store for her was a whole evening face to face with her father, and this simple prospect made her want to bury herself under her sheets even more…


Because it wasn’t the kind of place where one could arrive wearing jeans and a plain sweater, Rainbow Dash had put on her midnight blue sleeveless satin dress with a Mao collar and golden embroideries her father had offered her on the previous Christmas and that she wore for the first time tonight.

The restaurant in which they dined was called La Cloche Dorée, a very famous French restaurant of Canterlot, liked by members of the Royal Family, of the aristocracy, and show-business celebrities… In short, everyone worth knowing in Equestria.

Inhabitants of the small Pacific Ocean island, situated on the same parallel than Japan and New Hampshire, regarded animals as full living beings, with rights. Horses, in particular, had a very specific importance, like cows in India. This was the reason most of Equestrians were vegetarians, if not vegan, and foreign restaurants had to adjust themselves if they wanted to seduce the population.

For the tourists here on Winter and Summer holidays, it could sometimes be difficult to get adapted to this different way of eating.

In front of her menu, Rainbow Dash had found herself a little bewildered. It wasn’t in her habits to eat in restaurants of such a standard.

Her mother had been from the middle-class and avoided as much as she could the smart restaurants or the prig previews where her husband, born of a family of entrepreneurs and horses owners, always enjoyed going to. Because of this, her daughter wasn’t used neither mixing with high society folks, especially as she had got from her mother a spontaneity and an unsubdued attitude which didn’t really fit with this milieu.

Her father had tried to make a respectable girl out of her by signing her up to lessons of good manners, embroidery and ballet dancing, but quickly her restless nature had shown she wasn’t made for this kind of quiet feminine activities. Firefly had convinced her husband to let the child she was choose what she wanted to do and that was how instead of these snobbish avocations, she had started basketball, boxing and softball, lately replaced by race and lacrosse – and roller-derby, rock climbing, etc.

“If you don’t know what to choose, my advice is pumpkin, honey sweet chestnut and mushrooms cream soup, followed by roasted parsnip with puree. It’s marvelous.”

“Well… Alright, then.”

She let him order the dishes for two as well as two glasses of champagne, fidgeting on her chair of velvety silk. Without the excuse of choosing what to eat, Rainbow Dash was now obliged to be face to face with her father, and she had no idea how to behave or even of what to say.

Their relationship was generally quite tensed, so no topic of conversation seemed to come naturally, even in a supposedly relaxed moment like this one. If she had been with her mother, she’d have known what to say, that was for sure… She used to find everything interesting. Nothing told her it would be the case with Mr. Rainbow Blaze, the famous Canterlot Airlines’ CEO, only one of this profession to keep on piloting planes of his own company.

In fact, she couldn’t really know, since he never tried. And so she was very surprised when he talked to her the first, though once again he wasn’t looking into her eyes, but seemed to stare at another person beyond her shoulders.

“Well, how is it going, this basketball season? Do the Wondercolts win games?”

“Err… Yeah, the season’s good. We’re in quarter final of the interschool championship.”

“Good, good…”

Once again, silence, lingering on even after the young stiff waiter had brought them their glasses of champagne. The other tables around them were full of conversations, smiles, sometimes even burst of laughs. Yet they were high society folks, more used to muted parties where no one danced. Her and her father being so unable to communicate probably was symptomatic.

Rainbow Dash toyed with her salmon-colored napkin, not sure whether or not she had to be the one talking now, and if yes, what she had to talk about with him. The world of financial markets and horse races wasn't her area of expertise, and she was convinced if she started to mention politics, he would probably tell her she was too young to understand.

She liked comic books, thriller, detective and adventure novels, outdoor activities, fighting and car races video games, sports of all kind, hip-hop and rock music… Nothing she could share with him. As for talking about the past or the so-called family bond they had, it meant taking the risk to say her mother’s name, which always antagonized her father, and it would lock himself in an even deeper silence.

“Fine. Let’s toast”, he said breaking the silence again, rising his glass in front of him. “To your birthday. Already seventeen.”

Rainbow Dash followed up without a word, and while she barely dared plunging her lips inside the golden and fizzy liquid, she saw her father gulping his own glass in full before ordering a new one when the appetizer arrived.

The soup was a good excuse not to say anything, glancing at each other discreetly, though each time, she had the uncomfortable sensation he was still ogling someone else behind her.

When the main course arrived, her father already had his third glass of champagne, while, a knot in her stomach, she had barely touched hers, and was forcing herself to eat what was on her plate. There was one thing she couldn’t wait: that her torment would come to an end, so she would be able to curl up under her blankets.

After her mother’s death, she had celebrated her fourteenth birthday in Green Haven, surrounded by people she hated and who said they hated her too, a few days before being finally ‘set free’ and having a real party with her two best friends. It was only at her next birthday her father had started this ritual, and sometimes she wondered why he kept on forcing himself. It didn’t work.

She was almost done with her dish, eating small mouthfuls in order not to get sick, when he spoke to her again, with yet a little less fluidity than at the beginning of the dinner.

“I suppose you’re going to have a huge party this weekend with these little friends of yours. Is there going to be boys?”

“I think so.”

“Be careful, Rainbow Dash, boys only want one thing. You mustn’t give in to them just because they’re saying sweet things…”

“Dad, we’ve already talked about it. There’s no need to lecture me with boys. I told you, I’m asexual, it doesn’t interest me.”

Of course, she hadn’t told him she already had known three boys in the biblical sense of the expression, and kept to herself her experiences had only reinforced her certainties. However, by dint of hearing him being worried about her sexuality because she didn’t have female-gendered activities, she had confessed him a part of the truth. Thanks to the explanation that she was asexual, she thought she could avoid endless lectures about the supposedly dangerous nature of boys.

But even that wasn’t enough…

“You’re saying that, but one day you’re going to meet a boy that will make you change your mind.”

“This isn’t the way it works…”

Even if the mood wasn’t sunny, Rainbow Dash didn’t feel like arguing with her father tonight. Until the clock would tick midnight, it was her birthday and she wanted it to be a day free of dramas and quarrels.

From the back of the suddenly dimmed restaurant, appeared the light of crackling candles, accompanied by a “Happy Birthday” song chanted enthusiastically. The cake that would be brought on the table in question was some kind of giant macaron, filled with cream and raspberries… One of her favorite desserts.

For a short while, she told herself her father remembered and had thought about doing this little childish yet pleasant surprise for her… So, what a deception it was when she saw this cake being put on a table nearby where a preteen wearing a black dress celebrated her thirteenth birthday.

Her fists clenched under the table, and she dug her fingers as much as she could in the velvet of her skirt. It was a struggle of every second not to let a few tears roll on her cheeks, her face suddenly taken over by a hot flush, from her chin to her temples. On the side, the young girl had just blown her candles to thunderous applause, while her own father was staring speechlessly at his empty glass of champagne.

When he spoke, the tension became worse.

“Do you want a dessert? Their bitter chocolate fondant is a delight.”

“I’m intolerant to chocolate.”

“Ah, since when…? Oh, yes. Sorry.”

He knew since when. Since this night when she had swallowed a full bubble pack of pills with a derivative of morphine which had made her stomach and liver malfunction – among other consequences. It was the chapter they had to avoid at any cost, along with her mother’s death, especially as the two were connected.

Obviously, now was the perfect time to shorten their face to face. This dinner hadn’t been a success, that was for sure, yet they had been able not to go to some red zones, and in order for things not to run out of control, they’d better head home.

They both got up to leave the restaurant. While waiting for the parking valet to come back, Rainbow Dash’s father told her he had her birthday present home, and that was the only word he uttered during the whole way back.

Outside, it had started to rain, and all along the road, she observed the streets and the wet pavements, and in order not to be focused on the slight pain stabbing the back of her head – another consequence of this dreadful night – she was wondering what her friends were doing now.

Sometimes, when she became more melancholic, she thought about him, and wondered who he had become, why did he never try to get in touch with her, as if everything they had shared during almost five years no longer were important.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her father and her finally reached their destination. Much to her surprise, he didn’t park his luxurious sedan in their garage, what made Rainbow Dash think he wouldn’t stay the night, like it always happened.

Even when he was present, he would find a way to be away while she had to bear with the loneliness of this huge house she sometimes hated so much.

Once again, she had a surprise when he told her she had to close her eyes while he opened the garage’s door. Her heart suddenly started to race… Maybe what was on the other side was the motorcycle of her dreams, though she didn’t have a license, and maybe for once, her father had done something that would end this strange evening on a high note.

He took her hand and slowly guided her along the damp slabbed driveway, and she noticed her father had never held her hand since she no longer was a little child… And yet, even when younger, she remembered very well he used to spend a whole lot of time complaining to his wife that she’d let her “act too much like a boy”.

Cuddles, kisses, compliments… This never been Mr. Rainbow Blaze’s favorite thing. Since always, this man had been better for admonitions. In this, he was a perfect match for Firely who never embarrassed herself with sentimentality, except with her daughter, whom she thought of world of, to the extent to create tensions in her marriage.

“Here we are”, her father finally said. “You can open your eyes. Happy birthday, Rainbow Dash.”

She obeyed, her heart twitchier than a samba dancer, thinking she would be face to face with this gorgeous black Hyosung G4 she dreamed of since months, as a symbol of a limitless freedom her simple scooter would never give.

Instead of it, what was under her eyes was a luxurious convertible car of the gaudiest yellow.

Of course, except for the color, it was a very beautiful model, that more than one person certainly dreamed of. He had probably splurged on this gift that was extraordinary, in consideration of their damaged relationship.

She had no right to feel disappointed. Some of the people of her age were obliged to drive forty-year old beat-up cars, and she received a real car that was the synonym of money and social success… A social success that wasn’t hers, but that belonged to a patriarch whom she owed everything she already had.

In front of him, she displayed her brightest smile, and swore she was delighted to have the chance to drive such a machine. She didn’t tell him this car was nothing like her, but the twisted reflection of what a father thought about a daughter he didn’t know, or at least not enough.

Only two years left, she said to herself while going in her bedroom, after she had watered down her father with insincere superlatives. Only two more years and she would be able to stop pretending, to suffer and to make suffer her father. He was a man over-stripped by life, and the gnawed bond linking them together only stand thanks to one thread as thin as the ones from a spider web.

It's A Wonder, Colt (part 2)

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When she had left her house, Rainbow Dash had noticed high-heel shoes near the entrance, along with a luxury bag hanging at the coat-rack near the door. As she had suspected, her father had probably gone out during the night.

It was lunch time yet in the absence of the house-cleaning lady and the gardener the house looked empty. In a way, it reassured her since she really didn’t feel like meeting face to face with the woman who had spent the night here.

Her mother had died since five years now and Mr. Rainbow Blaze’s pickups had never appeared in front of his daughter even once. That was for the best. She would have hated a so-called mother figure who would try to get meddled with her own life.

Before meeting the three young Crusaders at the climbing facility, she had gone to her favorite fast-food restaurant to eat a beetroot, arugula and Parmesan cheese salad along with a dish of falafels.

Though the last time they had seen each other was yesterday, and they were going to see each other at the party on the next evening, each of her friends sent text messages to her.

They all were busy today. Applejack was at her rodeo training and attended meetings for the creations of new products along with her brother and grandmother. Rarity worked in her boutique, like she did every day of the week. Sunset Shimmer worked as well, at the tattoo workshop where she earned her allowance. Twilight had to be reviewing harder than ever knowing the next day and a part of the morning after would be all about having fun with her friends. Fluttershy had to visit a kennel with her parents, who wanted to adopt a baby dog. As for Pinkie Pie, she was getting prepared all the necessary stuff for the party.

Despite it all, they were able to find a few minutes to devote time to each other. It had always been this way and Rainbow Dash often wondered what was the point of having a boyfriend when such a strong friendship was shared.

On her way to the climbing facility, after she had parked her scooter in a secured parking lot, she met many couples. They were holding hands, talking while walking together, sharing hot and fresh beverages… Was she envious? She wasn’t too sure.

Her lack of sexual attraction changed a lot of things, she thought, while uncertain of what exactly did it change. She had already fallen in love, after all… Or at least, she thought she had. Maybe it was because of her natural inclinations, that weren’t drawn to sappiness… At the same time, she knew boys also shared an interest in love, though they were supposedly impervious to sentimentality.

One night, on TV, she had seen a scientist saying human beings never fell in love, that love was an excuse for sex and procreation. She remembered she had thought it was tiresome and sounded superficial. She had no interest in sex, but not in affectious and intimate contact with the opposite gender. Dating a boy could be pleasant and according to her what precisely ruined her “feel-good” attitude towards dating was sex.

Rainbow Dash sighed. She was getting worked up for no big deal. None of her friends had an official boyfriend, and they had no issues about this fact. It wasn’t as if she was feeling she was missing something – far from it, even.

Through the window of the climbing facility, she caught a glimpse at the three adorable sweet faces of the Crusaders. They displayed their brightest smile seeing her coming their way.

She kind of liked the fact they were easy to impressed. Each time she spoke, they were hanging at her every word as if she was some important woman of wisdom, particularly young Scootaloo with her short hair and hoarse voice, which reminded her of what she used to be not so long ago – except she always had long hair.

First assessment: none of them except Scootaloo had an appropriate outfit for climbing. Jeans that wore young Apple Bloom would even be quite bothering when she would start to ascent.

Her who was an only child suddenly felt the soul of an older sister blooming inside her heart. It never stopped her from being herself, and so from boasting about being the best, but she tried to refrain herself a little in her bragging, to stay attentive. Partly because if she sent back Rarity and Applejack their youngest full of scrapes, she’d probably be in a rough time.

At the counter, she ordered for rent the necessary items for all four – harnesses, snap hooks, belays, bag and its magnesia and finally, pairs of soft shoes. She rolled Apple Bloom’s jeans up to her knees, making sure they all were comfortable with their movements, with hair tied and no phone in the pockets not to take the risk to lose them once up high. And here they were…

“Well, one of the first thing to learn is how to handle our center of gravity. For a beginner, the most important is the roles of legs and feet. There’s a rule, called “des trois points”: always keep one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot in support. It’s easier to ascent. Be careful, if you don’t follow my advice, you could get hurt and your sisters would kill me.”

“Show us, please, Rainbow Dash”, Scootaloo intoned with starry eyes.

The preteenager couldn’t believe how lucky she was. Her greatest idol devoted time to teach her a discipline she thought was fascinating. Of course, she also was here for Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, but those two had met more often in the past with Rainbow Dash.

She didn’t need to be asked twice when it came to showing her skills to the three girls, and quickly reached a few feet high, with a deftness that left them musing. Her natural gift for any kind of sport was fascinating for the impressionable Scootaloo.

As far as Rainbow Dash was concerned, it was an easy way to draw quick attention to her, what she admitted she liked a lot. If she boasted so much, it was because she knew she had things to boast about, although she often exaggerated her abilities.

It was a teaching that came from her mother, who had never hidden how proud she was of her own athletic skills and her perfect shape – due to an iron discipline. Always, she had repeated her daughter she shouldn’t wait for sincere compliments from the others, nor should she expect from them to highlight her aptitudes.

While the young girls started climbing, unceasingly climbing and descending, Rainbow Dash showered them with various advices, such as sticking their pelvis against the wall, to always be situated in the supports’ axe and to pick their heels.

To be quite honest, they weren’t made to be climbers and did it rather slowly. It wasn’t because of their natural skills, it was especially because of a lack of organization and of the fact they couldn’t stop quarreling about details instead of focusing on what really mattered. Since this activity was not a team effort, it was hard to teach them any helping spirit in these conditions…

After one hour and a half, tired and sore, when they started to complain about hunger and thirst, she understood it was about time to stop. Something told her the Crusaders wouldn’t specialized themselves as climbers. In fact, their feet barely on the foam mattress covering the floor of the facility, they started to talk about trying ice-skating for next Saturday.

While she was about to bring back the rented items, Rainbow Dash noticed young Sweetie Belle had forgot to tie the shoelaces of her flat boots, and encouraged by this bloom of benevolence like only a sister would feel, she leaned over in order to fix this.

She had barely noticed the boy behind the counter had changed, not really paying attention… until a rather deep male voice, with hints of an accent from the West North of Equestria, called her name.

Shocked, she jumped and bumped the top of her head against the edge of the counter above. When she got up, her eyes started to blink by themselves. The face she discovered looked familiar but she wasn’t sure…

“You don’t recognize me, do you? Well, it’s been ages… It's me, Soarin.”

This time, her eyes opened wider than a plate of desserts. Her neighbor and best childhood friend, whom she spent most of her time with, whom she had thought about last night in the flow of her reflections, when she was trying to escape another headache…

The boy she had left when leaving Cloudsdale behind was a twelve-year-old frail preteen, a bit small, looking constantly tired, who had trouble finding mates to play basketball with him. The one behind this counter was more than 5,90 feet, had an athletic build and though he had the same puppy eyes, she couldn’t help but notice how his skin was smoothed and devoid of rough patches or pimples, his eyes of the brightest green and his hair looked thin and soft as the one of a baby.

There was no doubt that he had changed a lot. It might not be her case if he recognized her so easily…

Unsure of why, her heart started to thrum, like touched by some mystical spark. She had to get together, or else he would be thinking she wasn’t happy she saw him again. It was wrong. She just didn’t really know how she should behave.

Stupid. They were friends, and although their last conversation dated back to seven years, there was nothing to torture her mind about. Even when kept in mind what had been their last contact together.

“I’m sorry… You’ve changed so much I needed time to realize. Are you… living in Canterlot?”

“Yes, it’s been two years since I settled here. I’m at Canterlot University.”

“Oh, I see… But how couldn’t I see you around? I come here at least once a month.”

“I don’t work here. I’m only doing a favor for a campus’ mate.”

Seeing the way he smiled at her, a strange certainty hit Rainbow Dash. If he had changed physically, mentally he was the same person. Soarin had been the most benevolent, empathic and understanding boy she had ever met. This unaggressive personality even was the main reason why the other boys refused to play with him, back then.

Entire waves of memories came back to her mind – games of basketball on the field behind their both houses, pirates and explorers’ games, hide and seek with Firefly, this summer camp they went at together…

“I can see you’re still as fond of sports as before. I haven’t really had the chance to be interested into interschool championships lately but I bet you must the heyday of one or two teams.”

“Three teams if you count athletics.”

“I knew it. Always true to form… Wow, I just can’t believe it!”

“Neither do I.”

Soarin took a look at the clock behind him, displaying a quarter to three. He wished he had the possibility to talk more with the girl he never had been able to forget but he was obliged to stay where he was until the end of the day. It was too much of a chance not to be taken yet he felt as if destiny wanted to play with his nerves.

The young woman at the other side of the counter had the same playful eyes, the same extraordinary hair color, but he had to admit she was no longer a little girl with braids, dresses stained with mud and dressings on her face and knees. Though she wore a sleeveless padded jacket, a tee-shirt and sportswear thermal pants, her hair messy hastily in a ponytail, with an enormous line of magnesia crossing off her cheek, she looked as pretty as he remembered.

The only solution if he wanted to extend their conversation was to fight his shyness… Easier said than done. Even though they were friends, they hadn’t seen each other for a while, and she still was a girl. His experiences in this field were rather limited.

One of the preteens with her asked whether they could go and have a milkshake somewhere. Now it was time to act.

“Hey… Well, maybe you’re busy, so if you don’t want to or you don’t have time for this, just tell me, but I thought… Well, I wondered… Maybe we could meet again later today… or tonight, in fact. Like, to have a drink, or I don’t know, anything that would please you. To make up for lost time, you know…”

If he was skillful with his hands and body, it hadn’t always been this way when it came to words. For sure, he hadn’t changed in reality. Rainbow Dash thought it was sweet although it was a side of his personality she knew very well which had never launched anything inside her before.

“Alright”, she answered with a wide smile. “Let’s just do this. A drink together would be a good idea.”

“For real? Great! Do you know the Bellehorse Bar? Let’s meet up there around eight and a half.”

The climbing facility closed at six and a half, but he had to put the items in order, to prepare everything for the next day and he had to have time on his hands to come back home, to take a shower and to change his clothes before going back downtown.

“Every youngster here knows the Bellehorse!”

“Does it mean it’s OK?”

“Yes. Eight and a half in front of the bar. That’s perfect.”

Her plans for the weekend had always been to go in her bed and to sleep until high noon after her time with the Crusaders, but it suddenly didn’t bother her at all to shake her vegging out schedules up. One pair of gorgeous green eyes had convinced her she wasn’t that tired…

And, after all, she placed friendship above everything else and it would have been hypocrite from her to choose sleeping over catching up lost time with a childhood friend that Providence had put on her way.

It didn’t matter that this friend in question also had been her very first kiss…


Sometimes, although the door was locked, her father was in his office at the second floor, from which he rarely went out. Even just to drink a Scotch or to smoke cigars with members of his executive board, it didn’t grace the first floor with his presence.

“I’m home!’, Rainbow Dash sang out while taking her key off the lock.

Silence answered. Maybe he was having a nap, which meant he wouldn’t want to be bothered. On her tiptoes, she climbed the stairs after she had taken off her sneakers. Once she reached the floor, she found the door of said-office ajar and slipped her head through the tiny opening.

It had happened that she had found him collapsed on his desk, sleeping, or lying spreadeagle on the sofa he had settled there, an empty bottle of whisky at his feet… He hid a mini-bar behind an old master’s painting which key was taped under the lid of his cigars box.

If she knew precisely where this key was concealed, it was because she had searched the room through and through on that gloomy night she had not to talk about.

The most surprising was that despite this, her father had never tried to change its hiding place. Yet the least of her slightly problematic behaviors were giving way to lectures and questionings in order to detect whether or not it was an alarm about her mental health.

But what she found when she looked inside was the same that reigned in the huge house – absence and silence. No hint indicated if he had gone back to his head office, for a meeting for example, or if he had followed the woman who, in all likelihood, he had spent the night with.

After she closed the door behind her, Rainbow Dash took the opposite way to go to her room.

The first floor was wider than a six-stars hotel lobby, so big it could make you feel dizzy. As for the other two floors, they were as impressive with two huge bathrooms, another office, eight rooms and her former playroom little by little transformed into a storeroom stuffed with various items.

What was the use of so many rooms for a supposedly family of three, she never understood? Applejack’s family was as wealthy as hers, if not more, yet it seemed to her that their house was less snobbish, more of a human scale.

Anyway, she spent most of her time in her own room reading, listening to music, doing her homework (sometimes), or watching movies. Even her meals, she preferred having them in here, and the only other rooms she used were the basement’s gym or the upper floor bathroom… the other one, closer, reminding her too many bad memories.

She opened her gym bag, threw her keys inside the tumbler on her chest of drawers beside the door, and when she sat on her bed to take off her socks and put herself at ease before her well-deserved nap, she found a post-it note stuck on a thick envelope on her bedside table.

This, on the other hand, was nothing unusual. She couldn’t remember how many messages of this kind she had received, as if it was too complicated to pick up the phone to call her.

“Went back to work. Will be back next week for one afternoon. Here is a little something to have fun with those little friends of yours.”

She opened the Kraft paper envelope, and discovered a thick wad of banknotes folded in two and tied with a rubber band. No need to count… there might be something like one thousand dollars. Allied with the possibility of the debit card he left on a permanent basis, there was enough money to have a party like a Hollywood star, or to go on a wild shopping spree on the Silk Street, where were gathered all the most famous luxury brands.

All it inspired her was a deep sigh. She only took something like twenty dollars, plus twenty other dollars in case she’d have to take a cab, and opened her drawer to put the rest inside a jewelry box that had belonged to her grandmother, in which she placed the banknotes her father had given to her on many occasions.

She had gathered a pretty sum. Enough to make a substantial donation to Canterlot’s orphanage, where were other children who had never known their parents, or had lost them too soon, and who never had her chance to grant access to so much money.

No one had to know she hid this soft spot inside of her. This well-kept secret was even a secret for Applejack and Twilight and she had the intention of making it last as much as she could. It was enough that her friends had seen her so many times on the verge of a panic attack, or bursting into tears for no apparent reasons.

Her phone settled to ring around seven, she slipped under her blankets after she had taken off her bra from under her tee-shirt. It only took her one minute before she fell asleep, exhausted physically and mentally.

She slept in one go and didn’t wake up at all until her phone rang. With a groan, she pressed the lower bottom of the screen to silence the strident electronic music, all this with her head under her blankets… One minute passed, then two and three…

And suddenly, she woke up in a jump, not because she was shaken by a nightmare, but because she had just remembered she hadn’t the time to veg out under the blankets. For how long had she slept since her phone had rung?

When she realized a quarter had passed, she fell off her bed, bringing her quilt with her. If she wanted to get prepared for her rendezvous, she’d better hurry. Not even thinking about cleaning the mess she had just created, Rainbow Dash got up and opened her closet.

In the full-length mirror of the piece of furniture, her reflections sent her back the image of a young woman wearing a crumpled tee-shirt, rumpled sportswear thermal pants, her hair like a battlefield after a fight, eyes half-stuck because of sleep, with a faint trace beside her mouth proving she probably had drooled.

“I’m a walking cataclysm … No, I’m a walking natural disaster.”

Alright, Soarin was her childhood best friend, and earlier he had invited her although she had a huge trace of magnesia on her cheek, but that didn’t mean she was allowed to appear in front of him in such a miserable state. Especially since they would be going at the Bellehorse Bar, where everyone worth knowing in Canterlot probably would be as well. She had a reputation to stand for, after all.

And, to be honest, she wanted to make a great impression on the student. So he would think she had really grown up and no longer was a reckless little girl but a woman on the making.

There was a first to everything…

The problem was that she’d never really been the kind to take good care about herself. The makeup she used was more than discreet, just a matter of refreshing her complexion. In reality, she didn’t even know how to use most of the articles, her mother being dead before she was in age, and anyway, Firefly had herself never been an example of femininity.

For her hair, all she did was a shampoo and a conditioner, with her bangs and tips cut every four months, and she had never cleaned her face with anything else than soap and water.

As far as her style was concerned, if it was elaborated, it was above all to match with her reputation. She had a few dresses and skirts, however she never wore them according to what was fashionable, but rather according to what was comfortable and practical for her movements.

Spending hours in her bathroom to get pampered? No thanks! She made her biggest efforts only on special occasions.

This simple rendezvous, did she claim, was one of these occasions. In order not to make a mistake or a fashion faux-pas, there was only one solution: to call an expert.

A few rings resounded before, at the other end of the line, Rarity’s a bit snobbish voice answered – yes, she was the fashion and seduction expert of her bunch.

“How are you, darling? I thought you wanted to sleep until high noon tomorrow…”

“I thought that too. My plans have changed. In fact, earlier, I’ve met my childhood best friend, Soarin. I’ve already spoke about him; you know…”

“Yes, I remember. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I have to meet him at eight and a half to have a drink, what gives me a maximum of twenty minutes to get prepared and I feel as if my brain was a strainer.”

“Oh, you have a rendezvous with a boy. Congratulations!”

“Rarity, please… I’m in a hurry.”

While talking, her phone stuck between her shoulder and cheek, she was rushing around everywhere in her room, opening wide the doors of her closet, the drawers of her chest, not knowing which way to turn.

“First, I want you to calm down. Think about the latest breathing exercises from our yoga class… Keep in mind this isn’t a government matter, it’s just a drink. Where are you going?”


“Of course. What was I thinking?”

High school students, university students, young working persons, they all met there on the weekends, no matter their social status or fields of study. It was a classical bar, and there were much more luxurious or trendy places in Canterlot, but the choice of beverages and appetizers was one of the largest ever, and broadcasts of sports event or comings of promising young DJs had made the place’s reputation.

It was the perfect place for a relaxing rendezvous, neither too formal nor too lenient. Rarity knew this Soarin only through what Rainbow Dash had said about him, but she already liked him a lot thanks to this evidence of good taste.

“You need a skirt or a dress, but not something too sophisticated. Something which is going to say “I haven’t made a lot of efforts in the way I dressed” although it’s wrong. I would advise against this fishnet pantyhose you’re so fond of… Black and sober are the best for pantyhose. Do a one-side bread, a little bedhead, and no heels, you have to be comfortable in case you guys won’t be able to sit, and it happens all the time at the Bellehorse.”

“Alright, I think I can do this.”

“Fine. Now, for your makeup, don’t do more than usually, but try to force a little with mascara so you would highlight those gorgeous magenta eyes of yours. If you have gloss, put it on, but just a little bit, so it won’t shock with the rest. And most of all, the most important thing…”

“What is it?”

“Be yourself. I can feel how nervous you are from here, darling. There’s absolutely nothing to freak out about. If you’re natural, it will be perfect.”

It was easy to say this when you were Rarity. With her dreamy figure and face and her expertise, she had all the men at her feet. Being herself, she already was everything the opposite gender liked. She, Rainbow Dash, was nothing like this… Not only had she very little interests in sentimental and sexual matters but she also scared a lot of boys with her boasting attitude, her brash approach, and her indifference for most of what was gendered as feminine.

However, she had to admit her friend was right in a certain measure. There was nothing to be restless about… Soarin knew her well, he knew the way she was, there was no surprise. He already had seen her dirty, injured, crying, screaming, smelling blood with boys taller than she, being upset because she had lost a game, falling off her bike and getting up without a tear, and many other things.

The best she had to do was being herself, as advised by Rarity. Because what had Soarin’s attention was obviously who she was.

It's A Wonder, Colt (part 3)

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Her scooter parked a few streets away, Rainbow Dash stopped to check out whether her general look still was satisfying or not. Following Rarity’s instructions, she had tied her hair in a one-side braid, then had slipped on her rainbow-colored sundress with a short-sleeved woolen jacket, this all with baby blue tennis shoes.

Being completely honest, she had to admit there were girls prettier, done up better, and more used to seduction than she was. Her self-confidence was hidden in details and in her physical shape. She knew she was unsinkable, as long as she put her shoulder to the wheel, fast and agile, that she had style and attitude… Neutral qualities she thought were solid but which had nothing in common with charm.

Until now, it had never really intrigued her. Thanks to those qualities she was able to make the others come to her, no matter who the others were. Things were what they were, and anyway, she had always placed friendship and collusion above matters of the heart. It was the first time she was asking herself such questions as am I too much this or not enough that?

It was supposed to be nothing but a drink with a friend, after all… No need to put too much pressure on her shoulders.

Getting nearer of the Bellehorse Bar, Rainbow Dash breathed deeply and put her most chilling attitude on. It was impossible to miss Soarin waiting for her in front of the doorstep… He was taller than everyone else. Hard to believe the frail boy from her childhood had turned into someone so athletic and masculine…

As soon as he saw her coming in his direction, his face lit up with a bright smile. He didn’t say anything about it, but looked as if he’d been afraid she wouldn’t come. Something in his posture suggested that he wasn’t used in waiting a girl somewhere, even just a friend. Usually, she’d have played with it to annoy him, but they had barely met each other again, and Rainbow Dash didn’t want to take the risk to push him around by being too unsubtle from the outset.

Before stepping inside, Soarin held the door for her and let her in first. No doubt, he hadn’t changed much. It was enough to help the young woman relaxing.

True to its reputation, the Bellehorse Bar was crowded like on a day of the Canterlot’s Pegasi match – the local soccer team. Behind the walnut counter, a throng of youngsters with trendy looks and original hairstyles rushed, talking, drinks in their hand, despite the music.
Behind the bar, waitresses wearing fitting tee-shirts and jeans were unceasingly requested while the broadcast of a rock concert quietly played on the huge television screens behind them.

The same thing could be observed at the tables. People piling up on the couches, sitting by two on the opposite chairs, all the tables overloaded with glasses and bottles. At the back, the small VIP corner seemed very busy as well.

They would never be able to find a place to sit and Rainbow Dash felt it would be difficult to get drinks within the ten next minutes. It wouldn’t help them to have a real conversation. At worse, they could still go and dance on the narrow dancefloor near the DJ’s booth – a teenage girl from CHS, who was famous all around town – but that wouldn’t exactly be called “making up for lost time” in the meaning she had understood.

However, she followed Soarin without a word while he was getting to the other end of the counter, where a man around fifty with a thick beard was standing, giving orders to the waitresses and watching the crowd as it came and went. His severe face lit up when he saw Soarin coming his way, and he greeted him with a friendly embrace.

The man asked when the next game was, and after Soarin gave the exact date, he told the man he was looking for a free table. Immediately, the one who in reality was the Bellehorse Bar’s owner called a waiter working at table service, who then asked them to follow him to the VIP corner, where he was able to unearth a spot for them both.

Never again when she had come here with the girls had Rainbow Dash been granted access to this section of the bar. It was dedicated to the most prestigious costumers, and just a quick glance all around her was enough for her to spot famous faces, the same she could have seen at the restaurant with her father, on the previous night.

“How did you happen to know the owner?”, she asked him above the music.

It wouldn’t be that easy to communicate, but they would somehow find a way to do so.

“Oh, he’s a basketball and Wondercolts big fan and I’m fullback in the team, so…”

“Hey, I’m a Wondercolt too! Well, in High School, so it’s not the same level, of course.”

“It means you still play basketball, then? What about boxing and softball?”

“I gave up on them for lacrosse and running, but on another note, yes, I still play basketball. Despite being small…”, she finished with a nervous giggle.

“You’ve always been a great fullback; it must compensate for the rest.”

“So, you remember our games, uh?”

“Of course. I remember everything about you.”

It would have been a lie to say that, on her side things were different. Each time she had thought it was probable she would never see him again, a feeling of melancholy like never had taken over her. In some difficult moments, thinking about Soarin had the same bright spot effect than remembering every good thing shared with her bunch of friends.

They hadn’t seen each other for almost seven years, a lot had happened in-between, and although they had to learn back how to behave in each other’s presence, none of them felt awkward or running short of ideas. It felt as if their last face to face of the kind was only a few days ago.

“I’ve… I’ve heard about your mother”, he said staring at the table. “When they had said her name on television, I just didn’t want to believe it… I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Ah… Don’t worry. I’m fine. It was a long time ago.”

At the sound of her voice, however, traces of emotions could be detected. Her cheerful note had melted like an ice cube under the sun, and she had started to toy with the rims of her dress.

When the accident had taken place in front of thousands of witnesses, it had been on the front page of the whole printed press, the number one information on every news bulletin. The whole country had known, if not the whole world. With perseverance, the images could be found on internet, along with horrified commentaries.

Rainbow Dash hadn’t noticed immediately, since the days which had followed the accident had been very strange, and she kept confused and imprecise memories of them. Only a few images came to her mind, like her only aunt who had attended the funerals dressing her up for the ceremony, or her house filled with relatives, friends of the family and journalists…

It was a sensitive subject, and there was no need to think a lot to understand why. Seeing how she had shut herself down when he had said these few words broke Soarin’s heart, and he regretted he had talked about it, though it had seemed to be appropriate in the heat of the moment. He had known and always respected Firefly, after all.

“You don’t want to talk about it?”


“So, we won’t talk about it!”

They were interrupted by a waiter asking them what they wanted to have. They hadn’t taken a look at the bill of fare yet but Rainbow Dash didn’t hesitate much and ordered shots of tequila, with salt and lemon, along with a made-up answer when her age was asked.

“I’ve celebrated my eighteenth birthday on Thursday.”

The waiter seemed to show reluctance, and threw a glance behind his back. Farther, the owner nodded, and immediately the man noted the order on his electronic notebook.

Soarin ordered the same thing, and after this, they were ‘alone’ again – since in fact, they already were tight on a couch shared by at least ten persons.

“Thursday, it was my seventeenth birthday.”

“That’s what I thought I remembered. Happy birthday.”

“Thanks”, she said giggling.

The fact she was lying about her age in order to drink alcohol didn’t seem to move him a lot. He was two years older and all the more didn’t try to play it paternalistic. It was fine by Rainbow Dash who had always hated when men or simply adults were trying to tell her how she should behave.

“Well, so… Outside of basketball, what are you doing at university?”

“I study calculation engineering, in order to create studies of planes conception and production. I also work as a mechanic at the Royal Acrobatic Air Fleet.”

“Still with planes, eh?”, she asked doing her best not to start feeling nauseated.

“Yes, my passions hadn’t changed a lot. Planes and basketball… Didn’t you want to work in the air and sea as well, and to become something like the greatest pilot ever?”

“I did before. But I’ve developed some kind of phobia since my mother’s death. Planes and helicopters make me want to throw up whenever I hear or see them, which means having a career in aviation is a no-no.”

Once again, Soarin felt stupid he had said what he had said. He had lost nothing of his skills to put his feet in mouths and always pronouncing forbidden words or at least, to say things able to put a dark veil on a sunny mood.

At the same time that he was dying to learn more about how Rainbow Dash had grown up, he was starting to be scared he would spoil everything by always bringing up subjects better avoided.

His eyes probably said a lot since the young woman gently pat his shoulders.

“Come on, don’t pull such a face! I’m fine. It’s just some little ridiculous phobia. Think about those who’re afraid of bananas. Their life might be like hell compared to mine, because there are bananas in all the supermarkets of the world.”


“Yeah, they call it bananaphobia… Such a name cannot be invented!”

Not really sure why, they burst out laughing, unable to help, and this fit of laughing lasted until the waiter came back with their drinks. Their table’s neighbors were looking at them half-amused and half-surprised, but little did it matter. It was childish, yet it was enough to make them forget about the slight awkwardness that happened each time the word “plane” had been pronounced.

If it make sure that Rainbow Dash’s pretty face shone the same way than when she laughed, though it remained one of the less gracious laughter ever, Soarin swore he would never say the word ‘plane’ ever in his life.

It wasn’t really easy for him to hide what was bumping into his mind as the night rolled by. She still was this flamboyant character he had met as a child, with the same voice, yet a little more mature, the same eyes, yet a little more highlighted, and the same attitudes, yet a little more adult. And all these ‘yet a little more’s were what made his hands clammy and the rhythm of his heart go faster.

“Do you have plans for after High School? I mean… Do you already know where you want to study and all?”

“To be honest… Not really. I think I’ll see when the moment will come. All I know is that I want to get a scholarship in sports.”

“Why? Does your father refuse to pay for college?”

“Not at all… It’s me. I want to be more independent. It’s the only solution in my hands until I get nineteen.”

Rainbow Dash had always been the kind of person to enjoy self-reliance and to hate when someone would tell her what to do. She wasn’t one of those persons hanging to others to get by well. Of course, this didn’t mean her friends didn’t count, and that she was able to fly solo without problems, but only that she didn’t like to be obliged to lay upon someone else completely to get along.

Since always, she had this natural self-confidence and the abilities to be successful without the need to smile or to be agreeable to others.

“It’s true it would be great to do sports as a professional athlete. In fact, I’m sure I could get a gold medal at the Olympic Games hands down!”

Her comment made Soarin smile, like each time she was boasting in front of him. Unlike others, he would never try to correct her or to set her straight. Since the very beginning he seemed to have understood that was the way she was and that trying to make her behave like someone she’s not was as counterproductive as it was useless.

She even liked to think it was a personality trait he particularly enjoyed. Perhaps this was naïve from her but it didn’t matter. In fact, the rest didn’t matter as well. The feeling she had when by his side was that it had been ages since she hadn’t felt so relaxed and herself while in the presence of a boy, especially of a boy that she fancied.

Because she had to be realistic, her childhood best friend had turned into a handsome young man, with ambitions and dreams, which where things she always appreciated about others, and he didn’t leave her unmoved. Even the sound of his voice, puzzling at first because it was too much different than her memories, had finally turned into some kind of melody, and this although it didn’t particularly highlight his intelligence.

The bar had emptied little by little. The sound of the music had lowered, little by little. Little by little, he had ceased being tight on the couch, and Rainbow Dash had ceased to be pushed against Soarin by the crowd surrounding them.

It probably was what had bothered her the least in all that, while still embarrassing her – a little – each time she stunningly noticed how under her childhood best friend’s shirt were hiding strong arms and a body build by high-level sports.

Because she was who she was, her embarrassment hadn’t come from her imagining things, since she didn’t imagine much except how good that would feel to be held by such arms, but by the fact this closeness had happened in front of others, and she wasn’t really fond of these kind of public displays.

Little by little, she also had emptied more tequila shots, while he had only drank their first three ones. At each additional shot, a small voice in her head reminded her how bad it was for her health, particularly for her stomach and liver sorely tested, especially since she would have to do it again on the next evening, but she’d made the voice shut. It was the week of her birthday, after all…

As a result, it was now a bit harder to get out of the bar than it had been to get in. Putting one foot in front of another in a straight line was complicated, and without Soarin’s support, Rainbow Dash would probably have had troubles walking without bumping into each piece of furniture on her way.

The fresh air from outside made her shiver, and once again, she almost lost her balance by banging into the small step of the entrance. It made her burst into some strange high-pitched laugh from the back of her throat.

“It scares me a little to know you’re going home riding your scooter…”

“Don’t be scared”, she said with her drunken voice. “It’s a straight line.”

“That’s precisely what scares me.”

“So, how do you want me to go home? I really hate the bus. And there are no more buses now, anyway.”

“I always take a cab when I know I’m going to drink alcohol.”

“A cab? Did you think I was Rarity or something?”

“Rari-who now?”

“Well, Rarity… Ah yeah, you don’t know her yet. Oh, everything’s spinning around.”

Once again, she leaned upon his arms in order not to stumble. The scenery of buildings and lights on the macadam seemed to her like on the verge of an earthquake. To be honest, she wasn’t completely sure to be actually standing and also had the sensation that her body was awry.

Maybe Soarin was right. Maybe, indeed, she wasn’t really in the best of state to drive her scooter to the suburban area she lived in, which wasn’t that close. Her stubborn side didn’t want to give in, but because of how she felt her stubborn side wasn’t screaming loud enough.

“Alright, I’m going to get a cab. Can you walk with me to the station, Soarin, please?”, she said insisting on the last syllables with a mischievous note.

“As if I would let you on your own in such a state… Come on.”

Softly, he took her arm and together, they made a few steps until the closest taxi station, which for obvious practical reasons, was only a few inches away from the bar. This late, there was no one else waiting in front of the sign with a black car drawn on it.

Because it was still as difficult for her to stand up, Soarin decided it would be best to sit down, and they both settled on the piece of sidewalk.
When Rainbow Dash suppressed another chill, he put his own leather jacket on the young woman’s shoulders, who answered him with a large smile… as charming as she was able to smile in such an advanced state of intoxication.

“You’re really, really sweet. You’ve always been really sweet.”

“Yes, I know what was the result. Don’t you remember how much the other dudes used to torture me because of that, calling me a ‘sissy’?”

“They were morons and jerks, alright! You’re awesome. Just like me.”

She meant it sincerely. All night long, Soarin had left her with a very good impression. He already was full of many great qualities when they were children, and now that he was a young man of nineteen, he had also rose above it by adding to his character a certain sense of open-mindedness, what she thought was a very attractive mettle.

What Rainbow Dash liked about him weren’t only his stunningly beautiful green eyes, his face soft and manly at the same time and his athletic body. It was a little something more, the words he said, the ideas he displayed, his patience. All these elements, along with the fact she was feeling so at ease, so free to be herself, made that she was feeling an inside restlessness by his side that made her want to sing and dance.

Came adding to all this a jump in her heart when one of his hand removed a red strand of her hair behind her ear, like in these movies Fluttershy was fond of and she thought were moronic.

She could make fun of the rom-com’s heroines… She wasn’t doing better tonight! Especially with her, the fact to be intoxicated multiplied her sensations.

“You know… Please don’t be offended… I think you’re really sexy.”

“Sexy?”, she questioned between two hiccups.

This statement was startling, especially as she knew precisely what she looked like when drunk and in her mind, it didn’t fit at all with her definition of this adjective.

He probably thought her stunned reaction meant something else because, immediately, his hands clammy, he rubbed his neck while nervously chuckling.

“I didn’t mean to… Well… I didn’t want to… How can I say? The thing is that… I’m sorry, I only had one girlfriend and I’m still clumsy with girls… Well, even if you and me are only friends, I know, but, you see…”


Rainbow Dash had just pinned her both hands like a cross against his mouth, not without almost falling on the side because of this. If she let him speak, she felt he was going to drown more and more into intricate and useless explanations.

“I wasn’t offended, alright”, she added, taking off her hands in order to cross her arms in front of her chest because of the cold. “I’m only not used to hear people saying such things about me. Boys never think I’m sexy… basically, they either think I’m a lesbian, and I’m not a lesbian, OK… Although there would be nothing wrong about it... Either they think I look like a slut, and frankly… Well. All this, but sexy, never. Well, in fact, I confess, I don’t care. And, err… You know, you’re not bad looking neither.”

If she kept on talking, she would be the one drowning into confused and unnecessary explanations, so she stopped. He had understood the most important part. In fact, she had no intention of telling him half of the things that had crossed her lips. The blame was on the tequila, probably…

“In this case, do you think we could see each other again? To have another drink, or I don’t know, whatever you want.”

“Give me your phone”, she ordered.

Soarin seemed to be the one surprised by this injunction that had just been made, yet he obeyed without further ado. Once his phone with its sober black shell between the young woman’s hands, he saw she had some troubles typing on his keypad, as focused as could be someone in such a state.

When she gave it back to him, a mysterious number was written on the screen, that she asked him to call. Immediately, the ringtone of one of her favorite Eighteen+ song resounded, and Rainbow Dash grabbed her own phone inside her bag and she answered with a hazy “hello?”.

“Just call this number when you want to, and I’ll be here.”


Beams of a car lit their piece of sidewalk, and Soarin helped Rainbow Dash to stand back up. A driver with a shaved head and sunglasses slipped his face out of the opened window to ask who the fare was for, and the young man indicated it was for the person with him.

Right before getting into the black car with yellow stripes typical of Canterlot’s taxis, she gave him back his leather jacket, then while she was about to get into it for real, she turned around.

“Shall we share?”

“It’s nice of you but I don’t think we’re living in the same part of the town. I’ll take the next one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, don’t you worry about me. Go back quickly before you’d get sick.”

Something hit her suddenly, as if until then, she had completely forgotten about this fact. If Soarin wanted to see her again as much as she wanted to see him, why should they wait? It wasn’t as if a chance to get closer to him wasn’t within her reach. They didn’t even need to patient a lot – patience had never been her area of expertise.

“There’s a party for my birthday tomorrow night. It’s going to be a huge party with people from my school and my whole bunch of best friends… Would you like to come and be my Plus One?”

“That would be great.”

“Sweet… 789 Rosary Street, starting at eight and a half. See you tomorrow”, she finished by pecking his cheek before climbing into her cab, which finally started and went away.

He watched the car getting away without believing what had just happened. It already went beyond all his expectations. First, he had lied to himself, thinking his attraction to Rainbow Dash was just friendly, but the more the night had gone on, the more he had realized there was something else, above the feeling of attachment one could feel towards a little sister or a plain girl friend.

Of all time, Soarin had liked this young woman. And, he had fallen in love with another girl whom he had stayed a very long time with, who had broken up with him, and had thought he would never see again his childhood best friend whom he had developed deeper feelings for.
Until she appeared in front of him, natural and cuter than ever. Until he realized that in reality, she physically and characteristically represented everything he had always wanted.

He saw this invitation as a sign and too bad if this wasn’t understood as very ‘manly’. Down to earth, the young man knew he had not to expect too much either, in order not to be disappointed, though it didn’t stop him from being filled up with hopes.


Last night, in the taxi driving her home, after she had drowsed snoring for a short while, Rainbow Dash had called Applejack, happy to announce her she had finally found a Plus One in the person of Soarin… before she’d realized how late it was and that her friend was in bed sleeping.

Once home, climbing the stairs had been perilous. She had jumped in her own bed almost fully-clothed, and with her makeup still on, and had not feel the need to take a sleeping pill.

Only at the break of dawn, which meant around 1 PM, when her phone had rung and her tortoise had wakened her up by licking her face, had she realized the issues she would have to deal with.

Her room was messier than ever, her head seemed like pounded by the vibrations from a jackhammer, her liver and stomach burned as if she had eaten too much of a Christmas fudge pudding, the mascara on her eyes had oozed away, her hair was full of tangles and her body was stripped with traces from her sheets.

How lucky the person at the hand of the line when she had picked up her phone was Pinkie Pie. Though the young woman’s energy and high-pitch voice shook her brain, she knew how to handle such a situation. No one was better at fixing the mistakes of too restless a party… though it hadn’t really been a party that had been restless but her own hand on the shots of tequila.

From the moment she had arrived at her friend’s house, Pinkie Pie had known how to deal with the most worrisome of the issues, that is to say, Rainbow Dash’s reinforced concrete type of hangover. It was about taking a shower, then inhaling pepper mint essential oil in a handkerchief, sipping green tea with small swallow all day long and eating a few wholegrain rice cakes with a natural detoxifying made with lemon juice, hot water and cayenne pepper.

As surprising as it was, although she didn’t feel completely cured, she was up and about, ready to have a party. Meanwhile, her friend had taken charge of the decoration, and of bringing food and beverages. When they both were joined by their bunch of friends, all was left to do was to get prepared.

And that’s precisely where a brand new issue popped up for Rainbow Dash. Because it wasn’t all about her birthday party anymore. If it only had been this, then the anticipation would have win over. Nonetheless, now her mind was clearer, she remembered she had also invited Soarin.

Just like on the previous night, but her nervousness at a greater level, she couldn’t stop running all around the house, with Rarity pursuing her in order to place curlers in her head, going from excitement to obsessive fears within the gap of a few seconds.

A thousands of questions were mixing under her still painful head – especially around her scar, just where she used to shave her head during her last year in Middle School. Most of the time, unable to control herself, unable to even think what it could do to her dear reputation, she would say them questions out loud, in a delightful mess.

“I haven’t seen Rainbow Dash in such a state since her very first competition with the Wondercolts”, Twilight said while trying to mimic a method to apply mascara from a book she’d read.

“Except she stopped every thirty seconds to cry like a baby peein’ in their diaper”, Applejack rebidded, busy trying to beat the record of her best friend on her own video-game console.

“I can’t hardly imagine”, Fluttershy added, her being already prepared and stroking Tank’s shell.

“It was less funny than what it is now”, Pinkie Pie finally finished.

Fluttershy wasn’t the only one for whom seeing the young woman in such a state of anxiety seemed awkward… Sunset Shimmer too would’ve never suspect there were things that could actually get Rainbow Dash to panic, as she pictured her as someone who never hesitated to try anything. And most importantly, never had she imagined that if something could unhinge her, it would be the simple fact of a date with a boy.

As the little newbie of the group, indeed, she didn’t know yet that the young woman wasn’t exactly like her friends when it came to this matter. Like many others, she rather had in mind that she was the kind to be very at ease with flirting with the opposite sex. Yes, she’d said what she’d been through had been complicated, but Sunset Shimmer had no idea of what was concealed behind this word Rainbow Dash was likely to use a bit too much to avoid the subject.

Her lack of understanding might be obvious, since Applejack, who had given up on the console after she had logged said-record secretly, came closer with a conniving smile.

“Ah know, it’s a surprise when ya don’t know but our dear Rainbow Dash is demisexual, ya see, and dat’s not unusual to behave dis way before a first date with a chap when yar like dat.”

“Demisexual?”, Sunset Shimmer asked with her eyes opened wide.

Pinkie Pie came to intrude, hanging on Applejack’s shoulders.

“Yeah, it means she’s attracted neither by boys or by girls unless in some circumstances, like if she has a super duper extra hyper intimate connection with someone.”

“I thought she had already dated guys…”

“Yes, but according to what I’ve read on this subject, we don’t really realize it ourselves but there exist different types of attraction: physical, romantic, etc.”, Twilight said. “And I think we can say her romantic attraction goes to boys.”

“No wonder she said it was complicated…”

In Sunset Shimmer’s mind, this all matter was like a thick white fog hiding the rooftops and the feet of the buildings – way too obscure for her to find the right direction. She had more or less heard about an asexual spectrum, but had never really been face to face with such a scenario.

It had bloomed a thousands of questions on her mind, unfortunately, now wasn’t the perfect moment to ask them to the person in question. If Rarity had been able to put the famous curlers on, the same couldn’t be said of convincing her to put on makeup and to get on with getting dressed.

The young woman, in fact, her cosmetic bag in her hand and a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, asked Applejack for help in order to control Rainbow Dash, as trembling as a child on the first day of kindergarten, since she was the only one with enough physical strength.

The irony of things was that the only two girls who had a Plus One for tonight were on one side the one who always had a different boyfriend, the serial heartbreaker, and on the other side the one who rarely experimented the will to be committed in a relationship with the representatives of the opposite sex.

It was at least what the appearances could make believe. Because there was one of the present young persons who, although she had no partner, really hoped this party would allow a deeper connection with a boy she’d been interested of since already a few months.

Fluttershy hadn’t said anything to anyone yet, because of her shyness, and because she feared her friends would try something awkward that would embarrass her if she let them know. Since she never had a boyfriend, and even never went to a party at all, she didn’t know how she would do this, or even if she wouldn’t only be satisfied with being by his side waiting for him to speak to her. Yet, this simple idea already filled her heart with happiness.

In her mind, this would mean that a great step would’ve been made, and with a bit of luck, that would even be enough to make him understand how she felt each time her eyes met his emerald look and his straw-colored hair.

It's A Wonder, Colt (part 4)

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The first person who had rung at the door had been Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ Pon-3, who on the previous evening had already used her turntables at the Bellehorse Bar. The young girl was a local celebrity, who operated in a lot of places despite her young age, and that Pinkie Pie had convinced to come and play against payment in kind (food and drinks) to her best friend’s birthday party.

Shortly after her, the other guests had started to arrive, some of them even weren’t a part of CHS but of the rival school, Crystal Prep. Only for tonight, there was a truce in the fights, like it often happened when a High School party was thrown.

As a result, one hour after the official start of the evening, Rainbow Dash’s house was as crowded as a trendy nightclub on a Friday night. There were people up to the lawn outside, as well as in the stairs and second and third floor.

In order to avoid for the luxurious furniture to get wasted, white sheets had been settled on them, and the couch had been pushed on the side for more space.

Among those present, they were very few who had brought a present for the heroine of the night, and some weren’t even unaware of the main reason of this party. Did this matter to her? Not the least in the world. All that was important for her was that this party was hot, the kind of party which would be remembered for a long while.

The least one could say was that Pinkie Pie had made a great spade. If that was what her seventeenth birthday party looked like, she couldn’t wait to see what it would be next year, when she would celebrate her full age.

Seized into the rhythm of the music and fun, Rainbow Dash no longer thought about what had her so panicked two hours ago. Forgotten as well headaches and stomachaches. Seeing her, no one could have suspected how she had felt before her friends had arrived.

Her beige dress chosen by Rarity, with short sleeves and laces in the front, was a clever mix of elegance and comfort, and didn’t betray her adventurous personality.

Each time someone came and greeted her with open arms to wish her a happy birthday, she welcomed them with the brightest of smiles, never stopping moving her hips at the rhythm of the groovy music rumbling through the speakers.

She was in high spirits… Which, in Zephyr Breeze’s opinion – he was invited by default – represented the best of occasions for him to take a chance on her. He arranged the jacket on his shoulders, checked on how good his bun looked in the mirror, as well as his freshly cut beard. He thought he was so perfect there was no reason for the subject of his affection to reject him.

He stood in front of her while she was dancing with Pinkie Pie, and first proposed her to have a raspberry-flavored vodka shot. He knew from a reliable source – his little sister Fluttershy – this was Rainbow Dash’s favorite fruit and that there were fewer chances for her to refuse.

Indeed, while still dancing, she thanked him then grabbed the glass and gulped it down. Pinkie Pie warned her she should avoid drinking too much, and Zephyr didn’t even try to ask himself why her friend gave her such an advice. It was her birthday party, after all, she could do as she was pleased… Even, he counted on alcohol to achieve his aims.

But before being close to success, he had to take out what he called his secret weapon, what would show her how he could become an affectionate and obliging boyfriend if she chose him.

“I got a present for you”, he yelled above the music. “You’re going to love it.”


He put between her hands a small white squared box, with the name of a luxurious chocolate shop written on it with golden letters. Of course, there only were a few candies inside, nevertheless it had cost him a big part of his salary. With this, for sure, she would be in heaven. Who didn’t like candies, especially when coming from so prestigious a boutique?

What he hadn’t take into account was the expensive treats weren’t especially appealing to Rainbow Dash, used with her father to these kind of attentions that didn’t really have a deep meaning. She preferred what came from the heart, even if it had only cost three dollars or even nothing.

And, it raised another issue…

“Well… It’s very nice of you, Zephyr, thanks. But… I’m forbidden to eat chocolate.”

Not only her damaged liver didn’t really appreciate what she made it suffer from by drinking too much and too often, but with this, some aliments had become impossible for her to digest, even if it was just one small mouthful. It was a mystery known could explain but that was the way it was.

And she had no intention of spending the rest of her party embedded while throwing up, and writhing in pain. In fact, she even shouldn’t have accepted to have this thimble of vodka.

“I take this because it’s good-heartedly, but I won’t be able to eat them candies. I’m sorry.”

“Hahaha, there’s no problem at all”, he answered rubbing his neck.

There was nothing else he could say, anyway. He was the only one to blame. If the questions he’d asked Fluttershy had been more precise, he could have avoided to do such a mistake. It didn’t matter if her sister probably wouldn’t have answered, tired of always hearing about Rainbow Dash and to know he never really was interested about what was going on with her friends for another reason.

“Since you won’t eat them, Dashie, why don’t you give it to me?”, Pinkie Pie replied.

A bit more and they would have seen her smacking her lips in order to wipe away a trickle of drool in the corner of her mouth.

“Happy birthday in advance, Pinkie”, Rainbow Dash said putting the box between her hands.

The young pink-haired girl bounced at her neck and lengthily pecked her friend’s cheek, then they both resumed back dancing as if nothing had happened, one of them hanging at her chocolate box like a worm at the end of a fishing rod.

For Zephyr, this was a bitter failure until he realized Rainbow Dash had, for the first time, talked to him in a nice and relaxed way, with no immediate rejection, or her asking to leave her alone. It was enough for him to think that he was in the right direction, after all. If he stayed by her side and she still wouldn’t reject him, maybe after a few dances – and drinks – he had his chances to reach the goal of his dreams.

Of course, she was wriggling her hips with Pinkie Pie and didn’t pay attention to him, singing the lyrics at the same time than songs played, not even realizing the connotations of certain words, but the party had just begun, he told himself.

Their duet was soon joined by Applejack, who couldn’t leave her cowboy hat even when in fancy clothes. She patted Rainbow Dash’s shoulder, and showed her something or someone with her chin, after she had whispered in her ear words that Zephyr hadn’t been able to decipher.

Only when he turned around to have a glimpse at what her friend was trying to show her did he understand. A boy around the same age as he, but much taller, dressed in jeans and white shirt, his hair brushed back from his face though not slathered with gel, was walking looking all around him, apparently lost.

Rainbow Dash, on her tiptoes, shook a hand in his direction and as soon as their eyes met, his face was brightened up with the most benevolent of smiles.

With the agility of the one used to move on a playing field, Soarin moved forward among the crowd busy dancing in rhythm that surrounded him, and quickly joined the teenage girl, which smile had even widened, and magenta eyes were shining of a new radiance.

It didn’t take much for Zephyr to understand who had just arrived represented a huge competition for him and his plans. He would have to prevail, though it appeared to be tricky as she was no longer paying attention to him.

“Wasn’t it too difficult to find?”, Rainbow Dash asked while still dancing.

“No, it wasn’t. But I had issues with parking.”

“Yeah, it’s crowded. Pretty cool, uh? Oh, these are my best friends, Pinkie Pie and Applejack. Pinkie, AJ… This is Soarin.”

“We’d guessed dat, sugar cube. All hail, Soarin”, Applejack said, lifting her hat.

“Helloooo”, Pinkie Pie hollered.

No matter how hard Zephyr fidgeted and tried to show he was here, she never introduced him to the newcomer. Disappointed, jealous and a little upset, he decided to beat in retreat. He didn’t know where that boy came from, didn’t know anything about him or his connection with Rainbow Dash and it didn’t matter. He had made up his mind… He hated him and was convinced he would never be good enough for the young woman.

“Do you want to have a drink?”

“That would be great, yeah”, Soarin answered, after he had noticed the hostile glare of the boy standing by his side.

Without hesitation, Rainbow Dash grabbed his hand, and let him through the crowded living-room. When she threw a glance backward, she saw both Pinkie Pie and Applejack winking and thumbing up at her, and she had to stay focused in order to avoid to show her happiness in an explicit manner – it would be the opposite of being cool.

Going through this crowd hand in hand wasn’t insignificant, and they both knew. Rainbow Dash didn’t want to ask herself too much questions, afraid panic would strike again or she would suddenly feel corny, what would stop her from letting go.

However, on Soarin’s side, things were a little more complicated. Which conclusions could he draw from this gesture? She probably had done it so he wouldn’t get lost among the crowd while following her… After all, they already had done this a thousand times back when they were in the same elementary school.

Yes, but they no longer where in elementary school, and the way this soft and smaller hand when compared to his made his heart beat faster had nothing in common with the carefreeness he could have felt back in Cloudsdale’s playground.

Close to where had been settled the couch swarming with couples and party animals, was a huge tank with ice, inside of which bottles of beer had been placed. That’s where their race stopped.

Rainbow Dash plunged her hand inside the basin, and grabbed a bottle she gave to Soarin. She had understood on the previous night that he wasn’t the type to get wasted, nor an amateur of strong liqueurs. It completely matched his reasonable and moderate personality.

She liked this about him and at the same time, each time she thought about it, her stomach writhed from stress. She could be so brash, and not in a good meaning, so fiery, so hot-headed, with this very sharp sense of competition… Maybe he thought that amusing when they were children, but now he would realize that was something difficult to cope with.

Thankfully, her thoughts were short-circuited by a hand which grabbed the lower part of her dress. It belonged to a young woman sitting on the couch, hanging at the neck and lips of a young man with a dandy look… Rarity. Obviously, her Plus One was already here and she had wasted no time.

Taken by a muffled laugh, Rainbow Dash got the message without her friend to utter the least of words, and handed two uncapped bottles of beer to the girl and her fellow.

“Thank you, darling. You’re a sweetheart.”

That was the only thing Rarity said before kissing her famous Plus One again.

Well, if Soarin wanted them to see each other often, he would have to get used to it. The whole band was a little screwy but that also was the reason why she loved them so much.

“Soarin, this is my best friend Rarity. Em… She’s the adult of the group.”

The latter granted him with a small wave from her hand, as if showing him she had taken the encounter into account, which didn’t mean she had taken off her fop. Thankfully, this comical introduction made Soarin smile. He seemed amused by anything he saw, without the least trace of hypocrisy or sarcasm on his face.

Since her friends were more important than anything else, she thought it would be best for him to know who was who right away, because they would surely see each other quite a lot in the future. All she hoped was for them to appreciate him and him to appreciate them as well, the indispensable condition for anything to ever happen between them.

“Can you see the girl over here with blue hair and two pink and mauve streaks?”

“The only one busy talking with someone?”

“Yeah. That’s my best friend Twilight. Alright, right now it’s not obvious, but I swear she’s really cool.”

“No doubt.”


The last one of the bunch was difficult to spot. It had to be said she wasn’t the one to feel completely at ease in a room full of strangers.

Rainbow Dash finally caught a glimpse at her, gently coming closer to Big Macintosh, busy drinking a beer while delighting with the vision of the dancers. Her eyes staring at the floor, it seemed like all these bodies wriggling, these laughs and outrageous flirts scared her more than if she’d been swimming in a pool full of bloodthirsty sharks. And even with sharks would have she found a way to communicate, since she was so fond of animals and wanted to become a vet.

“Here is my best friend, Fluttershy…”

It was funny to note how each of her best friend seemed to have completely different characters, not only from one another, but also from Rainbow Dash herself. One could wonder how such an association could be working. It was by dint of being with them that it turned clear that if they were truly different, they each had in their personal way something in common, whether these were virtues, hobbies or tastes.

For example, though not at the same level than Pinkie Pie did, but they all liked a good party. Fluttershy and Rarity shared a sensitiveness to beauty and fashion, and both Rarity and Twilight liked order and organization. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were athletes who hated losing and were never afraid of a good challenge… And many other things.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash!” a new female voice called out.

Sunset Shimmer had just come from outside and wrapped an arm around the star of the party’s neck. Since the beginning of the party, the one who had volunteered to take care of the hot-peppered tofu sausages barbecue, had met with two boys from Canterlot High who seemed to ignore her past as a bully. She had never been so happy not to have a Plus One during a party… It opened up the scope of possibilities much more than what she’d expected.

Because of this, Rainbow Dash had forgotten to count her among her bunch of friends. Sunset Shimmer maybe was here only since a few months, but so did Fluttershy, after all. Of course, they hadn’t been through tough hardships together, but that wasn’t a reason not to take the pretty teenage girl into account.

She had to fix her mistake…

“There’s a guy who wants to know whether or not you could uncover your swimming-pool.”

“I’d avoid it if I were them… It hadn’t been cleansed since last year.”


Only now did Sunset Shimmer notice the young man in front of her friend. All it took was one glimpse for her to understand this was Soarin, Rainbow Dash’s childhood friend, whom, in all likelihood, she was a bit infatuated with. In her own opinion, she had rather good tastes. And despite this impossible to miss type of height difference, they would be cute together.

“Soarin, this is my great buddy, Sunset Shimmer. She’s also a part of our little group.”

“Nice to meet you”, they both answered.

The words ‘great buddy’ weren’t exactly like ‘best friend’, yet Sunset Shimmer felt happy. She knew Rainbow Dash wouldn’t introduce anyone like this, especially as she’d talked about her as a member of the clique. A piece of information that set the red-haired teenager in an even sunnier mood.

After she’d pecked her friend’s cheek, she went back outside where her two charming princes of the day were waiting for her, letting them ‘lovebirds’ alone.

It didn’t take much time for Rainbow Dash to ask Soarin to dance with her, and for him to accept. A few seconds later, they were in the middle of the living-room turned into a dancefloor, wriggling face to face.

Soarin was more at ease on playing fields than on a dancefloor, and he wasn’t an amazing dancer neither, far from it, but by sticking to the minimum, he was able not to look too ridiculous with his tall body built by basketball, work-out and jogging.

However, there was someone who had something to say about it – Zephyr. He was looking at the couple dancing together in disgust, drinking his beer with long swallow. What could she find attractive about this lanky boy with bags under his eyes, soft skin, board shoulders and big hands? He had much more style than this guy, he had the soul of a dancer, and the advantage to be one of her best friend’s brother.
And, he had made researches about this odd sexuality Rainbow Dash had talked about when they first met… She needed someone she knew well, someone who also was her friend – which he was sure he was.

“Where does this moron come from? Does he really think he can come from out of nowhere and steal MY Rainbow Dash?!”

“Ah believe he’s her childhood best friend”, Big Macintosh said while apparently focused on a totally different person.

“Eeyup, dat’s exactly what he is”, Applejack, who had just arrived, added.

“Childhood? Does this mean she knows him very well?”


Though he stuck to his guns with the rest, this new piece of information upset Zephyr a lot. If she knew him since childhood, it meant there already was a bond between them, and that, barging in like out of the blue after all these years, he had a chance to emerge unscathed.

He finished his beer in one gulp, then put the bottle on the piece of furniture behind them, where already pile up a dozens of corpses of this kind.

“I’m going to need a stronger alcohol than that. Do you guys want anything?”

“No thanks”, they all said at the same time.

Shrugging, he walked toward the bar that was settled on the terrace of the back garden. It was a hard blow for him, but for the others, it was obvious that he had no chance with Rainbow Dash, Soarin or not Soarin.

All the boys Rainbow Dash had been dating were athletes, whom she could share a passion for sportive efforts with and many hobbies that weren’t at all what Zephyr liked, him who spent the same amount of time in the bathroom than his little sister and who lacked maturity and perspective on many topics.

Not that the young woman always behaved in the most exemplary of maturity, but she had been through her share of traumas that had consequences in her life not everyone was able to deal with.

Girls from the group didn’t really know Soarin, but he seemed to be rather strong and considerate, not the judgmental kind. And, they both had been friends for a long time, which meant they probably got along on many matters.

“Please big bro, tell me ya never told him what had happened between ya and Rainbow Dash.”


“Well, don’t tell him. Ah think he’d make a heart attack!”

With this, Applejack went to join Pinkie Pie who was calling her from the other side of the floor, right beside the DJ.

When following Big Macintosh’s eyes, it was easy to notice that he hadn’t taken his eyes off of the curly pink-haired teenager. Of course, Fluttershy standing by his side since a little while, hadn’t seen it at all. Even if it would’ve been the case, she would’ve probably had thought it was impossible to miss Pinkie Pie, especially tonight, with this dress which perfectly highlighted the curves of her sensual body.

The moment when Applejack had hinted something had happened between her brother and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy’s heart had skipped a beat. For it to hurt Zephyr if he ever learned, it obviously meant the thing in question had been more than friendly. She was dying to know… At the same time, she preferred to stay ignorant, fearing it would hurt her too much if she knew.

Her attraction toward tall and strong Big Macintosh hadn’t been the ‘love at first sight’ type. It had grown within her heart step by step. It wasn’t only about how good he looked… It was his kindness, his phlegm, his hard-working attitude, the way he seemed to be able to stay calm and collected in any kind of circumstances. All these qualities were the reason he had the best of her feelings.

What stopped her from doing anything was her lack of self-confidence, along with her shyness. She knew he also was the reserved type, but thought that was exactly what made him perfect for her, aware despite it all that if she wanted things to get started, she would probably have to face some of her biggest fears.

Fluttershy wasn’t there yet. For now, she only wanted him to notice she was here, like on the day he had offered to drive her home, when she had missed Applejack’s attack by her secret admirer – something that spine-chilled her each time she thought about it.

The sound of a Country Music song that stood out after the R&B and Hip-Hop sounds that had rumbled through the speakers until now, was suddenly played. If, during the first second, time had seemed to stop, quickly other dancers positioned themselves behind Applejack showing the steps and started some mad Texas Waltz.

Among them, Rainbow Dash and Soarin were in the front line, and even Twilight had quit her conversation to meddle with them. They all seemed to have the best of fun, and Fluttershy was envious yet she knew that she would never ever dare making a spectacle of herself in front of everyone.

“Don’t ya wanna dance?” Big Macintosh asked her.

“Oh, no. I can’t do such a thing.”

“All ya have to do is try, c’mon.”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

In a sense, he could understand her since he didn’t like to be the center of attention neither. In another, he thought that was rather pity for her to miss an entertaining activity with her best friends, just because she was scared, especially as everyone was a beginner and so no one would dare judging her.

He made his tongue clack, put his beer behind him, and not asking the girl in question, took Fluttershy with him in the middle of the other dancers. She tried to run away at first, then gave in, especially since this allowed her to share something privileged with Big Macintosh. She wanted to get closer… She was closer now.

Usually, the three young girls would never have been able to come at such a party. In order to succeed, they had tricked their parents saying they would spend the night at their friend’s Scootaloo – which wasn’t completely a lie since that was the place where they were going to sleep.

When they arrived and saw everyone having fun on Country Music, they told themselves they really had one hell of an idea.

“I can feel it’s going to be awesome!”

“Yes. Even better than what I thought.”

“It’s my first party ever, I’m so excited.”

“Come on, rallying cry…”

All three gathered in a circle, and stretched out their arms. There trick had worked, there they were. Now they only had to get started…

“Crusaders queens of the party, let’s go!”


Right before everyone arrived, Rainbow Dash had hidden her box with money in her father’s office, locked the door of the office, and concealed the key somewhere no one would ever think to search through – her drawer of undergarments.

There weren’t only friends and acquaintances at this party, and she couldn’t blindly trust people she’d never met before. She neither didn’t really want them to step into the place where her father worked, received his associates, and worse than the rest, where he drank himself to sleep. And, he would probably be furious to learn that unknown persons had sat on his precious moiré patterned wild cherry wood desk. What if they search through his cigars box and emptied his Japanese imported bottles of whisky? That would be too unsafe.

Thanks to this trick, her mind was in peace. The dark secrets of her “family” wouldn’t risk to be exposed in broad daylight by a bunch of curious teenagers.

The party was in full swing, and she was proud of herself for she hadn’t drank alcohol except for two raspberry vodka shots, among which one share with her best friends – yes, even Fluttershy and Twilight who wouldn’t do this again anytime soon. This apart, she had only her favorite brand of drank energy drinks and fizzy apple juice from the Apple Family Corporation.

After she had danced as much as possible with Soarin and her friends too, Rainbow Dash and the young man thought that would be good to take a break and chat together. And there was only one place where they could talk without being bothered or screaming above the music – her bedroom.

In parties like this, even Rainbow Dash knew what young persons did when they climbed together in bedrooms. Undoubtedly, these of the third floor were all taken and some might have been rather disappointed that her parents’ room was as locked as the office.

Seeing them both hand in hand climbing to seek for a room, it was probable that there were persons mistaking about what they were intended to do, and it wouldn’t change much the prejudices a part of the High School population had about her… Was it that important? She and her friends knew what the truth was.

And, she hoped so with all her heart, from their conversation would arise something that would bring about major changes.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to see her own bedroom was taken when she opened the door. The most unexpected, yet, was to discover who was here… Sunset Shimmer was sitting astride on a boy from their school and judging by their swollen lips, crumpled clothes and messy hair, they hadn’t satisfied each other with watching her wallpaper.

“Hem… Sorry, Sunset, I’m going to need my bedroom.”

The young woman’s blue eyes went from Rainbow Dash to Soarin, from the boy with her to her skirt lifted on her thighs, then came back on the pair, hiding their pinkish cheeks. A nervous laugh escaped her throat as she left her fop’s laps who, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be the very least embarrassed.

Out of the ordinary awkwardness of such a situation, added for Sunset Shimmer a little something of shame. She knew her friend didn’t share her interest when it came to flirting with the opposite sex, and more if they get on. The feeling it conveyed was that she wasn’t any different from the rest of the world, throwing in the faces of everyone what was considered by many as essential to happiness.

Muttering an apology that was received by a friendly pat on her shoulders, she slipped out of the bedroom in order to let her friend and childhood fellow do whatever they wanted to do. And, she would bet, it wouldn’t be something very nasty.

Rainbow Dash closed the door behind her, while Soarin stepped further into her huge bedroom, watching her decoration in detail. It sketched an uncontrollable smile on his face…

This place was even a better reflection of the teenage girl’s character than a psychological profile. Though it wasn’t as chaotic as it had been in the ‘morning’, he suspected the place not to be so sparkling and neat on a daily basis. Her double bed was in the left corner, with a thunder printed bedspread, white cushions and her cloud-shaped plushy that he recognized immediately. On her bedside table, a frame with a picture of Rainbow Dash and her mother, Firefly, was leaned against her lamp. Under a large window, her desk was still messy. Above an aquarium filled with gravels, rocks, salad and grass, was a shelf overloaded with trophies and cups. On the wall, was hanging a few posters of her favorite basketball female and male players, and beside her bed was pinned a large cork panel with pictures.

She thought she had nothing to be ashamed of, since she had decorated this room with her own tastes. For sure, it broke with the rest of the house luxurious pare-down style. That was probably the reason why her room was her favorite room of the whole place, the one where she was feeling more comfortable.

While Soarin sat on her bed, she tried to discreetly hide a bubble pack on her bedside table by making it fall on the floor. Unfortunately, he noticed her trick and picked up the object of crime.

Seeing the brand name written on the silver matter, he didn’t even raise an eyebrow… Should she draw the conclusion that the fact she sometimes needed sleeping pill wasn’t going to be a problem? She hoped so.

“I really like your room”, he said in a peaceful voice. “It’s just like you.”

“And that’s a good thing, right?”

“Of course it is.”

It was a little something, but this little something gave her hopes. Nothing had repelled him until now, and he didn’t seem neither to draw hasty and embarrassing conclusions from some facts. Conversely, shoulders loosen and gestures filled with serenity, he never took off a tender smile Rainbow Dash thought was irresistible.

How a ‘normal’ girl felt when in front of a pretty boy she fancied, she didn’t know… Which thoughts went through their minds, what actions they fantasized about and which ones they really got started, it was something foreign to her. But she could sense, deep inside, that it was rather different from her own feelings.

Soarin seemed to be particularly interested by her cork panel, and he was looking at the pictures pinned on it one by one, his eyes always drawn to the multicolored hair. On each of the photos, he thought she was the cutest one, the sweetest one… Not that her friend didn’t seem to be full of high qualities, but he just couldn’t help himself.

What was sure was that there was something rare and strong with this bunch of good friends, and it was obvious how they were important to each other.

Discreetly, she had stepped closer to look at the pictures with him. If he regarded her with high-esteem, comparatively, Rainbow Dash thought she was the scruffiest one, and that she looked like a fiend. It was particularly striking when she was next to Fluttershy or Rarity, who in her mind were the definition of what she would never be.

However, she had no clue about the boys’ tastes. In reality, she only labored under the impression of a perfect womanliness with what she saw on TV and on the cover of magazines. Herself wasn’t usually interested in this topic. She asked herself questions only because she wondered if she could at least look attractive to Soarin’s eyes.

A green shape popped suddenly between the young man’s legs, who jumped from surprise. Rainbow Dash couldn’t help laughing out loud, and she leaned other to pick up this ‘thing’ which was nothing but her tortoise.

In theory, it was quite a shock to see the teenage girl with this kind of pet. Because of her character, out of this huge aquarium rather was expected to appear some big snake or goanna, something a little scary and extreme.

When, under the advices of her friends who thought it would lessen her feelings of loneliness to have a pet, they went to the pet shop, Rainbow Dash had no intention of buying a tortoise. She had envisioned a rat, a trapdoor spider, even a coconut crab… Nothing had seemed awesome enough to match with her personality, and she’d been about to give up.

If she had chosen this slow and quiet animal, it was because the saleswoman had explained her the poor creature had lost its whole family during the trip to the shop, and was the only survivor. She hadn’t need more to make a parallel with her own story, since she felt she was forgotten by her own blood. It was the reason why she had called him Tank.

Today, she couldn’t see herself coming back from school without her pet to welcome her. When her tortoise had to hibernate, she always lived it like another abandonment.

The animal in her arms, she felt no shame doing in front of Soarin what she never did in front of anyone, and nuzzled the small green head of her pet, who was blinking as a sign of happiness.

“He’s my tortoise, Tank. Did he scare you?”

“No. Well, yes, because I wasn’t expecting him…”

He seemed to be very sheepish and it made Rainbow Dash burst out laughing again. In her memories, he’d always been a little naïve and clumsy, and sometimes could make others mistaking him for some sort of a goofball. She knew he wasn’t, of course, and even thought this childish side of him made him even more charming.

The more they were together; the more not only did she feel their bond was untouched but could be reinforced with it. The more they were together; the sweetest she thought he was and wanted to be with him. It happened to her rather rarely and she still was afraid about some details… Also, being who she was, it was a bit hard for her to make the first step, in fear she’d be touched by too much sappiness.

“It’s a surprise to see your father let you have a pet. I remember, there was a litter of Swiss dogs in our area. You wanted one so much, but your father never agreed.”

“You remember details like this?”

“I told you… I remember everything about you.”

Of course, she could follow up with a conversation about her father, and about the fact that he was home so rarely it no longer matter to him whether she’d even trained lions in their garden… Yes, she could talk about topics like this, but she didn’t want to. Not tonight.

What Soarin had told her with a softness even she was able to detect couldn’t be pushed aside, or ignored. Rainbow Dash perhaps wasn’t the most persistent person of the world in many areas, it didn’t mean she couldn’t give the best of herself in order to make some of her wish come true.

She put Tank back inside the aquarium so he wouldn’t risk to bother them again, and sat by Soarin on her bed. To be honest, her hands were clammy and her heart beat like Pinkie Pie in front of drums. Never in her life had she done with a boy what she was about to do.

Maybe he would be shocked, but she had to do it. Before even thinking about the start of something more than friendly between them, she needed to make sure he wanted this as much as she did, and also that he wouldn’t reject her like all the others before just because this strange thing called sex was really far from her main concerns.

“I’m going to ask you a question, and maybe it’s going to feel weird, because I’m going to be very direct. Please, don’t get upset, but I need to know before going too far…”

He said nothing, and nodded, putting his hand on hers. It didn’t miss to make her heart accelerate again, but Rainbow Dash chose not to pay too much attention at this, in order not to lose her train of thoughts.

“Do you want us to be together?”

A spark brightened Soarin’s emerald eyes.

“I do”, he simply answered, his hand softly intertwining hers.

“I also do want us to be together… But first, I have something very important to confess, because maybe once you’ll hear this, you’re going to change your mind.”

She hadn’t said this with a very serious voice yet nevertheless saw the young man’s eyebrow raise, and his expression changing completely. At first guess, she thought he didn’t know what to expect at all and didn’t know whether or not it was a good thing.

What she was about to confess, she had never told to any of her former boyfriends. Applejack had convinced her that was because she’d hidden this detail to them that her other relationships had ended so badly. Thinking it through, Rainbow Dash had thought her best friend was right… However, now she had to tell the truth to a boy she really liked a lot, and with who a lot of things were possible, it was much harder that she had imagined it to be.

Fine. All she had to do was to take the plunge, just like she had done a few minutes before. The young woman took a deep breath, and started:

“I’m demisexual…”

Soarin’s reaction:

“Demi-what now?”

Of course, it was neither good nor bad. Rainbow Dash would’ve preferred him to already know about this sexuality so she wouldn’t have to explain. However, what other choice did she have? She was scared he would flee her, and at the same time, she knew it was too late.

If he happened to be disheartened by her revelation, she would be disappointed, but at least, things would be clear.

“Roughly, it means I can’t be sexually attracted toward anyone unless I’ve created a deep emotional bond.”

“Is that a problem?”

Soarin’s question made her eyes open wide. She wasn’t sure of what she expected him to say, but hadn’t envisioned it would turn out to be so easy.

All the time she had talked, she had stared at her aquarium in front of her, and now she looked in his direction, she realized he’d never taken his eyes off of her, and that the same tender smile floated on his lips.

“Well… Depends on you, what you’re ready to accept and support. A lot of boys had troubles thinking they would date a girl who’s sexually anorexic.”

“You know, that’s not the reason why I’m so fond of you. I mean… You’re my type of girl. You’ve always been my type of girl. Or I’ve modeled my type of girl with your image, unconsciously. So… I don’t really care whether you’re demisexual, asexual, you can as well be bisexual, or I don’t know what, that’s not what matters to me. I only want to be with you. I’m sure you and I could be a very great thing.”

Rather convincing for a boy who only had one girlfriend in the past and was clumsy with girls. If she still was looking for a reason why he was the perfect match for her, she didn’t need to look any further. She hadn’t pictured anything much, but what had just been said fit her better than any fervent speech – she would probably had found this ridiculous, anyway.

“So… You haven’t changed your mind?”

“Not at all. I’m not one of these jerks only thinking about having girls in their beds. Sex isn’t what matters the most to me in a relationship. We’ll do things our way, little by little. There’s only one thing…”

“Yes?”, she asked with quavers in her voice.

“Does this mean you don’t want me to hold your hand like I do now?”

This time, Rainbow Dash burst out laughing. Since they had met again, they had had this kind of touch together many times, sometimes that she even started herself. How in the world could he believe this would be a problem? Conversely, it was the kind of intimacy she liked the most in a relationship. Sex didn’t matter to her, not affection.

“You can hold my hand whenever you want to… Just try not to be too sappy. I’m not really into this type of things.”

“Got it.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. Are kisses forbidden?”

“No”, she said shaking her head at the same time. “Kisses are fine.”

“Good. Because I really want to kiss you right now.”

She softly smiled, and felt his face coming closer. Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but remember this summer camp they both had gone to where they had kissed for the first time, hidden under a blanket, out of sheer curiosity… For sure, things were going to be different. They no longer were nine and eleven.

When she felt Soarin’s lips pressed on hers, she closed her eyes, their hands still intertwined, yet a little more passionately clasped. His moves were soft, never in a rush, and at no moment did he try an intrusion. It was roughly like in her memories, but with more experience and skills.

Their mouths parted and another sweet smile outlined on their faces. It was a bit strange, because she was feeling closer to him than ever, and she only felt this way with her very close friends, but it had something more with him, like her heart dancing under her chest.

This birthday party was a complete success.

“I almost forgot”, Soarin said by searching through the pockets of his jeans. “I got a little something for you… Not the big deal but when I saw it behind a window after work, I thought it would look fine on you. Maybe that’s too girly… Well. I hope you’ll like it, anyway. Happy birthday, Dashie.”

There were few allowed to call her this way, and among those, Pinkie Pie was the only one to dare for real. Unlike many thought, however, it wasn’t because it sounded to ridiculous for a girl as awesome as she was. The real reason was that this nickname had only been used by two persons until then – Soarin, and her mother, Firefly.

He put a small cloud-shaped hair clip between her hands. When he said he remembered everything, it wasn’t a lie. Since always, she had loved clouds because she dreamed of touching them by flying. And even if today she was scared of planes, she had kept this favorite – along with rainbows, of course, but this was name-related.

“It’s perfect, Soarin”, she said clipping the object in her hair. “How do I look like?”

“More awesome than awesomeness.”

He’d earned a good point for he hadn’t said something cute. Of course, compliments were all good to take, yet, as always, she preferred those that weren’t cloying. Sentimentalism, for her, was like sugar treats: good in a small amount, in order not to risk any indigestion.

It was about time for them to go back down. Rainbow Dash didn’t want to miss her cake, and more importantly, she couldn’t wait to open her presents from her friends.

What they both discovered when they went back downstairs wasn’t at all what they expected. Yet, they hadn’t been gone for a very long time…

Pinkie Pie had probably drunk more than one bottle of beer since she was up on a table, dancing as if a demon had taken over her body. Big Macintosh passed them by at full throttle, holding by his shoulders a restless and vociferating Zephyr Breeze, on the verge of throwing up. As for Rarity and Applejack, they were running out of breath by screaming after the three Crusaders, that Rainbow Dash hadn’t noticed until now. She had no idea of how and when they’d arrived…

And above it all, she had no idea about how things had gone so wrong in so short an amount of time. Maybe that was because usually, she herself drank as much as her guests and ended up barefooted and scruffy, swearing to anyone who could hear her that no, she wasn’t drunk at all, and she most of the time had forgotten everything on the next morning – with her liver reminding her of her mistake for days…

Interlude: A Typical Late-Night Girl Talk

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The guests were all gone, and the small group, along with the DJ of the party, had cleaned and tided up the huge house with a certain efficiency. Twilight had taken the helm, and thanks to her sense of organization and to Rarity’s meticulous attention, the whole matter had been over in a dynamic way.

Each of the girls were going to sleep in the many bedrooms of the place, but for now they were all gathered in Rainbow Dash’s, in order to finish the night slumber party style.

Sunset Shimmer had just gone out of the bathroom where she had worn her clothes for the night, and when she arrived in the room where everything was happening, she saw Rarity busy bedaubing Twilight and Fluttershy’s faces with a mudpack, while Pinkie Pie was harassing Rainbow Dash to massage her feet, under the amused yet tired eyes of Applejack – for she had ran after the Crusaders for half of the party.

“Stop it! I hate when my feet are being tinkered with! A.J, help me.”

“’Tis yar problem, Dash. Ah had to fight against Apple Bloom all night long. Stuff happens.”


“Sunset Shimmer, do you want a mudpack treat as well?”, Rarity asked her while putting the last touches on Fluttershy’s face.

“Oh, it’s really pleasant in reality”, the latter said.

“It’s nice of you, but no thanks. I have just taken off my makeup…”

“So what? That’s exactly the right situation for a beauty mask.”

“Let me think about it…”

Sunset Shimmer sat on a cushion in front of Rainbow Dash’s bed, where Pinkie Pie and Applejack both were settled.

“Do you guys know what’s the best about the end of a day?”, Rainbow Dash questioned. “Taking off your bra!”

They all nodded in agreement. If there was a statement to win unanimous support, it was this one.

“And yet, Dashie, you got small breasts, that’s lucky.”

“Oh yeah? In what is this lucky? Not that I really care about this, but…”

“It’s lucky because, first, men look into your eyes”, Rarity replied.

“And your back doesn’t ache”, Pinkie Pie outbid.

“What’s the connection with bras?”

“The connection, my dear Applejack, that’s a difference of comfort. Or should I say of discomfort.”

“It’s true comfort is really important”, Twilight added. “This is why I only wear cotton undergarments.”

“Hey, so do I”, Rainbow Dash claimed. “I hate stuffs with underwirings and push-ups.”

She stretched her hand toward her friend, who needed a few seconds before understanding by slapping the palm in front of her. Even after all these years, Twilight was true to herself… a hopeless intellectual.

Fluttershy didn’t say anything and only listened. She never had this kind of conversations and was scared her opinion about the main topic to sound ridiculous. Especially as the discussion took a turn she wasn’t expecting.

“I personally really like these lovely little things”, Rarity said patting her silky purple babydoll smooth. “I’m feeling more feminine, and men do like them as well.”

“So you attract men with push-ups and frilly panties, uh? How do they see them?”

“Rainbow Dash, you’re adorably naïve.”

“Anyway, some would be happy to hear this conversation”, Sunset Shimmer said. “Guys are always imagining girls to do forbidden things during slumber parties.”

In view of the glances by her fellows, the teenage girl understood she had just declared something that was foreign to them. Coming from most of them, it wasn’t quite a surprise, yet she’d always thought Rarity and Pinkie Pie aware of masculine’s habits.

“What? You guys really don’t know? Some believe that we’re like, smooching with each other, or fondling with each other.”

“I think what you’re talking about is scaring me a little”, Fluttershy finally dared speaking.

“Goodness, this is ridiculous…”

“Yes, slumber parties precisely are a moment when we’re not objectified.”

“We can even look ugly with mudpack”, Pinkie Pie chuckled.

“And hairy legs. Am fond of my winter hairs, they keepin’ me warm.”

This new declaration made in Applejack made all the girls burst out laughing, even the shiest, hidden in a corner. She could always be counted on to be natural and not to bother herself with window dressings.

After this, Rainbow Dash lifted the bottom of her best friend’s pants and indeed, there was a throng of hairs around her ankles.

“Do you know it’s Spring now?”

“Ah’ll shave on summer. As long as Ah can wear pantyhose, Ah spare mahself from this one chore.”

“How lucky! We just can’t do this, with Pinkie. You’re forced to be shaved when you’re practicing sports, or you’ll seriously reeks.”

“Yes”, she answered, nodding. “Especially as even without hairs, locker rooms don’t always smell like cupcakes.”

“The more this conversation goes on; the more I like it”, Sunset Shimmer declared with a smile.

“Not me. It’s disgusting.”

“Oh please, stop bein’ such a wimp, Rarity! Tell her hairs are natural, Twilight.”

“Indeed, hairs exist for a very precise reason. Some even are a shelter against germs.”

“Germs? Ugh! It’s getting worse. I personally wax everywhere as often as possible.”

“Wow, yar really the kind to split hairs ‘bout details.”

“I’m not splitting hairs, Applejack. I’m being hygienic.”

“Yes and no, Rarity. There’s also a strong social factor behind this shame of hairs. However, I get rid of my own hairiness once a week, depending on new growth.”

“I never shave nor wax. Because I’ve had a definitive hair removal by laser. So, I don’t even need to worry.”

“Rainbow Dash… Do you know that’s one of my dreams?”

“Seriously? Can’t you have cooler dreams, like… I don’t know, cooler dreams!”

“Well, now it seems clear we’re no longer in a field which would make guys fantasize”, Sunset Shimmer said.

“Let them not fantasize. It’s not our problem.”

“Well said, Dash.”

This time, between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the message was received immediately, and they both slapped each other hands.

As far as Fluttershy was concerned, still intimidated by the confessions her friends had just uttered, she couldn’t help but wonder whether the moment was right or not for her to tell them someone had ignited a flame in her heart. Some of them weren’t that experienced, but she knew Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had already been dated boys, and probably no longer were virgins… And she also knew Rarity knew a lot about men.

“If we were in a movie, we’d failed the Bechdel Test by talking about boys all the time…”

“We’re not in a movie, Rainbow Dash. And what’s dat Bechdel sumethin’?”

“It’s a test to check how well or not are represented female characters in works of fictions, Applejack”, Sunset Shimmer answered.

“We’re not talking about boys all the time”, Twilight break them up. “It’s Sunset Shimmer who can’t help bringing the subject up. I’d rather talk about something else. It’s not my main preoccupation.”

“Neither is it mine… But I do like talking about them from time to time. I say, I’m at sea, girls. From what you say, it seems you don’t really care at all.”

“I don’t care, actually”, Rainbow Dash responded, lifting up her hand.

“Said the girl who has a boyfriend now.”

“It has nothing to do with it”, she shot back by sticking her tongue out at Twilight.

Fluttershy felt it was now or never if she wanted to confess her friends the warm feelings she’d developed for Applejack’s brother. She opened her mouth… but was interrupted by Pinkie Pie before uttering a single word. The latter wrapped an arm around Rainbow Dash’s neck and stuck her head against her own shoulder like a mother willing to comfort her child.

“Stop bothering Dashie. It’s not her fault.”

“Pinkie, just let me go!”

“If you really want to know, Sunset Shimmer, I do care about the subject. I often have dates”, Rarity said with a smile.

“We know”, they all stated together.

“What? This isn’t a crime… I’ve been very serious when I was your age.”

“I hope so, you were dating my brother.”

“Rarity and Twilie could’ve been sisters-in-law.”

“Wow, that would’ve been great”, Sunset Shimmer claimed. “What happened?”

“We had issues about our schedules. Both had a different dream and had given everything to make it come true. Even today, if he wasn’t engaged, I’m not sure it would have worked.”

“In fact, you see… We, like Rarity, all have aspirations taking a whole lot of our time and energy. This is what we’re focusing on for now.”

“Alright, I got it. I want to have good grades and to go in a good university, but I don’t have a precise idea about my future. Maybe this is why I’m more preoccupied by boys than you do.”

“Neither do I have a precise idea. But it doesn’t preoccupy me.”

“This is because you’re exceptional, Rainbow Dash”, Pinkie Pie told her, this time crushing her both hands against her cheeks.

“Could you stop mistreating my face?”

“Oh, girls, you know what? I have the funniest of ideas… What if we were watching some gay porn movie? I came across one, once, by accident. I swear I’ve never laughed so hard of all my life.”

“How did ya come ‘cross such a thing?”

“You know, you’re on the Web, and a link leads to something else…”

“I don’t think I really feel like seeing this kind of thing”, Fluttershy said.

“Me neither”, Rainbow Dash added.

“Come on, be sweet. I swear it’s hilarious! Nothing in common with those insulting heterosexual movies full of degrading words.”

“If that’s funny, it’s good for me”, Pinkie Pie said. “I’m going to get the popcorn.”

“I suppose… this could be regarded as some sort of scientific researches…”

“If even Twilight agrees…”

“Do as you’re please”, Rainbow Dash confessed with the greatest of indifference.

“I’m not sure.”

“Let’s just try, and if you’re too shocked, Fluttershy, we’ll stop.”

“Well, alright, then. Thank you, Sunset Shimmer.”

“Perfect!” Rarity claimed, clapping her hands. “Rainbow Dash, give me your computer.”

“No way”, she said protecting the machine with her arms. “My screen is pure and virgin, you’re going to traumatize it. Might be porn channels on the cable…”

Rarity rolled her eyes, and grabbed the TV remote on the small piece of furniture where her TV set was. She didn’t know where the channels of this kind were on her friend’s incredibly varied package, and spent some time before finding what she wanted under the watchful eyes of each of the girls, now all settled on the bed.

Fortunately, they came across the type of movies they were looking for, in the middle of action. While Pinkie Pie and the oldest of the girls were laughing out loud, the others wavered between embarrassment and complete indifference. Sunset Shimmer didn’t really understand what was funnier than the heterosexual movies of the genre, and Rainbow Dash was checking on the messages on her phone. Each time she took her eyes off of her screen to look at the television one, the images had her shrugging.

As far as she was concerned, it was irrelevant. Whether it was men with men, girls with girls or girls with men didn’t change a thing. All this nudity, these saucy words and those audacious situations didn’t start anything special inside of her, not even disgust or embarrassment like Fluttershy and Twilight. She thought it was the greatest of all bore… Irrelevant, that definitely was the word. The bodies weren’t even agreeable to watch, and the light was distasteful.

“I’m going to brush my teeth”, she said to her friends not really paying attention to her.

She got up and left the room in order to climb to the bathroom upstairs. It was longer and less convenient then going to the closest one, but she just couldn’t be resolute to go there. The emptiness on the door where the mirror was before kept on bringing her back to this infamous night…

The teenage girl hadn’t noticed she’d been followed by Sunset Shimmer. Her presence only leaped out at her once she was done spitting her toothpaste, and she saw the young woman’s reflection in the mirror above the washbasin.

“I say… That’s a long way to go only to wash your teeth. Isn’t there another bathroom on your floor?”

“Yes, there’s one. Too full of bad memories.”

“I see.”

Sunset Shimmer didn’t ask herself more questions. There still were a lot of grey area about Rainbow Dash’s past, and she felt it would take time before she’d told about some of those things, probably because they were too painful and private. What she knew was the fact her mother had died in a plane crash she’d been a witness of, and her father was constantly away.

And it wasn’t the reason why she’d followed her here. What she wanted to know was connected to a very recent discovery.

“I was wondering… How someone notices being demisexual? If you’re okay with talking about it, of course.”

“I’m okay with it. I have no problem with my sexuality. It’s a rare one, it’s true, but I like to think it’s a part of what makes me so cool.”

“I’m certainly not the first to ask you this question…”

“In fact, you are. When I’ve realized, the girls had accepted it very easily. They knew sexual orientations can’t be chosen. Twilight have made a lot of researches, of course, because that’s the way she is, but that’s all. No one asks heterosexual girls or even boys how they know they are heterosexual… They know it, that’s all.”

“So, it happened just like this?”

“No really”, she said while sitting on the edge of her bathtub. “I could see many other girls around me intrigued by sex, fantasizing about hot actors, hot singers. Not me. Girls, boys, same thing. I wasn’t able to go behind saying “this person looks good”, and I couldn’t feel anything special when seeing this person naked or in an erotic pause. So I’ve made my own researches and at first, I thought I was asexual.”

“These are people with no sexual attraction whatsoever, right?”

“Roughly speaking, yes. I had boyfriends, but out of kisses and holding hands, I didn’t like the rest at all. Each time, I’ve accepted a sexual intercourse to make my boyfriend of the moment happy, and although sometimes it felt good, I didn’t really want to do it again. It was some kind of a domestic chore, for me…”

“Something might have happened, for you to realize you weren’t fully asexual, no?”

“Yeah. Because even with demisexual, sexual attraction isn’t mandatory. I don’t want to have sex with everyone I have a deep emotional relationship with, or else, I would’ve tried to f*ck with all of my friends, and it’s NOT AT ALL the case”, she said burst out laughing. “That would feel like doing nasty things with a sister, ugh!”

It was rather rational, in a sense. As a heterosexual girl, she knew she wasn’t sexually attracted to all the good-looking boys she could meet. It depended on different factors.

“What happened, then?”

“There was a party. Like tonight, except not for my birthday. I didn’t want to meet boys, because I know what they’re looking for when they come to parties… That’s even how I lost my virginity. Seeing I took no part in the party, Big Mac visited my room to chat. I’m not too sure how it happened to be, but…”

“No! You and Big Mac? Really? What did Applejack say about it?”

“That we could do whatever we wanted as long as we wouldn’t break each other hearts. We weren’t in love, never been and never will be, but back then I used to spend a lot of time at Applejack’s, and we were getting along fine with Big Mac… It only happened one time, and it will never happen again, but that’s the night I’ve discovered I wasn’t asexual, but demisexual.”

“And with Soarin?”

“Soarin? Oh, you mean earlier tonight, right? We haven’t done anything nasty, if that’s what you want to know. I’ve explained him everything and it went down well. We’re going to move step by step, and we’ll see.”

One minute later, both young women were back to the floor below. In Rainbow Dash’s room, the gay porn movie had given way to one of those dancing musicals she thought were silly and filled with bad actors.

“Did you guys stopped your thingamajig?”, she asked Rarity who was busy doing Fluttershy a manicure.

“Yes. Pinkie and I were the only ones laughing, and Applejack said it was…”

“As silly as a pig in a stable”, she replied.

“Great repartee, right, Dashie?”

“I’m going to take my sleeping pill if you guys don’t mind”, she said as her only answer.

Everyone went about their own business. In all honesty, Sunset Shimmer would have bet Rarity’s idea to watch a gay porn movie wouldn’t be a success. Twilight was curious about everything, but she guessed she liked real scientific studies better, and Fluttershy was way too innocent and impressionable. Applejack had seemed as indifferent as Rainbow Dash.

She did exactly when she’d said to her friends, in the most complete of casualness from them. As if they were used to see her taking a pill in order to fall asleep.

For sure, Sunset Shimmer still had things to learn about the hostess of tonight, as well as about the rest of the group.

The Strange Secrets of a Reputation (part 1)

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When he had seen Pinkie Pie appearing with his little sister Fluttershy, Zephyr Breeze had been more than delighted. He knew it was rare when the girls from the bunch didn’t meet each other in town during weekends. If they both were here, it meant the others weren’t far, which meant Rainbow Dash also was likely to appear within his view.

Though he’d seen her with his own eyes with this guy his sister said she was dating, he hadn’t lost his hope to be able to win her heart eventually. The fact this was her childhood best friend, he thought was a detail in his favor. Indeed, he hoped their bond to be so platonic that his “sweetheart” would grow weary and would finally turn to him.

With this in mind, he was determined to use all the methods he could. According to what he knew about this subject, jealousy was a good way to achieve one’s end. Maybe Rainbow Dash was even doing the same, trying to make him go jealous by strutting with this giant of a basketball player. She’d accepted his chocolate box, after all, even though she couldn’t eat them, it was a sign.

If she saw him flirting with these girls they called the Flower Trio, Lily, Daisy and Rose, who were following him everywhere, she would realize how crazy she was about him… Of this he was more than sure. For this reason, he let the three teenagers following him like they were puppies, bringing him coffees, pastries, approaching people on the streets on his behalf, and doing many other things for him.

Big Macintosh disapproved, of course, but never stopped him from doing what he wanted. He said he would see the consequences of it all.
Well, Zephyr knew his coworker thought he didn’t stand a chance towards Rainbow Dash. He probably was jealous as well… Too bad for him.
For the double taken, he wouldn’t say to him he’d guessed a while ago that his little sister Fluttershy had a crush on the tall blond guy with freckles.

His joy seeing the two young women was cut short. If, indeed, Rainbow Dash joined them less than one minute after, she wasn’t alone. No, she had to be with her “childhood best friend” whom she held by the hand.

And Big Macintosh didn’t find something else to ask than what they wanted to do on this Saturday afternoon…

“We’re going to try dirt bike”, she stated with the upmost of pride. “They’d built a field for this at the motocross facility.”

Dirt bike… The horror! How could she accept to be dragged at a place full of mud, with ugly helmets and bodysuits? It was the antithesis of romanticism.

Zephyr thought this was because of Soarin. He probably had forced her to try what, according to himself, was the opposite definition of a date. He imagined flowers, walks near a pretty lake, ice creams in a tea saloon.

Obviously, the young man ignored it was Rainbow Dash herself who had proposed this to her boyfriend, who had answered enthusiastically, as he’d always loved trying new things out and the thrills when it came to sports.

However, he wasn’t the only one to think this kind of activity wasn’t a thing to do, especially as a brand new couple.

“Dirt bike, uh? So lame!”, Daisy stated.

“Opposite of romanticism. As moronic as the moron who wants to do that”, Rose followed up.

“Romanticism is for halfwits, anyway!”

What upset Zephyr the most about all this was that Rainbow Dash wasn’t arguing with the Flower Trio out of jealousy from seeing them with him. It even seemed that, one more time, he was as invisible for her as could be. It probably was because the other boy was here as well. She was actually really shy and didn’t dare to confess the real reason behind their quarrel.

While he was sinking under wrong conclusions about what was happening in front of him, the others had a lot of fun.

Soarin didn’t have the chance yet to meet with the other persons gravitating around her little gang of friends. Zephyr never talked to him and looked at him with spite, but Big Macintosh seemed to be someone nice, who it was easy to get along with. To be quite honest, they had already exchanged a word or two on the Canterlot University campus, but this wasn’t enough to be called friends.

Quickly, Rainbow Dash grew weary of her quarrel with the Flower Trio, and turned to her best friend’s brother. No need to explain how the way she grabbed Soarin’s arm with a radiant smile wasn’t in everyone’s tastes.

“Hey, Big Mac, don’t you take pictures of couple for your site, sometimes?”


“Can’t you take a picture of us? So that everyone would see how awesome a couple we are!”

Zephyr wanted to reply. There was no way Rainbow Dash would appear on the Canterlot Street Style pages with anyone else but him in her arms! Problem, although he had his say, technically speaking, Big Macintosh was his superordinate, and if he wanted to take a picture of someone, he was more than free to do it without his consent.

Out of sheer politeness, the young man turned to his coworker in order to seek for aforementioned consent, and he shrugged and looked away as an answer. He didn’t do it for this Soarin guy… He did it for Rainbow Dash, so that she finally had a picture of her on this site, since it had been months she wanted to.

Still hanging at Soarin’s arm, who wasn’t quite at ease in front of a camera, but didn’t say a word against it, the teenage girl started to try a few poses she thought were “cool”.

It was important for her because everyone would see her as someone worth knowing since she would have her picture next to other icons of the city, and also, so that everyone would see she had a boyfriend, and not just any boyfriend – the famous fullback from the Wondercolts. This would make the greatest good to her dear reputation.

Of course she would’ve been proud to be with Soarin even if he would’ve been a student among others, yet he wasn’t, so it wouldn’t hurt to give her image a little help thanks to his situation in sports. She knew, after she’d seen it on the Web, that some of the Canterlot University’s basketball team most fervent female supporters were particularly enthusiastic because he was a part of the aforementioned team, and they thought he was quite a man. And she was the one he’d chosen…

Better than that, he’d confessed he’d modeled his type of girl around her personality. For her, it meant no girl would ever hold the competition… Not that she doubted it, but her sometimes suffering ego needed this type of pick-me-up.

She de facto regarded herself as the luckiest girl in all of Canterlot. Soarin and her got along perfectly, he was always considerate and opened to try any new kind of sports she wanted to try, sincerely. He understood how important her friends were for her, never attempted to fill up her entire space by demanding she’d spent all her time with him. In his presence, she never felt like as if choking, or obliged to behave this way, or this way. She could be Rainbow Dash, not fearing any reproaches or judgements.

It was different from her former boyfriends who used to see her as a trophy to prove their masculinity. They all had tried to show the others they were so strong and self-confident they had been able to tame the girl nicknamed “Killer Dash” by some of her opponents in lacrosse.

There was nothing like this with Soarin. He tried not to slow her down, not to push her bragging around neither. They’ve been together for a week only, but she hoped their relationship would stay this way. After all, that was how he’d always been with her and just because they now were more than friends didn’t mean the way their relationship worked had to change.

She probably didn’t realize what their couple looked like from the outside… Not according to Zephyr, blinded by his jealousy, of course, nor according to the Flower Trio, way too happy to be rid of a bothering adversary, but according to the rest of their friends, like Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, for example, who had attended to the whole thing without a word.

It felt as if they’d been together since months already. Their fondness toward one another stood out a mile, though they did nothing for it. In fact, they didn’t even need to do anything, all it took was them behaving naturally. The way Soarin looked at his girlfriend said a lot about how he felt for her, and Rainbow Dash wasn’t embarrassed to hold his hand in public, nor to snuggle up to his arms, which was rare when her disgust about sappiness was known.

This was the evidence she was feeling good in the relationship, since she didn’t hide herself behind excuses to make sure no one would see her acting soft.

It gave ideas to a certain young girl with pink and curly hair…

While Soarin and Rainbow Dash waved them goodbye before going to the motocross facility, promising they would join them later at the Sugarcube Corner with the rest of the band, she grabbed Fluttershy by the wrist, with a suddenness such that she jumped from scare.

“Fluttershy! Let’s go hunting for a boyfriend too!”

“What? Why me?”

“Don’t you want to have a sweetheart and to look as radiant as our dear Rainbow Dash?”, she asked her, grabbing her other wrist with the upmost seriousness of the world. “She hides it well, but I know at times she’s very sad…”

The teenage girl wanted to talk about this surprising statement, which in fact wasn’t that surprising, yet she knew that with Pinkie Pie, it often was difficult to go on such a topic while hoping to stay a one hundred percent focused. That was why she chose to pick up on the other subject… The hunt for a boyfriend.

In reality, she didn’t need to go ‘hunting’. She hadn’t found yet the courage to tell her friends, because it seemed there never was a right moment for this, and once again, she knew today wasn’t going to be her lucky day. Big Macintosh still was beside them, and she didn’t want him to hear, especially since she wasn’t even sure of having the least of chances with him.

“Well… Yes, I guess I do…”

“Say no more! I got the solution.”

And, without further delay, Pinkie Pie forcefully dragged her a little farther in the Grand Rue, not before she had waved Big Macintosh and Zephyr first. Fluttershy couldn’t do anything else than following her friend at the end of a small queue in front of what, at first blush, looked like a sculpture of stone.

In reality, this was the city’s latest amusement feature, where all the younger ones and the less young ones piled up in order to ask questions for fun, from the most serious ones to the stupidest ones.

It wasn’t even made of stone, but of a coarse plastic imitation. In the middle of arabesques supposedly representing a beard, eyes had been created with two black and round polished rocks, and an opened mouth was lit in red when a palm was pressed against the bottom of it. A dial with numbers and letters was fixed above, on the right side.

Called “The Mouth of Truth”, the machine printed some kind of ticket supposed to answer to the question asked when a coin was inserted in a crack. Most of the answers were generic, and there was nothing occult behind this, which didn’t stop Pinkie Pie from taking this seriously.

“I want to know whether I’ll have a boyfriend by the end of the year”, she said while moving wild, so much it bothered the other persons of the queue. “Maybe thanks to Rarity’s matrimonial blind dates, who knows?”

“Rarity’s matrimonial blind dates?”, Fluttershy questioned.

“Yes, that’s something I’ve asked her to do for me. You know, she knows a lot of boys and men. She’d be an amazing matchmaker if she ever decided to give up on fashion, but of course, Rarity would never give up on fashion, because Rarity breathes for fashion, or fashion breathes for Rarity, I’m not that sure about which one goes first or what.”

“Are you Pinkamena? Pinkamena Diane Pie?”

Hearing her complete name, the latter turned around to see who could be calling her out in such a way. The least one could say was that the teenage girl in front of her didn’t remind her anything or anyone precise. Her hair of two different kind of blond, pushed back from her face, and dressed with jeans and a shirt tied above her belly button, her arms crossed, she looked at them scornfully, from head to toe.

“No one calls me like that now.”

“I see. How about that, uh?”

After these words, the girl left the queue, followed by a group of two other girls with hostile gazes and leather clothes a little too warm for the April sun.

Pinkie Pie searched through her memories, yet wasn’t able to remember where she could have met this girl. They were very few still using her complete name, even Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna called her by her nickname, easier to recall and easier to match with her funny bouncing personality.

She begged Fluttershy not to say anything to the others, and although she didn’t seem to, kept on thinking about this girl’s identity, all day and all night long. Maybe she was someone from her small native village, where her parents had created a farm in order to study various types of sediments… but then, why so many hostile and scornful gazes?

It could mean she had hurt this person, although she couldn’t remember. After all, her arrival in Canterlot started to be a while ago, and had become a little blurred by spending time with her real actual friends.


Rainbow Dash sighed deeply before looking into the mirror. She looked paler than usually and her legs seemed to be made of cotton. She had to get together before the service would begin. It would be nothing but a bad moment, and after this, she would have fought one of her personal demons… or at least, she hoped so. The most difficult thing would probably be not to feel nauseous.

Amongst the many things that gave her a hard time, burials and premature deaths were the cream of the crop. Even after many years, a therapy and a few anxiolytic courses of treatment, it was unpleasant to realize how some of her wounds didn’t seem ready to heal.

Once again, she exhaled deeply and decided to push the washroom’s door. The path on her own separating her from the main room was longer than a torture. At each second, a small voice whispered that she’d better go back home, and hide herself under her blankets, but she held strong. It was an ordeal, and she would be stronger once she would have been through it with her head high.

Her gang of friends was in the middle ranks of the service room of Canterlot’s royal crematorium, and they’d kept a seat for her. Sunset Shimmer only had been obliged to attend this ceremony separated from the others, since she wasn’t in their class. Rainbow Dash joined them as discreetly as she could, while Principal Celestia started to speak.

This weekend, a girl named Night Shine whom had familial connection with the royal family, had killed herself by jumping from the roof of a building. The event was on the front page of every newspaper on the next day, and students from the eleventh grade, the grade of the girl in question, had been called out to attend her funerals via email. Classes had been suspended, and a psychological help had opened for those who needed it.

This ordeal was even more difficult because of this, along with the fact it forced Rainbow Dash to think about her mother’s own funerals, which had happened at the exact same place. Pervert effect: the more she tried to remember; the more everything seemed to be cloudy and confused. It only remained the reality which said that nothing had been the same ever since.

The girls had kept on telling her everyone would understand if she decided not to come to the service, especially as none of them really knew Night Shine. Even Soarin had told her there was no need to force herself if she wasn’t feeling ready yet to face with such an obstacle. Until the very last moment, she had hesitated yet she thought if she really did kill herself, she would’ve wished others to come and say farewell to her.

Like foreseen, it was a struggle of every minute. She had not to let emotions overwhelming her, and this wasn’t easy when every single word sent her back to her own wounds.

In order to get it easier to put up with, and to have something to hang to, without further thinking, she grabbed a hand beside hers and squeezed it as much as she could. As if trying to make her realize she had received the message, Pinkie Pie answered by squeezing her hand as well. No need to say a word, actions were enough.

Because she was the students’ representative, Twilight had been asked to speak during the ceremony. She walked to the dais with the required solemnity, and started to read her flashcards, as if it was something she had spent all her life doing. If some were still unsure about her potential as a researcher and a lecturer, these sceptic ones were now convinced.

Despite this, the group of friends and even Twilight herself quickly noticed the students’ attention had decreased. Not because her speech had them bored – though she could sometimes sound a little bombastic – but rather because something else entertained them, something which happened to be in everyone’s phones… except the other four’s.

They looked at each other shrugging, unsure of what was going on. What was sure was that, quickly, whispers and glances in their direction gushed out so much that Principal Celestia had to clamp down by asking everyone to behave in a more respectful way toward the deceased.

However, it didn’t stop completely. More discreet and scattered, whisperings continued even after Twilight’s speech and ceased only once the casket was brought at its last stay.

Whatever that had happened, as sensational as it seemed to be, for the bunch of friends it was discourteous and inexcusable. Each, when gathering in front of the crematorium, agreed to say the students should have waited to be outside before exchanging their little secrets.

“Don’t you think it’s strange we’re the only ones unaware of what this is all about?”, Fluttershy dared asking.

“True Ah had the impression we were da ones concerned, but maybe Ah became a lil’ paranoid since this stalker of mine.”

“No, AJ, I’ve felt it too, especially since it all began right after Twilight started to speak.”

“Do you believe I could have said something inappropriate?”, she asked with horror.

“No, Twilight. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

They all turned around and saw Sunset Shimmer joining them. Each of the classes had to go out one after the other, and hers was after the group’s. The others had all rushed to leave this place, too glad they had one more day off, not before they had whispered inaudible things.

“Do you know what’s the hell going on?”, Rainbow Dash asked.

“I do…”

She opened her bag and got her smartphone out. On the tactile screen quickly appeared a short text message coming from another girl of her class, which was in fact part of a chain which origins were unknown.

“I don’t know who’d brought this in, but… Well, roughly, that’s about you, Pinkie Pie.”

“Me?” she asked blinking.

“Yes. I’m a bit scared to tell you guys what the message says… I don’t want to hurt Pinkie.”

“You’re scaring me”, Fluttershy replied.

“Stop with this suspense, I’m not in the mood.”

Rainbow Dash grabbed Sunset Shimmer’s phone and read the message out loud:

“Beware of the girl nicknamed Pinkie Pie, real name Pinkamena Diane Pie. She’s a disgusting person, a liar who’s been part of a gang for many years, fighting, drinking, taking drugs and attacking people with a knife so she could rob them. Today, she acts like she’s someone kind and funny, planning innocent parties, although she’s still as dangerous and crook. If you trust her, she’ll stab you in the back. She’s a bitch, a first-class swine and CHS should send her back to her country with rocks.”

As the read went on, Pinkie Pie’s face had decayed and seemed on the verge of crumbling. Her hair, from this strange phenomenon no one could explain, had started to lose its puffiness.

The one who had begun this little lynching by the book probably thought Sunset Shimmer wasn’t really a part of the bunch, since she’d received the calumnious message rather quickly, or thought maybe she didn’t know about Pinkie Pie’s past and tried to divide her from the group.

What was sure was that most of what the message contained was wrong and insulting. The person at its origins wanted to harm Pinkie Pie’s reputation, but also to harm her pride. Most importantly, this person knew about her past as well, which limited the possibilities to the students who had been to Middle Canterlot in the same class.

Their problem was that now doubts had started to intrude on the other students’ mind, it would be difficult to make them forget about it.
The fact there were no properly speaking clans in Canterlot High was an advantage, but in this case, it also was a scourge since it meant the rumors would leak like a bad flu in the middle of winter. And in order to make it stop, a lot of dexterity and diplomacy was going to be necessary.

The Strange Secrets of a Reputation (part 2)

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They all had hoped this would be nothing but a flash in the pan, and that a day alfresco spent away from school would scatter the flames of the rumor. After all, at the era of digital technologies, a news chased another news in the speed of light, and many things could happen in only one day.

Rainbow Dash had invited Pinkie Pie to sleep at her house, and the teenage girl had a very hard time trying to convince her best friend. In order to achieve this, she had to play with her emotions, relying on the shock it had been for her to attend funerals, and if there was something she hated, it was to trick her own friends with her weaknesses.

Yet, sure it was a good solution to comfort her, she had played that card all the same, and it happened to be the right strategy. They both had visited the students house Pinkie Pie was living in on her own, and they had picked a few things she needed for the next morning.

Despite all her efforts, she hadn’t much been able to cheer the young woman up. Yet, she had gone as far as buying loads of sugar treats for the personal use of her guest, who barely ate them, and even her attempt at a Raritysmopolitan had failed – partly because even when following Rarity’s instructions to the letter, she had been unable to prepare a cocktail worthy of a name.

Seeing Pinkie Pie discouraged always was a bit scary for Rainbow Dash. She’d seen her on the verge of doing a big mistake, she knew she could be as fragile as herself, though most of the time her sunny mood was in no way simulated, conversely to her who could display remarkable skills in acting.

These rumors were odious, yet they leaned on a part of reality. Pinkie Pie had never sold drugs, and if she really possessed a switchblade back to this dark period, she had never harmed anyone with it. It was a period during which she’d lost all her landmarks, and, on the verge of a ravine, she’d tried to survive. This couldn’t be blamed against her, like grudges couldn’t be held against Sunset Shimmer for the past mistakes which she kept on tormenting herself about.

As soon as the two young women arrived at school on Rainbow Dash’s scooter, they quickly noticed that far from being quietened, the rumor had turned heavy. This plague now reached the students from the other classes, who eyed her with disgust or dread, and whispered things as they passed them by.

If no one tried to harm her physically, Rainbow Dash knew it was because she also was dreaded a lot. None of them wanted to take the risk to have to deal with Canterlot’s female lacrosse team’s captain.

They met their other friends in the corridors, in the middle of this very tensed mood. As soon as they saw them, Applejack, Twilight, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer dragged them to the washroom, where they thought they would be alone so early in the morning.

It wasn’t completely true, since young girls of ninth grade had taken refugee here, and Rainbow Dash, short-tempered since she’d arrived, chased them unceremoniously.

“Now, what’s happening?”, she asked while sitting on the rim of a washstand.

“Something serious”, Twilight answered.

She took her Notebook out of her bag, and opened it on an Internet page. It was a Muzzlebook account with a personal picture of Pinkie Pie at Middle School, painted red roughly. On the screen were displayed many messages of the same material than the chain message all the eleventh grade had received on the previous day.

“Who’d dared doing such a disgusting thing?”, Rainbow Dash yelled.

“We don’t know”, Fluttershy answered.

“I’ve tried to go back to the IP address but it’s too complicated”, Twilight added. “I could ask Shining Armor to use the police technology in order to uncover the culprit’s identity.”

“Wait, you don’t know what’s worse”, Sunset Shimmer bid.

“Because there’s worse?”

“Eeyup. Ya ain’t seen anythin’ yet.”

“The messages on the Muzzlebook account go farther than the chain did. It says that Pinkie Pie…”

“Is worse than a nanny goat in the middle of the mating season.”

“And for a lot of money.”

“It’s so horrible”, Fluttershy finished.

They all turned to her, flabbergasted. When they met, she had just started a job as an escort and wanted to go all the way, hoping it would help her to be more sociable, and now she acted as if this idea was unbearable… what, in retrospect, was certainly the case. Out of their personal experience, they all knew that despair could push anyone to do awkward things.

The most horrible about all this, was that this one rumor was a complete fabrication. Pinkie Pie’s parents fulfilled her needs by paying her rent and by sending her money for many of her expenses. She was often paid when she planned a party, although it was never with loads of banknotes, and along with the help she provided to the Cakes, it was enough to make her live rather comfortably.

Well, for sure, she liked boys and boys liked her too, in general. She was a young woman who liked to be attractive and had no personal issues with flirts and even though she was in the league of the girls who’d taken the plunge, along with Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer, it was insulting to call her ‘easy’.

It was a problematic exaggeration to let others think she was renting her charms.

Since she had arrived in school, Pinkie Pie hadn’t opened her mouth. Leaning against one of the toilet’s door, she kept her head low and scrubbed the floor with her feet. They all knew her very well and knew what it meant when she wasn’t at the maximum of her shape.

She usually never remained silent. Even in class, she participated more than any other students because she couldn’t stand a hour-long with nothing to say.

“We should be heading to class before we’re going to be late”, she said, lifting her head, with a weak smile on her suddenly pale face.


Applejack put a hand on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder and made a silent ‘no’ with her head. It was Pinkie Pie’s choice not to say a word and to act as if she wasn’t feeling hurt, and they had to respect it.

The usual restlessness and sweet mood of the group at a standstill, they all went to their classroom in the most absolute of silence, circling Pinkie Pie, like trying to be her shield. The gazes upon her were unbearable, but they knew better than making a scene in front of everyone.

The first hour of class happened in a relative quietness. For the first time since always, Pinkie Pie didn’t participate orally. She only wrote in her notebook, never meeting anyone’s eyes in the process.

It was impossible to be liked by everyone, that was a fact, but what she loved the most out of her family and her friends was to give away happiness. In the morning, she always had nice words for those who were too tired, she gave smiles never expecting something in return, and each time she would try a new recipe for cakes, she always did her best to bring samples for the others.

She’d never hurt anyone in CHS. This past was behind her now and she never wanted to go back there. In fact, when she thought about it, she was overwhelmed by guilt and remorse. It looked so far from who she truly was…

Today she was rewarded with scorn and dread. That not even one person would give her the benefit of the doubt was the most offensive things of all.

Her heart squeezed by the end of the class, since Pinkie Pie knew that between two teachers, there always was five minutes free when students were chatting together. Usually this was the moment she liked the most, today it made cold sweat running along her neck.

A sheet of paper appeared on her table. When she looked around her, she couldn’t find where it came from, but some adamant eyes sang the melody of secret.

With shaky hands, she unfolded the message, and her eyes opened wide under the shock. Immediately, chuckles resounded from almost everywhere.

Pinkie Pie begged for none of her friends to take notice.

They all took notice, and Rainbow Dash, right in front of her, turned around, frowning, with the flame of determination in her eyes. Before she could even do anything to struggle, she had taken the piece of paper destined for her.

On it were written the words ‘slut’ and ‘liar’ in capital letters. So, this was what was making them all chuckle this way? They think it was funny to think out of someone’s distress? She knew Applejack was right, and that letting her anger explode wasn’t a good solution, yet this type of attitude had a gift for making her blow her fuse.

Rainbow Dash sat up and hit her table with her fist, which made everyone jump and look in her direction.

“Does it make you laugh; you bunch of morons?! Would you laugh so much if you were in her shoes?! So, what? No one to be a smartass, now? Come on, have the courage of your opinions! It’s easy to talk behind backs and to reel dirty words not even trying to know whether it’s true or not. What are you? A bunch of brainless pigeons?”

“Dash, calm down, please”, Twilight said softly, taking her by the sleeve.

But she rejected her friend. The way they all treated Pinkie Pie who always wanted them to feel happy had sharpened some old anger she’d kept from the depth of her guts. People could have all the condescendence of the world towards those with mental diseases but at least the girls she had known back in Green Haven had the courage to say it when they didn’t love someone.

In the classroom, no one dared to do or say anything anymore. The literature teacher coming cut short the sudden tension of the place.

They’d been saved by the bell, but if they thought they could get away with it so easily, they all were wrong. Since trying to ignore them had no effect whatsoever, she was going to make things her way. The first who would speak bad about Pinkie Pie in her presence would have to deal with her. In fact, Rainbow Dash hoped her friends would follow, despite Twilight’s reasonable side and Fluttershy’s timidity.

The teacher had barely put his bag on his desk that Pinkie Pie was lifting her hand up.

“Yes, Pinkamena?”

Most of the teachers called her with her complete name and it usually didn’t bother anyone, nonetheless today, it added electricity to the hostility floating in the air.

“I’m not feeling very well. Can I go to the nursery, please?”

“Well… Yes, of course. Twilight Sparkle, go with her, will you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

It was nothing special that Twilight was the one chosen. Being the Student’s representative, it even was one of her potential responsibilities.
In fact, the teenage girl thought it was for the best that she was the one who would accompany Pinkie Pie, since she knew Rainbow Dash was thin-skinned, and she feared her anger would sharpen the young woman’s desolation. She knew Pinkie Pie well… surely, she was feeling guiltier now she knew her best friend would set herself against the entire class in order to defend her honor.


The day before, Pinkie Pie had spent all her day entrenched in the nurse office and hadn’t even gone out to lunch. She had gone home immediately after class, letting Rainbow Dash on her own for the lacrosse practice. Without her most precious ally, this sport she was fond of didn’t have the same flavor.

In fact, when the group was deprived of their small ball of energy, something lacked, like a limb necessary for survival to an amputee.

The five girls didn’t know how long this situation was going to last. With the funerals taken into account, it had been three days and it already was unbearable. Something had to be done for it not to stay this way.

Little by little, Pinkie Pie lost her smile, and what everyone feared, it was her to fall back into certain bad habits. Sometimes, when everybody insisted on a person being bad, this person turned bad for real.

If glances and whispers seemed to have decrease, it was only because no one wanted to face Rainbow Dash, but they knew that, when her back was on them, discussions went on and were more and more deformed. The fact there were not a single voice except theirs to speak against this injustice brought them back to bad memories.

The same thing had happened in Middle School, when Twilight had been bullied for her intellectual abilities.

Maybe they should ask help to Vice-Principal Luna to settle the matter once and for all. She was less occupied with administrative processes than her sister Celestia, and knew how to listen to the students. If she came in classes to speak about the importance not to believe anything that’s on the Web without reliable sources, it could help things to get fixed.

Meanwhile, they had to deal with a deflated Pinkie Pie, morally and hairy speaking, and they kept on defending her at the least occasion. For nothing in the world would they let their friend down. They were like a family, there for one another through thick and thin and anything along their way.

The gang of friends was still in the corridors when Celestia’s voice resounded through the speakers of the main building.

“Students Twilight Sparkle and Pinkamena Diane Pie are asked to come immediately to my office.”

They all looked at each other, fear painted on their faces. It never was a good sign when Celestia summoned you first thing in the morning. Generally, for problems related to grades like it had been the case for Twilight a few weeks earlier, the appointment was made in advance, in order to allow the student to get prepared. Undoubtedly, what was happening was serious, and linked to the rumors spread all over school.

Their throats caught in a vice, the two girls left their friends, who they promised to tell everything between two classes, to get to the Principal’s office. Because she was feeling as tensed as Pinkie Pie right now, she grabbed her hand and they both walked together this way.
They didn’t care if they looked at them… They could speak if they wanted, but Twilight couldn’t let her friends in such a state without providing a bit of comfort, as much as she could, and that was how she could. Although she was also trying to comfort herself with this action.

In front of the office, they sighed deeply at the same time before the blue-haired teenage girl knocked three times on the door. Principal Celestia’s serene and soft voice resounded at the other side, intimating them to step in and to close the door behind them.

She was sitting behind her desk, busy sorting out papers, and welcomed them with a smile so full of benevolence their both hearts thumping together on the same rhythm calmed down. No matter what she would say to them, they knew it would be said with diplomacy and that she wouldn’t try to offend their feelings.

It wasn’t big, but it was something anyway.

“I suppose you girls know the reason I summoned you here”, Celestia started with a firm yet warm voice.

Pinkie Pie and Twilight only nodded.

“Luna and I are determined to find the origin of the rumor, even if it must take time. It’s unacceptable such things are happening in our school. Canterlot High advocates friendship and harmony between our students. It had taken us a lot of efforts to erase the power of cliques and to make sure a spirit of solidarity to prevail over the rest, it’s not to let these virtues crumble at the first gut. Of course, everything isn’t perfect… However, we do our best for what to happen in other schools not to happen here. This is why I’m so bothered about this matter…”

There were real reasons behind the respect both Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna inspired to teachers and students. They had great wisdom, always fair and understanding, but they didn’t let people walk over them neither. When they applied their authority, no one dared to call their decisions into question. For some, they were role models, a landmark…

Twilight saw in them the person she wanted to become in the future, and for Pinkie Pie they were some kind of surrogate mothers, since she was so far from her family she only saw them twice a year when they stopped by Canterlot in order to visit her.

“I’ve been called by PTA. The rumors had reached their ears and they demand an investigation to separate fact from fiction.”

“It’s a good thing, isn’t it?”, Twilight asked.

“In a certain way, it is. It will allow us to put a light on all this dark matter, and to clear Pinkie Pie, because I’m convinced these rumors are false.”

Finally, there seem to have someone outside her bunch of friends to believe her. It felt like ointment on a wound. Yet, the teenage girl guessed that behind this small victory was hiding another mountain to climb, something to get her out of breath anyway. The fact she was expecting it wouldn’t change her fate, but at least, she could get prepared to another hard blow.

And it didn’t wait to come and hit her full face.

“But while it hadn’t been proved that Pinkie Pie doesn’t take drugs, or sell them during the parties she plans, that she doesn’t have a knife and most importantly, that she’s not a prostitute, unfortunately, I have to suspend her. PTA is really angry… I don’t have the choice. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. I understand.”

Yes, it could sound unfair, especially as she was presumed innocent until proven otherwise, but in all Equestria’s schools, PTA ruled the roost. Often composed of the most socially influent parents, making donations to the school, they had their word to say in every Celestia and Luna’s decisions, and many were more than happy to assert their rights and opinions.

Technically speaking, Rainbow Dash’s father was a part of it, but his influence couldn’t be taken into account in order to help Pinkie Pie, since he never attended the meetings and only gave loads of money… In short, what he already did with his daughter.

Pinkie Pie accepted her fate without debate and even thanked Celestia for her patience with her. That was why Twilight did the same. If the person in question refused to call into question the decision about her, she had to respect her choice.

The class had already started, so ruined for ruined, she decided to accompany her friend to the gate. None of them two found the strength to utter a single word until they had reached their destination.

“Thanks for everything, Twilie. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Celestia’s going to prove it all wrong very quickly and soon I’ll be back with you guys. Just keep on smiling until then.”

“I promise I’m going to try… but it won’t be the same without you.”

Twilight wasn’t the kind of person to let emotions easily get the best of her. It wasn’t out of sheer modesty. Putting things into perspective and defusing a situation was her specialty, her role inside this group. Pinkie Pie’s role was to bring joy and comfort through her madness and cheerfulness, and it was what made this short separation so hard.

Of course, they would still see each other out of school, but something told the young woman her friend would probably want to be left alone until she was cleared, in order not to risk to stain the reputation of her band indirectly.

Before she definitely went through the gate of the school, Twilight embraced one last time the teenage girl, and they both left each other without turning around.

She made the way back to her class with dragging feet. She had this unpleasant sensation of emptiness again, just like when she almost broke forever the bond between her and her friends because her grades had decreased. It was distasteful, and she didn’t know how to get rid of this feeling.

Especially as she knew the others wouldn’t take the news well. Because of this, she tried to postpone as much as possible the moment when she’d have to step into her class again, but on her own.

Sitting on the floor of the corridor, she stared at the hands of the clock hung above the door, ticking as slowly as the moon rose…

When the bell rang, Twilight realized she’d spent the rest of the hour staring at time going by with a knot bigger and bigger growing inside her stomach… Now was the time to step on the scene… She couldn’t allow herself to miss another class, especially as it could worry her friends even more.

As soon as they saw her crossing the doorstep, the girls rushed in her direction. Like expected, they all wanted to know where Pinkie Pie was, and why the hell she had taken so much time.

If she didn’t want to answer to the second question, she was obliged to explain them as far as the first question was concerned. They would end up realizing the problem, anyway.

She told them broadly what their discussion with Principal Celestia had been about and the reason why Pinkie Pie wouldn’t come back within the next hour, nor even tomorrow. An investigation of this kind could take time…

“But it’s almost the end of the semester”, Fluttershy said sadly. “What if she was held back in eleventh grade because of this and couldn’t be with us next year?”

This perspective, which no one had thought of until then, created a wave of panic that went through the faces of each of the girls.

Rainbow Dash didn’t utter a word, and went back to her desk. If her silence was unequivocal, her eyes weren’t outdone. She stared at all of the students, her jaw clenched, frowning. It seemed she would eat up alive whoever dared coming too close.

They all were the blame. They had dragged Pinkie Pie’s name in the mud, had stepped on her and wiped their feet on her head. She was charity and openhandedness incarnated, she treated everyone the same nice way and was benevolent with anyone she met… They didn’t deserve the attention she’d paid to them until now. They didn’t even deserve to breath the same air than her.

When the whole matter would be cleared, they’d better apologize to Pinkie Pie, whoever they were. They would even be lucky if she ever forgave them what they did to her.

The most outrageous thing about this was that she knew her friend would be able to forgive them without them to even do anything for it, because that was the way she was.

Fine. She, Rainbow Dash, would make sure they all would repent toward her best friend, even if she had to quarrel with every one of them for this.

That was a risk to take when her family was attacked.

The Strange Secrets of a Reputation (part 3)

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After he had been scolded by one of his bosses, the group had found a way to stop bothering him at his place of work, in order to chat. And so, it was a surprise when Shining Armor saw his little sister arriving at the police station with her bunch of friends, right after school.

Like often, they had changed and left their vehicles near the school’s building, even if Rainbow Dash sometimes brought her scooter, lazy to go back on her steps.

Tonight, her jaw as clenched as these of a Doberman on a prey, and her eyes throwing bolts, the young woman had barely said hello, and had let herself fall on one of the chairs of the office with a heaviness from the past.

Something in this scenery was missing… The young policeman quickly understood. The little touch of madness incarnated by the outlandish Pinkie Pie wasn’t here. This surprised him even more. As far as he could remember, it seemed the teenage girl had never been sick or tired since he knew her. Judging by the whole gang’s gloomy faces, including Twilight, he could guess easily something was messing up with their minds.

“We absolutely need your help, Shining Armor!”

Usually very diplomatic, this time his little sister had taken no delicate ways to explain the reason why they were suddenly back at his police station. To be honest, it had been days now he had noticed she was worried about something, but each time he’d asked her the question, she’d said everything was fine.

If they all needed to come in here to ask him a favor, then it meant everything wasn’t as fine as that. She would never allow herself to bother him in his job if it hadn’t been the case, especially when how she was a stickler for rules was known.

“What can I do for you?”

“Rather for us”, his little sister replied. “It’s as serious as the case of Rainbow Dash’s wrong accusations with the photomontage.”

At those words, he saw Sunset Shimmer’s cheeks getting colored with a deep shade of red, since she wasn’t only the latest addition to the gang but also one of the persons to blame for this past trouble. She looked away in order to stare at the streets through the window.

Meanwhile, none of the other girls uttered a single word, shoulders tensed and faces desolate. It was an odd image which he wasn’t used to anymore. Since they’d entered his office, some kind of gray cloud had started to float in the atmosphere.

Twilight took her laptop computer out of her bag, and opened it on Shining Armor’s office. For a few additional seconds, she seemed to be looking for something precise, then she turned the screen so he could see it.

At first, he thought it was a simple Muzzlebook page like there existed millions of, no big deal. It was only once he paid real attention to the content of it that he understood. A hundreds of insulting messages were right under his eyes, all talking about one person – Pinkie Pie.

The remarks went from subtly hard-hitting to bluntly offensive. All this was embellished with pictures of the teenage girl with retouches presenting her under an evil aspect. The shock wasn’t as graphic as the one which had concerned Rainbow Dash, but it was even more scandalous and violent.

It was especially harmful since it was difficult to check out the information of the page, where it had been very easy to prove the other teenager innocent. The person hiding behind this monstrosity was feed by a particularly scalding bitterness. It took a huge amount of hatred to reach such a level of denigration.

“I’ve tried to root the IP address, but it’s too well protected. We need expertize and means of a qualified IT staff to help. It’s our only solution if we want to rescue Pinkie Pie.”

It wasn’t exactly the only one, in fact. The investigation launched by Celestia and Luna would eventually bring the truth in the broad daylight. What fretted the group was that it would take some time and meanwhile, they were scared to lose their friend, and to see her slowed down in her studies.

In order to make things go faster, Shining Armor was their only hope.

After this, he got up and opened the door of his office, calling his assistant, Timber. The young man was barely twenty-two, and had graduated from Equestria Royal Police Academy one year ago. His green messy hair, and his tan skin gave him a little something exotic standing out when compared to Shining Armor’s paleness and square-jaw. Even wearing his uniform, he always looked a bit like fresh out of a holiday camp.

As soon as he arrived on the doorstep, they all saw Twilight’s attitude changing, and suddenly she started to twist a strand of hair from out of her bun around her finger, her eyes twitchy.

Usually, her friends would have teased her for the sappy behavior, which didn’t look like her. Tonight, they all remained motionless, as if nothing special had happened.

It was still a bit scary for the two policemen, not really used to see them so little reactive, so extinct. Was this new heavy blow one heavy blow too many? Yet, there were no doubts, other ordeals were to be in store in the future.

“Do you think you’ll be able to root the IP address behind this Muzzlebook account? It’s a serious case of libel.”

“Of course”, he said as he settled behind his boss’ desk.

Timber was aware that, suddenly, all the eyes conveyed in his direction. It added to the pressure that was his. Every day, he did his best in order to impress Shining Armor, that he regarded as a role model and personal landmark, and each demands from him were as many opportunities to make a good impression or, conversely, to lose a promotion with the young man.

Quickly, he understood the person hiding behind the Muzzlebook account had a sharp knowledge of IT. A sophisticated system of blur had been settled in order to avoid someone to root the IP address. This probably was why Twilight, whom he knew was good at this, hadn’t found this address yet.

“It’s going to take a bit long”, he warned.

Something else bothered him a little in this matter. Shining Armor had talked about a case of libel, yet he could see this wasn’t an official investigation at all. He’d been told that none of the means at their disposal had to be used for personal purposes… It was illegal, and they both took a big risk if they were to be caught in the act.

What he also knew was that his boss was someone decent and upstanding, for who any injustice had to be repaid, and who took very seriously the morality of everything he attempted. If he asked him to take such risks, it meant he judged it as being the right thing to do.
However, the result upon which he stumbled would probably be a deception. The gang of friends was going to feel frustrated, especially Twilight, who considered her brother as a modern-day hero, and who expected a lot from this short investigation.

“I’m sorry, but it seems like this is the IP address of a cybercafé downtown.”

“So common”, Sunset Shimmer whispered.

Indeed, if the declaration was a deception, it surprised no one. This whole dark matter was the creation of a coward person, concealed behind screens to spill the venom. They all had expected this person to use tricks such as these in order to avoid being found.

It was another slap in the face, yes. For all that, they would not give up. Pinkie Pie needed them.

“Address”, Rainbow Dash asked with a voice as dry as grass in the middle of summer.

“Well… 25, Peony Lane.”

“It’s close to the Sugarcube Corner”, Twilight declared.

They suddenly saw Rainbow Dash getting up, and taking back her scooter’s helmet. She obviously wanted to go there immediately, as if it would change anything. They didn’t know who was the person they were looking for, and what this person looked like. It could even be very dangerous.

“Are ya sure dat’s a good idea, Dash?”

“This f*cking page is updated very regularly. Maybe we’ll have a chance to catch the one behind this, hands in the cookie jar. Do you guys want to help Pinkie Pie or rather wait flabbergasted?”

It only took a few glances before they all grabbed their bags and stuff to follow her. Before leaving the police station, they greeted and thanked Shining Armor, and in no time at all, they all were out.

The office, suddenly empty, looked as dark as an abandoned alley in the middle of the night. Strange, since they hadn’t really brought the restless sunbeam their presence usually created.

Whatever, Shining Armor as well as Timber hoped they’d be able to trap the offender, though they both didn’t have the same reasons. And if they’d like to come with them in order to ensure their security, it wasn’t in their powers.

What they didn’t know was the Pinkie Pie also was going near the Sugarcube Corner, or to be more precise, to the alley beside the coffee shop.

When she was home alone, feeling blue, curled up on her bed, windows closed, stroking her alligator-shaped plushy Gummy, she had received a mysterious message from an unknown number, inviting her to go to a certain address in town, if she wanted to know who was hiding behind her torment.

At first, she had chosen not to answer, believing it was nothing but another bad taste joke like those she kept on receiving since this morning. And, the messages had multiplied, becoming more and more threatening.

As she couldn’t take this anymore, Pinkie Pie had decided to accept the proposition, hoping this would help her to settle the matter once and for all, although she doubted it. A voice within had whispered this was a bad idea and that she’d rather call her friends so they could help her, but she didn’t listen to it. She had put them into enough troubles now.

It was something she had to settle on her own.


“Ah don’t think tryin’ to become professional eaters was a good idea”, Apple Bloom said letting her head fall against the table.

This absurd initiative was Scootaloo’s finding, never short on projects demanding a bigger effort. She’d seen an episode of her favorite procedural TV show where the couple of FBI agents made an investigation into the world of contest eaters, and had thought this was quite an interesting talent.

“It’s like every high-level sports, hard when you begin, and easier once you practice.”

“I think I’m going to be sick”, Sweetie Belle finished, getting up to leave the table.

In order to try this new activity, The Crusaders had naturally decided to start their practice as professional eaters on the being at the Sugarcube Corner, assuming it was better to start with food they thought were pleasant to eat.

It happened that devouring a pecan, caramel and vanilla cheesecake in record time had rather devastating effects on digestion.

Passing by one of the huge windows of the tearoom, Sweetie Belle noticed almost despite herself what seemed to be Pinkie Pie, on her own, going to one of the adjacent streets. It would have been nothing suspicious if she’d stepped into the Sugarcube Corner instead, yet seeing her sinking somewhere theoretically desert was rather disturbing.

Oblivious of her little indigestion, the young girl chose to go back to the table her two friends still were at. When they noticed her already back, the two looked at her raising their brows.

“Wow, yar quick”, Apple Bloom said.

“I just saw Pinkie Pie through the window.”

“So what?” Scootaloo asked. “Pinkie Pie comes here all the time.”

“She was on her own. She went to the alley nearby. Do you remember what happened to Twilight last time she went somewhere on her own?”

Even if they wanted to, they could not. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had belted the three boys who had tried to assault their best friend, and The Crusaders had helped by calling the police and that, they were sure, made them heroines who had saved the young woman as well.

And so, they didn’t hesitate. They never really had the chance to show how good they were as superheroines, and today would be the day they would finally do it. Their future as professional eaters was a failure, anyway.

After they let a few banknotes on the table offering the change to the Cakes, and this although they probably had enough money only to pay for the pastries and the honey and yuzu teas, they left the place and went outside, following Pinkie Pie.

But because they didn’t really know what to expect, before going into action, they hid behind a wall and threw glances they hoped were discreet to what was happening in the alley.

Maybe the reason Pinkie Pie was there was to collect the garbage that persons with bad attentions were leaving in the town’s small streets, but at the same time, she had no trash bag with her.

And quickly, they discovered it wasn’t about that. Pinkie Pie was standing in front of the metal curtain of a closed store, at the back of the alley, just where none of the employees of the only opened drugstore would see her. A few inches away stood another girl, her back on The Crusaders, who could only see she wore boots with buckles and her hair was of two different kind of blond, brushed back from her face.

Because they were far from traffic jam, they could hear clearly what they were saying to each other.

“I’ve already told you I didn’t know you”, Pinkie Pie cried.

“Yet, you and I met many times in the past. Come on, do a little effort.”

“Sorry, I don’t remember.”

The pink-haired teenager wanted to pass by the other young girl, leaving the street and not turning back, but the latter grabbed her wrist tightly and threw her back. Despite herself, Pinkie Pie had to step back, and tripped over a soda can that was on the ground. She fell on her bottom, and felt her hand scraping by touching the wasted asphalt behind her.

“I won’t let you run away. If you leave and refuse to face me, I’ll make a hell out of your life. You’ll be fired from school; everyone will hate you so much you’ll have no other choice than going back to your shit of a farm!”

“Why do you do that to me?”

“Why do you do that to me?” the young girl mimicked with an exaggerated tearful voice. “Back then, you were a dreaded and respected Second-in-Command, since when did you become such a wimp?”

A very few people knew she’d been Second-in-Command of the Rebellious. The only ones who knew were her friends, former students from Middle Canterlot who had forgotten since then, and members of the gang themselves, among which a lot were in jail, had moved on or had redeemed by finding a job. There also were members of the enemy clan, The Crushlotters.

“What did you say your name was?”

“I haven’t told you my name”, the young girl answered. “But if it can refresh your memory, I’m going to tell you… My name’s Lightning Dust, tenth grade in Canterlot High.”

Suddenly, the thick ocean-spray in which she was sailing since that, queuing in front of the Mouth of Truth with Fluttershy, she had met face to face with the teenager looking rebel whom face vaguely reminded her another, vanished away like after a storm.

She opened her eyes wide and wasn’t able to say a word, as if they all refused to leave her vocal chords.

“Seems like your memories are back…”

“I thought Berry Twinkle had gotten married and was now living in another country.”

“That’s what she did. After she went out of jail, where she had sold each of her friends from the gang, she had fled to the United States where she’d found some guy to shack up with, and she never came back. This is your fault.”

The Crushlotters had always boasted about the extreme loyalty of their leader, but the truth was Berry Twinkle was as loyal as Wind Wisher had been. They both hated each other because they were too similar, and rumors also said it was because they had been lovers and couldn’t stand each other eyes anymore… Their definition of loyalty was limited to the others doing exactly what they demanded them to, since in the opposite case, you were called a traitor.

It was because she had given in to her leader’s every whim, hoping it would soothe the pain in her chest, that Pinkie Pie had quickly climb the ladder of the gang. One of her missions had been to provoke Berry Twinkle on Wind Wisher’s behalf, which had given way to a street fight with witnesses, one of them calling the police. Of course, like often in the middle of this kind of brawls, as soon as the enforcement officers had arrived, it had become everyone for themselves, and Pinkie Pie had fled without further ado… But Berry Twinkle had been arrested, when all she had done was to defend herself.

Nonetheless, she had never felt guilty about it. Even without this fight, her fate would probably had been the same, since the police was looking for her and Wind Wisher with the same ardor because of thefts they had committed with their gang.

“You’re just like your sister”, Pinkie Pie dared replying, feeling old reflexes coming up to the surface. “Always blaming the others. No dignity.”

“What did you say, you bitch?!”

Lightning Dust grabbed her by the collar of her dress to make her stand up and brutally threw her against the metal curtain behind her. The sound of her back hitting the iron made a window open a little above their heads, but nothing else happened. So, the teenage girl became even more violent, and slapped Pinkie Pie, a neat red trace appearing on one of her cheek.

“Stop it, in the name of the law!”

Probably unaware of the danger it represented, in an impulse of bravery, young Scootaloo went out of her hiding place, hands on her hips, frowning. She was feeling strong, tall and powerful, as the righter of wrongs for the poorest ones, and her carefree attitude pushed the other two Crusaders to step on the scene as well – with legs like bubblegum.

“What are these snots? Do you think I’m scared or something?”

“Run away!” Pinkie Pie screamed. “I have to settle this on my own. It’s too dangerous.”

“Would Zapp step back if threatened by Mane-iac? Never!”

“But Zapp has superpowers”, Sweetie Belle reminded her. “We don’t…”

“Fine. Let’s see what you got, the snots. You don’t move or I promise you’ll never be able to show yourself anywhere in the country with the reputation I’ll give you”, Lightning Dust declared to Pinkie Pie.

After this, she turned to the Crusaders and took out of her leather jacket a perfectly sharpened switchblade, with BT initials engraved on the ivory-like shaft. As soon as they saw the silver blade shining in the semi-darkness of the alley, and they understood what it implied, the three preteens screamed of fright, before fleeing at full throttle to shelter inside Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie Pie thought it was for the best. If the three young girls would have been hurt because of her, she would have feel guilty for years. Two of them were her best friends’ little sisters, like surrogate members of her family. It was very brave of them to try to help her, yet she wished for no one to get meddled with this dark matter of revenge.

Once again in front of her enemy, Lightning Dust rushed to grapple her collar, like a bit earlier, her eyes glowing from rage and thrill.

“It’s just me and you, now! I bet you have no knife with you, uh… Pinkie Pie? No need! If you’re able to harm me with bare hands, since they used to say you were a genius in this field, I’ll bend my knee and call you ‘master’. But I doubt this is what will happen.”


“What did you say?” she berated between her teeth.

“I said no. I won’t fight with you. This is in the past for me. If you want to revenge, then revenge, but I refuse to play your games.”

“How dare you contradicting me? You’re worse than a wimp!”

With that, the young woman let her knife fall on the floor, and shook Pinkie Pie against the curtain, with all her might, still holding her collar. Her aggressiveness was at its highest, and to be quite honest, Lightning Dust wasn’t like herself anymore, unable to keep control of her emotions.

When she grew tired of shaking her without the opponent to react, she punched her so strong a trickle of blood appeared on Pinkie Pie’s cheek, since she hadn’t even tried to protect herself, thinking she deserved all this hatred.

At this level of anger, it was probable for her to land on a bed at the hospital, if not worse, but she didn’t want to fight and to rule in the favor of these ugly rumors which had kept on running about her all week long. She preferred being bed-ridden for months than suffering from all the stares and insults.

So she was surprised when she heard an astounding sound, but felt no new strikes.

Only once she rose her eyes did she noticed three additional shadows standing beside Lightning Dust’s. The iron lid of a trashcan landed on the ground near her feet, and Pinkie Pie recognized her savior by her voice before even seeing her.

“Dis is what happen to cowards showin’ off!”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were standing side by side, and farther in the back, Twilight, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer were each holding a Crusader in their arms.

“You little tattletales!” Lightning Dust yelled while trying to go in the direction of the three preteens.

She was stopped by Applejack again, who pushed her back with one hand, not even making a great effort. The young woman was known for her physical strength, even impressing boys, because she needed to have muscled arms in order to keep her balance on an enraged bull shaking aggressively for minutes and minutes.

As soon as they had arrived near the alley, and had heard the strikes and screams, it appeared to be more than obvious that she was the perfect one to put an end to the one-way fight.

At first, Rainbow Dash had hesitated, to be honest. However, with anxiety in her stomach in front of such a breaker of uncontrollable violence, she had thumbed her nose at her traumatizing memories, and had assisted her best friend to defend Pinkie Pie’s dignity.

In fact, she took an advantage from it to set the record straight.

“They hadn’t warned us of anything. We only been able to find the IP address of the cybercafé where you updated this horror of a Muzzlebook account. It’s not really clever to do this to a girl whose friend is a policeman.”

“And so…? What are you going to do? Fighting instead of her? I crush you in two minutes, both of you!”

“Do you really think so? Come a little closer, and without your knife of coward.”

“No, Dashie… Don’t do that.”

Pinkie Pie had just stood back up, and settled herself between her two friends and Lightning Dust, arms stretched and eyes determined. She didn’t want to make them go through this. She was the blame for the whole matter, and there already had been enough damages like this…

“Lightning Dust, I’m sorry about your sister. Back then, I was lost and uncomfortable with myself, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes which I’m not proud of. If Wind Wisher gave an order, I wasn’t asking myself questions and I obeyed. I never should have left your sister on her own, but do you really believe beating me up will bring her back? Will you really feel better once you’ll feel revenged? I don’t pretend I can understand, but… If you’re still unhappy after all this, don’t you think it wasn’t worth the pain?”

Even for her friends, this speech came as a surprise. If it was for certain that Pinkie Pie had, like everyone else on the planet, her share of darkness and seriousness, she displayed it in extremely rare occasions.

What was sure was that what she’d just said couldn’t let anyone indifferent. Her words resounded as well in Sunset Shimmer’s mind, who also had a disturbing past which could catch her up any minute, as in Applejack’s, who had often cursed the road hog who had killed her parents, wishing the same to happen to him.

If this proved one thing, it was that wisdom and reason wasn’t always the prerogatives of the most rational and apparently calm ones, and that behind the quirkiest structures sometimes lied a surprising beauty.

Tears in her eyes and limbs shaking, Lightning Dust didn’t reply a single word and only run off the street, hiding her face with her arm. Rainbow Dash wanted to run behind her, but she was stopped by Applejack who grabbed her shoulder and shook her head. Pinkie Pie was no longer threatened, so it wasn’t important anymore.

They didn’t know whether the young woman would come back for more or she had understood what Pinkie Pie had meant, yet something told them her reaction was going in the right direction, especially as she hadn’t taken back her switchblade, still on the floor.

Rainbow Dash took it, and looked at the sharpened blade… A chill went down her spine. She knew exactly what kind of damages these kind of small accessories could create and she wished it to no one. She had to make sure no one would ever be attacked by this weapon again, although she wouldn’t be able to stop other violent actions from happening, since she knew better than she’d want that this was an intrinsic component of human beings.

She made a few steps, and under the questioning eyes of her friends, she threw the knife under a pile a garbage in the only trashcan of the alley, which Applejack had taken off the lid in order to hit Lightning Dust’s head. The young blond woman, actually, put the item back where it belonged.

There was nothing else to add and, while waiting to know whether or not Lightning Dust would redeem herself from the pain these rumors had made Pinkie Pie suffer, they decide that the best to do was to comfort their friend, and most urgently, to bring her to a doctor to make sure none of her wounds would have serious consequences.

The young woman willingly laid on her best friends… She resolutely wanted them to be spared from the scandal, or worse, them to end up being injured as well but in reality, they had represented the exit she needed in order to be back on track without too severe impairments. As always.


On the very day, the Muzzlebook page called Bitchie Pie, renamed “I’m Sorry”, only had one message explaining this had been nothing but a thoughtless revenge, based off lies, and asking all those who had taken part in this humiliation to apologize to the victim.

A little later in the week, Lightning Dust had been called up to Celestia and Luna’s offices, and had to make public apologies in the girls’ class. She also been maned to school community services in order to think about her actions. And, right before weekend begun, the Principal in person had come to every classes for a speech about bullying in school, demanding everyone to apologize to Pinkie Pie, who was back in class.

This unceasing procession of discomfited faces parading in front of her desk had to be seen to believe it. Even those who had taken no part in it but only looked without a word came to give a comforting word or two, asking her to forgive them.

Just like Rainbow Dash had foreseen, the young woman absolved everyone without a single second thought. Pinkie Pie’s heart was too full with love for the others and too much benevolence to really hold a grudge against them. She wasn’t made to be satisfied with a close bunch of friends, but to be surrounded by a cheerful crowd.

And because she’d decided not to hold a grudge against anyone, Rainbow Dash decided to forget about this annoying mishap … though it lingered a bit of bile stuck in her throat.

“I admire the fact that you’re so lenient”, Soarin told her. “When someone does what I consider as a dirty trick to me, I just can’t forget.”

They were both at the young man’s, sharing a mozzarella and tomato pizza on his wooden counter.

The practical aspect of having a boyfriend with his own apartment was that Rainbow Dash no longer was obliged to go back home, to be face to face with a loneliness that was harder and harder to bear. She could finally share meals with someone to talk to and laugh with, and she had someone to snuggle against when she was cold.

How many Friday nights had she spent with her tortoise as her only companion? How many dinners with dishes cooked for her by the cleaning lady hired by her father, who looked at her with pain and pity each time she left the house? How many nights crying, being scared, having nightmares, with no one to come and comfort her?

Soarin was here for her, but he never tried to force himself on her. Generally, he proposed and let her the choice of the final decision. If she told him she already had plans with her friends, he would only wish her a good evening, along with a smiling emoticon and a post-scriptum to tell her not to hesitate if she needed him.

Rainbow Dash swallowed her last piece of pizza, and drank a bit of fizzy water. Her boyfriend looked at her with a smile, and she almost jumped when he stretched out his hand in order to wipe away a bit of tomato sauce lingering on her lips.

“You’re eating like a little pig”, he told her laughing.

“You know, pigs are stinky.”

“Like a clean pig? Like a clean and cute pig?”

“That’s a pig anyway”, she claimed sticking her tongue out.

Their meal done, they left the table, and Rainbow Dash went to settle on his bed, while Soarin was busy clearing off the table and putting plates and glasses inside his sink.

His apartment was closer to the attic room than to the huge loft. His bathroom, directly beside the entry, was only made of a washbasin with a mirror above and a closet under, of a toilet and a shower. A sink with two induction plates and a small fridge was his tiny kitchen, and in the same room, separated from the rest by a counter on which he ate, including household electrical goods, there was his small bed, desk, a little chest of drawers with a TV set, a console, and shelves hanging at the wall.

Despite the narrowness of the walls, she was feeling good each time she came in here. It was a clean, warm and comfortable place, smelling manly woody fragrances, reflected by the person living in here.

Soarin came and joined her, and immediately, she settled herself against his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her and their hands intertwined. These little gestures of affection were far from annoying her, especially as they happened in their intimacy. She knew her tough reputation wouldn’t be in danger just because she accepted tenderness from her boyfriend. It didn’t change a thing to the awesome personality she was.

And, Pinkie Pie’s misadventures had made her understand one thing or two about this thing called a reputation. It took nothing for it to tip over and to plunge you into a dark sea peopled with bloodthirsty sharks. It had to be maneuvered with caution. It also was about doing what was right and fair, not only to boast and show off because some of our exploits makes us particularly proud.

Pinkie Pie was an adorable person, wanting only what’s good for everyone… She only had made mistakes in the past, and if they were regrettable, they hadn’t to condemn her to lose the others’ regard. A reputation could also lay on some kind of lie and of this, Rainbow Dash was finally aware.

A great part of hers was based off half-truths. Deep inside of her, she hid flaws and cracks that only a very few knew about. She wasn’t this almost one-dimensional character, arrogant and daring, rushing in without a second thought, “cool” incarnated. It was what a lot believed her to be, what she was trying hard to display, but it had the insidious effect to conceal her true identity to the world.

One more way to protect herself. She was no fool…

The other lesson she had learned from all this restlessness; it was that forgiveness wasn’t something that hard to seek or give. It was necessary to show remorse when judgmental mistakes were done, and to learn not to hold something against the other’s mistakes neither. She was able to do this with her friends, but she wasn’t able to do so with others. And especially with her father.

“I owe you apologies”, she started, turning to Soarin in order to look into his eyes.

“Apologies? About what?” he answered raising his eyebrows.

“About the picture in Canterlot Street Style. I know you didn’t really want to do it and that you did it to please me.”

“It hadn’t bothered me.”

“Maybe, but… I’ve used you because I knew it would do good to my reputation to be seen with you by everyone. It was wrong, and I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.”

“You fool”, he said, stroking hair on her forehead. “I’ve accepted because I wanted to be seen with you. I want everyone to know you’re no longer single because you’re dating me. Don’t you think that’s selfish?”

A large smile appeared on his face. One of the things she had always thought was amazing about Soarin, was the ease with which he could uncover his own weaknesses, his flaws or his wrongs, without feeling a hint of shame or embarrassment. He knew who he was, in his whole complexity, and never hid behind masks of subterfuges or dubious excuses.

With him by her side, she would learn many things about life, she was sure. She would never thank enough the chain of events which had led to their reunion. It was as if life finally offered her a blessing, after years of sharp pain.

Rainbow Dash wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck, and put a long peck on his lips, before letting herself fall back between his arms. It was going to be difficult for her to go back to the coldness of her huge house, she knew it, but didn’t want to deprive herself from his presence just because she was scared.

Happiness was something fleeting enough to be enjoyed when it was on the doorstep.

Tricks Up In Her Sleeves (part 1)

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Flowers were in bloom. The sun was shining, hanging at a cloudless azure sky. Short-sleeved shirts and stockings free legs under the skirts of the uniforms were displayed proudly on the green lawns of the schoolyard. Rainbow Dash had allergies because of pollen.

No doubt, Spring had settled down and wasn’t about to leave. With it, the last petals of the eleventh grade were withering, and no one complained… Not even Twilight. At least, she was going to be able to read all the books she bought almost compulsively each time she stepped into a bookshop and that she had to put aside in order to completely focus on her lessons.

But before being able to have a taste of freedom, none could escape the dreaded ordeal that happened before holidays could begin. In Canterlot High, like in all the schools of the country, grades of the year of each student were pinned on the main information board, where, before the Internet era, were announced absences from a teacher.

Only those feeding the hope to integrate the Guiding Class, the class gathering the top students, were in a hurry about reading the results. The others went there shuffling over, knowing the worst elements would be obliged to come to school twice a week for one more month.

Unfortunately for the small gang of friends, Twilight was a part of those for whom the ranking was particularly important. It was the moment of truth. Either she had maintained her level of excellency, either this half-point less had defeated her pedestal.

In such circumstances, any of her friends would have gone to the board backwards, shaking, and begging one of the girls to look for her instead. Twilight, conversely, walking determined with her chin up, rushed straight towards the knot of students clumped together in the schoolyard.

In reality, the inside of her body was curled up, her stomach in a knot, begging her to turn around, her head in a daze. If she listened to her, she would react exactly like a child who had done a stupid thing in school and who’d be afraid to go back home and to meet face to face with their parents. The day when she’d tried to get away from her friends had taught her it did no good to listen to yourself. That was why she decided to laugh in the face of her fears, and to push the door of the house open.

“Sorry, sorry, excuse me”, she said, trying to make her way through the students.

Behind her, her friends were joining her but none was particularly in a hurry to discover whether the year had been a disaster or a success.

Yet, each of them were now in front of the board, trying to catch their names among the list. It wasn’t about learning their position in the ranking. Twilight was the only one likely to go to this class made of the top students, not because the others were stupid or didn’t care about studies (although…), but because they didn’t put in as big an effort as the blue-haired student. They simply tried to do their best (although…), where their friend was looking for academic distinction.

Sunset Shimmer was surprised of her results, clearly above the passing grade. With what had happened with her former bunch of friends, the community services she had to do during many months, she really had thought her year would be more than mediocre, if not that she’d be obliged to be held back.

As far as Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were concerned, since they also had been through their share of mishaps, they were glad the result was the same. In spite of everything, and despite the fact Pinkie Pie often chose to have fun rather than doing her homework, they all could get to the next grade, and with encouragements for both Applejack and Fluttershy. The young curly-haired woman took her two friends in her arms in order to congratulate them, in a suffocating embrace that made them laugh from embarrassment.

“Hey! Look! I’m over the passing grade, that’s cool!” Rainbow Dash stated with enthusiasm, before sneezing in a tissue – for the umpteenth time of the morning.

“Uh? Ya? But ya always do your homework at the last minute!” Applejack claimed pointing finger at her.

“Yeah, but I’m unbeatable at the race, at soccer, at field hockey, at badminton… Oh, and even at gym class and at pommel horse!”

“Rainbow Dash, you’re a genius of sports”, Fluttershy told her gently.

“She got the luck of the devil, I say!”

“Hush, she’s going to be jinx, now!” Pinkie Pie yelled, covering Rainbow Dash’s ears.

And she wasn’t the only one who wished she could have her ears protected from the racket caused by their bunch… A lot were complaining, like often, that they were the only ones making such commotions, while being fond of spying on them in order to know everything about each of them.

For a lot of them also, Rainbow Dash’s gift for all sorts of sports, even the ones she objected in practicing, like gym, was a source of critics as well as of praises. Because sports had a very important place in the Equestrian culture and that good grades in sports were an incredible asset for the future, everyone wasn’t born under the same lucky star of equality.

It allowed all those excelling in a sporting discipline of any kind, especially those who were part of a team, to do with a very honorable grade, without a lot of efforts. Nevertheless, admission to universities didn’t only depend on the results of pass semesters, but also on the results of the finale exam, which could set the record straight.

The fact remained that the teenage girl was going to be in twelfth grade next year, and would not be parted from her bunch of friends, and this was one of the rare wish she could make with certainty.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Twilight cried, jumping with her fist in the air.

It was rare to see her in such a state of excitement she forgot about all kind of restraint. That was why a lot of the students stared at her with incomprehension… But it didn’t really matter.

The whole bunch joined her to know what put her in such a sunny mood, though they had doubts.

“I’m still number one of the ranking”, she stated proudly.

“Oh, have you catch your half-point less back?” Fluttershy asked.

“I didn’t. But the second one also has a half-point less than last year, so I keep my position. I’m so happy.”

“Does that mean you’ll be in the Guiding Class, Twilie?”

“Pinkie Pie, frankly, what dya want it to mean else to be the number one?”

“You never know”, the young woman replied with a confident smile.

“Congratulations anyway, Twilight”, Sunset Shimmer told her, rubbing her shoulder.

“Yeah, congratulations. You see, there was no need to stress everyone out.”

After this, Rainbow Dash sneezed again… What a luck Rarity wasn’t here. She would probably had spray the young woman with disinfectant at each occasion. In fact, when she did her allergies to pollen, she was forbidden to put a foot in the Carousel Boutique. Her environment had to be germ-free.

As if she could choose…

The crowd of students suddenly parted, and the bunch then saw coming their way a student they all knew about, even those from a different class. Along with always being behind Twilight in the ranking (and behind Rainbow Dash in sports), she was easy to notice thanks to various eccentricities, like talking about herself at the third person, and using ninth grade kids as slaves at her mercy.

“Make, make a way through for the Great and Powerful Trixie.”

Like each time she intervened, Applejack rolled her eyes. No one knew why she was great and above all, powerful, although her grades were quite remarkable, but no one dared contradicting her neither, since they all knew since ages that there was no need to argue with her.

Her swaggering side was a level above Rainbow Dash’s, which partly was a shield against her own insecurities, in the sense that Trixie believe in everything she said with a stunning enthusiasm.

“Well, congratulations, Twilight. You’re still at the top of the ranking.”

“Well… Thanks. Congratulations to you as well. Looks like we’ll be in the same class next year.”

“Yes, indeed. That’s where the war will be won. And I’ll show you how the Great and Powerful Trixie is superior to you.”

“Err… Alright?”

The obvious bad faith of the young woman didn’t escape to Applejack, who told it to Rainbow Dash. Saying you were superior to someone who systematically beats you every year wasn’t only stupid, it also was nonsensical. As an answer, her friend sneezed once again.

It was about time for her to take those allergy pills…

Trixie got away, her chin up and walking theatrically, the way she always did, letting behind her the fragrances of a sugary-smelling perfume which she sprayed herself with every morning before going to school. Probably a way to make sure she wouldn’t be forgotten too soon… As if it was possible to pass her by and not to notice her.

Her coming to nag Twilight this way was nothing surprising or new. The most intriguing detail was the congratulations. She had never displayed the least spirit of fair play in anything, convinced her so-called superiority gave her every rights. There probably was nothing to worry about, since they all thought she was a smooth talker but harmless, which didn’t stop Applejack from thinking it would be better to keep an eye on her.


At the same time, the seven girls put their glass of milkshake in the air, and made the rim tint together.

There were many coffee shops and tearooms in downtown Canterlot. If they always stopped by Sugarcube Corner, even when they celebrated something important, it was first of all for a matter of comfort. They almost felt like home there. And, thanks to Pinkie Pie, they sometimes had the chance to have free drinks or pastries.

Sitting at the largest table near the window, their favorite one, they were here to celebrate Twilight’s success. Now it was confirmed she was going to be part of the Guiding Class the next year, the gang knew her dream to get a Royal Scholarship like her brother did was within her reach. Of course, she still had win her spurs, but no one had doubts about the young woman’s potential.

Conversely to what was commonly believed, Twilight didn’t owe her good grades only to the fact of being a hard working student. She always had leanings. Her rationality, the way she saw the world and the way she reasoned also were factors of her success.

However, she had been taught modesty was a high quality, so she was doing her best not to boast about it.

In this matter, it would’ve been difficult to beat Rainbow Dash or worse, Trixie. Of course, but sometimes an outpouring of self-confidence could also burn her, and make her appear condescending. Even knowing how hard she was working, some didn’t like her much because of this.

As long as her own friends were able to go past this flaw, she was happy. After all, they were the persons she loved the most, along with her family and maybe even the sisters Celestia and Luna… And in view of the smiles pinned upon their faces, and their enthusiasm about the year to come, Twilight had no doubt about it. They would be there no matter what.

She watched them taking a picture of their gigantic snack for their Instamare accounts, and thought about the chance she had to have them in her life. She often had a small grudge against herself each time she thought she had tried to give up on them when the chopper about her grades had struck her. What would she have done without them? They all were precious and necessary to her life, with their flaws and also with their great qualities.

Of course, things weren’t always a bed of roses between them. There had been arguments, and there still will be. Sometimes, their different characters created sparks that blew down the roof. It was nothing extraordinary, and she knew that they always come back to each other. And most importantly, when one of them was in trouble, she could rely on the group to keep going, to get encouragements, and to make sure she wouldn’t be lost for too long.

“Come on, Twilie, you have to make a speech, now”, Pinkie Pie said, slapping her hands enthusiastically.

“Oh, well… I don’t really know what to say.”

“No need to do a speech, don’t ya listen to her, do what ya want.”

“I hate speeches. You have to speak in front of everyone.”

“I don’t care at all. I can speak to anyone”, Rainbow Dash answered, swallowing an anti-allergy pill. “But do as you please, Twilight.”

She swept her eyes across the table. Even Rarity was here, with a bag from a clothes boutique at her feet that she couldn’t stop checking. They were here for her… Surely, it was a matter of course when people were friends like they were friends, yet Twilight was feeling endlessly grateful for this.

And since she wanted to become a scientist and a lecturer, she couldn’t refuse to say a few words.

“I want to thank you for being here for me, and for not giving up on our friendship, even in the moments of doubts and distress. It maybe is nothing special for you, but it’s really dear to my heart. Thanks for being the wonderful and completely crazy persons that you are.”

“Darling, that’s so touching”, Rarity confessed while stroking her hair.

“I offer that we once again rise our drinks”, Sunset Shimmer intervene. “To our friend, Twilight.”

“To Twilight”, they said in unison, glasses in the air.

They toasted a second time, before bringing their drinking straws to their lips. This time again, the young woman swept her eyes across the table, and felt them about to be filled with tears. She never had the chance to have a sister, but she knew at this very moment how it felt like to love persons the same way.

She wanted to take them in her arms, and to hold them tight but she feared this celebration would take a sappy turn.

“Perfect”, Rarity said, putting down her glass. “It’s about time to stop this suspense.”

“Which suspense?” Fluttershy asked softly.

“Ha, Ha.”

All the girls looked at each other one by one, and answered shrugging. Twilight herself didn’t know what this was all about.

It was logical, since this was a surprise.

Well, alright, Rarity had taken the risk that if her friend had failed – though the possibility appeared to be difficult to picture – her gift would seem to be of bad taste. Smart, she had thought that in the case something like this would happen, she could still pretend this was in order to comfort her.

She leaned over and grabbed the handles of the bag she had kept blocked between her high-heel pumps. Putting it on the table, she ordered Twilight to close her eyes.

“But, why?”

“Why, she says”, Applejack mocked. “So it won’t spoil the surprise, eh!”

Rarity answered with a soft smile, and waited for her friend to close her eyes.

The sound of plastic resounded, along with the sound of material, and right after, Twilight heard each of her friends sighing from ravishment at the same time. Then, she been told to open her eyes again.

And at the same time, she opened her mouth wide. Not because the surprise itself was very unexpected… Coming from Rarity, it even was quite common. But because, like each time it happened, the dress she had created for her was a marvel.

With short sleeves and a square neck trimmed with a delicate frill that also was on the bottom of the skirt, it was made out of the most divine of materials, soft and frothy, and seemed to be floating like a light cloud of the same color than the sky. The seams looked so thin they were almost invisible, and each of the final touches were that of a professional – what their friend was, in fact.

“Wow, Rarity, it’s… gorgeous. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Well, don’t say anything, then. If you like it, then I’m happy.”

“It’s beautiful. I can’t wait until the weather’s hotter to wear it.”

“Do you really believe we’re going to wait ‘til summer to see you in?” Sunset Shimmer told her.

“Oh yes, Twilie, put it on now, so everybody will see how pretty you are.”

“But the place’s crowded, and…”

With a sigh, she took back her dress, and got up of her chair. There was no need to quarrel for hours. She knew if she started something like this, Fluttershy would be the only one on her side, since she became redder than a poppy each time she had to do something in front of an audience.

The idea of making a spectacle of herself didn’t particularly put her at ease, but she also knew it pleased her friends and she didn’t want to disappoint them.

In the toilets, she took off her uniform and slipped the dress on. The material was pleasant against her skin, and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t recognize herself, yet she still worn the same discreet makeup and had the same blue hair with strands of purple and pink tied in a bun.

Rarity had often told her the envelop was as important as what was inside, and she always thought it was of an incredible superficiality. Now she understood what her friend meant. When a reflection was self-appreciated, it gave self-confidence which helped to discover who we really were inside. It wasn’t even about being dressed like at a Royal Gala. It was about feeling in harmony with a whole, inside and outside.

After she took back her clothes that she kept hanging on her arms, Twilight quickly went out of the toilets, aware without being sure of why that someone else was waiting outside. And indeed, there truly was someone waiting outside… The teenage girl bumped hard into his shoulder in her rush.

The shock made her go a few steps back, and she heard a click behind her, as if something was pinging.

“Oh boy! Are you okay? I wasn’t looking, I am sorry.”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Thank you. No harm done.”

After this, she passed him by and met her friends at their table. The boy behind her, blue hair brushed in spikes and eyes of the same color, with a small face and high-cheekbones, dressed in a tee-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket, reminded her of someone, but she wasn’t sure where she’d seen him before. All she hoped was that he wasn’t looking at her while she got away, and most importantly, that her friends wouldn’t tease her with this unexpected encounter.

As soon as she appeared in their field of vision, the six girls started to clap their hands and to whistle. Her cheeks colored red, she span around like asked, hoping this would stop soon. The whole tearoom was looking at her and she was feeling all those eyes on her… Suddenly, though she never was scared to talk in public, she understood the way Fluttershy was feeling. The latter, in fact, only smiled and tried not to be noisy.

“If you girls don’t mind, I’m going to wear my uniform back”, she said after her friend had watered her with the most beautiful of compliments.

“How pity you won’t stay dressed like this”, Rarity answered with a wink.

“Hem, excuse me…”

The girls all raised their heads, while Twilight turned around. The boy she had bumped into a few minutes ago was standing in front of her. Immediately, she felt her blood going back to her face, suddenly taken over by hot flashes.

“You dropped this earlier”, he told her, her smartphone between his hands.

It probably was the sound she had heard after her forehead got in a violent touch with his shoulder. Thankfully, her screen was undamaged. It probably had fallen on the side of the protection.

“Oh, I haven’t realized I did. Thanks a lot.”

“My pleasure.”

When she got back the phone from his hands, one of her fingers brushed the skin of his palm. It was barely a caress, quicker than a snap of fingers, yet it was enough to accelerate the beat of her heart. It was stupid… She didn’t even know his name. This kind of things were good for dreamers. She was a scientist, with her feet firmly planted on the ground. She wasn’t herself for reacting as such a fool.

And, her friends missed nothing of their exchange, and Twilight knew what would happen at the second when the young man would leave.

“By the way, I’m Flash Sentry. You’re Twilight Sparkle, aren’t you?”

“How do you know?” she asked, blinking.

“We’re in the same school”, he answered chuckling.


To be honest, if she hadn’t noticed him until now, it was because she focused too much on her friends and didn’t really pay attention to the others, except them and the students of her own class (and Trixie, of course)…

Flash kept on smiling to her. Undoubtedly he could guess how she would react since he knew her name – as if someone from CHS couldn’t know her name…

“Well, I’m not going to bother you more. Maybe I’ll see you later. Bye.”

“Well… Yes, bye.”

Just like she’d suspected, as soon as she turned to her bunch of friends, they all displayed a half-smile saying a lot.

Twilight chose to act as if nothing had happened, forgetting at the same time to put her uniform back on. She only put it on her laps and thought she could still wear it back before leaving Sugarcube Corner.

“So, is this guy turning you on?” Rainbow Dash immediately dealt.

“What makes you think that?”

“Darling, don’t tell me you thought we wouldn’t notice.”

“Ah haven’t seen you blushing this way since ages”, Applejack replied, shaking her head.

“It’s not at all what you think. Just that I…”

The whole gang burst out laughing, except Fluttershy who rubbed Twilight’s shoulders gently. It was truly obvious she fancied the young man. Maybe she could lie to herself, but she couldn’t conceal anything to her friends.

They all had been in love or had crushes, they all knew how it felt like. Everything in Twilight’s attitude proved she was at least feeling attracted… They knew her by heart and also knew her reactions by heart.

However, they also knew their friend had other goals on her mind, and didn’t position romance on top of her wish list. She had books, lessons and first of all aspired to make herself a future.

That also was the case of the rest of them. For all that, they didn’t deny it felt good to have someone to love, even when regarding friendship or career as more important. After all, Rainbow Dash, who was the most impervious to love stories out of all of them, had found somebody, and she seemed to be very happy.

So, in the secret of her room, once back home, and for the first time of her life, Twilight started to think about how it would feel like to have someone to love, to whom she could give some of her time in a different way. Why not with some guy with blue hair and a leather jacket? She also had the right to dream, after all…

Tricks Up In Her Sleeves (part 2)

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Zyrtecset. Sunset Shimmer tried to decipher the name on the anti-allergy pill box Rainbow Dash had threw in her hands just before joining the rest of the players on the field.

It was the last day of class of this school year, and really she couldn’t get why the female lacrosse team wanted to get together for one last practice. No other clubs were on duty tonight, and even the Students Board officially was on summer holidays. Right now, they could have been busy idling downtown or having a well-deserved nap.

From the bleachers where she sat with the rest of the group, snacking potato chips, cakes and fizzy apple juice, she saw the girls from the team holding Rainbow Dash and throwing her in the air as if she was some cheerleader in the middle of a competition, then they did the same with Pinkie Pie. Their encouraging chants and screams echoed all around the place.

In the end, it might not be a bad thing to be a part of a sports team. Maybe next year, I could envision to submit to a club, Sunset Shimmer thought while finishing her can.

“The Wondercolts had an excellent season”, Twilight said, her hair loose in the wind. “They’ve been titleholders of the interschool championship for three years in a row now.”

“Since Dash ’n’ Pinkie are a part of it, in fact…”

“Really?” Fluttershy questioned. “I’ve always thought they’ve always been a part of the team.”

“And so did I.”

“No, not in ninth grade. The team already was full, they had to wait for members to leave. They were doing baseball meanwhile. The team was co-ed and all the boys were disappointed when they left for lacrosse.”

Each time Sunset Shimmer thought she knew everything about the group in one special field, she stunningly noticed she still had things to learn. In these moments, she remembered she’d known them for less than one year.

Of course she knew who they were before befriending them, since everyone in CHS had heard about them at least once during a conversation, yet, like for so many, they had been nothing but a shadow, figures vaguely familiar which details remained unseen for the eyes.

From the moment they’d accepted her for good in their gang, she got used to be with them every day, to hear their voices and to see them quarrel to the extent that she sometimes felt as if she’d been with them since ninth grade. Fluttershy was probably feeling the same way, as the other latest honorary member.

There was a difference between them, nonetheless. Fluttershy had on her wrist the famous bracelet Sunset Shimmer hadn’t received the honor to get yet. This fact saddened her, but she wasn’t upset with the pretty pink-haired teenage girl. It sent her back to a reality she ignored most of the time – that she wasn’t completely a part of them yet.

“Wait a minute… The baseball team is a co-ed one?” she asked once she realized what Twilight had just said before she was lost in her thoughts.

The other girls had started to talk about another topic when she asked this funny question, and raised an eyebrow in front of the slowness of her reflection.

“Well eeyup, there weren’t enough girls for a softball team so hey! Why not? Ah can tell ya Ah can hit a ball as hard as a dude can.”

“I don’t doubt it.”

Everyone knew Applejack wasn’t the fearful type nor a wimp. In fact, it neither was Rainbow Dash nor Pinkie Pie style. What had surprised Sunset Shimmer the most about this confession, was the fact that usually members of a same team had to share the same bathrooms, the same showers. And it probably was a real issue for a co-ed team.

There might have happened a whole lot of things back then… More than ever, she regretted she hadn’t met the group earlier, since she would’ve had the chance to share with them all those anecdotes which she still couldn’t get to. And who knew if she would be able to know them all one day?

All this time wasted bullying the others, then sparing no efforts to please persons who’d only thought about playing with her remorse… She wished she had the power to go back in time, to erase everything. If only she had known then the things she knew now…

However, she also knew that worrying herself sick about the past brought nothing good. And she had alive evidences at a few inches away. Pinkie Pie had to pay the high price for her past mistake a few weeks ago, and Rainbow Dash kept on fighting with a yesterday filled with gloomy shadows, darker than anything she’d ever known.

Sunset Shimmer lowered her hands on the pillbox between her hands. She could see the way her friend swallowed her pills, her head thrown back and her eyes as clenched as fists of a boxer, as if the plain vision of a small pill was more dreadful than the most horrible of bloody shows.

In her darkest hours, she had envisioned to go to such an extreme. Often, she had thought if she disappeared, the pain she had inflicted to the others would vanish away with her soul. There had been several times when she had been on the verge of the ravine.

Fortunately, she had been able to get back on her feet, and it was a little while now since her parents had stopped to look at her with fear and wariness, and were trusting her again. Her arrest almost had the best of them.

And she knew who she owed it to. If there hadn’t been these six extraordinary girls, maybe she would have taken this macabre step, and she wouldn’t even have had her own school-attending funerals like the infamous Night Shine. A destiny was a matter of small little things, sometimes.

“Is everything okay, Sunset?” Twilight asked her suddenly.

The young woman was looking at her, her head tilted and her eyebrows up. To be honest, the whole bunch on the bleachers was staring at her worryingly, and she realized then she had let her thoughts guide her too far this time.

“Yes, have no fear. I was just thinking.”

“Are ya sure? Ya look like an apple tree in the middle of winter.”

“I’m sure”, she answered, smiling.

Hoping she would find something to distract their attention, she looked in the direction of the field where the lacrosse team was busy putting away balls and nets. They didn’t seem to have played. It was a wonder why they worn their equipment if all they did was a year-end party.

She saw, close to the team, on the lawn, a knot of boys talking while making passes with a soccer ball, though they weren’t playing for real. They weren’t dressed for sports, anyway, with their jeans and leather jackets – what a silly idea to wear such jackets by the end of May!

One of them suddenly turned around to their bunch, and waved in their direction. That was how she realized it was the boy who’d talked with Twilight yesterday… Flash Something.

Immediately, Applejack whistled to tell Twilight her “little sweetheart” had just greeted her.

“He’s not my little sweetheart”, the young woman answered, pulling two strands of hair, blushing.

“So why are you looking like a giant salad of beetroot?” Pinkie Pie’s high-pitched voice suddenly said.

She hadn’t realized the teenage girl had arrived, her helmet on the bleachers, and her pink stick under her arm. Afar, Rainbow Dash was talking with one girl from the team, while going in the direction of her friends.

Sunset Shimmer saw Twilight smiling at her, panicked, and she smiled back to comfort her the best she could.

“You should go and talk to him”, she told the young woman.

“What for?”

“Ask for his number”, Pinkie Pie suggested.

Twilight looked at her friends one by one, and saw that for once, they all agreed. Even Fluttershy, who usually was scared of anything new or including someone she didn’t know, nodded to the advice. It had not to be forgotten that although she was as shy as days were long, when she had first met them, she used to keep company to older men in restaurants, to whom she had to have conversations with.

If someone such as Fluttershy was able to such a thing, there were no reasons for her, Twilight Sparkle, to be incapable to ask a boy she barely knew his number. She barely knew him, but she also wasn’t indifferent to his charms.

The most difficult thing was to know she would have to do this in front of her best friends’ eager eyes, who wouldn’t miss a single piece of their exchange.

She exhaled and got up, her legs a bit shaky. As she was going to the sports field, she could hear Rainbow Dash joining the group and asking what she was going to do there.

Twilight could only imagine the young woman’s reaction. She did her best not to turn around and see six pair of eyes staring at her, and analyzing each of her gestures.

Her chance was that she would be far enough for none of them to hear exactly what she would say to the boy with the leather jacket. If she tangled her legs and talked nonsense, no one would ever know.

So, it was useless to point to the teenage boy the fact that each leather jackets weren’t made out of animals died from a natural cause, but sometimes via poaching, which was forbidden in Equestria. That would probably be too aggressive for a first contact. Or a second one.

A knot had formed in her throat and stomach while she was getting closer. For a few seconds, she even thought about turning back, and too bad if her friends would tease her about her lack of courage. But when she saw one of the boys of the field waving at Flash Sentry who took the few steps separating him from her, Twilight knew there was no way she would turn back.

“Hi”, he told her calmly.

“Hi”, she answered, trying her best not to have her knees chattering.

Suddenly, all the things she had thought about saying along her way to him had disappeared off her mind. She wasn’t even sure she still knew how to speak. That took the cake, especially for her, who’d read more books than her whole bunch of friends gathered. She never ran short of words. Never. Words were like figures – her whole life. No one could forget about their whole life in the matter of seconds.

In the end, Flash Sentry was the one speaking first.

“Are you with your girl friends?”

“What? Well, yes… Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had one last meeting with the lacrosse team.”

“Oh yes, they rocked the year. They’re both awesome strikers and defenders.”

“Yes. To be honest, I’ve never attended one of their matches. I know the results, of course, but I only went to their practice.”

“That’s a pity.”

It was the first time Twilight cursed herself for not going to any one of these games. They were her best friends, after all, she should have been able to sacrifice one or two hours of her time in order to show interest in their passions. They had attended mathematics contests just to please her… although, in reality, Rainbow Dash spent most of the time sleeping with her mouth wide opened. She was there anyway.

In front of Flash Sentry, she appeared as a selfish person who only worried about what was important for her own sake. And she knew she wasn’t.

“Listen, Twilight, I don’t want to sound rude, but…”

“You think I’m too much of an individualist, don’t you? I understand, don’t worry. Don’t bother, it’s okay.”

“Well, I don’t… I was about to ask for your number, in fact.”

She pinched her lips, eyes wide opened, and mentally saw her crushing her own palm against her forehead. At each second, she’d feared to behave in a little flattering way in front of him, and couldn’t believe she’d just tangled her feet in the carpet.

Yet, her intelligence was far above the average. It rather was unpleasant to told herself she was acting like a real idiot each time she was face to face with this boy who, although she didn’t know him well, she liked physically and who seemed to be nice and interesting.

“Well, err… Alright.”

From their seats at the bleachers, the five girls saw with delight Twilight who was dictating her number to Flash Sentry.

“Ah can’t believe it, it’s goin’ to snow pigs and cows! That’s so touchin’ to see our lil’ Twilight had grown up so much.”

“AJ, you’re talking like Grandma Pie.”

“Don’t you think they’re adorable?” Fluttershy asked.

“I think that’s screwy if Twilight and I are the only ones with a boyfriend.”


“It’s simple… Demisexual. Uptight egghead.”

“I don’t think that’s screwy, I think that’s comforting. There’s someone for everyone.”

“Now, Flutty, it’s you talking like Grandma Pie!”

And yet, it was true to her. It even was something which Fluttershy had always felt from the bottom of her heart. Everyone had a soulmate somewhere. All it took was to look for it. Those who didn’t find were those who didn’t do everything in their power to get it.

Within this context, she could understand what Rainbow Dash had said. She and Twilight were the ones doing the least efforts in order to find someone to love who wouldn’t be a friend or a family member. They had something else in mind.

Up until now, she hadn’t done a lot in order to make understand the someone she thought she had found that she could be the someone he was looking for. Yes, she was afraid, but after all, she had done worse things in her life. And this time, it was something which could make her happy, and not suffer even more.

What she had under her nose had convinced her it was about time for her to stop hiding behind her shyness and fears. She had to find a way to tell Big Macintosh what she was feeling for him. Somehow.

They all were so focused on Twilight and Flash Sentry chatting together that they didn’t notice the two young persons had another audience a few inches away who didn’t seem to be the least of the world pleased by this charming plot twist.


When school was over, Twilight’s universe didn’t stop spinning around for all that. Learning and reviewing was a great part of her life, of course. It didn’t mean the young woman was lost as soon as holidays were here. In-between, there always were new books to read, new scientific articles to explore and analyze…

Once back home, she rarely left her room. It didn’t bother her at all to stay all day long at her desk, focused on her books. At night, she liked to go on her balcony, gazing at the stars thanks to a telescope her parents had offered her on her fifteenth birthday.

If there wasn’t her bunch of friends to encourage her to go out and to socialize, she probably would have remained this withdrawn and a bit control freak she had been during her childhood.

Yes, she was really happy she’d known them and she wasn’t that person anymore, it didn’t stop her from enjoying to be in the peace of her room, with the company of her little dog, Spike.

In her mind started to bloom plans for these well-deserved holidays. She wanted to learn international sign language, to do charity work in order to teach children from immigration about History and Geography of Equestria, to make researches about the architectural techniques of the Antiquity, among many other things.

In-between, there would be time to spend with her friends. Thanks to her sharp sense of organization, scheduled at the exact hour with the help of a very precise timetable, Twilight knew this was going to be possible and this, even in the case she would agree to go two weeks to the ocean in the Apples’ summer house.

She was busy with her agenda when her phone vibrated by her side. Mechanically, not even looking, she grabbed it and slid a finger along the tactile screen. She needed a few seconds to understand what the message she’d just received meant.

From the second it was clear, she could feel her pulse accelerating and her hands turning damp. What was she going to do? She had never done anything like this before, and for this reason, she didn’t even know what she had to answer. Should she wait before accepting? Acting busy and answering a bit later? Maybe all these solutions were the right ones for a fiction character, but she was living in real life. And she was lost.

Down the screen of her notebook, the small blue icon with a white S was flickering in green. It probably was Rainbow Dash waiting for the answer about Applejack’s proposition to go to these famous two weeks to the ocean.

As if a thunder had just hit her, Twilight grabbed her headphones always plugged in her computer, and launched the electronic call of her application. After a few rings, her best friend’s hoarse voice resounded through the headsets.

“So, would you be there or not?”

“I haven’t finished my schedule yet… But you must absolutely help me, Rainbow Dash.”

“Me, helping you? You know I’m a zero when it comes to organization!”

“Not for my schedule. I’ve just received a message from Flash Sentry. He asks me on a date tomorrow, and… I really don’t know what to answer.”

Honestly, she would never have thought the young man would get in touch with her so quickly. She had even thought he’d taken her number out of sheer politeness but had no intention of using it, or maybe one day when bored. Too bad. Holidays had only begun for a few hours and he already had come back to her.

This probably meant she didn’t leave him unmoved, but Twilight didn’t want to be driving too fast neither. Her rational instinct told her not to bolt, and to wait and see. And in order to see, she had to answer his message. And once the message answered, she’d have to think about what to wear, where to go, what to talk about, and many other things.

It was out of question for her to envision a date without thinking of the least details. To let herself go to speculation? Thanks, but no thanks. If she didn’t know with certainty what to say or what to do, she couldn’t breathe.

“So, you told yourself I was the most capable of giving you advices?”

“You’ve dated a lot of boys.”

“A lot… Don’t overstate. And, you know I never reflect on anything.”

“But with Soarin…”

“It’s not the same, Twilight. I know Soarin since I’m five. We both love the same things, there’s no need to rack your brains. Wait… I was in the middle of a conversation with Applejack, I connect her with us.”

“Applejack? But she’s an abstinent!”

Alright, Rainbow Dash wasn’t really foresighted, and let herself go with the wind. That was a fact. However, she had more experience in this matter than she did. There might be tricks she could confess to her.

As far as Applejack was concerned, if it was clear that refusing to have sex until marriage could never stop her from dating someone, she had turned very vigilant since she had been a victim of harassment, and her experiences of romance were very limited. Twilight loved her, but she couldn’t see in what she could help.

What Applejack confirmed as soon as Rainbow Dash brought her to the conversation and put her on their best friend’s trouble.

“What dya want me to tell her to help her? To beware dark corners in the parks?”

“Don’t be such a party pooper, AJ. You must have some advice to give. And, you got a big brother who you can ask what a guy expect from a girl at a first date.”

“Twilight also has a big brutha, Ah have ya know! With Rarity, he might have learned a full handful of tricks.”

“Why, yes, Rarity!” Rainbow Dash claimed.

A strange row coiled the ears of the two young women, who wondered what could have happened to Rainbow Dash, until they heard her screaming her tortoise's name.

“Damn, Tank has just climbed on my keyboard. I had to put him back down.”

“Why don’t ya put him back into his bowl? He’s no dog.”

“It’s a vivarium, not a bowl. And Tank needs to stretch his legs.”

“On yer laps?”

“Girls, can we please focus back on the topic?” Twilight asked, nerves beating against her skin.

“S’cuze Twilight.”

“What were we talking about? Oh yeah, your date! Don’t move, Twilight.”

“How could I move?”

A few seconds later, Rarity’s pseudonym was added to the conversation, and as soon as she saw it on the screen, Twilight wondered why she hadn’t thought about it in the first place. It was clear their friend was the most capable of giving her the right advices.

She was the expert in men and relationships, the one knowing all the tricks to draw the opposite gender into her web and who could make them fall in love so deep they couldn’t refuse anything to her.

Alright, Twilight didn’t want to trap Flash Sentry in her web, she didn’t even want him to fall in love with her… Only him to think she was a smart girl whom he liked to be with. To have a second date would already be a great accomplishment for Twilight.

All the same, Rarity remained the wisest about the subject.

The way she’d done with Applejack a few minutes before, Rainbow Dash explained their friends what made the young woman panic, making her in need of her advices tonight.

“Congratulations, Twilight! If you want to know my opinion, it was about time it happened. You’re so cute…”

“Thank you. Would you help me?”

“Why, of course! As if I could leave you on your own with these two unlettered of seduction.”

“Hey!” Rainbow Dash cried.

“Sorry, darlings, but if it wasn’t the truth, you wouldn’t need me.”

“She’s right, Dash.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Yes, whatever”, Twilight repeated.

She knew if she didn’t pull the girls back into line from time to time, they could get away from the subject, and that would be almost impossible then to get back on their feet. She needed too much of these advices of someone highly qualified.

“What does the message say? Verbatim”, Rarity questioned.
“Well… ‘Would you like us to go somewhere tomorrow? To get to know each other better.’”

“Holy shit! I have to call Soarin, I completely forgot. I come back…”

The three girls didn’t pick her up on it and continued their conversation, without Rainbow Dash.

“He’s a fast one”, Applejack declared, mocking.

“Fast or not isn’t important, my dear Applejack. The most important is that our little Twilight has a date tomorrow.”

“Are you going to help me or something?”

“Avoid dark corners.”

“First, be a dear and answer the message. Don’t keep him waiting too long. We’re going to think about the rest together. But there won’t be enough of us five.”

“Eeyup, because we’re four right now… Well, when Rainbow Dash had made her phone call.”

“What’s on your mind, Rarity?”

“I think I’m going to call Pinkie Pie for more help. I won’t get very far on my own…”

“I’m back.”

“Rar’ calls Pinkie as backup.”

“Oh, good idea.”

Each of them could hear Twilight sighing from her headset. Since this conversation had begun, they hadn’t answered her anguishes at all, and only had called each other and babbled on. She felt like she would never know what to do out of answering yes to Flash Sentry’s message.

“I’m trying to bake tiramisu-flavored cupcakes”, a high-pitched voice suddenly said. “It’s better be important.”

“Twilight got a date”, Rainbow Dash answered tit for tat.

“Oh. Cupcakes can wait.”

“I’m still waiting for your advices.”

“And you’re going to have them. Is there anything you want to do, or to see with him?”

“I have no idea.”

“How’s your appetite? Did you sleep well, last night?” Pinkie Pie asked, as excited as the night before a surprise party.

“What’s the connection, exactly?”

“To know whether or not you’re in love. When you’re in love, you lost your appetite, and you can’t sleep from thinking about him.”

“Well… Not particularly. And I can’t see why it would help me to know. You need to know someone well to be in love with that someone, and I barely know him. But I want to know him, and I don’t want to be ridiculous.”

“I know!” Pinkie Pie replied.

Twilight stretched out an ear, impatient to hear what she wanted to reveal. Nothing happened, but she caught a glimpse at Sunset Shimmer’s name adding to the conversation, as well as Fluttershy. Wouldn’t it ever stop? And, Fluttershy… She might know something about the topic as much as herself knew about archery!

“Sunny’s going to help us too. She dated many, many, many, many, many guys.”

“Not that many, don’t push it!” the girl in question answered. “And what are we talking about?”

“And why did you call me as well, Pinkie Pie?”

“Oops, mistake!” she said, giggling.

Once again, Rainbow Dash explained what was Twilight’s problem, and once again, she received congratulations. It was nice from them, but it wasn’t what she was expecting. If they continued this way, her short patience would decrease… Her only relief was that the whole gang was now connected, and unless they would add Big Macintosh or Sweetie Belle in the conversation, she would finally get her precious long awaited advices.

“Choose a neutral place, something not too outlandish but not too dull either”, Pinkie Pie started.

“A place where you’ll be able to talk, or it’s crappy”, Rainbow Dash continued.

“All Ah can say is the same thang than earlier.”

“Yes, I know, to beware the dark corners.”

“They’re right, there’s no need to make something too sophisticated on a first date like this one. Offer him a walk, and you’ll be sure not to make a mistake.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, yeah, that’s all. It’s no brain surgery, you know, Twilight”, Sunset Shimmer assured, with as much benevolence as possible. “You guys meet somewhere, you walk through the town while talking, and that’s all there is to it.”

“Not completely. She has to make an excellent impression”, Rarity corrected her. “Aesthetically speaking, I mean. This little heart of his has to thump when he sees her.”

“Ah don’t wanna say nonsense but Ah think his lil’ heart already thumps when he sees her.”

“That’s not a reason not to make efforts. You’ll absolutely need a dress, but not the blue one I made for you because he’d already seen this one. Something fresh… Not too much makeup either. And your hair loose, of course.”

“But… What are we going to talk about?”

“We can’t really help you with this, Twilight”, Rainbow Dash answered. “You’ll find topics to share… eventually.”

“It’s easier said than done”, Fluttershy intervened for the very first time.

“Really? How do you know this?” Pinkie Pie questioned.


“Let’s focus back on Twilight, if you please. Darling, you’re the smartest person in all Canterlot. I’m sure whatever subject you’ll choose; he’ll be just fascinated. You have to stay natural, that’s important.”

“Natural with tricks.”

“Of course. That’s how seduction is working, Rainbow Dash. Everyone doesn’t have the chance to fall in love with a childhood friend.”

“Who said I was in love?”

Immediately, an ensemble of laughs resounded at the same time. This habit their friend had to act as if nothing ever moved her, even with them, who knew better than anyone else she was not the wall of granite she was trying hard to be for the rest of the world. It was unbelievable.

They all had seen her with Soarin and had seen the way she behaved with him when she thought no one was looking. Because she was who she was, for all that she hadn’t become a numbskull always laughing to the least of his jokes, never taking herself off her boyfriend’s arms, but at her own degree, she was being affectionate and considerate. Without taking into account the way her eyes and smile brightened up when she was with him.

Twilight hoped that, if things turned out the way she wanted with Flash Sentry, one day she would have her look and face as radiant as her best friend’s. They weren’t there yet. Yes, she liked him, and she wanted to know him better, but they both had too short an interaction together to dare saying the word ‘love’ about them.

While she kept on thinking about it, the rest of the group kept on teasing their friend.

“Alright, yar not in love”, Applejack chuckled. “You’re just completely hooked up!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. And, I’m not the topic tonight, anyway. This is all about Twilight. She needs other advices.”

“In fact, I think those I’ve received aren’t that bad. At least, I can see clearer now.”

“I do need advices”, Fluttershy suddenly declared.

This intervention made a blank float between the seven girls. The teenager had been quite discreet until then, a bit in the background, as always when the topic of boys and romance was brought up.

Aware that asking question could scare her, and would make her go back on her statement, none of them dared to say anything until Fluttershy spoke again.

It was difficult for her, especially as she had no intention of professing to them the secret that had been now shaking her from the inside for months. As she was always afraid of things she didn’t know, she knew that if she didn’t speak now, she would never be able to confess again.
And if she never confessed, she would probably pass her chance by.

“I’m in love with Big Macintosh”, she delivered at full throttle.

“Darling, it’s been a while since we’ve all noticed.”

“What?!”, she cried, unable to hold herself back.

Yet, she thought she had displayed discretion, and had done her best for no one to spot her inclination. Rarity’s avowal disappointed her a little… If her friends had guessed, then maybe Big Macintosh knew as well, and acted as if he didn’t know, because he didn’t care about her at all.

“It’s as easy to notice as Dashie who’s not in love.”

“You won’t start with this too, Pinkie Pie! Although, well… It’s true it was really obvious, Fluttershy.”

“But… I did everything I could not to let it show to anyone.”

“We’re not anyone, we’re your friends, Fluttershy”, Sunset Shimmer answered her softly.

“If it makes ya feel better, Ah don’t think he’d see anythin’. Sometimes, mah big brotha’s a bit silly!”

The young woman sighed from relief. That Big Macintosh hadn’t noticed anything made her feel a bit better. She’d already envisioned this first love which she didn’t really know what to make with would break her heart even before it started. Thankfully, the game wasn’t over yet. Hope remained.

“Anyway, what’s the advices you need? Well, although I won’t really be able to help you since I’m the one because of who we’re all here…”

“In fact, I only wanted to tell you girls, and I didn’t know how. But… Does he have a girlfriend, Applejack?”

“Ah don’t think so. He no longer sees his librarian girl, for sure.”

“Too bad, it was so useful”, Twilight sighed.

“Han, girls, I have to go. My father has just arrived. He’s already yelling at me from downstairs. Bye. I’ll text you tonight when he’ll be out to meet his high-class hookers.”

Rainbow Dash’s name immediately disappeared from the conversation, and none of the girls decided to pick up on their friend’s acerbic confession. Anyway, it started to get late, and it was about time each of them resumed their activities back where they were.

“I have to finish the cleaning of my boutique”, Rarity said.

“Eeyup, ‘tis time for bread, I go too.”

“My cupcake’s dough’s about to harden. Good luck for your date, Twilie.”

“Thanks. You’ve been very helpful; you don’t even know.”

“That’s nothing special”, Sunset Shimmer answered. “This is what friends are made for.”

“And I didn’t help you much, I only monopolized the attention”, Fluttershy added with a guilty voice.

“Don’t say that. Just being there is help… Ah, it’s time for dinner. I leave you as well.”

“Bye, Twilight”, they all said together before leaving the conversation at the same time.

A few minutes later, as she was getting off the stairs in order to meet her family in the wide dining-room, the teenage girl couldn’t help but outlining a smile when she thought about her conversation with her friends. As always, it had been a bit rambling and had brought its load of novelty… And as always, she was marveled to see how in their outlandishness, their funny expressions, their very personal behaviors, she found a precious support, the most beautiful of the encounters she could have made.

Tricks Up In Her Sleeves (part 3)

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In fact, it was nothing really scary or complicated. She didn’t even have to force herself in order to feel at ease with Flash Sentry. Just like Rarity had said, all it took was being natural. Up to this point, it had run like a horse race.

Also naturally had Twilight and Flash Sentry decided to go to the park near Canterlot’s Castle. With the nice weather, the place was pleasant, and the quietness made it the perfect place to have a chat without being bothered or without curious people clumped together around, listening to the nearby conversations.

However, the first thing striking them when they reached their destination was how seized were the green lawns. Couples, friends, families with children… Canterlot’s inhabitants had taken over the park. It happened it would be much harder than they had thought to find a very quiet place to settle.

“Do you want to go elsewhere?” Twilight asked to the young man beside her.

“We’re going to find some free space. Come on…”

And before she could utter the least of protestation, he took her hand in his, and led her wholeheartedly, looking for a spot to share together.

Twilight couldn’t help to let her cheeks being colored. It was the first time she held the hand of a boy since kindergarten. Everyone would see them and probably think they were a couple.

Although no one really paid attention, she felt as if all eyes were conveying towards her, and already, imagined what people were saying about them. She was not good enough for such a boy, too uptight, too much of a geek girl… Or even worse – like the boys who had tried to violate her, they were thinking that under the well-behaved surface hid a depraved girl.

It was stupid to ask herself so many questions, Twilight knew it. And yet, she could not help it. In the end, relationships were not that easy.

“Over here, there’s a vacate bench. Hurry!” Flash Sentry pointed out to her, speeding up to the extent that she almost stumbled.

The bench he had just found wasn’t really clean, with an old rest of a newspaper stuck to the lower part, but it didn’t seem to bother the teenage boy who climb to sit on the backrest, his feet just where bottoms were usually settled.

If anything would happen between them, Twilight knew she wouldn’t let him act in such an uncivilized way. She didn’t dare to say anything, since for now they were nothing for each other, and she only sat putting her jacket between the bottom of her dress and the wood.

That was how she noticed the second peculiarity of this bench of luck… Situated in an isolated part of the park, in the shade, from where she was it was improbable someone would see her if anything happened.

Applejack’s words came back to her mind: “avoid dark corners”, and she suppressed a chill.

She had not to let herself be trapped by irrational feelings. Flash Sentry was not a stalker harassing her with impassioned messages and rambling love letters. He neither was the kind of boy who did not know how to behave with a girl that was not completely wasted, like the bunch trying to bring her to a karaoke booth. He was a good boy. The evidence was that he could not bring her phone back when she bumped into him in Sugarcube Corner, yet he had done it anyway. She had to stop imagining things.

“So, em… Are you part of a club at school?” Twilight questioned in order to rekindle the conversation.

“Meh, no. I’m not really interested. You’re part of the Students Board, eh?”

“Yes, I’m the representing delegate.”

“Wow. Smart and volunteer, I admire you. I don’t like talking in front of people, personally, I rather express myself with my guitar.”

“Oh, I’m not embarrassed to talk in front of people, but when the Rainbooms perform, I’m best at taking care of the management.”

“Rainbooms… Is that your girl friend’s band? You’re all so close. That’s amazing… I got a bunch of buddies with whom I rehearse but out of music, we’re not really connected.”

“It’s very important for me to spend time with my friends. They’re like my sisters.”

“I’ve noticed that.”

Of course it was only the beginning of their conversation, but Twilight quickly noticed Flash and her diverged on many details. A few differences were a good thing in a relationship, in order to avoid boredom, yet the couples displaying too many dissimilarities rarely were the ones lasting forever.

True, she still thought his smile was irresistible, she liked the softness displayed in the blue of his eyes, but it didn’t mean she was ready to throw herself in a relationship, taking into account only the pleasant physical attributes.

She didn’t like that. She had built her hopes up about Flash Sentry and her, since he had been the first one to be interested by her this way, for another reason than asking her help with science or to put her in danger.

Although it wasn’t completely true. In fact, another boy was interested by her… But he was too old for her. And, Flash Sentry was the first one whom she had envisioned another kind of relationship with.

There she was in her reflections when suddenly, she felt the young man who had come closer, and had left the heights of the backrest to take her in his arms. This unexpected embrace sent an electric shock directly at her heart, that started to thump louder than before.

“Sorry, Twilight. I didn’t mean to… Run.”


She barely had time to understand what he’d just said to her that she saw a girl appear in front of her eyes. And not just any girl… Trixie, no less!

Where did she come from? Probably from the bushes behind them. Yes, probably.

“Flash Sentry! Can I know what the hell you’re doing?”

“I’m sorry, Trixie”, he said standing back up and confronting with the young woman. “I’ve changed my mind. I refuse to do that to her. She doesn’t deserve it.”

“Pfff, did I pay you fifty bucks to have your opinion? I don’t think so!”

“Fifty bucks?” Twilight whispered, unable to believe it.

There were no words strong enough to describe her disappointment when she fathomed what this was all about. No need to be a genius of mystery novels to understand she had been trapped – once again.

“If that’s the only thing, I’ll give your money back.”

And he took a wad of banknotes out of his jeans pocket, that he threw at Trixie’s feet, who was here accompanied by two preteenagers, a tall skinny one and a small fat one, who hurried up to get the money back, arguing about which one of them both would give it to their idol.

“If I’ve known you were such a chicken, I would’ve give the job to someone else… Too bad, if that’s the way it is, the Great and Powerful Trixie would do this job herself.”

“I won’t let you do that either!” Flash Sentry exclaimed, setting himself between her and Twilight.

But what Twilight wanted right now was to kick his ankle and to tell him to go to hell. She didn’t need to be saved, especially not by the one who had precisely tried to trap her all along. Alright, fighting clearly wasn’t her cup of tea. Yet, it was about her honor and dignity, and for these she was ready to fight, although it meant ending up with a few bruises and commotions.

“I’m old enough to get by on my own”, she said, then she made a step towards Trixie. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but if you want to fight with me that hard, so be it.”

“Why? I thought you were smart! I knew you would be trapped by his great face. All it took was for him to cooperate like a good dog and once snared and massacred by the book, I’d never be underfoot again for the first place.”

“You would go as far as ‘massacring’ me for the first place?”

“What do you think? I’m the Great and Powerful Trixie, I deserve first place. Ouch!”

To everyone’s surprise, Trixie, as great and powerful that she was, had just been hit by a half-full bottle on the back of her head. The strike had been done by behind, and when she turned around, she understood why no one wanted to believe it. What was she doing here?

“Great and Powerful… Boring and Noisy, rather!”

Rainbow Dash was standing in front of her, her hair tied in a ponytail, clad in sports bra and pants, with sneakers for race. Her pale skin was slightly glowing, and a few inches behind her, stood a very tall boy, with midnight blue hair and green eyes, dressed in sports clothes as well, holding a chrome-plated canteen in his hands.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Soarin and I have decided to run Canterlot’s marathon. This afternoon were the first try-outs to measure our time… And you’re hollering so loud the whole park hears you, you moron!”

Sometimes, life worked in mysterious ways, and Twilight was glad. Without this almost divine intervention, she would have to fight against Trixie, and she knew her clumsiness when it came to this type of behavior wouldn’t have help out.

This help she accepted with pleasure, conversely to Flash Sentry’s that she considered as inappropriate. To confront Rainbow Dash was another level than being in front of her, and this, Twilight knew. She wondered how her rival would react.

“Get lost, Rainbow Dash! Let Twilight handle this on her own. She’s a grown-up girl, isn’t she?”

“Do you really think I’d let you act without reacting myself? You’re not just stupid, you’re completely half-witted!”

“How dare you treat the Great and Powerful Trixie this way?”

“And you, how dare you lashing out on Twilight, just because you’re unable to beat her in a loyal way? I’ve seen cowards in my life, but this one boggles my mind.”


The young woman didn’t really know what to answer, though she usually never lacked eloquence. That this silly Rainbow Dash who had a good average only thanks to her sporting efforts was looking down on her was unbearable. She deserved a good lesson…

But, Trixie also knew the teenage girls in front of her had practiced in boxing, that she was feared by many lacrosse players all around the country, and this all had given her the reputation of a killer. She might only have her physical strength and her multicolored hair as qualities yet the case that was hers was all about physical strength.

She thought for a few more seconds, then yelled her two minions to follow her, before running away, hiding by a powdering smoke.

Alright, she had just been humiliated, it didn’t mean she would let things be this way. Will come the day when she, the Great and Powerful Trixie, will have her revenge, and this day, beware all those who had mocked her.

When she was gone and her damn smoke had vanished away, Rainbow Dash took a few steps further, and took back her bottle of water, fallen on the ground.

“I really hoped you wouldn’t fight”, Soarin told her.

“So did I, to be honest. I didn’t want to be stained with blood, along with reeking from perspiration.”

Her boyfriend rolled his eyes. She always had to try to show off, adding details of this kind, when he knew the real reason was different. She had given so much of herself during the tests for the marathon that she was now too exhausted to do anything else than taking a shower, and curling up in front of TV… and he knew it because she’d told him herself when they went running toward the ‘crime scene’.

“Thanks”, Flash Sentry said to the rainbow-haired young woman as she took a step towards him.

And as her ‘you’re welcome’, she slapped him, the sound of it whipping the air.

She heard Twilight gasping, her hand on her mouth. This action even surprised Soarin, though he knew her well. Rainbow Dash always had a good justification to use violence. She hated when aggressiveness came out for no reason at all.

“You’re lucky Soar and I have been around. If anything had happened to Twilight, I promise you would’ve received more than a slap in the face.”

“I know, sorry. I needed money, and… I’ve done wrong.”

“Yes, indeed, pal. To accept to waste someone else’s future for fifty bucks is the dumbest thing I ever saw.”

“Isn’t he, perfect?” Rainbow Dash asked Twilight with a mischievous wink. “Now, Flash, you’d better run off and never showing your face to us again. You don’t deserve this girl.”

“But I…”

He wanted to add he wasn’t exactly playing a role. This stupid trap had allowed him to discover the fascinating personality of a young woman he thought was rather lovely, and little by little as he saw and talked to her, he had envisioned to give up on the plan and ask her to become his girlfriend for real.

His chances were ruined forever and he was aware of it. It was understandable… A relationship could not be built on such a misapprehension.

For this reason, he chose not to debate any longer, and to accept his fate. Before he left, yet, Flash Sentry apologized to Twilight, but he didn’t wait for her to answer anything and went away, head low and hands in his pockets.

“I could never thank you enough, Rainbow Dash”, Twilight said to her friend.

“Don’t. or Thank Canterlot’s marathon. And Soarin, for having the idea to take part in it.”

“No, there’s no need to thank me at all”, the young man said, chuckling from embarrassment.

Twilight sighed. She was glad, and sad at the same time. The idea of being in love too had been so intoxicating she couldn’t believe it had been nothing than this, in the end – an idea. It seemed as though she wasn’t ready to go through romance.

It could never have matched with Flash Sentry, anyway. They didn’t have enough in common. It would have been such a pity if her first love story had turned into a heartbreak just because she would not have thought about all the probabilities. Especially as it wasn’t like her at all.

While she was at it, she would rather found someone a bit more like her, as Rainbow Dash and Soarin who both matched and completed each other.

The lesson she had learned today was this one: friendship and studies still were worthier than love, which relied on too much fragile prospects. Always trust the equations you were able to resolve.


Shortly after, Rainbow Dash had gone home to have a shower and to loaf around in front of TV. She’d offered Twilight to keep her company, but the young woman refused, arguing she rather go home as well.

While waiting for the bus to bring her back to her suburban area, she’d changed her mind. Pinkie Pie was in town with Applejack and wanted to know how her date with Flash Sentry was doing.

The three girls had decided to go together at the Sugarcube Corner, but it appeared no table was free there. Joined by Fluttershy who had spent a little while with her brother, they didn’t really think about it when they finally crashed at Shining Armor’s police station.

The eldest was busy filling administrating documents with the help of his assistant Timber and that was why he’d accepted them in his office without complaints. Then, since the topic sounded interesting to everyone, the young woman had told about her first date.

It was far from a success. It even was a very big deception for her. The word ‘heartache’ didn’t really describe how she felt since she never been in love yet it was painful. To know she had been the butt of the joke was nothing pleasant.

“Am sorry, Twilight, Ah didn’t mean it when Ah told ya about dark corners.”

“I’m sorry too”, Fluttershy said, horrified.

“This Flash Sentry seemed to be too good to be true”, Pinkie Pie added with her arms crossed.

“No, I’m the one who should have beware, that’s all”, Twilight sighed.

She had no idea how in the world she could have guessed this was nothing but a scheme plotted by Trixie in order to depose her, yet she held a solid grudge against herself. If she was as smart as they all said, why hadn’t she seen anything coming?

Each time she thought about it, she felt like screaming from frustration but she tried to hold herself back. It had been ages now since she had understood that letting yourself go to negative emotions brought nothing special, except in certain very particular cases.

“Watch out, if ya become too suspicious, ya’ll end up like me no longer trustin’ any guy.”

“And if it happened again, that would really mean bad luck”, Pinkie Pie chuckled.

“It’s not about to happen again… I wasn’t looking for anyone until then, and I’ve no intention of starting now. I guess it was an overall bad idea. I don’t have time for flirt. Although… It still hurts.”

This bitter assessment was hard to admit. Even the most impervious persons about romance could be harmed in their pride when betrayed or tainted. It had to happen to her for her to realize.

“Anyhow, I rather like you’ve learned it before it was too late”, Shining Armor intervened. “And I’m convinced it’s always better to be with someone you’re in love with.”

“Especially for your very first love”, Pinkie Pie rebidded. “First loves are really important to people.”

“For sure”, the policeman nodded with a funny half-smile.

His true first love had been no one else than Rarity, and Shining Armor knew that, although he loved his fiancée with all his heart and soul, the young woman would always have a particular space in his heart. He hoped his young sister could also go through something as memorable as this, and in the right meaning.

This also made Applejack think a lot. As she never had the chance to fall in love yet, she wished for her best friends to have the chance to live something extraordinary with someone who would bring their enormous joy. It was already on the good making for Rainbow Dash, and Twilight still had the time of her life for this… On the other hand, she wasn’t sure about Pinkie’s feelings on the topic, like many other things about her.

Today, she had the power to make sure one of the remaining girls would know this feeling. Of course, she probably was a bit partial since it was her own brother, but it seemed to her Big Macintosh was the perfect find to take good care of Fluttershy.

He was a very demure boy, who didn’t really like talking about personal matters. Even with her, he never overlaid with his love affairs or encounters. Out of all his girlfriends, she only had met the pretty librarian, and as an intimate relationship, she only knew about Rainbow Dash whom had been nothing but a short-lived experience, which would never be repeated.

However, she was convinced that he had the softness and the diplomacy necessary to match with her friend. She was what he needed, someone affectionate and modest.

But Applejack also know none of them were very effusive. If anything should happen between them, they probably needed a little help from destiny.

“Ya know, Fluttershy, Ah think ya should try to talk to Big Mac. Am not really sure whether he likes ya or not but Ah know he’s very much shy and he’d never dare to ask ya anythin’, especially as yar one of mah friends.”

The young woman was surprised by this sudden confession and despite herself, her cheeks got colored. It seemed to be a little bit out of the blue. For all that, she decided she would gladly take this piece of advice, nodding with a tiny smile.

It wouldn’t be easy for her to make the first step, since that was what had been suggested to her, but if she wanted Big Macintosh to be aware of her feelings, at least, there was no getting away from it. One thing was sure – she would need to get prepared, as well for daring as for a potential rejection. Applejack had explained she wasn’t sure her feelings were shared.

Three discreet knocks resounded. Shining Armor, distracted by his documents, told the person behind the door to get in, and immediately, a resplendent young woman dressed in an elegant white dress appeared inside the office.

“Am I disturbing something?” she asked from the softest voice.

The policeman’s eyes gleamed. The girls saw Twilight getting up and greeting the young woman, like Timber, who took of his cap.

“How could I be disturbed by my gorgeous fiancée?”

This statement cleared the questions they all had. So this was the famous Cadence who was no one else than Dean of Crystal Prep, CHS’ rival High School.

Without the least shadow of a doubt, they all understood why Shining Armor had fallen in love. She was the type of woman who could make Twilight’s brother giddy. Tall and slender, her multicolored hair beat the small of her back and formed elegant curls at the tips. Her small face with pouty lips and a Roman statue’s nose was always wearing makeup with taste and discretion, and her amethyst eyes were glowing with benevolence.

She and Shining Armor knew each other since ages. They even had met before he had started to even date Rarity.

Back when Twilight still was at elementary school, Cadence had been her babysitter. High School students looking for a casual work in order to have a small allowance, although she came from a family from Canterlot’s bourgeoisie, she had always been a very beautiful girl, but also provided with wit and a flawless openhandedness.

Shortly before his separation with Rarity, Shining Armor had found back Cadence by chance, accompanying his little sister and her best friends at Crystal Prep’s open house. They had kept in touch from then, first as simple friends, then they had taken their relationship at the higher level once the young man had become single again, and they hadn’t left each other ever since.

It was now almost a year since they were engaged. The date of their wedding kept on being postponed, both families having troubles to find an agreement, but the couple had no doubt that soon, they would find this agreement, and be happily ever after – while starting to think about having a family of their own.

“We were supposed to meet here before our dinner in town. Maybe I’m a little early…”

“No, you’re right on time”, he answered with a smile a bit too goofy from admiration. “I’ve just finished. I’m changing my clothes and we’re good.”


Shining Armor hurried to put away the papers in an archive box, and to gather his things before joining Cadence. The latter greeted each of Twilight’s friends, who introduced them to her one by one, explaining some of them weren’t here.

The young woman made a great impression. There was nothing surprising about it. She never let anyone indifferent, whether that was because of her beauty, her intelligence or her stylish appearance. This more than brief interview was enough to put each of her friends under her spell.

They all followed with their eyes as the couple was going towards the police station’s locker room. In fact, they weren’t the only ones… Shining Armor’s colleagues didn’t miss a thing about it as well. It was easy to guess many of them were envious.

“Ooh”, Pinkie Pie said once they disappeared from their field of vision. “They’re so cute together… I want a boyfriend as well! Rarity’s matrimonial blind dates aren’t working at all!”

She stamped her feet like a child going without candies under the slightly exasperated look of the bunch… Then she swerved her whole attention on a small dog passing them by in the arms of an old lady.

No need to take umbrage about it. That was the way the young woman was; always likely to jump from pillar to post without anyone to understand how or why.

What was sure was that it was more than about time for the bunch to go back home, armed with some lessons for some of them. All it would take would be to distract Pinkie Pie from this Cavalier King Charles, which couldn’t be that difficult… It even was within the reach of anyone suggesting a walk to the bakery at the corner of the street on the way back.

Fluttershy and Applejack volunteered for the job, and Twilight was about to follow, when she was caught up by Timber, who had softly grabbed her forearm. The teenage girl took a glimpse in the direction of her friends, who hadn’t seen anything, before deciding to stay with the young man.

“I know it’s probably none of my business”, he said to her as if confessing. “But I couldn’t help hearing the conversation you had with your friends and your brother.”

“Yes?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I think you’re a very smart girl and you need someone who would treat you with as much respect as you deserve. Someone who you could talk about anything with, but also who you could have fun with.”


Adding nothing else than “have a good evening”, Timber left her to her reflections.

There was matter to be confused…

To be completely honest, he was the one she’d thought about earlier than she’d said to herself someone else than Flash Sentry had paid attention to her. What she had suspected for so long had just been confirmed. And she had no idea what she could do with this revelation, especially as she had sworn to herself not to think about boys until High School was over. She had projects for her future and refused to let anyone destroy them.

Didn’t she?

Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 1)

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Lately, the temperature was so high that the only way to escape was to be locked up inside the houses and apartments, or to spend all the time dipped into water. Everyone let windows wide opened at night, and to shut oneself away at day. For those obliged to get out of home, finding a shadowy corner had become the opposite of a sinecure. And even there, the harvested freshness was scarce.

Summers in Equestria always were like this, and thankfully, Canterlot was at the North part of the country. In the South, around Las Pegasus, the weather was so hot every kind of activity had to stop during the most unbearable episodes.

In those conditions, it wasn’t easy to train for the Canterlot Marathon which was going to take place a bit after the start of the school year.

This prospect, in fact, avoided Rainbow Dash to think about the least enthusiastic event that would happen after that – her mother’s death anniversary.

That was the reason why the couple had decided to run in the morning, rather than at the start of the afternoon like they did at the beginning of holidays. There were trainings in group, but they also both enjoyed getting prepared face to face. It allowed them to spend a little time together on days when Soarin was working.

The park near the castle possessed a path the runners were fond of. It went all around the garden and was sheltered by big robust and luxuriant trees. This detail making it a bit rough during winter was a huge advantage in a sweltering period, the combination of sweat and heat not being that pleasant.

On their way, they happened to meet other courageous persons. They often trotted with headphones on their ears or a smartphone stuck at their forearm, their feet stomping the ground with regular intervals.

Rainbow Dash had always liked to run outside of school and of her athletics club, yet, until then, she’d rather done this activity home, in the gym built by her mother in the basement. There was a treadmill she could adjust as she pleased. At the same time, she would read a book, or watch music videos on television in order to have a rhythm to follow.

To be honest, it wasn’t at all the same than training with someone, all the more so with a boyfriend. Boys whom she’d dated all were athletes, since she enjoyed the aesthetic of sane bodies and was able to talk about a topic she took pleasure in. Yet it was the first time one of them accepted to train this way with her. The others unceasingly told her they were practicing enough sports at school and they wanted to do something different when they were with their girlfriends.

Thankfully, Soarin was as fond of sports than she was. He really liked that they shared this together, and that they could exchange advices and secrets. They watched games at the television together, that they had fun commenting instead of the commenters, and had promised each other to attend a real match one of these days. They also played soccer and basketball video games, and liked to try many new activities.

This summer, in fact, Rainbow Dash had something precise on her mind. There was an occupation she was dying to try since ages, but she never had the chance to go for it until then. It would be much more exciting with him by her side. And so, they would be able to build new memories than those they had from their childhood. She couldn’t wait…

The only problem was that she hadn’t talked about it with him yet. First, the organization of the event had to be clarified and the whole bunch had to find an agreement about dates and availabilities. Then, each time they were together, they were so taken into their discussions, hugs and occupations that she always forgot and only remembered once back home. And it wasn’t something that could be decided over the phone.

This morning was the perfect moment, especially as the leave was to be at the end of the week. Rainbow Dash knew he had asked for days off, and that they were matching the date chosen by the whole gang. There was no reason for him to refuse.

The only thing left to do was to ask him, and she would do this in the next minutes.

They both stopped by the machines to firm up thighs, looking a bit like appliances for kids. She climbed on one of them, putting her both feet on the small platforms and grabbing the two handles. It wasn’t recommended for the heart to stop any activity too suddenly. It was better to slow down little by little. In front of her, she saw Soarin doing a few stretching exercises.

Until then, she’d never stopped on such small details… But she couldn’t help it when with him. Her eyes were particularly drawn by the muscular arms, that weren’t too prominent – bodies of the supporters of bulging or weightlifting disgusted her even more than the others.

According to her very own analysis, what attracted her the most was the fact she knew how it felt to be in those arms. Those arms going with this smile, these eyes, this voice, this precise character. Yes, if she enjoyed so much seeing him sweating in his sports outfit, it was the reason why. As a proof, the others, were they boys or girls, left her completely cold.

Although sometimes she was jealous of tall girls like Rarity, who had long legs, conversely to herself. But that was a whole different topic.

Soarin checked out the application of his smartphone, he had slipped inside the pocket of his pants, and gave his girlfriend the results.

“Just a bit more, and we’ll be able to integrate the category of the ten kilometers in forty minutes.”

“That’s perfect”, she said climbing off her machine.

She pressed two fingers against her throat, while looking at the hands of her watch.

“Shall we grab water and sit down a couple of minutes?” Soarin asked.

“Good idea! I’m dying of thirst and there’s something I’d like to talk to with you.”

The young man stretched his hand toward his girlfriend, who held it with a smile. Even after two months together, he still was as happy to note that she wasn’t ashamed to walk hand in hand with him. If public displays of affection seemed to remain a bit difficult, she had no particular problem with this one.

A few minutes later, a fresh bottle of water in their hands, they sat on a bench, far from prying eyes. Rainbow Dash didn’t immediately notice it was the same bench where Twilight had discovered Flash Sentry had been paid by Trixie to date her.

This, she had to admit, still was hard to swallow.

But now wasn’t the time for bad memories. It rather was the perfect moment for the creation of brand new ones, as she had planned.

“Would you like us to have a fruit salad at Mademoiselle Antoinette’s before I go to work? And after a good shower, of course.”

“And how do I change my clothes, you numbskull?” she asked him, hitting his shoulder with her fist. “My clothes are home.”


With another boy, she would have thought it to be very intrusive to always try to stretch out the amount of time to spend together. With Soarin, Rainbow Dash was likely to find it rather adorable.

To be honest, it was especially because it reminded her of childhood. When they were kids and time to go back home rang, Soarin always tried to make sure she would stay for dinner, since they were having too much fun together, and the loneliness of the only child was heavy upon his then frail shoulders, she knew. More than once, she also had wanted to sleep in his house, both dreaming of a slumber party of their own, all innocent. Her mother used to give it her endorsement, but her father systematically refused. That was the reason why they had never slept had each other places when they were children.

In fact, it hadn’t even happened once now they were dating. Rainbow Dash had always thought it would be a bother to him, because of the narrowness of his apartment.

What she had to propose would certainly help them to take this step. What she had in mind only was the pleasure to share the same bed, snuggled up against each other. It didn’t even come to her notice that her desire of a sleep for two could be mistaken for another kind of desire.

“It doesn’t matter because I have a great offer to make you”, she said proudly.

“Do you?”

Just like he often did, he had started to hold one of her ankles and to massage it. Soarin was all little attentions like this one, those that showed he wanted to take good care of her while not thinking she was a fragile creature who needed to be overprotected. And she actually loved it.

“As you may not know, Applejack’s family has a great secondary home around Fillydelphia. It’s not so far with a car… Well. She invites us to spend two weeks there, at the ocean, with the whole gang. Everyone will be here, and when I say everyone, I really mean everyone, even the little sisters and their best buddy who’s my number one fan.”

“It sounds awesome! When is it?”

“We leave this weekend.”

“For two weeks, uh?”

She nodded with a smile, and noticed Soarin’s facial expression wasn’t exactly displaying the kind of cheerfulness and excitation she had envisioned. How disappointing… She had really thought he would have hit the sky at the prospect of spending so much time with her at an idyllic destination.

Rainbow Dash had a small gesture forward, and removed her ankle.

“I’m sorry, Dashie… I’d love to come, but I’ve already promised my parents to spend one week with one, and one week with another, and it’s at the same time. I wanted to ask you to come with me, in reality…”


This was why he had taken his days off at this very moment of the holidays. He too had had plans for the both of them, and he too had waited the last moment to tell her. It made her think they had something else in common – they failed at organization.

All her plans weren’t fizzling out, for sure. Only those she had imagined with Soarin. Making castles in the air, she had already told herself all kind of stories. They would have spent their afternoons doing sports on the beach with the others, or face to face, at night they would have taken part to the famous parties on the beach of the East, dancing and laughing with the gang, and at sleep time, they would have fell asleep into each other arms, exhausted but happy.

Seeing her pouty face, her boyfriend understood the message wrong. In his chest started to bloom the flowers of regret. He hated to hurt her feelings… If only he had told her before, they could have find an arrangement.

“I would postpone if I could… But my father leaves for Italy with his new wife after, and my mother will resume work. Please, Dashie, don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you”, she answered with a smile betraying her slight deception. “It’s just that I really wanted us to try surfing together.”

Indeed, he remembered she had told him how she couldn’t wait for holidays to start since she wanted to be initiated into the secrets of this sport, and that she hadn’t had that chance until then. There had been signs and he hadn’t been able to interpret them.

Because of this, Soarin couldn’t help but to be mad at himself, not knowing Rainbow Dash was mad at herself too. It was their first holidays together since they had met each other again, and they hadn’t even been able to prepare them correctly.

Was this very productive? They could go on like this for a long while, lashing at each other for their poor organization, it wouldn’t change a thing. Everything was already planned, and they wouldn’t modify their plans now, a few days before their respective leaves.

It was only two weeks, after all. Not that long. It wasn’t as if they wouldn’t be together again, and create other new memories. Although Soarin would resume work, it was only a part-time job, which left time for them to spend together.

Based on this observation, they both relinquished. There was nothing more to add.

Soarin slipped his hand inside Rainbow Dash’s, who came closer. The park was scarcely peopled at this moment of the morning, and where they were, they felt like being alone.

“Let’s just say you’ll learn surfing for the both of us, and so you’ll be my teacher next year. What do you think about it?”

“You got yourself a deal! But it would never be the same… And, you won’t be able to see my awesome brand new swinsuit I haven’t bought yet.”

“I volunteer to help you unearth it, if you want.”

“No. Too bad for you”, she replied sticking her tongue out to him.

Anyway, he knew her well, he had doubt she would choose a sexy little bikini. Soarin could be at peace about it. It wasn’t with this girlfriend of his that other boys would be able to get an eyeful.

Yet, what reassured him the most was the fact she wouldn’t be on her own. She was leaving with her bunch of friends, with whom she would be day and night. There was nothing worse for him than imagining a situation where Rainbow Dash would have been all alone in Canterlot, while her friends would leave for vacations with members of their families. She was spending enough time this way, face to face with herself, wandering inside this huge house…


The previous night, Rainbow Dash had said goodbye to Soarin after they had spent the day together. They had done nothing special… Only a movie, a vegetal cheeseburger and a walk in the exotic plants garden where a puppet show such as they liked to attend to when kids was played.

Right before he had climbed into his car – a 1941 Ford Business Coupé from his father’s garage he had spruced up himself – he had promised to send her a message as soon as he would arrive in Cloudsdale, and that he would send her one every day. Always full of pride, she had told him it wasn’t necessary, and that he would better devote all his time to his parents.

Of course, despite it all, she still hoped he would send her a message every day. Or even twice a day.

She would never admit it to anyone but it was obvious: she was going to miss him. In fact, he hadn’t been gone since twenty-four hours and she already missed him.

True to his promise, he had warned her as soon as he had arrived, and even added in his message the fact that it made him feel weird to see her former house occupied by strangers.

Her headphones on her ears, Rainbow Dash rearranged her heavy backpack, and pulled her suitcase in order to get off the bus. She still hated this mean of transportation, but since she was going to Canterlot’s Grand Station, she didn’t have the choice. There was no way she would let her scooter parked there for two weeks. And it was even more unthinkable with the car her father had offered to her.

Well, although the real reason was that she never drove it yet. Even if she could paint it black, it would always seem way too raffish for her.

She was glad to see that a part of her friends already were here. As soon as she spotted her, Pinkie Pie shook her hand in the air, screaming at her attention. All the passersby around did a double-take, and Rainbow Dash had to lower the peak of her cap, accelerating the pace, so that she wouldn’t die from shame.

Once at their level, her friends welcomed her by falling on her neck. At the same time, the grey small van Applejack used when she was going to her rodeos all over the country arrived on the railroad station’s square, followed by her brother’s red pickup truck.

They were the ones who would drive them to their secondary home of the East. None of the other girls had a mean of transportation wide enough to take everyone, although Sunset Shimmer had sworn she could have borrowed her boss’ panel truck, at the tattoo parlor – who was a friend of her father.

“Pew, it’s already super hot!” Applejack declared while wiping away her forehead, before fanning herself with her hat.

“I just can’t wait to be at the beach!” Pinkie Pie replied. “Oh look! Here comes Fluttershy!”

The young woman, living at the opposite of Rainbow Dash and who had to take a very different bus, had just arrived. She was dragging with her a small suitcase decorated with a huge pink butterfly, and waved her hand in their direction as soon as she saw Pinkie Pie doing the same.

The fact that she was accompanied by her brother, invited by Big Macintosh, wasn’t to please everyone. Or to be more precise, it didn’t please one person in particular. It even seemed like scalding puffs of smoke could go out of her ears when she saw Zephyr Breeze walking proudly next to his sister.

“What the hell is he doing here, my word?!” Rainbow Dash asked, almost yelling.

“He begged me”, Big Macintosh confessed. “He couldn’t stop sayin’ he’d be all alone and very sad. I pitied him.”

“And there’s a free seat since Soarin doesn’t come.”

This comment by Applejack made the teenage girl burn. Upset, she outrageously kicked a nearby pole, and went to buy a fresh bottle of water, grumbling.

The idea of spending two complete weeks with this spoilsport always glued at her back while her own boyfriend would be a thousand miles away, it put her in an incredible state of exasperation. It was so unfair.

Yet, Rainbow Dash knew they weren’t going at her secondary home and she hadn’t a word to say about it. Maybe if he would spend the outward journey in another car than her, it would help her to calm down and to digest this rather displeasing fact.

When she returned back to the square, the rest of the team had arrived as well. With Zephyr Breeze, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, as well as their best friend Scootaloo, it made a total of eleven people to pile up inside two cars. Alright, two BIG cars, but two cars anyway…

Once again, if Soarin could have come, there would have been one more vehicle, and it would have been easier then to breathe.

Quickly, it appeared that the three young Crusaders didn’t want to be parted, and also wanted to be with their sisters and idols, what force Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo to climb into Applejack’s vehicle, which was complete then.

If the preteens were exulting from joy, it wasn’t the case for Zephyr Breeze, who was really disappointed not to spend the four-hours journey by his heart’s desire side. How could he hope being closer to her if they didn’t have the possibility to talk?

He came to terms with it after thinking it through, and realizing he still had two weeks in front of him to achieve his ends, without the invasive boyfriend under his feet.

Satisfied, he chose on his own to sit at the back of the red pickup, on the flatbed. It made him feel like going to an American-style road trip. Big Macintosh didn’t insist to tell him how actually this seat was the most unpleasant and uncomfortable for long journeys, especially under such a blazing sun.

Without much hesitation, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight took place on the back seats and opened their windows fully. Although Twilight, who thankfully wasn’t heartsick in car, had decided to spend her journey reading, at the last moment she decided to put her book back into her bag. Something told her she had more interesting things to do…

There were still free seats in the front and at the back, and when Fluttershy was about to climb next to the two young women, she suddenly was stopped by Applejack, who had just finished putting all the luggage in her trunk.

“Ah think ya should be climbin’ in the front, Fluttershy. Didn’t ya said ya were heartsick backseats?”

Fluttershy rose an eyebrow in front of this statement, and saw in the rearview mirror the two girls at the back looking at each other, not understanding as well. A few times, she’d seat at the back in one of her friends’ car, and she’d never complained about anything in particular… Not even once had she even got pale, so why suddenly pretending she was heartsick?

And, like after a thunderstruck through the sky, everything went back into place in her mind. Of course Fluttershy didn’t suffer from travel sickness. On the other hand, if she climbed on the front seat, she would spend four hours by Big Macintosh’s side. It could allow the young man to discover what a wonderful person she was, and who knew, why not start some kind of a flirt between them.

“Oh yes, it’s true”, Fluttershy replied with a bit of act in her tone. “You’re right, I’d better be in the front.”

Already settled behind the wheel, Big Macintosh shyly smiled at her once she was next to him, before rearranging his inside rearview mirror so he would see what’s behind better. Zephyr’s huge skinny figure didn’t stop him from seeing the road… And Pinkie Pie had just volunteered to sit in the middle back seat, that neither Sunset Shimmer or Twilight seemed to like.

Everyone settled, he started his car which began to purr and vibrate, and he followed the small van driven by his little sister. It was the kick-off of this exciting stay to the beach that they would all spend together for the first time. A stay free of responsibilities, without any adults with them, with nothing but fun and games in prospect.

Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 2)

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Fillydelphia. Fourth most populated megacity of Equestria. Favorite destination of tourists, popular for its beaches of pinkish sand and translucent waters with ideal waves for those in love with nautical sports.

In reality, downtown was miles away from the real beach which was actually surrounded by what formerly was a nice town of fishermen. Because a lot of famous people had made a trendy and glamourous destination out of it, it was the village more than the metropolis itself that was visited.

Apples’ secondary house was in this small town like a paradise for People Press magazines. Their grandmother and her late husband had bought this charming house of six hundred square meters, back at the time when the place still was an oasis of calm hidden of everyone’s eyes, unawares that years later, the capital gain of their possession would skyrocket.

And since the family was very wealthy, they seemed not to mismatch with the rest of the population. However… When the small vans had stopped in front of the gate, the neighbors around had all lifted their curtains or lowered their sunglasses with a puzzled face. It really contrasted with the alluring convertibles, sport cars and limos parked in the pathways bathed in the sun.

It hadn’t got better when the small gang had climbed off the cars, with their suitcases and bags. Applejack’s Stetson probably had turned more than one stomach. For sure, she hadn’t much in common with the other heiresses of her age, and it was the same thing for Rainbow Dash.

Rarity, of course, immediately felt at ease in this universe of luxury, where every new house was lovelier than the last one, with their cameras and their coats of arms at the top of gates. She could already picture herself mixing with la crème de la crème, the elite of Equestrian show-business that she would dazzle with her style and grace… And who knew, maybe she could find new investors to finance her brand at a bigger scale.

And she still had surprises in store! Right from the entrance, the house really blew them away… The ground was as immaculate as snow in winter and overlooked a gap where a gorgeous grand piano was taking center stage. On the right side, were stairs made of marble and on the left, it was easy to have a glimpse at the huge main living-room. Decorated with the best of taste of white, beige and grey, it contained a false fireplace half rustic half modern, and was furnished with large couches, accompanied of painting masterpieces and an immense table.

And it wasn’t over yet since the ground floor also had a summer kitchen, a private auditorium, a billiard room and a television corner as wide as a theater – or at least, that was what it seemed to those not used to such a splendor.

The floor possessed not less than three bathrooms looking like private spas and seven bedrooms. Even Rainbow Dash’s house hardly stood the competition… and she didn’t care at all. What would she do with a secondary home, even near the ocean? Wandering around like a lost soul with the sole company of cleaning ladies and butlers addressing her formally? At least, Applejack could come here with her family…

Quickly, it was decided that the three Crusaders would sleep in the same place, which still left nine persons to settle into the six remaining bedrooms.

It appeared obvious that, despite what he deeply coveted, Zephyr would stay in presence of his coworker and now friend Big Macintosh. He was disappointed, of course, but he couldn’t decently be settled with one of the girls, even if there were multiple beds. And Fluttershy wanted to make the most of her friends instead of staying with him, which was easy to understand.

They could have parted and take one room each. Nonetheless, they wanted to make the most of the trip and to spend nights having fun and laughing even when there wouldn’t be parties on the beach… The distribution was at random and gave the following configuration: Twilight and Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy, then Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash in the master bedroom. Two rooms still were free, in case one of them chose to be alone for one night, or if a last minute guest had to stay – many things could happen during those famous parties.

The advantage of the house, that a lot in the village were envious of, was that it had the peculiarity to have a back garden directly overlooking the beach that was only a few inches away.

Everyone unpacked in cheerfulness and racket, then the whole gang met in the summer kitchen to devour watermelon and juices. There were no house employees, only persons to clean the place three times a week, since the Apples refused to pay people to be at their service. If they had a cook at home, it only was to help out Granny Smith, who wasn’t that young now.

Before making the most of the beach, they went back with their cars to do the grocery shopping for the week to come. With such a heat, no one wanted to cook complicated things, so they all chose fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetal sausages for a potential barbecue, and most importantly enough beers and alcohol-free beverages to be hydrated and to satisfy everyone during the parties and nights.

Just like she’d dreaded, wherever she went, Rainbow Dash was obliged to bear with Zephyr. As soon as she talked about something with her friends, he tried to voice his opinion, even when he didn’t know the topic. He always wanted to impress her, boasting about things she didn’t care about at all.

She didn’t really know what he was thinking, but according to her, it was a very bad way to spend his energy. Since the beginning, she couldn’t help but imagining how it would have felt if what she had seen, she had seen it with Soarin. It even was a bit annoying.

First thing she did when they arrived at the beach was to take information about surfing lessons. A shop of supply rent, that was near the main road, proposed an initiation, payable in advance, and made of two hours a day, with an adaptable flat rate.

It was required to subscribe and to wait for a teacher to be free. Thankfully, one of the instructor had a last minute withdrawal and was available right now. Rainbow Dash leaped at the chance. Without hesitation, she rented the necessary supplies, and gave an appointment to the young man, hardly older than she, at the spot where her friends and her were settled.

“Hey, guess what… I can do my surfing initiation right now”, she said, darting into the sand the blue surfboard decorated with hibiscus flowers she had just rented. "Isn’t it awesome?”

“Fabulous, darling”, Rarity declared while she smeared her body with oil.

Applejack looked at the oldest with a smirk, and took off her hat that she put on the sand. All the girls already were in bikinis, and while Rarity and Twilight looked determined to loaf on their towels – one of them in order to read a novel – Pinkie Pie had already brought Sunset Shimmer towards the waves. They both were busy wetting their arms before going to swim.

“Dya wanna come?” the lovely blond girl asked Fluttershy, who already had entrenched herself under Pinkie Pie’s gigantic pink sunshade.

“Oh, no, I’d rather not… I… I can’t swim.”

They all opened their eyes wide in direction of Zephyr, as if he had been the one to make this odd confession. He answered by shrugging.

“I’ve tried to teach her many times, but she’s too scared.”

“I could try to do this after surfing”, Rainbow Dash declared, as she was now busy spreading total sunblock on each visible part of her body. “I’m a really good swimmer.”

It wasn’t a lie. Like in every other sports, the young woman was also excellent in swimming, although it wasn’t a devouring passion.

But Applejack had a much better idea. She felt that the shared journey of her brother and Fluttershy hadn’t helped much to get them closer, and she still tried to find a way so that Big Macintosh, busy watching the bathers in the waves, would realize how her friend was pretty, sweet and adorable.

Since they were both shy, she sincerely thought they needed to get another little help from destiny.

“Why waitin’? Big Macintosh swims pretty good and he’s patient. He could teach Fluttershy.”

“Eeyup”, he said with a lot of pride.

“Well… I’m not sure”, the young woman answered, her cheeks the color of salmon.

“Don’t ya fret, he’ll be very carin’ or else Ah’ll pull his eyes out of his sockets!”

“I’ll do that too”, Rainbow Dash confirmed.

“Well… Why not?”

Fluttershy got up and dusted dawn sands on her pinkish thighs. She was wearing a one-piece swimming suit a bit retro, with a zipper in the front, hidden by a light baby pink sarong that reminded the soft color of her hair, loosen on her shoulders. If Big Macintosh didn’t have a crush on her by the end of the day, something was wrong, she thought.

When the two young people went together to the water, not even daring looking into each other’s eyes, Applejack and Rainbow Dash exchanged a friendly pat of the hands, under Zephyr’s puzzled glance, since he was trying to ignore what they were up to.

All that mattered to him, to be honest, was to delight in Rainbow Dash wearing a bikini. For now, he was a bit disappointed… She was wearing a surfing suit that covered her forearms, neck and a part of her legs. And she barely looked at him, acting as if he wasn’t here, or almost.

Indeed, it started real slow. But he still had two weeks in front of him to achieve his ends. Two weeks without having to worry about a spoilsport athlete from university. With a bit of skill and patience, it could work.

“Rainbow Dash, are you ready?” a young man he had never seen before asked, wearing a surfing suit as well, and holding a board and all the rest.

He felt as if all his plans were drowning under the rollers of the ocean. Was he… the surfing instructor? Damn! This guy was tall, and build like a top-level athlete, with curly raven black hair, a face with handsome yet masculine features and eyes of an almost translucent blue.

It was totally the kind of guy to make every girl go crazy, without the slightest effort. He looked like a movie star, or worse, like one of those playboys driving Ferraris and partying with champagne a few inches away. And Rainbow Dash would be alone with him for many hours during the weeks. Torment and trouble!

From her towel where she was settled in order to go brown, Rarity lowered her heart-shaped sunglasses, and detailed the newcomer from head to toe. She felt her throat going dry. He was her kind. To leave him alone with Rainbow Dash who never looked at anyone, and only had eyes for her absent boyfriend anyway, it was such a waste.

Suddenly, she really felt like learning how to surf…

“Can I have lessons too?” Zephyr asked abruptly.

Even Twilight jumped hearing him doing this request. It was clear he had nothing of a sportsperson, just by looking at the thinness of his arms and legs, his chest smooth and flush. No one ignored why he suddenly felt like confronting with the waves… And one person in question held herself from screaming, only tightening the grip around her rented surfboard.

“Well, I think I’d like it as well”, Rarity claimed.

This time, Rainbow Dash thought she was about fall back on the sand. Rarity… surfing? Was it some kind of joke? Then, by herself, she sighed and resigned, relaxing her shoulders. They could do what they want, after all, and, to have Rarity would help her to make sure Zephyr wouldn’t try to be stuck to her back like glue.

The young instructor scratched the back of his head, a bit puzzled. Nothing forbid him to do the lesson for three persons at the same time, but there were a few details to settle down before.

“Alright, why not? If it doesn’t bother Rainbow Dash… But you need to rent supplies before we get started.”

A few moments later, as everyone was now busy, the improvised quartet was finally able to attack the waves. Well, sort of. The initiation started by how to stand back up on the board, how to paddle, and the rules of security necessary in order not to get hurt.

Listening carefully to her instructor’s advices, Rainbow Dash was quickly able to understand how things should be done, to the extent that he promised her she could practice on a small wave by the end of the session. Quite unexpectedly, Rarity wasn’t that bad neither. She wasn’t as strong as her friend, but she was more delicate and displayed a great agility.

As far as Zephyr was concerned, he was cursing himself for deciding on a whim to learn this discipline, and that he let jealousy guiding him. It was clear his heart’s desire only cared about the instructor when he taught her something about surfing. Probably because she was thinking about some other boy. It didn’t change the fact that here he was stuck beside this damn board in the middle of the ocean (alright, maybe not) for two long hours.

At the end of the session, when the young instructor left the group on the sand, Zephyr fell flat on his towel, breathless. Every part of his body hurt, and his throat was drier than a desert by dint of swallowing salted water.

Every of them was back on the sand, and Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer had started a Texas Hold’em with candies, under the huge hot pink sunshade, while Fluttershy and Twilight were talking about a book they both had read, and Big Macintosh was actually reading under his own sunshade.

“Ah, now, it’s time for sun worship!” Rarity claimed, stretching like a cat.

There was no way to ignore the glances of boys passing them by when she was behaving this way. It made Rainbow Dash roll her eyes, while lowering the zipper of her surfing suit.

Immediately, Zephyr stand back up on his elbows, his eyes flickering. This time, it was Big Macintosh who rolled his eyes. It was incredible to be that maniac. Alright, it was always pleasant to have a glimpse at a beautiful girl in swimsuit, but it wasn’t either something like a global event.

At the same time, he let his eyes wander to his right. Fluttershy was laughing softly, placing a strand of hair behind her ear, delicate in every circumstances. Another laugh resounded above, heavier, less reserved. More high-pitched also. Pinkie Pie was winning, and rose her arms in the air swiftly. Big Macintosh smiled.

Meanwhile, Zephyr couldn’t take his eyes off Rainbow Dash, pretending not to see him, in order not to explode from rage and stuff his bun inside his throat. She took off a sleeve, then another, lowered the neoprene to her ankles.

The young man felt all his strength leaving him when he realized she wasn’t wearing a bikini, as he’d hoped. Her swimsuit was two pieces, but it was a top that looked like a sports bra, and a bottom that were in fact boyshorts. The whole was burgundy-colored, and the only trace of feminine traits were two discreet pink hibiscus flowers on the side.

He let himself fall against his towel, before claiming he was thirsty. When he stood back up, Rainbow Dash spoke to him… Only to throw a coin at him, and to ask him to bring her a sugar-free soda. He obeyed, head low.

Though the surfing lesson had her bursting with energy, the young woman decided to rest as well, in order to spare herself for the first party of the stay, which would take place at night. She grabbed her bottle of total sunblock, and smeared her body with a generous layer, not forgetting her feet and the back of her nape. After this, she took the sunglasses in her bag, and lied down to take a small nap.

She was starting to drowse when she heard three little voices she knew well, screaming to the whole beach names of drinks and pastries. Rainbow Dash stood back on her elbows, and lifted her sunglasses.

Zephyr then appeared back in her field of vision, and he wasn’t alone. The three young Crusaders were here, with big coolers hanging at their shoulders, against their stomachs.

So this was the reason why they’d disappeared as soon as they’d all arrived at the beach, and that no one had seen them ever since. Without telling anyone, they had started to look for a job they could do during their stay, and that would help them finding their special talent.

There were things that weren’t about to change, whether they were on a beach in Fillydelphia or in the Grand Rue of Canterlot!

Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 3)

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There was a song by the band Eighteen+ called “Hate You”. Each morning when Rainbow Dash was playing it loud under her shower, Zephyr had the strange impression that it was aimed at him.

He was having surfing lessons with her and Rarity. He prepared hot water with lemon and Cayenne pepper for her every morning. He brought her beers during parties. He even promised her if she felt like throwing up, he would gladly hold her hair. She had looked at him with a raised eyebrow and had answered something like:

“Well… No thanks. It’s fine.”

Each time he did something for her, she had some kind of jump back. And even when she thanked him, it always was lip service, as if it burned her tongue to say those words to him.

She refused him to massage her shoulders, or worse, her feet, that he would smear her back with total sunblock. She never wanted him to dance with her, or to come with her to the washroom, and didn’t accept neither him to lend her his jacket when the weather was too cold on the beach.

Whatever he did, Rainbow Dash remained unyielding. Meanwhile, she smiled and laughed with her friends, and displayed a lot of sympathy toward Big Macintosh. Most importantly, when she got a message on her cellphone, she dashed to read it, and often, a very soft smile appeared on her face.

Zephyr didn’t need to think hard to understand. It was her boyfriend. Even absent, he was able to defeat him. It was so unfair. Alright, he knew her since childhood, but Zephyr had confessed first. Didn’t he?

He would have given anything to know what they were talking about, but it happened to be impossible to read above Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. How could his mission be a success if he didn’t know the enemy’s flaws?

Oh, he’d tried to ask questions to his little sister, but Fluttershy wasn’t shy at all with him, and she hadn’t hesitated much to tell him he annoyed her, always wanting to know things about Rainbow Dash, and that she had other bunnies to brush.

Aggrieved, he had no other choice than looking at her from afar, wondering what he could do to prove her that he was more than a nuisance.

Zephyr squinted, and saw Rainbow Dash running in his direction, a ball under her arm. Not really sure of why, he stretched out his own arms, as if she was about to fall into his embrace… Instead, she passed him by and settled in front of her friends, relaxing under their sunshades.

“Hey, there are Brazilians or something like that over there, looking for a bunch of girls to play beach soccer with them. Would you like that?”

“I’d like that”, Zephyr said, raising his hand.

“They said a bunch of girls”, Rainbow Dash pointed, throwing thunderstruck at him with her eyes.

“Count me in”, Applejack answered, already getting up and joining.

“Me too”, Pinkie Pie replied.

Sunset Shimmer accepted the challenge as well, and stood back up to go with the others. Rarity was having a drink around the beach’s bar, where famous people were basking under huge monogramed sunshades, lying on rattan sun lounger padded with quills mattresses, hoping she would find new patrons for her boutique, if not two or three investors.

As far as she was concerned, Fluttershy spent a lot of time with Big Macintosh, who still taught her how to swim.

Twilight was the only one left, devouring her third novel of the week. Except to bath, she never left her towel and spent most of her time with her nose in the books. She had prepared a list of books to read by the ocean that she’d found in her favorite literature magazine, and she wanted to stick to it.

She thought it was logical for Rainbow Dash not to offer her to take part in this activity. Each knew sports weren’t her field of expertize, and that, when school was off, she refrained herself from doing anything else than bicycle and walking.

Her surprise was big when her friend stepped closer to ask her whether or not she also was interested.

“Oh no, I’ll slow you down. I’m staying here, keeping an eye on Fluttershy.”

“Keepin’ an eye on Fluttershy, uh? Ah think she’s in good hands, ya know.”

Of course, she didn’t ignore what Applejack, often helped by another girl except maybe Pinkie Pie, was trying to do with her big brother and the young girl. It probably was a good idea if she wanted these two shy persons to come closer, and she had no intention of thwarting the plans of the whole gang. If they felt they were observed, they would start to feel something. Well… Fluttershy knew perfectly what they were scheming. The problem was about Big Macintosh’s suspicions.

But nevertheless, it was soccer. As long as she needed to use her legs or her arms in a sports team, she was even clumsier that when she was trying these on her own.

“I’ll really slow you down, girls. I’m bad.”

“Heehee, Twilie. We’re playing to have fun, not to win.”

“Speak for yourself, Pinkie Pie! I want to thrash those Brazilians!”

Seeing her natural reaction wouldn’t help their friends to go with them, Rainbow Dash held herself back and assured it wasn’t important, since team effort and mutual assistance were the most crucial things for her. And to say she was a captain…

“Come on, Twilight”, Sunset Shimmer said with a comforting smile. “It won’t be the same without you. We’ll have a lot of fun.”

“Well, alright”, she sighed, before marking her book and getting up to join them.

They entrusted Zephyr with everyone’s stuff, not really letting him choose. The latter looked at them getting away with a bit heartache. It wasn’t exactly the fact he was left on his own to keep an eye on the bags and all that bothered him, but rather the fact Rainbow Dash would play against boys.

On the other hand… He would have full leisure to look inside her own bag, in order to learn even more about her and her tastes. With a bit of luck, if his little sister and his coworker stayed in the water during the whole soccer game, he could even try to read the mysterious messages from her boyfriend.

Zephyr got closer, as if nothing, to Rainbow Dash’s towel and sunshade, and slowly lifted the top part of her shoulder bag, put there flippantly. A bottle of total sunblock, the pocketbook version of a Daring Doo novel, the latest MP3 player, raspberry glossy lipstick, a cloud-shaped hair clip, a motorcycle magazine, extra-strong pepper mint candies, a black hessian Longchamp wallet, and her phone…

After he’d checked out the girls really were in the middle of their soccer game, he grabbed her phone, with its purple, grey and black stripped shell, hoping she didn’t have a code to grant access to the content. His mouth stretched out into an uncontrollable smile when he realized he could get to her list of messages.

The first one was meant for a house employee, probably a cleaning lady, and was talking about someone named Tank… who ate green lettuce, chicory and blueberries, among others. Quickly, Zephyr understood this was nothing but her tortoise, and not another boy.

On the list, he saw the message above came from her father, but he didn’t dare opening this one. Something told him this was a bit too personal. On the other hand, the name right under this one grabbed all his attention: Soar’ followed by an emoticon with a pair of wings.

“What the hay are ya doin’, Zephyr?” a masculine voice suddenly asked, and a large shadow appeared in front of him.

He rose his head and discovered Big Macintosh, standing in front of his towel, a not really happy expression plastered on his face peppered with freckles. Right behind him, Fluttershy was going in his direction. If his sister realized he was looking inside her best friend’s phone, he had no doubt she would consider it her duty to tell her about it. It was a violation of private life, after all.

With his eyes, he did his best to beg his coworker not to tell, but he remained puzzled, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Is there a problem?” Fluttershy asked behind him, at only a few inches away.

“No problem. I’ve mistaken”, Big Macintosh reassured her with a smile.

Zephyr only had the time to throw the phone on the next towel, its owner’s, and he displayed a smile he thought looked innocent, to his sister. Frowning, a bewildered grin outlined at the upper corner of her mouth, and she gave it up once she realized all her friends were gone.

When they came back, the first thing Rainbow Dash noticed was that her smartphone had stayed under the sun, and no longer was where she had put it away before leaving. Big Macintosh pretended not to know what could have happened, and Zephyr felt a cold sweat rolling down his spine.

Thankfully, Pinkie Pie made everyone turn away from this discovery, explaining they’d been able to beat the boys team, with a score of five to two.

“And Twilie didn’t slow us down at all, thanks to Sunny and her great patience.”

“Don’t be too much, I actually didn’t do anything special”, she answered, shaking her hands.

“Don’t listen to her, Big Mac. She’d been awesome.”

“Yeah. She’d made one hell of a coach”, Rainbow Dash confirmed, while checking out whether she had new messages.

Though Sunset Shimmer was humble, Twilight knew how precious her help had been. Too bumbling, she didn’t know how to keep the balls to her feet, nor how to aim at a teammate strong enough. And, hitting a ball with her bare-feet on the sand wasn’t the same than doing it on a field made for that purpose, and she’d fell more often than she did when in school.

By herself, Sunset Shimmer had devoted in order to help her to do better. Her patience had been rewarded in the end, when Twilight had made a nice pass that had allowed Rainbow Dash to score the fifth goal of the game.

The two friends had already found many similarities, like a fondness for science and complicated equations. During the journey to Fillydelphia, they had talked free flowing about Daring Doo, a conversation shared with Rainbow Dash, that Twilight had initiated a few years ago – back when she was in Green Haven, in fact.

Thanks to this improved soccer game, they’d been able to strengthen their bond. Patience and teaching skills Sunset Shimmer had displayed towards her had made her realize they had even more in common. They also had the same thirst for learning and for teaching the others.

On the way back to their towels, they’d talked together, while the three other girls cheered about their victory, starting chants and bouncing on the sand to bang their hips together.

Zephyr went to swim on his own, hoping to drown into the vast of the ocean his fear of being denounced to Rainbow Dash. He was mad at himself… It had been far too dangerous. If she'd realized, she would never speak to him again, not even to say mean things.

Everyone was getting prepared to rest under their own sunshades, when shouts resounded behind them on the beach. Quickly, they realized it was a costumer busy lecturing the Crusaders about a pastry that supposedly was rotten.

The man was talking so loud every towels around were hearing, maybe even some of the patrons of the luxury bar where Rarity still was. The preteenagers were trying to justify themselves, yet he never let them time to say anything.

Applejack and Big Macintosh both knew it was better to let their little sister handle things on her own. She had wanted this holiday job after all, despite the warnings of her eldest. They’d told her if she had the least problem, she would have to learn how to fix it all alone.

However, hearing how violent some of the words were, they both exchanged a knowing look. And Apple Bloom wasn’t alone, plus young Scootaloo was under the older ones’ responsibility.

While Big Macintosh was already standing and Applejack was about to do so, she was pipped at the post by Pinkie Pie, who leaped off her towel, swearing she had an extraordinary gift for negotiations. Her brother showed with a gesture that he could take care of it with the other teenage girl, and the youngest stayed under her sunshade, ready to take part in it if the shouts wouldn’t decrease.

Making the most of this absence, Applejack got closer to Fluttershy. She and her brother had spent a lot of time face to face since the beginning of holidays and it was partly due to her constant efforts. It permitted her to watch closely what her brother’s reactions were when with the young woman.

Of course, she didn’t consider herself to be an expert, yet she thought she was able to notice two or three signs. Big Macintosh often looked in Fluttershy’s direction. She knew he observed her manners, the way she smiled, talked, blushed. When they were in the water, he often brushed her forearms, her neck, and sometimes even her thighs. He took the swimming lessons as an excuse, but Applejack was no fool – it wasn’t something he made with the other girls.

For her, it could only mean one thing. He wasn’t insensitive to the delicate and subtle charm of their friend.

Now, they only had to dare.

“Ya know… Ah think ya should talk to Big Mac tonight”, she whispered to Fluttershy.

“About what?” she answered with a shaking voice.

“Yar feelings. Ya gotta tell him. He can’t guess on his own.”

“Oh, I would never dare.”

“Ya can do it, Ah know ya can. Ah can help ya to get prepared if ya want to.”

Applejack saw the young woman hesitating. She seemed to be as terrified as when Rarity had this superb idea to show everyone a gay porn movie, on Rainbow Dash’s birthday slumber party.

Yet it was the only solution. She was convinced that Big Macintosh would never take the first step. It was his librarian that had hit on him and who had invited him to date. He had confessed it to her the other night. She also knew that, the moment when he had a sexual relationship with her best friend, things had happened naturally, without the least of calculation, and that if that had been aforethought, he probably would have never been able to start it on his own.

Fluttershy took a glimpse at the young man, busy negotiating by Pinkie Pie’s side. He seemed to be at ease in this context about his family.

No one knew him better than Applejack. If she was the one telling her what to say, it could work. Maybe.

She sighed, hands on her heart. It thumped just to think she would tell Big Macintosh how she felt about him, but she also knew, intrinsically, that her friend was right. If she wanted a story to bloom between them, she had to take the first step.

“Alright. But don’t tell anybody. You know how they are, especially Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash… They could spoil everything just by putting their foot in their mouths.”

“Ah bet ya, Ah can picture it already. Ah won’t tell. Pinkie promise.”

Applejack rubbed Fluttershy’s shoulders in order to comfort her, and could easily feel how tense she was. It was going to be a huge premiere for her, undoubtedly. Twilight and her were the only ones who never had dated boys.

Although, in Applejack’s case, it was a while since she had forgotten how it felt like.

“Excuse me, Rainbow Dash… Can I ask you something?”

The young woman lifted her sunglasses and saw her surfing instructor standing in front of her. His muscular body was dripping with drops of salted water. All the girls around, including Sunset Shimmer and Applejack, were looking at him, unable to take their eyes off his body of an Apollo. Only the person in question seemed to be indifferent to this pleasant sight.

Not that she didn’t think he was really attractive. She knew he had the kind of physic that made drool every girl, and even some of the boys. Even knowing it didn’t change the fact it sparked no particular emotions inside of her, except this cold assessment of his aesthetic qualities. There was only one body that ignited something in her guts and heart, and he was a thousand miles away in the South East.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well… It’s a bit personal, in fact.”


She got up and went a few inches away. Shouts from the unhappy costumers had ceased, and from where she was, Rainbow Dash could see the duet made of Pinkie Pie and Big Macintosh busy parleying with him. The three Crusaders were hiding behind the tall blond guy. With his golden hair, his verdant eyes, his tanned skin and his body build by working on a farm, he too drawn feminine attentions. It wasn’t a surprise that Fluttershy had a crush on him…

In fact, she hoped it wasn’t about a love affair her surfing instructor wanted to talk. He was really nice, and she appreciated his patience and encouragements, but her heart already belonged to someone.

“Well, actually”, the young man said while staring at his feet shaking on the sand. “In fact, I was wondering… Is Rarity free?”

Rarity? The teenage girl felt a weight leaving her chest when she heard this name. So, he too had given in to the spellbinding sirens of the fashion designer? He wasn’t the first… and probably wouldn’t be the last. When known she had wanted to learn surfing only because he was the one who taught, it was easy to get to the conclusion that, free or not, she wouldn’t refuse to spend some time with him.

“Yes, Rarity’s free. Rarity’s always free…”

“So, do you think you could tell her about me? Or, I don’t know… Something of the kind.”

It was cute to see this big fellow blushing when it came to make the first step with a girl he liked. Of course, this behavior reminded her of another one, and for the first time since the beginning of the stay, she dared to admit it to herself, though she would never admit it in front of her friends… She missed Soarin. A lot.

“I can do better than that! We’re having a party tonight, on the beach. Come over… You’ll invite her to dance. I think she’ll like it.”

“Thank you, Rainbow Dash, really, thank you”, he said holding her close, before leaving cheerfully. “See you tonight.”

She went back to her towel and lied down without a word, yet very much aware her friends were expecting an explanation from her. She was obliged to notice how Zephyr was staring at her, dumbstruck, as if he was trying to swallow something hanging in the air.

“He wanted to know whether Rarity was free to date him”, she said in a detached way, before falling flat under her sunshade.

None of the girls around, not even herself, missed Zephyr’s sigh of relief. He had thought that, despite her seemingly indifference to his charms, Rainbow Dash had decided to have a crush on another boy, who wasn’t her official boyfriend. When he had seen this cardboard seducer holding her close, agonies of jealousy had come to burn his innards.

Since it was all about Rarity, he had not to worry anymore. For now, he suffered from no direct competition.

So be it. Until now, all his attempts had failed. But he still had a whole week in front of him. Nothing was lost. There was a saying that was “out of sight, out of mind”, right? He should be able to get the sight out of his sweetheart’s mind from the one she thought had her. How, Zephyr didn’t know yet. But the intention was here, and intentions were the beginning of determination. Or something like that.

Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 4)

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Even when the days were scorching, the temperature on the beach rapidly plunged as if it was some November night. Sweaters and jackets weren’t unwanted. A fire crackled in a corner, around which a whole bunch of vacationers were chatting, with a beer in their hands.

The guests of those parties were all those who wanted to come. The house was opened and they all came and went freely between there and the sand. Inside, music was playing and a few couples were dancing. Each had something to eat or drink.

Of course, the wealthiest ones weren’t the ones stopping there. They rather saw this with spite, thinking it was nothing but a toot by teenagers left to their own devices.

It was just the third party of the kind they’d organized, yet already, it was a success. On the first night, only a few curious persons had come and taken part, but they’d liked it so much they’d spread the word in town. Their word of mouth had worked very well, and tonight, the Apples’ house was as full as in Pinkie Pie’s parties in Canterlot.

In a part of the living-room, where a few persons had started a billard game, Zephyr found Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. He had no idea of where was his little sister nor his coworker, so in desperation, he asked the two young women the questions burning his lips, and easy to guess:

“Have you seen Rainbow Dash?”

“I think she went to see those who’ll start the firework, to know if they needed help”, the blue-haired girl answered, not taking her eyes off what seemed to preoccupied her more than the rest.

Zephyr looked at the two bottles of beer in his hands, aggrieved. He wanted to begin his new attack of what he called now the “Rainbow Attack” operation – unaware of what this name reflected – and was in a dead-end once again. There was only one week left, and he knew these parties were the best way to achieve his goal.

Out of desperation again, he accepted to hand one of his bottles to Sunset Shimmer, who had just asked him if that was possible. Well, this Sunset Shimmer was rather cute in her own style… With lovely blue eyes, charming curls and a rebel look he appreciated. However, just like the girl he targeted and the girl by her side, she didn’t really pay attention to him.

She and Twilight were focused on something, unless it was someone, and didn’t seem able to take her eyes off. Curious, Zephyr leaned against the wall behind him and stretched out his neck. After a few efforts of concentration, he discovered the surfing instructor in a corner of the room, and felt his heart falling at his feet.

They all were hooked up on this guy, and he didn’t understand why. What did he have that he didn’t have, out of a chest from health magazines and arms like granite? He bet he had no brain and his feet stunk by the end of the day.

Jealousy was gnawing at him from the inside, once again. Alright, this guy didn’t seem to interest the girl he liked but even so… At least, he was able to grab the intention of one girl from the gang while he was treated with cold sympathy at the best and indifference at the worst.

Even when he understood that in fact, Twilight and Sunset Shimmer weren’t staring at him, but at Rarity, his bitter realization didn’t change. His heart only beat for Rainbow Dash, yet even him could admit that Rarity was a gorgeous woman. Surprise, surprise, this beauty responded to the instructor’s interest, although he probably was a little younger than she.

He couldn’t help it. Being envious. He couldn’t help but seeing himself in the fop’s shoes, with Rainbow Dash in Rarity’s heels. The way she laughed, leading her hands to her mouth, the way she placed a strand of hair behind her ear to show how refined she was, she way she put her hand against the young man’s shoulders, innocently. And he was staring at her with the eyes of the one who had just discovered the most valuable of treasures.

“So, this is how she does it”, Twilight claimed before putting her lips around the straw of her alcohol free juice cocktail.

“It’s mighty subtler than the way I hit on guys. And it seems it works better too…”

“Yet Rainbow told me you were pretty good at it.”

“What? Ah, probably because of her birthday party. Wasn’t the same thing. Sheer luck.”

“I’m sure it’s better than what I did with Flash Sentry…”

Her friend looked at her with compassion, finally tearing herself away from the couple of the day, and rubbed Twilight’s shoulders.

The incident still was fresh, and talking about it was hard. She couldn’t believe she had been trapped so easily. She couldn’t believe her very first love story had ended before it even started.

Sometimes, she thought about Flash Sentry and felt a slight ache in her chest. She wasn’t in love, which didn’t stop this aborted of a beginning of romance to hurt each time it came back to her mind. Love seemed to be something far too complicated, even for a brain like hers. At least, mathematics could always be trusted.

Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared in the girls’ and Zephyr’s field of vision. She was talking and laughing with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and already had a glass bottle in her hand, which in reality was an alcohol free beer. When they waved at her to ask her to come their way, the young woman went in the direction of the billiard room.

She was barely there that Applejack arrived as well, seemingly restless.

“Hey, there’s a black vintage car that just parked in front of the house.”

Immediately, Rainbow Dash froze. She whispered something inaudible, and putting her bottle of beer on the edge of the billiard table unscrupulously, she dashed towards the door, running.

The bunch, puzzled, looked at each other before following her. Zephyr had been the witness of the whole scene, and didn’t resist his desire to go after them. He discovered all the girls of the group stuck together before the window, each trying to get the best view of the outside.

Because he was a bit taller, he was able to see everything happening without getting too near. Through the window, he saw a boy getting off a car, and Rainbow Dash arriving on the run. She fell on the young man’s neck, who caught her immediately and lifted her in his arms, her feet taking off the ground.

Soarin. The damn boyfriend. How did he happen to know where they were?

“Is that Rainbow Dash?” Twilight questioned while the couple embraced. “Our friend Rainbow Dash?”

“Seems like”, Pinkie Pie chanted with a smile.

“But how Soarin happen to know where we were?” Fluttershy asked as well.

Oh, well played, little sister, Zephyr thought. He knew he could always count on her to be relevant at the right moment. Or at the worst.

“Ah told him dis mornin’”, Applejack added. “He made me promised not to tell anyone.”

So, Applejack was part of the secret? No. So, Applejack had Soarin’s phone number? He didn’t have hers yet he was one of her best friend’s brother, and her big brother’s coworker. It was unfair. Truly unfair.

Outside, on the sidewalk, the couple had no idea to be observed by the whole gang. Nothing mattered anymore, anyway. It was as if they were locked up in a sealed bubble, where no sounds except their own voices resounded, keeping them warm and sheltering them from the rest of the world, obviously uglier.

“How is it possible that you’re here one week earlier?” Rainbow Dash asked as soon as Soarin had put her back on the ground.

“My father had changed the dates of his departure for Italy and didn’t tell me. So, I’ve only seen him for a day and I’ve spent the rest of the time with my mother. Aren’t you happy I’m here? Because I can go back, otherwise…”

He pretended to turn to the door of his car.

“Don’t say stupid things!” Rainbow Dash hurled, slightly hitting his shoulder. “There’s going to be a firework in a few minutes. Come on!”

“Hey, first let me taking things out of the trunk!”

Despite his protest, Soarin let himself be dragged towards the main door by his girlfriend, who had grabbed his wrist. Too bad… He would take back his bag latter. The fact she displayed so much enthusiasm to see this firework with him was enough for the young man. She would never say it, but this way he knew she probably had missed him just as much as he had missed her.

On the way, he greeted the whole gang piled up by the main window of the lobby. They greeted him back, reassured to notice he was so happy to see her again that he hadn’t even paid attention to the fact they all had tried to spy on them.

As far as Zephyr was concerned, however, relief came along with an uncontrollable resentment. All his plans had once again sank in the depth of the ocean. With her boyfriend back, his operation was now compromised. Of course, he could still try to show Rainbow Dash how he was worthier than this damn Soarin, but it would be a lot more difficult in the presence of the enemy.

Dragging his feet, he followed them as well as the rest of the group, and an important part of the guests, until the beach where the firework was about to be let off in a couple of minutes.

As he’d done for the surfing instructor who was at the same corner of the house busy French-kissing Rarity, he couldn’t help but observe the young man. He wore a plain shirt and jeans and hadn’t really brushed his hair. Alright, he was tall… very tall, even. Alright, he had broad shoulders. And emerald eyes. But out of this, he had nothing special, according to Zephyr. He, at least, had a sophisticated look, and he had a lot of charms, in his own opinion.

Blinded by jealousy and envy, he couldn’t understand that people’s consideration when it came to love affairs went beyond a question of physical features and style.

Willingly left side by side by the rest of the group, Soarin and Rainbow Dash were far from envisioning which kind of feelings they could activate.

This short separation of a week hadn’t been hard to live, and had even proved they weren’t like many other couples, unable to do anything without one another. On the other hand, they had taught them to identify how they enjoyed being together again, and how, despite the distance, they always stayed in mind and heart of one another.

While the firework started, Soarin took a glimpse at his girlfriend. It couldn’t be said she was affected. Without makeup, her hair tied in a ponytail, she was wearing sneakers, a pair of baby blue jeans, a tee-shirt with skull and crossbones printed on it, and a long brown jacket he saw her wearing so often it was worn at spots. Yet, in his eyes, she was the loveliest of the girls around. Even more when she opened her mouth, in wonder in front of the spectacle above their heads.

Only after one more second did he notice that, under her marveled face, in reality she had brought her hands near her face, as if she was in the middle of a pray, and her two hands were almost imperceptibly trembling – not enough for him not to see.

Obviously, she was torn between two kind of feelings.

As far as Soarin could remember, she had always enjoyed fireworks. At each Cloudsdale Spring Celebration, they both used to go and see the one let off from the Royal Grand Stadium, often with his own family, since Firefly was always on duty on this day, and her father had always worked a lot. It had been such an even every single time, anticipated and expected with a certain impatience.

If today, things were a bit different, he thought it probably was connected to her mother’s death. He had never dared looking at the footages on the Web, and only knew what news had aired on television, which was different than attending live like her, but it could have something to do with the sounds of the explosive devices, or to the fact that a small fire was never to be excluded.

Rainbow Dash probably noticed he was staring at her, instead of watching what was happening in the sky. She looked up towards him, and a shy smile appeared on her face. Because it was still difficult for her to express this type of things out loud, she only let her arm fall between them.

Her boyfriend immediately understood the message she was sending, and quickly he took her hand, their fingers intertwined. This way, he could feel her shakings slowly disappearing as the firework was going to the grand finale. Finally, he was able to see joy and nothing but joy reflecting in her eyes at the same time as the pink, red and purple lights were exploding in the skies.

It had to be said the organizers had done their best to make this show unforgettable. It almost felt like in Canterlot, during the Royals birthdays, in the gardens of the Palace.

Everyone was so caught up into the firework that no one of the band noticed two other persons were missing.

Quietness was back in the big house, although music kept on playing. Even those who had not decided to attend the show outside were gone to see this with their own eyes. Thanks to this, Fluttershy had the chance to see Big Macintosh on his own, as she had hoped.

Seeing her coming his way, he displayed no emotion of surprise. It seemed to be clear even for him that what was happening outside was part of the many things that scared the young woman. That was why he asked her no questions.

He noticed she was wearing the same pink dress with white dots than on the morning, with only a white jacket. It was an adorable outfit, with those small frills on the front, its bow around the waist, perfectly reflecting the soft and charming character of the young woman.

While he sat at the huge table of the living-room with a pint of ice-cream, Big Macintosh saw Fluttershy sitting innocently close to him. Without a word, he gave her the second spoon he’d taken as he’d seen her arrive, and she accepted with a wide smile to sit closer again in order to share the vanilla ice cream with him.

It was Applejack who had advised her to wait for a moment when they would be alone, and also who had assured her she didn’t need to put a lot of efforts in her outfit, so he wouldn’t notice anything. She also had described her many ways to start the conversation with her brother and Fluttershy only had to choose among these solutions.

But now she was in front of the fait accompli, she no longer knew what she needed to say. Her shyness got back on top as they were both sharing ice cream in the same pint, exchanging nothing but reserved glances.

She knew it, if she didn’t hurry to tell him what she had to tell him, the fireworks would be over, and a part of the guests would be back inside the house. It was now or never. No other chances would happen or it wouldn’t be that perfect.

The teenage girl swallowed and let out a sigh that didn’t go unnoticed by Big Macintosh. He looked at her blinking, not really understanding what happened to her, obviously unaware of the state of nervousness which she was in. Did he feel the same thing? Fluttershy couldn’t tell, but with him it never was easy to know.

She put her spoon back on the table, and tightened her eyes and fists as strong as she could in order to deliver what she had to say. It matched with none of the scenarios prepared by Applejack but it didn’t matter. She was going to do things her own way…

“I have to tell you”, she finally started. “I think I’m in love with you… No, I know I’m in love with you. I think you’re really nice. When you’re next to me, I feel like flying and I’m so happy. It’s the first time I’m feeling this way about anyone. I’d really, really, really, really, really like us to be together.”

Her heart beat in her chest as if it was about to tear off her chest and fly away. Fluttershy couldn’t even opening her eyes back from nervousness, on the verge of fainting. She had poured all her heart into this confession of love, and hoped she at least hit a soft spot inside of him.

Applejack knew him well, and thought he was interested by her. Applejack couldn’t be wrong about her own brother, could she? If so… Why did he remain silent?

The young woman heard the sound of iron softly touching the table, following by the grinding noise of a chair. Her respiration was difficult, yet she finally could open up her eyes.

Big Macintosh had come closer, now sitting on the chair right beside her. He stretched out his hands and took hers between his palms. They were warm and wrapped hers completely. If her heart was still beating at top speed, this time the feeling was pleasant. Feverish, the teenage girl was anticipating the first words that would cross his full lips that she had dreamed of so many times.

“Ya truly are a very pretty girl. In fact, Ah haven’t met a lot of girls that were as cute and pretty as ya are. Ya don’t even realize how many boys would die to hear ya say dat.”

Fluttershy couldn’t believe it. Those words said by Big Macintosh about her, it felt like a dream come true. And yet, she sensed something indescribable in his speech… like an odd premonition she didn’t know how to interpret.

Her heart tightened again when he pressed his palms against the back of her hands. He was looking straight into her eyes, and she couldn’t help but blushing, ruffled by their nearness.

“Ah have to be honest with ya. Ya know honesty’s very important in mah family. Ah think you’re a girl of gold. But… Yar not mah kind. Am someone shy and shy girls make me feel like Am seeing mahself in a mirror. It’s really weird. Ah prefer light-hearted girls, full of energy… Ah’d like not to hurt ya but Ah think Ah would hurt you more by pretendin’. Ah hope ya won’t hold a grudge against me.”

“Wow, this firework was soooooooooooo great!” Pinkie Pie’s voice suddenly chanted.

She had just arrived into the house, followed by the rest of the gang and the guests. Someone turn the volume of the music louder so the party would resume back.

Unable to confront her friends, Fluttershy left her chair in a hurry and quickly climbed to lock herself up in one of the rooms upstairs.

Out of them all, Applejack was the only one to understand what had happened. Obviously, she had declared her love to Big Macintosh, and the latter didn’t share the young woman’s feelings. She had no doubts her eldest had displayed diplomacy, which didn’t stop the person in question to be brokenhearted.

She hesitated to follow her and trying to comfort her, but finally resigned… Fluttershy probably didn’t want to see anyone.

When the others asked her what could have happened, she said she would explain them later in order not to be a party-pooper, with the hope the girls would forget to ask in mind, so she wouldn’t have to tell them the truth that was could be her fault.

In the room, Fluttershy couldn’t stop crying. She had never shed so many tears, not even when her very first bunny had died back when she was eight, and yet it had almost smashed her soul. She was feeling as if someone had pushed her down and beat up, as if a butcher’s knife was hammering inside her heart, over and over again.

She couldn’t get to forget the words he had said, with a lot of softness and an imperturbable calm. Yes, he thought she was adorable, pretty, cute, charming, and all kind of flattering adjectives but he didn’t love her. He didn’t love her because she was too shy, too soft and too kind. He didn’t love her for the reasons he should have loved her.

It had made her feel like a heavy bell ringing directly into her ears when, after Big Macintosh had revealed he preferred energetic girls, Pinkie Pie had arrived, with her high-pitched voice and her enthusiasm always too big for everything. She was the kind of girls Big Macintosh liked. It was someone like Pinkie Pie he could picture himself with.

And she, Fluttershy, was her complete opposite. She wasn’t a ball of energy, she wasn’t bouncy nor outlandish, she couldn’t even scream to display her joy. She would never be Pinkie Pie, which meant Big Macintosh would never love her.

How she would like not to be herself anymore. How she would like to be Pinkie Pie.

Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 5)

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Hard to face the sun when its rays came down directly into the eyes. It undoubtedly had been easier under the shadow of a huge sunshade, lying on a gorgeous beach. And this, even when this paradise had been hell for some days, when obliged to see the loved one slipping through your fingers over and over again.

Now Fluttershy could understand how her big brother felt each time he was in front of Rainbow Dash with Soarin.

All week long, Zephyr had been nervous to know he was close to the one he’d his heart set on, with another boy to learn surfing with her, dancing with her during the parties, clinging her bottles of beer… And all week long, Fluttershy had suffered to be so close to Big Macintosh without being the one he would hold the hand of, or would cover with kisses on the forehead, like Rarity and the surfing instructor.

On the way back, she had traveled with Applejack’s brother again, and had been able not to burst into tears. It was thanks to her friend she had gained back a bit of courage. Indeed, she had explained her why maybe everything wasn’t over.

“Ah know him fine. Sometimes he just needs time. If he ain’t sayin’ he hates ya then it means ya still can hope.”

He hadn’t told her he hated her. Conversely, he only had nice words about her. It wasn’t easy to accept she wasn’t his type of girls, but she also could reassure herself by thinking people rarely fell in love with a type. It happened to be seduced by a person because she is this person. Zephyr never lost hope despite his many failures, for once in his lifetime, and so for once in her lifetime, she took a leaf out of his book.

After these two weeks of laziness on the beach, it felt really odd to be back to the uproar of the city. The heat was way more hard to bear here than by the ocean. Most importantly, they all had the strange impression everyone they knew were looking at them curiously.

“Is it me or the mood around here feels… mystical?” Rarity asked while dragging her suitcase behind her.

“I can feel it too”, Twilight answered, wrinkling her nose.

“Bah, you’re imagining things!” Rainbow Dash delivered, shrugging.

She pushed the door of the Sugarcube Corner where they all had decided to stop by in order to have a milkshake before going back home.

The idea of taking a bus after this very long ride in a car had pleased none of the girls concerned, and by common consent, they’d decided a small break wouldn’t be a bad prospect at all. Rarity had offered them to stop at her boutique, but they all knew what would happen if they accepted. Their friend would force them to help her unpacking.

They barely had the time to reach the counter and greet the Cakes that the Flower Trio came their way and blocked it. Conversely to the latest times, they didn’t seem to be wound as tightly as a spring. They rather displayed the same baffled and confused faces than the other acquaintances they’d met.

“Rainbow Dash!” Daisy cried while hanging at her arm in a desperate way. “I thought I’d never say something like that, but… I’m so glad you’re alright!”

After this, the young woman fell into her arms, and started to cry her eyes out. Lily and Rose followed in their friend step and held her against them as well.

They couldn’t make head or tail of it. The Flower Trio were part of the people who liked Rainbow Dash the least, and not only because they knew Zephyr was in love with her, but also because they hated the way she always tried to draw attention, and her boasting way of speaking. And here they were crying because she was safe and sound, like bridesmaids from a romantic comedy.

It seemed as if they would never let go of her and explain all this mess. None of the six girls were able to understand. Not even to begin to understand. How could they tell? They all had been absent for two weeks and the Flower Trio weren’t any part of their close friends… except maybe for Pinkie Pie, who liked to say she was friend with everyone.

“Dang, is there someone to explain what’s going on?!” Twilight asked suddenly, since she wasn’t famous for liking mysteries that remained shady for too long.

“Oh, it traumatized you so much you’re now in a denial phase” Lily whined while drying her eyes.

“I say, what should we be traumatized of?” Rarity questioned.

“Well, you know, Lightning Dust and Trixie…”

“Lightning Dust and Trixie?!” Pinkie Pie stormed. “Is that a bad joke? Because that’s reallyyyyyyyy bad!”

“We hoped that too”, Rose intervened. “Unfortunately…”

Rainbow Dash put her hand on her forehead. This dark story she didn’t understand anything of was starting to give her a migraine. It seemed that, since everyone thought they knew something they ignored because they were all in Fillydelphia, no one wanted to tell them what the hell was going on in this city.

If Applejack had been there, and hadn’t directly gone back home, with her famous honesty, she would already have had the three young women spill the beans. It was unbearable.

“Well, we don’t have until tomorrow. So now, tell us what those two dimwits could have done that’s so awful.”

“Well… C’mon, you know well… The fight, the hospital, the Grand Rue’s control, and all… By the way, I’m glad you don’t seem to have any scars…” Daisy finally confessed.

“What’s that?” Sunset Shimmer said, taking part in the conversation as well. “We were in holidays in Fillydelphia the whole time.”

“WHAT?!” Rose screamed into Rainbow Dash’s ear, who pushed her with an irritated grin.

“It’s true”, Fluttershy said in a whisper, hiding behind Twilight. “In the Apples’ secondary house.”

“But… But…” Lily replied. “They’ve told everything they’ve fought against you and Applejack for the Grand Rue’s control, and that they’ve won.”

With this complementary piece of information, everything became clearer. Because no one had seen them for two weeks long, the two teenage girls had the necessary time on their hand to give body to that little rumor of theirs. Everyone probably had thought they both had been knocked down, injured so seriously they were too embarrassed to show up, which explained the surprise as they’d seen them safe and sound in the streets.

All this… What for? The Grand Rue’s control? It was gangs who made this kind of nonsense… They weren’t there to control anyone, since they were nothing but a bunch of friends amongst others, who liked to have fun together.

It probably was a way to get a revenge for what they had tried to do respectively to Twilight and Pinkie Pie. How they had met and agreed, no one knew. But if one of them had seen them on the day they left near the railway station, she could have stirred up a scheme and search for a partner in crime that dishonest conspiracies didn’t bothered.

Of course, they wouldn’t stand it. It wasn’t the fact they had said they’d been able to beat her and Applejack that put Rainbow Dash beside herself, though it seemed to her as highly improbable. No, it was the final goal of the plot that made her veins pulsate inside her temples.

It was insane to think that even when away from the troubles of High School they couldn’t be left alone. Maybe Twilight had been right when she had said they were problems magnets.

“Alright… Where are they?”

“On the Grand Rue, of course”, Lily answered. “They’re busy racketeering those who want to question the Mouth of Truth.”

“This is unforgivable”, Pinkie Pie mumbled.

“I agree”, Rainbow Dash answered. “Let’s go!”

As soon as the angry teenage girl, along with the bunch of friends, with Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer at the front, went out of the tea saloon, all the students from Canterlot High who were hiding in Sugarcube Corner followed them on the run.

Everyone wanted to see this with their own eyes. Each time something happened, even those who said they only minded their own business, couldn’t help but listening to the rumors, and to pass on the latest rumors from CHS. It was a bit like reading the news column about stars, except it was about persons you could meet on a daily basis. No one could escape it, but of course, it always was juicer when it was about popular students.

The gang quickly found Lightning Dust and Trixie, standing at the very spot. As soon as they saw them in their field of vision, the proud smile they displayed melted down. Obviously, they ignored that today was the day they were back from holidays.

All those queuing for the Mouth of Truth left the line, and came to hide among the curious onlookers piled up all around. Even tourists, unaware of what it was all about, had stopped and taken their phones in order to film the scene.

“So… I heard you’re controlling the Grand Rue because you beat the shit out of me and Applejack? How strange I don’t even remember.”

“It was her idea”, Trixie immediately said, pointing at Lightning Dust.

“Hey! I’m not the one who’s picked you up, as far as I know!”

Nice spirit of mutual aid, the girls of the group immediately thought. It appeared like they hadn’t consulted each other about what to do once they’d be discovered. If they had done something like this, they wouldn’t be here, blaming each other. It didn’t matter, anyway. They would both pay for this…

“Applejack would never fight to control a street”, Pinkie Pie claimed, brandishing her fists. “She’s not like that.”

“And so isn’t Rainbow Dash”, Fluttershy said softly.

“Had to say we had beat the crap out of the tougher ones to be respected. We wouldn’t make up a story with the two feebler.”

“Are you a moron or what?!” Lightning Dust yelled at her. “You’ve just confessed we made it up.”

“Seriously”, Rainbow Dash intervened. “As if we needed to know… It’s obvious none of you is able to beat anything out of me. And let’s not even talk about Applejack.”

This wasn’t hot air, words to scare them. She sincerely meant it. The way Trixie had run away as fast as her legs carry her at the prospect to fight against her was a good example. Although she was a braggart of a higher level, she knew she was out of her league. As for Lightning Dust… Sister of a former gang leader or not, she didn’t scare her.

It was more than clear that provocation wouldn’t calm things down, and Rainbow Dash didn’t rely on this. There were a lot of witnesses, among which most of them were busy recording their exchange. The result of all this could end up on Internet, and she took delight in the disgrace that was about to happen.

And just like she had planned, one of the two girls answered to her devious invitation.

“Do you really believe in what you say?” Lightning Dust answered, taking a step forward. “You goddam fool!”

“You’re the goddam fool. I’ve practiced boxing for seven years, I could deck you two seconds flat. It’s been a while since it itched me, with what you dared doing to Pinkie Pie… It’s going to be extra sweet, especially in front of everyone.”

As if she suddenly realized she wasn’t on her own, Lightning Dust looked all around you. The crowd had thickened, and quite a number of smartphones were up in the air, along with whispered. Behind Rainbow Dash, she could see determination in Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer’s eyes, which meant they were ready to come as a backup if necessary. Even the “feebler ones” she had ridiculed earlier by calling them with this degrading nickname looked like a pack of lionesses in front of two gazelles around a watering hole.

When she looked beside her, she realized Trixie had flown away, this time without a grandiloquent declaration nor cotton-candy flavored smoke that choked everyone. She should never had trusted this egghead hiding behind her big mouth to make believe she was a tough cookie.

On her own, she would probably had risen to the challenge, but if the other girls intervened… she’d be up the creek without a paddle. And everyone would delight in this. She’d be the laughing stock of the passerby, of CHS people and of former Crushlotters. It was something she couldn’t allow.

“We’re even for today. But I’ll have my revenge, I swear!” she said with her jaw clenched and fire in her eyes.

The she left the crowd of onlookers at full throttle, shoving a few shoulders on her way. A lot were disappointed the brawl hadn’t happened. A fight would have feed conversations for two weeks at least. Nevertheless, for the small group, it was a battle won. This kind of things easily put you into troubles and transform your reputation in a bad way.

There was one last clarification to do anyway. An important clarification, if not essential. In order to convey the message, Rainbow Dash walked to the center of the gathering, and waved to her friend so they would join her. They looked at each other, uncertain of what the young woman had in mind, but they followed.

Fluttershy kept her head low, a distraught pulse from all those eyes on her, and this, although through her friend’s provocation, she’d felt ready to prove she had nothing of a feeble.

“Listen! Listen to me, everyone!” Rainbow Dash claimed. “The Grand Rue belongs to no one, and especially not to us. This is a free space, where every Canteloters have the right to move as they see fit. If anyone tells you they’re controlling this street, or any other street, make them know these are not Equestrian rules. It’s everyone’s duty!”

“And long live to parties!” Pinkie Pie screamed, before leaving in bounces.

Shortly after, all the curious ones left as well, all with a memory of this very special day. Rainbow Dash was rather proud of herself. This intervention would boost her reputation as any sports exploits would do, and with it, the message she had to convey was crucial. It wasn’t only about her, it was about every inhabitant of this wonderful city, which she loved more than any other place – included beaches with pink sand.

Her craziest wish? That her father could see. Maybe then, he would realize she no longer was a fragile little girl who could crumble at the least pressure, and who needed to be surveyed, controlled, locked up… Green Haven was far behind her. Although it wasn’t a hundred percent true.

On the bus driving her home, Fluttershy, as far as she was concerned, thought about what she had seen today, as well as about what the end of her holidays had been like. She had hopes again about Big Macintosh, and thought maybe he could love her eventually.

However, she thought she finally understood what he liked about girls like Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash – since she was sure something had happened between them. They were able to display a strength that could have various shapes, something that belonged to them. Their energy came from this strength, though they didn’t obviously realize. Inside of them burned the lights of a special kind of determination, something that made them exceptional.

And she, Fluttershy, hadn’t found this strength within yet. Deep inside, she wasn’t sure she knew who she was, and what she wanted to learn about herself. If she wanted to be loved by someone else than family and friends, one day, even if it wasn’t Big Macintosh, she would have to discover who she was inside, and to love herself with every of the weaknesses, strengths, flaws and qualities she possessed.

It started right now.

May We Go Round ? (Part 1)

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Fluttering eyelashes, Zephyr took the two hands in his, and looked straight into the two eyes in front of him.

“Rainbow Dash… I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a while now. I love you. Would you accept to dump this dumb basketball player to date me instead?”


Big Macintosh took off his hands abruptly, and turned to his full-length camera. What an idea to do such a thing in front of everyone, in the middle of the Grand Rue? All the passersby were looking at them with eyes wide opened.

He heard his coworker hit a rock from the tip of his faux-crocodile shoes, which might be quite expensive. He probably hadn’t like the answer, yet, in view of Zephyr’s speech, it was the one he would get anyway.

Big Macintosh thought he knew Rainbow Dash well. She wasn’t the weather vane type, changing her mind at any occasion, even less when it came to interpersonal relationships. Even with the most impassioned of confessions, chances for another boy to tear her off Soarin, especially if this other boy was Zephyr, that she didn’t seem to appreciate a lot, were very slim, if not nonexistent.

If he ever confessed him he had messed around with the young woman, once his jealousy overcame, he had no doubt he would shower him with questions to know how on earth had he been able to make such an exploit. That was because of this he kept this little secret to himself. And also because he wasn’t sure whether Rainbow Dash would agree. It was important for him to respect the will of the others, especially when it was about something as intimate as sex.

On the other hand, Zephyr thought Big Macintosh acted cruel with him. He was making efforts… At least, that was what he considered. Since they were back from Fillydelphia, he had stopped following her wherever she appeared to go to, or trying to push himself on her thinking it was the right thing to do. He had thought that changing his strategy and acting distant could make his sweetheart anxious, wondering what was the cause of this sudden distance. Against his expectations, it appeared that she looked even more indifferent than before.

After this, he had tried to know what she liked to do that didn’t include to practice any kind of sport. The experience of the surfing lessons had made him understand this wasn’t the way he could charm her. Impossible to know what kind of movies she liked (to go to the movies), and he found the comics and books she happened to enjoy very hard to approach for a fond of fashion magazines such as he.

It was during one of his investigation to change his love strategy he had found the idea he regarded as able to change the image she had of him. After a short questioning to his personal informer, Fluttershy, Zephyr had the confirmation that his idea, for once, was a brilliant one.

If Rainbow Dash accepted, for him there was no doubt that after a full day spent by his side, she wouldn’t be able to resist him. He would show her things her so-called boyfriend had never even imagined. He would prove her he was the one meant for her, and this even though he couldn’t do any shoot thingamajigs nor standing on a narrow board in the middle of the ocean.

Then, as he had just practiced with his coworker, he would confess his feelings for her, and she wouldn’t answer no, this time. Someone would have bet on it; he would have stake all his money without the least hesitation…

As if she’d heard someone talking about her, Rainbow Dash suddenly arrived in front of him. She was putting away her phone inside her bag, and for once, she didn’t seem to be ready for Roller Derby or testing abseil. A cap bolted on her head, her white tank top too large, letting appear a rainbow sports bra underneath, she wore this with a short grey pencil skirt, and a pair of pink sneakers.

Of course, Zephyr thought the smile she displayed while getting nearer was meant for him, but he quickly had to state the obvious: this was destined to his coworker, whom she said hello to with enthusiasm.

He had to clear his throat for her to notice he was here, and for once, she greeted him without being apparently irritated. Obviously, she was in a sunny mood. In fact, she’d got some nice colors, as her pale and thin skin had difficulty not to turn red.

“How come yar on yar own?” Big Macintosh asked her, surprised not to see the usual gang.

“I must see Soarin… They air Brian de Palma’s ‘Obsession’ at the arthouse cinema, and I’ve never seen this one.”

This revelation confused Zephyr for a short while. His little sister had assured him she didn’t know anything about Rainbow Dash’s tastes when it came to movies, and that she only knew she thought romantic comedies to be boring. Without trying to look harder, he’d thought she liked action movies, superheroes and full-length feature films with cars and bikes. But he never envisioned her stepping into an arthouse cinema to see something that wasn’t the latest trendy blockbuster.

Because of this, he had lost his train of thoughts. He shook his head, like trying to chase away toxic thoughts. If he waited for too long, the boring boyfriend would arrive and spoil everything again. The only chance their date represented was the fact that tomorrow, the latter would be working, and wouldn’t be on his way again, between him and Rainbow Dash.

All he had to do now was to address the topic before she slipped through his fingers.

The best with her surely was to attack right away. Zephyr sensed that if he tried to be too subtle, she would pass it by. Especially since she never really cared about anything he could say.

“There’s a funfair currently at the Royal Palace Place… I thought I could go there tomorrow. Maybe you could come with me.”

Rainbow Dash looked at him from head to toe, both eyebrows raised. Immediately after, as if something had just bloomed inside her mind, she smiled at him. It wasn’t the same type of smile she gave away to Soarin, or even to her friends or Big Macintosh. It almost looked like a professional smile, the kind she probably showed to the sponsors which attended her games.

“That’s not a bad idea. I really like funfairs!”

“True? I’ll be there around two in the afternoon, maybe we could meet there.”

He didn’t bring the precision he would buy her an ice-cream after they had fun together, in order to tell her something very important. His intentions had not to be too clear, or else nothing would guarantee the plan would work. It already was a big deal that she hadn’t rejected him from the outset… He didn’t want to push his luck too far, scared he would see her filter through his fingers like flour through a sieve.

A few minutes later, she had already flown away. Observing her getting away from them, Zephyr felt as if she was going towards the park where she had to meet Soarin like gliding on a cloud pushed by the wind. It seemed clear, according to himself, that she wasn’t that hostile against him. When her mood was good, she could display some sort of kindness for him. It was reassuring for the rest of his plan.

On the other hand, Big Macintosh couldn’t help but rolling his eyes in front of his coworker’s silly and cheerful face. If he thought she was that jovial because of his proposition, he was deeply wrong. It was undoubtedly a mix of cinema, date with Soarin and sunny weather that made her so bouncy, though in this field she remained vanquished by Pinkie Pie, who was like this permanently.

She had something on her mind. Zephyr didn’t know her well enough to realize, but Big Macintosh had immediately noticed, in the way she had gone from stupefaction to smile. And it had to be noted that Rainbow Dash never went to a place such as a funfair only to take a walk, win soft toys, or only snacking, gently sitting at a table.


Behind him, the smell of candies and fried dishes mixed to the screams and music. The mood was electric, and the cloudless blue sky strengthened this feeling of a marvelous yet scary dream, where everything could change dramatically at any minute.

Zephyr could hardly stand still. Dressed in a suit with a tie, his beard freshly trimmed, he was striding along the street back and forth, always glancing at his watch.

It was something like thirty minutes he’d arrived. Yes, it was really early compared to the time he’d given to Rainbow Dash, but it happened to be impossible for him to keep on waiting under the family roof. He felt like going crazy…

Not that he was waiting more patiently here, but it was easier by scanning the horizon in the hope of having a glimpse at multicolored hair from afar. No one had warned him that his heart’s desire wasn’t known for being punctual.

In the same vein, he hadn’t been really surprised to see Fluttershy leaving the house a bit before him in order to meet the rest of the group. In fact, he hadn’t really paid attention. The time he had spent in the bathroom to primp, to perfume and to practice his speech in front of the mirror had made him lose any sense of the world surrounding him.

A whole day face to face with Rainbow Dash… It was so good even him could not believe it. He had played a thousand of scenarios in his mind. Their common features were that they all ended the same way – with him and the young woman walking hand in hand in the setting sun.

Zephyr was ready to bet that the official boyfriend would never have the idea to dress up elegantly, with a bunch of flowers to offer. Girls liked when boys were gussied up, and above all, they adored presents, especially flowers. All the movies in the world could not compete with his attentions.

It was more than certain, she was going to realize he was the boy of her dreams, the one she had waited for her entire life.

When he finally saw her appearing from afar, with her ponytail swinging on her shoulders at each of her moves, her salmon pink blouse showing a shoulder, her denim shorts and her tennis shoes, he felt his heart jumping in his chest. The striking impression of not being able to say a single coherent sentence took over his throat.

She didn’t seem more gussied up than usually, but the only fact to know she had made all these efforts for him was overexciting. As she was coming his way, all the scrupulously invented scenarios were mixing up with one another, and he didn’t know what to say, or where to start anymore.

Because of this, he didn’t immediately notice something wasn’t sticking at all to the plans he had imagined. Behind Rainbow Dash, there were no ordinary passersby or inhabitants came here to enjoy the funfair too. There was her complete bunch of friends, including the oldest girl, Rarity, and the pretty girl with a hoarse voice, Sunset Shimmer.

At first he thought his eyes were tricking him. Many times in a row, he blinked and rubbed his eyelids… It didn’t change a thing, here they all were. And Fluttershy too. Why hadn’t she told him, since she knew?

Thinking it through, maybe she had told him, but he probably hadn’t listened. Too caught up by his scenarios worthy of an airport novel.

Suddenly, he felt ridiculous in his suit. Everyone wore a casual outfit, and with it, they were going to see him offering Rainbow Dash flowers. He knew how much the girls from his sister’s gang liked to tease the others, especially when it came to such a topic.

He could still flee and pretend he hadn’t seen anything. Or maybe not. Already, Rainbow Dash was standing in front of him, frowning from bewilderment. In front of his embarrassed smile, he hoped was at least a bit charming, the young woman’s reaction was to… sneeze.

“Shoot! Who picked daisies?!”

“These are chamomiles, in fact… and Japanese mums”, Zephyr answered while taking a look at the bunch in his hands.

She sneezed again as the others were coming closer. He saw Applejack and Sunset Shimmer eying him in a funny way, with his tie and his formal shoes. Rarity was the only one who seemed to enjoy his clothing effort, though it wasn’t something that could be chosen as the most fitting type of clothes for a funfair.

“Rainbow Dash is super allergic to pollen”, Twilight told him, like trying to give him a secret tip.

“I hope these flowers aren’t for her”, Pinkie Pie giggled. “Like her birthday’s chocolates, even if they were reallyyyy good!”

Zephyr didn’t show anything, but deep inside, he felt like flying his bunch to the last petal. The story of the chocolates, which had costed him a part of his salary, only to discover she was intolerant to cocoa, had left a sour taste in his mouth for a very long time. And here he was, framed for today’s outing, but with it he had once again spent money for something she couldn’t take.

He had to find a trick not to die from shame. And most importantly, not to let believe Rainbow Dash he made no efforts to know in advance what she liked or not, because it wasn’t true – he just hadn’t think of asking for the flowers.

A chance his little sister was one of her best friends. It was rare that she wasn’t around as well… Thanks to this, he would at least stand tall a little. That already was something.

“They’re for Fluttershy”, he answered by giving the bunch to the young woman, who was so surprised she jumped.

“Well… Thanks.”

She was embarrassed. It was so obvious for everyone, except maybe the person in question, that from the start these flowers had been for someone else. It was like this sales rep outfit… It cruelly lacked natural.

What could work with some young women didn’t work for others. How many times had she told him? All the girls were different, and didn’t react the same way to the same things. The message had trouble to be sent. He might get informed, Fluttershy could see he insisted to try to seduce Rainbow Dash with techniques that weren’t in line with her personality.

If he really was interested in the character of the one he said he was in love with, he wouldn’t have to force himself to understand how he could touch her, and score some points. Though Fluttershy knew that even like this, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of his rival.

Despite this, she agreed to take the bunch with her. Zephyr was her brother, and although he had his flaws, she loved him and wanted him to avoid too big a disappointment.

“Shall we go?” Pinkie Pie asked with impatience. “I really want to do this scary big thing over there!”

She showed a roundabout composed of a giant arm, which seats at the end went all around it, and which lifted up in the air. Those who were inside were screaming, heads upside down.

Immediately, Rainbow Dash grabbed her friend’s hand, and led her to the roundabout, saying she absolutely wanted to do this one first. The two, bouncy and as enthusiastic as ever, turned their back on Zephyr, who now felt like curling on the floor to cry. He thought the young woman was afraid of heights… Naïve, he hadn’t understood yet she was only when it came to planes, and that it was connected to the accident that had killed her mother. When it was about scary roundabouts or bungee jumping, she had no nausea, no shudders and no phobia.

Since he was feeling dizzy just by looking at the Ferris wheel, he wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to face such an afternoon… And to say it had started so well. Everything had to happen just like in a dream. Now his dream seemed about to turn into a nightmare at any moment. What had he done to deserve such a fate?

May We Go Round ? (Part 2)

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Texted by his little sister, Big Macintosh had joined the group a bit after they’d arrived. And so, Zephyr’s dream seemed to have completely drowned into the depth of earth.

Yet, determined not to let go, he decided that the fact he wasn’t alone with Rainbow Dash shouldn’t be an obstacle to his plans. He would prove he was worth her attention, and this, following her wherever she went and whatever she did.

It included any roundabouts she wanted to climb into. After the first one, that Pinkie Pie and her had spotted, he already was heartsick, but they both decided to do a second one of the same type after the other, a very high pillar which chairs got down abruptly.

During the rides, they lifted their hands in the air, screamed on top of their lungs and laughed as loudly as they could. While he was hanging on tight to the safety, and tried hard not to pour the content of his lunch on the passersby and curious ones a few inches down.

There was no way he could speak to Rainbow Dash while the rides were on. And in-between, another problem occurred. His little sister Fluttershy also climbed with them, and was obliged to keep the bunch of flowers he had given to her. Because of this, the teenage girl he was in love with couldn’t even align three words without sneezing or complaining.

Now he was angry against himself for not asking his little sister what Rainbow Dash’s favorite flowers were. If he had done it, she would have told him about her allergy and he wouldn’t be where he was now.

After quite violent a roundabout, a portion of group parted. Twilight was feeling bad, and Rarity proposed to bring her somewhere she could rest. Applejack had spotted a mechanical bull that had everyone trying to tame, and Sunset Shimmer had to go to the toilets.

This could have been an advantage for Zephyr, who then could take back control of his special day. Although Pinkie Pie stayed with them, he didn’t regard her as a real obstacle to his little scheme. He even thought that talking her into eating somewhere could send her away for some time. Unfortunately, Big Macintosh was determined to stay with the group, which meant Fluttershy stayed as well… and her bunch of flowers.

When they all decided to go to a ghost train that was known to be the scariest of the world, he didn’t hesitate long and took the seat next to Rainbow Dash. Obviously, she’d preferred to be with Pinkie Pie, whom she had kept the spot for… However, now the damage was done, she agreed Zephyr to stay by her side, more excited about the prospect to start the ride than to spend it with him.

The contrast between them both had something striking… While he displayed a strange greenish complexion, she still was as fresh as when they’d arrived, except for the tip of her nose, and her red eyes.

“Hey, do you like scary movies?” he asked her, thinking he held in his hands the start of a good conversation.

She shrugged, not even looking at him, all eyes only for the entrance that was coming closer.

“Nah, it depends. Some are amazing, but others are crappy.”

“What’s your favorite one?”

“Don’t have one.”

How could he bounce back and forth with such answers, Zephyr had no ideas. Nothing happened the way he had planned, to be honest. He really had thought it would be easier to talk with her, to ask her the hundreds of questions he had imagined, about her tastes, or what she thought about him.

Everything wasn’t over, nonetheless. If this ghost train really was as scary as the legend said, it meant he would undoubtedly gain many points by the end of the ride. Nothing felt like a little thrill to create connections. It wasn’t for no reason so many boys brought their girlfriend to horror movies.

Zephyr had no idea what was this damn “Obsession” movie Soarin had seen with her yesterday. He had been way too excited by the prospect of this day to get informed as he had first planned… What he was sure of in his mind was that it mightn’t be the kind of stuff where a trembling girl would snuggle against the boy with her. He who laughs last laughs longer.


It was exactly what the various boys around had thought when they saw Applejack appearing in front of the mechanical bull none of them had been able to tame. There was no way this cute blond girl with her hillbilly accent would manage to do it, no matter the hat she wore.

Their mouths came off their jaws as soon as she had climbed on the beast. The agility with which she undulated, her body firmly assembled with the leather saddle, the strength of her arms… She could even take off her hat and scream “yeehaw” and she never fell down.

Quickly, however, jealousy turned into some kind of admiration, and screams of support took place of the catcalls.

Buoyed by such a success, it was nothing special she was offered to participate to the contest that was going to take place. Into the bargain, there was nothing but a fake trophy that was far from being in competition with those she won as a professional of rodeos, but if she did participate, it was only for the pleasure of the win.

Her fondness for victory would never equal Rainbow Dash’s, almost unbeatable as a poor loser, yet Applejack also displayed a certain pride in her physical strength, and enjoyed to be number one, on top of a podium.

Before agreeing, she first had to warn both Twilight and Rarity, back from the toilets to encourage her, and she told them they weren’t obliged to stick around. If they wanted to do something else, they were completely free to go. She didn’t want to impose her impulses on her friends.

“You must be kidding, darling… We won’t miss it for anything in the world. Show them you’re the best.”

“According to a fast calculation, you have around eighty percent of probabilities to win”, Twilight finished, with what she thought was a wonderful compliment.

And for someone who knew her right, it truly was one. A compliment to the measure of the remarkably intelligent person that was Twilight Sparkle.

After she thanked them, Applejack returned to the enclosure where the contest would take place. They were many brave ones who wanted to take their chance, and on some of them, she could perceive some kind of scorn towards her, as if they were convinced what had happened earlier was nothing but good luck.

She would adore to win the jackpot right under their nose. She even exulted in advance.

While she was waiting for the contest to begin, the young woman had enough time to spot the Crusaders among the crowd. The three preteenagers were equipped with a camera and notebooks to write down things, and immediately, Applejack knew they were busy rummaging through for their newspaper.

However, Middle School was over for them, and next year, they would start together at CHS. So, why did they still care of this silly Kid Free Press? It made no sense. Unless… No, they wouldn’t dare.

A few weeks back, Apple Bloom had submitted the possibility to create their own celebrity newspaper, called Canterlot Weekly, which wouldn’t in fact speak about celebrities, but of average inhabitants of the city.

The worse was that: they had dared. Determined to become journalists, since their other hobbies usually ended up disastrously, they had thought this funfair would be the perfect place to start gathering Canterlot’s latest rumors and gossips.

Of course, the fact Apple Bloom’s big sister was taking part in a mechanical bull contest, she decided, was of a crucial importance, even able to be their first front page. And of course, Scootaloo preferred to focus on her idol, but it seemed that Rainbow Dash refused to appear in her field of vision.

In fact, they barely were here since ten minutes.

“What if I was trying to find Rainbow Dash?” she suggested. “It isn’t Applejack’s turn yet; I’ll have time to be back.”

“But we said we’d do everything together”, Sweetie Belle said with her sweet puppy look. “We’ll lost each other if we part.”

“Are we going to stay here for a whole hour, waiting for her turn? We could be collecting much juicer news meanwhile…”

“Hm. Not stupid.”

Apple Bloom was rubbing her chin, pretending to think hard when suddenly, Scootaloo thought she heard someone say Rainbow Dash’s name. She turned around, and noticed no one she knew. She could have ignored this if Sweetie Belle didn’t hear someone as well, a girl, saying Rarity’s name.

Not even talking to each other, the two young girl decided to follow this lead, before they might lose it. Their friend complained, screaming she didn’t want to miss her sister’s turn.

Despite it all, she slipped away too in order to follow them, when she saw Rarity who seemed to have spot them – in reality, they had settled beside her and Twilight, unconsciously.

She found Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo crouching behind the pillar of a dodgem’s track. Obviously, they were spying on a bunch of people, but Apple Bloom was unable to spot who was in their line of sight. The crowd was so thick…

Immediately, they pulled the hem of her jeans, and forced her to crouch as well.

“What’s happenin’?”

“This bunch of three girls, over here… We heard them”, Sweetie Belle started.

“They talked about Rainbow Dash, and the fact she had allergies”, Scootaloo followed.

“And that it was the best moment to strike!”

Apple Bloom opened her bicolor eyes wide, unable to believe it. Something horrible was going to happen. It was, undoubtedly, one piece of information the Crusaders had to dig in. It was about Canterlot’s safety.

Although it was a bit scary.


Sunset Shimmer looked all around her. She couldn’t remember whether or not she had taken that way earlier. To be honest, even if she remembered, it was very unlikely to help her much. She doubted her bunch of friends to be at the same spot as when she left them.

Her only certainty was that if she wanted to find at least one part of it, she had to look around thrill rides. The problem? There were many, and visiting them one by one would probably have her wasting more time. Plus, nothing indicated her they wouldn’t try to go into another roundabout while she was scanning the patrons of one of them.

It felt so complicated she could tear out her hair. She needed a plan… In her mind, she calculated a few simple probabilities, in order to visualize her chances best, depending on what of the solution she’d decide to choose.

Maybe it wasn’t written all over her, but Sunset Shimmer had always loved mathematics. All these numbers, these possibilities… She had the feeling that she could never examine the topics from all sides. It was many years now since she envisioned to study upper mathematics, in order to become a teacher, or maybe to calculate trajectories.

And the conclusion she drawn from all this was that she’d probably have more chances to find her friends by calling them on the phone. With such a noise, they would perhaps not pick it up at the first shot, but if she insisted, one of them would certainly end up answering. She imagined that Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight wouldn’t bear with being head to the ground for so much time.

She had barely grabbed her phone out of the small cross-body bag she’d taken for the occasion that she heard three familiar voices calling her from behind.

Sunset Shimmer turned around, and her wide smile fell down like petals of a withered flower… This was none of her friends. At least, none of her real friends.

Sonata, Aria and Adagio were standing a few inches behind her, and she felt her heart racing with an incredible swiftness. It was only a few months now since she wasn’t afraid anymore to meet them accidentally in the streets, and now she was expecting it less, her guard down, they reappeared in her life.

She wasn’t sure whether it should reassure her that the reunion happened in the middle of a thick and dense crowd or if she should be even more scared.

By instinct, she stepped back when Adagio, her long red-blond hair swinging against her frail shoulders, went in her direction with an arm stretched out.

Last time she had seen each other, the three girls had copiously insulted her, swearing to bump her off next time they would meet, amongst other sweet things.

The temptation to run away as fast as she could was huge, and too bad if she appeared a bit coward. With what they had done to Rainbow Dash, only by spirit of revenge, only because they had thought her able to snitch on them if she had recognized them, Sunset Shimmer had no doubt they could follow through with their threats about her.

“Don’t come any closer!” she dared to intimate them.

“We mean no harm, we promise”, Sonata answered, stepping in her direction as well.

Out of the three, she had always been the one Sunset Shimmer thought was the most harmless and benevolent. Sonata rather had the soul of a sheep than of a tough cookie, and often, she had incurred the wrath of one of the two others, because of the way she thinks, a bit simple-minded and ingenuous.

It was the reason why Sunset Shimmer let them approach her, though she remained wary, and at a reasonable distance from Aria, and especially from Adagio – who behaved as if she was the leader of their group.

“What do you want from me, then? I don’t have much time…”

“In fact”, Aria started, twisting her fingers together. “We’d like to apologize.”

“Yes, we’ve been horrible with you last year. As far as libeling another student and putting the blame on you… We deserved our hours of community services.”

“Would you accept to make peace?” Adagio finally asked, stretching another hand towards her.

If Sunset Shimmer didn’t know them that well, she would say they were of a disarming sincerity. Nevertheless, she knew perfectly how they worked. In the past, a certain number of times, they arrived at school with faces of a puppy who’d lost his masters, and declared they would do their best not to behave like bitches with her anymore. And once she told them she accepted their apologies, they would laugh in her face and behave even more unkindly.

This serenade had an unpleasant rotten aftertaste from the past. Something told her bad habits never vanished in the air by magic, just because a spell had been broken. Some would find redemption in repentance, but others used it to feed their hate.

She had no way to know whether the three girls were bluffing, or if they really wanted to let the past where it deserved to be: behind.

Suddenly, she remembered she’d been a part of their group for a reason. She too had been a little hoodlum, trying to humiliate the others, in the hope it would give her importance and inspire respect. Those she now regarded as her true best friends had been able to go beyond this past full of ugly ink stains. They had given her a second chance, and every day, she was doing her best to show she was glad they had.

There would always be a small part of her to be suspicious of the three girls, yet, she decided to give them this second chance, as it had been applied for her own case. Everyone could feel overwhelmed by remorse one day… There was this thing, called maturity.

And, it was nothing but a handshake. There were no obligations, and it didn’t mean that they would start to hang around together again tomorrow.

“Alright”, she sighed. “You’re forgiven, don’t worry.”

Sunset Shimmer hesitated for a second, then put her hand in Adagio’s. Her heart was still racing with fear, and she thought for a very short while the girl would take an advantage from it to pull her hand and push her to the ground, or something like that.

Instead, her former classmate shook the hand she gave, and she felt as if both Aria and Sonata were satisfied with her decision.

Something vibrated in her bag, and Sunset Shimmer grabbed her phone. She had a message from Twilight telling her she and Rarity attended a mechanical bull contest Applejack was taking part into, and she invited her to watch the show with them. She answered “ok”, along with a smiling emoticon.

When she looked up, she noticed with surprise that the three girls were still standing in front of her. The crowd of passersby went all around and between them, but none were moving in order to allow them to move with more fluidity. It seemed like they were expecting something from Sunset Shimmer. Anything.

“Well… I… I must meet with my friends somewhere else, so…” she mumbled, her throat dry.

“Could we see each other again after you did? To take everything up again, you know”, Sonata asked.

“Yes”, Aria continued. “It’s been ages. We got things to say.”

“You just can’t leave us this way, Sunset. Not after you forgave us.”

In all honesty, she would have preferred to let things this way. They were fine the way they were now. She now had a group of friends whom she was feeling good with, and although she didn’t have the bracelet she’d been yearning for months, she was finally feeling like being one of them. It was not to take the risk to fall back into some unfortunate quirks…

“We do know it’s going to be difficult for you to trust us again, but please, let us a chance.”

“All we’re asking for, is half an hour of your time. Just so we could chat around ice-creams.”

Something told Sunset Shimmer refusing wouldn’t be a good idea. The part of her still wary was wavering between two options, and none of them seemed to be judicious. Because if refusing didn’t look quite enlightened, accepting didn’t seem quite safe neither.

She had to hurry taking a decision, or she would miss Applejack’s turn. Maybe the best left to do still was to give in to their whims. They had seemed sincere to her during their apologies, after all, so giving them a second chance around ice-creams couldn’t be such a bad idea. If she refused, she could appear as the heartless one.

“Alright. Half an hour. For an ice-cream.”

“Great!” Sonata got enthusiastic. “It’s going to be fun.”

“Yes… If you say so”, Sunset Shimmer mumbled to herself.

Two minutes later, she was going on the run to the enclosure where the rodeo contest had taken place, hoping she would be there on time to see Applejack’s turn. The three teenage girls had set a time and place to meet, in something like thirty minutes, on her own, of course, at the ice-cream maker near the West exit, in front of a very famous candy stall.

The fact they should meet somewhere with a lot of people around, she decided, was somehow reassuring. They never been the type to plan their schemes for an audience. No, generally, they always did their best for it to be her, Sunset Shimmer, who seemed to be the bad girl.

Behind a pole appeared three other faces, famous too, since it was The Crusader’s. They’d been hiding here for a while now. They’d followed Aria, Adagio and Sonata, and knew exactly what kind of surprised they planned for their ‘precious friend’.

It was so nice they decided to inform their sisters immediately. Problem… How would they do that if Sunset Shimmer was with them all along? Should they inform her as well, in order to avoid any kind of scandal?

It was a very complicated question which deserved a quick council of war.

May We Go Round ? (Part 3)

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The girl bumped into him, and as soon as she looked up to have a glimpse of him, displayed the most charming smile of her repertory. Sometimes, Soarin felt as if being a movie star, though he was no one but a university basketball player and above all, an ordinary student. Without any other ambition than doing his best in his favorite sport.

For many years, Spitfire had been the only one to get his attention. The young woman of his age, with a fiery character in line with her burning name, was of an almost obsessive jealousy. He had to look at her only, and to think about her only. Any other girls were potential threats, and beware those who dared being a little too close.

The irony of all this, was that she was the one he had discovered making out with someone else. Undoubtedly, some forewarning sings were here, but he acted as if he could see nothing at all. Until this night, in the female Wondercolts’ locker room of Canterlot University, where he met face to face with Spitfire, mouth to mouth with his own cousin, Fleetfoot – who still was her girlfriend today.

After remorse, persistent, which still were left a few foul-smelling traces, Soarin had finally forgiven her. Spitfire even was his best friend now, but the road to this had been long. The reason he chose to wipe the state clean was simple. He had simply realized he was thinking a lot about his former young neighbor he had never really been able to forget, with her rainbow hair and magenta eyes, her knees always covered with dressings, and who didn’t hesitate to oppose the toughest ones.

He couldn’t help it: he was fond of pretty daring girls with a strong personality.

A thousand time, he had thought it would be wonderful to meet her by accident, in the course of a walk in town. Fleetfoot and Spitfire kept on telling him to subscribe to a social network if he wanted to meet up with her so much, but new technologies were something he was wary about. Most of his phone apps had never been even brushed by his fingers.

If he’d accepted to replace Wave Chill at the climbing facility – relying on the fact they looked like each other – maybe he would never had found her. She was now a young woman, attractive and bold, the exact image he had imagined about her. The moment he saw her, something resounded inside of him. And once he had accepted the meaning of it, he had understood she was meant for him, and he was meant for her.

However, behind his goofy appearance, Soarin wasn’t blind. He could sense there was something she hid, like a crack in the concrete shell. For now, this part of herself was double-locked inside her heart, yet he was sure she would confess to him as soon as she would feel strong enough.

When she’d told him about this outing, Rainbow Dash had said she absolutely wanted to try to quadridimensional rollercoaster.

When he saw it, Soarin immediately recognized the beast. Seats of this ride were articulated and turned at the same time than the rails. Inside, all those here were screaming on top of their lungs, under the merry faces of the onlookers. Everything was going so fast he could in no way spot whether or not his girlfriend was here.

When the ride slowed down only did he find her among the others, and he congratulated himself for starting here. She was sitting next to Pinkie Pie, who seemed to be as happy as she was. Behind them, Big Macintosh was with timid Fluttershy, whose pallid complexion was easy to notice. Farther, sitting with some unknown girls, Soarin thought he recognized the young woman’s brother, the one who didn’t hold him dear to his heart, and kept on ignoring him, when he wasn’t throwing bolts at him each time he unfortunately appeared in his field of vision.

He could guess what was the young man’s motivation. Just by the way he looked at his girlfriend, Soarin had understood. His behavior reminded him of Spitfire’s, each time a girl was a little too close to him. Jealousy.

Was he worried? Not really. He had made a few researches about demisexuality, so he could understand how Rainbow Dash’s intimate life was working, and had seen demisexuals were rather exclusive in their relationships.

All it took to be convinced was the way she smiled at him and flew into his arms when she saw him in the middle of the crowd. She was the kind of person who disliked sappiness and too visible displays of affection.

“I’m so happy you came!”

“I promised, didn’t I? What’s wrong? Your eyes are red.”

Fluttershy took a step forward and he saw a bunch of flowers in a pitiful state between her hands, but which he could notice was made of some of the flowers with the highest level of pollen. No need to answer the question for him to understand.

Whoever had the idea of bringing these flowers around her wasn’t really smart.

And the person in question was seething from the inside. The whole day had been a real fiasco. The ghost train was what lost him forever. He was the one who kept on hanging on Rainbow Dash, screaming from fear, and after this ride by his side, the teenage girl had claimed she never wanted to have him sitting beside her.

Now that she, Pinkie Pie and the others had taken every of the most dangerous rides, and he would finally have the chance to make it up to her, here came the damn boyfriend, who had the nerves to roll his eyes in front of his (poisoned) gift, as if he was in front of a statement as obvious as one plus one equal two.

Zephyr looked at Soarin greeting the small group of friends one by one, and even Big Macintosh. He didn’t want to talk to him, nor even to display the least gesture of kindness, but if he behaved bad-mannered with him, he feared Rainbow Dash to be upset, or his little sister Fluttershy to make her Stare on him.

Backwards, he agreed to shake Soarin’s hand, and had to hid the fact the young man’s grip was a little too strong for him. Oh, he shouldn’t think he had won. Conversely, the war had just begun.

“Well, what if we go shoot with a rifle, now?” Rainbow Dash offered.

“Oh yes!” Pinkie Pie claimed. “I want a big smiling cupcake-shaped plushy!”

Cautious, Fluttershy came closer. Though normally she had a fresh peaches and cream complexion like the morning dew, now she displayed a pasty skin that would make a specter white with envy. It looked as if all colors had left her body.

Everyone could guess she’d done all these roundabouts just to be with Big Macintosh, or she would have chosen to stay with the other girls. Now she had reached the limit of the bearable. Even the prospect to do a calm activity with the one she wanted to impress wasn’t a strong enough motivation.

“I hope it wouldn’t bother you if I go home”, she declared with a thin reedy voice. “I’m not feeling well.”

“On your own?”

She shrugged, in all likelihood in a hurry to be over with this, no matter what it took.

Zephyr sighed. His plans were compromised for good with the boyfriend in the equation, so leaving to drive his sister home wouldn’t change anything now. Next time, he would invite Rainbow Dash at the movies, or something else, but that wasn’t so fun she decided to invite her other friends to come. Something told him that as long as the others were here, he would never achieve his ends.

Right when he opened his mouth, Big Macintosh took a step forward.

“Ah bring her home. She needs to walk.”

The first one surprised by the plot twist was Fluttershy herself. Until now, he had only been courteous with her, but carefully avoided too close a touch. She could feel it, the distance… Though it would have seemed to be more logical for him to spend the day with his sister Applejack rather than with this part of the gang, at no moment did she have false hopes.

At the same time, it was very difficult to read him. Most of the time he displayed this phlegmatic and calm face, as if everything was above him. If he happened to be upset, it never was by showing too much aggressiveness, not even by screaming. Out of this, no one could really tell what was on his mind, except maybe Applejack, and still it wasn’t an exact science even for her.

For all that, she wouldn’t refuse this gift from above, whatever was the reason. It only took Fluttershy a couple of minutes to greet everyone and to get ready to go, escorted by Big Macintosh and nobody else.

Her leave, although a little regrettable, was rather convenient for Rainbow Dash. Rid of the bunch of flowers – which fell into a trashcan anyway – she was feeling alive again. Finally, she would be able to enjoy every activity at a hundred percent, without being interrupted by sneezes, or bothered by stinging eyes.

If only she could also get rid of her friend’s big brother, her day would become perfect.

Unfortunately for her, the latter seemed more hooked on her than a junkie on speed. She didn’t know what he wanted, but she knew that if he wanted to keep on roaming with the team, he should have to learn how to be less annoying.

They hadn’t reached the stall yet that they met Rarity and Twilight, cheeks red and panting, who stopped them with eyes drowning in fears. Instinctively, both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie guessed something was going on – again.

They hoped nothing had happened to a girl of the group. No one could foretell an accident, after all, and the two friends ware particularly aware of this.

Rarity and Twilight both needed a few seconds before catching their breath a little.

“Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have intercepted a conversation”, the oldest one started. “It’s about Sunset Shimmer.”

“It’s her three former friends, you know, those who forced her to be a robber”, Twilight continued, even more in trouble than her friend.

“They met ‘by chance’ and have invited her for an ice-cream but, in reality, they want to do something really mean. We have to stop them.”

Rainbow Dash had always known this day would come. These three girls weren’t the type to give up. When able to make a humiliation last for so long, when able to go as far as ruining lives for personal pleasure, there was no way bad memories could be let go of, and placed somewhere they didn’t count anymore. They were fattened, fed with antagonism in the hope of being able to return the favor as soon as possible. And when a chance was here, it was taken unwaveringly.

Rarity was right. They had to stop them. Out of question to let them step on Sunset Shimmer’s hardly found back self-confidence. She had barely gotten back onto her feet. It wasn’t to let anyone bury another tomb for her poise.

“Where shall they meet?” she asked, her eyes now stinging from determination.


Applejack’s turn hadn’t arrived yet. Sunset Shimmer would’ve never thought there could be so many competitors just to win a plastic trophy at the mechanical bull. It was a bad knowledge of Equestria’s inhabitants, for whom this kind of exploit was a question of honor.

Obliged to leave alone Rarity and Twilight, who she didn’t want to confess to truth to, she was walking her way to the ice-cream maker irresolutely, in order to meet up with her three former comrades.

There was something in the air, something indescribable, that made her stomach ache. She was feeling herself treading carefully, on a stretched out thread inches above the ground. Since the beginning it appeared clear that this reunion was quite a bad idea. A bit like going to the sea while a storm is on the forecast.

Now, however, there was no way for her to go back. To face was the only thing left to do. After this, she’d be able to let it all behind her. Unless she was imagining things and her bad feeling was of a complete irrationality.

She didn’t really know whether she had to turn to her brain or to her heart.

Sitting around one of the red plastic tables at the ice-cream maker’s, Aria, Sonata and Adagio were waiting for her. From where Sunset Shimmer was, they didn’t look threatening, and didn’t neither displayed a behavior like they were on the verge of planning an evil scheme.

Yet… Maybe it was just her imagination getting carried away, but it seemed to her the crowd was very thick for a food service place near the exit, and that a part of this crowd was staring at her as she was walking forward.

From the moment they saw her, they all three leaped on their feet, with a wide smile on their angel faces. Better than anyone else, Sunset Shimmer knew she had to beware these innocent faces. Behind the masks could hide the evilest creatures ever, able to go beyong imagination to crush against the ground all those who were a bother.

“We’re happy you made it”, Aria started.

“I’ve said I’d come, so I come. Got to keep promises, right?”

“Certainly”, Adagio affirmed. “What if we go and order?”

“Alright”, Sunset Shimmer replied, shrugging.

She turned around, thinking the three girls would follow, but she barely did a few steps that she met face to face with three other boys with suspicious-looking faces and a greyish complexion, who blocked the way.

Neither Adagio, Aria or even Sonata had moved from where they were, and when Sunset Shimmer took a look behind, she had a glimpse of them with a half-smile filled with insane delight.

She tried to avoid the boys by her right, then by her left, unsuccessfully. Each time, they were able to make sure she wouldn’t escape.

Everybody was looking, eagerly waiting. And none of them seemed ready to stop what was about to begin.

Fine. If that was this way, she was going to get into the game. She would see how far it would go.

Her heart was thumping, but she considered she had nothing to lose.

“I’d like to go to the other side, if that’s not too much to ask.”

“The other side is forbidden to snitches of your type.”

There was no doubt. If she reaped these kind of comments, it was because the trio was the root of this deception. Since the very beginning, Sunset Shimmer had guessed there was something strange hidden under the apparent good intentions of the girls. Making peace, making it up… it had nothing in common with the girls she used to know. And using Sonata’s not really mean sheep side had Adagio written all over it.

Maybe the person she used to be would have tried her best to please them, and bow down before the provocation, but she wasn’t this person anymore. Now she didn’t care whether she pleased these three or not. She had a real bunch of friends, who didn’t belittle her in order to feel superior… Thanks to them, she knew what friendship, true friendship, felt like.

If none had arrived to help her yet, that was because she hadn’t told them anything about it. In fact, she regretted it. With one of them by her side, any of them, they would never dare to start that little scheme of theirs, she was sure.

Frowning, more then decided not to pushed around without a fight, Sunset Shimmer rolled her shoulders and dashed into the walls of boys in front of her. Sure, she didn’t have Applejack’s force, but who knew…

Except luck didn’t seem to be on her side, since she bounced about against the chest of one of them, and he didn’t hesitate much before pushing her against the dirty ground. Losing her balance backwards, she fell directly on her back. She grazed her arms by the way, and she knew that standing back up would certainly be a bit complicated.

Someone reached out a hand for her, and she grabbed it unwarily. Only once on her feet did she realize it was no one else than Adagio.

“You’re still as stupid as you were, aren’t you? And I thought that picking up shit in the streets would’ve help you grow a brain.”

She was holding Sunset Shimmer’s hand so strong that she felt blood ceasing to circulate in her fingers. When she tried to get rid of it, the other girl pulled her, and made sure she was fall again, this time with her face against the earth and gravels.

The front of her dress was now as dirty as the back, and she felt one of her knee had just scratched like her arms.

“This is where you truly belong. With worms and insects. Did you really think you were worth someone else’s friendship? Pft! You f*cking b*tch!”

Don’t cry. Most importantly, don’t shed a single tear. Or else, they would be the winning ones. Everybody was still looking and not reacting. She could hear them whispering. She could hear them laugh and Aria’s and the three boys’ jibes, but she bit the inside of her cheek in order to resist, and not to give them the delight to get what they all wanted.

She was a new person. The old Sunset Shimmer, who used to belittle others or to belittle herself, hoping it would help her to get affection, she was dead and gone. She never really been this person, in reality.

No matter what they all said about her. She would never be trapped again. This time was over, and she would show them.

She leaned against her wrists, ready to stand back up, hostility in her body, that she put first into her eyes. So they would get the message correctly.

“I don’t agree with you”, a familiar hoarse voice said.

In the middle of the free path made by the curious ones surrounding them, was standing Rainbow Dash, her arms crossed. On her face just like all over her posture, no one could have guessed she’d ran across the whole funfair in order to find them.

Behind her, were standing Rarity and Twilight, along with Soarin, who was close to his girlfriend though not stuck against her, just in case she would need an additional backup.

Sunset Shimmer didn’t know who warned them, but whoever was this person, she had her gratitude forever.

Adagio let Rainbow Dash stepping a few inches closer, her arrogant smile unchanged. Maybe her target was different for now, but as soon as she would get rid of her, she’d go back to her favorite punching bag, so she would get the lesson she deserved.

“Take a look at what we got here… You’re not the resentful kind!”

“Why would I be resentful towards Sunset for something you asked her to do? Did you fall on your head lately or were you born stupid?”

“Don’t insult Adagio, moron!” Aria intervened. “You don’t know who’s in front of you.”

“Oh, but I do know. She’s a halfwit who’s unable to get things straight with the others in a loyal way. If I wanted to do something as dumb as a personal revenge, I would need no male foil.”

“Really? And what is this?” Sonata said, showing Soarin with her head. “Cinnamon-flavored pudding?”

“Soarin isn’t my foil, sorry. He’s my bae and he was there by coincidence at the same time as you. If anything happens, it won’t take any part in it…”

Though this piece of information was true, since she made him promise, the young man couldn’t help but thinking that, once again, the best would be for her not to fight. If it happened, he wasn’t sure he could watch without a reaction.

On the other hand, his girlfriend was still in her act involving an intimidation of the three girls. They were the tenacious kind, sure, yet they didn’t know her. Tenacity was an old friend and she had many tricks up in her sleeves.

“Even without him, my girls and I are beating you hands down!”

This time, Aria and Adagio, quickly followed by Sonata, burst into laugh. As if she had just said the most hilarious joke of the world. This Rainbow Dash had the reputation of a little pest, up from her five feet one, with ruthless tackles, fast fists, but the two other girls… Who was she trying to fool?

“These two? The number one poseur and the school’s egghead not even able to hit a shuttlecock? You can’t be serious!”

“Don’t you know the idiom saying that still waters run deep?” Rarity claimed behind them.

“I’d like to see it”, Aria said with a mocking chuckle.

“Who said we were only three? I got a precious plus with me… Pinkamena Diane Pie, former Second-in-Command of the Rebellious!”

All eyes conveyed to the ice-cream maker’s stall where Pinkie Pie was standing, busy eating a gigantic cotton candy which banana’s smell invaded every nostrils surrounding. She was so voracious she sprinkled bits of the fluffy candy all around her mouth, nose, eyebrows and even her hair.

Well, alright, in her regular state, she wasn’t that threatening. Yet, even years after, the Rebellious kept on being some kind of legend for Canterlot’s youth. That was what Rainbow Dash relied on, as well as on a little significant plus.

“Got to be kidding me”, Adagio answered with an arched eyebrow.

“Just wait for her to finish her cotton candy…”

This line, delivered with a hint of danger, subtly hit its mark. Aria came closer to her ‘leader’ and whispered in her ear.

“I’ve heard about her on Internet. She really was the Second-in-Command of the mad girl named… Wind Wisher! I heard she always wears a knife and she’s already sent guys to the hospital.”

No one could have told, but the Muzzlebook created by Lightning Dust about Pinkie Pie, which had been the root of so many vexations in the group, also could have a few happy consequences.

Adagio seemed to be thinking… To fight didn’t scare her, as long as it was them three against Rainbow Dash, or even against Sunset Shimmer along with that Rarity, but a former gang member with a knife… It was something else.

Where her and her friends had been to, the other girls weren’t that impressed by their little ploys. They were true bad girls, who, even small and frail for some of them, would fly off the handle, and made them go through more than one hard time.

Their revenge couldn’t be satisfied if it turned against themselves, and if they end up being the ones humiliated. Maybe the rumors about this Pinkamena Diane Pie – who looked harmless on the whole, but wasn’t it the case with them as well? – happened to be true, they would be CHS’ laughing stock even before their comeback.

It was a risk they couldn’t allow themselves to take. If they accepted to beat in retreat, that would be the only reason.

Sunset Shimmer had joined her friend, and was standing side by side with her, by no means impressed. It was easy to guess she didn’t want to keep things this way and that she was ready to fight as well if that was what it took.

That was how Adagio understood. She’d been wrong. Her former favorite toy wasn’t scared anymore, since she had already scrapped what they had represented for her. And so, she was now completely detached of their grip. It was no use to try to crush her. She would stand back up. And she wouldn’t be alone.

It seemed like a group finally thought she was worth of friendship. Without her to sow seeds of dread behind her.

This news was hard to swallow. Sore loser – she wasn’t the only one – the bitter taste this defeat left in her throat wouldn’t disappear immediately.

“We’ll see each other again. You have my word!” Adagio stated, slipping her finger along her throat, before she ran off without further ado.

Sonata only stayed where she was for a few more seconds, as if she hadn’t witnessed what just happened. Her two friends quickly called her to order, and she startled, then displayed a wide naïve smile, along with a wave that was a little puzzling.

“Well… See you, girls!”

And she got away, but not in a rush, while the other girls, farther, were turning impatient, hurried to disappear.

Frowning but arching the other eyebrow, Rainbow Dash turned to Sunset Shimmer, who shrugged.

“Sonata. She’s like this…”

“Oh, it’s already over. What did I miss?” Pinkie Pie asked as getting nearer, her cotton candy stick empty in her hands, and leftovers of fluff stuck a bit everywhere on her face.

The two teenage girls looked at each other, and burst into a communicative laugh, that quickly touched everyone involved.


Alright, it was quite a view. From these heights, Canterlot was visible completely: The Main Place, the park, Sugarcube Corner, the Grand Rue, even CHS and Crystal Prep. It was worthy climbing in a basket to be the witness of such a captivating spectacle. Enough to shower tourists’ cameras and phones with imperishable memories.

But even so… It was a classical thing for classical couples who thought it was very romantic toe be inches away from the ground, looking into each other eyes. She was Rainbow Dash, way too cool for this kind of things. It had barely started that she already was wondering why on earth had she agreed to climb here, for a Ferris wheel ride with her boyfriend.

Plus, everyone would see her and think she was a dimwit.

By her side, Soarin could feel a tension coming from her. Her smile had disappeared, and she was spending time looking the other way, sulking, her hand against her cheek. He knew she’d said yes in order to make him happy, and happy he was, but if she didn’t like the ride, he couldn’t see the good about it.

She felt a hand slipping inside hers – the free one – and saw Soarin smiling at her when she looked at him. Usually, his smile was enough to temper her irascibilities, like a magical flash. Not this time.

It was widely-known that Rainbow Dash wasn’t feeling easy with anything a bit sentimental – or in reasonable doses, or exclusively in Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”. All the same, he really thought this short ride in the Ferris wheel to be nothing terrible. Only a tiny little thing. They wouldn’t even need to cuddle or anything. Really, his only aim was to be alone with her.

Obviously, even this tiny little thing was too much for her to handle.

“I’m sorry, Dashie.”

“Uh? What for?” she asked half-heartedly.

“For this. It was to be with you, alone. I never thought it would bother you so much.”

“Are you serious now?”

He nodded, obviously blind to the main problem.

In reality, the fact to be taken for a dimwit wasn’t the most bothering thing of it all. Not even the fact this was a little bit too sappy for her. With what had happened earlier, as she’d come to the rescue of her friend Sunset Shimmer, she had reloaded her awesomeness enough for it to last all summer long.

No, it was something else annoying her. And in all honesty, she couldn’t understand how could he pass it by.

“Do you call that being alone with me?” she answered, pointing angrily at the lower basket.

Piled up on the small couch, her whole bunch of friends, except for Fluttershy still with Big Macintosh, their eyes staring at the upper seats, was spying on them without any sort of discretion. Although the windows and sounds of the surroundings stopped them from hearing their conversation, it didn’t stop them from reveling in the show that probably was for them to witness Rainbow Dash being in love.

The situation didn’t have her being delighted already but it was worse than the rest now. She couldn’t relax and feel good by Soarin’s side if she knew all eyes were on her every moves. To be able to act naturally in such circumstances would be a true miracle.

As far as she was concerned, Sunset Shimmer could even have trade her place with Applejack’s cheap trophy. To spy on the lovers didn’t particularly delight her. All that mattered was the bracelet around her wrist.

Right after Aria, Adagio and Sonata were gone, once Applejack had met them, they revealed her their own plan from the very beginning, the main reason outside of fun why they all had wanted to go to the funfair together. Fluttershy wasn’t there, but Twilight had grabbed her agreement by message for everything to happen like previously decided.

Rarity then stepped to her and gave her the friendship bracelet, with an additional item, a sun, being the element to represent her. Sunset Shimmer still couldn’t believe it.

With this jewel, she was definitely leaving the past that had been so heavy on her shoulders. She was now a full-fledged member of the gang, not just the honorary member. More than ever, she knew that what Adagio had said while she trying to disorient her was wrong. She was worth something. More than she ever hoped.

A new school year would begin soon, and she would start it under the best of stars. Yesterday no longer existed. It was a new day, a new book to write, with beautiful blank pages ready to be filled with memories that would never fade.