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The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1) - TheMareWhoSaysNi

Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

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May We Go Round ? (Part 1)

Fluttering eyelashes, Zephyr took the two hands in his, and looked straight into the two eyes in front of him.

“Rainbow Dash… I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a while now. I love you. Would you accept to dump this dumb basketball player to date me instead?”


Big Macintosh took off his hands abruptly, and turned to his full-length camera. What an idea to do such a thing in front of everyone, in the middle of the Grand Rue? All the passersby were looking at them with eyes wide opened.

He heard his coworker hit a rock from the tip of his faux-crocodile shoes, which might be quite expensive. He probably hadn’t like the answer, yet, in view of Zephyr’s speech, it was the one he would get anyway.

Big Macintosh thought he knew Rainbow Dash well. She wasn’t the weather vane type, changing her mind at any occasion, even less when it came to interpersonal relationships. Even with the most impassioned of confessions, chances for another boy to tear her off Soarin, especially if this other boy was Zephyr, that she didn’t seem to appreciate a lot, were very slim, if not nonexistent.

If he ever confessed him he had messed around with the young woman, once his jealousy overcame, he had no doubt he would shower him with questions to know how on earth had he been able to make such an exploit. That was because of this he kept this little secret to himself. And also because he wasn’t sure whether Rainbow Dash would agree. It was important for him to respect the will of the others, especially when it was about something as intimate as sex.

On the other hand, Zephyr thought Big Macintosh acted cruel with him. He was making efforts… At least, that was what he considered. Since they were back from Fillydelphia, he had stopped following her wherever she appeared to go to, or trying to push himself on her thinking it was the right thing to do. He had thought that changing his strategy and acting distant could make his sweetheart anxious, wondering what was the cause of this sudden distance. Against his expectations, it appeared that she looked even more indifferent than before.

After this, he had tried to know what she liked to do that didn’t include to practice any kind of sport. The experience of the surfing lessons had made him understand this wasn’t the way he could charm her. Impossible to know what kind of movies she liked (to go to the movies), and he found the comics and books she happened to enjoy very hard to approach for a fond of fashion magazines such as he.

It was during one of his investigation to change his love strategy he had found the idea he regarded as able to change the image she had of him. After a short questioning to his personal informer, Fluttershy, Zephyr had the confirmation that his idea, for once, was a brilliant one.

If Rainbow Dash accepted, for him there was no doubt that after a full day spent by his side, she wouldn’t be able to resist him. He would show her things her so-called boyfriend had never even imagined. He would prove her he was the one meant for her, and this even though he couldn’t do any shoot thingamajigs nor standing on a narrow board in the middle of the ocean.

Then, as he had just practiced with his coworker, he would confess his feelings for her, and she wouldn’t answer no, this time. Someone would have bet on it; he would have stake all his money without the least hesitation…

As if she’d heard someone talking about her, Rainbow Dash suddenly arrived in front of him. She was putting away her phone inside her bag, and for once, she didn’t seem to be ready for Roller Derby or testing abseil. A cap bolted on her head, her white tank top too large, letting appear a rainbow sports bra underneath, she wore this with a short grey pencil skirt, and a pair of pink sneakers.

Of course, Zephyr thought the smile she displayed while getting nearer was meant for him, but he quickly had to state the obvious: this was destined to his coworker, whom she said hello to with enthusiasm.

He had to clear his throat for her to notice he was here, and for once, she greeted him without being apparently irritated. Obviously, she was in a sunny mood. In fact, she’d got some nice colors, as her pale and thin skin had difficulty not to turn red.

“How come yar on yar own?” Big Macintosh asked her, surprised not to see the usual gang.

“I must see Soarin… They air Brian de Palma’s ‘Obsession’ at the arthouse cinema, and I’ve never seen this one.”

This revelation confused Zephyr for a short while. His little sister had assured him she didn’t know anything about Rainbow Dash’s tastes when it came to movies, and that she only knew she thought romantic comedies to be boring. Without trying to look harder, he’d thought she liked action movies, superheroes and full-length feature films with cars and bikes. But he never envisioned her stepping into an arthouse cinema to see something that wasn’t the latest trendy blockbuster.

Because of this, he had lost his train of thoughts. He shook his head, like trying to chase away toxic thoughts. If he waited for too long, the boring boyfriend would arrive and spoil everything again. The only chance their date represented was the fact that tomorrow, the latter would be working, and wouldn’t be on his way again, between him and Rainbow Dash.

All he had to do now was to address the topic before she slipped through his fingers.

The best with her surely was to attack right away. Zephyr sensed that if he tried to be too subtle, she would pass it by. Especially since she never really cared about anything he could say.

“There’s a funfair currently at the Royal Palace Place… I thought I could go there tomorrow. Maybe you could come with me.”

Rainbow Dash looked at him from head to toe, both eyebrows raised. Immediately after, as if something had just bloomed inside her mind, she smiled at him. It wasn’t the same type of smile she gave away to Soarin, or even to her friends or Big Macintosh. It almost looked like a professional smile, the kind she probably showed to the sponsors which attended her games.

“That’s not a bad idea. I really like funfairs!”

“True? I’ll be there around two in the afternoon, maybe we could meet there.”

He didn’t bring the precision he would buy her an ice-cream after they had fun together, in order to tell her something very important. His intentions had not to be too clear, or else nothing would guarantee the plan would work. It already was a big deal that she hadn’t rejected him from the outset… He didn’t want to push his luck too far, scared he would see her filter through his fingers like flour through a sieve.

A few minutes later, she had already flown away. Observing her getting away from them, Zephyr felt as if she was going towards the park where she had to meet Soarin like gliding on a cloud pushed by the wind. It seemed clear, according to himself, that she wasn’t that hostile against him. When her mood was good, she could display some sort of kindness for him. It was reassuring for the rest of his plan.

On the other hand, Big Macintosh couldn’t help but rolling his eyes in front of his coworker’s silly and cheerful face. If he thought she was that jovial because of his proposition, he was deeply wrong. It was undoubtedly a mix of cinema, date with Soarin and sunny weather that made her so bouncy, though in this field she remained vanquished by Pinkie Pie, who was like this permanently.

She had something on her mind. Zephyr didn’t know her well enough to realize, but Big Macintosh had immediately noticed, in the way she had gone from stupefaction to smile. And it had to be noted that Rainbow Dash never went to a place such as a funfair only to take a walk, win soft toys, or only snacking, gently sitting at a table.


Behind him, the smell of candies and fried dishes mixed to the screams and music. The mood was electric, and the cloudless blue sky strengthened this feeling of a marvelous yet scary dream, where everything could change dramatically at any minute.

Zephyr could hardly stand still. Dressed in a suit with a tie, his beard freshly trimmed, he was striding along the street back and forth, always glancing at his watch.

It was something like thirty minutes he’d arrived. Yes, it was really early compared to the time he’d given to Rainbow Dash, but it happened to be impossible for him to keep on waiting under the family roof. He felt like going crazy…

Not that he was waiting more patiently here, but it was easier by scanning the horizon in the hope of having a glimpse at multicolored hair from afar. No one had warned him that his heart’s desire wasn’t known for being punctual.

In the same vein, he hadn’t been really surprised to see Fluttershy leaving the house a bit before him in order to meet the rest of the group. In fact, he hadn’t really paid attention. The time he had spent in the bathroom to primp, to perfume and to practice his speech in front of the mirror had made him lose any sense of the world surrounding him.

A whole day face to face with Rainbow Dash… It was so good even him could not believe it. He had played a thousand of scenarios in his mind. Their common features were that they all ended the same way – with him and the young woman walking hand in hand in the setting sun.

Zephyr was ready to bet that the official boyfriend would never have the idea to dress up elegantly, with a bunch of flowers to offer. Girls liked when boys were gussied up, and above all, they adored presents, especially flowers. All the movies in the world could not compete with his attentions.

It was more than certain, she was going to realize he was the boy of her dreams, the one she had waited for her entire life.

When he finally saw her appearing from afar, with her ponytail swinging on her shoulders at each of her moves, her salmon pink blouse showing a shoulder, her denim shorts and her tennis shoes, he felt his heart jumping in his chest. The striking impression of not being able to say a single coherent sentence took over his throat.

She didn’t seem more gussied up than usually, but the only fact to know she had made all these efforts for him was overexciting. As she was coming his way, all the scrupulously invented scenarios were mixing up with one another, and he didn’t know what to say, or where to start anymore.

Because of this, he didn’t immediately notice something wasn’t sticking at all to the plans he had imagined. Behind Rainbow Dash, there were no ordinary passersby or inhabitants came here to enjoy the funfair too. There was her complete bunch of friends, including the oldest girl, Rarity, and the pretty girl with a hoarse voice, Sunset Shimmer.

At first he thought his eyes were tricking him. Many times in a row, he blinked and rubbed his eyelids… It didn’t change a thing, here they all were. And Fluttershy too. Why hadn’t she told him, since she knew?

Thinking it through, maybe she had told him, but he probably hadn’t listened. Too caught up by his scenarios worthy of an airport novel.

Suddenly, he felt ridiculous in his suit. Everyone wore a casual outfit, and with it, they were going to see him offering Rainbow Dash flowers. He knew how much the girls from his sister’s gang liked to tease the others, especially when it came to such a topic.

He could still flee and pretend he hadn’t seen anything. Or maybe not. Already, Rainbow Dash was standing in front of him, frowning from bewilderment. In front of his embarrassed smile, he hoped was at least a bit charming, the young woman’s reaction was to… sneeze.

“Shoot! Who picked daisies?!”

“These are chamomiles, in fact… and Japanese mums”, Zephyr answered while taking a look at the bunch in his hands.

She sneezed again as the others were coming closer. He saw Applejack and Sunset Shimmer eying him in a funny way, with his tie and his formal shoes. Rarity was the only one who seemed to enjoy his clothing effort, though it wasn’t something that could be chosen as the most fitting type of clothes for a funfair.

“Rainbow Dash is super allergic to pollen”, Twilight told him, like trying to give him a secret tip.

“I hope these flowers aren’t for her”, Pinkie Pie giggled. “Like her birthday’s chocolates, even if they were reallyyyy good!”

Zephyr didn’t show anything, but deep inside, he felt like flying his bunch to the last petal. The story of the chocolates, which had costed him a part of his salary, only to discover she was intolerant to cocoa, had left a sour taste in his mouth for a very long time. And here he was, framed for today’s outing, but with it he had once again spent money for something she couldn’t take.

He had to find a trick not to die from shame. And most importantly, not to let believe Rainbow Dash he made no efforts to know in advance what she liked or not, because it wasn’t true – he just hadn’t think of asking for the flowers.

A chance his little sister was one of her best friends. It was rare that she wasn’t around as well… Thanks to this, he would at least stand tall a little. That already was something.

“They’re for Fluttershy”, he answered by giving the bunch to the young woman, who was so surprised she jumped.

“Well… Thanks.”

She was embarrassed. It was so obvious for everyone, except maybe the person in question, that from the start these flowers had been for someone else. It was like this sales rep outfit… It cruelly lacked natural.

What could work with some young women didn’t work for others. How many times had she told him? All the girls were different, and didn’t react the same way to the same things. The message had trouble to be sent. He might get informed, Fluttershy could see he insisted to try to seduce Rainbow Dash with techniques that weren’t in line with her personality.

If he really was interested in the character of the one he said he was in love with, he wouldn’t have to force himself to understand how he could touch her, and score some points. Though Fluttershy knew that even like this, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of his rival.

Despite this, she agreed to take the bunch with her. Zephyr was her brother, and although he had his flaws, she loved him and wanted him to avoid too big a disappointment.

“Shall we go?” Pinkie Pie asked with impatience. “I really want to do this scary big thing over there!”

She showed a roundabout composed of a giant arm, which seats at the end went all around it, and which lifted up in the air. Those who were inside were screaming, heads upside down.

Immediately, Rainbow Dash grabbed her friend’s hand, and led her to the roundabout, saying she absolutely wanted to do this one first. The two, bouncy and as enthusiastic as ever, turned their back on Zephyr, who now felt like curling on the floor to cry. He thought the young woman was afraid of heights… Naïve, he hadn’t understood yet she was only when it came to planes, and that it was connected to the accident that had killed her mother. When it was about scary roundabouts or bungee jumping, she had no nausea, no shudders and no phobia.

Since he was feeling dizzy just by looking at the Ferris wheel, he wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to face such an afternoon… And to say it had started so well. Everything had to happen just like in a dream. Now his dream seemed about to turn into a nightmare at any moment. What had he done to deserve such a fate?

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