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The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1) - TheMareWhoSaysNi

Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

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The Other Pink-Haired Girl (part 2)

When Principal Celestia came in class to make an announcement, Canterlot High's students could expect something very important to be about to happen.

Since this morning, where this general round had been pinned on the information board, rumors were rife. Each gave a little forecast. Bets on the coming of a royal personnality, of a new festival or contest. Some were starting to say that the school had lost too much money and would close. This was hard to believe.

While her friends were trying to guess what this announcement was about, Rainbow Dash kept on dwelling on how she couldn't get to have her picture taken for Canterlot Street Style. The others had to understand... It was about her reputation of 'coolest girl in town' - a self-proclaimed reputation.

However, she was obliged to stop mumbling when Principal Celestia entered into their classroom, dressed with a very smart white woman's suit their friend Rarity wouldn't have denied.

She almost served as a mysterious and secret deity for the students, though each already had met her in the corridors or during many organized events. Slender, her hair flapping her small of the back, she inspired without efforts, just by her gracious and charismatic presence. They all had a great respect for her.

In the most complete of silence, almost religious, she climbed the teacher's dais and smiled to the students standing in front of her. Though the uniform was mandatory in Canterlot High, everyone wore it in a personal way, reflecting the verious characters. For her, it meant what she asked to her teachers, to let those characters developing and displaying as much as possible, was listened and applied.

What a shame that the announcement she had to make was not very pleasant. It added one more dark spot to some of the issues the staff hardly could restrain.

Principal Celestia cleared her voice, and spoke in the calmest pitch to the audience of students all ready to hear what she had to say.

"I've been reported some unfortunate facts lately. It's not only unfortunate, it's also very serious and dangerous, and it could ruin the future of those who are affected, but also of our dear school. Some students, girls and boys, belonging to Canterlot High, would have been seen in town recently, accompanied by older women and men. Know that Equestria's School Higher Council is really interested about facts of this kind in the other cities, and that investigations are going to be made in Canterlot. If, by misfortune, one of you would be caught in the act in the middle of the practice of this very little commendable activity, it could have serious consequences."

Applejack cast a glance at Rainbow Dash, who was looking at her as well. What they had witnessed a few days ago could be no coincidence. In the front, their classmate Fluttershy didn't seem very impressed by the Principal's speech, but the two teenage girls knew she wasn't advised to let anyone think she could meddle with this "very little commendable activity".

Usually, they wouldn't have cared about the whole matter. What the others were doing to pass time was none of their business. But this time, it was different. As the Principal had underlined, it could be dangerous, and, the school's reputation could suffer from it. They both felt good here, and had no intention of leaving Canterlot High for a school with a better reputation if something had to happen.

They had to find a subterfuge to dissuade Fluttershy to go on with her occupation, if the speech hadn't been enough. And they knew right the person who could help them... even if, of course, it meant to let the others into the secret.


Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle's older brother, didn't work at the big central police precint of Canterlot, but in a depending police station of the student district. He was a policeman since a few years already, and after he had worked a moment as a plain officer, he finally had climbed the ladder to the rank of detective.

He was only at the investigations division, and led no big first plan inquieries as if he had been at the vice squad or at the criminal section, but it suited him better. What kept him going everyday was to protect his city's citizens the best he could. And in this, he was rather good though a little young.

His office wasn't a cold and little welcoming open space as he had many occasions to see during his training, but a small room with white walls and a table, two archives closets, and a huge window with a view on the streets.

The place felt really warm for him and the very young officer at his service, but especially for the potential plaintiffs whom he would have to deal with would feel at ease, because he was aware that talking to the police wasn't an easy task to accomplish.

Yet he never would have imagined the place to feel so warm that his young sister and her flamboyant group of friends would spend so much time here. He well might find them very likeable and enjoy that his antisocial little sister had found long-term friends, sometimes it was quite tiring, especially as they took his police station for the latest trendy café, and came around with their lattes, school stuff and sport equipments.

One of them, the aptly named Rainbow Dash, was sitting on a corner of his desk as if they were intimate, beating her leather low boots against the table's wood. She said it was important, that it was connected to the future of their school, no less, but couldn't act like any other person asking for a favor...

He had taken a look at all the recent files he had recounting the said facts, and matching the description she had made, but his search wasn't very profitable.

"I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash, I have no report for a middle-sized girl, with pink hair and blue eyes... Well, I do. But it's her!", he said pointing Pinkie Pie, sitting on a chair beside Applejack.

It was an old story dating of the last year of junior high, and how the little band met the teenage girl. Shining Armor was only a very young rookie officer, and she had gave him a lot of cold sweats, all the more so as she had been one of his first matter.

"Hey, but I've never been with old men in restaurants..."

"No, ya, ya shredded 'em in pieces, dem fogeys, Ah dunno if da was better."

"Applejack! It isn't nice to remind Pinkie Pie of this. She wasn't to blame, she was feeling very low."

"But Ah just tell da truth, ya know."

"Thanks, Twily", Pinkie Pie said hanging at her friend's shoulders for a cuddle so strong it could have make her suffocate. "You're the best friend in the world."

This all was touching, in some kind of way, but it didn't settle the problem they were exposed to. If someone caught Fluttershy in the middle of a strange rendezvous, it wasn't only her reputation that would suffer from it, but the school's in entire. They had to find a way.

Two knocks resounded at the door, and for a second, Shining Armor was scared it would be for a grievance, and that the person would wonder why there were these teenage girls in his office, but he quickly understood seeing another of his little sister's friends arrive, Rarity - who he knew very well - with loads of bags in her arms.

Behind her, his very young assistant, the one who always made Twilight blush strangely each time he appeared, seemed to be very embarrassed. Shining Armor made him a sign to show he could handle it, though he didn't know what to do in front of this new intrusion.

"Girls, you'll never guess... I was going out of a fabric store where I've found marvelous muslins, when I saw a girl with Canterlot High's new uniform with some kind of old paunchy man. It surprised me, especially as she looked looked like a little shy mouse."

Immediately, Rainbow Dash bounced off the desk on which she was still sitting, and stood in front of Rarity, grabbing her shoulders with serious eyes.

"Did she have baby pink hair with turquoise eyes?"

"Turquoise eyes, I don't know. But I'm sure about her hair. She had an adorable butterfly-shaped barrette in it."

It was Fluttershy, no doubt. Not only Principal Celestia's speech hadn't discouraged her, but with it, she pushed the provocation as far as doing it with the school's uniform on. Even Rainbow Dash had never dared such an insult to adults, yet she was regarded by many of them as a champion in this field as well.

She absolutely had to stop her. Without further delay, she took back her comfortable sleeveless fake fur jacket, grabbed her scooter's keys in her pants' pockets, and rushed outside. The others of course followed her, though they would each take less fast means of transportation - their legs.

Rarity, who didn't know about the whole story, stayed standing without understanding what was going on. She would have liked an explanation, but it wouldn't come from her friends, already all gone to the attack of she didn't know what. The young fashion designer turned to Shining Armor with an angel smile on her face.

And to say that himself wasn't that sure he had understood...


Rainbow Dash rushed through the city, with a single idea on her mind. She absolutely had to stop the new girl from commiting something irrevocable. She couldn't already spit in Canterlot High's face, while she was there only since a couple of days. This city and this school had a lot to offer, and whatever was the reason for the teenage girl to devote herself to such an activity, her friends and her could help her to get through it without appealing to a method so extreme.

She passed by Big Macintosh's car not even noticing. The latter had just gased up, and was about to go back to his vehicle. He wasn't the one who recognized her, but Zephyr Breeze, with who he was still skimming the streets in order to find young trendsetters to take a picture of. Without asking the owner's advice, he hurtled off to follow the mysterious teenage girl going at full throttle.

They barely had made a few inches when they saw showing up in front of them Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. The three young girls climbed in the car as well, and demanded them to follow Rainbow Dash's scooter… still not asking Big Macintosh whether or not he agreed for this little car chase through Canterlot's streets.

Rainbow Dash parked her scooter a little haphazardly in a bike's garage, and ran to the restaurant where she thought Rarity had seen Fluttershy. This latter still was there, wearing her uniform, waving at an older man in tie and suit, hanging at his phone, who was going to a cash dispenser.

When she stood in front of her, the shy teenage girl slightly jumped. It was impossible not to know Rainbow Dash when going to Canterlot High. Her appearance and athletic exploits made her some kind of mini-star, and Fluttershy knew her and her friends had tried to integrate her within their small circle - that she regarded as a bit strange and scary.

"Freeze! I don't know what you wanted to do, but don't do it. If you get nabbed, you'll pay the highest price."

"I—I", Fluttershy muttered. "I don't know what you're talking about. And, it's none of your business."

After all, they both didn't know each other, and had never talked until now. For her, it was clear, the girl in front of her didn't care much about what she was doing or not with disgusting adults, she only wanted to play tattletale.

"When you're doing this with Canterlot High's uniform, yes, it's my business. Whatever your problem is, it's not going to be settled down this way."

"You don't know anything about my problems... You're the kind of person who never has any problem for anything, never. My parents are always behind my back, wanting me to go out, to befriend with people, but I hate it. I don't know how I should do this."

"So what? Do you think you'd change your situation by sleeping with old sleazy guys?"

"I haven't slept with anyone yet. I only go with them at restaurants. But if it can help me to become more in compliance with what's expected from me, then I'll do it... But that's something you can't understand. You are normal, and popular."

Obviously, Fluttershy wasn't really good at judging people she barely knew, not more that she was to understand how harmful her decision was. In harmful matter, Rainbow Dash had a good knowledge. As for her supposed normality... It was laughable when she was better known.

"Do you think it will help you in anything to fondle their flabby buttocks? All it will give you is even more disgust about yourself. Listening to you, it sounds like you have no heart, no brain, no will. Aren't you a person? When you're pushed, when you're harmed, aren't you hurt? If that's the case, well, come on... Do it. But it's going to mean you're nothing but a zombie, or worse, good to bury. We'll send you flowers and a pretty commemorative slab."

She was aware that everything she had just said to Fluttershy was rather hard to hear. But she also knew that sometimes, it was necessary. It pleased no one when being shaken some cruel reality under nose. That was how life was. It was impossible to block ears and close eyes as if nothing.

The pink-haired young girl lowered her eyes and a few tears roll on her cheeks. It wasn't really what was being said that hurt, it was all these eyes on her. Rainbow Dash's group of friends was here too, and they had seen a part of the scene. Fluttershy was feeling so ashamed...

She suffered a jump when the three girls stepped to her as well, and took her in their arms. Until now, she never would have thought someone would show a ounce of compassion towards her, all the more so when she was exposed this way. This momentum of affection was so unexpected that she burst out crying again.

There was no need to add anything. Rainbow Dash knew she had won the game. The way Fluttershy was crying against her friends' lenient shoulders made her think she had realized the mistake she was about to commit. Never deny your own nature, her mother used to say, especially not to fit with the others' expectations.

Suddenly, from behind, Big Macintosh's coworker, the one with the hipster look whom the school's trio was fan of, stepped to them, and Rainbow Dash was about to point out to him that he didn't have to meddle with this story, when she noticed Fluttershy registering another jump as she saw him in her field of vision.

"Big brother", she whispered, incredulous.

"BIG BROTHER?!", the three other girls yelled.

However, seeing them face to face, family likeliness couldn't be ignored, even if according to Rainbow Dash, the called Zephyr Breeze really looked like a weekend lame womanizer compared to the youngest angel appearance. Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle moved aside to let him come even closer and take his little sister in his arms in his turn.

"I didn't know you were suffering so much... But you can't stay in silence like this, Flutty… You have to say it when you're feeling low. And most importantly, you have to stop believing we don't love you the way you are."

"Alright", she whispered against his shoulder.

Zephyr was very proud of himself. If he really thought what he had said to Fluttershy, he also was convinced his perfect big brother performance was going to touch the mysterious Rainbow Dash's heart, on whom he had a crush for her shameless attitude and her hoarse voice. It was the kind of thing which moved girls, after all... Well, according to him.

When him and his sister parted, he could only note how much the teenage girl was different. Arms crossed, she rolled her eyes when he tried to mischievously wink at her.

"I promise, I won't hide anything again... I'll tell everything to my new best friends", Fluttershy finished, turning to the girls.

"Really good choice",Twilight said with a smile, while she trotted toward their arms.

All was well that ended well, like the saying said. A disaster had been avoided, and a new friend had integrated their privileged circle, with all the rest.

Except for Zephyr Breeze, who never had bore his name so well, as he had to face the coldest breeze ever when he tried to come back to Rainbow Dash, already busy to gambol with her friends, her scooter helmet still on her head - after all, what was the point of glamour in all kind of circumstances?

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