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The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1) - TheMareWhoSaysNi

Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

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The Other Pink-Haired Girl (part 1)

Twilight Sparkle put three plastic cups on Rainbow Dash's table, where they all were. They had sent her to get water for them, saying their heads ached too much for them to even be able to walk, and just by looking at their baffled faces, that even makeup hardly was able to conceal, it was easy to understand this was not completely wrong.

Last night, Rainbow Dash had called them for a ladies' night at her home, right after her father was gone. Each of them had arrived with something to eat and drink, though it wasn't absolutely necessary. They didn't want to let their friend think they only came to make the most of the large amount of money she was granted.

Everything could have been nice and quiet if Rarity, older and allowed to buy alcohol, hadn't come back with things to make cocktails with. Twilight, as quite often, had been the only reasonable one, what also made her the only one without a headache this morning.

Anyway, she often was the only reasonable one of the band. Not that her friend kept on doing stupid things all the time... But they were likelier to try things which didn't fit the strict frame she imposed herself.

Pinkie Pie gave each a yellow-colored pastille. Without further delay, the three young girls threw it in their cups, and a concert of efferverscent bubbles started to resound. How would they be able to be good in class with their hangover, Twilight didn't know. And she didn't want to know. She really liked best being too serious than having to suffer such a commotion.

"Feels like my temples are about to explode", Rainbow Dash said after she had swallowed her content of her cup in one gulp.

"Don't talk 'bout it, please", Applejack went on, trying to hide her face with her cowboy hat which yet she was forbidden to bring at school.

"I'll never touch a Raritysmopolitan again", Pinkie Pie added.

"You always say that", her rainbow-haired friend pointed out at her.

"This time's real."

They all knew it would never be the case. Each time it happened, Pinkie Pie would say the exact same thing, and each time, her very festive nature would catch her back. It was inside of her and couldn't be helped. At least, it was her defense when she was caught in the act of intoxication.

"If you all had done like me and only drank soda last night, you wouldn't be in such a state."

"But you're serious rotten, it's not the same!", Rainbow Dash declared pointing a finger at her.

"I can be fun and spontaneous sometimes..."

"Oh really, when? On public holiday?"

Her cheeks crimson, Twilight saw Pinkie Pie getting up, and messing up with what was on her fellow's desk - putting her pen aslant, her notebook in the opposite corner and spilling the content of her pencil case. The curly pink-haired teenager sat back with an overjoyed smile, and watched her friends' reaction.

Like they all sensed, it didn't take much time before, unable to resist, she turned around and put everything back in place. Her friends laughed at her, what made her cheeks' color increase, if possible.

They all were fond of annoying her, since the young girl often was a bit stiff when compared with her other friends.

Their small group was well-known in Canterlot High, because they've known each other since junior high where they had become friends despite their difference. In fact, they each were popular in their own manner and for reason as varied as their own personalities.

Twilight Sparkle always had the best school grades and was part of the Students' Board. Applejack was a real star of bull rodeo, whom family possessed a huge fortune thanks to their famous apple-flavored brand - she was the muse of all the ads. Pinkie Pie organized the school's official parties, but also the most appreciated ones, under request of the pupils. As for Rainbow Dash, well… She was easy to notice, as the captain of the female lacrosse team, but also a member of the athletics and basketball team. All the more with her unique hair color that always caught the eyes.

"Attention, please, everyone", Vice-Principal Luna's voice said. "We got a new student..."

Not even going back to their respective tables, they all turned around to the reading desk at the back of the room, where their vice-principal was, and close to her, there was a young girl not wearing the school's uniform yet, with long pale pink hair hiding a part of her face.

Just by seeing her somber outfit, and the way she stood, wriggling, looking straight in front to make sure she would meet no one's eyes, the four friends came to the conclusion that she was going to be a punching bag if she didn't quickly get integrated inside a circle protecting her.

Canterlot High was a very good high school, one of Equestria's most popular, with its eternal rival Crystal Prep, but it never stopped misbehaviors. Some adults said it was because today's youth lacked the points of references of yesterday. In reality, it was because things had changed a lot, and too fast, and low blows happened in a different way, less discreet than before.

"Her name is Fluttershy, and she comes from Cloudsdale. Maybe you'd like to introduce yourself, Fluttershy..."

"I'd rather not, well, if you don't mind that I don't introduce myself, of course", the young girl said with a reedy voice, that most of the pupils never heard.

No doubt. Rainbow Dash could already guess the schemes against her materializing in some heads. She couldn't let such a thing happen, so that the new girl, from the same city as her, wouldn't think everyone in Canterlot was unbearable and mean.

Once the class over, she gathered her friends around her table again, for a small whispered friendly council. The other students didn't even pay attention anymore to their schemes and private discussions...

"Hey, what do you think of the new girl? Shall we help her?"

"Why dya think she needs our help?"

"Well, look at her..."

As discreetly as possible, they all glanced one by one at the target of their discussion. Sitting at her table in the front, she seemed to be bent over so much they easily guessed her face hidden by a thick curtain of hair. She nervously twisted something between her hands, trying to stay focused on an opened book.

"She's going to get her head bitten off", Pinkie Pie said, shaking her head with a knowing attitude.

"That's exactly what I meant. We got to talk to her... Twilight, go and talk to her!"

"Eh, why me?", she said opening her eyes wide.

It always was the same. It had to be her, Twilight Sparkle, to go and speak to Principal Celestia when they had ideas about the school, or for whatever needed a bit of discipline. She should have been used to it by now, yet it never ceased to astound her each time they did it, and they did it very often.

"Ya'll scare her less than us, dat's clear."

"And, you're the only one who wasn't drunk last night, and who doesn't look like a clone of my Gummy..."

All her friends nodded, and she knew she couldn't do otherwise than going and talk to this poor new girl. And though she did it complaining, Twilight had to admit that, as nice as they were, her best friends could be impressive with their ease, and their sometimes too frank manners.

Wary, she went to Fluttershy's table, under the grasping and not really discreet glances of her band of friends. Just like they had guessed, the young girl dressed in black pants and grey sweater was hiding her face with her hair, and hardly could conceal her nervousness despite her efforts.

When Twilight called out to her with a shy "sorry", she had a jump on her chair, as if she had been violently aggressed, which didn't miss to draw attention on them both.

"I didn't want to scare you, I'm sorry..."

Fluttershy didn't answer, and lowered her head even more.

"My name's Twilight Sparkle, and my friends and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for lunch..."

Not without some slowness, the young girl lifted up her face, which allowed Twilight to have a glimpse at very pretty turquoise eyes. Behind them both, the small group pretended not to pay attention to their semblance of conversation, but the relative discretion they brought to their attitudes seemed to scare Fluttershy, who lowered her head immediately again.

"It's nice of you, but I'm fine. I prefer to be alone. Thank you, Twinkle Sparkle."

"Twilight Sparkle, my name's Twilight Sparkle."

No answer. She was listless again, and acted exactly as if no classmate was standing in front of her. Twilight beat in retreat because of this lack of enthusiasm. Maybe she really liked to be alone best than having friends. She could understand, she had been this way too... There was no need to insist, or she would probably be even more scared.

The second lesson began shortly after, and they all went back to their big efforts to laugh in the face of their still present headache, in order to focus at least on what was being said.


At the beginning, there were only rumors. A few whispers here and there, exchanged as if nothing between students. And little by little, the rumor had swelled, and swelled, like a giant wave before a storm. When it was time to leave class, it had become a certainty. The internet site Canterlot Street Style was about to resume work.

It wasn't your typical fashion site, or it would never had interested anyone else than their friend Rarity, who had started her own clothes brand. No. It was a real pressure gauge of who was popular and who was not. Not to appear in these pictures taken in the streets was being a no one.

And this, for Rainbow Dash, it was impossible. Since her last years of middle school, when she had understood she could gather more attention by going against what was expected from a girl of a wealthy background like her, she made a point of honor in having a flamboyant reputation.

A lot of older persons made her reproaches about it. It wasn't really her eagerness for attention that was a problem. It was the fact that, being a girl, according to them, she would better have to be discreet, and not to say out loud how much she thought she was worthy of interest.

This all had an impact which made her want to stand out even more, and to be noticed even more.

Right after the end of classes, she had brought Applejack with her on her scooter, heading to Rarity's apartment where she had sewed for them, Twilight and Pinkie Pie, brand new outfits that they had hurried to wear before going to the attack of the city center.

Her goal was simple - to look for the photographers from the site, and to make sure they would be amongst the first one to appear on the new pages.

"Ah can't see why ya needed to bring me, precisely. Ah don't need to be more popular."

"Your brother's a photographer for Canterlot Street Style, isn't he? We'll have more chances to have our picture if we meet him..."

"Ah see, in fact, it's out of interest. Yar horrible!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. In reality, Applejack probably knew it wasn't a hundred percent out of interest. Of them four, she was the one she had known for the longest time, and it was something she wanted to share with her as a priority. Some kind of weird thanks...

She draggd her friend by her wrist, without her to display a particular reluctance. The most important passage of teenagers and students was in the main Grand Rue, with its succession of small cafes, vintage boutiques and its huge bookstore. If photographers from the site really strode across downtown in order to meet young trendsetters, she was sure it was the place they would choose.

A wide smile brightgened up her face when she had a glimpse at Applejack's brother, Big Macintosh and his large figure, busy fixing the lens of his camera. By his side, there was a tall and rather thin boy, with a hipster style, long blond hair in a bun, along with a designer stubble, who seemed to be trying to spot potential models.

In reality, Big Macintosh didn't need to work for the site. He could easily have contented himself with his trade studies, without a care about having a secondary income, in light of his family wealth, but he did it anyway because he liked the idea of behaving like any other students. It suited Rainbow Dash who counted on the fact she knew him to increase her chances to appear on the site.

Sure of herself, she walked toward the tall blond boy with freckles, when suddenly three girls wearing her own school's uniform blocked her way. Everyone knew who they were, since they were part of the Students Board like Twilight, and embellished the gymnasium each time a big event took place there.

"Not a step forward, you moron Rainbow Dash!"

"What?" she asked, offended.

"We don't want you on the Grand Rue", the second girl, Lily, went on.

"Yes, go back where you're from", the third girl, Rose, finished with her arms stretched out.

"Can I at least know why?"

"You came here to steal Breezie to us, don't you? Well, it's not going to happen."

"Who?", Applejack questioned.

She and Rainbow Dash looked at each other, discountenanced. Obviously, there was no reason why the well-known trio from Canterlot High would nickname Big Macintosh this way, and no reason for them to stop them from granting access to the eldest of the famous Apple family. Quickly, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to protect the tall thin boy with the hipster style.

It didn't miss to make Rainbow Dash laughing out loud, from her hoarse and sometimes childish voice.

"We don't give a care about that guy! All we want is to be on the site."

"Huh, huh, this too, no way", Daisy claimed crossing her arms, her blonde curls shaking against her shoulders.

"What? Why that?"

"You're already popular enough, you both. Let the others shine too!"

What the trio had not foreseen was that their little whim would finally draw more attention than the plain presence of Applejack and Rainbow Dash on the Grand Rue. Around them, a small group had gathered, curious to know what was going on like each time something a bit unusual occured, and this group also drew the attention of the two boys who weren't expecting so much.

Big Macintosh immediately recognized his little sister, and stepped closer to ask her what was wrong. Her explanation made appear a slight smile on the green-eyed young man's face. Nothing was surprising in the fact Applejack's best friend wanted her fifteen minutes of fame, he even would have bet she would ask him as a favor to take her picture.

What he didn't understand, on the other hand, was all the fuss around the new boy from his editorial board, who had been sent here as a test, in order to see whether or not he was as good at fashion as he had told them all. In all likelihood, he had caught the three teenager girl's hearts. They were still arguing with Rainbow Dash because of him, despite the girl repeating that she didn't care.

In the background, he noticed his inexperienced coworker coming closer, as if he wasn't aware he was the main topic of all this dissension.

As soon as Zephyr Breeze came near them, the trio stopped to bother Rainbow Dash and focused instead on the former student whose strand of hair was out of his impressive bun, falling in front of his eyes, and each of them hung at him the best they could.

"Tell this moron once for all that you don't fancy her at all..."

"But I've told you I don't give a care about that guy! All I want is to be on that f***ing site."

Smelling a good occasion to have a bit of fun, he freed himself from his three groupies, and slowly came closer to the rainbow-haired teenage girl. She really had an interesting style, with a little something impudent a lot of boys probably enjoyed. Not knowing she was connected with his coworker Big Macintosh, he put his forefinger under Rainbow Dash's chin, who had a slight disgusted wince.

"You really want to be on this site, do you? Tell me... How far would you go for this?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well, that's easy", he said slipping his other hand along her hip. "What would you be ready to do to have your picture on Canterlot Street Style? You might be this kind of girl aren't you?"

She didn't need an explanation. She knew what innuendo was hiding under the "this kind of girl" Zephyr had said. So, this boy from out of nowhere really thought there were girls so vain they would lend him their bodies just for a picture on the web? He had to come back on earth.

Rainbow Dash removed the young man's hand from her hip, and didn't hesitate to kick his shin, with the immediate result of getting her rid of this disrespectful lad.

"You still have a lot of things to learn about women. It's about time for you to stop indulging yourself in wishful thinking that reality is like movies you find on YouClop. And, with it, I'm demisexual and proud of it!"

Some kind of weird silence started to float inside their little circle. The Grand Rue's hubbub yet was going on behind them, but this statement let more than one astounded. Of course, it wasn't a discovery for Applejack, informed about her friend's special kind of sexuality, but she couldn't help herself putting a hand on her forehead when she realized she had said too much once again.

A few seconds later, one of the three girls burst out laughing, pointing her finger at Rainbow Dash. She didn't seem to understand what this slightly different kind of sexuality was, and it bothered the teenage girl who was her target, but didn't miss to make Zephyr forget about the small pain from her well-placed kick. He hadn't expected something like this at all.

The sound of a policeman's whistle made everyone jump, and brought each of them back to reality. Once again, the public order had been disturbed, and if they didn't hurry to run off from here, Applejack and Rainbow Dash would again be lectured at the police district by Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor.

They both fled as fast as they could, like the trio Daisy, Rose and Lily, and Big Macintosh and his coworker, who was really amused, and all the more intrigued by what had just happened.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash ran breathlessly, not really looking where they were going, and finally hid, after minutes of a frantic race through downtown's streets, behind the door recess of the huge shopping mall's building.

"Seriously... Why dya always get us into trouble?"

"Do you think I do it on purpose?"

They were trying to catch their breath, hands on their knees, when something, or rather someone caught Rainbow Dash's attention. She pulled on her friend's sleeve, and pointed this someone with her head.

"Hey, isn't that the new girl?"

Applejack rose her eyes, and took time before noticing Fluttershy's pale pink hair, while she seemed to be expecting someone near a restaurant. Her outfit had nothing in common with the somber clothers she had worn on the morning. Her blue and white checkered dress had short sleeves despite the cold, and the length of the ruffled skirt was largely above knees. She wore it with yellow pantyhose and black leather low boots with high heels. Yet, it wouldn't have particularly called out to them, if the young girl hadn't been joined by a man who was much older than her.

The latter introduced himself to her, as if he wasn't sure of who she was. After she had nodded shyly, not really looking into his eyes, Fluttershy left the place where she was, arm in arm with the man, and they both went into the restaurant.

"That's weird", Rainbow Dash said, now half hidden behind the recess door, with Applejack a little lower.

"Maybe dat was just her father..."

"Yeah, maybe."

None of them were convinced by the words they had said. This man didn't look like her at all, and didn't really seem to know her at all. Although Rainbow Dash didn't maintain a real father-and-daughter relationships since long ago, and although Applejack's parents had passed away as well, they both knew that in their behavior, there was something strange, a bit... criminal.

Curious how appearances could be misleading. A young man had just taken Rainbow Dash for an 'easy girl', though she could not be sexually attracted by a boy with whom she hadn't a real deep and stable relationship, just by being judged on her overly self-confident and depraved style, and the very shy new girl, Fluttershy, whom anyone would have swore she was the purest innocence alive, was meeting older men who brought her to restaurants. It was a topsy-turvy world...

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