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The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1) - TheMareWhoSaysNi

Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

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Summertime, while the cat's away... (part 4)

Even when the days were scorching, the temperature on the beach rapidly plunged as if it was some November night. Sweaters and jackets weren’t unwanted. A fire crackled in a corner, around which a whole bunch of vacationers were chatting, with a beer in their hands.

The guests of those parties were all those who wanted to come. The house was opened and they all came and went freely between there and the sand. Inside, music was playing and a few couples were dancing. Each had something to eat or drink.

Of course, the wealthiest ones weren’t the ones stopping there. They rather saw this with spite, thinking it was nothing but a toot by teenagers left to their own devices.

It was just the third party of the kind they’d organized, yet already, it was a success. On the first night, only a few curious persons had come and taken part, but they’d liked it so much they’d spread the word in town. Their word of mouth had worked very well, and tonight, the Apples’ house was as full as in Pinkie Pie’s parties in Canterlot.

In a part of the living-room, where a few persons had started a billard game, Zephyr found Twilight and Sunset Shimmer. He had no idea of where was his little sister nor his coworker, so in desperation, he asked the two young women the questions burning his lips, and easy to guess:

“Have you seen Rainbow Dash?”

“I think she went to see those who’ll start the firework, to know if they needed help”, the blue-haired girl answered, not taking her eyes off what seemed to preoccupied her more than the rest.

Zephyr looked at the two bottles of beer in his hands, aggrieved. He wanted to begin his new attack of what he called now the “Rainbow Attack” operation – unaware of what this name reflected – and was in a dead-end once again. There was only one week left, and he knew these parties were the best way to achieve his goal.

Out of desperation again, he accepted to hand one of his bottles to Sunset Shimmer, who had just asked him if that was possible. Well, this Sunset Shimmer was rather cute in her own style… With lovely blue eyes, charming curls and a rebel look he appreciated. However, just like the girl he targeted and the girl by her side, she didn’t really pay attention to him.

She and Twilight were focused on something, unless it was someone, and didn’t seem able to take her eyes off. Curious, Zephyr leaned against the wall behind him and stretched out his neck. After a few efforts of concentration, he discovered the surfing instructor in a corner of the room, and felt his heart falling at his feet.

They all were hooked up on this guy, and he didn’t understand why. What did he have that he didn’t have, out of a chest from health magazines and arms like granite? He bet he had no brain and his feet stunk by the end of the day.

Jealousy was gnawing at him from the inside, once again. Alright, this guy didn’t seem to interest the girl he liked but even so… At least, he was able to grab the intention of one girl from the gang while he was treated with cold sympathy at the best and indifference at the worst.

Even when he understood that in fact, Twilight and Sunset Shimmer weren’t staring at him, but at Rarity, his bitter realization didn’t change. His heart only beat for Rainbow Dash, yet even him could admit that Rarity was a gorgeous woman. Surprise, surprise, this beauty responded to the instructor’s interest, although he probably was a little younger than she.

He couldn’t help it. Being envious. He couldn’t help but seeing himself in the fop’s shoes, with Rainbow Dash in Rarity’s heels. The way she laughed, leading her hands to her mouth, the way she placed a strand of hair behind her ear to show how refined she was, she way she put her hand against the young man’s shoulders, innocently. And he was staring at her with the eyes of the one who had just discovered the most valuable of treasures.

“So, this is how she does it”, Twilight claimed before putting her lips around the straw of her alcohol free juice cocktail.

“It’s mighty subtler than the way I hit on guys. And it seems it works better too…”

“Yet Rainbow told me you were pretty good at it.”

“What? Ah, probably because of her birthday party. Wasn’t the same thing. Sheer luck.”

“I’m sure it’s better than what I did with Flash Sentry…”

Her friend looked at her with compassion, finally tearing herself away from the couple of the day, and rubbed Twilight’s shoulders.

The incident still was fresh, and talking about it was hard. She couldn’t believe she had been trapped so easily. She couldn’t believe her very first love story had ended before it even started.

Sometimes, she thought about Flash Sentry and felt a slight ache in her chest. She wasn’t in love, which didn’t stop this aborted of a beginning of romance to hurt each time it came back to her mind. Love seemed to be something far too complicated, even for a brain like hers. At least, mathematics could always be trusted.

Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared in the girls’ and Zephyr’s field of vision. She was talking and laughing with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and already had a glass bottle in her hand, which in reality was an alcohol free beer. When they waved at her to ask her to come their way, the young woman went in the direction of the billiard room.

She was barely there that Applejack arrived as well, seemingly restless.

“Hey, there’s a black vintage car that just parked in front of the house.”

Immediately, Rainbow Dash froze. She whispered something inaudible, and putting her bottle of beer on the edge of the billiard table unscrupulously, she dashed towards the door, running.

The bunch, puzzled, looked at each other before following her. Zephyr had been the witness of the whole scene, and didn’t resist his desire to go after them. He discovered all the girls of the group stuck together before the window, each trying to get the best view of the outside.

Because he was a bit taller, he was able to see everything happening without getting too near. Through the window, he saw a boy getting off a car, and Rainbow Dash arriving on the run. She fell on the young man’s neck, who caught her immediately and lifted her in his arms, her feet taking off the ground.

Soarin. The damn boyfriend. How did he happen to know where they were?

“Is that Rainbow Dash?” Twilight questioned while the couple embraced. “Our friend Rainbow Dash?”

“Seems like”, Pinkie Pie chanted with a smile.

“But how Soarin happen to know where we were?” Fluttershy asked as well.

Oh, well played, little sister, Zephyr thought. He knew he could always count on her to be relevant at the right moment. Or at the worst.

“Ah told him dis mornin’”, Applejack added. “He made me promised not to tell anyone.”

So, Applejack was part of the secret? No. So, Applejack had Soarin’s phone number? He didn’t have hers yet he was one of her best friend’s brother, and her big brother’s coworker. It was unfair. Truly unfair.

Outside, on the sidewalk, the couple had no idea to be observed by the whole gang. Nothing mattered anymore, anyway. It was as if they were locked up in a sealed bubble, where no sounds except their own voices resounded, keeping them warm and sheltering them from the rest of the world, obviously uglier.

“How is it possible that you’re here one week earlier?” Rainbow Dash asked as soon as Soarin had put her back on the ground.

“My father had changed the dates of his departure for Italy and didn’t tell me. So, I’ve only seen him for a day and I’ve spent the rest of the time with my mother. Aren’t you happy I’m here? Because I can go back, otherwise…”

He pretended to turn to the door of his car.

“Don’t say stupid things!” Rainbow Dash hurled, slightly hitting his shoulder. “There’s going to be a firework in a few minutes. Come on!”

“Hey, first let me taking things out of the trunk!”

Despite his protest, Soarin let himself be dragged towards the main door by his girlfriend, who had grabbed his wrist. Too bad… He would take back his bag latter. The fact she displayed so much enthusiasm to see this firework with him was enough for the young man. She would never say it, but this way he knew she probably had missed him just as much as he had missed her.

On the way, he greeted the whole gang piled up by the main window of the lobby. They greeted him back, reassured to notice he was so happy to see her again that he hadn’t even paid attention to the fact they all had tried to spy on them.

As far as Zephyr was concerned, however, relief came along with an uncontrollable resentment. All his plans had once again sank in the depth of the ocean. With her boyfriend back, his operation was now compromised. Of course, he could still try to show Rainbow Dash how he was worthier than this damn Soarin, but it would be a lot more difficult in the presence of the enemy.

Dragging his feet, he followed them as well as the rest of the group, and an important part of the guests, until the beach where the firework was about to be let off in a couple of minutes.

As he’d done for the surfing instructor who was at the same corner of the house busy French-kissing Rarity, he couldn’t help but observe the young man. He wore a plain shirt and jeans and hadn’t really brushed his hair. Alright, he was tall… very tall, even. Alright, he had broad shoulders. And emerald eyes. But out of this, he had nothing special, according to Zephyr. He, at least, had a sophisticated look, and he had a lot of charms, in his own opinion.

Blinded by jealousy and envy, he couldn’t understand that people’s consideration when it came to love affairs went beyond a question of physical features and style.

Willingly left side by side by the rest of the group, Soarin and Rainbow Dash were far from envisioning which kind of feelings they could activate.

This short separation of a week hadn’t been hard to live, and had even proved they weren’t like many other couples, unable to do anything without one another. On the other hand, they had taught them to identify how they enjoyed being together again, and how, despite the distance, they always stayed in mind and heart of one another.

While the firework started, Soarin took a glimpse at his girlfriend. It couldn’t be said she was affected. Without makeup, her hair tied in a ponytail, she was wearing sneakers, a pair of baby blue jeans, a tee-shirt with skull and crossbones printed on it, and a long brown jacket he saw her wearing so often it was worn at spots. Yet, in his eyes, she was the loveliest of the girls around. Even more when she opened her mouth, in wonder in front of the spectacle above their heads.

Only after one more second did he notice that, under her marveled face, in reality she had brought her hands near her face, as if she was in the middle of a pray, and her two hands were almost imperceptibly trembling – not enough for him not to see.

Obviously, she was torn between two kind of feelings.

As far as Soarin could remember, she had always enjoyed fireworks. At each Cloudsdale Spring Celebration, they both used to go and see the one let off from the Royal Grand Stadium, often with his own family, since Firefly was always on duty on this day, and her father had always worked a lot. It had been such an even every single time, anticipated and expected with a certain impatience.

If today, things were a bit different, he thought it probably was connected to her mother’s death. He had never dared looking at the footages on the Web, and only knew what news had aired on television, which was different than attending live like her, but it could have something to do with the sounds of the explosive devices, or to the fact that a small fire was never to be excluded.

Rainbow Dash probably noticed he was staring at her, instead of watching what was happening in the sky. She looked up towards him, and a shy smile appeared on her face. Because it was still difficult for her to express this type of things out loud, she only let her arm fall between them.

Her boyfriend immediately understood the message she was sending, and quickly he took her hand, their fingers intertwined. This way, he could feel her shakings slowly disappearing as the firework was going to the grand finale. Finally, he was able to see joy and nothing but joy reflecting in her eyes at the same time as the pink, red and purple lights were exploding in the skies.

It had to be said the organizers had done their best to make this show unforgettable. It almost felt like in Canterlot, during the Royals birthdays, in the gardens of the Palace.

Everyone was so caught up into the firework that no one of the band noticed two other persons were missing.

Quietness was back in the big house, although music kept on playing. Even those who had not decided to attend the show outside were gone to see this with their own eyes. Thanks to this, Fluttershy had the chance to see Big Macintosh on his own, as she had hoped.

Seeing her coming his way, he displayed no emotion of surprise. It seemed to be clear even for him that what was happening outside was part of the many things that scared the young woman. That was why he asked her no questions.

He noticed she was wearing the same pink dress with white dots than on the morning, with only a white jacket. It was an adorable outfit, with those small frills on the front, its bow around the waist, perfectly reflecting the soft and charming character of the young woman.

While he sat at the huge table of the living-room with a pint of ice-cream, Big Macintosh saw Fluttershy sitting innocently close to him. Without a word, he gave her the second spoon he’d taken as he’d seen her arrive, and she accepted with a wide smile to sit closer again in order to share the vanilla ice cream with him.

It was Applejack who had advised her to wait for a moment when they would be alone, and also who had assured her she didn’t need to put a lot of efforts in her outfit, so he wouldn’t notice anything. She also had described her many ways to start the conversation with her brother and Fluttershy only had to choose among these solutions.

But now she was in front of the fait accompli, she no longer knew what she needed to say. Her shyness got back on top as they were both sharing ice cream in the same pint, exchanging nothing but reserved glances.

She knew it, if she didn’t hurry to tell him what she had to tell him, the fireworks would be over, and a part of the guests would be back inside the house. It was now or never. No other chances would happen or it wouldn’t be that perfect.

The teenage girl swallowed and let out a sigh that didn’t go unnoticed by Big Macintosh. He looked at her blinking, not really understanding what happened to her, obviously unaware of the state of nervousness which she was in. Did he feel the same thing? Fluttershy couldn’t tell, but with him it never was easy to know.

She put her spoon back on the table, and tightened her eyes and fists as strong as she could in order to deliver what she had to say. It matched with none of the scenarios prepared by Applejack but it didn’t matter. She was going to do things her own way…

“I have to tell you”, she finally started. “I think I’m in love with you… No, I know I’m in love with you. I think you’re really nice. When you’re next to me, I feel like flying and I’m so happy. It’s the first time I’m feeling this way about anyone. I’d really, really, really, really, really like us to be together.”

Her heart beat in her chest as if it was about to tear off her chest and fly away. Fluttershy couldn’t even opening her eyes back from nervousness, on the verge of fainting. She had poured all her heart into this confession of love, and hoped she at least hit a soft spot inside of him.

Applejack knew him well, and thought he was interested by her. Applejack couldn’t be wrong about her own brother, could she? If so… Why did he remain silent?

The young woman heard the sound of iron softly touching the table, following by the grinding noise of a chair. Her respiration was difficult, yet she finally could open up her eyes.

Big Macintosh had come closer, now sitting on the chair right beside her. He stretched out his hands and took hers between his palms. They were warm and wrapped hers completely. If her heart was still beating at top speed, this time the feeling was pleasant. Feverish, the teenage girl was anticipating the first words that would cross his full lips that she had dreamed of so many times.

“Ya truly are a very pretty girl. In fact, Ah haven’t met a lot of girls that were as cute and pretty as ya are. Ya don’t even realize how many boys would die to hear ya say dat.”

Fluttershy couldn’t believe it. Those words said by Big Macintosh about her, it felt like a dream come true. And yet, she sensed something indescribable in his speech… like an odd premonition she didn’t know how to interpret.

Her heart tightened again when he pressed his palms against the back of her hands. He was looking straight into her eyes, and she couldn’t help but blushing, ruffled by their nearness.

“Ah have to be honest with ya. Ya know honesty’s very important in mah family. Ah think you’re a girl of gold. But… Yar not mah kind. Am someone shy and shy girls make me feel like Am seeing mahself in a mirror. It’s really weird. Ah prefer light-hearted girls, full of energy… Ah’d like not to hurt ya but Ah think Ah would hurt you more by pretendin’. Ah hope ya won’t hold a grudge against me.”

“Wow, this firework was soooooooooooo great!” Pinkie Pie’s voice suddenly chanted.

She had just arrived into the house, followed by the rest of the gang and the guests. Someone turn the volume of the music louder so the party would resume back.

Unable to confront her friends, Fluttershy left her chair in a hurry and quickly climbed to lock herself up in one of the rooms upstairs.

Out of them all, Applejack was the only one to understand what had happened. Obviously, she had declared her love to Big Macintosh, and the latter didn’t share the young woman’s feelings. She had no doubts her eldest had displayed diplomacy, which didn’t stop the person in question to be brokenhearted.

She hesitated to follow her and trying to comfort her, but finally resigned… Fluttershy probably didn’t want to see anyone.

When the others asked her what could have happened, she said she would explain them later in order not to be a party-pooper, with the hope the girls would forget to ask in mind, so she wouldn’t have to tell them the truth that was could be her fault.

In the room, Fluttershy couldn’t stop crying. She had never shed so many tears, not even when her very first bunny had died back when she was eight, and yet it had almost smashed her soul. She was feeling as if someone had pushed her down and beat up, as if a butcher’s knife was hammering inside her heart, over and over again.

She couldn’t get to forget the words he had said, with a lot of softness and an imperturbable calm. Yes, he thought she was adorable, pretty, cute, charming, and all kind of flattering adjectives but he didn’t love her. He didn’t love her because she was too shy, too soft and too kind. He didn’t love her for the reasons he should have loved her.

It had made her feel like a heavy bell ringing directly into her ears when, after Big Macintosh had revealed he preferred energetic girls, Pinkie Pie had arrived, with her high-pitched voice and her enthusiasm always too big for everything. She was the kind of girls Big Macintosh liked. It was someone like Pinkie Pie he could picture himself with.

And she, Fluttershy, was her complete opposite. She wasn’t a ball of energy, she wasn’t bouncy nor outlandish, she couldn’t even scream to display her joy. She would never be Pinkie Pie, which meant Big Macintosh would never love her.

How she would like not to be herself anymore. How she would like to be Pinkie Pie.

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