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The Truth About Girls (Vol. 1) - TheMareWhoSaysNi

Think you really know how's life in Canterlot? Sure you really know what girls dream and want? You might be surprised!

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The First Pink-Haired Girl (part 1)

In a corner of the room, Pinkie Pie was busy doing a headstand, after she had bet with Rainbow Dash she could keep the pose longer than she. As soon as she was challenged to do something, of course, the teenage girl couldn’t resist the will to prove she had what it took to win, and this, although the opponent was someone overflowed with energy in any kind of circumstances.

Watching them, Fluttershy couldn’t help but thinking about how they had welcomed her inside their circle yet formed since ages, along with Sunset Shimmer. It had seemed so fluid, so easy… Never would she dared to think she would have been able to integrate like this inside a group of persons who already knew each other so well.

She knew Rainbow Dash and Applejack met during the first year of Middle School, at the young age of eleven, and that they had made Twilight’s encounter the next year, a little before the tragic accident which had cost Rainbow Dash’s mother life, even if not in the details. On the other hand, Pinkie Pie’s story was still a mystery to her and Sunset Shimmer, freshly integrated too.

Secretly, when her parents had agreed she could come to this slumber party with her new bunch of friends, too happy to see she finally had overcome the legendary shyness that stopped her from meeting people, what she had hoped for was them to tell her this story. And, for now, it still hadn’t happened.

So, while plunging her hand into the sack of vegetable crisps on the bed, she cleared her throat to make sure she would be heard without being obliged to repeat her request.

“Well, em, girls… I was wondering if you could tell us how you met with Pinkie Pie… Well, if it doesn’t bother you, of course…”

“It’s true”, Sunset Shimmer added with a wink toward Fluttershy. “I want to know as well.”

“Oh, that’s really simple”, Pinkie Pie answered, still head over heels. “I’m going to tell you everything…”

On her hands, she went forward until Rainbow Dash’s bed and let herself fall on it. Behind her, her fellow complained that she had broken their challenge before she could even prove that she was able to stand the longest, then resigned, stood back up.

I am going to tell you everything. Because no offence, Pinkie, but if we let you, it’s going to take, like forever.”

“No problem. It will be fun if you tell it as well.”

Rainbow Dash settled on her bed, leaning against the headboard, and took in her arms her favorite cloud-shaped plushy, a gift from her mother for her sixth birthday, and quickly, all the girls came and sat in circle around her, even Twilight and Applejack who had been witnesses and actresses.

“It all began around the middle of the last Middle School semester, a bit before my birthday. Back then, Twilight still wore glasses and Applejack already wore her legendary hat, and every morning on the school bus ride I tried to hide that I had shaved a side of my head…”

A serial of attacks by gangs of teenagers was the talk of the town. These gangs were composed of girls and boys, wearing knives and brass knuckles, who assaulted adults and other teenagers, often in order to steal money to them, and sometimes for the plain pleasure of creating a terror over the city.

For this reason, each of Canterlot’s Middle and High Schools had settled security guards at their entrances, to search through the pupils’ bags and to hunt down those who would wear any kind of items showing an affiliation with a gang. As the school staff and the teachers most of the time ignored what really were these affiliation items in question, anything looking a bit suspicious was taken as such.

Right from the bus descent, Rainbow Dash spotted the two mountains of men positioned at Middle Canterlot’s entrance. Before they could step closer, she grabbed Applejack by the sleeve of her uniform.

“What? There’s Twilight waitin’ on us inside. Ya know for her bein’ on time is already bein’ late.”

“But I put my red sneakers on instead of my mandatory shoes. If they nab me, they’re going to send me in Harshwhinny’s office. And they’re going to seize our MP3 players, comics and pencil-sharpeners.”

“Why they takin’ our pencil-sharpeners?”, Applejack cried with indignation.

“Because it’s like a bladed weapon, they say!”

“What if I have to sharpen a pencil?”

“They’ll tell you to use a mechanical pencil.”

The said reasons for these seizing often were mundane and a little overreacted, but that was how adults beyond a teenage problems responded most of the time, according to Rainbow Dash.

The fact remained that she really didn’t feel like being in Miss Harshwhinny’s office once again, since she always wanted to warn her father at the least misconduct and always thought that if she defied her authority it was because she wasn’t “quite healed yet”, and above everything else, she didn’t want to be taken her brand new comic book still under its plastic wrap she hadn’t read yet, and kept for the minutes before classes began.

They were standing on the sidewalk in front of the school, wondering how to hide this or that detail, when another student bumped into Rainbow Dash’s shoulder, then crossed the road without a care about the cars, not without glancing at her with hostility.

Her long pink hair was as straight as the bamboos growing behind the school’s gratings, and her eyes were as cold as snow. She wore a cotton and silk jacket, of the same kind of the ones that only the members of the soccer team were allowed to wear, instead of the mandatory blazer. Instead of the also mandatory socks and shoes, she had boots with buckles which would not miss to make her notice.

Just a look at her was enough to think she was part of the bad eggs, to the extent that it felt strange to see her going to class. While the others hurried shaky in front of the gate and security guards, she walked a little farther, and threw her bag on the other side of the railing.

Immediately understanding what she wanted to do, Rainbow Dash had an idea… an idea that would permit her to keep music and comic book, and not to go to the Miss Harshwhinny’s case.

“Come on, AJ, I know what we’re going to do!”

Without questions, Applejack followed her until they’d crossed the road and she saw her following the other girl with pink hair, already busy climbing the fence.

“Oh no, Dash, Ah won’t do dat. They can take ma pencil-sharpener; Ah’ll find sumethin’ with Twilight!”

On those good words, Applejack went to the other side, and positioned herself behind the other students queuing to have their bags searched. It didn’t discourage Rainbow Dash who was determined. Sometimes she couldn’t help her risk-taker side to take over, and sincerely thought keeping her music and comic books safe were worth such an endangerment. She had seen worse than that, after all.

Unlike the other girl, she kept her bag on her back. As soon as she started to climb as well, her classmate’s feet right in front of her face, the familiar sensation of adrenalin before an in-door rock-climbing session displayed within her, and she knew she would never turn back, although it was a little more difficult to go upward without real gripping plugs.

“Hey, who said you could follow me?”, the other teenage girl asked with venom in her voice. “Drop dead!”

“The railings don’t belong to you, for all I know. And go faster, or there’s going to be a gridlock.”

“You didn’t have to follow me!”

They would reach the top almost at the same time, but the body of the girl with the jacket, boots and pink hair blocked the access to the other side. Both were arguing while climbing, with the effect to create a loss of balance, making the first girl fall flat on her stomach, but first on the other side.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t luckier, since a part of her skirt became entangled to the fleur-de-lis-shaped point of the railings, ripping entirely when she tried to escape this trap by complaining in a rather unsubtle way. She pitched forward, and thankfully – or not – was able to cushion her fall by landing on her classmate who had just stood back up and slipped again on the ground.

“Push off, push off, you batty!”, she yelled. “You ruined my back, moron!”

“I can’t… My skirt… Everyone’s going to see my panties.”

“You just had to enter by the front like anyone else, you butthead!”

A shadow suddenly stood in front of them, and both teenage girls raised their head at the same time. They immediately recognized the slightly old-fashioned haircut and the strict women’s suit of their Principal, Miss Harshwhinny, was looked at them with some kind of pleasure, the pleasure to have been able to frame two of what she regarded as her worse troublemakers.

“Here, look what we got… The famous Rainbow Dash and the equally famous fake new girl, Pinkamena Diane Pie…”


The most embarrassing thing wasn’t to go to the Principal office, or even that the other students would see her go there again, along with what seemed to be a notorious delinquent… No. The most embarrassing thing, for Rainbow Dash, it was to go through the whole school obliged to hide the rip of her skirt so that no male student would have a glimpse at her panties.

It was the age where some girls started to be judgmental, the age where boys’ hormones started to race. Hearing her classmates’ conversations, she already had noticed a difference between what she felt and what the others did, though her both friends, as much Applejack as Twilight, weren’t asking themselves too many questions, one focusing on her studies and the second one on the rodeos.

Despite this, Rainbow Dash knew many of them were already concerned about sex and that the sight of panties could have devastating effects on many subjects. Her reputation had started to build after her return from Green Haven – the reputation of a cool and relaxed girl, a small tough cookie who wasn’t really into cute or sappy things.

Showing her undergarment to the whole school after a measly fall from the entrance’s railings wasn’t the best to go along with.

Now she was sitting her embarrassment was different. First of all, Rainbow Dash didn’t like the fact she had been caught in the act, and obliged to be accountable for her actions. Secondly, she hated to receive scolding, especially from adults, and particularly from Miss Harshwhinny who, she was sure, was a control freak.

“Isn’t it enough that you accumulate tardiness and detention hours, Rainbow Dash? Now you also have to hang around with black sheeps.”

“I don’t hang around with her, we’ve just met.”

“And I’ll never want to hang around with such a loser.”

“To lie won’t make your situation better, trust me…”

She could admit it – she often was late, because she stayed for too long inside her shower or under her blankets, missed the school bus and had to take her bicycle. It would be fixed once she would have a bike of her own, she knew. Also, as she judged there were more important things to do than homework, she spent a lot of afternoons in detention hours.

But being friend with someone like this Pinkamena Diane Pie was a little too much to asked. There were things that even Rainbow Blaze could not sleep on, and this would be among them. It gave her the impression that Miss Harshwhinny ignored what kind of impact such a situation could have in her life.

“I’m not lying. I didn’t even know her name before you said it. I only wanted to save my com… my sneakers.”

“We’ll talk about it later, Rainbow Dash. As for you, Pinkamena… It’s a good thing you’re going to school but the least you could do would be to wear your uniform correctly. Signs of membership from any kind of group are forbidden and…”

“I don’t care. If you don’t like the way I look, I’ll stop coming, that’s all.”

Obviously, this conversation would lead nowhere. For Middle Canterlot’s Principal, both teenagers in front of her were stubborn as could be, one more prove that they probably knew each other and were scheming together. If only Rainbow Dash could take a leaf out of Twilight Sparkle’s book, instead of being around the wrong persons…

However, Pinkamena’s threat not to come in class again worried her a lot. Her parents had specified when they enrolled her here that they wanted their daughter to get a real stable education so that she would be ready for anything life would put along her way.

Her case was worrisome, of course, it didn’t change the fact that for the Principal a strict discipline was necessary to the good growth of teenagers’ minds, especially those as restless and mistrustful…

“Fine. Give me your bag so I can see if you got forbidden items.”

“No, please”, Rainbow Dash cried helplessly.

It was worse than anything else. Not only her skirt was ripped and Miss Harshwhinny thought she was a friend of that girl, but also, she was probably going to seize all that made her bear a long day of school. That was definitive – she was doomed.

Her mate, sitting at her left in the impersonal and austere office of the school’s Principal, didn’t have such a ‘cool’ reaction. Cursing and screaming they had no right to pervade into their private life the way they did, she got up and swept away with her arms everything on the front of the desk behind which Miss Harshwhinny sat.

If the Principal didn’t seem to be surprised by this outburst of anger, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but jumping, and even felt for a few second some kind of muffled anguish clasping her heart, that she thankfully was able to swallow back.

The young girl picked up her bag covered with leaves from the small bushes and left the office at full throttle. Miss Harshwhinny didn’t try to catch her. It was useless, all the more so that it could be dangerous in view of her high level of rage. It was preferable to let her go for now.

“Fine”, she said while correcting her glasses. “Rainbow Dash, your bag.”

“For real?”

“Yes, for real. Come on, quicker than that.”

She sighed and stretched out her bag to the adult in front of her, not without some reluctance. How she wished she was able to get carried away like the other girl and to slam the door without further ado. It didn’t mean she was afraid of violence and she could even fight when necessary, it was sudden and impetuous blowups that had something scary for her, since they still were too much connected to a bad experience that wasn’t that old.

Frowning and her glasses firmly glued on her nose, Miss Harshwhinny foraged the blue backpack with a cloud and a tricolor bolt sewed on it of the young teenage girl. Quickly, she put on her desk all the things she could found that were forbidden inside her school – MP3 player, makeup (gloss, mascara and primer only), sports and bike magazines and of course, the comic book under its plastic wrap.

“Not my ‘Power Ponies’, please, ma’am…”

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash but you know the rules. By the way, if tomorrow you come back with these shoes, you’ll be sent back home immediately. And you don’t want to be sent back home, do you?”

“I don’t”, she said pouting, her elbow leaning against the arm of her chair, her chin against the palm of her hand.

An expulsion would undoubtedly result in a show of reproaches from her father. Although, in all likelihood, it would happen over the phone, she knew perfectly that once back, he would find a way to talk about this in the middle of a conversation, and they would argue – again.

“Sometimes I really wonder what’s on your mind. I can see things still are difficult for you. Your mother’s death remains recent after all, but Rainbow Dash, you have to understand that school isn’t a place for fun.”

“I know; I know… Can I go now?”

She would rather show her panties to everyone than staying here, listening at the same discourses again and again.

“One last thing. You say you’re not a friend of Pinkamena Diane Pie…”

“It’s true, I swear. Please, don’t tell it to my father.”

Miss Harswhinny lifted her hand in front of her, as if to indicate that she needed to go all the way.

“Let’s say I’m willing to believe you. You’ll have to prove me your good faith. It you want to get back your ‘Power Ponies’, that’s the only way.”

“How the hell do you want me to do such a thing? You know very well my real friends are Applejack and Twilight, not this Pinkamena I-don’t-know-what Pie…”

“I know what it is in here, maybe. But what proves me this is still the case once out of class? Nothing. And your behavior, most of the time, is likely to let everyone think you both know each other very well, in reality.”

A few minutes later, it was a dawdling Rainbow Dash that Twilight and Applejack met. She had skipped the first hour of class because of her conversation with Miss Harshwhinny and her friends were worried.

“I’ve been able to get a new skirt for you through the intermediary of Rarity and my brother. He’d made believe this was my lunch that I’ve forgotten”, Twilight told her while giving her a brown paper bag. “Are you okay?”

“What do you think?”

“Why did ya do such a thang? Now ya don’t longer have your comic book and ya once again been haul over the coals like a Sunday barbecue.”

Applejack’s personal idioms were always to sketch a semblance of smile on her face. Yet, Rainbow Dash didn’t really feel like laughing.

“She thinks I’m friends with this girl, Pinkamena Pie.”

“Ah heard she could be part of a gang of teens hangin’ out in town.”

“I know. Because of that, I’m up sh*it without a creek. If I can’t prove I’m not friends with her, Miss Harshwhinny will warn my father. Do you know what it would mean?”

Yes, they knew. Rainbow Blaze didn’t know how to deal with the daughter growing up under his eyes and who looked so much like her mother in what she looked and how she behaved in life. To make matters worse, he often thought that if she wasn’t really into discipline, it meant she was still in the middle of her depression.

“I won’t go back there because of that b*tch!”

“We won’t let dat happen.”

“Yes, you have our word, Rainbow Dash”, Twilight said nodding.

“Fine. Because I think I have an idea…”

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