When The Night Crawls

by Hoppa_21

First published

An increasing crime rate and the problem with mutants bring the Power Ponies more challenges when they needed. Unfortunately, they weren't prepared as a black bipedal figure appears out of nowhere.

Displaced Story

Maretropolis. A town unlike any other. A town which is phasing a new mutant problem. A town with a suddenly increasing crime rate. A town with a new furless deformed Minotaur habitant. A town-

Well, you probably get the gist. This town had seemingly a lot of challenges to face. Increasing crime rate, the unrest of their citizens towards mutants, and even a growing price for potatoes. And god knows potatoes are awesome.

One of the few well accepted mutants, the Power Ponies have a lot on their hooves, and they certainly don't need anything more to worry about.

Too bad it wasn't meant to be as they encounter a strange furless thing, that can only be described as furless black deformed Minotaur in one of their missions.

This is a direct response to the ridiculously low number of fics with the tags: Power Ponies, Human, Comedy, which is up to six. At least up until now! But this changes now with this one, fic number seven is now on the list! So help us fight against this low number of fics!

Crossover: X-Men

Chapter 1: Power Ponies at the Ready

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POV: Narrator

It was nighttime. A wonderful and starry night. A beautiful night. A night to remember. A night Luna put a lot of effort to. A night t-

Oh, excuse my ramblings. I probably should get to the point now, ain’t that right? To put it short, it was simply a breathtaking night.

Of course it all depended on your point of view. If you were in a dark and stinky alley of Maretropolis you might have viewed the night differently. But our story doesn’t begin in a dark and stinky alley, no, it begins in a clean and well lighted alley. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

Just kidding. Truth be told it all started on the most cliché spot for criminal activities: the docks, by the warehouses. In this special night a certain Unicorn was waiting for something special to happen.

A Unicorn? Some might ask. Others might even already have ideas which brave and intrepid Unicorn would be standing in the barely lit docks in front of the warehouse 13 at this late hour. Oh, and that’s probably not the best number if you wish for good luck on a mission, but oh well…

Anyway if you already started guessing on which Unicorn was standing at the docks, then I have to disappoint you, because this particular Unicorn is not a mare. It is a stallion, and by far no brave hero at that. He has a green coat and a mane of a darker shade. His eyes had a nice golden color to it. He wore a black tophat, along with a black eyepatch and a black suit. A fake mustache adorned his face and he looked around himself nervously, even though some might have used the word suspiciously for it. But let’s be honest, if you see a dark figure with an eyepatch and a mustache late at night looking around, you wouldn’t think that he was a righteous citizen.

Kind of discriminating for all of us mustache wearers, but meh, people will come around to the awesomeness of mustaches one day!

But let us not stray from the main event here and get back to our suspiciously awesome male Unicorn tophat wearer.

„Oh, this is bad. This is going south. I just know it!” he told to himself, slowly panicking, as his business partner was running late. He already started pacing from left to right and from right to left, hoping it might help calm his nerves a bit.

It didn’t help.

His head suddenly snapped in the other direction and he started to talk in a brasher voice. “Don’t cry here you whim! Everything is going to be fine. Just hold on to the plan!” he chastised himself.

The head snapped back into the other direction, as did his voice, as it turned back to its natural soft tone. “Oh, you mean the plan, where I fake an arms trade with one of the most dangerous villains known to Maretropolis, the Mane-iac? Sure! NOTHING can go wrong!” he snapped back sarcastically.

At this his counterpart facehooved. Well, mentally at least. “You have a tracking device with you, so that the Power Ponies always know exactly where you are!” However, this didn’t help ease his worries.

“But I have seen so many movies, there it just goes wrong! I’m just a supporting actor! One of those actors that dies just to show how serious the situation is! I’m disposable!” he whined. “I still wanted to do so much in my life!” he continued, but was then cut off from further panicking by a tomboyish voice coming from a small device in his ear.

“Geeze, G. Pull your shit together!” admonished the voice of Zapp.

Radiance meanwhile seemed to be scandalized by the way she formulated her soothing. “Darling. There is no need for such a brute language!” heard the now dubbed G through the small speaker in his ear.

“He is talking to himself! Somepony has to snap him out of it!” came Zapps fast reply.

And G came to realize that he was catched completely off guard in his arguing. The thought that nopony was nearby seemed to have loosened his tongue a little too much for his convenience. He normally discussed things like this in his mind and didn’t speak them out loud, out of fear to get looked at funny. Reason enough to be thoroughly embarrassed by it. Embarrassed enough that his blood came bumping up to his face and forced him to blush a deep shade of red through his green fur.

“No need to blush, Steamie! You are going to be a-ok!” Fili-Second chimed in, just as happy and chipper as always.

The now dubbed Steamie furrowed his brow for a short moment in confusion, wondering just how she knew of his blush. He quickly filed it away under: “Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie.” He worked for them for quite a while now, and came to that conclusion about Pinkie a long time ago. And yeah, he worked for them for almost two years now, but that were simple equipment questions, since he was an engineer. He never himself was on the front. Not to mention that he was a vital part of the plan they had schemed to bring the Mane-iac to justice!

“Not to mention with the neat costume Rarity and I pulled together for you!” continued the hyperactive pink pony.

Steamie just looked unsure from side to side, making sure that he was alone still, before answering. “Were the eyepatch and the mustache really necessary?” he asked completely precarious about this whole idea.

“Of course they are! The bad guys in the movies always wear them! The same goes for the mustache too!”

Radiance grimaced at that. “It truly looks dreadful, so it might just be the thing you need. But look on the bright side, dear, your suit looks absolutely stunning!”

Steamie sighed to himself and was just glad that he talked Fili-Second out of painting him a scar in the middle of his face. He was glad that he had Radiance for a backup back then. He wasn’t the most assertive of guys. At least his normal persona, and not the brash one, but since he reigns his brash side in, he is pretty much a doormat, much to Zapp’s exasperation.

In the meantime said Zapp sighed exaggeratedly, seemingly annoyed where the conversation was going. “Just listen, G. Think about your payment. You won’t get any better material for your project anywhere, under guaranty!” The last line was said with a lot of confidence behind it. You probably could also call it bragging, but that was to be expected from her, since she didn’t really hide her face with her costume and enjoyed the attention she was getting through being a hero. Pinkie on the other hand didn’t hide her face for different reasons. She loved to make all beings smile, and it was easier to achieve that if you could just ran from a crying filly to a balloon stand and back in approximately one point four seconds without answering any questions afterwards.

Steamie breathed deep in and out, relaxing his increasing pulse. He now had a determined look on his face. “She is right! I’m going to pull this through for my payment!”

"I personally would have preferred bits," muttered his brash side, but it was quickly scolded for its boldness.

"Shush you. We are talking about top material goods here! Their aerodynamic and magic conducting abilities will bring our research and development to a status which we might need one to three whole years to achieve to!”

His other side deadpanned. “We are talking about f-“ but was cut off, before he could come any further.

“He really makes it sound like something important. Though I have to agree that there really is some grace to it,” Radiance slipped in.

Behind the chairs of their operation room, they could hear an annoyed groan. “Can we just concentrate on the mission, please?” Masked Matter-Horn lamented, as she entered the room with a cup of coffee in her purple aura.

“Took you long enough!” complained Zapp, as she turned to look their respective leader in her face.

Steamie already adjusted the volume of the voices to a lower level. He needed to focus on this situation he was in. He can’t get deterred through a discussion. He did it just in time too, because he then saw some sinister figures rounding the corner of warehouse 13.

He steeled his nerves, as he took one last calming breath. “Alright. I can do this!”

Masked Matterhorn just entered the base of operation. In front of the console with the screen were seated Saddle Rager, Radiance, Mistress Mare-velous, and Hum Drum. Filli-Second and Zapp were meanwhile out and about in the town. They were the Quick Response Force for this mission, and were also there at the other side of town to not draw the Mane-iac’s suspicion towards Steamie. It would seem strange, if the Power Ponies would lay low after all.

If you are wondering how they could even have a conversation with Steamie or the over members of their team, then the answer is relatively simple: technology. They had the same speakers like Steamie too and they were all linked, so that they could react immediately. And since Filli-Second and Zapp were the fastest out of the Power Ponies it was their job to act if anything goes wrong.

The others meanwhile were sitting comfortably at the screen, watching through the camera of their two comrades what they were up too, which was essentially fighting crime, while Pinkie ate a cupcake or two while taking down a mugger or two. Steamie of course didn’t have a camera on him, because of the danger of it being spotted. Steamie was working on a camera which could be used as a contact lens, but he still had a way to go with this technology.

Masked Matterhorn didn’t really care about that right now though. She was fully concentrating on the mission and as a result had to groan at her friends antics. “Can we just concentrate on the mission, please?”

“Took you long enough!” complained Zapp through the speakers.

“I had to make an equipment check, Zapp. Everything has to work, if we want to succeed. I mean just imagine, what if the newly mutant oppression net doesn’t work! This could lead to a lot of complications!”

Zapp blew her a raspberry. “Whatever! And we are concentrating! So no need to be that way, Twi.”

“Don’t call me by my name while in disguise, Zapp! We need to hide our identities!”

“You are in our base. I doubt you have to hide it there. And besides, I’m on an empty roof right now.”

“Um, girls?” came the quiet voice of Saddle Rager, but it was completely ignored.

“But if it becomes a habit, when it could slip you in public, and I can’t take the risk. Not to mention you could still be overheard on the roof! There is a reason for this secrecy! Think about what might happen to Mistress Marvelous family, if her identity was revealed!”

“Girls?” Saddle Rager tried yet again, but with the same result.

“You really need to get laid, Twi,” said Zapp in an annoyed tone, but she couldn’t help the grin that was forming on her face as the Unicorn suddenly stuttered, a huge blush adorning her lavender cheeks.

It took Masked Matterhorn a moment to compose herself, she took a calming breath and was about to response as…


All eyes stared at her. She let out an ‘eep’ sound before hiding behind her mane. Her response was quite quiet, but it still managed to grab everyone’s attention.

“Um, it already started.”

Chapter 2: The Start of a Mission

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POV: Narrator

Location: Warehouse 13
Time: 21:46

“GIRLS!” screamed the voice in Steamie’s ear and he flinched visibly.

Bad luck has it that he just introduced himself to the goons. It were two in fact. A stallion and a Griffon. The stallion was dressed in the stereotypical blue henchmen suits with yellow outlining the Mane-iac dressed up all of her people. Steamie had to wince imagining to wear such a spandex suit the whole day. It was really form fitting, but certainly lacking more in fashion than his own terrible attire. The additional cape this goon spotted didn’t help this matters, although it still looked rather neat, compared to the rest of his attire. He also wore a green and purple leather choker that was strapped around his neck, the silver padlock was dangling from it with a big "M" carved into it. It was the universal sign that marked someone as a goon of the Mane-iac. The coat color of said stallion was cream, while he had an orange mane. The Griffon on the other hand was wearing a black sturdy looking jacket. Possibly leather from Steamie’s point of view. But she was missing a choker, making her probably a freelancer or mercenary Her lower half was brown, while the feathers on her head were a pure white.

The Griffon gave him a suspicious look. “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you are freaking out now, dweeb.”

Steamie gulped audibly. “No, I’m not. Just nervous is all.” And nervous he was. Nervous that they might tear him a new hole. So it was no wonder that sweat slowly began to form on his brow.

In his nervousness he completely missed Zapp’s comment, on how the voice seemed familiar to her.

Saddle Rager meanwhile offered a quiet apology to the now dubbed Dweeb for bringing him into this situation. He appreciated the notion, but would have preferred if it didn’t happen in the first place. This was his first mission and things normally were more likely to go wrong on a first mission, when on a second or third, since he had no experience in this. Not that he wanted any experience. He loved his normal peaceful and boring life.

The second goon, a pony, smiled at him. “I can imagine that. Our boss can be rather intimidating. Especially so if she is not happy with the services of her suppliers. So I can only advise you not to disappoint her. Not only for your sake. I shudder at the thoughts of what happened to the last supplier who couldn’t satisfy her,” as if to reinforce that statement he started to shudder, “I will never look at hair products the same way ever again.”

Before Dweeb could think of the implications of that statement, he continued. “But first we have to check you for hidden weapons. Don’t worry though. It’s just a standard procedure.” He looked at his companion. “If you would be so kindly?” She threw a glare at him. “Um, if you don’t mind that is?”

She smirked triumphantly at him. “Fine, you dweeb.” She turned around to Dweeb One or Steamie, depending on which nickname you prefer, and he could see Dweeb Two frown at the Griffons comment in an indignant manner, but held his tongue. He probably didn’t want to anger her which made Dweeb One rather skittish.

He shuddered involuntarily as the sharp and cold claws of hers touched him from the upper body to his lower section. He tried to distract himself from the unwanted but necessary body check as he laid his eyes on a very special feature of the Griffoness.

They seemed so soft and tender and ever loving. Their natural curves were a sight for sore eyes. Nothing could beat something like this in Dweeb’s opinion. His jaw lowered a bit, as he took in every fiber of her majestic, smooth, gentle-

“Huh. He is drooling. Seems like our newcomer here has a thing for Griffons, Gilda! Not that I blame him, one of the guys once told me they have some really nice thi-”

Suddenly the now dubbed Gilda turned around her claw around the neck of the pony. “Finish that sentence and you might experience firstclaw how these powerful thighs will snap your neck.”

Steamie had to shiver in fright at this open display of violence. He was new to this, or at least he was never that close to it. His instincts told him to run away from this dangerous Griffon but he couldn’t. He had a mission to fulfill.

He was also frozen in fear. So it couldn’t be attributed one hundred percent to his conscientiousness.

His troubled thoughts were at least distracted as Zapp suddenly shouted obscenities as she heard the name of that Griffon.

“Gilda! That rotten piece of horseapples!“ followed by a few more graphic descriptions of what she would do to her and how she would shove a specific green spiky thing in a place it certainly doesn’t belong.

Dweeb One flinched at this, but the both goons were too focused in their little argument to notice.

The pony goon meanwhile nodded hastily. Gilda then relaxed her grip on his neck, letting him slowly glide to the ground. He coughed a little before composing himself again. But it was still easily recognizable that he was now more wary of the Griffoness.

Said Griffoness seemed to revel in his fear, as she ended her check on the supposed weapon dealer. “He is clean,” she exclaimed shortly. She then leveled a glare at Dweeb One. Her glare seemed to harden the longer she held it at him and it quickly developed into a death glare. Dweeb One begun to wilt under her stare.

“And you. Don’t you dweeb even DARE to think about it, or I rip off your horn and shove it so far down your throat that you have to access magic from your flank in the future!” He gasped and held onto his horn with both his hooves in terror, as if his life depended on it. He was almost shitting himself. Ears flat against his skull. Tail tucked between his legs.

“Did I make myself clear?” came the vicious question of the merciless Griffoness.

Vigorous nodding followed.

“You should give him a break,” sounded the pony goon, seemingly recovered, but still rubbing his throat, “Or he is done with his nerves before he meets the boss! And she had very specific orders!”

Unlike what he thought prior of the goons of Mane-iac, this pony seemed to care somewhat for him and Steamie was thankful for that. He needed some support. And the voices in his speaker were only a weak support, no matter how comforting they tried to be.

Gilda huffed meanwhile.

“Fine. So, let’s get on with this crap!” she said. The pony goon agreed and pulled a bag over his head.

“Follow our lead,” said the stallion.

Steamie was about to ask about the chest with the weapons, but then heard him whistle, followed by several hoofsteps and grunts, which indicated that it was taken care of.

The goon then went next to him to his left side, while Gilda walked on his right to coordinate his route. He could only follow as he was led on by the two goons.

‘Things could be worse,’ thought Steam as he walked with them. He reminded himself to shut up and keep his eyes to himself when it came to the Griffon though, but other than that he could at least trust the other pony to keep him safe.

Location: Power Ponies HQ
Time: 21:57

“I’m worried about him. Do you think this was such a good idea?” asked Saddle Rager, visibly nervous at the actions of the Gryphoness.

“Of course it was! He will be fine as long as Pinkie and I are here! Remember that he has that wiretap thingy under his hide?” said Zapp, but she didn’t sound as convinced. Truth be told, as soon as she realized they were dealing with the freelancer Gryphon she wanted to fly to the docks to pummel her into the ground.

She was calmed down by Filly-Second. Last second no less. But that was not so surprising if you consider her special talent, as well as the power her mutation gave her.

“Ah’m not still not so sure ‘bout this plan. It is quite risky.” Mistress Mare-velous pointed out.

“Don’t you worry! I’m close to him, if those Meany Pants try anything!” said Filly-Second cheerfully as she threw her own two bits into the conversation.

“See? Just like I said,” agreed Zapp, now a bit more confident.

“I agree. We made sure to be prepared for every possible contingency. He will not be harmed,” came the reassuring voice of Masked Matterhorn. “We know his exact coordinates, have our two fastest members nearby and are ready to call Officer Turner for reinforcements as soon as we discover the Mane-iac’s lair.”

“Indeed! No harm will come to a civilian while Maretropolis is under our protection! You shouldn’t worry yourself too much, darling, all this stress is doing nothing for your countenance.”

All this didn’t really seem to comfort Mistress Mare-velous. She simply accepted that she was outvoted by the team and hung her head in defeat. “Ah still have a bad feeling about this.”

But all her worries were waved away again by their leader. “We are prepared, Mistress Mare-velous, so trust me when I say absolutely nothing can go wrong.”

A sudden beep drew their attention again to the monitor with their radar. The point, which signaled Steams position on the virtual map had vanished.

“What was that noise?” asked Zapp meanwhile, wondering what the silence meant.

A silence which dragged on for another second by the baffled heroes.

“We lost his signal?!” exclaimed a frantic sounding Masked Matterhorn finally.

Zapp of course didn’t lose any time and zipped to the last known location of him. Fili-Second was already there as she arrived. But they found nothing of the trio that was once in the docks. They both instantly checked the vicinity, searched warehouses and nearby buildings, but came out empty.

“There has to be an entrance somewhere!” Zapp said with a bit of panic in her voice. A panic which was mimed by the rest of the team.

Masked Matterhorn was right there with Hum Drum on the consoles as he tried to work in getting their signal again. But in the end he could only shake his head.

“It is no use! They cut off the signal! I’m not getting anything in!”

With that Masked Matterhorn could only look at the panicked and downtrodden faces of her comrades, of her friends. All expecting positive answers. Answers she couldn’t provide at the moment.

“Girls. We lost him.”

POV: Mane-iac

Location: Secret Hidden Alternative Mane Point Of Operation short S.H.A.M.P.O.O.
Time: 22:00

Bwahahahaha! They really are fools. Thinking I wouldn’t check this new weapon supplier thoroughly before making the appointment. I might be the Mane-iac, but madness doesn’t equal to being stupid. Haha!

Everything was according to my plan. Even though I didn’t think that they would give me a civilian as a bait. It was planned that I would capture Hum Drum and use him as a distraction, while I take care of a specific business in Maretropolis. Of course now I didn’t need Hum Drum anymore. A bit of a pity actually, since I wanted to get my revenge on that infuriating infant for crossing through my plans last time! But, oh well, I can still take care of him later, so that shouldn’t be the problem. Besides, mane plan first, revenge later.

The business I will take over will in any case help me to distribute my very special product. Oh, and how special it was! It was created by my R&D team, who were doing research on my mutation. It would let every being mutate in the same way as me. Everyponies manes would simply go wild! The Power Ponies won’t even know what happened, until they would fall victim to it themselves! Everything was ready now!

“How is our other guest upholding?” I asked with with a hint of amusement and curiosity.

Another thing I didn’t plan. Then a magical portal first opened, I thought I was under attack. That is until this slim blue figure fell through it unconscious. Right in front of my hooves in fact. I don’t know how it landed here, but that was a question for another time. I had to prepare the mane event after all!

“He is still asleep,” answered one of my mutant henchman.

I nodded, satisfied with the answer. “Good. Then prepare Steam Gear to be transported to the old power plant. We need to start as soon as possible.”

My minion saluted and got to the task.

I then turned around to face the door. “I meanwhile have to talk to an old friend of mine.”

Chapter 3: Meeting with a Nightcrawler

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POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Small Storage Room
Time: 22:08

Things were going south for the newly dubbed Steam Gear. He was stripped of his clothes and thrown inside of a cage with a digital lock. Completely naked, like Faust created him. He could find no comfort in his situation, probably because there was none, and that’s why he was reduced to a quivering mess.

The missing clothes only amplified that notion. It might seem strange for some ponies, considering most ponies don’t opt to wear clothes, but for him it was a part of his identity, a part of stability in his life. And heaven knows he loves stability over everything. A nice own shop with some acquaintances was all he could ever hope for. He only aimed for a normal life. Well, he probably should have picked his acquaintances better then, even though that wasn’t important at the moment.

He has broken down the moment he awoke in this prison and didn’t even take the time to take in his surroundings, or find a way out of his predicament, even though the brash voice of his head pretty much shouted at him to.

‘Everything is over without my top hat, I’m nothing!’ he wailed in his thoughts as he cried to himself.

“Sheesh. He really is a noisy one,” replied Mook A, one of the two Mooks who pretty much got to watch their two prisoners. Yep, two. That was because of the strange creature that somehow landed unconscious in their base. At least he didn’t cause any trouble for the two.

Both of the mooks wore the standard henchman clothes of the Mane-iac. Their coats had a clean white color, while both their manes looked green. Some people even called them jokingly the Wondertwins seeing how they looked so alike, despite not even being related. But enough of that and back to the dialogue!

“Meh, where are worse things. We could have assigned to the Griffon lady,” answered his friend Mook B nonchalantly.

“Do you think? She seemed to be rather hot.”

“She’s quite a violent one, I heard. I’m not sure if her curves are worth the risk.”

“YOLO, dude! It is always worth the risk! Especially with that badonkadonk!”

At that exact same moment the stallion who we came to be known as Dweeb Two marched in on the scene.

“Beezan! You survived the Griffon?” asked a baffled Mook B.

“See, I told you! Now hand me the bits! I won the bet!”

Mook B mumbled curses under his breath for a short moment before handing Mook A a small sack of bits.

The now dubbed Beezan didn’t seem to be that keen as he heard what the topic was about.

“You really made such a bet?”

Both mooks stared at him, as if he had grown a second head.

“Why shouldn’t we?”

Beezan only could shake his head at this.

“I probably should look for other friends”, muttered Beezan, slightly annoyed and disappointed in the two.

He shook his head. “This doesn’t matter know. We have the task to load our pony guest into the train. Mane-iac’s order.”

“At least you are here, Beezan. You can surely just use your freaky furniture powers to get everything loaded.”

“They are not freaky! And I thought I already told you to call me Furniture Lord!”

The Mook simply shrugged.

“Whatever you say, BEEZAN!” mocked Mook A.

“Well, it would be easier,” agreed Mook B.

Seeing as they won’t be listening to him AGAIN and the job still had to be done he resigned himself to the task.

“Fin-“ Beezan started, but he was never able to finish as a presence made its wakeful state known to the present ponies of the room.

Now let me tell you one thing first before you indulge in this story any further. Our main protagonists mother tongue isn’t English, so he might indulge in speaking his own language from time to time.


But do not fret my little readers (*snort* get it?), for I will translate his ramblings in brackets for you all to understand!

You know, you should be thankful and praise me right now? Just thought I might throw that out, so you know how to properly react.

What? You want to simply continue with the story?

Fine! Gosh, people are so impatient these days!

“WO IST SIE?!” (WHERE IS SHE?!)” screamed the newly awakened and annoyed creature inside of its cage.

At that all the ponies turned towards the voice and saw that the creature that dared to invade their base was now wide awake. It was the strangest sight Beezan had ever seen. The creature was bipedal like a minotaur, but furless. It didn’t have a muzzle, was rather lanky, not to mention the tail end which was formed like an ace of spades in a way. He wore an outfit of black with a yellow V-looking pattern that ended by his shoulders and protruded a bit, making it look slightly spiky. His eyes seemed to glow a feral unholy yellow that made Beezan shiver as he found himself suddenly the object of interest for this creature.

An interest which made him step away on instinct. The instinct of a prey animal being eyed by a predator.

However his ‘friends’ were either too brave or stupid to get gripped by the primal fear as Mook A sighed in relief.

“That was scary. We probably should have gagged him now that I think about it. This thing looks quite feral after all.”

“It didn’t look as feral as it was asleep. Besides, we weren’t the one who put it in the cage. We are just the ones who have to keep an eye on it,” supplied Mook B while shrugging as he eyed the creature a bit warily.

Said creature immediately stood up as much as the cage height allowed it, considering that it was made for ponies, meaning he was crouched down as he grabbed the iron bars with his three digits appendages. A condescending snarl on his face.

That’s when Beezan noticed something.

“Not that I’m complaining about the others work with containing the creature, but shouldn’t it be, you know, bound?”

Mook A snorted with a roll of his eyes.

“What? Afraid the cage can’t keep him contained?”

Beezan nodded while his eyes never left the piercing yellow ones of the unponily prisoner.

“He has a mutant bracelet on his wrist. That will keep his mutation contained so he can’t use his powers. No normal mutant can!”

But even this promise of safety didn’t seem to quench this foreboding feeling spreading through Beezan’s chest. If anything it only seemed like an empty promise for a safety that didn’t exist.

“And that’s the problem. He doesn’t look normal.”

“Don’t worry! This cage is massive! Even if he was a mutant and could actually use his powers there is no way that he could break out of this one!” Mook A replied rather confidently as he kicked the cage behind him with his hind leg, making a metallic clang rung in the air.

The metallic sound soon enough faded, while the unhappy sounds of the creature remained.

Mook A puffed his chest out confidently while Beezan looked absolutely horrified, backing away. He personally found that reaction quite amusing. He then turned his head to the left to look at the reaction of his fellow Mook B only to cock an eyebrow at his form slowly backing away.

“What?” he asked with a furrowed eyebrow, wondering if Mook B has gone full pantsy like Beezan.

The answer to his silent question came soon enough as he suddenly felt hot breath on his neck, causing him to stiffen instinctively.

“Don’t tell me that the creature stands right behind me.”

“It was an honor to serve with you!” replied Mook B saluting, before making a run for it.

“Buck,” was the last thing he said before his terrified, agonized screams filled the room.

Terrified, agonized screams. Yep. But even though they were ringing through the small hall, they didn’t last very long.

Only a second after this dark creature escaped his cage through some spectacular show of mist it wiped the floor with Mook A, literally. All the while demanding an answer to his question. Too bad the Mook didn’t actually speak the same language in that regard.

A few loving meetings of his head with the floor later and he was passed out, much to the creatures disappointment and frustration.

“Nutzlos, (Worthless,)” he muttered in clear annoyance as he let go of the limp body of the generic mook before taking a look around the area. Crates were scattering the room as well as a few tables at the walls with chairs, marking this room as a small unimportant storage room.

It was rather anticlimactic and inconspicuous really. So much in fact that the creature didn’t deem it the location where he would be reunited with his love.

He didn’t even notice the pony cowering in the cage or the other one hiding shivering behind a crate. However he did notice the one trying to hastily type something on the numeric key panel to open the door.

Not that the creature would have it.

Only a small wisp of black smoke later and he was right behind this pony scoundrel. He quickly grabbed his shoulder, or what ponies considered the equivalent of shoulders before pulling him back, making the pony tumble backwards on the ground. Before Mook B could even regain his senses the creature loomed over him. The foul smell of his flesh-eating breath biting in his nostrils.

A whimper escaped the pony.

“MEINE LIEBSTE!? (MY LOVE!?)” the angry biped demanded. Not that Mook B understood him or even was in his right mind to give an appropriate answer.

Out of frustration and rage of the unresponsive stallion the creature took him by the scruff of his neck, before banging his head against his former cage.

A metallic clang echoed through the room together with a pained yelp.

“WO! IST! SIE?! (WHERE! IS! SHE?!)” he growled slash screamed at the poor pony, accentuating each word with a bang against the cage.

He then turned the pony around expecting an answer, but only an intimidated whimper escaped him.

Seeing as his rather brilliant interrogation method was not rewarding him with the answers he hoped for, the creature hurled him over a few crates and against a table.

And that was then he heard a frightened squeak from behind the crates.

Namely a squeak from Beezan.

Instantly the creatures head turned towards the noise. Towards his next prey.

Beezan felt the blood in his veins freeze as the creature deliberately took time to walk around the chests, while he only could scramble nervously backwards, while his eyes couldn’t look away from the towering blue form.

Of course the room wasn’t very large to begin with, so that his back soon hit a dead end. And he could only sit back and watch as the creatures steps took him directly in front of him.

The creature then squatted down, eying him with fury. His mouth opened, showing off his dangerous canines, while Beezan shook in place.

He couldn’t look anymore! He quickly closed his eyes, hoping that it would be over with fast.

Seconds turned to minutes for Beezan as he waited and waited. But the pain never came.

Instead he heard the sound of a...squee?

He found the strength to open one of his eyes. And then he saw it, gone was the fury and rage that promised pain, replaced by foal-like...curiosity and joy?

He then felt the strange appendages roaming all over his cheeks before settling on his Thestral ears. A trait he inherited from one of his ancestors. And somehow the creature seemed to take great joy in touching, stroking, and even squeezing them. Something that left Beezan quite baffled.

This definitely wasn’t what he expected.

‘Then again, it might be better than the alternative,’ he thought as he stayed still, hoping his day wouldn’t get any worse.

Unbeknownst to him but probably clear to every reader that reveled in the suffering of others, as well as with help of Godfather Murphy, God of all things that can go wrong, it would.

Chapter 4: Befriending a Nightcrawler, also Snuggles

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POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Small Storage Room
Time: 22:16

Steam Gear was stunned.

Well, what else could he be? His day shaped up to be quite interesting. Normally he would be in his shop or do some maintenance, repair or other miscellaneous task for the Power Ponies. Especially the doors were something that needed checking, since they weren’t closing and opening all that fluently right now. He made a mental note to get back to it as soon as he could. Not that he knew when that would be.

But now, he was sitting in a cage in Mane-iac’s base, stripped off his possessions, while outside his cage some creature was loose that thankfully didn’t notice him yet as it was busy beating the mooks of the Mane-iac within an inch of their lifes. Only to then stop and instead use the third guard, who was one of the two negotiating partners he met earlier, as a cuddle pillow. Noticeably he especially paid attention to his fluffy looking bat pony ears with his strange appendages.

Yes, definitely a most peculiar day.

Peculiar enough to confuse him. Was this creature more friendly than he thought at first? Or...depended it on the ears? If so then he would have a problem considering his normal pony ears didn’t seem all that pleasing to the creature as a sacrifice. Though it would be worth a try in case the creature noticed him. But that brought him to his predicament. Should he try to somehow breakout of the cage or lay low?

His rational side of course advised him to keep his trap shut and don’t move. Maybe even playing dead, while his brash side was still shouting at him to get his flank up and moving.

Considering his brash side was a real voice in his head, or as real as a voice in your head can be, while his rational side did not have the advantage of screaming at him, he decided to take the risk. He took his eyes off the creature and his captive and around the room.

The scuffling had a noticeable effect as a table was now on its side. Luckily for Steam Gear tools were on the table which were now in range of him if he stretched a little. So he did just that. He pressed his boy against the bars, while his left forehoof desperately clawed at the floor. He barely managed to get two of the tools, like a slotted screwdriver, especially with how bad he was at gripping things with his bare hooves. But in the end it worked out and he had said tools to his freedom, which was admittedly not the best for the job, but it will have to do.

With nervous determination he started to work on the lock.

Picking said lock turned out to be quite the task considering Steam had a bad hoof control and was additionally flinching at every little metallic clang and clack that came with this work. His gaze constantly flicked back to the creature as his heartbeat seemed to accelerate even further as it beat violently against his ribcage.

Finally after what felt like an eternity the lock gave away with a distinct click. Steam Gear almost gave up hope but was now rather motivated again. All too carefully he took the lock in his hooves, trying to carefully grab it and lay it down.

Just as he had grabbed the lock in his hooves it slipped his weak grasp and fell down. It clattered noisily on the ground making Steam Gear immediately lay back down with his back facing the room and the cage door as he played unconscious.

This was also the moment he cursed himself for his weak hoof control. He always did everything with magic as hooves greatly troubled him. He was offered some lessons, that was true, but quickly gave up as he never really understood the importance of it anyway.

Well, to be fair, he hardly could expect to be imprisoned with an inhibitor ring on his head, so there’s that.

His thought process was interrupted as he suddenly heard the creak of the cage door opening, followed by the hot breath the creature on his neck.

Steam Gear almost let through a frightened sob but managed to hold it back. Though things got worse as this creature started to prod his back repeatedly with its strange appendages, seemingly curious to his state.

It then reached to his belly, making him go stiff like a board.

‘Oh by the holy screwdriver! Everything but there!’ he silently pleaded, but his pleads were not fulfilled as his appendages continued to roam there. And this in a rather particular movement…

“Killekille [word used while tickling in Germany],” the creature said with clear mirth in its voice, something which confused Steam Gear. Not that he had time to concentrate on it as this creature has found his tickle weakness!

He put on a valiant effort not to laugh around rolling on the floor as his body started to squirm. Though he didn’t see the use of the second appendage coming. So after said appendage started the torture on his opposite belly side he relented.

Loud laughter filled the air, making the creature laugh in triumph as well, while Beezan who was safely stowed under one of his arms could only look on dumbfounded at this spectacle, while he was at the same time glad he wasn’t the target of this tickle barrage.

“AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAA! P-PLAAHHA- PLEASE ST-STOP!” Steam Gear barely managed to squeeze out between fits of laughter.

The creature grinned but did as told, leaving the stallions chest heaving heavily from the forced mirth that was still wracking his body.

Though it was a mirth that quickly died down as soon as he got his breath back under control, as he now saw the blue creature towering with a tooth-filled smile over him. His canines were gleaming in the light of the room, making it quite the intimidating sight. He squeaked and quickly got to his four hooves shakily to back away.

Now that he was found out Steam Gear didn’t have another choice. It was time for Plan B, no matter how much he wished he wouldn’t have to go that far, but he didn’t have much of a choice.

“I SURRENDER! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! YOU CAN CUDDLE ME ALL YOU WANT IN EXCHANGE!” Steam Gear loudly exclaimed before bowing his head and offering his non-fluffy ears to the creature.

Yup. Plan B like begging and bargaining. Always a valid option, albeit some might call it cowardly it certainly is an option that should be chosen if no other choice seems all that nice. And let’s be honest, fighting with an inhibitor ring, bad hoof control and a screwdriver wasn’t an option. That would have been a dumb choice, and offering his ears and body definitely seemed to have a much higher rate of success in any case.

The creature in any case seemed a bit shocked and bewildered by this plea and tried his best at forming a comforting smile, without teeth this time, at him.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the creature softly cooed as he was crouched down in front of him, and then reached his hand towards him, offering it.

Steam Gear looked confused before hesitantly taking said strange appendage as the creature let him out of his cage.

Suffice to say the shy stallion was fascinated and quite curious now. The creature was clearly talking his language and shows intelligence. It was not the wild beast he thought him to be.

...Or at least he didn’t seem like that as of now.

Though his thought process was quickly interrupted by a third party that was also witnessing this occurrence.

“Wait… You can talk?!” Beezan exclaimed in equal parts of anger and bafflement.

“Of course I can talk my little cuddle wuddle! I did talk before while interrogating your friends!” he then winced, “Yup. Sorry about that by the way. I guess I went a bit overboard back then, he, he, he.”

The last part was said while he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with his hand.

“You didn’t talk Equestrian back then, like now! How were they even supposed to answer?!”

“...Richtig. (...Right.) That… I completely forgot about it. I was just a bit panicking after…” he then slumped down to his knees, as his embrace on Beezan tightened, “Ich vermisse sie… (I miss her...)”

Beezan gave him his best deadpan, which might have been lost on their blue friend who simply continued to cuddle him.

“You do realize we don’t understand you when you do that.”

That made him perk up as he sat back on his haunches.

“Oh right. I’m just not used to it, being in a new world and all that. Besides, the guys at the con liked it when I was juggling with german words.”

“Con?” asked Steam Gear curiously.

“World?” pitched Beezan in.

“Yup. A lot of things happened. I was just minding my own business and then! BAM! This person just showed up and threw me through a portal after a talk! Together with my love! My love which is now separated from me! What a cruel fate! As she was so callously ripped away from me!” the creature said with tears of true desperation in his eyes as he held one arm to cover said eyes.

Steam Gear instantly walked forward, feeling the need to comfort him and rubbing a hoof over his back.

“It’s all going to be okay. I’m sure we can help you find her again.”

The creature took his arm from his eyes, looking hopefully at this small creature, “Really?”

“Really?” Beezan parroted not all too keen to spend more time with this in his opinion complete nutcase.

Steam Gear nodded, “We will- Oh!” Steam Gear then said as he realized that they even haven’t exchanged names yet, “I’m Steam Gear. And I think the one you were holding was called Beezan if the other two were correct.”

“It’s Funiture Lord!” Beezan protested with a huff.

The creature smiled at the two, “I’m Ku-, uh, I mean, you can call me Nightcrawler.”

Kurt, uh, Nightcrawler said, gracefully avoiding to reveal his true secret identity!

“Uh-huh. Yeah, sure,” Beezan said giving him the best deadpan he had to offer.

A deadpan which Steam Gear didn’t notice as he tried to focus on the situation at hand, or in his case hoof.

“So, um, how exactly does she look like?”

It was a rather good question. After all if Steam Gear really wanted to help him he would have to know what his love looks like.

“Ah, my love,” Nightcrawler started in fond remembrance, “She truly is quite the beauty let me tell you, with her delicious curves, nice brown tan, and!”

“And?” prompted Steam Gear.

“A to die for flavor!”

It was a response which threw both stallions off and Steam Gear couldn’t help but cock his head in confusion.


Kurt nodded enthusiastically, “Flavor! For you see my love I hunger for is nothing other than the most deliciousnest pretzel you can find! She has ham, mushrooms and is scalloped with cheese! A true feast for the gods!”

“You are kidding me,” said Beezan baffled.

“What kid?” Kurt asked looking confused.

Beezan let out a loud groan, “You are telling me that you beat my friends K.O. and scared the living shit out of me for some snack?!”

Now Kurt looked offended, “Well, excuse me! But we are talking about a godlike feast here! Something that is hard to get here! And believe it or not but I loved her more than anything!” he finished his rant, before a deep sadness overtook him as his grip on Beezan softened and he looked down defeated, “Meine Bretzel… (My pretzel…)”

Steam looked sympathetically towards him, rubbing his back yet again, “I will help you.”

Kurt looked up into his eyes, looking for any kind of doubts or lies, but only found sincerity. It deeply touched his heart as again small tears welled in his eyes. He let go of Beezan and wrapped Steam in a tight hug.

“DANKE! (THANK YOU!)” Kurt exclaimed while hugging Steam Gear close. He only cooed, making comforting noised for him and helping him through his truly tragic loss.

“You are really good at this,” Beezan couldn’t help but remark.

Steam Gear blushed slightly, “Well, let’s say I have gathered some experience.”

Kurt quickly enough calmed down before he pulled away and gave Steam Gear a thankful smile.

“Are you feeling better?” Steam Gear asked with a smile of his own.

“Mmhmm,” hummed Kurt as he stood up with his hands on his hips, before waving one of his arms around in a commanding manner, “We will find my pretzel! And it will be glorious!” He then turned to Steam Gear, “Are you with me Steamchen?”

Steamchen cocked his head, “Steamchen?”

“Yup. Things like -chen or -lein are the German cutsie forms to make things cuter. I believe the forms in your language are -ie. Like if I would call you Steamie!”

Steam Gear nodded in understanding, actually liking the cutsiefied nickname.

Beezan of course at this point finally realized that he was free and tried to use this situation to tiptoe away from this mad and emotionally unstable creature.

Not that he came very far.

“Flauscheohr! (Fluffy Ear!)” Kurt called in childlike glee as his eyes once again fell on his fluffy-eared cuddle pillow. He quickly stepped forward and wrapped his black-blueish arms around the poor stallions belly, hugging him close and cuddling the living daylights out of him.

One of his arms then let go after a short time to wander up to his ear. His hand made contact, squeezing and stroking said appendage, as he shuddered at the exteremly fluffy texture of it and its fluffy tufts.

“That is the stuff,” he muttered, much to the agitation of said hugged stallion.

A stallion who now wondered if joining the Maniac was such a good idea.

He shook his head at that.

‘Stupid! Of course it was the right choice! She was the only option you had in Maretropolis. The Power Ponies were not even taking you seriously and rejected you!’

Ah, there it was again. Hate my old friend.

In any case Beezan definitely steeled his determination as much as he could as he remembered that fateful day. He was all hyped up to join them, but he was downright laughed at even! It taught him something important though. If you want to be great, don’t try to rely on others. You can only rely on yourself.

A tragic origin story indeed.

But let’s get back to the mission of saving Kurt’s loved pretzel from that evil foe the Mane-iac!

“So. First we have to find a way to open that door,” Nightcrawler mused out loud.

At that the newly dubbed Steamchen stepped forward as he had just regained his clothes including top hat which laid on one of the surrounding tables.

“I think I can open that door,” he said as he pulled out some tools out of his top hat with an until yet unseen confidence.

“Or he can type in the number to open the door,” Kurt said while burying his head in the mane of his little capture/pet yet again.

“Oh, right,” Steamchen blushed, embarrassedly shuffling on his hooves while looking at the ground.

“You are simply adorable. Know that if I hadn’t have Mc Fluffy Ear here, I would snuggle you. Repeatedly.”

“Uhm…thanks, I guess?”

He beamed a bright smile at him.

“You are welcome!”

“Hey! Don’t forget about me here!”

“Aww! My itzy-bitzy snuggle wuggle wants more snuggles!”

“Wah- NO! What I meant is that I’m not going to open that door!”

“Don’t be like that, little Flauscheöhrchen (Fluffy Ear). Otherwise I might have to convince you. And believe me when I say I have some things in mind that make you sing like a canary~”

Our displaced friend cocked an eyebrow as he heard Steamchen gasp. He was sitting on his plot, while both of his hooves were on his mouth while a red hue graced his cheeks.

Beezan was not in a better situation as he let out an adorable squeak, before he relented.

“You win! You win!” he pleaded in clear embarrassment while the Nightcrawler gained a confident smile.

‘Huh, who knew the threat of a tickle torture would be this effective?’

He then let go of the clearly squirming and uncomfortable equine who rushed instantly to the panel before typing the passcode.

*SWOOSH* made the door, revealing an empty hallway.

Before Beezan could run Nightcrawler of course took him into his arms again, carrying like parents would a toddler.

“Onwards my friends! To honor and glory, and pretzels!” he said excitedly before furrowing his brow, “At least that’s what I think the saying is in this language.”

After that he simply shrugged, moving forward while Steam Gear trailed along behind him.

Chapter 5: About Team Building and Clobbering the Baddies

View Online

POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Small Corridor
Time: 22:27

Our little ragtag group made some good headway as they walked down the corridor. No obstructions were to be seen as all guards were probably down the other side of the S.H.A.M.P.O.O. to load the cargo. Which would make the warehouse on the ground floor hopefully empty as soon as they reached it.

Not that Beezan would share this information in his position. He was rather...preoccupied with the strange biped still snuggling his form, even though said biped seemed to huff and pant a little from exhaustion of this tedious task.

“You are quite heavy despite your size,” Nightcrawler complained as he carried him under his left arm.

Not that Beezan really cared for his discomfort as he was dragged along against his will! Taken prisoner by a prisoner! He was sure Shadowmane would have his hide for this! He was only glad she was currently out of town.

Not that it was much consolation. The others would surely ridicule him for this and make sure Shadowmane got a first-hoof account of his situation if they saw him like this. Just the thought made him shudder.

That was when the creature stopped and turned him back to his front.

“Are you freezing, Flauscheohr (Fluffy Ear)?” the creature asked all too innocently. It actually made this situation all that harder to believe. How a creature like him so innocent looking could look so intimidating and beat up his friends so mindlessly was a jarring thought and experience. Probably the most terrifying thing he ever had to go through.

...Well, second terrifying. He has to admit that Shadowmane was scaring him more. There was a reason why she was Mane-iac’s right hoof after all.

Nightcrawler meanwhile cuddled his shivering form.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we are almost out of this cold hallway. I’m already seeing another door up ahead!”

And Nightcrawler was right in a way. They were almost at the elevator door.

His spirits seem to rise once they reached it as they quickly pushed the bottom making the door slide open as they entered it. Steam Gear all too enthusiastically pressed the GF button for ground floor. Which of course was necessary considering the Nightcrawler had looked for the EG button like Erdgeschoss (Ground Floor)…

Yeah. Speech barriers can even exist if you are good in a language. After all, you normally don’t know every single word. Especially in such tense situations.

Nightcrawler however didn’t seem disheartened by this. He simply hummed and sung a happy tune.

“Feuerwerk, Feuerwerk, oh oh~ (Firework, firework, oh oh~)”


Beezan ignored him as best as he could.

...Albeit he will admit that it was a rather catchy tune.

Even Steam Gear was swaying his hips and then humming along.

Kurt followed with his own movements as he was shaking his booty with vigor.

“Feuerwerk, Feuerwerk, oh oh~
(Firework, Firework, oh oh~)
Die ganze Welt kann uns gehören, oh oh~
(The whole world can belong to us, oh oh~)
Denn dieser Augenblick kommt nie zurück
(‘Cause this moment never comes back)
Lass uns leben wie ein Feuerwerk, Feuerwerk, oh oh~
(Let us live like a firework, firework, oh oh~)”

Steamchen was really getting into it as he happily hummed while swaying his hips and head to the tune. Even Beezan wasn’t immune to the power of music as his head also started to swing slightly to the sound as well as his hoof that was tapping in mid-air.

It all however came to a stop as the door suddenly slid open and a few shelves away from them stood 15 henchmen Unicorns. All looking rather dumbfounded at the hip swaying spectacle before them.

Kurt of course was convinced that they were simply awed by his hypnotizing and masterful hip movements! So he continued to dance.

Steamchen however blushed as he then hid with a startled yelp behind Kurt. Beezan himself could also feel a blush incoming since he had hoped they wouldn’t run into anyone. That this would be his saving grace. But no, it wasn’t meant to be.

It took the henchmen a moment to get out of their startled thoughts, but then they did their eyes fell on the two prisoners, as well as their fellow henchman that was with them.

Gears started to turn in their heads and soon enough one of them reached a rather logical conclusion.

“Beezan allied himself with the prisoners!”

...Of course it wasn’t necessarily the RIGHT logical conclusion. Beezan of course was startled out of his embarrassment and tried to explain himself.

“WHAT! I didn-“

“Ready your stun spells!” another henchmen shouted.

With that the fire was quickly opened from the Unicorn group and our ragtag group dived behind a few rather conveniently placed crates right next to one of these high racks of the warehouse.

The Nightcrawler of course was rather miffed that his dancing performance was so rudely interrupted. Not to mention that they were hindering their holy mission to regain his lost pretzel! So a plan needed to be made.

“We need to knock them out. Luckily they are fifteen and we are three, so we can share the work in equal parts,” Kurt started formulating his plan. However, Beezan quickly interjected.

“What do you mean ‘we’?”

"Well, I was thinking, now that you're in-"

"I'm not in!" Beezan cut straight in, stomping his hoof down to bring his point across.

The black-bluish creature held his hands up in a soothing gesture.

“I know, but they think you are in."

"But I'm NOT!"

"Probably one of these perception versus reality things happening right now."

"That’s it! I'm OUT!" he said as he started to stomp out of the cover.

…Only to dive back a second later as he was assaulted by Unicorn lasers from his own team.

Sucks to be him!

Beezan let out a shuddering breath, before his eyes fell back to Nightcrawler.

“Fine! I’m IN! So what is the plan?”

“Easy. I take the five on the left, you the five on the middle, and Steamchen the five on the right.”

“…That’s not really a plan.”

“It is! You use your, like your Americans say, awesome mutant furniture powers first to distract them and knock them out. I teleport directly over my five targets and clobber them with a surprise attack, and Steamchen can use the confusion to get his five targets down with…his mutant powers?”

Steamchen had his back turned to them as he was clearly working on...something. Only a moment later he was finished and turned around as their eyes landed on him. He then took a strange device that he was hiding behind his back out. Four shampoo bottles were upside down inserted in the device, and it had some pump integrated, as well as an opening on the front. It somehow reminded Kurt a bit of a water blaster. But in the end one could only guess what this strange device was for.

“Um… I don’t really have mutant powers. But I have this?” said the nervous Unicorn sheepishly.

“And pray tell what is this?” asked Beezan inquisitively.

Steamchen seemed to brighten up at his question.

“This is my new invention, the Shampoo Shooter! Version 1! I plan to build a Version 2 in the future that can simultaneously shoot empty shampoo bottles, but this is a story for a later date. To get back, this here is a good version too, as it shoots shampoo at a high velocity and can cancel out unicorn magic if aimed at the horn of such a unicorn. It also makes the ground slippery, causing foes to stumble and lose concentration. Not to mention that it helps shampooing ones coat to make it as soft as a newborn foals, as well as it makes said coat shimmer. I can proudly say that it is quite a good work considering the few parts I had to work with that I found in these crates!” Steamchen exclaimed with his chest proudly puffed out.

“…Das ist der Wahnsinn, (…That’s awesome,)” said Kurt and Beezan could swear he saw his eyes sparkle at the explanation of this crazy weapon.

“I have no idea what you just said, but let me be honest here, this thing seems downright ridiculous. I don’t mean to offend you Steam Gear, but seriously a Shampoo Shooter? I doubt shampooing their coats will save our flanks!”

“Um, then I will try to give a demonstration,” Steam Gear said before ducking his head out of cover while aiming with the shooter at one of the goons.

He pulled the trigger and his aim held true as one of the goons got a full load of shampoo.

“MY EYES!” the criminal wailed while falling on the floor and rubbing his hoofs on his face.

Steam Gear winced.

“I’m sorry!” he replied sheepishly to them before turning back around and under cover to avoid the barrage of Unicorn magic that was suddenly fired his way. “I will take some time to get used to aiming with it, but I think it will help.”

“I’m in an asylum. No doubt about it. Next thing you tell me is that you fire an Icecream Cannon.”

“Don’t be silly,” Steamchen said, shaking his head, “I left the Icecream Cannon at home.”

Before Beezan could actually form a retort Nightcrawler cut in.

“Alright, enough small talk, like you American’s like to say. I will go first, Steamchen, that will give you the cover you need and you will open the fire with your weapon as soon as I teleported. And you Beezanchen wi-“

“It’s Funiture Lord!”

“Alright. You Furniturchen will awake some of the crates from the storage rack and surprise them from above,” he paused, “You know, you probably should do that first. This will make it much more safer for me. So you start, when I and Steamchen here follow. I’m sure we can beat them with this surprise attack!”

“Surprise attack?” One of the henchmen asked, hearing the last tidbit.

“NOW!” Kurt screamed, teleporting to a rack high above them.

Beezan only gave an exaggerated sigh as he started to awake some crates overhead of the henchmen to life, before letting them jump off the shelf and directly down at the stallions.

They yelped in surprise as they saw the crates coming too late and six got full on knocked out by them.

Nightcrawler used the incoming confusion for his advantage as he quickly teleported in a black puff of smoke behind them, before giving a stallion a heavy punch.

Said stallion fell back on one of his colleagues, who just turned around to quickly subdue him. But as soon as their horn started glowing a wet *SPLAT* could be heard as Steamchen got out of cover to shoot the henchmen down that were now with his back turned to him.

Their magic fizzled out as the shampoo made contact with the horns and the Nightcrawler was just about to give them another punch when he noticed some more crates falling down. He gave the henchmen a tooth-filled grin before he quickly teleported out of the way, enjoying the distressed screams of their foes as the crates came crushing down on them. It was truly a glorious battle!

...Though a warning would have been nice. After all he could have been hit himself! Not that his cuddle wuddle would do that to him though. They are after all the biggest of pals! Furniturchen the pet and Kurt the...master?

He was thinking if this was the correct word for their relationship before he heard one of the henchmen scream.

“Take that traitor Beezan out you fools!”

The remaining henchmen quickly turned around to said stallion, but Kurt wasn’t about to let them hurt his beloved oversized cat-thingy pet! He jumped in the air drop kicking their asses! And to his pleasant surprise said henchmen were quickly losing their balance as the drop kicked stallion was sliding over the shampooed floor and into his fellow Unicorns, causing them to pile together in a groaning pile of flailing limbs.

Kurt gave Steamchen a thumbs up for the clever thinking of shampooing the floor, who nodded happily back.

Only two henchmen were remaining both not looking all that confident anymore as they tucked their tails between their legs.

“Retreat!” one of them said, as the second quickly followed, only for them to suddenly be hit by a crate from above knocking the last of the baddies out.

There was silence for a moment, as the three stared at the downed forms of their foes. Kurt however quickly adopted rather large grin as he slowly processed this flawless victory.

“Geschafft! (We did it!)” he exclaimed joyfully as he fistbumped the air.

A smile graced Steam Gear’s lips as well. He was at the beginning nervous about it, but Nightcrawler really seemed to know what he was doing! As did Beezan.

He looked back over to him, as he smiled smugly down at the now defeated mooks. He then looked over towards him, smiling towards him.

However that smile suddenly vanished, making Steam Gear wonder if it was something he did.

The next thing that happened went over real quick. One second he was standing there, and the next something wrapped itself tightly around his midsection as he could see his new friends getting smaller, as he was dragged away. He let out a loud blood-curdling scream which was quickly muffled as something was wrapped around his muzzle. He could just see Kurt turn with a horrified look on his face as he was dragged around the corner of a shelf.

“Please god, don’t tell me this is like Maze Runner, with some freaky monsters trapped in a labyrinth. Not to mention that I was just growing fond of this little guy!”

Beezan suddenly started to shiver.

“This is not good!”

Worry seeped into Kurt’s voice as he turned around to Beezan.

“What’s going on?”

But before Beezan could answer them they heard a laugh. And not any kind of laugh. It was a laugh of madness and utter villainy.

The fight had only just begun.

Chapter 6: The Mane Fight! Bad Hair Tuesday!

View Online

POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Warehouse, Ground Floor
Time: 22:35

“What’s going on?” Kurt asked while looking in the direction his newly acquired friend has disappeared.

But before Beezan could answer them they heard a laugh. And not any kind of laugh. It was a laugh of madness and utter villainy. The kind you would expect from that nutcase Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. Only female.

‘Kefkarine?’ Nightcrawler questioned, not sure if he should fangasm at the possibility or be rightfully afraid of it. Kefka was a real psycho after all. Admittedly rather amusing, but a real psycho no less.

But before he could really decide on it the maniacal laughter filled the air again, seemingly echoing from every aisle between the storage racks.

Kurt looked frantically around, trying to spot the source, but everything seemed empty.

Something that he could only describe as green tentacle suddenly surged towards him.

He reacted fast and teleported in a puff of black smoke out of the way and directly next to a panicking looking Beezan.

“Was- (What-), I mean, what is that?” our protagonist said at the retreating form of this green thing that went just behind a rack. He was about to give chase before another cat-thingy stepped out from the rack. This one however had a darker coloration with a tight purple suit and quite long green hair. She was rather big, compared to the few aliens the Nightcrawler had seen, and also quite slender. A manic grin was stretched on her face as said hair waved threateningly in the air and around her, seemingly extending at will.

“How do you Americans call this? A hairy situation?”

Beezan almost gaped at this stupid and provoking pun slash remark, fearing for the wrath of his boss, but before he could do that all the hairy appendages dived towards said blue being.

However, Nightcrawler easily enough vanished in a puff of smoke in tow before he found himself dangling on a shelf good three pony lengths away from the villainess appendages yet again.

She instantly turned her head to regard this unexpected movement.

“Interesting,” the crazed mare stated with cold calculation, “but then again not. How about we play a little game regardless? It seems that you have business with me after all!” she finished with a mad chuckle.

“Indeed! I challenge you foul villainess to a duel for my stolen pretzel!”

The Mane-iac was about to retort, but quickly noticed a certain stallion that tried to tiptoe away. Her eyes narrowed dangerously at this.

“And don’t think I have forgotten about you Beezan! Betraying me? ME?! You must be crazier then I gave you credit for! And not in a positive way!”

The called out stallion immediately winced.

“I swear it isn’t what it looks like!” he pleaded, but the Mane-iac only sneered.

“Oh I think I know exactly what it looks like. You are a spy from the League of Villains. Though I didn’t know that they accepted untrained whims with your BML along their ranks!”

“BML?” Kurt scratches his head, while Beezan tried to further plead his case.


“But don’t you worry my lost little sheep. I’m a generous boss. One month in the ‘Parlor’ will be enough to straighten you out and show you just who you have to be loyal t-”


Just in that moment in a wisp of smoke a fist struck her right in her face as she stumbled back, almost losing her balance if it wasn’t for her hair supporting her backside. Just as the Nightcrawler wanted to throw in another punch again a hair tentacle grabbed his fist securing it in place, causing him to gape in shock, before gulping at seeing the mad disapproving look of the Mane-iac.

“I’M TALKING NOW!” she screamed at him before hurling him against a rack. A gasp of pain from him followed as he fell down together with a few crates. Said crates shattered on the ground spilling more bottles of shampoo on the ground.

Mane-iac huffed, “How uncouth can one be! And this is who you have betrayed me with Beezan?! I have taken you in, treated you like one of my own, and this is the gratitude for all of this?! I’m a kind pony. Kind to everyone. But if you are unkind to me, kindness is not what you will remember me for!” Mane-iac said before stepping before the shivering pony.

At least she did until with a roar of anger the Nightcrawler teleported in front of her.

“NO ONE HURTS MY FLUFFY!” he loudly exclaimed as he punched the Mane-iac yet again.

She was dodging in time though as her hair quickly bounced her a few feet back. It quickly slithered a bit forward, almost looking like hissing snakes.

Beezan took this opportunity to straight up ran away. The Mane-iac wanted to give chase, but our blue friend quickly stepped into her path, before throwing another couple of punches at her.

She managed to reflect them and the both of them separated yet again.

“You are a real annoyance, you know that?” she sneered in clear disdain, “As if I’m going to lose to a mere lapdog of the League!”

The Nightcrawler put both his fists in front of his face, resuming a boxing stance as he looked at the mare with clear disgruntlement.

“I have no clue what you are talking about, but once I’m done with you I will get all the answers I need.”

“If you can win. Or do you really think-” she started to say before her hair propelled her back again to dodge some punches, “You insolent little-” she started again, only that he teleported behind her and gave her a kick in the plot, making the Mane-iac turn around with a loud screech as well as a slight blush as she dived for him.

Our blue friend of course teleported far away and onto a shelf in that moment, leaving the Mane-iac to crash right into a crate.

“Attack them while they are monologuing,” he said with a smug look.

But that look quickly vanished as some crates were flying his way. He quickly let go of the shelf and jumped down before teleporting to another one. The Mane-iac’s meanwhile continued with her extended mane to throw crate after crate at this annoying being.

He teleported again and again, from left shelf to right shelf to the ground where he sadly slipped on one of the shampoo battles of the destroyed crates.

He barely managed to teleport out in time before a crate crushed on the floor. A sigh of relief escaped him, before he glared down at the Mane-iac who was out of crates for the moment. At least she used all in her near proximity.

Deciding it was best to strike now, rather than let her get new ammunition he teleported forwards. Just as he wanted to realign her facebones her hairtacles grabbed his hand. But this time it didn’t let go.

“Poor creature,” the Mane-iac mocked as he struggled against her grip, while more and more of her hair was slung around all of his limbs, “Did you really think you could beat me in close-combat? Not even the Power Ponies are dumb enough to try that! You see, my hair is quite strong and strikes fast. Once trapped you have lost! WAHAHAHHAHHHAA!” she laughed maniacally. A true Kefkarine laugh Kurt couldn’t help but think.

‘Think Kurt, think! What would the Nightcrawler do?’ he asked himself before remembering a recent movie in which the tail of the Nightcrawler was grabbed.

With that he concentrated and teleported.

Yup. Speed teleporting. Or also known as ‘I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m just teleporting frantically around and hope to dislodge that villain from me’ teleporting.

Hey, it worked in the movie! So why shouldn’t it here?

The Mane-iac in any case didn’t expect that as a yelp escaped her as Kurt teleported hight into the air and around from aisle to aisle.

Her grip only seemed to tighten much to Kurt’s chagrin as she was gripping him for dear life, considering how completely disoriented it made her.

And Kurt.

It came as no surprise that Kurt crashed directly into a high rack. Luckily he did so with the Mane-iac’s hair softening the impact. Not that the mad mare had so much luck as her costumed back impacted full velocity into the rack.

Said rack seemed to slowly knock over and funnily enough led to another rack falling, pretty much displaying a huge domino game.

Kurt didn’t pay that any further mind, as he noticed the loosened grip of the Mane-iac as he quickly scampered away before she could regain her senses.

After all, the shelves probably won’t do any harm.

Beezan sighed in relief. He managed to get away from these two nutcases! He could already see the door to his freedom directly in front of him! He was so close! He would definitely get out of here!

But shortly before he managed a rack suddenly fell down in front of him and effectively blocking his way to freedom.

“Seriously?” he asked exasperated, as his rear slumped down on the ground.

This certainly would complicate his escape.

‘Yup,’ Kurt thought nodding to himself, ‘Most definitely no harm at all!’

The Mane-iac meanwhile stood up growling madly, as her eyes searched for the being that had thrown her into this shelf.

Blood was dripping from her snout, making her look all the more intimidating. Intimidating enough that Kurt gulped audibly.

“Playtime is over!” she said as her hair whipped wildly around, “‘Cause now you have done it! You have made me mad! The maddest mare in Maretropo- Wait, what do you have there?” the mad mare questioned.

Kurt simply blinked as he held a softly soft blue glowing gem in front of his eyes, before shrugging, “Just something I found in your mane.”

“YOU FOUND-?!” she screamed and coming to a halt as her expression turned completely serious, as well as eerily calm, “Could you give it back to me?” she all too politely asked. Which is kind of strange considering who it came from.

Kurt mulled this over for a moment.


“Tch! Just give it back to me! You don’t know how dangerous it is!”

Kurt mulled it over for a second, “I could,” before a mischievous grin stretched on his face, “If you hand me back my pretzel!”

“Your pretz-” she started to say as she seemed to recall something, “Oh. That pretzel… Listen. We are both adults, let’s be rational here. How about I treat you to dinner instead?” she said fluttering her eyelashes all too seductively at Kurt, making him raise a confused eyebrow.

“Uh, no thanks. I just want my pretzel. And then you can have your gem back.”

“Come on. Certainly you wouldn’t mind to help a mare out and hoof her jewelry back,” she said fluttering her eyelashes at him once again.

“Uh, are your eyes okay?”

The Mane-iac huffed, getting frustrated at his stubborn behavior, not to mention that this creature seemed to lack the brain capacity to notice then a mare was trying to flirt with him, “Just take my offer! I will even treat you to in an expensive restaurant! That’s worth much more!”

“No,” said Kurt more forceful this time, “Just give me my pretzel! It can’t be that hard!”

“It is! I gave the pretzel to a friend! He probably has eaten it already! So just tell me what else you want and I give it to you!”

A painful pang shot through Kurt’s entire being, and he felt a few manly tear well in his eyes. His pretzel. given away by this overly hairy cat-thingy. Damned to be eaten by another being than him. To not fill his stomach with this pleasant fullness. Though he denied this. He wasn’t going to simply give up! If he had to he would throw a tantrum so long until he held his pretzel once again with a smile and a hearty laugh!

Just in that moment he felt something tingle in his hand. It came from the gem. Strangely it felt like it was reaching out to him...to support him?

Kurt was baffled, but fascinated all the same. He could feel the power. Feel the call to open his floodgates and accept it so that they could fight together for a world where everyone could munch happily on their pretzels without the fear of hairy cats stealing them.

A perfect world.

Kurt couldn’t help but smile. He felt happy and cheerful as the gem continued to call out to him with its soft encouraging glow, to reach out himself.

And he heeded the call.

Just a moment after he connected with it he felt an immense amount of power flowing through his veins. The gem then floated and started to lodge itself on his forehead and his eyes started glowing an eerie white.

The Mane-iac seemed to be much more panicky now with her pinprick pupils staring in shock at this spectacle.

“No! You utter nutcase! They will find it!” she screeched as she shot her hairtacles towards him intent of stopping his actions.

Kurt all too easily teleported out of her way as his voice seemed to suddenly boom with a cheery volume.

“You want to play? Well, let’s play then! For pretzels”

With that being said Kurt eyed the crates of the shelves that didn’t suffer under the domino effect with a grin.

It was hard to explain how he did it. Though if he had to explain it, it would be something along the lines of how he suddenly gained a deep understanding of his powers. How he simply knew how to use them in any way possible. And that he had also the power to back it up. It was like his mutation evolved further in an instant. And that without any training.

And with that he concentrated his powers on the crates. Feeling their form, weight and entire being.

And with that crate after crate was teleported at the villainess with incredible speed.

They would quickly disappear in a puff of black smoke and just as quickly reappear directly towards the Mane-iac. Said villainess huffed as her hair smashed one crate after the other that was sailing towards her, though she clearly strained under the continued assault that came from all directions.

While she did her best to defend herself it was a losing battle. Kurt only seemed to increase his pace while she desperately and wildly flailed her hair around.

In the end she couldn’t hold out and instead got on the defensive as she formed a hair cage around herself. Her whole form was hereby encased in her hair that seemingly hardened and letting the crates break apart against its hard surface.

Seeing how this didn’t bring the wanted effect Kurt went for a different strategy as he reached with his powers out to her.

Mane-iac’s eyes widened inside the sealed hair cocoon as she tried to resist the pull, but was clearly outmatched by it.

Quickly enough she felt herself being teleported around. Being thrown or more precisely teleported at shelfs, walls, and the ground. And even once a whole shelf was teleported into her, just like she was teleported into its direction.

The Mane-iac felt strength waver as her hair cocoon softened and some of her hair fell from it, leaving her open.

She didn’t have any time to react as an all too familiar creature teleported in front of her. His cheery grin, making her shudder as his fist was raised in the air.

“Hab dich! (Got you!)”

She had only enough time to turn her head slightly before his fist connected with her cheek, giving him the satisfaction of hearing a satisfying crack as her jawbone broke.

The Mane-iac fell into a heap to the ground, groaning in agony as her whole world was filled with pain.

“Mowewbuckew! Wou bwoke maw buckiw jaw!” the Mane-iac forced out venomously.

“And still you talk,” Kurt couldn’t help but joke lightheartedly as he had teleported himself to the ground too.

“A-Aw leaw powew wown,” the Mane-iac demanded with a frown.

“What?” Kurt asked with a raised eyebrow, before the Mane-iac used her hoof to point at the gem attached to his forehead.

Kurt let his hands roam over said forehead feeling the gem before it dawned on him, “Oh richtig, (Oh right) I don’t need that right now.”

He then took the gem in his fingers and started to pull. The gem however took some work.

“One moment please,” he said as he tugged and tugged at the gem, making his downed foe groan in annoyance.

‘I lost to an idiot!’ she couldn’t help but mentally rage, seeing as her jaw wasn’t all to pleasant to move just now.

Before long he managed to get the gem loose and then felt all the power that was coursing through his veins leaving him, fizzling out as his eyes returned to normal.

“That’s certainly a nice power-up,” Kurt commented as he squatted down in front of the Mane-iac’s defeated form, wincing a little, “I also might have gone a TAD to far.”

“Wou thinw,” the Mane-iac said giving him her best pain-filled deadpan.

“Moving on...,” he quickly said to divert the subject, “You are still owing me the name of the one with my pretzel.”

At that point the Mane-iac couldn’t help but look at him like he was dumbest being in Equestria as one hairtacle pointed at her jaw.

Kurt couldn’t help but feel his cheeks redden slightly as he embarrassedly rubbed the back of his head, “Richtig... (Right…)”

“Could you still try?” he asked hopefully,making the Mane-iac growl at him.

He then waved the gem in front of her eyes, “I might consider giving you the gem back.”

That actually caught her interest. And she mulled it over. She couldn’t let the gem get into the wrong hooves. Things were difficult as they were. Of course that made her also rethink her stance of that this strange creature was now really one of the League of villains. But if he was he wouldn’t give the gem back and would also knew what it was for that matter. Not that it was that much of a consolation, considering what an idiot this creature was she gave him a week before he would lose it somehow. And to find it again then… Yup, she didn’t like the thought of that.

“Iwon Wist,” she stated defeatedly as well as slightly wincing in pain from the effort. However Kurt only furrowed his brow.

“Ivan List?” he repeated making the Mane-iac groan in even more annoyance.

She simply used her hair to snake around as she got an idea. She dunked it into one of the shampoo bottles, before deciding to write it down on the ground.

Not the most readable way, but Kurt got it regardless as he repeated the name to her. She didn’t groan this time so he thought he got it right.

She then held one hairtacle out to him, demanding the gem back, but he simply shook his head, making her eye twitch as she glared up at him.

“No. I will give you the gem back. But first I need to get my pretzel back. Gem equals pretzel. So, once I have my pretzel back you get the gem back. Verstanden? (Understood?)”

She was about to give him a piece of her mind, no matter how much her jaw hurt. But just in that moment the glass canopy above them broke apart.


Down came quite a few cat-thingies sliding down black ropes. Police cat-thingies if he had to guess. Though two of them seemed more distinct, wearing rather flashy and colorful outfits compared to the black garb of the others. One of the more unique ones had a purple fur and a dark bluish mane with a pink stripe under her costume. The other one had a blonde mane with orange coat.

“In the name of Equestria you are all under ar-” purple started before looking at the two beings in front of her. She was a tad dumbfounded seeing the downed form of the Mane-iac, as well as a creature she hadn’t seen before.

“What’s an ‘ar’?” Kurt couldn’t help but wonder, “Sounds like something a pirate says. Is she a pirate?” he asked the Mane-iac, who only rolled her eyes at him.

That seemed to shake Masked Matter-Horn out of it as she started again, “Uh, no! I meant you are under arrest!” she said correcting herself and lighting up her horn up in warning.

Kurt himself didn’t like the aggressive stances of all the ponies now surrounding him. At least or approximately two dozens he guessed.

With that he directed his gaze upwards, seeing the night sky through the broken glass roof.

He hummed shortly, before raising his hands over his head in faux surrender.

Then he all too mockingly waved with one of his hands, “Tschö! [Short form of Tschüss. Comparable with Goodbye being shortened to Bye]”

With a puff of black smoke he found himself over the warehouse.

He shuddered a bit from the cool night air, as well as from the height, considering he teleported quite a few ways above said building. Though once he got over it, he couldn’t help but admit that it was a rather nice view over this alien city. Not to mention the nice full moon that was hovering in the sky. But seeing as gravity was pulling him down he had to pull away his gaze (cue pun) and focus on getting safely down.

He quickly enough zoomed his gaze on a building below, teleporting to another roof and landing with a soft thud. Standing up he brushed himself off a bit before he then started to casually walk away. Or at least that was the plan...

“FREEZE!” the costumed horned pirate cat-thingy from before screamed at him, and shooting a warning bolt beside his head, making him screech to a halt.

“Turn slowly around!” she demanded with her horn still aglow. Ready to fire at a moments notice.

He did just that and faced the cat-thingy. Both were staring intently at each other.

Kurt tried to stay as casual as he could, but was still slightly nervous at this trigger pulling willing pirate.

“Just what are you?” she couldn’t help but wonder aloud as she scrutinized his shape with a critical eye.

“Um, Nightcrawler?” he offered while reaching out with his hand, which was rather pointless considering the purple being was at least four lengths away from him.

Purple opened her mouth for a moment to say something but a clack and the sound of fumbling interrupted her.

Both of them turned into the direction of the sound and saw another cat-thingy fumbling with something in the shadows.

Of course this distraction was all Kurt needed.

He quickly turned his head in the opposite direction and teleported away, noticing barely a bright flash before zipping deep into the night leaving the two beings behind him.

Chapter 7: Snippets: Beezan’s Escape, Raging Rainbow and some Steam Gear

View Online

POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Warehouse, Ground Floor
Time: 22:49

Beezan was having a very bad day. Not only was he kidnapped and demeaningly treated by an unknown and quite kooky creature, but he was as well branded as a traitor. Not to mention that his exit was blocked out.

Of course things weren’t made any easier by the large part of the warehouse his boss, or former boss now, and the nutcase that kidnapped him used as their battleground. Suffice to say he couldn’t use the exit that lay in that direction. Not to mention that it was the only other direct way to get out of this building.

This all of course wouldn’t be half bad if the glass ceiling didn’t just get annihilated as the police and Power Ponies were getting down via rope.

Not that Beezan couldn’t fight them! He was after all no wuss! ...But then again, they were having superior numbers, so he didn’t risk it. He wasn’t dumb after all. He knew he could take a few out but hardly the entirety that was just storming this building. So as soon as he heard the first shouts of “FREEZE!” he ran like the Mane-iac was hot on his tail.

He was panting a bit as he run along the downed and still standing shelves dodging always knew police ponies that came from above. Not to mention the stunning bolts fired at him from behind.

He noticed out of his peripheral vision that he just passed one of the Power Ponies, as well as his downed boss.

Beezan couldn’t help but curse under his breath seeing as he now gained the attention of one of the beings he definitely couldn’t fight off.

With desperation in his eyes he used his power to let some crates do suicidal jumps to block the way of the ponies chasing him. It gave him some time as he heard them stumbling, but at the same time he could also hear that some persistent ones were not falling for his delaying tactic.

“FREEZE!” he could hear them yell.

Of course he didn’t listen to them and opted to run further. Just as his lungs were burning and thoughts of yielding pervaded his mind he spotted a ventilation shaft. A hopeful smile appeared on his face as he clearly saw now how he could actually manage to perform a great escape!

He immediately used his furniture powers to line crates up like stairs so he could reach for it. A few jumps and he was at the right elevation. He quickly opened it, a stun spell barely missing him and crawled hastily inside of it. A confident grin was now on his face as almost his entire body vanished in the ventilation shaft, only for something to suddenly tighten around his leg.

Panic seeped in his thoughts and he crawled hastily forward, but it all was for nothing as he could suddenly feel a tug before he was pulled backwards. He tried to desperately get a good grip inside of the shaft, but with the rather smooth walls it was impossible for him. Inch for inch he felt himself slip out of the ventilation shaft, his hope diminishing with each tug. As if things couldn’t get any worse he yelped loudly as one particularly cheeky policemare had stunned his plot with one of her bolts!

Yup, it was rather humiliating as he felt his flank go numb as if he was sitting on it for too long. But that of course was swiftly ignored considering the tugging that was still all too persistent. It didn’t take any more as with one last especially strong tug he felt himself practically flying out of his escape route and then down to the ground.

“Oof!” Beezan voiced as his body made contact with the cold and hard ground. Only a second later his entire body was wrapped up in a strong golden rope.

“Yeehaw! That’s how we do it on the farm!” exclaimed an exuberant voice. And Beezan didn’t even have to look to know it was Mistress Mare-velous. He simply ceased his struggles and looked up all too poutingly (yes it is a newly coined word and it is awesome) at the ceiling.


Twi-, uh, I of course meant Masked Matter-Horn, which I will just call Matter-Horn for short now, seeing as her superhero name is a mouthful, wasn’t amused.

She just returned to Mare-velous (yes I will shorten the longer names) with not at all satisfying news. Not only did this potentially dangerous being escape her, but she also had to deal with another annoyance on the roof, which was also the reason her face and body were now covered in ink splotches, go figure.

As Mare-velous had just bound Beezan’s mouth too, seeing as she didn’t approve of his blatant profanity, she turned around to greet the Unicorn before frowning. Undoubtedly noticing her state.

“She again?” she asked in a deadpan to which Matter-Horn nodded.

“And the creature?”

“Gone. I was kept busy by ‘her’.”

“Well, at least we got the Mane-iac,” Mare-velous tried to cheer her up, but Matter-Horn could still only frown at the situation.

“We have but Steam Gear is still missing.”

Mare-velous grimaced. She was against this plan from the beginning. Risking and untrained civilian was outright reckless. But all that didn’t seem to hold any weight against the worry that each of them felt for the missing stallion. Especially Zapp who talked him into it, or more like bribed him with something he couldn’t refuse, was more fidgety and aggressive than normal at hearing the news of him missing.

She could only hope that she wouldn’t do anything reckless.

Mare-velous quickly shook her head.

“We will find him,” she simply assured as they went back to looking for the stallion.

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Train Station, Underground
Time: 22:53

*POW* it made as a policemare was struck down by a clawed fist, and the culprit couldn’t help but chuckle sadistically.

“Dweeb. Guess, it’s time for me to go now.”

Gilda was just about done. Her contract was running out and considering how the police was already flooding through the building it was best she would retreat too.

Kind of a pity these few policemares stopped her from getting the train, but then again it was probably safer not to take such an obvious vehicle to get out of there. Just as she walked casually away she heard a scratchy voice behind her.

“You are not getting away, Gilda!”

The Griffoness turned around, her eyes filled with hatred as she venomously spat out, “Dash.”

But soon enough she couldn’t help but get more casual as she adopted a devilish smile, “Look at who we have here, Rainbow Crash! I don’t have the time to kick your flank, but neither do you. Aren’t you supposed to catch your train?”

The Pegasus mare paused as she raised a suspicious eyebrow, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that your little dweeb friend is in this moment transported out of this base through the old underground tunnels. And once he is gone, who knows if you can find him that easily again,” she said with a laugh, “That guy with the top hat was your friend wasn’t he? He was so lame that he smelled definitely like one of your friends! Just how low have you fallen Dash. There was once a time you would only hang out with the cool gals.”

Zapp gritted her teeth at her insults as she glared down at the Griffoness before her, before her ears swiveled in the direction she could hear the indicated train distancing itself further from her.

“I don’t have time to stick around, so smell you later, loser!” Gilda said mockingly before flying in the opposite direction.

Zapp meanwhile looked after her, before her head turned around to the train that was only a speck now. She didn’t like it. She always wanted to finally solve things with Gilda and who knows when she would actually find her again? She was compelled to simply follow her and end this…

...But her friend needed her. And she would rather give up her mutant powers than forsake someone that trusted her enough to go on this mission. A mission he only accepted because of her bribe.

With that her decision was made and she took off after the speeding train.

“Guys, I’m going after the train. G is probably located there, and I’m not leaving a friend hanging! Not twice in a row!” Dash said with determination through her speakers.

“Understood,” acknowledged Matter-Horn, “but be careful Zapp. We don’t know what you have to expect there. Maybe Gilda is not the only mercenary the Mane-iac hired.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure to inform you when I see somepony like that.”

As she ended her communication she flapped her wings harder, getting closer and closer to the train, hoping their missing friend was alright.

Soon enough she caught up and immediately kicked the door open with full speed before landing on all fours inside.

The door creaked as it swung from the force, before slowly sliding shut again.

As Rainbow scanned the train compartment she could see quite a few crates fixed to the train walls with chains, but what really drew her attention was the with muscles bulging Minotaur before her. He had blue fur, was wearing black pants, a white tank top and a black mask hiding his face.

Something about him made her halt and she decided to inform the others about this situation.

“Uh, guys. This doesn’t look like a normal mercenary.”

“So, a pony came here to challenge Iron Fist?” the minotaur said before his whole body turned to iron and he punched his fists together with a noisy clang.

“One moment,” Spike said over the intercom as he was looking the mutant database up. But what he saw made his eyes widen in shock and his voice quiver in panic.

“You have to get out of there, Zapp! Iron Fist is too strong to take on on your own! His BML is 3!”

Rainbow reeled a bit back at this. 3 meant that he would be tough. Probably too tough to handle on her own. But that notion quickly vanished as she remembered her mission.

“But G is here on the train somewhere! I can’t just leave!” Zapp loudly protested.

“Spike is right!” the voice of Matter-Horn sounded, ”You have to! You need backup! Just distance yourself and follow the train, while waiting for further instructions. We will be with you as soon as we can.”

“No, I ca-“ she said before an iron fist connected painfully with her jaw, making her slam against the closed door she came from. Iron Fist seemed to have gotten a tad impatient and Zapp had to pay for that. She gritted her teeth through the painful strike and stood back up to level a glare at the cheating suckerpunching minotaur.

“No one resists, the Iron Fist!” he said triumphantly after laying his arms together and pointing them in one direction in a rather stylish posing position. Fans of One Piece might even recognize the position as it was the very same pose Franky always does.

But that’s just a side note. More important to note was Zapp at the moment.

Said mare was using her custom-clad hoof to rub a trail of blood from her snout. Rarity would probably throw a fit when she saw that as blood stains weren’t something easy to clean. But she would deal with that later. More important was now to save Steam Gear.

With that she stood up on all fours, before she slowly bend her forelegs a little and spread her wings out in an intimidating fighting stance. She scuffed at the ground aggressively as she snorted steam out of her nose.

“Out of the way, you oversized cow!”

Iron Fist merely grinned at her before he got into a combat stance himself.

“You think you can take the bull by its horns? Show me how long you can stay airborne!”

Zapp didn’t need any invitation as her legs tensed and she catapulted herself into the air twirling around like a tornado, while she had her necklace in her mouth.

A small horizontal tornado blasted forwards and right into Iron Fist.

Iron Fist who saw that had already both of his hooves in a wide stance planted safely on the ground, while he put his arms in a protective X form in front of his body.

The small tornado dispersed instantly as it came into contact with the bulging mass of metal that was Iron Fist.

Iron Fist grinned, but didn’t see the blur that went right around his legs and his body a few times.

It was so fast that Iron Fist was surprised by the restrictions his movements suddenly faced. He looked down only to see his body wrapped up in chains.

“Do you give up,” replied Rainbow Dash smugly which Iron Fist reiterated with one of his own smug looks.

“What’s what you would like to see, little pony.” was his confident response as he struggled against the restraints, his muscles flexing with every move. For a while it didn’t look like anything would happen, but then the chains broke.

“Well, seems like you will have to put in more effort than that!” the minotaur boasted.

Rainbow cursed under her breath. She was in a bad situation. She was in a train cart, underground. So her weather specific powers were greatly limited, not to mention her flight in the constraining environment. That tornado she just pulled off was one of the few things she could do here. Not to mention that she can’t summon any larger tornados in the middle of the train. That might derail the train, which in turn would put Steam Gear in danger, considering he could be already in the next cart.

Same goes for electricity which actually would be the most effective against his clump of iron.

Before Zapp could get any idea of what to use against him said Minotaur was already storming forward.

“My turn!” he all too exuberantly exclaimed as his fist lurched forward towards her small agile frame.

Zapp dodged in time before kicking against his jaw. A loud clang emitted as she felt her whole body vibrating from the strike.

Iron Fist didn’t wait as his fist struck again, this time Rainbow couldn’t dodge in time as she was still stunned.

She was thrown backwards as his fist connected with her belly robbing her of her breath as she slammed again against the door.

With a wince she quickly stood up, but Iron Fist was already in action. He quickly grabbed a crate and propelled it towards her. She avoided the first crate, as well as the second crate barely, but in that time frame didn’t realize fast enough that Iron Fist was storming towards her. His huge frame in such a small compartment made it hard to dodge under normal circumstances, but considering how the crates distracted Zapp she had no chance of dodging.

She felt her body slam against his muscled metal torso before he simply run further until they hit the door.

Not only the door, but also the metal surrounding it was bulging out before it bend outwards and the door along with Zapp were catapulted out of the train and back onto the rails.

Sparks flew as the door slid along the rails and slowing slowly down while the train got smaller with a pleased looking Iron Fist stretching his arm muscles and kissing said muscle proudly.

Zapp could only groggily look after the speeding train as it escaped her and with that the chance to save her friend.

“N-No!” she protested as the metal door she was surfing on came to a halt. She tried to stand back up, but quickly collapsed. The collision of getting rammed into said door with such a force having taken a toll on her.

“Dammit!” she cursed as a small dribble of liquid frustration stinged in her eyes.

She had lost. She couldn’t save her friend. Shame and guilt was filling her entire frame as she could only curse after the speeding train.

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Warehouse, Ground Floor
Time: 23:26

It took a bit but soon the police and Power Ponies had swarmed and arrested every single henchmen in the building. Their work of course wasn’t over as they were trying to find out where the train went. Not to mention that Fili-Second and Saddle Rager had to bring Zapp to the medical wing of their base much to the pegasus protests as she wanted to look for the train as well.

She was at least not badly hurt. A cracked rib, as well as a few bruises were the extent of her little run-in with the villain Iron Fist.

This alongside a missing friend was souring her mood as she felt herself responsible as the leader of the Power Ponies. As far as she was concerned this mission was a complete failure.

Matter-Horn sighed one of the many sighs while waiting for any good news to reach her. Luckily Radiance noticed her behavior and trotted up to her, “You know, darling. Worry will not help you get this solved any earlier. It only causes wrinkles.”

“What else am I supposed to do? I have the responsibility for what happened.”

“Oh, and pray tell, what happened,” she asked with a curious gaze.

“I have lost Steam Gear. A potentially dangerous mutant escaped. And Zapp is hospitalized.”

Radiance simply shook her head, “Or you could also say that the Mane-iac is captured and we also managed to arrest quite a few of her henchmen while crossing her truly nefarious plans, whatever these may be.”

She then levitated a shampoo bottle from the ground, “But I have an idea that it has something to do with ruining our manes if this is any indication. And yes, it is tragic that Steam Gear is missing, but I’m sure that we will find him soon enough. After all, once the train is found Steam Gear will be as well!”

Matter-Horn couldn’t help but smile at her comforting words, “Thank you. You are right. We will find him. Without the Mane-iac their henchmen are probably quite dazzled, making them easier to find since that would make them more prone to making mistakes!”

Radiance nodded approvingly, before her eyes were drawn to another occupant of the room.


Her ears flicked as she was sure she recognized the voice as she just saw a bound form being transported by two policemares.

“Oh, is that Beezan there?” she asked making the mares halt as Radiance took a closer look, confirming her suspicions and then waving her leg dismissively, “He is completely harmless. There is no need to put him into a cell. I’m sure I could use his abilities to redecorate the base as some form of community service if you will.”

The police mares blinked at each other before shrugging and letting the bound stallion fall to the ground with a loud *THUD* and a painful muffled groan from him.

Radiance nodded approvingly, “Thank you. I will make sure to clear all the formalities with Detective Turner.”

Beezan himself meanwhile didn’t know if he should feel relieved or insulted that they were treating him like a petulant child, like a foal caught with his hoof in the cookie jar. Truth be told, even as child Beezan was never really successful with raiding said jar.

Matter-Horn meanwhile couldn’t help but shake her head at the antics of her friend and pointed out an obvious flaw in her plan.

“You are aware that the Mane-iac could use his knowledge of our base then against us?”

Radiance simply waved her hoof dismissively, “Oh puh-lease! It is more likely that she would think he switched sides.”

“But sti-” Matter-Horn was about to say as she was interrupted by a loud *THUD* as two policestallions let a crate fall due to slipped grasp.

“Goddammit rookies! Can’t you do anything right!” A policemare instantly complained.

Twilight was about to open her mouth again, as her ear twitched as a whimper reached her ears.

“Did you hear that?” she asked.

“Hear what?” her friend asked curiously.


“That!” she loudly exclaimed as all eyes suddenly trailed to the dropped crate.

With cautious steps the purple heroine neared the crate, while the policeponies stepped out of her way.

She eyed the crate, on high alert as her magic enveloped the upper side of it and tugged at it. Soon enough she managed to open the crate. A surprised muffled yelp could be heard. She leaned her head forward to look into it while having her horn aglow in preparation.

What she saw inside made her eyes go wide and her jaw drop. But only a second later a huge smile split her face.

“Steam Gear!” she exclaimed as she heaved the stallion out of the crate in her magic. His form was bound by ropes which Matter-Horn all too quickly relieved him from before setting him down.

His eyes were spinning a bit before he focused at them. Said stallion felt his anxiety slip quickly away as relief and joy flooded his system.

He quickly was tackled by a pink blur in a hug!

“I thought you might need one!” replied a cheerful suddenly appearing Fili-Second.

Steam Gear hugged her back a bit baffled as he slowly breathed in and out. Matter-Horn and Radiance quickly joined into the hugging fray.

It took at least a minute until they broke it and Matter-Horn couldn’t help but inquisitively ask, “How? How are you here? We all thought you were shipped on that train.”

Steam Gear rubbed his chin, “Well, I heard that they wanted to ship me but then…”

And so he told them everything. The sudden clobbering with Nightcrawler, how they worked together to clobber baddies with his Shampoo Shooter (rolling eyes of a few ponies involved) and how the Mane-iac grabbed him, before disposing him in that crate bound and helpless.

Reactions varied in the end when it came to the creature. Fili-Second was more than happy that Steam Gear made a cuddle obsessed friend, but…

“He sounds like a real brute!”

...Yeah. Radiance wasn’t all too exuberant upon hearing his tale.

Pinkie and Steam Gear both gasped in unison, “It was just a misunderstanding!” he reasoned and Pinkie joined, “Yupperoni! Besides somepony that likes cuddling can’t be bad!”

A rather flimsy logic, but then again… Has any of you guys seen a bad guy cuddle before? I certainly didn’t. So it might have some value to it. Certainly an interesting question: “Do bad guys cuddle?”

...Anyway Matter-Horn was also quite apprehensive.

“We will have to talk with this Nightcrawler ourselves before judging him. But we will take your positive statements for him into account.”

Steam Gear nodded before sighing. He then remembered something that made his anxiety spike again.

“I think I will abstain from future work like this if you don’t mind. I mean what would happen to-” he halted for a moment before breathing and lowering his panicked voice down to a normal tone. He almost slipped up and told them about… But no matter, so he continued, “-to my dream? I mean now that I finally got so close with Zapp promising her top material to me.”

Cue collective eyeroll. Well halfway eyeroll as they soon remembered Rainbow being treated. So Matter-Horn spoke up.

“Zapp is a bit bruised and resting, so that would probably have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Bruised? I hope it isn’t too bad.”

“She had it worse. Besides I think she was more worried about you, just like we all were.”

Steam Gear rubbed his head sheepishly at that, “I’m sorry about that. Should I visit her before going home so that she knows I’m okay? Just asking since… I actually am PRETTY tired,” cue fake yawn, “so I would actually like to get home to-, uh, to my shop!”

Matter-Horn shook her head at this weird stallions behavior before nodding, “Uh, sure. Fili-Second can inform her about your well-being. So no need for you to parade around if you don’t want to.”

The stallion in question breathed a sigh of relief before trotting away, “Uhm, until tomorrow!” he quickly goodbyed (yep it’s coining words day, or it’s not, unless I’m officially making that day today!) his way out of there, disappearing from the warehouse.

With this the mission pretty much came to a close. Sure police was still looking for the train and Iron Fist, but it was only a minor goal considering the foalnapped stallion was back with them and they had the Mane-iac under lock and key.

Also Rarity had a new workslave, uh, employee, so all's well that ends well?

Chapter 8: Coming Home - Steam Gear’s Secret

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POV: Narrator

Location: In front of Steam Gear’s Engineering, Edge of the Bridge Harbor District
Time: 00:01

He looked up at the metallic sign. ‘Steam Gear’s Engineering’ standing proudly in bold letters under the light of the moon. It wasn’t one of the largest shops around, considering this wasn’t even one of the rich parts of town, but it was still home.

With a sigh he unlocked the door, making an audible click before he creaked it open, to which the door squeaked noisily, remembering him that he still had to fix that. An additional jingle filled the room, normally there to let him know about customers. Another step and he then stepped on a creaking floorboard, followed by the loud metallic clank of a bucket he still had to clear up.

Yeah, with all that much noise it was no wonder what happened next. He should really do a better job at keeping this place in condition. But back to the more important stuff.

Before Steam Gear could even react he was tackled to the ground. He could feel two hooves wrap around his neck tightly. He squeaked from the the hard iron-like grip that two hooves had on him, but he could get himself to settle down after only a short time as he could hear a small filly sniffle into his neck.

“A-are you ok?” she asked timidly, sadness gracing her voice. “When you d-didn’t come home…I-I was w-worried!”

A small smile spread across Steam Gear’s muzzleface as he wrapped his hooves around the little form, stroking her back in an attempt to soothe her.

“Sh, sh. It’s alright. Nothing happened to me,” he soothed comfortingly.

The moonlight illuminated her soft pink coat and purple mane all too softly.

Lily Longsocks. The filly he took under his non-existing wings, or for short simply took care of. A tad complicated situation one could say, considering almost no one knew about her even being in his shop.

Despite that and he not being her father he cared deeply for her, as she does for him. They are family. Nothing could ever change that. And so it was that Lily of course was deeply troubled at not seeing him returning after he told her about his part in this mission.

“But it could,” she argued weakly, her voice quivering.

Seeing her like this. Completely panicked, saddened and with a deep worry tugged at Steam Gear’s heartstrings. He didn’t want her to feel like that. Really didn’t want to. And the thought that he hurt her like that, how unintentionally it was… It was nothing he want to bear seeing again. So he came to a decision.

“I won’t, because I will never ever take part in such a dangerous mission again.”

Her ears perked up at that as her gaze looked up to meet his, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight with barely suppressed tears.


“Promise. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

The little filly just smiled serenely at him as she got back to hugging the living daylights out of him. Or probably more like normal hugging in her case. You don’t want to see the filly hugging him with all her strength. Really, that might get messy considering she had Super Strength and Steam Gear was pretty much a normal dude with nothing to block said strength.

After a while Steam Gear spoke up again.

“You know, how about I make it up to you?”

The filly let go of him completely and inquisitive glint shining in her soft eyes. These exact eyes asking him the unasked question.

“The Iceball Cannon Model X should be ready by tomorrow. How about I prepare the training room so we can test it together, right after your lessons?”

Now the eyes were full of kawaii sparkles as she earned an excited smile. She immediately wrapped her forehooves around the grown stallions barrel, heaving him into the air without trouble as she was giving him a REAL bonebreaking hug.

“YES! YES! YES!” she said excitedly. It was one of the rare occasions as the timid filly acted rather subdued and shy most of the time. But hey, she really loves her cream.

…I hope that did come out right.

…Moving on.

Steam Gear was meanwhile in quite a bit of pain, squeaking and gasping out as he was held in the air, with no chance to escape the fillies affections.

But his squirming finally got himself noticed by her. As she saw his pain struck face, she immediately let go of him, making him slump to the ground. She started to nervously stutter out apologies as she scuffed her hoof at the ground in shame and tried to hide her face behind a part of her mane. Steam Gear however waved her off.

“Don’t worry. I’m still alive,” he half-joked, as he shakily got up. The filly immediately walked to his side and helped him up, still unable to look him directly in the eye, as she had just harmed the pony she had so much to thank for.

Steam Gear immediately saw that, and let it be said, that he wasn’t about to let that filly trash herself for a simple affectionate hug. With that he struck a pose, holding in the pain he could still feel from the hug, before he proudly exclaimed:

“My back has gotten its own superpower, called Super Strength Resistance to counter your Super Strength Bear Hugs! Not even Celestia is going to stop me now! MUAHAHAHA!”

A giggle escaped the foals mouth at his silly display Steam put up for her, which in turn made him smile at having succeeded in his most important mission of the day, to make her giggle! It really made his day. Especially considering how chaotic said day was. He was after all sent on a dangerous mission, then captured, then met a strange as well as a intimidating being that freed him, only then to get captured by the Mane-iac again and put into a crate.

Also there might have been another thing that made his day.

“At least I’m closer now with my plans thanks to the prize for this mission,” he said as he trotted around the counter and up the stairs, the filly hot on his tail.

“Prize?” she asked in her soft voice.

Steam Gear’s smile spread creepily as he answered her with a chipper tone.

“I got some materials for my dream!” he joyfully exclaimed before rubbing the back of his head, “Or I will get them.”

Lily remembered what he had told her earlier today. About what his payment would be.

She couldn’t help but frown worriedly, “I’m happy that you got them but still think that you could have seriously been hurt.”

“I know, but what’s done is done. And besides just imagine the wonders this new technology could bring!”

With a spring in his step he opened the door to the left to his room and standing before...something.

Lily herself was also not sure what exactly she should think about it as he weaved through some plans in front of this… thing.

“Well…you know…the shrine may come off a bit creepy if others saw it,” she commented, only glad that he had switched on the light instead of using the offered candles. CANDLES! Candles alone where a good marking that this was indeed a proper shrine...

“Pfft! This is a board with all of my scientific approaches, not a shrine!”

...No matter how much he denied it. She honestly sometimes was worried about this obsession, albeit she could understand his fascination he had with the topic.

A yawn then escaped her. One that quickly reached Steam Gear as he did so as well. He then looked down at the small filly before grimacing.

“Celestia, I’m terrible at this. You shouldn’t be up that long and it is my fault for worrying you.”

“I think you shouldn’t be up as well,” the filly commented with a slight smile, making Steam Gear reel back.

“Yeah, right,” he said while embarrassedly rubbing the back of his neck, but also feeling a little pride swell within as Lily was so perceptive, “Tomorrow is a shop day isn’t it? Busy schedule. Let me tuck you in then,” he marched forward and toward Lily’s room directly opposite of his own.

They then entered her room. Lily neared her bed with another tired yawn and hopped onto it, waiting for Steam to approach.

Steam stopped in front of her bed as he took the blanked in his magic, while Lily laid back and rested her head onto her pillow. Steam Gear tucked her in and the filly smiled tiredly at him.

He returned the smile in kind before giving her a loving peck on her forehead.

“Good night,” he said softly, as not to disrupt her oncoming sleep.

“Night,” the filly slurred tiredly as her heavy eyes closed all on her own. The worry might have helped her to stay up until now, but it also exhausted her greatly. Something Steam Gear felt guilty about.

Sure, he got something out of it, but was it really worth it? Risking himself? Risking her? Who would after all care for her if he was gone?

Steam Gear shook his head with a sad frown. Was he selfish for participating in this mission? Sure, the Power Ponies kind of convinced him, Rainbow especially, but he still had the possibility to deny. Only he didn’t. He wanted to chase after his dream, even though it might seem a bit foalish.

His mind then went back to Lily, peacefully sleeping in her room. He shook his head. He couldn’t do something that risky again. He already risked enough by working for the Power Ponies. He didn’t need to throw himself in harm’s way for them. After all he was no fighter. Not to mention that he could fulfil his dream without doing that.

A soft chuckle escaped his lips. What was he doing? Discussing doing something he Pinkie Promised not to do already. It kind of seemed pointless now that he thought about it.

He was sometimes really too selfish. But at least he saw his mistake. And he was quite determined to never do that one again. For Lily.

With that he made his way to his own bed. He probably needed the rest anyway. He couldn’t help but briefly wonder about Nightcrawler. He was really an interesting and cheerful character, but seemed quite troubled all the same. He wondered where said being was as he laid down on his bed, sinking into his soft comfort. In any case he probably could only hope he had such a convenient bed like him. But he also hoped to see him again one day. With that last thought he drifted off to a peaceful slumber.

Chapter 9: A Crawling Night

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POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 23:44

In the dark of the night a shadow crawled from left to right. His awesomeness was put to the test, but he succeeded and the hair monster was defeated! Now it was time to rest, because this is something that deserved even the best. Time to reminisce the day, as the night crawled away.

Ha, night crawled away! You know, because he IS the NIGHTCRAWLER! I’m so poetic!

What? Don’t think so? Want to hear what happened next?

…Fine. Killjoy. Like I was saying in rhyme it was nighttime!

…Just kidding! Geez, tough crowd! Just let me start again. So, our hero slash anti-hero, since he wasn’t really into heroics and doing only the things he wants to do, was quite exhausted after this eventful day. He just stopped after one last teleport and sat down. Despite his exhaustion he had to admit that this was all really exciting. Sure, he was in a strange world with strange creatures, but a world with mutants no less! It was like he stumbled into a marvel movie! Or even better, an X-Men movie! But it was also kind of sad that his new pet escaped him. He really liked that crazy furniture pony. He would have been a good mascot, but alas it wasn’t meant to be…


The rumbling of his stomach brought him out of his thoughts as he rubbed it lovingly.

“Tut mir Leid, Kleiner, aber der Bretzeldieb entkam. (Sorry, little guy, but the pretzel thief escaped.)“

This new situation brought his thoughts on track again, as he noticed that he didn’t exactly have a plan. And a plan might be important to get his hands on food and a roof. Well a roof he was staying under and not on. Roofs weren’t that comfortable of a place to sleep on after all. Not to mention the insects he had no protection from. So a roof was really something necessary. And a few walls additionally couldn’t hurt too. Not to mention something spacey, just like the convention halls!

With that he remembered a certain person from the convention. The face he was seeing in front of his inner eye, gave him an idea.

Immediately he got his backpack off his back and was rummaging for the item he would need. He found it after a short time, hauling a black book out of it. He looked at the title and a smile played across his face at reading the title “101 – Displaced for Dummies”. This would be perfect to recall everything this Displacer told him. He remembered something about different dimensions and found an article of it. One that even described the world he was currently in, and apparently, if the note on the top is to be believed, it would even change if he walked into another dimension. So he could get base data no matter which world he was on.

“Mal sehen… (Let’s see…) Magical land of Equestria…ponies…Unicorns…Pegasi…Mutants…”

He made the specific ‘hm’ sound telling everyone around him, or in this case no one, that he was deep in thought as he read through this vital information.

He found it rather interesting. Sure, the colorful world of ponies might seem a bit frou-frou, but on the other side this world was at least not as grey, black, white, and blue as his world. He really hated his world for being so stuck up with its color-scheme. It was quite the task to find a yellow pair of pants after all! Hours and weeks of searching only brought him one shop that even sold them! It was outrageous! The scandal of scandals!

And if you haven’t noticed it by now, yes, his favorite color is the color of kindness: yellow.

Best color for the win!

…Moving on.

Despite this, he of course had to read more information. He had gotten himself a job after all and had therefore a lot to learn about the Displaced and travelling dimensions, so he turned a leaf and read further.

It took him some time but about half an hour later he had the most important things down. One topic fascinated him especially.

“…How to create a token, step one…”

Yep. A token! He wanted to see even more of the world! Or dimensions as the case may be, so what better place to start than to create one of these nifty gadgets! He had only one problem. A problem that made his eyes well in tears.

“MEINE BRETZEL! (MY PRETZEL!)” he wailed in a completely manly manner as he shed the manliest of manly tears and in forlorn longing, realized that the item was best to be personal, and what could have been more personal than the pretzel he loved with a passion! This delicious goodness would have duplicated all over the void to the different planes of existence, spreading his Bavarian culture to every dimension there was!

And the best thing was that he wouldn’t even have lost it, as it would have duplicated itself, so that he could keep the original. Not to mention that with a bit of his essence, he could have duplicated his pretzel again and again, curing world hunger!


…And his own.

So what was he supposed to do now? The hunched up soul that was starving on a cold and unforgiving roof?

He then sat down cross-legged and had a hand on his chin in the universal thinking pose, trying to solve said problem. Whining wasn’t about to solve his hunger, but maybe one of the items he got would?

It kind of reminded him how he first arrived in this strange world. The day, which was still today, everything changed. Where he got awesome mutant powers but lost his pretzel…

The day of the convention

Chapter 10: About Schweinehund, Fluffy Ears and Pretzels

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POV: Kurt Wagner

Location: Convention Center, Main Hallway
Time: 13:36

Finally the day arrived! Comic-con here I am, in all my cosplayed Nightcrawler glory! To think that I am cosplaying for the first time, as well as go on a trip to America for the first time. Truly a glorious day. Took me some time to save the money for it. The wage of a butcher is not necessarily a high one. One a side note, America doesn’t seem to have any real butchers, or at least their assortment when it comes to sausages is rather small. But I heard somewhere once that Germany has a lot more sausages than other countries, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised, even if it was quite a shame. But I digress now, right?

So to get back, I finally made it to the Comic-Con. Never thought I might see this glorious day. It was quite a large complex, and the number on square meter’s wasn’t the only high number here.

The convention center was quite full to my dismay. Well, too full. I don’t mind a little crowd, but I also like a little space too. I really don’t need to stand shoulder to shoulder with other people. Especially with guys who have spiky protrusions from their costumes. Don’t want to get my eye poked out after all. Still there were a lot of interesting costumes to see.

For example, I saw Edward from Full Metal Alchemist in all his short glory! There were also a Laharl and Flonne cosplayer from the game Disgaea. Or not to forget the moment I was halted by four individuals. Three of them dressed, while the other seemed to keep record since they had a competition of who had the best costume going on. One was wearing an Oryx costume in knight form, while another wore a General Grievous costume, and the girl was wearing a humanized Zoroark costume. I naturally voted for the girl with her fluffy ears. It was rather interesting, but this encounter was topped by another one. Let’s just say that the award for the most weird cosplayer goes to the dude with the electric blue wig, huge violet glasses, white outfit with skirt and violet tights. Not that I have anything against guys cosplaying as girls, I’m a tolerant guy after all, but it still seemed weird to see a man in a skirt.

But I wasn’t only giving stares, I was receiving a few myself. There were even some people who wanted to take a picture of and with me. I of course couldn’t deny my fans the honor and even threw a few German words into the mix to impress and show my abilities. Some people even said the word Schweinhund to show off their own knowledge of the German language.

Honestly I don’t understand why people think we say that all the time! First off, it is written and spoken with an e! Like that: Schweinehund. Secondly I never, ever heard a German use it like that. It is more used in terms of: Overcome your inner Schweinehund! So they got it all wrong, even if it can be used as a swear. But maybe I should lighten up a little. It’s not like mistakes like that couldn’t happen to me too. Maybe I should just play along and try to use it as a curse from time to time? Might as well try it since it can’t really harm me to at least try it.

But to get back on topic. I should probably take a look around for some interesting merchandise to buy. As I walked I silently mouthed the word Schweinehund over. I don’t know. It felt weird. Especially since it is not that often used.

However in my search it didn’t take me long until I approached a guy dressed as Resident Evil 4 merchant. I viewed his table. He had quite a few good pieces like a state alchemist pocket watch along with a set of impeccable metal automail, which would probably make the mouth of the Edward cosplayer from earlier water. There was also a Yoshitsuna, the strongest sword from the first Disgaea game! But he also had smaller trinkets, like a small steel chain with a mini Dungeon Heart from Dungeon Keeper 2.

“Found something that interests you, Stranger?”

I just looked the creepy looking dude in the eyes, shaking my head.

“Nein, noch nicht. (No, not yet.) Say, do you have any good X-Men merchandise for me?”

A twinkle shined in the creepy merchants eyes. “Oh, I might have just the thing,” He said as he turned around to take something from one of his chests.

Then a hand suddenly grasped my own and begun to tug me softly but insistently away from the stall and merchant.

I questioningly turned my head to saw a girl cosplaying as a cat girl dragging me further away and to a table of a small bistro in the convention center.

Some might now scream at me, why I was following a strange girl I didn’t even know, but since when would any guy question a cute girl dragging them along? Especially a cat girl. Every guy would fall for these ears!

I love fluffy ears. Just in case you didn’t notice yet. They are so fluffy!

Come on! Everyone loves them! And you know it!

We quickly got seated opposite from each other and I tried my best award winning smile on her. Maybe she was a fan of Kurt Wagner alias Nightcrawler and wanted me to take a photo with her. A selfie. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting a little closer to her fluffy ears. They just looked so fluffy, I’m gonna die! And real at that. A real A for effort for such a convincing pair!

She looked up at me with a slight smile, and I was wondering if I should try to start up a conversation. I mean, she technically dragged me here, so she probably wanted something.

Before I could open my mouth, she opened hers and responded to my silent expectations.

“You are probably wondering why I dragged you here, but first let me introduce myself. I go under many names, like Madness, Musician, Nightingale or my most preferred one, Essence.”

Oh, mysterious! Also interesting role playing she does there. I didn’t know the series from which character she was cosplaying at, but she certainly was in her role.

I never did any cosplaying or role playing before, so I was quite excited about the prospect of a fluffy-eared cat girl wanting to play a scene with me. The unknown made it probably even more exciting since I can’t begin to comprehend what I had to expect from her role. I wonder if she was the feisty type. Certainly didn’t mind those.

“Grüß Gott! (Hello!) My name is Nightcrawler!” I blurted out my own introduction, while gesturing with one arm to myself, while the other was outstretched. It probably was an exaggerated pose but this fits my role in my opinion. Nightcrawler was a bit of a goofy type, and honestly so was I. Of course it was rather short and pathetic compared to her, but I just couldn’t help it. Excitement and all.

“I’m aware of that, but now listen. This is important.” She made a pause to see if she had my undivided attention. Needless to say that her fluffy-eared self had it.

“Are you familiar with the Multiverse theory?” she asked, adapting a serious face.

I furrowed my brow. “Is that the theory where everything affects and creates a new reality?”

She nods. “That is the short version of it. The Multiverse theory states that every decision we make creates a complete knew reality of itself, creating an indefinite amount of these called realities. Some powerful beings like myself are called Displacers. We dimensionally misplace different beings in different parts of the Multiverse. The creepy merchant back there was my rival, so I just saved you from him. Problem is that he still is the top Displacer among us all, and I simply can’t have it. I need to step up my game. And that’s where I need you. I need you to firstly balance the scale. But the second point is way more important. Interested to listen in?” By the end of her speech she adopted a serious look on her face.

I simply nodded, quite fascinated with her story. She put quite a lot of thought into it, so it was my obligation to listen to that fluffy-eared girl!

Did I already mention her ears were fluffy? I just think that I can’t mention that often enough.

“Good. I have a special job for you. Not too long ago I assigned a soul called Malthael with the task of being some sort of police in the Displaced realm. The multiverse is chaotic and I need to bring things under control. My contact to him however was cut off by forces I’m not going to explain further here. Your job would mainly be, as the title police says to keep order under the Displaced. Another part is that you will keep track of all the Displaced you meet. Equipment will be provided, and I need your answer immedia-”


“Sofort? (Immediately?) A little forward aren’t you? I would like to make a compromise,” I said as I took out the paper bag with my food. “Let me first munch on this god-like feast of a pretzel, and then I will think about it properly. I mean, it is quite hard to think on an empty stomach.”

She just shook her head, her expression getting even more serious.

“This has to wait. I need your answer now.”

I got a little contemplative at that. Should I really just jump into this complicated role playing mess? It slightly intimidated me to be honest, with all the multiverse, Displaced and other stuff. On the other hand, it might be an interesting experience.

I took a calming breath before looking back to Essence, “Einverstanden. (I agree.) So how do we start this?”

“Easy enough. First the equipment,” she said, as she laid different items in front of me on the table. The first was a trident seal, the second a tome, and the last one was a sleek black phone. I only stared at the random items in bewilderment.

She pointed at the first item. “The trident seal is pretty much your police mark, and you can treat it as such. However, it has a nifty little gadget,” she said as she opened a cap to reveal an USB-Port. “With this port you can access the internet from every location, in case you ever might be in a time of need for information in the middle of the woods, or even if you just want it to use it to spend your free time. It has also another gadget, but this isn’t important now. You will find out soon enough.”

Her hand moved to the second item. “Secondly the tome has a general knowledge of the multiverse and Displaced for you to read, if you need to. It also contains more precise information to your equipment. But one of the most important features is that it will record all the Displaced you meet. It even comes with stamps where you can mark Displaced as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, since not all people you meet might be amiable.”

Her hand moved yet again to the last object. “And the last and most important one, the phone. It will allow you to stay in contact with all the Displaced you meet and allow you to summon them if need be. It has a few additional functions that I’m not going to elucidate. You can look them up in the tome though. It is your best means of communication so take good care of it.”

Huh… A lot of information to take in. Glad it all seems to be written in the tome, so I can reread the given information. I only think that the phone is suspicious. Why give a complete stranger a phone? This is a lot of trust, and I know that I wouldn’t put that much trust in some stranger. I’m wondering if there is something more going on…

Nah! I’m probably thinking too much about it. She is just some nice fluffy-eared cat girl after all, and not some ominous fluffy-eared demon who is going to tear me from my home world.

“Any questions?” she finally asked.

Well, there was one I have been dying to ask…

“Yes. Can I stroke and squeeze your ears?”

Essence seemed to be taken aback by my request, if her jolting in her chair was any indication.

“W-what?” she asked slightly leaning back in her chair. Surprise still written all over her face.

I on the other hand just leaned over the table further as she backed away.

“You know, squeezy squeeze, stroky stroke to those fluffy ears? They seem so real!”

“Uh…I think I should go.”

“Warum? (Why?) I promise to be gentle!”

She started to rub the bridge of her nose as she groaned, “Just no. No to that mental image and no to your suggestion!”

“Aww!” I pouted adorably, since I’m an adorable pouter, “Can I stroke them if I do a good job at this whole Displaced business then?”

She sighed, “Fine. Do a good enough job and I will humor you, but now you have to go.”

As she started to stand up from her seat, I begun to stash the items on the table into my backpack. After that I just took out the paper bag with my pretzel as I continued to peacefully sit there.

“First comes the food!” I declared cheerily, finally glad to still my hunger.

“I guess this will have to wait since you are going on a trip now.”

I just raised an inquisitive eyebrow. “What tri-“

That was as far as I got before the chair underneath me suddenly gave room to some hole in reality, or the void as I later learned. I just looked flabbergasted at the girl that watched me fall deeper and deeper into this endless pit.

A little panic gripped me.

Huh. Something tells me that she wasn’t talking about a normal role playing game.

I took a few calming breaths. Not that I could do anything against the falling. Also wondering what my last famous words should be. Hm…

“And I never got to squeeze those fluffy ears.”

Yeah, this will do.


“Well at least I still have my pretzel!” I declared much too cheerful if you considered my fall to certain doom, but food always lifted my spirits, so sue me!

Just as I was trying to grab it, I noticed it was missing. I then looked down to see the paper bag with my pretzel falling ahead of me.

“Schweinehund!” I cursed.

Yeah, it still feels weird.

Chapter 11: Token Making! Hipp, Hipp, Hurra! (Hip, Hip, Hooray!)

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POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 23:55

Yep. That was one hell of a day. One second people would be all over him, complimenting his masterpiece of a costume, the next he was robbed of his pretzel by this god damn Hello Kitty lookalike!

…Even though her ears seemed to be so fluffy.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts he started thinking again.

“Hm…” he mused as a plan slowly formed in his head.

With that he looked into his backpack once again, before he pulled out a slim black phone from it. He opened it, thankfully he could unlock it since a post-it on it was showing the PIN, to then scroll the list of contacts, or the lack of contacts. Only one name was displayed. And it was the name he wanted.

With a joyful grin he tipped the button to call the contact.

It didn’t take long for the recipient to pick up the phone.

“Yes?” replied a female voice from his phone. She sounded rather deadpanned, as if she had expected this call.

“One pretzel with ham and mushrooms, scalloped with cheese, please,” Kurt said with an eager pitch in his voice.

“…I’m hanging up,” replied the now slightly irritated voice.

“Stell dich nicht so an (Don’t act like that), Hello Kitty! After all the pain you caused my stomach, I’d say you owe me that much!” he said shrugging afterwards, “Besides, I need it for my token thingy. I mean, a token that can get eaten and regenerate itself? How cool is that!”

“A token? It is good to know that you are actually reading the book I provided.”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do. …Now about that pretzel?”

“Granted, seeing as you are using it for your job. But this is the only free favor I will give you, understood? The next time I expect a fair trade, which means you will have to work and visit different Equestrias and meet different Displaced to earn them.”

With that a pretzel suddenly fell into his lap from a portal that opened conveniently above him. Kurt squealed in delight and hugged the pretzel close like one would do with a long lost friend.

“Oh! I will never let you go, ever again!” he squealed in a strange pretzel fangasm.

“…Glad to see you like your, um, pretzel,” the Displacer said a bit unsure of the scene that was suddenly unfolding. It made her wonder why she actually choose this guy as her Displaced, but she figured that if he does a good enough job, it might not matter, no matter how strange or crazy he behaved.

“So, was that all?” she asked, hoping to end this conversation quickly.

At this Kurt suddenly stopped his lovely caressing of his love the pretzel, his demeanor turning completely serious. It was a stark contrast to his usual demeanor, even Essence could see that from the short time she had known him. With that she readied herself for the question. The question she knew that would be coming.

“Say…when can I go home?”

Essence sighed. Figures that he would ask that question.

“Not for a while. You were the one that agreed with my terms after all.”

“Und was ist mit meiner Familie?! (And what about my family?!)” Kurt asked aggressively, almost shouting into the phone.

“Calm down. Remember the internet access I provided you with? It is connected to your world. You can still talk to them. And you know, if you do a good enough job I might let you meet up with them as a favor.”

This seemed to do the trick and Essence was counting her lucky stars that she was providing this trump to keep her worker in line. It would be pointless to have hired him, if he refused to do his work after all.

Kurt was meanwhile mulling over her words. He wasn’t all that thrilled about the unlimited time he would be separated to the ones closest to him, but it still helped him greatly to know he could still talk to them. It made this whole deal seem more like a job abroad, and less like a job abroad of dimensions. He might actually enjoy himself with his mind eased into this idea. Just the thought of exploring a vast new world, as well as many others turned his mood quickly around.

A content smile graced his blueberry lips.

“Dann ist gut. (Alright.)”

“Glad to hear it. Best thing would be for you to get used to everything. It might seem rather overwhelming since you have gained new abilities you might want to test out. And I recommend for you to test your limits, so that you don’t jump into anything too dangerous.”

“Sheesh, alright mom, I will try to stay out of trouble,” Kurt answered sarcastically, which made Essence giggle.

“Good. Until we hear each other again.”

“Bis bald. (See you.)”

With that he clapped the device back to its closed form, before he placed it in his backpack again. After that he slumped himself on the ground, simply lying there and thinking about everything that had transpired.

This all seemed so unreal and yet exciting for him. He wouldn’t be surprised if he woke up in some alley or hospital, and this all would have been nothing more than a dream. To think he was separated so far from his people and being in a different plane of existence. It made him feel a twinge in his heart. He felt a tad homesick. But Hello Kitty made sure he could still talk to them and even promised him to let them visit, but… Will this Hello Kitty imitation really hold true to her word? She seemed a bit worried, but he wasn’t really all that great about reading other people, so she could have easily tricked him into thinking like that.

He shook himself of such morose thoughts as they were so unfitting for him and tried to concentrate back on the task at hand.

His pretzel!

*Cough* Token.

Yep. Time to craft a token! Made him actually wonder if the Dimensional Magic stuff would keep it preserved, but then again, he was talking about some really complicated matter that would clone it infinitely. And just to drive the point home, blue LEDs have the effect to stop mold from forming since it makes it ‘sleep’ and with that inactive. Point being here that Dimensional Magic should beat some blue LEDs. And if not, then shame on you Dimensional Magic!

With that he laid the pretzel on his backpack, using it as an improvised table.

“Okay. Breath in. *Inhale* Breath out. *Exhale*. Concentrate on your essence. And…”

With that he held both of his hands to the side, forming an imaginary ball with them, before chanting the magic words…


And then he released the essence with one mighty completely invisible and unnoticeable burst! Undoubtedly his performance was without flaw and he would now any second feel the dimensional magic that would compel him to speak his magic!

With that he was eagerly waiting, eyes filled with glee.

And waiting.

Still waiting…

…And somehow still waiting.

“Oh, come on!”

And getting sick of waiting.

He threw his hands up in frustration as he glared down at the offending pretzel, or more like the essence that should just do as it was told. Only for him to realize something. Something he immediately checked in the book.

“Hm… Token needs direct contact for the essence to flow inside of it…”

With a slam he closed the book, before lying it aside and rubbing his temples.

“Well, that’s embarrassing,” he said good-humoredly, finding the line rather fitting as he had heard it somewhere and now wanted to use it. On a side note, he was glad that no one saw this little spectacle. No need to mark himself more as a weirdo than he has to, and he was already standing out from these ponies.

With a sigh he grabbed his pretzel in both of his hands, concentrating to let his essence seep into it. This time he could feel something flowing. It was an alien feeling, kind of like blood donation, only without the needles. He hated needles. They made him shudder as they were the most painful tool a doctor had in his opinion. So, to get back to it, it was quite nice. And yeah, blood donation is not as bad as many think. You get free drinks and the loungers were comfy to boost, or boot? Stupid foreign language! But to get back, if you were very lucky you could even get a place in the sun if the ceiling had windows, and with that start sunbathing. It was just like a vacation! Ever wanted to go to the beach, a drink in your hand while lying on a lounger? Go and donate your blood! Do something good for others, and do something good for you!

After I concluded now the blood donation advertisement to fulfill my good deed of the day, it was now time for the message to be spoken!

Yup, Kurt could feel it now. The need to talk. To say something. Something so incredibly awesome that everyone would want to summon him, the Nightcrawler! And boy had he a long message planned for his audience!

With that he started.

“Grüß Gott! Hier ist Kurt Wagner. (Hello! This is Kurt Wagner.) If you understood what I just said, then congrats! I will give you a discount on the help I will offer you! But in any case, my help will only cost you a warm meal or a bath or maybe both, so I’m not that picky. But to get back on track, since I have no idea how much this pretzel recorder can record… God, I sound like an asylum escapee. Well, it doesn’t matter! So, if you ever need the aid of the one that crawls through the night aka Nightcrawler, be sure to eat this deliciousness that is a pretzel with ham and mushrooms, scalloped with cheese. Eating it will summon me, and if the book is right, you will even get a copy of said pretzel back, curing you of hunger for the rest of your life! But to get back to the things I can do for you. I can fight, I can, like you Americans like to say hang out with you, and… everything that is…reasonable? Huh, I guess that is everything. Man sieht sich! (See ya!) P.S. I also accept cuddles if you are a furry pony. Especially if you are a ‘Flauscheohr’ (‘Fluffy Ear’).”

Thoroughly satisfied with himself and his perfectly perfect message he nodded before he threw the pretzel in the air where a portal immediately swallowed it.

Only thing that was left was for Kurt to wait to get his pretzel back. It was truly a master plan! Convince the kitten to give him his pretzel so that he would not starve! And she even fell for it!

So he waited again.

And how he waited.

And he still would not give up waiting.

All the waiting would be worth the wait for deliciousness!

And…fuck waiting.

With that Kurt stood up from his sitting position to stomp his foot down in frustration and righteous fury.

He could not really fathom what he had done wrong. He followed the book! There should be a pretzel!

Kurt glared at the heaven above, where the portal once swallowed his pretzel, hoping that the death glare might intimidate the void enough for it to spill out his food.

It is probably not necessary to say that it didn’t.

With a frustrated huff he slumped his rump back down, before he irritatedly grabbed the book to see what went wrong and if he really overlooked something.

And of course he did.

There in fine print he could read at the very bottom “Duplication of sent tokens through the void might fail at the focal point if they do consist of Displacer magic. Further duplication capability gets corrected through the void, so that other dimensionally misplaced beings have no problems in keeping the token even after use. Further information on this can be found on page 10, ‘Rules of the Void’.”

His hands clamped down on the book as he winded his arm up just before throwing it with frustration: The offending book flew in a wide arc and landed behind some air ventilation metal stuff.

“Ouch!” he heard a young scratchy voice from behind said metal stuff, making him blink and then jump in alarm.

“Who walks there?” Nightcrawler asked with a nervous edge in his voice.

All went silent and Nightcrawler took a stance.

“Come out. I know you are there, you female cat-thingy!”

“I’m not a cat!” said the voice indignantly as her head poked out of the cover. Her little wings were fluttering in frustration.

“…A chicken?”

Chapter 12: New Roof Buddies, also Tsundere

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POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 00:07

“…A chicken?” our ever observant protagonist stated in confusion.

However, this was apparently the wrong thing to say as the chicken indignantly ruffled her feathers while directing a fierce glare at him.


“Schon gut! (Alright!) Geez, as if I would know!” Kurt replied rather indignantly before crossing his arms and turning away in a slight pout.

He still eyed the new guest of his humble abode warily out of the corner of his eyes. Something the filly did as well. She didn’t even try to hide her guarded expression as the silence between them slowly dragged on.

A silence our dear Displaced wasn’t comfortable with.

With a sigh he gave up looking offended before setting his hands on his hips. He wanted to look authoritative with this pose but all it did was make him look like a tsundere schoolgirl with pigtails scolding her childhood senpai and secret crush.

Well, if you didn’t count the blush Kurt wasn’t sporting.

And the missing stockings and sailor uniform.

Also yes, this was just a reference. And in case you want any more hints. Her hair is orange and she is one of the ten rivals of a rather easy to irate schoolgirl. At least if you try to get some moves on her Senpai!

...Moving on.

Anyway, now thoroughly convinced of his footing and his pose Kurt started his interrogation.

“Whatever. More importantly, what are you doing here on my roof?” was his first masterful question.

“Well, technically this is my roof.”

“I didn’t read your name anywhere on this roof.”

She deadpanned. Hard.

“You don’t even know my name.”

Kurt reeled back in surprise at this remarkably unexpected but well thought out comeback.

“Uh…yeah…maybe… Y-You smartass!”

“Seriously? That’s the best comeback you can come up with?”


“I’m hungry, I’m tired, and I’m cold! What do you expect me to come up with!” whined Kurt as he rolled himself into a ball, the pain overwhelming all of his senses. It felt as if his stomach was cramping and curling up into a ball too, only it was a very painful ball that gets kicked by a whole league of football, or if you prefer the word soccer players.

Our protagonist might not have seen it, but the chi-, uh, definitely ‘Not-Cat-Thingy’ casted him a sympathetic look. A look she of course tried to suppress and stamp out, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. She wasn’t a completely uncaring and greedy jerk after all. Alone the way she winced at his pain-streaked face attested to that.

In the end she let out a heavy sigh, before getting back to her place behind the metal ventilation stuff, only to emerge a few seconds later with something red and shiny from it.

She slowly trotted up to him, eying him warily. Obviously the skepticism of a child, or foal, that learnt to be always on the lookout. But seeing as her new blue room-, or roofmate wasn’t making any sudden moves she relaxed before lowering her head and with that the shiny red object to the ground.

Seemingly drawn out of his funk or pained hunger pangs by the movement in his peripheral vision the Nightcrawler turned his head slightly, beholding the new object that was presented before him.

He gave a rather eloquent “Huh?” before realization seemed to set in.

The object before him was surrounded by moonlight, giving it a certain majestic shine and through that seeming like a holy grail. Especially with the red and shiny peel that presented this incredibly and undoubtedly rather perfect looking juicy goodness of an apple.

His eyes were captivated by this true beauty. Albeit not as god-like as a pretzel, even a simple fruit was simply looking divine to him now.

Nightcrawler’s gaze then went to the orange filly, who squirmed under his scrutinizing and baffled gaze.

“J-Just don’t think that I care about you or anything. I’m only giving you something because it would go bad otherwise!” the little now outed chicken tsundere said in an attempt to somehow weaken the emotions that were bound to follow by this emotionally unstable creature.

And she was right. Not that it helped her of course as her tsundere try to solve this was completely ignored by her new blue friend.

Another set of manly tears build up in his eyes. He couldn’t believe his luck. This little tsundere chicken cat pony, who had not even a roof for herself (if you didn’t count the one they were on), and who was in a similar situation to him was offering him her food. Food she needed herself.

It was so deeply touching!

“H-Hey now! No need to get mushy over an apple!” the little foal responded hastily, as she grew uncomfortable because the manly tears proved simply to be too manly for her little frame to handle.

“DANKE! (THANKS!)” Kurt exclaimed loudly as his arms suddenly made a wide bow before they clamped back together in the middle, his hands hereby wrapping around the small body of the orange pony. Her eyes turned to pinpricks and she tried to escape, but no one escapes the Nightcrawler! She had to learn this the hard way.

Kurt immediately pulled the pony to his body rubbing his cheek against her soft furry one as he cuddled the ever loving daylights out of her, much to the fillies chagrin. All the while a chorus of ‘Danke’ followed this loving embrace-cuddle.

“Alright! Alright! I get it!” she said irritatedly as she tried to wiggle out of his grasp but it was no use. In the end she ceased her struggles and resigned herself to her fate as living pony cuddle pillow.

This went on for about five minutes, until Kurt had enough cuddles for the day and set her back down to take the apple from her. The filly immediately distanced herself, lest she was about to suffer under another cuddle barrage.

Kurt himself didn’t mind as he munched on the small perfectly red apple. The taste reminded him of the apples in the small garden of his grandmother. No pesticides or any other strange stuff were used on this apple he could tell. This was no ordinary apple straight from the supermarket, this was some first class quality stuff. Not that you couldn’t find quality in a supermarket, but the stuff in the private gardens normally always beats the stuff in the supermarket for obvious reasons.

That was also the reason that it was gulfed down fast enough to give Fili-Second a run for her bits. At the end of the small apple carnage only the core remained.

Kurt patted his stomach satisfied. It certainly did stove off his starving problem. Of course he would undoubtedly feel the hunger again in the morning, but at least it meant he could sleep peacefully now.

He then squinted at the remaining core in dissatisfaction.

“Say, do you have any garbage can here?” Kurt asked as he never took his eyes of the core.

The filly rolled her eyes.

“Geez, let me think if I, a homeless filly, have a garbage can so that the ponies from the city administration won’t sue me for pollution.”

“…So, do you have one?”

“Celestia, no! I don’t have a garbage can!”

Kurt shrugged.

“Just asking.”

The filly let out an annoyed sigh, before awkwardly glancing around, not really knowing how to start this.

“…So, what are you doing here? You don’t exactly look like you come from around here. Or that you are homeless.”

“I was robbed and now have to make do with what I have left. Let’s say I at least have a way to communicate with my family. I really don’t know what I would do if I would lose that. Well, it would probably positively destroy me, leaving me an empty husk, filled with sadness and regret,” he said ignoring the oxymoron an emptiness filled with sadness and regret would be. Not that the filly was thinking about that, as her reaction was quite different than the raised eyebrow many would give him.

No. The ‘Not-Cat-Thingy’ winced.

‘Maybe she experienced the same fate?’ concluded Kurt masterfully, already feeling the urge to cuddle the little furry being comfortingly again. However, he staved it off in favor to ask her a question.

“What about you? Don’t you, you know, have a-“

“A family? Nah, I don’t have one. That’s why I’m out here. It’s nice since nopony is bugging me about school, brushing my teeth or things like that.”

“Amen to that! Though education is really important. Sadly most teachers aren’t managing to make the stuff all that exciting. Not to mention the stuff in school you learn and never need again in life.”

“Yeah. Who are you telling this? I have learned more useful skills here on the streets. I can take better care of myself than most grown mares.”

“Really?” Kurt asked in wonder and slight awe to which she nodded with puffed out her pride swelled fluffy chest. He really had to hold himself back not to cuddle that cutesy pony right then and there again. However, he also couldn’t help but feel a little sting at one of her statements. A statement who he couldn’t say amen to.

“I think you are wrong with one thing though,” he said, making the filly raise an eyebrow with him in interest before he continued, “Family. You should never underestimate the power of family. And I’m not even talking about only blood related bonds. Family can be everyone you get close too. This bond can bring you farther than you would ever reach on you own. You shouldn’t abandon it.”

The little filly was surprised by these words. Not because of the content, no. Normally she simply would have rolled her eyes at such a cheesy and ‘uncool’ talk. It was the way he said it. The incredible conviction he put into that statement. The conviction that he not only believed every word he said, but would actually stand in with his life for it.

It probably also was because of the fact that he usually was a goof. Of course our filly here only had known him for roughly 10 minutes max, but even then she could already see that serious talk wasn’t something that she could expect from him often.

She was stunned enough by his words that she didn’t answer him for a full minute. At least until a confident smirk spread across his face.

“It seems I really am more creative than you give me credit for! Maybe even superior to you in that aspect!”

Orange here simply snorted, “In your dreams.”

Kurt simply grinned, not phased by her attitude. He actually found it quite nice.

...And also a bit cute. God knows he was a sucker for all things cute and fluffy. And he also wasn’t ashamed to admit, or even indulge in these urges.

But still… He couldn’t help but feel saddened to see such a cute little thing on her own. Sure, it may sound cheesy as hell, but in his opinion everyone should have family to lean onto. Just the thought of being alone like that… He couldn’t bear it. Seriously not. Take away his pretzel, his yellow clothes, heck, take away everything he owns, but let him have his family, and he would still be moderately happy in a way.

...Even though he would genuinely mourn said pretzel.

It didn’t come as a surprise that he couldn’t simply let things stand like they were.

“You know, you aren’t half bad. So why don’t you join my family? Maybe I could take care of you.”

Scootaloo however simply snorted.

“Take care of me? I have lived for many years on the street and can take care of myself. I would rather say that it looks more like I need to take care of you.”

Kurt huffed indignantly as he crossed his arms.

“Well, I take offense to that, Miss Chicken.”

“I already told you to stop calling me that!”

“Alright, Miss uhhh… Did we ever exchange names?”

“Oh, right,” she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

“Well then, let me begin!” he said as he stood up, one hand at his hip, while another one pointing forward. “I am the one who crawls in the night! The one mutant that is feared by all who….uh…annoy me? Yup, I’m Nightcrawler!” he finished with a flourish of his hand.

The ‘Not-Cat-Thingy’ snickered.

“Wow. That’s so lame! You really aren’t good at this are you?”

Kurt huffed.

“I’d like to see you do better!”

“I could, but unlike you I’m not begging for attention and don’t need to prove anything.”

He grabbed his heart in feign hurt.

“Ouch. You hurt my feelings!”

“Mare up!” she teased with a cocky grin before composing herself, “Anyway, I’m Scootaloo.”

“That’s actually a cool name. Better than Mane-iac, that’s for sure.”

A cocky smile formed on her lips. “You better believe it. And my name will one day be known by all of Equestria!”

Our protagonist puffed his chest out proudly before proclaiming, “So will I!”

The smile of the filly turned into a smirk. “Oh yeah? Well, I bet I’m going to make it first.”

“That’s a bet I gladly accept,” Kurt proclaims with puffed out chest as they both looked at each other in determination, before they grinned and started to chuckle softly.

The chuckling was only interrupted as Kurt suddenly yawned tiredly as his jaws stretched widely.

Despite his canines being on full view though Scootaloo didn’t mind, considering she wasn’t a chicken. Well...at least not a chicken in that sense. She had met other races before and knew it was just a normal part of who they were.

Kurt being ever the oblivious fella didn’t notice Scootaloo’s non-existing reaction to him showing his canines. Instead he rubbed his hands against his opposite arms, shivering a little.

“It’s so cold! How am I supposed to sleep out here!” Kurt whined with a little sniffle, making Scootaloo roll her eyes.

“That’s life. And as long as you don’t have a roof to live under you should get used to it.”

He then looked her up and down. His eyes roaming over every fluffy spot of her diminutive and rather warm and cuddly looking body, filling Scootaloo with unease.

“...You know. You do look rather warm and cuddly,” he finally said after a bit of silence.

Scootaloo instinctively jumped back and out of reach, as to not be entrapped by this creatures strong arms once again.

“Don’t be like that! I heard it is perfectly normal to sleep in the same place if outside in the cold without tents and for survival! Nothing is wrong with that!”

“So you really are saying what I thought you would say. The answer is NO! I’m not being your cuddle pillow for the night! What do I look like a plushie?!”

Kurt scratched his chin, “Actually…”

Scootaloo groaned, seemingly annoyed by his statement. Kurt however ignored this and simply continued to make his points that supported his idea.

“You would profit from it too, you know. It can’t be healthy for a kid to sleep out in the cold.”

“I’m telling you no! There is no way, no how that I will sleep while you are embracing me!”

“Bitte? (Please?)” Kurt said softly while using his most feared puppy dog eyes on the little filly, coercing her into giving in and being his soft cuddle pillow for the night.

Of course she tried to fight it, she truly did, but somehow the more he stared, the more she felt compelled to oblige. She didn’t know why, or more accurately how he pulled it off, seeing as he was a grown male, but he somehow managed to make the puppy dog eyes believable on him.

She almost didn’t notice how hard she was biting her lip as she tried to stay strong. Just short before she could draw blood she broke down.

“ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! Just stop looking at me like that with those damn eyes of yours!” she practically begged, as Kurt started to cheer over his victory like a foal that just got the permission to stay up late at night, or stay home alone.

Only that it pretty much was the opposite he was cheering over. To sleep now with a cuddle pony pillow by his side.

“Perfect! Now that this is done let’s say our prayers for the night!” he said while clapping his hands together.

“Lasset uns beten! (Let us pray!)”

“Meine Augen fallen zu.
(My eyes are closing.)
Lieber Gott, gib süße Ruh!
(Dear God, give us a sweet rest!)
Deine Engel halten Wacht,
(Your angels are keeping watch,)
gib mir, uh, uns eine gute Nacht!”
(give me, uh, us a good night!)

He then hesitated for a moment before looking other his orange-furred ward.

“Habe Acht und pass auf das Huhn auf mit deiner Macht!
(Be aware, and take care of the chicken in my care!)”

[‘in my care’ is wrongly translated since he said ‘with your might’ but it rhymes, so...]


As he finished up Scootaloo could only furrow her brow at him in confusion, “Weird.”

Nightcrawler huffed, crossing his arms at her, “It’s not weird!” he then grinned devilishly at her, “You know what’s weird?”

Scootaloo looked up at him with a raised sceptical brow before shaking her head.

“That such a cute thing like you isn’t being cuddled!”

With that his arms clamped around her once again. She should have been prepared for this, but her confusion over his gibberish prayer was dampening her reflexes and making sure that the blue being could grab her and press her firmly against his leather-covered belly.

She squirmed under his strong arms once again, but of course couldn’t escape him just like last time.

Nightcrawler yawned loudly eliciting her own cute yawn only a moment later making him grin.

Scootaloo felt her face heating up, not only at the terrible timing of her yawn, but also to be treated as a plushy by this crazy stranger. Sure, she had agreed to it, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t feel embarrassed by her current position.

“Seems it is bedtime, I believe the word was, for the two of us,” he mused as he lay down with his head on his backpack. He then turned the little fluffy body of the filly around so that her warm back was pressed against his barrel, before yawning again.

Scootaloo huffed, but didn’t say anything as she simply tried to make herself comfortable. Something that much to her chagrin seemed to be rather easy in the creatures grip. It made her briefly wonder what exactly he was, but then again it wasn’t important and also not really polite to ask things like that, so she simply laid there in her own slight grumpiness of her body being abused as a plushie.

However, despite her annoyance, she couldn’t help the small smile that was edged on her muzzle. It was a rather nice feeling of warmth and comfort that this position provided and was certainly more comfortable when she gave it credit. Especially compared to her normally lonely and cold nights.

Not that our little tsundere filly would actually ever admit it.

But in the end it wasn’t important as the day came to a close and the two cuddled closer for warmth, and in case of Kurt for fluffiness as they peacefully drifted to sleep.

And so a bond between these two most distinct of characters was formed.

Normally you would expect me now to proclaim how incredibly important and how it was destiny for these two to meet and bring forth great a many accomplishments. Of course I won’t tell. It is an unwritten story. Anything can happen. Maybe their accomplishments might not be as great as you would expect, or maybe chicken, uh, Scootaloo won’t be as important. One of them could die for example. Just so to show you how everything is possible. No one knows. Far less the beings that are talked about now. They only focused on the warmth they spend each other in this cold night. And maybe also about their deal. About how they would at least try to show the world their colors and gain meaning.

Everything was open in this most magical of nights…


...Yeah, I know that last sentence was cheesy as hell, shut up.

Chapter 13: Lunar Intervention

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POV: Luna

Location: Canterlot, Lunar Wing, Princesses Chambers
Time: 00:39

Something was in the air. We could feel it as we gazed through the window of our room towards our wonderful night sky. It seemed like one of the most magical nights… And the incident only seemed to enhance this notion.

Not too long ago a perceivable thaumatic wave was washing over our mind, letting our receptors pour out endorphins in a bout of unexpected happiness.

A strange unwarranted feeling of content which quickly disappeared as soon as it appeared, and we knew its meaning.

It’s force.

A mental tug against us, familiar as well as feeling a bit unsettling was indicating our sister knew it as well as she was nearing me. We weren’t the only one who could feel it. But that was to be expected seeing as...we shared this talent so to say.

She was nearing as we not only felt the tug increasing but also the urgent clopping from outside of our room. We have disposed of the carpet in our halls just for this. We might be able to feel the mind of others but that didn’t mean we should neglect our other sharp senses as well. One cannot be too careful in these troubled times.

Soon enough the door to our room opened and we snorted.

“Thou could have at least knocked. We could have been busy.” we chastised the tall regale figure that we were standing with our back to.

“I think you know as well as I do that we can’t keep anything from each other. Not even if you were bringing a colt into your room which like I noticed sadly is not the case.”

A groan as well as a slight blush graced our features as we turned our neck to give our ‘dearest’ sister an unamused look.

“Right. As well as we know that your BMI has increased this week again from stuffing thine face with cake, despite our prayers to Faust for thine restraint towards these sugary demons.”

That actually got our sister flustered as well as she pouted at us. Something that was rather amusing to see on her normally so serene appearance with her equally harmonically wavering multi-colored mane.

“Hardy har! At least I’m not hiding myself in my room all the time! Seriously Luna, you need to get out more. And I mean REALLY out, and not just your dreamscape!”

We couldn’t help but snort yet again. Our dear sister can be a hypocrite considering she wasn’t leaving the castle all that much herself. A fact we wanted to, like modern ponies say, rub under her muzzle, but seeing as she already knew about my immediate action due to our mental connection she cut us off before we could actually act on it.

“There are more important things to talk about now!” she quickly exclaimed and her demeanor turned serious, not to mention the sudden tinge of worry sparkling in her eyes, “You felt it too, didn’t you?”

We hum thoughtfully.

“We did. It seems one of the lost stones has appeared.”

Sister nodded grimly, “It did...in Maretropolis.”

We arch a curious brow, “Where thine student lives?”

Another grim nod.

“She sent me a letter not too long ago. They were looking for the hideout of a criminal when it happened. It led them straight to said hideout of that mare. Only that things weren’t as they seemed.”

“What art thou implying?”

“There was a creature, standing over the criminal mare they were about to arrest, seemingly having beaten her just before they stormed the building. It was a being of an unknown seeming race. Bipedal. Without fur, muzzle or beak. Dark blue skin. Probably male. Of course I’m well aware that his mutation probably could have deformed his body, but it is still a troubling thought. Just to think that such a new being appears just then ‘it’ does so too.”

Now captivated with her story we turned fully around to face her. True it wouldn’t be the first mutant who was changed in appearance by mutation, but it was still a rather rare occurrence. Not to mention the eery timing.

“Anymore information on this being?” we curiously asked, as our sister mulled it over.

“He does teleport without having a horn, so this could be his mutation. Or it could be a part of this beings mutation. It is hard to tell at this point, albeit it does set his BML at the lowest level there is.”

“Base Mutant Level, correct?”

“Oh right! You are still new to this term due to your...absence.”

Our sister winced slightly, while we rolled our eyes at her faux pas.

“It doesn’t matter now, though it is possible that this creature is in possession of the stone. We assume that the criminal he beat had a higher BML?”

Our sister nodded, making us smile at our masterful conclusion.

“Then it seems like this can easily be resolved...by me!”

Our chest was puffed out at that last statement. It was quite clear that despite all her abilities we were still the more skilled mare when it came to affairs of the mind. We could search Maretropolis for this strange mutant this very night. Hunt him down and then see through him. Gauge the beings intentions and its goodwill just as much as its villainy.

We would be the judge, jury and execution for this case and then retrieve the precious stone from the grabs of this being...if said being had it.

It was a gamble, or maybe more like a lead. But then again it was the only lead they had for now. Besides the beaten criminal that is.

Celestia stared at us with amusement now clear in her eyes. It made us cough a bit embarrassedly before we continued our orders.

“Thine student can meanwhile take care of the other mare in case our conclusion is faulty.”

Our sister smiled softly, “Already one step ahead of you. At this very moment they keep an eye out for any ‘strange enchanted gems’.”

We couldn’t help but raise a brow at her in our eyes distrusting behavior.

“And you art sure it is best to simply leave out the truth from your student as to what she is looking for? Don’t thou think she deserves thine trust?”

A flinch and a painful look crossing her eyes is all the answer we needed.

“Right… We apologize. We forgot again that last time you trusted a pony with this knowledge.”

Sadly the conversation doesn’t pick up from there and we are damned to an awkward silence. We really hated those. Tis hard to believe how we could fall into such a faux pas again and again, but then again our sister does so as well with me. Quite the amusing thought that we actually have similar habits in that regard.

We quickly coughed out loudly, clearing my throat to end this situation.

“So! If there is nothing else we will see to our duties now!”

That seems to draw our sister out of her daze as she quickly trots in place.

“R-Right! I will just go back to, um, sleep,” she says hastily with an awkward forced smile, no doubt her mind still lingering on a specific mare.

With that our sister quickly trotted away and out the door.

Shaking my head we saunter over to our bed before lying down on it. Our magic concentrates on our horn as we prepared to concentrate at the task at hoof and with that find out if this new blue being, to ensnare our prey so to say. It sent a bit of a thrill to our veins! Just the thought of investigating such a matter of importance after our absence was quite exciting!

With that last thoughts we delved into the dream realms.

Chapter 14: Sweet Dreams

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POV: Kurt Wagner

Location: Dreamland
Time: ??:??

It was dark. I was walking down the corridors of a hospital. Or an asylum? It was hard to say from my vantage point. It looked deserted, decrepit, and overall creepy. Probably some kind of horror game setting creepy if I had to guess.

At least the blood stains here and there were a clear indicator for that.

Maybe this is a zombie game dream again? Left4Dead? Anyone?

I simply shrugged my shoulders. Didn’t matter. I knew he was here somewhere. And considering the lack of zombies this wasn’t going to be the danger today.

I just turned around a corner before seeing a few corpses strewn along the ground. Lifeless with stab wounds. Also cat-thingies. Or whatever these aliens called themselves.

Luckily no fluffy cuddly one was under them. But a lot of females I noted. But then again there are quite a lot female criminals around here. I mean at least the police ones looked female for the most part. And the ones in the team clobbering. Steamchen was male though. So male good, female...no. That doesn’t make sense. The police force was female, and I had three evil stallions with me...Two and a half. Furniturchen was quite nice, albeit a bit moody. Possible tsundere?

I simply shrugged. “Meh,” I said before gigg-, uh, chuckling rather manly! A manly chuckle!

Anyway, Americans have funny words. Meh. *Giggle* A funny word. Sounds like what the sheep do in Germany. Also makes me wonder what the American sheep do. In Germany we say ‘Mäh’ to what the sheep say. Does the Americans say it differently? Or does the ‘Meh’ actually have a secret second sheep sound meaning? A mystery that only Americans know and keep over generations of ‘Meh’? Or how exactly did it develop if it is in fact the same sound?

Just wondering.

Not that I can do much more as I reached something. Ah, an elevator. Totally not a Left4Dead rip-off. But then again, things would get serious soon enough. Just have to follow the corpses…

Well, I tried not to think about it for now as I entered said elevator and rode it right up. The bloody fingerprint on the number telling me pretty precisely where I would find him.

*DING* made the elevator. I quickly enough got out of it, to find some more corpses.

I gulped slightly before setting myself in motion, following the trail. It led exactly to a room. As I opened the door I was greeted by darkness.

It reeked like a trap, I know, but then again the only way was forward wasn’t it?

God, I could already hear the creepy music playing...Well, imagining it. Luckily it didn’t play...for now.

I stepped inside, seeing a small mountain of corpses amassed in the middle.

He was here.

*SLAM* made the door.

I instantly jumped before turning around quickly, facing a dark figure with a knife twirling in his hands all too casually. His dark eyes glared right into my soul, daring me to make a move.

“Adolf,” I greeted the dark being warily.

Yes I called him, the representation of my dark side Adolf. In case any of you have a problem with the use of the name: Get over it. I’m one of the people who is not walking in a bent stance through life, because of the crimes of my ancestors. I think it is important not to forget about the crimes that have been committed as to not repeat them, but it is also important to look forward without any shame. I mean, are the people in Italy ashamed because of Caesar? Or the American’s for taking the land from the Natives?

The answer is quite obvious and I see it the same way. Every country has committed crimes in my opinion, some more severe than others, but still crimes nonetheless. However, crying over it won’t change a thing. Only thing what can change the future is to learn from past mistakes and move on.

Also a reason I hate people who immediately pull the racist and nazi card. I know a bunch of people who have seen superiors in companies being chewed out for chewing out employees with foreign background for making mistakes, because said chewed out staff using the nazi card to even higher superiors so that the ones that chewed them out got chewed out. Makes sense?

...Alright, anyway it really is a sensitive topic, I tell you. In a way you can still today feel the repercussions of the Second World War. The whole careful thinking not to say anything wrong. The…how do you say it here…German Angst? Of course this Angst is not only limited to this branch of social interactions, but there are other sections as well.

Kind of funny if you consider we were once a folk of proud warriors. Earlier in the days we were conquering countries, now the only thing we are conquering are beach chairs. Don’t know how you handle it but we Germans like to occupy said chairs with towels. It’s a stupid thing, really, but it’s a way for us to cope, since we can’t conquer countries anymore we just conquer beach chairs!

…Yeah, it is kind of humiliating, I know.

But I’m whining now, aren’t I? I once heard from the German cabaretist Volker Pispers, love the guy by the way, well loving in a platonic kind of way as I’m not really from that side of the, uh… how do the Americans say… well I don’t think Americans say from the other side of the riverbank, but you get my gist. But to get back the comedian said that 80 % of the world population envy us for whining on such a high level, since our economy is rather stable.

Can’t really argue with the words of a wise man.

Funny fact: Some cabaretists tend to have more knowledge on politics than some politicians. I remember that one dude who was foreign minister but had trouble speaking English, just as an example.

So yeah, boo-hoo me for whining on that level. I probably should get on with it. None of you want to hear my ramblings. You probably would like to see me interact with my dark side, screaming ‘Get on with it!’ as you read. So that’s what you get.

Tension hung in the air as I faced my dark side a la Luke Skywalker style! Not really the ‘I am your father style’ more like…okay, maybe not really Luke Skywalker style. I more like just faced him, alright? Just looking into his dark orbs that promised agonizing pain to everyone who gets in his most definitely evil way.

Dream muscles tensed, fingers clenched. It was a showdown, high noon, and whatsoever.

Or maybe not that much. Truth be told I just turned around called him by his name and…

…hugged him.

You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, I’m not really normal, so hugging my nightmares is a normal thing for me to do. I once hugged a zombie. Said zombie was a dick as a side note, as he just bit in my shoulder! That jerk! But to get back, I just greeted my darker side like an old friend.

Though through the proximity I just noticed something... He changed with me then it came to the form, no surprise there, but it made a few complications, or mainly one, how to tell us apart. You see with him being a black version of myself normally and me being normal colored this topic never came up. But now that my complexion took a darker shade…we almost looked identical! Two Kurt Wagner’s! I will be honest with you that is quite irritating!

And it got me thinking. I stepped back in the typical thinker pose, with one hand on my chin, hmm’ing all the way.

After a short while I snipped my fingers.

...Well, I acted like I did it, while clicking my tongue. I’m really good at clicking tongue, so...it is a good surrogate way of snipping since I haven’t mastered that one yet. But then again, snipping was probably overrated, as clicking with your tongue was underrated, so it all turned out well already in a way.

“Ich hab’s! (I got it!)” I said cheerfully as a nice little mustache on my dark doppelganger appeared. A mustache that would make his namesake proud. Not that it mattered, the guy was a jerk anyway.

My dark side and the one the mustache was inspired by.

Kind of a pity that the real Adolf ruined the beard for everyone in the world. Charlie Chaplin had the same beard, so why did we have to, dare I say it, ban this beard from the world? Only time I saw that beard being used was in an anime.

Yes, Japanese people have a lot of backbone to openly use it. To be fair it was only featured in a movie of an anime, and not in the anime itself, but still. This backbone is what I would wish for the rest of the world. Maybe I should try to demonstrate against it?

Meh, too much work.

“Das Problem wäre gelöst! (Seems like I solved the problem!) All praise the sun, yada yada yada!” I cheered in self-praise.

„Warum nicht der Mond? (Why not the moon?)“ my darker side said rising an inquisitive brow. I simply shrugged.

“Das sagen Amerikaner so...glaube ich, (That’s what Americans say...I think,)” I simply answered as he shook his head before pointing his knife at the glorious mustache.

“Und was soll das sein? (And what’s this?)”

“Nur mein Weg uns zu unterscheiden. (Just my way to differentiate between us.)”

“…Das ist doch nur eine Ausrede um mir endlich diesen Bart zu verpassen. (…You are only using this excuse to give me a mustache.)”

“...Vielleicht. (...Maybe.)”

“Und wir sehen noch immer gleich aus. Ich weiß echt nicht was du dir dabei gedacht hast. Als würde ein schwarzer Bart mich weniger schwarz aussehen lassen. (And we are still looking alike. I don’t know what you were thinking. It’s not like a black mustache would make me any less black.)”

That got me thinking. He had a point, albeit it was nothing I could solve.

With another snap (or more precisely a click of my tongue) his hair and beard turned white.

“Problem gelöst! (Problem solved!)”

“Das macht den Schnauzer eigentlich überflüssig. (This kind of makes the mustache pointless.)”

“Nein, Schnauzer sind klasse! (No, mustaches are awesome!)”

He pinched his brow in frustration, “Du raubst mir noch den letzten Nerv. (You are robbing me of my last nerve.”

I simply shrugged, before grinning.

“Wie wär’s mit ‘nem Bierchen? (How ‘bout a beer?)“

„Sure. As long as you cut the German. Your dialect hurts my ears.”

“Pffft! Was that supposed to be some lame Kill Bill reference? That’s so lame, it needs a new word to get invented because lame is not lame enough for it!”

“And that coming from the weirdo who wears yellow every single day of his life.”

I raised my finger in fierce retaliation, before faltering and then simply shrugging to myself, “Fair enough,” I said as the scenery around us changed to a pub. We were sitting on two bar stools at a stereotypical and yet heartwarming rustic counter.

The bartenders green tentacles tapped us both a cool, refreshing beer.

“Rough day?” Adolf asked as he eyed the blue mare with green tentacles as hair (hairtacles?) who manned ((mared?) well, if it is something equine and not a cat, still unsure about that) the counter.

“You know it. Though, she wasn’t that bad. I mean, sure she attacked me, but she simply was no match for my new and awesome teleporting powers! No more running for this nice little mutant!”

I took a sip from my beer. Well, I let it clang on the counter before getting it up to my lips. In some sort of bow line or upside-down parable? Tradition in case you wonder. Funnily enough no one knows anymore how it came to be. I mean, there are some guesses, like something about the grip on a heavy keg of beer in Bavaria (Bavaria having large beer kegs), or maybe to simply wipe away the beer that swapped out from the keg and onto the counter.

But no matter how the tradition came to be, it was still really nice to have a relaxing beer with a good friend/nightmare/villain/arch nemesis.

“Sounds to me like you are getting a beer belly, squirt.”

…A friend that is also kind of a jerk.

“I’m older than you,” I grumbled.

“How can I, as a figment of your imagination, be younger than you? I’m basically you!”

“You first showed up at the age of 8. Which means you are about 12 years old now? If anything you are not even an adult by human standards. More like you are going to hit puberty soon. I wonder if that is why you are so moody lately.”

He simply scoffed, “Boy, I have seen things in your head. So you don’t get to talk to me like a kid. Though it really is interesting. A whole new world to explore. That is something you only find in some games, or movies, or fanfictions.”

“True. Though I guess I only skimmed the book a bit. Maybe I should read it more to get a better grip on things. Especially with some police forces taking an interest in me.”

“Or that stone. That is information I would look up.”

“Stone?” I parroted with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes! You know how you went all super saiyan in a sense? We know practically nothing about it! Only that Hair Accident was quite eager to get it back. It actually worries me. I mean, we are in a new world, and if you somehow draw attention to yourself… Let’s just say that I am not eager for you to die. Not because I like you or anything, but because if you die, I die. So until I find a way out of your body, I need to keep you alive,” the now outed nightmare tsundere replied.

Kurt waved dismissively, “I don’t think it will be THAT bad. You are talking almost as if we are going to be a target of spies.”

Just in that moment Adolf suddenly threw a knife he had slipped out of his sleeves near a dark corner and embedding it into a wall.

“I think your friend here might agree with me,” he hisses out, making me focus my gaze a bit, trying to discern something, and indeed! There was another dream construct there! Though I actually have no idea how I came up with her.

For one, she was taller, more slender, with both wings and horn. Not to mention some crown thingie, and some other thing on her...chest area? Heck! I don’t even know if chest-thingies are a thing! Or if they have a name in case they do!

Today was really confusing.

Or...tonight? Ugh! More confusing!

I was rubbing my head furiously. At least until Adolf, like Americans like to say, bottled me. Yup. Pulled a bottle right over my noggin. I’m glad I’m so tough. Even more so in dreams.

“Concentrate!” he hissed again, pointing another knife at the clearly stunned fluffy thing. A fluffy thing who’s mane seemed to be flowing in a nonexistent breeze, and that also looked quite soft. And the way it moved… It was moving in a way that was almost too fluffy to comprehend…

“Wolkenhaar! (Cloudhair!)” I squee’d out all too gleefully before with a puff of smoke teleporting right over her.

The reaction was instant.

Pupils turned into pinpricks, just like her serious expression. She moved fast and all too fluidly and was out of the way in a jiffy, making me stumble. She then kicked my legs out under me, making me fall on my back with a painful dream groan. Well, not so painful since we are talking about dream pain here, but you get the gist.

I was at this point looking at this dream being upside down as she towered over me with a rather smug expression on that muzzle.

“Huzzah! It seems our fighting prowess is still holding strong!”

I stuck my lip out in an adorable pout. If you remember, I’m an adorable pouter after all.

“You are mean!” was my rather astute observation.

Something that made her quirk her brow in confusion. She was in a fighting stance again, but this one got rather lax at my statement, “What didst thou speaketh off? Art thou truly trying to fool us, the Princess of the Night with such a cheap tactic?”

I simply pouted harder, not caring for this uncaring individual.

“You are supposed to apologize!” came my annoyed reply, but still this being decided to stay rude.

“For evading thine attack? Thou got to be foaling us!”

I huffed, crossing my arms, “Stupid cat-thingie.”

“We art no kitten! We art an Alicorn!” the being demanded, trying to be intimidating as she loomed over me but only managing to be cute and fluffy.

I meanwhile ignored her cuteness for a moment to tilt my head in confusion, “What is an Alicorn?”

The being seemed rather surprised by this. She was scanning my facial expression, maybe checking for hints of deceit, but didn’t seem to find any, since obviously I was telling the truth, “Thou...Thou truly does not know what an Alicorn is. Not even mine own sister Celestia?”

“Celestia? Who is that?” I asked in clear confusion.

Somehow that shocked her even more and I could practically see the gears turning in her head. Not that I knew what kind of gears it were and what she actually thought about, but it looked like she somehow thought about something. Something that got some stars sparkling in her big eyes soon afterwards, “Oh, nopony at all! We mean that there is of course only one true ruler over this land! And that is us! Princess Luna! The Princess of the Night!”

My eyes started to sparkle just like hers, albeit mine did in wonder, “Oh! That’s sounds so cool!”

That made her halt, her curious eyes looking deep into my own, a question lingering on her tongue, “...Doest thou truly think so?”

I nodded, “Yup! I mean, Princess of the Night sounds like a cool title to have.”

Interestingly enough this dream being seemed to preen at my attention, pushing her chest fluff out, as if to look even more adorable! Though I had to wonder what she was then…

“Say...what is an Alicorn?” I asked in a bit of childlike curiosity, making the mare raise a brow for a moment before shrugging it off.

“Tis a combination of Earth Pony, Pegasus and Unicorn. So we art an equine and no kitten.”

I nodded, clearly interested in this new information, “Huh, didn’t know that.”

My dark side groaned, facepalming as he followed this conversation before looking at me pointedly.

“You realize that in the book were Pegasi listed, so equines.”

“...I forgot.”

“How could you forget it! You read it just before going to sleep! This would probably be one of the biggest plotholes anyone could find if this was a written story!”

At the word ‘plothole’ the being strangely blushed for some reason. Not that I had time to wonder why.

“W-Well, just look at her!” I said pointing with both my hands to her in a presenting motions, “She is way too fluffy to count as ANY kind of equine!”

“Thou thinkest of us as fluffy?” the female cat-, no equine-thingie said with surprise as well as a small blush. Soon enough she got herself composed again and a bright smile could be found upon her fluffy muzzle, “WE THANKETH THEE!” she all but screamed extremely loudly, blewing out my non-existent eardrums and having both me and Adolf have to hold on to tables from the force.

Me hereby being on the able to grab said table mid-flight, seeing as I was on the ground until now and seemingly shouts can actually make one fly in a dream. Might be a new method of flight, if it didn’t make one deaf.

Okay, that with the eardrums was a lie, considering this is a dream, so both of us were fine with that. Albeit I definitely didn’t want to relive that in person as I stood up, dusting me off.

“Truce? I think we should concentrate on this dangerous intruder first before getting back to bickering.”

“I dunno. She seems rather nice. I’d rather cuddle her than fight her.”

At this my dark side slapped me, making me pout and touch my cheek from the dream sting. He really is way too violent.

“You have to listen to me!” he roared, but then quickly got a hoof to the face, sending him over the counter while two soft wings wrapped around me.

I looked to the side, noting Luna’s muzzle as she glared determinedly behind the counter.

“Foul being of nightmares! Thou art not allowed to harm our loyal subjects!” she declared with great conviction. And considering how warm and cuddly her wings were I didn’t protest the embrace, no matter how fast this change of heart came.

Her horn lit up, making me remember the crazy equine that attacked me on the roof and making me also realize that Adolf was the one being attacked by my sheer skill in deduction.

Seeing as, despite being a pain, he was still a part of me I protested.

“It’s okay! He is with me! Just my dark half, you know?”

The self-entitled Princess couldn’t help but look baffled once more. Almost as if I had declared bananas to be an abhorrence and to be banned from existence. And everyone knows bananas are great, and not only because they are yellow.

“Thou art jesting, art thou not? This being not only being a nightmare but thine dark half makes it only more prudent to erase! Lest they sway thou with sweet promises to harm others!”

“But he is not trying...that much. I mean, sure he is a jerk, but it is nice to have someone to talk to about my day in my dreams.”

But Cloud Hair didn’t seem deterred by that. Only more determined as her mind spun up a respond, trying to somehow pull me to her side on this, “If...If thou need an ear, thou can use our own! There is no need to confide in such a vile creature!”

It was that moment that Adolf stood up growling, “Oh, now you have done it! I will kick your sorry excuse of a plot out of this dream!”

Luna seemed highly offended as she suddenly summoned a scythe, “Our flank is everything other than poor, you distasteful nightmare! We will reap you and chain you deep inside, so you never can show your face here again!”

Adolf summoned a pair of blades to his hands, taking some test swings with a sneer, clearly showing how things were spinning out of control.

It honestly was annoying considering I had enough of such action in the real world, so having such a conflict now seemed unneeded.

It also made me wonder just how it came to this, making me reminisce the dream and her appearance.

Not that the two heeded my presence, both getting into a fighting stance and charging at each other with fierce battle roars until...

“MAAHHAHHAHHHAA!” I couldn’t help but laugh out loudly, making both of them stop within a feet of each other, almost stumbling as they looked at me confused.

“What’s so funny?” Adolf demanded rather annoyed.

“P-Plothole!” I managed to breath out between gales of laughter.

“Plo-” Adolf started to say before facepalming with the blade handle in realization, “Reaaaaaaaaally mature. Though I am more aggravated at the fact that you just now got this ambiguity.”

“W-Well, can you blame me? This isn’t my mother tongue! And you two behaving like this...It actually makes things worse around here! It makes my head spin. I mean, why are you even attacking each other? Can’t we just stop this nonsense and enjoy the evening? Friends shouldn’t fight!” I rambled on, saying everything that came to mind. It was a bit of a jumbled mess I blurted out, but it still seemed to have an effect.

“Friends? With him?” Luna questioned with a glare as she put some distance between them, shooting a glare. Adolf simply snorted.

“I am a part of him, so we are close enough that he thinks if you befriend him, you befriend me too. As a kind of friendship package...Don’t ask. Though this actually ruined the mood for me now,” he finished letting his blades vanish.

Luna eyed him skeptically doing the same with her scythe.

“We don’t trust thee, make no mistake. But...we also don’t want to upset one of our more appreciative subjects with a fight, so our hand will stay still, until thou give us a reason otherwise,” the self-proclaimed princess stated, making me sigh in relief.

I sighed in relief before sitting down on a barstool.

“Well, I’m glad you see it like that. He really isn’t that bad. Not by a long shot at least.”

She snorts disbelievingly instinctively, but quickly tried to cover it up with a cough, “If thou say so. Though we guess we better go now. We still hath other duties to perform.”

“Why don’t you stay and drink with us?” I suggested, making the leaving mare turn around with surprise.

“While we appreciate the thought, we hath no time for such things.”

“So a spoilsport then?” Adolf grinned, trying to get a raise out of her, but only receiving a glare in return.

“There is always time for drinking! I’m sure it won’t do you harm to spend the night along friends, does it?”

“Friends?” Luna looked more ponderous now, “We art not sure…”

“Come oooooooon!” I drawled invitingly, “You look fun to be around! And we are already in a bar, so we might as well use this setting. Not to mention that I’m inviting you cute ball of fluff to a keg of Bavarian beer! So you really won’t regret it!” I finished summoning a keg in my hand, offering it to the dream being.

Said being seemed a bit flustered as I stated her being fluffy, but soon enough composed herself to answer.

“Well…” she said a bit unsurely, before eyeing the beer a bit and then me as I smiled all too warmly and invitingly at her, making her smile as well, “We probably simply can’t refuse some quality time with one of our dear subjects.”

“A-And *hick* s-she...she says neigh! Neigh Luna *hick* the night can not l-last longer! What w-would *hick* the nobles say! A-All a bunch of *hick* foals we tell thou!” Luna said, clearly like we in Bavaria would say ‘angeschwipst’. So yeah, inebriated in the highest of degrees on finest Bavarian Dream Beer. I probably could make my own brand calling it BDB for short.

Luna seemed to enjoy it from the first swig on, cheering about the Bavarian culture and even telling me how she would have not decapitated a single one of the Germane’s if she knew that we were capable of brewing this.

Yeah. Equestria and Germaneia went to war once. Equestria won, but they seemingly developed friendly relations over time. Luna seemed to be new to these relations and was quite wary of them, but now seems rather enthusiastic about not waging war on them anymore.

So, yup. Yay for Germany since german beer can stop wars! If you are happily drinking with your enemy and cheering and sharing stories all around it is quite hard to wage war after all. So next time a few leaders are having an argument just sent them to a good german bar and your relations are saved!

Also Luna certainly was quite the funny company, telling me stories about her childhood where her older sister was caught with her hoof in the cookie jar, or cake, to be more accurate, more often than not, getting the filly some spanking in front of the entire court. Or the time Luna made herself a nice crown of flowers and Celestia got so jealous she tried to convince the animals to steal it for her, but Luna used her cuteness to turn the tables around so that the animals would revolt against Celestia instead.

I myself was also widely gesticulating and talking about myself as well and my family. I mean, considering I have two siblings myself I could relate to her sibling fun and troubles. It was actually nice to talk to someone about it and helped me adjust to this whole situation better. And I think it helped her too, since she could talk about her own family as well, not to mention this sibling rivalry she seemed to have going on with her sister. Though such a rivalry was of course to be expected. That’s pretty much family after all. Sometimes we can simply annoy each other, but still get along again, and laugh it off afterwards.

Of course soon enough I felt that the night would end, and we (meaning Adolf included) invited Luna over to bring her own dark side next time, albeit she was rather hesitant for some reason, while giving Adolf still the stink eye. A rather drunken stink eye, but a stink eye nonetheless.

“W-We s-shall smite *hick* thee later, b-black one!” she declared rather drunkenly, but still managed to pull off a rather heroic pose as she pointed towards him, “B-But first we n-need *hick* rest. S-So farewell *hick* Kurt.”

With that and a flash of light, Luna vanished. It was actually quite the nice imaginary figure my brain created and I certainly hope she would stay to counteract Adolf a bit...who wasn’t looking all that enthusiastic?

“Why did you have to tell her your name? You know that she might just reveal it to the outside world, right?”

I simply shrugged, “She is part of my brain. She is as likely to spout my name like you are. I mean, what could possibly go wrong.

Celestia was striding through the halls of the castle. It has been some time since Luna went to confront this creature. Enough for her to see if she was back with the information needed. If he did indeed have the stone...she would instantly have to get a team together to apprehend him. This was simply too dangerous in the wrong hands. Or even if it was just in the hands of one naive being. It was hard to tell which category this being belonged too after all. Only that this being was not a pacifist. And that was enough to make her worry.

Luckily she already was reaching Luna’s doors. Her mind reached out for her sister’s, but what she found was...worrying. Somehow blurry was the best she could describe it.

She instantly pushed the door open.

In there she saw her sister with her wings out running around the room.


It was a strange sight indeed, albeit she at least seemed to have...fun? Though Celestia still feared just what this would imply as she coughed to get her sister’s attention.

Luckily it worked and she seemed to stop, almost stumble over her four hooves.

Glazed over eyes looked into clear purple ones.

“Hello Luna,” she greeted before asking the important question, “...Have you been...drinking?”

Her sister simply stared at her as if she asked if the sky was blue as she shrugged.

*Hick* So?”

Celestia groaned facehooving, “Luna! You should know better than that! The last time you got yourself plastered to such a degree you declared mooning to be a legal currency!”

“T-The *Hick* shopkeepers weren’t c-complaining!” she retorted making her sister frown as she rolled her eyes, as best as she could in her highly inebriated state.

“That is not a matter of if the shopkeepers were complaining! It is a matter of decency and how to keep up an impeccable image! Therefore you should never drink anything alcoholic! Exception being it is a gift from an ambassador, but even then getting drunk is completely forbidden!” she chided in a lecturing big sister tone. Something that only irritated Luna as she drunkenly glared at this form of belittling.

*Hick* W-We art the Princess of the *hick* Night! W-We shalt do and drink w-with our *hick* compatriots in our domain whenever we feel like it!”

Celestia furrowed her brow at that, “So...you were drinking...as drinking within the dream realm? How in Tartarus can one get drunk in a dream?”

At that the lunar princess grinned smugly, as well as goofily, “Tis the many secrets of the *hick* great dream realm! The dreamiest and greatest *hick* of all dreamies-, uh, things.” she exclaimed getting on her hindlegs before, letting her back fall on her back, giggling like a little school filly.

Her sister meanwhile walked back and forth rubbing her temple with one hoof in clear annoyance, “At least she had the common decency to get her flank drunk in her own room. Such a public incident would be a pain in the flank. Especially with the internet nowadays it is hard to actually contain information once it spreads out,” the white Alicorn mutters before stopping and eyeing her sister once again.

She was meanwhile staring at the ceiling with a glazed over look. Her hooves trailing shapes, as if painting a canvas, and her horn was strangely glowing…

Celestia’s eyes widened and she instantly rushed to the balcony door, throwing it open and with a flabbergasted expression eyed the new...addition to the night sky.

It was a caricature of herself, with a posterior too large to be anything else but outright offending. The words ‘Prude Cake Monster’ certainly didn’t help

With burning cheeks Celestia ripped Luna’s control of her stars before realigning them again in their proper state, before with all the authority she can muster stepping to Luna’s bed, towering over the mare with a disapproving look.

Luna simply pouted.

Her big sister was really wanting to give her a lecture, but seeing that her sister wouldn’t listen, dare remember it she decided to keep that for when she was clear again. Albeit there was still something she came here for. Something that seemed like a lifeline right now considering her younger sister’s antics.

“So, did you at least talk about the gem with your...compatriot,” she asked. And she did so all too desperately, trying to not think of how many ponies just might have snapped pictures of the night sky. Right now, she certainly could need all the good news she could get.

Unfortunately she didn’t hear any kind of words to bring her comfort. The opposite in fact as Luna simply stiffened, and a silence settled over the room.

Celestia was already applying her hoof to her face in a godly facepalm. Considering she is probably the closest thing to god if you don’t count Discord.

“Dammit Luna.”

And that was the friendly version. Luckily her sister was too drunk to actually read her, ahem, uncensored answer in her mind.

Chapter 15: Yellow Pony, Yellow Omelett, Yellow Robot, Oh My!

View Online

POV: Narrator

Location: Somewhere in the Bridge Harbor District, on a random roof
Time: 09:17

He yawned and stretched on the rooftop. The sun was already up, so Kurt slept longer than he normally would. He was one early riser normally, but all the events certainly took their toll on him. Not that oversleeping was a bad thing for now, as he had a fluffy pony in his...arms?

Well, except him noticing that she was gone.

He looked around, not finding hide nor hair of her. It made Kurt a bit sad, but he probably shouldn’t whine about it. Certainly wouldn’t help him, but still…he missed the chance for ‘Good Morning Cuddles’, which almost seemed like a crime considering the fluffiness of the equine alien citizens he now lived with.

Not that it mattered now. He would track her down again. Just like his fluffy pet. He wasn’t sure what to do now, but then again a bit of walking might just jog his memory.

So with that in mind he teleported down to the street, walking in some direction. It was after all not only the only thing he could do now, but also exciting to actually explore a new town in a new world.

POV: Narrator

Location: Central District - Market Place
Time: 09:48

‘So this is the market, I guess?’ thought Kurt as he strolled through the city. He had no idea where he was, or where he should go. This was an unfamiliar city and he was broke after all, at least the book called the currency of Equestria bits and not dollars or euros.

So yeah, definitely broke.

Also too bad that his gadgets didn’t have any solution for his food shortage, as well as the lack of a roof over his head. Sleeping ON roofs wasn’t really a permanent solution. He was lucky that little filly helped him out last night. If winter came, and he had no indication that it wouldn’t, then he would probably suffer under hypothermia and meet his untimely end…or he could abort his pride and ask Scootaloo for help since she would probably know what to do seeing as she was living like that for years.

Yeah, this definitely wasn’t an option.

So what to do?

First order would probably be breakfast. He couldn’t think probably with an empty stomach. It probably would be good to find a place where he could work and sleep, maybe even eat. Maybe an inn? Or something with food perhaps? The thought made his mouth water slightly.

This wouldn’t be bad. He could even use this as a base after some trust building and befriending the landlord. His own bat cave, so to speak, or maybe more like a school for gifted, if he wanted to stay true to the X-Men?

‘Now that we talk about X-Men,’ thought Kurt, ‘It seems like Mutants exist if this pony with a gone-wrong hair product is any indication.’

He then looked around, noticing the rather hostile and disgusted looks he got from a lot of ponies, and a few other races. Mostly ponies though.

‘Possible mutant problem perhaps?’ he asked more to himself than anyone, what was rather understandable since you couldn’t ask another one in your thoughts, only if you were crazy enough that your dark side showed in other things than dreams, but Kurt wasn’t so far gone…

…not yet.

The oppressive atmosphere was enough to set off all alarm bells. His muscles were tensed, ready at a moment’s notice to do what he had to do. He was ready to defend, ready to counter, ready to attack, ready to kick some flank, rea-

“Hi there!”

Kurt jumped out of surprise and turned around. He heaved both his hands and one of his foot up in a threatening karate stance (or what he thought was a threatening karate stance), which was probably not really threatening at all since he had no knowledge of karate. He eyed the new face skeptically. It was a Unicorn mare. She was beaming up at him with a friendly smile, which turned slightly confused as she slowly lifted an eyebrow at the silly sight directly in front of her. She tried to ignore her own confusion though and tried to settle with a friendly smile again. A smile that turned out more nervous than she would have liked. Probably because she was frightened and awed by his furious fighting stance, and not because she was thinking she was interacting with a gone loose mental patient from an asylum.

Yep, fearful awe definitely.

The mare had a nice yellow coat, his favorite color no less! Reason enough that he liked her from the very start, as it set his alerted mind at ease, especially with all the unfriendly stares he still received from the townsfolk. Her mane and tail were a mishmash of red and yellow.

“Hi!” he answered with a friendly wave back, as he set his foot back on the ground and lowered his other hand while the other waved.

“You are not from around here, are you?” she smiled, now slightly amused, as he turned his ‘threatening’ stance down.

He shook his head. “Can’t say I am.”

“So, would you like me to, um, show you around?” asked the mare in a slightly eager manner and completely out of the blue.

That sounded rather nice of her. Kind of suspiciously nice in fact. Kurt however didn’t question her, since she was yellow, and yellow was the color of kindness. He was kind of oblivious like that sometimes. Oblivious enough to abandon the ‘Don’t go with strangers’ rule his parents pounded into his thick skull all those years ago, so people could only hope that she wasn’t some alien out to abduct him in her space ship to strap him down on a table and to probe him afterwards. He would only sense it, when it was already too late.

“Sure,” was his short answer and with that he followed the new and completely unsuspicious mare around. In his mind he thought that it couldn’t harm him, especially since he was utterly lost in this big town.

“Say, I haven’t seen anything like you before. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what are you?”

“A deformed Minotaur,” was Kurt’s quick response. His book luckily told him about them, so it was a rather neat excuse.

She got a pensive look at that as she stopped to scrutinize his every feature.

“A deformed Minotaur? That’s rather interesting. What caused this deformation?”

“It was something genetic. Some kind of defect. I’m not so good in that science stuff.”

“I see… Would you mind following me to my lab to get strapped down on a cot to run a few tests? Nothing too out of the ordinary of course. Just taking some samples and some completely harmless tests.”

Better than to be strapped down on a metal table if you ask me. A cot at least sounded cozy, since it had a padding. Just as a side note.

“Oh! So you are a man of science then!”

She raised an eyebrow. “Man?”

“Uh…mare! Sorry, using this language is still new to me.”

This seemed to peek her interest. “What language do you speak normally?”

“Rate. (Guess.)”

Kurt wouldn’t have thought that pupils could dilate to such an extent. It almost took up her entire eyes, making them look like huge black dots. Dots that seemed to shine and twinkle with a strange glint?

“Du kommst aus Germaneia? (You are from Germaneia?)“

Kurt’s eyes seemed to have a spark in them now as well. He couldn’t believe that this place had an actual country which seemed to be an equivalent of his home. A revelation which spiked his curiosity too and he swore himself at this exact moment to visit it someday. He also wondered which creatures inhabit it. He could plainly see that there were all kinds of mythological creatures here. This gave also way to worry. He doesn’t know when a pony like her came from it, if the country is inhabited only by ponies, which might crush his hopes for a good piece of German sausage…

“Um…you alright?”

He focused back on the Unicorn, feeling slightly sheepish for getting lost in thought like that.

“Yeah, sorry. Didn’t expect to see a follow landsman, or mare? Took me for a loop.”

She then rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. “I’m not really from Germaneia. I only studied there. I must say that I really am fascinated how you are moving your technology forward in the section of renewable energies. Not to mention that you know how to brew good beer! Oh, and the Oktoberfest was a sight to behold! Even though the clothes were a little weird. No offense.”

“None taken. Not everyone can like Lederhosen and Dirndl, and I won’t judge you for your taste in clothes.”

“Now that you mention clothes. Are you wea-“


“Huh, guess that means I’m hungry. Haven’t eate-“ He suddenly frowned. “Dieser Bretzeldieb. (That pretzel thief.)” I growled.

“You were robbed?”

“Yes, and know I have to fear starvation!” Kurt exclaimed with an overdramatic flourish of his arm.

The mare rolled her eyes playfully at his antics but kept her smile. “Well, that won’t do. How about I buy you breakfast?”

“That would be most appreciated! Albeit I would prefer the name of the lovely mare who is inviting me.”

“Sorry, I completely forgot. Name’s Sunset Shimmer, but you can call me Sunset. What’s yours?”

He smiled. “You can call me Nightcrawler.”

“Einen guten! [Said before eating; Short form; Long form: Einen guten Appetit!]” said Kurt as he took a fork in his hand and tore mercilessly into his omelet.

Sunset lead him to a small restaurant with a nice outdoor area. Though the use of the outdoor area needed some convincing. He was rather insistent on being inside to protect himself from ‘icky insects’. But since she was the one paying the meal it was clear that she held all the cards in her ha-, uh, hoofs. So with her overwhelming bargaining power she forced him outside to face his ‘nemesis’ which drew some amusement out of her.

Unnecessary to say that the heavenly taste, as well as the lack of insects let him stray from his silly thoughts rather quickly. He practically tore through his omelet like a savage. Loud clangs of his cutlery accompanying his chomping sounds.

In a rare moment of restraint he moaned out loudly in satisfaction. Already eyes from different tables were drawn to them, but Sunset didn’t pay them any heed and instead simply eyed the spectacle before her with amusement.

“You really weren’t kidding when you said you were starving.”

Kurt looked up from his meal. “Yeawwhww,” he said with his mouth full, making Sunset smirk, before he swallowed and continued, “I mean food is life. I always savor it.”

She raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Savor? Looks more like gobbling to me.”

He groaned. “You sound just like my mother. She didn’t understand that you can savor food no matter how fast you eat!”

“I’m just kidding. And besides, I know more messy eaters than you.”

“Me too,” he smirked as he reminisced about his family. The Wagner family. Most of them weren’t necessarily known for their table manners. It was more like a pack of wolves: first come, first served. He learned over time to be fast as soon as someone shouted that the food was ready. Really, he couldn’t count the many occasions in which he actually run down the stairs to be the first on the pot. He didn’t want to starve after all.

Kurt released another moan with another bite of his deliciously made omelet. The aggregation of vegetables really gave it an incredibly tasty flavor. Variety really was a boon in the cuisine. You could create amazing things, if you just tried.

“You Americans call this like sex in the mouth, right?” asked Kurt with a satisfied smile, still with food stuffed in his mouth. However since he was such an incredibly experienced eater he managed to store the food in his cheeks long enough to get this coherent sentence out.

Sunset slightly blushed at that. “I…uh…sorry, can’t say I heard that one before.”

It was interesting to see that she could hold her composure like that. A normal nerdish scientist probably would have stuttered more or more like at all in this case. Kurt himself however didn’t really care or notice her slight embarrassment.

He was just about to tell her the German equivalent of it, when Sunset perked up as she noticed something.

“Wait, what do you mean with Americ-?”


But she didn’t make it any further as a loud explosion was heard from one of the buildings in their close proximity.


This was followed by the sound of metallic feet stomping on stone. Both Kurt and Sunset looked curiously in the direction of the steps, just in time to see a metallic construct walk around the corner in haste.

It was a yellow robot, approximately four times the size of Kurt. It stood on two sturdy legs and had two arms with three digits. The main body was an oval shape which was encased mostly in glass. In the window they could see two occupied seats of two pale yellow stallions with striped shirts and two hats on their heads.

The machinery immediately run towards their table. Kurt didn’t have much time to react and stared only wide eyed at it. Just before the foot crashed in the table Sunset shoved him to the side.



The wooden table didn’t even stand a chance as it crashed down in a heap of splinters and obliterated everything that was on it. The robot didn’t even turn around as it run down along the lively street of the town of the market.

“Are you okay?” asked a concerned looking Sunset Shimmer, but Kurt didn’t hear her.

He stood up from the ground and walked slowly over to the completely destroyed table, with a just as well obliterated omelet. He fell to his knees in desperation. You could say that the Warsaw Genuflection had nothing on Kurt. The regret and guilt over his failure to stop this crime weighed heavily on him.

“Es war doch noch so jung… (It was so young…)” He muttered.

Sunset nervously looked around before laying a comforting hoof on his shoulder, trying to fake a cheery tone.

Emphasis on trying.

“Come on, it’s not that bad! How about I treat you to another snack?” she said before looking around nervously again. “But first, I have a thing or two to do. Just, uh, wait right here!” she yelled as she started running off in a random direction, leaving him to wallow in self-pity.

Kurt didn’t seem to mind the loss of company. He had other worries. Worries which might best be described as vengeance for the most atrocious crime ever committed on this side of Equus. Regret won’t bring him far after all. He could have saved it, but he wasn’t at fault for its destruction.

He stood up with clenching fists and a determined look in his eyes, as he started to teleport in the direction the robot left.

“Brother of mine, it seems like the Super Stealy Bit Squeezy 2000 was a success!” said the non-mustached one of the two stallions that were at the moment seated in this tall metal contraption.

“Indeed, my brother! Seems like we really outdid ourselves this time! Surely not even the Power Ponies can stop us like they did with the Super Stealy Bit Squeezy 1000!”

His brother hummed in agreement. They had covered quiet a lot of ground and there were still no Power Ponies in sight. They seemed to be save.

Well, at least they thought that until a wade of black smoke suddenly appeared in front of them.

Out of caution they powered their steps down to look what just happened.

The smoke instantly seemed to disappear as in its place stood a blue bipedal figure. An expression of rage plastered all over his face.


“Brother, do you understand this strange looking creature?” asked the non-mustached one curiously.

“I’m afraid not, my brother. We better ignore him and get on our merry way.”

His brother nodded in agreement and they were about to start moving again.


This brought the brothers to tilt their heads in unison, as they stopped themselves from continuing on their merry way.

“Whatever do you mean?” asked the older mustached brother.


“Whatever do you mean? My brother seems to be fine, and so am I.” asked the mustache wearer.


As his rant went on, confusing the two business ponies, another new pony ran straight towards the scene. She wore a red costume and also had a mask on her face.

This pony was no other than Solaria by the way. Newest member of the Power Ponies.

Well, as new as you can call her, since she joined them about a year ago.

She still isn’t that well accepted by the townsfolk because of her past misdeeds, but that sure doesn’t damper her confidence. She was accepted by her fellow comrades and that was enough for her.

“Stop right there! Flim Flam Bro-!” she started to say but stopped right there as she saw the figure that glared up at the robot. Her face seemed to blanch to a pale yellow color at the sight of the civilian standing right in front of the destructive and rather dangerous robot, completely unprotected endangering himself.

“GET OUT OF THERE!” she screamed as she run straight to him in an attempt to save this poor sap.

He didn’t seem to pay her any mind though, and continued the glaring contest. A contest which he undoubtedly won since the others didn’t even bother to reciprocate. They were more occupied with the rush of nervousness at the new arrival. It meant that they wouldn’t have much time until the rest of the crew was there, and they didn’t feel like taking the risk of competing with them yet, especially after the first robot didn’t seem to stand a chance against them. Sure they bragged minutes before about how they could easily beat them, but bragging is often exaggerated and they didn’t want to take any chances with this. So they did the only logical thing they could think of at the moment.

“I’M GOING TO TEA-!” Kurt was abruptly cut off as he was swiped away.

Yeah, the only logical thing indeed. They took rid of the obstacle in their way with a swipe of one of their strong large robotic arms, so that they could continue on their merry way.

“NIGHTCRAWLER!” screamed Solaria in anguish of the civilian that was just beaten out of the way.

Anguish which was of course not necessary in the slightest, which was proven in the very surprising next ten seconds of the event, since the following happened:

Black smoke could be seen shortly in short succession, it seemingly moving towards the robot as if it had a will of its own. A shrill shriek then followed from the oval dome after black smoke formed inside their couple.

Nightcrawler used his teleportation to teleport inside their control room in a squatted down fashion on the control panels while waving and greeting, “Grüß Gott! [German greeting, especially used in Bavaria.]” He then with a predatory grin grabbed both stallions, who were completely stunned, by their hooves and teleported yet again, just outside their glass window. He then let go of them with a mischievous glint in his eyes, his predatory grin was still on his face.

“Es geht abwärts! (It’s going down!)” he said in a much too cheerful tone of voice. Cheerful enough that it scared the two grown stallions immensely. And with that he teleported to the ground alone, waiting for the other two heretics to painfully plummet down.

He didn’t have to wait long.

A sickening crack could be heard as they met the cold, unforgiving ground. The two stallions groaned in pain and whimpered like a pack of kicked little puppies after their landing. They tried to move their hooves first but couldn’t do it that well as they had broken a few of them. And so they only winced at the pain that shot through their appendages. They then laid eyes upon their torturer who had still its predatory grin in place, showing off his canines.

They slowly and nervously tried to back away, but due to their legs they couldn’t do it very efficiently, so they opted to do the next best thing that was rolling themselves together in foetus position while praying to whatever deity that would hear them to spare their life’s.

In the meantime Solaris reached the trio. Nightcrawler, now completely satisfied, or as satisfied as you can be after revenge that didn’t replace your tasty egg goodness lunch, turned around and took a look at the mare. She seemed somehow familiar to him. It didn’t take long for him to connect the dots to the obvious conclusion. The fur and mane color were a dead giveaway after all. He shortly wondered why Sunset was wearing those red spandex things though, or more like a full-body red spandex suit, or was it tights? He personally couldn’t grasp why she would hide her beautiful yellow fur like that. It was almost a crime! A blasphemy to all things yellow!

But he had other concerns now.

He heard the clip clopping sound of hooves on the pavement and found that police ponies started to surround him. It was probably best for him to take his leave now. He doesn’t know how the law enforcement might treat his breaking of the legs of two of its citizens, no matter how justified it was.

Without saying goodbye he turned to smoke yet again, teleporting in quick succession to get as far away from the scene as possible.

Chapter 16: Heroine's Talk

View Online

POV: Narrator

Location: Central District - Market Place
Time: 11:01

Police mares were flocking around the large dormant robot, saving evidence as well as making sure no civilists were disturbing anything nearby. After all quite a crowd had gathered. And some vigorous murmuring was heard, as well as some shouted questions from journalists.

The topic was rather delicate as it pertained to this new mutant that made his big appearance.

Time Turner shook his head at how eager the press seemed to be, convinced to find the scoop of a lifetime in this opportune moment. At least for them. He himself just had to deal with the aftermath.

He looked back to where medics were transporting the two villain brothers into a chariot to take care of their broken bones.

That alone wasn’t reassuring. If a new mutant showed up that just went around breaking hooves like it was a hobby, this might give him some sleepless nights. Though a certain mare was quite adamant to defend this goon interestingly enough. It made the detectives brow furrow as he stared at the customed mare again in contemplation.

“So he broke their bones because they destroyed an omelette and you are telling me that this is nothing to worry about?” the brown furred and maned stallion inquired.

Solaria cringed a bit at that but quickly waved it off, “He did so to villains. And he only got physical AFTER they attacked him. He just retaliated in self-defense. Just let me and the girls handle it. I’m sure we can talk it out with him.”

“You might be using your privileges too much. First you take one of the Mane-iac’s henchmen for community service and now you are taking over this new mutant case. No offense, but you might make yourself some enemies among the police force. And also among the populace. Ponies might think that you are being too soft on criminals and are not protecting the civilians like you vowed to. It doesn’t help that some still feel resentment towards you for your past transgressions. Be aware of that.”

Solaria nodded grimly, “I am. But from my unique perspective I also see that hasty actions might just be what can create a villain. We shouldn’t make an enemy out of someone who doesn’t truly tries to get in conflict with the law.”

“Whatever you say. I can only give you this warning to be careful and wish you luck. I of course also wish for you to solve this quickly. I am the one who has to deal with the press after all and it would be nice to actually have some comforting words to deescalate the situation.”

The mare nodded, “I will be sure.”

Just in that moment a familiar voice cut through the scene.


A quick flash of teleportation revealed none other than Masked Matter-Horn appearing in front of the two.

They could practically hear the reporters pick up their volume, trying to ask the leader of the Power Ponies their questions. Matter-Horn ignored them of course as she looked at the two, albeit she was pleasantly surprised by her colleagues presence.

“I’m glad to see you, though I thought you would be in Manehattan for another day?”

”I managed to catch the midnight ride, so I’m home early,” the yellow mare waved off, “Much more importantly is what happened here...and also what happened to your face...again.”

Matter-Horn groaned, “Ignore the leftover ink stains, please!”

Sunset had to hold back a smirk at the slightly visible stains on her head. Not the first time she had seen her like that either. Though that just meant she had a run-in with another familiar nuisance.

Seeing as Solaria didn’t further dig into that matter Twilight sighed out, regaining her composure and adopting a grim look. “Please leave us alone for a moment Detective,” the mare requested to which he sighed out and nodded.

“Very well. I will try to keep the press under control. But whatever you have to say, don’t take too long. They are expecting a statement from you as well.”

Matter-Horn nodded to which the stallion trotted towards the gathered press. Once far enough away she turned back to her team member, “Anyway, let’s get to it then. I already heard the reports and am familiar with this mutant. He first appeared yesterday during a mission. Though...circumstances are a bit...weird with him.”

“I can imagine. He has a rather unique personality. Truth be told I had a chat with him and offered him some breakfast. He told me he was robbed.”

Matter-Horn put her hoof to her chin, “That does fit in a way with the other story about him. It is the best explanation as to why he knocked the Mane-iac out. Better than the pretzel one at least.”

“Wait, wait, wait...he took out the Mane-iac...alone?” Solaria asked in clear surprise to which her mentor nodded.

“He did. Which is why we need to find him, just in case. There is of course more to the story than that but…” she said looking to the reporters before lighting her horn and casting a soundproof bubble over them, “First a small spell to make sure this only reaches your ears. Steam Gear was involved in the case too as he was a...bait.”

Solaria was surprised to say the least, her tone was disbelieving.

“You brought a civilian into this?”

“We were well prepared and Rainbow convinced us,” she defended, “But it didn’t work like we expected. He was found out and kidnapped and to make it short, this creature was captured too seemingly as he was in a cage. And while that might not sound so bad at first glance, he did beat the henchmares up rather ruthlessly after he was out, making one almost wonder if the cage wasn’t more for protection than capture. Though then again, he did save Steam Gear, besides the beating up of the henchmares and the Mane-iac herself. So that is the conundrum we work with.”

Matter-Horn took some deep breaths after she quickly finished the recap.

“...I will admit that I certainly wasn’t aware of his exploits. He didn’t make the impression to seek trouble. Though I could imagine a character like him stumbling right into it with how things went here.”

“You actually got me curious with that. Can you perhaps elaborate?”

“Well…” Solaria started rubbing her foreleg, “We ate and it was then that the Flim Flam’s appeared. Their robot accidentally destroyed the table and food where we were eating. Strangely that made him rather depressed and he mourned the omelette like you would a good book, especially with that time Hum Drum got the hiccups,” she said with a smirk, making Matter-Horn’s face scrunch up and look away disgruntled. Sunset however quickly got back on track as she recalled the next thing that happened. Something that made her cringe inwardly as she was thinking how to best downplay what he did to the brothers. “Alright, after that happened he then pretty much pulled himself together, going after the brothers just as I did and then he broke their...bones a bit.”

Matter-Horn couldn’t help but stare disbelievingly at her. “He...He broke their bones because they destroyed...an omelette?”

Solaria couldn’t entirely suppress the cringe this very accurate recap was providing, “T-To be fair, he was just reprimanding them verbally before they attacked him. So...we could book it as self-defense in a court, which we obviously don’t need for him.”

Twilight stifled a groan at that, not wanting the press to get any wrong ideas by misinterpreting such a gesture. While they couldn’t hear her she was still very much visible to them.

“Great. So we got a mutant on the loose that is beating up others over food? Considering it happened to the Mane-iac with a different food item this isn’t helping his case, self-defense or not.”

“Hold up,” Solaria stopped her quickly, “Even if that is the case, he didn’t really commit any crimes, technically, if both cases are self-defense. But I assume we can both agree that he is a bit of a...troubled personality. Though the same thing could have been said about me as well back then! And still...after I actually committed crimes you gals decided to give me a chance. I am convinced that this might be the best course of action here as well! He just needs some guidance! A strong mare to lead his hand!”

Silence quickly broke over the two as Matter-Horn looked at her in surprise, before it quickly turned into a scrutinizing gaze. The purple and costumed mare, mulled her words over, thinking on them.

“I didn’t say that we would arrest him. Still, I see your point...in a way, even if the measure you proposed is rather...extreme. It is just that somepony joining us is rare and shouldn’t be done lightly. There is also the fact that we never had a stallion joining us as well. Who knows if a stallion like him even fits in our group?”

Solaria rolled her eyes as she looked at her mentor, “Really Twilight? You lower yourself to sexism?”

“Don’t use my name like that! We are in public!”

The flame-like mare raised a brow, “...That is what you are worried about? Not even denying your misandrous implication?”

“I am no misandrist Solaria! And I certainly didn’t mean the comment quite like that!” the purple mare protested, as she couldn’t help but stomp her hoof on the ground.

“Uh-huh. You also completely disregarded Hum Drum who IS in the team. He is not just some mascot, you know?”

“I get it! And I am quite convinced that you are aware that I certainly didn’t mean to exclude him or ANY males from our team since I am a very tolerant and objective mare!” Twilight ended her rant, before quickly composing herself again, looking shortly over to the press. Sunset meanwhile smirked in triumph confidently.

“If that is so then we should give him a chance. We can take him in and train him. If he is not fitting in we can just keep it with simply trying to work through his problems. So no real loss there for anyone. Just an offer for help.”

“Anypony,” Twilight corrected, making Sunset snort.

“Still prefer the all-around term, Horn.”

Matter-Horn snorted likewise, shaking her head, “Fine. You made your point and while it is still a rather unorthodox one I can see your logic behind it. As heroines we need to set a good example, so we will be civil and try to help him. Of course first we will need to find him before we can offer it.”

“That’s no problem at all, just inform the others while I search for him. We got along rather well and I am sure he would be willing to talk to me, rather than running away like he might do with any of you.”

“Fair point, and considering your identity is open like Rainbow or Pinkie’s you won’t have the trouble to keep your identity a secret.”

“Exactly. Anyway, I will be off now. I need to change out of these so that he can recognize me. He seems to come from abroad, so he isn’t quite up to date with my identity,” Sunset stated as she felt a smile creep up her face.

Which isn’t a bad thing, she mentally added.

Matter-Horn nodded, dissolving the pinkish soundproof barrier.

“I leave it to you,” she said as she trotted over back to Detective Time Turner. Sunset likewise moved, teleporting herself on a nearby roof before repeating the process in quick succession. It kind of reminded her of Nightcrawler and his battle against the Flim Flam’s for a moment.

She would find him certainly. She would find him and help him, just like she was helped. Just like she was given a chance, and then she might also earn a new friend. After all Twilight insisted she tries that. And whoever said that your friends need to be mares all the time?