• Published 24th Oct 2016
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When The Night Crawls - Hoppa_21

An increasing crime rate and the problem with mutants bring the Power Ponies more challenges when they needed. Unfortunately, they weren't prepared as a black bipedal figure appears out of nowhere.

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Chapter 13: Lunar Intervention

POV: Luna

Location: Canterlot, Lunar Wing, Princesses Chambers
Time: 00:39

Something was in the air. We could feel it as we gazed through the window of our room towards our wonderful night sky. It seemed like one of the most magical nights… And the incident only seemed to enhance this notion.

Not too long ago a perceivable thaumatic wave was washing over our mind, letting our receptors pour out endorphins in a bout of unexpected happiness.

A strange unwarranted feeling of content which quickly disappeared as soon as it appeared, and we knew its meaning.

It’s force.

A mental tug against us, familiar as well as feeling a bit unsettling was indicating our sister knew it as well as she was nearing me. We weren’t the only one who could feel it. But that was to be expected seeing as...we shared this talent so to say.

She was nearing as we not only felt the tug increasing but also the urgent clopping from outside of our room. We have disposed of the carpet in our halls just for this. We might be able to feel the mind of others but that didn’t mean we should neglect our other sharp senses as well. One cannot be too careful in these troubled times.

Soon enough the door to our room opened and we snorted.

“Thou could have at least knocked. We could have been busy.” we chastised the tall regale figure that we were standing with our back to.

“I think you know as well as I do that we can’t keep anything from each other. Not even if you were bringing a colt into your room which like I noticed sadly is not the case.”

A groan as well as a slight blush graced our features as we turned our neck to give our ‘dearest’ sister an unamused look.

“Right. As well as we know that your BMI has increased this week again from stuffing thine face with cake, despite our prayers to Faust for thine restraint towards these sugary demons.”

That actually got our sister flustered as well as she pouted at us. Something that was rather amusing to see on her normally so serene appearance with her equally harmonically wavering multi-colored mane.

“Hardy har! At least I’m not hiding myself in my room all the time! Seriously Luna, you need to get out more. And I mean REALLY out, and not just your dreamscape!”

We couldn’t help but snort yet again. Our dear sister can be a hypocrite considering she wasn’t leaving the castle all that much herself. A fact we wanted to, like modern ponies say, rub under her muzzle, but seeing as she already knew about my immediate action due to our mental connection she cut us off before we could actually act on it.

“There are more important things to talk about now!” she quickly exclaimed and her demeanor turned serious, not to mention the sudden tinge of worry sparkling in her eyes, “You felt it too, didn’t you?”

We hum thoughtfully.

“We did. It seems one of the lost stones has appeared.”

Sister nodded grimly, “It did...in Maretropolis.”

We arch a curious brow, “Where thine student lives?”

Another grim nod.

“She sent me a letter not too long ago. They were looking for the hideout of a criminal when it happened. It led them straight to said hideout of that mare. Only that things weren’t as they seemed.”

“What art thou implying?”

“There was a creature, standing over the criminal mare they were about to arrest, seemingly having beaten her just before they stormed the building. It was a being of an unknown seeming race. Bipedal. Without fur, muzzle or beak. Dark blue skin. Probably male. Of course I’m well aware that his mutation probably could have deformed his body, but it is still a troubling thought. Just to think that such a new being appears just then ‘it’ does so too.”

Now captivated with her story we turned fully around to face her. True it wouldn’t be the first mutant who was changed in appearance by mutation, but it was still a rather rare occurrence. Not to mention the eery timing.

“Anymore information on this being?” we curiously asked, as our sister mulled it over.

“He does teleport without having a horn, so this could be his mutation. Or it could be a part of this beings mutation. It is hard to tell at this point, albeit it does set his BML at the lowest level there is.”

“Base Mutant Level, correct?”

“Oh right! You are still new to this term due to your...absence.”

Our sister winced slightly, while we rolled our eyes at her faux pas.

“It doesn’t matter now, though it is possible that this creature is in possession of the stone. We assume that the criminal he beat had a higher BML?”

Our sister nodded, making us smile at our masterful conclusion.

“Then it seems like this can easily be resolved...by me!”

Our chest was puffed out at that last statement. It was quite clear that despite all her abilities we were still the more skilled mare when it came to affairs of the mind. We could search Maretropolis for this strange mutant this very night. Hunt him down and then see through him. Gauge the beings intentions and its goodwill just as much as its villainy.

We would be the judge, jury and execution for this case and then retrieve the precious stone from the grabs of this being...if said being had it.

It was a gamble, or maybe more like a lead. But then again it was the only lead they had for now. Besides the beaten criminal that is.

Celestia stared at us with amusement now clear in her eyes. It made us cough a bit embarrassedly before we continued our orders.

“Thine student can meanwhile take care of the other mare in case our conclusion is faulty.”

Our sister smiled softly, “Already one step ahead of you. At this very moment they keep an eye out for any ‘strange enchanted gems’.”

We couldn’t help but raise a brow at her in our eyes distrusting behavior.

“And you art sure it is best to simply leave out the truth from your student as to what she is looking for? Don’t thou think she deserves thine trust?”

A flinch and a painful look crossing her eyes is all the answer we needed.

“Right… We apologize. We forgot again that last time you trusted a pony with this knowledge.”

Sadly the conversation doesn’t pick up from there and we are damned to an awkward silence. We really hated those. Tis hard to believe how we could fall into such a faux pas again and again, but then again our sister does so as well with me. Quite the amusing thought that we actually have similar habits in that regard.

We quickly coughed out loudly, clearing my throat to end this situation.

“So! If there is nothing else we will see to our duties now!”

That seems to draw our sister out of her daze as she quickly trots in place.

“R-Right! I will just go back to, um, sleep,” she says hastily with an awkward forced smile, no doubt her mind still lingering on a specific mare.

With that our sister quickly trotted away and out the door.

Shaking my head we saunter over to our bed before lying down on it. Our magic concentrates on our horn as we prepared to concentrate at the task at hoof and with that find out if this new blue being, to ensnare our prey so to say. It sent a bit of a thrill to our veins! Just the thought of investigating such a matter of importance after our absence was quite exciting!

With that last thoughts we delved into the dream realms.

Author's Note:

Short chapter is short. I just needed this setup for this story, so here it is! :pinkiesmile: Also next chapter will be longer, no worry.