• Published 24th Oct 2016
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When The Night Crawls - Hoppa_21

An increasing crime rate and the problem with mutants bring the Power Ponies more challenges when they needed. Unfortunately, they weren't prepared as a black bipedal figure appears out of nowhere.

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Chapter 3: Meeting with a Nightcrawler

POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Small Storage Room
Time: 22:08

Things were going south for the newly dubbed Steam Gear. He was stripped of his clothes and thrown inside of a cage with a digital lock. Completely naked, like Faust created him. He could find no comfort in his situation, probably because there was none, and that’s why he was reduced to a quivering mess.

The missing clothes only amplified that notion. It might seem strange for some ponies, considering most ponies don’t opt to wear clothes, but for him it was a part of his identity, a part of stability in his life. And heaven knows he loves stability over everything. A nice own shop with some acquaintances was all he could ever hope for. He only aimed for a normal life. Well, he probably should have picked his acquaintances better then, even though that wasn’t important at the moment.

He has broken down the moment he awoke in this prison and didn’t even take the time to take in his surroundings, or find a way out of his predicament, even though the brash voice of his head pretty much shouted at him to.

‘Everything is over without my top hat, I’m nothing!’ he wailed in his thoughts as he cried to himself.

“Sheesh. He really is a noisy one,” replied Mook A, one of the two Mooks who pretty much got to watch their two prisoners. Yep, two. That was because of the strange creature that somehow landed unconscious in their base. At least he didn’t cause any trouble for the two.

Both of the mooks wore the standard henchman clothes of the Mane-iac. Their coats had a clean white color, while both their manes looked green. Some people even called them jokingly the Wondertwins seeing how they looked so alike, despite not even being related. But enough of that and back to the dialogue!

“Meh, where are worse things. We could have assigned to the Griffon lady,” answered his friend Mook B nonchalantly.

“Do you think? She seemed to be rather hot.”

“She’s quite a violent one, I heard. I’m not sure if her curves are worth the risk.”

“YOLO, dude! It is always worth the risk! Especially with that badonkadonk!”

At that exact same moment the stallion who we came to be known as Dweeb Two marched in on the scene.

“Beezan! You survived the Griffon?” asked a baffled Mook B.

“See, I told you! Now hand me the bits! I won the bet!”

Mook B mumbled curses under his breath for a short moment before handing Mook A a small sack of bits.

The now dubbed Beezan didn’t seem to be that keen as he heard what the topic was about.

“You really made such a bet?”

Both mooks stared at him, as if he had grown a second head.

“Why shouldn’t we?”

Beezan only could shake his head at this.

“I probably should look for other friends”, muttered Beezan, slightly annoyed and disappointed in the two.

He shook his head. “This doesn’t matter know. We have the task to load our pony guest into the train. Mane-iac’s order.”

“At least you are here, Beezan. You can surely just use your freaky furniture powers to get everything loaded.”

“They are not freaky! And I thought I already told you to call me Furniture Lord!”

The Mook simply shrugged.

“Whatever you say, BEEZAN!” mocked Mook A.

“Well, it would be easier,” agreed Mook B.

Seeing as they won’t be listening to him AGAIN and the job still had to be done he resigned himself to the task.

“Fin-“ Beezan started, but he was never able to finish as a presence made its wakeful state known to the present ponies of the room.

Now let me tell you one thing first before you indulge in this story any further. Our main protagonists mother tongue isn’t English, so he might indulge in speaking his own language from time to time.


But do not fret my little readers (*snort* get it?), for I will translate his ramblings in brackets for you all to understand!

You know, you should be thankful and praise me right now? Just thought I might throw that out, so you know how to properly react.

What? You want to simply continue with the story?

Fine! Gosh, people are so impatient these days!

“WO IST SIE?!” (WHERE IS SHE?!)” screamed the newly awakened and annoyed creature inside of its cage.

At that all the ponies turned towards the voice and saw that the creature that dared to invade their base was now wide awake. It was the strangest sight Beezan had ever seen. The creature was bipedal like a minotaur, but furless. It didn’t have a muzzle, was rather lanky, not to mention the tail end which was formed like an ace of spades in a way. He wore an outfit of black with a yellow V-looking pattern that ended by his shoulders and protruded a bit, making it look slightly spiky. His eyes seemed to glow a feral unholy yellow that made Beezan shiver as he found himself suddenly the object of interest for this creature.

An interest which made him step away on instinct. The instinct of a prey animal being eyed by a predator.

However his ‘friends’ were either too brave or stupid to get gripped by the primal fear as Mook A sighed in relief.

“That was scary. We probably should have gagged him now that I think about it. This thing looks quite feral after all.”

“It didn’t look as feral as it was asleep. Besides, we weren’t the one who put it in the cage. We are just the ones who have to keep an eye on it,” supplied Mook B while shrugging as he eyed the creature a bit warily.

Said creature immediately stood up as much as the cage height allowed it, considering that it was made for ponies, meaning he was crouched down as he grabbed the iron bars with his three digits appendages. A condescending snarl on his face.

That’s when Beezan noticed something.

“Not that I’m complaining about the others work with containing the creature, but shouldn’t it be, you know, bound?”

Mook A snorted with a roll of his eyes.

“What? Afraid the cage can’t keep him contained?”

Beezan nodded while his eyes never left the piercing yellow ones of the unponily prisoner.

“He has a mutant bracelet on his wrist. That will keep his mutation contained so he can’t use his powers. No normal mutant can!”

But even this promise of safety didn’t seem to quench this foreboding feeling spreading through Beezan’s chest. If anything it only seemed like an empty promise for a safety that didn’t exist.

“And that’s the problem. He doesn’t look normal.”

“Don’t worry! This cage is massive! Even if he was a mutant and could actually use his powers there is no way that he could break out of this one!” Mook A replied rather confidently as he kicked the cage behind him with his hind leg, making a metallic clang rung in the air.

The metallic sound soon enough faded, while the unhappy sounds of the creature remained.

Mook A puffed his chest out confidently while Beezan looked absolutely horrified, backing away. He personally found that reaction quite amusing. He then turned his head to the left to look at the reaction of his fellow Mook B only to cock an eyebrow at his form slowly backing away.

“What?” he asked with a furrowed eyebrow, wondering if Mook B has gone full pantsy like Beezan.

The answer to his silent question came soon enough as he suddenly felt hot breath on his neck, causing him to stiffen instinctively.

“Don’t tell me that the creature stands right behind me.”

“It was an honor to serve with you!” replied Mook B saluting, before making a run for it.

“Buck,” was the last thing he said before his terrified, agonized screams filled the room.

Terrified, agonized screams. Yep. But even though they were ringing through the small hall, they didn’t last very long.

Only a second after this dark creature escaped his cage through some spectacular show of mist it wiped the floor with Mook A, literally. All the while demanding an answer to his question. Too bad the Mook didn’t actually speak the same language in that regard.

A few loving meetings of his head with the floor later and he was passed out, much to the creatures disappointment and frustration.

“Nutzlos, (Worthless,)” he muttered in clear annoyance as he let go of the limp body of the generic mook before taking a look around the area. Crates were scattering the room as well as a few tables at the walls with chairs, marking this room as a small unimportant storage room.

It was rather anticlimactic and inconspicuous really. So much in fact that the creature didn’t deem it the location where he would be reunited with his love.

He didn’t even notice the pony cowering in the cage or the other one hiding shivering behind a crate. However he did notice the one trying to hastily type something on the numeric key panel to open the door.

Not that the creature would have it.

Only a small wisp of black smoke later and he was right behind this pony scoundrel. He quickly grabbed his shoulder, or what ponies considered the equivalent of shoulders before pulling him back, making the pony tumble backwards on the ground. Before Mook B could even regain his senses the creature loomed over him. The foul smell of his flesh-eating breath biting in his nostrils.

A whimper escaped the pony.

“MEINE LIEBSTE!? (MY LOVE!?)” the angry biped demanded. Not that Mook B understood him or even was in his right mind to give an appropriate answer.

Out of frustration and rage of the unresponsive stallion the creature took him by the scruff of his neck, before banging his head against his former cage.

A metallic clang echoed through the room together with a pained yelp.

“WO! IST! SIE?! (WHERE! IS! SHE?!)” he growled slash screamed at the poor pony, accentuating each word with a bang against the cage.

He then turned the pony around expecting an answer, but only an intimidated whimper escaped him.

Seeing as his rather brilliant interrogation method was not rewarding him with the answers he hoped for, the creature hurled him over a few crates and against a table.

And that was then he heard a frightened squeak from behind the crates.

Namely a squeak from Beezan.

Instantly the creatures head turned towards the noise. Towards his next prey.

Beezan felt the blood in his veins freeze as the creature deliberately took time to walk around the chests, while he only could scramble nervously backwards, while his eyes couldn’t look away from the towering blue form.

Of course the room wasn’t very large to begin with, so that his back soon hit a dead end. And he could only sit back and watch as the creatures steps took him directly in front of him.

The creature then squatted down, eying him with fury. His mouth opened, showing off his dangerous canines, while Beezan shook in place.

He couldn’t look anymore! He quickly closed his eyes, hoping that it would be over with fast.

Seconds turned to minutes for Beezan as he waited and waited. But the pain never came.

Instead he heard the sound of a...squee?

He found the strength to open one of his eyes. And then he saw it, gone was the fury and rage that promised pain, replaced by foal-like...curiosity and joy?

He then felt the strange appendages roaming all over his cheeks before settling on his Thestral ears. A trait he inherited from one of his ancestors. And somehow the creature seemed to take great joy in touching, stroking, and even squeezing them. Something that left Beezan quite baffled.

This definitely wasn’t what he expected.

‘Then again, it might be better than the alternative,’ he thought as he stayed still, hoping his day wouldn’t get any worse.

Unbeknownst to him but probably clear to every reader that reveled in the suffering of others, as well as with help of Godfather Murphy, God of all things that can go wrong, it would.

Author's Note:

All Hail Godfather Murphy! :yay: I mean, who doesn't love this guy for screwing things up. He is the Master of FUBAR!

But yeah. Chapter 3 is here. So, I hope you guys liked it somewhat. :twilightsheepish: