• Published 24th Oct 2016
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When The Night Crawls - Hoppa_21

An increasing crime rate and the problem with mutants bring the Power Ponies more challenges when they needed. Unfortunately, they weren't prepared as a black bipedal figure appears out of nowhere.

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Chapter 4: Befriending a Nightcrawler, also Snuggles

POV: Narrator

Location: S.H.A.M.P.O.O., Small Storage Room
Time: 22:16

Steam Gear was stunned.

Well, what else could he be? His day shaped up to be quite interesting. Normally he would be in his shop or do some maintenance, repair or other miscellaneous task for the Power Ponies. Especially the doors were something that needed checking, since they weren’t closing and opening all that fluently right now. He made a mental note to get back to it as soon as he could. Not that he knew when that would be.

But now, he was sitting in a cage in Mane-iac’s base, stripped off his possessions, while outside his cage some creature was loose that thankfully didn’t notice him yet as it was busy beating the mooks of the Mane-iac within an inch of their lifes. Only to then stop and instead use the third guard, who was one of the two negotiating partners he met earlier, as a cuddle pillow. Noticeably he especially paid attention to his fluffy looking bat pony ears with his strange appendages.

Yes, definitely a most peculiar day.

Peculiar enough to confuse him. Was this creature more friendly than he thought at first? Or...depended it on the ears? If so then he would have a problem considering his normal pony ears didn’t seem all that pleasing to the creature as a sacrifice. Though it would be worth a try in case the creature noticed him. But that brought him to his predicament. Should he try to somehow breakout of the cage or lay low?

His rational side of course advised him to keep his trap shut and don’t move. Maybe even playing dead, while his brash side was still shouting at him to get his flank up and moving.

Considering his brash side was a real voice in his head, or as real as a voice in your head can be, while his rational side did not have the advantage of screaming at him, he decided to take the risk. He took his eyes off the creature and his captive and around the room.

The scuffling had a noticeable effect as a table was now on its side. Luckily for Steam Gear tools were on the table which were now in range of him if he stretched a little. So he did just that. He pressed his boy against the bars, while his left forehoof desperately clawed at the floor. He barely managed to get two of the tools, like a slotted screwdriver, especially with how bad he was at gripping things with his bare hooves. But in the end it worked out and he had said tools to his freedom, which was admittedly not the best for the job, but it will have to do.

With nervous determination he started to work on the lock.

Picking said lock turned out to be quite the task considering Steam had a bad hoof control and was additionally flinching at every little metallic clang and clack that came with this work. His gaze constantly flicked back to the creature as his heartbeat seemed to accelerate even further as it beat violently against his ribcage.

Finally after what felt like an eternity the lock gave away with a distinct click. Steam Gear almost gave up hope but was now rather motivated again. All too carefully he took the lock in his hooves, trying to carefully grab it and lay it down.

Just as he had grabbed the lock in his hooves it slipped his weak grasp and fell down. It clattered noisily on the ground making Steam Gear immediately lay back down with his back facing the room and the cage door as he played unconscious.

This was also the moment he cursed himself for his weak hoof control. He always did everything with magic as hooves greatly troubled him. He was offered some lessons, that was true, but quickly gave up as he never really understood the importance of it anyway.

Well, to be fair, he hardly could expect to be imprisoned with an inhibitor ring on his head, so there’s that.

His thought process was interrupted as he suddenly heard the creak of the cage door opening, followed by the hot breath the creature on his neck.

Steam Gear almost let through a frightened sob but managed to hold it back. Though things got worse as this creature started to prod his back repeatedly with its strange appendages, seemingly curious to his state.

It then reached to his belly, making him go stiff like a board.

‘Oh by the holy screwdriver! Everything but there!’ he silently pleaded, but his pleads were not fulfilled as his appendages continued to roam there. And this in a rather particular movement…

“Killekille [word used while tickling in Germany],” the creature said with clear mirth in its voice, something which confused Steam Gear. Not that he had time to concentrate on it as this creature has found his tickle weakness!

He put on a valiant effort not to laugh around rolling on the floor as his body started to squirm. Though he didn’t see the use of the second appendage coming. So after said appendage started the torture on his opposite belly side he relented.

Loud laughter filled the air, making the creature laugh in triumph as well, while Beezan who was safely stowed under one of his arms could only look on dumbfounded at this spectacle, while he was at the same time glad he wasn’t the target of this tickle barrage.

“AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAA! P-PLAAHHA- PLEASE ST-STOP!” Steam Gear barely managed to squeeze out between fits of laughter.

The creature grinned but did as told, leaving the stallions chest heaving heavily from the forced mirth that was still wracking his body.

Though it was a mirth that quickly died down as soon as he got his breath back under control, as he now saw the blue creature towering with a tooth-filled smile over him. His canines were gleaming in the light of the room, making it quite the intimidating sight. He squeaked and quickly got to his four hooves shakily to back away.

Now that he was found out Steam Gear didn’t have another choice. It was time for Plan B, no matter how much he wished he wouldn’t have to go that far, but he didn’t have much of a choice.

“I SURRENDER! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! YOU CAN CUDDLE ME ALL YOU WANT IN EXCHANGE!” Steam Gear loudly exclaimed before bowing his head and offering his non-fluffy ears to the creature.

Yup. Plan B like begging and bargaining. Always a valid option, albeit some might call it cowardly it certainly is an option that should be chosen if no other choice seems all that nice. And let’s be honest, fighting with an inhibitor ring, bad hoof control and a screwdriver wasn’t an option. That would have been a dumb choice, and offering his ears and body definitely seemed to have a much higher rate of success in any case.

The creature in any case seemed a bit shocked and bewildered by this plea and tried his best at forming a comforting smile, without teeth this time, at him.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the creature softly cooed as he was crouched down in front of him, and then reached his hand towards him, offering it.

Steam Gear looked confused before hesitantly taking said strange appendage as the creature let him out of his cage.

Suffice to say the shy stallion was fascinated and quite curious now. The creature was clearly talking his language and shows intelligence. It was not the wild beast he thought him to be.

...Or at least he didn’t seem like that as of now.

Though his thought process was quickly interrupted by a third party that was also witnessing this occurrence.

“Wait… You can talk?!” Beezan exclaimed in equal parts of anger and bafflement.

“Of course I can talk my little cuddle wuddle! I did talk before while interrogating your friends!” he then winced, “Yup. Sorry about that by the way. I guess I went a bit overboard back then, he, he, he.”

The last part was said while he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with his hand.

“You didn’t talk Equestrian back then, like now! How were they even supposed to answer?!”

“...Richtig. (...Right.) That… I completely forgot about it. I was just a bit panicking after…” he then slumped down to his knees, as his embrace on Beezan tightened, “Ich vermisse sie… (I miss her...)”

Beezan gave him his best deadpan, which might have been lost on their blue friend who simply continued to cuddle him.

“You do realize we don’t understand you when you do that.”

That made him perk up as he sat back on his haunches.

“Oh right. I’m just not used to it, being in a new world and all that. Besides, the guys at the con liked it when I was juggling with german words.”

“Con?” asked Steam Gear curiously.

“World?” pitched Beezan in.

“Yup. A lot of things happened. I was just minding my own business and then! BAM! This person just showed up and threw me through a portal after a talk! Together with my love! My love which is now separated from me! What a cruel fate! As she was so callously ripped away from me!” the creature said with tears of true desperation in his eyes as he held one arm to cover said eyes.

Steam Gear instantly walked forward, feeling the need to comfort him and rubbing a hoof over his back.

“It’s all going to be okay. I’m sure we can help you find her again.”

The creature took his arm from his eyes, looking hopefully at this small creature, “Really?”

“Really?” Beezan parroted not all too keen to spend more time with this in his opinion complete nutcase.

Steam Gear nodded, “We will- Oh!” Steam Gear then said as he realized that they even haven’t exchanged names yet, “I’m Steam Gear. And I think the one you were holding was called Beezan if the other two were correct.”

“It’s Funiture Lord!” Beezan protested with a huff.

The creature smiled at the two, “I’m Ku-, uh, I mean, you can call me Nightcrawler.”

Kurt, uh, Nightcrawler said, gracefully avoiding to reveal his true secret identity!

“Uh-huh. Yeah, sure,” Beezan said giving him the best deadpan he had to offer.

A deadpan which Steam Gear didn’t notice as he tried to focus on the situation at hand, or in his case hoof.

“So, um, how exactly does she look like?”

It was a rather good question. After all if Steam Gear really wanted to help him he would have to know what his love looks like.

“Ah, my love,” Nightcrawler started in fond remembrance, “She truly is quite the beauty let me tell you, with her delicious curves, nice brown tan, and!”

“And?” prompted Steam Gear.

“A to die for flavor!”

It was a response which threw both stallions off and Steam Gear couldn’t help but cock his head in confusion.


Kurt nodded enthusiastically, “Flavor! For you see my love I hunger for is nothing other than the most deliciousnest pretzel you can find! She has ham, mushrooms and is scalloped with cheese! A true feast for the gods!”

“You are kidding me,” said Beezan baffled.

“What kid?” Kurt asked looking confused.

Beezan let out a loud groan, “You are telling me that you beat my friends K.O. and scared the living shit out of me for some snack?!”

Now Kurt looked offended, “Well, excuse me! But we are talking about a godlike feast here! Something that is hard to get here! And believe it or not but I loved her more than anything!” he finished his rant, before a deep sadness overtook him as his grip on Beezan softened and he looked down defeated, “Meine Bretzel… (My pretzel…)”

Steam looked sympathetically towards him, rubbing his back yet again, “I will help you.”

Kurt looked up into his eyes, looking for any kind of doubts or lies, but only found sincerity. It deeply touched his heart as again small tears welled in his eyes. He let go of Beezan and wrapped Steam in a tight hug.

“DANKE! (THANK YOU!)” Kurt exclaimed while hugging Steam Gear close. He only cooed, making comforting noised for him and helping him through his truly tragic loss.

“You are really good at this,” Beezan couldn’t help but remark.

Steam Gear blushed slightly, “Well, let’s say I have gathered some experience.”

Kurt quickly enough calmed down before he pulled away and gave Steam Gear a thankful smile.

“Are you feeling better?” Steam Gear asked with a smile of his own.

“Mmhmm,” hummed Kurt as he stood up with his hands on his hips, before waving one of his arms around in a commanding manner, “We will find my pretzel! And it will be glorious!” He then turned to Steam Gear, “Are you with me Steamchen?”

Steamchen cocked his head, “Steamchen?”

“Yup. Things like -chen or -lein are the German cutsie forms to make things cuter. I believe the forms in your language are -ie. Like if I would call you Steamie!”

Steam Gear nodded in understanding, actually liking the cutsiefied nickname.

Beezan of course at this point finally realized that he was free and tried to use this situation to tiptoe away from this mad and emotionally unstable creature.

Not that he came very far.

“Flauscheohr! (Fluffy Ear!)” Kurt called in childlike glee as his eyes once again fell on his fluffy-eared cuddle pillow. He quickly stepped forward and wrapped his black-blueish arms around the poor stallions belly, hugging him close and cuddling the living daylights out of him.

One of his arms then let go after a short time to wander up to his ear. His hand made contact, squeezing and stroking said appendage, as he shuddered at the exteremly fluffy texture of it and its fluffy tufts.

“That is the stuff,” he muttered, much to the agitation of said hugged stallion.

A stallion who now wondered if joining the Maniac was such a good idea.

He shook his head at that.

‘Stupid! Of course it was the right choice! She was the only option you had in Maretropolis. The Power Ponies were not even taking you seriously and rejected you!’

Ah, there it was again. Hate my old friend.

In any case Beezan definitely steeled his determination as much as he could as he remembered that fateful day. He was all hyped up to join them, but he was downright laughed at even! It taught him something important though. If you want to be great, don’t try to rely on others. You can only rely on yourself.

A tragic origin story indeed.

But let’s get back to the mission of saving Kurt’s loved pretzel from that evil foe the Mane-iac!

“So. First we have to find a way to open that door,” Nightcrawler mused out loud.

At that the newly dubbed Steamchen stepped forward as he had just regained his clothes including top hat which laid on one of the surrounding tables.

“I think I can open that door,” he said as he pulled out some tools out of his top hat with an until yet unseen confidence.

“Or he can type in the number to open the door,” Kurt said while burying his head in the mane of his little capture/pet yet again.

“Oh, right,” Steamchen blushed, embarrassedly shuffling on his hooves while looking at the ground.

“You are simply adorable. Know that if I hadn’t have Mc Fluffy Ear here, I would snuggle you. Repeatedly.”

“Uhm…thanks, I guess?”

He beamed a bright smile at him.

“You are welcome!”

“Hey! Don’t forget about me here!”

“Aww! My itzy-bitzy snuggle wuggle wants more snuggles!”

“Wah- NO! What I meant is that I’m not going to open that door!”

“Don’t be like that, little Flauscheöhrchen (Fluffy Ear). Otherwise I might have to convince you. And believe me when I say I have some things in mind that make you sing like a canary~”

Our displaced friend cocked an eyebrow as he heard Steamchen gasp. He was sitting on his plot, while both of his hooves were on his mouth while a red hue graced his cheeks.

Beezan was not in a better situation as he let out an adorable squeak, before he relented.

“You win! You win!” he pleaded in clear embarrassment while the Nightcrawler gained a confident smile.

‘Huh, who knew the threat of a tickle torture would be this effective?’

He then let go of the clearly squirming and uncomfortable equine who rushed instantly to the panel before typing the passcode.

*SWOOSH* made the door, revealing an empty hallway.

Before Beezan could run Nightcrawler of course took him into his arms again, carrying like parents would a toddler.

“Onwards my friends! To honor and glory, and pretzels!” he said excitedly before furrowing his brow, “At least that’s what I think the saying is in this language.”

After that he simply shrugged, moving forward while Steam Gear trailed along behind him.