Her Whole Darn Heart

by Crowley

First published

Can humans and ponies fall in love? A human is torn between right and wrong when he finds Applejack.

When Applejack develops a severe crush on you, a human, you're torn between the knowledge that you love her back, and the fact that she's a pony. Will you be able to put otherworldly differences aside for her? (Warning, mature content, contains human-on-pony intimacy.)

Part 1

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“Why don’t you just ask him out?” a low voice mumbles from behind Applejack’s shoulder. She quickly turns her head from looking out of the window to see her brother, a gentle giant known to many as Big MacIntosh, standing behind her. The heat in Applejack’s face rises when it occurs to her that he’s been watching her ogle the mysterious figure relaxing outside that whole time.

“How… how long were ya standin’ there for?”

“Long enough to know what my little sister‘s daydreamin’ about.”

“Ah. Horse apples.” The orange mare, out of nervousness, rearranges the brown stetson-hat sitting atop her head, “MacIntosh, believe me, I truly wasn’t expectin’ myself to get all mushy over the biped, alright? It just kinda happened-”

“I ain’t one to judge, Applejack.” MacIntosh says, using short, simple words to ease his sister’s stress as efficiently as possible. That’s MacIntosh for you. “It’s your life, after all. Can you say you have feelings for our friend taking a nap outside, even if he ain‘t a pony?”

Applejack doesn’t hesitate on that. “Of course I do! Don’t ask me how, but I do! But I‘m still worried, Big Mac. What would Granny think of me if I started dating him? She’s always wanted me to find the perfect stallion, and that ain't no stallion out there! How would the other ponies in town react? I know my friends want me to be with him, but everypony else in Ponyville is scared rigid of the guy! What if-”

MacIntosh raises a hoof to signal her to stop. “If you can honestly say that you like who you like, then species shouldn’t matter to you or anypony else,” MacIntosh states simply, “Just look at cousin Braeburn; he‘s dating a buffalo and we‘re all for it, even Granny. Sure, there are ponies in Appleloosa who object to it, but they don’t see the love involved. Don’t let others force you to stop somethin’ you like. We just wanna see you live a happy life, sis.”

She takes a deep breath, allowing what MacIntosh told her to sink in. “Thanks, big brother. You come out with real smart things whenever you feel like talkin‘.” The two share a short, sweet, sibling hug - the Apple family can always rely on each other - before Applejack plans what to do next.

“So, uh, do you want me to go out there and tell the human that a pony has a major crush on him, or should I just wait until tomorrow night at his Welcoming shindig?”

“Your friends‘ll be there tomorrow night. Might be easier for you.”

“Alright, Big Mac.”


The sun slowly falls in the horizon, the sunset causing the whole orchard to glow with a soft shade of orange. You’re lying with your back against one of the many apple trees, eyes closed, soaking up the last of the sun’s warmth.

After another long day of helping the owners with their farming duties, a rest in the calm, dwindling sunlight was always the way to go. Of course, your legs weren’t strong enough to buck the trees or anything, but you were always there to pick up any remaining apples and carry a couple of extra buckets with your hands, or tending to other farm duties. Whatever work helps you take your mind off things.

You hear the sound of somebody, or as they put it, somepony, trotting towards you from the family barn-house. The clopping sound was too light for the older stallion Big MacIntosh, but too heavy to mistake for the pitter-patter of little Apple Bloom. You know exactly who those hoof steps belonged to. You’d never forget.

“Hey, Applejack.” you call without even opening your eyes.

“Howdy, ya daydreamer,” she replies teasingly, “Mind if I take a seat too?”

You pat the ground next to you, “It’s your orchard, go right ahead.” You hear a quick shuffling sound as she sits down, followed by the warm press of her leaning against your shoulder. You’ve had a fairly strong friendship with her since you walked into her life. And her whole world, now that you think about it.

“Y’know, Applejack, there's something I still can’t get my head around.” you tell her.

“What is it, sugar?”

You raise a hand, pointing towards the orange sphere that sinks behind the distant mountains. “That’s not my sun. Some magical white horse in a castle is causing that thing to rise and fall out of her own will. Same deal with the moon, too. I know that much already.”

The mare keeps quiet, waiting for you to continue.

“The sun and moon where I come from doesn’t do that. They can’t. And if that’s not my sun or my moon, then I’m clearly on a different planet. Which doesn‘t make a lick of sense.” you pause, thinking about how to follow that up, “If I’m on a different planet now, how the heck did I walk here?”

“Is that what‘s troubling you?” she turns to you, “Maybe you should check with Twilight tomorrow night at the party, she might’ve gotten word from Canterlot on how you got here by now.”

The party? Of course! That bubbly pink one (Pinkie Pie, was it?) has always wanted to throw you a welcoming party, just like she does with every new Ponyville resident, you're told.

You’d have had it earlier, but when you first set foot in the strange new world (unintentionally; you just wanted a quick walk) the inhabitants were more than a little wary of you. As a result, royal guards had to be called in to escort you to some fancy palace where the kingdom’s princess (or as you kept calling her, “Queen Pony“) assigned her most prized pupil to examine and interview you. And by interview, she must’ve meant interrogate. After being looked over for the hundredth time, they finally allow you to find a lodging in Equestria while they try to find out how to send you back home.

And so, you’re living in Ponyville, under the kindly offered roof of the Apple family, whose upbeat friendliness made you feel more than welcome. Why the Apple family? Because they were on the outskirts of town, and living anywhere else would risk scaring the Ponyville residents. Hopefully the upcoming Welcoming party should remedy that.

The only problem was getting the other ponies in town to attend, which is perfectly understandable, considering what you are. To the citizens of Ponyville, it was like saying “Hey, there’s this creepy looking alien from another world that’s been lurking in our town for the past month or so, let’s all go and dance and party with it! What’s the worst that could happen?”

In fact, that’s pretty much how Pinkie Pie said it.

There was another pony who had an equally remote house, a bright yellow pony-with-wings (a pegasus, of course) that took care of various animals, however she seemed far too fearful around you to make a good housemate. You somehow doubt she’d be at the party.

“You know what, sugar cube?” Applejack nudges you reassuringly, “Even if we never find out how to point you back to where you call home, you’re always welcome to stay at Sweet Apple Acres. You’ve been a mighty fine addition to the family.”

With a weary smile, you hold your friend using your strange, five-digit hands. “Thanks, Applejack.”

Something stirs in your chest as you hold her. You know the signs of infatuation all too well. You also know how dangerous it is. You’re not too sure of how Equestria sees relationships between other species, but from where you come from, it’s either humans or humans, nothing else. It’s just wrong otherwise.

Which is why, with a pang of regret, you admit to yourself that it will never be. The soft fine fur of her coat. The blonde mane and tail, tamed by red hairbands and her cowboy hat. The cute freckles that nestle between her smile and her eyes, as green as the leaves in her orchard.

None of that will be yours. You’re not allowed to think of her like that. She’s a pony. A horse. A beast. And since you’ve arrived, your best friend.

Still, it’s always a pleasure to hold her like this.

You share the rest of the evening with your companion, watching Celestia’s sun disappear behind the mountain supporting the city of Canterlot in the distance. The sky burns as orange as the mare you’re holding, and it feels just as warm. Even if it’s not the sun you know back home, it’s still a beautiful thing to look at.

The sun, and her.

“C’mon, back inside,” she finally says as the sky grows dark, “Before we catch ourselves a chill.”

Nodding, you pull yourself up and head towards the Apple family’s home, ready for a good night‘s rest. You have a long evening ahead of you tomorrow, whether you know it or not.

Part 2

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The next day passes like any other; you wake up in the Apple family’s guest bedroom, where you pretty much live these days, and make your way down to help Applejack and Granny Smith with breakfast. You didn’t know there was such a thing as apple brioche pizza until they pointed out the ridiculous amount of recipes you could make with apples.

After breakfast (thinking to yourself about how long you’ve been without a good burger, or maybe a nice steak dinner in this world), little Apple Bloom would make her way to school while you, Applejack and Big MacIntosh get started on sorting the farm equipment, then much of your day would be spent carrying the spare buckets of apples from the orchard back to the barn, or tending to the small cornfield and grapevine extensions, where your dexterous hands would be more useful than hooves.

All this daily work, along with the change to your diet since you started living here, has already made you feel healthier and heartier than your old life. Your old life, huh? Saying it like that makes you wonder if, or when you’ll return. Would you, if you had the choice?

Such philosophising is the norm when you’re working. On one hand, you miss the interaction with people your own species, and the concept of finding that special somebody is impossible while you‘re in Equestria. Not when you’re the only human there. On the other hand, would you be able to willingly leave a world that, as far as you’re aware, has nearly no crime? A world in which everything you see is vibrant and lively? A world where magic actually exists?

You could leave, perhaps, and find somewhere nice on Earth to live. With a nice human girl. Maybe you could start a farm, if all the tips and tricks the Apple family taught you work with the apple trees back there. But could you really turn around to the ponies who took you in, who gave you a place to live and food to eat, and say goodbye?

At about midday, a pink blur rushes into the farm, its saddlebags brimming with party supplies. Pinkie Pie greets you, clearly as hyperactive as usual about hosting the party, and darts into the main barn, where the party is being held, to set up the decorations.

The sun goes about its usual business as the hours pass by, and eventually you’re putting away the last of the stock with Big MacIntosh. At this time of day, you’d usually hang around inside the Apple’s house, listening to Granny Smith ramble or answer the torrent of questions little Apple Bloom would throw your way. Or just talk for hours on end with Applejack; she always said she enjoys your company, after all. Later, you’d go out and nap under the usual apple tree as the sun went down.

At least, that was the usual day plan. This evening, however, takes a turn for the jauntier as Pinkie Pie places the last ribbon over the side wall of the barn, the tables decked out with a huge bowl of punch, cakes (big and small), cheese and crackers, vegetable pies and pastries and all sorts of sweet and savoury things to snack on. The record player plays a cheerful tune, suiting to the party atmosphere. Two barrels of apple cider sit in the corner of the room, a third one already hooked up to a spigot.

Perfect, your throat‘s been feeling a little dry.


The guests arrive slowly as you, Pinkie and the Apple family talk the evening away, sipping on your tankards of cider. Most the talking is done by Pinkie, of course, however Apple Bloom continues to rapidly question you about your homeland, as usual (the idea of plugging an “Eggs Box” into a “Tee-vee” and playing it still befuddles her).

And if you thought the one curious filly was bad enough, two more soon appear, brandishing their invitations. Friends of Apple Bloom, no doubt. Luckily, they were chaperoned by the eye-catching white unicorn you recognised as Rarity. You remember standing still for hours in her boutique as she took your measurements, after she took up the challenge of making you a set of human clothes; you couldn‘t just wear the same things you arrived in, after all!

“Now, dears,” she tells them, “I’m sure that’s enough questions for one day, he’s the honoured guest of the party after all.” In a rare act of obedience, the three fillies went about their own business, playing in and out of the barn the way kids on earth do. The similarities between this world and yours are almost as fascinating as the differences.

“So how long, you think, before they end up breaking something?” the unicorn asks Applejack while helping herself to some of the punch.

“Don’t worry, Rarity, they’ll be going to bed in a few hours, I wager they’ll tucker themselves out by then.”

Minutes pass as your cider tankard drains, and soon the other guests arrive; two pegasi, one significantly pluckier than the other, followed by a unicorn and her dragon assistant. They call the unicorn Twilight Sparkle. You lovingly call her the Purple Interrogator. The little dragon’s cool however.

“Come on, Fluttershy, he’s not that ugly!” the rainbow-maned pegasus tries her best to coax her animal loving friend into taking a seat, “You take care of way more dangerous creatures in your own backyard! At least humans don’t have claws!

Fluttershy responds with a cautious squeak.

“Trust me, I probably wouldn’t be able to hurt you if I tried,” you tell her, “I couldn’t even kick a single apple out of the trees without nearly breaking my foot. Isn’t that right, Big Mac?”


That was all the convincing it took for her to at least calm down, but she still seems wary around you. Well, it’s a start you suppose.

“Hey Twilight,” you lean over to her, recalling what you wanted to ask her, “Is there any news from Canterlot about me?”

“According to the latest letter, we’re no longer focused on studying you as a species,” she says, telekinetically helping herself to some punch and pastries (seeing unicorns do that still unnerves you a little), “we’re more focused on looking for the sweet spot where you… walked into our world. Celestia’s been sending scouts out to find that spot in Equestria, and if they do, they can point you back home again through it.”

“Does this mean I don’t need to be hooked up to those weird machines you have in your library any more?”

“I said I was sorry…”

“Hold on a minute!” Pinkie declares to the room, “Is this everypony here?” She looks around and makes a quick head-count; herself, her best friends, Spike, three Cutie Mark Crusaders gallivanting around the barn, and MacIntosh, that’s… eleven guests - not counting Granny Smith, who went to bed a few hours ago - to the human’s big welcoming party? Was that it?

“Did nopony else want to come? My welcoming party bashes are usually huge!”

“Your welcoming party bashes usually don’t include humans as the guest of honour.” Applejack reminds her dryly, before turning to Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, “Which reminds me, don’t you two have boyfriends? Why aren‘t they here?”

Fluttershy blushes at the question. Rainbow Dash visibly flinches.

“Well, he offered to stay at my house, looking after Angel while I’m here.” Fluttershy mumbles, pawing at the ground with a hoof, “The poor bunny’s sick from eating a bad carrot, you see.”

“And what about your boyfriend, Rainbow Dash? Rookie, is it?”

Dash’s ear twitches at hearing his pet name again. Her despondent sigh tells it all. “I don’t wanna talk about it.” After that, she gulps down the last of her cider, stares into the empty tankard, and drags herself up to refill it.

Before anypony follows up Dash’s bitter statement with another question, she adds; “I said something I didn‘t mean to say, and it hurt his feelings, alright? It’s really complicated. Let me put the problem aside, just for this night. I don‘t wanna be a damper on the party.”

“We understand, Rainbow. We can talk about it whenever you feel up to it.” Twilight says before turning to the party organiser, “Pinkie, you sent the invitations to everypony in town, right?”

“Yep, everypony! Like any other welcoming party!”

“And out of everypony there, you girls are the only ones to turn up?” the orange pony seems somewhat insulted on your behalf at the unimpressive turnout, “But why? Just because he’s not like other ponies, doesn’t mean he oughta be feared!”

“I don’t mind, really,” you reassure her, “If nobody else wants to come, so be it! More food and drink for us!” With that, you put a friendly arm around your friend, “Besides, as long as you’re here, Applejack, that’s all that matters.”

“Aw, shucks!” she smiles, playfully nuzzling up to you - you find it so cute when she does that, “You and your smooth talk!”

The night drifts on as the second barrel of cider replaces the first. Apple Bloom and her friends disappear upstairs, where they would sleep over. Meanwhile, you and Spike just finish the third game of rock-paper-scissors.

“Man, it’s been so long it’s been since I’ve last played this!” Spike chuckles mischievously, “You have no idea how awkward it is to play this game in a town full of ponies!”

“Yeah, yeah, you boys enjoy your dainty, non-contact finger game,” scoffs Rainbow Dash, placing her cider tankard on a nearby table, “Hoof-wrestling is where you get a real challenge! Hey Applejack, wanna show these guys how it‘s done?” Dash places a foreleg on the table, gesturing for her friend to sit opposite.

“Hold on there, sugar, if I remember rightly, you already beat me at the Iron Pony Competition last fall,” Applejack smirks, nodding towards her older brother, “So I reckon you should kick it up a notch. Ain't that so, Big Mac?”


The rainbow-haired pony looks MacIntosh up and down, rubbing her chin. After a moment’s thought, she speaks. “Let’s make it interesting; if I win, I get to take the last cider barrel home for myself!”

Applejack and Big Mac exchange looks, “And if you lose,” Mac replies, “You have to help out on the farm for a whole day.”

‘Ooh’s and ‘Aah’s sound out from the other party-goers as Big MacIntosh sits opposite Rainbow Dash, offering his hoof up to the challenge.

Dash doesn‘t even hesitate before clasping hooves with the red stallion. “You‘re on! After three, alright? One… two… three!

Part 3

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The actual hoof-wrestle is, in fact, shorter than the countdown that lead up to it. MacIntosh’s extraordinary strength wins, of course. This is followed by a rematch demanded by Rainbow Dash, who refuses to go down that easily, as always. Then another rematch. Then another.

“Alright, I get it, you win for now, geez!” she concedes by the fifth defeat, rubbing her foreleg, “Uh, five losses doesn’t mean five days working, does it?”


“Okay, good. So who’s hoof-wrestling next?”

Twilight and Applejack throw each other knowledgeable glances. Unbeknownst to you, this was their cue.

“You know,” Pinkie Pie hints nonchalantly, “I dunno how strong human fore-hooves are, maybe our guest of honour could show us!”

“That depends,” you mumble into your cider tankard, “I don’t think I’m as strong as some ponies here. Who would I be against?”

“I’ll put my own self forward for that.” Applejack, of all ponies, steps up to the table, “I’m not as good as Rainbow, I’ll admit, but I reckon I’ll be a challenge. By the way, Pinkie, they‘re called arms.”

After some encouragement from the other party-goers, you finally give in and sit opposite the orange-coated challenger. She raises a foreleg onto the table, offering you to grip the hoof. Your hands clasp firmly against it - it feels smooth, well-worn, and gentle in its own right. Nothing like the hooves of the creatures you knew back home.

“So what’s on the line if I win?” you ask, “A cider barrel? A day off or two?”

Applejack's smirk definately looks like she's planning something, “Ask for whatever you want, and I’ll do it. So long as you do the same if I win.”


“On three! Ready?” the self-appointed referee, Twilight Sparkle, announces, “One, two… Three!

Applejack’s unusual strength takes you by surprise; you falter, nearly having your hand hit the table as soon as it began. You manage to recuperate, slowly bringing the competition back towards the centre. Your opponent’s green eyes flicker to you, her lips curve into a knowing smile despite the strain on her face. What’s she planning? Never mind; less thinking, more pushing!

You’ve got her backed into a corner now, her hoof drawing closer to the table as you push down with the last reserves of your strength. But to no avail; her hoof just wouldn’t get all the way down.

“You know,” Applejack grins though the pain, trying not to make it look like a grimace, “Most hoof-wrestlers use the last of their strength to finish their opponent off. It’s easier for me to keep myself in the game than it is for you to beat me at it.”

“Wh-what’s your point?” You try to ignore the burning feeling in your arm, alongside the involuntary shaking from the tension. You push with every ounce of strength, but her hoof remains still, inches away from the table’s surface.

“I lost against my buddy Rainbow once because I used too much of my strength too soon,” she continues, “when I should’ve just waited for her to get tuckered out. Kinda like you are now. It‘s an easy mistake to make.”

“Huh? Whoa-!” her hoof suddenly pushes back, bringing itself from one side of the table to the other. In the space of a second, the roles reverse, with Applejack gaining the advantage. Your exhausted arm tries desperately to stay up, but it’s no use.

“And now that you’ve got nothin’ left, sugar,” she smirks, “you’ve turned yourself in for an easy finish.”


It’s all over. You lose.

With a humble round of applause from the other ponies, you congratulate Applejack on a good game and attempt to pick up your cider tankard. Your tired arm finds it far too heavy now; best to use your off-hand for a while.

“So, what is it you want, now that you’ve won?” You look away from your cider to see Applejack shift nervously as she changes seats. From opposite you to right next to you. She looks glances at her friends, each of them giving her approving nods or smiles, before turning back to you.

“A date.”

Luckily, you already have your tankard up to your lips when she says that; you’re able to get most of it back in there when you spit it out in shock. Surely you heard wrong?


“I… like you.” she straightens herself up, as if saying those words had taken a weight off her mind, “I think you’re really special. And I‘m not saying this because of what you are, but to me you’re one of a kind.”

One of her hooves gently rest on your shoulder.

“Which is why I’m asking you on a date.”

Those words make the beat of your heart trip over itself.


“I like you, sugar. Plain as apple pie.” by the look on her face, you can tell she‘s not joking, “I’ve just been mite bashful about it until now.”

“What?” You echo like a broken record. This was either the best thing to happen to you or the worst. “Applejack, I like you too, I really do, but we can’t. You’re not my…”

You could cut the tension in that barn with a knife. Any party-like atmosphere takes a backseat to Applejack’s confession. To your hesitance.

“Not your species?” she finally says, “That shouldn’t get in the way of what makes us happy. Look at my cousin Braeburn, he’s with a buffalo right now, and everypony‘s fine with that. There are ponies, cows, zebras, griffins, donkeys, even dragons out there in Equestria who can hold relationships across species just fine. We’re all laid back about this sort of thing these days.”

A certain dragon coughs quietly and nudges a certain stylish unicorn as if hinting at something. Nopony really notices.

“It’s more complicated than that,” you grasp for an excuse. If not for her, then for yourself. “Where I come from, humans just find love with other humans. There’s no other choice there. I know it’s different in Equestria, but it just feels… wrong to me. Dating a pony? Kissing one? It doesn‘t seem right.”

“How would you know? Have you ever kissed a pony before?”

She knew the answer. You didn’t even have to shake your head.

“Give us this one chance.” Applejack whispers, “Just to be sure. Please.”

This is all happening too quickly. Your mind throws arguments back and forth, before ultimately giving in. Just trying it can’t be so wrong.

Can it?

Silently, you face the mare sitting next to you. Your hands rest on her equine shoulders, holding her close. Your eyes scan the rest of the room, at the other ponies watching in anticipation. MacIntosh is polite enough to look away from you and his sister, as a bigger brother would. You visibly swallow out of unease, and close your eyes.

It’s now or never.

Part 4

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You feel the burn of everyone’s eyes on you as you lean forwards. The warm scent of apples fill your nostrils. You’re getting closer. Applejack’s snout softly pushes against your nose as you make contact. Inhaling a nervous, shaky breath, you take the next step. Because you want to.

You press your lips against hers, a brief rush of bliss running through your mind as - No, that’s not right! Stop it! Break it now!

Gasping from the sudden shock, you pull yourself away from the kiss. From your harsh thoughts that invaded the moment.

“Are you alright?” asks the pony you hold at arm’s length. Her expression turns sour and hopeless when she realises the truth; you’re too anxious to go any further. Your human instinct won‘t allow it. “I’m sorry if that disturbed you, sugar cube.” she hangs her head, “I prob’ly shouldn’t’ve asked you to do this, it was a darn selfish thing for me to do.”

“Applejack,” you draw her back to you, “I like you too. A lot! It’s just that… that…” you can’t do it. You can’t let her down like that. She’s a gem, someone - somepony - who took you in when every other pony in Equestria didn’t. She made you feel at home with her family. She gave you company when you felt alone in a world where you weren’t welcome. And you couldn’t even thank her with a simple kiss? A kiss that you both want?

“Let me try again. Please.” you say, already leaning into another attempt.

You can do this.

Your lips connect again, as you steadily breathe through your nose to calm your wavering nerves. Applejack’s hooves - She has hooves! Not hands, hooves! - grasp you by your shoulders, reassuring you. One of your hands rise up to her face as you kiss, taking in her features - That’s a snout! Do those eyes look human to you?!? - before you run your fingers through her hair. It’s not hair, it’s called a mane!

Your other hand slides down her body, feeling every fur of her coat, every curve of her body. You’re finally able to handle her soft, wet kiss that warms you from the inside. When your hand finally reaches her round rump, she stifles a giggle from her lips as it runs from there to her tail - Oh god, that’s a tail! She’s an animal, damn it! - and slowly back up again.

Are you ready for the next step? You hope so.

Your tongue pushes forward inside the kiss, an offering from you to her. To your delight, she responds in kind, your hot, wet tongues breaking down the barrier between human and pony, writhing in stimulation, in affection, in-

She’s a horse!

You’re kissing a horse!




On that note, your mind crashes. Out of sheer panic, you tear yourself away from Applejack’s mouth with a mental yelp. Your breathing becomes erratic from the accusing, judgmental thoughts drilling inside your head again and again. Your stomach folds in on itself, tightening into a knot. Bringing your hands to your head in an attempt to stop the spinning doesn’t help.

You risk looking around the room, at all of the faces who saw you. Save for Spike, they’re all ponies. Animals. Beasts. One of them is sitting right next to you, an orange hoof resting on your shoulder, trying to be as supportive towards you as possible. You raise your head towards her. She’s a beast too.

“A-are you okay, hon?” Is that a quiver in her voice? “Was that too much for you to manage? I’m sorry if-”

As her words fade from your awareness, your eyes start to play horrible tricks on you. In a flash, Applejack’s face, rife with concern and guilt, disappears, and it replaced by the features of a pony. A real one. From home.

Her face flickers, fades, jitters from one extreme to another, from her bright green eyes and freckled cheeks to an elongated snout and muzzle. Ultimately, you lose the ability to tell the difference. You would still be able to taste her saliva inside your mouth, if it were not being invaded by the taste of acid from your stomach. And… ugh, you can’t take it!

In a state of desperation, you shove away Applejack’s helpful hoof and rise from the table, dashing out of the barn room. “Wh- Where are you going? Come back!” Ignoring her pleas, you dart up the stairs - tripping halfway, but that doesn’t stop you - and race towards the bathroom as your vision swims and your throat clogs. You can’t fight the retching bitter feeling that strangles you any more.

You barely have time to slam the bathroom door shut with a SLAM, and lock it before you throw yourself towards the toilet bowl and-


You’re still hanging there with your head in the bowl minutes later. You flush yet again to get rid of the nauseating contents that keep filling it. Your tears, heavy with regret, are somewhere in that mix as well. Your stomach has settled by now, sure. But the cost of what you had done?

Why did you kiss her if you couldn’t stand what she is? How are you even going to face her, or her family, again? You’ve probably broken her heart.

You know for certain your foolishness has broken your own.

The sound of hooves trotting towards the bathroom break the silence. Hoof-steps that, to your despair, you recognised.

A hoof raps three times on the door. Please don’t be her. Oh please, don’t let it be her.

“S-Sugar cube? Are you feeling better?”

Damn it.

“Are you good for talking, hon?” she calls from behind the locked door, “I’m sorry about this whole ruckus, I shoulda just kept my trap shut.”

“Applejack, no.” You croak, sitting with your back leaning back against the wall near the toilet. “You shouldn’t apologise. It’s me who’s freaking out about this. The fact that I’m a human doesn’t deter you in the slightest, does it?”

“Of course it doesn’t! If you love somepony- er, someone, then little things like race don’t matter!” It dawns on you how Applejack, and perhaps other ponies, see the situation. She mentions it like you’re just from a different race, not species. That you’re still a valid option. It’s a fair bet that all sentient creatures are up for grabs for each other in this world.

Also, when you’re listening to her voice from the other side of the door, she sounds far more human than she looks. Way to stoke the fires of guilt.

“Does… does me being a pony really irk you that much?” she says. You can definitely detect a crack in her voice as she spoke. Please, for the love of God, Celestia, whatever, just don‘t make this worse!

“I’m… an idiot.” As if that was going to explain your reaction. “When we were kissing - I loved it, by the way! - but I just couldn’t stop these weird thoughts. I kept thinking about how you were a… a pony, and how it wasn‘t supposed to work between us. It was like a huge brick wall in my head, and eventually I just…” You turn your head back towards the toilet, and shudder.

You take a deep breath, readying yourself for what revelation comes next. There’s really no way to avoid or hide from it.

“To answer your question; yes.” You’ve never felt such guilt kick you in the ribs before. Yet you just can’t stop talking there. “Applejack, I love living here on the farm with you. I love looking at the sunset with you, holding you. I love everything about you, and believe me, I would do so much for you. So much to you.” You pause; this is gonna hurt, “If only you were human.”

No response. For a moment, you wonder if she’s even there still.

Then you hear a faint sniffle. A choked sob. She heard every word.

You monster.

“Sis, what the hay is goin’ on?” a smaller, weedier voice resounds from behind the door, “Are you cryin’?

“Apple Bloom, why aren’t you in bed? Don’t you have your friends sleeping over?”

“I heard a door slam a few minutes back. It woke me up, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I thought I’d check it out.” the younger voice stops for a moment, as if assessing her surroundings, “Why are you cryin’ outside the bathroom Applejack? Is somepony in there and you really need to go?”

“No, Apple Bloom, it’s just…” she gives up. Why bother explaining the complicated concept of love, and with that, heartbreak, to a filly? “How about you just go back to bed? We‘ll talk about it in the morning.”

Apple Bloom does as she‘s told, the pitter-patter of her tiny hooves returning from whence they came. After a moment of silence, Applejack’s regretful hoof-steps head in the opposite direction, back to the barn.

The last decipherable words you hear from Applejack as she walks down the stairs; “Twilight, there’s somethin’ I’ve gotta ask of you. It’s important.”

Part 5

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You can’t tell how long you sat there in silence, back against the cold bathroom wall, getting knocked back and forth by both extremes of your own judgement.

One moment you’re cursing your own stupid bias against Equestrian ponies - So what if she‘s not human? She liked you! You liked her! You‘re letting the trivial fact that she‘s a pony destroy something special?!? - the next moment, you’re scolding yourself for even thinking about getting close to her - For Pete’s sake, she’s an animal that trots about on all fours and lives on a farm! If you had those kind of thoughts back home, you’d be banned from petting zoos!

You’re so thoughtless! How could you push her away? You love her!

You’re such a creep! How could you even consider kissing a horse?

You idiot! Go down those stairs and apologise! Hug her! Kiss her!

You weirdo! Get a leash for your damn libido, pervert!

Insensitive jerk!

Horse-humping freak!

Your internal thrashing is interrupted by three loud, solid thumping sounds on the bathroom door. Someone’s knocking. It’s most likely her again. You mustn’t have heard her approach.

“Applejack, please,” you call back as softly as you can muster, “I really need to sort my head out. Just leave me alone. Please.”

A low drawl of a voice responds. “It ain’t Applejack.”

“Big MacIntosh?” For a moment, you consider letting him in, since he‘s always been friendly towards you, if a little stoic. On the other hand, you just broke his little sister’s heart. He’s probably furious about that, but his usually indifferent speech pattern and almost unreadable face would make that difficult to know for sure. In the end, you stand yourself up on your two feet and unlock the door.

The two of you exchange silent looks in the doorway. What are you supposed to say to the brother of someone who you’ve just emotionally wrecked? His face shows signs of, just barely, a frown. That much is expected. He’s clearly noticed your reddened eyes by now, perhaps he won’t be too harsh on you. With a nod, you step aside from the door, granting him entrance.

“Couldn’t handle it, hmm?” Mac speaks using as little words to convey his message as possible, “What caused it? Too many eyes watching? She’s too different from your biped friends at home?”

“The amount of people- ponies watching didn’t help.” you close the lid of the toilet and use it as a makeshift seat, “But it’s not what caused it.”

“So it’s because she's a pony?” MacIntosh gets straight to the point.

You don’t answer immediately. You’re not too certain yourself. “Maybe, I don’t know!” and after a pause, “It wasn’t so much of her being a pony, as it was me not being able to see past her being a pony!”

“You’d love her if she were one of your kind?” his expression remains unchanged.

“I love her now, Mac!” you snap back, “I just can’t… express that. I’m not allowed to.”

MacIntosh, with as little words as always, “What’s stopping you?”

“Well for starters, it’s bestia-” you catch yourself with a realisation; in a world populated entirely by animals, such a word may not exist. Best explain it to him first. “There’s this thing we have in our world where we aren’t allowed to, you know, get too close with animals. It’s called bestiality.”

Ugh. Just saying that word makes you want to wash your mouth out. “And when I kissed Applejack back there, that was all I could think about. How wrong it was. And what did I do because of it? I ruined my chances with an individual who truly cared for me.” To you, that’s a hundred times worse. A real man would make sacrifices for that sort of love.

MacIntosh raises a hoof to his chin in thought for a moment, before matter-of-factly stating; “Ponies aren’t animals. They‘re ponies.”


“Think about it. If Applejack and I are animals, what’s Wenona?”

You open your mouth to reply with ‘a dog’, but then something clicks in your head. Animals in Equestria are exactly that; animals. They don’t have complex thoughts or reasoning. They don’t own houses or run farms. They don’t build towns or have money systems. They don’t cook meals or read and write books.

Ponies in Equestria do all of those things. Because they’re not animals.

Of course! They’re not animals! Because they can’t be!

The confusion that raged in your mind seems to clear away. It‘s so simple. You and Applejack. You can see her again. Make up for the worry you put her through. You can hold her.

Perhaps you could finally kiss her. Without nausea. Without fear.

“I think I get it.” You tell MacIntosh, “It all seemed so… stupid of me. I’m sorry about earlier, Mac, I really don’t know what was going on.”

Big Mac shows the faintest of smiles. He’s done what he needed to do. “It ain’t me you want to apologise to.”

“You’re right, I have to talk to Applejack.” you head out of the bathroom door in due haste. You call out over your shoulder. “Thanks for helping me get my head together!”


You scurry down the stairs, into the barn where your party was held and… stumble into a silent, forlorn atmosphere.

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity are pulling the decorations down by themselves. Rainbow Dash lies head-down on the table, nearly motionless. As far as you can tell, all of them have reddened eyes.

Twilight, Spike and Applejack are nowhere to be found.

“What the hell happened here?” You ask to whoever’s willing to answer.

Rainbow Dash’s head rises off the table by the sound of your voice. Immediately, she turns to you and flares her wings in anger.

You!” she spits venomously.

“Me? Argh!” In a split second, Dash shoots across the room and collides with you, knocking the wind out of your back, pinning you against the nearest wall. You can see the hate, the hurt, that boils behind her purple eyes.

“You made Applejack do this to herself!” she roars, “Gimme a reason why I shouldn’t buck you right in that ugly human face- Hey, leggo’ve me!”

A blue aura grabs Rainbow Dash, pulling her off you. Rarity’s magic holds her in place.

“Rainbow, be a dear and wait until after we’ve told him what’s happening before beating him to a pulp!” Telling by the tone of her voice, Rarity wasn’t pleased with whatever you did either.

“Where’s Applejack?” the first and most important thing on your mind.

“She’s gone with Twilight and Spike, back to the library!” Fluttershy whimpers, “We tried to talk Applejack out of it, but she refused to listen! She said it was the only way you’d love her back! They said they were going to look for a book on transfiguration to… to…”

Does… does me being a pony really irk you that much?

Applejack, I love living here on the farm with you. I love looking at the sunset with you, holding you. I love everything about you, and believe me, I would do so much for you. So much to you.

If only you were human.

A sharp thorn of panic shoots through you when you realise what’s happened. It knocks you dumbstruck for a few long seconds. Seconds that could be better spent preventing disaster. As you come to your senses, only one word can be heard echoing in your mind.


Part 6

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You sprint out of the barn and across the farmyard, kicking up dirt and dust in your wake. The sun has long since set by now, leaving the sleepy town to bathe in the moonlight. Good, less ponies to stop and stare at the human running through their town.

If only you could remember the way to Twilight’s home through the darkness. Regardless, you keep running, hoping to find it around the next corner. And the next. And the next. Please don’t let it be too late!

“There you are! Wait up!”

A rush of colour later, and you notice the rainbow-haired pony gallops alongside you with a renewed, not-so-sour attitude towards you.

“You want to stop Applejack from doing this as much as us, right? You’re gonna talk her out of it?”

“Which way… is the library?” you gasp, not missing a step as you run.

“Ugh, you’re more hopeless than I thought! Gimme a sec!” With that, she disappears as suddenly as she arrived. Before you even consider what she’s doing, a rainbow-trailed force picks you up from behind and lifts you, with much heaving, off the cobblestone path and into the air above the houses.

“Wha- What the hell do you think you‘re-?”

“I’ve already screwed my chances with my boyfriend today, I am not losing my best friend too! The library‘s this way, go and talk her out of the biggest mistake of her life!” she grunts, “Geez, you humans are heavy!”


“I’ve found it.” Spike’s voice carries across the room as he approaches the two ponies with a dusty book in his claws. Twilight gives him a nod of thanks, lifting the book and flicking through it with her horn’s magic. Advanced Alteration and Transfiguration Incantations: The Biological Guide. She lands on the page she’s been looking for; custom species transfiguration from memory. Earth pony to the species of your choice. The only spell that could have so much as a hint at the term ‘human’ in the whole of Equestria.

“I have enough information from my examinations of your friend to know what an average human should look like. As for turning into a female human, although I’ve never seen one before, your own chromosomes should step in and allow the spell to correct any differences between man and woman naturally.” Twilight looks up from the book, turning to her orange friend. If the spell goes accordingly, she will no longer be orange in the coming minutes.

“Can I ask you one more time, just to be sure, Applejack?”

She responds to the unicorn’s question with silence. Twilight takes that as indication to continue.

“You know you’re never gonna be able to buck apple trees ever again, right?” Applejack blinks away a tear, but her expression is as resolute as ever. “You’ll lose your earth pony strength if you make me do this! The spells in this book are only noted to work on certain pony races; once the spell is complete, Applejack, I’ll never be able to change you back. You’d be a human for the rest of your life.”

Twilight grabs her friend by the shoulders, and looks her straight in the eye. “Do you really, really, really want me to cast this spell on you?”

“Yes, Twilight Sparkle. I do.” the earth pony’s shaking voice does everything it can to remain coherent, “He loves me, Twi. If only I were human. I’ve given him my whole darn heart, whether i-it’s a pony’s h-heart or…”

No more words. Instead, Applejack simply breaks down in tears, holding her unicorn friend. Even a strong pony like Applejack can only take so much. Either way, she’s made her decision.

They embrace each other, as best friends do, for who knows how long. Spike looks around for something to do, book sorting, cleaning, anything to take his mind off the scene before him. Applejack finally breaks the hug after she stops shivering in sorrow, and wipes a tear from her eye. She removes her hat to prevent interference within the upcoming spell, and places it on the floor. Perhaps it will fit her new head?

A deep breath steadies her nerves.

“I’m ready.”

Twilight Sparkle nods wordlessly, having hugged her friend as a pony for the last time. She picks up the book on the right page, scans the instructions, and closes her eyes. She’ll need all the concentration she can get.

Her horn’s radiance heightens from a glowing purple to a brilliant white - an indication of the spell’s strength - as it lifts her friend high above the floor in an aura of light. Applejack’s eyes are tightly shut from the dread. Her fur tingles as the magic begins to take effect. But deep down she reassures herself that she’s doing the right thing. For him. For a moment, she could’ve sworn she heard his voice…




A multicoloured blur flies in through the open window and crashes into a nearby pile of books. Thankfully they‘re softer than the wooden floor, if only by a little. You regain your senses after the harsh landing, only to find the ongoing spectacle in the middle of the library room.

Applejack’s fur coat fades away, exposing the skin of a human. Each of her hooves mould themselves into a hand or a foot, while both her front and rear legs change in size to form human limbs. Her eyes start to shrink, along with her snout, that slowly turns into a nose. She doesn’t have a mane anymore - just normal hair. Her tail is already long gone.

Her body distorts until Applejack herself is unrecognisable. She hangs there, a naked female human, suspended by magic, as the spell nears its completion. All it has left to finish are the minor details.

Any other person would find this naked human beautiful. To you, it is the most horrifying thing you’ve ever seen. It isn’t the Applejack you‘re in love with.

“Stop!” you scream out of desperation. The spell caster flinches at the sudden outburst, nearly losing her grip on the spell entirely. When Rainbow Dash throws herself forward at full-pelt, knocking Twilight off her hooves, the spell’s influence finally shatters in a blinding burst of white.

The once-hovering figure falls to the floor with a pained grunt. Her large, green eyes open and stare downwards, at her body. Every inch covered in familiar, orange fur. She holds out and scrutinizes her hooves, not finding a single finger on them.

Applejack the pony pulls herself up. “I thought…” she breathes in disbelief, “I thought you said the spell was irreversible, Twi.”

The unicorn struggles beneath the blue pegasus that holds her down, “I said once it’s complete, it’s irreversible,” she corrects, “Every transfiguration spell has a failsafe that - ow! Get off me, Rainbow! - that cancels the spell in its entirety if it’s interrupted. You know, to prevent any hybrid-making errors.”

From the corner of the room, Spike shudders, recalling what happened last time Twilight tried to turn a rock into a top hat.

Interruptions hurt.

Applejack turns her head towards you and your shaken-up expression. You kneel down in front of her, placing a gentle hand on her equine face.

“Are you okay?” you whisper.

She nods, trying to find her voice. “Why did you want the spell to stop? I thought me being human was what you wanted.”

“No, no it isn’t! I’m sorry,” you pull her in, embracing her in a hug that you can only hope fixes your foolish mistake, “It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever said; you’re perfect just the way you are.”

Slowly, her forelegs wrap around your waist, hugging you back. “I was really gonna go through with that, y’know. If you really want me to be human, I’d do it for you in a heartbeat.”

“Never change for me, Applejack,” As her body presses against yours, the unmistakable rhythm of her heartbeat can be felt on against your chest. It was a pony’s heart - not a human’s - that she’d given to you. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. “Never change.”

Two ponies and a dragon just stand there, unsure of whether to encourage the show of affection or to look away.

“At least somepony gets a happy ending.” Rainbow Dash sighs. Twilight, as usual, offers her support.

“Are you ready to talk about what happened between you and your rookie yet?”

Dash shakes her head. “Nah, maybe tomorrow. I’m too tired from a party, five hoof-wrestles and carrying this guy over half of Ponyville. I gotta sleep.”

In the end, you leave the library with the most beautiful pony in the world by your side.

Part 7 [Mature]

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The barn downstairs had already been cleared of decorations by the time you returned; Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie stayed behind to help Big MacIntosh with that.

They all rejoiced when Applejack walked through the barn door, still in her equestrian form. And lucky for you, they were also quick to forgive. They were all so exhausted and worried, but with Applejack's safe return, they could breathe a sigh of relief and head to their respective homes, where their beds were calling them.

However, it isn’t your bed that’s calling to you right now. It’s Applejack, calling you to hers.

Her bedroom door shuts with a click as you kick your shoes off. Applejack herself sits on the bedcovers, her eyes sharp and awake despite the recent drama that took its toll on the both of you. She beckons you forward with a foreleg; a beckoning you’re eager to follow. Tonight, you’re going to show her how little your differences matter between man and pony. You’re going to show her just how much she means to you.

“So, sugar cube,” she says with a touch of optimism, “Are you really over the whole… y’know, me being a pony thing? Does this mean you’re not afraid anymore?”

You sit down next to her, close enough to feel her warmth. “I think I can handle it this time.”

A smile curls the tips of her mouth, safe in the knowledge that you would go this far for her. You’re a thousand times more thankful; you know she’d gladly give up her whole body just to make you happy.

You close in on those smiling lips, finally giving her the untainted kiss you’ve always wanted to. Feeling her response, pushing back with a kiss of her own, it feels… right. Regardless of the shape, the size, the origin, if you’re both truly in love, the kiss will always feel perfect.

Just like this one; the glowing act of passion you‘ve both always wanted to give to one another. Your heart races as from Applejack’s lips, the taste of - what else? - apples tease your senses. The temptation soon becomes too much. Your tongue finally presses forward, licking your partner’s lips, begging to be let in. With a giddy sigh, her lips part, her tongue rushing to greet yours.

Amidst the wet, wonderful dancing your tongues make, she begins to lean back, her hooves wrapping themselves around you, pulling you down with her. Your hand reaches up and removes her stetson hat, letting it fall to the floor. The kiss breaks, only for a second, as Applejack lifts your shirt off over your head.

Diving back into your dizzy rush of tongues and her sweet taste, you run a free hand down her mane, taking in the long, blonde strands that group at the end with her red hairband. With a flick of your wrist, you pull it off, letting her hair flow freely down her shoulders. Beautiful.

A weak groan of exasperation vibrates from her throat as her hooves fumble with your belt buckle. You lend a hand, quickly releasing the catch on it. Without breaking the bond of your frantic tongues, she slowly pulls down your work jeans, letting you kick them off when they reach your heels. You do the same with your socks.

Your hands pass over her soft, round flank, giving it a firm (and very enjoyable) grip with one hand while your other runs down her smooth tail. You feel her shudder in pleasurable anticipation as you give the tail a gentle tug. You finally reach the hairband in the tail’s tip. Off it goes.

Meanwhile, Applejack’s fore-hooves slide down your body, her first time seeing it nearly completely unclothed. Only one more delicate piece of clothing for her to remove…

A minute later, and the ritual of undressing is finished. As the kiss of your life ends, you lie on top of her, your bare skin in full contact with hers, sending your thoughts haywire with fervour. She looks at you with her emerald eyes, without a hat nor hairband on her. Perhaps she feels as naked as you are without them.

“Should we, uh,” Applejack’s face is as red as the apples on her flank, “Do you want us to go any further? Y’sure you’re comfortable with this?”

You pause to consider. Applejack’s condition as a pony hasn’t deterred you in the slightest so far. Would you go all the way with her? For any other pony in Equestria, you’d down-right refuse. But for beautiful Applejack?

“I’m up for it if you are.”

With a giggle that conveys just how glad she is to hear that, her hooves wrap around your waist, pulling it down, your hips suggestively bumping against hers in a steady rhythm. You have other ideas first - a deft hand of yours strokes her rising and falling chest, working its way down her belly, and eventually between her rear legs. Time to show her what your human hands are capable of.

She gasps when she feels a stray finger working up and down her open entrance, teasing it that little bit more. Two fingers cautiously push forward, only going as deep as their tips. A moan that Applejack fails to hold back says it all; she’s got no objection to it.

The rhythm of your hips against hers continue as your fingers slowly bury themselves deeper inside her. There, they explore her insides, each touch met with a deep breath, or a soft cry from your partner. She begins to pant, hard and fast as your fingers do the work. Suddenly, she shivers, your fingertips moist with the fluid from her as her panting rises to calls of pleasure.

“Ahh! Ahh! I- I can’t take it no more! C’mere!” She growls, overtaken by excitement and ecstasy. Her hoof slaps your hand away from her gaping, dripping entrance before she adjusts the position of her hips, hungrily bringing it up to your solid shaft.

You slide it inside her, the warm, wet sensation sending you into a state of bliss. And again. And again. Applejack pushes back with a faster pace of her own, taking control over the act herself, despite you being on top. Fine by you.

The longer the night wears on, the more beads of sweat trickle down Applejack’s body, mingling with your own. The mare’s famous endurance, gained from years of farm work, finally begins to falter. You’re working on adrenaline, perseverance and all the self control you can muster by this point, slowing down to pull yourself back from the brink of orgasm time and time again, catching your breath whenever you can.

Her hoof pushes into your chest gently, telling you to pull out for a moment. You do as she asks, allowing her to roll onto all fours, changing her position under you. Despite her fatigue, she holds up her flank towards you as if she’s presenting herself, complete with a suggestive flick of her wild tail. It seems that’s how she wants you to finish her off.

You hesitate. The position is unfamiliar to you, sure, but it’s probably something her kind just prefer. That doesn‘t matter; for Applejack, you’re willing to try anything.

It takes an awkward moment to clamber into the right position over her, but when you cautiously enter her from this new angle, you can’t even hold back a gasp when the pleasure ripples through you.

Her moaning only makes it all the better. Soon, you’re driving yourself into her at a fever pitch, trying to coax yet another groan or sigh of ecstasy from her, all the while holding against the rising build-up from your throbbing personal possession.

Just as you’re about to go for the finish, you notice Applejack’s moaning rise in tone, slowly becoming cries of satisfaction. You try to hold on for just a little longer, fighting against the pressure threatening to burst through. Her hind legs suddenly tense, as if rearing up to buck something, before she stomps them back into the bed, accompanied with a high-pitched yell and a shudder.

A hot, wet sensation washes over your shaft as she finishes, a feeling so wonderful that it breaks down any effort in holding yourself back. Your surging release sends one shockwave after another throughout your body, each discharge relieving you of the pressure that built up over the night.

Finally pulling yourself out, you collapse at your exhausted partner’s side. You watch her chest rise and fall as you both lie there catching your breath. A satisfied smile glows on her face, her eyes dazed and weary. You know the feeling.


Looking back, the whole experience was extraordinary. So strange, yet so wonderful. After the climatic finish (Applejack would agree) and collapsing in her bed, the rest of the night is spent under the warmth of her covers, wrapped in a tangle of pony’s hooves and human’s arms, exchanging one sleepy kiss for another with her.

The night ticks on, and eventually Applejack drifts to sleep. You find yourself staring up at the ceiling, thinking hard about what you had just done tonight. Applejack’s a pony. A four-legged creature from another world. And she’s your lover.

You hadn’t had any of those horrible thought-attacks throughout the whole deed. Maybe it’s because you’re okay with it now. It’s all water under the bridge.

You think back to your fantasy about starting a farm back on Earth. About settling down with a human girl there. But this world is already far better, don’t you think? Low crime rate. War is nonexistent. A smile on every face. Magic. You’ve found some…pony you love, even if she’s not your perfect match.

You turn your head towards the sleeping figure next to you. Stray strands of golden hair tangle down across her freckle-specked face. She stretches, and you can feel the twitch of her hind legs under her covers. Her tail can also be felt, wrapping dexterously around one of your legs. With a quiet yawn, she nuzzles your shoulder, hugging you like a big doll. Her soft breathing warms your neck.

Scratch what you said earlier. She’s perfect in every way.

Part 8

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Fine beams of sunlight weave through the curtains when you wake up. It must be late morning by now.

Your first thought is on the orange pony sleeping soundly next to you, her face buried in your shoulder, a wayward hoof resting on your chest. Easily the cutest thing you’ve ever witnessed.

Your second thought is about how late you were for the daily grind of farm work. You suppose you could both give it a miss, just for one morning.

You recall your thoughts about Earth. Home. With a decisive nod to yourself, you make up your mind. You know exactly what you’re going to do now. Slowly sliding out of bed, trying your best not to wake Applejack, you pick up your clothes scattered throughout the room from last night’s fiery act of passion, and redress yourself. Just before leaving, you return to the side of Applejack’s bed, and carefully press your lips on her snout in a gentle kiss. A dozy sniff and a smile is her response.

You quietly close Applejack’s door behind you, and head back towards the guest room where you usually slept. Apart from last night, of course. Upon arrival, you shut the door, and retrieve a quill, some ink and a single roll of parchment from the bedside drawer. The rest of your time is spent in silence, with nothing but the scratching of quill on parchment.


You look over the letter you wrote one last time, checking to make sure it was suitable to be read by royalty, before rolling it up with a band. Now to head to the library for Spike to send off. Hopefully you should remember the way this time, and in daylight-

“Mornin’, handsome.”

As you open the door to leave, Applejack, the mare you love, stands in the doorway. Her mane and tail have been tamed by her hairbands again, and the trademark stetson sits atop her head.

“Morning, beautiful.” you reply, undoing the band from the scroll and passing it to her. Her eyes dance over the letters for a minute or two. By the time she’s finished, they’re wide in disbelief.

“You… you really mean it?”

You nod. “I’m on my way to have it sent off now. Wanna come with me?”

“Dumb question.” After a quick kiss (you swear you’ll never get tired of them) the two of you walk out into the balmy sunlight. The brightness causes each apple tree to shimmer a vivid green, with specks of red apples among the leaves.

Somewhere in the orchard, you spy a certain pegasus helping MacIntosh with the apple-bucking in yours and Applejack’s stead. Of course, Rainbow Dash agreed to help when she lost that hoof-wrestle last night, didn’t she?

In the distance, another pegasus swoops down next to Rainbow Dash. A stallion who you’ve never seen before. You can’t hear them from where you’re standing, but you can tell it’s emotionally heated. The male then produces something from within the feathers of his wing - you can’t tell what - and passes it to Dash. She looks at it, then looks back at the stallion, before throwing herself into him, embracing him in a hug. A moment later, they kiss.

You guess happy endings to stories are customary in Equestria.

Walking through Ponyville, the inhabitants still act strangely in your presence. Some of them stare, others pretend not to. Some give you an odd look, before noticing Applejack proudly trotting next to you, and show a courteous wave of their hoof. They’ll get used to you eventually, you hope.

After visiting the library, handing the letter to Spike and talking to Twilight for a while (Applejack tells her about Rainbow’s good news), you turn to Applejack as you take your leave.

“Well, we have the rest of he mornin’ off,” she says, “What do you wanna do?”

“Anything you like, Applejack.” you smile. “We‘ve got all the time in the world together.”

(Spoiler; Hey guys. This may surprise you, but you might - might - have a pony fetish. Yeah, I know, it's a total shock!) - Crowley