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  • Little Wonders Following the coronation, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are both troubled by regret. In the face of irreversible changes, they search for solace in solitude, but instead find each other in the small hours of the morning. by bats 11,753 words · 7,176 views · 743 likes · 33 dislikes
  • Building Bridges Action-and-confusion-filled fast-paced shipping, yay! by Cloudy Skies 16,016 words · 25,650 views · 1,622 likes · 33 dislikes

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>>1304806 My guess would be that "illegal" part - animals having sex with other animals isn't illegal. If all it takes is swapping out the names Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo to Jennifer and Susie to make it into child pornography (according to the definitions set down by certain governments), then there's a problem. If you also have to add hands and feet, subtract wings and hooves, and swap neon coloured fur for normal human skin tones, there's much more legal leeway. Probably still technically illegal, especially in particularly prudish countries, but there is more grey area.

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So... I'm new to this place, so I don't know what are common subjects of controversy, or if the administrators reply to user inquiries, but I have to ask this.

I was scrolling through your story submission rules, and I was particularly struck by one of the guidelines for things that aren't allowed in stories. Specifically, the "No mature stories featuring anthro or human characters under 18" rule. Can I ask a question? Why is content featuring minor, vanilla ponies in explicit situations allowed? To my understanding, you allow pornography of minor characters, as long as they are vanilla ponies. Why is this? Why is it treated as being less risque or taboo than anthro and humanized, even though it is arguably more taboo? The three are equally wrong, immoral, and illegal, (That is, incredibly wrong, immoral, and illegal.), so I felt as if it made sense to ask this. Why do you allow child pornography, as long as the characters featured in it are ponies? It doesn't make much sense, if you ask me.

Have a pleasant day.

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>>1300058 Not drawings, no

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Can I borrow some money bro? I need things, and your just the man to provide said nice things. Aren't you a lucky duck?

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