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This is a list of conventions I have been to and ones I plan on attending in the future as a guest or attendee. I'll also list some other meet ups here

✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

Write up blog post

✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki

Role: Guest

Write up blog post

✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

Write up blog post

#S5LDN - London

Whenever the hell it happens I'll be there

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Child, you have no idea.

No idea at all.

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I can't believe the pure filth and scum commenting here. Go kill yourselves!

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>>1568190 you can just put quotes above or below. you could also say "(In picture)" above or below it too

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Maybe an odd request, but would it be feasible/possible to add a way to put an alt and/or title attribute on images embedded via bbcode (or whatever you call it here,) maybe as an optional part of the opening [img] tag?  This occurs to me because I'm assisting on a Deadpool-crossover story, and working on graphically rendering his text boxes, but I realized that if anyone that uses a screen reader (or whatever vision-impaired people use) tries to read the story, they'll be unable to read the images. (It could also be useful for describing embedded images that are actually pictures in a story for the same reason.)

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Out of curiosity, is there any kind of update as to when the EPUB versions of stories'll get their formatting back? I can understand wanting to update it, but removing all the formatting makes the EPUB versions almost completely useless, and the last time there was a major update to EPUBS (specifically removal of covers), it took over a year before they came back with that last update.

Is it maybe possible to put the old system back, but put in a 'toggle' on the account for people with EPUB clients that were having issues to enable so there is no formatting, for example?

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