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knighty is the creator and lead developer of Fimfiction. It's probably best if most requests for help go to other staff members

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This is a list of conventions I have been to and ones I plan on attending in the future as a guest or attendee. I'll also list some other meet ups here

✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki

Role: Guest

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✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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✓ Galacon 2015 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

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Hey knighty, I just got a bunch of takeover pop-ups that tried to install the Uber taxi app on my android phone.  I can't be sure since I  couldn't view the pages source on mobile chrome but I think the ads where hosted by spotad.

And since I've not heard about it in ages, is the android app still a thing that will eventually happen?

#7,066 · 2d, 19h ago · 2 · ·

When are you going to update more Character Tags?

#7,064 · 3d, 13h ago · · 4 ·

I heard what you're thinking of doing. Don't do it. Don't turn this into another type if fan fiction. Don't try take away a good site for your own desire. Honestly this site is horrendous and is not what you perceive it to be. While writers here are so easily bullied and mistreated, fan fiction hS been a long lasting site that paid it's respects to writers. It's smooth and pleasant and it helped me become the writer I am

Now, but I truth this site has been nothing but social media and just all about popularity and ripping on others. It goes against what friendship is magic is all about. Please don't try and compete and try to take down fan fiction

#7,063 · 4d, 7h ago · · ·

>>2322907 oh... That would be nice. If you don't mind that is... Eep!

#7,062 · 5d, 19h ago · · ·

Legends say if you're fluttershy enough you'll get a reply from Knighty-chan

Comment posted by Bronx Brony deleted at 11:31am on the 21st of October, 2016
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Why is there no Luna emoji?

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