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✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki

Role: Guest

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✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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#S5LDN - London

Whenever the hell it happens I'll be there

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#1475555 · 5h, 21m ago · · ·


I see. I thought it might have been the latter. Yes, some would find that amusing. However, like I said, Not sure Knighty would approve. At least not here anyway. There is a time and a place for everything.

#1475531 · 5h, 40m ago · · ·


Oh no, I was referring to the smashing windows and burning cars kind of riot:pinkiehappy:

#1475527 · 5h, 44m ago · · ·


Agreed. It is from looking over some comments given, that I came to this some what question at hand. It was not random. I am sure some do read a story and just don't vote. I do think in part by what some say are not sure how they want to vote on it. Some wish to save a like only for those they really like, or thought of as great and not those that they think is OK but not bad.  So no vote. And yes, some are as you put it "asshats" who will quickly mark a story as dislike if it is not up to there absolute standards.  Can we say Simon Cowell? I think we can. This indeed can lead a to a fast down vote filled with dislikes, by the far more that feel are more discerning. A fare story that dose not have the correct word set that make the reader feel they reading an intelligently written story, even if the story was OK, gets a dislike just the same. Then is seen by the rest as a bad story that should be overlooked.

I as well agree with a 1 to 10 system, or something of that sort.

I add this retraction to an upper comment of mine.

"asshats" as in those that pick dislike to be cruel. Not those that give an honest dislike do to there personal preference. Everyone dose have a right to there own opinion. I am sure that is more to what you meant Viking hoof.

Would not want to put words in your mouth, so to speak. :raritywink:


I unfortunately can't agree. I myself as well as a few others don't care for the current voting system in place. However some do think it is good just the same, and is very likely here to stay.

That is for the most part why I posted this. I myself would like to know (as in just curious as you) as to how Knighty arrived to the current one. That is all. It just seems like an odd setup to me, made not to favor stories that might not be bad, just OK, but can quickly be made to be seen as bad by the voting system in place. That is also in part why I bring it up.

As you said a 1 to 10 system might get more people to vote, and get a much more general idea of what more really think of it rather then this binary system of yes and no we have now. Not everyone is so black and wight on how they may think about something. I know I don't. I like the gray area, myself.


Some might just say YES! Please entertain us.

I am not so sure Knighty would be amused however.

It might be up to what you consider to be a riot.

I think Rainbow Bob is a riot. as in "an impressively large or varied display of something."

His story count is phenomenal, and context quite varied.

He might let you have a go with something like that. Ask the right people and one can get just about anything.

#1474279 · 1d, 2h ago · · ·

Would it be okay if I started a riot here?:scootangel:

#1474031 · 1d, 4h ago · · ·

>>1473857 To be honest, I don't mind the current system. I'm just really curious as to how Knighty arrived to the current one.

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