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knighty is the creator and lead developer of Fimfiction. It's probably best if most requests for help go to other staff members

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This is a list of conventions I have been to and ones I plan on attending in the future as a guest or attendee. I'll also list some other meet ups here

✓ BUCK 2013 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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✓ Crystal Fair Con 2014 - Helsinki

Role: Guest

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✓ Galacon 2014 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

✓ BUCK 2014 - Manchester

Role: Guest of honour

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✓ Galacon 2015 - Ludwigsburg

Role: Attendee

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#6,952 · 12h, 23m ago · · ·

Just a thank you note for making the site, Knighty.  That is all.

#6,951 · 18h, 49m ago · · ·

Long live the queen!  Surprised about about the Brexit results in a good way.  Respect.  

#6,950 · 4d, 7h ago · 1 · ·

It's been 6 weeks since anypony posted Fluttershy on your page. Obviously, something needs to be done about that.

--Sweetie Belle

#6,949 · 1w, 1d ago · · 3 ·

Fight me!

#6,948 · 1w, 2d ago · · 2 ·

I probably already commented early of how much of a little shit-bag I was these past 3 years on this site, and it is time to put a end to this.  I've been banned from multiple groups, gained a lot of haters, posted a story about Sunset torturing the Dazzlings, and received a warning this morning from posting a blog post about death threats towards two fimfiction.net users.

I'm only asking one thing.  Terminate my account.  Ban me like putting me down like a dying horse.  Ban me so I can be free from this god awful fandom forever so I can move on with me life.  Just do it for the good.

#6,947 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

Thanks for running this awesome place on the interwebs. I visit it every day and it always brings me joy.

One thing I would like to ask is if we could get a Tag for Moon Dancer, after her performance in Amending fences and her popularity in the fandom I feel it would be nice if she could have her own tag.

Sorry if this request is in the wrong place, just thought I would mention it while I was here.

#6,946 · 1w, 4d ago · · ·

Okay I just wanna take some time to complement how good a coding job you did on this website! Like seriously dude how long did it take you to make this?

#6,945 · 2w, 2d ago · · ·

Happy Birthday you Knight in shinning armor.

#6,944 · 2w, 2d ago · · ·

not sure who to report this to but i can't seem to log in on mobile, it says my password is wrong but i can log in on desktop....

#6,943 · 2w, 2d ago · · ·

Yo dawg I heard today's your birthday.

So I got you a present.

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