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Mess · 11:53pm

I am a Mess

I get distracted easily. I get locked into cycles of procastination and self-loathing that can destroy academic and creative works. I lose faith in myself and my ability to accomplish my goals. I collapse. I fall apart. I am a mess.

But I never, EVER, forget.

I cannot make promises. I cannot set deadlines. I cannot guarantee anything.

But I want... I NEED my first great story too much to let it die. Besides, I've already got the next four acts planned out.

In short: I am less of a mess now, so I am writing again.

criticalmess · 491 views · Report · Story: Want Me, Need Me, Love Me

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You'll get there. Just pace yourself. Motivation's a fickle mistress, and an ever more elusive prize.

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>>826389 From the looks of it, sadly nobody :fluttercry:

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>>686605 so who is taking over his fics then?

#686605 · 36w, 20h ago · 10 · ·

Another writer bites the dust :ajsleepy:

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Really sad, I've rather enjoyed

"Want Me, Need Me, Love Me" so far.

Still, as any further updates seem rather unlikely I'll have to unfavorite the story :(

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