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>>1104557 Well I wanted to work on Carnifex, a predecessor of Starswirl the Bearded and O'Connor the Thoughtful (another creation). He was a unicorn that tried to research the Illogic and everything associated to it after the events that led to my "True Psychopath" story, which was when the princesses were still very young fillies.

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We RP together in Google Chat. I also GM two pony-RPs with other players: Cogs of Magic and Manehattan Chronicles.


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>>1104391 Awwww. I saw from Samaru that you two were RP'ing. I thought you might know special areas.

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Offhoof, no, though I'm almost positive that a few groups still exist on the site. All RP is moved off, naturally, but the groups themselves are places for people to get together and plan it out and such.


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Hey, Tricondon. Do you know any spots where I can RP mlp OC characters? I need to work on Carnifex.

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