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Skywriter is for all practical purposes Jeffrey Channing Wells, best known in Internet circles as the co-creator of the award-winning daily webcomic "Skin Horse," whose coincidentally equine name is just that.  He also writes non-pony fiction, which you should totally check out over at  He quite sensibly views winged ponies as having the best of both worlds, a point which is totally indisputable so don't even try.  To sum, up, Ms. Lovingcup Harshwhinny is best pony.  Thank you.

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Despite passive cross-linking, I typically draw a fairly bright line between my Pony stuff and the stuff I write for "Skin Horse" and for my constitutional blog over at  I recognize the majority of you guys are reading me for the cartoon horses and have limited interest in the rest, which is absolutely cool.  Going to make an exception today, though, and post an active crosslink to a non-Pony story, because despite the fact that she's not ID'd by name for trademark reasons, October's entry contains a pretty familiar face.  Check out, if you like, "Beyond the Curtain."

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#305 · 1w, 15h ago · · ·


Oh, wait, I see.  No, I mean "'Skin Horse,' which has an equine name, is nothing but a coincidence to the topic of ponies and is not related to what I'm doing here."

Here's Dana Simpson's Skywriter:  Clicky.  I don't have a handy scan of the others right now, unfortunately.

#304 · 1w, 15h ago · · ·

>>2047342  Ah.  You should rephrase your "about the author" then, because it makes it sound like what I just asked. Any chance of seeing those other pictures?

#303 · 1w, 17h ago · · ·


Nope!  "Skin Horse" is just my comic, predating this silly pony thing by a couple years.  The handsome blue fellow is intuitively and predictably named "Skywriter."

Other than the pic you see above, I've got a handful of depictions of Skywriter:  one other con badge, one rather nice one by CouchCrusader, one by Dana Simpson, and a pretty little feather painting my spouse did for me.

#302 · 1w, 21h ago · · ·

So if I understand correctly, your OC is also named "Skin Horse"? Are there any other pictures of you as a horse beyond your profile picture?

#301 · 2w, 4d ago · · ·


We have great fans.  They are totes awesome.

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