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  • T The Abyssal Forge

    In order to save an ailing Princess and stop an ancient menace, Rarity will travel to strange lands, and down into fathomless depths, in search of the Abyssal Forge. Part Two of the Adamant Triskelion Trilogy, following The Flight of the Alicorn.  · Ponydora Prancypants
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  • T The Abyssal Forge

    In order to save an ailing Princess and stop an ancient menace, Rarity will travel to strange lands, and down into fathomless depths, in search of the Abyssal Forge. Part Two of the Adamant Triskelion Trilogy, following The Flight of the Alicorn.
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    I'm so tremendously slow to publish these days. It's entirely inexcusable. As penance for my sloth, please find a link to the very first MLP story I ever wrote, which I never published on FiMFiction (and never will):

    Embarrassing Old Story

    Some of you may have read this years ago, but I'm certain (and hope) most have not. I wrote this story immediately after becoming a fan of the show in Summer 2011, and so of course many, many details have been thoroughly jossed, and characterization is sure to be an issue for the modern reader. The writing is flat, and pretty boring, and a great example of why we are supposed to "show, don't tell." Worst of all, at the time, my favorite characters were Twilight, Rarity ... and Trixie!


    Even so, I thought you all might find it amusing to travel back in time to before we knew anything about alicorn amulets or magical mystery cures, secret siblings or lost empires, and before I had learned much about putting words together effectively. So, have at it!


    Ponydora Prancypants

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Rarity's exploits in "Sweet and Elite" set in motion a chain of events that will find the unicorn dressmaker taking part in the greatest airship race in the world, the Alicorn's Cup. Excitement will give way to terror, as Rarity soon finds herself the victim of a plot against Equestria, and shipwrecked far from home with her least favorite stallion, the boorish Prince Blueblood. Rarity will learn of treachery in Canterlot and abroad, and will have search for something of substance beneath the prince's obnoxious veneer as she struggles to not only save herself, but her entire nation.  

Part One of Three

The Adamant Triskelion - Book One: The Flight of the Alicorn

The Adamant Triskelion - Book Two: The Abyssal Forge

The Adamant Triskelion - Book Three: ???

First Published
4th Jan 2012
Last Modified
14th Oct 2012

Very good as usual, Ponydora. You're easily one of my favorite writers in this fandom and Sweet and Elite opened many doors for fanon and if there's somebody I would like to see exploiting that, oh yeah, that would be you. Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Woah, intriguing and fabulously written :raritywink:

TRAAAACKIIIING!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Interesting, interesting. Changing the names of characters might proof distracting/confusing (emphasis on might), but that remains to be seen. As of now, it's quite engaging.

Love it! Simply wonderful, and very steampunky. Fancypants seems to have the optimistic attitude of the future that was common in British gentlemen around the 1890s. Favourited and tracked!

I laughed out loud at some parts. This is going to be fun.


Thank you very much! This is definitely meant to play off the steampunk elements of the show. I hope you enjoy!

I love this, so much. The dynamic between the two is truly something special.

Certainly interesting and entertaining. A good enough start to induce intrigue, but not enough to spoil what the entire story will be about... Excellent! I guess I'll simply have to keep reading, then, before I say more!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

An old fashioned grand adventure story! :yay:

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Once this gets a bit longer, I fully expect it will be on my favorites list.

Five stars, no question.  I doubt that Jules Verne himself could have done better.

... XD I lawled so hard when Rares figured out that she, too, was but a pawn... XD That was rich!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

#11 · 149w, 2d ago · 1 · · II. Sacrebleu ·


Now I can't help but imagine Blueblood flailing his hooves about as he is assaulted by Rarity screaming "Help! I need an adult!"

I love the range of characters we have here. All are pretty distinctive. I look forward to see the dynamics between them unfold.


Over the next two chapters the story will really kick into gear, so expect a lot of dynamics: relationship dynamics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics ...

Thanks for the positive feedback!

this sounds so farfetched, i'll have to read it later.

i'll just add it to my tracking so i don't forget it.

Beautifully handled, especially the wonderfully period technology—for the most part square in the 1860s–1880s time-period hinted at in Ms. Faust’s comments on her world-building. The only quibble I have is that railroads actually are very old; the first examples were in ancient Greece, and they were revived in the Middle Ages. Before steam locomotives came in, at just the time suggested by the narrative (the 1820s in real history), trains were drawn by teams of horses.

Fancypants, you clever, sneaky bugger you. I approve his skill at playing the socio-political field :rainbowlaugh:

1) “To the facility, Coltsworth!” Blueblood called out as his driver worked to start up the noisy steam engine. (when did Blueblood swap places with Fancypants? :rainbowhuh:)

An excellent read, tracking to see what comes next! :twilightsmile:

This continues marvelous! Once again there’s only a small quibble—camels, like equines, don’t have pelts of fur; they have coats or hides of hair.

Sorry, only Discord is allowed to call ponies mon capitan.

Wonderful peace of literature! I'll be tracking this one for sure. I love that he named his ship what is basically a French swear word. :twilightblush:

Blueblood being the great grand whatever son ot the original Princess Platinum, therefore technically prince of the unicorns and not

of Equestria...

You're channeling my headcanon. Get out of my head! GAH!

An interesting read, can't wait to see what all the guests are like as well as what's going on with Blueblood.

I love how well-structured this is, plus that it's about Rarity! :raritystarry: Everything just clicks into place; I really like how everything's set in the world the MLP team came up with (AU and war-torn settings aren't my cup of tea, sorry).

Keep up the good work!

It's very well written, but if this story goes the way I suspect it will, my opinion will sour quickly.  I take it this is a Blueblood/Rarity ship?  One where Rarity finds the beauty under the beast?  The problem I have with stories like this is it assumes there's a nice person underneath the abusive asshole facade, when in reality, abusive assholes are almost always just abusive assholes.  What I'm saying is it's a bad thing to romanticize.  :facehoof:

Still, you're a very good writer, Ponydora, and I will keep reading in the hope that I'll be surprised.

>>140973 All I can ask is for you to hang in there and not assume that I'm going with the obvious cliche. Twists and turns are my master plan. :raritywink:

Why does everyone assume blueblood's a sexual/physical abuser?:ajbemused: Not you I meant someone else's comment.The idea of racing alone along with all rarity said have likely taken a toll on his mind. His cutie mark is a compass rose so directing,planing, and,navigating his ship should be simple but with his mind consumed with negative thoughts and fear hes over-stressed.Adding to those suspicious griffins as likely a deadly bunch of cheats,I'd be freaking to,if I was in his position.

As for the story its definitely different then other ship fics since blueblood seems to be a better actor then most make him. It'd be an interesting twist if he wound up with one of the zebras in the end but that's just a random thought of mine,if this is one of those stories where the main shipping is implied but doesn't really happen.:rainbowwild:

As a fan of Duke/Prince Blueblood and not so huge fan of rarity I'm definitely interested in seeing how this ends.:twilightsmile:

It look like all is not well in Blueblood's castle.

What could be keeping him awake? Last minute tuning of his airship? Trouble with the folks? Only time will tell.

Great story, looking forward to more.


Nice start :raritystarry:. The introduction of Blueblood was interesting and original because he maintains his difficult personality while gaining a new talent that he didnt have in canon. I :heart: this story now.

BEST MOMENT: Rarity dominatrix! :raritywink:

Poor Blueblood, he didn't stand a chance.


That just might be the best way to deal with him anyhow. He's a pushover.

you know.. this is the first fan-fiction I've ever read and i'm loving it :D

awesome work!! :raritywink:

Don't worry, Ponydora, your writing is great enough to the point where I probably would read it even it followed through with my prediction, but I'm glad you're taking cliches into account.


Abuse doesn't have to be sexual or physical.  Repeated insults counts, too.  Rarity kissing Blueblood was an example of physical abuse.

You write both Blueblood and Rarity so well.


Thank you very much. We know a LOT about Rarity and her motivations, so she's pretty easy to write. She's ambitious, smart, coquettish, at turns generous and at turns acquisitive, loving, curious, deceitful, well-mannered, extremely talented, vain, tasteful, romantic, practical, streetwise, brave, athletic, self-centered, and usually unapologetic. She's by far the most well-developed of the characters on the show, thanks to being lucky enough to get the best episodes. All we know about Blueblood is that he's a massively entitled overgrown child, but we don't know why. Still, one of the directors approved using him in "Sweet and Elite," so there must be more to him than we saw in "Best Night Ever."  I have to explain what and why, without giving him a hidden "heart of gold," or making him a one dimensional jerk either. It's a challenge, but I'm really liking where this is headed. You'll have to bear with a bit of a flood of characters in the next few chapters, but it's necessary to set up the overarching plot. As long as it's good writing, hopefully we can get through it together. This is a swashbuckling adventure/drama/romance, so a bit of exposition at the beginning will soon give way to the good stuff.  :raritywink:

please hurry up and write the next chaptor :pinkiehappy:

Just goes to show to never judge a fic by its title...

Thanks for the update!


Yes, I should have added a disclaimer: This story does not actually feature any actual alicorns in any significant way, just an airship named after one. This story is about airship racing, love/hate relationships, and convoluted conspiracies. Thanks for reading!

I'm beginning to pick up the scent of Obadiah Staine in that cologne Fancypants wears.

This is a wonderful take on the life if Blueblood and family.

This is getting ever more interesting. Family secrets, politics and intrigue and all before the main course.

Wow, now that's Blueblood I like and love. Not ideal, not perfect and with some very real flaws, but so is Rarity, bitchy and egoistical as well.  Good take with Prince's history, his dislike for Rarity's play (she really made Platinum look bad) and I applause you for making Blueblood genius engineer - authours often take easy route and make him jerk without any talents.

Awesome work. Please, write more Blueblood!

Ha! Loved it. Nice little bit about Blueblood at the end there.

Also, I'm wondering if the whole thing with RD and her family will amount to anything. I mean, it seems more like an entirely different plot point, or at least something that deserves an entirely separate POV within the story.

It's weird, I had almost exactly the same kind of headcanon backstory for RD; she's the daughter of a wealthy property and construction magnate.

Ha ha, Blueblood's sisters are named after the noble metals :yay:


It was mostly background on the trouble in the north (mentioned by FP earlier), but it will amount to something, I'm not planning on any POVs other than our heroine.


Females are named after noble metals, and the males are named after the brightest stars. Succession of the name Blueblood goes to the oldest child immediately upon the bearer's death.

I'm enjoying this so far, excellent work on making Blueblood a more complex character than the show did.

This is absolutely terrific! A new episode and an update to my favourite story!

I can't one-hundred-percent resolve your Blueblood-as-Howard-Hughes approach with the character canon, but I like the angle so much I don't even care.  Nice work!  I'm very interested to see where you're headed with this.  And your supporting cast is delightful, by the by.

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