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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been writing you guys all those cool stories I promised you. But there is a reason. You see, I've been fighting tooth and nail for the longest time now trying to survive. And today it comes to a head. Unfortunately this will be my last blog post for a while as tomorrow I am officially homeless.

I'm not one for begging so I won't. But I'm not in a place where I can refuse charity either. To that end, a close personal friend of mine has created a Gofundme page for my plight. Since my Gofundme for Moony was a moderate success she thought the same might be done to assist me.

Now I can't say I expect a lot. After all, I know many of my followers aren't financially in a position to assist me. However, nothing ventured means nothing gained and so to that end, I am posting this Gofundme to my usual outlets to see if I might not be able to find a way to fund my survival while I wait for word from local shelters, potential employers and temp and staffing agencies. If you can give, know it will be greatly appreciated. If you cannot, I understand. Either way, I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get and any of you who are able to signal boost this to others who may be able to assist me.

It's my hope that I'll be able to scrape a living together long enough to get into a stable position and then write all my followers a great big appreciation story as a thank you for your support.

Well I think that's enough prattling on from me. Here's the link to the page Tina set up with more details about what's going on.

Keeping Shiloh Off the Streets

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I'd like to inform you that I just got a note from PayPal that my payment to "Shawn Nahrgang" has been pulled back, because it was not confirmed by a receiver. Or something like that. the time and money matched, so it must be that one for "Moony". Do you know what happened?

Repost from that old blog, to make sure you read this.

#41 · 9w, 2d ago · · ·

I drifted away from this user, and I came back there were all these blogs and shit...

And now I feel like an inconsiderate bastard because I have no idea who Moony is, and I can't stop thinking about tying Shukumei down and forcing her to write a sequel to "Fun With Changelings"

#40 · 13w, 1d ago · · ·

>>1398942 vielen danke

#39 · 13w, 6d ago · · ·


I'll pass your well wishes on to her.

#38 · 14w, 9h ago · · ·

>>1395216 Yeah I can understand that. Sorry to hear about Moony's troubles.  If i didn't have to go two weeks on $18 I'd donate something. As it stands though im afraid well wishes are the best i can do.  3=

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