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Hello. My name is Fate and I'm fictional. That's right. I don't actually exist. But I love living here at Fimfiction and I look forward to meeting you all!


Might as well · 12:54am

1. What's your name?

I go by Shiloh.

2. How old are you?


3. What country do you live in?


4. What do you look like?

Curvy redhead.

5. Who do you wish you looked like?

Wouldn't mind looking like this.


Honestly I don't think about my appearance much.

6. How did you come across MLP?

Surfing the Know Your Meme videos on Youtube. MLP seemed out of place so I thought I'd give it a peek. The rest is history.

7. Favorite Ship and why?

Well the most obvious is Vinyl and Octavia so let's see if I can come up with something more unexpected. I really like the idea of Pinkie and Discord getting together. I think in the original Discord episodes she was the one who really seemed to understand him. I can see the two of them having a ton of crazy fun together.

Ship it.

8. Least favourite ship?

Lyra and Bonbon. I just generally don't enjoy these two. The best the fandom seems to have come up with is a confectioner and a pony who wants to be a human. Not really all that interesting in my opinion.

9. Have you admitted to anyone your love for ponies?

People at my old job used to talk because my desk was entirely covered in pony toys. I was "The pony lady" and I reveled in it.

10. Were they family?

I told my mom. She doesn't get it.

11. Favorite episode?

Can I get away with saying Equestria Girls? If not, I think Cutiemark Chronicles and Lesson Zero are two of my faves.

12. Favorite superhero?

Batman or Spiderman a while back. Iron Man since the movies came out. And now that I'm into Marvel Heroes, I'm developing a big attachment for Squirrel Girl.

13. Favorite anti-hero?

Malcolm Reynolds. I mean come on. He's just such a snarky badass. Not really an anti-hero in the classic sense of "Dark but with good intentions" but he does have his moments. More of a "Fuck everyone but do it fair" type of character. Really brilliant.

14. Favorite supervillain?

I always did like Venom.

15. Favorite anti-villain?

Roti Largo. The man who cured the world for his own greed.

16. The last book you read?

I'm currently reading Cold Days from the Dresden Files. God I love Dresden.

17. Last movie you watched?

Oh gosh, I watch a lot of movies. I think the last one on the playlist was The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

18. Favorite song at the moment?

Let It Go from Frozen. It speaks to me personally.

19. Favorite song you keep coming back to?

See above. Either that or Halestorm's "I'm Not an Angel"

20. Current job?

Unemployed, thanks for asking.

21. What's your ideal future job?

Game design. I've always loved games and I wanna be part of the design process, coming up with all the cool little things that capture your attention.

22. What's your dream job?

Like other than the one I just mentioned? I dunno. Paid pony-fic writer and general internet-dick-around-on-er?

23. What's your greatest achievement so far?

Fun with Changelings back when it was the #8 fic on the site.

24. Greatest Failure?

If you don't mind, that's a raw nerve and very personal.

25. Do you have any pets?

Does a Tamogatchi count?

26. What's your dream pet?

A cute, submissive boy in his early 20s with a love of leather and an affectionate streak. Like the one who hangs out in the pub in the Go Get a Roomie webcomic. His name escapes me.

27. Any weapons you own?

Does a sonic screwdriver count?

28. Any gun you want?

The Point of View gun from Hitchhikers Guide.

29. What religion are you?

Kinda tough to say. I guess if you boiled it all down I'd have to say non-denominational christian? Though I did recently become a cult leader as well.

Cult of the RNG

30. If you could hang out with one historical person for a day?

Einstein. I've got some serious issues with his whole special relativity thing and I wanna sit down with him and rap about it.

31. If you could bring back one dead person for the day?

Douglas Adams. We need more of his wit.

32. Are you political?

Absolutely not. The way I see it is politics are the snakes fighting with the rats. I'm just standing out of the way of it all until there's a better option.

33. Are you married?

Nope. Single all my life.

34. Do you have a special somepony?

Not at the moment, no. I just broke up with a very wonderful woman who I loved very much. But things weren't working out and it is what it is.

35. Do you have a crush?

Fictional crush:


Actual person crush:

36. Care to explain?

Because who doesn't love quirky, funny and just plain weird girls with beautiful eyes?

37. Do you consider yourself attractive?

Yeah, I'd say I am.

38. If you could hang out with any living person?

No contest. Gotta be John Delancie. Oooh, or Tara Strong. Okay, maybe that one is a bit of a tossup.

39. Favorite Pony?


40. Any embarrassing secrets?

My first crush was Velma Dinkley and the Scooby Doo live action movies only made it worse.

I mean come on!

41. If you've done any art or writing, what are you most proud of?

Fun with Changelings for sure. But also Pinkiemon, my first featured story.

42. Are you a virgin?

Hahahahaha! No.

43. Craziest thing you've done with no regrets?

Skinny dipping at the local clothing-optional park.

44. Craziest thing you've done that you do regret?

Spending months pining over this very straight girl I used to go to church with. I'm talking poetry. Gifts. Chocolate. Flowers. The whole deal. I made an absolute moron out of myself over her.

45. Do you have a fetish?

Oh boy do I ever. Really weird stuff too. Though most of it is strictly fantasy-only. The only kinks I really involve myself in when real life sex is involved are bondage and light S&M.

46. Do you regret saying this fetish?

Nope. So long as you aren't hurting anyone, I think kinks and fetishes should be celebrated, not hidden.

47. Fave FiM stories?

I enjoyed Romance Reports and I'm really loving Life and Times of a Winning Pony. There are a lot of really great stories I love but those two are the ones that jump out right now.

48. Favorite Quote?

Two quotes from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency come screaming to mind.

"Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all."


"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family Anatidae on our hands."

49. Have you ever hurt someone just to hurt them?

To be fair, I had her consent.

50. Did you answer these questions honestly?

If I hadn't, I'd hardly be about to tell you now, would I?

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Soooo... do you have any plans to continue 'the pony who just needed a hug'? I was kinda enjoying that. :trixieshiftright:

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Ahh Seraphim icon, love MegaTokyo

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Yeah, that's my feelings on it too. I kinda miss Wubsy but before I get back to her I should finish "Harmonics" in the same continuity.

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So, fun with Changelings is over.


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