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Hey everypony. Loyal2Luna here, back with my fantastic and incredibly patient editor, 2dextreem. Happy to say that the black hole of Life has finally subsided and allowed for me to crawl away with sanity still intact.

Well, what sanity I had 'before' I got drawn in.

This blog post was unfortunately delayed due to some trouble with the site, which I apologize for, but I hope that the extra-long and action packed chapter of Shades of Twilight might have helped make up for the prolonged absence, as well as the assurance I don't plan to go so long without an update again. Seriously, months and months of just work-work-work....

*has an occupation flashback


ANYWAYS, stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks as the gears are oiled and the cranks start turning. Voting will be open for the latest chapter of Shades of Twilight until Monday, by which most reader should have had plenty of time. While I am not comfortable giving exact dates for upcoming updates, they should be out soon.


Also, have a bit of love from the fandom, including this little number which was developed by a friend of mine some months ago who wishes to remain nameless, she was privy to the original rough draft of the latest chapter of Shades and came up with this pretty little piece entitled 'Biotic God'

Also, a lovely little something from long time art-friend C.K. Faux, for everyone's viewing pleasure, a little diagram-map of New Ponyville. Please keep in mind this is not perfectly to scale, just a rough estimation.


Reading through the comments, I have seen the trend put down originally by 'aduck' on the idea of 'capturing' the Broker's agent to put on trial by the Equestrians themselves. Of course I always encourage creative solutions to problems, however I am afraid this one, despite it's apparent popularity, is unfeasible and unavailable to the Madam President for a number of reasons.  

First and foremost is that while Twilight does govern her people as a race, they really have no criminal judicial power. They do not have a body of laws recognized by the Citadel or a constitutional charter describing rights. They don't have the infrastructure, political or otherwise, to hold a trial beyond minor discipline of Equestrian Delinquents.

Secondly, if there was a trial performed by ponies, who could possibly be impartial enough to be a judge? Or a Jury for that matter? Seriously, can you say 'bias'? While such obvious one-sided and impossible judicial practices might pass for 'justice' in some parts of the galaxy (See 'Tuchanka') they would not be taken seriously in any truly civilized space, surely not on the citadel itself, the center of galactic civilization.

And lastly, as mentioned before: The Equestrian Herd Government has no 'legal' sovereignty at all. There is a C-Sec station on the governing tier of the District for a reason and they have Taxar there specifically to act as a Liaison between the emerging Equestrian Government and Citadel Security's Police Force, so they have no police powers inherent to the Herd. They are for all intents and purposes a 'gated community' in the 'City' of Tayseri Ward. They have some leeway due to their status as an independent  species, but taking a prisoner, trying and executing a criminal sentence, especially on a non-equestrian citizen of Citadel Space, is well beyond their reach.

Yeah, sorry aduck, but I'm afraid this option is outside of Madam President Twilight's Authority, and she would know this. So going to have to stick a pin in it now.

Anyone who set this as their 'option D', please edit your comment to amend to another. Still willing to consider 'other' new options of course, but this one is invalid due to pre-established information.

Hope you all enjoy and tune in for future updates shortly.

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>>1997635 Yeah, I remember being that "old" but trust me, it's just starting.

I decided to follow you just in case you decide to post a blog update.

#415 · 7w, 1d ago · · ·

You still haven't changed it to reflect your current age.

And, because of that, I've now caught up to you.

Now we can both feel old.



Comment posted by Zer0s Apprentice deleted at 1:48am on the 14th of September, 2015
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She hasn't given up. She has been at it for years. The question is, has she gone back to being very busy with her job and RL?

Edit : I heard that yes, she has.

So I wish you L2L, to get more free time soon, and for a long time.

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