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25 y/o filly from the United States that has only recently discovered the wonder that is MLP:FIM.


"Well, it's a funny story... I was down in the dumps one day and a friend offered to take me on a little trip..."

this reconstruction done by CK-Faux

"Won't be gone ten minutes, he said... nopony will even NOTICE he said."


New Shades of Twilight, Hooves, and Sly up around the New Year now that the holidays are over and all has begun to settle.  I thank you all for your patience, but you have waited long enough.

Hi-Ho Ponies.

Loyal2Luna · 1,894 views · Report · Story: Mass Effect: Shades of Twilight

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We miss you.

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Hi luna. I was wondering if you might like some help in regards to writing this story. I've noticed that you have had writers block for some time for several of your stories and I was wondering if I could help with one of them. I might not know much about DW or Mass Effect but I know plenty of sly cooper lore and was wondering if I could be a...co-author for this. I have numerous ideas regarding this story but I didn't want to just steal it from you. And since you scattered the elements it would provide a lot of opportunity for several heist ideas I could think of. Plus I can think a few roles regarding the mane six for this story and I might have figured out where might go with this story. So if you would have me as a co-author I would be very happy in helping you write this story. I've never helped someone write a story before and tried making my own but not the drive or ability make something on your level. So if you can respond soon I would be grateful.

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Hope things are going alright for ya in reality. I eagerly look forward to updates to some of your tales, but I know you will post them when you're good and ready (not gonna bug ya for an possible date or time).

In the meantime, have a smiling Pinkie! :pinkiehappy:

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>>1057978 Just got it a few minutes ago when I woke up. Thanks for the heads up, Blackhoof. I've already saved the contents. And since they will no longer be featured there, the Caravan may turn up 'elsewhere'.

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Not sure if you got my PM, so I'm posting it here too :


I wanted to warn your RPing group that RP is going to get removed from fimfiction soon, so that you can save the already posted contents. It would be a shame if the Caravan RP posts were lost.

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