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Flip a coin, take a chance, it doesn't really matter. We're all living in a house of cards, just waiting for it all to fall.


Hey everyone.

Well, with the next chapter being put together this weekend (lest I declare myself a procrastinating tosser), and with the art work 100% and 90% done respectively (plus some done by readers *squee!*), the next update of PGTTD should be out soon...

Only one issue. Edragon has, as far as I know/can tell, either abandoned FimFiction or gone walkabout (Don't mind my Australian). He's been offline for 9 weeks now, and since I'd rather not risk another unedited chapter, I'm wondering if there's anyone who could pre-read/edit this chapter. I'm not looking for long term commitment at the moment, just a hand with this chapter in the unexplained absence of Edragon... but eventually that card will be on the table to anyone who's interested (provided Edragon has indeed departed this place of insanity and pony fiction).

Just a few basic points if you're interested.

- Chapter trade is done by either gdocs or word .doc attachment (I can do either).

- I'm alright with grammar, but nowhere near perfect, so help in that regard would be very welcome.

- My English is Australian (British), so be aware of some different spellings here and there if you're from USA.

- Within reason, you're allowed to make any additions (actions, dialogue, descriptions, snark, jokes etc) that you feel would improve the story (I might take some out after I re-read, but I'll always explain why).

- You can reword, change, switch around text at your discretion (If it's a really big chunk of text, or a section related major idea presented, I would prefer to know the logic... just so I don't make the mistake twice.)

You can PM me or Leave a comment here if you're interested, either's good... or just hurl bottles left over from your New Years celebrations at me for making you wait so long. :rainbowwild:

In other news, happy 2014!

Anyway, that's all from me for now *returns to photo-shopping Cynder*


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Story Timeline + Future Projects (Possible)

Order of Completion

1) Underworld: Equestria

2) Final Fantasy: Zack's second chance

3) Ponyville goes to the...dragons??

Future Projects

1) Memory of Flames: T.A.P (ft either Snow or Silence)

2) Soul Calibur IV (ft Siegfried)

So who is this crazy bastard?


Freelancer is annoying, stubborn, pain in the ass Australian who's an architect student weekdays and a horse/pony trainer on weekends. He currently resides in the hellhole that is Western Australia, a place best known for its heat, exportable rocks, and its ever-growing population of bogans.

Freelancer is best known for getting carried down a nightclub strip at one am by his best mate, drunkenly yelling 'PUT ME DOWN YA BLOODY W***ER!', whilst said best mate yells "I'm stealing children!'

He also writes mlp fanficiton.

(I enjoy a chat, so if you're bored, or want some possible flawed outside input on an idea you have for a fic, throw a PM at me and I'll get back to you)


Things that (I like to think) are notable achievements of mine:

- popular update feature

- top the feature box (mature filter off)

- finish a story without a dislike

- 150 follower mark

- have people like something I drew

- earn a tvtropes page for one of my fics

- write a chapter whilst getting increasingly intoxicated



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>>1236546 Well, yours has more views, but mine has more likes, so we're even for the moment. :ajsmug:

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Pffft! I wish :twilightblush: but thanks man, I'll set being on par with HI101 by completion as my goal.

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Great... now Heart Invasion has popularity competition in the Spike story ring. :rainbowwild: :raritywink:

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Oh god! That book! That movie! :pinkiecrazy: *runs away*

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Flip a coin, take a chance, it doesn't really matter.

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