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Murphy is real... · 5:57am

WARNING: This blog contains information that some of you may find disturbing or distressing.

You know what, Murphy's Law is real, and let me tell you all now that Murphy's an absolute c**t and a half.

So, last week I put out a blog about how the next update for GF&GF would be finished by this Friday. It seemed like an easy enough goal at the time; I had about one thousand words or so in mind, and the plot points fairly much planned out (bit of dialogue to figure out, but that didn't seem too big a deal). All I had to do was survive a weekend and hand in some university architecture group stuff on Monday. Doesn't sound too hard, does it?

Enter Murphy.

The weekend played out something like this. Saturday night I had a friend's 21st, which did originally sound like a pain, but I agreed to go after a long-time best mate of mine (who's also in my studio group) said he'd be going as well. The plan that we agreed on was that we'd do our individual stuff on Saturday, crash at his place Saturday night, and put all the work together on Sunday (Two people = half the time = sounds good), and thus everything would be ready for Monday. Like I said though, that was the plan...

Suffice to say that it's best that I don't repeat what happened at that 21st. It left pretty much everyone there feeling utterly betrayed and emotionally gutted, and shattered any sense of trust I had in one of my best friends. I ended up getting home at 4 in the morning, after driving some two and hours, feeling pretty fucked up if I'm being blunt and honest.

I've mostly worked through it emotionally, but it has meant that I'm now saddled with the work of two group members on top of dealing with the fallout, so the chances of me getting GF&GF finished by this Friday have taken a major hit. I'm going to try, but I can't go making any promises now.

Again, I'm so, so sorry for this.  


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Freelancer is best known for getting carried down a nightclub strip at one am by his best mate, drunkenly yelling 'PUT ME DOWN YA BLOODY W***ER!', whilst said best mate yells "I'm stealing children!'

He also writes mlp fanficiton.

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