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To clarify, the Mane 6 are the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with Twilight as the central character, and the Gang of Five consist of the main characters from The Land Before Time series, Littlefoot being the central character.  Both terms are actually fanon, but they describe the character groups well enough.  So, I bet you're wondering what this blog is on.  Well, as you probably know already, I despise the episode "A Canterlot Wedding" and I describe the episode as a huge letdown on the subject of friendship, so perhaps it's only fair that I compare the friendships of the Mane 6 and the Gang of Five to see which one holds out better.  I know some of you may tend to think that the Mane 6 should take the gold, but let's be belligerently honest here.  The series MLP:FiM has the word "Friendship" in it, meaning that we likely tend to think the show is supposed to be about friendship.  Sadly, this is only what makes it suck even more when friendships don't hold out as expected.  This is especially true in "A Canterlot Wedding" based on my point of view.  I'm well aware that every friendship has its problems, but in a show that has "friendship" in its title?  You think that with two seasons, the Mane 6 would be less likely to cause problems amongst themselves.  In a series that doesn't have "friendship" in its title, we can expect pretty much anything to come out of it.  With that said, let's compare and see which friendship group is more superior.

The two things I like to compare the most for this include the MLP:FiM episode "A Canterlot Wedding" and the movie The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses.  From what I've gathered, by comparing these, I can instantly determine which friendship group holds out as the better one.  So let's take a look at the friendship-breaking parts.

A Canterlot Wedding

1.  Twilight surmises that her brother's wedding is a setup and that "Cadance" is scheming to harm her brother based on witnessing bad behavior.  Her friends dismiss her as simply being jealous and choose to favor two total strangers over her.  This makes no sense for two reasons.  First, why would Twilight be jealous of her brother getting married at all?  Is it because she doesn't even have a coltfriend?  Is it because she's worried that he'll be less involved with her life than ever before?  In fact, none of these reasons even make sense because "A Canterlot Wedding" is literally the first time Shining Armor has been mentioned.  So having him blow his own sister off by disowning her and throwing her out of his wedding is like revealing his true colors and showing us possibly the kind of character he really is.  A detestable jerk who cares nothing of his family and puts his own fiance ahead of everything else, including his own well-being.  Oh, and stop with the excuse "He was brainwashed", because it's NOT AN EXCUSE.  Worst brother in the history of brothers.

2.  Twilight's friends showed little to no concern about her not being present in the wedding and seemed perfectly content without her, including Celestia.  This is one of the few times I give Celestia the verbal bashing she deserves, the other real time being "Twilight's Kingdom", but other times, she's perfectly fine.  If some of you think otherwise and that Tyrantlesia is headcanon, I say headcanon because you would like to think that and enforce it on others, then I'm very concerned for you.  And to be belligerently honest, I want to know what you've been smoking.  Because Tyrantlestia is not canon and never was.  The only reason I despise Celestia more than any other character is because she's every definition of the word nice and it sucks big balls to have her make dreadful mistakes in "A Canterlot Wedding" and "Twilight's Kingdom".  'Nuff said.

3.  When the truth is revealed and Queen Chrysalis is finally set packing due to sheer, dumb luck (c'mon, admit it, that was the real reason because the Mane 6 failed in their duties and deserved to), we add insult to injury.  That is to say nothing is shown that hints that Twilight's friends were truly sorry or remorseful for their actions, especially having put two total strangers ahead of her.  I get that some stuff is not meant to be shown on screen, possibly for time reasons, but not having at least one scene that consists of Twilight's friends and Shining Armor make amends to Twilight?  That's just a bullet in the back and also the nail in the coffin that makes "A Canterlot Wedding" go down as one of the worst episodes in the series, if not in all of 2D cartoon history.  Why?  Nothing is resolved.

4.  This may not have to do with friendship matters, but I just have to get this off my chest.  Why in her right mind did Princess Celestia think she could go through with a royal wedding despite that threat that was made against Canterlot?  And could she not have told the Mane 6 that too?  Isn't that like trying to have a wedding in Boston while the city was in lock-down that one time after the marathon bombing?  I mean, really.  Think about it.

The Land Before Time XI:  Invasion of the Tinysauruses

1.  Cera pridefully thinks she should be the first dinosaur in the Great Valley to taste these tree-sweets at the right time because she claimed to have seen the tree first.  But it was Littlefoot who technically saw the tree first and likely because of this, the other friends laugh at her ridicule.  Cera takes this out by sneering at Littlefoot that he's too short to reach the tree.  This understandably puts Littlefoot into a depression, so he attempts to reach one of the tree-sweets from a cliff, but in sheer irony, he misses and falls, somehow emptying the tree of the sweets.  You might ask where the logic is, but that's not important.  The tree-sweets are then gobbled up by a pack of Mussaurus and Littlefoot tells a half-lie, or rather half of the whole story, mainly because he's worried about all the trouble he could be in... because of what Cera said.  Eventually, Littlefoot tells the whole story and three of his friends, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, decide to dismiss him.  Cera is not shown to do so and it's possible that she felt guilty for putting Littlefoot down in the first place and it might have irked him to try and reach the tree.

2.  After dissing Littlefoot, the one thing happens with Ducky, Petrie, and Spike that we never see on screen in "A Canterlot Wedding" that had even the smallest chance of saving the episode.

Regret.  The one thing that I consider the saving grace of the Gang of Five.  Littlefoot's three friends regretted their actions.  In fact, Cera even suggests that they should find Littlefoot and apologize to him.  If anything, this shows that Cera, who's normally wild and tough and in the fourth movie wasn't exactly in favor of Littlefoot's new friend not warming up to her and the others, never held anything against Littlefoot for his misfortune.  Not once.  Ever.  Now, did any of the Mane 6 regret their actions against Twilight?  No.  Did any of them question Shining Armor disowning her?  No.  Did they ever make amends in the end?  No.  Not unless I somehow missed it, which I'm pretty sure I didn't.  Anything off screen doesn't count because what happened was that bad.  Not even the kind Fluttershy stuck her neck up for Twilight.  And that's saying a lot.  They felt something so right doing the wrong thing.

I may not know much, but it's reasons like these alone that make it pretty clear which group of friends is superior, but just hear me out.  Because Ducky, Petrie, and Spike regretted being mean to Littlefoot, it's like they're saying that no matter what happens, they'll always be friends.  In the third movie, as bad as it might have been and I'm aware of that despite that I saw it loads of times as a kid, Cera says, "Littlefoot is my friend!  He'll always be my friend!"  That line sticks out in my memory because it comes from the character Cera, who used to start out bigoted and as much of a jerk as her father until she changed her ways.  Looking back on that line, it has more meaning than I remember.  As for the Mane 6, maybe there are a few points where they might have said to each other that no matter what happens, they'll always be friends.  If by that, they mean no matter what happens, unless one of us is a jealous nag over a wedding and accuses the bride of being evil, then yeah, apart from that, we'll always be friends.  So, guess who's taking the friendship crown in my book?  The Gang of Five from The Land Before Time wins and will always be the superior group of friends.

~Black Kyurem

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Nightmare Anti-Brony

Behold, bronies!  Your worst nightmare!  An original character made by me using an artwork of Rarity from G3 as its reference!

Yes, let it shock and terrorize you bronies with most evil senses of humor!  Let it haunt your nightmares!

ABC (Anti-Brony Campaign)

Bronies claimed their original policy was "love and tolerate".  They do NOT.  Sadly, this site is a heavy example.  Users claim that to be a user here, you have to be a brony.  Then, when people here, particularly anti-bronies, peacefully express their opinion, bronies attack these opinions, claiming that based on their opinions and their perspectives of how they see the MLP:FiM series, is actually canon.  Something based on mere opinions and perspectives is said to be canon.  Clearly, these bronies are insane and do NOT welcome different approaches, thus forcing others to give in and accept things from the same perspective.  I encourage people who do not feel free, and of course are able to view mature content just to be safe, to join ABC (Anti-Brony Campaign) and show that we should be free to state our opinions without being violated.  We can agree to disagree, but we should not have to be assaulted for being ourselves.

ABC targets the brony fandom as a whole and the bronies must be stopped... for their own good.

White Kyurem

Both this user and myself have been heavy victims of brony rampage.  We had originally come in peace, but have faced disrespect and injustice simply for showing up and stating our opinions and writing stories.


The Next Step in Failing, Broken Aesop, and Accusation: Fanfics

Okay, I'm gonna need these hyperlinks for now, as they are living proof of bronies attacking other users over a matter of opinions and (you're not gonna believe this) writing fan fiction.  I don't know where else to put them, so I'll stick them here.  I can't be responsible for what's been said in these threads, so no personal offense is intended.


Black Kyurem, starting an Anti-Brony Campaign since 2013

7 Stories

- A Canterlot Wedding: Aftermath

- Cutie Bloom

- Sister Dash

- Ponyville Parents Day

- Rise of the Dark Queen

- Wrath of the Shadow General

- Sunrise

7 Original Characters

Gentle Soul

A psychotherapist from Canterlot.  Graduated from Celestia's School for the Gifted Unicorns in calming magic.

Smiling Princess

Born as an alicorn through hyper-rare crossbreeding.  Tragically committed suicide after suffering from intense bullying at Applewood.

Sunny Sweet

The mother of Smiling Princess and the loving and supporting wife of Artissimo.


A game designer from Vanhoover and a representative against bullying.  Father of Smiling Princess.


The young daughter of the mysterious Shadowstealth and the fifth Cutie Mark Crusader after Babs Seed.


A shady stallion who travels Equestria, monitoring the ponies to see if friendships are in fact the key to holding Equestria together.


A ruthless bully, created by Black Kyurem to represent the headcanon of Tyrantlestia and the Alicorn Twilight drama.  Martinet leads the Bronies, a group of dark alley ponies who represent the bad side of the fandom with the same name, to overthrow Princess Celestia and seize the throne of Equestria.

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>>2213672 Sorry I didn't realize you commented here some time ago.  Would you at least like to hang around here just to PM me?  How about deviantART?  I'm there too.  And hey, you think you got it bad?  I'm targeted by that idiot user Humanity who I think is a perverted Trump supporter and he wants me offline forever for my "crimes against so-and-so".  Think I'm gonna do that?  No way!  I got other people to talk to online and my own personal dreams to fulfill.  And I rely on the Internet for references and such.  Anyways, sorry I'm late, but wherever you go, notify me and we can still chat if you like.

#128 · 3w, 1d ago · · ·

Hey, sorry if I haven't replied in a long time (yes, I've heard of Shantae, but never have played it)...I do have some things I want to say though...I think I may be leaving the FiM fandom soon...:fluttershysad:

This is why, and can be judged on this art thing here: http://eternities22.deviantart.com/art/Brony-to-Ex-Brony-296244871

I haven't seen the show yet admittedly, but glimpsed at clips of it; I'm trying to find time to watch it, but I can't as I get distracted by other things, then couple that with trying to deal with the bad fanbase and then the fans' mixed opinions and them fighting over it which makes me question whether the show is as great as they say it is or not (I've heard mixed but sometimes mostly negative reactions to some important episodes/ones that have songs fans like in it, and if it's negative and such, what's the point of watching/liking it? :fluttershysad: I even saw what I think one person who I was friends with insulting someone else...I'm just shocked and honestly sad to see something like that!)...and when I take a break from it my stress has disappeared...maybe it just isn't worth it at all...I thought the show would be great for me (MLP which adults enjoy is a good idea), but it's just making me miserable...it's just so frustrating!! There are so many better shows out there anyways that teach the concepts of friendship better like Sailor Moon (not Crystal and its fandom that is just as bad as the MLP FiM one), Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Saint Seiya...even G1 MLP looks more awesome (G1 is honestly now IMO better than G4 honestly, yes, I like G1 MLP)!! I am very quickly slipping towards #4 on this list...and I'd probably combine the both #3 and #4:

"OK, THAT DOES IT!! (This is for season 5 and such, so it contains spoilers) These guys are complete freaking idiots! Who the hell cares if Twilight Sparkle got wings? (I'm changing some stuff) Who the hell cares if Starlight Glimmer got redeemed/CMC got their Cutie Marks that way? And damn it, I keep seeing hate and negativity and fighting nearly everywhere over different opinions and quality now. They keep ranting about the original MLP. They keep making these stupid sexual comments. This has gone too far. You guys have ruined My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for me. No wonder why your "love and tolerate" thing is dead, and your fanbase is one of the most hated on the Internet. You losers (mostly the stupid haters, G1 haters and even people who are bullying and such) and your G4 pony crap can go to hell. I'm not mixing with these arrogant fantards anymore. I'm only staying with G1 MLP. Take your G4 ponies and shove them. I don't care anymore that your precious show is "20% cooler" your jerks!"

Sometimes I feel like the most unfortunate/miserable MLP fan in the world... :fluttercry:

#127 · 17w, 6d ago · · ·

>>2138555 I shall; and I hope you find a job too.

#126 · 17w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

>>2138548 Thanks!  But like I said, I'm still unemployed and I don't deserve it.  Come see my work on dA some time.

#125 · 17w, 6d ago · · ·

>>2137651 I actually find that pic of Fluttershy kinda sexy looking, but I know it's just a picture and I'm not one of those "horse fuckers" like you may hear people say, I know such an act like that is illegal and disgusting.

I see...I see more as the Main Six as adults (and Mr. Enter did say Rainbow is an adult in his Double Rainboom review). I would not appreciate stuff like panties or such on any of the CMC unless they're being portrayed as older.

You graduated from an art school? Congratulations! :pinkiehappy:

#124 · 18w, 18h ago · 1 · 3 ·

>>2137641 Personally, I don't see anything wrong or over the top with that image of Fluttershy.  ...Perhaps I should have said that bronies are more like pedophiles, seeing as I heard some of them are like in their 40's and the pony characters in G4 are portrayed as quite young, though Rarity is likely the eldest.

I don't like porn either and I don't like pedophilia.  All I'll say about young females is that they are cute but you'll never catch a 'lone wolf' guy like me being sexually attracted to them... just protective of them.

I encourage you to check out my work on my dA page when you have time and feel free to comment or leave me a PM note.  We can chat on dA too.  I've been told that I deserve more given my skills and that I do not deserve to be unemployed just because I graduated from an art school that's currently under an investigation.

#123 · 18w, 18h ago · · ·

>>2137186 I agree, though to be honest, I think I'm a bit of a perv, I do like pics like this: https://derpibooru.org/1044589?scope=scpeeaab287a78e11e9d6ea956715b378c18191b71ff :twilightsheepish:

Drawing pony art, that would probably be the closest to "sexy" I'd draw.

I don't like pornographic pony art. I've seen several ones (even ones of G1 in fact!) and I thought IMO "Uggh..." :pinkiesick:

#122 · 18w, 1d ago · 1 · ·

>>2137169 Of course I can.  Bronies are like mindless perverts.  And I am not a mindless pervert. :pinkiehappy:

#121 · 18w, 1d ago · · ·

>>2136900 I see now. I tend to rage when others start stuff too...

I think you can still like G1 MLP without being called a "brony" though.

#120 · 18w, 1d ago · · ·

>>2136877 I'm only an anti-brony.  I was never a brony.  And I only "rage" when others start stuff with me, just so I can make a point that I'm serious about not wanting to be messed with.

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