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I see how this community is.  I see its dark nature above all else.  Instead of being more respectful to writers who admit to not being the best at writing by telling them what needs improvement for future reference, you people are just calling them mentally retarded instead.  There is no love and tolerate, is there?  There is only hate, unkindness, unwelcoming, trolling, and of course thinking you are always right and those who are beneath your feet are always wrong.

So I too have reached a conclusion.  This is my final shout-out to the entire brony community here and everyone else.

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ABC (Anti-Brony Campaign)

While bronies claim to be this super-popular fan base with a "love and tolerate" policy, more often than not, many of them have been shown to screw their policy when things happen in the show that they don't want.  They have signed pointless petitions and even threatened Hasbro and DHX.  What the show really needs is a simple fan base without the need of screaming bronies over the tiniest of things.  Shitstorms were at large in 2013 in light of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Equestria Girls for the most foolish reasons.  Also, fan stuff that doesn't make any sense has been created and promoting garbage such as Trollestia and Scootabuse is not a good thing, especially when it persists for no apparent reason.  Join ABC and help tone down the MLP:FiM fan base to a more peaceful level.  ...Or let's just stomp out the bronies altogether because many of them have proven to be unhealthy and unbalanced.


This web site is notorious for its unkindness and zero tolerance for... anything.  And it should be taken down.  No one should like Derpibooru.


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Black Kyurem, starting an Anti-Brony Campaign since 2013

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- Cutie Bloom

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- Ponyville Parents Day

- Rise of the Dark Queen

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>>1137382 I don't approve of a lot of the shit the fan and even non fans come up with.  Most of the time, I'm... impressed with their imagination.  A good amount of the nsfw pics, fics, animations and are made by girls or pegisisters in mlp community.  As for Flash and Bulk... who gives a fuck.  They were probably made by hasbro when they were browsing the web, looking at the interesting shit the fans come up with and I strongly believe Equestria Girls was made because so many fans write stories about ponies turning into humans and what not.  But that's my opinion.

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>>1125678 It's what some of these so-called fans have done.  They mocked Scootaloo, promoted Molestia (thank God Hasbro stopped that), raged over Bulk Biceps and Flash Sentry, and of course surely had to establish Derpibooru, which doesn't have a healthy community.

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