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I'm getting close to done with the next chapter of Consequences of Darkness, I've still got one, maybe two more scenes to write and it's got to go through editing, but we're near the home stretch for that chapter. It's looking to be ~19k words.

But! Here's a sneak peek. Not of the next chapter, but the chapter after that. This is still subject to change in implementation mind you, but here y'all go :moustache::

Half remembered phrases, fuzzy recollections of incantations and only semi-coherent thoughts crystalized in my head as the mountain of ice and malevolance continued on its way toward us.

"Slow that thing down!" I shouted over the howling of the winds and wolves, "I'm going to whip out an army buster!"

"How the buck are we supposed to do that?!" snarled Grave Danger even as his horn blazed with crimson power, a pulse of flame blasting several Shadow Wolves back.

"Try orderly fire!" I snapped as I fell back into the circle the team built around me, my flanks twitching as I dodged out of the way of one wolf. A quick kick from Punic breaking its face.

"How the buck do you create orderly flames?!" Quiet Mirror shouted as he fired a bolt of energy into a shadow wolf.

"You're the flank-kickers! You figure it out!" I snarled, my horn lighting.

"Fire beyond heat," I snarled, falling into myself, tapping into that crystallization of thought. My veins felt like they were on fire, molten pain crawling up through my my hooves. I touched upon the power of Tartarus sun, the flames of hell.

"Ice beyond the coldest reach," the fire pouring upwards, lines of pain spreading through me, towards my heart as I reached for the coldest depths of Tartarus, the furthest depths of the prison from its terrible sun. The fire in my veins reached my heart and I let out a wordless sound of pain as my body acted as a conduit for terrible powers.

I grit my teeth and let my blood burn as I brought the two forces together at the end of my horn, brilliant green and blackest night coming together in a flame, "Thunder and lightning of a storm beyond," The spark of life, the rumbles of living and the souls, drawing from my own life, "Of which the souls of the damned are fond!" And so I tapped into the power of death, the antithesis to life, opening a gate to the planes of the dead and letting power pour through me, forcibly entwining it with the current of power I gained from burning my life-force.

"Gather and clash!" I shouted, the words coming unbidden from my mouth as I focused the conflicting powers at the tip of my horn, forcibly bringing them into contact. Ice that would freeze even light and fire that would burn stone, the crackling power of life and the thunderous power of the dead.

"Contained in a dream!" I snarled, touching upon the dreams, opening a conduit to the power of the astral plane, letting it pour out from my mind and through my horn, encasing the seething ball of power.

"Nightmares manifest," I locked gazes with the oncoming mountain, ignoring the shaking of the earth with each step, meeting the malevolent green and red eyes the size of houses with an equal fury in my own, "Shine and scream!" I let the full power of the astral plane flow through me, both the dreams and the nightmares, the darkest depths of consciousness. My vision shook in time with each blazing pulse of my heart, the ball of black and sickly green pressing against the shining sphere of rainbows and dark at the tip of my horn.

"Sired by my Sins!" I tapped into the darkest parts of my psyche and focused the power pouring through me through it, wrestling with the immense energy as I tapped into the dark depths of vice, "Born of my Darkness!"

"It is Wrath from Anguish!" I roared, accepting my fury at my weakness, at my inability to to save and help-! Tears of fire running down my cheeks as light of crimson, emerald, icy blue, and impossible darkness seethed around my horn.

"Hatred from Guilt!" How much pain had this thing caused already? How many had died because of it? I would allow no more! I wouldn't let this bastard do anything more!

"Suffering made manifest!" the seething pearl of anguish pulsed as it became solid, coherent, physical. A wave of pressure exploded outwards from it, making me grit my teeth as I struggled through the flame in my veins, the tension in my body, the electric pain coursing through my flesh as my vision swam.

But my gaze remained locked on the walking glacier of malevolence and dark magic, shadows and ice flowed freely at the edges of my vision, but I ignored them, trusting the others to cover me. Planting my hooves wide as I lowered my head, snarling at our foe.

"And so I unleash–!" I roared, focused on my target, "The HELLBALL!"

Blinding pain shocked through my horn as if it had been struck, my body convulsing as the screams started. A bolt of emerald lightning and shadows showed the trail the blast had taken in that briefest of instant as the ball of death expanded.

A ball of sickly green with shadows seething across its surface, images of skulls and faces flashing in and out of existence as the burning sphere grew, the screams of a thousand souls heralding the blast, a warbling wail of pain and agony as the world shook. Pressure blasting away as the sphere of destruction grew, kicking up the snow and pushing us back even as we stood over a mile away.

The glacial form that stood nearly three hundred feet high was almost entirely encompassed by the blast, a flurry of snow and gravel and black ice surging out from it in a wave that was evaporated even as it blew outwards.

My body trembled like jello, muscles quivering as the wave of frigid water and air rushed past us, soaking me to the bone. The blazing green ball lingered, burning in the air before slowly dispersing into whisps of ghosts and smoke and shadows, the wailing screams slowly fading.

The world jerked as the mass that had once been one of the mountain's arms hit the tundra and I jerked around, my ears ringing and vision swimming.

I'd blown off the lump that had been its head and a fair portion of its torso. I'd somehow missed the center of mass, one arm still dangled by the equivalent of a thread as the body slowly toppled. If it's arm had—

"Brace yourselves!" I shouted over the ringing in my ears and the hoarseness in my throat-

Then it hit, the world jerking suddenly and throwing me off my hooves despite having done what I'd shouted. I twisted quickly back up onto my hooves, struggling past the shakiness in my limbs, eyes searching frantically.

The team was still going, our two airborne members  still up and about- the wolves?!

They were scattered, disorganized-

They were coming back! "Everyone up! Come on you lazy bastards! On your fucking feet!" I could see the ponies struggling up out of the scattered snow, fighting past shock-

"T-The buck was that?!"

"The army buster!" I snapped at Quiet Mirror, now wasn't the time! "Now come on!" I shouted over the returning winds, "We've still got to get back to the shield–"

I trailed off.

... returning winds...

FUCK. You've got to be shitting me!

"Fuck! We've got another problem!" in spite of my pain and aches, in spite of the trembling and spike of fire in my head, I lit my horn, "Graves! Quiet! Up and at 'em! We've got work to do!"

Thoughts? Suppositions? Guesses? Have fun! :trollestia:

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Please update Taking Turns soon.

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Well I will certainly try my best to oblige.  Thank you for your support (and those delicious, delicious views) :raritystarry:

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>>1442197 Your blog is absolutely delightful. I consider myself reasonably well learned when it comes to writing and I still learned things :pinkiehappy: Definitely gonna keep an eye on that stuff!

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Thank you kindly for the watch :twilightsmile:

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I came here to lie some flowers on your grave but it turns out you're still kicking around

I paid ten whole dollars for this boquet, darn it

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