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I just hope to entertain people with my fancy horse words. I always appreciate criticism.

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I like writing.

I like MLP:FiM.

I like entertaining people in a variety of ways.

I love hearing ideas.

If I'm being insulting, please tell me so, I almost certainly don't mean to be.

I love constructive criticism in pretty much any form.

I hate dedicated ignorance and cruelty.

Feel free to ask me questions, I don't usually volunteer information, but I have little issues talking about myself. Personal quirk.

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Okay, so, original intent was for the chapter to be up today, but my head is killing me and I'm not happy with the chapter at the moment. I'm going to work on it more tomorrow night and should have it up tomorrow. Gonna be about half to a third of the size of my usual chapters, but it'll be up tomorrow night.

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Offline for a week again already, I see. Really need to reread Consequences now, it's been stuck in the back of my mind for about a week or two now. Hope life's treating you well.

#81 · 28w, 4d ago · · ·

>>2221389 sadly I think you're right

#80 · 30w, 5d ago · · ·

I just finished reading Consequences of Unariginality and I must say best read since Your Human and You,  I tip my hat to you Sir.

#79 · 36w, 2d ago · · ·

welp its been about a year since he's been here so I'm gonna say he isn't coming back.

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