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Right, here's the immediate future of Consequences of Unoriginality:

Next Chapter:

The Date, Emeris' overly forgiving nature finally gets him in some trouble, the second to last "Emeris focused" chapter;

8.5 out of 12 scenes completed, currently 8,700 words

Chapter After Next:

The Doom Party, Pinkie's party for Emeris finally happens, last "Emeris focused" chapter for a solid while

Still sketching out the scenes

Next Arc:

The Crystal Empire. Things be fucked up yo. Due to things Emeris' did as Gary, this isn't the canon Crystal Empire craziness. It's much worse. Celestia and Luna actually send a guard along with the Elements of Harmony (not just the Mane Six, but Elements included) to the Crystal Empire. It's gonna be crazy.

I consider this the point where the ball is finally rolling for the story proper, we're finally away from Emeris fixing the immediate consequences of his curse and now with him as part of a group dealing with the more far reaching ones and the trials/tribulations of other ponies.

The Request / Challenge

And this brings us to the request/challenge:

I've got some vague outlines for the guard that accompanies the Mane Six to the Crystal Empire, but I need some help. I suck at names amongst other things. Feel free to suggest additions or alterations to the following ponies!

Pony 1

Name: ???

Species: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: Skeletal hoof lit by emerald flames

Color: ???

Mane/Tail: ???

Appearance: Small unicorn, one of his sides is a patchwork of stitches hiding a nasty secret, his front left hoof is a skeletal, necromantically powered prosthetic

Rank: Broken Horn Coven Arch Warlock

Specialties: Black (Emotionally Fueled) Magic [Eighth Degree Master], Necromancy [Ninth Degree Master]

Personality: Arrogant. He believes he's above all other ponies. Supremely loyal to Celestia even though Luna is technically his boss. Devoted to his job.

Relaxation: Necromancy

Pony 2

Name: ???

Species: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: A flag waving in the wind with his house crest on it

Color: ???

Mane/Tail: ???

Appearance: Absolutely enormous earth pony, over half the size of Celestia, bigger than even Big Mac

Rank: Lieutenant General of the Equestrian Army

Specialties: Command, being terrifyingly fast and strong and skilled, social connections, money

Personality: Pleasant, calm, focused on his family, a relatively small noble house, everything is focused on his honor, status, and to help them

Relaxation: Maintaining his family lands

Pony 3

Name: ???

Species: Lunar Pegasus (Batpony)

Cutie Mark: Silloughette of an earth pony with the shadow of a Lunar Pegasus

Color: Very dark blue-gray

Mane/Tail: ???

Appearance: Large lunar pegasus

Rank: ???

Specialties: Shadow manipulation, shadow-diving, stealth

Personality: Loyalty focused, wants to finish her term to the best of her ability before getting back to her herd

Relaxation: Flying at night, playing with foals

Pony 4

Name: ???

Species: ???

Cutie Mark: ???

Color: ???

Mane/Tail: ???


Rank: Zenith Guard Captain

Specialties: ???

Personality: Pleasant and happy, good natured, crush on one of the Mane Six (Tis a secret who!)

Relaxation: Elements of Harmony fan

Pony 5

Name: ???

Species: Zebra

Cutie Mark: ???

Color: Black and White

Mane/Tail: Black and White, style?

Appearance: Decent sized

Rank: Battle Shaman ; Zenith Guard Lieutenant

Specialties: Battle potions, hoof-to-hoof combat

Personality: Seeking strength, pleasant otherwise, wants to be the strongest, focused on survival of the fittest

Relaxation: Training

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I came here to lie some flowers on your grave but it turns out you're still kicking around

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You're back, I see. I was already having a good day, but this still brightened it a little.

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Andoriol... HES STILL ALIVE?!

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Really glad to hear it.  "Consequences" has been among my favorite (semi-meta) pieces of the fandom since it began.  Hope to see more of you in the future! :pinkiehappy:

So thanks for that.

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