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I just hope to entertain people with my fancy horse words. I always appreciate criticism.

About Me

I like writing.

I like MLP:FiM.

I like entertaining people in a variety of ways.

I love hearing ideas.

If I'm being insulting, please tell me so, I almost certainly don't mean to be.

I love constructive criticism in pretty much any form.

I hate dedicated ignorance and cruelty.

Feel free to ask me questions, I don't usually volunteer information, but I have little issues talking about myself. Personal quirk.

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  • The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria A chronicle of Twilight Sparkle's life with the human Lero and his herd. Based on Xenophilia. by archonix 40,529 words · 12,161 views · 1,503 likes · 59 dislikes
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Status Update! · 3:55am

Right, between work and class I've had less time to write than I'd like, but that was expected.

A Wild Problem appeared! What do you want to do?

Fight         Pokemans

Item         Run

I got sick, not horrendously sick, but bad enough to make writing difficult and work impossible. Not enough to stop me from writing, but the sudden loss of interwebs for a full week put that hope to rest. I had about a week where I got a whole lot of nothing accomplished on the story.

So instead of being in the rough draft approach, we're still pumping it out. I've got about 6k words down that are mildly edited so far. I see about another 6 to 8k words before this thing is done. I can't give time estimates because I can already foresee this chapter going through some serious editing before it's up to my standards, let alone my editors.

Current highlights include: Shadow Play turning a Shadow Wolf's head into chunky salsa, Cumulus Rose cutting a Shadow Wolf in half with a single swing, Emeris dropping a proper Swords Like Stars and not just a quick and dirty version. I've got about a half dozen other good moments planned for the chapter and hopefully one solid WOW moment.

So yeah! A bit behind where I'd wanted to be on the writing of the chapter, but it's still a coming! No writers blocks or anything like that, just life putting speedbumps in the way.

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Thanks for the fav on The Old Gray Mare! :twilightsmile:

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Please update Taking Turns soon.

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Well I will certainly try my best to oblige.  Thank you for your support (and those delicious, delicious views) :raritystarry:

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>>1442197 Your blog is absolutely delightful. I consider myself reasonably well learned when it comes to writing and I still learned things :pinkiehappy: Definitely gonna keep an eye on that stuff!

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Thank you kindly for the watch :twilightsmile:

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