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Would anyone be interested in a Consequences-verse group? This is the third time I've had people asking/talking about alternate stories based on it and I'm fully supportive, but it made me think.

The group would be a place for the collection of stories set in the Consequences verse as well as similar stories playing on the concept of Gary Stu/Mary Sues in a more literal sense.

Obviously I'd include some more concrete info about the Consequences verse for people to play around with, not just stuff from Emeris' limited perspective.

Just something my crazy (and hyped up on one too many scoops of pre-workout stuff) brain thought to ask before I head off to work.

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Well I will certainly try my best to oblige.  Thank you for your support (and those delicious, delicious views) :raritystarry:

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>>1442197 Your blog is absolutely delightful. I consider myself reasonably well learned when it comes to writing and I still learned things :pinkiehappy: Definitely gonna keep an eye on that stuff!

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Thank you kindly for the watch :twilightsmile:

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I came here to lie some flowers on your grave but it turns out you're still kicking around

I paid ten whole dollars for this boquet, darn it

#1322962 · 11w, 1d ago · · ·

You're back, I see. I was already having a good day, but this still brightened it a little.

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