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Okay, we've got a lot of business to cover, so I'll try and make this quick. The poll is at the end though.

Consequences of Unoriginality is once again live and kicking! I'm working on the next/final chapter of the side story Despair of Gary Stu as well as the next chapter of Consequences of Unoriginality. Chapters won't be coming out as fast as this last one did, that's an exception due to a surprising amount of free time.


Now, there's been some (VERY) minor changes to Consequences made because I had an idea that had to be written in (so much better drama and story!). Don't worry about re-reading the story for it though, we're talking about a few sentences worth of change over 110,000 words. You should be able to pick up on it just from reading onwards.

Cover Art!

I'd love to have cover art for Consequences of Unoriginality </broken record>

I'm willing to commission art, but I'm not sure what would be appropriate for the story and any suggestions would be awesome. Commissioning will be at least a month away due to budget concerns on my part.


I always feel awkward with the thought of updating the TVTropes page for Consequences of Unoriginality. It's awesome that it exists! But I don't know what's appropriate for an author to do about their own page. Thoughts?

The Future!

Emeris has been doing good so far, things are looking up for him! ... for the next arc. Things are going to drift from Emeris being the center of the story (FINALLY). He's our PoV character still, but he's not going to be the focus of the story anymore! *champagne poppers* Wooooooo!


Huge thanks to Aburi for helping me with this story, he makes things so much better like you don't even understand ;-;

I'm definitely not saying no to prospective editors or pre-readers though. Aburi is awesome, but he's only one guy.

Also, support his good story! I have it on good authority that there could be an equally delightful sequel to it :trixieshiftright:

Spoilerific Stuffs and IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

Okay, fair warning, this is gonna be sorta spoiler-y for a bit.

The summary for the rest of the story is going through a bit of a revision since it was written before Season 3 was even done, let alone Season 4 was a thing. So the future of the story is being rebuilt a bit.

One of the things I've been considering is such: Could the Elements of Harmony have been used to revitalize the Tree of Harmony? As in: Would it have worked if Mane Six blasted the Tree of Harmony with the Elements rather than giving the gems back? There will be a comment below to vote on with your opinion.

As someone asked (and I'll codify here): I kind of need some OCs. I could make them myself, but I always love tapping into other people's creativity! I need some pony nobility, some griffons (primarily nobility), nobility for some various species, and some military / administration ponies that would work for Twilight once she's a princess, since Emeris helps her settle into her job and assumes command of her military guard.

Now for the really spoiler-y stuff:

If Emeris was swept up in the magical mystery cure which swaps their cutie marks and talents (and noting that his cutie mark is, terrifyingly, directly connected to black magic and knowledge of it), what are suggestions on who gets swapped with whom?

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I came here to lie some flowers on your grave but it turns out you're still kicking around

I paid ten whole dollars for this boquet, darn it

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You're back, I see. I was already having a good day, but this still brightened it a little.

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Andoriol... HES STILL ALIVE?!

ahem... I mean, glad to see you back my friend!

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Really glad to hear it.  "Consequences" has been among my favorite (semi-meta) pieces of the fandom since it began.  Hope to see more of you in the future! :pinkiehappy:

So thanks for that.

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