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As fires from the dragon lands threaten the Everfree Forest, the Elements of Harmony must find a way to stop them. In particular, one pegasus uncovers a talent she never thought possible, and must reconcile it with her life's calling.

First Published
22nd Sep 2011
Last Modified
17th Mar 2012

This comment is pretty much for "bumping" purposes....  

I really enjoyed the story so far, and I sincerely hope that you haven't given up on writing it.  Here's hoping I'll see this story update sometime in the not-too-distant future!

Hey guys,

You can actually find this story updated most frequently on EqD:

Sorry about the long periods between updates. School is pretty tough right now, and I appreciate your understanding.

To those of you who've stopped by -- thank you for reading.


It's great to read! And I'm sure others will agree! :D

That was amazing! Definately looking forward to more whenever you post it!

thanks for the heads-up on the location!

Yay~ another chapter! And nice title page!


Totally worth the long wait, and I'd be willing to wait just as long for more! :pinkiehappy:

very good!

I aprove of this story and I give it a "Chuck Norris" grade thumbs up :ajsmug:

Tracked, thumbed, "BUCK YES THIS IS AMAZING"-ed, ect.

And now I wait for MOAR.

Woot! It updated! :yay:

How no comments?

Okay, I'll be first.  Great story, looking good so far! :yay:

Awesome cover by the way!

Just started this, and I'm really liking it so far.

Pinkie's dreams led restaurants to stop serving oatmeal? Wow.

0o oh no the Trees on fire

and now i wait for the update


Fluttershy is the Ghost Rider.

But seriously, this is turning out to be a very pleasing read. You've introduced a lot of new elements to the MLP world, including a new town, another ability for Pegasi to harness, and an assortment of new characters. I'm particularly interested in Celestia's relations with Raznavog - or Razzie. I'm sure the past will come into play at some point farther down the line, so it's going to be a fun read. Another aspect I'm looking forward to is Fluttershy's self immolation. I want to know where that's going and what it's purpose will be, because surely a power like that is going to have it's uses. In short, you've left me wanting to read a lot. There's plenty of cool stuff to be had in this fic, so I'm nothing but anticipant for future installments.

Wings of Courage uses the same cover image as this story, and I keep having my heart broken every time THAT story updates, but THIS one does not.:pinkiesad2:


We need a "Crying Pinkie" emoticon.



Soooooooon. :heart:

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