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  • 17w, 3d
    Hooray! I got to bash MLD for cash!

    After years of knowing what a terrible, creepy story this is that so many people didn't understand was creepy as all get out, It finally happened!  

    There's also all those other entries, I guess. But that's definitely the one I'm the most pleased with.

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  • 67w, 1d
    Huh, Cracked let me post it.

    In the event anyone cares, I wrote an article for Cracked that included some offensive material a few months ago. Lately I felt bad enough about it that I decided to post an apology in the byline for my latest article for the site.

    Given that I haven't heard a word about it from any angry fans in all that time since, I assume it was mostly water off a duck's back anyway, but maybe some people that hate the community will be surprised by that and reconsider their positions. Probably not though, but it doesn't cost me anything to hope.

    5 comments · 152 views
  • 72w, 1d
    Okay, forget the wave thing

    Turns out I didn't enjoy writing the one piece of clop I finished (I think it shows) so back to low-traffic, PG-13-at-worst silliness for me.

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  • 75w, 5d
    Announcing a wave of novelty clop stories

    Having just read this (NSFW?)  I'm inspired to take sexual stories in nonsensical directions because clearly you guys like the weirdness. I guess I already kind of tried that once before, but that was just dipping a toe compared to what I have in mind.

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  • 77w, 3d
    I know it's going to fail, but I'm doing it anyway.

    I just had the worst idea in fanfic history. I'll have it up in the next few days and I couldn't be more excited about it.

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  • ...

The story of how an overqualified dying princess became a drug lord.

Proofread by Benny Brohoof.

First Published
8th Jul 2013
Last Modified
8th Jul 2013

This story's pretty good so far, keep at it :twilightsmile:

I like it!

But can I be *that guy* and point out some grammatical errors?


I copied it over to a google document here, so that I could use the comment system there.


Thanks. I'll give ya a credit for it.


Thanks! I'd be glad to do it for any other chapters, if you'd like.

This is going to be great, I can feel it

I like where this is going. Only problem I had were the occasional misspellings and grammatical issues. You might need a better proof reader than the one you already have. Besides that though this is really good! I'll keep an eye on this fic! :pinkiehappy:

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