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  • 77w, 6h
    Angelswift II ending and Angelswift III to be re-writen.

    So, I've had writers block for a long time now. (End of January) I've been blaming myself for this wanting SO BAD to get back to writing but nothing has worked. However, the last week I've been a temple of creativity. Writing songs and making videos for YouTube, but I STILL couldn't write. Now i think i know why. A change was made to the story of Rise of the Clockwork Stallions which has completely thrown my game off. I'm supposed to be the writer for the story for the game, but when your told that the Clockworks are to be changed from Sci-fi to Steampunk, it can cause a mental block, since my stories now no longer make sense. A lot of editing will be required on my part to fix this, and it's a sad that for Angelswift II, it's almost a total re-write.

    But I've had an idea, i can fix this without having to change Angelswift II. but Angelswift III WILL have to be scrapped. I will be working on a new version of Angelswift III tho, and it's going to be a completly different storyline. How different? Well, lets' just say nothing for now. Chapter 9 of Angelswift II will be rewritten in the coming week and to those who liked the ending as it was, I'm sorry. To those who didn't like the ending, I hope this one will be satisfactory.

    I hope you will support me in this change, because I cannot for see myself working on the current Angelswift III storyline as it now sits since it's not able to follow the Rise of the Clockwork Stallions storyline anymore.

    Nevel V.

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  • 115w, 1d
    Angelswift 2?

    I told myself and EVERYONE that would listen, i wouldn't make a sequel. well... I'm not. But i am. but it's not. Yet it is.

    Lemme start over. I'm planning out a new story, it's based on a MLP game my friends and I are currently working on. My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions. A platform game with about 30+ characters. My friend said he was adding Lance and Cherry to the game as well. I began asking about the story to the game and i felt there was potential for a side story to it. An adventure that wouldn't be told of in the game.

    Lance and Cherry are going to be in this story, and they won't be alone. This is a Brony Awakening project (Brony Awakening is a Forum Community i'm a member of. I consider them my Brony Family)  and i plan on adding their OC's to the story as well. The OC's that are in the game i mean. The game itself will have the mane six as well as dozens of your favourite background ponies, from Lyra to Octavia. but my story will not be based around the mane six. They have problems of their own while my story is going on.

    But yeah, Lance and Cherry are going to be the mane characters of my up coming story but not sure if i can call it a sequel because it doesn't follow the previous story. Or will it? I dunno, it's not supposed to. But then again, Angelswift was definitive. There is no after story. Maybe this will be the after story. The next adventure.

    The story is currently untitled. Probably gonna call it "Awakening" or something along those lines. But yes, if you're a fan of Angelswift, please keep your eyes open. I'm back to writing, i'm better then i was before *cough* Look, i'm not spell checking this. This is a blog post, nothing more.

    Aaaaaanyways, i'll leave it at that.

    Hope i gave you all something to look forward to. Any questions, feel free to ask and i'll respond as soon as i am able.

    Nevel V.

    4 comments · 183 views
  • 123w, 2d
    Angelswift is Complete!

    Angelswift is 100%

    The story is complete.

    Everypony. It has been one heck of a journey, many tears were shed and shared. I really hope you've enjoyed reading this story as much as me.

    I've not just put a few dozen hours into this book. I'm a slow typer. read this as slow as you can, so you sound weird. That's how slow I type. I takes me about an hour to type like 250 words.

    A 53,000 word story that's a BAWK load of hours. 3 months, 12 hours each saturday/Sunday every weekend. Weekdays, maybe 2-5 hours, depends if i'm not being harassed on Steam constantly :P

    This has been my golden egg. Nevel can't do anybetter then this. I really hope that it's been worth it :) because if you like it, then it was.

    /] to everyone who's read it and left positive feedback, this story would NEVER have happened without you. Never! You inspired me to do it and i wrote from the heart.

    Stay awesome!

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  • ...

Lance Angelswift and Cherry Blossom return in this adventure story. After a terrible accident, a group of ponies find themselves stranded in White Tale Woods. They come across an old building which is being used as a cover for something that no pony ever expected to see in their own lifetime.

A side story based on a pony game being created by a small group of friends on the Brony Awakening forums. The game itself is called "Rise of the Clockwork Stallions"

First Published
16th Sep 2012
Last Modified
5th Jun 2013
#1 · 114w, 5d ago · · · Prologue ·

I'm intrested to find out more ...

#3 · 109w, 4d ago · · · Chapter 5 ·

Crush kill destroy swag

#4 · 96w, 15h ago · · · Chapter 4 ·

Lance: Oh fuck.

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