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    A schizophrenic pony moves into ponyville, but when a shapeshifting monster disguised as him attacks in the dead of night, can he prove it wasn't him?
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    Fluttershy drives someone to insanity.
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    Master shake in Equestria.
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  • 3w, 5d
    Some dumb thing I wrote for /mlp/

    >You stood there, silent.


    >She sobs. *sniff* "I'm sorry Anon. We'll h-have to hang out some other day."

    >She closes her eyes.

    >She starting to cry again.

    >You have to help her.

    "Would you mind if I just sat with you?"

    >Her eyes widen a bit in surprise, then close again. "I..." She sniffles. "I'd like that."

    >You walk up to the tree she's leaning against, and sit next to it.

    >For a while, neither of you say anything. Her sobs and the rustling tree are the only thing you hear.

    >After a moment, you speak up.

    "Hey Pinkie."

    >She looks up to you. "Yeah, Anon?"

    "When I think about it, despite all the times we've hung out, I think I only ever saw Gummy when he was hanging on your tail."

    >She raises an eyebrow. "Really?"

    "Yeah. What was he like?"

    >She seems to perk up somewhat. "Oh, he was the best little alligator you could ever meet."

    >The rest of the evening is filled with stories about Gummy.

    >You laughed when she told you about the time he scared Twilight when she took a bath back at Pinkie's place.

    >You were amazed when she told you about the time he and the rest of the girls pets saved the town from a siren.

    >It somewhat reminded you of your own pet.

    >Oh hell.

    >You haven't thought about her in years.

    >"Anon, why are you crying?"

    >You're surprised by the question. You feel your cheeks. Sure enough, tears are rolling down your face.

    "I was just... thinking about a cat I had a long time ago."

    >She seems interested. "What was her name?"


    >She giggles. "That's a silly name for cat, Anon."

    >You giggle as well.

    "Yeah, I guess it is."

    >"What was she like?"

    "She was very friendly. She would always hop up into my lap, even if I was doing something important."

    >Like playing video games. Or fapping.

    "The instant you started to scratch her head, she'd start purring, and rub against your hand She would always fall asleep in my lap. It made me feel bad when I had to get up.

    >She giggles again.

    "Then, one day, me and my parents had to move. They said I couldn't take her with me. So we just..."

    >You start to choke.

    "...Left her there.

    >Pinkie gasps slightly.

    "For the longest time, I was depressed, but after a while, it just left my mind."

    >Suddenly, Pinkie hugs you.

    >"I'm so sorry you had to go through that Anon."

    >You feel her tears on your back.

    >You hug her back.

    "No Pinkie, I'm sorry. This happened years ago, and you just lost Gummy today. I feel selfish."

    >"How about we both feel sorry? Would that help?"

    >You start laughing.

    >There's the old Pinkie.


    >You stop hugging each other.

    "How're you feeling?"

    >She smiles. "A lot better. Thank you Anon."

    "Anytime Pinkie."

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  • 18w, 5d
    Take a look at these dumb ideas

    I know what you're thinking, and I'm fuckin' working on it, so relax.

    Anyway, I gotta shitload of ideas, and zero writing ability, so take a look at some of these and see if they tickle your imagination balls.

    Conversion Bureau: The Lesser Evil - Handsome Jack goes to Equestria and fucks shit up because CB Celestia is a cunt

    Conversion Bureau: The WWE vs. The Elements of Harmony - Speaks for itself. If you decide to write this one, tell me which wrestler faces each pony, and I'll tell you why you're wrong and it needs to be a different wrestler.

    The Essence of Life - An anthro clopfic in which Vinyl's DJ board comes to life because of an enchanted record. And it's absolutely stacked.

    A Changeling of Hatred - A changeling that can only feed off of negative emotions is banished from the hive because [a reason].

    Nevermind - Spike sneaks out late at night to play in a band with Snips and Snails. What's the bands name? Neighvana.

    Scary Mark - Apple Bloom gets her cutie mark in making absolutely terrifying faces. All of Ponyville promptly shits their non-existent pants.

    If you decide to take on of these ideas, you will be, officially a really cool dude.

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  • 51w, 5d



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  • 102w, 1d

    No JTHM crossover, sorry.

    Katawa Shoujo crossover comin up though, look forward to that. No it's not humanizations, just pones taking place of certain characters.

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  • 105w, 5d

    Possible Johnny the Homicidal Maniac crossover.

    Just to let you know.

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  • ...

After a long day, Rainbow Dash finds a cloud to get some sleep, And has a nightmare.


This little thing is based off of the dreamy rainbow games.

Made by this man --->

First Published
4th Dec 2011
Last Modified
22nd Feb 2012
#1 · 150w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

Yes I know it's a little short, but i didn't say anything about this being a good story.

Part 2 will be released when I see some feedback, doesn't have to be good, just something.

#2 · 150w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·

Awesome so far, but you need to write some more! :twilightsmile: Also, this IS just her nightmare....Right?

#3 · 150w, 1d ago · · · Part 1 ·


Don't worry, It's all a dream. honest:scootangel:

#4 · 150w, 1d ago · · · Part 2 ·

And now you see why it's teen rated.

So, can I do gore any good?

#5 · 150w, 1d ago · · · Part 3 ·

And here's part 3

This just sorta come out on a whim, I don't expect it to be considered TEH BEST, but that would be nice:pinkiesmile:

#6 · 150w, 4h ago · · · Part 3 ·

Nice story. I like it. :)

#7 · 143w, 2d ago · · · Part 3 ·

:D Great story so far, but, I'm not really sure about the part with Pinkie talking about organs and meat-flavored cupcakes. lol

Do ponies even eat meat? :P

#8 · 143w, 2d ago · · · Part 3 ·


Pinkie is Pinkie, who knows what goes on in her head.:pinkiesmile:

#9 · 142w, 3d ago · · · Part 3 ·


javascript:smilie(':trollestia:'); True, very true...

#10 · 128w, 3d ago · · · Part 3 ·

>>148778 No,ponies don't eat meat.If they did,they would die from it because they are herbivores,which means they only eat plants.

#11 · 128w, 3d ago · · · Part 3 ·

>>544387 Actually, there are horses who eat meat.

#12 · 128w, 13h ago · · · Part 3 ·

>>544513 unsettling.

#13 · 121w, 6d ago · · · Part 3 ·

This not bad the story is well nice but the fucking game scared the shit out of me

#14 · 120w, 16h ago · · · Part 1 ·

Good interpretation of the game. I'm gonna read when pinkie goes crazy:pinkiecrazy:

#15 · 119w, 2d ago · · 2 · Part 3 ·


Plus, us humans are technically herbivores, we just adapted so we can eat meat. That's why we have to cook our meat, and omnivores and carnivores don't have to. OH, and I'm reading this after playing the games. They are fricking scary.

#16 · 118w, 2d ago · 3 · · Part 3 ·

>>874016 Humans are omnivores. We can eat both meat and plants. Also we don't have to cook our meat, but we run the risk of food poisoning if we don't.

#17 · 113w, 21h ago · · · Part 3 ·

Someone needs to write a fic on "Luna Game" :pinkiecrazy:

Edit: just looked at your other work, you already have.... I'll go now.

#18 · 53w, 2d ago · · · Part 2 ·

>>51325 Yeah, you can! It's pretty awesome to say the least!:pinkiehappy:

#19 · 53w, 2d ago · · · Part 3 ·

When Pinkie said "Should I make a meat flavored cupcake? :pinkiecrazy:" And I was all like, :raritycry: WHY CUPCAKES REFERANCE!?

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