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    What happens when an unexpected visit turns into a disaster?
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  • 16w, 5d
    Looking for a Beta

    I did have a previous blog entry with this exact title, but I've scrapped that story. I'm looking for someone who has some experience; it doesn't have to be much but a few stories under their belt wouldn't go amiss. This fanfiction will deal heavily in politics so if you're well-versed in that, I would love it if you could help me out. I would also like someone that would not mind working with other Betas. That said, here are a few points about it:

    -Twilight Sparkle is a main character

    -Luna is a main character

    -The political system will be similar to America's in that it will have a president (who is really more of a temporary monarch), Congress, primaries, two main political parties, etc.

    -Celestia is the 'president' at the opening of the story, so she also starts out as a main character

    -The political hierarchy is as follows: alicorns, unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies

    Please comment on this blog post if you're interested.

    5 comments · 60 views
  • 80w, 3d
    Oh. My. Celestia.

    Looking back on my previous stories is painful, downright painful.

    How could you people like that stuff???

    10 comments · 137 views
  • 82w, 3d

    So...as you might have noticed, I haven't been writing a whole lot lately. Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

    But! I've had a reason. In school for Spanish class I had to make a children's book. 18 pages in Spanish and English, and an illustration for every page. And it counts for 300 points (that's three test grades) in the gradebook. Currently, I am getting a C in that class, so I had to do a really good job on the book. For the past month, that's pretty much been taking up all of my time.

    I'll try and start writing more soon now that it's spring break, but no promises. XD

    1 comments · 102 views
  • 94w, 12h
    Slender Bells

    Do you like Christmas songs?

    Do you like Slenderman?

    Do you like Christmas songs about Slenderman?

    Well then my new Youtube video is for you! It's called Slender Bells and it's all about Slenderman to the tune of Jingle Bells. Check it out. :)


    2 comments · 150 views
  • 94w, 6d

    Yeah, I'm gonna apologize for doing almost nothing lately. I have way too many stories up in my head and they all want to come out at the same time, so...

    Basically, I keep starting new stories before finishing old ones just because I don't want to forget them. And I don't learn. In fact, I'm planning on starting a new one here soon.

    Don't worry. This one will be a one-shot meaning I'll have a bunch of time to work on it before submitting so I can keep up work on others before writing that one. I can explain some of my laziness, however.

                                      Regarding None Ever Ask:

    I honestly have no. Idea. Where to go on this one. I might just end up marking it as complete. Or giving you one more really short and badly written chapter. It was originally intended to be a oneshot, but the cries for an explanation were strong enough to make me write a second chapter with no plans for the future. So, still not sure what's going to happen with this one.

                                      Regarding Dreams of Flight:

    I got really bored with this one. I know exactly where I was going with it, but my will to write it is totally gone. I just have absolutely no desire to finish it and it may just end being canceled.

                                      Regarding Equestria Games:

    The explanation for this one is really simple: I don't have the book with me right now and so cannot follow the storyline yet. That will soon be changed and I can write more.

                                      Regarding Shields are Gleaming:

    This is the one story I have that is popular, meaning the chapters have to live up to people's expectations. Meaning they take longer to write. So...that's that then.

    See Ya!

    4 comments · 87 views
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#1 · 152w, 5d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·


You know there is already a more VERY popular fic called rainbow factory right?

                                 -not putting my name here.

#2 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·


Yes, I am aware of that. However, I thought mine was different enough to write it and post it. And it's not about the popularity. I do it for the enjoyment of sharing my work with the world.


#3 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

Sorry to say this but this story is not very good.

The Idea has definetly potential ,but you are narrating far too fast. You need to discribe more. As it is now I feel absolutly nothing while reading the story.

It is boring.

Please rewrite this story beginning and complete it. I would truly like to read the whole story but it needs to be longer and more detaild.

Oh and Please change the title. Those who read it will get the false idea bevor reading it because of the other well known fanfiction.

If you should not change the title than ad at least a discription.

Sorry for that bad comment but you can make it a story to admire.

#4 · 152w, 4d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

@ Mental Vortex,

Hmm. I thought there was a description. Odd. Anyway, I have already uploaded this to anther site called fanfiction.net, so it is already I finished. I have to upload the other chapters. Anyway, there is a similar comment there from soup2405 (not sure about the numbers, but I think they are correct) and I responded in detail to that. If you are interested check it out.


#5 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

You wrote this one?


#6 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·

Well... Everything is fast paced!

I've read the third and final chapter of this. Almost everything is left unexplained.

Why the fuck is suddenly everypony's pet against their owners?! Opalescence I can relate to, but Winona?

If you really like gory/dark stories, I'd recommend:


Rainbow Factory. Yes, I know you've read this one.

Rocket To Insanity.

And last, but definitely not least: Cherilee's Garden. This baby is my personal favorite; rather long, but very joyful (in a dark way).

If you've already read one of them, do it again.

Try to feel the amount of detail they relay onto you. It's like they give you the colors and you paint the picture.

THAT'S what you're aiming for.

IMO: Please refer to this guide.

#7 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·


Yes, I did.

#8 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·


I'm sorry for the crappy quality of this story. My mom doesn't like me writing gory stories, so I had to tone it WAY down. Plus, this is my first fanfiction. My more recent ones are not horror and so show my true potential. Most of my stories are on fanfiction.net under the username Mitslits. I will hopefully be uploading them soon.

#9 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·

And I think we're done here. I'll give it another chapter, and I don't think you deserve a .7 on your rating. I'm thinking more 3 ish, being nice right now :)

#10 · 152w, 2d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·


Wait... what?!

#11 · 152w, 1d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·


I'm not good with the whole horror story thing. I either write them too gory, or not gory enough. Plus, I don't like writing them. I have other stories on fanfiction.net that are NOT horror and they are much better than this one.


#12 · 151w, 4d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Well this fic was interesting to say the least. Perhaps elaborate a more, and bear in mind discrepancy whilst writing.

#13 · 151w, 1d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

And that surprise ending most definitively did it's job!

a well written (if not as detailed as I would like) short story

with a nasty snap when least expected.

#14 · 151w, 1d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Thanks to both of you for commenting positively. I appreciate it!


#15 · 149w, 3d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Wow a huge turn of events I loved this even if it is fast paced

#16 · 149w, 2d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Whoa, even I could NOT see that coming.....:flutterrage: 0_o well, aleast :pinkiecrazy: pinkiemeena didn't do this... :pinkiesad2:

#17 · 149w, 2d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

R.I.P. :pinkiesmile::raritywink::rainbowhuh::ajsmug::facehoof:

#18 · 149w, 2d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Wait, so there's ALREADY a fanfic called Rainbow Factory that ISN'T this one? can someone post me a link to it? please? or pinkiemeina:pinkiecrazy: will get Twilight Sparkle! (I don't want that either :fluttercry:)

#19 · 149w, 2d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Wait, so there's ALREADY a fanfic called Rainbow Factory that ISN'T this one? can someone post me a link to it? please? or pinkiemeina :pinkiecrazy: will get Twilight Sparkle! (I don't want that either :fluttercry:)

#20 · 149w, 2d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

oops, sorry for the same post twice...

#21 · 149w, 1d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


That's alright (the double post I mean). To find the other Rainbow Factory, you can just google the name or their might be a link in the Youtube video entitled 'Rainbow Factory.' It's also a song, which should be what you get in the Youtube video. It's a good song. Hope this helps!

#22 · 149w, 12h ago · · · Fluttershy ·


Thanks...Sorry about the whole 'Pinkiemeina will kill Twilight Sparkle' Thing..:facehoof:

#23 · 149w, 6h ago · · · Fluttershy ·

>>The Gir

That's okay. I didn't think anything of it. ;)

#24 · 148w, 6d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


I finally made an account!! YAY!!! that was embarrassing...:facehoof:

#25 · 148w, 5d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

@The Gir

Good! I will look forwards with great interest to any stories you post.:pinkiehappy:

#26 · 146w, 1d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Wait a moment.....Your the same guy from Fanfiction.net!

Didn't we just talk about not naming your fanfictions after songs that are based off another fanfiction of the same name.

#27 · 146w, 1d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


Or whatever damn order they where released in.

And your telling me that because you can't think of a name you will just call it the same thing as a totally unrelated story? I can't....I don't even....just pick a name!

Pick one:

Under a Rainbow

Black Rainbow

Deus ex Rainbow

Rainbows: Resurrection

The Rainbow

Rushed: The fanfiction

The possibilities are endless.

#28 · 146w, 12h ago · · · Fluttershy ·

First off, girl not guy. Second off, where on earth did you get some of those names? Black Rainbow? The rainbows are the brightest ones ever seen! What does Deus ex Rainbow even mean? And I am NOT calling it Rushed: the fanfiction. In fact, this doesn't even matter. I'm rewriting it anyways and I am NOT changing the title. Plus, what you said doesn't even make sense! Why can't I call it the same thing if the other story is "totally unrelated"? The title makes sense, this story will soon be replaced, and this stupid conversation should stop. :twilightangry2:

#29 · 145w, 4d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


My Rainbow Factory story was based on WoodenToaster's song. Not the other way around. :pinkiehappy:

Second of all, titles cannot be copyrighted. Ever. Anywhere.

Why should it matter if this story has the same name? Titles are an author's final touch. It's the title that determines, for a lot of readers, if people will even give the story a chance. If "Rainbow Factory" meant so much to Mitslits she named a story after it, you insulting her for it and telling her to "just change it" is not only ignorant but downright rude.

I don't understand it. The only person who has even the slightest inkling of a right to be upset that this story shares it's name with mine is ME, and to be brutally honest, I couldn't give the tiniest damn. So why are you, and everyone else here complaining about it, getting so annoyed by this?


#30 · 145w, 4d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


Thank you so much. I still can't believe you approve. :pinkiegasp:

#31 · 145w, 3d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


To AuroraDawn: Its not because the name is already taken, its because many readers on the fanfiction.net page for this where mistaking it for you're version. I don't wan't people getting confused, and its better for people to take a fanfiction as it is, not its status or what influenced it. I don't really care personally what she calls it, its just for the sake of others not getting angry over it because of hype.

To Mislits: Most of those names where not meant to be taken seriously, I honestly don't care what you call it (read above for why). But here's he thing, you are now a fanfiction writer now, great, excellent! But you need to realize that as one you are going to get a lot of criticism and flak no matter what, im sure AuroraDawn gets some even though many readers liked his story. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be, and my minor complaint is nothing compared to what you can get.

#32 · 145w, 3d ago · · · Fluttershy ·


I can take criticism. (That should be obvious by some of the comments on both fan and fimfiction) However, what I don't appreciate is the fact that you were still critical even after I explained that I would be redoing the story anyways.

#33 · 145w, 8h ago · · · Fluttershy ·


Criticism is the foundation of all great things, and just because you say you will re work it, that does not mean the constructive criticism has to end. The more things you know you can change will help you later on.

#34 · 142w, 5d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

Cupcakes, where rainbow is pinkie.

got it.

I wasn't impressed. But with some work you can do it

#35 · 142w, 5d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

Well I can't say that was the best thing I read, but it was good.

I like the ending to. Didn't expect that. First I was like "she's been spying" then that happened

#36 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

You who want to see something funny based "losely" on Rainbow Factory and Cupcakes, Watch Rainbow Dash Presents:rainbowlaugh: I swear you will agree, it is all handdrawn by Petirep and voiced by FimFlamFilosophy it is great.

#37 · 137w, 4d ago · · · Fluttershy ·

>>281759 I forgot to mention not all voices are done by Greg (FimFlam) there are others

#38 · 136w, 8h ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

Nice. I didn't expect Rainbow Dash to die herself, or that Fluttershy was behind all of this. Nice job! :derpytongue2:

#39 · 135w, 21h ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

All right, so I thought this was the original Rainbow Factory. Glad it wasn't because I gotta say, I would've been very disappointed.

Well, I can't say I completely hate it. It has ideas, definite horrific traits and such, but I do not like the narrating at all. If I don't at least gasp when the mane six is slaughtered, then something went wrong.

For constructive criticism I think you should: Keep all the scenery, but add the drama. It's important that we see how dark and horrific a place we're talking about, and important that we see how scared the characters actually are. I suggest you try and watch Saw since it's sort of similar in the design, and while you watch it, note how you see the characters act and how the environment and colors are portrayed. Try and get it into your own words.

#40 · 133w, 5d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·


where's the origional? D:

#41 · 132w, 6d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

Wait... Diamond Dogs in a cloud house? :rainbowhuh:

#42 · 130w, 1d ago · · · Rainbow Factory ·

Reviewed your fic: Link

#43 · 91w, 6d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·


Your user pic is fucking terrifying!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:


#44 · 73w, 4d ago · · · Pies and Apples ·

Aw fuck

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