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  • 95w, 6d

    So yeah, you people seen today's episode? Quite a hoot, non?

    So yeah, when the synopsis was first announced, we all probably made the same quip: "This will burn at least a thousand fanfics to ashes" or something along those lines. I personally wasn't worried. Dude, We're Ponies (supposedly, but don't take my word for it) takes place between season 2 and 3, so as long as nothing too drastic happens that changes pretty much everything ever, it would be just fine. Or at least, so I thought.

    What happened is that today's episode snatched a scene from right under my nose. A pretty important scene at that. It was supposed to be character-defining, move the plot somewhere interesting, basically be the entire foundation for what I had in mind for the rest of the story. And it got snagged, pretty much word-for-word.

    Well, that will teach me to be a bit more productive. I had this scene in mind for more or less two weeks already, but hadn't sat down to properly write it yet. Serves me just right.

    Doesn't make it any less annoying though, because I need that scene, and now I will have to "steal" directly from the show itself, which I think is a little gauche for a fanfic, especially this shortly after the airing. So, the chapter has already been ruined before I have even properly written it yet, and there's not a thing I can do about it because I need that bloody scene. In short: FUCK!

    Dude, We're Ponies will return sometime this week. Probably.


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  • 98w, 4d
    Oh, look, a chapter

    Oh, hey, I actually managed to squeeze out a chapter with the usual strategy of "pulling an all-nighter with bloodymindedness and chocolate." And I actually kinda like it.

    Apologies to Letedwend for not showing it to him first, since he's actually the pre reader and all.

    Can't think very properly right now, but I sure hope you like the chapter, since next chapter will be more of the same. I think. At least, I think I think.

    I can't think right now.

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  • 98w, 4d
    Okay, that didn't work

    Very well then. First of all, I am very sorry. I really wanted to get it done, but it was a bit harder than expected. The thing is, I need to move on from establishing conflict, and start working towards resolutions, and I'm not really sure how to handle that. I really need to expand my skill sets, which means that progress so far has been way slower than I want it to be.

    Honestly, how do other people do this? Stephen King used to be a pretty poor writer himself when he started out, but wrote 2000 words each day until he became one of the more successful authors alive. All I can do when facing my own work is walking around my room in circles, pondering and chipping away at doubts until I've finally formulated the perfect sentence, which I then type, delete, and then start all over again. How can people work that hard towards a goal that they might never reach even with all the hard work in the world? How can they look at their lacking work, and believe that they can actually get better? Is greatness really predestined? Is my subconscious trying to tell me that this isn't what I'm supposed to be doing?

    I'll just keep slugging on. I won't make promises again, since I have a very nasty habit of breaking them (really, ask anyone that knows me in real life. I am not a very good person). I will tell you this however:

    I am always working on it.

    If I'm not working on it, I'm thinking about it.

    If I'm not thinking about it, I'm feeling guilty about it.

    I want to get this done far more than anyone would ever want to read it. I want Chance and Midnight to reach home, wherever that might take them. I want to die in the knowledge that, no matter how much I've failed in my life, I managed to at least see this through to the end.

    I'll get back to my work now. it should be done within days. I am very sorry.

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  • 100w, 3d
    Let's do this. Again.

    I got a laptop with high speed internet on my desk, a Red Bull and chocolate bar in my hand and a Discworld novel fresh in my memory. From my lips to God's ears, there will be a new chapter of Dude, We're Ponies in the next 24 hours.

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  • 107w, 20h
    The people at Equestria Daily are rather cool people

    I take it that, whoever might be reading fanfiction about a girly cartoon series must be some kind of 'internet person'.  As an internet person, you are probably familiar with Duke Nukem Forever, and you may have heard how some stores accepted ten year old pre-orders, basically giving the game away for free because they were just that nice. That kind of thing sort of happened to me just now.

    As you might recall, back in April, Dude, We're Ponies was conditionally approved to be posted. Because I didn't understand what 'conditionally' meant, and decided to disappear for several months for little reason, it was never actually posted. Quite a few things happened back then, most importantly a change in rules for submitting fanfic to ED, namely the whole "no bronies, period" rule, so logically, I missed a pretty good opportunity back then.

    Of course, this kept bugging me. It's like winning the lottery, go around buying stuff, only to discover that by the time you try to cash in, the ticket is no longer valid. So I did what any sensible person would do: reapply with a half-hearted argument about how this story is "technically brony in Equestria, but...", with the intend of getting rejected, so that I could finally move on with my life, with a new lesson learned about how you can't expect that everything will be as if nothing happened after you get lost for half a year.

    Of course, that argument didn't fly, but I got a very nice reply, saying that I should be rejected outright, but because I had already been approved long before the rule change, they are willing to to send it to the pre-readers "to see if the story is good enough to make an exception."

    Now, I'm not getting my hopes up, and neither should you. They had a very good reason for making that rule in the first place, and I can only imagine the bitchfest they'd have to deal with if this were to go through, so the bar must have been raised quite a bit. Unfortunately, Dude, We're Ponies is sort of enjoyable, but it is no My Little Dashie, no The Best Night Ever, and sure as hell no Fallout Equestria. They'd be breaking the rules for a rather average fic by their standards, which I just don't see happening.

    Still, I find the fact that they were willing to give it another chance very, very cool. They are probably already swamped in fics, plenty of which are probably better than mine, yet they still take out time and risk some really nasty backlash from their readers, just because they are nice enough to honour an agreement from April (which might as well be the Jurassic age, considering that this is the internet we are talking about).

    With a bit of luck, I might even get some good constructive criticism out of this.

    So yeah, that's all I wanted to say. I'm not really in the loop any more, so I don't know what people think of ED these days, but whatever the outcome, I think they're pretty cool guys/galls.

    Still working on the next chapter. Current wordcount: 1598.


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  • ...

He is a college drop-out part-time worker. He is a dentistry student. Together, they are two total twats with no ambitions to go further then the next game, comic book or puff.

And now, they are ponies. Under the names of Lucky Chance and Midnight Watch they must find a way back to the human world using their extensive knowledge of the television show, the Laws of Narrative and sarcasm.

Will they be able to rise above themselves and face the many challenges that await them? Will they be able to figure out the true meaning of Friendship? Will they be able to not murder each other or themselves while doing so? Do they even want to go back?

Cover Image by CenturionFox13. Proofread by Letedwend

First Published
12th Mar 2012
Last Modified
31st Dec 2012

One chapter in and it's already the best HiE I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

I don't know man, the grammar and spelling are almost perfect.

You speak better than most native English speakers, er, writers?

Dear. Celestia. Of Equestria.

I've been exposed to a load of 'Human in Equestria' fics, 'I turned into a pony fics' and all sorts of stupidity in-between those. Over and over, I visit the home page to this site and am bombarded with crap piles that look like straight-up abortions of the English language. But YOU, sir... YOU...

You have earned my respect. And that ain't easy, boo-boo.

This is at once funny, engaging, believable, and very enjoyable. I can't believe I'm about to do this, because I never do this, but... I'm going to track and fave your story. Because bless you, dude. Bless you SO hard.

And as far English not being your native language, I'd be willing to call bullshit - you write better than the gallery of morons on here who are actually raised in an education system based on English! Keep doing EXACTLY how you're doing. It is not easy at all to earn the admiration of Inky Sarcastic Bastard Swirl.

Congratulations, friend. :twilightsmile:

*clap clap* Bravo, good sir. Possibly the best HiE fic I've ever read. Your style of writing reminded me a bit of some classic English authors, such as Charles Dickens. Liked and tracked. :pinkiehappy:

Got a very "Dude, Where is my Car" feeling out of this. And I like it.

Well. I suddenly feel inadequate. Carry on.

Haha, loved this. I laughed through most of this. You should really really really make more.:pinkiehappy:


why do i see so many pics wit pinkie and some kind of axe?

If this turns into "Dude Where's My Carriage" or something similar you will be my favorite person ever.

Lol!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: This is got to be one of the most random and funny stories that still make sense that I have ever read!!! :rainbowlaugh:  Keep writing this! :yay:

Grammar & Spelling: Prettymuch flawless

Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

I feel like I'm reading "Jay & Not-so-silent Bob go to Equestria". For the love of any God whatsoever, please give us more!

Jesus Christ, this is awesome and hilarious and spectacular and amazing and really well-written... :pinkiegasp:

I can't breathe properly... laughing way too hard... must have more! :yay:

Amazing work, I'd like it five times if I could.

this was absolutely fabulous:raritystarry:

Sparkling vampire? Fantabulous! :rainbowlaugh:

Huh. Wow. Didn't expect so many positive reactions. Heck, I didn't even expect any reactions at all. I got the idea for this story after binging on Friendship is Magic, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Discworld and The Inbetweeners and thought it would be nice for a change to put those ideas into words. It's my first attempt at writing any sort of fiction, so I must admit I got a huge ego-boost out of this. Thank you all very much for the support.

I'll try to produce a new chapter as soon as I finished playing air guitar to the tune of 'Princes of the Universe'.

This is pretty good.  Definitely a nice start.

You do have a bit of a problem switching between past and present tenses though.  The first few paragraphs were also a tad repetitive.

Found one error. Third paragraph, second sentence: "suggesting that they most have been" Should be must, not most.

Now that that's out of the way, great story! Getting a big H2G2 vibe from the narrative style.

That Twilight reference was HILARIOUS!!! My Celestia, I wish I could fit humor in that well.

Other than that, this is looking pretty good, and I'll be tracking for sure.


“Dude, we're ponies.” (15 mph speed-bump***)

(Quote: Our heroes simultaneously came to the conclusion that a reasonable person, faced with their current situation, would scream like a girl and flail their limbs in blind panic. As they fancied themselves to be reasonable persons (like most humans), they enthusiastically followed this course of action. The ritual continued for a short while, and as the solution did not magically fell out of the sky, the blue stallion got fed up and tried to experiment with a different approach. ) (90 mph***)

(Quote: “Knock it off!” he shouted, and swung his fist (or actually his hoof, but he was not quite comfortable enough with the idea to think if it like that) towards the face of his fellow screamer. The two objects collided with a sickening noise, and there was silence once more. The technique proved most successful as the hitter managed to get rid of excess stress and aggression allowing his nerves to calm down, and the hittee became too preoccupied with a fresh headache to care about whatever it was that got on his nerves in the first place.)(100 mph***)

        “Thanks, dude. I needed that.” said the victim, as he rubbed his sore cheek. (15mph speedbump***)

The descriptive parts of the narrative are so well written, and flows as you read, then when one of the 2 main character ponies decide to voice a comment, the story 'feel' screeches to a near crawl when the descriptions have to match the brain power of the 2 lead characters. After having to say what is needed to utter loudly, the descriptions start the flow back up to a good clip, and then has to apply the literary brakes (like a speed-bump) when the second character replies.

This is absolute HILARITY at it's finest.


I laughed quite loudly when I read this. loud enough to scare my daughter and wife at the same time.

When my wife seen it was indeed a pony story, she shook her head and laughed as she mumbled 'Ponies'.  I don't think my face hurt quite as much from laughing from reading this story so early in the morning. Please don't even ask how my poor ribs fared, or the rapid elimination of Very hot tea from my mouth upon reading the above scene, and the consequent cleaning of my laptop of the somewhat cooled beverage now covering my screen. :twilightoops:

I agree with the above Inky Swirl, now fav-ing this remarkable story.

I now do voice my only small concern .....   PLEASE WRITE MORE !!!!:flutterrage:


"One might think that this is rather typical nerd-talk, as nerds gather round and compare who is the biggest nerd much the same way middle-aged men compare how big that fish that they caught-and-released last week was. In this case, however, the claim was quite accurate. The vampire-scenario, for example, would have Chance taking a bit of skin from his friend and expose it to sunlight. If it burns to ashes, he would try his best to keep Midnight's bloodlust under control so his friend could live a fulfilling unlife. However, if the skin sample suddenly started to sparkle, Chance would kill Midnight using whatever means necessary, chop the body in pieces, and burn each piece individually in different locations. He knew his friend would have wanted it that way."

The amount of lols acquired from this section of text alone is greater than or equal to the number of fucks I give.

That's a lot, just so you know.:rainbowlaugh:

>The ritual continued for a short while, and as the solution did not magically fell out of the sky, the blue stallion got fed up and tried to experiment with a different approach.

Fell should probably change to fall. This sentence looks rather odd otherwise.

Minor formatting issues; additional gaps between paragraphs and spaces at the start of paragraphs that stand out.

>every Pony in Ponyville.

The word pony should not be capitalized.

I didn't really pour over this indepth but those are the things that stood out to me. I was far too distracted by your very, very well done story to really review this. Excellent read my friend

For future reference, if you would like to improve your writing, I recommend going over to the Training Grounds at the following link. They are excellent reviewers who will catch almost all mistakes you may make with your writing. As well, if you try to submit this story to Equestria Daily, they will most likely send you there to fix the few issues they mentioned.

Finally, good job because that was a fun read. I hope you keep it up.:moustache:

You write better than some natural english speakers.

Good job

So much brilliance!

More! More, I say!

*hides a scalpel behind his back* Right... just ignore this. This thing here behind my back. It doesnt exist. I'm not going to go and cut out your comedic genius and insert it into myself... that would be crazy... right Pinkie Pie? :pinkiecrazy:

I am tracking ze shiz outta this.

Pony-humans... SO MUCH WIN!

First off, I'd like to say BRAVO for writing such a hooking/believable fic off the start. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... though pinkie Pie is a bit of a scatterbrain, I wouldn't go as far as to say she knows nothing.

Grammar-wise, I didn't notice too many mistakes, so you are clear on that area.

Since you haven't touched on the part of their cutie marks yet, it would be great to touch on that area in the next update. Knowing their special talents and seeing their reactions to their special talents is sure to be a hoot! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

Keep it up!

Alright, I'll admit seeing the description of humans had me worried for a bit, but this? Awesome. The vampire test really sold it.

Dude... That's so... Wait...

... What?

I have mixed feelings about this. Eeeehhhhh I'll track for the moment.

As far as grammar is concerned (I'm no expert) you did exceptionally well. Honestly i felt like the banter was akin to that of my brother and I. I found this to be a refreshing and enjoyable read. What is your native language if you don't mind my asking? Tracked/liked.

Your english is excellent for a non-native speaker/writer. But that is actually often the case. I noticed a few instances of words in the wrong tense, but otherwise I'd never have suspected.

I just about split a gut over the Vampire and nerd plan sections. Mostly as I have manilla folders with plans for various situations like Zombie Outbreak (I'm overweight with bad cardio and only have a small mallet as a weapon, I'm a goner in that situation. :pinkiesick: ), alien invasions, ext ext. :pinkiehappy: Your comedy and timing is great.  

Tracked and thumbs up.

This is a win! This is a story not made by teenagers named Kyle win! :pinkiehappy:

>>316518 While I haven't read much Dickens, I have been enjoying a lot of British media lately. I suppose that particular style rubbed of on me.

>>316582 That movie was also one of of my inspirations. A relatively minor one, but still there.

>>318568 Criticism noted. I'll keep an eye on that next time.

>>318663 I'll admit I have no idea what you are talking about, but I suppose it's a good thing?

>>318755 Thanks for the feedback. I plan on submitting this to ED in the future, but I first want to make sure this isn't a one-time fluke.

>>319122 That's troubling to hear. Can you mention any concrete problems that I can keep in mind for the next chapters, or is it more of a 'not my cup of tea' kind of thing?

>>319157 Dutch, as in from the Netherlands. Nice place, bit rainy, but not particularly productive when it comes to entertainment a nerd like myself would enjoy, so I often turn to English-language stuff to get my fix.


Human in Equestria stories are extremely hard to pull off, and it seems that this starts off as a great abundance of them do, just with better writing. Your writing is superb, but the story itself I'm skeptical about. Most of us have been exposed to some pretty bad HiE fics before, and some of us are apprehensive about reading anymore. I'd just suggest remembering to keep in mind the cliches of these kind of stories, and trek on carefully.

With humour like this, the plot has a lot of leeway - look at our own beloved ponies, for instance.

I would point out the typos and grammar errors.

But I'm eating a  cookie.:trollestia:

“Point. Now from which hole did you pull those ridiculous names?” - I think you missed out the word good at the beginning here.

Which both their prides having taken a heavy hit - I think you put which instead of "with" here.

besides from these two little things i spotted, this is one of the best written things I've read in a long time, and was also a very good start to a story. I enjoyed this.

keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

>>319238 Thank you very much for your comment. While I am rather enthused over this project, I haven't actually read much fanfic. About 4 stories, perhaps. I am of course aware of the fact that my premise is hardly original (Every three-year-old in the world gets the exact same idea whenever they see a good cartoon), but I don't know about any specific clichés that plague the genre, apart from the obvious one such the the Mary Sue and things like that.

Frankly, I think it's better to keep it that way. If I start worrying now over all the things that have already been done before, I wouldn't get a single letter on paper. Well-written clichés can still be very enjoyable, as our favourite television show has proven, so I'll be banking on that.

Thanks for giving me something to think about, though. Maybe I should go over TVTropes one more time to make sure I won't fall for all the really bad clichés of writing in general.


There's just some basic things you can avoid, but Mary Sues are probably the most commonly seen. Just tread carefully, and good luck.

Very enjoyable read. Keep doing what you're doing! And I find it funny, my name is Chance, and he acts exactly like me. I can relate. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, this is so far a great-, ah heck with that, this story is awesome.

You got me on the hook with the "Dude, we're ponies" line.

I had enjoyed this story and would love it more when you post your next chapter up, oh and grammer was splendid, for I didn't see any that I noticed, and now, my good sir, will you please hurry up and post up the next chapter.

Oh and two more things, liked and tracked.

Tracked and liked.

Quite an enjoyable story, tracking it now.  And as for grammar and such, I have to agree with the others that you write better than most English speakers.

Dude, where's my car? Aaanyway, needs moar crazy... everything needs moar crazy... madness is a remedy to eeeverything, eeeverywhere :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: Look at me for example, crazy for 4 years now and much much healthier :pinkiecrazy: Oh and... nice fiction you have there btw, keep on going, you already have a nice demand for it and it seems it will only increase :) Where am I again?... I think I'm lost... darn it...

Sir, you have inspired me. I tip my hat to your ingenuity, and I'm not even wearing a hat.

HiE fics are without a doubt my favorite kind of fics, though I have not yet had the pleasure of writing one myself. You, on the other hand, seem a venerable master of storytelling. You have inspired me, good sir.

Bravo. :moustache:

An interesting, amusing, and well-written start. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

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