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  • 107w, 4d
    That's right, I'm back.

    Well, it's been... several months... with chapter 6 rotting away on Google Docs, and quite a great deal occurring within the editing & pre-reading department.

    I've been working recently with Sethisto and that lovely band of merry folk... hosting servers of all things... and although hurricane Sandy knocked EVERYTHING of mine out here on the eastern sea board, you will soon be able to connect to those servers if you want to poke about.

    Minecraft server:

    Team Fortress 2 server: (it's the server "Equestria Daily - The Lunar Republic")

    Hopefully all these servers will be back up within the next week.

    As for chapter 6... it's coming. And it's a bit of a side track, but if I can plow through this then hopefully it'll be less of a slow grind to get the (non-sidetracked) chapter 7 out.

    With my personal computers running off of a generator, and my cell phone's internet connection being patched into my home network system... let's see if I can get to some writing.

    Keep ponying my friends. More is on the way.

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  • 134w, 4d
    Life... don't talk to me about life...

    Righto, I have been staring at chapter five for days now and nothing much has come of said staring.

    It is definitely coming along, but due to the stress of finals (and being in college 2 years before I should be) has me tied up mentally, physically and emotionally.

    I have a nice, long week of freedom ahead of me after tomorrow. So stay tuned! Chapter five -will- be coming shortly!

    In other news- Two new stories of mine are in the works!

    Well okay, they're in planning... but still. More stories!

    Also introducing my new editors Wiseless Stallion and SunsetSpecter!

    And... WOW. One of my four editors known as Frozenpyro71 is -REALLY- good with clay... some of his new pony creations have been getting several nice offerings along the lines of "ALL OF MY BITS!". This includes an offering from THE traveling pony museum, where one of his pieces might be residing in very soon.

    Check Out His Awesome Work!

    Maybe with this obvious plugging he's getting he'll lower the price on the Octavia figure that I inspired... *nudge nudge*

    Keep your eyes open for more ponies!

    -It's just my BASS CANNON

    -That Awesome Brony Guy

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  • 136w, 2d
    What happens when my editors derp on me...

    “Come on! I know just the place to go.”

    Just as I



    Dawn is best writer - Will

    Lies! Stop derping my chapter or I might have to post like this!

    I dare you to write the rest of the story like this.

    Sed audi meam vocem et latine confundi


    Well, Chapter 5 is coming along just dandy!

    Update coming soon.

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  • 137w, 5d
    first time on-schedule and...

    Well, that's nice...

    Both of my editors fell asleep on me.

    Chapter four (the real one!) will be out tomorrow, then!

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  • 139w, 10h
    Good ol' Equestria Daily

    A ha! At last I have brought this story up to it's full potential and it has made it to the lovely website Equestria Daily!

    Just in time for me to celebrate another year of being alive... thanks for the birthday present EQD!

    In other news, chapter 3 is in the final editing stages and should be posted on Monday or Tuesday.

    Chapter 4 is coming along nicely!

    Now to watch my email inbox blow up... thanks every pony!

    -OH! Almost forgot. I'd like to thank my awesome pre-readers/editors of awesomeness Dawn Fade and Frozenpyro for making this happen! They help me through fixing my derp'd up messes.

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  • ...

Vinyl scratch isn't always spinning records at parties. She has a more settled down life than most people think! As Vinyl works at her day job at 105.3 FM "The Horn", she finds lost love, meets new people and goes back to her record spinning roots! But when all is said and done, who will she end up with?

-I'd like to thank DawnFade and Frozenpyro for being my pre-readers and editors!

-the cover image was made by yours truly from an amazing vector, one of which I couldn't find the creator of until now! I'd like to thank for the vector! My apologies for not finding the person to credit sooner.

First Published
7th Mar 2012
Last Modified
2nd Jun 2012

cool. please continue

I like how this is beginning, keep up the good work!

As far as critique goes, though, I must bring up how you have a lot of your text in massive blocks.  Normally, you begin a new paragraph each time a new idea begins OR somebody new speaks (i.e. Octavia speaks, new paragraph, then Skippy's reply is another new paragraph).  But other than my being a grammar Nazi, I have no problems with this story so far. :pinkiesmile:

Nice start to the story. Good characterisation and writing style.

Just a few minor spelling and grammatical errors that I spotted but otherwise excellant

I like that you have given your own spin to the characters, not sticking to the usual fandom stuff and I'm looking forward to seeing where this leads

"I turned my head to see Pinkie Pie next to me in bed."  *Now wondering what 'not anything bad' entails*

Anyways, keep up the story, I'm liking it!

This is starting to get interesting. Looking forward to some more.

I am loving this can't wait for more:derpytongue2:

Looking good so far *Watched and Tracked*

I'm enjoying the nice plot Arch that's building. Keep up the good work!

Octascratch? Yes please. Excellent stuff so far, looking forward to reading your next installment - don't keep us waiting too long! :pinkiehappy:

Very good so far :D my only complaint would be that it felt a bit too rushed towards the end of this chapter.


I agree, but a prolonged bar scene would've made for a long and possibly boring ending.

Wish I had done it anyway though!

#12 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

Oh my goodness, this is sooo  worth the wait.

My face: :pinkiehappy: YES UPDATE


- Space Core from Portal 2

#13 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

Wow, I was not expecting that xD keep up the great work! :pinkiecrazy:

#14 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

I really like the story. Keep them coming.:twilightsmile:

Also is there another story of Vinyl & Octavia about their past. I am very curious of their past together and how they split up.

#15 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

Hm. Seemed initially interesting, but it's gotten plain confusing at this point, I feel :derpytongue2:

#16 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·


No other story from me about their past... Just... Wait... :pinkiecrazy:

#17 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·


I'm going to pull a page from the Microsoft support center and say try reading the end of chapter 2 again and then look at chapter 3. If the problem persists then repeat step 2.

Obviously I don't mean that (too) seriously :raritywink: BUT I do agree that I took a few sharp turns in chapter 3...

#18 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

Oh I got the flow from 2 to 3 just fine, but within chapter 3 it just seems to go utterly mad, very (too) quickly... I'd suggest maybe expanding a few of the scenes or something to let you stew in them a bit longer, have less confusion when switching around :)

#19 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·


I do agree... And I had a few ideas That would extend each scene, but it would've been about 6K words! I'm still finding a balance in word count and detail...

#20 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

Word count is unimportant. Or rather, more IS better (short of getting waaaaaaaay too floral with descriptions). But you want to describe the events, show them, expand on them if they need to be longer than what you have. So don't worry about a long chapter, really. People will read it even if it's long :)  if it's too short... there's a chance less will read.

#21 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·



I like that :pinkiegasp: time to write more chapter 4 and see how it comes out with more detail...

#22 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·


Well, I'd advise against that and possibly reworking chapter 3 first. For me, at least, it's where I lost track of the fic... and if I lose track, I tend to lose interest in it. I love me some Octascratch, so seeing that happen is not good :P

With a bit of work, chapter 3 will be far more... legible is too strong a word but you get the idea. After that, chapter 4 can flow from there :)

#23 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

really? Vinyl..

If that was me, i'd tell Octavia to fuck off. She dumped Vinyl, right? She has no right to be mad at Vinyl moving on.

#24 · 138w, 5d ago · · · Dead Air ·

so amazing! Please update soon! But I do have agree about the confusing parts, but after re-reading understood a lot better. Also, I read this whole thing three times, I love it that much.

#25 · 138w, 4d ago · · · Dead Air ·

With the first two chapters, I was not too sure of my opinion of this fic. Things are coming along nicely however, and I am excited to watch them develop :derpytongue2:

On an emotional note, Octavia is my favorite pony, and watching her pain and frustration from Vinyl's point of view is heart wrenching :pinkiesad2:

#26 · 138w, 4d ago · · · Dead Air ·

I wish i could say my life has never been like that.... But sadly no. I have a profound understanding of what Vinyl is going through... Wanting only to make right what you have wronged... But only ever seeming to make things worse... much much worse... And her reaction to making it worse is the same as mine too. I quickly become tired... and fall asleep crying.

Gotta say I'm enjoying your story so far. I'll keep an eye on it and watch this story as it progresses. I hope Vinyl catches a break before life breaks her.

#27 · 138w, 4d ago · · · Dead Air ·

>>374496Maybe she never actually moved on?

#30 · 138w, 3d ago · · · Dead Air ·


well, Octavia must think she has, kissing Pinkie and whatnot.

#31 · 138w, 2d ago · 1 · · Dead Air ·

Really like it but please leave out the fanon creepy Pinkie stereotype in future.

It just felt out of place and disturbing. Don't go for cheap 'gags' like that.

But otherwise I can't wait for more and to solve the mystery of Octavia's strange actions.

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! I've been waiting for this story!


Don't worry. The real chapter 4 is coming out in less than 12 hours!

Just keep twitching in the corner...


yes*twitch* the corner....hehehe:pinkiecrazy:

great job with the chapter, your writing [and a shout out to the editors] keeps getting better with each chapter. Don't take too long on the next chapter, i'm intrested now.:derpytongue2:

I don't know what is going on this story and I'm okay with it. :rainbowhuh: I hope it doesn't get too much more ridiculous. That would be overwhelming.

ill be waiting on monday :pinkiecrazy: love this story... keeps getting better!

You jerk. First you promise me 'less then 12 hours' then go and make it longer. Here. I quote 'Don't worry. The real chapter 4 is coming out in less than 12 hours!

Just keep twitching in the corner...'

and this was posted ' Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

then you have the gall to cut off like this! UGH! and then that WAIT TILL MONDAY!?



firstly- I blame college. And moving my servers (I do massive nerd stuff with huge computer hardware)

and to that second part...


I saw a rather dashing lavender mare rush up next to me, “Vinyl Scratch, how have you been?”

I turned around to see who it was. “Hey Twilight! Wow, last time I saw you was when your friends tore up the Royal Palace!”

So, she saw her rush up to her, yet she had to turn around to see who it was? That was the only thing that bothered me a bit, but other than that, I'm looking forward to reading the rest. :twilightsmile:

Arggggg, why does everypony but Octy want Vinyl's plot. And why does Vinyl make such bad choices. Arrrggg. And what really caused the breakup.....



I rely on people like you to help me out when myself and my pre-readers & editors goof a bit.

Thanks! The edit has been made :twilightsheepish:


Always glad to help out. :twilightsmile:

*reads that next chapter would be posted next Monday*

brooooo, please continue ;w;


HA. Don't worry I plan to. Finals and work (and fun work that involved concerts and lasers) has bogged me down recently but I have chapter 5 about half way done...

Don't worry, I don't think this story is even half way done!

Your fic's going in the featured box. Yes, it is.

Anyway, it's awesome!

Twilight why...:trixieshiftleft:

The wait was definitely worth it.:yay:

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