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  • 35w, 5d
    What would constitute a 'garden of shadows'

    I love the children of the night fanon, but i can't for the life of me come up with something that could be called a 'garden of shadows'

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  • 40w, 5d
    New Arc in 'To Dream as an Immortal'

    Woot, I felt the need to start with them as nomads for some reason, but now that our two pony sisters have reached civilization, things can get fun. I'll leave out details, but now I can finally get my hands dirty building antagonists and an entire small civilization. And then use the sisters to knock it down.

    This chapter ends the Tribal arc and takes us into the Village arc.

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  • 64w, 1d
    And that chapters out

    It was originally supposed to just be the first part of a longer chapter, but I'm having trouble on how to introduce them to civilization and wanted to put something out. I aim to keep chapters around 2k words, so this is one of the short chapters while I get rolling.

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  • 65w, 5d
    How do horses play?

    Do they play tag? Run races?

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  • 67w, 3h
    I'm back

    and the first chapter to my new story: "To Dream as an Immortal" will be up shortly, though I don't even have the rough draft for the next chapter atm.

    Luna is my favorite character. I can't wait to play with the concept of immortality. You thought Duncan Mccleod was cool? You aint seen nothing yet.

    I really badly want to put Celestia and Luna in the positions of dealing with vastly different cultures as ages progress and deal with the shifting morality, and the ability to look retrospectively at their own actions through the hazy lenses of memory.

    I will share that I intend the final conflict to be with a 100% lucid Luna. No distortion of character via some ethereal Phsycic monster. I know this will violate your headcannons, but I'm going to present my alternative anyway. Even if the show eventually contradicts it, maybe even before I get to that point, at least I will be able to put my story down in text. That's really the point of all this, to tell a story. It doesn't matter whether it's canon at the end of it all. The show is just what inspires you.

    Gah, present tense is hard, will fix

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A really interesting story, not many people come up with original stories about the beginnings of pony kind

Hmmm.  Interesting.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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