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  • 30w, 5d
    A LOT to catch up on...

    ((TL;DR version down below))

    Alright, a lot of you have been wondering where I've been the past several months, and I greatly apologize for that. I've had to take a big focus on real life. Mostly due to a few reasons:

    1. I had to move from Belgium to Georgia. So yeah, I am now in the USA. This took up a big chunk of time, and I had to focus on my main priorities instead of my hobbies. There was also getting my college credits transferred to another college-- no, lemme rephrase that-- several colleges within my new area. Even then I've got a lot of paperwork to get through to even apply to any of them.

    2. My writing inspiration's been VERY lackluster as of late. I had started Chapter 31 of the Naruto fic at one point, but then I had to scrap it due to how hollow it sounded, so I had to go back to scratch. So here I am, with only 300 words worth of content, which is nowhere acceptable to what I usually put out. This is why I hate scheduling: My brain is unpredictable with what it feels like doing. I can either be lazy, energetic, or even go on a brainstorm/writing spree. I'm starting to think it's my current diet that's affecting my energy-- Pizza and burgers will only get you so far. One thing I need to start doing is going back to salads and fruits. It will accomplish a lot in the long run.

    3. There's also PonyFall, which, I must admit, had been draining a lot of my creativity. If some of you are aware, I had to overhaul one chapter due to its questionable content, and that really drained the fun out of me writing for the fic. Not only that, but I've been putting it off for several months. There's really no excuse I can give for its delay, since I've had a ton of time to get anything done with it. And it's been 2 years since I created the darn thing as well! D:

    I also have some unfortunate news regarding PonyFall, actually. Me and the group had a talk at some point in Skype regarding my position in the collab. Time and time again I said that I would get around to updating my fic in particular, and a lot of us were aware that I would be finishing it up in 1-2 chapters, due to me no longer being interested in the collab in particular. Unfortunately, what I said was an understatement. It turns out I had no interest in updating it anymore. I kept telling myself "No, don't give up! You can do this! Get off your lazy ass and finish it up!" but they were just empty words pointed at me, ironically. It sounds like an excuse, but I don't know how else to describe it.

    Therefore, my part in PonyFall has stopped indefinitely. I have no idea when I'm going to be getting back to it, but the group is aware that I am no longer part of PonyFall. If I DO get around to updating the fic, I will have free reign on what I want to do with it. But this is probably unlikely. I would probably need the size of Mt. Olympus's size just to get motivated in doing it again.

    However, that doesn't mean I'm done with Fanfiction entirely.

    The Naruto fic will go on, I just don't know when. I've also lost contact with DaMobbs and some of the other proofreaders, so I will need to get back in touch with them soon if I do get the inspiration again. I must apologize deeply to everyone on this late status update. It has been nagging at me for a long time, but I just didn't know how to word it all. I hope everyone will stay patient with me as I try to find the inspiration to continue.

    Thank you.

    ((The tl;dr version)): I'm done with PonyFall, I don't know when the next update will be, and real life is my main focus. Thank you.

    2 comments · 274 views
  • 66w, 4d
    400 Followers AND in the Popular Stories List?

    Well... christ, I didn't expect that at all. Who knew after such a long hiatus that something good like this would happen? I'm just rather speechless! I mean, I not only have 400 Followers, but My Little Naruto is in the Popular Stories List! I don't think that's ever happened before.

    Wait... what I just said had nothing to do with being speechless at all... Dammit!

    Regardless! Everyone, thank you very much for your continued support. I never thought I'd get this far. I'd give you guys some kind of reward, but... I'm pretty sure if I sent money to everyone here, I'd go broke in a heartbeat, lol.

    So instead, here's my half-ass attempt at showing my appreciation.

    Thank you once again, and I hope that me (and the editors and proofreaders) will continue to entertain you for as long as we can. :)

    2 comments · 244 views
  • 68w, 1d
    Gonna try Twitter out.

    I normally don't use social networking websites, mainly because when it's all new and fresh, it tends to die at some point in the future. Myspace comes to mind. Ah, my High School days...

    Anyway, I decided to cave in and check out at least Facebook and Twitter. Now while I do have a Facebook account, I normally don't use it. But Twitter I just recently decided to check out. For the purposes it has, I figured I'd give it a shot. Seemed simple enough: Got something interesting to say in 150 words/characters? Post it for everyone to see.

    I'll be using it for mostly updates on my life or on the current fanfics I'm working on. That way everyone is on top of things and with me without sending 20-30 PMs asking me if I'm still alive, lol.

    Also, the next Naruto chapter is around 30% done minus editing/proofreading as of the posting time of this blog. :)

    3 comments · 145 views
  • 71w, 5h
    Going on Vacation for a week.

    (Apologies in advance if my typing and pacing in this blog post seems awkward; the heat is killing me over here.)

    Ahhh, the hot days of summer... The only time you have some substantial freedom, whether it be from school, or maybe a day-off or two from work, just so you could enjoy the brisk and bright sun tanning your body as you lay on the sandy beaches next to the ocean.

    Sadly, none of that here in Belgium.

    But I digress.

    Although there is one thing I'm looking forward to here on Saturday: The Edelweiss Lodge & Resort in Germany. Seems like I'll be going there for family vacation tomorrow, and I wanted yall to get the heads up on it. I'll also be bringing my laptop over there as well since I "really" need to make some progress on my chapters if I have some time to spare, since I hear every day is just going to be seeing the sights and what not.

    But I am going to enjoy my time there regardless, it has a lot to offer. Here's a link if yall are curious:

    To be honest though, I didn't read too much into it, except for the hot spots and what they had. Not sure if they have fast wifi over there or not. If they don't, then I won't be able to access Fimfiction for at least a week, which means I can't keep up-to-date. But most resorts usually do have wifi, so I could be wrong.

    Other than that, I've had a few distractions as of late, mostly due to the Summer Steam Sales. I went on one helluva shopping spree because of it, and I even picked up a copy of Borderlands 2 and its Season Pass, costing everything to a total of $20. I thought it was a damn good deal, and now, I can't stop playing the damn game. It's like Diablo, except it's an FPS.

    Now granted it's my first time playing Borderlands 2, since I never played the first one, but it's damn fun and addicting. Can be challenging at times too.

    Sooooo... yeah, can't think of anything else to say, might edit this post later once the heat stops going to my damn brain. I mean, christ almighty, it's like my room is a freakin' sauna. Opening the windows doesn't help either because it's just as hot, so it's a lose-lose situation. Fans work to an extent when you have it blowing on high, but even then you still feel a bit hot.

    Bleh... How I've survived Belgium for 2-3 years without A/C, I will never know.

    2 comments · 142 views
  • 73w, 1d
    Story Updates

    Alright, I haven't made a lengthy blog in a long while here. So, let's go ahead and get some updates out of the way.

    First off, an update about myself: I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I've had a bit of a dry spell with writing for the past 4 months, and only recently I've started to get my writing mojo back (Thus the Twilight Cookies fic). While I'm still not as motivated to write again as usual, it is still slowly coming back to me. Hopefully I'll be dishing out chapters again before you can say "All Your Base Are Belong To Us."

    ...Wait, I just said it. Why am I not dishing out chapters yet!?

    Twilight Cookies is my attempt in getting my writing motivation back (or mojo as I keep calling it. Christ I sound like a broken record.). It'll be a two-parter, and I'll have it done at some point this weekend. Much to my surprise, its release today had a lot less activity than what I usually get. No Favorites nor any comments for the past 4 hours. Either I'm getting rusty, or I made the fatal mistake of posting on the 4th of July, where everyone is celebrating out on the streets, or causing mayhem with illegal fireworks. Ah, my childhood days...

    Regardless, it will be finished before the week is over.

    My Little Naruto will still be continued once I'm done with Twilight's Cookies. I don't know why I stopped while in the middle of it all of a sudden, especially since I'm writing what I've always wanted to write in the MLN fic, and what I've most looked forward to. I should be damn well excited, so why am I not!?

    PonyFall is still a grey area for me. The next chapter is 90% done for the most part, but I'm having trouble finding the motivation in finishing it up. Maybe I'll just make that the next update and do Twilight Cookies after that. I don't know. I'll have to see how I feel.

    I also managed to watch Equestria Girls online (They don't have it in Theatres here in Belgium. Damn you Hasbro!), and surprisingly one of the videos has been up for nearly a week. Why Youtube hasn't taken it down yet  is a complete mystery, but I'm thankful they haven't. The movie was a lot better than I had anticipated. Everyone was all "Oh gods they turned them into humans, this is going to suck!" But a lot of the majority changed their minds once they've watched it. It was actually pretty damn good. Even that one song that sang "Get up get down, Help Twilight Sparkle Win The Crown" something something was pretty catchy. Although I did find the end a tad rushed and a bit silly. I won't spoil it for you, but the movie is a must-watch for any brony/anthromorphic fan out there.

    That's about all I needed to touch up on. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below, and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

    0 comments · 197 views
  • ...

Naruto's life has been taken and is given a second chance at life due to certain circumstances. However, what he didn't realize is that he would be living in a world of ponies and magic, not in his own world. Will Naruto learn to put his past life behind and accept this strange new world as his home? Or will he reject it outright and find a way back to Konoha?

Rated T for Blood, Violence, and Language.

Image is from a user named VertreV from Deviantart. Give 'em a round of applause!

First Published
18th Feb 2012
Last Modified
18th Aug 2013

Instant track. Naruto+being a pony= awesome.

I guess when your as old as Death and having lived. . .well you know, dealing with all those souls can be boring. . who says the guy can't have a little fun every once every few hundred years? :P

potatoe...liquid.....liquid potatoe...FTW!

so what of his sandals?

Is it bad that I'm hoping we'll see the fox again, still?

If he ever have a freak out and go Kyuubi/Nine Tails on them here an idea on how he may look:


Ok, as long as Naruto can still do ninja tricks like the shadow clone jutsu I'll be fine with this fic.  Also, if three certain fillies becomes involved, I call first dibbs on saying


Wow death.. you such a troll :ajsmug:

Death: The Master Troll.

IM THE GREATEST HOKAGE!!! BELIEVE IT!! :rainbowdetermined2:

i facepalmed at the title and then laughed like a maniac for 15 minutes...

my sister almost called an ambulance because i was convulsing on the floor...

that title definitly made my day, thank you :pinkiesmile:


No, they'll be saying,

"Cute Mark Crusaders Ninja Initiates! Yay!"

I'll track this for now, and read it later. it's late, and I'm sleepy.

strange very strange.  good story though:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::pinkiesmile:

That son of a bitch. That is all.

he better still be able to use his jutsu or i'm dropping the story:derpytongue2:

>>230346 ermm...Maybe they're his hooves now?

Wow I was waiting for this fic to fucking long

I like it i just hope you dont blow it or give up half way through story...alot of peeps are doin that these days

Wait what about hand signs and his jutsus?

“…and that’s how I ended up getting a horse and a Caveman married. It was an experience that was insulting and a mental image I’ll never be able to erase from my skull. I hope you’re happy with me mentioning it, because I’m not.”

Pinkie Pie:... And THAT'S HOW EQUESTRIA WAS MADE:pinkiecrazy:

cool story, I'm following it







oh and guys before you start a chapter play the naruto theme song


I think he'll have a more pony form of the jutsu. Kinda like unicorn magic for earth ponies. He'll probably only need to announce the jutsu and boom Shadow-clones everywhere!

Wait...  Naruto...  Hinata...

Hinata is shy...  And so is Fluttershy!

Naruto's gonna fall for Fluttershy!  :pinkiegasp:

>>231323  I've been doing that the whole time!  :pinkiehappy:

Not enough fics based off this.

LOL! THIS IS WONDERFUL! i never thought anyone would think of such a great combination!

>>231307 Either it's HER, or Flutters.

RD is the closest the Mane6 has to the Pink Banshee, while FlutterShy is the closest they have to Hinata....OH CRAP! HINATA!!!! NARUTO DIDN'T GET TO APOLOGIZE!!!!

Just because its a Naruto Crossover doesn't mean I'll instantly hate it.

I find it intriguing.



Mane 6 inpoved


Ah, some finally addresses the obvious issue that is the language barrier. Sure it seemed a bit too convenient, but I've seen worse (ie a silence spell exploding, and this is from an Anime/Light noval, not a fanfic)

:trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft: you really just used a cliffhanger... :facehoof: oh well.. i expect to see moar! :twilightsmile:

There were a few grammer errors but i liked it. :twilightsmile:

I think i speak for us all...Give us more or we will hunt you down and gut you like a fish:flutterrage:

Nice, but I have one question for you.  For Naruto, which Naruto/how far into the anime series are we to the Naruto that's in thus fic?

Also, nice  job the Naruto personality.


It's all the way in the Shippuden Arc, in the anime.

And thanks for the compliment Sgt. :D


Thanks, that helped me out alot in understanding what his skill level and abilities ate.


The death of this fanfic means the death of us all!


:moustache: Moustache spike and I approve. We expect great things of you!

Hahaha, Naruto, I thought he'd ask something along the lines of "Where can I get something to eat around here?"

Oh, but good story all in all, keep up the good work :yay:

After spell goes haywire...

I was thinking that this could be a problem seeing as the ponies are generally portrayed as speaking english and Naruto speaks Japanese, Just keep doing what you are doing and it should turn out quite well.

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