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  • Metal gear Dash (Remake)
    After a having a fatal injury and point to death, Rainbow Dash must fight through war with her new synthetic enhancements.

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  • Final Fantasy XV: Tale of the Element
    Humans and Equestrian alike go in all out war for the sake of the final Element to further power up their Harmony. Will the Mane 6 be able to stop this global war before Chaos reforms itself?
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  • I Lost Something Precious to Me
    It was a normal day for the Alicorn Princess and her purple Alicorn student. On one night however Twilight is tricked and is placed under possession and it's up to Celestia to save her. Will she succeed or will Twilight be lost to the darkness?
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  • Altered Reality
    Worlds Collide and make chaos. Will Equestrian and the Other Worlds come in peace and fight the true enemy?
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  • Corruption's Judgement
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  • Fabula Nova Crystallis of Harmony
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War is all that is known in Equestria. It's now a natural skill and nothing can prevent it. Cybernetics have corrupted the minds of some making them living killing machines. Equestria has lost it's peace and now survival is the meaning of living. After a horrific tragedy and the lost of her limbs and nearly her life, Rainbow Dash is reborn as a cybernetic living in the world where everything has gone worse. It's now all out war to finally bring anarchy to Equestria. Will she be able to stop it with her survival instincts and enhancements?

Note: There will be major changes and massive recreation to this project. However the plot itself is still the same.

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27th May 2013
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9th Nov 2013

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