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  • 18w, 6d
    Long time no see.

    I've been long gone from this website for a while and I mean for a VERY long time due to trying to prepare a REAL story from my mind. I plan on creating this project sometime although school will just make it take even longer when that time comes. For now I haven't forgotten about my incomplete fanfictions (okay I almost did) and they WILL be finished some day. However I've just been too busy practicing to draw and somehow improve my stories if they are any that are needed. Also some of them I may recreate or create another chapter due to either lack of purpose, extending, or massive editing.

    I would also like to add that I might start adding OCs less often since I find it a main reason to my conflict of continuing my stories. It may cost me or it may not, but I'm doing this to see if writing stories could be my own specialty.

    Oh yeah...from me don't expect clopfics from me because all I can really offer is fan service...if I can somehow write it out. -_-

    Well...I'm not highly known, but I do have an intention of working hard when I grow up to be the best I can be and I shall complete my stories. Only thing is I have so many to do. >_<

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  • 50w, 1d
    I can't believe this

    I can't believe I wasted a whole night of research to sate my curiousity and I found.....this.

    Yeah, say what ya want. -_-'

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  • 59w, 5d
    Character Themes

    My story Altered Reality is suppose to be my very special one since my others were a BIG blowover when I think about it. So for now I'm only posting this since I just wanted to do this honestly. It's the theme songs of some of the characters in the story, not ALL. I hope you enjoy them if you've never heard of them, but if you explore youtube a lot then I'm sure you know them.

    Vanellope: Puppet Master of Bravery

    Twilight:Fate of Magic

    Rainbow Dash:Loyalty to the End

    Rarity and Fluttershy:Test of Fashion

    Applejack: ( I need help on that honestly) -_-

    CMC:Children of the Holy Light

    All the others shall be in the story it self. Hope you like the idea.

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  • 74w, 4d
    Sneak peek of my Resident evil 6 crossover

    As soon as Metal Gear Dash is at least half way finish I might go on and make a little bit of a Resident evil crossover and maybe some of the gory deaths if it weren't prevented.  Well, here's a small sample of what's in store and see if you can guess what campaign they represent if you played the game.

         Spike and Twilight froze in place in fear at the 12 feet tall B.O.W before them with it's hand being a giant mechanical claw. The helpless Equestrian survivor in it's grasp was instantly crushed in it's grasp with blood bursting and organs hanging from where the claws impaled deeply. Twilight was finally out her trance as she looked at Spike who could believe what he just saw.

    " Spike! We need to run!" She told the young dragon. Instead Spike blew a green fireball towards a canister next to the monster. It exploded causing a burst of flames to erupt around the monster till it couldn't be seen. Suddenly the B.O.W still wasn't finished as it stepped out undamaged and roared.

    " Okay. We go with your plan." Spike said as he grabbed Twilight's arm and ran. The monster ran behind them as Spike was knocking any object in the way to block it's path, but it merely knocked it away like flies.

       " Holy crap he's strong!" Spike growled. Suddenly they noticed an ledge but there was platform they could use to get to an old factory.

    " JUMP!" Twilight yelled. At the same they did and they landed on a wooden and worn out platform that could barely hold them together. But from behind the B.O.W jumped and if it weren't for Spike, Twilight would of fell to her death, instead she was accidentally pushed to hard and was now hanging for dear life on a pipe. As for Spike, he evaded another strike from the B.O.W which suddenly made him fall from the platform onto another below it.

         " SPIKE! HELP! I'M SLIPPING!" Twilight pleaded. Spike turned around seeing her slowly losing her grip and worse the beast was just inches behind him.

    " Always something with me and you." Spike muttered as he quickly ran towards Twilight and off another ledge and caught her and bursting through a window at the same time and now inside the factory. As for the B.O.W, it was suddenly gone.

    " Th-Thanks Spike."

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack

       Through the caves of the underground Rainbow Dash was suddenly growing weak the more she carried the injured and unconscious Fluttershy. This was a bad time for her since she was still in no condition to even be up and she was still wearing a hospital gown. Luckily though she was happy Applejack was with her to defend her even if it slowed them down a bit.

    " Y-your gonna be okay...Fluttershy. I won't let those things hurt you even if I'm dead." Rainbow Dash vowed as she slowly began to continue as Applejack had a hand on her holster where her pistol was. The cowgirl Equestrian looked back to see Rainbow Dash on one knee and exhausted.

    " You okay sugarcube?" She asked. Even though the Pegasus was in physical pain all around her body she still claimed she was okay. Applejack sighed, but she still just went with the fact that Rainbow Dash will be Rainbow Dash. Then, they heard a moan from Fluttershy. They stopped in their tracks and Rainbow Dash placed her childhood friend down gently. Fluttershy opened her eyes a bit, but enough to see Rainbow Dash mostly.  

    " R-Rainbow. G-get a-away." Fluttershy said softly. Deep down she meant it as a yell for a warning, but she couldn't do it. As for Rainbow Dash she didn't move from her.

    " Were almost safe Fluttershy. Just hold on, please." Tears began to form from her eyes as she failed to believe her friend was good as dead.

        " They...injected me...the virus. It's t-to late for me. Please I don't want to be a monster. Kill me." She requested. She closed her eyes and they never opened again.

    " Fluttershy? Fluttershy come on! You can't die. Not now!" Rainbow Dash pleaded. All of a sudden Fluttershy began to scream in pain and squirming on the floor.

    " Rainbow! Get away! She's mutating!" Applejack grabbed Rainbow Dash by her waist and pulled her away with the Pegasus still denying Fluttershy was gone for good. Before she knew it her body burst to flames till it harden into a human shaped cocoon for a while.

    " No no no no no. FLUTTERSHY!!!" Rainbow Dash yelled at the top of her lungs in full on tears.

    There you have it. There are two more extras that will be human and will represent Chris and a new partner along with a new surprise as Ada Wong. Who do you think it could be?

    A) Octavia

    B) Trixie

    C) An OC

    or D) Luna

    tell me your answers.

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  • 76w, 3d
    Sundowner and Monsoon

    Alright, For those who ever read my story Metal Gear Dash you should notice that I haven't posted a chapter for a while. Well it's been a while for me at least. Well I'm having trouble about which pony should have the capabilities for Monsoon and Sundowner. Mistral is already in the bag. Anyway I just want opinions before I have to think of one.

    For those who didn't read it yet, now can be the time and tell me how it is.

    Note: It was my first story made so point out any mistakes if possible.

    Help me out so I can get to the other stories I've been dying to make. I don't want to many in my hands.

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  • ...

War is all that is known in Equestria. It's now a natural skill and nothing can prevent it. Cybernetics have corrupted the minds of some making them living killing machines. Equestria has lost it's peace and now survival is the meaning of living. After a horrific tragedy and the lost of her limbs and nearly her life, Rainbow Dash is reborn as a cybernetic living in the world where everything has gone worse. It's now all out war to finally bring anarchy to Equestria. Will she be able to stop it with her survival instincts and enhancements?

Note: There will be major changes and massive recreation to this project. However the plot itself is still the same.

First Published
27th May 2013
Last Modified
9th Nov 2013