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  • 90w, 3d
    Text-Based adventure games

    Seeing as I'm getting a hard time finding collaborators for my projects (artists mainly, writers and programmers tend to get along in my experience). I'm going to have a bit of fun converting some of my fictions into text-based adventure games.

    Just to get use to creating visual novel-eque games without an artist to bug me with their absence of work.

    The stories I will be doing will be the ones from my War for Equestria series. Starting with Day of coronation and Charity.

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  • 117w, 5d
    Stories I tend to avoid

    Shipping-Usually not all that thoroughly thought out and end up being unsurprising seeing as a)the shipping has already been spoilt b)the justification of the pairing is hidden in a fan-haze. That's that kinda mindset Twilight was born from. I like my romance, I even have my hand in it occasionally, but I don't tend to make it seem like the most important thing in the world. After all, even love can bloom in the battlefield. You can find it lying around on the floor. However, like all human things, it takes its time to bloom.

    Mary Sue OC fics, if you are going to create an OC I tend to follow 2 rules, minimalist in back story and more on character development/characterisation (its such a common mistake to do the reverse!) and no goddamned amnesiacs. And as a matter of taste, keep names 3-5 syllables sounding and loyal to the mlp theme of alluding to the character's cutie mark or talent.

    Crossover fics. Mainly the intangible kind of crossovers. Like starcraft or warhammer or predator, basically things that are outside the realms of children's writing. I know grimdark exists in mlp fictions but thats the corruption of a good thing, to make it entertainingly dark. Warhammer is dark from the get go, wtf is a pony gonna do in such a universe? Or what is an pedator gonna do? It's gonna kill everything, no mercy, no surprises and most certainly none of the optimistic delusions I read from such cross overs. You know a good crossover? Winnie the pooh and fluttershy.

    Forced canon mythos. Basically new made up creatures that serve no purpose but to exist as this cool new thing. A good story is not based off spectacle, a good story is based off craft. If you are going to add a new creature to the mlp mythos, do it with a little class. Sell the story, not the creature.

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  • 120w, 4d
    My extended lyrics of FiW song: Gypsy Bard

    When you're rife with devastation

    There's a simple explanation:

    You're a toymaker's creation

    Trapped inside a crystal ball

    And whichever way he tilts it

    Know that we must be resilient

    We won't let them break our spirits

    As we sing our silly song

    When I was a little filly, a galloping blaze overtook my city

    So they shipped me off to the orphanage. Said ditch those roots if you

    wanna fit in

    So I dug one thousand holes and cut a rug with orphan foals

    Now, Memories are blurred, and their faces are obscured, but I still,

    know the words to this song

    When you've bungled all your bangles

    And your loved ones have been mangled

    Listen to the jingle jangle

    Of my gypsy tambourine

    'Cause these chords are hypnotizing

    And the whole world's harmonizing

    So please children stop your crying

    And just sing along with me

    There I was as an orphaned Pinkie, life lived hard got my head to thinkin

    Why feel bad for the orphans foals. when the bell beyond is ringing it's toll

    when all the ghosts and creepies choke, just laugh it off like they made a joke

    now here I am alive, without soul to stop my drive, and I still, know

    the words to this song

    When my granny smith relaxes

    Her life goes in tiny flashes

    time goes by in wind-swept ashes

    like a funny monkey's paw

    When your element is laughter

    You are seen as a disaster

    but we'll see who will die faster

    as you sing along with me

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  • 120w, 5d
    Dramatic reading


    I got bored so I made a dramatic reading.


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  • 124w, 1d
    Posting schedule

    This is just a guideline I will follow and to give some people a little preview of what's to come. I won't have a specific dates up just the order I'll be posting everything.

    Pinkie-Pinkie sense of humour.

    Prelude 2-The temple of Harmony.

    The Everfree forest has become rife with cultist activity and it is up to the newly founded Church of harmony to stop the return of Discord.

    Prelude 1-The Truth

    The history of Equestria is revealed. The lies and secrets are finally exposed.

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  • ...

Been awhile since I wrote a pure romantic piece and with my old lyrical style too.

I wonder what I'll end up with doing this for a thousand words.

First Published
10th May 2013
Last Modified
10th May 2013
#1 · 76w, 20h ago · · ·

Oh my god- this really... hrum, hrum, hrum...

This has been disputed over, hasn't it?


Odd, but oh so very true.

#2 · 76w, 20h ago · 2 · ·


lol check out the random hater on the ratings.

haa... there's always one faggot...

But yeah there's been alot of theories regarding Luna as a dream walker. But I NEVER (I know surprising) never seen any discussion of Nightmare moon as a dream walker. Possibly causing Nightmare night.

Nightmare night being an event in my head as a moment when Nightmare moon had gathered enough stallions and brain washed them over dreams until she commanded them all one night to kill their families, so they all sever ties to their consciences and follow only her command.

i mean, if I had control of ppl's subconsciousness I'd jump at the chance use that to my tactical advantage.

#3 · 76w, 20h ago · 2 · ·

Dark, but beautiful. Just like the night... *Shuffles towards knife on kitchen counter* Seriously though, best poetic piece I've read in a while.

#4 · 76w, 11h ago · · ·

Perchance I would dream of you. Perchance I hold your esteem. Perchance I champion you. Perchance I dream the reality of our dream.

Perchance that word is being used a tad too much. Other than having that word etched into my brain for the rest of the evening, the dark tone of the story is carried through brilliantly. Just writing down a thought: It doesn't seem like mind control but closer to brainwashing. The main character seems to lose his familial identity replaced by love for the Princess of the Night. Must be a strong love considering he was willing to stab his daughter.

Nightmare Moon bestows a Nightmare Night. Serve her well and earn her 'love' tonight.

#5 · 76w, 4h ago · · ·


repetition is not a taboo in writing... its a narrative device.

Surely you've seen it used in movies or comics where a person uses the repetition perhaps to convince/suggest or intimidate someone.

#6 · 75w, 6d ago · · ·

>>2561267 Yeah, I know repetition is a narrative device used in literature; just poking fun at it not being subtle.

#7 · 75w, 6d ago · · ·


funny you didn't mention the instance that was actual really obvious

#9 · 75w, 6d ago · 1 · ·


nope. its a repeat that uses a huge chunk of the text at the start.

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