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I was woundering what kind of Fo:E crossover stories are out there? I'm talking about crossovers with other series other then Fallout. Or maybe something based of other Pony fanfiction. Like for examaple I think there was someone who said they did a Past Sins Crossover staring Nyx.  I my self have a Silent Hill/Silent Ponyville crossover.

I could see someone doing a Ponyfied version of things like Mad Max, Death Lands or Highlander with using the Fo:E world has a back drop.

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My point of view? Hands- hooves- and or any other form of appendages down favorite I have read would be the doctor Who crossover Just like clockwork

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There's an FoE-Halo story out there somewhere. Broken Steel (Mild spoilers! D8) crosses over with Command and Conquer.

I wouldn't recommend either.

Nor would I recommend additional crossovers. As a setting FoE is fairly rich, and both of its parents has a huge amount of content to draw from. A common complaint I've seen is that FoE sidefics aren't really Fallout so much as a generic post-apocalypse as it is. So I don't see a reason or need for bringing in yetanotherfictionaluniverse.

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There is Fallout Equestria x Wild Arms: Trigger to Tomorrow

I consider it a very good story (and so does our overstallion Doomande)

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>>1338087 I've done a crossover with Fallen Earth, a game that takes place in the Grand Canyon Province over a hundred years after a (small scale, and limited) nuclear war, and a massive worldwide pandemic that wiped out 99.9 percent of the human population, and changed life everywhere. For example, there is a breed of chicken that has hands.

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Fallout Equestria: ODST - A crossover with Halo

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I myself have written a crossover with Kingdom Hearts. Trigger to Tomorrow and Just Like Clockwork are really good ones. Also I've been thinking of making a group devoted to FoE crossovers as well as putting together something so someone could do a SMT crossover, writing a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, and have plans to search for a co author (so I'll have someone with more Animal Crossing knowledge then me) for a story taking the idea of Animal Crossing New Leaf and doing that in FoE (truthfully it's just an excuse to have an Isabelle AI). But that's not untill after I take care of a project I'm thinking of.

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There is The Sweetie Chronicles it's a story in which Sweetie Belle go in alternate universes and in one of the chapters there a crossover with Pink Eyes.

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>>1338109 Generally I'm with you on that. I'm willing to be open minded, but adding more stuff the FOE mix just seems unnecessary. Plus, doing two sets of source material justice is tough enough in a fic. Trying to balance even more sounds like asking for trouble to me.

Although, the OP did mention Deadlands; I would very much like to see a more general MLP crossover with that. No Fallout included, just Deadlands/MLP.

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>>1338087 I did a cross over with Resistance. But i cancelled it because I didn't like the direction it was going.

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my own FoE story crosses over into the world of broken wings, based offa cardslafters through the eyes of another pony.

Crossovers seem frowned on, but i personally think if you make the tale yours alone, then the story will rock.

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Chickens with hands...What sort of sick twisted mind would come up with such a Eldritch Abomination that would make even Lovecraft shudder:pinkiecrazy:

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>>1340587 People still eat them. It's still chicken, although perhaps a bit tougher. That said, this type of breed is as big/bigger than you. Hence the rifles.

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>>1341044 Don't even get me started on creepers. So fast, so many of them.

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I've written in a sly crossover in my story, FoE Memories with FoE Outlaw. It's a simple crossover shout-out that doesn't wreck either plot. As to my knowledge, Outlaw has references and slight crossovers with a few other stories as well, if Tofu hasn't lied to me.

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Im going to have to look this stuff up now... To the wiki AWAY!!!!!!

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>>1341087 Good luck! You're going to be in for a surprise or ten.

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well a bioshock crossover would not be a bad idea

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>>1338087 I think Alchemystudent was doing the Nyx story. Hasnt happened yet tho

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As of June, I offically started.

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>>3621202 I've been enjoying it already!

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>>1338087 I've once again started working on my Fallen Earth X Fallout Equestria story, which fits since both are post-apoc. That said, while I do love me some post-apoc, I was never truly a fan of Fallout X Fallout Equestria, since it the universes have too many similarities (don't get me wrong, both are completely different stories).

I also just realized that I posted in this thread a long time ago, whoops.

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Do I understand correctly that you are looking for some mlp + some franchise other than Fallout crossovers?

Or are you looking for FoE + some other universe crossover?

I would really like to see Space Rangers + MLP crossover...



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>>3622163 Got the wrong guy. I didn't revive the thread, I just went along.

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>>3624241 Shit... I'll try to call the inquisition before they get you...:yay:

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>>3625067 Hey man, I can't take the comfy chair, they made me sit in that for like, ten hours last time!

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>>3625398 ha, don't get me started on their coffee!

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I'm not sure how many people care, but I did end up making my crossover group, so if you're looking for FoE crossovers, that's the place to go.

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