Simply Coco, Darling!

by dracedomino

First published

Femboy Coco Pommel has always been a delicate creature, but it wasn't until he started hanging around Rarity that his feminine side really started to come out. The two share a very loving friendship that turns into something more.

Rarity and Coco Pommel have always bonded over fashion and style, and over time their relationship has advanced past friends into something sweet and romantic yet not quite "there." At least...not yet. On one lovely evening Rarity finally pushes the boundaries with her femboy lover, showing him a new form of pleasure as well as revealing the secret that she keeps hidden surprisingly well in her panties.

A futa/femboy story, this is much more romantic than my usual work. I hope you enjoy, and please be sure to let me know what you think!

Kinks Include: Femboy/Futa, Clothing play, Equine dong, Romance, Kissing, Cuddling, Oral, Cumplay)

Fondly Feminine

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter One: Fondly Feminine
-by Drace Domino

Every minute that Coco Pommel got to be around Rarity made him feel like nothing short of a princess. The young man had always been one of feminine features in the most extreme sense; delicate cheekbones and long lovely lashes, a slender waist and thin arms, and a pair of the softest lips that Canterlot High had ever seen. His pale cream colored flesh was a perfect match for his sea green hair, a color that seemed to change in tint depending on if he was standing in the sunlight or sitting patiently in class. He was a beautiful young man for a certainty; the sort that the girls in class could gaze at for hours wondering just how he got his complexion so smooth and the sort that boys struggled with often...conflicting thoughts when they looked at him. A perfectly sweet and delicate frame that came complete with a tender personality, a compassionate heart, and the creative soul of an artist with a flair for fashion.

It had been that particular spark that had brought him into Rarity’s arms several months ago. During a Home Economics class while most of the students were struggling with sewing two pieces of fabric together two of them were a cut above the rest; Coco Pommel and the eye catching Rarity. Coco’s own project that day had been an elegant blue blazer designed for a man with lace embroidery around the cuffs for flair, and while it was an impressive feat for a student his project couldn’t even compare to Rarity’s. The dramatic young woman had brought in her own fabric because “The school’s material simply won’t do, darling,” and proceeded to craft one of the prettiest dresses that anyone in class had ever seen. Layers of gold and white with just a dash of purple, support for a healthy bust with a line of sequins around the edge, and an entire backing that was a sheer, see-through lace. When Rarity had showed her mastercraft off to the class it was enough to make everyone there feel inferior when it came to their seamstress talents; up to and including the teacher. Most of them looked at their own work, whether it was a patch on a pair of jeans or a pocket added to a T-shirt, or in Rainbow Dash’s case a pair of sleeves she had somehow managed to sew together. They stared down at their own handiwork in disdain, with the exception of Coco Pommel.

He had simply stared, eyes wide and mouth agape, at the most radiant two things he had ever seen. That spectacular dress...and the woman that crafted it.

That had been months ago, and Coco Pommel’s life was now more glorious than he had ever imagined. Rarity had been so taken with his simple blazer that she had invited the young man to help out at what she proudly called her future storefront; a tiny little apartment she had named the Carousel Boutique. There it was where Rarity worked tirelessly on her garments and her style, with the intention of opening up to sell the finest fashions the very next day after graduating. After all, a young woman needed to have a clear plan for after high school. At the Carousel Boutique Rarity showed the beautiful Coco Pommel her dreams and her desires; sharing with the fair-skinned young man not only what she wanted from her store, but what she wanted from her life. Simple goals that were laced in elegance. Attainable, yet lofty.

She desired to be recognized. Recognized for her brilliant style, her impeccable handiwork, and her tireless dedication. She wanted to see young women from shore to shore wearing her finest outfits, to give them the experience of arriving in something that was as breathtaking as they were. She wanted to empower other girls through fashion and style, and to give them the simple yet wonderful thrill of smiling because they knew they looked absolutely lovely.

And for herself? What she desired in return? All Rarity truly craved was affection. The adulation of fans of her work, the companionship of her unique friends, and as Coco Pommel had learned shortly after his first day at Carousel Boutique, the love of a young man willing to be her flawless, perfect doll.

“Rarity, I’m here!” Coco Pommel called out, slipping into the front door of Carousel Boutique. It was an exciting evening for him; with his parents out of town for the weekend it was a chance to spend a few long days in Rarity’s presence. The two had already made plans to spend the weekend at her future store, working on designs and sharing a comfortable mattress that she had special ordered for the occasion. After all, one couldn’t simply cuddle all weekend on the floor. As Coco Pommel stepped into the shop further he looked around from side to side with eyes wide, a grand smile pressed to his lovely, soft lips. “…”

It always managed to surprise him, just how hard Rarity worked. Every time he visited the store it seemed like there were more dresses to be enjoyed, more works in progress and more completed masterpieces that were ready for display. From the sexy to the chaste, the elegant to the seductive, even if Rarity opened the doors to her boutique that evening she would have more than enough to catch people’s eyes. As Coco Pommel stepped deeper into the room he paused long enough to reach out towards one of the nearest dresses, taking a hanging piece of lace and letting it slide between his fingers. The slow, sweet flow of the fabric was enough to make him smile and blush, for it was a sensation that he had come to know quite intimately thanks to the fashionista’s influence.

These days, not many people saw Coco Pommel as the beautiful young man that they once knew, but as the breathtaking, shy girl that replaced him. Ever since his time with Rarity began Coco Pommel had been lovingly encouraged to dress in a more ladylike fashion, to embrace the feminine features he had been blessed with and live as sweetly as he could. No more did he struggle to look at home in a T-shirt and jeans, instead taking more towards light shorts in pastel colors, cute dresses that dropped down to his calves, or spaghetti strap blouses that ended in long frills that matched the color of his hair. His already girlish nature had made the transition easy for everyone that mattered; from his parents to his friends to of course his beloved Rarity, and the smiles he received while walking down the street were charming, heartwarming, and sometimes even exciting. He felt more at home in lacy stockings pulled up to the middle of his thighs than he did in a full suit and tie, and that wasn’t even touching how he felt about the undergarments.

A noticeable blush crossed his cheeks as he teased his fingers over the lace of one of Rarity’s dresses. The caress of it wasn’t too much unlike what he was wearing right now, underneath the knee-length pleated skirt he had worn to school. Hiding between his legs a sheer grip of smooth green lace panties held him in place; keeping his member secured to his lap and keeping him in check. Just another thrill of being Rarity’s special companion. Putting aside his thoughts and aching desires of lace affection Coco Pommel finally pushed himself forward, arching a brow as he worked his way towards the back of the shop. He could hear movement from the back room and fully suspected it was Rarity; it wasn’t uncommon for the young woman to get so wrapped up in her work that she lost all track of time. The true masters were always so distracted.

“...Rarity?” Sure enough, as Coco Pommel poked his head out from around the corner and spoke her name, he caught sight of the elegant woman within her workshop. She was sitting at her desk in a sheer black pencil skirt and a white button up blouse, back turned as she worked tirelessly on a piece of deep blue material. It was difficult to tell just what she was working on, but Coco Pommel wasn’t even about to muster a guess. He’d see that elegance when it was completed. The young man cleared his throat as he stepped in a little further, his hands moving to smooth out the pleats in his skirt, intent on looking perfect for the girl. “Rarity, I’m here.”

The sound of the sewing machine slowed to a halt, that soft rhythmic pounding steadily dying down before finally ceasing. The long, gorgeous purple hair hanging down the back of Rarity’s head suddenly shifted as she flicked her head from side to side, likely trying to fluff it to its full glory before turning. When she finally did so she was just as Coco remembered her; absolutely flawless. White skin without a single blemish, a pair of red glasses perched on the tip of her nose to help with her slight farsightedness. A tape measure draped around her shoulders with a few pins threaded into the end of it, and one of the warmest smiles that Coco Pommel had ever seen. Rarity didn’t speak for the moment, moving instead to slowly rise from her chair and gently approach her friend. On flat black heels set against dark nylons leading up into her skirt Rarity drew close enough to Coco to reach for him, and her arms threaded around his shoulders as she pulled him near.

She held him like she were the man of the relationship; possessively and almost greedy in her embrace. Without a sound she squeezed that beautiful young man to her; pressing their chests together and burying her face in his sea green hair. While Coco Pommel allowed a tiny gasp of delight to ache from the back of his throat he could hear Rarity drawing in a breath, audibly enjoying the scent of her friend’s hair with a noise of absolute satisfaction. Her hands remained tight around him and she kept the young man locked to her closely, only managing to speak when Coco Pommel’s own arms moved to wrap about her waist.

“Darling, I missed you so dreadfully much.” Rarity practically oozed the words out in her most dramatic yet endearing voice, and when she pulled away she ensured that she didn’t go far. Her smooth palms spread to Coco’s cheeks as she tilted the young man’s head back, and looked into his soft eyes with a longing look riding in her own. Standing just a little taller than Coco it was an easy feat for her to stare longingly ahead, while at the same time leaning in just enough to add the threat of a kiss at any moment. A threat that Coco already found himself aching for, from his spaghetti straps to his kneesocks. Rarity’s voice was just as melodic and enchanting as ever, made even sweeter as she neared a whisper by the end of her thought. “I nearly feared I’d be stranded here all alone the entire weekend. How could you be so cruel to make me wait, hmm?”

She hadn’t been waiting. In fact, Coco Pommel was a half hour early. That didn’t stop her from being a wonderfully melodramatic tease, and it didn’t stop him from blushing vibrantly at the thought. He fidgeted idly in place as Rarity held him close, speaking up in a voice that was concerned and thoughtful, laced with the kindness that Rarity had come to know from him.

“I’m sorry, Rarity.” He whispered, even though there was nothing to be sorry about. “I had to get some things at home after school. Toothbrush, my sleeping mask, my change of clothe-”

“Pish posh!” Rarity scoffed at that last one, and her hands at Coco’s cheeks gently tightened with their fingers. Her fond caress turned into a sweetly playful pinch to both cheeks; not nearly enough to hurt, but enough to leave that blush on Coco’s cheeks a bit darker. Rarity beamed as she practically twirled out of Coco’s grip; dancing through her workshop to a rack of gorgeous dresses. “If there’s one thing you don’t need at a Carousel Boutique sleepover, it’s your own clothes! We’ll be wearing the finest fashions all weekend long! I’ve put together some breathtaking professional chic outfits for when we’re working tomorrow and Sunday, simply divine evening dresses for when we enjoy dinner in the city, and…” At that last thought she looked over her shoulder, her face half-veiled by silky purple hair but clearly sporting a mischievous smile. “...some of my most sensual work for when it’s time for bed. The only thing holding you tighter than the silk, my dear, is me.”

Whether from Rarity’s gaze or the sultry hint to her tone, Coco Pommel’s breath caught in his throat and he could feel himself more acutely pushing against the fabric of his lace panties. He struggled to swallow from the tightness within him and he practically shivered as Rarity allowed one hand to stretch out, letting those delicate white fingertips dance down his cheek once more. She spoke with the same doting and kind tone that she always used to address him, never sounding anything less than tender, affectionate, and utterly enthralled that she had such a sweet assistant always so eager to be at her call.

“Head off to the dressing room, my dear.” Rarity spoke softly, and bobbed her head back towards one of the doors leading off of her workshop. “You’ll find a little gift I’ve prepared for you. I’d like you to slip it on and join me in our makeshift bedroom as soon as you can.”

“Y-Yes, Rarity! That sounds lovely!” Coco Pommel beamed at that, and another wave of excitement went right through him. For a moment he stammered in place, his feet unable to find a measure of where to head next, and he nearly tripped over himself from nervous delight before he spun around and darted towards the dressing room. As he slipped inside and closed the door behind him Rarity simply watched in the direction her dear associate headed, drawing in the lingering scent of his perfume and savoring the thought of what was about to come next. She took joy in spoiling Coco Pommel, and from the giddy sounds that were muffled from within the dressing room it was clear that she had succeeded in doing so that evening.

Coco Pommel’s sounds were excited and delighted, a mix between giggling, gasping, and downright “squeeing” as Rarity’s friend Pinkie Pie would put it. As soon as he stepped into the dressing room his eyes fell on the gift Rarity had prepared for him, and it was every bit as spectacular as his wildest dreams could have mustered. Hanging there on a dress hook was the most elegant pink dress he had ever witnessed, a masterpiece among masterpieces, and the note attached to the front of it was enough to make his tender heart raced.

“You’re all mine, my sweet darling.” The note began, and completed just as joyfully. “And this is all yours. Enjoy, as I’ve enjoyed your company these past few months. Love, Rarity.”

Coco Pommel was glad in that moment that he had the closed door to protect him from Rarity’s vision, otherwise he would’ve been embarrassed by the tears that struck his cheeks just then. He looked quickly to the dressing room mirror and immediately wiped at the corners of his eyes, sniffling and taking long, deep breaths to help control his emotions. His makeup kit was outside the room in his travel bag, and it just wouldn’t do to return to Rarity with smeared lines or runny blush! As he tried to calm himself from the tears of joy that overwhelmed him he found strength instead in looking to the dress once more, focusing not on the sentiment for the moment, but the details. Details were distracting. Details were soothing. Details were what he needed to prevent his little tender heart from simply erupting from the joy and desire that filled him.

Slender shoulders with set with straps of smooth leather, the finest that he had ever seen and dyed a subtle pink. Those straps crossed several times over the shoulders and even down the back, leaving it mostly open save for those pink strips that crossed in a surprisingly intricate pattern. Wearing the dress would be like wearing an intriguing piece of art, and down the center of his slender back would be some of the most enchanting parts of all. Lines for people to trace with their eyes...or for Rarity to trace with her fingers, if she so desired. Those straps and sleeves flowed into a front that was perfectly tailored to Coco’s measurements, from a flat chest that wasn’t born with supple and flawless breasts like Rarity, to a slender waist that only made Coco’s body even more unique. As a boy that had always had features that were feminine and delicate and soft Coco had so often struggled finding the perfect fit on either spectrum; the clothes he had worn growing up were always too baggy and sagging around his frame, and once he had begun wearing women’s clothing for Rarity they seemed to take certain...assumptions. Assumptions he had breasts to go along with his delicate hips or his smooth shoulders, assumptions that he didn’t have something between his legs that needed to be neatly held back by lace or silk.

But this dress? This dress was flawless. From every blend of pink that went from the deep and rich to the smooth and delicate, from every sequin and gem that was worked into its construction, from the bobby pin that held a note that Coco Pommel would was glorious. The detail was clear that Rarity had poured tireless hours over it, from the design phase to the moment she took needle to cloth. Coco Pommel took a deep breath to once more calm himself, and first reached out to pluck the note away from the front of the dress. He folded it twice before slipping it into a pocket of his current clothes, making a mental reminder to pluck the note from them before the next time he did laundry. It’d be something for his scrapbook, specifically in the particularly long Rarity chapter. Once he had it secured Coco Pommel turned his attention to stripp down out of his clothes, and moving to slither into the dress that his doting friend provided.

She thought of everything. From sheer pink nylons that smoothed up his legs to hitch at the center of his thighs, to a replacement pair of panties that were even more keen to grip his member than the last. It didn’t take long before easing into the new pair that he had already dampened them with a dot of precum from the front of his tip; a tip from a length that was only barely able to be contained by the garment. Coco Pommel wasn’t particularly large by any estimations, but the excitement he felt in that moment was intense. A gorgeous dress. An invitation to Rarity’s bed. A weekend alone with her.

Could...Could this be the night they finally…?

Coco swallowed his emotions down, shuddering from the mere thought. It was certainly a delightful daydream, but no part of him genuinely believed that it would happen. As he dressed himself further in that gorgeous garment he gently chided himself with a smile, pushing the thoughts into his mind that Rarity adored him...just not that way. She loved him to hold. To cuddle. To dress up. She loved him as her assistant, as her friend, and as something that flirted between the role of a lover and a teddy bear. But certainly, she didn’t want...that.

As Coco Pommel finished getting dressed he turned to face himself in the mirror, a wide smile on his features. He spun on a stocking-clad heel; shoes being the only thing Rarity chose to leave out thanks to his bed-bound destination. As he spun the pink lace and silk practically danced around him, showcasing every feminine angle and every gentle curve. He looked as much like a gorgeous star of the screen as he ever did in that moment, and there was no one...whether they knew him before his Rarity days or no, that could deny he was a truly beautiful woman. The clothes might not entirely make the man...or woman, in that case, but they definitely helped towards that goal. It was a dress that allowed Coco to embrace a dream he didn’t even know he had until he met Rarity, and as he studied himself in the mirror one last time his heart rapidly began to race.

It didn’t matter if Rarity merely wanted to hold him all night. He could hold back his own urges. He could even endure the sometimes aching press of his length against a pair of panties. If it meant being near her, being embraced, getting to smell her perfume and squeeze his arms around her waist...he was still the happiest he had ever been. Being Rarity’s doll, her gorgeous little dress up pet, was still the greatest pleasure he could ever know.

It was with excitement, joy, and grace that Coco Pommel slipped outside of the room and made his way towards the makeshift bedroom.

It would be hard to tell that the room that held the mattress had been intended for anything but. Rarity had set aside one of the rooms of the Carousel Boutique to decorate as a full bedroom to share with her darling Coco, and even though the mattress itself sat on the floor without box springs or a frame, it only made it look more lavish and exotic. Rarity had designed the room to resemble something akin to a lavish harem; filled with pillows that were as comfortable as they were beautiful, laying blankets that were a joy to walk on and be embraced in, and a few tapestries hanging from the wall that worked to tint the light of dim lamps behind them. She had applied her knack for style and appearance to that room, taking what could have been a simple work rest area and making it into a place that could have been a den of comfort or passion, depending on her desires in that moment.

Coco Pommel had found his way there via a trail of rose petals; a trail that had begun just outside the dressing room door that weren’t there before. Rarity had fallen into that sweet romantic trope the second Coco Pommel had went to go get dressed, leaving a delicate dusting of those lovely petals all the way towards the bedroom. The lights had been turned down and there was even a sweet aroma in the air; the result of a light incense that was burning at the front of her makeshift bedroom. Coco followed those rose petals and the scent of warm delight as he padded his way towards it, and as soon as he slipped around the doorway his heart beat at a wild, rapid pace as his eyes fell on what he saw.

The room itself was gorgeous, lavish, and a place he believed he could happily live in for decades. But right then, he barely even noticed it. Instead, his eyes were upon the woman lying in wait for him on the bed...his mistress, his goddess, his beloved Rarity.

“The dress suits you gloriously, dear.” Rarity simply cooed, and licked her lips in pointed fashion. “You’re of course free to enjoy it wherever you like...but I certainly am glad it was me that got the chance to enjoy seeing you in it first. It’s like being the first person to see a completed work of art.”

Rarity’s words were romantic. Sweet. Tender. But Coco Pommel could only barely hear them against the throbbing backdrop of shock. His eyes remained wide and his throat remained tight, and he stood there in the doorway quivering within that dress. Rarity’s praise was appreciated but only barely heard and even less understood, simply because right then and there...Coco Pommel didn’t have that capacity. He couldn’t do anything more deep or complicated than simply stand there and stare. Stare at Rarity. Stare at his goddess. Stare at...what she was wearing.

Rarity was laying on the bed waiting for Coco, there for presentation as she rested on one side. Her long white legs were casually draped across each other as she held her chin in one hand, making sure every angle of her front was on display. Knee-high leather boots were held in intricate triple laces and were polished to a fine shine, and rising from their cuffs were a pair of sheer nylons that much like Pommel’s own met the middle point of Rarity’s thighs. She wore a pair of panties that were a purple to match the color of her hair, lace trimming around every side with a tiny heart of a softer purple color squarely in the center. Rarity’s slender belly was fully exposed without a trace of fabric to hide its sight, though her breasts were wrapped in a bra similar to her panties. The same color that matched her hair, the same softer purple hearts pressed against their centers, the same lace frill that ran around the edges. Though she didn’t wear gloves she still wore black bracers made of leather that covered her entire forearms; after all, every mistress needed at least a little bit of leather coverage. Her shoulders were left bare but dancing across Rarity’s throat was a simple cover of the finest sheer material much like that of her nylons; starting at just underneath her chin and ending where her throat met her shoulders. Every angle of the woman was there for Coco Pommel’s view, and if the young man had any question as to whether that night would contain moments more intimate between them, they were answered almost immediately.

Rarity would have to be a cruel, cruel mistress to dress like that and not offer up pleasures of the flesh...and Rarity was never anywhere near cruel. If the world mistress even applied to a woman so gentle and loving she was certainly the kindest of them all; showering Coco in affection and tenderness and more warm embraces than the young man could fathom. The closest Rarity had ever come to striking or hurting her pretty boy pet was when excitement at seeing him would overtake her, and she’d squeeze him just a little too hard in a sudden hug. It was a “pain” that he was always happy to endure, from the delight of knowing she was so eager to be near him to the more primal, visceral pleasure of having those glorious breasts squeezed against his body. And now those breasts were nearly on display, along with that smooth belly and those long legs, and the tiny nestle of Rarity’s privates behind her panties. All those spectacular sights were Coco Pommel’s to enjoy, and Rarity was beckoning him closer with her fingers curling towards herself.

“Come to me, darling.” She cooed an order that was subtle and sweet and impossible to resist, even before Rarity smoothly licked her lips. “It’s well past time we stop dancing around the affection we have for each other, don’t you think?”

“Y...Yes, Rari...Mistr...uh…” Coco Pommel staggered forward, still a little stunned at it all. The comfortable embrace of that flawless dress, the sight of Rarity before him, and the heaviest weight of arousal he had ever felt. His member practically ached against his panties, and as he lowered himself down to his knees on the mattress he searched for a word to summarize her. Calling her by name hardly felt appropriate considering all she had done, and Mistress sounded like too weak of an honorific. As Coco Pommel finally slid further he found the only word he could think of, the only word that could rise from his throat that described how he felt about Rarity in that moment. “G...Goddess…”

“Oh darling, I hardly think I’d go that far.” Rarity cooed, and as Coco drew near allowed her fingertips to ease underneath the young man’s chin. “But far be it for me to tell you what to say. You can call me whatever you like over the next two days, provided those lovely lips of yours are only for me. Does that sound fair?”

“...every part is only for you.” Coco whispered, soon finding himself wrapped up in Rarity’s embrace. In his full gorgeous dress he openly pressed against the woman, feeling her slender body against his own and savoring the twist of the fabric over his body. As Rarity drew in close to press a kiss to Coco’s cheek the young man practically sobbed out a whimper, his joy once more nearly pushing him to the point of tears. “Every...every part...I belong to you…”

“Then I have everything I could ever want.” Rarity whispered at the edge of Coco’s ear, without a trace of deceit within her tone. Her hands moved over her dress up doll’s shoulders in the most appreciative fashion, swinging down his arms only to take his hands in her own. She interlocked their fingers and squeezed them nice and tight, nestling her forehead to the young man’s as she offered yet another whisper. “There’s some surprises in store for you, darling. But you trust me, yes?”

“With everything I have.” Coco Pommel whispered and nodded without hesitation. He had no idea just what secrets Rarity could have that might make him anything less than filled with desire, filled with affection for the woman that he adored so. “I...I love’re everything to me, Rarity, I…” When the emotion started to creep into him even deeper his eyes even started to mist, though Rarity was there to save both his tender heart the embarrassment, and the appearance of his makeup. Her fingers moved to let a thumb slide away those tears, and to seal them away for the evening she kissed the corner of each eye with a tender, affectionate smooch. Each kiss was a promise that his emotions were important to her, that his love...his tears...his dedication was nothing short of her most serious responsibility and her greatest treasure.

“No matter what happens between us tonight, my precious Coco Pommel…” She whispered, letting her fingers slide down his cheeks and along his throat. She let them glide until the straps of his dress that she had made, tracing them just as she knew she would with a delicate touch. “Your goddess loves you. And she will do everything in her power to show you as much.”

...if he was really determined to call her a goddess, then who was she to argue?

For the next half hour, the time between the two was nothing short of a collection of their greatest cuddling moments. Rarity and Coco Pommel worked in the art of tender snuggling and spooning the way they worked with fabric; with an artist’s eye for attention and the soul of a truly dedicated master. Every touch between the two was both spontaneous and rehearsed in the same moment; tracing familiar curves that were always exciting no matter how many times they were touched. Rarity’s boots were the hardest thing between them and even they felt thrilling against Coco Pommel’s calves as they intermingled their legs and pressed close and lovingly together, the dress swirling around them both as they drew closer and closer. Rarity’s hands at first moved for both pleasure and for purpose; as excited to lay her fingers on her lover as she was to feel how he fit in the dress. It didn’t surprise her that it was a perfect fit, and more than once she made Coco Pommel blush as she praised him not just for his sweetness and his beauty, but for the fact that he was among the prettiest women she had ever known.

“You’re a flawless, refined lady.” Rarity whispered as she let her fingers dance down Coco’s spine, making him shudder and ache beneath his panties. “The very thing of dreams, my beautiful, sweet girl.” Words that would’ve made most men irate and indignant echoed without Coco Pommel with great desire and profound passion, and he nodded eagerly at each whispered note. He was indeed Rarity’s girl; her dress up doll, his entire body there for her to garnish in lace, leather, silk...whatever she desired to see him in. He relished being Rarity’s woman as much as he relished his next breath, and when Rarity praised him for doing such a fine job at femininity it made him want to hold her all the closer.

Coco Pommel didn’t speak much as the two continued to cuddle and hold each other, but it wasn’t for lack of desire. Every time he tried he found his voice stolen away, either because Rarity was caressing him in a distracting fashion over his shoulders or his belly, or because there were so few words that he could use to properly tell Rarity how much she meant to him. He could praise her endlessly, call her a goddess and completely mean it, even sing of her glory and shout how much he desired her, but it never seemed adequate. Thankfully she wasn’t a demanding mistress as far as such things were concerned, and the blush on his cheeks and the gasps from his lips were more than enough. She would gobble up those gasps when she caught them; sneaking in for long teasing kisses that left their tongues brushing against each other and their breath shared for just an instant, and each time she pulled away the same teasing smile would be traced upon her lips. She knew that things were coming that Coco Pommel didn’t quite yet realize...and she was enjoying the thrill of waiting. Waiting before things became truly intimate between them. Waiting until she made love to him for the first time. Waiting...for her secret surprise to be unveiled.

The dress was a lovely gift, but it wasn’t a surprise. After all, Rarity was in the business of the finest fashion, so anyone could predict that she’d make a present of a glorious garment for someone that she cared about. The true surprise for Coco Pommel that evening came as Rarity moved a hand down to his wrist, and she gently began to pull his touch to where her panties laid. She pressed her mouth to the edge of his ear and offered a sweet and loving whisper, complete with a tender kiss to his lobe and a warm breath that spoke of her deep arousal.

“Take my panties off, my precious, precious treasure.” She whispered, leaning back enough to make it easy for Coco to do so. “It’s time you get to experience all of your goddess.

Coco didn’t realize just how very much that was until, with trembling hands and a heated blush, he pulled those silky garments down.

It was mystifying to the young man how such a massive thing could hide within a pair of seemingly normal panties. When it first fell out from Rarity’s lap Coco Pommel didn’t quite know what to make of it; his head immediately sent to spinning as he processed it. As soon as that thin fabric was pulled down Rarity’s thighs it made its presence known; flopping out like it had been hiding there the entire time but was kept at bay by some odd force of nature. Never did Coco have a hint that between Rarity’s legs there was something hiding that other girls simply didn’t possess, but now the proof was there in front of him and the entire time his mistress, his goddess, only watched his reaction. Her lips were turned to a smooth smile and she even lowered a hand to the back of her darling’s head, petting through his locks of sea green hair as he took in the sight of it.

“It’s a little gift I was left with after all that trouble back at Canterlot High so long ago.” The woman mused, looking down to her lap. “Downright...divine and equine, isn’t it?”

Equine was certainly accurate. The member that Rarity was hiding between her legs looked like it was somehow placed on her own lap instead of a more fitting horse’s. The tip was flat and wide and the shaft was remarkably long; standing straight up now as it was the center of all the attention. At the base of it a heavy sack rested, waiting to be caressed, and that enormous white member practically begged to be fondled. Held. Maybe even enjoyed in deeper fashion. Coco Pommel’s color had rushed to his cheeks as he knelt there staring at it, his eyes open wide and his lips parted. He was still holding his hands at Rarity’s panties at the midpoint of her thighs, just above her nylons, and now that member was drifting ever so close to his face. When it gently swung to give him a soft “kiss” on the cheek with its heated girth he finally snapped back to his senses, looking up at Rarity with a stunned expression on his face.


“I know, darling. It’s simply wonderful, isn’t it?” Rarity arched a brow, and allowed one of her hands to take control. She let her fingers wrap around the shaft as she gave it a slow and steady pump; pulling up and down along the length as she rocked into her own grip. A noise of contentment slipped from the back of her throat, yet there was still a frustrated sadness clinging to her voice as she continued. “But it’s dreadfully difficult sometimes, dear. Whatever happened gave myself and my friends these...remarkable attachments,’s been lonely. And as you can tell, it’s...a demanding sort.” She tilted her head, and looked gently, lovingly, at Coco. “...would you be so kind as to help me, dear Coco? Is this too much for your goddess to ask?”

If Coco Pommel had any reservations at all, they would’ve been immediately swallowed up in that moment. He took a deep breath and settled his nylon clad knees against the bed, moving his hands up from Rarity’s thighs to her lap. He pressed in close, his head lifting up so he could catch the woman’s gaze with his own, and when he spoke it was with a bold tone that was utterly devoid of any fear or hesitation.

“...there’s nothing too much for you, Rarity.” He whispered, meaning every last word spoken from his pretty, pale lips. A simply gaze down reminded him just what a heavy girth he was about to endure, and a tiny shudder came through him...this time from arousal. “Though I...I don’t know where to begin. It’s so big, and...and I’m not sure I can--”

“My lovely treasure, I have the perfect thought.” Rarity mused, and one of her hands slipped to the side. She collected her fingers around a tiny object lying on the nightstand, and as she continued she let her other grip fall under Coco’s chin. She coaxed the young man’s face closer to lift him up towards her, and when she spoke it was with the demure and sophisticated tone she always used. “You like kissing me, yes? Is it your favorite thing in the world?”

“Of course it is, Rarity!” Coco Pommel again didn’t hesitate, dreamily sighing at just the mere thought. “Kissing you…”

“Well then, that’s all you’re doing, dear. Kissing me.” Rarity beamed, and her free hand started to drift forward. “On my present. All over it. Sweet, sweet, sweet Coco kisses. That’s what I want. Kissy face, dear?” Coco Pommel did just that; pursing his lips as if he were about to receive one. Instead, Rarity drew forward with a tube of expensive and smooth lipstick, the same pretty color as Coco’s hair. “Hold still, sweetest love.”

Coco sighed; a smile tugging at the corner of his kissing lips as Rarity applied his makeup. A solid line that was smoothly administered across his bottom lip, and another that moved over the top. When the lipstick was applied he naturally pressed his lips together to ensure that it was secure and he was as pretty as he could be with it, and when his eyes opened again he was greeted not only by Rarity’s loving gaze but by the woman’s sweet instructions.

“Paint it with your lips.” She whispered, gesturing towards her throbbing white member. “Kiss marks upon kiss marks. When the lipstick wears’ll be ready for the next step. Does that sound good to you?”

“...mmm...yes, Rarity. Mistress. Goddess.” Coco Pommel gave a dreamy sigh, and practically melted on the spot. He turned towards the girl’s lap and once more let his eyes dance over that impressive length; from the heavy base to the throbbing tip, flat and wide just like a horse’s. Rarity’s member was impressive and intimidating, but he could handle it. He had a brave heart, a fresh dose of lipstick, and the love of the finest woman he had ever met. There was nothing he couldn’t handle to bring Rarity pleasure. When he next opened his mouth it was to lay a long and loving kiss on Rarity’s shaft, and the steady worship of her secret fully began.

Rarity simply smiled, and rested back on the bed while her pet, her friend, her lover worked. It was good for her secret to finally be revealed, and it was good to have his lips upon her. She had wanted that moment for a long, long time...and it was finally here.

The time that Coco Pommel stopped being merely her cuddle pet, and the time he became much, much more to her.

The very first kiss that Coco Pommel offered to his goddess’ length was just underneath the tip of it, pressing flush against the shaft with an inviting mouth and an open heart. His eyes had drifted closed once more as he let his lips rest over her length, his very first taste of something so intimate. It was an experience he would remember forever; from the unexpected warmth that ran through all of Rarity’s impressive length to the fact that it actively throbbed against his touch. As he leaned in to kiss it his hands moved to glide back and forth along the stretch of inches offered up to him; one of his hands fondly petting his ladylike digits down Rarity’s shaft while the other moved to cradle the hefty weight of her sack. Every touch was sweet and affectionate, and every second seemed to last for an eternity. It was enough to make his heart race and his head to spin, and from that very first kiss Coco knew that he was practically addicted. The excitement that surged within him was impossible to deny, as was the satisfaction that Rarity took from it. And when his eyes opened while his lips were still pressed against that equine sculpt of flesh he saw Rarity looking down at him, an expression of absolute joy etched across her features.

That, if nothing else, was enough to make him soar. Coco Pommel left a bright kiss mark on Rarity’s shaft when he pulled away, a smooch outlined in lipstick that would linger on her white shaft. Without hesitation he moved forward to press a second lower on the woman’s length, and already he was groaning at the renewed flavor on his mouth. This time his kiss came with the faintest touch of his tongue; a tiny wet spot that pressed in around the otherwise innocent kiss. More sighs of delight from Rarity, and more of his own heart rapidly racing and beating at a frantic, intense pace. He wasn’t even sure his poor delicate and timid heart could endure a third or fourth or beyond, and yet by the same token he knew that his desires wouldn’t let him stop. Not at three or four or twenty-seven or eighty-six. Maybe not ever.

The kisses continued, long and sensitive moments where he let that lipstick leave its mark on Rarity’s shaft. He kissed her up and down along that glorious length while the fashionista simply laid back and enjoyed his delicate affections, the entire time her member pulsing and aching from delight. Rarity allowed one of her hands to pull its fingers into Coco’s hair but not once did she control the young man’s actions, allowing him to go at his own pace as he became more and more comfortable with their unique situation. Coco was precious to her; as precious as fashion and style itself, and she certainly wouldn’t want to do anything that would push his boundaries past a point of comfort. She was already asking so very much of him, and he was already delivering more than she could’ve ever hoped. Each kiss against the side of her length was proof of Coco Pommel’s love for her, painted in sea green lipstick alongside a throbbing wall. When Coco looked up for a glimpse of his mistress’ eyes Rarity was sure to give him the kindest and most loving of looks, as well as a tiny wink or blowing him a kiss of her own. Anything to keep the bond between them strong, anything to keep that glorious evening going.

Soon Coco had become even more adventurous with his kisses, a sure sign that he was indeed becoming comfortable with the task headed his way. He was kissing at his mistress’ thighs before moving to press his mouth again and again against her sack, leaving the same lipstick marks where she churned with desire and want. One particularly noticeable smooch mark was left just where her shaft met the beginning of her sack, an area that twitched with sensitivity and raw hunger for the young man’s body. Rarity herself was even left to audibly gasp as she felt that particular kiss, her fingers drawing tight within the sheets of the bed and her back arching forward. When she caught her breath she allowed her voice to flow into the room once more, continuing her fond praise of the young man that mean so very much to her.

“Swing around a little this way, darling.” She finally whispered, beckoning him to kneel where she could reach him. “I can’t be the only one that’s burning this hot, can I?” It was a whispered promise that soon he’d find Rarity’s attentions at his own member, and that thought shuddered inside of him with a heavy weight. Coco simply nodded, and with a thin bead of spit connecting his lips to the centerpoint of Rarity’s shaft began to swing himself closer to the woman he cared so much for. The flawless dress that Coco wore around his feminine frame shuffled about him as he moved, gracefully sweeping along him while he pulled himself into his new position. It must have been styled from the ground up to be something one could wear during bedroom shenanigans, since every step the garment never twisted in an uncomfortable way and it continued to embrace him with the same fluid grip as a pool of soothing water. It always fit perfectly, it always looked gorgeous, and it always made him feel like the woman he was. Rarity’s woman. Her willing, hungry, aching woman.

Soon Coco Pommel’s knees once more settled against the bed, and he faced Rarity’s shaft from a new position. He was kneeling forward in such a way that his waist was pushing against Rarity’s midsection, his head dropping into her lap as he faced the far wall. It was a delicate tradeoff; Rarity could no longer see her beloved’s face as he continued his quest to smear her with makeup, but finally she could reach out to caress him. One hand moved out to those pink straps crossing over his back, dancing fingertips over the spots of exposed flesh and making him shudder. The other moved even lower, swirling around the impossibly tight, glorious sculpt of his rear.

It was...just as wonderful as Rarity had envisioned it. Over the past few months she had certainly snuck a few glances and even a few gropes into their relationship, whether it was her hand “slipping” while sizing him for dresses or simply giving his rump a squeeze and playing it off as a joke. Now she unabashedly explored it, gripped it, worshipped it with her touch, and there was no doubt that sooner or later, it would be hers. Just like his mouth, his tender rear would become a hiding place for her throbbing white shaft. Whether it was that night or the next morning or even weeks from now...however long Coco Pommel needed, however long he needed to prepare himself for her weight. But that perfect rump, that tight little would certainly be hers, and it would be every bit as much a home for her as Carousel Boutique. Neither party that evening had any doubt about that.

While Rarity explored his rump through the fabric of the dress, Coco Pommel threw himself deeper into his work. The kisses were becoming longer now, the licks more adventurous, and his growing hunger for his mistress’ member was building second by second. There was nothing about it that he feared anymore, nothing about it that made him burn with anything less than tremendous desire. Rarity’s noises of delight were a perfect melody to encourage him to keep working, and beyond that the taste was addicting and the feel of her throbbing against his mouth was soothing. When he kissed her shaft and he felt it pulse with desire it was a reminder to Coco just how much his mistress loved him, just how much she enjoyed the company, the charm, and the mouth of her precious dress up doll. Her treasure, her woman, and by Rarity’s own estimation...her everything.

“...Mistress, I love you so much…” Coco found himself whimpering mere seconds before he took the final push forward, and wrapped his mouth around the tip of Rarity’s shaft. It was the first he had ever properly pushed around it, the lipstick now smearing down the shaft as he pushed his head forward. It was a massive member that he knew from the very beginning that he wouldn’t be able to take much of; he was still new to such things and Rarity was so, so enormous. But as the fashionista groaned in uncontrollable joy and Coco Pommel squeezed himself forward, he found that he was accomplishing more than he would’ve thought. He couldn’t take her to the hilt; at least not yet, but when his eyes opened and he looked in the distant mirror across the room, he was surprised to see that his lips were smeared at the centerpoint of Rarity’s member.

It felt like much, much more. His throat was full and his cheeks were puffed out from her girth, and he couldn’t even take a breath without it being sealed shut by her impressive length. He couldn’t swallow, and even his tongue was flattened out to the bottom of his mouth underneath it. Still, he gave Rarity’s shaft a warm, wet place to hide for a few seconds, and it was a moment he was enormously proud of. When Rarity’s moan subsided the fashionista practically shuddered from glee, and her voice followed as she gave Coco a smooth pet across the back of his head.

“Oh, darling, I simply knew you’d be a natural!” She cooed, showering more love and affection upon him. “Take as much as you can muster, lovely! Every piece of me is for you, my dear!”

Words that only encouraged him forward. With a brave look crossing Coco’s features he continued to work, eyes closing and throat tightening as he started to pull back. A few inches of his head pulling up brought Rarity’s weighty head into his mouth once more, and he flickered his tongue back and forth over the tip. It wasn’t until he pushed back down and again let that head flow into his throat that he was able to process the lingering flavor on his tongue, the nectar that he had collected during that tiny licking session. It was...unique. Different from the taste of her shaft, gooey in texture, and utterly intoxicating.

It was the beginning of a new addiction he would soon learn that would be satisfied in waves.

Rarity was drawing near her release, that much was true, and she was intent on making sure she wasn’t the only one making a mess that evening. One of her hands had swept around the side of Coco’s waist to slink underneath the edge of that pretty pink dress, moving to where his rump was lifted and he was braced on his knees. It was there that her white fingers found the bundle of his shaft packed inside of the panties she had provided him; a lacy embrace that was holding back a member that was selfless yet surging for release. The poor hard, so throbbing, he was practically aching for release. All of that turmoil hiding within his panties, and he hadn’t even said a word, such was his desire to please his mistress. Rarity just cooed sweetly, and her hand moved to press against his length through that sweet, soft fabric.

“At Carousel Boutique, I naturally strive to keep my store impeccably clean.” Rarity mused with a smile, her member starting to pulse and shudder. “But I think, given the would be a lovely idea if we made a mess together. Isn’t that right, my love?”

Coco Pommel couldn’t answer. He could barely even think. All he could do as he knelt there in Rarity’s finest dress was keep sucking her member as his body was wrapped up in a pleasure that was nothing short of staggering.

Rarity was only gently fondling him, but it was more than enough. Her white fingers were petting back and forth over Coco’s length as it remained packed within his panties, teasing the throbbing weight only barely held back within that garment. Her touch was delicate and loving and it was teasing something that had been aching from desire for far too long; not just that evening but within every cuddling session and every kiss the two had shared. Coco Pommel loved Rarity desperately, but it was undeniable that he had lusted after her just as much. How could he not? She was so sweet smelling, so beautiful, and so utterly soft to the touch. Now it was her touch that was driving him into a flurry of passion, and it only made him all the hungrier as he sucked down on her thick, delicious length.

They both hit their peaks at nearly the same time, just as Rarity had requested. Her own climax came a split second after Coco’s own, and was undeniable helped by the delight she experienced when her dearest pet hit his peak. She could feel his member throb against his panties, feel his thighs shiver and shake, and experience the joy of his mouth vibrating on her own wet shaft. He flooded his panties; utterly flooded them! His length pulsed with rope after rope of white that filled those pretty lacy panties up with cream, letting it swirl all around his sack and soak into the delicate garment. Before long Rarity could feel his cream squeezing out in between the same of fabric and his thighs, shivering down his pale legs and openly accepting to her touch. It was there, with his leaked cum on her pale white fingers, that Rarity found her own sudden release.

Even she, the mistress so utterly in control, was surprised with how intense it was. She knew her sack was churning with release and that her member was soon ready to spurt, but when it all began she was left speechless and staggered by the potency and the payload. The first spurt of it was enough to make Coco’s adorable cheeks puff out, and if it weren’t for Coco’s greedy reflex to swallow it likely would’ve splattered right then and there. Instead that first burst of nectar was suddenly gulped by a natural reflex, and Coco’s voice made a noise of delight and contentment as he savored the taste of his goddess’ bliss. The second, third, fourth, and fifth squirts weren’t quite so easy for him to gobble up; however, and soon the thrashing of Rarity’s length became less of a meal and more of a piece of art. Coco did his beloved best, swallowing up as much of it as he could, but ultimately Rarity’s member was shaking too hard to manage and her horselike length was delivering a payload of cum that matched its appearance. It spurted over Coco’s face and painted his pretty features with white, shot into his sea green hair and made it stick to his face, and utterly bathed his throat and chest in its warmth. She came over that gorgeous dress just as she came over her beloved pet, but she didn’t regret either. What good was a dress you could never afford to do get dirty? What good was a beautiful pet like Coco Pommel if he couldn’t be enjoyed?

Rarity was in a state of transcendent bliss as she came, her member throbbing and pulsing load after load. Coco did his best to slurp up all he could, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of his mistress’ cum without even being asked to do so. Surely the warmth he felt at his own lap was enough to encourage him to gobble it up quicker, for even still Rarity’s fingers kept teasing and delighting him through his cum-filled garments. Eventually Rarity’s length began to subside, and as it softened Coco was finally left to contend with the mess in front of him. His face was a lost cause covered in cum, his hair a mess of cream, and even his gorgeous dress was soaked. Rarity’s lap was holding a pool of cum that he readily dropped his face down towards, pursing his lips and sucking it up like lapping up the edge from a bowl of soup. It was a loyal and eager gesture, showing not just his desire for more of Rarity’s flavor but to show how utterly he was in love with his mistress. Something he never needed to prove, but something he was always eager to offer.

“Mmm. Coco dear, that was simply glorious.” Rarity whispered, petting his sack again through his panties. She let her fingers trace along the thin lines of fabric against his thighs, collecting the cum that was oozing down his pale legs. She let that nectar glaze her fingertips, savoring the warm texture against her touch. “I do believe you are nothing short of perfect, darling. Thank you for giving me your love.”

Coco Pommel looked up, his features smeared with cream and his brow lined with just a hint of sweat. He gazed up at his glorious mistress, his beloved Rarity, the woman that was as generous in spirit as she was copious in payload. As Rarity ushered him to rest Coco found his cheek laying in Rarity’s lap; cheek in a pool of cum with the fashionista’s flaccid member hanging nearby and occasionally twitching with a sign of life. As Rarity fondled and caressed her lover she allowed a single finger to drift forward, tracing over Coco’s lips and allowing the young man to kiss sweetly across the tip.

“I love you too, Mistress.” Coco whispered, face half-obscured in white, but smiling nonetheless. “And I want to do...e...everything. Everything with you. Please…?”

“In due time, my treasure.” Rarity cooed sweetly, and allowed her fingers to fully brush down Coco’s cheek. She licked her lips and gazed fondly at her lover, studying him for a long moment and dwelling on just how intensely she loved him. In the morning there would no doubt be explanations; explanations as to why she was endowed as she was, or how well her panties hid her length, but...those moments could wait. For now, Rarity only wanted to bask in the sweet affections of her cum-stained pet, her lover, her dress up doll. Her woman, who was as ladylike and delicate and feminine as anyone that was born into the art.

Her beautiful Coco Pommel, whom she loved desperately and with tremendous passion.

The mistress could’ve readily sat there the entire evening, studying her lover’s face as he sweetly, tenderly fell asleep within her cum-covered lap. And when that moment finally came, it was exactly what she did.

End of Chapter One.

A Day of Delight

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Two: A Day of Delight
-by Drace Domino

“I swear, Rainbow Dash. How you’ve taken the simplest of tasks and turned it into nothing short of...of...a catastrophe!” Rarity held the back of her hand to her forehead, and offered an overdramatic sigh. It was enough that most of their Home Ec class turned to look towards the pair, which in turn made Rainbow Dash slink back even more. The athlete had many talents and was at home in all sorts of environments, but that afternoon in class she was proving that she didn’t belong anywhere near a needle and thread.

“C’mon, Rarity, it’s not so bad!” Dash held up the pair of shorts she had been working on for her mid-year project. “I mean, the pocket’s a little crooked, but-”

“Rainbow Dash, dear, if the very beginning and end of this garment’s problems were the pocket, then that would be one thing.” Rarity arched a brow, and held it aloft. “But this...this is...gracious! The inseam isn’t sewn anywhere near correct, the waistband’s threading looks like it was done on a machine that was half-broken, and...and…” Her eyes went wide as she noticed one more crucial flaw, holding up the shorts for display purposes. “Dash! One of these legs doesn’t even have a hole in it!”

“Oh, yeah! I knew I forgot something!” Dash snatched the shorts from Rarity’s hand and grabbed a piece of scissors, readily turning her attention to correct the error. She jammed the point of the scissors into the closed leg of the shorts and started to snip, making a terribly frayed edge and further compounding her sins against fashion. Rarity was so stricken by the loss of fabric and the callous disregard that Dash had for the art that she quite nearly fell back in a dramatic faint; feeling lightheaded and weak in her knees that anyone could be so callous and crass. But as she held her head to her hand and began the precursory wobbling to show just how upset she was, something caught the corner of her eye and drew her attention across the room.

“Rainbow Dash, I, I simply can’t believe you’re so brutish, I---” Even her voice trailed off, her eyes opening wider and wider as she saw a spot of hope there within the Home Ec room. Soon her hand was leaving her brow to reach down and grasp Rainbow Dash’s elbow, holding gently onto it to draw her friend’s attention. Her voice was laced with nothing short of fascination and wonder, her eyes still transfixed across the room. “Rainbow Dash, who’s that over there?”

“Huh?” Dash blinked; lifting her head up from her work. Across the room there was a girl loudly soapboxing while standing on her desk, extolling the virtues of edible dresses with frosting for lace and candy buttons. “...that’s Pinkie Pie. You’ve been friends with her for yea-”

“Dash I know who Pinkie Pie is!” Rarity quickly scolded her friend, before scooping her hands up to her cheeks and turning her head forward. She turned Dash’s gaze to the focus of her own eyes; a sweet looking young man with sea green hair, a narrow and delicate frame, and eyes downcast towards a lovely blue blazer that he was diligently working on. “Him! Who’s that?”

“Oh.” Dash shrugged, and after shaking her head free of Rarity’s delicate palms went right back to her work with a casual, lazy tone to her voice. “That’s Coco Pommel. Think he’s new? Or maybe just in a year behind us.”

“” Rarity had mused aloud that afternoon, rubbing her chin as she gazed into the distance. The stitching, the lacing, the trim of his project. He had skilled hands to match those beautiful features, and carried himself with a grace and elegance that was understated and sweet. The fashionista felt her heart race from nearly the first second she allowed her eyes to drop on him, and drew a deep breath before slipping past Rainbow Dash. “I’m going to go introduce myself properly.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Dash wasn’t even paying attention; at least not to Rarity. While the fashionista made her way across the room Dash was still fidgeting with the lost cause of the shorts she had made, only looking up again when she heard more noise from across the room. “Pinkie Pie, no, that’s silly! You can’t lace your sneakers with licorice, you’ll never get enough grip for when you’re sprinting!”

Months later, and Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were still having almost daily debates about the efficacy of sweet-enhanced athletic gear. It was a conversation they would have for months longer, but Rarity had long since bowed out of the discussion. She had taken all she wanted from that day there in Home Ec, and it was curled up on the bed sleeping quite peacefully. Curled up with a hand tucked underneath his head and his legs pulled up near his chest the beautiful Coco Pommel was dozing; his sea green hair keeping a surprising shape throughout the night. It was still as soft and full and lovely as it was when they had gone to bed, and Rarity was delighting letting her fingers dance through it while she watched the young man sleep. One hand played with Coco’s hair while the other kept a firm grip on the handle of her mug of coffee; sipping casually as she simply...relished in the morning.

It had been a big night, revealing to Coco Pommel the truth of her nature. Now the fashionista was relaxing in the bed wearing nothing more than a half-open silk bathrobe, one that did nothing to hide the sculpt of her breasts or the heavy, equine shaft draped between her legs. For the moment it was dormant, thanks in part to the time Rarity had spent making it so during her shower a few minutes ago. Somehow, her member’s demand for attention seemed oddly out of place for such a sweet morning otherwise. She was much happier with her length sleeping while she sat there on the bed, sipping coffee and fondling Coco’s hair while she waited for him to wake up.

The morning was slow, sweet, and lovely. Though they had plenty of work to do that weekend making Carousel Boutique look wonderful for its nearby debut, they could afford a long morning sleeping in and enjoying the warmth between them. In fact; they had little reason to leave the store at all that entire weekend. For two more full days it would be just the two of them, exploring the newfound depths of their relationship and working together to make Rarity’s precious store look as glorious as it could. It was the closest thing to heaven that Rarity could imagine; working on her dream store at the side of the young man that meant so, so much to her.

As she took another sip of coffee, Rarity found herself dwelling back on the day she had first met Coco Pommel. The sweet way he had stammered when she introduced herself; she knew from the first instant they spoke that he was enamoured with her. And why wouldn’t he?! She had looked particularly breathtaking that afternoon, and had greeted him with her kindest smile. She had been a picture of feminine beauty that day at school, rivalled only by Coco Pommel himself. Even before he had started wearing dresses and panties at Rarity’s behest he had a natural feminine grace about himself; in so many ways being the prettiest girl many people had ever met while never actually realizing it himself. It was sweet, it was adorable, and it was essentially Coco.

When he started to shift awake, Rarity’s brow arched and she slowly bent down from the waist. With the coffee mug resting on the nearby nightstand she brought herself close enough to kiss his cheek; her lips resting there as the first contact he would know when he woke up. And as a content noise escaped him and a smile spread across his features, Rarity’s voice was there to greet him to the waking world with the sweetest tone she could muster.

“Good morning, my sweetest love.” Whispered and gentle, complete with the tease of the tip of her nose over his cheek and the gentle brushing of her draped hair. “It’s time to wake up.” Truth be told she could’ve sat there for a few more hours simply watching him, but she supposed they would have to be adults at some point and tend to their responsibilities. “The sooner we get to work, the sooner we can get to play.”

“Mmmph...good morning…” Delicate lashes fluttered as Coco rose; and when his eyes managed to focus he looked up at the radiant visage of the woman he adored. Soon he was laying flat on his back with the sheet half-draped around his naked body, looking up at the flawless white flesh and enchanting purple hair of his lover, his mistress, his goddess. “ are y-mmmm…”

Words weren’t a proper greeting; at least not now that he was awake and his lips were moving. Rarity showed him as much as she allowed her head to slink forward, and she found a kiss against Coco’s lips as a means of silencing him. It was slow, sensual, and complete with a shudder of delight on the part of both participants as they were steadily reminded of the events of the past evening. Of Coco tending to Rarity’s length, of the next step in their increasing romance. Coco found himself drawing in the scent of Rarity’s hair long and deep while he enjoyed the early morning kiss, and by the time their lips separated he was blushing vibrantly with goosebumps on his arms. Rarity always gave him goosebumps.

“Forgive me for being so bold, darling.” Rarity whispered after the kiss subsided, though her lips didn’t go far. They lingered nearly overtop Coco’s own, rubbing up and down his while she whispered in tender tones. “But I’ve been sitting here just thinking how much I adore you...I’m afraid I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s...okay.” Coco murmured happily, even though he knew it was a poor choice of words. Kissed awake by Rarity? It was better than okay, it was glorious. It was how he hoped to be woken up every morning for the rest of his life! And as their noses rubbed affectionately back and forth his slender, feminine frame merely trembled in content arousal and happiness. “...makes me happy knowing last night wasn’t a dream.”

“Not a dream, darling.” Rarity whispered in response, and stole one more brief kiss at the corner of Coco’s lips. “But perhaps with some fantastic imagery nonetheless. I was hoping to take some time before your shower to explain a few things? I know you had questions yesterday, but...well...there were far more pressing things in the moment.”

With the most noteworthy pressing issue sated for the time being thanks to Rarity’s personal affections in the shower, the time for answers was finally upon them. Rarity slipped her arms around Coco from behind and pulled the young man up against her, allowing the soft and delicate head of her lover to rest against her breasts while she allowed her fingers to dance along the strands of his soft, sea green hair. Coco Pommel was already smiling with a blush lacing his cheeks, and though he was still sweeping the sleep from his features nothing could wake him up quite so much as Rarity’s presence. The scent of the nearby coffee was nothing compared to the scent of her fragrance fresh out of the shower, and he drank it in deep while her purple locks danced just a few inches above his face. With his slender figure contently leaning into Rarity’s embrace Coco simply went quiet and listened, willing to enjoy everything that Rarity was able to tell him but not wanting to push her comfort. Her secrets were; after all, her own to keep, and he would merely be happy with any she could share.

“I suppose the biggest question would be what made this.” Rarity mused gently, and it was clear she was referring to the massive dormant member sitting at her lap. Even now it was resting underneath Coco’s back, staying asleep for now as if in reverence for a quiet morning between the pair. “Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle could explain it a lot more elegantly than me, darling, but I suppose the short answer is simply magic.”

“...magic?” Coco Pommel blinked, tilting his head as he gazed up at the radiance of his lover’s features. “You mean like what happened at the Fall Formal?” There was a soft brief of remorse that crossed the young man’s features at that; a look of tiny sadness that Rarity was keen to pick up on while he spoke. “...I didn’t go. I was afraid to ask anyone, but when I heard about what happened sure sounded like something exciting to see.” Rarity’s lips pursed thoughtfully, and when she spoke up again her fingertip pressed to the tip of Coco’s nose in an affectionate note of adoration.

“Well, first let me say that the thought of you staying at home for the next school dance is simply too dreadful to contemplate.” Rarity focused on the real issue for the moment, smiling sweetly. “Naturally I simply assume you’ll be on my arm during the next dance, and we’ll both be wearing the finest dresses within our shared gallery. Is that acceptable to you, my dear?”

“Y-Yes! More than acceptable!” Coco blinked and blushed, quickly pressing deeper into Rarity’s embrace. There wasn’t even any dances announced on the horizon, but the knowledge he wouldn’t be alone for them certainly made him quiver with excitement. With that detail out of the way Rarity giggled fondly, and continued to let her fingers pass across his soft, silky hair.

“As for the Fall Formal itself, it would be difficult to describe, dear.” Rarity cooed, her voice continuing with that tender, loving tone. “But after that night, myself and my dearest friends were all...infused, shall we say. A bit of Equestrian magic, like what happened to Sunset Shimmer. My friend that you met last’s part of the side effects of what happened.”

“I see.” Coco Pommel mused, tilting his head and nibbling softly at his bottom lip. “I...I liked it, Rarity. I mean, I like what we did...and I want to do more, I’ll just need you to show m-” Coco Pommel was silenced gently by a sweet fingertip pressing over his lips. It wasn’t a forceful gesture by any means, but it did beckon him to remain quiet until Rarity finished with her tale. She let her finger remain on his lips, exploring gently their softness with a few brief brushes while she spoke.

“Temptation is for tonight, my love.” She chided him, and gave the young man a teasing wink. She knew full well that it wouldn’t take much more talk like that from Coco for her own needs to begin to resurface, and as much as she thrilled at the notion there was still a great deal of work to do that evening. “At any rate, when all of us were stricken with our new...accessories, Sunset and Twilight Sparkle worked with me to develop those special panties.” Her head tilted to the side of the room, where her undergarments from the evening before were draped across the edge of a chair. “My designs, of course, but their magic. They do a fine job of covering up my, shall we say, big secret.” A pair of giggles came from the pair, before Rarity continued. “I suppose that’s the important bits. Are you still feeling like helping me prepare the Carousel Boutique today?”

“Oh, of course!” Coco chimed up, even to the point of lifting his head off of Rarity’s breasts. He sat upright and folded his legs underneath himself, turning to his lover and letting his hands rest against her knees through the fabric of her robe. Though he did his best not to stare it was difficult to avoid letting his eyes linger; either to the exposed front of Rarity’s robe or the shaft that was not-so-subtly peeking out. Excitement ran through him, though he knew well that it was excitement he had to keep in check. “I...I just need to get showered and changed, Rarity, and then I’ll get right to work!”

“Wonderful, dear.” Rarity cooed as she drifted in close, and rewarded the young man with a kiss on the corner of his lips. “Oh, and Coco? You should borrow a pair of my special panties. See how they feel.” The teasing fingertip that she allowed trail along the underside of Coco’s chin left the sweet young man shuddering; not just from her teasing contact but from the invitation proposed. He looked to the side of the room where Rarity’s panties still dangled, draped over the edge of the chair.

Magical panties? How could anyone with an interest in fashion pass up such a chance?

Coco Pommel was still a young man, and as such his experiences with women and arousal in general had, to say the least. It was only since falling under the affections of Rarity that he had started to feel things in a particularly intimate fashion, from the thrill of being near his fashionista mistress to the excitement that he had started to enjoy from dressing in a more feminine fashion. His choice of clothes as guided by Rarity wasn’t purely desire laced; it was exciting, but beyond that it simply felt...natural. Like the clothes he was destined to wear, the frilly lace and the fancy garments that he had always admired found a perfect home across his slender frame. He looked more natural as a woman than he ever had as a man, and there was a deep joy that he savored from slowly embracing his new look. It was a look that he never would’ve discovered was it not for Rarity’s guidance and support, and it was something he would be eternally thankful towards her for helping him uncover.

Nothing; however, could compare with the excitement and the experience of slipping into a pair of his mistress’ panties. Even if they were nothing more than silky fabric it would’ve made his heart race and excitement shiver over every inch of his flesh, but once they were snugly wrapped around him he realized just how amazing the magic infused within them was. Rarity and Coco Pommel were close in terms of frame; they both had a tiny waist and a wonderfully pert rear, the only true distinction between them was the length of the thing that hung between their legs. But whether it was Rarity’s massive equine member or Coco Pommel’s more modest shaft, the panties squeezed against him on the front and made the bulge vanish. He had spent more than just a few minutes marvelling at it in the bathroom mirror after his shower; standing there naked except for Rarity’s silken panties wrapped around his lap.

When he looked in the mirror he couldn’t help but feel somehow...natural. Like it was, at least in some small way, the body he was meant for. Though his chest was flat and slender his figure was still overly feminine, from the sweetest curves and the softest of expressions on his face. Having a lap that emulated the tiny mound of a woman suited him, and he found himself enchanted by the sight of it. If it weren’t a violation of Rarity’s trust he might have even snapped a picture of himself within her underwear, but considering the nature of magic and the importance of secrecy he wisely decided against it. Besides, knowing that it was a special secret she had only shared with him made it all the more delicious.

He could still feel his member within her panties; actively hard and hungry considering the circumstances. But no matter how hard he felt or how excited he became, the panties revealed nothing. Just a smooth curve as his fingers danced down the front, still marvelling at the illusion. It was breathtaking, and it led to an arousal that coiled within him throughout the entire next few hours. After spending some time enjoying the grip of Rarity’s panties Coco Pommel soon got dressed; slipping into a pretty dress of white and green that played as a perfect accent to the tint of his hair. Sleeveless, it came with several hanging bracelets to serve as accessories down his arms, making the entire thing look even more girly and fancy. Even though he’d be spending the next few hours working, there was no reason he couldn’t look fabulous for Rarity while he did it.

And over the course of those hours, the two accomplished great things. Rarity and Coco Pommel had always worked well together, whether it was back in Home Ec when they would collaborate on designs or when Rarity had first had the vision for Carousel Boutique. Coco was immediately on hand to help Rarity with the window dressings for her eventual unveiling, just as he was nearby to assist as she added the final bit of trim to one of her many gorgeous dresses. The boutique had been a long term project for Rarity and it was very rapidly nearing completion; a labor of love that she had done almost entirely alone save for the constant companionship of Coco. Together the two of them had designed every dress, stitched every curtain and veil, and had playfully put together the dozen or so mannequins filling the building. It had been a project that had they had spent countless hours after school working on, only taking the occasional break to watch a movie in the back room while cuddled up in each other’s arms.

Though Coco, despite his sweet heart and his adoration of Rarity, found himself wondering just what those breaks would turn into now. He had admired her throughout the entire day while they worked; watching from afar while his lover toiled for the benefit of her boutique. Would those back room visits be as innocent as they ever were? Or would they be filled with the sort of lewd but intoxicating delights that he had enjoyed the night before? It made his heart beat faster to even imagine it, to think about touching Rarity’s length with his mouth again, to maybe even feel her touch him. How exciting! They were at a whole new level of their charming relationship, and nearly every moment brought a whole new surprise around the corner. As they worked Rarity was more shameless than ever with doling out affection to Coco Pommel; stealing little kisses of his cheek when he didn’t expect it and even once pinching his rear.

“Careful, darling, tempt me too much and we might just end up back in bed all day long.”

She wasn’t subtle, but Coco Pommel wouldn’t want her to be. With just the two of them working together for all those long hours, her flirtations and her affections helped keep the young man going. He could feel pleasure and arousal sweep through him in waves while the day continued, and he daydreamed almost endlessly about what that evening would entail. He didn’t for a second humor the idea of asking Rarity about their relationship or speaking of what had happened the past night; it would’ve ruined the sweet surprise he was sure to receive at the end of the night. For the time being it was like he and Rarity were the only people in the entire world, and that was more than enough to make him happy.

It wasn’t until a time approaching evening that Coco Pommel felt a rush of fear run through him, a direct response to a scream from the kitchen area of the boutique. It was a tiny room that Rarity had installed for the purpose of making treats and sweets for visitors; a bit of personal touch to help her clientel feel all the more welcome. When Coco Pommel darted into the room; however, he found a screaming Rarity with mascara smudging her cheeks and in a truly panicked state.

The sink of the kitchen area had sprung a leak, and as Rarity stood there in stunned shock it was throwing a torrent of water straight up into the air. Rarity; for all her beauty and her skill, had a tendency to more or less break down when something so unexpected and dramatic happened. Her dress was soaked and her hair was ruined, not to mention the makeup that the water had ruined over her features. Tears were very nearly ready to appear across her face, and as far as Coco was concerned they weren’t welcome on her beautiful features.

It was there that Coco snapped immediately into action; serving not only as the perfect assistant to her at Carousel Boutique, but a reliable lover that could be counted upon. His first action was to whisk Rarity away from ground zero so she could begin to calm down; something he did by scooping the beauty by the waist and lifting her up to position her near the door. Without saying a word he turned to the spraying faucet and snatched up a nearby bucket; capping the leak for the moment and turning the faucet to prevent any more of a mess. With the leak controlled for the time being Coco spun back towards Rarity, and his hands moved up to the edges of his sleeveless dress.

“Coco, what--” Rarity blinked, watching as her lover began to immediately undress. “Dear, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this isn’t the time or pla-”

“I don’t want to ruin the dress, Rarity.” Coco cut off his lover with a small smile, just as he swung out of the top and moved it down his legs. Once he had the garment in his arms he quickly pressed it into her hands, and gestured down the hall with a bob of his head. “I’ll take care of this, don’t you worry. I think you still needed to add the streamers to the window dressing, ring?”

“Hmm? Oh...oh, yes. Thank you, darling.” Rarity smiled once she understood the situation, and pressed a hand to Coco’s shoulder briefly. She leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek, and when she stepped back she left him with a sweet fragrance of her perfume that had survived the blast of the broken sink. Once she stepped back the shirtless Coco Pommel turned his attentions towards the sink, and took a deep breath as he prepared to take care of it. He was naked now save for the panties that kept his member in check, but that didn’t matter. He would handle this for his lover, his mistress.

It wasn’t a difficult task to fix; just a few pieces that needed tightened and repositioned underneath the sink. It was something that anyone could’ve likely done, but Rarity was certainly...dramatic. If it were up to her she likely would’ve screamed in the kitchen for a few minutes before calling Applejack to help, but thankfully she had no need to do that with Coco so close at hand. The young man kept his cool and remained focused and determined to handle the situation; laying on his back with his head underneath the sink. It was slightly messy work and the chill of laying there soaking wet was undeniable; his nipples stiffening from the chill while other parts retracted to a more comfortable position within the magical panties. Despite the cold and despite the discomfort he worked tirelessly and swiftly, knowing that Rarity needed him.

Though the term “boyfriend” was somewhat fluid considering how Coco tended to present himself those days, it was undeniable that he had fallen into that task when duty called for it. He took care of Rarity’s immediate need with decisiveness and authority, sweeping right in there and handling the impending catastrophe. He didn’t even realize it when Rarity would drift near the door a few times over the course of the next few minutes, sneaking a long and appreciatively glance at the slender, panty-clad body sticking out from underneath the sink. She admired him while he worked and appreciated his presence more than ever; at least once she had a chance to calm down and realize that “No, Rarity, the sink leaking is not in fact the worst thing that could ever happen.”

Sometimes, being such an elegantly skilled and talented fashionista had its overdramatic drawbacks.

Once the sink was repaired Coco was a bit of a mess; soaking wet and nearly shivering as soon as he rose to his feet. Though he had a flash of masculinity in the heat of the moment once he was standing anew it seemed to ebb from his form, and he melded once more into the adorable young man that Rarity so loved to dress up and tend to. Once he stepped out of the kitchen area; still dripping and riddled with goosebumps from the experience, Rarity was quick to rush against him and do her best to warm him up. A tight hug was wrapped around Coco’s shoulders as she brought him against her, squeezing his wet frame against her body and soaking her dress underneath.

“Rar...Rarity, your dress-”

“Oh nonsense, Coco love, you’re so much more important.” Rarity’s voice came as a gentle coo, and the fashionista slid her hands forward to scoop them tenderly against Coco’s cheeks. With their bodies still pressed in close she gazed fondly into his eyes, and leaned ahead just enough to press a faint, delicate kiss on the corner of his lips. “But I believe that’s enough work for today. Perhaps you’d like to join me for a shower? I’d say we earned it after everything that’s happened.”

Coco Pommel, with his heart immediately racing at the prospect, rapidly nodded his agreement. With a giggle Rarity allowed one hand to thread its fingers into Coco’s own, and she led her lover down the hall into the restroom past her bedroom. The rest of the work at the Carousel Boutique could wait until tomorrow and the days after; for now the most pressing matter was to get Coco cleaned up and warm to make sure he didn’t catch a cold after his moment of domestic heroism. The appreciation that shined in Rarity’s eyes for his hard work was clear and abundant, and as soon as they stepped into the confines of her bathroom she shut the door behind them and turned her gaze to the young man again.

Their first mutual shower; it was a big moment for the pair. Though they had already enjoyed a reasonable amount of intimacy the thrill of being naked with Rarity was shaking Coco down to his core, making his length aroused within the confines of the magical panties and immediately sending his mind to spinning. The sweet lotions and soaps, the wonderful foamy shampoo, all that warm water...there was practically no end to the delights that they could find together there, and Rarity moved a hand up to brush Coco’s hair tenderly aside before speaking. Her voice was clear and crisp, ringing with maturity, a tone that Coco was eager to follow.

“Are you nervous, dear?” She read his body language perfectly, and when his timid nod followed she gave a sweet scoffing noise before leaning in to steal a kiss across his cheek. “Would it surprise you to find out I am, too?”

“” Coco Pommel blushed, and fidgeted as he stood there shirtless and pantsless before his girlfriend. He glanced to the empty shower and back to Rarity, nibbling on his bottom lip before continuing. “But Rarity, you’re’ perfect…”

“Perhaps I find you every bit as perfect, hmm?” Rarity offered him a playful wink, before one of her hands slinked upward to tease underneath his chin. She allowed a single digit to draw a line up across the center of his chest, along the slope of his throat, only to tap lightly at the center of his lips. “While we’re in the shower, sweetness, we’ll try to keep...mostly under control. We’ll take things slow. Clean each other off. Caress one another. And I might look the other way if you decide to steal a kiss. But anything beyond that?” She quirked a brow, and her lips twisted to a delightfully mature and doting smile. “I daresay the bed is a better place for us to get truly least for now.”

Coco Pommel felt pleasure and warmth cross over his entire body, even if he couldn’t accurately pinpoint why. The fact that Rarity set the parameters and expectations for their shower was a genuinely comforting thing to him; knowing what would be expected helped him move into the experience without having to worry about doing the wrong thing. For a young man so inexperienced with romance and physical delight he was still naturally worried about pushing too far or holding back too much, and it made him noticeable relax when Rarity set the pace. He took the older woman up on her most noteworthy offer; that she would look the other way if he decided to steal a kiss or two, and suddenly stood up on his toes to plant one on the corner of her lips. Lingering there for a moment, he let his hands rest on Rarity’s shoulders, and while his mouth was near her own he offered her a whisper that was admittedly nervous, yet still laced with desire and affection.

“...I love you, Rarity.” He admitted the obvious, even as the fashionista’s hands drifted down along his slender waist, sliding fingers into the waistband of the borrowed panties. “There’s nobody else in the world I’d want this with but you.”

“I love you too, darling.” Rarity didn’t hesitate to whisper back, recognizing her dear Coco Pommel’s affection and need for adoration in that moment. He was adorably nervous and rightfully so; with her panties sliding down his lap and his body ready for a thrilling experience he had never known before. As the fabric pulled past his lap his member made an immediate reappearance, though for the moment Rarity averted her eyes. There’d be plenty of time to admire when the heat of the shower was clouding the air with a haze, and their passions were clouding their motions. Rarity kissed Coco back with one final press of her lips, and gestured to the bathtub as she offered a whisper. “Draw a shower for us, dear. I’ll light some candles.”

And the most romantic night of Coco Pommel’s life up to that point was underway. It wasn’t long before the scent of sweet candles started to fill the air around them, and the lights dimmed as Rarity flipped the switch to let the gentle glow do its work. The shower curtain was fully transparent with a purple tint, and combined with the steady red hum of the candles would give them a soothing, romantic glow once they were finally inside. Coco Pommel drew a hot shower for the two of them and patiently stood at the edge of the tub, waiting for Rarity to finally draw near. He stood with love in his eyes as his mistress and lover undressed before him; letting her clothes slink from her body as her flesh became exposed. Only her love for Coco could force Rarity to disrespect her dresses so much as to let them simply flop to the floor unfolded and untended, but she did just that within her eagerness to show the young man all of her. Soon she stood there in her white skinned beauty; full breasts exposed and long purple hair cascading around her face. Her member hung mostly dormant for the time being; an equine member that nearly reached her knees that had potential for greater reaches. She said nothing as she stepped to the shower and took Coco Pommel by the hand, and together the two moved themselves into the shower to share the embrace of the hot, steady spray.

Rarity wasn’t able to resist pulling Coco in close as soon as they were underneath it; drawing him against her body and pressing her mouth firmly to his own. Her tongue slinked forward to taste her young boyfriend as their naked flesh wedged in close; bellies touching and even the lengths hanging from their laps rubbing against each other. It was a moment of intense eroticism that brought Coco’s hands to Rarity’s waist as well as gave the young man a rush of furious hunger, a craving that he could hardly imagine ever coming from his body. He had never wanted someone as intensely as he wanted Rarity; never wanted to explore another’s body so fiercely, or feel their flesh against his own. He was inexperienced, that much was true, but he was smart enough to know that his profession of love wasn’t misspoken. He loved this woman, for what she made his body do, and for how deeply she satisfied his emotions.

And that evening in the shower, Coco soon realized that it was Rarity’s desire to show how much that love was reciprocated. When the kiss pulled away Rarity gave him a soft smile, along with a whisper to stand still that was so muted it was nearly drowned out by the noise of the shower. Coco’s only job for the moment was to remain on his feet while Rarity tended to his body, and he did just that while she moved her hands down for a bottle of bodywash and a comfortable loofa sponge. She let the body wash squirt from the bottle in a long teasing rope which instantly put to Coco’s mind memories of Rarity’s cream, enough that he was blushing by the time the loofa struck his flesh. She rubbed the soft and lovely sponge back and forth over his flat and fit chest, sweeping from shoulder to shoulder as she held a hand against his waist. She tended to each arm and even ran the sponge between his fingers; making sure no part of her lover was left uncleaned and unworshipped by the material. When Coco blushed at the affections Rarity merely met it with a playful wink, and moved on to the next stage. A gentle hand guided him to turn around for her to repeat the process to his back, and after she had covered his shoulders and his waist from all angles she slowly began to drop herself down to her knees.

Delicately; of course, she didn’t want to slip! But soon the naked fashionista was crouched down right behind her wonderful Coco Pommel, facing squarely against his bare, feminine rump. The loofa rubbed up and down over his cheeks but she was rapidly running out of body wash, encouraging her to give his rump a little squirt from the bottle from above. When he flinched at the chill Rarity couldn’t help but offer a little giggle, but soon worked the suds into his flesh with a steady hand and helped him to relax. Up and down each cheek and along his legs she steadily continued to clean him, and for the first time she opted to fondle him in a fashion that was...less than pure. As he stood there with legs tenderly spread she couldn’t help but ease her hand underneath him; cradling his sack in her suds-covered palm. A warm grip that was delicate and sweet, she teased her fingers back and forth while her free hand kept cleaning his legs, as if pretending that her touch was entirely innocent.

His nervousness was still there, but she couldn’t do anything about that. He was a young man that was in store for a tremendous amount of pleasure, and it was only natural to be a little bit uneasy. All Rarity could do, with her hair soaked to her head and her makeup long since washed off, was make sure that it was as wonderful an experience as she could forge for him. After a few tender moments of fondling him from behind Rarity gave him a light and playful spank; slapping her fingers against his flawless rump as she let her voice bark up into the shower.

“Turn around, dear! Other side now.”

Coco Pommel had to collect his strength before doing so, but indeed he did finally turn around to face his girlfriend. His member was thick and standing straight forward now; something that Rarity firmly expected after her playful fondling. With a knowing quirk of her brow she gazed up at Coco and gave him a smile, and a hand moved up to sweep a finger across the shaft. It was a tiny caress; and there would be more to come very soon, but right now she was focused primarily on simply comforting him...letting him know that what he was feeling, the reactions of his body, weren’t just natural...they were craved. Craved by them both, when under the veil of love and affection they had forged together.

Rarity left his member alone just long enough to finish scrubbing the rest of him; wiping down his knees and his thighs and ensuring he was nice and clean. When the time came to clean his member Rarity set the loofa aside, since some jobs were only properly designed for the smooth and delicate hands of a lover. With soap and suds covering her palms Rarity moved her hands forward, closing them around Coco’s shaft and giving him a slow, steady, and very loving rub.

His moan was enough to drown out the noise of the shower, but only for a few seconds. His knees locked into position and the poor adorable thing practically froze from the affection, shuddering as he felt that warm grip of his lover pass over his body. It was slippery and warm and tender and too many beautiful things for him to count, and as her fingers and palms moved over his shaft he very nearly felt his body tighten in release right then and there. He held himself back through a tremendous force of will; however, remembering that Rarity had been very specific that the shower was only for...minor affections. Granted, she was in direct violation of that considering the circumstances, but he wasn’t about to doubt his wonderful mistress. As her sudsy hands continued to slip back and forth over his sack and his shaft, teasing and delighting him and probably “cleaning” him some as well, Rarity finally looked up at her lover and offered him a delightful little smile.

“Darling, you’re positively throbbing!” She beamed, knowing full well just why that was. “How precious, if I hold my hands still I can feel your heart beating!” The pulse she could sense within his member was more or less expected, but still delighted her nonetheless. Unable to resist giving him a bit more of a tease Rarity chimed up once more, her lips looking pouty and sweet as she cradled him. “Perhaps I should give you some of my special panties to take home with you, dear, this is most unladylike!”

Coco Pommel blushed, but he didn’t apologize. He wasn’t ashamed of his body or the fact that magical panties sliding over his lap excited him, he was simply thrilled to have someone like Rarity there to pleasure him. He gazed down at the older woman and moved a hand down to her cheek; not to pull her forward towards his member like some boys would, but simply to caress her. To touch her face, to show his affection with a tiny swipe of his finger. And then his lips parted, offering something Rarity couldn’t possibly deny.

“...let me clean you now?” He practically begged, and likely would have if she were to deny the request. “Please?”

Rarity, with one slender brow lifted, gave her partner a tiny nod. After all, it would be cruel to deny such a request, and Rarity was nothing if not a kind and loving mistress.

Now the roles were reserved, and the loofa was firmly within the hand of Coco Pommel as he turned his attentions towards his lover. Rarity stood before him with her arms at her sides and a confident smile on her face; a confidence born from the fact that she knew every part of her body was worth attention and worship with the sponge. Coco Pommel smiled shyly as he poured the body wash onto the sponge and moved it towards his lover’s body, starting at her shoulder at a relatively safe spot. Rarity stopped him; however, moving up to grab his wrist with her slender fingers.

“...start here.” She offered simply, and pulled his hand down to one of her full, round breasts. The slow growth of Coco’s gaze was a delight to her, as was the slightly agape jaw he wore as he stared ahead at the invitation. With her breast underneath the soft comfort of the loofa Coco did just as he was asked, moving it in a slow circle and tracing the curve as he spread the suds around her. As it foamed across her flesh more of her nipple was hidden underneath the body wash, and Coco soon reached his other hand out to scoop some of it away. He moved that same palm over to reach a bold bare hand to Rarity’s other breast, and was soon treating the older woman with both palms slowly swirling around her. His cheeks were burning with a heavy blush and his heart was in his throat, yet he continued with a brave smile as his eyes moved to trace the older woman’s. He stared at her, long and loving and intent as his hands worked back and forth, finding a bit of strength and comfort in the satisfied look on his mistress’ face.

She said nothing, but the slow smile on her features was a clear sign that she enjoyed it...not to mention the feel of her stiffened nipples underneath his hands while he worked. Every now and again he felt his hands brush up against them, and he was forced to fight the desire to fondle them a little more intently, to tease and flick across the sensitive buds. Rarity just watched him with that same satisfied look while he worked, giving him no indication that she even noticed when he touched her nipples...even though she absolutely did. Every time it sent a shockwave of pleasure through her, and while she was massaged and caressed she could only wonder how great it would feel to have Coco’s mouth there as well. New affections for a different time, but she would certainly have to explore that thought further when the shower was over.

Coco’s cleaning of Rarity wasn’t quite as comprehensive as hers was of him; though to his credit it wasn’t because he was unwilling to spend the time working on it. He would’ve gladly stayed there all evening scrubbing Rarity to a divine sparkle, but the fashionista had her own plans and was content to guide Coco along with gentle nudges and guidances. When her breasts were washed clean of the suds she beckoned Coco to spend some time working on her tummy, to smoothly scrub that sponge back and forth in sweeping motions over her belly and to experience just how toned and flat it was. After all; she had a figure that was worth admiring, and there was no better way to show such a heavy appreciation than for Coco to rub his hands fondly back and forth across her flesh amidst a sea of slick, pleasant smelling body wash. Rarity was naturally better at hiding such flares of desire and emotion but she was nonetheless goosebump-addled while Coco worked, little notes of pleasure and excitement that she wore proudly across her flawless flesh. She didn’t flinch when she was touched and she didn’t dare show Coco anything other than the ultimately confident and collected woman he had come to know; the same woman that had first suggested he would look divine in a dress, the same woman that had filled his life with so much love and style.

It didn’t take long before Coco to finally turn his attention to the equine in the room; the long shaft that was sticking straight out from Rarity’s lap. It was already making such a nuisance of itself that Coco was having difficulty concentrating; as much as he wanted to wash Rarity’s flawless figure throughout the evening, it was hard to make his hands behave when from time to time he would feel Rarity’s shaft slip along his own. It was sticking out so far and was such an impressive girth that it would’ve actively pushed him back if he didn’t move to sidestep it, letting it rest along his waist while he continued to pull his fingers down her flesh. And then, with a tiny nod from Rarity as approval, Coco began to drop slowly down to his knees.

His movement was gradual and gentle, and it was clear that he was still every bit as nervous as he was excited. This was a big moment for the young man, a chance to once again get up close and personal with the throbbing length of the woman he craved so much. The equine length was still a little intimidating but yet enchanting and intriguing, a mystery that he wanted to unravel one caress, stroke, and even lick at a time. Soon it was before him at waist level, so long that he had to hold his head to the side to avoid it finding a natural home within his mouth. Even still, the tip of it rested on his shoulder and he could feel the weight of the thing while it perched there.

Rarity just smiled, and a slow lick across her lips told Coco Pommel all the lewd, lewd thoughts that were rolling through her mind. Lewd thoughts that were forbidden in the shower that evening; they’d have to wait until the bedroom to find a place in the open between them. For now, Coco would have to content himself with washing that member perched on his shoulder...and Rarity would have to find a way to stay sane in the face of such slow, sensual pleasure.

Coco once more bent the rules in that moment; in those seconds before he moved to begin cleaning his lover’s member. Rarity had given him permission to steal a kiss or two, and as her long, white length rested on his shoulder he did just that. It was soft and sweet and so quick that it could’ve easily been missed; his head turning gently to the side and his lips pressing to the side of her shaft. One short peck - smooch! - right there on the side of her throbbing length. She could feel the heat of that kiss just as he could feel the steady pulse of her hungry member as it rested there, a constant reminder of just how much she craved his affections. Coco Pommel never would’ve imagined that he’d crave something thick...but then again, Rarity had given him more new pleasures than he could possibly count.

With a playful smile on his face he looked up at Rarity after that kiss, and finally his hands reached up to work. He had dismissed the loofa for the moment and covered his hands with lather, bringing them up to begin near the tip of Rarity’s member and smooth down the entire sculpt. Slowly his fingers pulled to the base and smeared the creamy suds down her shaft, spreading a glistening slickness that was impossible to ignore under the veil of arousal coming over them. As Coco stroked it under the thinly-veiled claim of cleaning it he couldn’t help but marvel at just how smoothly his hands moved up and down it, how slick and warm and smooth it was, and maybe even...all the places it

His cheeks were burning as those naughty images filled his mind, and he pushed them aside as best he could manage while he worked. His own member was sticking straight out while he tended to Rarity, swinging back and forth and dripping not only from the steady spray of hot water upon them, but in a bead of precum glistening from the tip and slowly drooling to the shower floor below. He knelt there obedient and subservient; just as Rarity had done for him mere moments before, and washed her like any dutiful lover would. The shaft, the heavy sack hanging underneath, the insides of her thighs...places that he wished he could send his lips to explore, but knew he had to reserve himself. Every pulse of that member and every shudder he sensed in Rarity drew a whole new wash of delight through him, and when the time finally came for the shower to end Coco couldn’t of been any happier.

Not that he wasn’t having fun...but he was already spinning with possibilities of the fun that laid beyond the shower. When Rarity nodded in satisfaction and pulled him up to his feet again they both knew that there was something special to come next, though it was Rarity that verbalized as much.

“...that’s enough shower for one night, darling. I don’t know how much more my poor heart can handle.” Rarity cooed, and leaned in close enough to nip at Coco’s lips with her own. “Time to bedroom, dear? You’ve been so wonderful today...I’d like to share something with you.”

Coco, with his head in the clouds and his heart racing in a dreamy state, didn’t resist nodding and pressing into his lover.

“Anything you like, Rarity.” He answered with a happy sigh, and fell into her embrace as the shower rained down upon them. “...I’m happy…”

Rarity just smiled, and held her young lover close. She was thrilled to hear as much, but she also knew...the best was yet to arrive.

After stepping out of the shower and a particularly slow and sensual session of drying each other off, Rarity and Coco Pommel made their way back to the comfortable makeshift bed within her boutique. Moving once again with interlaced fingers and exchanging small joyful glances the pair found themselves behind a closed door and soon enough both occupying the warm space of the bed, ready to explore yet another new step of their relationship. It was there within the cozy blankets and sheets that the two naked lovers embraced fondly, up until the point where Rarity held Coco by his shoulders and gave him a slow and dainty smile.

“Darling, you surely know by now what high esteem I hold you in.” The fashionista practically purred, every word dripping with sweet sentiment and kindness. “And you’ve been such a wonderful delight today, from helping me with the boutique to fixing the sink to simply...well...everything! You’re a slice of pure happiness.” A soft giggle escaped her throat. “So I’d like to show you something, if you’d enjoy watching.”

“Anything, Rarity!” It wasn’t hard to predict that Coco was on board for anything his older lover desired, no matter what she wanted to show him or what she wanted to do. He gazed at her with dreamy eyes while he rested there on the bed; laying on his waist with his shoulder pressed against the headboard. The look in Rarity’s eyes told him that whatever she wanted to show him was naughtier in nature than anything they had enjoyed that evening up to that point, and it was enough to make his own body coil in anticipation and pleasure. His patience was rewarded as Rarity slid her arms away from him for the time being, and pressed her back against the headboard as she prepared to give him a show.

“Wonderful, dear.” She cooed, as her hands slowly moved forward to slip along the weight of her shaft. Coco didn’t fully realize just what he was about to witness until the very end, but as realization struck him his eyes only went wider and wider. Rarity pulled her enormou s member forward, letting it stick straight up from her lap in such a fashion that the wide, flat tip was nearly at the point of her breasts. With a little wink she got right to it, speaking up once more as her head started to lower. “...this is what I do sometimes, when it’s late and I’m lonely, with thoughts of my precious Coco Pommel in my mind.”

As Rarity dropped her mouth down and wrapped her lips around the tip of her own length, Coco Pommel was struck with too many thoughts to process. The sheer sight of it was intensely arousing and almost instantly made his own length flex; straightening out and making its presence known in an achingly obvious way. His slender and feminine figure was sporting a hefty length of its own in that moment, though he kept it under control as he continued to watch with utter fascination. Beyond the sight of it; beyond the image of Rarity’s pouty and kissable lips slowly smearing over the tip of her own white length, the weight of what she had said still resonated deep within his mind. This was...this was something she did while thinking of him? Something she did when she was lonely and missing his affections? The way she was swirling her tongue back and forth over her tip, was that what she wanted him to do? It was a lot for the young man to absorb, and for a long moment he simply watched with his eyes wide and his gaze transfixed, utterly incapable of turning away.

Rarity’s kiss to her own throbbing member was slow and steady, and her head bobbed up and down with a very tender pace. While one hand moved up to scoop her hair to one side so as to prevent it from obscuring Coco’s view, the other moved up and down the rest of her length, collecting the slowly rolling bits of spit to smear it up and down the shaft. Though she was impressive in length to a grand degree she didn’t take it quite as deeply as she could’ve; only offering her mouth a few steady inches to prevent herself from premature strain or exhaustion. After all, there had been evenings in which she was forced into that lewd act for quite some time while she worked herself to climax, and nothing was worse than a sore back! Self sucking was a thrill and a perfect way to offer some personal comfort on a lonely night, but it was still no excuse for poor posture, darling!

There she sat, the elegant and graceful Rarity, doing something that was unspeakably lewd and depraved. It was the sort of thing that was a precious secret that no one would ever admit to; save to those that they trusted most. That level of trust resonated in Rarity’s eyes as she gave Coco the show to enjoy, moving her hand slowly up and down her shaft while she fed herself her hungry tip. When her lips peeled off of it ribbons of precum were connecting her lips to the glossy head of her length, and while Coco’s body coiled with tense pleasure she let her tongue slither forward, teasing back and forth over the very tip while he watched. The same tongue she had kissed him with just a few minutes ago, and the same tongue that would no doubt find its way into his mouth in a few mor-

Coco wasn’t willing to wait. In a bold move that spoke of his building desire he couldn’t hold himself back from tasting Rarity right then and there, craving her kiss like he never had before. While Rarity was in the midst of showing off the gloss of her precum Coco slithered forward and snatched her lips with his own, his tongue curling forward to find a spot within Rarity’s mouth and savor that rich, happy taste. His moan was delicate and sweet as it crashed against Rarity’s mouth and he drew in deep the taste; kissing his older lover with every bit of desire and passion within him. When his slender fingers moved up to join Rarity’s own in wrapping around her shaft, it was very clear that she wasn’t going to be left to tackle her member alone anymore.

It was a big job...and he wouldn’t let her face it by herself. Why else would she even have an assistant, if not for tackling those big, big jobs?

From there, Rarity and Coco Pommel kissed amidst the flavor of her tip, their tongues wiggling back and forth as they enjoyed her glistening pre-nectar. With a pair of hands moving up and down the shaft at a slow and gradual pace it was easy to ensure that her tip was always moist from her pre-release, enough that they could collect the taste of it on the edge of their tongues and eagerly share it back and forth. Pleasure ran through every inch of Rarity and the elegant fashionista made an audible moaning noise from the excitement of it all, completely unable to restrain her member from throbbing within the soft and comfortable grip of her boyfriend. Through it all; however, she knew that the evening wasn’t necessarily for her pleasure...but Coco Pommel’s. She was showing him something intimate and personal, and his decision to join in on the fun didn’t diminish that for a second. For a brief moment Rarity held her lips to Coco’s and kissed him away from the tip of her length, just long enough for one of her hands to move up and glisten over the top of it. She collected the pre as well as their joined spit; getting her fingers nice and wet before slowly pulling them back down once more, aiming them right for Coco’s bare lap.

The young man shuddered and hissed into Rarity’s mouth as he first felt it; kind, loving fingers working back and forth across his member. Her touch was astonishingly gentle and sweet, not even able to be called a full handjob since it lacked the defined grip or the steady motion of pumping him back and forth. She was fondling him; leaving his sack and his shaft gooey from her own nectar, and teasing his length back and forth at her own whimsical impulses. More than a few times Coco felt his tip dropped down until it was buried against Rarity’s base; occupying the spot where her shaft and her sack met, and it was in those moments of glorious intimacy that he felt more aroused than ever before. Shivers ran up and down his body in almost violent shockwaves, and though he deeply desired to keep kissing Rarity through the delicious taste of her member it was hard for him to maintain under the weight of such excitement. He was rocking back and forth, practically aching within her wonderfully soft and loving grip, and utterly beholden to the whims and the desires of his older lover. She fondled him with a grip as warm and loving as she had ever held him; even more so than the gentle shower she had given him just a few moments ago, and somehow her hands felt even softer without the soap and the suds. Their tongues danced and her fingers continued to play, squeezing and teasing and rubbing the tip of his member firmly against the spot in her shaft where her heat was the greatest and more intense.

And when Coco’s body tensed in pleasure, he could only barely handle it. His lips broke from Rarity’s own with a sudden cry, his back arching and that sea green hair bouncing around his features as he did so. Thin threads of Rarity’s precum still connected their lips while he began to unload thanks to her tender motions, and the tip of his shaft painted the underside of Rarity’s own. He released in heavy waves thanks to his mistress’ touch, squirting again and again while she allowed those fingers to gently milk his member. Ropes of white struck the bottom of Rarity’s shaft and immediately began to drool down the sculpt of her sack, a curtain of creamy white that covered her already pale and ivory skin. It was a perfect glaze to match the tone of her flesh, and the arousal the paintjob formed within Rarity herself was noteworthy and fierce. It was likely she could have found a peak right then and there if she so wanted, but she reminded herself yet again that her pleasure was not the night’s focus: only Coco Pommel’s.

And there was still the most intense pleasure yet to be had.

“Oh...oh R...Rar...Rari…”

“Shhh, my loveliest.” Rarity whispered tenderly, and moved her mouth to kiss the edge of Coco’s ear. She brought her free hand up to pull back some of his sea green hair and tuck it behind an ear, while her other hand slipped towards her own mouth. She popped a few fingertips past her lips in rapid succession as if she was sampling a fine horderve at a party, licking her tongue across the flavor and savoring each bit of it. Delicious! She was eagerly awaiting the day she could sample it fresh from the tap onto her tongue, but it was not the evening for that. Instead Rarity cooed again to the edge of Coco’s ear, and rubbed her forehead back and forth to his own like an affectionate cat showing her love and attachment. “I’m going to do something new for you now, all right? But you’ll need to trust me. Do you?” The steady nodding of Coco Pommel came without hesitation, and as he pressed in close against her his voice blubbered out with a timid but absolutely assured tone.

“...with...with my life…” It was a deep and honest profession, as well as proof that Coco Pommel held her in the highest of regards. It was enough that Rarity’s heart swelled with a loving pulse that made her want to simple tackle him to the bed and smother him in kisses, but that would diminish the sensual eroticism of what was to come next. Instead she whispered to him once more, her voice as loving and sweet as she could muster, and she spoke with the utmost honesty ringing in her voice.

“ are my everything, darling. I’d wear denim skirts, printed tee shirts, crocs, legwarmers, and a fanny pack for life if it meant being with you. I would even wear...a popcorn shirt with a trucker hat!”

There was no better assurance of her love that Rarity could possibly muster, and hearing those words of unique admission were enough to make Coco’s eyes water from the force of her romance.

For what came next, Coco slipped so seamlessly into it that it was as if a natural compulsion pulled him. While Rarity pulled her shaft towards herself Coco simply dropped his head down; slowly bringing it towards the mess he had made there at the base of her. There was lines of his own cream waiting across her sack, ready for him to clean up, and his tongue slithered forward to do just that while Rarity prepared to rest of his surprise. Her hand had returned once more to her tip where she collected her glistening precum once more across her fingers; scooping the tangible fluid against her digits, including the fresh burst of it that came from Coco’s current licks. With her middle three fingers all glistening, her attention turned towards the flawless rear that was presented to her side.

Coco Pommel was bending on his hands and knees to service Rarity’s sack, and it made it easy for her to slide a hand forward and let the young man know what was to come next. Her palm pressed against one side of his rear as she slowly spread him open, and then came the tease of a single finger. Coco gasped as he felt the impact of that digit swirling around his entrance but his trust in Rarity was absolute; so deep and so loving that his tongue merely continued to pad back and forth across the woman’s sack. He collected his cream from her undercarriage with generous licks that coated his tongue; swallowing them down and savoring a flavor that was by no means unknown to him. He had sampled his flavor in the past; of course...but this was his release offered up in an all too delicious fashion.

While he enjoyed the taste of Coco a la Rarity; the fashionista’s finger first squeezed inside of his entrance. She was delicate at first to make sure to cause him only the minimal amount of discomfort, but when she felt his rear flex and squeeze around her digit she knew there was further she could push. He accepted and accommodated her touch smoothly and sweetly over the next moment or so, his rear pushing back against her finger and his breathing slow and steady as he was penetrated. Her free hand lowered itself to comb her fingers through the locks of his wonderfully soft hair; petting him back and forth in loving strokes to ensure that her lover was at the very height of comfort. It was no doubt a tense moment for him, and Rarity wanted to ensure that through it all he remained assured that she had his safety and his pleasure in mind.

From deep within Coco Pommel, he could feel a pleasure growing within him that he couldn’t quite place. It was different from the arousal that made his member throb in a masculine fashion; it felt deeper and more intense like something that had been hiding within him for some time. It was that pleasure that kept him licking at Rarity’s sack, that pleasure that made him gasp in a growing delight as Rarity dared squeeze a second finger inside. He was stretched tight around her now as her fingers pushed past the first knuckle and soon the second; and though there was a few tiny quivers of pain they were brief and were firmly there just to allow him to adjust to the moment. Any discomfort that swept through his slender and feminine body was soon replaced by a growing surge of arousal that he yet couldn’t define, and he was comforted through each one by the gentle petting of Rarity’s hand and the slow and steady voice she offered.

“That’s it...that’s it, darling…” She was softer in tone now than ever before, and it encouraged Coco Pommel through the moments where the sting was the greatest. “You’re doing marvellous. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how radiant you are right now…”

Such praise went a long way when it was ushered from a woman of such grand taste. It was enough that Coco didn’t flinch much while he was penetrated, Rarity’s two middle fingers finally working their way down to the hilt. He was pierced deep and yet somehow he felt like he could still manage more, like there was yet some secret within that contact that he couldn’t even begin to discover. With his tongue once more peppering over the slope of Rarity’s sack Coco just gave a sudden shudder, and lost himself for a moment within the pleasure that enveloped him.

From Rarity’s perspective, it was all measured and even tactical, yet by no means without healthy doses of passion and intimacy. She recognized that Coco was giving her a grand amount of trust in that moment, and it was trust that she wouldn’t for a second abuse. Though her own shaft was hard she didn’t offer her sack up to his mouth for her own pleasure; merely a distraction to help him through the moment. While her two fingers wiggled within his tight walls and continued to test his entrance, she was acutely aware of every noise he made, every breath that shuddered through his body, and every sign of discomfort. She was an overdramatic princess in her worst of moments, could be demanding and fiercely stubborn, but Rarity was never anything less than doting and attentive to her precious, precious Coco.

And she could read within him things that even he couldn’t, she could see something within him that was downright...dare she say it, magical?

“ more licking, dear.” Rarity gently whispered, and a hand slid to Coco’s chin as she tilted his mouth away from her shaft. She opted instead to press her thumb to his lips; giving him something to suckle against while the moment intensified. “This is just about you, now. Just...relax, and let Rarity take care of the woman she loves.”

The woman she loved. Coco Pommel was never more feminine than when he was with Rarity, and it had never been more pronounced than then. With her fingers gently working their wonders within the tight confines of his rear, a heat began to build in him that he could only barely begin to comprehend. Lubricated with Rarity’s precum and pushed forward with a loving intention those fingers worked wonders inside of him, teasing his walls and driving him into the midst of something that was...that was…

Scary? It wasn’t the right word. Overwhelming? True, but still not entirely accurate. It perhaps didn’t even have a word to properly describe what happened to him right then and there, but the notion that he was driven to such depths by Rarity’s gentle teasing was staggering at the very least. For with those fingers rubbing back and forth within his depths, an orgasm struck Coco that left him a quivering, sobbing mess.

It struck like a clash of thunder; unexpected and violent with its intensity. Through it all his masculine length remained more or less dormant, and he didn’t release any waves of cream no matter how hard he shook. The orgasm that rocked through him came from a place even more intimate and fierce, and though he didn’t make any more mess on the bed it was undeniable that climax rolled across his tender body in waves he had never imagined. His body felt flushed with heat and he pressed his face into Rarity’s palm, leaning entirely against her while his knees spread and his rear tightened against her loving fingers. He screamed, he cried out in almost maddened delight, so long and so loud that his voice gave out several seconds into it. Sweat trailed his brow and shuddered down his flesh, and Rarity could not only feel his climax around her fingers, but see it as well.

She didn’t say as much; wanting to keep some things yet secret between them. The gentle glow that came around his pucker, right at where her fingers were separating was a glow that Rarity had come to be familiar with. The faintest hint of Equestria magic, a familiar hue that she knew from personal experience could certainly play with one’s nethers in the most curious yet delightful of fashions. That taste of magic was working from within Coco in that instant, and it drove him into the most intense and momentous orgasm of his life.

He wailed. He shuddered. He shook against Rarity’s arms and by the time he was finished he was openly sobbing. Whether it was from fear or from pleasure had yet to be seen, but either way he clung towards Rarity and held himself against her as if his very life depended on it. Tears rolled down his cheeks only to be met by Rarity’s delicate palm, and by the time the fashionista’s fingers slipped from his entrance her arms were en route to firmly embrace him. She clutched him close, pulled his quivering body into her arms, and press a firm kiss against his cheek as she held him near. Her shaft was forgotten for not just the moment but the evening itself; her own pleasures happy to be put on hold if it meant comforting this treasure in her grasp.

“Shh, did marvellous…”

“I...I don’t know...I don’t know what happ-”

“Hush, hush…” Rarity gently comforted him, and worked to silence him with a few soft kisses on his lovely face. Her hair teased across his cheeks and she offered him a proud smile, even as she tightened her grip around his naked form. “...we’ll talk about it later, love. Just know that what happened to’s a wonderful thing. And it’ll ensure we can be even closer than ever.”

Few words could’ve comforted him more in that moment. What little bit of fear still remained within the crying Coco was soon dismissed by that promise, and instead he only let tears of relief and joy pass by his cheeks as Rarity clutched him tight. He had struck an orgasm unlike any other; perhaps unlike any that any man had ever enjoyed. And though he was still shivering, still raw and vulnerable and exposed from it, he knew that he was safe. Safe in Rarity’s arms. Safe in the grip of the woman that loved him.

Safe with his lover, his mistress, his goddess.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes for the pair to come down from the moment, easing into the final stage of their evening. In order to keep Rarity’s member in check she had slipped into yet another pair of her magical panties, and they kept her shaft under control as the only piece of clothing between the two. They laid there together in the bed; sharing the blanket while Rarity spooned Coco from behind. Sleep wouldn’t overtake them for another few hours, but right now they both had a responsibility to keep in check. Rarity’s job was to hold Coco nice and tight: Coco’s job was to keep their iPad properly balanced at an angle so they could both see it while a movie played.

Their taste in movies was similar, and not at all surprising. Anything with fairy tales and princesses, with fine fashion and copious amounts of beauty in all its forms. With music and magic and the depths of flawless love and romance all trimmed in lace and fabric and fluff. It was one such movie filled with sweet nothings and delightful nonsense that played for them now, and they watched it intently with Rarity’s naked body pressed tight against Coco’s own and her arms wrapped longingly around her girlfriend’s body.

From time to time she would faintly remind him how much she loved him; by stealing a kiss or fondling his hair, or even just whispering it against his ear. And from time to time Coco would do the same, by squeezing his rump back to Rarity’s lap or turning his head back to nibble fondly at her chin. Through it all the pair remained close and tightly connected, united by much more than a simple desire to see how the movie resolved.

They were connected in that evening by a love far, far more intense than anything the singing animals or beautifully dressed princess on the screen could ever possibly understand.

End of Chapter Two.

Elegant Exegesis

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Three: Elegant Exegesis
-By Drace Domino

Rarity would’ve been lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. While she was almost certain that Coco Pommel would take to the transition well, there was a lingering doubt in the back of her head that had made her just a little uneasy. After all, the most important thing wasn’t her own pleasure or even the pursuit of fashion, but the comfort and happiness of the young man that was trusting her so much. As she sat there with a leg folded across her knee, her eyes dancing across the door of the nearby dressing room, she was chewing on her lip and her concerns alike.

She never would’ve shown Coco Pommel such uncertainty, of course. As she had helped guide him towards the delight of women’s clothing across his flesh, she had always presented herself as nothing but confident in the steps he was taking. He was a gorgeous little slip of a thing and his flawless smooth skin would look stunning in anything he wore, though those feminine of features of his practically screamed to be accented. Even before Rarity dwelled on deeper thoughts of connection and a hidden secret, it simply felt somehow...natural for Coco Pommel to be garbed as the prettiest woman in the world. And when the dressing room door finally started to open, the fashionista had a lump in her throat until the image hiding within finally came to the forefront.

She was choked up in the early seconds of what she saw, her throat tight as the color rushed to her cheeks. It was an outfit of pink and lavender with a skirt that ran down to the midpoint of Coco Pommel’s calves, as well as scooped up over his shoulders with a few thin straps. Elbow-length silk gloves gripped his arms and strapped across his throat was a choker made of the same material, edged with lace and daintily sweeping towards his collarbone. As he stepped out of the dressing room that evening wearing the most feminine outfit he had ever slipped into, Rarity swallowed with excitement as she slowly rose to her feet.

“So...tell me.” She began simply, softly. “How does it feel to be dressed like that? Does it...does it make you happy, darling?”

It was the most important question, and it would define how the two of them would interact forever. It would determine whether they were merely friends, or something far more intimate. It would define whether Coco Pommel was a handsome young man that brought his future girlfriends to Carousel Boutique...or a joined creative partner in the enterprise. Rarity had never been more on edge to hear an answer to a question before.

“I...I…” It was clear by the look on Coco’s face that the young man was working things out. He gazed at the nearby mirror and his cheeks darkened, wondering within himself how he ever managed to fill such fabric. No matter how he was born, from that evening on he was a girl...a glorious, beautiful girl...and that image of himself in lace and silk would forever sit in his thoughts as one of the most joyful moments of his life. “ it! Thank you, Rarity! Thank you so much!”

The shared laughter between the two erupted as Coco Pommel invited himself to dart into Rarity’s arms, crashing against the fashionista and embracing her with all his might. Rarity would never refuse such an embrace and she clutched the young man close, letting her nose drop to his soft sea green hair and draw in a long, lingering breath. Her arms locked in tight around him during this moment of self-discovery, and when she could feel his body shudder with the tears of joy and realization, she merely held him all the closer. And that evening, the day Coco Pommel first wore women’s clothing, she had whispered to him a tender, loving pledge.

“’ll never be anything but beautiful when we’re together, darling.”


Rarity woke up with a smile, as she had been ever since things between her and Coco Pommel escalated. That morning it was to the fondest of memories of the day she had first encouraged Coco to slip into a proper lady’s clothing despite his own understandable concerns, only to discover that it fit against his flesh far more properly than anything he had ever worn before. Rarity had been taken in by the young man’s beauty that evening and had been captivated ever since, so much so that the lingering scent of Coco on the nearby pillow was enough to make her groan with delight. And yet she found herself wondering: a pillow that smelled of her lover was certainly a thing to be enjoyed, but what of Coco himself? Last she had seen him he was going to sleep in her arms after a long evening sensual affections. An evening where her fingers had given him bliss through his only entrance, and an evening where they had cuddled together watching frilly movies and drifting off into a dreamy sleep.

Rarity didn’t bother with a robe that morning, instead strolling naked out of the resting quarters of Carousel Boutique in search of her beloved Coco. She was easily able to follow a charming smell from the kitchen, the scent of cooking eggs melded with a few spices and fragrant toppings. While she walked her ample bust settled atop her chest and her member; long as ever, dangled between her legs and very nearly reached her knees. Now that there were no vital secrets between herself and Coco, there was no reason for her to hide the impressive member that she had been gifted with. Sure enough as Rarity slipped from the resting area and into the kitchen beyond she finally laid eyes on Coco Pommel, and her affection as well as her excitement magnified.

The little minx was there cooking all right, and cooking in stolen goods no less! Well...perhaps not stolen, but certainly borrowed. The apron that Rarity had crafted a few weeks ago to sell at the Boutique was a simple thing but elegant, and she had made it specifically for the sort of naked morning breakfasts that Coco was working on right now. As she stood in the doorway watching him as he unknowingly toiled before her gaze, a wide smile drew across the fashionista’s lips. His perfect little rear was situated just underneath the line of a fanciful ribbon, tied around his waist to help keep the apron perfectly in place. The garment itself was designed with Rarity’s typical clever eye but was made of far less valuable materials than her finest dresses; after all, one could still be sexy even while wearing clothes that weren’t a nightmare to clean. Though the apron was mostly cotton with a bit of thicker denim trims, it was still nothing short of hunger-inducing to see wrapped around Coco Pommel’s body.

A hunger, needless to say, that had nothing to do with the scent of eggs.

As Rarity snuck up behind her lover she could faintly hear him humming; a sweet pop melody that had played during the movie they watched last night. The little vixen! He had pretended to fall asleep while that big musical finale had played, but now that very same song flowed from the back of his throat against his soft, kissable lips. Oh, all the gentle pettings and tender cheek kisses he had gained through duplicitous means just a few hours ago...if Rarity were a harsher woman, she would’ve let her hand cross over that flawless rump of his to see how well it blushed. Instead, she settled for simply squeezing up behind him and wrapping her arms around his slender, trim waist.

“...good morning, my loveliest.” Rarity cooed, and already she could feel Coco Pommel melt into her arms. He whimpered in delight while still trying to hold the spatula and fork he was using to tend to the eggs, a skillet right in front of him sitting on low heat on the oven. As Rarity tightened her grip she allowed her naked body to squeeze against the bare back of his own; breasts drawing tight to his shoulders while her long and enjoyable member nestled between the cheeks of his rump. She made sure to let herself settle in there, letting him feel her girth without being in any way threatening or intimidating. Before Coco could form a response from her sudden appearance Rarity pressed a kiss against the back of his throat, and whispered again with a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. “I wasn’t aware the Boutique’s kitchen line had a ‘trial run’ policy.”

“I’m...I’m sorry, Rarity.” Coco Pommel whispered with a blush, his voice mingling between genuine apology and the vixen-like tone of a young man that knew he wasn’t really in trouble. He even pressed himself back against her to allow her shaft to squeeze against his rear once more, as if he knew full well that his body could coerce her into forgiving nearly any transgression. “But I wanted to cook for you, and I didn’t know what else to slip on, I…”

“So many clothes, even the ones you arrived in.” Rarity continued to be coy, and as she did she allowed her hand to begin to creep. Porcelain fingers slipped underneath the hem of Coco’s apron, working past his thighs and drifting towards that little treasure nestled between his legs. She could feel his entire body shudder with warmth and pleasure as she found his pouch against her palm, and idly her fingers moved to close about his length. “I think you just like the feeling of Rarity’s own designs against your skin. Maybe even Rarity herself. Would that be accurate, loveliest?”

“Y-Yes, Rarity...oh...oh my…” Coco whimpered at that, and his grip tightened around the spatula and fork even as he neglected tending to the breakfast. His eyes closed and his knees locked as he stood there, shivering as Rarity’s naughty fingers kept playing. Slowly she worked across him, showing him just how soft her grip could be even in the early morning. Wickedly naughty, teasing motions came with the steady kissing of the older woman against the back of his throat, and it soon became very clear that his “punishment” for borrowing the apron would be anything but. She was happy to see him again, and utterly unable to resist what he looked like in that little slip of fabric with his rear exposed.

She was hard before too long, and Coco Pommel wasn’t left oblivious to that fact. Though Rarity not once dared to do anything about her throbbing member, Coco could still feel its longside pressed against his rear, aching with power and thickness. As he stood there fondled and teased by Rarity’s flawless grip the young man couldn’t help but wonder; to think back at the last night and what all had happened. About how hard he had climaxed to a few fingers in his rear, about how the emotion of it all had shaken him down to the core. He had never been more a woman than last night, and Rarity was reminding him of every trace of his femininity as she stood there teasing, teasing, teasing…

“A...Ahh!” A heavy blush crossed the young man’s face as it came over him, and he proved that the early morning arousals of young men carried through even when he presented himself as feminine as he could. Already hard against Rarity’s grip and easily worked to the climax he hadn’t expected, poor Coco Pommel shuddered and thrust himself into his goddess’ warm, inviting hand. Rarity’s fingers were coated in a white cream from her precious pet but the inside of the apron took the brunt of it, soon marked with streaks of sauce that drooled down the fabric and eventually dripped to the floor.

And Coco, with his hands still gripped tight around the fork and spatula, practically melted. He could’ve easily fallen back against Rarity in that moment and gone right to sleep, and sure enough the older woman was helping encourage him towards that. So many kisses, so many caresses, even a few whispers about how wonderful she found him. He lost himself in her voice, that sweet, sweet voice.

“...sweetest, the, the…”

Yes, Goddess! The feeling of his slickened sack resting in her palm.

“...quick! We need to-”

Need to go back to bed? To kiss and cuddle and make love throughout the day?!

“Coco!” Rarity’s voice was suddenly sharper, more urgent, and enough to snap him out of his euphoria. “Coco, darling, the eggs!”

The next few minutes were spent with Coco putting out the cinder-induced eggs, apologizing profusely to his understanding mistress, and making plans for an alternate breakfast. And through it all Rarity smiled, laughed, and made Coco weak in the knees in so many ways more than just a simple sub-apron handjob.


“...Rarity, I’m so sorry again.” Coco Whimpered nearly forty five minutes later, walking with his arm looped through one of Rarity’s own. “I made such a mess of the kitchen, and I...I just wanted it to be perfec-”

“Pish posh, darling.” Rarity simply smiled, and her alternate hand moved up to lightly and lovingly tap his nose. Without a trace of upset in her tone Rarity continued to click along the sidewalk, her heels making noise with every step and her brunch dress flowing behind her. Every fashion minded woman needed a brunch dress, after all! What would you wear during brunch without one?! “It was entirely my fault. If anything, I’m flattered that you find my affections so...distracting.”

Distracting was selling it short, in Coco Pommel’s opinion. Her hands were nothing short of heaven.

“Besides, darling, I’ve wanted to take you to this place for some time!” Rarity continued as they rounded a corner, heading up a small flight of marble stairs. At the top there was a wide building with several outdoor benches, all of them sitting right behind a lovely table and each one positioned for a view of the rest of the city. “It’s a place special for lovers, you know. You have to be in love to eat here! And I simply couldn’t stand not sharing this with you, darling. It makes me happy that we can enjoy it together now.”

Coco Pommel simply beamed, from his lover’s words to the sight of that romantic brunch nook. He padded along beside Rarity with the same sweet smile on his features all throughout the next few minutes, standing patiently and quietly at her side while Rarity spoke with the hostess and found the two of them a nice bench secluded from the others. It was just big enough for the both of them and the pair settled easily down into the seats, Rarity with one arm wrapped around Coco’s shoulders and Coco with a delighted blush across his face. The weather was fair and warm with a wonderful cool breeze from time to time, and throughout the entire outdoor establishment the scent of fancy coffee and fresh baked pastries filled the air. And as the two settled in to share a single menu; more than one menu was forbidden at any table, Coco Pommel savored the feel of his lover’s arm around his shoulders.

He was every bit Rarity’s woman as the two curled in together, and he found his head resting to her shoulder while their eyes poured over a list of fine drinks and treats to help people wake up in the sweetest of ways. And when the pleasant waitress came about to take their order, Rarity made sure that her beloved Coco knew just how she felt about him.

“Well, dear, my beautiful partner and I shall have~” Flowing from her lips followed a long line of treats, some in English and some in French, but all sounding even sweeter when poured from Rarity’s lips. When the waitress finished writing down the order and excused herself to prepare, the fashionista finally looked to her darling and teased a finger underneath his delicate chin. “I hope you don’t mind me ordering for us, darling. I know your tastes well enough to guess what would delight you the most.”

“Mmm, I don’t mind at all, Rarity.” Coco giggled a bit, his head still resting gently on her shoulder. His eyes danced forward to look over the city from their vantage point, which at that point in the late morning was a calm hub of activity. Nobody was in a particular hurry and everyone seemed to be smiling; or perhaps Coco was simply so utterly charmed by the occasion all he could see were the smiles. It was the first time out in public on the arm of his mistress, and it was every bit as magical as he could’ve hoped for. He wasn’t drawn away from his euphoria until Rarity finally spoke up, her voice thoughtful and contemplative, but also tender and doting.

“Coco, dear, now that we have a chance to relax and unwind…” She mused, a coy lift to the corner of her lips. “I was hoping to tell you a few things. Things about me, and...I suspect, about you, too.” The interest lining Coco Pommel’s eyes was immediate, and the young man lifted his head from Rarity’s shoulder with an obviously inquisitive gaze. He shifted back and forth in his seat and smoothed his hands down the front of his dress, wondering already if it was something he needed to be nervous about. Thankfully Rarity’s voice was gentle enough to keep him calm, as was the steady arm that never strayed far from his shoulders.

“I’ll make things brief, loveliest, and keep them as simple as I can manage.” She smiled a bit, and quirked a brow. “When most of this was explained to me it was by Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, and as you can imagine it was...verbose, to say the very least.”

“I...I bet.” Coco found a giggle rising from his throat, before his head tilted to push the question further. “Is this about know?” A quick glance down at Rarity’s lap was enough to suggest what he meant, where her enormous member stayed hidden surprisingly well thanks to a pair of magical panties. “I...I’ve been wondering a lot.”

“And I certainly don’t want any secrets between us, dear.” Rarity smiled, and took the young man’s hand within her own. She interlocked their fingers and brought his hand up to her mouth, pressing a gentle kiss atop it before continuing. “So let me say one thing first, dear. No matter what I’m about to tell you, I want you to know that how I feel for you? It’s genuine. Even if I didn’t have this...accessory, and even if things hadn’t transpired like they have, I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw you in that beautiful evening dress you wore for me.” She leaned in close enough that their noses brushed, and she stole a swift, sharp kiss against the outside of his lips. “What we have, dear. It’s real. And you must know that I cherish it more than all the dresses in Paris.”

Coco Pommel’s cheeks erupted in a large blush, and his throat tightened instantly at the admission. He didn’t know what all Rarity had left to tell him, but that simple promise meant a lot. He simply snuck a kiss of his own against the older woman’s lips, smiled politely when the waitress brought their first round of drinks, and waited for Rarity to continue. The fashionista did so once they were in a space of relative privacy, scooping Coco against her and leaning back to speak fondly and sweetly to her love.

“Darling, Equestrian magic is...unpredictable.” She offered simply, beginning with one fundamental truth she had learned. “And one can’t ever really know for sure how it’ll react, especially in our dimension. When…” She pursed her lips together, waiting for a passing waiter to walk out of earshot. “...when everything happened between myself and my friends, magic was infused into our world.”

“Infused?” Coco tilted his head, his brow still curiously knit. “Infused how, Rarity?”

“Sunset Shimmer went on for nearly ten minutes when I asked her that.” Rarity chuckled softly, before moving a hand up to brush the back of her fingers down Coco’s tender cheek. “To put it as quickly as I can manage: energy flowed into the world. Some of it was masculine, and it inhabited myself and my friends. All of us; Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy...our little clique, we all sport the same expansion below our waist.” She giggled a little afterwards, and chirped up to address Coco’s look of surprise. “We hide it well, don’t we?”

“W...Wow.” Coco blinked, unsure of what else to say. “I mean, I...that’s a lot of…”

“A lot of, as Rainbow Dash would put it, big throbbing cocks.” The words sounded adorable from Rarity’s pristine lips and spoken with a sweet inflection, and she giggled in delight. “And though I haven’t spoken much of it, it can be...uncomfortable. As you can imagine these things are often demanding, and sometimes my own perfectly manicured hands just aren’t enough. Sure, I tried mixing it up by wearing silk gloves, or fancy rings, and once even wrapped a ribbon around the base, but...enjoying others is the only way that the relief helps. And full disclosure, love, myself and the other girls...we’ve turned to each other for that relief, when we can.”

Coco Pommel had a right to be jealous in that moment, and Rarity knew it. It was perhaps the most damning secret Rarity had to speak, and it was important to her that she had it out in the open. Her “Wednesday book club” was typically little more than she and her six best friends fondling, licking, and rubbing each other to climax after climax. When Coco realized as much; however, there wasn’t a trace of jealousy on his face. Instead he merely looked concerned and loving, his hands moving to rest on Rarity’s lap.

“Oh, Rarity, whatever you need!” The young man practically wept for his lover’s plight, now that he knew just how hard the strain on her could be. “I don’t mind, I...I love you no matter what you do, Rarity! I--” He paused, just long enough for the waitress to come by and check their drinks. “Rarity, I...I can do more, too! With my, with my b-”

“Shh, love, there’s more to say. And it involves your...tender spot.” Rarity cooed with a smile, and nipped at his nose again. She was resolved with the knowledge that Coco Pommel didn’t resent her Wednesday meetings, but also concerned for the young man’s eagerness. She knew fully what he was about to offer, and while it was his to give she wouldn’t risk his comfort. “Darling, Twilight and Sunset always suspected that an equal amount of feminine energy came from Equestria. That it did to some beautiful young men something similar to what it did to us. The glowing from last night? The intensity you felt?” Rarity arched a slender brow. “...I believe it’s pretty clear, my sweetest treasure, that you’re one such recipient.”

Considering the circumstances, Coco Pommel took it well. He sat there in Rarity’s arms, thinking for a moment or two about his own body. He had always been feminine even before the world had heard of Equestria, and whatever gift the magic had given him had only enhanced his already natural qualities. And last night, he had shaken with more tremendous force and desire than he ever had in his entire life. It had given him a pleasure beyond all reasoning. It was hard to be upset considering the memory of how he came so hard that he literally wept the past night. His thoughts were interrupted as Rarity spoke once more, and pulled him even closer.

“That said, dear...your wonderful little spot may or may not be able to take me. I simply don’t know yet. And until we have Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle check things out, I won’t dare risk it.” As she pulled Coco Pommel in even closer, she allowed her hand to comb down his hair and brush those sea green strands. “Because in all things, dearest Coco Pommel, you are my most important concern.”

Of all the things Rarity told Coco that late morning brunch, those were hardly the most surprising...but to Coco, they were the most important. It was with that rolling through his mind and his heart alike that the young man pulled in close to Rarity again, and was gently kissing her by the time the waitress came by once more.

It was a spot for lovers, after all.


Magically infused bodies, girls with masculine members and boys with glowing orgasmic was all so strange and quite a bit to get his head around, though Coco knew he’d be fine. He focused instead on the things that he knew, the things that he had control over, and the things he could do in the moment. And when they finished their brunch after learning the truth of his body, Coco had threaded his fingers into Rarity’s own and spoken up with a surprisingly bold tone to his voice.

“I want to go back to Canterlot Boutique, Rarity.” He announced with a smile, just as he drew in a breath of fresh, warm air. “I...have something I want to do for you. For telling me everything.”

And no more than a half hour later, Rarity was reaping the rewards of her honesty. Coco Pommel laid on the bed where he started that morning, wearing nothing more than the pair of knee high mint green nylons that he had worn underneath his own brunch dress. Laying flat on his back with his legs spread, it was enough to give Rarity not only a long, lingering look as his own member and sack, but the tiny entrance of his rear which she had sworn not to take. Rarity was indeed curious about just where the young man was going with his offering, up until he spoke up with a smile.

“Here, Rarity...put it...put it right here.” A gentle hand on Rarity’s own bare shaft guided her forward, just as Coco Pommel’s legs closed together. Rarity was wearing an outfit that could’ve been considered matching her lover’s own; a pair of dark nylons that were drawn up to the same exact point on her flawless white legs. Her otherwise naked body had slid up to press against Coco from a kneeling position, and while her throbbing white member hung forward Coco squeezed his thighs against it. Sheltered in between his legs Rarity could feel the warmth and softness of his flesh; each side gripping Rarity’s shaft on that rare spot between Coco’s lap and where his nylons began. Her member sat idly on his own, and as he swung his hips from side to side Rarity could feel herself groaning in a building hunger. And when Coco Pommel spoke up once more, it was with a sweet voice that Rarity could hardly fathom.

“This...this probably isn’t as good as it’d feel somewhere...somewhere else.” He admitted with a blush, his legs still straight up in the air. Staring straight down at his own body he could see the tip of Rarity’s member peeking out from in between his legs, dripping with a line of precum that he could feel with a shudder across his flesh. Struggling to keep his composure, the young man moved to take Rarity’s hands and guided them to the sides of his rear. “But maybe you could just sort of...hang on tight and...and pretend?” The blush on Rarity’s cheeks was intense, and the fashionista was nearly rendered speechless from his invitation. While the sandwiching of her member between Coco’s thighs was hardly as glorious as his rear would’ve been, it was still more excitement than any one woman deserved. And more pleasure than Rarity had ever experienced with her Wednesday group. She blushed even deeper as she let her hands tighten against Coco’s rump, and her shoulder scooped underneath his calves to help his legs stay aloft.

“It...It’s wonderful, my dearest love.” She beamed, just as she started to thrust. “Perhaps you could pretend, too?”

And with that, Rarity began to thrust. While true penetration was nowhere near their encounter it was still an afternoon of lusty delight, filled with thrill and joy between two deeply entrenched lovers. For Rarity the steady grip of Coco’s thighs was enough to let her imagine his rear, to dream of how warm and tight it would grip around her length one day. The sound of Coco’s gasps as she rutted against his legs helped further her fantasy, goosebumps lining against her flesh and sending shivers across her. And for Coco...even though it was meant to be a treat for Rarity, Coco Pommel was spoiled for sensation.

So many of them! The tight fingers of Rarity squeezing his rear. The ticklish tremors that ran through him when her member brushed back and forth from his thighs. The sweeping of her shaft up and down across his own, eventually coating it in a layer of precum and making him ache in delight. And most noteworthy of all...enough that it nearly drove him to climax in and of itself, the steady whud, whud, whud of Rarity’s undercarriage as it snapped forward on each thrust, slapping him squarely against his spread, tender pucker. Every push forward reminded him of her girth, of her strength, and her wonderful, loving passion.

It was the sweetest of afternoon delights from beginning to sticky end, an end that left both of them climaxing but only Coco Pommel dripping with cream. The squirt of his own length had peppered his belly in a cute fashion but it wasn’t until Rarity began to unload that the young man was effectively painted; struck with several hard streaks that ran across his slender body and managed to land against his face. His tiny young man breasts, his flawless features, even his sea green hair...all of it plastered with Rarity’s sudden spunk as she finished thrusting between his thighs.

It would’ve been a horrible mess to clean up, were Rarity not there to drop down swiftly, join him amidst the copious cream, and work to usher every last drop from his body up to his mouth, kissing it away until he swallowed all of her relief.

It was a sticky afternoon filled with lust and appreciation, and as Coco laid there in a quivering mess, waiting for Rarity to tongue another mouthful of cum past his lips, he finally had some understanding of the bond between himself and Rarity. If the magic of Equestria made them two halves of a shared coin, it meant they were connected. Joined, bound, and impossible to separate. It was a notion that thrilled him to the core, even as he suckled rarity’s cream from the tip of her tongue.

Whispered words of love were shared between them even amidst the mess, and Coco Pommel drank down each one. Life with Rarity had a way of redefining “the best day of his life” every new one that came, and that afternoon was no different.

He was Rarity’s woman. And while it wouldn’t of been accurate to call her his man, she was certainly, unerringly, and absolutely...his.

End of Chapter 3.

Sweet Impressions

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Four: Sweet Impressions
-By Drace Domino

“Stop fussing so much, dear, it’ll be a splendid visit.” Rarity cooed; confidence ringing in her voice while she and Coco Pommel walked down the hallway in Canterlot High. The two were making a steady beeline for the cafeteria, each one dressed in some of their finely tailored casual clothes. Coco Pommel had been adjusting and teasing at the edges of his outfit ever since Rarity had told him the goal for that afternoon; to introduce him to all of her friends properly. It’d be the first time he sat with the seven girls during lunch and the understandable nervous streak that crept through him was nagging at him more than even he would’ve expected; butterflies dancing in his stomach at the prospect of talking to them all. Even Rarity’s gentle, doting words did little to help cease his jitters. “My friends are going to simply adore you, dear. How could they not?”

“I...I know, I just…” Coco Pommel swallowed, and pulled his fingers back through his sea green hair to properly adjust his barret. It was a perfect match in color to the light blue skirt he was wearing that afternoon; a soft, lovely garment that dropped down only a few inches below his rear. It was an enticing little number for the most part and the entire day he had been blushing because of it; crossing his legs in class to hide the fact he was wearing panties and in general acknowledging all of the stares he was getting. The students of Canterlot High were certainly an accepting bunch, and even the boys that knew of Coco’s previous style and life had been pretty generous with their appreciative glances. He felt beautiful on a whole new level, and he had Rarity to thank for such a thing. It was one of the many, many reasons he felt so deeply within her loving debt. “I want this to go perfect. I want the perfect woman for you, and...for your friends.”

“Darling, we’re not going to worry about any of that just yet.” Rarity cooed, and as they neared the door to the cafeteria she finally paused in her steps. Turning to face the young man her hands moved out to help him fuss with his attire; smoothing out his collar and teasing along his hair. In a perfect moment of symbiotic attention Coco started to naturally do the same; each of the two reaching out to adjust the other’s clothes and enhance their already beautiful state. Two souls that were bonded through beauty and fashion, making sure they were the most breathtaking things in the school. Rarity’s voice was sweet and soft as she tugged at Coco’s short sleeves, pulling them down just a tiny hitch. “Sure, some of the girls might be curious, and I’m positive Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle will have questions, isn’t about that, dear. It’s about you meeting them all and getting to know them a little. They mean so very much to me, and it’s important that you love them just as much as I do.”

“I’m sure I will, Rarity.” Coco finally smiled, a soft blush lining his delicate cheeks. He shuffled his feet for a moment and bit his lips together, taking a deep breath in a final few seconds of preparation. “Do you...have any last minute advice?”

“Don’t take anything Rainbow Dash says too seriously, dear.” Rarity smiled. “She’s a good friend but she can be...blunt. Brutish, if I’m being completely honest. Oh, and Fluttershy will likely be very interested in you. The two of us share a fondness for a certain…” She paused, hesitation as she struggled to find a way to put it. “...type, shall we say. And you, my dear, are very much within the wheelhouse of that type.” She reached up a hand and lightly pinched Coco’s nose, just a tiny nudge to get him to break into a smile. “Can’t have her stealing you away from me, can I?”

“No one could.” Coco Pommel beamed in response, even though he knew his lover’s words were all in jest. With a deep breath he shuffled his feet one last time, and gazed at Rarity fondly in the eyes. “I love you, Rarity. So much...and if this makes you happy, I’m excited to do it.”

“I love you too, dear.” Rarity beamed bright and joyful, giving her lover’s hand one last squeeze. “Now let’s go, darling! I’m sure the girls will simply be crazy about you!” Before they stepped inside the cafeteria they leaned in for a pair of kisses, though lips never touched flesh. They kissed the air above each other’s cheeks in dainty and delicate fashion; a stylish and sweet way to show their love without smearing their lipstick.

After all, they had to look their very best!


When they moved into the cafeteria properly, the noise of lunchtime filled the air around them. All of the students were already eating and enjoying their meals, and though a few curious and attracted heads were turned in the direction of Rarity the two moved through the lunch line with little trouble. Soon they were each carrying a tray with a healthy meal ready for their enjoyment and they rounded the corner to the Rainbooms table; one of the larger ones near the very back of the cafeteria. There Coco Pommel saw them all, and his heart practically leapt at the implications and the thoughts bouncing through his mind.

Though the reality of what happened to Rarity and her friends was still mostly confusing to him, from what Rarity had said each one of those girls had undergone the same sort of change that the fashionista had. Each one of them was hiding a large, equine member within their magical panties, keeping hidden a length that was impressive, intimidating, and if Coco was being particularly honest, tasty. Furthermore from what Rarity had whispered his own body had undergone a unique change as well from the same burst of magical energy, making his rear as feminine and eager to receive attention as anything could be. The feminine and masculine magical energies that had infused bodies across the board were drawn to each other, and just as Rarity loved her Coco so very desperately she also desired him beyond all measure. If what Rarity had told him was to be believed; and he had no reason to doubt it, the other six girls would share a similar response to that wonderful feminine energy.

It was like walking into a den of wolves; albeit friendly, sweet, charming, and adorable wolves. Though he knew none of them would hurt him it was clear before too long that they clearly knew just what he represented; for he was less than a dozen feet from the table before he could feel their eyes on them. The critical and analytical gaze of Twilight Sparkle through her glasses, the cheerful yet plotting look of Sunset Shimmer, and a blushing expression on Fluttershy’s face that spoke of an intense arousal. By the time he and Rarity made their way to the table Coco Pommel already knew; these women were...attracted to him, in ways that he could only guess at.

“Girls, this is Coco Pommel. My lover.” Rarity cooed as she spoke the words, speaking them proudly as she gestured to the young man dressed so sweet and finely. “Coco Pommel, this is Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and last but not least...Rainbow Dash.”

“It’s so awesome to meet you!” Rainbow Dash blurted out first, sitting at the other end of the table. She was obvious and blunt in how her eyes passed over Coco Pommel; darting from his head to his heels and even leaning out of her chair so she could get a better look. “You’re so hot! You’re like, the hottest guy in school, I can’t wait until we get to pl-”

“Rainbow Dash!” Rarity spoke up suddenly, interjecting and stepping before her beloved Coco. She set her tray down and took on a fierce look for the moment; setting the parameters early to keep her bold friend in line. “First and foremost Coco Pommel is a young lady, not a ‘guy.’ Secondly, you will only get to ‘play’ if Coco Pommel wishes it, and that is not why I brought her here to introduce you. I wanted her to meet my friends...not to let you drool over her like a piece of meat.”

“Oh. Uhh...s...sorry, Rarity. Sorry Coco.” Rainbow Dash was quickly put into her place for the moment, sitting back in her chair and rubbing at the back of her head. She gave them both a sheepish look as she shuffled her feet. Even the other girls were looking at her with a chiding expression, most of all Applejack who quickly turned back to Coco. The cowgirl offered him a sweet and friendly look before standing up from her chair, recognizing that it was the polite thing to do.

“Sorry about Rainbow Dash, little lady.” The charming southern accent carried with every word from the friendly young woman’s throat. “You’ll get used to her. She’s just about as happy as ice cream on a pie that Rarity found someone that means so much to her. We all are, really, and it sure is nice to meet you.” At that, Applejack extended her hand to Rarity’s lover, and Coco Pommel soon moved out to take it. Though Rainbow Dash had forced the introduction into an awkward moment Applejack was quick to do the lunch damage control, and soon Coco found his delicate hand wrapped in the grip of the tougher, larger farmgirl.

“Thank you, Applejack. It’s nice to meet you, too. All of you.” He smiled, turning to the sea of friendly faces, and even making eye contact with Rainbow Dash. “It’s okay, Dash. It’s been...a strange time for me, too.”

“I bet!” Twilight Sparkle spoke up, adjusting her glasses as she gave Coco Pommel a look. Her own gaze was less lusty than Rainbow Dash’s own but it was still enough to make Coco squirm; it was piercing and academic and clearly intent on discovering what secrets he held. “The transmogrification that took place on all of us is very visible and impossible to hide without the use of magic; do you have any pictures of yourself from three months ago so we could cross referen-”

“Twilight, sweetheart, what did we say?” Sunset Shimmer’s voice slipped out, and a hand lowered under the table to grab one of the girl’s bare knees underneath the line of her skirt. At that coaxing hand Twilight relaxed; leaning back with a heavy blush on her cheeks...partly from the correction to her behavior, partly at the grip her girlfriend had on her knee.

“ can wait until we know each other better.” Twilight murmured, and gazed up at Coco again. “I’m sorry, too. I didn’t mean to be a total Rainbow Dash about this.”


“Well, dears, let’s all just sit and enjoy lunch, hmm?” Rarity spoke up, finally moving down into position on her chair. It was the only one remaining, and in the brief second between Coco setting down his tray and looking for an appropriate chair Rarity soon made the decision for him regarding where to sit. One of her hands moved out, scooping around his waist and openly pulling him right into her lap. There the young man sat; clearly shown off as a cherished possession of the slightly older woman, and he couldn’t help but blush vibrantly at the open show of affection. He didn’t dare say anything in complaint in part because as soon as he was seated a rush of arousal crept through him, from the nearby looks of the other girls to the distant glances of people across the cafeteria. Everyone looking in that moment knew that he was Rarity’s own lover and pet and girlfriend, and that knowledge suited him as well as the magical panties he was wearing.

Rarity gave no word of explanation for pulling him in her lap, and simply continued to eat and chat with her friends while the lunch continued. As the girls ate together Coco Pommel had more of a chance to get to know them, with Applejack sitting on one side and Sunset Shimmer on the other. At the very far end Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash spoke up from time to time but spoke a lot amongst themselves; oftentimes giving Coco Pommel a few glances as they did so. After the round of casual introductions he didn’t get a chance to talk to Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy, and yet their eyes drifted over...just as he own did. Pinkie Pie was a smiling bubblepot of kindness and cheer and was naturally drawing to his eyes, and yet there was something about Fluttershy that he found particularly compelling. She was sweet, feminine, timid...and if what Rarity had told him was accurate, completely drawn to men like him.

The naughtiest parts of Coco Pommel, the sexy thoughts that lingered in the back of his mostly chaste mind, wondered if Fluttershy was excited to meet him. The good kind of excited. And an even naughtier part wondered what she looked like compared to his beloved Rarity. And then an even naughtier part wondered what it would be like if Fluttershy and Rarity both took out their members, lining them up right before hi-

Too naughty, too naughty! The sweet young man’s cheeks erupted in a blush as he thought about it, and he nearly choked on his chocolate milk as he sucked it down through a straw. Rarity gave him a gentle cooing voice as she wrapped her arms around his waist, teasing him with a soft bump from below with the edge of her lap.

“Stop squirming, dear, you’re going to make it hard for me to concentrate!” She laughed sweetly, and nipped at the back of his neck in front of all of her friends. “Not that you aren’t already, of course…”

The praise from Rarity and all of her friends made Coco Pommel blush furiously, though he somehow managed to keep his racing heart in check as he sat there on his girlfriend’s lap. The entire time Rarity kept an arm protectively wrapped around his waist while they all enjoyed lunch together, going through the early paces of getting to know one another and welcoming Coco into their group. For a young man that had never had quite so many friends at the same time before it could be a little overwhelming, but thankfully Rarity was never far away and always there to give him a gentle squeeze when he needed it.

Of the various other girls, aside from Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash giving him a few very clear and obvious looks, they all seemed sweet and friendly. Most notable was Applejack; sitting close at hand and always there to apologize for when one of her other friends said or did something that was out of line. Rainbow Dash’s first faux pas of the afternoon wasn’t her last, and every time she had used the word “he” or suggested that Coco was there for them to enjoy Applejack was ready to glare at her. She was a clear sign of support alongside Rarity; a mature voice of reason among a sea of girls that were struggling with a very unique and magical form of horniness.

“Lunch is almost over.” Sunset Shimmer finally observed, glancing at the inside of her wrist to take a peek at her watch. “Coco Pommel, we’re getting together in the music room after school for a little Rainbooms practice before our Wednesday book club. I’d like you to join us, it’d be a good chance to unwind together and get a little more comfortable.” The way Sunset Shimmer spoke was always in a matter-of-fact fashion; she wasn’t one to ask how others thought so much as move ahead with her own plans. She was focused and determined and confident that her own ideas were the best for the group, and so far none of the other girls had really questioned her. She had kept one hand underneath the table almost the entire time they ate lunch, holding onto Twilight Sparkle’s bare knee and likely doing the mousey thing far more arousal than she allowed to cross over her features.

“Oh! Uh, well, that sounds fun.” Coco Pommel finally answered, blushing a bit as he gazed at Sunset Shimmer. “I mean, so long as Rarity doesn’t mind.”

“Don’t be silly, darling, I’d love to have you there.” She cooed, and tightened her arms around his waist to snuggle him a little closer. “I know our book club tonight will take me away from your arms, so I’m happy for any extra time we get to spend together! Besides, if I can’t show off my keyboard stylings for my beautiful girlfriend, what’s the point in having them, dear?” The giggle that rose from Coco’s throat was playful and light, and came complete with an eager nod as he looked back to her.

“All right, then!” He chirped with a sweet voice ringing forward. “I’ll be there! Thank you for the invitation, Sunset Shimmer.”

“Don’t mention it.” Came the slow response from the other girl, who idly pulled some of her blonde and red hair back to tuck behind one of her ears. “Coco Pommel, I know this might be the first time we ever properly met, but trust me when I say you’re very...very important to us.”

Words that would’ve made Coco Pommel nervous beyond all else, if it wasn’t for the loving embrace of Rarity’s arms tight around his stomach.


A few hours later and Coco Pommel walked alone to the music room, where the sounds of Rainboom practice was already ongoing. He was nervous but knew it would only be for an hour or so; the girls would be heading to their Wednesday “book club” soon and wouldn’t be available to spend much time with him. He had learned previously from Rarity that the book club was little more than an excuse for the girls to let their own sexual desires unleashed; to get each other off by stroking and sucking on one another’s members until they erupted in a climax. With those impressive magical lengths they were all sporting, it was a necessary thing to stop them from suffering from too much discomfort. Even though his own beloved Rarity would be attending the group, he couldn’t possibly fault her for it. After all, she was dealing with issues he could only begin to speculate on, and all of her friends seemed wonderfully sweet in their own way.

When he opened the door to peek in on the Rainbooms practice, the seven women greeted him with an immeasurable amount of friendly warmth. In a beautiful chorus they all called out his name at once, and darted in a beeline to surround him. As the young man’s knees trembled from surprise he was swept up in a group hug that made him drop his books, his arms going limp and his body somehow melting within a tight embrace that spanned across fourteen arms.

Rarity had taken the lead and sandwiched him in between Applejack, while Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer flanked the front and back. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash all swept in from their own angles, their cheeks pressing against Coco’s body as their arms tightened and held on with tender affection. It was one of the kindest greetings that Coco Pommel had ever enjoyed, and even though so many of these women were new friends he couldn’t help but feel a surge of love...among other things, brewing inside of him.

“You’ll just have to get used to this, darling, we’re a very huggy bunch!” Rarity giggled, and pecked her girlfriend on the cheek for a moment. “When you’re with the Rainbooms, you’re never too far away from being scooped up and squeezed!”

“All right girls, all right.” Applejack spoke up with a chuckle, starting to peel herself away. “Let’s give the little lady a bit of breathin’ room. She’s still getting used to all of us, after all.” Some of the girls lingered in their group hug; in particular Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Though they were still the two that Coco knew the least they seemed quite content to keep hugging him, up until the point that Pinkie Pie chirped up in a voice that was boundless and enthusiastic.

“Coco Pommel, I got you something!” She beamed, and suddenly darted off like a shot. There was a brief second where Coco was left hugging Fluttershy alone, who purred and made a noise that showed her deep...deep appreciation for boys like him. It only lasted a second; however, as Pinkie Pie soon dashed right back holding a tray of cupcakes protected under a plastic bubble.

“Treats! I MADE YOU TREATS COCO POMMEL~” She practically cheered, and pointed down the line of brightly colored snacks. “There’s an apple fritter cupcake to remind you of Applejack, there’s a spicy sweet cherrychanga cupcake to remind you of Sunset Shimmer, one with lots and lots of pink frosting to remind you of me - hey, that one’s easy!” She giggled a bit, practically shoving the tray into Coco Pommel’s hands. “They’re to keep your mouth company while we’re at the book club tonight! You can gobble up each and every one of us!”

Implications aside, it was already enough to make Coco Pommel blush. Eight cupcakes were laid out before him, each one styled to represent one of the friends. It was a charming and kind gift, and yet his eyes were tracing a particularly unique cupcake at the very center. Mint green icing with lots of cute sprinkles, swirled at the top with just a bit of icing on it smeared from the nearby Rarity cupcake, as if they had been pressed together. With a blush on his features Coco Pommel looked up, pointing at it.

“Is...Is that me?” He asked, blushing vibrantly at that. Pinkie Pie bounced her head up and down with a great big smile; or at least, bounced her entire body up and down so vigorously and forcefully that it looked like she was nodding.

“Coco Pommel-cakes!” She giggled. “Or should it be Cococakes? Or Cake-o Pommels?! Either way, I made one for all of the girls!” She suddenly leaned in, cupping a hand behind her mouth and whispering in a taboo voice. “They...were...delicioussssssss~”

The giggling that fell from the girl was rapid and filled with teasing joy, and she bounced away briefly after giving her sweet treat gift. Rarity pressed a hand against Coco Pommel’s back as she gestured to the music room around them, beaming while she spoke in an immensely loving tone.

“Coco Pommel, dear, why not have a seat?” She asked, gently. “We’ve never let alone watch us practice before, it’s like we’re putting on a special concert just for you.” A swift lean forward to peck his cheek...and a briefly scandalous squeeze of his rump underneath that short skirt followed. Coco Pommel, still holding his tray of cupcakes, merely smiled and looked to his beloved Rarity.

“Uh...okay! I’m really looking forward to it!” He giggled, blushing and finding the girls’ shared enthusiasm nothing short of infectious. He went over to have a seat with a spring in his step, soon sitting down and watching as the girls all moved into their positions. Sunset Shimmer’s voice picked up over the crowd, and she stepped forward to her microphone just as she grabbed ahold of her guitar.

“All right, girls, you all have the song list. Let’s put on a great show for our cute new friend!” She paused long enough to wink at Coco, before calling out again. “One, two, one two three-”

And from there, Coco’s own personal Rainbooms concert began.

It was clear from the very beginning that they were a talented group, each one of them taking to their own respective instruments and playing with expert skill. He knew he shouldn’t of been surprised by such a feat; after all, they had saved the school through their music in the past and that certainly sounded like it took some talent. Being right there in the practice room; however, surrounded by the seven girls as they all bopped and played, was an entirely different experience. At first Coco Pommel’s eyes were naturally fixated on Rarity, watching his beloved girlfriend and mistress while she teased hey keyboard back and forth. She stayed focused on her work though occasionally she would steal a little glance to Coco, looking at him with a sweet smile and more than once a tiny kissy face. At one point; however, she gave him the gentle nod to look around at the other girls, silently encouraging him to enjoy the sight of all of her friends. After all, he could look at his mistress anytime he wanted! These other girls were all brand new sights for the eager young man to explore.

With Rarity’s blessing as well as her encouragement, Coco Pommel let his gaze drift across the others with wide and content fascination. He watched Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle play side-by-side, looking at each other with nothing but love and adoration in their eyes. Rarity had confided in him that the two were one of the earliest couples to spring up through the group, and though Coco Pommel didn’t know the identity of any other pairings it was clear that Sunset and Twilight thought the world of each other. Sunset could be a little bossy, perhaps, and Twilight could be a little timid and mousy...but there was absolutely no denying that the two were crazy about each other. Stolen glances, little winks while they played, and a few bumps of each other’s hips that weren’t at all subtle in their intent.

They were...goodness, they were going to enjoy each other at the book club that evening! Coco Pommel’s face went a vibrant color of red as he realized as much, and quickly looked elsewhere within the group. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were energetic as ever; playing the guitar and drums respectively, and they were throwing themselves into their work with something that was nothing short of...enthusiasm, to say the least. Dash had a line of sweat across her brow as she jumped about the stage and Pinkie Pie had her tongue stuck out gently past her lips while she drummed, both women clearly pushing themselves to play as hard and heavy as they could. Though Coco Pommel was far too naive and sweet to measure a guess to this fact, the two women were working out their own heated arousal, pushing past their feelings of intense lust and desire for a particularly sweet-faced femboy that had joined them that afternoon. If they played hard enough, if they tired themselves out enough, it might have been enough to keep them going until their book club. Otherwise, how else would girls like them manage to make it without excusing themselves for a trip to the restroom?

Of all of his new friends, Applejack seemed the most complacent and steady with Coco’s presence. When he looked to her she greeted him with a small nod as she continued to play, and a wink that was more sisterly than it was suggestive. Those kind features of hers were reliable and pure and even honorable; never letting her eyes stray past Coco’s own and continuing to show herself as a beacon of restraint among her horny friends. Coco knew that Applejack was the sole girl that skipped the book club meetings; she drove the girls to Sunset’s place for the festivities but from what Rarity had said she always excused herself. She had some other means of sating her hungers, or simply an extraordinary sense of self control. Coco would’ve believed either.

Finally the young man’s eyes drifted to the far edge, where a beautiful and sweet Fluttershy was singing along and banging against a tambourine. She was staring at Coco intensely but at the same time with a fair bit of embarrassment, as if she herself knew that gazing at him so longingly and so pointedly was hardly appropriate. Whereas Rainbow Dash didn’t even acknowledge how what she was doing was rude Fluttershy simply seemed unable to resist it; her eyes moving up and down Coco’s body and lingering on the parts that were most enticing to her. His long, smooth legs leading up to his skirt. His flat chest embraced in that silky short sleeved shirt. His pretty face, so cute and adorable and kissable...there was a lot of temptation for poor Fluttershy in the package that was Coco Pommel, and it was clear that it made her a little nervous.

And Coco Pommel didn’t want any of his new friends to be nervous. It was during that impromptu concern that the young man took it upon himself to take a stand, to get up and do what he could to help out one of his new friends. Though he was naive he certainly wasn’t dumb; he could tell that Fluttershy had a lusty crush on him, and as a young man that had only recently discovered the pleasures of intimacy he was eager to help her on a rough path. While the other six girls all watched in surprise Coco Pommel pranced right up on the stage, joining the Rainbooms and approaching Fluttershy.

“Hey, Fluttershy! I’d like to play, too!” He smiled, and held out a hand. “Could I...try the tambourine? Show me how to play it?”

It was a calculated move; one that none of the girls read into except for Rarity. The fashionista at the keyboard had never been so proud of her little pet and lover, charmed beyond words at what he was doing. Putting himself out there, approaching a sweet thing that was clearly struggling, engaging her with communication and kindness and putting it in her hands. Coco Pommel would certainly earn an extra special treat the next time she had the opportunity!

“Oh! Uh...s-sure, Coco Pommel. you go.” Fluttershy squeaked, offering the tambourine to the young man with a shy smile on her features. “You just...uhm...hit it with the ball of...the ball of your hand, and...keep the beat as best you can…”

The only flaw in the Rainbooms’ performance that afternoon was Coco Pommel’s tambourine playing, but none of the girls really noticed. Sure, he was a little off beat as Fluttershy showed him how to play, but the smile he wore while doing it was nothing short of endearing. The seven women surrounding him all beamed in various degrees of adoration, until Coco Pommel pushed it one step further. One step that made seven pairs of magical panties feel all the tighter.

Thwap! The sound of the tambourine’s front smacking on Coco Pommel’s lovely little rump came complete with a jingling of the discs along the rim. In the midst of Coco’s playful attempt to help Fluttershy come out of her aroused shell the sweet young femboy bumped his butt right against the instrument a few times in rapid succession, giggling as he did so and thoroughly enjoying the attention. More than a few chords in the middle of the song were skipped or staggered as the various girls all watched the sight, distracted by such a simple yet enticing action. None of them; however, were quite as affected as Fluttershy. After all, it was her tambourine! Her tambourine, smacking Coco Pommel’s rump…! That tight, perfect, flawless, barely-hidden-by-a-skirt ru-

“Eeeeeheheheheee, it’s’s just cute!” Fluttershy’s voice bubbled from her throat into a joyful little noise, her cheeks flushing several colors in rapid succession, deepening more and more as she watched. She was squirming visible, stepping back and forth in place and completely enchanted by the sight of the adorable young man placed before her. “Oh...oh Coco Pommel, you’re’re just like an adorable basket of baby bunnies! I just want to scoop you up and...and...well, the baby bunny thing stops at about that point, but still!”

Coco Pommel was forced into a sheepish blush, though he still kept swaying his hips to the music. The other girls kept playing and practicing despite the distracting rump thwap and the giggling coming from Fluttershy, and as the music kept going the young man darted forward. As a further push towards helping Fluttershy become more comfortable around him he took the girl’s hand and swayed back and forth with her, smiling brightly as the two bopped in place a few inches away from each other.

“Thanks, Fluttershy! You’re really cute, too!” He beamed, calling out over the music with a wide and joyful smile. “I see why Rarity thinks you’re so great!”

The brief glance that Fluttershy and Rarity shared; marked with a tiny smile, should’ve told Coco that there was a history there, but he was far too engrossed in the moment. After all that worrying and fussing throughout the day the young man had found a great deal of fun with the other girls, relishing in their attention, their music, and their friendship.

It was a great afternoon that ended all too soon. Before long the time for the girls’ book club night was upon them, and the Rainbooms were packing away their instruments for another day. Even Rarity was finishing collecting everything, but before she turned to leave with her friends she turned to face Coco Pommel again. Stepping up, her hands fit into his own and she leaned in close to nestle their cheeks together in a few precious moments of affection.

“Coco Pommel, dear, are you sure you’re all right?” She asked, curiously and kindly. “I don’t have to go to our book club, if you’d rather I stay back with you.”

“No, Rarity, I couldn’t ask that.” Coco Pommel beamed, and reached a hand into a pocket of his skirt. He fished around briefly inside of it before pulling out a tightly bundled piece of fabric; moving his hand out and stuffing it into Rarity’s open fist. A pair of silk panties; as non-magical as they came, and as Coco fit them against Rarity’s palm he stood on his toes to whisper into the woman’s ear. “I wore these to bed last night, Mistress.” His voice was a hushed tone, just for Rarity herself. “Think of me while you’re at the book club?”

Rarity; for the moment at least, kept what Coco had slipped her between the two of them. She tucked the garment into her own pocket and swept Coco up in her arms, giving the young man a tight and loving embrace as she pressed a kiss against his cheek. Rarity hugs were always the best hugs to Coco Pommel, and that afternoon was no different. Embraced in her warm and loving hold Coco gave a happy shudder, squeezing the other woman back and getting lost within her scent. The entire time the other six girls stood nearby, giving various noises of happiness and adoration. A litany of “d’awwwws” followed the two as they pulled away, until Sunset Shimmer’s voice chimed up above the others.

“All right, girls, time to go!” She called out with a flashing smile, looking to her friends. “Say goodbye to Coco Pommel, and let’s get moving! Lot of work to do tonight!”

The series of six separate hugs that came after Sunset’s announcement varied in strength and intimacy, but by the time they were done it left Coco Pommel assured of one simple truth: he had made brand new friends that day, and his beloved Rarity was proud of him. He couldn’t ask for anything more.


“...oh gosh goodness.” Coco Pommel’s voice filled the quiet darkness of his bedroom, nearly six hours later. It was time to sleep but he had been having difficulty, tossing and turning while thoughts of those new friends filled his mind. Granted, the extra sugar he had gobbled up that evening thanks to Pinkie Pie’s army of friendship cupcakes didn’t help, but what was really making it difficult for him to sleep was the knowledge of what the other girls were doing. Using their members on each other’s mouths and hands, working out all of their frustrations and their aching arousal.

Were they thinking of him while doing it? The notion had crossed his mind quite a bit. Rarity for a certainty probably was, but what about Rainbow Dash? Or Pinkie Pie? Or...Fluttershy? The thought of that yellow skinned beauty made Coco Pommel’s throat tighten, and he shuddered as he remembered how she had looked at him. It was a look that had only ever been rivalled by Rarity herself, and thoughts of Fluttershy doing with him the sorts of thing he and his mistress did...well...few things could arouse him quite so much.

And just when little Coco Pommel was sure it was possible to make it any harder for him to sleep, a text came through on his phone. A few words from Rarity complete with a picture taken in full resolution, slowly loading across his phone and making his sleeping panties all the tighter.

That...That was Rarity, all right. Stretched out and nearly naked, wearing a pair of nylons that went up to her thighs, a string of glorious pearls around her throat, and an ill-fitting pair of silk panties that Coco Pommel had given her. She was stretched out on the bed with her massive equine member spilling out of those stretched panties, and as Coco focused on Rarity’s picture he could see there was more to witness. It was difficult to tell at first thanks to the matching skin tone, but Rarity was...covered. Covered in cream. Covered in her friends’ release.

“The girls all adored your panties, love!” Rarity’s text read, and Coco could hear her voice as his eyes scanned those words. “They couldn’t wait to send you this picture once I told them whose they were!

Coco Pommel’s throat tightened, and his panties became even more constricting. There in the darkness of his room he rolled over onto his belly; his hips pushing forward as he squeezed a pillow underneath his lap. While his hips started to rock the pressure against the bulge in his panties continue to roll through him, making him whimper and whine and; most importantly, keeping his hands free to balance his phone so he could properly stare. His eyes were focused and wide, staring at the sight of a Rarity covered in the cum of her friends, straining against panties he had given her. He couldn’t remember seeing a more enticing image ever in his entire life; the woman he loved surrounded by the cream of her dearest friends.

And perhaps, one day, he’d know what it was like. But for now Coco was more than content with the sensuality that had already overtaken him, swept up in a world that was getting increasingly larger and more erotic as the days went by.

In a half hour Rarity would receive a respond to her text; a picture of a pair of pink panties covered in cum, right alongside a beautiful white coconut cupcake with a swirl of purple icing. The cupcake was untouched since he couldn’t bring himself to bite into even a facsimile of Rarity, and in the picture it looked like it was standing watch over that pair of pink painted panties. Underneath the image there was a sweet reply, typed by trembling hands that were marked with sticky, happy fingers.

“Your friends are wonderful, Mistress, but you’re the one I love the most!” He texted back to her, sweet and adoring and complete with several heart emojis. An obscene amount of heart emojis, really. “See you in the morning! I’ll miss you with all my heart!”

By the time Coco Pommel went to bed that evening it was with a cupcake and a pair of cum-covered panties lying just a few inches away from his head; a tiny tribute to the woman that had filled his life with acceptance, love, and friendship. Rarity hadn’t just made him happy, she had made him the happiest femboy in town. He slept sweet and sound, dreaming of the moment he’d see her in the next morning and feel her touch again.

End of Chapter 4.

Girl Talk

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Five: Girl Talk
-By Drace Domino

“Ugh, I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!” Rainbow Dash whined, letting her shoulders sag as she gave a deadpan look to the others. She was dragging her feet behind her and making every movement look like it took every last ounce of her strength, like she was being pulled down by the tremendous hand of boredom-induced gravity. “When are we gonna do something fun? Anything fun?!”

“Oh, Rainbow Dash, I swear you can be so...barbaric in your preferences.” Rarity’s posh voice followed, and the fashionista didn’t even bother to look back at her friend as she whined. The elegant young woman was taking the lead that day flanked on both sides; Fluttershy to her left and none other than Coco Pommel to her right. She cast a tiny glance to each girl and offered a little chuckle, speaking up as she tightened her grip around the thin strap of one of the shopping bags she carried. “But if you absolutely must take a break, I suppose we can all stop for a bit of lunch.”

“That sounds just fine, Rarity.” The voice of Applejack chimed in, speaking up from just behind Coco Pommel. “Whatcha thinkin’? I saw a steakhouse on the way here that smelled pretty decent. Or we could drive out to Big Ted’s Slippery BBQ!”

“Applejack, please!” Rarity scoffed suddenly, spinning on a heel and glancing at her friend. She held up one of her arms to showcase the silk gloves she was wearing; beautiful royal blue that trailed from her fingertips to her elbows. “Do I look like I’m dressed in such a fashion to eat...finger foods?!” The words were spoken with the weight and drama of the most vulgar of curses, and even Coco Pommel gasped with one delicate hand raised to his mouth. His blush intensified; however, when Rarity turned just a few inches to the side and gestured to him. “Since Coco is the newest member of our girl’s club, let’s let her pick!”

“M..Me?” Coco Pommel swallowed nervously, and his eyes cast out towards the scene before him. They were about three hours into a shopping trip on the weekend, a special event for the young man since it was his first true outing with Rarity and the girls. All of them were dressed well save for Dash and Applejack; both whom had worn conservative jeans and shorts along with a startling lack of accessories. So far it had been a lovely morning as they shopped and giggled together, though it was clear that the patiences of the more rough and tumble members of the group was wearing thin. So far, the day had been...girly, to say the least.

Coco Pommel, of course, had absolutely loved it. From the brisk chai tea lattes they all sipped first thing in the morning, to the early pedicures and manicures with a fresh facial cleanse. They had treated themselves and had even done quite a bit of shopping, purchasing sweet perfumes, scented bath oils, and just...just the most marvellous things! Coco Pommel’s hand was wrapped around the handle of a bag from a body wash store so fancy that even the bags were perfumed, and that sweet smell wafted through the air every time he moved it. Now; he was put into a position of having to make a decision. He couldn’t just idle in the sidelines anymore, sticking close to Rarity and hanging on her every word and whim. He had to make a choice, and it had to be a choice that would please everyone! Dash’s boredom, Applejack’s rustic tastes, Pinkie Pie’s sweet tooth, Twilight Sparkle and Sunset’s thirst for academia, Fluttershy’s vegetarian diet, and Rarity’s craving for high class culture…! It was too much, too much! The slender young man started to tremble as he looked at that sea of faces; seven girls that could be disappointed with him just by merely picking the wrong restaurant! He was blushing and sweating, his throat was tight, and he nearly dropped that scented bag before suddenly a rescue came. A rescue in the form of the same woman that had put him in that situation to begin with.

“On second thought, dears, if you wouldn’t mind I think I know just the perfect spot.” She gazed back towards Coco and offered him a tiny wink, before letting her eyes flicker back towards the others. “It’s a sweet little place called the Steeping Den, where we can get tea service, finger sandwiches, delightful little scones with cinnamon and mint, and-”

“Boooooooring!” Rainbow Dash practically flailed, before she was silenced by Rarity reaching out and delicately tweaking the athlete’s nose.

“-and it’s right across the street from a Horsin’ Around.”

“Horsin’ Around?!” Pinkie Pie was quick to chime up, popping forward with a big, joyful smile. “The place with all the arcade games and claw machines where you win big whopping handfuls of candy?!”

“And laser tag?!” Dash was next to chime up, giggling in excitement though trying to play it cool. “I mean...I guess that’d be fun.”

“Well heck, I might even join ya’ll! They got a rock climbin’ wall that I’ve been itchin’ to try out.” The casual drawl from behind the group offered, and Applejack tucked her thumbs in against the waistband of her belt. “So it’s settled then? We’ll scarf down some of Rarity’s fancy tea sammiches, and then go have some real fun!” Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash both cheered in delight, and as they began making their plans Rarity turned on a heel to gaze back at her beloved Coco once more. Already seeing that he was calmer now that the problem was resolved, she pulled him close and pressed her lips to his forehead, offering up her voice in a soothing, tender tone.

“All that, and just wait until Twilight and Sunset see the used book store across from that.” She giggled, and tapped the tip of Coco’s nose with the tip of her finger. “Shall we, dear? Would you be so kind as to hold my hand while we go?”

“...ohgosh, absolutely, Rarity…” Coco Pommel merely whimpered, and pressed in as close as he could muster.

The Steeping Den was within walking distance, and as the group of seven girls and Coco headed through the streets they fell into their own conversations with a chipper tone to their voices. The girls that were less into shopping had been quelled in their impatience at the promise of food and fun, and even the intellectual pairing of Sunset and Twilight were casually chatting about school work coming up. Lingering at the very back was Coco, Rarity, and Fluttershy...and they made for the prettiest three of the group by far.

Fluttershy dressed as beautifully as Coco had ever seen her; wearing a long silk skirt that trailed to just above her ankles, marked with a butterfly pattern at the hem. The stitching was clearly the work of Rarity and it was obvious the garment was a one of a kind original, made to match a blouse of yellow that came up and crossed over her shoulders with thin, elegant straps. It was a perfect blend of style and skin, and it worked well with the long flowing pink hair that followed her as she moved. Rarity was...the picture of elegance, as she ever was. Wide flared sunglasses as if she were a movie star, silk gloves and long nylons leading into a pencil skirt, she was clearly a woman on a mission. A mission to find the finest designer goods she could manage that day, whether they were aromas, jewelry, fabrics, or simple pleasures. One hand clutched the straps of several bags while the other gripped Coco’s own, their fingers intertwined while they walked.

And as for Coco Pommel’s was easily the most scandalous of all. At Rarity’s suggestion and gentle request the young man had slid inside a skirt that was, to be honest, too short for him. With every third step he could feel it rise up and expose just a quarter inch or so of his rear; a rear that was clad in a pair of panties that matched the tone of his skin scandalously close. A brief glimpse might even make it look like he wasn’t wearing anything underneath that skirt! The blouse that came over the rest of his body didn’t do many other favors; it was a revealing summer number that left his midriff exposed and his arms completely open, save for a few girly bracelets that dangled from his wrists. His feminization for the day wouldn’t be complete without the playing school stockings that came up to the edge of his thighs in a sea green that matched his hair, leading into a pair of sensible but pretty flats. When the other girls had first seen him Pinkie Pie had blurted out that he looked like something out of a dirty cartoon she had watched a few days ago, and that only made his blushing increase in intensity.

The three prettiest girls lingered in the back well out of range of the others, and as they continued on to the Steeping Den Rarity gazed over to Fluttershy and Coco. She tightened her grip in her lover’s hand before speaking up, wearing a sweet and pleasant smile as she did so.

“I’m dreadfully sorry about putting you on the spot there, Coco.” She soothed, true regret hiding in her voice. “I know it can be awfully difficult to please everyone…”

“Sometimes, I wonder how we all managed to become such good friends.” Fluttershy finally spoke up, her eyes lifting from Coco’s lap to his face in a clear indication of where she had been lingering. “But...they’re all great, and even if you picked a place someone didn’t like, they wouldn’t of minded that much.” She beamed, and held open a pocket on her skirt. “I always keep a little bag of granola and veggies, just in case I’m at somewhere that only serves mea-”

“Fluttershy!” Rarity gasped, holding her fingers to her mouth. “We’ve spoken before about you keeping...meals in the designs I make for you!”

“Oh! Uh...uh, I’m sorry.” The tremendous blush came to Fluttershy’s cheeks, and she gave Rarity a sheepish look. “I promise, I won’t do it anymore.”

“I should think not.” Rarity mused, and lifted her nose in a tiny gesture of authority. “Next time, I’ll tell my dear assistant to rip the clothes right off of your body! If you can’t appreciate my fabrics, then you’ll just have to endure the sensation of her fingertips pulling them away from you stitch by stitch!”

It was oddly specific, and a strange threat to begin with. Coco Pommel wasn’t quite sure what to say in response to it, at least until he looked over at the sight of Fluttershy. Her cheeks were burning in a heavy blush as that mental image danced through her mind, and she gave a nervous gulp. Her voice, though still the soft and tender tone of the sweetest of their friends, carried just a hint of...mischief.

“Then...Then maybe I’ll stuff my pockets next time.” She half-warned, half-hoped that Rarity’s threat was genuine. She nibbled briefly on her bottom lip, and gave a tiny glance over to Coco so she could properly size him up. “...all of my clothes?”

“All of them!” Rarity scoffed, lifting her nose a little higher. “Tell her, Coco Pommel!” Coco Pommel, as stunned as ever, turned towards Fluttershy and made something akin to a tiny squeaking noise before speaking up again.

“A...All of them.” He offered, and took a long, deep, nervous breath. “I’ll...I’ll rip them right off!”

“...mmm yeah you will.”

An odd response, but then...he had been getting a lot of those from Fluttershy that day. While they had been shopping throughout the day Coco would manage to catch sight of Fluttershy stealing peeks at him; gazing whenever he was bending over to pick something up or even when he was sucking away at the straw of his chai latte. The attention from the timid young woman was thrilling if a bit disconcerting; at first he wasn’t sure if it was that he was doing something wrong, or there was...more to the way she was looking at him. Thankfully Rarity was never too far away and Coco was never shy about hiding behind her leg, although that morning it hadn’t been particularly helpful what with the fashionista’s intentional meddling.

“Coco, one of your stockings is a little wrinkled. Fluttershy, could you help her please?”

“Coco dear, you simply have to try a bite of Fluttershy’s scone. You don’t mind if there’s a little lipstick on it afterwards, do you Fluttershy?”

“Oops! Oh my, all those pennies on the floor! I’d bend over to pick them up but my hands are so dreadfully full. Coco, could you please…?” The last one wasn’t even clever or subtle, and Rarity and Fluttershy both stood there watching while Coco Pommel did as he was told. The two girls had openly been watching his rear past the hem of his ultra-short skirt, studying the stitching of his panties and the way their color so flawlessly blended in with his skin tone. The entire time he was bending over scuttling pennies into his hands he was blushing tremendously and throbbing within his panties; an excitement surging in him that he was still trying to fully wrap his head around. He loved being feminine...and he loved being Rarity’s delicate item to show off. It made his heart race and his nethers surge to activity, and he was thankful for the magical panties that made sure to keep any bulges in check. To anyone that glanced underneath his skirt that didn’t know any better they would see a gentle fold of fabric just like any other woman’s skirt, an indication that he was indeed as girly as he looked.

In reality? He could feel himself straining against the fabric of the magic material, a constant sense of arousal going through him almost the entire morning. In the instances that he pushed those aroused sensations aside he relished in the joy and companionship he was experiencing with all the girls, relishing in the fact that he was...simply one of the group. Rarity’s girlfriend, yes, but still just one of the gang. She was teased by Rainbow Dash, told jokes to from Pinkie Pie, and...and…

...stared at by Fluttershy, with a hungry, relentless gaze. Those eyes continued to dance over Coco’s body even when they made it to the Steeping Den, and the girls all set about placing their orders in their own unique fashion. It was an interesting lunch to say the least; with Fluttershy, Coco, and Rarity ordering off the menu as the others all seemed to have their own spin on what they wanted.

“Ohh, can you put some extra icing on the muffins?! What? You don’t have any icing?! Good thing I brought my own!”

“What’s aioli? Sounds pretty fancy for me, y’got any sweet honey BBQ sauce for that cucumber sandwich?”

“These portions are sooooo small! How am I supposed to keep my energy up with these little bites?!”

“Sunset Shimmer, if I order the century oaks tea service and you get the Eastern classic we can split the meals for maximum taste sampling.”

“Hee, if we do I’m going to make you eat the salted blackberries right out of my hand, you nerdy little fawn~”

As the five girls went on and on ordering in their own style, the three “cultured” ladies in the back were the bastion of decorum and behavior. Coco Pommel was seated at the very center; flanked on both sides by Rarity and Fluttershy, forced to breathe in long, deep scents of their combined perfumes...not to mention his own. It was an immensely fragrant scent that seemed to embody the theme of the day, a theme of dainty beauty even if all of their friends didn’t quite embrace it. As he sat there patiently waiting to order Rarity slipped a hand underneath the table, wrapping her fingers around his knee and giving it a tiny squeeze.

“Coco, dear-” She began, quirking a slender brow and speaking in a tone too low for anyone else to hear. “-when the other girls all leave the table to pursue their own interests, would you do a favor for me?”

“Anything, Rarity, you know that.” Coco responded sweetly as he turned to face the girl, similarly keeping his voice low. “What can I do for you?”

“Well…” Rarity smirked once more, and her fingers tightened about the young man’s knee. “If you’d sit in Fluttershy’s lap, darling...I’d appreciate it.” There was a slight pause, before she offered a tiny afterthought as if it explained everything. “She’s the only one that’s been truly behaving today, and I think that deserves a reward. And I can think of...absolutely no better reward in the whole world than to have you in someone’s lap.”

How could he possibly refuse such a justification mingled with that enormous praise? Coco Pommel’s cheeks burned a bright red as he listened to his lover’s words, and then finally gave her a tiny nod in response. Butterflies immediately danced in his stomach while he gazed over to Fluttershy, who was already dabbing her lips off with a napkin.

“Mmm. These sandwiches are delicious.” The shy and polite young woman replied, for once not letting her eyes drift past Coco’s own. “Coco? Would you like to try a bite?”

“Oh, uh...sure!” Coco smiled brightly, but before he had a chance to reach a hand forward to take one of the tiny sandwiches Fluttershy moved her fingers forward, clutching one for him. It was...barely a nibble pinched within her fingers, a tiny morsel of sandwich that Coco would need to awkwardly take from Fluttershy’s hand. When he went to reach out for it with his own hands he found them suddenly gripped under the table, clutched within Rarity’s own. Apparently, the fashionista wanted him to gobble up that tiny bite without using his hands.

A tremendous blush rose over Coco’s cheeks as he leaned forward, closing his lips around the edges of Fluttershy’s fingers and pulling until she relinquished the bite of the sandwich. Smudges of lipstick were left on Fluttershy’s digits by the time he pulled back, and the young man barely recognized the taste of the food under the weight of all the looks he garnered then. The other girls at the table all paused to watch the sensual display, the passing water gave a blushing glance, and across the patio fence there were a few passing men that had noticed it and were now gawking openly at him. Coco, still dressed in a fashion that was downright revealing in its girly embrace, choked down that swallow of sandwich and spoke up in a quiet and nervous tone.

“It...It’s good. Thank you, Fluttershy.” Before a few seconds had passed everyone went back to minding their own business; the other girls, the waiter, the boys across the fence. Those few seconds felt like they took an eternity; however, and when they finished Rarity released her hold on Coco’s hands and went back to letting her fingers dance across his knee. She cooed at the young man before turning towards the others, smiling to all of her friends while her free hand pulled out a card from her purse.

“Girls, I think the three of us will stay here for a while longer and enjoy the ambiance~” She put enough flair on the final word to make it sound as elegant as possible. “The rest of you should go have some fun across the street. We’ll meet back in an hour, perhaps? I’ll take care of the bill today.”

“Awesome, thanks Rarity!” Dash beamed, and couldn’t wait to bounce up from her seat. She could’ve easily just walked to the exit but instead she clamored over the fence in excitement, and then stood on the other end bouncing back and forth as she looked to the others. “C’mon Pinkie and AJ, let’s go have some fun!” Pinkie Pie was quick to bounce right after her, though Applejack was far more patient as she wiped her mouth and stood up. After a few seconds to adjust her hat she gave the group a little nod and a smile, and even through a wink in the direction of Coco Pommel.

“You girls don’t get into too much trouble, now.” She grinned, and started to make her way out. Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle were already standing as well, threading their hands together and interlocking their fingers. Sunset spoke up first, flashing Rarity a smile as she did so.

“Thanks, Rarity.” Came the gentle offer. “Twilight and I will be over at the bookstore in case we lose track of time. They had this collection of 15th century poetry in the window, and-” She cupped a hand over her mouth, as if she was telling a secret that the girl beside her couldn’t hear. “-that stuff gets Twilight hooooot!”

“Sunset!” The admonishment came from the bespectacled girl, and she nudged her friend with a sharp elbow to the side. While Sunset giggled and began to walk Twilight followed suit, blushing as she stammered to the others. “It’ know...I mean...she’s exaggerating of course!”

Before long all of their friends had left the table a well-picked over mess, and Fluttershy, Rarity, and Coco Pommel remained. And at that point, Rarity simply raised her tea to her lips, drew a sweet sip, and spoke in a thoughtful fashion.

“Coco, love?” Her voice slipped forward. “You wanted to change your seat, correct?”


Within the seat of Fluttershy’s lap, the pretty Coco squirmed endlessly. Both Coco Pommel and Fluttershy were blushing enormously as they rested together, and even though Fluttershy’s hands were braced on the young man’s waist it always felt like he was able to slip right off thanks to Fluttershy’s own wiggling. There was an almost instant heat there that neither one of them could deny, and Coco Pommel could only think about all the glances Fluttershy had given him...all those hungry...hungry glances. From just a foot away Rarity sipped at her tea with a pleasant smile on her face, and as she hid her features underneath the brim of a wide summer hat she had just purchased during their shopping trip, she spoke in her typically delightful tone.

“Coco, dear, you simply must sit still!” She playfully teased him, and let a hand lower to brush fingertips across his stocking-clad knee. “How is Fluttershy ever going to settle with you wriggling around like that? Not to mention the spectacle, dear.”

“I...I’m trying…” Coco Pommel finally squirmed into place, but to do so he had to brace an arm around Fluttershy’s shoulders. Finally he found a place there with the timid girl’s face mere inches from his neck, where he could feel the heat of her breath and stew under the heated gaze she was offering. Now that he was stationary he could feel the pressure of Fluttershy’s arms around him, not to mention the fact that her lap was...tense, as if she wanted to lunge forward with a sudden thrust. Thank goodness for the magical panties on both of them!

“It’s okay, Coco Pommel, you can squirm all you want.” Fluttershy spoke with a little blush, and a tiny giggle to chase it. “It reminds me of when Rarity used to. It’s always nice having something so pretty nearby.”

“Rarity?” Coco Pommel blinked, and darted his gaze between the two girls. “Rarity, in your lap?” His feminine body felt like it was about to erupt at the imagination of it; the picture of beauty that was his doting mistress sitting on the cutest creature to ever exist? (Aside from himself, of course.) “I...I know about the parties you have together, but I didn’t know there was a lot of...uh...lap sitting.”

“It’s usually more handsy than the two of you are being right now.” Rarity cooed from the side, and gave another simple laugh. “Though I believe Fluttershy is referring to something we haven’t discussed yet, dear. It’s nothing enormous, at least not within the framework of our relationship. Simply put, Fluttershy and I used to date. Isn’t that right, Fluttershy?”

“Mhmm!” Fluttershy nodded with a smile, and...whew, she was certainly appreciating letting her fingers move back and forth over Coco’s exposed midriff. They kept trailing from side to side, the thumb circling the belly button, making sure to trace every little curve she could reach. “We went out for a few months after the magic changed us. We thought maybe, we could make things work, but…”

“Well, Coco dear, let’s just say there was something of a power struggle.” Rarity smirked, and even offered a wink to Fluttershy. “Fluttershy might be one of the sweetest women to ever live, but...she wanted things in the bedroom that I wasn’t willing to give. Namely, the same things I wanted from her.”

“We decided that it wasn’t a good fit.” Fluttershy continued, and all the while continued to caress and cradle Coco in her lap. “But we’re still the best of friends, and I’m...I’m so happy that Rarity found you!” The tone in her voice was genuine and pure, as was the smile that practically glowed towards the young man. Coco found himself blushing at the announcement, and he gently squirmed into position deeper on Fluttershy’s lap. It was comfortable...even if he knew what was hiding within the magical panties under his lap.

“That’s lovely that the two of you can stay good friends.” Coco smiled, and looked over to his proper mistress. “Rarity? Could I have permission to do something?” With that, he leaned over while still hanging on Fluttershy’s shoulder. His lips went to Rarity’s ear and he whispered a little secret while Fluttershy leaned back, blushing and wondering. When they parted again Rarity gave a wide smile and a nod, giving him permission to do something daring. Something bold. Something scandalous!

A soft, tiny kiss on the side of Fluttershy’s cheek. It left a small print of lipstick thereafter Coco pulled back, and he moved his thumb up to begin idly smoothing it away. While he did so he studied the blushing and joyful features of Fluttershy, speaking up in a voice so timid it could’ve well been hers.

“Thank you for Rarity.” He smiled, fondly. “If the two of you never would’ve broken up, then maybe I never would’ve...we never would’ve…”

“Come now, Coco, look at the poor thing. You’re going to make her burst into flames.” Rarity giggled, and gave him a tiny nudge. Fluttershy was practically trembling in place as things boiled over, and after all that day of teasing it was time Rarity offered her best friend a treat. The sweetest of treats, in fact! “You said you wanted to give her a kiss to thank her...but that was hardly a kiss.”

“Y...You mean…”

“Like you would kiss me, dear.” Rarity arched a slender brow as she folded one leg across her knee. After a bit of pondering she held a hand up, scaling her forefinger and her thumb an inch apart. “Perhaps...this far off from how you would kiss me. We can’t give her everything, can we?”

Coco Pommel swallowed, his eyes wide at the order he was given by his mistress. Fluttershy was sweet and cute and even sexy; moreso now that Coco knew she had the same dominant impulses as his mistress. When he looked over to Fluttershy it was clear she was all ready for it, smiling and studying him with a look that could only be described as hungry. Coco, with his hands moving up and gripping at the edges of her shoulders, moved forward to do exactly as his mistress told him.

After all, he wouldn’t possibly deny a request Rarity made...not when it was such an easy one to fulfill. Inch by inch Coco drifted closer to Fluttershy, their lips closing near as their eyes closed. A kiss like he would give Rarity. That meant...tongues. The smearing of lipstick. Deep breathing. Arousal. His poor little heart was racing a mile a minute by the time their lips met, and he could feel Fluttershy’s fingers sweeping through his sea green hair.

Rarity continued sipping her tea; jealously glaring at anyone that dared to look at the two girls in hostile means. She played the guard dog as her best friend kissed her girlfriend, their lips toying together and eventually parting to reveal wiggling tongues. The fashionista’s smile was immense as she took it all in; from the sweeping touch of fingers through hair, to the goosebumps on Coco’s body, to the fact that his legs spread subconsciously to reveal a tasteful shot of his panties squarely to his mistress. Rarity drank it all in like the sweetest wine she could imagine, and when the kiss finally ended Coco’s forehead bumped against Fluttershy’s own and the two girls were left shuddering from the aftermath.

“Well. How was it?” She asked, willing to take an answer from whichever of the two could form one first. “Doesn’t she taste so wonderfully sweet?” Again, it could go for either.

“It...oh my...oh oh my...gosh...gracious goodness...oh…” Coco, while being the first to speak, was hardly lucid. Fluttershy, on the other hand, swallowed her desires before looking to Rarity, speaking in a voice that was more bold than Coco had yet witnessed. Her grip tightened and she held him closer, addressing the proper mistress with respect yet hunger.

“Rarity, she’s wonderful!” She boasted, excitement still coursing through her. “Please please please, can I borrow her? Or come over sometime and play? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase?”

Coco Pommel, his head still cloudy from the sudden kiss with an adorable young woman, had just enough wits about him to hear his mistress’ response.

“Of course, dear.” She offered with confidence and grace. “When she’s ready.”

Coco Pommel wasn’t sure just when he’d be ready, but...the sudden rush of passion flowing through him certainly hoped that it’d be soon.

End of Chapter 5.

Testing the Waters

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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Six: Testing the Waters
-By Drace Domino

“Rarity, Mistress, I...I uh…” Coco fidgeted a little, and swallowed a nervous gulp as he looked from side to side around the room. “I’m not...entirely sure about this.”

“Oh relax, darling, it’s entirely safe.” The gentle coo that came from his mistress’ lips helped to calm him somewhat, but it didn’t change the fact that Sunset Shimmer’s bedroom was...not really what he had expected it to be. From talking to the young woman he had expected it to be no different than any other teenage girl’s bedroom; posters of bands and fashion, perhaps a particularly large bookshelf since Sunset was the academic sort. He hadn’t expected a full blown laboratory complete with machines with flashing lights and beeping. It was enough to make him more than just a little nervous, mostly because he was to be the subject of study that day. Once more he nibbled on his bottom lip, and shuffled a little closer to Rarity as he voiced his concerns.

“This...this is really Sunset’s bedroom?” He still couldn’t believe it, despite the fact that in the corner there was a single cot that was messily layered with papers and books. “How does she sleep? Where does she sleep?”

“Oh, darling, Sunset Shimmer hasn’t slept here in months.” Rarity smiled sweetly, and scooped her arm around Coco’s waist. As the elegant young woman walked further into the currently empty room, she gestured from wall to wall with a flared motion, gesturing to countless photos, notes, and studies that Sunset had pinned to the wall. “She stays with Twilight Sparkle now, but keeps this place as her research room. I’m sure that her real bedroom is much, much tidier.” She glanced almost disdainfully at a pile of jumbled papers. “At least, I would hope. I do admit, it’s lovely being neat and tidy, isn’t it? And on that note…”

With that thought in mind Rarity turned to Coco Pommel, smiling as she let her slender fingers reach for the young man’s cute little outfit. She smoothed out the pink collar of his sleeveless blouse, adjusted the frill around his tiny silk gloves, and even knelt down just far enough to straighten out the seams of his sea green nylons. None of those actions were even remotely required when it came to the neat young man’s feminine outfit, but the charm was in the older woman taking the time to do it. She loved to fuss over her lover’s attire, to straighten and primp his clothes and admire just how delicate he could look. Finally her hands rolled down his slender hips to straighten out the miniskirt he had worn that day; the final piece of a cute and flirty ensemble. The entire time Coco just stood there preening and smiling, briefly forgetting the uncomfortable surroundings or the purpose of the test.

“You look beautiful, darling.” Rarity cooed to him, just as her fingers fluffed that soft, silky hair. “I’m sure Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle will have to wear those ugly protective lenses, considering how radiant you are. Fortunately I can look at you without them, because we shine just as bright.” With that sweet yet slightly cocky tone Rarity giggled, and leaned in to kiss the air at either side of Coco’s cheeks. There was no contact for fear of smudging lipstick across his smooth features, and he simply had to look perfect for his test! Soon she stood right beside her lover with her hand reaching down to take his own; threading their fingers together to give him a firm, supportive squeeze. One more glance over brought a tiny wink from Rarity’s confident features, and she gave him a soothing bit of comfort to help put him at ease. The most important thing she could say, in fact.

“Remember, darling, I won’t let you out of my sight.” She promised. “You are always under your mistress’ eye.”

Coco Pommel, despite his nervousness, was able to meet the slowly opening door face forward and with bravery knowing that much. He let his tiny chest puff out as if his femininity was on full display, and when two figures slipped out from the door he greeted them both with a smile. Rarity was right - those protective goggles of theirs sure were unseemly, but Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer were clearly there to do research and not put on a fashion show. Goggles and lab coats, clipboards and pencils, the two women looked like they had fallen straight out of a science fiction movie. While Twilight Sparkle fidgeted with the discomfort of wearing goggles over her glasses Sunset Shimmer moved to greet the two, stepping forward and smiling in delight.

“Thanks for stopping by, Rarity, Coco.” She beamed, and reached up her pencil to tap the eraser end to Coco’s nose. While it twitched in immediate response, Sunset Shimmer chimed up in a sweet voice with surprising words. “Well, let’s get right to it. Strip down, and we’ll get you hooked up to the machine!”

Poor Coco’s sudden, surprised gasp was nearly accented with a dramatic faint into Rarity’s arms. Even without it he tightened his hand within his lover’s and gave a look of utter disbelief, cheeks immediately blushing at the sudden request. Strip down? In front of Sunset and Twilight? He was still coming to terms with being naked in front of his mistress! Even if the purpose of the study was research oriented, the idea of being bare in front of either of them was...well...stimulating, but in a more than just a little terrifying way.

“Strip down?” Rarity spoke up for Coco, though she didn’t seem to carry the same level of concern as he did. “Oh Sunset, I didn’t know she’d have to be stripped down for today.” She glanced over at Coco and smiled, teasingly. “Had I known, I would’ve taken the time to powder her little rear to give it that cute little shine.”

As if the blush on Coco’s features couldn’t get any more intense.

“Sorry, Rarity, but Sunset and I decided there isn’t any other way.” Twilight Sparkle spoke up, finally having resolved her issue of having six eyes. She held out her clipboard which showed an indecipherable amount of math and magical symbols; the complex equation that she had worked out for the event. “If we’re to properly judge Coco Pommel’s full magical alteration, we’ll need to get her naked. It’s the only way to see if she has the elasticity to accommodate your arcane endowment!”

“ see if she can handle your cock.” Sunset Shimmer spoke plainly and simply, and gestured to Rarity’s lap. From the sidelines, Coco Pommel blushed up a storm. It was hard to tell which was more exciting; the discussion about what they were there to test, or the simple fact that Twilight and Sunset addressed Rarity instead of him. His mistress was dedicated to taking good care of him and he trusted her completely; it was somehow soothing to let her call the shots. Just as her hand remained a steadfast bit of comfort within his own, it was relaxing to see Rarity nod along to Twilight and Sunset’s words. If nothing else, he knew that the fashionista would let no harm ever come to him, and that he was there surrounded by nothing but friends.

It was with that thought in mind that Coco Pommel finally stepped up to speak, for the first time taking a stand. His voice rose up amongst the other three girls, and though he sounded nervous there was no doubting the bravery in his tone.

“Then someone get me a hanger.” He puffed his feminine chest out, heroically. “Because this skirt will wrinkle if it’s not properly stored.”


Electrodes were...cold. If nothing else, Coco Pommel learned that as the sticky little things were pressed against his mostly naked body. The process of stripping him down had been a slow affair that Rarity didn’t permit him to have a hand in - she had taken it upon herself to slip him slowly out of his lovely stylish clothing and hang it up to be preserved for later. It was probably best that she had taken the initiative considering Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle were still in the room watching, if it was up to Coco the young man’s trembling hands likely wouldn’t have been able to hitch against the delicate fabric of his outfit. Thanks to Rarity his shirt and bra were gently removed and he folded his hands across his chest; hiding it as if he had legitimate breasts that needed to be sheltered from prying eyes. For a few seconds he felt a little foolish as he realized that despite his outward appearance he was indeed a boy, and his arms finally slithered away while the two scientists in the sideline whispered to each other. Both Sunset and Twilight were watching with wide eyes behind their safety goggles, studying up and down Coco’s elegant and slender frame as Rarity worked. When her hands went to that skirt they both gave audible gasps, and Rarity’s voice had slithered out like honey past her lips.

“Remember girls, no touching.” She clucked her tongue and wagged a finger, possessively draping an arm around Coco’s waist. “At least...not without my permission, of course.”

And with that, with those words still resting at the back of Coco’s already aroused mind, Rarity began to strip him down further. Skirt and panties were soon set aside though he was permitted to wear his thigh-high sea green nylons; a perfect match to the short lace gloves that still covered his fingers. He stood there as fancy as could be and hiding his growing length behind his silky fingers, whimpering a little as he looked from the two nerdy girls back to his fashionista mistress. The tremble of his lower lip, the slight twitch to his eye...all things Rarity sought out to calm as she leaned forward, kissed his cheek, and petted her fingers down the back of his hair.

“Come on now, girls, time to get her set up.” She invited Sunset and Twilight over, chuckling fondly. “You don’t expect poor Coco to stand here while you pick your jaws off the floor, do you?”

At which point, the electrodes made the scene and sent shivers across Coco’s flesh. They were each attached to tiny suction cups that pressed smoothly against his skin, and Rarity had been very very clear that none of them were to leave an imprint on her Coco Pommel’s precious, flawless flesh. The chilly rubber stuck to his body in seemingly random places; some of which felt as if they were only placed to arouse him, and each of them trailed a wire to one of Sunset’s machines. His belly, his chest, his forehead, even two against either side of his rear. They were placed there to monitor his various responses as the test went on, and there was one final left as Sunset Shimmer stood before him. She clutched that electrode within her fingers, smirking at Coco as the young man still hid his length behind his palms.

“C’mon, Coco, you know where this one has to go.” Sunset cooed, and teased it underneath his vision. “Move your hands, please…”

“W...Well, I...I…” He swallowed once more, and did his best to be brave. When he pulled his hands away he was almost ashamed to expose his length; standing straight out with a glistening dot of precum clinging to the tip. He was embarrassingly aroused and all three girls in the room stared down at it, tilting their heads and looking at it with various states of amusement. Coco, blushing fiercely, suddenly felt rather self-conscious about the fact he was so...plumped. “I’m...I’m sorry. It’s just, with the three of you here, all watching, and Rarity taking off my clothes, I…”

“Don’t apologize, Coco.” Twilight Sparkle spoke up, turning her head away from one of the nearby monitors to smile at him. “Truth be told, the test will work better if you’re at the height of arousal during it. It’ll better let us estimate the effect the magic has on your physiology.”

“It’s better if she’s aroused, you say?” Rarity chimed in, and before Sunset had the chance to place it reached out and plucked the electrode from the girl’s hand. She did the honors of attaching it to Coco; one hand lifting his shaft while the other hand pressed that slightly sticky cup to the spot where his member met his sack. A soft cooing laugh flowed from Rarity’s lips, and she let her eyes flicker towards the other two girls. “Then might I suggest you begin doing what you need to, darlings? I’ll handle sweet Coco’s...research viability.”

“Oh, oh goodness…” Coco’s whimper was the only response he could manage, just as Rarity’s smooth, soft hands began to caress up and over his body. Sunset Shimmer merely smirked as she went over to join Twilight, and soon the two were standing side by side working at one of the monitors. They were keeping a close eye on a dancing light that tracked Coco’s arousal and magical interferences, though it was easy to see that they were both casting sideways glances from the edges of their goggles. It was hard to not look - Coco Pommel was as soft and sweet as anyone, and the idea of watching him get “prepared” by Rarity was almost as exciting to them as it was to the young man himself. As Rarity’s hands slithered around him from behind and she pressed her warm, curvy figure up to his and let her breasts squeeze to his back, he allowed another timid noise to break from his throat. “R...Rarity...they’re...they’re wat...watching…”

“Of course they are, dear.” Rarity murmured sweetly, her lips nibbling at the very edge of his ear. As she spoke her hands crossed over his lap and - while being mindful of the electrode - let her grip move across his shaft. One hand closed around the base as the other lowered even further, teasing his sack with gentle touches and caresses while she started to pump him at a slow pace. A soft chuckle rose from her again as she whispered to her lover, her eyes lost in Coco’s soft, sea green hair. “You’re the most gorgeous specimen they’ve ever had. Is it...okay that they keep watching?”

Coco Pommel had no doubt, not for a second, that if he resisted that Rarity would immediately end the examination. Her love and dedication for her sweet little treasure was absolute, and there was nothing she would force upon him that he wasn’t comfortable with. That side, there was similarly very, very little that he would’ve refused for Rarity. Perhaps even nothing.

“No, they...they can watch.” Coco trembled, and gave a nervous gulp as his member stiffened even further. The blush that ran through his cheeks rushed even further through him; crossing over his small chest and sensitive, stiff nipples. His arms were held out at their sides with fingers squirming from not knowing just what to do, but firmly wishing he could grab onto something to hold himself steady. He swallowed again, and let his eyes close as he started to let the pleasure roll through him. “I’m just...I’m just shy…”

“Don’t be shy, Coco, you’re doing great.” Sunset was quick to comfort him from afar, her eyes more or less transfixed on Coco’s cock as it wove back and forth within Rarity’s fingers. She wasn’t particularly able to turn away from that sight, which was why she sought Twilight to give her a proper update. “Twilight? How are her readings? Still steady?”

“Uh...I uh...yeah, yeah, they’re fine.” Twilight Sparkle murmured in response, without even bother to look. The sight of Coco’s fondled cock was more than enough to draw even those two science nerds away from their research, so utterly transfixed they were on watching it bob and weave with that bead of precum glistening at the tip. Both of them swallowed in near unison, and when they looked over to give each other the tiniest suggestion of a glance it was Twilight that spoke first. She forced her eyes to Rarity, and cleared her throat before speaking. “R...Rarity, would you excuse Sunset Shimmer and I?” She began, biting her lips together as she found her gaze continually gravitating to Coco’s stiff length. “We need to...confer. In the other room.”

“The sight of my beautiful darling is just too much to handle, isn’t it?” Rarity preened, boasting about her lover in nothing but the most glowing of terms. She laughed triumphantly as she pressed one palm flat as it held Coco’s base, purposely swinging it in a wide circle and making it dance for their pleasure and amusement. “Oh, sweethearts, I know that feeling. Try working with her for weeks, watching her bend over to adjust window settings or sneaking in her afternoon popsicle during lunch. I swear, I was about to go simply mad.” She laughed at the memory, just as Coco whimpered and throbbed all the harder. Thankfully, Rarity wasn’t in a mind to tease Coco that was she of a mind to let Sunset and Twilight suffer. “Dears, why don’t each other out right here? I imagine it would be good for my little treasure to see the full spread of our...condition.”

The look that crossed over Sunset and Twilight’s faces was a combination of arousal, concern, and much, much, much arousal. A sticky, sticky sandwich of delight. Twilight Sparkle’s glasses slipped down her eyes and bumped against the bottom of her goggles, and she immediately had to fidget with them once more to fix them against her face. Sunset Shimmer seemed to keep her composure, although there was likely a raging length within her magical panties.

“You’re...sure?” She asked, the question directed not to Coco, but to the one that he called mistress. “You’re sure Coco’s ready for that?”

“Well, dears, I’m clearly going to tease her to completion within a few minutes.” Rarity cooed, much to Coco’s sudden, gasping realization. “It’d be rude to make her feel like she was the only one. You don’t go to dinner and be the only one ordering dessert, after all!”

With logic like that, neither Sunset or Twilight could argue. After all, they were women of science, and logic appealed to them. Especially if that logic led to the two of them getting intimate a mere three feet away from where the nearly naked Coco was being fondled.


Coco’s eyes were open wide, utterly transfixed at what was going on before him. If his member could get any harder underneath Rarity’s affection it certainly would have, though at that point he was already as aroused as he could possibly manage without fainting. His cheeks were colored with a heavy blush and the nearby monitor connected to the machine was going wild - this cute little thing was at full heat, and he was giving off all the sensor readings he needed to. How could he not be in such a state, when he was being so very blessed by everything around him? His mistress’ warm, gentle, mature fingers moving up and down his body, jerking his length back and forth and even slithering around to tease the entrance of his rear. The scandal of being put on display for people that weren’t Rarity; all the shameful but thrilling delight hiding within exhibition. And finally, just a few feet away...Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle fondling each other’s long, intimidating equine cocks.

It was the first proof Coco had seen that it wasn’t just his mistress that had been afflicted by the unusual condition, though he had never doubted her words to begin with. Still, seeing them both sticking upright from the laps of those two brilliant young women was something else, to be certain. Sunset Shimmer’s was the same amber color as her skin as was Twilight’s that healthy shade of purple, and by now each of them were glistening with a layer of spit from the other. The two girls were trading off; dropping their heads forward to spit, lick and kiss against the other’s shaft, and they were making it a point to never touch their own cock when their girlfriend could do it for them. From time to time they looked towards Coco Pommel, whispered amidst themselves, and groaned in pleasure as they sat a little bit closer and squeezed each other’s length with more intensity.

“W...What are you whispering about?” Coco could only finally manage to find the strength to speak, though it was with great duress as Rarity squeezed and fondled him. Those lovely fingers danced over him like threads of silk and kept him in an intensely aroused state; so deep and hard that his tip was leaking a thin line of pre in a steady rate. Rarity; ever with an eye for detail, scooped her palm underneath that thread to collect it and return it to Coco’s length, smearing it right back over his head. Though that pleasure that waved over him was nearly enough for him to ever forget he had asked a question, Rarity was still kind enough to kiss the back of his neck and answer for the two girls.

“They’re just whispering about what happens if the test goes well.” She cooed; her voice low enough so that only Coco could hear her words. With a small force she rolled her hips forward and let her lap grind against Coco’s rear, and though the magical panties hid her member Coco could simply envision his mistress’ erection in that moment. Thick, and juicy, and throbbing, and...he trembled in place, and swallowed a beat of hunger as Rarity whispered further. “They’re whispering about...what it’ll be like when I get to make love to you properly. When I get to sink inside of you what a beautiful girl you are when you’re taking your Mistress all the way down.”

Those words flowed forward like honey, and poor Coco was caught at an impasse. Did he close his eyes and grind forward into Rarity’s hand, pretending that he was taking her length up his backside right now? Or did he simply stare ahead, watch as Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer teased and licked each other in greedy glee. Either option would make him quake with orgasmic bliss before too long, but it would require far too much attention than he had in that moment to do both at the same time. Finally he whimpered, and as his member slapped into Rarity’s open palm he let his eyes fix on the two scientists.

...he could fantasize about letting Rarity thread his rear any time. It wasn’t everyday he got to see these two having so much fun!

Twilight Sparkle’s lips were wrapped around the very tip of Sunset Shimmer’s length, but she was only barely able to keep it that way thanks to the wide, flat head of the other girl’s equine length. Her tongue teased back and forth across the tip and she was readily drinking in what flavors she could - swallowing constantly to make sure none of her lover’s precum was wasted. While Twilight worked Sunset Shimmer rewarded her with a hand wrapped around her purple shaft, pumping it slowly up and down from the tip down to the impressive base. Seeing the two girls kiss and fondle each other’s members was enough to make Coco quiver in place even without Rarity’s touch; so many things were spiralling about in his mind. Was that what he looked like when he was servicing his mistress? Was she larger than these two girls? Would it really be possible to one day use his unique power to accommodate something so very, very big? He tightened his throat with a steady gulp, but that only made him crave some of that taste that Twilight Sparkle was enjoying. If only his Mistress Rarity would take her own length out, if only she’d feed it to him right then and there...oh, the things Coco Pommel would do for his mistress in front of those two brainy girls. There was nothing he would hold back, nothing he would deny her.

With a quiver of pathetic pleasure Coco Pommel looked over his shoulder, hoping that in some way he could possible convince Rarity to bend him to his knees and let her massive length brush past his face. The steady smile on the fashionista’s lips told him it wasn’t going to happen - at least, not right there in front of her friends. Her smirk was too knowing and her look too coy, not to mention the fact that her hands were by now working faster and faster against his length. She had cupped Coco’s sack with one hand while the other now jerked him steadily back and forth, and as she continued she whispered urgently against the back of his neck. Her voice was sharp and precise; the command of a mistress that didn’t want her beloved treasure to miss a thing.

“Watch! They’re going to pop soon, dear, you don’t want to miss it!” She beamed, giving her full approval for Coco to simply stare at those other two girls while they worked. Both Sunset and Twilight were still wearing their goggles, which Coco Pommel would soon learn was a good thing considering what came before too long. By the time the girls both hit their peak they had repositioned themselves to fold their legs together; sitting nearly belly-to-belly with their members pressed close. They were working together now, jerking their dual cocks off with four total hands, and a few times they both dipped their mouth down to give a lick across both large flat heads, only to come up with more blended precum to share with her girlfriend. It was intimate, sticky, beautiful, and...wonderfully, wonderfully dirty. Coco Pommel practically ached in pleasure as he watched it, utterly fixated by their smiles, their cocks, and the fond love between the two. And when their peaks finally hit Coco was the only one surprised at just how...intense it was. There were sudden bursts of cream jetting from thick and twitching members; the staggered cries of two young women clinging to each other. Splashing white spunk that struck the consoles, the goggles, and lab coats, and two slick lengths that were utterly impossible to control. The cum that seeped between the two girls was utterly slathering in nature, striking the bottom of their chins, the lower half of their faces, and most importantly...their smiles.

Coco was already overwhelmed, but when he saw Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle lean in for their first cum-covered kiss of the evening, it was simply too much. He could handle being naked in front of them. He could handle watching them suck each other’s cocks. But...the two girls being adorable and loving while covered in cream? He was a sucker for soft affection, and it was just too much for his Rarity-guided member to handle. In the grand scheme of orgasms in Sunset Shimmer’s room that night, Coco Pommel’s was definitely the smallest. His burst of cum was tiny compared to the copious amount the two scientists unleashed, and his arc was impressive but not mammoth like theirs could be. That had the most impact as Coco’s hips flared forward, his voice cried out, and his member squirted a sudden burst of cum that went flying high, high, high in an arc...only to splash squarely where Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer’s sticky lengths rested against each other.

A sudden splash of white on an already covered pair of was easy to go unnoticed, if they hadn’t all see just where it came from. Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle giggled eagerly as they soon took turns leaning down to lick some of it up; claiming it as their own. Rarity had told them that they couldn’t touch Coco just yet, but as soon as his spunk landed on them it was considered their property! As the two girls looked up once more and kissed with the faintest hint of Coco Pommel cream on their lips, Rarity’s voice slithered forward against her young lover’s ear.

“...bullseye, darling.” She cooed, and flexed her own sticky, cum-covered fingers. Whether she was complimenting Coco Pommel for his arc or herself for guiding that length towards a destination it was hard to tell, but in reality it was probably both. She kissed Coco’s cheek as she began to walk, kneeling down only to scoop up Coco Pommel’s panties as she did so. For the moment the young man was wondering if he’d be asked to get dressed again, but when Rarity kept moving past him his knees quivered with weakness and arousal.

“Girls, you may use this to clean your cocks off before tucking them back inside.” She chimed in, offering that tiny piece of Coco’s panties over to their shared grip. Her other hand - the one thoroughly coated in Coco Pommel’s sticky white cum, stretched forward with her fingers spread and her palm turned to the ceiling. “And you can enjoy this as a treat...I can always make more any time I like.”

She said all these things with a dominant air to her voice, and she gently made eye contact with Coco as Sunset and Twilight worked. The two scientists had more or less completely abandoned the research for now; staggered as they were by the arousal in the air. They were sucking on either side of Rarity’s hand to clean away the traces of Coco’s cum, and their hands were both rubbing their slick, wet, creamy lengths off in Coco’s increasingly dampening panties. Rarity didn’t even watch the display - she had seen those two be sluts for one another many, many times in the past. Her only focus in that moment was Coco, her beloved treasure, and the blush rushing over his features.

“Coco Pommel, dear.” She finally spoke up, flexing her fingers back and forth once the hungry scientists finished cleaning it. “Fetch your panties and get dressed, love. I believe...we should go for a ride together.”

Coco Pommel, already a bundle of arousal and desire, simply nodded gleefully. After all, those electrodes were still cold...and the look in his mistress’ eyes was nothing but pure, unadulterated warmth.

End of Chapter 6.


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Simply Coco, Darling!
Chapter Seven: Leaking
-by Drace Domino

The ride home had been in relative silence, and Coco Pommel spent much of the trip trying to figure out why. As he sat in the passenger side with the fresh memory of Twilight and Sunset’s experiment still in his mind, the young man nibbled on his bottom lip while giving glances to Rarity throughout the entire trip. In between bouts of admiring her femininity and her outright beauty, he couldn’t quite help but worry that something was...a little bit off. Every time he pushed her for conversation, the woman’s responses were terse and short, as if she could barely summon the time to respond.

“So...Twilight and Sunset probably got plenty of information, huh?” It was an understatement, but also an attempt to cajole his mistress into conversation.

“Yes, they did.” Was all Rarity spoke in response, refusing to go deeper into the issue. She didn’t even give Coco Pommel a glance to the side, instead focusing on the road with her smooth, white fingers wrapped around the wheel. It was...disconcerting, to say the least. Typically when the two rode together affectionate contact was a given - Coco had grown accustomed to the feel of Rarity’s hand on his knee, or possessively gripping his upper thigh close to his lacy pink panties. He started to find himself growing jealous of the steering wheel; how did it deserve both of Rarity’s lovely hands on it, and not him?!

“What do you want to do tomorrow, Rarity?” Coco spoke up halfway through the trip again, trying hard to mask the emotion that was starting to well within his throat. “We...we can do anything you like, of course!”

“I don’t know.” Again, silence after her terse comment. They remained in overt quiet until they finally pulled back in to Rarity’s home, at which point the fashionista finally spoke again in simple and short fashion. As she turned off the ignition and reached into the backseat to grab her purse, she simply gave Coco a quick look with steely eyes. “We’re home.”

The sinking feeling in the pit of Coco Pommel’s poor stomach continued, even as they stepped out of the car and started the march back inside. Was his beautiful mistress angry at him?! Was she furious over what had happened earlier? He..he was just doing what he thought would make her happy! The silence continued to swell as they stepped inside and continued in the living room. It was only when they passed a royal red couch with velvet lining that Coco Pommel couldn’t hold it in any longer, and he finally called out with a sharp voice that was clearly on the verge of tears.

“Mistress, why are you mad at me?!” The verge broke almost instantly, and Coco could already feel walls of tears escaping the corners of his eyes. He was directly behind Rarity who froze in place, her shoulders tensing and her entire body going rigid. Coco pressed his hands together in a pleading fashion as he stepped in a little closer, more and more emotions bubbling to the surface. “Please, Mistress, forgive me! Whatever I did, I’m sorry! I just want to make you happy, Mistress, I do!”

Once more, Rarity was quiet for an agonizing moment. Though in reality it was likely less than twenty seconds, it felt like a horrible eternity to the feminine Coco as he stood there trembling in place. His beautiful dress; handcrafted by his mistress, felt like a second skin he wasn’t worthy of wearing. How could he enjoy the feel of lace and silk on his slender body when he knew that he had angered his mistress somehow? How did he deserve to look so pretty and feminine when she felt bad? Coco could feel knots upon knots twisting in his stomach as he waited for Rarity to speak, and when she finally did it wasn’t at all what he expected.

“Coco, I...I…” Finally Rarity spoke without turning to look at him, until finally her body erupted into movement. She flung herself towards the red velvet couch nearby, her ruffled purple outfit flexing around her body as she did so. As she crashed into the couch she grasped the throw pillow and held it under her chin, openly sobbing in a fashion that only Rarity could manage while still making elegant and sexy. “I’m a horrible Mistress…!”

Shock ran through Coco, and the young man darted to his Mistress’ side as soon as he saw her erupt in sadness. Sliding onto his knees near the head of the couch, he braced his hands on the edge and gazed to the beautiful woman he admired so much. Rarity feeling bad about herself was even worse than being mad at him, and instantly his tears shifted from self-concern to a sadness brought on by seeing someone he loved so much suffer. He didn’t even have the chance to speak before Rarity looked up at him, lines of mascara running down her cheeks. It was a look she wore often with her friends when she was being a shameless drama queen, but it was a rare moment when Coco saw such a look in private.

“Oh Coco, can you ever forgive me?!” Rarity wailed, moving a hand out to caress her young lover’s cheek. Instantly Coco pressed into it, blushing intensely merely from her touch. His tears continued to flow, by now catching Rarity’s thumb and sliding down to her wrist. “I...I treated you like a plaything tonight! Showing you off to my friends, bragging about you, I...I don’t deserve such a beautiful lover! I’m a muh-muh-monsteeeeeeer!”

As the pieces started to fall into place, Coco felt both a wash of relief push over him, as well of a surge of excitement, even arousal. Though his member stayed flacid and soft within his pink silk panties, the mere memory of what had transpired earlier that evening was enough to stimulate a very particular part of his mind. Those other girls watching as Mistress Rarity showed him off...presenting him as the feminine sweet girl he desperately wanted to be, it was hard to not think about without goosebumps rising on his smooth flesh.

“Mistress, it’s okay!” Coco turned his face to kiss at Rarity’s palm in rapid fashion, pressing a few sweet marks of delight to her ivory skin. He even folded her fingers in and treated each knuckle to a kiss, all while letting Rarity see his unwavering, wet eyes. “Please don’t cry!”

“But I was so cruel!” Rarity continued, her lower lip trembling for a moment. She hugged the pillow closer to her chin, and looked like she was once more on the verge of an outburst. “And the way I made you sit on Fluttershy’s lap the other day...why...why such a horrid creature I’ve been! I’ve treated you like some sort of trophy! And you’re just too sweet and gentle to rightly tell me to go!”

Coco Pommel had never been one to be bold. Even in his bravest moments, he was always the sort to watch as life happened around him and respond only when he absolutely had to. He wasn’t the sort to initiate contact unless a woman like his Mistress began it, even if it was what he desperately wanted with all his heart. That moment; however, forced even his timid, feminine frame into action. It was a stark bold move that he executed in that moment, but it had to be done. The fact that his mistress was weeping, suffering, simply couldn’t stand...and it was for that reason that Coco threw himself forward, wrapping arms around the beautiful Rarity and pressing his lips to hers with every ounce of love he could manage.

It was a chaste kiss; of course, even in such a moment of bold fury Coco Pommel wouldn’t of dared sneaking his tongue into Rarity’s mouth without her coming to claim it first. But that chaste kiss spoke of everything rolling through him in that moment; compassion and love, arousal and desire, and the strong bond that he felt with the woman that had made him beautiful. Rarity didn’t pull away and even soon moved to loop her arms around him, squeezing his body a little closer from her awkward belly-down position on the couch. It lasted a few mere moments, but when they pulled their lips apart their heads continued to linger near. With Coco’s lipstick wearing the faintest shade of Rarity’s in the aftermath, he spoke up with a brave voice that once again sounded almost strange from his throat. He wasn’t good at inspiring speeches, but this was one that demanded be spoken.

“...I loved everything that happened tonight, Mistress.” He whispered, still with tears down his eyes. His mascara had only by then started to run from them - it took his longer to smear and dilute. By design; of course, Rarity tended to wear cheaper mascara simply so her friends knew when she was upset, while she only ever gave Coco the very finest of quality. One of the many subtle things she did to make him the most feminine beauty he could be. “Showing me off to your friends, was wonderful, Mistress. I felt so proud being your pretty girl! And...and in the car ride home, I was afraid that I had upset you. That I...wasn’t a good girl, or pretty enough, or...or…”

“Oh darling, you are simply perfect!” Rarity was quick to cut that line of thought quickly, not for a second willing to allow Coco to humor the notion he was anything but a flawless gem of a girl. She kissed him once more on the lips before nudging her nose across his cheek, smoothing away some of the tears as she did so. “You are my absolute angel, dear! And I couldn’t fathom a day without you! I was simply horrified that I had crossed a line, and that...and that you might not want to be mine after what I did!”

Coco Pommel once more felt a brave moment rushing into him - funny how his protective streak over his mistress could do that. He never felt anything close to jealousy when his mistress was playing with the other girls, but he would defend her to the end against the forces of sadness and self-doubt. With his hands moving to caress Rarity’s cheeks - careful not to smudge her mascara any more than it already had been - he spoke out in a voice that was increasingly bold, even going so far to suggest something intimate.

“Mistress, let me show you how much I loved being your pretty girl tonight.” He whispered, and even bumped their foreheads together in soft fashion. “Would you roll over for me? I want to do everything I can to make you happy.”

“Oh, my sweet Coco.” Rarity beamed, her eyes starting to shine with happiness at her lover’s words. She even pressed a few quick kisses over his forehead, nodding. “I’d be honored! Is there anything I can do for you in return?”

Coco Pommel merely smiled, and nodded. If the last day had taught him anything, it was that even if his mistress was showing him off as a trophy...he enjoyed it. Quite a bit. And with his flaccid, sensitive member still tucked within his panties, he could barely remember a time he was so excited. It was his old life, feeling such intense arousal usually led to his member stiffening and growing, but now? Now his little unit was content staying soft and frail, yet still ultra-sensitive within the lacy barrier holding it in. Before speaking to his mistress and ushering her to roll over, Coco Pommel placed a tender kiss to Rarity’s brow and offered her a kind, loving smile.

“Mistress, while I please you...tell me everything.” He whispered, humbly. “Everything you want to do with me in front of your friends. No matter how matter how dirty.” He smiled a little wider, with pride swelling up inside of him. “I want to know how you’d show off your pretty girl. It makes me happy to know you’re so proud of me.”

With that, Rarity couldn’t help but blush but smile nonetheless. With a gentle sniffle to signal the end of her dramatic tears, she gave Coco a tiny nod and started to roll over. Her voice was simple and sweet as she spoke, and took a long, deep breath as she prepared to open the floodgates.

“ might be shocked to hear some of it.” She admitted, and tenderly bit on her bottom lip while looking her beautiful friend over. “But know that any filthy thing that pours from my lips comes from a place of love.” She once more let her fingers drift past Coco’s forehead, brushing aside some of his soft, sea green hair. “You have to love someone very much to want to show her off as much as I do you.”

Coco Pommel had never been prouder, and stood up on trembling knees to prepare to service the woman he loved so much.


Even once Rarity had laid flat on the couch, Coco Pommel wasn’t ready to tend to her just yet. Oh, he desperately wanted to in the heat of the moment, but as the young man had gently observed his dear mistress deserved the very best of attention, and that meant taking the time to clean up and get changed. After all, how could he hear stories about what his mistress would do with a pretty girl if he didn’t do everything in his power to fit the words? It was with butterflies in his stomach that Coco excused himself to freshen up, and a mere ten minutes later emerged all the more beautiful and feminine.

As he rounded the corner, Coco found that his mistress had similarly cleaned up in the time he was gone. She laid there now almost completely naked; stripped of her dress down to nothing more than a pair of nylons that hitched at the center of her thighs, connected to a garter belt loosely hanging at her waist. She hadn’t bothered to wipe away her smeared mascara or even fix her hair - it was important that Coco saw the raw emotion on his mistress’ face even in such a tender moment. As she laid there her cock was hanging free and ready for Coco’s promise of attention, and it was feeling rather robust considering all the things Rarity had been thinking about. Her slender little pet had tasked her with brainstorming of all the dirty things she would do with him in regards to showing him off to her friends, and the fact that her cock was so stiff, eager, and firm was proof that she had plenty of thoughts on the matter. That ivory member stuck straight out of her lap; showcasing every inch of equine glory, from the flat tip glistening with precum to the heavy sack hanging underneath. The shaft that Coco had gone to bed dreaming about, the shaft that was nearly the size of his forearm, if not better. The shaft that he was eager to worship with every inch of his body.

“You look simply ravishing, darling.” Rarity whispered as she laid eyes on her lover as he rounded the corner, and licked her lips in pointed fashion. “If you hadn’t already agreed to spend so much time pleasing me, I’d ask you to do just that right this minute. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl you are.”

Words that meant more to Coco than ever, now that he stood before her in the cutest, most feminine garb he could manage. He had taken the time to clean himself up; to straighten his sea green hair and even pull it into matching pigtails that sat low on his head. He had wiped the mascara from his face and even applied new lines to his eyes, helping to give him a smoldering look that set perfectly on his lovely features. He had even taken the time to reapply lipstick - though it was a different brand than he usually used. It was a perfect match to his sea green hair, and he took a page out of Rarity’s playbook with her cheap mascara. He had used a slightly off brand lipstick for one simple purpose; it would leave kiss marks wherever he decided to lay his lips.

Fashion-wise, the young man didn’t disappoint as he stepped closer to Rarity. He wore nylons that travelled to the center of his thighs just like his mistress, though his were a delightfully bright and girly pink, and instead of connecting to a garter belt they had a strap of silk embroidered into the band, tied into an elegant bow with tapered ends that curled in cute fashion. A matching bra was strapped across his flat chest, and though he didn’t fill the undergarment like some girls could, he still looked sweet and cute in it. Sparkles and sequins were marked across the pink fabric and it swept across his back with three spaghetti strings, each of which Rarity could enjoy the sight of as he did a slow twirl to show them off along with the smooth, bare flesh of his pale rump.

A silk choker helped the ensemble; similarly embroidered with expert skill. Two straps were stacked two inches apart while a lacy fishnet connected them, the entire thing nearly covering Coco’s throat in feminine fabric. Onto the top strap the word “Delicate” was stitched into the lining, and on the bottom “Flower” was marked in the same sweeping, elegant script. Delicate flower...just like the one that stepped closer still to where Rarity laid.

No panties. Though Coco Pommel absolutely loved wearing them, loved the feeling of that soft fabric against his most private parts, Rarity deserved to see him in his limp, flaccid glory. His small unit was practically hiding within the sheath as he approached, but it wasn’t for lack of arousal. In fact, he could hardly keep his senses in check and his skin was crawling with delight. Despite all of that his member still didn’t grow, still didn’t show his pleasure. A small package of pale flesh, which Rarity soon noticed had an adornment all its own. Yet one more strap of silk tied very loosely around the base, and connected to it a mesh fabric that ensased both sides of his tiny sack. The same material and design as his choker, and as such it wore a single word across the stitching -


“ not be any more exciting to me right now, dear.” Rarity whispered as she took in the sight, looking up and down the feminine package that was intimately offered to her. From pigtails to choker to nylons to the word “princess” marked across his lacy sackcloth, it was deeply and desperately hard for Rarity to not ravage Coco right there on the spot. With the hand of a mistress she gestured to the spot beside the couch, and spoke with a tightening throat. “Tend to me, and I’ll tell you everything.”

“Yes Mistress.” Coco Pommel whispered, and did exactly as he was told. His delicate knees found the carpet beside the couch, and his hands moved out to wrap around the base of his mistress’ shaft, drawing it slowly near his mouth. Before his lips were too busy spreading kiss marks all over that ivory length, he offered the other woman one more sweet admission - one more promise of his adoration. “If I’m any girl at all, Mistress...I’m your girl.”

Rarity cooed in pleasure at the thought, and watched with delight as Coco’s tongue trailed past lipstick-clad lips to give her a long, lingering lick.

Unlike Coco’s soft, small package, Rarity’s cock was anything but. It stuck firm and hard within his grip as he started to work, making constant eye contact with the woman as he kissed, licked, and squeezed his mistress in all the ways he knew she liked. Already a few sea green smooch marks were pressed against her ivory flesh, and he had slid his fingers up to the tip to collect her precum and glisten it across the entire length. That equine length had been intimidating and almost frightening when he had first seen it, but now? Now tending to it was as natural to Coco as the feel of lace and silk against his skin. That it to say, a natural state that he couldn’t live without.

And Rarity, for her part, was quite happy to confess the deepest sins of her fantasies while Coco tended to her.

“I want to show you off to all of my friends, darling. And I want them to writhe in jealousy knowing that belong to me.” Rarity cooed, simply leaning back and letting Coco work. She didn’t reach out to control his actions, simply folding her hands behind her back and letting him do whatever his heart desired. Her cock was his plaything for now - at least within the parameters of pleasing it. “I want Applejack and Rainbow Dash to beg me for a chance to play with you. And I want Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle to work together to suck me off just to be allowed to have time with you.” She offered a slightly mischievous smile, and licked her lips in pointed fashion. “...I’m the generous sort, as you know, so I’d certainly give them what they want. But they would have to show me they deserve even a minute of your mouth.”

Already, Coco could feel himself get more excited at the prospect. It was thrilling enough to know that his mistress wanted her friends to see him, but that she would make them earn his time was all the more heartening. The idea that he was worth their efforts...the idea that he was a valuable commodity to spoke to a very visceral part of his nature that gave him goosebumps. Moreover was the fact that Rarity was so protective, and that she wouldn’t rent out her pet without someone properly and fully earning it.

“Fluttershy is a different story.” Rarity cooed, watching as Coco kept licking. Her member throbbed again within his grip, and she took a deep breath when she witnessed him do his best to stretch his mouth around the tip. It was a struggle, but soon she could feel his tongue battering back and forth against the slit at the head of her cock, as if begging for his mistress’ cream to wash over him. “I want to share you with her, Coco. I want to watch you service both of us like you’re servicing me now...and I want both of us to press our cocks to your cheeks and make them scrunch up in the cutest of ways.”

“...oh gosh, Mistress…” It was all Coco could say at such an image, his hands openly trembling as he worked. With no more words he lowered his mouth and scooped up Rarity’s sack, starting his wet work of kisses and licks to worship it just the same.

“When you can reliably handle one of these inside of you-” Rarity gestured to her mammoth cock, as if she needed to point it out. “-I want to spitroast you with Fluttershy. I want to slide into your pussy as Fluttershy takes your mouth...and after we fill your little holes with cum?” She groaned in pleasure, and Coco could feel her sack churn within his grasp and under his lips. “I want to switch places, and do it all over again.”

“...Mistress…” Again, his words were barely for little more than letting her know he was listening, and that he was trembling upon every word. He kept sucking and slurping at his mistress’ cock, one hand sliding up and down the shaft while the other cradled her sack. She was close to her first climax; he could tell, and his hunger for her cum was outright desperate.

“And...and when we were finished filling you up…” Rarity was writhing now, her eyes shutting and imagining the scene within her mind. Coco, doubly stuffed and filled from both ends, his mouth and boypussy simply drooling cum from two cocks. “...I’d dress you in the frilliest little maid outfit, and ask you to clean up the mess…!”

It wasn’t surprising that it was thoughts of a girly maid outfit that finally made Rarity cum, and Coco Pommel knew her well enough to be ready for it. When her member started to erupt he turned his cheek to catch the first blast, and then slowly turned his head above the tip of the woman’s throbbing length, making sure that it had an opportunity to paint every bit of his face. Both cheeks, across his nose, and naturally filling his sweetly opened mouth. Rarity’s sack churned harder and harder as her member kept throbbing, and soon Coco Pommel could barely keep it steady as the cum kept pouring forward. By the very end of it all he was something of a mess - dripping with white from his cheeks and lips, his hands covered and even his shoulders marked. The “delicate flower” embroidery on his throat was completely covered and obscured with cum, and even after unleashing all of that it was clear that Rarity still wasn’t finished. Her cock, still throbbing, was clearly ready to unleash another load. And as for Rarity herself…

“...and...another fantasy of mine…”

Coco Pommel’s mistress wasn’t done yet. Not even close. The elegant little thing quickly scrambled to keep his mistress happy, knowing full well he’d have to do it while dripping in her essence. He could hardly believe just how fortunate he was.

As it turned out, the slow servicing of Rarity that evening turned into a long affair. Her cock was rather demanding that night after the emotional outburst that the two had shared, and it took some time for Rarity’s length to be fully milked of every drop of cum. Not that Coco minded; of course. Every mouthful of his mistress’ cream that he gulped down was another warm sensation in his belly, and he delighted in rubbing it into his skin to ensure the smoothest shine. And as he licked her, jerked her, or even sat on her lap and trapped her cock in between his thighs, Rarity confessed of all the dirty things she would do with Coco Pommel when he was ready.

And there were...a great many things. Coco Pommel couldn’t imagine an arousal greater than he felt that night hearing about those sweet and hungry promises, knowing that they weren’t pure fantasy - they were predictions. Things that Rarity would absolutely do with her little lover whenever he was ready, things that would transpire when their relationship had developed further along the line. Coco Pommel wasn’t merely going to be Rarity’s sweet little pleasure pet, he was going to become her slut...if such a thing was possible while being a pampered feminine cutie as he was.

“’ll be blindfolded, so you won’t know...won’t know which one of us is inside of you…” One of such whispers that Coco heard while Rarity confessed, all under the weight of his pleasing actions to her length.

“...I know we’ll be in a public dressing room, but I’ll still ask you to be as loud as possible while Sunset’s inside of you…” Even more whispers, complete with the mental image of Sunset Shimmer’s amber cock sliding into his tight, inviting boypussy.

“...and we’ll watch you drink every drop of a milkshake made from six girls’ cum…” Rarity squirmed as yet another climax began to shiver through her. “...and we’ll save enough for you to pour in a thermos for tomorrow’s lunch at class…”

In the end, Rarity had four thrilling orgasms, and each one soaked both her lover and the couch where she was sitting. Poor Coco Pommel had been painted again and again in his mistress’ cream, hair sticky and flesh wet, with barely a single corner of him untouched. Rarity had cum on his face, on the smooth fabric of his lacy nylons, squarely across his flaccid unit, and most scandalously pointed directly at the tight button of his ass - something for him to enjoy in a warm, squishy delight between his thighs. Coco Pommel had gotten more and more creative as he serviced his mistress, switching between sucking and jerking her to grinding her length between his thighs, cradling it to his chest for a small but intimate titjob, and even letting his own lacy-clad sack rest on her tip to show just how big she was compared to him. The end result was a very sticky and satisfied mistress that looked up from her stupor with a smile on her face, and moved a hand out to brush fingers across Coco’s soft, blushing cheek.

“...darling, this was the most marvellous evening.” She cooed, and let her eyes dance down to Coco Pommel’s own length. “Though I fear I’ve been most selfish. Let me tend to you now, darling. It shouldn’t take long…”

“N-No, Rarity, that’s okay.” Coco Pommel smiled, resting on his knees at the foot of the couch. His little package was still as limp as ever, even though just the touch from his mistress was enough to give him joyful, horny butterflies in his belly. “What I’d really like, Mistress? It’’s to just be held by you. All night, if you would. I just...I really want to be close to you right no--ooohhh!”

Coco Pommel got his wish as his mistress swept in; showing more movement than she had the entire time during the worship of her cock. She wrapped those ivory arms around young Coco’s body and pulled him close, crushing his slender figure to her own, letting him feel the full shape of her bare breasts, and pressing her face down to give him an affectionate kiss on a sticky, cumstained cheek. As she held him close Coco trembled in a joy he could barely place, and the emotion of the evening quickly started to overwhelm him.

From Twilight and Sunset’s, to that horrible, horrible car ride the moment of grief of seeing his mistress sad on the the hours-long worship of her equine cock. It had been a very long and eventful day for Coco Pommel, and it was filled with many peaks and valleys, many tears and smiles. He was ending the night on a positive note - cumsoaked and held close - but it was still a long day and his poor little heart was exhausted from the roller coaster. And when Rarity finally spoke again with her arms so tight around him that he could feel her heartbeat, he simply couldn’t take any more.

“ beautiful, precious, pretty girl.” Rarity whispered, her hand sliding down his back and her body squeezing closer still. She said the words as if she somehow knew just what they were going to do to him. “My delicate flower princess. My pink and green pastel beauty. My elegant little angel.” She said the words sweetly and softly, echoing with emotion and praise. As she spoke one of her hands even lowered to tug one of Coco’s nylons back into place, and then smoothing her fingers down it so it didn’t stay wrinkled. “...the cutest, sweetest, most feminine lover a woman could hope for.”

Coco Pommel couldn’t handle any of those words, and they broke him in the most delightful way. His tears returned from earlier in such a fashion that it made his mascara run once more, but this time the tears were of profound joy that began deep within his sensitive heart. And at the same time, completely without his own volition or any sort of contact, his tiny, soft length started to hit its peak.

It was an unusual feeling, but he definitely knew that he was quivering in orgasm. His cum was dripping and dribbling out of the tip of his precious little package, leaking down and striking Rarity’s impressive horse length with a splat, splat, splat. The dripping of his soft member was a mirror to the tears that ran from his eyes, both brought forth through an immense measure of arousal and emotion that rocked through him at every breath.

And Rarity, realizing as much, only held him closer to keep it going. Her fingers worked into his hair and gently untied his pigtails, her lips pressed again and again to his forehead, and her words continued in soft fashion.

“...I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful girl in my life…” She cooed, tending to Coco at the end of a very long day. “And those other girls will be lucky if I ever let them touch my precious, pretty treasure. So delicate...I love you so much, my pet…”

Her words did nothing to stop Coco’s crying, but she wasn’t trying to. Each time she spoke it only seemed to draw more tears and weeping cum from his length, just as more joy ran through him. It was a high point of Coco Pommel’s life to be sure - a moment in which he felt more loved, more adored, and more appreciated than ever. Rarity had seen the girl within him, treated him as such, and doted on him with every word and every touch. She was a kind mistress that asked a lot of him in the form of her enormous cock, but in the same breath would protect him from anything that dared hurt him.

She would always hold him close, no matter how tired and sticky he was from servicing her. She would always straighten his nylons and fix the seams. She would always smooth his hair down, kiss his brow, and whisper what a pretty, delicate flower princess he was. She would love him for who he was, and she would not relent in her adoration.

As Coco’s length continued to leak white and let it drip to Rarity’s length, the fashionista pulled her darling all the closer. One hand soon settled under his rear while the other scooped around his back, holding him as near as she could manage as he wept from eyes and tip alike. Her words finally helped usher Coco Pommel to sleep - a satisfying, heartwarming sleep like he had never known before.

“...I will always love my pretty angel pet.” Her voice cooed, in absolute doting adoration. “And I’ll always dress her in the fanciest outfits I can design.”

End of Chapter 7.