• Published 29th Nov 2016
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Simply Coco, Darling! - dracedomino

Femboy Coco Pommel has always been a delicate creature, but it wasn't until he started hanging around Rarity that his feminine side really started to come out. The two share a very loving friendship that turns into something more.

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Once Coco is trained enough her rear will know no rest... And she'll love every second of it, I can tell :raritystarry:

Well, this is a surprise, a pleasant one at that. This is a huge improvement to the direction of the story. I loved every second of this. One thing though.

“-I want to spitroast you with Fluttershy. I want to slide into your pussy as Fluttershy takes your mouth...and after we fill your little holes with cum?” She groaned in pleasure, and Coco could feel her sack churn within his grasp and under his lips. “I want to switch places, and do it all over again.”

That doesn't sound very hygenic to me. I suppose if she took a moment to go wash her cock then it would be okay. Okay, this is Rarity fantasizing, I'm overthinking this aren't I?

Dear Princess Twilight,
This is Rarity writing to you from Sunset's journal. I was just wondering if as a Princess, do you have the power to declare Coco Pommel 'Princess of Flowers (from another dimension or course)'. It would mean a lot to me for... reasons.

Your interdimensional friend,

Worth the wait. :pinkiehappy:

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I'm looking forward to the next chapter

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