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Can't wait to read this <3

Oooh, I was wondering if you were going to delve into futa x male. Our group salutes you! :derpytongue2:

...........Umm...I..... Wipes forehead with a small towel...That was... Sweating as wipes forehead again.

Wow! That was the most intense love/sex scene ever!

7758919 It's not the first time I've worked with it, but it is the first time I've done a story with it showing up in the EQG setting. :) Thanks for commenting!

You got that rare talent for romantic sexuality!

I like this story. I haven't completely finished it, but so far so good.

Bruh, how is this not featured yet? A 10k word clopfic? That should have been featured within an hour, no joke.

Oh, I just saw that it's in only 8 groups. You really should consider adding it to at least 20 more, man.

7761728 I'm still getting the hang of groups, to be honest. And I feel like I'm missing a few key ones I should probably always be adding to. Any suggestions?

The story was featured suuuuuuuper briefly yesterday, for like an hour, heh.

Wow, this was just beautiful. I do have one small concern though, it seems like Coco is getting the short end of the stick here. I mean, I get it, he enjoys what he can do for Rarity, but she barely did anything for him and I can't help but feel like this pattern is going to continue. By that I mean that Rarity seems to want to penetrate him, which is fine, but is she going to let him penetrate her? Cause there didn't seem to be any mention of that, which is strange seeing that Rarity is the Element of Generosity and all that.

7762145 I can't talk too much about the future of the story partly because I want to avoid anything flirting with spoilers, and partly because I simply don't know. (I haven't discussed full details with the client yet.)

But I will say that it's not a story about just Rarity's pleasure, and Coco does get plenty of chances to enjoy himself. I don't know if he ever penetrates her, but I do know she will absolutely spoil him for affection regardless. :raritywink:

7761885 http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/groups?group_name=

If I were you, I'd go through all the groups that have 100 members or more and join the ones that you can fit your current and future stories into. The more groups your story is in, the higher chance you have of getting featured. There are just so many groups focused on clop that I can't really name a few off the top of my head.

I'm gonna be honest here. I sincerely love your writing, even if the harder parts weird me out a bit -- and if I get a slot I am going to toss money at you soon -- but that's sort of what I'm getting at here.

Coco worships Rarity. Even if he gets his share of the pleasure, I have trouble seeing this as "romance." IMO, great love stories are about "two people finding each other" (as ironically, Billy Butcher once put it), which I guess this sort of is but...it feels like the kind of fetishy thing (not sure quite what) that should probably be in the tags.

Let me know if I'm being too much a dick here; I don't want to dump chiding reviews on all your stories when the only problem is me not suspending disbelief at the right points.

7784773 No worries! I welcome the feedback, and I can understand your interpretation of it.

I haven't written the second chapter yet. (It's been paid for and I'll be tackling it in two weeks.) But I think that within it you'll see more of the romance aspects of the story. The client has very clearly communicated to me that these two really think the world of each other; even if there's a bit of one-sidedness with Rarity being the one on top. There's definitely some aspects of Coco being adoring in an over the top fashion, but I also think that if Chapter 2's events unfold like they should it'll display that Rarity's also deeply invested.

So I guess my response would be to stick with the story into Chapter 2, and if it's still not your cup of tea that's totally understandable. :raritywink:

7786099 That's more than fair. I appreciate the response.

I'll be as constructive as I can if I review anything else. You've earned that.

Do you have any stories that aren't futa?

7801351 Set in EqG? I don't think so. I do believe it could be considered my niche. :raritywink: But I do have non-futa stories in other fandoms.

My immediate reaction on seeing this updated was "oh goodness yes." I needed a pick-me-up. My thanks to DD and SS&E for providing one. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, this is beautiful! So loving and so sexy. Hell, I'm a straight guy, and even I think Coco is beautiful. Also, what happened at the end there? Did Rarity give Coco magical sexual reassignment surgery or something? Seriously, is Coco a real woman now, cause that would be just wonderful for him.

7828931 the magical finger thing? Looked like magical prostate stimulus.

7829613 In a way, isn't that particular activity always magical?

Awesome writing! Wouldn't have read this if it wasn't for shortskirtsandexplosions' recommendation, glad I did.

Super sweet and romantic, though I am somewhat annoyed at the high ratio of telling compared to showing.

Sweet mother of God, that was... I... there are no words to describe it.


Beautifully done...

I don't see too many thigh-jobs on many fictions here.
Well done.

Adorable as always. :pinkiehappy:

Hopefully the other girls can also find their magical matches out there somewhere.

Interesting, so feminine magic has affected him but not in the same way it has affected the girls. Presumably this is because he got less magic than they did. I wonder if Princess Twilight could amplify the feminine magic and give him a complete genital reversal like the girsl have?

I hope Rarity eventually takes him to 'Wednesday book club' I think he'd be a huge hit with the girls.

7920055 I only remember seeing a thigh-job in one other story. It sure is uncommon.

I love these two as a couple, the love between the two is adorable and I love the simple slice of life aspect. I would prefer if there wasn't sex in this story. That being said, I much prefer this to other fictions I have read were the sex is lust driven. While lust is a human emotion, I feel disconnected from it, it's not something I have felt. It's alien to me. But now, I'm just making this about myself. For that I am sorry, this is supposed to be about you and the world you have crafted. I am eager to see what is next, good luck with your future endeavors and please don't rush, I will wait for you.

Oh what should I say, well first off it's a beautiful, dare I say, magical story, and I really hope to see it continued and eventually concluded. I love the chemistry between Rarity and Coco, it's rare to see a character you'd expect to be timid and shy to admit to his lust and desires so openly, while at the same time keeping them in check and fully devoting himself to the woman he loves. In fact, the first part alone is already rare. At the same time, Rarity complements Coco perfectly, with her support and overflowing kindness, which honestly feels a bit out of character for her. I'd have expected her to be at least a little bit more vain and demanding because she already takes the leading role in the relationship.

Then, I really love the romance. It's beautiful, and that's absolute, but at the same time I'm personally a bit more into the kinky stuff (yes, I know many would consider a couple consisting of a futa beauty with a horsecock, and a crossdressing male beauty kinky, but I mean more in the way of actions.) I was hoping for a bit more of a power dynamic between the two, with Rarity actively trying to push Coco's comfort zone a bit more, instead of trying desperately to remain in bounds. Alternatively, Coco could show his love for his goddess with some more devoted acts, taking charge and maybe showing her that he isn't made of porcelain (we've already seen that he's a capable person and not some useless doll.) Of course, this might just be a slow start and something in that direction could still happen... the "buttgasm" was already a pretty intense scene the way you portrayed it.

What else is left to say? After I finished reading the last chapter (so far) I've been desperately looking for more Rarity x Coco stories, preferably with Coco as a cute male. My search couldn't procure anything even close to what you've written. Oh, and I was hoping to see some frottage between the two, since it became clear that Rarity sticking it anywhere but into Coco's mouth for now would be unlikely. So, yeah thank you for that scene. It was all I hoped for at that point.

One last question, is there maybe a chance we'll see Coco paying some attention to Rarity's primary female sexual organ pussy?

Hmmmm I wonder what AJ get's up to? Another sweet chapter can't wait for the next one.

Oh, I hope Rarity showed the others Coco's response. It would have them all revved up again and they'd be going at it all night! Oh that would be a funny way to start the next chapter, having Rarity and the others turn up to school tired because they didn't get any sleep. That'd be hilarious!

In the immortal words of Tristan from Yugioh abridged: "Just f*** already!"

Interesting. Rarity is quite insistent that "Coco Pommel is a young lady, not a ‘guy.’", and yet Coco keeps self-identifying as a man throughout.

8073458 That's a thought that's come up before. :) The client requested that the narrative uses he/him throughout, while Rarity herself insists on using female pronouns. I think partly this helps reaffirm the feminization aspects of the story, which when all is said and done this is still a kinky tale even if there is a lot of love and cuddles.

This soooo needs more!! :raritywink:

I hope you and SS&E are still having fun working on this. :scootangel:

8206029 The last few months have been hectic for us both I think, but I'm pretty confident we're both still interested in continuing with it!

I had the same question, but that was explained here: 8073479

Yeah, I didn't click until after I replied. :derpytongue2:

Wow, are the chapter dates accurate? I've really not updated this one since March? Time flies so much lately. Well, hope you think this cute chapter was worth the wait!

“Of course, dear.” She offered with confidence and grace. “When he’s ready.”

Because it's spoken out loud by Rarity, shouldn't this be she?

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