My Little Lucifer

by pinkshadow369

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What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.

What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.
Hello everyone, this is my first story done on fimfiction. so be nice and like/favorite. Or not. For tags im gonna tell you some stuff here. it is an adventure. it is some slice of life. it does have comedy so don't worry. and at some moments it can get kind of dark.
Other than that im just anxious to finally get this started. ALSO! if anyone is interested in doing my cover art that would be great. You wouldn't believe the stuff I had to go through just to get nothing. So if anyone can help that be great.


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[Life is as pointless as the attempts we make to change the world] A look inside Lucifer's head

Our story begins in a locker room at an underground fight club. Where our young protagonist, Lucifer, is sitting on a bench waiting for his upcoming fight. He has black eyes and regular brown hair in a less than perfect cut. He's twenty three years old and six feet tall and fairly well toned.

“Hey kid, I gotta talk to you for a sec about the fight” said his boss and manager Joey. He was a mid-forties New Yorker with brown hair and brown eyes. A clear way to tell you he was full of shit. “Now I know you know what you’re doing out there, but I wanted to remind you the stakes here.” He moved and sat down next to him. “Tonight is the championship fight for ten thousand dollars cash. And the competition is looking fierce” he said with concern.

“It doesn't matter. I'm gonna win and that's all there is to it” he replied. Joey gave him an agitated look.

“Yeah you got it, I know. You ever think you’re getting too big for your gloves there? Look, what I'm trying to tell you is to play it smart. This guy literally killed his last challenger. If it wasn't for his bosses connections he wouldn't be here today.” He looked at Joey with no care or emotion.

“You think that scares me? You and I both know I'm gonna win so there's nothing else to discuss.” He snarled at him. Joey sat up to look at him with anger clear on his face.

“Don't you get smart with me. I'm the fucking boss, got it? Now I got a lot of money betting on you and I don't expect you to lose. Capish?”

He looked back at Joey with a grin as he stood up to him. “Capish” he said as he walked toward the exit of the room as he looked back at him. “But remember, even if you are the boss, I don't gotta do shit if your dead.” He said as a man came in telling him it was time for the fight. Before he did anything he reached around his neck and removed a necklace. It was a cross made from wood with a Jesus figure made from metal on it. And then he walked out leaving a pissed off Joey alone in the locker room.

As he stepped out of the locker room, he followed the man through a small series of halls until finally arriving at the main door to the arena. When opened he saw all the people cheering and booing for him as he began to walk toward the ring. As he walked closer to the ring he could see his opponent. He was easily six foot five and had short black hair and a clear scar across his face. The opponent was full of muscle. He guessed that he probably weighed around two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. His overall opinion of him was as followed.

“He's not so tough.”

And then he finally found himself in the ring listening to the announcer. The announcer was Joey’s cousin. He was a small fat man that weighed around two hundred and fifty pounds in blubber. He had black hair. He was around five three.

“Alright boys and girls listen up. This here is the championship fight for a prize of ten grand. Now normally the fights would be around three to five rounds. But because it's the big C, the fight won't stop until one of these challengers are knocked out.” He said addressing the crowd and then looking at the fighters to make sure they understood. “Now let's get this show on the road” he said as he cleared his throat. “In this corner we have the challenger Miles Miller. And in this corner, we have the reigning champion Lucifer." The crowd shouted in excitement. “Begin."

And with that he quickly jumped out of the ring. Miles quickly removed the distance between them and began throwing a series of jabs and hooks. Lucifer easily dodged them as he slowly walked back to a corner. Miles continued his barrage as he made his way to trap Lucifer into the corner. He wound up his arm to deliver a right hook. As he swung, Lucifer expertly shuffled around him and pushed him into the corner where he began his own assault.

Two left jabs to the face, four haymakers to the stomach, and one right hook until Miles made a swift haymaker of his own to Lucifer’s stomach. As he flinched from the hit he kneed him in the same place he struck previously. He then pushed him into the open ring and escaped the dreaded corner and began his own assault.

He wound up his arm and delivered a massive right hook dropping Lucifer like a box of kittens into a river. He quickly got on top of him and began delivering a series of blows towards his face. Each punch made his face more swollen until he was able to grab his arm and drag his body down closer to deliver a head butt. Miles stopped only for a second, but that's all he needed as he freed his legs and kicked Miles off of him. He quickly got up only to be charged at by Miles. Lucifer side stepped around him and extended his leg out effectively tripping miles. The crowd went berserk with applause.

But he did not follow up with his attack, and actually waited for Miles to quickly pick himself back up. They were both standing back up now, circling around one another, waiting to see who would strike first. It was Miles as he tackled Lucifer into a corner to trap him. He sent massive blows to his chest and stomach while he kept him tightly pinned against the corner. This backfired for Miles though, as he began delivering a flurry of knees to his stomach and chest. When Miles finally let go of the tackle he was punched in the throat by a quick left jab. Miles eyes went wide as he covered his throat only leaving himself that much more vulnerable. He immediately wound up his leg and kicked him right in his manhood so hard, you could hear his sperm count scream.

Miles was on his knees now, only for Lucifer’s knee to expertly meet his nose. And with that, the fight was over. Leaving an unconscious Miles, a screaming crowd, and a grinning Joey as the referee walked up to him naming him the champion. All was looking good. He had defended his title once again, and earned ten thousand dollars cash. He looked around to see the crowd of people that cheered for him. How he hated them. They had no right to be happy that he won.

People were betting and cheering for unnecessary violence. It was pointless to him. He did this because of his upbringing he was unfit for anything else in life. And it wasn't fair to him. But that was something he learned very quickly in life.

It was never fair. He walked out of the ring and into the locker room. He showered, got dressed, and received his prize from Joey. And most importantly, he got his necklace back around his neck. And with that done he was off.

He walked towards a local dive bar he's been visiting for years. It was called Pinkies Place. He walked in and found his way towards a stool in front of the bar.

“Ah Lucifer, how ya been buddy? I heard you had a fight tonight. How’d it go?” Said Al the bartender and owner of Pinkies Place. He was an older man around his early sixties. He had green eyes and gray hair on the sides of his head but was bald straight down the middle.

“I won” he replied plainly. “Joey said it be a challenge. He lied.” Al only smiled at this as he poured him a drink.

“Since when have you ever had a challenge? Why I remember when you first walked in this bar. It was two years ago and you got into a fight with some bikers who were loitering. You destroyed half my bar and beat the shit out of them” he said while looking at the ceiling as if remembering. “And now you’re an underground fighter making good money” he smiled. “What a life.”

Lucifer said nothing as he took the drink. Al left him alone and tended to the rest of the customers. An hour went by where he did nothing but sit and slowly drink. Al returned with a shot glass and handed it to him.

“I didn't order this.” He said bitterly.

“Yeah but that sweet heart over there did.” He said while pointing behind him. Lucifer turned around and saw a young girl with blond hair smile and wink at him. “She's quite the looker ain't she?” He asked. The only response he gave was downing the shot in a single gulp as he got up and headed to the dart board. Al sighed. “That kids gotta learn how to loosen up for once” he said as he shook his head.

Lucifer was a professional at darts. At a young age he was taught to have great accuracy and a calculating eye. So it's easy to say some people would love a challenge.

“Hey you there.” A man said as he put his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder. “You’re pretty good at that. Why don't we play a game of darts for some cash? Let's say...fifty bucks.”

He turned around to look at the man. He was a man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties. He had a brown beard and bald head. He was wearing sun glasses for reasons unknown. And he smelled of alcohol.

“Fine. But when I win you better pay up” he said as he removed his arm and handed the man the darts. The man smiled as he gladly took them.

“Your so on.”

And with that the game began. They were throwing darts left and right. And for a man who seemed intoxicated, he was really good. But he wasn’t nearly good enough to beat Lucifer. While Lucifer was scoring bull’s eye after bull’s eye, he scored in the areas of triple points to compete with him. But before they knew it the game was over and Lucifer had won.

“Looks like you owe me fifty bucks.” He said coldly as he had a slight grin cross his lips. The man reached into his pocket and gave him his money.

“You’re really good at that. I'll have to play you again sometime when I'm sober.” And with that the man left the bar. Lucifer turned around and made his way back to the stool.

“Hey that was a great game you played there.” Al said as he began to clean the counter.

“I agree.” He turned around to see that girl from earlier who bought him that drink. “That was really impressive. Where'd you learn to play like that?” He fought the urge to scowl as he gave her an answer.

“I have a history of using and throwing sharp objects. Let's leave it at that.” The girl only giggled at this.

“Hey, can I show you something really cool?” She asked as she began to search around in her purse which he just now noticed. But before he could say no, she pulled out a strange vial that looked like perfume and sprayed him in the face.

“What the hell!” He shouted as he rubbed his eyes. The stuff was awful. It burned his eyes and nose from the foul smell.

“I'm so sorry! I just wanted you to smell this really cool perfume I got on a trip to Hawaii.” He disregarded this comment as he made his way to the door. Unfortunately for Al he didn't pay.

He was walking towards his home. Time slowly went by as he made his way through familiar streets. He's walked this path a thousand times and its path was burned into his very mind. He passed buildings, streets, light post, and one abandoned warehouse until he began to get a slight headache.

After a while he stopped to catch his breath. The headache was taxing his entire body. And as quick as the headache appeared he began feeling dizzy. He started to contemplate this situation.

“I'm not drunk. So what's hap...?” He never finished that sentence as he passed out on the sidewalk.

Darkness. All he could see was darkness. A sack was on his head obscuring his vision. He heard low whispers all around him. He was standing up with chains on his wrist, lower legs, and throat. He could not move. But he could speak.

“I don't know what you want” he said menacingly. “I don't know who you are. If you’re looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have any money. But I do have a special set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you don't let me go I will kill you. If you do let me go I will still kill you. I will find the one whose idea this was. And I will kill whoever they are. And then I'll kill anyone who helped.”

At that point all he could hear was laughing as the sack on his head was removed to see a young man with green eyes and white hair in front of him.

“That was funny” he said. “And here I thought you wouldn't have a sense of humor. I love the movie taken.” The man had a terrible British accent. He was around five ten in height and looked to be in his late teen years, around eighteen or nineteen to be precise.

Lucifer could now see his surroundings. Which were less than pleasant. He was standing in the middle of a massive pentagram. His chains came from the endpoint of each angle in the star. The room was very dark, the only source of light coming from candles, giving the room an eerie feeling full of tension.

Worse than that was his company. He wasn't the only one kidnaped it seemed. There were people tied inside the stars angle in each point. The room was very dark and only lighted by an assortment of candles spread all along the pentagram. As for the whispers he heard earlier, he now knew the cause. There were a number of hooded figures all around the room. Their faces cloaked and could not be seen. It was not a good situation to be in.

“Who are you and what do you want?” He demanded toward the man whose laugh was gone but still had a massive smile. “And why are there other people there?” The man smiled even wider at his questions.

“You should know what's going on. And if you don't, than you must not have paid attention in your early class years. As for them” he said as he pointed to one of the victims. “I can't say or the boss will get mad at me. He should be here soon. As for me, I'm Steve.”

Lucifer’s brow furrowed even more than what it typically is for two reasons. One was he really being held prisoner by this freak with the gay ass name of Steve. And two, whose idea was it to kidnap him and these people.

“Who’s your boss?” He asked. Steve only smiled.

“You really are stupid aren't you? If anyone should know the boss it's you.” And at that moment, a pair of doors previously unseen opened up revealing a hooded figure and a new source of light. The source of light quickly faded as it slammed shut a second later. “Ooh it's him, it's the boss. This is going to be so exciting.” He said as he stepped away from Lucifer.

The man walked up to Lucifer and removed his hood. He was instantly recognized. The man had black eyes and white hair. He stood at six feet and appeared to be in his mid-forties and was an average weighted person who Most likely weighed anywhere from one sixty through one eighty.

“Noah! I should have known.” At that point he thrashed around at his chains trying to force his way through but to no avail. Noah only smiled at his display.

“There's no use fighting it Lucifer. The connection between the two of you has been fixed, and he controls your powers. You are currently nothing more than a regular human bound by those who are your superiors.” He smiled maliciously. “After all, isn't that what being mortal is all about? Being a pawn for those above and below you? To be sacrificed at a moment’s notice when needed.”
Lucifer growled in anger.

“So is that what this is about? Forcing me back to be your slave!” He shouted. “I escaped once and I'll do it again. I'll never be what you want me to be.” Noah only grinned.

“That's where you’re wrong. You've ran from us for some time now. And now we have you back. And as for what you'll be, you'll be what you were made to be. The anti-Christ. And more importantly, the portal. Nothing more, nothing less.” He let those words linger for a moment before he continued. “And today you will finally achieve your destiny. To be humanities dark prophet and baptize this world in blood and fear.”

He walked away from him along with Steve and stood right outside the pentagram. He began speaking in tongues. Lucifer hadn't practiced in over eight years and couldn't understand what he was saying. But while he spoke, the rest of the cloaked people began forming a circle around the star. Noah continued his indecipherable speech as five cloaked figures approached the star, and stood next to the people who were tied down and unconscious. It was than he noticed they had weapons. Each member in the cult had a simple sword in their hands, and positioned themselves ready to strike the prisoners. Noah's speaking was getting faster and louder. And then it happened. He stopped his speech in tongues and the cloaked members plunged their swords into the chest of the prisoners killing them. He screamed in outrage.

“You bastards! You pieces of shit, I'll kill you all.” He thrashed at his chains, blinded by his fury that he could not even see the spectacle unfolding before his very own eyes. The pentagram had ignited and was on fire and was Spreading on its very own, like a mystical unholy dance. The chains caught fire and traveled their way to the shackles on Lucifer. Burning them to his flesh and finally melting the chains. The entire building seemed to be shaking as he could see several of the hooded figures retreat from the room. The last thing Lucifer saw was Noah smiling as he fell down the never ending crater that appeared right where he had been standing. He fell for what felt like forever in this crater that just appeared underneath him. The last thing he heard over the sound of his own screaming was a soft whisper in his ear. It was almost soothing, like what he heard a mothers voice would be like to their child.

“It'll get better.”

Chapter 1 An unexpected twist

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[No matter what strange situation happens in life the solution is always the same. Act like nothing happened and eliminate anything that would say otherwise.] A look inside Lucifer's head

“What the fuck just happened? Where am I?” He said to himself as he awoke from his restless slumber. He was confused as he found himself in a dense and dark forest. “Why am I in a forest?” He looked around slightly as he still lay there on the ground. “Huh, this is the first time I've ever been in a forest.” He lay there pondering his feelings about his new experience. “This is kinda...boring. I better leave before any animals come my way.”

He began to stand but immediately fell hitting his head hard against a rock. “Ouch!” He began rubbing his head and instantly knew something was wrong and looked at his fingers. “Where are my fingers!? Where are my hands?! What's going on?!” He screamed to himself. He began looking over his body, noticing several changes.

His fingers had seemed to disappear along with his hands, and feet. He looked around frantically for a mirror but remembered he was in a forest. But then as he stood up to the best of his ability, he saw a small pond and ran to it, falling and tripping several times. Upon inspection, he saw that he had transformed into what appeared to be a small horse with wings and a horn. He had an all silver coat with a crimson red mane and tail that when he moved them around gave the illusion of an actual moving flame. It was like a dark and mystical fire. His wings matched his coat, but the end feathers were red like his tail and mane. His horn was also red like his mane and tail. It was while he was expecting his horn he noticed he was bleeding due to the rock.

“W-wh-what happened to me?” He stared in the ponds reflection looking over his new body. He began slowly breathing to try and calm down. And upon relaxing he noticed the smaller details. His eyes were now red as well, and his shackles remained burned to his body. The last thing he noticed was the only thing to make him slightly happy. His cross remained dangling around his neck where it rightfully belonged. But once he calmed down all his other emotions came back to his mind.

“What the fuck is this bullshit!” He screamed in protest. “I'm a fucking horse! The anti-Christ, the one that prophecies spoke of being the harbinger of chaos and destruction, has been demoted to a miserable horse!” He screamed in anger at his situation. Only by looking at his cross managed to calm him down. That is until he remembered his shackles. “And it looks like I still have these fucking things.” He mumbled bitterly.

It was time to take them off. He began to try and force them off, but that proved completely and utterly useless. He tried for around ten minutes but nothing could make them budge. Silence took him as he realized what that meant.

“I'm still a slave. And worse of all, five people died just so that I could become a-a-a fucking horse! What am I supposed to do with this body? Kick people to death until they except me as there supreme overlord!” He roared and screamed in rage at his predicament. But there was something that made him think even more than his new body. He began to think about those five people and his situation.

“I owe those people their lives. But I can't fix what's already done.” He began thinking about what he could do to repay his newfound debt. “I'll just have to save five other people's lives. Then I’ll be even.” He was snapped out of his contemplation when he began to smell smoke.

He looked around to find that the forest was on fire all around him. “How'd that happen?” He looked back down to the pond and saw that he was on fire. “Are, are my powers back?” He looked around and saw the rock that he fell on and decided to test his theory. He began concentrating on the rock and it began to levitate near him. Then he remembered the pain he felt from that rock and used his powers to crush it leaving nothing but pieces left. “It's nice to know I haven't forgotten anything. And if that's the case, than it looks like I caused this fire when I got angry. Looks like I'm going to have to watch my emotions carefully.”

Even though now he had to control his emotions with extreme care, he couldn’t help but smile for having his powers back. “How I’ve missed these. I need to celebrate.”

He began blasting trees with balls of fire all around the forest as he began to walk out of it. But before he did he stopped to observe his surroundings. He was in a small clearing with the pond being the center. If he had to guess he would say that it was probably a hundred feet in length and width. He incinerated trees, crushed rocks and boulders, and slaughtered any and all animals that got in his way. It was while he was walking he noticed more details about his new body. He had a wider field of vision because his eyes were now much bigger. His ears could swivel around and pick up more sound.

That's how he found more animals to incinerate. He paid attention to his new body as he continued his destructive stroll through the woods, ready to learn anymore secrets of being a small horse. For him, destroying something with no negative effect or worry was, in a word, therapeutical. He did this for well over an hour and a half until he exited the forest and entered a large clearing of land and could see a town far out in the distance.

”Looks like I know where I’m headed." He stopped his destructive celebration to concentrate on the town that lied ahead. And doing this he began to think of other things. “How did I get in this body anyway? Does it have something to do with that portal? And if that's the case, how can I become human again?”

This was all he could think about during his walk. The walk was long and uneventful. As he walked he began to really notice his surroundings. The trees in the clearing were different from the ones in the forest. They were smaller and much more colorful. Everything was much more colorful. And this troubled Lucifer to no end.

“Everything looks like a cartoon.” He thought to himself as he continued his walk in silence until he heard a scream coming from the distance near the edge of town. It sounded like that of little girls. Normally he would never help anyone unless he could get something out of it. But he had a debt to repay. And for him, repaying that debt was even more important than becoming human again.

“Looks like I’ll repay that debt sooner than I thought” He said as he ran towards the scream to investigate. As he ran, the screams continued to get louder, followed by more voices that weren't screaming, but were barking and growling. He arrived to see a small unicorn with a light purple, almost gray coat, and a blond mane and tail cowering next to a unconscious Pegasus with a grey coat and blond mane and tail underneath a tree. They were surrounded by three human sized dogs that were growling and wearing armor. They looked like bulldogs.

The small unicorn shouted at them, “Get away from my mom!”

The dogs began to get closer and she took a defensive stance in front of her mother and gave a look of extreme constipation. They began to laugh until they noticed her horn began to glow a faint blond light. Sensing a threat they stopped there laughing to look as her horn began to glow more fiercely, and finally sending a small blast at one of the dogs. Unfortunately it did nothing except make them laugh some more as the attack had no effect on their armor.

They were laughing so hard that they didn't even notice when they began to slowly lift off the ground, and finally reached ten feet in the air. That’s when he walked into view of the little unicorn.

“Mister Mister you got to help my mom, sh-she got hurt really bad trying to protect me from those diamond dogs. Please mister you gotta help.” She had tears in her eyes as she pleaded to him for help. By now the dogs were fully aware that they were floating and began to panic. They started flailing their arms around as if they were trying to grab onto the very air itself. He used his powers and slammed them into the ground. He then forced them closer to him so he could get a better look at them.

There armor was silver plated and surprisingly they all looked the same. The middle one trembled as he spoke.

“Wh-who are you?” He asked. Lucifer looked each of them in the eyes for a few short moments until he spoke in a hushed tone.

“Pathetic mutts”

They put up one final struggle to escape his telekinetic grasp. It was short lived as a low crack sound came from all three of them simultaneously as they were released from his grasp and fell to the ground. Their bodies lay limp as rag dolls. The little unicorn screamed.

“Ahh! What did you do?!” He said nothing as he used his powers to lift the unicorn onto his back and her mother slightly into the air.

“That's what happens to bad people kid, remember that. Also, I’m new here so you’re going to have to point me to the hospital. So let's move, and fast.” And with that he began running as fast as he could to the town he saw in the distance. Luckily for him he learned fast and walking and running in his new body were no longer a problem. Once he got to the town the unicorn began giving directions.

“Left, right, left, no your other left, now you’re right again.” These helpful instructions lasted for several minutes until they finally saw the hospital.

He made a mad dash to the hospital bursting through the doors screaming, “Get this women to the emergency room now!” The nurse at the front desk called for more staff, and out came two nurses and one doctor. The regular pony was a stallion with a light brown coat and a dirty blond mane and tail. The two unicorns were both mares with white coats but had different manes and tails. The first was bright pink and the second was blond. The unicorn’s horns began glowing encasing the unconscious mare dangling in the air and moving her onto a stretcher and leaving the room as quick as they came. The nurse at the front desk began to speak to them.

“I'm sorry, but you two have to stay here while the doctors operate. But you’re more than welcome to wait in the waiting room.” He only nodded but the small unicorn was less calm then he was.

“But I want to see my mom. I got to see her!” The nurse looked at the child apologetically.

“I'm sorry dearie, but you can't go in there while the doctors are operating. But I assure you, they'll do everything in their power to make sure your mother is as good as new.” The child turned away from the nurse and looked at him with watery eyes.

“And what about you mister? Do you think she'll be okay?” He only shrugged his shoulders as he took a seat next to the desk and motioned for her to do the same. This only caused her to panic. “Mister please, you’re an alicorn for celestia's sake, surely you know something.” He could only think of this for a moment.

“An alicorn. Is that what I am? I haven't seen any others like me.” And then he replied in a uncaring voice. “I'm sure she'll be fine. The doctors are no doubt trained for this type of stuff.” This helped calm her down as she took a seat next to him.

“Thank you mister, that means a lot coming from an alicorn. Hey, I never did get your name.”

He replied coldly, “Lucifer.” She tilted her head in confusion.

“Lucifer? That's a weird name. My names Dinky doo.” This caused an angry glare from him.

“Your name is Dinky doo, and I’m the one with the weird name?” Dinky looked apologetically as she spoke.

“I'm sorry Lucifer, I didn't mean to offend you, I’m just saying I’ve never met anypony with that name before.” He sighed as he began to speak.

“That's fine kid, let's just sit and wait for the doctors to come and tell us how your mother is doing. In silence.” The way he said silence had a commanding tone that felt so cold it would appear to be wrapped in ice. This caused her to slouch a bit due to her nerves. They waited in silence noticing and observing everything about the waiting room.

It had white walls and white marbled floors. The furniture consisted of multiple seats that were all a light blue color. The nurse at the desk was coated pink with a blue tail and mane. They were the only ones in there. The time when they arrived was 1:35 pm. And he took this time to do some research.

Because if there was a universal rule out there, it would be as followed. Every hospital has some magazine to read. And he was right. He quickly found a pile of magazines stacked on a nearby table. He began to read a magazine titled, “Canterlot society.” Through it he learned about the capital city of Equestria, Which apparently is the country he now found himself in.

It talked about what he figured it would talk about. Bachelors, luxurious houses for sale, great places to go for vacation, how wonderful it was to be rich.

It was disgusting. This was as if someone took the sin greed and made it into a magazine. It did however contain something that caught his new overly sized eye. An article about someone called Princess Celestia. And through it he learned that she and her younger sister Luna were the co rulers of the entire country. But even more amazing were these two things about them.

They were immortal. And they could move the sun and moon. He knew through watching the doctor’s use there spells that this world had magic. Or at least what they called magic. But to use magic so powerful you could live forever and move celestial bodies. That was something even he gave a shocked expression about. While he was content with reading a magazine until they were called upon by the doctors, he noticed his company was not.

While he was completely calm and collected, she was a mess. Her eyes were filled with worry as she starred at the door they sent her mother through on the stretcher. He floated a magazine in front of her to distract her from this grave news. And after a while, she hesitantly took it and began to read.

“What's this mean?” She asked as she handed him the magazine. Unfortunately for him, he gave her what was the pony version of Victoria's Secret. He found out when she showed him a picture of a mare in black stockings laying across a rug behind a fireplace.

Apparently it was trying to sell clothes that would get a stallions "stallion" running. He quickly took the magazine and burned it in front of her.

“It was nothing!” He said quickly as he carefully selected a new magazine for her to read. This time flipping through the pages first to make sure nothing to mature was there for her to read. After she began reading he started to think about his current situation.

"What is this place? There's no way this is a dream. Its to realistic. And yet here I am sitting next to a horse that can talk in a horse ruled world apparently. Could I be in some sort of state that forces me to see reality in a different way?"

He thought of this while she read until 7:50 pm in complete silence until the same doctor as before came out wearing a rather grim look on his face. He was immediately greeted by a distraught Dinky and a calm Lucifer.

“How is she? Is she ok? Is my mom gonna be alright? Please tell me.” The doctor looked at Lucifer very seriously as he spoke.

“Sir, are you her father?” He only shook his head as she replied for him.

“My dads dead.” The doctor looked upset as he asked him a question.

“Then who are you?”

“Lucifer, and the one who got them both here.” And with that answer he looked satisfied as he looked down to her with a serious expression.

“Dinky, I’m afraid to tell you that there have been some complications in regards to your mother’s health. She suffered extreme skull and brain injuries. She also appears to have lost a lot of blood in the time it took you to get her here. I'm afraid...that if she lives.” He stopped as he took a moment to find the words. “She might be nothing more than a vegetable.” She stood there in silence, completely dumbstruck at the terrible news. And it was Lucifer who broke that silence.

“Fuck that! No one’s becoming a vegetable on my watch as long as I have a debt to repay.” He began marching through the door to enter the medical rooms of the hospital only to be stopped by the doctor.

“What are you doing? You can't go in there.” This only caused the doctor to levitate off the ground and be brought close to his face as he spoke.

“Someone’s got to do your job.” He said with hate as he threw him into the wall and continued walking into the hall opening every door until he found his patient. He only stopped when he was confronted by security who demanded him to leave. They did not stop him for long as he rendered them unconscious with his telekinetic powers and a nearby chair. He continued walking until he finally found her. He walked up to her bed and noticed a clipboard on a table next to her bed.

“Name Ditsy Doo. Sex female. Blood type A. Employment mailmare. Huh, so that's her name. It's as weird as her daughters.” He walked up to her side and looked her over. She had bloodied bandages all around her skull, and minor cuts and bruises all around her body. Her breathing was slow as was her heartbeat on the monitors. “Now or never Lucifer” he said to himself as he began to concentrate.

He stood there concentrating on his power for several minutes, until something started to happen. His body began to become covered in steam. He concentrated even harder until the steam disappeared and was replaced with a black aura of energy covering his body. He took his energy and formed it in front of his body near his chest as he began molding all of it into a small sphere. He did this for several seconds until the sphere was as small as a gum ball and began floating towards her. That is when the doctor arrived to watch the spectacle unfold. The sphere phased right into her head and her entire body began to glow black.

The doctor could only say four words as to what he just saw, “What did you do?” He was answered by a beeping monitor as her heartbeat began going up along with her brainwaves that was presented on a machine to her side. He began walking out of the room and back to where Dinky was. As he walked out he saw the doctor and two more nurses’ rush into the room, no doubt checking on ditsy. When he arrived back in the waiting room he saw a crying Dinky doo being hugged by the nurse at the desk doing her best to comfort her. The nurses embrace was short lived as she began floating away from dinky, forcefully out of the way as he walked up to Dinky.

“Your mother is going to be alright now. I healed her and she should wake up in a day or two.” She couldn't even force herself to look him in the eyes as she began to speak through sobs.

“Ho-how do y-you know that? The doctor said she was going to-to-to be a vegetable!” She sobbed out, now crying on the floor in a fetal position. That's when the doctor walked in with his clipboard and a shocked expression on his face.

“Mr. Lucifer! I don't know what it is that you did. But whatever you did appears to have worked wonders!” This caused her to look up slightly and postpone the waterworks as he continued to speak. “It's truly remarkable! Her head wounds have already begun to heal and repair themselves. I've never in all my years seen such an act of medical magic!” he said that last line like a schoolgirl meeting her celebrity crush. This only caused him to roll his eyes in agitation while Dinky suddenly found that spring in her step to reappear.

“Does that mean my mom’s gonna be alright doctor?” The doctor smiled at the little filly as he spoke with much enthusiasm.

“Yes child, your mother is going to be alright, thanks to Mr. Lucifer here. Why, I’d be willing to bet that if she keeps healing at this rate, she'll be out of this hospital in two days’ time.” This caused her to practically throw herself around Lucifer’s neck in a death grip of a hug.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you Lucifer! How could I ever repay you?” This got his attention quickly as he began to list out his demands.

“First, get off of me." He said plainly. She complied quickly and they separated. "Second, I want a temporary means of stay at your home until I am financially able to afford a home of my own.” This caused her smile to waver slightly but was quickly brought back as she spoke.

“Well, I’d have to ask my mom whether or not you could stay with us. But for the time being she's in the hospital you’re more than welcome to stay with me on the couch at home.” He gave a half smile of his own as he reached out his hoof to meet hers.

“Deal.” He said to her as he glanced his neck sideways to the left, only to notice the doctor was still there waiting patiently. “What do you want?” The doctor walked up to him and quickly closing the short gap between them as he spoke.

“I'd like to ask what it is that you did to heal Mrs. Doo so quickly. As I said earlier, I’ve never seen an act of medical magic so powerful in all my years as a doctor. And I also noticed that even though there was a clear aura of magic, it was not directed anywhere near your horn. All of what you just did should be impossible. And so I’m asking you, Lucifer, what did you do to Mrs. Doo?” He only let out a loud groan of protest as he gestured for him and Dinky to take a seat.

“Alright, so the first place to begin is to answer your question about what exactly I did to heal Mrs. Doo. First and foremost, I did not use any type of magic on Mrs. Doo.” This resulted in a series of confused looks from Dinky, the doctor, and the nurse who by now was let go and was silently listening from her desk.

“But how is it possible to not have used magic? I saw your entire body engulfed in a black aura that reeked of power only a alicorn could use.” The doctor said.

“While that may be true, did you actually sense any, "magical" power coming from me at all during my charge up time?” He rebutted. The doctor only looked shocked as he shacked his head realizing he did not sense any magical power coming from him at the time. What he sensed was something else. Something dark, and evil.

“To continue what I was previously saying, I did not use any magic what so ever on Mrs. Doo. The reason why I did not use magic is because I don't know how.” Another set of confused looks from everypony in the room. “Now before you interrupt me again let me finish. I may be what you call an alicorn, but I was not always this way. I don't know how to use magic or fly for that matter. I won't go into exact details as to what happened to transform me into an this. But I will tell you that I’ve never been in this town or in this body a single day in my life, but back to Mrs. Doo. Even though I cannot use magic, I’ve always possessed a power that was connected to."

He paused in order to think of something similar yet lie to avoid revealing the truth.

"My emotions. I gave Mrs. Doo a part of my power. I gave her the part that allows me to heal and regenerate. And when she wakes up, I’ll be able to take it back and regain my healing abilities. And if you ever begin to wonder why I would reveal such a secret, the reason is if you actually believe what I said is true, know that I only tell you the truth because no one will ever believe a word of what either of you will say. Now I understand that there will be a lot of questions. But I don't care if you go home disappointed. So I’ll leave it currently where it's at and be done.” He waited for a response from the ponies that all had a look of extreme shock and confusion written all across there muzzles. Than the silence was broken as the doctor began to speak.

“Well Mr. Lucifer, you are most certainly right. I don't believe I’ll be able to understand any of that. Using your emotions as a power source, or maybe reverse that, suddenly becoming an alicorn, giving part of your power or emotions to somepony to heal them. It should all be impossible.” He looked down to Dinky to see her stare back at him. “Not that I'm not happy this all happened mind you. But I do know this. You'll want to meet Twilight sparkle. She's the local princess and librarian of Ponyville, and not to mention the wielder of magic to the elements of harmony, and Princess Celestia's formal personal student. She'll no doubt be able to help you get your original body back. That is, if you want it back. Also, she'll no doubt want to ask you all about your special abilities. If anypony can understand what you were talking about, it'll be her.”

He snorted in response at what the doctor said.

"A princess Librarian. Damn I wonder what she rules over. What's the penalty for an over due book?" He thought to himself. And with that he turned around and walked back down the halls. That's when he looked at the clock to check the time. It was 8:25 pm. He let out a sigh as he spoke to Dinky.

“Come on kid, it's past visiting hours and I want to get some sleep. Let's go to your place.” She only nodded as she was still trying to figure out what exactly he said about his powers.

Elsewhere in Ponyville

“Twilight!” Spike screamed as he ran through the library. “Twilight where are you? Twilight!” He continued to scream as he searched the library in a panic. “Oh where is she?”

“Where's who spike?” Asked Twilight as she walked through the door entering the library.

“Oh Twilight, thank goodness your here. Princess Celestia just sent you a letter and it looks urgent.” He said as he handed her the parchment.

“Thank you spike, what would I do without my number one assistant?” She said as she levitated the scroll in her magic and began to read.

“Dear Twilight sparkle, It is with great concern that I send you this letter. I have felt a magical force that is unfamiliar suddenly appear in the Everfree forest. I sent out a Pegasus guard to investigate. What he found was most...disturbing. He reported that the forest was severely burned. He also reported finding several dead animals. So I sent out a patrol to investigate the forest further. They found nothing. But just a few moments ago I felt that same force again in Ponyville. I do not know what this force is, or what caused it. But I do know that it is unlike anything I have ever seen or felt in all my years. I can feel it. And it is very troubling. It is a dark power similar to king Sombras. Only it feels much worse. To say that this is troubling would be an understatement. I want you and the rest of the elements to investigate this strange force and report back to me if you find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Good luck.

"Princess Celestia.”

chapter 2 Pinkie, siblings, and kids oh my

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Chapter two
Pinkie, Siblings, and Kids, Oh my

[Children. Perhaps the one thing in the world worth saving.] A look inside Lucifer's head.

“This house sucks.” He thought to himself as he entered Dinky’s home. The outside of the house had a simple home feeling. It had a well-kept rose garden in the front lawn. A mailbox that was a light blue, and looked very bright, almost as if it were freshly painted. The house itself was simply white and looked more worn out than the mailbox. The inside however revealed a two bedroom one bath house accompanied with a well sized kitchen and an average sized living room.

“Well, what do you think? Pretty great huh” She said while studying his facial expressions very closely trying to guess his reactions.

“It's great kid, now goodnight.” He said as he made his way to the brown couch that was located in the edge of the living room.
She craned her neck in confusion as she approached him lying on the couch.

“What do you mean goodnight? It's only 8:55 and we haven't even had dinner yet.” He only rolled to the side to avoid her gaze. “Come on, surely you must be hungry. You haven't eatin all day.”

“I'm not hungry.” He replied sternly. She only shook her head and began walking to the kitchen. She stayed in there for a few minutes and as time passed a familiar fragrance could be smelled. This, and a very empty stomach were enough to make him get off the couch and slowly walk to the kitchen.

“I knew you'd come to your senses once you smelled some food.” She said with a grin as she pointed to a plate on the table and gestured for him to take a seat. He hesitantly walked up to the table and took a seat. Upon inspection of the plate he saw that a grilled sandwich was in front of him with strips that he guessed was beacon sticking out of it. When he stopped inspecting it he looked up and noticed a very observative Dinky staring at him with eyes wide open.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked uncomfortably.

“I want to see how much you like my food. It's not often I get to make anything for anypony seeing as how mom and me don't get a lot of visitors.” She said while never blinking, as she continued to stare at him. He let out a small sigh as he took his first bite of the sandwich.
“Well, what do you think?” She said with a smile that threatened to tear her face in half. He took another bite and began chewing. When he swallowed he looked in her oversized eyes and calmly said.

“It's good.”

She was overjoyed as she began hopping in the air with that ever so large smile on her face.

“Yes! I knew I was a good cook. And to think mom said I wasn-.”

“What other things can you cook?” He said interrupting her. She stopped her celebrating as she looked at him take another bite.

“Ugh, well for starters I can make that sandwich.” She said innocently. “I can also make a couple of breakfast items. And that's about it. Why do you wanna know what I can cook?” He finished his sandwich and answered her question.

“I just wanted to confirm whether or not you’re a cook as you claim to be.” And with that he levitated the dish into the sink and began washing his plate. She trotted up to him as he was washing his dish.

“Well what do you think? Am I a cook or not?” She asked. All she got for an answer was his cold gaze glance at her for a short period of time while he did the dishes with his powers. Her ears folded to the side as she looked down with a pout. He finished the dishes and walked back to the couch without even looking at her.

“Good night Lucifer, sleep tight.” She said weakly. She received no acknowledgement from her new house guest. And with that she was off to bed as well.

“Beep beep beep be-” That was all the noise needed to wake him from his sleep as he slammed his fist down on the alarm clock and rolled himself out of bed. He headed to the bathroom in his usual manner. He looked in the mirror and could see he's no longer an alicorn, but back to his regular self. He looked deep within the mirror and checked all over his body. His hair was once again brown like his mothers, and his eyes black, just like his father.

“Huh, was it all just a dream? It sure felt real. Looked real, in a cartoon kind of way.” He continued to look in the mirror and all around his body checking to make sure that everything was the way it's supposed to be. He did this until he came up with his conclusion. “I guess it was just a dream. A really gay dream.” And with that he took a shower, brushed his teeth, relieved himself, got dressed, and finally made breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, and toast with a side of milk. And finally with that all done he headed for the door to go to work. Upon opening the door though, he saw something he's never seen before. Pure nothing. Everything in front of him was completely white and empty. When he turned around to see his house, it was gone and replaced with the never ending whiteness that was now everywhere he looked.

“What the fuck is going on? Am I dreaming again?” He looked down and saw that there was no floor. He was just floating there in a never ending white. “If this is a dream, than I should be able to control it.” He began concentrating for several seconds. “I want to go home” he thought out loud.

And suddenly, a door came into view right in front of his eyes. It was a wooden door made of oak, painted a dark black. He walked up to it as if though there was still a floor underneath him and turned the handle and walked right in. He appeared in a dark hallway lite only by candles on the floor. The floor and walls were a dark red.

“Where am I now? If this is a dream I’m ending it right now.” He began concentrating on waking up. But nothing happened. “Looks like it’s not a dream. Which means it could be that I was in a controlled state that altered my perception. And it looks like I still am. Which means I can escape.” He said as he began following a trail of candles. He made several lefts and rights until he finally arrived at another door.

It was also red, just like the floors and walls. He let out an agitated sigh as he turned the handle. Once he opened the door he was sucked in and the door disappeared. He was suspended in midair and couldn't get loose. He struggled for several minutes until he gave up and looked around his surroundings. What he saw confirmed he was in a dream. He saw himself as a child once again. From the looks he appeared to be twelve. He was standing over a corpse and covered in blood. And worse of all, he was standing next to a younger Noah.

“Congratulations Lucifer. That marks your twenty fourth kill. Keep it up and you'll be able to take down a marine in hand to hand combat in no time.” His words lingered as he walked away from his sight. Leaving young Lucifer all alone as he starred at the body in front of him. In life the dead body was a respected cop with a wife who he loved dearly, and two daughters he'd give the world for. He knew this from staring into his eyes and witnessing his entire life unfold in front of him in a matter of seconds. A truly good man. And he'd killed him in cold blood with his bare hands. And then, the sight vanished and left him in the dark, all by himself.
The sight in front of him made his eyes water but he refused to cry as he gritted his teeth in anger.

“I just want to go home!” He screamed at the top of his lungs in rage, thrashing around trying to break free from his invisible restraints. Until he heard a spine chilling voice whisper in his ear.

“You are home.” The mysterious voice said. “Home is where the heart is. And in your blackened heart you’re nothing more than a murderer. A monster that will turn his back on humanity and be the one to eradicate every last human on earth. You are a part of me, and yet you refuse to obey my commands. Your destiny was to be the anti-Christ. My dark prophet!” He screamed the last part out at him. “And yet you continue to disobey me. And those that disobey deserve punishment. That is why you are now a horse. Because on this planet, and in this body I created for you. I can watch your every movement.”

“Fuck you! I'm done being a slave” He said defiantly with a grin on his face. “I know all about my prophecy. I learned about everything. You need me to open the gates to hell so you can enter the world with your full power. And I won't allow that.”

“Insolent brat! You don't have a choice.” He roared out. “I know you want to go home. And the only way to do that is through me. But that is not the real reason I brought you here. I brought you here so you can kill Noah.” That got his attention immediately. “Noah has betrayed me, and must learn his place. I allowed him to keep a quarter of your power you received at birth. But he stole another quarter from you as an infant. You need at least eighteen percent of my power to open the portal. But he took more and now your body will burn to ash if you even attempt it. You were too weak to kill him on earth. And are still too weak to kill him now. And so I sent you here. On this planet you will unlock more power than you ever had on earth. And once you get that power, you will kill Noah, and take back what was rightfully yours. That is why you are an alicorn. This world has vast amounts of power that can be unlocked. They call it magic. That is why you are like this. You will learn to use these abilities to give you an advantage fighting Noah. And then you will be sent back to earth to destroy it. And fulfill the prophecy. That is your purpose in life.” His body was shaking in anger as he began to speak.

“Never. Never. Never!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Then you will be punished. If you will not obey me, you will suffer. I'll make these creatures see the real you. The murderer and monster that you are.” The last thing he heard were those words followed by his own screaming. He woke up in a startle as he was being shaken violently by Dinky who was standing on top of him.

“Wake up Lucifer! It's only a dream! Wake up wake up wake up!” She had her eyes closed as she continued to violently shake him and scream at the top of her young lungs. And by this point he was fully awake. And fully annoyed.

“I am up. Now let go of me.” He said with clear agitation on his voice. She responded with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh good your awake. You must have been having a terrible nightmare because you were screaming in your sleep so loudly it woke me up and I came in here to wake you wake up.”

“You’re wrong. I don't have nightmares. And I sure as hell don't scream in my sleep.” He replied sternly. She was confused at his statement.

“But you were screaming, I heard you. You were all, never never never and noooo. I heard you. And besides, everypony has fear. Even alicorns such as yourself.” He got off the couch and lowered himself to her eye level and began to speak.

“Drop the subject kid. I don't have fear, and I don't have nightmares.” He said with hate on every word he used. That was enough to make her back up in fright.

“Ok than, you don't get afraid. No need to be mean about it.” He stood back up to full level and sighed.

“I'm going job hunting. Your mother should be awake soon. Why don't you visit the hospital again and see how things are going.” He said as he walked out the door and slammed it shut after he finished talking.

“Sheesh, somepony woke up on the wrong side of the couch today.”
As soon as he opened the door his eyes were immediately bombarded with light and color causing him to shut his eyes. He quickly adjusted and began walking around town. Upon walking, he saw multiple ponies walking and working around town. He did his best to ignore them.

“I gotta get out of this place.” He thought to himself as he tried to pay them no mind. He was deep in thought about last night’s dream. He found a wooden bench near a park and took a seat to reflect. “So it looks like he's back in my mind again. That explains how he's able to talk to me in my sleep. Because the link that was severed has now been restored. This may be a good thing. If I do get more power here, and he brings Noah here, than that means I can kill him and become even more powerful than I ever even imagined. And with that power, and the power I learn here, maybe, just maybe.” He stopped as he closed his eyes to better imagine the future.

“I could kill the devil himself. It's not very likely to happen, but hopefully I can do something to get my freedom.” He began to lay down on the bench as he continued to think. “What if I lost my power? If I become useless, than maybe I'll be left alone. That'll never work. As long as my soul is his I’ll never be free.” And then he heard a familiar soft voice speak to him from a distance. It sounded so clear you could understand what it said perfectly. Yet it sounded so far away you could barely hear it.

“Your soul is your own Lucifer. Remember that.” He bolted upright as he frantically looked left and right to find the source of the voice. Only to see a pink mare stand in front of him with a smile that looked like it would split her face in two.

“Hi my names Pinkie pie, but you can call me pinkie. I've never seen you before.” He looked at her angrily as he began to speak.

“Go aw-” only to be cut off by the pink menace as she let out a loud gasp while she leapt into the air and stayed there defying the rules of gravity as she spoke.

“Oh my gosh your totally new here and that means I can throw you a welcome to Ponyville party and it'll be so much fun we can play games drink punch eat cake and I can introduce you to my friends oh this is gonna be so exciting.” She said with amazing speed and once again all in one breath and sentence.

“Let's try this again.” He said as he cleared his throat. “Get away from me, you crazy hyperactive bitch! I don't want a party. And I sure as hell don't want to meet your friends. Now fuck off!” And with that he began to walk away from the energetic pink creature. Until she followed. She bounced as she walked next to him apologetically.

“I'm sorry mister. I should have asked you your name before trying to throw you a party. I learned that from a very special, and sometimes cranky donkey you kinda remind me of.” He took offense to that.

“Did she just call me an asshole?” He thought bitterly. He stopped walking but she kept bouncing in place next to him. “My names Lucifer. And before you cut me off again, let me make it as clear as possible for you. I do not want a party. And I do not want to meet your friends. I only want to find a job so that I can afford my own home. That's all I want!” He said as he stared deep within her blue eyes.

“Oh that's great! There are jobs for everything around Ponyville. You can bake treats like me, or you can work on the weather team like my friend Rainbow dash, or you can work on a farm like my other friend Applejack. And so many other cool things you can do until you can get your own home. And then we can throw you an amazingly spectacular house party. We can eat cake, drink punch, and you can meet all my friends.” He let out a low sigh as he shook his head as he thought to himself.

“She already said that. This chick is obviously crazy. She just won't take a hint, and being rude didn't even phase her. I gotta do something so she'll leave me alone.” He managed his best fake smile, which made him look like a rapist. And spoke to her.

“That sounds great. In fact, I can't think of anything better. But like I said, we can't have a party until I have a house. So it looks like you'll just have to wait.”

“That sounds great Lucifer, I’m glad you came around so quickly. And just wait until you have your very own special house. Because when you do, we're going to.” She stopped to take a deep breathe.

“Party!” She screamed out as she galloped off, leaving a trail of dust and streamers. He could only shake his head as he watched her leave.

“That bitch is crazy.” He let out another sigh as he began walking off towards the hospital. “Might as well see how things are going on over there.” He thought to himself. As he walked past multiple buildings he failed to recognize earlier throughout the day. He saw a massive tree with a sign near the building indicating it was a library. It was the size of a house and he began to wonder if it was as well. “Best to keep moving.” He mumbled to himself.

He also passed a building that looked just like a gingerbread house. He could see ponies coming and going with various sweets. And from the looks on ponies faces when they ate anything there, you could tell it had to be good. Too bad he didn't have much of a sweet tooth. And finally he arrived at the hospital building. He lazily walked in and looked around to see if Dinky was in the waiting room. But she wasn't there. He walked up to the nurse at the front desk who was the same as yesterday and asked her if Ditsy woke up yet.
He was told she had woken up some time ago and that Dinky and a few other children were in her room visiting. And with that he began to walk to her room.

“Other children? I doubt she has more kids if she only has two rooms in her house.” He mumbled to himself. He walked down the white halls filled with doctors and nurses until he finally arrived at Ditsy's room. What he saw when he opened the door would have melted the heart of anyone. Anyone except himself. He saw Dinky giving Ditsy the biggest hug she could muster as three other fillies where jumping up and down beside the bed in joy. And then he noticed Ditsy stare at him with a smile.

“You must be Lucifer. Dinky here just got done telling me all about you.” She said with a smile. That's when Dinky jumped off the bed and ran to him hugging his legs with all her strength.

“You fixed her eyes! You fixed her eyes! Thank you thank you thank you Lucifer, you’re a hero.” He shuddered at that word. She began bouncing in place like a certain pink pony he met earlier. He only stood there confused from what she said.

“What do you mean fix her eyes? I only fixed her skull and any brain damage she took.” Dinky only squeezed his leg harder as she spoke.

“Well whatever you did it worked.” That's when Ditsy spoke up.

“Allow me to explain. My left eye was a lazy eye my entire life and I never had the money to afford to get it fixed. And because of it I was incredibly clumsy and it was hard to keep a job. It's also the reason I ended up hurt.” She started to blush showing she was embarrassed about what she was about to say. “I thought I was charging right at that diamond dog. When in reality, I flew straight into that tree head first on a blunt end of a broken branch. And now thanks to you, I no longer have any problems seeing. You’re a life saver in more than one way.”

“I'm not a life saver. I was just in the wrong place at the right time. I also wanted to let you know I’ve been staying in your house since I arrived here.” She smiled as she called to Dinky to come back to her side.

“That's quite alright, Dinky told me everything.” And then her voice got serious. “Including about how you took care of those diamond dogs. I won't judge you for what you did. You saved my daughter’s life and my own, and that's all that matters. But I have a favor to ask.” He walked closer to her bedside to hear her better as she spoke.

“The doctors want me to spend another night here for observation. And I need somebody to watch my precious little muffin.” She said while somehow pinching Dinky’s cheeks causing a fit of giggles to fall out of the other three fillies. “And seeing as how you’re already staying the night, I figured you'd be able to do that for me.” Before he could even make a response, one of the new fillies shouted out an idea.

“Hey I know! Why don't we have a sleepover to keep Dinky some company while Miss Doo is in the hospital resting. After all, Lucifer’s gonna be staying there the night so he can watch us” she said while leaping into the air with the other two fillies screaming.

“Cutie mark crusaders sleepover yay!” He glared daggers at the fillies responsible for nearly breaking his eardrums. The one that suggested the idea was an orange coated Pegasus with a purple mane and tail. The other two consisted of an earth pony with a yellow coat and red mane tail with a ridiculous looking red bow on her head. While the other was a unicorn with a white coat and purple and pink mane and tail. That's when Ditsy spoke.

“I think a sleepover would be a great idea kids. But that's entirely up to him on whether or not he'll watch you.” The three new fillies, and Dinky, ran up to him each grabbing a different leg in a massive embrace as they performed there greatest pouty face they could muster as they all said in unison.

“Please.” If any normal person were to walk in they'd instantly collapse from exposure to shear cuteness. But he was no ordinary guy. He used his powers and gently tugged the children off his legs and place them near Ditsy.

“I'd rather not watch a group of kids. I'll watch your daughter for you seeing as how I’m staying at your house. But I won't watch any more kids unless I’m paid.” She rolled her eyes and then giggled at the fact that she did both at the same time.

“Of course I’ll pay you. All hard work deserves a reward, and watching these four will be hard work. We'll discuss the pay tomorrow when I’m home. Until now, I suggest you go meet there parents and ask for permission to see if it's ok with them.” He nodded his head in understanding and walked to the door and looked back at the kids.

“You coming or not? I don't have all day.” The children trotted up beside him and they all began walking down the halls to exit the hospital. After a quick debate outside the hospital, it was decided who would ask who first. Upon listening to the debate among the fillies he learned all their names. Scootaloo was the Pegasus, applebloom was the earth pony, and sweetie belle was the unicorn. Scootaloo decided to go on ahead and ask her parents herself. While the rest of them would ask in person. They headed off to Sweetie belle's house first to see her older sister. She told him all about her, but he stopped listening after he found out her name was Rarity. The walk was relatively short and uneventful. The kids would occasionally ask him a question which he would promptly ignore. And then they arrived at what Sweetie belle called the carousel boutique. She bolted for the door and barged right in eliciting a crash and scream.

“Sweetie Belle!” The rest of the fillies ran up to see what happened while he just calmly walked in. They saw a mess of fabrics, gems, and mannequins scattered all over the place. “Sweetie Belle, how many times do I have to tell you it's impolite to just barge into places. I was working on a new design and now it's all ruined.” She flinched back from the disapproving gaze her older sister gave her.

“Sorry Rarity, I just wanted to ask if I can go to a sleepover at Dinky’s house with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders.” She whined in a pleading voice. Rarity looked over and saw Applebloom, Scootaloo, a fillie she didn't recognize, and most importantly, an alicorn.

“Oh good heavens! I'm so sorry you have to see my place in such a mess.” She said as her horn began to glow and all the materials spread across the building were soon gone. “Now what's this about a sleepover?” That's when he interrupted.

“Dinky here is having a sleepover to keep her company while her mother is in the hospital recovering” he said quickly. Rarity immediately beamed with joy.

“Ah of course, now I remember. The mailmare.” And then she turned her expression to a serious one in only a second. “But good heavens, why on Equestria is she in the hospital? Is she alright?” That's when Dinky spoke up.

“Mom's alright, she's just recovering. Doctors said if it wasn't for Lucifer here and his powers she'd be a vegetable. He saved me and mom from a pack of diamond dogs.” And then she told the story of all the things that happened yesterday, but leaving out the bit about the diamond dogs and there "broken" necks. That's when Applebloom chipped in.

“And now were gonna have a sleepover at her house while he watches us.” Rarity dashed right up to them with wide eyes. Which now that he was looking, he could see they were a deep blue. They were absolutely beautiful to anyone willing to admit it. But he would not. Her coat was all white like a marshmallow and her mane and tail were a royal purple.

“Goodness! However did you defeat those vile ruffians? I was once abducted by them and they were so dirty and smelly it was positively dreadful.”

“I knocked them out.” He lied, and there was a silence in the air. Dinky already knew since she was there. And said nothing knowing that it was something that should be left untold. Rarity was wide eyed yet again as she coughed a few times and spoke again.

“Goodness you must be quite the stallion to do that.” He said nothing in response. “And you want to watch the fillies for tonight?” He and the fillies only nodded. “Well I suppose that'd be quite alright. As long as nothing bad or dangerous happens of course.” Sweetie belle ran up to Rarity and bounced in place thanking her. And then they left. Leaving behind a very curious Rarity.

“He was lying. Maybe I should see Twilight about it. After all, Alicorns don’t just stroll in every day.” And with that she left her house and walked to Twilights house. Her last thoughts were of the fillies. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

The next place for them to go to was sweet apple acres to meet Appleblooms older sister Applejack. They passed multiple buildings to get there since it was on the edge of town. The fillies were talking and having fun while he did his best to ignore them. They soon arrived on the property and began passing hundreds of apple trees.

“No wonder it's called sweet apple acres.” He thought to himself. Then they finally reached a house. And in front of it was an orange coated mare with a yellow mane and tail dragging a bucket full of apples into the house. But the first thing he noticed about her was her hat. A Stetson if he was correct.

“Hey applejack!” Applebloom called out as she ran up to her sister.

“Well howdy Applebloom, where have ya been?” She asked with a thick country accent.

“I was at the hospital visiting Ditsy while she's recovering. I came by to ask ya if it's ok that ah go to ah sleepover at Dinky’s place to keep her company with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders.”

“Well that be just fine sugarcube, but whose gonna be watching ya?” she asked. That's when he walked up to her.

“I will be watching the kids while Ditsy is recovering.” She extended a hoof to him and he extended his own. She shook with much more force than he was expecting.

“Howdy! Ah'm Applejack. It sure is nice to meet ya, and this here is sweet apple acres.”

“I'm Lucifer.” He said plainly. That's when Applebloom tugged her sister’s hair to get her attention.

“He's the one that saved Ditsy and Dinky from those diamond dogs sis.” Applejack was positively joyful of this.

“Well lamb sakes! Ah didn't know ah was in the presence of ah hero.” His eye twitched at this title.

“I'm not a hero.” He said coldly.

“Well whatever ya are, yer welcome here.” She said with much enthusiasm. That's when Applebloom spoke in a pleading tone.

“So sis, can ah go to the sleepover?” Applejack smiled at her little sister as she replied.

“Sure thang sugar cube.” And with that they were off. Or at least they would have been if it weren't for Applejack calling to them.

“Wait!” She trotted up to them quickly.

“Why don't ya have some of Granny Smiths delicious apple pie? Ah'm sure y'all are hungry.” The kids all agreed to this. But he only snorted as he accepted. They walked into the house and was quickly introduced to the kitchen. They took their seats in old wooden chairs as Applejack walked off. The kids sat there all talking. While he only waited. As she came in, she had an apple pie resting on her back. She put it to the table and began cutting slices and evenly dividing them. How she held a knife with a hoof, he had no idea. And not knowing really pissed him off.

“Y'all eat up now ya here.” The kids ate vigorously as if it was the last thing they'd ever eat. While he was just taking his first bite. And what a bite it was. The apple pie was absolutely outstanding. It tasted of apples and cinnamon. The crust was firm and did not break and turn to crumbs within the first bite and held there shape. The pie itself was smooth as it slide down his throat and made its taste known.

At first it tasted of a mixture of apples. And then finished with a hint of cinnamon that complimented it so well. It was a taste tacular sensation. But he didn't show it as he took simple and slow bites. The girls finished first and did there dishes. By the time they finished there dishes he just finished the pie.

“Well how did your first slice of apple family apple pie taste?” Asked Applejack with a warm smile. He levitated his plate and silverware into the sink as he replied plainly.

“It was good.” She smiled at this but before she could say anything Applebloom interrupted.

“Good!? How can ya say it was only good?” She jumped onto the table to look him in the eyes. “Apple family apple anything is the best. Are yer taste buds broken or something?” She was taken off the table by her older sister as she lectured her.

“Applebloom behave yourself! I'm sure he liked it more than either of us know. He's just a calm pony is all.” And with that settled they made their way out of the house. And with lunch done they started to walk off. As they walked away they heard a buzzing sound in the distance getting closer. That's when they saw Scootaloo riding a scooter towards them.

“Hey guys, I asked my parents and they said yes. So it looks like I’m heading to the sleepover. What about you girls?” Sweetie belle and Applebloom both nodded their heads and smiled. And with that they began walking back to Dinky’s home to have their sleepover. And when they arrived the girls all shouted at the top of their young lungs.

“Cutie mark crusaders sleepover yay!” After his ears stopped bleeding, the only thing he could think of was one thing.

“These kids are gonna drive me crazy.”

chapter 3 outburst

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[Kids were once worth saving, now there just a headache like the rest of the world]

The sleepover started at 2:45. It was now 5:20. And Lucifer already put out a small fire in the kitchen when they tried to make snacks. Caught Scootaloo with his telekinesis from jumping off the roof to practice her flying. Unclogged the toilet twice. And took a shower after Sweetie Belle threw up on him after eating her own cooking. To say he was angry would be an understatement.

“Stop everything and get over here!” He screamed at the fillies. “That's it! All of you go to Dinky’s room and stay there for the rest of the day. I don't want to hear shit from any of you or so help me I'll burn this house down with all of us in it.” And with that he picked up the fillies with his powers and not so gently tossed them into her room. “I'll bring dinner to you at 6:30. And you’re going to eat whatever I give you. If you're good, then maybe I'll let you out.” The girls gave no spoken complaints, but inside they were upset. Lucky for him the door had a lock to it on the outside.

“Oh my God these kids are annoying. How do teachers put up with an entire class of these things?” He said with an annoyed sigh. And with that he began thinking about dinner. “Hmm, I wonder if they eat meat.” He asked himself as he walked to the couch and sat down. “After all they are horses, they probably only eat vegetables or something.” And then a wicked idea came to his head and an evil grin on his face. “I have just the idea for a nice big dinner.” He said chuckling to himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of knocking coming from Dinky’s room. He let out a loud agitated sigh as he rose from the couch and walked to the door.

“What do you want?” He asked bitterly.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” Said Sweetie Belle. “Can I please come out? I promise as soon as I'm done I'll go back to the room.” She pleaded. He unlocked and opened the door to stare down at a cross legged and shaking Sweetie Belle, who looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Please.” She implored giving her best puppy dog eyes. Only for it to fall on blind eyes as he slammed the door shut. As soon as he shut it however, he immediately heard knocking coming from the door. He opened the door again to see her accompanied by Dinky who stood right next to her as she also gave her best puppy dog eyes.

“Pwease.” They said in unison in a high pitch voice only to once again have the door slammed in their faces. As soon as he turned around more knocking came from the door. He grunted in aggravation as he stomped on the floor and begrudgingly opened the door a third time. Only to see that now Applebloom joined in as well making the three fillies scrunched together as they all looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Pwetty pwease.” They whined loudly. This caused him to scream as he slammed the door shut in fury. This time he just waited outside the door. He heard giggling.

“I swear to god, if Scootaloo is there next I'm gonna make them eat spiders.” He mumbled angrily. And then he heard that infernal knocking from that damn wooden door. He sighed in defeat and opened it. Only to see Scootaloo standing on the back of the rest of the fillies as they all cried out.

“Pwetty pwease with cherries on top Lucifer!” They all said simultaneously in that annoying voice.
“Fine! Use the bathroom and leave me alone!” He screamed out as Sweetie Belle ran to the bathroom causing the rest of the fillies to fall from there would be pyramid. “These girls are gonna make me commit murder in all the degrees. And suicide if the trial is to long” he mumbled bitterly.

He walked back to the couch and threw himself upon it. He's been in this new body and lived in this new world for two days now. And he could easily say that he preferred the company of this couch over everyone he's met so far. He rubbed his eyes with a fetlock and sighed as he heard the bathroom door being shut along with Dinky’s door. He looked up at the ceiling and put his hooves together.

“Thank you.” He said to no one. He looked back at the clock which was hanging on a wall near the kitchen. It was 5:35.
“Hmm, what to do for a half hour.” He said lazily. He quickly discovered that this new world was far behind in technological advancements when compared to earth. He looked around the living room inspecting it for anything that could hold his attention. He saw a few magazines stacked on a coffee table next to his beloved couch. But he had no interest in learning about these ponies or there way of life. He only did that at the hospital to see where exactly he was. He cocked his head to the side to see the fireplace. It was a simple burner, like the ones seen in old video games or TV shows. Than he had an idea. If they didn't have anything for him to do here. Than he'd just have to bring a little bit of earth to him. He stood there silently and began concentrating. And after only a few shorts seconds, poof. A laptop appeared right in front of him floating in his telekinesis.

“Wow! How did you do that Lucifer?” Asked Applebloom who was standing in front of the hallway leading to Dinky’s room.

“The same way I did this.” He said as he focused on Applebloom and she quickly flew back into the room as the door shut and a clear locking sound came from the door. A grin grew on his face.

“No fair!” She cried out. He didn't care though as he struggled to open the laptop.

“Damn hooves. At least I still have my powers.” The laptop was his from earth. He could tell because it had his sticker on the top of it. A red sticker of three sixes on fire. Classy. It opened and he quickly used his powers to apply pressure on the keyboard to type in his password. He decided to do a little research. “How to make hyper kids behave.” He searched using Google. Minutes of research came to two distinct possibilities. Show them a movie. Or give an activity. “Hmm, these could work.” He checked the time. It was 6:00 pm. “Screw it. I'll make dinner early.” He said with a grin.

He walked to the kitchen and searched for the dishes. He quickly found them and placed them on the table. He then found the silver ware and placed them next to the plates. The plates and silver ware were set. Now all that was needed was the meal. He began concentrating. And almost as if it were magic, food appeared on the plates. Now all that was needed was the kids. He grinned evilly. He used his powers and unlocked the door from the kitchen as he called out to the fillies. “Dinner!” He was quickly greeted by a mini stampede of color as they ran to the kitchen.

“What's for dinner?” Asked Scootaloo as she jumped onto a chair. She let out a confused.

“Huh?” She didn't know what she was looking at.

“What is it Scootaloo?” Asked Applebloom.

“What's the matter? Don't you like meat?” He asked maniacally. The girls looked at him with fear in their eyes.

“Me-meat?” Asked the girls in unison.

“That's right. Steak straight from the cow. Cooked to perfection.” He said as he picked up his steak with his powers and gave it a good squeeze, causing the juices to flow and Dinky to pass out. He took a bite. “It's delicious. Try some.” He floated the steak close to them and the girls screamed and ran to the room, as they grabbed Dinky in the process. He weakly chuckled for a few short seconds as his suspicions were answered. These ponies do not eat meat. He ate his dinner in beautiful silence as the girls stayed in Dinky’s room. It was a little difficult to eat meat with flat teeth but with persistence and good cutting he managed. After he was done he went to the room and attempted to open the door. It would not budge.

“Open the door.” He called out to them.

“Carnivores not allowed!” Yelled Scootaloo.

“Yeah, no meat in here.” Called Sweetie Belle. He never really had any patience. And he quickly found out kids really test his patience.

“If you don't open the door I'll break it down so help me god.” He hit the door with his hoof three times finding it not budging at all. “Did they put the bed against the door?” He asked himself. He knew he couldn't break down the door. Because then he'd have to pay for it. This called for a little cunning.

“If you come out I'll show you a couple of tricks.” No response. “I'll answer any questions you have.” He said trying his best not to sound as angry as he usually sounds. No response. That resulted in an angry scream, a hole punched through the door, a collective shout of terror, and a threat.

“This is your last warning. If you don't open this fucking door, I'll set it on fire and leave you trapped in there!” This resulted in the fillies quickly removing the bed and making themselves present. “Now it's time for dinner.” He said not evilly, but tiredly.

“We won't eat meat” they all cried out.

“You won't eat any meat. That was just a test to check my suspicions. Now because I'm angry you'll eat whatever I give you. Now get in the kitchen.” They slowly complied as they walked in the kitchen and took places in their seats. The plates were still there but removed of any meat and properly cleaned. He concentrated once again. And after a minute appeared cake, ice cream, and cookies on their plates. A gasp of excitement escaped their lips.

“How did you do that? Your horn wasn't glowing.” Cried out Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo and Applebloom both ignored the display and just ate the food in front of them.

“It wasn't magic. Just like I told the doctor I'll tell you. I don't know how to use magic. What I use is a very part of me. My emotions.” He lied once again. This got all the girls attention. Dinky “Oh'd” as she remembered him talking to the doctor at the hospital.

“Just like you fixed my mom and beat those diamond dogs right.” She said. He nodded in confirmation.
“Hey how did ya beat those diamond dogs anyhow? My sister and her friends had ta deal with em one time to save Rarity.” Asked Applebloom.

“Yeah! I bet it was exciting like an adventure!” Scootaloo replied excitingly.

“I killed them” he replied coldly. Everyone except Dinky let out a gasp.

“Yo-you...killed them.” Asked Sweetie Belle. “How could could you do something like that?” She said in a whimper. He turned away from their gaze and spoke with no emotion or care.

“That's what happens to wild dogs. Once they become dangerous...they get put down.” He said it so emotionlessly that it scared them. The CMC all heard he beat them, but they didn't actually know how at first. But the way he said it now, it made them believe. And it caused a question to form in the young minds. How could he be so cold? How could he sound so uncaring about killing another living breathing soul. This is what they all thought. And only one was brave enough to ask this.

“How could you say that!? You’re an alicorn. You’re a pony! We never do something”

“Evil.” He said lowly. “Because I'm evil. I'm not a horse. I'm not an alicorn. I don't belong here.” He let out a long sigh as he hung his head in misery.

“I'm a human who doesn't even want to be here. I hate it here. I spent years hiding from what I am only to get caught and sent here. How would you feel if you were a slave? I don't know if you noticed but these shackles are on me for a reason. Because I'm a slave.” He left the girls speechless as he made his way to the couch.
He had no tears in his eyes but was indeed sad. He just would never show it. After all, sadness is for the weak. Dinky was the only one who followed.

“I don't think your evil.” She said weakly. “I think you’re a hero.” He cringed at this. “If it weren't for you, my mom would know. A vegetable.” She began to find her voice and courage as she spoke. “You may think your evil, but I know better. I may not know what a hu-man is. But I know you only did what you did to save us. I don't think it was right. But I'm happy you did it anyways.” She got up on the couch next to him. “And you’re not a slave. We'll get those shackles off you and get the best source of magic we can to send you back home.” This got his attention.

“And why would you do that for me?” He asked with a grin from the naivety of her. But also with real confusion.
“Because you deserve it. Isn't that right girls.” She called to the CMC who were now standing at the entrance to the living room and kitchen.

“You bet” said Scootaloo.

“Darn straight” said Applebloom.

“Yeah!” Squealed Sweetie Belle. They all ran up to the couch and gave a surprise tackle, shoving there forelegs over him, embracing him in a surprise hug. Which he failed to reciprocate. They stayed around him for a minute until he pulled them off. But if you looked close enough, you could see a faint glimmer of a smile spread on his lips. He cleared his throat and got their attention.

“Alright, that's enough sentimentality. It’s still early so why don’t we watch a movie.”

“What's that?” Asked Sweetie Belle. He wasn't surprised at this.

“Makes sense seeing as how I haven't seen a single outlet yet.” He thought to himself. “It's moving pictures with sound and color.” He said as he started up Netflix on his laptop. But before that he was interrupted by Applebloom.

“Wait ah second. Ya said ya was a hu-man. What's that?” The girls looked at him contently. Clearly they all wanted to know. So he told them.

“A human is what I was before I was sent here. I come from a planet called earth in the Milky Way galaxy. We don't have magic there, but we do have technology. There's also a power source that only a small group of people know about. Our emotions.” The girls gave a confused look.

“Your emotions?” Asked Sweetie Belle. “How's that work?”

“You wouldn't understand so I won't tell you. Just know it's how I killed those dogs and healed Ditsy. No one else here knows about it. I’d tell you not to say anything but even if you do who’d believe you about something so ridiculously impossible?” He said. “But before you have any more questions let's start the movie. You'll get to see what my world looks like and some of its people.” They all smiled and agreed with him. The movie he chose was his idea of a harmless kid movie. Godzilla. Not the remake. The original badass, fire breathing, Japan destroying Godzilla. The kids were not as excited as he thought.

“Oh. My. Celestia. Do they really have those on your planet?” Asked Sweetie Belle. He looked at her to find all of them except Scootaloo wide eyed and shaking in place. He sighed and rubbed his eyes as he shook his head.

“No we do not have those on earth. That's just a guy in a costume with some special effects. I think it's time to stop the movie, it's getting late.” There were sighs of relief spread through the room and one complaint.

“Aww no fair, that giant lizard was awesome. It was all, smash, crash, roar, and the way it breathed lasers was awesome.”

“At least Scootaloo was brave enough to enjoy a b-rated movie.” He thought to himself. He turned off the movie and powered down his laptop. And once he was done he looked at the clock. It was now 8:47. He decided it was time for sleep. After all, it may have only been a quarter to nine. But after babysitting four kids you tend to lose your energy pretty quick.

“Alright time to sleep.” His response was as followed.

“Aww, but we don't want to.” They cried in unison. He paid them no mind as he picked them up with his telekinesis and walked to Dinky’s room.

“No fair.” Said Scootaloo as she crossed her forelegs in rebellion. He walked into the room and placed them in the bed and put the covers over them and folded it into the sheets. And with that he began to exit.

“Hey!” Only to be stopped by Sweetie Belle. “You can't expect us to go to bed this early without a bedtime story.”

“Yeah, I bet ya got a whole barrel full of stories to tell us.” Said Applebloom. He turned his head towards them with no emotion in his eyes.

“I'm not going to tell you any stories because I have none to tell.” He began to exit only to be stopped by Dinky this time.

“Wait! I'm sure there's at least one story you can tell us. It can be about anything. We promise as soon as you tell us a story we'll go to sleep.” He turned to look at her only to see an all too familiar sight. All four of them performing their best puppy dog pout. He rolled his eyes in annoyance as he walked towards the bed.

“The only stories I know are either about myself, or are from the bible.” He said.

“What's the bible?” Asked Scootaloo. He stood still for a minute and a chair, and bible appeared. It was a simple wooden chair which quickly found an owner as he took a seat.

“This is a bible. It's a book of religious stories. I learned them all when I lived at the Vatican. I'll tell you a story from this because I don't need complaints about nightmares. But I don't want any interruptions or complaints from scared kids. And as soon as I'm done you go to bed. Understood?” His respond was a chorus of nodded heads originating from the fillies.

“Good. Now let's get this over with.” He cleared his throat and began his tale. “This is the story of Moses.” He told them the first story of the bible he learned. They listened intently and appeared to love the story. Only until the mention of plaques and there gruesome effects did they show any uncomfort. And at the mention of the angel of death they were cuddled together in fear of a monster ready to burst into the room. But as he continued they calmed down. And when he got to the part of the Red Sea. They were amazed at what they heard. And finally he ended the story with Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. Twice.

“And the best part about this story is.” He paused for dramatic effect. “That it's all true.” He said as he sat up and began to walk away. Only to be stopped by a very confused filly.

“Wait wait wait! You’re saying there's something in the clouds that can give that kind of magic and it's not even an alicorn?” Asked Scootaloo. “How can you tell?” His facial expressions hardened as he spoke again.

“Because I'm living proof.” And with that he walked out of the room and to his couch. He began to concentrate. He stood there motionless for several minutes. Until he began to be encased in a black aura. He focused it into his cross and placed it on the coffee table right in front of the couch.

“I'm in no mood to talk to him today.” He said to himself as he laid down and drifted off into sleep.
Darkness. That was all he saw in his sleep. This was his most occurring dream he's had for years. Darkness accompanied by screams. He was all alone in the vast darkness of his mind listening to the screams of his victims.



“Why are you doing this?”

“Oh god, please, please help me.”

Over and over again this repeated. Never once stopping. Always getting louder and louder. Just like the first time he had this dream, it was too much to bare. He shouted.

“Make it stop! Make it stop! God dammit make it stop!” And with that he woke up. He quickly looked around to see his surroundings. He was still on the couch and in this strange world. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:15 in the morning. He sighed. “Only four more hours and another nightmare till morning.” And with that he went back to sleep, not noticing Scootaloo peaking her head around the corner watching as he went back to sleep.

“Phew, I thought he was a monster or something.”

And with that she returned to her room. Not knowing that she was partially right. After all, you don't have to be a monster on the outside to be a monster on the inside. Because on the inside, he was a monster. Or at least that's what he thought about himself.

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"What's it mean?” Asked Scootaloo.

“Ah don't know, something about stars?”

“Since when are stars red?” Questioned Dinky.

“Since when are they upside down?” Retorted Sweetie Belle. This was the noise he heard when he woke up. He craned his neck to the side to see the fillies all starring at his flank to his confusion. He rolled over and sat upright causing two of each to go to a different side of his flank to continue their starring.

“I always heard girls found men's ass to be cute, but this is taking it too far.” He thought to himself. And then he spoke his mind. “Why are you looking at my as-flank like that?” It was Applebloom who answered first.

“We want ta know what yer cutie mark meant.” He snorted at the ridiculous name.

“What the hell is that?” He asked in bitter annoyance. Usually the girls would go on a riot for a pony not knowing that, but they all recalled how he told them he was a human. So Sweetie took it upon herself to enlighten him.

“It's a mark that appears on both sides of your flank when you find out your special talent. That's why we're on a quest t-.” She was cut off by Scootaloo at this point.

“A quest to find our special talent.”

“And earn our cutie marks.” The three of them scrunched together and shouted.

“Cutie mark crusaders yay!”

At least now that chant of theirs made sense. But that left a question unanswered. What was his cutie mark? He turned around to look at his flank only for his blood to somehow run cold, and boil at the same time. For the mark that rest on his flank, was none other than a red pentagram inside a red circle. Just like the one that sent him to this new land. And that's when he heard the dark voice chuckle from what felt like he was inside his very soul.

“Welcome to Equestria.” He stood there, motionless. Shocked was all he could think about. The lowness of the devil. The torture he put him through. The shackles weren't enough to remind him he's a slave. But now to put the symbol of the dark prophecy that was meant to be his on his flank as a symbol of one’s destiny. That was cruelty. He was shaken out of his daze as an orange hoof was waved in his face.

“Equestria to Lucifer, hello. Anypony in there?” He caught her hoof and then let it drop once she stopped shaking.

“So what's it mean?” Asked Sweetie Belle.

“It’s nothing.” He lied. The girls nodded as they glanced at each other, this was something to be left alone. He let out a sigh of relief which was silenced by a high pitched scream.

“Agh! We’re gonna be late for school.” Said Dinky who was rushing to her room. She came back out quickly with a saddlebag hanging on her back. “I haven't missed a day yet.” She cried. He looked at her with agitation in his eyes that sent a very clear message.

“I don't care.”

“Shoot, Applejack will have mah hide if she finds out ah wasn't at school today.” They all began to worry. Until Sweetie got an idea.

“Can't you use some of your soul power to get us there?” He looked down to shoot her a glare only to receive more puppy dog eyes.

“Damn that got old fast” he thought to himself.

“Can’t you just run there yourself?”

“It’s too far away and two late. If I had my cart I could just pull us there on my scooter.” He sighed as he walked outside and gestured for them to follow. They trotted outside to see him standing very still and breathing very slowly. They stood there waiting, understanding that this means he would probably summon up something to help them. But it took a while longer than expected.

What usually took a few seconds took around three minutes. And then something happened that made their jaw drop. In front of them appeared something they never seen before. It was a giant piece of metal with wheels made of what appeared to be rubber. It seemed to have padding on it. But what really got their attention was the fact that it had four small metal box like barrels on the sides, two on each side. He stared at them with a grin.

“What, you never seen a motorcycle and some side cars before?” He said sarcastically. They could only shake their heads in response. He floated them into the sidecars and began concentrating again. This time helmets came. They quickly put them on.

“Alright stay inside the sidecar, and don't do anything stupid. It doesn't have any seat belts.” He got on and asked where there school was. They told him where to go and with that he fired it up. To his surprise, doing so hurt like hell. These new ears were more sensitive to noise, and a motorcycle isn't exactly silent. But unlike the fillies he quickly got over it. The ride through town was, in a word. Chaotic.
Apparently in Equestria, driving a big piece of loud metal either resulted in panic, or confusion. Panic caused ponies to burst through windows to avoid getting hit as he drove on the Main Street. The confusion resulted in ponies nearly becoming road kill. He would have loved this to happen for one all too familiar pony.

That crazy pink bitch. She was bouncing alongside him for half the trip asking questions. He did his best to ignore her as he found the school and drove to the entrance. But as soon as he arrived the bell rang. The girls all rushed to the door, only for them to be welcomed by the entire class coming out and standing at the entrance. They were all looking at Lucifer and the fillies who still had their helmets on. That's when a mare walked up to him with a purple coat and pink main and tail.

“Hello there. My name is miss cheerily. We came out to see what all the noise was about.” He got off the motorcycle and took the helmets from the girls as he spoke.

“Just making sure the kids get to school on time.” She seemed happy with his answer as a warm smile found its way on her face. “I...apologize, if it was too loud.” He said while making the motorcycle disappear causing a series of gasps from the children.

“That's quite alright. I've never seen anything like it that's for sure.” She extended a hoof to him which he hesitantly shook. “If you don't mind me asking, who are you? I don't recall seeing you around Ponyville. And I'm sure I'd recognize an alicorn.”

“I'm Lucifer. And yes, I'm new here.” He said plainly. “Sorry to disappoint, but I really should go. I've got...things to do.” By now he was just trying to get out of talking. But she apparently didn't notice.

“Oh that's fine, class was just starting anyway. We'll it was nice meeting you.” She said as she made her way to the class along with her students. “Oh! And thanks for bringing these four.” She said as she waved good bye and walked inside the small building. He let out a small sigh as he began to walk away. Only to be tackled by a very annoying pink pony.

“Oh my gosh what was that awesome wheeled thing? It was all vroom vroom vroom. That was so cool.” He was literally underneath her as she stood on top of him bouncing up and down on his stomach. He quickly floated her off of him as he stood up.

“It was a motorcycle. And if you don't mind I have things to do.” And with that he placed her down and began to walk away. Luckily for him she didn't follow. But before he got too far he heard her whisper something. “I can't wait to see how he reacts today.” This only made him walk faster to put distance between himself and her. When she was out of eyesight he began to think about what she said.

“Does she plan on throwing me a party? I don't have a house yet so that can't be it. If I'm lucky I can avoid her.” He kept thinking about this until he arrived at the town market. And there he saw someone he recognized. He saw Applejack at a stall selling apples. And unfortunately for him, she saw him to.

“We'll howdy there Lucifer.” She called to him as she waved her hoof at him. He walked over to see if she wanted anything. “Ah just wanted ta see how the sleepover went.”

“Well. And I dropped them off at school just a while ago.” With that she smiled and handed him a red apple.

“Free of charge for yer troubles.” But he quickly placed it back.

“I don't accept handouts.” He said this harshly causing her smile to drop for a split second. But was quickly found as she handed him the apple once more.

“Seeing as how ya watched mah sister it's not ah handout. It's ah reward.” He couldn't argue with this so he accepted and took a bite of the apple. It was the best apple he's ever had. So fresh and juicy that it made apples he'd have on earth be put to shame. But even while eating he still wore the same scowl that usually adorned his face, with his usual furrowed brow.

“It's good.” Was all he said as he walked away. As he left he heard her call out to him.

“Y'all have a good time now. And make sure ya go ta the town square today.” He started to head to the hospital. After all, today Ditsy would be getting out of the hospital. He arrived after a few minutes of walking just in time to see her come out. She noticed him and flew towards him smiling.

“Hey there Lucifer. How'd the sleepover go?”

“Well. I just dropped them off at school.” And with that said he extended his hoof much to her confusion. “My pay” he said plainly with an agitated expression. She smiled as she reached into a saddlebag she had and pulled out a small sapphire much to his bewilderment.

“What? If it's not enough that's all I have right now.” She said as worry began to take over her features.

“Is this how your currency works here? You pay people in rare gems.” She looked at him with confusion of her own.

“Well yeah. Gems, rubies, sapphires, but mostly bits.” And with that he just sighed in annoyance.

“And what exactly are bits?” She pulled out a coin purse from her saddlebag and showed him a small pile of gold coins. He couldn't believe it. They were so rich that gold, actual gold was average currency. The only reason he didn't do that on earth was because everyone would assume it was fake. And for good reason. Here he could summon a treasure trove worth of the stuff and live as a millionaire. “Don't unicorns have a spell of some kind that could duplicate these to become rich?” She shook her head as a smile spread on her face.

“No silly. Everypony knows it's impossible to do that. After all, anypony that uses magic to summon things will have that item disappear shortly. Either that or it’ll be too easy to tell it’s a fake.” With this he was happy. He was gonna be rich because that didn't apply for him. He was ready to leave.

“Thanks. I'd best be going now. I have some errands to run. And also, I'll be moving out today.” And with that he began to walk off only to be stopped by her as she flew in front of him.

“You can't go yet. I have a surprise for you.” He showed no care for this at all.

“I'm not interested.”

“Oh but I insist. It's the least I could do since you saved me, and my daughter’s life. And even fixed my eye.” And with that he slapped himself for forgetting. Her eye, his missing soul piece. It was time to get it back. He stood there motionlessly for a few minutes once again causing his body to glow black along with her. When suddenly a mass of black slowly phased out of her and into him.

“In case you’re wondering, I just took back what is rightfully mine.” She was shocked for a split second but quickly got over it.

“That's fine. I was just borrowing it. But please, let me take you to town square. I have a surprise for you that everypony will love.” She gave him her best award winning smile. Which didn't do anything to budge him. Sighing he agreed if it meant being left alone when they were done. They walked to the town square in silence. The reason behind that was he stopped paying attention and refused to acknowledge her at this point. The walk lasted for about ten minutes since it was a small town. And upon arriving he could see a mass of ponies gathered at the town square mayor’s office. What disturbed him was the poster of his name above a stage with the words.
“Ponyville’s newest hero, Lucifer.” He gritted his teeth in anger. Once again he's been called that awful word. Hero. He saw a brown earth pony with silver main and tail gesture for him to come up. He hesitantly approached the stage.

“Mister Lucifer if I'm correct?” She asked with a warm smile.

“Correct” was all he said as he starred at her with his usual Disapproving glare of anything that lived and breathed. She turned around to address the crowd of ponies.

“Citizens of Ponyville. It is with great honor that we celebrate the hero Lucifer, who defeated a pack of diamond dogs and saved local residence Derpy hooves, and her daughter Dinky.” She paused to catch her breath before she continued. While doing so, the ponies started stomping there hooves down on the ground causing what he figured was there version of clapping.
“Not only did he save these two fearlessly. But he also fixed Derpy's eye by using a strange new magic.” She stopped to face him. “And as mayor of Ponyville I thank you. Ponyville thanks you.” Once again a series of stomps, cheers, and whistling could be heard all directed towards him.
“Before you say anything I'd like to ask a question I'm sure everypony is dying to know.” She started at him directly into his cold eyes unaffected by his gaze. “Are you a descendent of royalty? After all, the only alicorns we know of are the princesses.” With that said, he looked to the crowd to see them all starring very closely waiting for an answer. And that's exactly what he'd give them.

“As a matter of fact I am. I am the anti-Christ. The prince of Hell.” She, and everyone else cocked their heads in confusion.

“I'm afraid I've never heard of such a land, or title for that matter. But nonetheless we welcome you as an ambassador of Hell. May your stay in Equestria, and Ponyville, be pleasant and enjoyable.” And with that they started stomping once again. But this time he didn't notice. He was utterly speechless. Had they never heard of Hell? One could tell immediately that this world was more peaceful than that of earth. But to not have a Hell. That was too much. She didn't notice his shock as she turned to address the crowd.
“Let's hear it for prince Lucifer, the anti-Christ, and hero of Ponyville. May him and his kingdom of hell live long and prosper.” And at once the worse name you could call him was being shouted at him with glee from the crowd.

“Hero! Hero! Hero!” He had enough. He was furious at this insult. And it began to show as the crowd stopped there cheering and looked at him with surprise. He paid no mind as he walked closer to the stage and directly into the mic.

“I've lived my entire life without a hero. And I'll be dammed if I become a false one. I am not. Nor will I ever be. A hero. You ponies are fucking foolish!” He screamed the last part at them with blistering fury. The crowd was taken aback by this, moving away from him slightly.
“A hero is your soldiers dying on the front lines to protect a country that deserves to be destroyed. A hero is your local teacher who gets paid minimum wage to teach a bunch of disrespectful brats the fundamentals of living. A hero is someone who does good out of the kindness of their hearts for someone who doesn't deserve any good to come their way.” He stopped to glare daggers at the crowd whom he despised.
"I am not a hero. I am a murderer. A monster that hates every single one of you. And your arrogance will be your undoing.” He began to walk away but noticed something strange. The stage was completely on fire. As was his body. During his rage he didn't notice his powers activated. And then he heard a voice deep within his soul.

“Time to show them the real you.”
Laughing. That is what the devil was doing as he tapped into his inner evil. He collapsed as the fire around his body intensified and engulfed his entire body in a black flame. Including the poster which started to travel to the building. He was in pain. Deep pain. He screamed as his mind was taken from him and he succumbed to his anger. His anger that lied deep within his soul was now forcefully showing its way to the real world as almost a separate being. He saw the images of his life where he was abused, tortured, hurt. He saw his own personal definition of anger and resentment towards the world and all its people. And upon rising from the flames, he was changed. His coat became a bright red to match his main and tail. Which at this point began flowing in a nonexistent breeze giving the illusion of a flame that was bright enough to be a beacon. His wings were now bat like with spiked tips. Even his eyes changed color. What was once red, was now black, dark and empty of emotion, as if his very soul had disappeared into a dark abyss. The only thing that remained the same was his horn, shackles, and necklace.
He walked back to the microphone to speak. The ponies were stunned in their fear as he spoke with a gaze of utter evil.
“Your time for at hand.” And with that he roared as he turned around and set the building on fire in an intense heat that quickly began to destroy the building. The ponies ran, and flew, in multiple directions, narrowly avoiding his fiery assault. But to his surprise, he was quickly hit in the jaw by a rainbow blur. He quickly recovered as he saw a flying Pegasus in front of him with her hooves crossed, and a scowl on her face as her brow furrowed. Her coat was blue and her mane and tail were that of a rainbow. Behind her were five other mares. But they currently did not matter. Only the one that dare hit him did. And he would make her pay with her very life.

“You got some nerve if you think you can attack Ponyville with us around mister.” She said in a defiant tone as the remaining mares got closer to her. “Who do you think you are to treat us like that after throwing you a celebration?”

“Yeah! And you promised we could party once you got a house. You never said anything about a dungeon party.” Said Pinkie Pie. He remembered how much he hated her and lunged after her, leaping off the burning stage. He crashed down at the spot she used to be at, causing the ground to crack immensely and sent the other mares flying in multiple directions. But she was nowhere to be found. He looked left only to see a yellow Pegasus with a long pink mane and tail next to Applejack whom he remembered from earlier. To his left he saw a lavender alicorn with a purple mane and tail that had other shades to it. Standing next to her was rarity. And in front of him was the rainbow Pegasus. But nowhere had he looked could he see pinkie. Until he heard her giggle.

“Yoo-hoo, looking for me, Lucy?” He looked behind him. And there she was. Standing directly on top of his back between his wings. She had the biggest smile he's seen from her yet. And tapped him on the nose. “Tag you’re it!” And with that she leapt off him and stood next to the yellow Pegasus.

“Arg!” He shouted as he blasted at her relentlessly with fire. But every time he threw a blast she'd dodge it as if it were nothing. In the corner of his eye he saw the cyan Pegasus approach him. As soon as she was about to fly into him he ducked down and bucked his back legs into her stomach as she flew over him sending her flying into the air. She caught herself well, but quickly grabbed her stomach in pain of the kick. He was about to perform a follow up attack. But before he knew it, he was hit with a floating bench wrapped in a purple aura. He simply broke it with his strength and quickly spotted the lavender mare. He lunged at her ready to strike. Only to be blasted away by confetti as pinkie appeared In front of her with a cannon. In the sane part of his mind that was struggling to regain control of his emotions questioned.
“Where the hell did she get a cannon?” He quickly rose to his hooves to look at the pink menace. And next to her was the remaining mares. The lavender one spoke up.

“Lucifer! I don't know why your here, or why you’re doing this. But know that we will not allow you to harm any of Ponyville’s citizens.” She stepped forward putting herself in front of the others as she spoke. “So I'm warning you. This is your last chance. Stop and come to your senses. Or we'll be forced to use the elements of harmony.” And with that a series of jewelry began to appear around the mares and found its way around there necks, and for the lavender pony, on her head as she received a crown. This did not threaten him however, and instead filled him with even more rage.

“You think jewelry will stop me!” He screamed as he charged at them with bloodlust in his eyes. Only to be suspended in midair. The girls who at this point were flinching, expecting to be attacked, looked up to see this strange occurrence as well. And then the yellow Pegasus let out a relieved sigh as she spoke with happiness.

“Discord! Your here?” The mares, and Lucifer, looked at a floating entity one could only describe as strange. What stood before them was a being whose body consisted of the head of a horse, with a goat antler on the left, a blue goat antler on the right, one long fang, different shaped eyes, the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. For Lucifer if you had to describe him in a sentence it would be as followed.

“What the fuck are you?” He asked as he still stood there suspended in midair. The being looked at him with a smile as he walked up to him and bowed.

“Discord at your service. Reformed god of chaos and disharmony as of this week.” He turned to look at the mares. “I hope you aren't trying to replace me. I've only been reformed as of a few days and there's already a rampaging alicorn on the loose. I might begin to think your trying to get rid of me.” All the mares sighed as the yellow one spoke.

“Umm, Discord. We have a problem. Could you be so kind as to keep him like that while we use the elements on him? If it's not too much trouble.” Discord looked at Lucifer approvingly as he began to look at his entire body inspecting him.

“Yes, I can definitely see the evil in this one. But behind that, there's something...strange, but good.” He stopped inspecting him as he turned to see the mares float in the air as a rainbow began to circle around them. Discord made like a freak and ran towards a tree. All Lucifer could do was stare at the spectacle. And in an instant, a rainbow fired itself at him with unimaginable speed. He only had enough time to say one thing before he felt a burning sensation cover his body and black out.

“What the fuck?!”

Chapter 5 jail break

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[Violence should never be the answer is what most people would say. Sometimes you don't have a choice.] A look inside Lucifer's head

“What was that?” Lucifer asked out loud as he found himself in a small room with a small wall in it. “Did I just get shot by a rainbow? How does that even work?” He let out a sigh at being in this confusing situation. But then got over it as he had even more questions.

“Am I in a confession booth?” He stood up to find out he was indeed in a confession booth. And behind him was a door. Which by now he realized is a bad thing to see. “Looks like I figured it out” he said as he looked at his body to find once again he was human.
He walked through the door to find himself in the middle of mass at the Vatican church. Right in the middle of the first prayer he ever learned.

“Our father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen.” He walked up to the isle and took a seat in the front row that was marked for reserve. He began to look at his surroundings and find out it was a special dream he was in. He was reliving a memory.

He would get dreams like this from time to time. But they were indeed rare because of how perfect the dream was. Because there, next to the priest performing mass, was a very familiar altar boy. It was him when he was only fifteen years old. This was one of the few good memories he had. The ones he had at the Vatican. And he didn't even like these memories. He tolerated them at best. He listened to the performance and could recall everything the priest said. He had a good memory like that. What he did not remember was the whisper in his ear.

“Lucifer.” He sat upright and turned around to find the voice. But instead found a lack of voices. The entire church was now empty. Even the priest and younger version of himself were gone. And he was pissed.

“I'm tired of these games. Show yourself.” Silence was his response as the front door to the church suddenly opened. He knew where this was going. He walked out of the church and was now standing at the front entrance to the Vatican. He looked around and saw the familiar buildings. But not a single sight of anyone around.

“Damn it show yourself!” He screamed out. He was tired of the games. All he wanted was an answer. And he got one. Because at that very moment, a ray of light beamed down on him. It did not burn his body, nor sting his eyes. It felt warm, and encasing. As if though his entire body was in a blanket. He looked up to where the source of the light was coming from. And there he saw, on top if the church, the source. A cross. And a whisper.

“Be cautious Lucifer. He is coming for you.” The voice said in the first serious tone he's ever heard from it.

“It’s the devil isn’t it?” He asked the voice.

“Yes. Before warned Lucifer. He has sent Omen after you. And so have I.” He was puzzled at this. He's heard of several bad omens, but never a person called omen.

“Who’s Omen? He demanded. But he got no answer as the light disappeared and he was once again all alone. Defeated, he let out a sigh as he sat down on the pavement. But soon he heard something that got his attention.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He heard in the distance.

“Is that a crow?” He asked himself. He stood back up to see that no one was there. But he quickly heard it again. Only this time it was louder.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He began looking around frantically to find the source of the noise. He looked left, right, behind, and in front of himself. But saw nothing. But it was still there. As the noise was sounding closer to himself now.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He twist and he turned in multiple directions to find that dammed bird. And then he finally saw it. Sitting on a bench near the entrance to the church was a pitch black crow with glowing red eyes. Wasting no time, he blasted it with a ball of fire. But that did nothing to it. Instead there was more noise.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He looked behind to see two more crows near the entrance to the church. He shot at them like he did the previous bird, with previous results. Nothing happened. He frantically looked in all directions only to see hundreds of crows wherever he looked. And they were all making that same noise. Only this time they continued after three.

“Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw.” He laid himself down and covered his ears to drown out the awful noise. After several minutes that felt like several lifetimes, the noise finally stopped. He was relieved. He put his hands down and looked up. Only to see his new feathery friend stare into his eyes. His eyes were as red as the pits of fire that give light in the darkest parts of hell. And it was staring into his black, emotionless eyes. They stayed like this for several minutes. Neither one moving nor making a sound. Until the crow put its beak as close to him as possible. And made the loudest noise he's ever heard before.

“Cawww!” He closed his eyes and covered his ears to clear the violent noise. It boomed in his head to the point where blood could be seen dripping from his ears. He looked back up to see the crow was gone and he was in total darkness. And it was than he knew what just happened.

“Omen!” He said as he once again stood up. That was over, and now he was ready to start another nightmare. Because at that point another door appeared in front of him. He reached for the handle, ready to start his next nightmare, so he could finally wake up. And face the biggest nightmare of all. Life.

“Wake up!” He felt wet all of a sudden. And then he felt cold. “I said wake up.” He looked up to see a white unicorn stallion in a golden armor chest plate holding an empty bucket and spear. “You were screaming in your sleep the whole night. I'd say it was about time to wake you up.” He paid the stallion no mind as he looked at his new surroundings. He was in a cell. It had a bed which was much too small for him. A simple toilet. And an entrance made of iron bars. This was a bad place to be in.

“Where am I?” He asked the guard.

“Canterlot dungeon. For attacking the residents of Ponyville, the elements of harmony, and Princess Twilight Sparkle.” And with that the guard turned around to resume his post. He was not happy about this. It was an insult.

"What makes you think that this prison can hold me?" He asked angrily. The guard snorted in amusement.

"Well seeing as how this room is magic proof, and you’re no longer an alicorn, I'd say we have nothing to worry about." And with that he turned around to continue his job. Lucifer however didn’t even try to pay attention. Because he knew that this was a time for reflection. He's been in this new world for four days now. He saved a mother and daughter. Attacked a town. Got publicly defeated by six mares, and a...thing. And then was thrown in jail.

“Damn, I fucked up.” He sat upright and found a strange feeling. He was cold. Not just because he was wet. But because he was hairless. He was once again human. And naked. He quickly wrapped himself in the blanket that was on his bed and began to concentrate.

“The link has been severed again.” He looked at his wrist and legs. The shackles were still there. He sighed at this sight. But found relief as he found his necklace. “I think I get it now. No connection means I'm no longer a pony. And that means he sent Omen after me. Probably to fix that.” He concentrated up some clothes to warm up. He was now wearing a simple black pair of pants, a punisher t-shirt, A zip up hoodie with a pentagram on the back, and a simple pair of Nike sneakers. He was now dressed to impress and ready to take on the world.

“No more hiding. If I still have these shackles on, it means something. Which means Omen will find me.” He walked up to the bars and firmly put his hands on two bars. “Better not keep my audience waiting.” And with the use of his soul he was able to easily pry open the bars and scare the living shit out of the guard. The guard used his magic to levitate the spear to attack him. He easily grabbed it out of the air and broke it in two with his knee, and threw the pieces in both directions.
The guard turned around to buck him, but instead found his legs to be grabbed by Lucifer as he twirled the guard off the ground, into the air, and slammed against the wall. He stumbled to get back up. As soon as he found his balance he was grabbed by the muzzle and slammed back into the wall.

“I will stop yo-you.” The guard said woozily. Lucifer’s response to this was violent. Very violent. He grabbed his horn and with a quick flick of his wrist snapped it off. The guard screamed in pain and almost immediately passed out.

“Pathetic. He thinks that was pain? If there all like this breaking out of here will be a fool’s errand.” He then looked at the horn fragment in his hand. “Looks like I have a souvenir. I should start a collection.” He stood there still starring at it for a few seconds before he dropped the horn next to the unconscious guard. He looked across the room to find that he was in a long hallway. He began walking down to the end of the hallway. There he found a staircase leading upstairs.
He climbed casually as if nothing had happened. Once at the top he saw he was in another hallway with more cells. All of the cells were empty. Figures in an entire dungeon he'd be the only one there. He began walking down the hall and arrived at a door. He pressed his ear against it to hear any noise. After a couple of seconds he heard the sound of two ponies.

“Got any sevens?”

“Go fish.” The voices belonged to stallions.

“Most likely guards.” He thought. He gently opened the door to get a peek at them. He was correct as he saw two guards sitting at a small circular wooden table playing go fish. But something was off about them. They both looked exactly alike. They shared the same white coat and armor. They were both pegasi. And stranger than that they looked just like the first guard he knocked out.

“Are-are they clones?” He asked himself in a low whisper. For him this was a strange sight. But then again, being sent to a whole new planet, one should expect to see strange things. Once deciding not to waste any more time he sprinted to the closest guard who had his back turned to him. His friend shouted as he grabbed the closest guard and slammed him through the wooden table. The second guard began to run to the door. Only for Lucifer to grab him with his telekinesis and send him flying into his outstretched arm causing his whole body to twirl around and promptly fall down from the close-line. By now the second guard was stumbling to get back up. But he would not allow this.

He quickly ran up and kicked the guard into the wall. He turned around to see the second guard up and charging at him with a spear he never saw him with. Failing to see the guard sooner he was hit. But thanks to fast reflexes he pushed the spear down, and instead of getting impaled in the stomach, he was only stabbed in the upper part of his leg right above the knee. He pushed him back with his powers into a wall. He quickly grabbed a chair and broke it against the guards face. Luckily for him he was wearing a helmet. He quickly turned around to see if the previous guard was up. He was not. He lay against the wall passed out. The same as his friend who got hit with the chair. Looking at his wound he let out a sigh.

“Can't believe I let myself get stabbed. It's been too long since I've had a real fight.” He began concentrating for a minute and used his soul to heal his minor wound. And with that he walked out the door. He was once again in a hallway. Only this time it was different. Instead of the walls and floor being made out of stone, it was made of fine marble and had carpet rugs. He was out of the dungeon, and into the castle.

He looked left, there was hallway and some doors. He looked right, there was more hallway and more doors. He chose right and began walking. He walked in relative silence until he heard a scream come from behind him. He turned around to see a maid holding a feather duster standing in complete shock.

“You-you-you’re the prisoner.” She stepped back and dropped the feather duster. Now that he was paying attention to her he noticed she had a brown coat with a gray mane. She turned to run away but quickly lost her footing and fell. She cried in pain as she did so.
“My knee!” She attempted to stand but quickly fell down. She began to sob in either pain or fear. Most likely both. He walked up to her and she closed her eyes in fear. “Please don't hurt me.” She still had her eyes closed and got no answer. She stayed there for a few minutes until she felt a strange feeling. She looked up and saw that he was kneeling over her and that she was glowing black. She was utterly speechless as he stood up and offered her a hand. She hesitantly took it with her hoof and stood up.
She immediately winced on instinct once she remembered her knee. But to her confusion found out her knee was completely healed. As she stopped looking, she turned to look at him, to see him walking down the hallway leaving her behind. She looked puzzled as she let the words fall out her muzzle.

“Th-thanks?” He continued his walk. Feeling more confident now that he had some good karma on his side. And began making a series of lefts and rights. One right turn however was particularly bad, as he stumbled upon a group of five guards marching through the hall, and directly into him.

Only inches apart, a total standoff, no one moving an inch. Until he delivered a quick roundhouse kick to the closest guard. His foot smacked him in the right side of the head and caused him to slam into the wall with the left side of his head. That first guard was instantly knocked out. As soon as he delivered that kick though, the spears were flying. Literally, the guards were all unicorns and had their spears in the spell causing them to float and attack him. Lucky for him though, these guards were terrible with their weapons. Instead of attack all at once, or in a well-timed sequence, they simply attacked whenever. And they only lunged with the spears.

All he had to do was jump back quickly to avoid getting impaled. After many successful dodges, he was far enough from the guards to use his other powers since they stood their ground. He quickly used his fire powers to cover his entire body, creating a make shift fire armor. Due to the intense heat the wood from the spears quickly burned to ash, causing the spearheads to fall limp. He then immediately put out the fire as he charged the four guards.

What he didn't expect was to be drop kicked by one of the guards who jumped off another's guards back in a leap frog jump. The guard quickly turned around and punch him, causing him to stumble back. By the time he regained his balance he was dealing with three pairs of hooves attacking him all from the front.
Luckily for him the hallway was small and they couldn't get to his sides or try to flank him. Hoof after hoof after hoof assaulted him as he blocked, dodged, and countered as quickly as he could. But dealing with six pairs of hooves at this particular situation proved difficult even for him.

“Time to end this.” He thought as he jumped backwards giving himself some room. He quickly summoned up two riot shields, one for each arm. And with that he charged at the wall of guards. With it he bashed right through them thanks to the flexibility of the riot shield. The three guards all lost their balance and fell. Giving him the chance to knock each one out with a precise blow to the back of the head.

One by one by one he knocked them out. By the time he was done there was only one guard left. The one who stayed behind this entire time and did nothing. Lucifer quickly got rid of the shields and walked towards the guard. He was trembling. Lucifer took a knee to get on eye level with him, and whispered in his ear.

“Boo!” The guard shouted and fell on his back. Lucifer only shook his head in disappointment. He used his powers to bring the guard back to his feet.

“Please don't hurt me. I'm just the trainee.” He began trembling again. Much to Lucifer’s annoyance.

“You’re pathetic. You give the title of guard a disgrace. I attack your home, and your fellow guards. And you do nothing but cower and beg for your own safety.” He summoned up a silver dagger in his hand causing the guard to nearly faint. “There's only one way to redeem yourself.” He put the dagger into the guard’s hooves much to his confusion. “Kill me.” He told the guard. The guard looked at the dagger and asked in a frightened voice.

“What do you mean?” Lucifer violently grabbed the guard and picked him up so that they were at eye level.

“It means kill me! I've attacked your home and your fellow guard. I'm a monster from another world. A source of evil and hate. You failed your guards and now you must pay. Kill me.” He dropped the guard who landed on his hooves. He starred into his eyes and saw hate. But behind that was sadness.

“I can't kill anypony. We-we don't do that here.” He was trying his best to get out of this situation. But Lucifer would not allow that.

“What if I killed your friends? They'd have died and you could've saved them. Or at the very least get revenge. The only way to repay them for your mistake is with blood. The blood of the person that started everything, me. Now don't make me repeat myself. Because I'll only say it once more. Kill me.” The guard had tears form in his eyes.

“I-I can't do it. I can't kill anypony.” Lucifer was furious.

“I told you to kill me!” He roared in anger.

“I can't!” Replied the panicking guard.

“Kill me!”

“No!” The guard dropped the dagger and fell to his hooves and began crying. “Please, please don't make me kill anypony. I can't.” He sobbed out. Lucifer only shook his head in disappointment.

“You’re a disgrace.” And with that he walked away, leaving the broken guard to himself as he began to hyperventilate. He walked through the halls trying to find an exit of some kind. But all he found was rooms either empty, or with a maid. But after a while he found a much bigger door. And behind it voices.

“But Princess, what are we going to do about him. He's a creature we've never even seen before. He must be studied.” He remembered that voice. It was the voice of the purple alicorn that helped shoot that rainbow after him. He continued to listen.

“I understand Twilight. And while normally I would agree, I cannot allow study until we know he isn't dangerous to be around.” This new voice was much more regal than any voice he's ever heard before. So he knew instantly it was the Princess.

“Twilight, so that's her name.” He thought to himself. He continued to listen.

“I understand as well. But I believe it wasn't his fault. He saved Derpy and her daughter. He even fixed Derpy's eye. I don't know why he attacked at Ponyville, but I believe it wasn't his fault. And I have evidence to support my claim. Right before he attacked he transformed when he appeared to be angry. That’s when he attacked. I think he may have a serious problem.”

“And I agree with you Twilight. You know I would not allow anypony that is innocent to sit in the dungeon. I just need to make sure he is safe to be around before any studies are allowed.” This caught his attention in a bad way.

“Studies? They think they can treat me like some fucking lab animal. I don't think so.” He opened the doors and walked into what appeared to be the main hall of the castle. He knew it was a castle because of the size and the fact it was ruled by a Princess. He was greeted by a series of gasp as he made his way to the front door, ready to leave. Only to be stopped by a swarm of guards.
He was only ten feet from the door and was completely surrounded by guards. There spears were all drawn and trapping him in a circle. He furrowed his brow and let out an annoyed sigh as he turned around to address the Princess. Said Princess in question was an alicorn of much larger size. In fact, she was only a few inches shorter than himself. She had a white coat and a light rainbow mane moving in a nonexistent breeze. But what stuck out was her cutie mark. It was a sun.

“Makes sense I suppose. After all she moves the sun apparently.” He remembered reading all about her and her sister Luna in the magazine at the hospital. “I suggest you tell your guards to stand down. Otherwise I won't be held responsible for what I do to them.” She looked at him sternly as she gave the order.

“Guards, stand down.” The guards did as they were instructed and backed away, but still had their spears ready in case anything happened. He grinned as he spoke.

“Thank you. Now if you don't mind I have someone to meet.” He began walking towards the door but was stopped as the guards took a stance in front of it. He turned around to see that she was sitting on a throne. Standing next to her were the six mares responsible for him being here.

“Lucifer, tell me how you escaped. That cell was filled with wards that should cancel all forms of magic.” Upon the end of that question he saw Twilight get a glimmer in her eye.

“You ponies should really take notes. I've already told this story twice and I'm sick of telling it.” She looked at him sternly, but before she could speak she was interrupted by the cyan Pegasus.

“Who do you think you are? You can't talk to Princess Celestia like that. Apologize.” He clenched his teeth at this.

“Why don't you try to make me you rain bowed mined, big mouthed, lesbo looking bitch!” He said threateningly with a great deal of anger in his voice. All the others gasped at the insult as she flew up to his face and starred him in the eyes as she spoke.

“What did you just call me?” But before he could respond she was encased in a golden aura and put back where she previously was.

“That's enough rainbow dash. I'll take care of it.” She then turned her attention to the six mares. “In fact, I'll handle this alone. Leave and wait for me to call for you.” Immediately Twilight and the rest gasped.

“Princess, why I completely trust your judgment. Don't you think it be wise for us to be here in case we need to use the elements?” Rarity asked with a look of concern that matched the rest.

“Please, do as I say and go. I assure you everything will be fine. I just need to talk to him in private.” The six mares all hesitantly nodded their heads as they slowly made their way to the same door he came through.
“What did they do to get me back to my original body?” He asked as soon as the door shut. She looked at him with an unreadable face as she spoke.

“They used the elements of harmony. A very powerful magical artifact that only they can use to defeat evil. And considering you are now in your original form. I hope that you are now willing to comply and help us figure out how you got here.” His face turned sour at this.

“I already no why I'm here. And besides, I could've sworn I heard something about studying me as if though I was a common animal.” He took a step closer causing the guards to ready there spears as he spoke with hate. “And if you think I'll allow that, you’re dead wrong.” He starred her in the eyes as he said this. Neither one of them blinking or speaking for several seconds, until she smiled as she spoke.

“I assure you, we did not mean study you like an animal. I would not allow any being, or creature to be used as some sort of experiment. Twilight was merely fascinated about learning and studying an entirely new species.” This did not make him feel any better.

“She will study nothing. I prefer my privacy.” She lost her smile at this as she spoke with a more serious tone.

“I understand that. But from what I've heard you are a very powerful threat who is highly unstable. And from what I've seen you managed to prove it as you broke free of the dungeon and came here just to escape. Which reminds me, you never did answer my question.”

“And what makes you think you have the right to an answer?” She was about to speak but was interrupted by the door bursting open revealing an agitated Rainbow Dash.

“Princess! He attacked the guards!” Celestia looked at him with much more seriousness.

“What did you do!?” She demanded fiercely. He only stepped closer to the throne as he spoke.

“I used my power to fight my way out of prison. I have somewhere to be and I'd prefer to get my punishment over with.” She rose from her thrown as she used a wing to push Rainbow Dash behind her.

“I cannot allow you to leave unaccompanied. Now please, calm down and finish this discussion with me.” She said sternly.

“And I don't take orders from you.” He said angrily as he began to walk towards the door.

“Guards!” She ordered out. The guards once again surrounded him with their spears. “I’m trying to be reasonable with you. Just talk to me and I assure you nothing bad will happen to you.” She said with authority and care. But he would have none of this as he turned around to address her.

“You should worry about yourself. Because this is your last chance. Call off your guards or I'll be forced to do it for you.” He said as menacingly as possible. She did not appreciate this tone as she spoke with more conviction.

“I will not allow any of my subjects to be harmed by you. Stand down and come to your senses. Or else I'll be forced to send you back to the dungeon myself.” He only grinned at this as he clenched his fist and spoke with hate.

“Then it looks like you've failed your people.” He slammed his foot down and with the use of his powers, he caused an upward thrust of air as he slammed down his foot, causing him to back flip over the guards. They turned around just in time to see him thrust both hands forward causing a massive force to send all the guards flying back. She however was unfazed, as well as Rainbow Dash who she protected by her wings. She whispered into Rainbow Dash's ear as she spoke softly.

“I want you to leave now and retrieve the elements of harmony. Don't worry about me I'll be fine.” And with that she gave her a gentle push towards the door. She looked at Celestia nervously and then toward him. She was frightened. But quickly found false courage as she flew out the door.

“Don't worry, I'm sure the Princess will be fine. She can take him no problem.” Those were her last thoughts as she flew through the hallways to find her friends. With Rainbow Dash gone, Celestia could finally address him now.

“It looks like you leave me no choice. If violence is the only way to get through to you, then so be it.” And with that he jumped into the air to attack her. But what he didn't know was how fast she was. For as soon as he was within distance, she quickly turned around and bucked him directly in the chest causing him to be sent flying upwards.

By the time he looked up in the middle of his flight, she was already above him. She kicked down with her legs directly into his stomach, causing him to fly down. He recovered as he landed on his feet and looked up to see her about to slam directly on top of him. He quickly jumped away to see her make impact with the floor. He could see cracks in all directions her hooves made contact with. And at that moment, he knew this would be one hell of a fight.

He jumped back and she did the same. Her horn was glowing a bright yellow. It was as if it was encased in the rays of the sun itself. He formed fire in his hands and held it, because he was holding the physical form of his anger. It was time for a fire fight. He threw a blast of fire at her, but nothing happened as she cast a spell to encase herself in a small purple shield. He continued his long range assault for several minutes. She was also attacking as she threw blast of magical energy at him.

It was an exchange of hits, each one equal in force. He could dodge them easily enough but he was making little progress on damaging the shield. She began charging her horn causing it to glow brighter. He knew that this meant to take cover. He ran behind the throne and began concentrating. She fired a massive ball of energy at her throne, causing it to explode and leave behind a veil of steam. She waited with her guard raised and her shield fully charged.

What she saw blew clear past the steam directly toward her at incredible speeds. It was a metallic cylinder with a cone on its top. She pushed her magic into her shield ready to defend herself. What she didn't expect was the massive explosion that completely crushed her shield, effectively stunning her for a split second and covered her in smoke. She flapped her wings back and sent herself into the air to escape the smoke before it could fill her lungs. Her ears were ringing to loudly and affectively deafening her. She flapped her wings sending a gust of wind to clear the smoke. She expected to see him inside of it ready for a sneak attack, but when it was gone she saw nothing. Before she could look any further direction, she was sent flying down as she was hit hard by him as he used both hands to slam down on her head. Due to experience, she softened her fall as she used her wings to land on her back and thrust her hooves forward. That strategy worked perfectly. Because he followed up with that attack and came flying down to perform a second attack, just as she predicted. What he received was four hooves hitting him in the chest causing him to fly directly over her head, and back to where he previously was during the fire fight. She stood up as she saw him also already standing. He was holding his chest in pain as he starred daggers at her. Seeing as how her enemy was hurt, she was ready to take the offensive. She flared her wings and lowered her head, ready to impale him with her horn.

“She's going to stab me! I need to change tactics.” He thought to himself. He darted his eyes quickly to find salvation, and found calmness as he formed his plan. “She'd never endanger her people.” He grinned evilly in his mind as he prepared for her attack. In a flash, she began her next attack. But what she didn't expect was him to run at her as well. But before she could strike, he dived underneath her, narrowly avoiding a fatal strike. As she reached the throne, she stopped and quickly turned around.
Only to see him give an evil grin as he burst through the door and out of the castle. He was elated in a wicked way. Once he got the open environment he'd have the advantage. That happiness was instantly destroyed as he ran out the castle and saw no town for him to use. He was on a giant mountain.

“Which means, I'm gonna have to jump off a fucking cliff to get to town. That's just fantastic.” He thought bitterly to himself. He made his way to the cliff by sprinting at his full ability. When he reached the edge, he was rewarded by the sight of a massive town, his new battlefield.

chapter 6 in the heat of battle

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He let out a small grin of satisfaction that was short lived as he felt a stabbing pain in his lower side. Before he knew it, he was falling off the cliff and was bleeding from the wound. He let his guard down for a split second and because of it she was able to sneak behind him and stab him in the back. He looked down to see the buildings in sight rapidly approaching. Even at the height of the cliff, free falling would cause anyone to land quickly. He used his telekinetic powers to slow down his fall by grabbing himself with it and successfully land on his feet. He quickly checked his wound. He was stabbed in the side, mere inches away from his spine.

“She missed on purpose!? She could've killed me but she didn't” realizing he didn't have the time to think to himself he looked around to see she was nowhere in sight. He took this opportunity to take cover and heal. He ran to the nearest building and kicked the door in. He was rewarded by a shocked store clerk as he found himself in a grocery store. He grabbed his wound to stop the bleeding and began concentrating as he ran to the vegetable section to hide. After two minutes he managed to heal his wound and stop the bleeding just in time to see her walk inside the store.

“Lucifer! Come outside and finish this. I will not allow you to harm my little ponies or my city.” She said with courage in every word. He grinned as he spoke.

“That's the difference between you and me. You'll risk your life to save your people. I'll risk the life of others to save myself.” He quickly used his telekinesis to throw the cabbage section at her. Which caused the frightened store clerk to go ballistic.

“My cabbages!” He ran up to Lucifer with a broom as he shouted. “Get out!” The store clerk got his wish as Lucifer was encased in a golden aura and thrown outside of the store.

“Lucifer! Stop this madness. They have done nothing to you!” He only furrowed his brow as he struggled to free himself from her magical grip.

“You know Princess, there's a book on my world I could recommend to you. It's called the art of war. It goes into details about how to win your battles. One of the key points to victory is exploit your enemies weaknesses. So tell me, how much does this city matter to you?” At that moment, he broke free from her grip and sent a blast of fire at the store they were just in. At first she stood there, just staring into his eyes while the building slowly burned and the store clerk ran out.

“My store! My produce! My money! My cabbages!” And at that moment she used her magic to put out the fire by conjuring a miniature tornado to extinguish the flames. When she turned her attention back to Lucifer he was gone. She grunted in anger.

“I can't allow him to hide. He'll use this to his advantage.” She growled and stomped her hoof in rage causing the ground below her to crack. “I walked right into his trap like a foal.” She began flying in the direction he was in last. She quickly spotted him and the distance and flew even faster to catch up to him. When she got closer she saw something that disturbed her to no end. He was standing on top of a building. And he was dangling a foal over the building like an evil Michael Jackson.

“Let her go this instant!” She demanded.

“Poor choice of words Princess.” He said with a smile as he threw the foal into the air. She flew to catch the child and successfully caught her. She was once again dropped however as Celestia was hit with a bolt of lightning. She fell to the ground and accidentally let go of the foal. When she recovered from her fall and looked up she was prepared for the worst. She was prepared to see an innocent foal die from the fall. What she saw instead was him holding her in his telekinetic grasp and gently set her on the ground where she instantly froze with fear.

“Get out of here before you get hurt kid. You have a lot more to do in life than be a simple pawn.” He said to the child that quickly responded by running in the opposite direction.

“He saved her? But he used her as bait.” She thought to herself as she picked herself back up, ready to continue the fight. She saw him breathe heavily as he continued to stare at her. She charged her horn and was ready to fire. But quickly put up her shield once she saw him summon two new items in his hands. They were metal devices that unleashed a series of attacks at her shield simply by him pointing it at her. They were much less damaging than the previous attack, but these were much more rapid. She put more magic into her shield as she started to slowly walk towards him.

“Step two. Make her run out magic. That shield can't last forever. And it'll no doubt cost a decent amount of her magic power to keep it up. I just can't believe how well she took the lightning attack. That was my strongest soul attack. I must be running low on fuel.” He smiled as he continued his assault. But just when she was but a foot away from him, he stopped his attack as he looked at his weapons in surprise.

This was her chance.

She overloaded her shield and shattered it directly at him. The blast was like an explosion of wind and glass. The shield actually shattered and flew at him. He covered his face with his arms but shards got lodged in his knees, elbows, stomach, and chest. And then they disappeared since they were magic. He dropped his arms in time to see her front hoof make contact to his face causing him to stumble back and fall on his back. She began to slowly approach him.

“Shit! She's too strong. I need another distraction to heal again otherwise I'll lose this fight.” An idea struck him as he began his best to concentrate. And right as she was standing over him he summoned a flash bang. She wrapped him in her golden glow and lifted him up. Getting a good look at her now he could see that she was bruised and sweaty. And best of all she was breathing hard.

“Ready to Stop?” She said between breaths. His response was covering his eyes as he threw the flash bang down and quickly closed his eyes. There was a loud bang as the bomb exploded in a flash of light and deafening noise. He was released from her grip as she stumbled back and rubbed her eyes with her hoof. Still affected by the surprise attack, when she looked back she could see three Lucifer’s coming at her at once.

But which one was the real one.

She didn't have time to respond as she was hit in the face with a right hook, followed by a left uppercut, and finally finished with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. She was sent flying back from the combo attack. And with this he retreated further into the town. He was hurt badly from her shield. The shards punctured his body causing him to bleed internally. He ran into a house that he soon realized was empty.
He took a seat on the couch and began concentrating on his wound. It took much longer this time as he was running out of energy. The soul’s power was infinite. But that does not mean it can be over used. And if one would do so, they could risk the chance of burning there soul and killing themselves. And worst of all, ceasing to exist and not even be able to go to hell, heaven, or earth. You simply cease to exist.

“Damn, I can't keep this up. I gotta do something big to finish this.” He finished his internal healing and exited the house. He looked around to see if she was anywhere around him. She was not. He began walking further down into the town. He walked until he was certain he was in town square. And it was there he saw Twilight, Rainbow dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie pie, and the other Pegasus alerting citizens to stay indoors. All while wearing their elements of harmony.

“Everypony please stay inside. Canterlot is under attack. But I assure you everything will be fine, Princess Celestia is taking care of it.” Twilight said into a megaphone to an audience of ponies. They quickly listened and began to disperse. He walked toward them with evil in his eye. It was the unknown Pegasus that noticed him first as she hid behind Twilight.

“Fluttershy what's wrong?” Asked twilight. Fluttershy was too scared to respond verbally, so instead she pointed her hoof to the approaching Lucifer. The last thing Twilight saw was him throwing a strange ball at her and her friends as a bright light and loud noise dilated her senses as she lost consciousness.

“Where is he?” Celestia had been trying to find him since he escaped for around ten minutes with no luck in finding him. “I hope he hasn't escaped. That would be a disaster.” She continued her walk through town with her guard up as she scanned all areas. And after a while she began to hear flapping. She quickly turned around to see a guard flying toward her. She waited for his arrival while still being cautious of her surroundings.

“Princess Celestia. I was sent to tell you that we are moving ponies into their homes for safety. Nopony will be allowed out until further notice.” He said authoritatively.

“Good thinking. I lost him, but I'm quite certain he's still here. Tell the guards to watch over and protect my ponies. We make sure no harm comes to them. Understand?” The guard nodded his head as he quickly flew away. And with that her mind was slightly more at rest.

“At least my ponies are safe now. Which means it's time to stop this madness.” She flexed her wings and soared threw the air into her town like a jet. She quickly made it into the town square, which was usually full of life with ponies trading, selling, and buying. Was now a deserted shell of itself. All that was there, was Lucifer. He was standing in the middle of the town square near some food carts. And he was fully healed.

“Lucifer, surrender immediately!” She ordered out. But he was unaffected by her words.

“Before we begin Celestia, I have one final question if I may.” He walked closer to her as he picked up a sack that was lying next to him. “Will the elements of harmony still work if there not on the wearers.” And with that he opened the sack and threw it to her. And when it landed it spilled out the contents of the elements of harmony. She gasped as she used her levitation to quickly grab them. He didn't even attempt to try and stop her from acquiring them.

“What have you done to them?” She said with venom as she spoke to him with clear anger in her voice and body posture.

“There safe I assure yo-” he never finished that sentence as he was assaulted by her magical blast. He used the carts as cover which was quickly being destroyed as each blast made quick work of each cart. By the time his last cart was destroyed he saw that she was directly in front of him. Failing to react in time he was punched in the face hard and sent skidding down the road. He recovered quick enough to dodge her next attack. She flew towards him ready to once again continue her assault, but was instead kicked in the face and sent upwards into the sky. He quickly positioned himself and got ready to continue the fight of his life.

“What happened?” Said twilight as she rubbed her eyes with a fetlock. She looked around to see that she, and the rest of the mane six, were all laying down in a small house.

“Oh good your awake. I was beginning to think you'd stay asleep forever.” Remembering what happened before she lost consciousness she screamed as she jumped in terror of the new voice.

“Well hold on now, there's no reason to be scared. You’re safe here.” Twilight looked at the source of the voice to see an elder mare accompanied by an elder stallion, most likely her husband. The mare had a gray coat that was quite wrinkly due to her obvious age. She had a white mane and tail. Her eyes were a deep shade of green that practically sparkled. And her cutie mark was that of a sewing needle. The stallion had a blue coat and an even darker shade of blue mane and tail. His cutie mark was an ocean.

“Where am I? Who are you? And what happened?”

“Well I'm Threads, and this here is my husband Aquarius. And as for where you’re at. You’re in our home.” Twilight now lowering her guard sighed with slight relief at this news.

“It's nice to meet you, I'm Twilight Sparkle. Now could please you tell me how I got here?” Threads smiled as she took a seat in a chair as and began to talk.

“Well we heard some noise further down the town and heard ponies screaming about a monster fighting Celestia. So we decided to stay inside. Than after a while, low and behold, a knocking comes at our door.” She tapped the air as to represent the door as she spoke. “I hesitantly opened the door. And before my old eyes is the strangest creature I've ever seen. It looked like a Minotaur without hair and less buff. It floated you and your friends here and told us he found you unconscious. He told us to hide you here and to make sure you were safe from any danger, and to check for any wounds if we see any. Such a nice fellow to do that.”

Twilight couldn't believe it.

“Did he really bring us here to make sure we didn't get hurt?” She thought to herself. And then began to panic as she realized that her element was gone. She looked between her friends and saw that there elements were gone too. She forcefully began shaking her friends out of the slumber. And after the quick and violent shake was over, they all woke up.

“Twilight, what happened?” Asked rarity as she became fully aware of her surroundings, along with the rest of them.

“Never mind that. Where's Celestia? And did she stop Lucifer!?” Demanded Rainbow Dash. “He's dangerous and Celestia may need our help.

“We won't be much help without our elements. When he knocked us unconscious he must've taken them.” They all gasped as they frantically searched their bodies for their elements. But to no avail as they found not a single trace of it.

“This could mean trouble Twi. Even if he can't use em, we can't neither without em.” Said Applejack with worry clear on her face.

“Umm, girls, I found him.” Said Fluttershy lowly as she looked out the window.

“I understand your concern Applejack. But he did something strange that makes me wonder.”

“Umm, if I could just get a moment of your time” said Fluttershy whose voice was still barely above a whisper.

“And what's that Twi? He didn't do nothing to us right?” Asked Applejack as she started directly into Twilights eyes with the rest of their crew.

“According to Threads and her husband Aquarius, he dropped us off here and told them to make sure we were safe. The question is, why?” She had a look of concern and confusion as she began to think.

“Oh I know! I bet it's because he wants us to look our best for the party he's gonna throw after the fights over and we all forgive and forgot and he becomes our new best friend.” Said Pinkie all in one quick sentence leaving the rest of the girls to ponder her words.

“Yeah right. A guy like that is nothing but trouble. I say we get the elements back and turn him into stone.” Said Rainbow Dash as she hovered above the air with her wings stretched out in defiance.

“Girls!” Fluttershy shouted across the room getting everypony's attention. “Oh! Excuse me, it's just that Lucifer is fighting Princess Celestia outside and I can see that she has our elements is all.” The only thing she could do before being trampled by her friends was let out a low, “Eep!” as they made their way to the window and pressed their faces to the glass. What they saw before them was a massive shock.

Princess Celestia and Lucifer going blow for blow as they punched, kicked, and fired at each other with magic and fire. It was a strange sight for all to see. Their beloved Princess who wouldn't hurt a fly. Is now prepared, and seemingly trying to brutally kill this offender of her land. It was Twilight who took it the hardest.

“ she trying to kill him?” She thought to herself.

“This ends now!” Said Celestia as she charged her horn and flexed her wings. He could tell she was about to do something fierce that would surely either result in serious injury, or worse, death. He quickly summoned dual pistols and began firing like a madman at her. But once again she summoned that dammed shield of hers.

But it was much smaller and weaker than before. His bullets attacked the shield and put multiple cracks in it but still not fully braking it. And before he could think of a new idea she flew at him with speeds that surpassed her previous attacks. She was directly in his face and her shield was dropped. She sprang her attack with blistering fury. A flurry of jabs to the stomach and face, a barrage of hooks to his jaw, and finally a huge kick to his chest with both her back legs sending him rocketing into a small empty house.

As soon as he crashed, the long since abandoned home caved in on him. But her assault was not over, she flew into the air and began charging her horn. It was so bright that it would scorch any pair of eyes foolish enough to gaze upon them. She was ready to kill him. What she was not expecting was Discord to appear right in front of her, blocking her clear shot.

“Now hold on their Celly. He's done, there's no need to continue.” He said with surprising reasoning.

“Step aside Discord! This battle ends now!” She roared in the old Canterlot voice. Discord's response was snapping his claw causing the wielders of the elements of harmony to appear floating next to him.

“Now Celly, while I would normally love to see you destroying your own town and frightening your precious little ponies. You have to think of it like this. There's a fine line between chaos and disharmony, compared to senseless violence. After all, think of your subjects. What would they think of you if they saw you eradicate a helpless...whatever he is?” He said while pinching Fluttershy’s cheek and making Twilight’s eyes bulge to Celestia. Celestia stopped her horn as she saw the looks she was receiving from the mane six.

They were looks of fear, shock, and sadness. But worse of all was the look from Twilight. It was a look of betrayal. A look that said, “This isn't the real you.” Ashamed, she stopped her horn and descended to the ground with discord and the girls.

“I'm sorry. I never wished for this to happen. He wouldn't listen to reason and I tried to make him understand.” She looked somberly at the ground. To ashamed to meet there gaze. “I never wanted this to happen. But after the events of the changeling invasion, I couldn't allow another threat to befall on my ponies.” Before anypony could reply to comfort there ruler, an explosion of rubble and debris came toward them.

And out of that debris came another one of those explosive cylinders. It was coming directly for her little ponies. And she knew, that if it made contact, they'd die.

chapter 7 Omen

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knowing she didn't have enough time to put up a shield big enough to protect all of them, she did the only thing she could think of. She used her levitation and forced the rocket sky bound. A loud explosion was heard and she saw that her ponies were safe. And that she was completely wide open to attack. Before she could equip her shield, she was face to face with Lucifer. His clothes were all ripped and ragged. His breathing was forced and heavy. He was bleeding all over his body and she could see that his nose was broken along with some ribs from the way he stood. She didn't have time to react as he began ruthlessly attacking her.

She was helpless as she succumbed to each hit. He was hitting her with combos, quick jabs to her face, and a massive kick sending her flying back. But using his powers he grabbed her midflight and brought her back and slammed down on her torso. The hit was strong enough to forcefully cause cracks to appear as she made contact with the ground. To hurt to think properly, all she could do was except the attacks as she was now being stomped on by him. With each kick she could feel her ribs break, and then it finally stopped. The ruthless stomping and kicking had ceased. She did her best to stand, but he would not have that just yet. As soon as she was kneeling, he reeled back and kicked her as hard as he could in the jaw. It sent her skidding across the ground and into a food cart. He summoned a long dagger as he began to approach her, but then he heard a scream.

“That's it! Come on we gotta help the Princess!” He turned around to see Rainbow Dash fly toward him. Only to be stopped midflight by Discord.

“Now Dash, while I admire your courage, you really need to use your head” he said while gently pounding on her head. “He just defeated Celestia single handedly. Whatever hands are anyway. What could you possibly do to help her without your elements?” He said as he began reeling her back as if though she was a caught fish.

This interruption reminded him of something important though. The elements of harmony. He used his power and grabbed them from Celestia and then proceeded to put them in the same sack as before. He approached the downed Princess who was heaving heavily. As he approached her he saw something that was truly sad, even for his standards. The entire town of Canterlot was now out of their homes and surrounded him. None had weapons, or were protesting. Just watching him as he slowly walked toward her. He could see tears form in their eyes as he kneeled to her side. And he immediately knew what this meant.

In their minds, they were witnessing the death of their beloved ruler. And they were heart broken.

“Discord let me go! He's...he's...he's...gonna kill her.” She choked the last part out between sobs. What previously sounded like a self-proclaimed queen, was now destroyed, and replaced with a hurt soul who just didn't know what she could do to help.

Her eyes were beginning to water as she began to sniffle and sob. He looked into Celestia's eyes which were now starring into his. What some would call him being a monster, savoring the kill, was something entirely different? What the crowd didn't know, was that he could see someone's entire life in a matter of seconds, simply by starring into their eyes.

It was one of the greatest abilities the soul could give. He saw years go by in a matter of seconds. He saw her encounters with the mane six, he saw her rule over her land with love and equality, he saw that she regretted every mistake she's ever made, he saw the soul of a great person who thought she was gonna die protecting her people. He looked back at Discord and the rest of girls. Discord was looking at him very seriously, studying his every movement as he made sure none of the girls did anything foolish. They were all teary eyed.

Even Pinkie Pie was beginning to sob. He let out a sigh of aggravation as he stood up and dropped the dagger. He began concentrating for several minutes. And once again his body became covered in a black aura. The ponies began stepping back. Expecting the finishing blow, and then it happened. He formed the aura into a gum ball sized orb and floated it towards her. Flinching, expecting her end to be at hoof, she only waited for deaths dark embrace. All hope lost as it seemed like this was her end. But she was surprised as she felt her body tingle. She looked up to see him kneel down and extend his hand toward her. She starred at him very seriously, could she really trust him after what just happened?

Finally, after a few short moments, she hesitantly accepted his hand and he helped her up.

“In case you’re wondering, I gave you a part of my soul to heal your wounds. When I return I'll take it back and expect better treatment. You'll get your elements back when my demands have been met. Do you understand?” She looked puzzled but quickly got over it as the chance to end the violence peacefully presented itself.

“What are your demands?” She asked slowly and lowly due to her injuries as she looked around to see her ponies all give questioning looks to one another at the sudden change of events.

“First demand. I'm leaving for...personal reasons. And I want my meeting to be private. Which means you will leave me alone while I am searching for him, discussing with him, and returning from him. Understand?” He said while sneaking glances at the crowd to see all of them completely bewildered. He stole a glance to the wielders of the elements and saw that they were all back to normal and listening very tentatively. All except one annoying Pegasus.

“No deal! Come on Princess you can't let him go free he's too dangerous.” She flew next to Celestia as she said this.

“Rainbow Dash! You will not interrupt negotiations on my behalf. If he wants to negotiate peace than we can at least hear him out. Do I make myself clear?” She said in a strained raised voice that one could tell was clearly making her throat hurt. Rainbow Dash lowered her head in agitation and obedience as she flew towards her friends.

“And as for you Lucifer, I agree to your first demand.” She said lowly once again. Her knees were shaking as it was clearly hard for her to stand from there fight. He nodded as he began concentrating. In front of them appeared a king sized mattress and a lawn chair. He took a seat in the chair and gestured for her to do the same. After a second of inspection, she laid down on the mattress.

“My second demand is that I keep the elements of harmony until I leave and I'm certain I'm not being followed. I will not allow myself to be turned to stone like Discord as soon as my back is turned.” She had to think this one over for a few moments.

“Hey! That could've happened to any god of chaos and destruction. They caught me off guard was all” said Discord who was completely ignored.

“Do you promise to keep them safe and return them afterwards?” She asked with clear concern on her face.

“I give you my word that no one will lay a finger on these elements. I only want them as insurance to my safety.” He said with a forced gentle voice that showed he was trying his best to be reassuring and seemingly nice.

“Then I agree. Do you have any more demands?” She asked as she continued to stare fiercely into his eyes. This was the time to be serious and focused. Before he said anything he quickly made the elements disappear into thin air.

“Yes. Unfortunately I will be stuck here for some time. How long exactly I'm not sure. So I will need a place to stay. I want you to pay for my home which will consist of four rooms, three bathrooms, is fully furnished, fully paid off, is a one story house, and built to human size. Which means it could fit me as I am now, and not as a pony. Do we have an agreement?” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“And where would you like it built?” She asked.

“Ponyville. It seems like a quiet town which suits me fine. And there's that forest which will prove a valuable training ground.” Celestia nodded as she stood up and offered him her hoof.

“I accept all of your demands. But a house of such size will take time to build. Even with it fully paid off and a crew working nonstop. It will most likely take around a month. Is this fair?” He took her hoof with his hand and they shook on it.

“It's a deal than.” And with that she found her smile that her kingdom has come to know and love. He however began to walk off, causing all ponies near him to instantly step back out of fear. Either from him being a strange and violent creature that attacked there town and Princess, or from his current appearance.

“Before you go, would you at least tell me where you’re going off to?” She asked the question of the hour.

“I already told you. I have an important meeting to attend. I may be a monster. But at least I'm punctual.” And with that he made his way through the crowd of ponies. But stopped in the middle.

“But if that's not a good enough answer, I'll give you one final hint. I'm going to where my journey began.” And with that he walked through the remainder of the crowd. Who at this point was all whispering.

“Did he say monster?”

“We can't let him escape!”

“He's stronger than Celestia! How can that be possible?”

“What type of creature is he?”

“How could she let him get away with all this?”

“That jerk destroyed my cabbages.” There was one however that completely was ecstatic about the situation.

“Oh my gosh! Celestia is making his house special. And he's meeting a friend. Two parties yay!” Pinkie screamed as she ran towards Celestia. “Will you be there for the party Princess huh huh huh will you be there huh huh huh?” Celestia smiled at Pinkie Pies usual antics.

“As much as I would love to attend a party. I don't think Lucifer is the type for such things. You may want to reconsider.” She said, half concerned, half amused clear on her face. Pinkies response was immediate.

“But he said I could throw him a party with all my friends once he had a house. He promised. And I can tell, he doesn't break promises.” She was actually intrigued at this. A report on Pinkie sense from Twilight made her aware of her ability to predict occurrences.

“And what makes you say that Pinkie?” She said with a warm smile that beckoned her to explain. Pinkie stretched her arms an impossible length, scooping her friends into a massive embrace that could crush steel as she spoke with a smile.

“Because he cares about ponies. He just doesn't know it yet. But I'll get him to come around, don't you worry about that.” But she did worry about that. From first appearances, one could tell Lucifer was quick to anger and violence and enjoyed his space. In laments terms, she was his opposite. Lucifer was walking through Canterlot streets. Every single pony he passed instantly backed up away from him out of fear. And this suited him just fine.

“Nice to see that I'll have no more social problems now.” He thought to himself with a slight grin. “Hmm, where is that forest? If Omen is anywhere it's most likely there. I'll just have to pry it out of someone.” And with that he saw a stallion that was backing away from him. But before he could get away he used his powers and brought him in front of him. “Have you ever heard of Ponyville?” He asked the frightened stallion plainly.

“Y-ye-ye-yes!” The stallion stuttered his words out.

“What's the name of that forest near it?” He demanded from the stallion.

“The Everfree forest.” He said quickly.

“And how do I get there?” He interrogated from the defenseless stallion.

“You can take a train to Ponyville or just fly south until you see the forest.” He said quickly as he began to sweat bullets like a machine gun. Lucifer rolled his eyes as he placed him down and the stallion ran off.

“It’s like the only people brave enough around here are those foolish enough to try and fight me.” He thought as he began concentrating for several minutes after an idea came to his head. He was gonna go for a joy ride. He summoned up the same motorcycle as before, minus the side cars. But he did not get on. Instead he began concentrating even more, for an even longer amount of time. His entire body was surrounded in that black aura again. But when he formed it into a ball it was much larger.

What was once the size of a gum ball for just his healing powers, was now the size of a bowling ball. He phased it into his motorcycle and an immediate transformation took place. It changed quickly into a demonic motorcycle. It was now made up to look like it was made of chains and a much darker metal. It looked like something off the movie ghost rider. He got on and revved the engine up. Instead of the usual noise it made.

It now gave an evil hiss that would send fear into any creature without courage or confidence. And all the ponies that gathered to gaze upon this new sight instantly retreated when they heard that noise. And with his path now clear, he made a beeline toward where he thought the train station would be, leaving behind a trail of fire from his tracks. He received the same results here as he did in Ponyville, only on a much larger scale as ponies burst through windows to avoid the metal monstrosity. He couldn't help but chuckle at seeing them so scared. After a solid ten minutes of driving and causing a panic, he arrived at the train station. He quickly retrieved his soul from the motorcycle, and afterwards made his bike disappear. He walked up to the booth to see a Pony behind it reading a newspaper. He walked up and tapped the glass as he spoke.

“When's the next trip to Ponyville?” He asked plainly. The pony behind the booth never looked past his paper as he spoke.

“It's leaving in five minutes. Would you like to purchase a ticket?” He didn't respond as he just walked on to the train causing multiple ponies to cast curious glances his way.

“Must not have heard about me or the fight, otherwise they'd be running” he thought to himself. He quickly noticed a pony in a red vest go from pony to pony inspecting tickets. When he got to Lucifer he looked at him impatiently.

“Ticket sir.” He said. Lucifer just looked at him, inspecting him. He had a gray coat and a black mane and tail. He was an earth pony apparently. After witnessing up to twenty years of Celestia's life from looking into her eyes he acquired a lot of knowledge, one of the most useful bits was the names of ponies. He stood up and looked at the usher.

“Sir, I'm going to need to see a ticket or else I'm going to have to ask you to step off the train.” He quickly hit him on the head, rendering him unconscious, causing a series of gasp to fill the train from those onboard. He then took his seat as he waited for his departure.

The ride to Ponyville was quiet and uneventful. No one dared spoke to him out of fear of being attacked. To pass the time he took a newspaper from one of the passengers and read it for himself. The first thing he looked for was the obituaries. There were none.

“Go figure” he thought to himself as he continued to read. He read the front page news to see he was in it as a pony.
“Mysterious alicorn goes on rampage.” Was the title of the article.

He paid it no mind and decided to read the funnies. As he expected, they weren't funny. They consisted of the oldest jokes he's ever heard. It consisted of knock knock jokes, why did the cockatrice cross the road? Etc. This was the worst newspaper he's ever seen. He crumpled it up and set it on fire. It caused the passengers to all retreat into a corner as they stared at him with terror in their eyes. He tossed the paper out the window which caused them all to sigh in relief. He then took the opportunity to fully heal himself.

He was very much injured. The only reason he was able to appear uninjured now was because he was faking not being hurt. Since he gave his healing ability from his soul he had to use his secret weapon to heal himself. Which in the long run would do more harm than good.

“Looks like I'm gonna die a week or two earlier. That's fucking fantastic!” He thought to himself as he slowly healed all his wounds. Due to the direness of his condition it took well over half an hour to fully heal. The process was exhausting. So after some time had passed he decided to take a quick nap to regain his strength. The nap itself was not as quick as he thought. He was asleep for well over an hour. When he wanted to sleep for around half that. When he woke up he saw that all the passengers were all very close and staring at him. He cleared his throat loudly causing them to retreat back into their seats, and act as if nothing happened. Some began to whistle while others were twiddling their hooves together as they avoided his gaze.

“Curiosity killed the pony you know” he said with a wicked smile that caused them all to shiver. After the train had stopped at Ponyville, He quickly got off which immediately made the passengers relax more. He began to walk to the border of the town near the Everfree forest. While walking the towns ponies either ran from him or slowly backed away. It didn't bother him however since he enjoyed his privacy. He stopped as he was on its border.

He looked into the trees, and there he saw a crow. It was a normal crow however, but it was staring intently at him.

“Where's your master?” He thought to himself. He broke eye contact first and headed into the forest. He was constantly searching through the trees to see crows. He followed the burnt path he created when he first arrived in Equestria. And through following that path he saw more and more crows in the tress. What started off as pairs of three began to grow into groups of ten. That grew until it was around thirty.

It continued till he was sure he was beginning to see crows by the hundreds, all of them silent and patiently watching as he walked towards the spot he first arrived at. And after an hour long walk he finally made it to his origin point. The small clearing with a pond in the middle. And there next to the pond were three new things. First, there were now well over a thousand crows all gathered around the clearing, avoiding the little circle it put in the forest. They did nothing except watch and wait. Second, was that a tree had grown right next to the pond and had many branches.

It was a short tree that was only seven feet tall. If his assumptions were correct it was an oak tree. And finally, there was a massive crow perched on the lowest branch making him eye level with Lucifer. He walked towards the branch to approach the crow he knew had to be Omen. He knew because this crow was immensely different from the others. He was easily twice as big as the others, and his eyes were a dark shade of crimson. And what stuck out the most was his feathers. Most crows had a tinge of blue in their feathers. His feathers were all black, making him as dark as the void crows were sometimes symbolized for.
“I take it your Omen.” He said as he looked directly into his eyes.

“Yes, I am him. It is a pleasure to meet you Lucifer.” He said as he opened his wings as he bowed. This startled Lucifer however, as he was not expecting to see that he had four wings, or could talk directly at him. He had a suave and calm voice. A voice that if was on a human, you could tell they were a real smooth talker and would be quite the ladies’ man.

“Enough of the formalities. I'm here so you can change me back into an alicorn. So let's not waste each other's time.” He said impatiently, causing Omen to crane his neck to the side.

“There's no need for hostilities. I'm here on business from two parties. One which whom your quite familiar with, the devil. He wants me to fix your severed connection so he can speak with you again. And also see how well you progress in your training.” He could care less about his business. But one thing he said stuck out and got his attention.

“Who’s the second party?” He more demanded than asked.

“I cannot say. But I can tell you what they want from you.” He said casually, much to his annoyance.

“Fine! Than what do they want from me?”

“To do good deeds of course. Your here to kill Noah. The only way to do that is to train body and mind. You may train your body to do whatever you say. But you'll find that one’s mind is always less obedient.” He said like a true prophet.

“And how does performing good deeds help me train my mind?” He asked sounding completely unconvinced.

“As of right now you truly hate yourself. And you are right to do so. You have lived a terrible life and worse of all you torture yourself for it. A wise man once told me, punish those not for what they do to others, but for what they do to themselves. You see Lucifer, as of right now you have no purpose to live. And without purpose you will not defeat Noah.” He stopped for a second and flew onto Lucifer’s shoulder and perched himself there.
“Noah May be evil. And all that he does is for the wrong reasons. But he has two things you lack. He loves himself. And he has a goal that he uses as his purpose. His goal is to acquire as much power as possible. It is not a just and noble purpose. But at least he has one he's willing to fight and die for. Tell me Lucifer, do you have something you’re willing to fight and die for? Are you willing to sacrifice your very soul if it meant protecting or accomplishing your goal?” Lucifer still wasn't convinced.

“I'm willing to die for nothing. The only goals that matter are for yourself. And I only want freedom from myself. Once I have that, death can take me for all that I am. And besides, why does that even matter? He's never done a good deed his entire life!” He shouted at Omen as he swatted him off his shoulder. He quickly dodged his hand and landed on his other shoulder.

“And that is how you will defeat him. Your purpose will be stronger than his. While his is for selfish gain, yours will be for others. I can help you become a better person” Before Lucifer could deny his claim he used his talons and squeezed his shoulder which, due to his large claws, quickly drew blood.

“Let me at least finish my other news before you rudely interrupt me again. As of now I will always be with you to make sure your connection does not get severed again. I will also be here to help you in any way I can. I will leave occasionally to let you do certain things on your own. But I'll still be watching you like a hawk. And finally, I will try to make you find your own purpose. I can speak to you in your mind, which I'll do often to avoid interaction. I can read your life like an open book but I won't unless you give me reason. Now do you have any questions?” At first he said nothing. But after a minute he found his voice.

“Can you change me back into a human at any time?” He asked. With a hint of desperation on his voice.

“Yes I can. But you will only be allowed to be a human if I deem you deserve such a reward. After all, as a human you cannot naturally fly and perform magic. And that is the whole point in coming here.”

“Then can I ask for a favor?”

“You have not earned a favor. But I will always listen to a proposal or trade of any kind.”

“Can I stay as a human for just a little longer? I have a feeling I'll be here for a while and I'd like to have some comfort before I lose my body again.”

“I will allow this. But only for a price” he said slyly.

“Name it.”

“I will give you one week as a human. In exchange for one selfless act. You must help someone with whatever it is they ask of you without denying them. And I want you to be as polite as you possibly can. Do we have a deal?” Lucifer pondered this for some time. He weighed the options in his head countless times. He was never known for his generosity, his kindness, or any pleasant people skills in general. But for his body to be his, and a week of sleep without seeing the devil. It was barely worth it.

“Deal.” He said coldly as he began to walk out of the forest with Omen still perched on his shoulder. The walk back to Ponyville was silent as neither one of them spoke to one another. What struck Lucifer as odd was that all the crows from before were gone.
“How do regular crows just disappear like that?” He thought to himself as he searched the trees for any signs of life. As he walked into Ponyville he saw that the residents who saw him immediately ran into their homes. No doubt they remembered his attack on them that happened just yesterday. He already stopped caring about that and moved on.

“Good job Lucifer. It only took you four days to attack two innocent towns and cause the local residents to fear you. I bet you feel good about yourself don't you?” Said Omen as he whispered in his ear with disappointment clear in his voice.

“Like I give a shit. All I care about is staying human. But seeing as how no one is ever gonna ask me for help, I may as well just cancel this deal and be a pony.” He said with irritation. At that point Omen flew away leaving him behind and confused.

“Where's he going?” He asked himself out loud.

“Where's who going?” Asked a feminine voice. He turned around to see a aquamarine coated mare with a light gray and white mane. She had bright yellow eyes and a lyre for a cutie mark.

“No one. Do you...need something?” He asked the mare who was smiling at him excitingly.

“Yes, could I ask you a few questions? I promise it won't take long” she asked while getting closer to him and giving her best winning smile. He was about to say no. But then remembered his deal with Omen.
“I guess this can count as a good deed” he thought to himself.

“Very well I suppose. But let's talk somewhere else. I'd prefer not to stand too long or have anyone eavesdrop on what I have to say.” She nodded in confirmation and began to walk away and gestured for him to follow. After a short walk they arrived at what he guessed was her home. It was a two story home that was painted a pale pink. Her front lawn had a little plant life that consisted of simple daisies. Her mailbox was also pink to match the house.

“Looks like shit” he thought to himself.

“It's amazing isn't it?” Asked the mare. He looked at her and just nodded as they made their way inside her house. He had to crawl through the door however as it only reached five feet. But once inside he was given a foot of head space from the ceiling. She quickly got him situated on a couch which was very low to the ground making his knees come near his head. She tried her best to repress her laughter at the scene in front of her. The house was average. He didn't want to go through the house due to lack of interest and size difference so he guessed the rooms. He figured there'd be about two rooms and bath including a well sized living room and kitchen.

“So before we begin I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Lyra Heartstrings and this is my home that I live in with my best friend Bonbon. What's your name?” She asked with enthusiasm.

“My name is Lucifer.” He said as nicely as he could muster. It seemed to work out well as she seemed happy with his answer.

“That's a cool name. Now that we know each other let’s begin. Also, feel free to ask me any questions you have.” He nodded as he waited for her to ask her questions.

“Are you a human?” She asked as her cheery demeanor was completely replaced with a serious one as she leaned closer to him and made her eyes as big as she could to see his every move.

“Yes.” He said plainly. And with that she jumped up with joy and gave his leg a ferocious hug.

“I knew it I knew it I knew it! Ponies said I was crazy to believe in humans but here you are as clear as the eye can see. This is incredible.” She said with glee that caused her voice to go into a high pitch that could rival a Justin Bieber fan girl. He just sighed as he used his powers to gently remove her from his leg.

“I like my personal space. Now, do you have any more questions?” She blushed in minor embarrassment as she spoke.

“Sorry, I'm just happy to finally see one of you guys. But yes I do have more questions.” She cleared her voice. “Where do you come from?”

“A far away planet called Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. I was teleported here through means I won't describe to you. And I don't know when I'll return.”

“Why are you wearing clothes? When I first saw you at the Ponyville celebration for you, you were unconscious and naked.” He was dreading this question but answered anyway.

“Because my dick doesn't have a pouch. All male humans are external down there. And were all hairless and shit gets cold. Next question.” She blushed from his modest answer but quickly recovered.

“How long is your average life span?”

“That all depends on where you live, if you ever had any bad habits such as substance abuse and illnesses. But a typical human usually lives around sixty five to eighty five years. But some can live to be just over a hundred.” She looked surprised at this as she began looking around.

“Sorry, could you hold on a minute? I wanna write this down.” He sighed as he flicked his wrist and gestured for her to go and find a writing utensil. After a few short moments she came back with a scroll, a quill, and a bottle of ink.

“Ok, what type of tribes are there?”

“There are none. Where I come from we can't fly, or perform magic. What I use is something else that I won't explain. Were all essentially earth ponies. We don't have tribes or classes. But we do have races.” He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he spoke. “I am Caucasian, or white. There are blacks, Mexicans who are brown, yellow which are Chinese and some other people who don't know there Chinese, they think cause their eyes are different there a different race. In the end there all slanted so therefore there the same. And finally red. But those of the red skin were essentially wiped out by my people when we invaded their land, slaughtered their families, burned their crops, and gave them small pox.” She looked at him horrified but quickly recovered and wrote it all down.

“How could anypony do that? That's awful!” She asked with misty eyes.

“We did it because we could. Anyone else would tell you it was for political reasons or expansion but they're just full of shit. There's a reason why those people called our people white devils. And I don't blame them one bit.” He said as he scowled at the mention of the white man’s actions.

“What's the gender ratio? Here it's three to one leaning toward the mare’s side.” She said as she whipped her eyes and readied her scroll.
“It's two to two. There's around seven billion inhabitants on earth. It's not one hundred percent equal. But that's just because of other details such as health and other things.” She pondered for a while, most likely what it be like to have more stallions in her life.

“Has there ever been a really big war on earth?” She asked innocently. He began laughing hysterically at this question.

“Sorry about that. It's been forever since I've laughed that hard.” She looked at him puzzled, clearly not understanding what was so funny. “Allow me to explain. You asked if my planet has ever had a big war. But you asked as if though it never had. That's why it's funny because there's been so many. That'd be like me asking you if this world is peaceful and full of colorful talking ponies.” She looked annoyed as she grumbled and rolled her eyes.

“It's not my fault! I've never been there.” She let out a loud sigh as she grabbed her quill. “Look, can you just answer the question and tell me about some wars.” He straightened up and recollected his composure as he spoke.

“Alright, to answer your question, yes. There has been a big war on earth. In fact there have been several big wars that killed millions. Hundreds of millions.” When he said that she stopped writing and looked at him with her jaw dropped. “There were two wars that fit your question perfectly. World War One. And World War Two. They were wars between up to four nations each, all fighting for trivial things such as land and oil and bitter grudges.” She picked up her jaw and scribbled furiously what he said. Once she was done she looked at him with a saddened expression.

“That's awful. I'm really sorry your world is like that.” He smiled a genuine smile at this. He was loving the naivety of this mare.

“Don't be. It's one of our greatest qualities. We were created by an omniscient god that gave us free will. He created us in his image and made us perfect. Than he showed us his true colors as he put our downfall in an unguarded garden. That caused everything to go downhill.” He got into a more comfortable position as he spoke.

“But in a way I'm happy about that. Were an incredible race. We've created countless things that easily surpass this world technologically. We can perform brain and heart transplants. We can talk to one another on opposite ends of the world through a piece of glass and plastic. We've created a bomb that can destroy islands to kill one another. All that progress, and were still as dumb as ever. It's enough to make you laugh at how stupid we are. And stand in awe at how intelligent we are.” She wrote down everything he said and starred at him.

“Now, when you say god. Has anyone ever seen him that's still around?”

“No. But he's real. There's proof that I could show you. My powers for example. That's my soul. And he created souls. Therefore, he's real.” She gave him a questioning look a student would give a teacher. “Look, I don't expect you to understand. And I sure as hell am not gonna be the one to, "spread the word of The Lord" and enslave you all. Just know that there are things bigger than what you know at work in the infinite universe.” She wrote what he said even though it wasn't an answer.

“If you don't have magic, how can you move the sun and moon?”

“Simple. We don't. We orbit the sun and moon. But due to NASA, we were able to send men into outer space. And because of that, Neil Armstrong was the first person to ever walk on the moon.” She looked at him with wide eyes that looked like they were ready to pop.

“That's incredible!” There were many more questions like this for up to two hours. And he couldn't help but remember when she said, “It won't take long.” But luckily for him, she put down the scroll and other utensils.

“Are we finally done?” He asked her as politely as he possibly could. Which for him still sounded rude.

“Almost. I have one final question for you. And this question is the single hoofedly most important question of all.” She got up and walked up to him and jumped into his lap as she pulled his hands down. “How do these work?” She asked seriously as she starred daggers at his hands.

“Do you mean my hands?” He asked, taken back by her sudden behavior and closeness.

“Yes! I need to know!” He showed her his fingers and moved each one individually as he told her how they move and what each fingers name are. And after that she began to blush very heavily as she looked away from him.

“You ugh, wouldn't mind doing a mare a favor would you?” She asked as she turned her face away from him. He raised his eye brow at this, not knowing what to expect.

“And that would be...?” He asked skeptically.

“Well, I've always...sort of had this...fantasy.” He pulled his head back in disgust at what he thought she was talking about. Her face than turned an even brighter shade of red. “Nothing like that! I'm not that kind of mare. It's just-” she let out a loud grunt of frustration as she stood up and put her hooves on his shoulders and brought her face eye level with him.

“Please please please please please give me a rub. I want to see what those fingers feel like!” She was now begging. He was still skeptical. And if this was a regular woman he'd say no a thousand times. And if it was a regular guy he'd beat the shit out of him. But there were key factors working against him. Omens request. Keeping his body. And the fact that she was absolutely adorable. He didn't care about stuff like that, but to him she was more like a pet so it should be fine. Right?

“Understand this.” He said in a very serious voice that made her flinch. Most likely because she thought he'd say no. “This will be a onetime thing only. We will never speak about it. And it's nothing sexual. Understand?” She perked up as she nodded vigorously as she laid across his lap, much like a cat would.

“Deal. I just want my head, back, and stomach rubbed for a while to see what it’s like.” He sighed as he began to pet her head like one would do for a cat or dog. This caused her to sigh in relief and lower her head in comfort.

“Damn! She's softer than cotton candy. It's like I could pull her fur far enough to play jump rope” he thought to himself secretly. He couldn't help but think this. He's been on the softest silk sheets known to man on earth and this sentient life form resting on his lap was even softer. After a while of rubbing he began to scratch behind her ears. Her reaction was immediate as she stuck out her tongue and he could've sworn he heard her purr.

“Oh yeah! That's the stuff!” She moaned out. This made him very uncomfortable. And, was she thumping her leg? He was a person who lacked social skills to a crippling degree. And now he was practically giving a sentient being a massage. One that looked like a pet, but could talk. But he forced himself to power through, much to her delight, and his discomfort. After a while she rolled over and revealed her stomach. Her legs were spread out, but luckily for him her tail was between her legs, effectively covering her privates.

“I swear to god. If I rub her stomach and there's six tits under her fur and I touch one, I’ll fucking kill myself” he thought to himself. She could see his discomfort as he wasn't rubbing her stomach yet due to hesitation. She looked up at him with eyes of bliss as she spoke.
“Please” she whimpered more seductively than she probably meant causing him to sigh and rub her stomach. She once again relaxed in the luxury of his fingers. This continued for a while. Long enough for him to get comfortable about it.

“It's like she really is a cat.” He thought to himself as he rubbed her head since she was now laying on her stomach again. And then a thought came to his head. A thought that really made him wonder. After gathering his courage he began scratching and rubbing her back. After a while he slowly lowered his hand till he was at her flank.

“Well, here goes nothing” he thought to himself as he began to scratch her flank, much like you would a cat or dog to see if she would raise its tail in the air. And just as he was guessing, she raised her flank in the air as she moaned with delight.

“Yeah, keep doing it Lucifer! That's the best!” She moaned out in a sultry tone. And he began to think.

“Am I being sexually harassed? I was kinda hoping that would get me thrown out of here.” This continued for twenty minutes until he finally stopped. Much to her displeasure.

“Aww. Do you have to stop? That was the best thing ever.” He nodded to her question. Eager and ready for this whole experience to be over with.

“Alright. Thanks for everything. And especially that. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.” And with that she gave him a mighty hug and sent him out the door. He sighed as he was finally free.

“Glad that's over with. Now I just need to find Omen and collect my reward.” He didn't search long as Omen landed on his shoulder and stood there, and actually started laughing. Logic be damned for something with a beak to laugh.

“I told you to do a good deed Lucifer. I never told you to get a girlfriend.” He began laughing rapidly which came out as multiple caws. He quickly grabbed his beak, effectively silencing him as he spoke with hatred on every word.

“I will never, ever! Have a relationship with a fucking horse. You owe me. Now I expect you to keep your end of the bargain.” He let go of his beak to let him speak.

“Relax Lucifer. I didn't mean to offend. I'll keep my end of the deal since you kept yours. I was actually expecting you not to do it.” This made him calm down slightly.

“Speaking of that. How did you know what happened? You left before she came.” He asked as he stated to walk in a random direction.

“As of now, you and I are connected. I can see you wherever you go. I can taste what you taste. Smell what you smell. And hear what you hear.” He flew in front of him as he changed his voice to sound just like Lyra. “Oh yeah that's the stuff! Yeah keep doing it Lucifer!” He began laughing again much to his anger. “I can also speak to you in your mind.” This made Lucifer grunt in aggravation.

“So I really am stuck with you than. That's unfortunate.” Omens response was tightening his grip on Lucifer’s shoulders causing great discomfort. He was about to say something until he heard a distant shout.

“Lucifer!” He looked around to find the source of the noise.

“Lucifer!” The noise was getting louder and he could start to hear the sound of wings flapping in the distance. At that point Omen once again departed as he flew off. He turned around in time to see Ditsy flying toward him at quick speeds with Dinky on her back.

“Oh god, what do they want?” He thought to himself. She quickly landed next to him and ran to give him a hug alongside Dinky.
“Oh sweet Celestia you’re ok! After what happened yesterday I thought we'd never see you again. What happened to you?” She asked with a clear amount of concern.

“Yeah, and why'd you go all bananas yesterday to? You just flipped out and started attacking everypony.” Said Dinky with a worried pout. He let out an aggravated sigh as he began walking away from them. Much to his irritation, they followed.

“Look, what happened yesterday wasn't my fault. But it doesn't matter. I'm only here to get stronger till I'm powerful enough for a special purpose and then I'm gone.” He said while quickening his pace.

“What do you mean by that? Like training?” Dinky asked in as she trotted up to his left.

“And what do you mean by gone? Where will you go after that?” He grunted in annoyance. He just got done giving a horse a rub and was taunted for it by a pesky rat with wings. He was annoyed and just wanted to vent some frustration.

“It means I'm here to get stronger. I was sent here by force to kill someone I've known for a very long time. Once that's done I'll be heading back to my own dimension, world, galaxy, whatever.” They both gasped as he said that. But soon recovered as they made their way back to his sides.

“Look Lucifer, I don't know what's going on, but could you please just talk to us. Were your friends an-” He cut Ditsy off as he quickly turned around and starred at them violently.

“We are not friends. I don't want friends. And I don't need friends. I saved your life because I have a debt to repay. Nothing more. Given different circumstances you'd be dead.” And with that he turned around and began to walk off.

“How can you say that? We care for you Lucifer. We-” Said Dinky as she was sniffling and on the brink of crying. Ditsy wrapped her wings around her and put her in a loving embrace as she whispered in her ears.

“There there Dinky, don't cry. He doesn't mean it I'm sure. He's just having a bad day. I'll try to get him to come around later.” She let go of her daughter and gestured for her to get on her back. “For now, let's just go home and let him do what he needs to do.” Dinky wiped her eyes as she complied with her mother and got on her back. Ditsy carefully took off, and flew towards home. As she flew over him, a tear escaped Dinky's eye, and fell below, hitting his shoulder. He looked up to see them fly away. With Dinky burying her face in her mother’s neck.