• Published 21st Feb 2014
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My Little Lucifer - pinkshadow369

What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.

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chapter 7 Omen

knowing she didn't have enough time to put up a shield big enough to protect all of them, she did the only thing she could think of. She used her levitation and forced the rocket sky bound. A loud explosion was heard and she saw that her ponies were safe. And that she was completely wide open to attack. Before she could equip her shield, she was face to face with Lucifer. His clothes were all ripped and ragged. His breathing was forced and heavy. He was bleeding all over his body and she could see that his nose was broken along with some ribs from the way he stood. She didn't have time to react as he began ruthlessly attacking her.

She was helpless as she succumbed to each hit. He was hitting her with combos, quick jabs to her face, and a massive kick sending her flying back. But using his powers he grabbed her midflight and brought her back and slammed down on her torso. The hit was strong enough to forcefully cause cracks to appear as she made contact with the ground. To hurt to think properly, all she could do was except the attacks as she was now being stomped on by him. With each kick she could feel her ribs break, and then it finally stopped. The ruthless stomping and kicking had ceased. She did her best to stand, but he would not have that just yet. As soon as she was kneeling, he reeled back and kicked her as hard as he could in the jaw. It sent her skidding across the ground and into a food cart. He summoned a long dagger as he began to approach her, but then he heard a scream.

“That's it! Come on we gotta help the Princess!” He turned around to see Rainbow Dash fly toward him. Only to be stopped midflight by Discord.

“Now Dash, while I admire your courage, you really need to use your head” he said while gently pounding on her head. “He just defeated Celestia single handedly. Whatever hands are anyway. What could you possibly do to help her without your elements?” He said as he began reeling her back as if though she was a caught fish.

This interruption reminded him of something important though. The elements of harmony. He used his power and grabbed them from Celestia and then proceeded to put them in the same sack as before. He approached the downed Princess who was heaving heavily. As he approached her he saw something that was truly sad, even for his standards. The entire town of Canterlot was now out of their homes and surrounded him. None had weapons, or were protesting. Just watching him as he slowly walked toward her. He could see tears form in their eyes as he kneeled to her side. And he immediately knew what this meant.

In their minds, they were witnessing the death of their beloved ruler. And they were heart broken.

“Discord let me go! He's...he's...he's...gonna kill her.” She choked the last part out between sobs. What previously sounded like a self-proclaimed queen, was now destroyed, and replaced with a hurt soul who just didn't know what she could do to help.

Her eyes were beginning to water as she began to sniffle and sob. He looked into Celestia's eyes which were now starring into his. What some would call him being a monster, savoring the kill, was something entirely different? What the crowd didn't know, was that he could see someone's entire life in a matter of seconds, simply by starring into their eyes.

It was one of the greatest abilities the soul could give. He saw years go by in a matter of seconds. He saw her encounters with the mane six, he saw her rule over her land with love and equality, he saw that she regretted every mistake she's ever made, he saw the soul of a great person who thought she was gonna die protecting her people. He looked back at Discord and the rest of girls. Discord was looking at him very seriously, studying his every movement as he made sure none of the girls did anything foolish. They were all teary eyed.

Even Pinkie Pie was beginning to sob. He let out a sigh of aggravation as he stood up and dropped the dagger. He began concentrating for several minutes. And once again his body became covered in a black aura. The ponies began stepping back. Expecting the finishing blow, and then it happened. He formed the aura into a gum ball sized orb and floated it towards her. Flinching, expecting her end to be at hoof, she only waited for deaths dark embrace. All hope lost as it seemed like this was her end. But she was surprised as she felt her body tingle. She looked up to see him kneel down and extend his hand toward her. She starred at him very seriously, could she really trust him after what just happened?

Finally, after a few short moments, she hesitantly accepted his hand and he helped her up.

“In case you’re wondering, I gave you a part of my soul to heal your wounds. When I return I'll take it back and expect better treatment. You'll get your elements back when my demands have been met. Do you understand?” She looked puzzled but quickly got over it as the chance to end the violence peacefully presented itself.

“What are your demands?” She asked slowly and lowly due to her injuries as she looked around to see her ponies all give questioning looks to one another at the sudden change of events.

“First demand. I'm leaving for...personal reasons. And I want my meeting to be private. Which means you will leave me alone while I am searching for him, discussing with him, and returning from him. Understand?” He said while sneaking glances at the crowd to see all of them completely bewildered. He stole a glance to the wielders of the elements and saw that they were all back to normal and listening very tentatively. All except one annoying Pegasus.

“No deal! Come on Princess you can't let him go free he's too dangerous.” She flew next to Celestia as she said this.

“Rainbow Dash! You will not interrupt negotiations on my behalf. If he wants to negotiate peace than we can at least hear him out. Do I make myself clear?” She said in a strained raised voice that one could tell was clearly making her throat hurt. Rainbow Dash lowered her head in agitation and obedience as she flew towards her friends.

“And as for you Lucifer, I agree to your first demand.” She said lowly once again. Her knees were shaking as it was clearly hard for her to stand from there fight. He nodded as he began concentrating. In front of them appeared a king sized mattress and a lawn chair. He took a seat in the chair and gestured for her to do the same. After a second of inspection, she laid down on the mattress.

“My second demand is that I keep the elements of harmony until I leave and I'm certain I'm not being followed. I will not allow myself to be turned to stone like Discord as soon as my back is turned.” She had to think this one over for a few moments.

“Hey! That could've happened to any god of chaos and destruction. They caught me off guard was all” said Discord who was completely ignored.

“Do you promise to keep them safe and return them afterwards?” She asked with clear concern on her face.

“I give you my word that no one will lay a finger on these elements. I only want them as insurance to my safety.” He said with a forced gentle voice that showed he was trying his best to be reassuring and seemingly nice.

“Then I agree. Do you have any more demands?” She asked as she continued to stare fiercely into his eyes. This was the time to be serious and focused. Before he said anything he quickly made the elements disappear into thin air.

“Yes. Unfortunately I will be stuck here for some time. How long exactly I'm not sure. So I will need a place to stay. I want you to pay for my home which will consist of four rooms, three bathrooms, is fully furnished, fully paid off, is a one story house, and built to human size. Which means it could fit me as I am now, and not as a pony. Do we have an agreement?” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“And where would you like it built?” She asked.

“Ponyville. It seems like a quiet town which suits me fine. And there's that forest which will prove a valuable training ground.” Celestia nodded as she stood up and offered him her hoof.

“I accept all of your demands. But a house of such size will take time to build. Even with it fully paid off and a crew working nonstop. It will most likely take around a month. Is this fair?” He took her hoof with his hand and they shook on it.

“It's a deal than.” And with that she found her smile that her kingdom has come to know and love. He however began to walk off, causing all ponies near him to instantly step back out of fear. Either from him being a strange and violent creature that attacked there town and Princess, or from his current appearance.

“Before you go, would you at least tell me where you’re going off to?” She asked the question of the hour.

“I already told you. I have an important meeting to attend. I may be a monster. But at least I'm punctual.” And with that he made his way through the crowd of ponies. But stopped in the middle.

“But if that's not a good enough answer, I'll give you one final hint. I'm going to where my journey began.” And with that he walked through the remainder of the crowd. Who at this point was all whispering.

“Did he say monster?”

“We can't let him escape!”

“He's stronger than Celestia! How can that be possible?”

“What type of creature is he?”

“How could she let him get away with all this?”

“That jerk destroyed my cabbages.” There was one however that completely was ecstatic about the situation.

“Oh my gosh! Celestia is making his house special. And he's meeting a friend. Two parties yay!” Pinkie screamed as she ran towards Celestia. “Will you be there for the party Princess huh huh huh will you be there huh huh huh?” Celestia smiled at Pinkie Pies usual antics.

“As much as I would love to attend a party. I don't think Lucifer is the type for such things. You may want to reconsider.” She said, half concerned, half amused clear on her face. Pinkies response was immediate.

“But he said I could throw him a party with all my friends once he had a house. He promised. And I can tell, he doesn't break promises.” She was actually intrigued at this. A report on Pinkie sense from Twilight made her aware of her ability to predict occurrences.

“And what makes you say that Pinkie?” She said with a warm smile that beckoned her to explain. Pinkie stretched her arms an impossible length, scooping her friends into a massive embrace that could crush steel as she spoke with a smile.

“Because he cares about ponies. He just doesn't know it yet. But I'll get him to come around, don't you worry about that.” But she did worry about that. From first appearances, one could tell Lucifer was quick to anger and violence and enjoyed his space. In laments terms, she was his opposite. Lucifer was walking through Canterlot streets. Every single pony he passed instantly backed up away from him out of fear. And this suited him just fine.

“Nice to see that I'll have no more social problems now.” He thought to himself with a slight grin. “Hmm, where is that forest? If Omen is anywhere it's most likely there. I'll just have to pry it out of someone.” And with that he saw a stallion that was backing away from him. But before he could get away he used his powers and brought him in front of him. “Have you ever heard of Ponyville?” He asked the frightened stallion plainly.

“Y-ye-ye-yes!” The stallion stuttered his words out.

“What's the name of that forest near it?” He demanded from the stallion.

“The Everfree forest.” He said quickly.

“And how do I get there?” He interrogated from the defenseless stallion.

“You can take a train to Ponyville or just fly south until you see the forest.” He said quickly as he began to sweat bullets like a machine gun. Lucifer rolled his eyes as he placed him down and the stallion ran off.

“It’s like the only people brave enough around here are those foolish enough to try and fight me.” He thought as he began concentrating for several minutes after an idea came to his head. He was gonna go for a joy ride. He summoned up the same motorcycle as before, minus the side cars. But he did not get on. Instead he began concentrating even more, for an even longer amount of time. His entire body was surrounded in that black aura again. But when he formed it into a ball it was much larger.

What was once the size of a gum ball for just his healing powers, was now the size of a bowling ball. He phased it into his motorcycle and an immediate transformation took place. It changed quickly into a demonic motorcycle. It was now made up to look like it was made of chains and a much darker metal. It looked like something off the movie ghost rider. He got on and revved the engine up. Instead of the usual noise it made.

It now gave an evil hiss that would send fear into any creature without courage or confidence. And all the ponies that gathered to gaze upon this new sight instantly retreated when they heard that noise. And with his path now clear, he made a beeline toward where he thought the train station would be, leaving behind a trail of fire from his tracks. He received the same results here as he did in Ponyville, only on a much larger scale as ponies burst through windows to avoid the metal monstrosity. He couldn't help but chuckle at seeing them so scared. After a solid ten minutes of driving and causing a panic, he arrived at the train station. He quickly retrieved his soul from the motorcycle, and afterwards made his bike disappear. He walked up to the booth to see a Pony behind it reading a newspaper. He walked up and tapped the glass as he spoke.

“When's the next trip to Ponyville?” He asked plainly. The pony behind the booth never looked past his paper as he spoke.

“It's leaving in five minutes. Would you like to purchase a ticket?” He didn't respond as he just walked on to the train causing multiple ponies to cast curious glances his way.

“Must not have heard about me or the fight, otherwise they'd be running” he thought to himself. He quickly noticed a pony in a red vest go from pony to pony inspecting tickets. When he got to Lucifer he looked at him impatiently.

“Ticket sir.” He said. Lucifer just looked at him, inspecting him. He had a gray coat and a black mane and tail. He was an earth pony apparently. After witnessing up to twenty years of Celestia's life from looking into her eyes he acquired a lot of knowledge, one of the most useful bits was the names of ponies. He stood up and looked at the usher.

“Sir, I'm going to need to see a ticket or else I'm going to have to ask you to step off the train.” He quickly hit him on the head, rendering him unconscious, causing a series of gasp to fill the train from those onboard. He then took his seat as he waited for his departure.

The ride to Ponyville was quiet and uneventful. No one dared spoke to him out of fear of being attacked. To pass the time he took a newspaper from one of the passengers and read it for himself. The first thing he looked for was the obituaries. There were none.

“Go figure” he thought to himself as he continued to read. He read the front page news to see he was in it as a pony.
“Mysterious alicorn goes on rampage.” Was the title of the article.

He paid it no mind and decided to read the funnies. As he expected, they weren't funny. They consisted of the oldest jokes he's ever heard. It consisted of knock knock jokes, why did the cockatrice cross the road? Etc. This was the worst newspaper he's ever seen. He crumpled it up and set it on fire. It caused the passengers to all retreat into a corner as they stared at him with terror in their eyes. He tossed the paper out the window which caused them all to sigh in relief. He then took the opportunity to fully heal himself.

He was very much injured. The only reason he was able to appear uninjured now was because he was faking not being hurt. Since he gave his healing ability from his soul he had to use his secret weapon to heal himself. Which in the long run would do more harm than good.

“Looks like I'm gonna die a week or two earlier. That's fucking fantastic!” He thought to himself as he slowly healed all his wounds. Due to the direness of his condition it took well over half an hour to fully heal. The process was exhausting. So after some time had passed he decided to take a quick nap to regain his strength. The nap itself was not as quick as he thought. He was asleep for well over an hour. When he wanted to sleep for around half that. When he woke up he saw that all the passengers were all very close and staring at him. He cleared his throat loudly causing them to retreat back into their seats, and act as if nothing happened. Some began to whistle while others were twiddling their hooves together as they avoided his gaze.

“Curiosity killed the pony you know” he said with a wicked smile that caused them all to shiver. After the train had stopped at Ponyville, He quickly got off which immediately made the passengers relax more. He began to walk to the border of the town near the Everfree forest. While walking the towns ponies either ran from him or slowly backed away. It didn't bother him however since he enjoyed his privacy. He stopped as he was on its border.

He looked into the trees, and there he saw a crow. It was a normal crow however, but it was staring intently at him.

“Where's your master?” He thought to himself. He broke eye contact first and headed into the forest. He was constantly searching through the trees to see crows. He followed the burnt path he created when he first arrived in Equestria. And through following that path he saw more and more crows in the tress. What started off as pairs of three began to grow into groups of ten. That grew until it was around thirty.

It continued till he was sure he was beginning to see crows by the hundreds, all of them silent and patiently watching as he walked towards the spot he first arrived at. And after an hour long walk he finally made it to his origin point. The small clearing with a pond in the middle. And there next to the pond were three new things. First, there were now well over a thousand crows all gathered around the clearing, avoiding the little circle it put in the forest. They did nothing except watch and wait. Second, was that a tree had grown right next to the pond and had many branches.

It was a short tree that was only seven feet tall. If his assumptions were correct it was an oak tree. And finally, there was a massive crow perched on the lowest branch making him eye level with Lucifer. He walked towards the branch to approach the crow he knew had to be Omen. He knew because this crow was immensely different from the others. He was easily twice as big as the others, and his eyes were a dark shade of crimson. And what stuck out the most was his feathers. Most crows had a tinge of blue in their feathers. His feathers were all black, making him as dark as the void crows were sometimes symbolized for.
“I take it your Omen.” He said as he looked directly into his eyes.

“Yes, I am him. It is a pleasure to meet you Lucifer.” He said as he opened his wings as he bowed. This startled Lucifer however, as he was not expecting to see that he had four wings, or could talk directly at him. He had a suave and calm voice. A voice that if was on a human, you could tell they were a real smooth talker and would be quite the ladies’ man.

“Enough of the formalities. I'm here so you can change me back into an alicorn. So let's not waste each other's time.” He said impatiently, causing Omen to crane his neck to the side.

“There's no need for hostilities. I'm here on business from two parties. One which whom your quite familiar with, the devil. He wants me to fix your severed connection so he can speak with you again. And also see how well you progress in your training.” He could care less about his business. But one thing he said stuck out and got his attention.

“Who’s the second party?” He more demanded than asked.

“I cannot say. But I can tell you what they want from you.” He said casually, much to his annoyance.

“Fine! Than what do they want from me?”

“To do good deeds of course. Your here to kill Noah. The only way to do that is to train body and mind. You may train your body to do whatever you say. But you'll find that one’s mind is always less obedient.” He said like a true prophet.

“And how does performing good deeds help me train my mind?” He asked sounding completely unconvinced.

“As of right now you truly hate yourself. And you are right to do so. You have lived a terrible life and worse of all you torture yourself for it. A wise man once told me, punish those not for what they do to others, but for what they do to themselves. You see Lucifer, as of right now you have no purpose to live. And without purpose you will not defeat Noah.” He stopped for a second and flew onto Lucifer’s shoulder and perched himself there.
“Noah May be evil. And all that he does is for the wrong reasons. But he has two things you lack. He loves himself. And he has a goal that he uses as his purpose. His goal is to acquire as much power as possible. It is not a just and noble purpose. But at least he has one he's willing to fight and die for. Tell me Lucifer, do you have something you’re willing to fight and die for? Are you willing to sacrifice your very soul if it meant protecting or accomplishing your goal?” Lucifer still wasn't convinced.

“I'm willing to die for nothing. The only goals that matter are for yourself. And I only want freedom from myself. Once I have that, death can take me for all that I am. And besides, why does that even matter? He's never done a good deed his entire life!” He shouted at Omen as he swatted him off his shoulder. He quickly dodged his hand and landed on his other shoulder.

“And that is how you will defeat him. Your purpose will be stronger than his. While his is for selfish gain, yours will be for others. I can help you become a better person” Before Lucifer could deny his claim he used his talons and squeezed his shoulder which, due to his large claws, quickly drew blood.

“Let me at least finish my other news before you rudely interrupt me again. As of now I will always be with you to make sure your connection does not get severed again. I will also be here to help you in any way I can. I will leave occasionally to let you do certain things on your own. But I'll still be watching you like a hawk. And finally, I will try to make you find your own purpose. I can speak to you in your mind, which I'll do often to avoid interaction. I can read your life like an open book but I won't unless you give me reason. Now do you have any questions?” At first he said nothing. But after a minute he found his voice.

“Can you change me back into a human at any time?” He asked. With a hint of desperation on his voice.

“Yes I can. But you will only be allowed to be a human if I deem you deserve such a reward. After all, as a human you cannot naturally fly and perform magic. And that is the whole point in coming here.”

“Then can I ask for a favor?”

“You have not earned a favor. But I will always listen to a proposal or trade of any kind.”

“Can I stay as a human for just a little longer? I have a feeling I'll be here for a while and I'd like to have some comfort before I lose my body again.”

“I will allow this. But only for a price” he said slyly.

“Name it.”

“I will give you one week as a human. In exchange for one selfless act. You must help someone with whatever it is they ask of you without denying them. And I want you to be as polite as you possibly can. Do we have a deal?” Lucifer pondered this for some time. He weighed the options in his head countless times. He was never known for his generosity, his kindness, or any pleasant people skills in general. But for his body to be his, and a week of sleep without seeing the devil. It was barely worth it.

“Deal.” He said coldly as he began to walk out of the forest with Omen still perched on his shoulder. The walk back to Ponyville was silent as neither one of them spoke to one another. What struck Lucifer as odd was that all the crows from before were gone.
“How do regular crows just disappear like that?” He thought to himself as he searched the trees for any signs of life. As he walked into Ponyville he saw that the residents who saw him immediately ran into their homes. No doubt they remembered his attack on them that happened just yesterday. He already stopped caring about that and moved on.

“Good job Lucifer. It only took you four days to attack two innocent towns and cause the local residents to fear you. I bet you feel good about yourself don't you?” Said Omen as he whispered in his ear with disappointment clear in his voice.

“Like I give a shit. All I care about is staying human. But seeing as how no one is ever gonna ask me for help, I may as well just cancel this deal and be a pony.” He said with irritation. At that point Omen flew away leaving him behind and confused.

“Where's he going?” He asked himself out loud.

“Where's who going?” Asked a feminine voice. He turned around to see a aquamarine coated mare with a light gray and white mane. She had bright yellow eyes and a lyre for a cutie mark.

“No one. Do you...need something?” He asked the mare who was smiling at him excitingly.

“Yes, could I ask you a few questions? I promise it won't take long” she asked while getting closer to him and giving her best winning smile. He was about to say no. But then remembered his deal with Omen.
“I guess this can count as a good deed” he thought to himself.

“Very well I suppose. But let's talk somewhere else. I'd prefer not to stand too long or have anyone eavesdrop on what I have to say.” She nodded in confirmation and began to walk away and gestured for him to follow. After a short walk they arrived at what he guessed was her home. It was a two story home that was painted a pale pink. Her front lawn had a little plant life that consisted of simple daisies. Her mailbox was also pink to match the house.

“Looks like shit” he thought to himself.

“It's amazing isn't it?” Asked the mare. He looked at her and just nodded as they made their way inside her house. He had to crawl through the door however as it only reached five feet. But once inside he was given a foot of head space from the ceiling. She quickly got him situated on a couch which was very low to the ground making his knees come near his head. She tried her best to repress her laughter at the scene in front of her. The house was average. He didn't want to go through the house due to lack of interest and size difference so he guessed the rooms. He figured there'd be about two rooms and bath including a well sized living room and kitchen.

“So before we begin I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Lyra Heartstrings and this is my home that I live in with my best friend Bonbon. What's your name?” She asked with enthusiasm.

“My name is Lucifer.” He said as nicely as he could muster. It seemed to work out well as she seemed happy with his answer.

“That's a cool name. Now that we know each other let’s begin. Also, feel free to ask me any questions you have.” He nodded as he waited for her to ask her questions.

“Are you a human?” She asked as her cheery demeanor was completely replaced with a serious one as she leaned closer to him and made her eyes as big as she could to see his every move.

“Yes.” He said plainly. And with that she jumped up with joy and gave his leg a ferocious hug.

“I knew it I knew it I knew it! Ponies said I was crazy to believe in humans but here you are as clear as the eye can see. This is incredible.” She said with glee that caused her voice to go into a high pitch that could rival a Justin Bieber fan girl. He just sighed as he used his powers to gently remove her from his leg.

“I like my personal space. Now, do you have any more questions?” She blushed in minor embarrassment as she spoke.

“Sorry, I'm just happy to finally see one of you guys. But yes I do have more questions.” She cleared her voice. “Where do you come from?”

“A far away planet called Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. I was teleported here through means I won't describe to you. And I don't know when I'll return.”

“Why are you wearing clothes? When I first saw you at the Ponyville celebration for you, you were unconscious and naked.” He was dreading this question but answered anyway.

“Because my dick doesn't have a pouch. All male humans are external down there. And were all hairless and shit gets cold. Next question.” She blushed from his modest answer but quickly recovered.

“How long is your average life span?”

“That all depends on where you live, if you ever had any bad habits such as substance abuse and illnesses. But a typical human usually lives around sixty five to eighty five years. But some can live to be just over a hundred.” She looked surprised at this as she began looking around.

“Sorry, could you hold on a minute? I wanna write this down.” He sighed as he flicked his wrist and gestured for her to go and find a writing utensil. After a few short moments she came back with a scroll, a quill, and a bottle of ink.

“Ok, what type of tribes are there?”

“There are none. Where I come from we can't fly, or perform magic. What I use is something else that I won't explain. Were all essentially earth ponies. We don't have tribes or classes. But we do have races.” He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he spoke. “I am Caucasian, or white. There are blacks, Mexicans who are brown, yellow which are Chinese and some other people who don't know there Chinese, they think cause their eyes are different there a different race. In the end there all slanted so therefore there the same. And finally red. But those of the red skin were essentially wiped out by my people when we invaded their land, slaughtered their families, burned their crops, and gave them small pox.” She looked at him horrified but quickly recovered and wrote it all down.

“How could anypony do that? That's awful!” She asked with misty eyes.

“We did it because we could. Anyone else would tell you it was for political reasons or expansion but they're just full of shit. There's a reason why those people called our people white devils. And I don't blame them one bit.” He said as he scowled at the mention of the white man’s actions.

“What's the gender ratio? Here it's three to one leaning toward the mare’s side.” She said as she whipped her eyes and readied her scroll.
“It's two to two. There's around seven billion inhabitants on earth. It's not one hundred percent equal. But that's just because of other details such as health and other things.” She pondered for a while, most likely what it be like to have more stallions in her life.

“Has there ever been a really big war on earth?” She asked innocently. He began laughing hysterically at this question.

“Sorry about that. It's been forever since I've laughed that hard.” She looked at him puzzled, clearly not understanding what was so funny. “Allow me to explain. You asked if my planet has ever had a big war. But you asked as if though it never had. That's why it's funny because there's been so many. That'd be like me asking you if this world is peaceful and full of colorful talking ponies.” She looked annoyed as she grumbled and rolled her eyes.

“It's not my fault! I've never been there.” She let out a loud sigh as she grabbed her quill. “Look, can you just answer the question and tell me about some wars.” He straightened up and recollected his composure as he spoke.

“Alright, to answer your question, yes. There has been a big war on earth. In fact there have been several big wars that killed millions. Hundreds of millions.” When he said that she stopped writing and looked at him with her jaw dropped. “There were two wars that fit your question perfectly. World War One. And World War Two. They were wars between up to four nations each, all fighting for trivial things such as land and oil and bitter grudges.” She picked up her jaw and scribbled furiously what he said. Once she was done she looked at him with a saddened expression.

“That's awful. I'm really sorry your world is like that.” He smiled a genuine smile at this. He was loving the naivety of this mare.

“Don't be. It's one of our greatest qualities. We were created by an omniscient god that gave us free will. He created us in his image and made us perfect. Than he showed us his true colors as he put our downfall in an unguarded garden. That caused everything to go downhill.” He got into a more comfortable position as he spoke.

“But in a way I'm happy about that. Were an incredible race. We've created countless things that easily surpass this world technologically. We can perform brain and heart transplants. We can talk to one another on opposite ends of the world through a piece of glass and plastic. We've created a bomb that can destroy islands to kill one another. All that progress, and were still as dumb as ever. It's enough to make you laugh at how stupid we are. And stand in awe at how intelligent we are.” She wrote down everything he said and starred at him.

“Now, when you say god. Has anyone ever seen him that's still around?”

“No. But he's real. There's proof that I could show you. My powers for example. That's my soul. And he created souls. Therefore, he's real.” She gave him a questioning look a student would give a teacher. “Look, I don't expect you to understand. And I sure as hell am not gonna be the one to, "spread the word of The Lord" and enslave you all. Just know that there are things bigger than what you know at work in the infinite universe.” She wrote what he said even though it wasn't an answer.

“If you don't have magic, how can you move the sun and moon?”

“Simple. We don't. We orbit the sun and moon. But due to NASA, we were able to send men into outer space. And because of that, Neil Armstrong was the first person to ever walk on the moon.” She looked at him with wide eyes that looked like they were ready to pop.

“That's incredible!” There were many more questions like this for up to two hours. And he couldn't help but remember when she said, “It won't take long.” But luckily for him, she put down the scroll and other utensils.

“Are we finally done?” He asked her as politely as he possibly could. Which for him still sounded rude.

“Almost. I have one final question for you. And this question is the single hoofedly most important question of all.” She got up and walked up to him and jumped into his lap as she pulled his hands down. “How do these work?” She asked seriously as she starred daggers at his hands.

“Do you mean my hands?” He asked, taken back by her sudden behavior and closeness.

“Yes! I need to know!” He showed her his fingers and moved each one individually as he told her how they move and what each fingers name are. And after that she began to blush very heavily as she looked away from him.

“You ugh, wouldn't mind doing a mare a favor would you?” She asked as she turned her face away from him. He raised his eye brow at this, not knowing what to expect.

“And that would be...?” He asked skeptically.

“Well, I've always...sort of had this...fantasy.” He pulled his head back in disgust at what he thought she was talking about. Her face than turned an even brighter shade of red. “Nothing like that! I'm not that kind of mare. It's just-” she let out a loud grunt of frustration as she stood up and put her hooves on his shoulders and brought her face eye level with him.

“Please please please please please give me a rub. I want to see what those fingers feel like!” She was now begging. He was still skeptical. And if this was a regular woman he'd say no a thousand times. And if it was a regular guy he'd beat the shit out of him. But there were key factors working against him. Omens request. Keeping his body. And the fact that she was absolutely adorable. He didn't care about stuff like that, but to him she was more like a pet so it should be fine. Right?

“Understand this.” He said in a very serious voice that made her flinch. Most likely because she thought he'd say no. “This will be a onetime thing only. We will never speak about it. And it's nothing sexual. Understand?” She perked up as she nodded vigorously as she laid across his lap, much like a cat would.

“Deal. I just want my head, back, and stomach rubbed for a while to see what it’s like.” He sighed as he began to pet her head like one would do for a cat or dog. This caused her to sigh in relief and lower her head in comfort.

“Damn! She's softer than cotton candy. It's like I could pull her fur far enough to play jump rope” he thought to himself secretly. He couldn't help but think this. He's been on the softest silk sheets known to man on earth and this sentient life form resting on his lap was even softer. After a while of rubbing he began to scratch behind her ears. Her reaction was immediate as she stuck out her tongue and he could've sworn he heard her purr.

“Oh yeah! That's the stuff!” She moaned out. This made him very uncomfortable. And, was she thumping her leg? He was a person who lacked social skills to a crippling degree. And now he was practically giving a sentient being a massage. One that looked like a pet, but could talk. But he forced himself to power through, much to her delight, and his discomfort. After a while she rolled over and revealed her stomach. Her legs were spread out, but luckily for him her tail was between her legs, effectively covering her privates.

“I swear to god. If I rub her stomach and there's six tits under her fur and I touch one, I’ll fucking kill myself” he thought to himself. She could see his discomfort as he wasn't rubbing her stomach yet due to hesitation. She looked up at him with eyes of bliss as she spoke.
“Please” she whimpered more seductively than she probably meant causing him to sigh and rub her stomach. She once again relaxed in the luxury of his fingers. This continued for a while. Long enough for him to get comfortable about it.

“It's like she really is a cat.” He thought to himself as he rubbed her head since she was now laying on her stomach again. And then a thought came to his head. A thought that really made him wonder. After gathering his courage he began scratching and rubbing her back. After a while he slowly lowered his hand till he was at her flank.

“Well, here goes nothing” he thought to himself as he began to scratch her flank, much like you would a cat or dog to see if she would raise its tail in the air. And just as he was guessing, she raised her flank in the air as she moaned with delight.

“Yeah, keep doing it Lucifer! That's the best!” She moaned out in a sultry tone. And he began to think.

“Am I being sexually harassed? I was kinda hoping that would get me thrown out of here.” This continued for twenty minutes until he finally stopped. Much to her displeasure.

“Aww. Do you have to stop? That was the best thing ever.” He nodded to her question. Eager and ready for this whole experience to be over with.

“Alright. Thanks for everything. And especially that. If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.” And with that she gave him a mighty hug and sent him out the door. He sighed as he was finally free.

“Glad that's over with. Now I just need to find Omen and collect my reward.” He didn't search long as Omen landed on his shoulder and stood there, and actually started laughing. Logic be damned for something with a beak to laugh.

“I told you to do a good deed Lucifer. I never told you to get a girlfriend.” He began laughing rapidly which came out as multiple caws. He quickly grabbed his beak, effectively silencing him as he spoke with hatred on every word.

“I will never, ever! Have a relationship with a fucking horse. You owe me. Now I expect you to keep your end of the bargain.” He let go of his beak to let him speak.

“Relax Lucifer. I didn't mean to offend. I'll keep my end of the deal since you kept yours. I was actually expecting you not to do it.” This made him calm down slightly.

“Speaking of that. How did you know what happened? You left before she came.” He asked as he stated to walk in a random direction.

“As of now, you and I are connected. I can see you wherever you go. I can taste what you taste. Smell what you smell. And hear what you hear.” He flew in front of him as he changed his voice to sound just like Lyra. “Oh yeah that's the stuff! Yeah keep doing it Lucifer!” He began laughing again much to his anger. “I can also speak to you in your mind.” This made Lucifer grunt in aggravation.

“So I really am stuck with you than. That's unfortunate.” Omens response was tightening his grip on Lucifer’s shoulders causing great discomfort. He was about to say something until he heard a distant shout.

“Lucifer!” He looked around to find the source of the noise.

“Lucifer!” The noise was getting louder and he could start to hear the sound of wings flapping in the distance. At that point Omen once again departed as he flew off. He turned around in time to see Ditsy flying toward him at quick speeds with Dinky on her back.

“Oh god, what do they want?” He thought to himself. She quickly landed next to him and ran to give him a hug alongside Dinky.
“Oh sweet Celestia you’re ok! After what happened yesterday I thought we'd never see you again. What happened to you?” She asked with a clear amount of concern.

“Yeah, and why'd you go all bananas yesterday to? You just flipped out and started attacking everypony.” Said Dinky with a worried pout. He let out an aggravated sigh as he began walking away from them. Much to his irritation, they followed.

“Look, what happened yesterday wasn't my fault. But it doesn't matter. I'm only here to get stronger till I'm powerful enough for a special purpose and then I'm gone.” He said while quickening his pace.

“What do you mean by that? Like training?” Dinky asked in as she trotted up to his left.

“And what do you mean by gone? Where will you go after that?” He grunted in annoyance. He just got done giving a horse a rub and was taunted for it by a pesky rat with wings. He was annoyed and just wanted to vent some frustration.

“It means I'm here to get stronger. I was sent here by force to kill someone I've known for a very long time. Once that's done I'll be heading back to my own dimension, world, galaxy, whatever.” They both gasped as he said that. But soon recovered as they made their way back to his sides.

“Look Lucifer, I don't know what's going on, but could you please just talk to us. Were your friends an-” He cut Ditsy off as he quickly turned around and starred at them violently.

“We are not friends. I don't want friends. And I don't need friends. I saved your life because I have a debt to repay. Nothing more. Given different circumstances you'd be dead.” And with that he turned around and began to walk off.

“How can you say that? We care for you Lucifer. We-” Said Dinky as she was sniffling and on the brink of crying. Ditsy wrapped her wings around her and put her in a loving embrace as she whispered in her ears.

“There there Dinky, don't cry. He doesn't mean it I'm sure. He's just having a bad day. I'll try to get him to come around later.” She let go of her daughter and gestured for her to get on her back. “For now, let's just go home and let him do what he needs to do.” Dinky wiped her eyes as she complied with her mother and got on her back. Ditsy carefully took off, and flew towards home. As she flew over him, a tear escaped Dinky's eye, and fell below, hitting his shoulder. He looked up to see them fly away. With Dinky burying her face in her mother’s neck.

Author's Note:

Ok so that ends the big fight. If there are any questions PM me or leave a comment and I will let you know.
Also, I will be taking a break from My Little Lucifer for a while to start work on another story. It'll be called,
When classic beats hit the streets.
it's a Octavia story where she's tired of no one hearing what her voice has to say instead of her instruments. Which leads to rap battles that change her life forever as she experiences how her choices affect those around her. its gonna be a serious drama type with a lot of music that's classical and modern hip hop and dub step.
overall im really excited for it. If you wanna read stay alert for it on Sundays. I don't have a blog and im not gonna make one right now so if you wanna see it you'll just have to find it.

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