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My Little Lucifer - pinkshadow369

What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.

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chapter 4 public opinions

"What's it mean?” Asked Scootaloo.

“Ah don't know, something about stars?”

“Since when are stars red?” Questioned Dinky.

“Since when are they upside down?” Retorted Sweetie Belle. This was the noise he heard when he woke up. He craned his neck to the side to see the fillies all starring at his flank to his confusion. He rolled over and sat upright causing two of each to go to a different side of his flank to continue their starring.

“I always heard girls found men's ass to be cute, but this is taking it too far.” He thought to himself. And then he spoke his mind. “Why are you looking at my as-flank like that?” It was Applebloom who answered first.

“We want ta know what yer cutie mark meant.” He snorted at the ridiculous name.

“What the hell is that?” He asked in bitter annoyance. Usually the girls would go on a riot for a pony not knowing that, but they all recalled how he told them he was a human. So Sweetie took it upon herself to enlighten him.

“It's a mark that appears on both sides of your flank when you find out your special talent. That's why we're on a quest t-.” She was cut off by Scootaloo at this point.

“A quest to find our special talent.”

“And earn our cutie marks.” The three of them scrunched together and shouted.

“Cutie mark crusaders yay!”

At least now that chant of theirs made sense. But that left a question unanswered. What was his cutie mark? He turned around to look at his flank only for his blood to somehow run cold, and boil at the same time. For the mark that rest on his flank, was none other than a red pentagram inside a red circle. Just like the one that sent him to this new land. And that's when he heard the dark voice chuckle from what felt like he was inside his very soul.

“Welcome to Equestria.” He stood there, motionless. Shocked was all he could think about. The lowness of the devil. The torture he put him through. The shackles weren't enough to remind him he's a slave. But now to put the symbol of the dark prophecy that was meant to be his on his flank as a symbol of one’s destiny. That was cruelty. He was shaken out of his daze as an orange hoof was waved in his face.

“Equestria to Lucifer, hello. Anypony in there?” He caught her hoof and then let it drop once she stopped shaking.

“So what's it mean?” Asked Sweetie Belle.

“It’s nothing.” He lied. The girls nodded as they glanced at each other, this was something to be left alone. He let out a sigh of relief which was silenced by a high pitched scream.

“Agh! We’re gonna be late for school.” Said Dinky who was rushing to her room. She came back out quickly with a saddlebag hanging on her back. “I haven't missed a day yet.” She cried. He looked at her with agitation in his eyes that sent a very clear message.

“I don't care.”

“Shoot, Applejack will have mah hide if she finds out ah wasn't at school today.” They all began to worry. Until Sweetie got an idea.

“Can't you use some of your soul power to get us there?” He looked down to shoot her a glare only to receive more puppy dog eyes.

“Damn that got old fast” he thought to himself.

“Can’t you just run there yourself?”

“It’s too far away and two late. If I had my cart I could just pull us there on my scooter.” He sighed as he walked outside and gestured for them to follow. They trotted outside to see him standing very still and breathing very slowly. They stood there waiting, understanding that this means he would probably summon up something to help them. But it took a while longer than expected.

What usually took a few seconds took around three minutes. And then something happened that made their jaw drop. In front of them appeared something they never seen before. It was a giant piece of metal with wheels made of what appeared to be rubber. It seemed to have padding on it. But what really got their attention was the fact that it had four small metal box like barrels on the sides, two on each side. He stared at them with a grin.

“What, you never seen a motorcycle and some side cars before?” He said sarcastically. They could only shake their heads in response. He floated them into the sidecars and began concentrating again. This time helmets came. They quickly put them on.

“Alright stay inside the sidecar, and don't do anything stupid. It doesn't have any seat belts.” He got on and asked where there school was. They told him where to go and with that he fired it up. To his surprise, doing so hurt like hell. These new ears were more sensitive to noise, and a motorcycle isn't exactly silent. But unlike the fillies he quickly got over it. The ride through town was, in a word. Chaotic.
Apparently in Equestria, driving a big piece of loud metal either resulted in panic, or confusion. Panic caused ponies to burst through windows to avoid getting hit as he drove on the Main Street. The confusion resulted in ponies nearly becoming road kill. He would have loved this to happen for one all too familiar pony.

That crazy pink bitch. She was bouncing alongside him for half the trip asking questions. He did his best to ignore her as he found the school and drove to the entrance. But as soon as he arrived the bell rang. The girls all rushed to the door, only for them to be welcomed by the entire class coming out and standing at the entrance. They were all looking at Lucifer and the fillies who still had their helmets on. That's when a mare walked up to him with a purple coat and pink main and tail.

“Hello there. My name is miss cheerily. We came out to see what all the noise was about.” He got off the motorcycle and took the helmets from the girls as he spoke.

“Just making sure the kids get to school on time.” She seemed happy with his answer as a warm smile found its way on her face. “I...apologize, if it was too loud.” He said while making the motorcycle disappear causing a series of gasps from the children.

“That's quite alright. I've never seen anything like it that's for sure.” She extended a hoof to him which he hesitantly shook. “If you don't mind me asking, who are you? I don't recall seeing you around Ponyville. And I'm sure I'd recognize an alicorn.”

“I'm Lucifer. And yes, I'm new here.” He said plainly. “Sorry to disappoint, but I really should go. I've got...things to do.” By now he was just trying to get out of talking. But she apparently didn't notice.

“Oh that's fine, class was just starting anyway. We'll it was nice meeting you.” She said as she made her way to the class along with her students. “Oh! And thanks for bringing these four.” She said as she waved good bye and walked inside the small building. He let out a small sigh as he began to walk away. Only to be tackled by a very annoying pink pony.

“Oh my gosh what was that awesome wheeled thing? It was all vroom vroom vroom. That was so cool.” He was literally underneath her as she stood on top of him bouncing up and down on his stomach. He quickly floated her off of him as he stood up.

“It was a motorcycle. And if you don't mind I have things to do.” And with that he placed her down and began to walk away. Luckily for him she didn't follow. But before he got too far he heard her whisper something. “I can't wait to see how he reacts today.” This only made him walk faster to put distance between himself and her. When she was out of eyesight he began to think about what she said.

“Does she plan on throwing me a party? I don't have a house yet so that can't be it. If I'm lucky I can avoid her.” He kept thinking about this until he arrived at the town market. And there he saw someone he recognized. He saw Applejack at a stall selling apples. And unfortunately for him, she saw him to.

“We'll howdy there Lucifer.” She called to him as she waved her hoof at him. He walked over to see if she wanted anything. “Ah just wanted ta see how the sleepover went.”

“Well. And I dropped them off at school just a while ago.” With that she smiled and handed him a red apple.

“Free of charge for yer troubles.” But he quickly placed it back.

“I don't accept handouts.” He said this harshly causing her smile to drop for a split second. But was quickly found as she handed him the apple once more.

“Seeing as how ya watched mah sister it's not ah handout. It's ah reward.” He couldn't argue with this so he accepted and took a bite of the apple. It was the best apple he's ever had. So fresh and juicy that it made apples he'd have on earth be put to shame. But even while eating he still wore the same scowl that usually adorned his face, with his usual furrowed brow.

“It's good.” Was all he said as he walked away. As he left he heard her call out to him.

“Y'all have a good time now. And make sure ya go ta the town square today.” He started to head to the hospital. After all, today Ditsy would be getting out of the hospital. He arrived after a few minutes of walking just in time to see her come out. She noticed him and flew towards him smiling.

“Hey there Lucifer. How'd the sleepover go?”

“Well. I just dropped them off at school.” And with that said he extended his hoof much to her confusion. “My pay” he said plainly with an agitated expression. She smiled as she reached into a saddlebag she had and pulled out a small sapphire much to his bewilderment.

“What? If it's not enough that's all I have right now.” She said as worry began to take over her features.

“Is this how your currency works here? You pay people in rare gems.” She looked at him with confusion of her own.

“Well yeah. Gems, rubies, sapphires, but mostly bits.” And with that he just sighed in annoyance.

“And what exactly are bits?” She pulled out a coin purse from her saddlebag and showed him a small pile of gold coins. He couldn't believe it. They were so rich that gold, actual gold was average currency. The only reason he didn't do that on earth was because everyone would assume it was fake. And for good reason. Here he could summon a treasure trove worth of the stuff and live as a millionaire. “Don't unicorns have a spell of some kind that could duplicate these to become rich?” She shook her head as a smile spread on her face.

“No silly. Everypony knows it's impossible to do that. After all, anypony that uses magic to summon things will have that item disappear shortly. Either that or it’ll be too easy to tell it’s a fake.” With this he was happy. He was gonna be rich because that didn't apply for him. He was ready to leave.

“Thanks. I'd best be going now. I have some errands to run. And also, I'll be moving out today.” And with that he began to walk off only to be stopped by her as she flew in front of him.

“You can't go yet. I have a surprise for you.” He showed no care for this at all.

“I'm not interested.”

“Oh but I insist. It's the least I could do since you saved me, and my daughter’s life. And even fixed my eye.” And with that he slapped himself for forgetting. Her eye, his missing soul piece. It was time to get it back. He stood there motionlessly for a few minutes once again causing his body to glow black along with her. When suddenly a mass of black slowly phased out of her and into him.

“In case you’re wondering, I just took back what is rightfully mine.” She was shocked for a split second but quickly got over it.

“That's fine. I was just borrowing it. But please, let me take you to town square. I have a surprise for you that everypony will love.” She gave him her best award winning smile. Which didn't do anything to budge him. Sighing he agreed if it meant being left alone when they were done. They walked to the town square in silence. The reason behind that was he stopped paying attention and refused to acknowledge her at this point. The walk lasted for about ten minutes since it was a small town. And upon arriving he could see a mass of ponies gathered at the town square mayor’s office. What disturbed him was the poster of his name above a stage with the words.
“Ponyville’s newest hero, Lucifer.” He gritted his teeth in anger. Once again he's been called that awful word. Hero. He saw a brown earth pony with silver main and tail gesture for him to come up. He hesitantly approached the stage.

“Mister Lucifer if I'm correct?” She asked with a warm smile.

“Correct” was all he said as he starred at her with his usual Disapproving glare of anything that lived and breathed. She turned around to address the crowd of ponies.

“Citizens of Ponyville. It is with great honor that we celebrate the hero Lucifer, who defeated a pack of diamond dogs and saved local residence Derpy hooves, and her daughter Dinky.” She paused to catch her breath before she continued. While doing so, the ponies started stomping there hooves down on the ground causing what he figured was there version of clapping.
“Not only did he save these two fearlessly. But he also fixed Derpy's eye by using a strange new magic.” She stopped to face him. “And as mayor of Ponyville I thank you. Ponyville thanks you.” Once again a series of stomps, cheers, and whistling could be heard all directed towards him.
“Before you say anything I'd like to ask a question I'm sure everypony is dying to know.” She started at him directly into his cold eyes unaffected by his gaze. “Are you a descendent of royalty? After all, the only alicorns we know of are the princesses.” With that said, he looked to the crowd to see them all starring very closely waiting for an answer. And that's exactly what he'd give them.

“As a matter of fact I am. I am the anti-Christ. The prince of Hell.” She, and everyone else cocked their heads in confusion.

“I'm afraid I've never heard of such a land, or title for that matter. But nonetheless we welcome you as an ambassador of Hell. May your stay in Equestria, and Ponyville, be pleasant and enjoyable.” And with that they started stomping once again. But this time he didn't notice. He was utterly speechless. Had they never heard of Hell? One could tell immediately that this world was more peaceful than that of earth. But to not have a Hell. That was too much. She didn't notice his shock as she turned to address the crowd.
“Let's hear it for prince Lucifer, the anti-Christ, and hero of Ponyville. May him and his kingdom of hell live long and prosper.” And at once the worse name you could call him was being shouted at him with glee from the crowd.

“Hero! Hero! Hero!” He had enough. He was furious at this insult. And it began to show as the crowd stopped there cheering and looked at him with surprise. He paid no mind as he walked closer to the stage and directly into the mic.

“I've lived my entire life without a hero. And I'll be dammed if I become a false one. I am not. Nor will I ever be. A hero. You ponies are fucking foolish!” He screamed the last part at them with blistering fury. The crowd was taken aback by this, moving away from him slightly.
“A hero is your soldiers dying on the front lines to protect a country that deserves to be destroyed. A hero is your local teacher who gets paid minimum wage to teach a bunch of disrespectful brats the fundamentals of living. A hero is someone who does good out of the kindness of their hearts for someone who doesn't deserve any good to come their way.” He stopped to glare daggers at the crowd whom he despised.
"I am not a hero. I am a murderer. A monster that hates every single one of you. And your arrogance will be your undoing.” He began to walk away but noticed something strange. The stage was completely on fire. As was his body. During his rage he didn't notice his powers activated. And then he heard a voice deep within his soul.

“Time to show them the real you.”
Laughing. That is what the devil was doing as he tapped into his inner evil. He collapsed as the fire around his body intensified and engulfed his entire body in a black flame. Including the poster which started to travel to the building. He was in pain. Deep pain. He screamed as his mind was taken from him and he succumbed to his anger. His anger that lied deep within his soul was now forcefully showing its way to the real world as almost a separate being. He saw the images of his life where he was abused, tortured, hurt. He saw his own personal definition of anger and resentment towards the world and all its people. And upon rising from the flames, he was changed. His coat became a bright red to match his main and tail. Which at this point began flowing in a nonexistent breeze giving the illusion of a flame that was bright enough to be a beacon. His wings were now bat like with spiked tips. Even his eyes changed color. What was once red, was now black, dark and empty of emotion, as if his very soul had disappeared into a dark abyss. The only thing that remained the same was his horn, shackles, and necklace.
He walked back to the microphone to speak. The ponies were stunned in their fear as he spoke with a gaze of utter evil.
“Your time for punishment...is at hand.” And with that he roared as he turned around and set the building on fire in an intense heat that quickly began to destroy the building. The ponies ran, and flew, in multiple directions, narrowly avoiding his fiery assault. But to his surprise, he was quickly hit in the jaw by a rainbow blur. He quickly recovered as he saw a flying Pegasus in front of him with her hooves crossed, and a scowl on her face as her brow furrowed. Her coat was blue and her mane and tail were that of a rainbow. Behind her were five other mares. But they currently did not matter. Only the one that dare hit him did. And he would make her pay with her very life.

“You got some nerve if you think you can attack Ponyville with us around mister.” She said in a defiant tone as the remaining mares got closer to her. “Who do you think you are to treat us like that after throwing you a celebration?”

“Yeah! And you promised we could party once you got a house. You never said anything about a dungeon party.” Said Pinkie Pie. He remembered how much he hated her and lunged after her, leaping off the burning stage. He crashed down at the spot she used to be at, causing the ground to crack immensely and sent the other mares flying in multiple directions. But she was nowhere to be found. He looked left only to see a yellow Pegasus with a long pink mane and tail next to Applejack whom he remembered from earlier. To his left he saw a lavender alicorn with a purple mane and tail that had other shades to it. Standing next to her was rarity. And in front of him was the rainbow Pegasus. But nowhere had he looked could he see pinkie. Until he heard her giggle.

“Yoo-hoo, looking for me, Lucy?” He looked behind him. And there she was. Standing directly on top of his back between his wings. She had the biggest smile he's seen from her yet. And tapped him on the nose. “Tag you’re it!” And with that she leapt off him and stood next to the yellow Pegasus.

“Arg!” He shouted as he blasted at her relentlessly with fire. But every time he threw a blast she'd dodge it as if it were nothing. In the corner of his eye he saw the cyan Pegasus approach him. As soon as she was about to fly into him he ducked down and bucked his back legs into her stomach as she flew over him sending her flying into the air. She caught herself well, but quickly grabbed her stomach in pain of the kick. He was about to perform a follow up attack. But before he knew it, he was hit with a floating bench wrapped in a purple aura. He simply broke it with his strength and quickly spotted the lavender mare. He lunged at her ready to strike. Only to be blasted away by confetti as pinkie appeared In front of her with a cannon. In the sane part of his mind that was struggling to regain control of his emotions questioned.
“Where the hell did she get a cannon?” He quickly rose to his hooves to look at the pink menace. And next to her was the remaining mares. The lavender one spoke up.

“Lucifer! I don't know why your here, or why you’re doing this. But know that we will not allow you to harm any of Ponyville’s citizens.” She stepped forward putting herself in front of the others as she spoke. “So I'm warning you. This is your last chance. Stop and come to your senses. Or we'll be forced to use the elements of harmony.” And with that a series of jewelry began to appear around the mares and found its way around there necks, and for the lavender pony, on her head as she received a crown. This did not threaten him however, and instead filled him with even more rage.

“You think jewelry will stop me!” He screamed as he charged at them with bloodlust in his eyes. Only to be suspended in midair. The girls who at this point were flinching, expecting to be attacked, looked up to see this strange occurrence as well. And then the yellow Pegasus let out a relieved sigh as she spoke with happiness.

“Discord! Your here?” The mares, and Lucifer, looked at a floating entity one could only describe as strange. What stood before them was a being whose body consisted of the head of a horse, with a goat antler on the left, a blue goat antler on the right, one long fang, different shaped eyes, the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. For Lucifer if you had to describe him in a sentence it would be as followed.

“What the fuck are you?” He asked as he still stood there suspended in midair. The being looked at him with a smile as he walked up to him and bowed.

“Discord at your service. Reformed god of chaos and disharmony as of this week.” He turned to look at the mares. “I hope you aren't trying to replace me. I've only been reformed as of a few days and there's already a rampaging alicorn on the loose. I might begin to think your trying to get rid of me.” All the mares sighed as the yellow one spoke.

“Umm, Discord. We have a problem. Could you be so kind as to keep him like that while we use the elements on him? If it's not too much trouble.” Discord looked at Lucifer approvingly as he began to look at his entire body inspecting him.

“Yes, I can definitely see the evil in this one. But behind that, there's something...strange, but good.” He stopped inspecting him as he turned to see the mares float in the air as a rainbow began to circle around them. Discord made like a freak and ran towards a tree. All Lucifer could do was stare at the spectacle. And in an instant, a rainbow fired itself at him with unimaginable speed. He only had enough time to say one thing before he felt a burning sensation cover his body and black out.

“What the fuck?!”

Author's Note:

And there another one down. Next update same day as always. I don't know how many people actually follow or read this cause there no comments but if you like it or not feel free to say something. There was no special quote today but that's because there won't always be a quote. Hint-Next chapter shits gonna get real.

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