• Published 21st Feb 2014
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My Little Lucifer - pinkshadow369

What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.

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[Life is as pointless as the attempts we make to change the world] A look inside Lucifer's head

Our story begins in a locker room at an underground fight club. Where our young protagonist, Lucifer, is sitting on a bench waiting for his upcoming fight. He has black eyes and regular brown hair in a less than perfect cut. He's twenty three years old and six feet tall and fairly well toned.

“Hey kid, I gotta talk to you for a sec about the fight” said his boss and manager Joey. He was a mid-forties New Yorker with brown hair and brown eyes. A clear way to tell you he was full of shit. “Now I know you know what you’re doing out there, but I wanted to remind you the stakes here.” He moved and sat down next to him. “Tonight is the championship fight for ten thousand dollars cash. And the competition is looking fierce” he said with concern.

“It doesn't matter. I'm gonna win and that's all there is to it” he replied. Joey gave him an agitated look.

“Yeah you got it, I know. You ever think you’re getting too big for your gloves there? Look, what I'm trying to tell you is to play it smart. This guy literally killed his last challenger. If it wasn't for his bosses connections he wouldn't be here today.” He looked at Joey with no care or emotion.

“You think that scares me? You and I both know I'm gonna win so there's nothing else to discuss.” He snarled at him. Joey sat up to look at him with anger clear on his face.

“Don't you get smart with me. I'm the fucking boss, got it? Now I got a lot of money betting on you and I don't expect you to lose. Capish?”

He looked back at Joey with a grin as he stood up to him. “Capish” he said as he walked toward the exit of the room as he looked back at him. “But remember, even if you are the boss, I don't gotta do shit if your dead.” He said as a man came in telling him it was time for the fight. Before he did anything he reached around his neck and removed a necklace. It was a cross made from wood with a Jesus figure made from metal on it. And then he walked out leaving a pissed off Joey alone in the locker room.

As he stepped out of the locker room, he followed the man through a small series of halls until finally arriving at the main door to the arena. When opened he saw all the people cheering and booing for him as he began to walk toward the ring. As he walked closer to the ring he could see his opponent. He was easily six foot five and had short black hair and a clear scar across his face. The opponent was full of muscle. He guessed that he probably weighed around two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. His overall opinion of him was as followed.

“He's not so tough.”

And then he finally found himself in the ring listening to the announcer. The announcer was Joey’s cousin. He was a small fat man that weighed around two hundred and fifty pounds in blubber. He had black hair. He was around five three.

“Alright boys and girls listen up. This here is the championship fight for a prize of ten grand. Now normally the fights would be around three to five rounds. But because it's the big C, the fight won't stop until one of these challengers are knocked out.” He said addressing the crowd and then looking at the fighters to make sure they understood. “Now let's get this show on the road” he said as he cleared his throat. “In this corner we have the challenger Miles Miller. And in this corner, we have the reigning champion Lucifer." The crowd shouted in excitement. “Begin."

And with that he quickly jumped out of the ring. Miles quickly removed the distance between them and began throwing a series of jabs and hooks. Lucifer easily dodged them as he slowly walked back to a corner. Miles continued his barrage as he made his way to trap Lucifer into the corner. He wound up his arm to deliver a right hook. As he swung, Lucifer expertly shuffled around him and pushed him into the corner where he began his own assault.

Two left jabs to the face, four haymakers to the stomach, and one right hook until Miles made a swift haymaker of his own to Lucifer’s stomach. As he flinched from the hit he kneed him in the same place he struck previously. He then pushed him into the open ring and escaped the dreaded corner and began his own assault.

He wound up his arm and delivered a massive right hook dropping Lucifer like a box of kittens into a river. He quickly got on top of him and began delivering a series of blows towards his face. Each punch made his face more swollen until he was able to grab his arm and drag his body down closer to deliver a head butt. Miles stopped only for a second, but that's all he needed as he freed his legs and kicked Miles off of him. He quickly got up only to be charged at by Miles. Lucifer side stepped around him and extended his leg out effectively tripping miles. The crowd went berserk with applause.

But he did not follow up with his attack, and actually waited for Miles to quickly pick himself back up. They were both standing back up now, circling around one another, waiting to see who would strike first. It was Miles as he tackled Lucifer into a corner to trap him. He sent massive blows to his chest and stomach while he kept him tightly pinned against the corner. This backfired for Miles though, as he began delivering a flurry of knees to his stomach and chest. When Miles finally let go of the tackle he was punched in the throat by a quick left jab. Miles eyes went wide as he covered his throat only leaving himself that much more vulnerable. He immediately wound up his leg and kicked him right in his manhood so hard, you could hear his sperm count scream.

Miles was on his knees now, only for Lucifer’s knee to expertly meet his nose. And with that, the fight was over. Leaving an unconscious Miles, a screaming crowd, and a grinning Joey as the referee walked up to him naming him the champion. All was looking good. He had defended his title once again, and earned ten thousand dollars cash. He looked around to see the crowd of people that cheered for him. How he hated them. They had no right to be happy that he won.

People were betting and cheering for unnecessary violence. It was pointless to him. He did this because of his upbringing he was unfit for anything else in life. And it wasn't fair to him. But that was something he learned very quickly in life.

It was never fair. He walked out of the ring and into the locker room. He showered, got dressed, and received his prize from Joey. And most importantly, he got his necklace back around his neck. And with that done he was off.

He walked towards a local dive bar he's been visiting for years. It was called Pinkies Place. He walked in and found his way towards a stool in front of the bar.

“Ah Lucifer, how ya been buddy? I heard you had a fight tonight. How’d it go?” Said Al the bartender and owner of Pinkies Place. He was an older man around his early sixties. He had green eyes and gray hair on the sides of his head but was bald straight down the middle.

“I won” he replied plainly. “Joey said it be a challenge. He lied.” Al only smiled at this as he poured him a drink.

“Since when have you ever had a challenge? Why I remember when you first walked in this bar. It was two years ago and you got into a fight with some bikers who were loitering. You destroyed half my bar and beat the shit out of them” he said while looking at the ceiling as if remembering. “And now you’re an underground fighter making good money” he smiled. “What a life.”

Lucifer said nothing as he took the drink. Al left him alone and tended to the rest of the customers. An hour went by where he did nothing but sit and slowly drink. Al returned with a shot glass and handed it to him.

“I didn't order this.” He said bitterly.

“Yeah but that sweet heart over there did.” He said while pointing behind him. Lucifer turned around and saw a young girl with blond hair smile and wink at him. “She's quite the looker ain't she?” He asked. The only response he gave was downing the shot in a single gulp as he got up and headed to the dart board. Al sighed. “That kids gotta learn how to loosen up for once” he said as he shook his head.

Lucifer was a professional at darts. At a young age he was taught to have great accuracy and a calculating eye. So it's easy to say some people would love a challenge.

“Hey you there.” A man said as he put his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder. “You’re pretty good at that. Why don't we play a game of darts for some cash? Let's say...fifty bucks.”

He turned around to look at the man. He was a man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties. He had a brown beard and bald head. He was wearing sun glasses for reasons unknown. And he smelled of alcohol.

“Fine. But when I win you better pay up” he said as he removed his arm and handed the man the darts. The man smiled as he gladly took them.

“Your so on.”

And with that the game began. They were throwing darts left and right. And for a man who seemed intoxicated, he was really good. But he wasn’t nearly good enough to beat Lucifer. While Lucifer was scoring bull’s eye after bull’s eye, he scored in the areas of triple points to compete with him. But before they knew it the game was over and Lucifer had won.

“Looks like you owe me fifty bucks.” He said coldly as he had a slight grin cross his lips. The man reached into his pocket and gave him his money.

“You’re really good at that. I'll have to play you again sometime when I'm sober.” And with that the man left the bar. Lucifer turned around and made his way back to the stool.

“Hey that was a great game you played there.” Al said as he began to clean the counter.

“I agree.” He turned around to see that girl from earlier who bought him that drink. “That was really impressive. Where'd you learn to play like that?” He fought the urge to scowl as he gave her an answer.

“I have a history of using and throwing sharp objects. Let's leave it at that.” The girl only giggled at this.

“Hey, can I show you something really cool?” She asked as she began to search around in her purse which he just now noticed. But before he could say no, she pulled out a strange vial that looked like perfume and sprayed him in the face.

“What the hell!” He shouted as he rubbed his eyes. The stuff was awful. It burned his eyes and nose from the foul smell.

“I'm so sorry! I just wanted you to smell this really cool perfume I got on a trip to Hawaii.” He disregarded this comment as he made his way to the door. Unfortunately for Al he didn't pay.

He was walking towards his home. Time slowly went by as he made his way through familiar streets. He's walked this path a thousand times and its path was burned into his very mind. He passed buildings, streets, light post, and one abandoned warehouse until he began to get a slight headache.

After a while he stopped to catch his breath. The headache was taxing his entire body. And as quick as the headache appeared he began feeling dizzy. He started to contemplate this situation.

“I'm not drunk. So what's hap...?” He never finished that sentence as he passed out on the sidewalk.

Darkness. All he could see was darkness. A sack was on his head obscuring his vision. He heard low whispers all around him. He was standing up with chains on his wrist, lower legs, and throat. He could not move. But he could speak.

“I don't know what you want” he said menacingly. “I don't know who you are. If you’re looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have any money. But I do have a special set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you don't let me go I will kill you. If you do let me go I will still kill you. I will find the one whose idea this was. And I will kill whoever they are. And then I'll kill anyone who helped.”

At that point all he could hear was laughing as the sack on his head was removed to see a young man with green eyes and white hair in front of him.

“That was funny” he said. “And here I thought you wouldn't have a sense of humor. I love the movie taken.” The man had a terrible British accent. He was around five ten in height and looked to be in his late teen years, around eighteen or nineteen to be precise.

Lucifer could now see his surroundings. Which were less than pleasant. He was standing in the middle of a massive pentagram. His chains came from the endpoint of each angle in the star. The room was very dark, the only source of light coming from candles, giving the room an eerie feeling full of tension.

Worse than that was his company. He wasn't the only one kidnaped it seemed. There were people tied inside the stars angle in each point. The room was very dark and only lighted by an assortment of candles spread all along the pentagram. As for the whispers he heard earlier, he now knew the cause. There were a number of hooded figures all around the room. Their faces cloaked and could not be seen. It was not a good situation to be in.

“Who are you and what do you want?” He demanded toward the man whose laugh was gone but still had a massive smile. “And why are there other people there?” The man smiled even wider at his questions.

“You should know what's going on. And if you don't, than you must not have paid attention in your early class years. As for them” he said as he pointed to one of the victims. “I can't say or the boss will get mad at me. He should be here soon. As for me, I'm Steve.”

Lucifer’s brow furrowed even more than what it typically is for two reasons. One was he really being held prisoner by this freak with the gay ass name of Steve. And two, whose idea was it to kidnap him and these people.

“Who’s your boss?” He asked. Steve only smiled.

“You really are stupid aren't you? If anyone should know the boss it's you.” And at that moment, a pair of doors previously unseen opened up revealing a hooded figure and a new source of light. The source of light quickly faded as it slammed shut a second later. “Ooh it's him, it's the boss. This is going to be so exciting.” He said as he stepped away from Lucifer.

The man walked up to Lucifer and removed his hood. He was instantly recognized. The man had black eyes and white hair. He stood at six feet and appeared to be in his mid-forties and was an average weighted person who Most likely weighed anywhere from one sixty through one eighty.

“Noah! I should have known.” At that point he thrashed around at his chains trying to force his way through but to no avail. Noah only smiled at his display.

“There's no use fighting it Lucifer. The connection between the two of you has been fixed, and he controls your powers. You are currently nothing more than a regular human bound by those who are your superiors.” He smiled maliciously. “After all, isn't that what being mortal is all about? Being a pawn for those above and below you? To be sacrificed at a moment’s notice when needed.”
Lucifer growled in anger.

“So is that what this is about? Forcing me back to be your slave!” He shouted. “I escaped once and I'll do it again. I'll never be what you want me to be.” Noah only grinned.

“That's where you’re wrong. You've ran from us for some time now. And now we have you back. And as for what you'll be, you'll be what you were made to be. The anti-Christ. And more importantly, the portal. Nothing more, nothing less.” He let those words linger for a moment before he continued. “And today you will finally achieve your destiny. To be humanities dark prophet and baptize this world in blood and fear.”

He walked away from him along with Steve and stood right outside the pentagram. He began speaking in tongues. Lucifer hadn't practiced in over eight years and couldn't understand what he was saying. But while he spoke, the rest of the cloaked people began forming a circle around the star. Noah continued his indecipherable speech as five cloaked figures approached the star, and stood next to the people who were tied down and unconscious. It was than he noticed they had weapons. Each member in the cult had a simple sword in their hands, and positioned themselves ready to strike the prisoners. Noah's speaking was getting faster and louder. And then it happened. He stopped his speech in tongues and the cloaked members plunged their swords into the chest of the prisoners killing them. He screamed in outrage.

“You bastards! You pieces of shit, I'll kill you all.” He thrashed at his chains, blinded by his fury that he could not even see the spectacle unfolding before his very own eyes. The pentagram had ignited and was on fire and was Spreading on its very own, like a mystical unholy dance. The chains caught fire and traveled their way to the shackles on Lucifer. Burning them to his flesh and finally melting the chains. The entire building seemed to be shaking as he could see several of the hooded figures retreat from the room. The last thing Lucifer saw was Noah smiling as he fell down the never ending crater that appeared right where he had been standing. He fell for what felt like forever in this crater that just appeared underneath him. The last thing he heard over the sound of his own screaming was a soft whisper in his ear. It was almost soothing, like what he heard a mothers voice would be like to their child.

“It'll get better.”

Author's Note:

Ok so this is my first story ever. Which means I should review the facts.
I don't have a cover art.
I'm expecting religious arguments like its no ones business.
And I'm just starting off so I have all odds against me.
Just the way I like it.
But down to brass tax.
Message 1-I am expecting to update chapters regularly on a weekly basis. Every Sunday or Friday will be an update.
Message 2-Any and all questions can be sent to me directly or added as a comment.
Message 3-If there are any complaints then send it peacefully and politely like you would a baby if you were the stork.
Message 4-For those of you who complain if something is stolen like a quote or song I will always tell where I got my site in the author notes. so there's no need to report me.
Chapter one will be published next sunday

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