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My Little Lucifer - pinkshadow369

What would happen if the anti-christ of all people, was sent to Equestria? Would they help him get over his tragic past? Or will his past cause the peaceful land to become a battlefield between him and his sins. With Equestria as the prize.

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chapter 2 Pinkie, siblings, and kids oh my

Chapter two
Pinkie, Siblings, and Kids, Oh my

[Children. Perhaps the one thing in the world worth saving.] A look inside Lucifer's head.

“This house sucks.” He thought to himself as he entered Dinky’s home. The outside of the house had a simple home feeling. It had a well-kept rose garden in the front lawn. A mailbox that was a light blue, and looked very bright, almost as if it were freshly painted. The house itself was simply white and looked more worn out than the mailbox. The inside however revealed a two bedroom one bath house accompanied with a well sized kitchen and an average sized living room.

“Well, what do you think? Pretty great huh” She said while studying his facial expressions very closely trying to guess his reactions.

“It's great kid, now goodnight.” He said as he made his way to the brown couch that was located in the edge of the living room.
She craned her neck in confusion as she approached him lying on the couch.

“What do you mean goodnight? It's only 8:55 and we haven't even had dinner yet.” He only rolled to the side to avoid her gaze. “Come on, surely you must be hungry. You haven't eatin all day.”

“I'm not hungry.” He replied sternly. She only shook her head and began walking to the kitchen. She stayed in there for a few minutes and as time passed a familiar fragrance could be smelled. This, and a very empty stomach were enough to make him get off the couch and slowly walk to the kitchen.

“I knew you'd come to your senses once you smelled some food.” She said with a grin as she pointed to a plate on the table and gestured for him to take a seat. He hesitantly walked up to the table and took a seat. Upon inspection of the plate he saw that a grilled sandwich was in front of him with strips that he guessed was beacon sticking out of it. When he stopped inspecting it he looked up and noticed a very observative Dinky staring at him with eyes wide open.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked uncomfortably.

“I want to see how much you like my food. It's not often I get to make anything for anypony seeing as how mom and me don't get a lot of visitors.” She said while never blinking, as she continued to stare at him. He let out a small sigh as he took his first bite of the sandwich.
“Well, what do you think?” She said with a smile that threatened to tear her face in half. He took another bite and began chewing. When he swallowed he looked in her oversized eyes and calmly said.

“It's good.”

She was overjoyed as she began hopping in the air with that ever so large smile on her face.

“Yes! I knew I was a good cook. And to think mom said I wasn-.”

“What other things can you cook?” He said interrupting her. She stopped her celebrating as she looked at him take another bite.

“Ugh, well for starters I can make that sandwich.” She said innocently. “I can also make a couple of breakfast items. And that's about it. Why do you wanna know what I can cook?” He finished his sandwich and answered her question.

“I just wanted to confirm whether or not you’re a cook as you claim to be.” And with that he levitated the dish into the sink and began washing his plate. She trotted up to him as he was washing his dish.

“Well what do you think? Am I a cook or not?” She asked. All she got for an answer was his cold gaze glance at her for a short period of time while he did the dishes with his powers. Her ears folded to the side as she looked down with a pout. He finished the dishes and walked back to the couch without even looking at her.

“Good night Lucifer, sleep tight.” She said weakly. She received no acknowledgement from her new house guest. And with that she was off to bed as well.

“Beep beep beep be-” That was all the noise needed to wake him from his sleep as he slammed his fist down on the alarm clock and rolled himself out of bed. He headed to the bathroom in his usual manner. He looked in the mirror and could see he's no longer an alicorn, but back to his regular self. He looked deep within the mirror and checked all over his body. His hair was once again brown like his mothers, and his eyes black, just like his father.

“Huh, was it all just a dream? It sure felt real. Looked real, in a cartoon kind of way.” He continued to look in the mirror and all around his body checking to make sure that everything was the way it's supposed to be. He did this until he came up with his conclusion. “I guess it was just a dream. A really gay dream.” And with that he took a shower, brushed his teeth, relieved himself, got dressed, and finally made breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, and toast with a side of milk. And finally with that all done he headed for the door to go to work. Upon opening the door though, he saw something he's never seen before. Pure nothing. Everything in front of him was completely white and empty. When he turned around to see his house, it was gone and replaced with the never ending whiteness that was now everywhere he looked.

“What the fuck is going on? Am I dreaming again?” He looked down and saw that there was no floor. He was just floating there in a never ending white. “If this is a dream, than I should be able to control it.” He began concentrating for several seconds. “I want to go home” he thought out loud.

And suddenly, a door came into view right in front of his eyes. It was a wooden door made of oak, painted a dark black. He walked up to it as if though there was still a floor underneath him and turned the handle and walked right in. He appeared in a dark hallway lite only by candles on the floor. The floor and walls were a dark red.

“Where am I now? If this is a dream I’m ending it right now.” He began concentrating on waking up. But nothing happened. “Looks like it’s not a dream. Which means it could be that I was in a controlled state that altered my perception. And it looks like I still am. Which means I can escape.” He said as he began following a trail of candles. He made several lefts and rights until he finally arrived at another door.

It was also red, just like the floors and walls. He let out an agitated sigh as he turned the handle. Once he opened the door he was sucked in and the door disappeared. He was suspended in midair and couldn't get loose. He struggled for several minutes until he gave up and looked around his surroundings. What he saw confirmed he was in a dream. He saw himself as a child once again. From the looks he appeared to be twelve. He was standing over a corpse and covered in blood. And worse of all, he was standing next to a younger Noah.

“Congratulations Lucifer. That marks your twenty fourth kill. Keep it up and you'll be able to take down a marine in hand to hand combat in no time.” His words lingered as he walked away from his sight. Leaving young Lucifer all alone as he starred at the body in front of him. In life the dead body was a respected cop with a wife who he loved dearly, and two daughters he'd give the world for. He knew this from staring into his eyes and witnessing his entire life unfold in front of him in a matter of seconds. A truly good man. And he'd killed him in cold blood with his bare hands. And then, the sight vanished and left him in the dark, all by himself.
The sight in front of him made his eyes water but he refused to cry as he gritted his teeth in anger.

“I just want to go home!” He screamed at the top of his lungs in rage, thrashing around trying to break free from his invisible restraints. Until he heard a spine chilling voice whisper in his ear.

“You are home.” The mysterious voice said. “Home is where the heart is. And in your blackened heart you’re nothing more than a murderer. A monster that will turn his back on humanity and be the one to eradicate every last human on earth. You are a part of me, and yet you refuse to obey my commands. Your destiny was to be the anti-Christ. My dark prophet!” He screamed the last part out at him. “And yet you continue to disobey me. And those that disobey deserve punishment. That is why you are now a horse. Because on this planet, and in this body I created for you. I can watch your every movement.”

“Fuck you! I'm done being a slave” He said defiantly with a grin on his face. “I know all about my prophecy. I learned about everything. You need me to open the gates to hell so you can enter the world with your full power. And I won't allow that.”

“Insolent brat! You don't have a choice.” He roared out. “I know you want to go home. And the only way to do that is through me. But that is not the real reason I brought you here. I brought you here so you can kill Noah.” That got his attention immediately. “Noah has betrayed me, and must learn his place. I allowed him to keep a quarter of your power you received at birth. But he stole another quarter from you as an infant. You need at least eighteen percent of my power to open the portal. But he took more and now your body will burn to ash if you even attempt it. You were too weak to kill him on earth. And are still too weak to kill him now. And so I sent you here. On this planet you will unlock more power than you ever had on earth. And once you get that power, you will kill Noah, and take back what was rightfully yours. That is why you are an alicorn. This world has vast amounts of power that can be unlocked. They call it magic. That is why you are like this. You will learn to use these abilities to give you an advantage fighting Noah. And then you will be sent back to earth to destroy it. And fulfill the prophecy. That is your purpose in life.” His body was shaking in anger as he began to speak.

“Never. Never. Never!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Then you will be punished. If you will not obey me, you will suffer. I'll make these creatures see the real you. The murderer and monster that you are.” The last thing he heard were those words followed by his own screaming. He woke up in a startle as he was being shaken violently by Dinky who was standing on top of him.

“Wake up Lucifer! It's only a dream! Wake up wake up wake up!” She had her eyes closed as she continued to violently shake him and scream at the top of her young lungs. And by this point he was fully awake. And fully annoyed.

“I am up. Now let go of me.” He said with clear agitation on his voice. She responded with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh good your awake. You must have been having a terrible nightmare because you were screaming in your sleep so loudly it woke me up and I came in here to wake you wake up.”

“You’re wrong. I don't have nightmares. And I sure as hell don't scream in my sleep.” He replied sternly. She was confused at his statement.

“But you were screaming, I heard you. You were all, never never never and noooo. I heard you. And besides, everypony has fear. Even alicorns such as yourself.” He got off the couch and lowered himself to her eye level and began to speak.

“Drop the subject kid. I don't have fear, and I don't have nightmares.” He said with hate on every word he used. That was enough to make her back up in fright.

“Ok than, you don't get afraid. No need to be mean about it.” He stood back up to full level and sighed.

“I'm going job hunting. Your mother should be awake soon. Why don't you visit the hospital again and see how things are going.” He said as he walked out the door and slammed it shut after he finished talking.

“Sheesh, somepony woke up on the wrong side of the couch today.”
As soon as he opened the door his eyes were immediately bombarded with light and color causing him to shut his eyes. He quickly adjusted and began walking around town. Upon walking, he saw multiple ponies walking and working around town. He did his best to ignore them.

“I gotta get out of this place.” He thought to himself as he tried to pay them no mind. He was deep in thought about last night’s dream. He found a wooden bench near a park and took a seat to reflect. “So it looks like he's back in my mind again. That explains how he's able to talk to me in my sleep. Because the link that was severed has now been restored. This may be a good thing. If I do get more power here, and he brings Noah here, than that means I can kill him and become even more powerful than I ever even imagined. And with that power, and the power I learn here, maybe, just maybe.” He stopped as he closed his eyes to better imagine the future.

“I could kill the devil himself. It's not very likely to happen, but hopefully I can do something to get my freedom.” He began to lay down on the bench as he continued to think. “What if I lost my power? If I become useless, than maybe I'll be left alone. That'll never work. As long as my soul is his I’ll never be free.” And then he heard a familiar soft voice speak to him from a distance. It sounded so clear you could understand what it said perfectly. Yet it sounded so far away you could barely hear it.

“Your soul is your own Lucifer. Remember that.” He bolted upright as he frantically looked left and right to find the source of the voice. Only to see a pink mare stand in front of him with a smile that looked like it would split her face in two.

“Hi my names Pinkie pie, but you can call me pinkie. I've never seen you before.” He looked at her angrily as he began to speak.

“Go aw-” only to be cut off by the pink menace as she let out a loud gasp while she leapt into the air and stayed there defying the rules of gravity as she spoke.

“Oh my gosh your totally new here and that means I can throw you a welcome to Ponyville party and it'll be so much fun we can play games drink punch eat cake and I can introduce you to my friends oh this is gonna be so exciting.” She said with amazing speed and once again all in one breath and sentence.

“Let's try this again.” He said as he cleared his throat. “Get away from me, you crazy hyperactive bitch! I don't want a party. And I sure as hell don't want to meet your friends. Now fuck off!” And with that he began to walk away from the energetic pink creature. Until she followed. She bounced as she walked next to him apologetically.

“I'm sorry mister. I should have asked you your name before trying to throw you a party. I learned that from a very special, and sometimes cranky donkey you kinda remind me of.” He took offense to that.

“Did she just call me an asshole?” He thought bitterly. He stopped walking but she kept bouncing in place next to him. “My names Lucifer. And before you cut me off again, let me make it as clear as possible for you. I do not want a party. And I do not want to meet your friends. I only want to find a job so that I can afford my own home. That's all I want!” He said as he stared deep within her blue eyes.

“Oh that's great! There are jobs for everything around Ponyville. You can bake treats like me, or you can work on the weather team like my friend Rainbow dash, or you can work on a farm like my other friend Applejack. And so many other cool things you can do until you can get your own home. And then we can throw you an amazingly spectacular house party. We can eat cake, drink punch, and you can meet all my friends.” He let out a low sigh as he shook his head as he thought to himself.

“She already said that. This chick is obviously crazy. She just won't take a hint, and being rude didn't even phase her. I gotta do something so she'll leave me alone.” He managed his best fake smile, which made him look like a rapist. And spoke to her.

“That sounds great. In fact, I can't think of anything better. But like I said, we can't have a party until I have a house. So it looks like you'll just have to wait.”

“That sounds great Lucifer, I’m glad you came around so quickly. And just wait until you have your very own special house. Because when you do, we're going to.” She stopped to take a deep breathe.

“Party!” She screamed out as she galloped off, leaving a trail of dust and streamers. He could only shake his head as he watched her leave.

“That bitch is crazy.” He let out another sigh as he began walking off towards the hospital. “Might as well see how things are going on over there.” He thought to himself. As he walked past multiple buildings he failed to recognize earlier throughout the day. He saw a massive tree with a sign near the building indicating it was a library. It was the size of a house and he began to wonder if it was as well. “Best to keep moving.” He mumbled to himself.

He also passed a building that looked just like a gingerbread house. He could see ponies coming and going with various sweets. And from the looks on ponies faces when they ate anything there, you could tell it had to be good. Too bad he didn't have much of a sweet tooth. And finally he arrived at the hospital building. He lazily walked in and looked around to see if Dinky was in the waiting room. But she wasn't there. He walked up to the nurse at the front desk who was the same as yesterday and asked her if Ditsy woke up yet.
He was told she had woken up some time ago and that Dinky and a few other children were in her room visiting. And with that he began to walk to her room.

“Other children? I doubt she has more kids if she only has two rooms in her house.” He mumbled to himself. He walked down the white halls filled with doctors and nurses until he finally arrived at Ditsy's room. What he saw when he opened the door would have melted the heart of anyone. Anyone except himself. He saw Dinky giving Ditsy the biggest hug she could muster as three other fillies where jumping up and down beside the bed in joy. And then he noticed Ditsy stare at him with a smile.

“You must be Lucifer. Dinky here just got done telling me all about you.” She said with a smile. That's when Dinky jumped off the bed and ran to him hugging his legs with all her strength.

“You fixed her eyes! You fixed her eyes! Thank you thank you thank you Lucifer, you’re a hero.” He shuddered at that word. She began bouncing in place like a certain pink pony he met earlier. He only stood there confused from what she said.

“What do you mean fix her eyes? I only fixed her skull and any brain damage she took.” Dinky only squeezed his leg harder as she spoke.

“Well whatever you did it worked.” That's when Ditsy spoke up.

“Allow me to explain. My left eye was a lazy eye my entire life and I never had the money to afford to get it fixed. And because of it I was incredibly clumsy and it was hard to keep a job. It's also the reason I ended up hurt.” She started to blush showing she was embarrassed about what she was about to say. “I thought I was charging right at that diamond dog. When in reality, I flew straight into that tree head first on a blunt end of a broken branch. And now thanks to you, I no longer have any problems seeing. You’re a life saver in more than one way.”

“I'm not a life saver. I was just in the wrong place at the right time. I also wanted to let you know I’ve been staying in your house since I arrived here.” She smiled as she called to Dinky to come back to her side.

“That's quite alright, Dinky told me everything.” And then her voice got serious. “Including about how you took care of those diamond dogs. I won't judge you for what you did. You saved my daughter’s life and my own, and that's all that matters. But I have a favor to ask.” He walked closer to her bedside to hear her better as she spoke.

“The doctors want me to spend another night here for observation. And I need somebody to watch my precious little muffin.” She said while somehow pinching Dinky’s cheeks causing a fit of giggles to fall out of the other three fillies. “And seeing as how you’re already staying the night, I figured you'd be able to do that for me.” Before he could even make a response, one of the new fillies shouted out an idea.

“Hey I know! Why don't we have a sleepover to keep Dinky some company while Miss Doo is in the hospital resting. After all, Lucifer’s gonna be staying there the night so he can watch us” she said while leaping into the air with the other two fillies screaming.

“Cutie mark crusaders sleepover yay!” He glared daggers at the fillies responsible for nearly breaking his eardrums. The one that suggested the idea was an orange coated Pegasus with a purple mane and tail. The other two consisted of an earth pony with a yellow coat and red mane tail with a ridiculous looking red bow on her head. While the other was a unicorn with a white coat and purple and pink mane and tail. That's when Ditsy spoke.

“I think a sleepover would be a great idea kids. But that's entirely up to him on whether or not he'll watch you.” The three new fillies, and Dinky, ran up to him each grabbing a different leg in a massive embrace as they performed there greatest pouty face they could muster as they all said in unison.

“Please.” If any normal person were to walk in they'd instantly collapse from exposure to shear cuteness. But he was no ordinary guy. He used his powers and gently tugged the children off his legs and place them near Ditsy.

“I'd rather not watch a group of kids. I'll watch your daughter for you seeing as how I’m staying at your house. But I won't watch any more kids unless I’m paid.” She rolled her eyes and then giggled at the fact that she did both at the same time.

“Of course I’ll pay you. All hard work deserves a reward, and watching these four will be hard work. We'll discuss the pay tomorrow when I’m home. Until now, I suggest you go meet there parents and ask for permission to see if it's ok with them.” He nodded his head in understanding and walked to the door and looked back at the kids.

“You coming or not? I don't have all day.” The children trotted up beside him and they all began walking down the halls to exit the hospital. After a quick debate outside the hospital, it was decided who would ask who first. Upon listening to the debate among the fillies he learned all their names. Scootaloo was the Pegasus, applebloom was the earth pony, and sweetie belle was the unicorn. Scootaloo decided to go on ahead and ask her parents herself. While the rest of them would ask in person. They headed off to Sweetie belle's house first to see her older sister. She told him all about her, but he stopped listening after he found out her name was Rarity. The walk was relatively short and uneventful. The kids would occasionally ask him a question which he would promptly ignore. And then they arrived at what Sweetie belle called the carousel boutique. She bolted for the door and barged right in eliciting a crash and scream.

“Sweetie Belle!” The rest of the fillies ran up to see what happened while he just calmly walked in. They saw a mess of fabrics, gems, and mannequins scattered all over the place. “Sweetie Belle, how many times do I have to tell you it's impolite to just barge into places. I was working on a new design and now it's all ruined.” She flinched back from the disapproving gaze her older sister gave her.

“Sorry Rarity, I just wanted to ask if I can go to a sleepover at Dinky’s house with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders.” She whined in a pleading voice. Rarity looked over and saw Applebloom, Scootaloo, a fillie she didn't recognize, and most importantly, an alicorn.

“Oh good heavens! I'm so sorry you have to see my place in such a mess.” She said as her horn began to glow and all the materials spread across the building were soon gone. “Now what's this about a sleepover?” That's when he interrupted.

“Dinky here is having a sleepover to keep her company while her mother is in the hospital recovering” he said quickly. Rarity immediately beamed with joy.

“Ah of course, now I remember. The mailmare.” And then she turned her expression to a serious one in only a second. “But good heavens, why on Equestria is she in the hospital? Is she alright?” That's when Dinky spoke up.

“Mom's alright, she's just recovering. Doctors said if it wasn't for Lucifer here and his powers she'd be a vegetable. He saved me and mom from a pack of diamond dogs.” And then she told the story of all the things that happened yesterday, but leaving out the bit about the diamond dogs and there "broken" necks. That's when Applebloom chipped in.

“And now were gonna have a sleepover at her house while he watches us.” Rarity dashed right up to them with wide eyes. Which now that he was looking, he could see they were a deep blue. They were absolutely beautiful to anyone willing to admit it. But he would not. Her coat was all white like a marshmallow and her mane and tail were a royal purple.

“Goodness! However did you defeat those vile ruffians? I was once abducted by them and they were so dirty and smelly it was positively dreadful.”

“I knocked them out.” He lied, and there was a silence in the air. Dinky already knew since she was there. And said nothing knowing that it was something that should be left untold. Rarity was wide eyed yet again as she coughed a few times and spoke again.

“Goodness you must be quite the stallion to do that.” He said nothing in response. “And you want to watch the fillies for tonight?” He and the fillies only nodded. “Well I suppose that'd be quite alright. As long as nothing bad or dangerous happens of course.” Sweetie belle ran up to Rarity and bounced in place thanking her. And then they left. Leaving behind a very curious Rarity.

“He was lying. Maybe I should see Twilight about it. After all, Alicorns don’t just stroll in every day.” And with that she left her house and walked to Twilights house. Her last thoughts were of the fillies. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

The next place for them to go to was sweet apple acres to meet Appleblooms older sister Applejack. They passed multiple buildings to get there since it was on the edge of town. The fillies were talking and having fun while he did his best to ignore them. They soon arrived on the property and began passing hundreds of apple trees.

“No wonder it's called sweet apple acres.” He thought to himself. Then they finally reached a house. And in front of it was an orange coated mare with a yellow mane and tail dragging a bucket full of apples into the house. But the first thing he noticed about her was her hat. A Stetson if he was correct.

“Hey applejack!” Applebloom called out as she ran up to her sister.

“Well howdy Applebloom, where have ya been?” She asked with a thick country accent.

“I was at the hospital visiting Ditsy while she's recovering. I came by to ask ya if it's ok that ah go to ah sleepover at Dinky’s place to keep her company with the rest of the cutie mark crusaders.”

“Well that be just fine sugarcube, but whose gonna be watching ya?” she asked. That's when he walked up to her.

“I will be watching the kids while Ditsy is recovering.” She extended a hoof to him and he extended his own. She shook with much more force than he was expecting.

“Howdy! Ah'm Applejack. It sure is nice to meet ya, and this here is sweet apple acres.”

“I'm Lucifer.” He said plainly. That's when Applebloom tugged her sister’s hair to get her attention.

“He's the one that saved Ditsy and Dinky from those diamond dogs sis.” Applejack was positively joyful of this.

“Well lamb sakes! Ah didn't know ah was in the presence of ah hero.” His eye twitched at this title.

“I'm not a hero.” He said coldly.

“Well whatever ya are, yer welcome here.” She said with much enthusiasm. That's when Applebloom spoke in a pleading tone.

“So sis, can ah go to the sleepover?” Applejack smiled at her little sister as she replied.

“Sure thang sugar cube.” And with that they were off. Or at least they would have been if it weren't for Applejack calling to them.

“Wait!” She trotted up to them quickly.

“Why don't ya have some of Granny Smiths delicious apple pie? Ah'm sure y'all are hungry.” The kids all agreed to this. But he only snorted as he accepted. They walked into the house and was quickly introduced to the kitchen. They took their seats in old wooden chairs as Applejack walked off. The kids sat there all talking. While he only waited. As she came in, she had an apple pie resting on her back. She put it to the table and began cutting slices and evenly dividing them. How she held a knife with a hoof, he had no idea. And not knowing really pissed him off.

“Y'all eat up now ya here.” The kids ate vigorously as if it was the last thing they'd ever eat. While he was just taking his first bite. And what a bite it was. The apple pie was absolutely outstanding. It tasted of apples and cinnamon. The crust was firm and did not break and turn to crumbs within the first bite and held there shape. The pie itself was smooth as it slide down his throat and made its taste known.

At first it tasted of a mixture of apples. And then finished with a hint of cinnamon that complimented it so well. It was a taste tacular sensation. But he didn't show it as he took simple and slow bites. The girls finished first and did there dishes. By the time they finished there dishes he just finished the pie.

“Well how did your first slice of apple family apple pie taste?” Asked Applejack with a warm smile. He levitated his plate and silverware into the sink as he replied plainly.

“It was good.” She smiled at this but before she could say anything Applebloom interrupted.

“Good!? How can ya say it was only good?” She jumped onto the table to look him in the eyes. “Apple family apple anything is the best. Are yer taste buds broken or something?” She was taken off the table by her older sister as she lectured her.

“Applebloom behave yourself! I'm sure he liked it more than either of us know. He's just a calm pony is all.” And with that settled they made their way out of the house. And with lunch done they started to walk off. As they walked away they heard a buzzing sound in the distance getting closer. That's when they saw Scootaloo riding a scooter towards them.

“Hey guys, I asked my parents and they said yes. So it looks like I’m heading to the sleepover. What about you girls?” Sweetie belle and Applebloom both nodded their heads and smiled. And with that they began walking back to Dinky’s home to have their sleepover. And when they arrived the girls all shouted at the top of their young lungs.

“Cutie mark crusaders sleepover yay!” After his ears stopped bleeding, the only thing he could think of was one thing.

“These kids are gonna drive me crazy.”

Author's Note:

Next chapter will be mostly comedy as the sleep over takes place. Update is next Sunday as usual.

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