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I'm your friendly neighborhood riffer. Except when I'm not. I also write pony words and review them. I hope to serve.


Yeah, you know how my best friend and I have been riffing a lot lately? Well...what if I told you that riffing in general is a thing that a group of friends of mine are trying to start up again? Cool? Yeah, I thought so. Well, what if I said that YOU can help?

I can already see your minds spinning with ideas.

Well, for the uninformed about the proper procedure of riffing, I'm going to give you a run-down of it. (which pretty much involves me copying it from someone I know because I am lazy as all hell)

For those of you who don't remember (there are probably a fair number by now), the way F/F/T3K works is pretty similar to the way my own riffs worked. Hell, the F/F/T3K format was what I based my own on, as well as RatherHomely's now tragically unpublished fic. Basically, the text of the story is laid out in the doc, unedited from its source, and the riffer goes in and inserts their own snarky commentary on the events happening in the story. The standardized format for it is such:

Story text story text story text...

Username: Witty remark that may or may not get a laugh from the audience!

More story text. [\quote]

[quote The commentary tends to range from jabs at the botched meanings of ill-constructed sentences to mocking the actions and mannerisms of the characters to lampshading the ludicrous nature of the narrative. It's all good-natured and lighthearted, and even GOOD stories are able to be riffed by one who can extract enough material from them, but let's face it, worse stories just provide more to comment on and lambast. You can look at any of the riffs linked on my userpage if you need examples, though those are almost exclusively "bad" stories.

So there you have it. It's not hard, can be fun and hey. Maybe it'll help you get over a bad day or something, I don't know. If you're up for it, then post a response right over here. Hope to see you there!

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These are the ponies that I've convinced my wolf pack NOT to eat.

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Thanks for the add! I can't wait to see your riff of Just Like Her. :twilightsmile:

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I love you to bits I'm gonna kiss you on the lips.

Also I'm still banned kek

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