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Been writing fan fiction for most of my life. Brony since February 2011.


Just a few quick notes before I let you loose!

Make sure you have View Mature checked in your settings if you're looking for my Mature stories, notably the Cupcake Chronicles and Fractured Elements.

Secondly, check out my group where nearly anything goes, The Rogue Bronydom.

That's it! Enjoy, and thanks for reading! Find my most popular stories below.

Most Popular Stories

Currently Working On:

Young At Heart

Outline, rough draft.

Mistress Do Well: Submission

Chapter 2, rough draft

Cupcake Chronicles: Learning To Laugh Again

Part 12

Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student

Ongoing along with Season 4.

(I will try and keep this updated as frequently as I can!)


I'm posting this blog twice in order to notify the followers of both stories.

I've implemented a change to Cupcake Chronicles Side Stories. It is now known simply as Cupcake Chronicles: Learning To Laugh Again.

This change comes partly from my decision to stop posting on DeviantArt entirely once Learning To Laugh Again is complete.

Once it is, any more events that I write in the Cupcake Chronicles fanon will be under entirely new stories, listed as sequels.

Thanks for reading!


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Thank you for the follow! It's greatly appreciated! Glad you enjoyed my stories!

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>>1063336 Oh... Sorry.

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>>1063325 You misunderstand. Your PMs will not be answered personally, but they may appear in an upcoming chapter of Letters.

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