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loves my little pony friendship is magic and didnt think it could get any better until the discovery of FluterDash!


people! its fucking out...and its GODLY!!!!!!!!!!!! i plan to pick up a physical copy at bronycon and have him sign it but i just couldnt wait another couple of days and bought the digital as well. the songs Another End and Zero Gravity are SOO good (and zero gravity has one apple bloom as a guest! =D )its $10, GO BUY!!!

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Thanks for the fav:twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the favorite on "War-torn Love"!

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Thank you for the fav :pinkiehappy:

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thanks for the fav ...have a heart:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

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Thanks for the favorite on Fluttershy Is Free.  I hope you liked how it turned out!  :twilightsmile:

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