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Alrighty, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these, phew! So with that being said cut me just a TINY bit of slack aight? So what might I be digging into today you might ask? The second Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks. Before going into any detail I want to point out that while Equestria Girls 1 was a good popcorn flick, from an analytical standpoint it was AWEFUL! So going into this film I had little to no interest. Heck the meet up I went to I almost canceled on BECAUSE I didn’t think I could stand this movie. That being said, let me give you what I thought! =3

Oh and if it wasn’t obvious, SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off I’m going to talk about character, more so sunset shimmer and the bad guys. During the movie (obviously happening after EQG1’s events) we see the only people in school who put up with Sunset Shimmer being nice are the mane 5 (because Twilights not there =P). We see through most of this film that she is trying to almost redeem herself for past transgressions. This is made obvious by her wanting to do well by the students, helping them and (eventually) have her show the new kids in school where everything is. Enter Adagio and her gang, these 3 characters are quite menacing (even more so than Sunset ever really felt) but it gets to the point that adagio looking “EVILY” at the audience is done so many times its actually a bit grating. Other than that you have the typical one mastermind, 2 henchmen device, ones a ditz and the other is just unpleasant. I have to say, from what I saw in the trailers I expected MUCH more from Sonata Dusk (the ditzy one). I expected her to be that “nice but was forced into it” kinda villain that you see all the time but nope… she JUST an idiot =/ kinda disappointing. But for now I will leave it there and delve more into Sunset later.

Next would be the story, now this section will be kind of lengthy but what can I really say? It’s pretty straight forward in terms of plot, the villains sing to cause chaos and feed off of that, they find that Canterlot High has equestrian magic and it goes from there. One thing I will say is that I LOVED these villains, they may be just typical in terms of actual character but what makes them special for ME is their singing. I am a music LOVER and every time I hear them chanting, you KNOW a bad ass musical is sure to follow. But I’m getting ahead of myself, back track a moment. So they come to CHS to find that equestrian magic that would make them all powerful. Sunset shows them around, they cause some chaos in the cafeteria making everyone fight. Sunset suspects foul play, so we cut to her pulling out a book from her locker. Apparently this was something she could contact Celestia if she ever needed to. She writes in it and…we cut to Equestria…the ONE thing people said they wouldn’t watch if it was there, was there. So long (and kinda stupid) story short Twilight, after getting her magic text book (HAHA get it because the book vibrated like a phone when she got…the…yea…ANYWAY) she uses the book as a battery to get the mirror portal to stay open permanently…yea. So back to CHS, Twilight (and Spike of course) show up and Twilight tells them the new students are much worse of a threat than they had thought. Twilight tells the girls that adagio and her gang are none other than the legendary Sirens, beings who wreaked havoc with just their voices. She also says that Star Swirl banished them to another realm (CHS universe). The villains (by this point) have pitted the entire school against each other in a battle of the bands and to shake the spell, ultimately defeating the sirens twilight and her band must win! So after one HELL of a montage of bands getting knocked out to one of the villains songs (amazing by the way) we end up with just rainboom and the sirens. Trixie and her bandmates come during the final practice before the show and trap the rainbooms under the stage with no escape. The begin fighting as the sirens are singing giving them the power they need to become more powerful. Spike finds the only one not affected by the Sirens, VINYL! She wasn’t affected due to her always wearing headphones. So she releases the rainbooms and go to the top of the hill opposite the stage where Vinyls car is. The ENITRE CAR transforms into this AMAZING bass setup where the girls can play. So the Sirens and the Rainbooms have an epic battle only to realize they are to powerful. The sirens eyes synch up, turn BLOOD RED, and fucking DRAGONS pop out of them! DRAGONS!!!!! So after this and getting BEAT by the Sirens they call on Sunset Shimmer to sing, ultimately leading to the defeat of the Sirens. So the story itself, how does it hold up? Well from what I can see, other than the book battery thing I feel it holds up quite well. Hearing the EVIL and chanting of the sirens have made them some of my favorite villains of the series! I mean DAMN was it executed GREAT! You just have to see it to really understand. Throughout the movie I felt as though they were trying to pull a redeeming type of story with sunset and while the mane 6 have (even though they already had by the beginning) I felt as though no one else truly felt she was good by the end of this, she played her part in the end yes but was she redeemed? That’s STILL undetermined. That’s one of the things I think this movie tried to focus on but it got swept up in other things like pointless bickering to show “how powerful the villains are getting” to which I say once or twice if ok… not all the damn time!

So the story was alright, but how did it flow? Where there any moments that felt they could be cut of just felt out of place. To be honest, I felt there were a lot of scenes that where a lot of the same. Though I enjoyed them it just felt repetitive. While I liked the villains after seeing the “evil smirk” over 3 times I was GOOD, I didn’t need to see it again and yet it happened… another thing that got to me is the fact that if you linked together the first 3 clips the hub spoiled us with you LITTERALLY get the first 2 scenes of the movie…that’s NOT good! Flow needed a LOT of work for the first 1/3 to ½ of the film, after that it was an amazing rollercoaster ride of amazingly timed scenes with bad ass music.

That being said, the last thing im going to talk about before giving my verdict is the MUSIC! HO MAH GURD the MUSIC!!! Now in no way am I saying not seeing the movie and just getting the soundtrack is going to do it for you. This is one of those things that you just need to experience. I listen to the soundtrack before the movie and didn’t find any track I LOVED unlike with EQG1. There was ONE song I was alright with and that was “under our spell” sung by the Sirens and let me just say, sirens voices=SEXY AS HELL! Every time they sang, I got goose bumps. Heck just typing this and listening to this song gave me goose bumps again! They are SOO good! My fanboying aside though, seeing the movie with the perfect timing of the music to certain things that happen are just mind blowing!  The songs where ACTUALLY enhanced by the visuals by a lot and some may say “that means the songs weren’t that good to begin with than” while I would like to disagree I sadly can’t. Finally I want to talk about that final music number, if I didn’t make my fanboying clear earlier THE MANE 6 and sunset fight 3 GIANT DRAGONS who use sexy sonic waves to WIN the battle with the mane 6 before sunset steps up, THAT SONG ALONE had me on the edge, it was AMAZING!!! Just listen to this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfqhLM_k60c

So ultimately what did I think of the movie? Well personally I felt it was AMAZING and was a really good movie but looking analytically at it, it falls in plenty of places. Without the visuals the songs sometimes fall flat, the story for the first half had poor flow, and where it did flow it felt a bit lacking and overall the characters, namely sunset with her redemption, felt like they barely developed. Even still though this movie was great in my opinion it just kinda sucks if you think about it too much I guess. =/ if i had to give it a score (haha score, cause its a movie..about...musi...OK!) i would say its a solid 6.5, nothing analytically outstanding but a GREAT pop corn flick, trust me, just the sirens and that end fight will be worth the money and wait!

Also after the credits, EQG twilight finds out that there are strange happenings at a school nearby and needs to check it out. END CREDITS! AH!!!!! That was REALLY cool!

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