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LAST UPDATE: 2015/07/19

Set up Mantis bugtracker for writing projects - Because my (lack of) editing strategy isn't working.

Post Writeoff minifics to shorts collection - Organized Chaos, Granny Knows Best

Mark of Destiny [HiE] - 8000 words - Status: POST-WRITEOFF EDITING. (last touched: 7/15)

A Butterfly, Dreaming [Slice of Life] - 5500 words - Status: NEEDS POST-WRITEOFF EDITING. (last touched: 6/27)

My Faithful Student [Tragedy] - 7000 words - Status: NEEDS POST-WRITEOFF EDITING. (last touched: 4/15)

The Case of the Cowled Changelings [Mystery] - 5800 words - Status: EDITING TARTARUS. (last touched: March)

Hard Reset 2: Reset Harder [Dark] [Adventure] [AU] - Status: CHAPTER IN PROGRESS, ~4000 words written. (last written: November)

Thou Goddess annotations - Status: UNSTARTED.

The Sun Birds [Adventure] - 750 words written - Status: NEEDS MAJOR EXPANSION. (last written: 6/2014)

Hitchhikers Chapter 7 - 1.5k words written - Status: BACKBURNERED (last written: 8/2013)

Haylander: The Longest Night [Adventure] [Crossover] - 20k words - Status: BACKBURNERED (last written: 8/2013)

Haylander: Origins [Adventure] [Crossover] - 11k words - Status: ON HIATUS (waiting for H:TLN)

Anthologies Also Containing My Words

I Write Things

  • T This Is Not An Adventure Clyde Adventure: A Story About Twilight Sparkle

    Spike writes disturbing stories about an alicorn stalker. Twilight Sparkle's cheeks occasionally burst into flames.  · horizon
    4,164 words · 311 views  ·  66  ·  6
  • T The Last Dreams of Pony Island

    The colony of Myinnkyun is tearing itself apart after the suspicious death of an old merchant. Piece together its final days from the dreams of its inhabitants.  · horizon
    4,753 words · 712 views  ·  113  ·  5 · sex
  • E If You Can't Beat 'Em…

    Twilight has important friendship problems to solve. However, that's hard to do with a "reformed" villain following you around all day.  · horizon
    1,190 words · 1,945 views  ·  303  ·  6
  • E The Kindest Silence

    What if Rainbow Dash never existed to shape six lives with her Sonic Rainboom?  · horizon
    7,099 words · 812 views  ·  105  ·  5
  • T Verse Averse: Tales of the Versebreakers

    When musical mayhem threatens Equestria, the brave and misunderstood ponies of the Versebreakers are on the job. Ten music-themed stories by eight talented authors.  · horizon
    24,898 words · 690 views  ·  120  ·  1
  • E The Iridescent Iron Rat

    Equestria's golden age of Harmony has virtually eliminated crime, but one of the few "rats" who can still slip through the cracks is planning a billion-bit heist. If only he hadn't made the mistake of stealing from a dragon …  · horizon
    9,423 words · 1,490 views  ·  278  ·  4
  • T Hearth Swarming Eve

    When a changeling army arrives amid preparations for the Hearth's Warming pageant, it's up to Rarity to match wits with Queen Chrysalis and save the holiday.  · horizon
    15,059 words · 1,109 views  ·  176  ·  5
  • T Report 34

    When they discover that the Elements of Harmony have created involuntary emotional cross-contamination inside Princess Twilight, two changelings hatch a ticklish plot to force the truth out of her.  · horizon
    4,105 words · 1,278 views  ·  70  ·  6 · sex
  • T The Dragon's Riddle

    Long, long ago, when the Age of Dragons ended in fire and ruin, the greatest of the dragons challenged the races of Equestria to prove themselves worthy to rule the next age.  · horizon
    1,076 words · 1,575 views  ·  241  ·  3

More About Me

The fantastic colors of the liminal.  The eternal dream of the elsewhere.  A hoof ever in both worlds.

When not in Equestria, known as Baxil, suburban dragon.

I'm one of the curators of the Royal Canterlot Library, spotlighting the fandom's best stories.  I'm also the reigning champion of the Writeoff Association competitions.  I write in Scrivener and recommend it highly.  If you've studied Anglo-Saxon I'd like your help.  


"Winning writeoffs is kind of [horizon's] superpower." – Bookplayer

"In what world do I have more followers than you?  … You are one of the 'holy crap I want to be that good someday' people." –SPark

"[Thou Goddess] is ultra-romantic writing at its finest, wickedly clever, perfectly written, with a beautiful measure of desperation." –Soge

"Note to self:  Do not read really good ponyfic right before trying to post some of your own.  Invariably crises of comparison will result." –Skywriter, on Hard Reset 2

"You're the best kind of bastard." – Eakin

"Horizon rewriting 'My Immortal' is, unironically, a better story than things appearing in the feature box." – Bradel

"[No Regrets] is incredibly well done." – Daetrin

"The first thing I thought upon reading Hitchhikers was that the gods of ponyfiction … had smiled upon me." – Ezn

"Horizon, like Ray Bradbury in 'The October Country,' has a knack for writing things that are sweet, funny, and creepy-sad at the same time." – Bad Horse


Since I'm a regular participant in the monthly Writeoff Association competitions, you can read (early and rough versions of) my upcoming works there.

Back in 2012, most of my writing time went into Dark Side Of The Moon, a MLP/D&D forum-based game I ran to completion.  It got literary.  

My favorite moments players contributed to game: We learn how Daylight Savings Time nearly restarted the Celestial War … Luna goes undercover for a day (a major inspiration for Hitchhikers) … Gemini Star fights a dragon and her doubts … Luna has a breakdown … Flare Star quits the Guard to serve justice.


If you can't wait for me to scribble more ponyfic, I've written several hundred thousand words (in short stories and novellas) set in The Tomorrowlands Universe, an alternate Earth in which the sudden (re)appearance of mythical creatures and magic sent history into a screaming left turn ca. 1996.  Start with:

Dangerous Waters [Slice-of-Life] (7,375 words) - In search of a therianthrope homeland that doesn't exist, the New Atlantis Project has decided to take the next logical step: Make one. This article follows the crew of the MV Discovery on one of their expeditions to test the feasibility of raising a new island in the South Pacific.

Change Of Mind [Tragedy] (7,600 words) -  An idealistic and driven mage, Alethea, has just hit the jackpot: a spell that lets people consciously modify the behaviors that are causing problems in their life. But once those problems start to follow her home, she has to figure out if she's really prepared to accept the price she's paying to change the world for the better.

Dinosaur Gods [Slice-of-Life] (5,600 words) - It's just another day at work for a tour guide at New Atlantis' foremost museum — until one of his guests starts smiling at the 65-million-year-old statue known as the Atacama Dragon. Nobody smiles at the Atacama — adults go silent at its aura of ineffable importance, and kids find it a boring hunk of rock …

New usericon: horizon art by Onnanoko, recolored and modified by Arcum42. (Thanks also to Southpaw.)

Stories You Haven't Read But Should (Short Form)

  • To Endure Every immortal has her first love. And every immortal has her first loss. by Shamus_Aran 7,351 words · 1,842 views · 67 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Canterlot Embassy An eccentric team of political operatives must race to prevent a war between technology and magic. by Guesswork 16,183 words · 2,680 views · 146 likes · 9 dislikes
  • The Equestrian Spring Nine months was all it took for one earth pony to put Princess Celestia on the defensive. by Chocolate Milk 25,005 words · 1,559 views · 81 likes · 5 dislikes
  • What If Socks Didn't Work Orally? Twilight Sparkle forgets to take her medicine one day and pursues a hazardous quest of holistic introspection. Milk, socks, griffin cuisine and toilet humor are contemplated. by Fiddlebottoms 4,591 words · 2,222 views · 155 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Erase and Rewind Two ponies, equally but uniquely flawed, must decide if they have enough wits between them to cobble together a stable family. A story about trust, loss, severe neurological disorder, and ice cream. by DuncanR 11,118 words · 1,370 views · 191 likes · 3 dislikes

Stories You Haven't Read But Should (Long Form)

  • These City Walls A series of mysterious circumstances leads the Canterlot Police to discover a plot as old as time. by KitsuneRisu 137,257 words · 1,051 views · 49 likes · 2 dislikes
  • fyre-flye The crew of Sereinity travels the fringes of the 'verse, salvaging and trying to avoid feds. by uhrora 55,057 words · 1,275 views · 67 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The Mare in the High Castle Under the eternal moonlight, a hoofful of strangers cross paths on the streets of Canterlot, capital of the Empire of the Moon, over the course of one eventful day. by ponichaeism 161,695 words · 1,718 views · 117 likes · 13 dislikes

Sorry for my relative silence lately — I've been getting sucked into family and housecleaning thanks to the recent holiday, plus things have gotten crazy in the best possible way at work.  Later this week is the vote for a $16 million grant application my employer has been coaxing through the wheels of bureaucracy for the past three years, and all the signs point to yes.  We've been working sort of in startup mode for the past few years, and this is when everything suddenly starts to pay off.  I'm finally allowing myself to get excited!

Be that as it may, here are some pony things you might enjoy, all of which have their genesis in things I've written:

1) The always-awesome Illya Leonov has done a reading of the equally-awesome Cold in Gardez's "The Waters of Myinnkyun's Harbor":

You might recall that as one of the entries to my Dream A Little Dream Of Me contest (it won "Best in Class, Right Brain").  If not, here's the basics: it's not just one of CiG's trademark "Lost Cities" geoexplorations, it's also an epilogue to my own story The Last Dreams of Pony Island, and an eloquent meditation on what was left behind after the blood and thunder of the original piece.  (May contain spoilers.)

2) mindlessgonzo runs a pony livestream, and recently teamed up with a friend  to do a livereading of my story "If You Can't Beat ''Em…":

It's not quite an audiobook version — the text is mixed in with the readers' reactions and commentary, which is distracting if you only want my text, but adds extra spice if you enjoy reaction videos.  The audio quality is high, they explain one of the story's more obscure references, and it was gratifying to me to see their reactions change as the story won them over.

3) Journeyman enjoyed my ponies-getting-drunk-and-talking-about-sex saga "Social Lubricant", and was inspired to add a story to their shorts collection that re-envisions the infamous scene with Fluttershy and Chrysalis in Chapter 5.

It's called "Second Chances," and can be found at Chapter 18 of their story collection "Journeyman's Journal: Adult Edition".  Site rules forbid linking NSFW stories in non-adult blog posts, but if you have View Mature turned on, this search will take you to it.  It's got, in his words, "a little less porn and a little more feels," but it's definitely got (tenderly understated) porn as well.

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>>2045687 Glad to hear it's still on the agenda! Thanks for letting me know, I'lldo my best to be paitient. :pinkiesmile:

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It's still on my agenda, I've just built up a backlog of one-shot stories that are finished but need final editing, and I want to get those out the door first. :unsuresweetie:

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Thank you for adding The Stars Did Aid In Our Escape! Feedback is always appreciated!

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So are you ever going to continue Reset Harder? It was really good and it's been a long time so if just like to know...

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If you liked it, please go complain to site staff (or post a blog raising awareness and asking others to weigh in), because sharing a link to that story is now against site rules, for no actual benefit that I can discern.

I'm not about to start an act of civil disobedience while I'm scrambling to meet a Writeoff deadline, but I am not okay with this new rule and I hope you're not either.

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