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Upcoming Projects

In approximate priority order.

LAST UPDATE: 2014/08/08

Hard Reset 2: Reset Harder [Dark] [Adventure] [AU] - Status: CHAPTER IN PROGRESS, 2000 words written. (last written: 8/4)

The Case of the Cowled Changelings [Mystery] - 5800 words written - Status: EDITING. (last written: 7/1)

Thou Goddess annotations - Status: UNSTARTED.

The Sun Birds [Adventure] - 750 words written - Status: NEEDS MAJOR EXPANSION. (last written: 6/22)

Haylander: The Longest Night [Adventure] [Crossover] - 20k words - Status: BACKBURNERED? (last written: 8/7)

Hitchhikers Chapter 7 - 1.5k words written - Status: BACKBURNERED (last written: 8/2013)

Haylander: Origins [Adventure] [Crossover] - 11k words - Status: ON HIATUS (waiting for H:TLN)

Anthologies Also Containing My Words

I Write Things

  • Daring Do and the Curse of AhuizotlAnother subterranean temple. Another priceless magical artifact. Daring has fought Ahuizotl for the fate of the world before … but this time, she's learned who killed her father, and only one of them is going to walk away.1,337 words ·411 views ·68 likes ·2 dislikes
  • The 18th Brewmare of Bluey NapoleonIn his influential analysis of the coup d'etat that would become known as the Rutting Revolution, Curly Marks wrote that history repeats itself — "the first time as tragedy, the second time as Prince Blueblood."8,913 words ·1,225 views ·163 likes ·4 dislikes
  • Never The Final WordAn open anthology of brief continuations of other authors' stories.5,964 words ·571 views ·79 likes ·1 dislikes
  • Thou GoddessScansion wakes up to find beautiful poems he doesn't remember writing. Is the lonely goddess of the night reaching out to him in the only way she can, or is he chasing shadows?5,174 words ·2,556 views ·434 likes ·12 dislikes
  • Hard Reset 2: Reset HarderTwilight Sparkle is stuck in a time loop amid a changeling invasion. This time, she's not the only one whose day is repeating.69,515 words ·5,215 views ·914 likes ·28 dislikes
  • Horizontal LinesStories and poems too short for individual publication.7,615 words ·458 views ·66 likes ·0 dislikes
  • MeltLong ago, at the top of the world, Love ruled a magnificent frozen empire. Then the sun rose, and darkness fell. (Based on T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.")1,173 words ·686 views ·65 likes ·2 dislikes
  • Fugue StateWhen a barrage of musical numbers hits Ponyville, Lyra's fear of their mind-altering properties strains her relationship with Bon Bon to its breaking point.7,097 words ·2,579 views ·335 likes ·4 dislikes
  • My HarshwhinnialMedal Pector'al Biathlon Lula Whinny is an ALICORN, not a troll, ok? So this is an ALICORN fic like "My Immortal" but less goffik. also sports12,608 words ·805 views ·67 likes ·61 dislikes
  • The Lotus EatersPonies return from visits to a world without their greatest regret.3,010 words ·1,331 views ·146 likes ·2 dislikes
  • Princess Luna Picks Up HitchhikersAnd learns important life lessons, somewhere in between everything going wrong.15,254 words ·1,999 views ·258 likes ·3 dislikes
  • No RegretsA story about two alicorn sisters who love each other, and the worst decision they never made.6,929 words ·4,190 views ·286 likes ·8 dislikes

More About Me

The fantastic colors of the liminal.  The eternal dream of the elsewhere.  A hoof ever in both worlds.

When not in Equestria, known as Baxil, suburban dragon.

I'm one of the curators of the Royal Canterlot Library, spotlighting the fandom's best stories.  I write in Scrivener and recommend it highly.  If you've studied Anglo-Saxon I'd like your help.  


"Horizon, like Ray Bradbury in 'The October Country,' has a knack for writing things that are sweet, funny, and creepy-sad at the same time." – Bad Horse

"The first thing I thought upon reading Hitchhikers was that the gods of ponyfiction … had smiled upon me." – Ezn

"[No Regrets] is incredibly well done." – Daetrin

"Horizon rewriting 'My Immortal' is, unironically, a better story than things appearing in the feature box." – Bradel

"You're the best kind of bastard." – Eakin

"Note to self:  Do not read really good ponyfic right before trying to post some of your own.  Invariably crises of comparison will result." –Skywriter, on Hard Reset 2


Back in 2012, most of my writing time went into Dark Side Of The Moon, a MLP/D&D forum-based game I ran to completion.  It got literary.  

My favorite moments players contributed to game: We learn how Daylight Savings Time nearly restarted the Celestial War … Luna goes undercover for a day (a major inspiration for Hitchhikers) … Gemini Star fights a dragon and her doubts … Luna has a breakdown … Flare Star quits the Guard to serve justice.


If you can't wait for me to scribble more ponyfic, I've written several hundred thousand words (in short stories and novellas) set in The Tomorrowlands Universe, an alternate Earth in which the sudden (re)appearance of mythical creatures and magic sent history into a screaming left turn ca. 1996.  Start with:

Dangerous Waters [Slice-of-Life] (7,375 words) - In search of a therianthrope homeland that doesn't exist, the New Atlantis Project has decided to take the next logical step: Make one. This article follows the crew of the MV Discovery on one of their expeditions to test the feasibility of raising a new island in the South Pacific.

Change Of Mind [Tragedy] (7,600 words) -  An idealistic and driven mage, Alethea, has just hit the jackpot: a spell that lets people consciously modify the behaviors that are causing problems in their life. But once those problems start to follow her home, she has to figure out if she's really prepared to accept the price she's paying to change the world for the better.

Dinosaur Gods [Slice-of-Life] (5,600 words) - It's just another day at work for a tour guide at New Atlantis' foremost museum — until one of his guests starts smiling at the 65-million-year-old statue known as the Atacama Dragon. Nobody smiles at the Atacama — adults go silent at its aura of ineffable importance, and kids find it a boring hunk of rock …

Stories You Haven't Read But Should (Short Form)

  • To Endure Every immortal has her first love. And every immortal has her first loss. by Shamus_Aran 7,351 words · 1,285 views · 62 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Canterlot Embassy An eccentric team of political operatives must race to prevent a war between technology and magic. by Guesswork 16,183 words · 1,986 views · 135 likes · 8 dislikes
  • The Equestrian Spring Nine months was all it took for one earth pony to put Princess Celestia on the defensive. by Chocolate Milk 25,005 words · 1,365 views · 81 likes · 4 dislikes
  • What If Socks Didn't Work Orally? Twilight Sparkle forgets to take her medicine one day and pursues a hazardous quest of holistic introspection. Milk, socks, griffin cuisine and toilet humor are contemplated. by Fiddlebottoms 4,591 words · 1,610 views · 126 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Erase and Rewind Two ponies, equally but uniquely flawed, must decide if they have enough wits between them to cobble together a stable family. A story about trust, loss, severe neurological disorder, and ice cream. by DuncanR 11,118 words · 1,076 views · 155 likes · 2 dislikes

Stories You Haven't Read But Should (Long Form)

  • These City Walls A series of mysterious circumstances leads the Canterlot Police to discover a plot as old as time. by KitsuneRisu 137,257 words · 895 views · 62 likes · 2 dislikes
  • fyre-flye The crew of Sereinity travels the fringes of the 'verse, salvaging and trying to avoid feds. by uhrora 55,057 words · 1,073 views · 65 likes · 2 dislikes

Kind fillies and gentlecolts: Again we come to that time when yr. humble author sloughs off said humility like a molted carapace, rolls up his metaphorical sleeves, and digs into the 23 24 stories produced for this month's writeoff.  (There's a bonus review at the end, of a story that was written for the writeoff but not submitted.)  The theme was "There Is Magic In Everything", and as usual, you can find these stories here, over at writeoff.me.

Opinions in the review thread seem to vary, but I personally found it one of the strongest writeoff rounds I've entered.  My "hugbox" score (the mean vote I assigned to the stories) was almost a full point higher than usual, and that was after weighting my votes to normalize the scores.  This is going to result in a great crop of stories when they start trickling in to FIMFiction!  Join the Writeoff Association group if you want to get notifications when the stories get edited and posted.

Now that this is done — and now that I've splurged on the latest Humble Bundle and gotten some Papers, Please in; really, take some writing time off to play it, because it's a fine, fine game fraught with moral choices and excellent atmosphere and gameplay you've never seen anywhere else — it's time to get back to writing.  I haven't gotten a single word out this week, but it's time to change that.

Reviews below the jump.

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